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Steve & Ted in the Morning 03/10/14 Hr 1

Mar 10, 2014|

Shockers are MVC Tournament Champions

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Global -- of capital CEO -- heads in the states so I can anticipate some of the major moves or reactions giving investors a net. Opening bell with Maria Bartiromo. Weekdays at 9 AM eastern on Fox Business. Liberals at Rutgers University have their love beads and not over an upcoming visit from former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice. Doctor rice was invited to speak at commencement. But the left wing faculty and a number of students are furious. The faculty council passed a resolution calling for the university to rescind its invitation. They say she played a role in misleading the American people over Iraq waterboarding and one Republican New Jersey lawmaker blasted the professors call their protest appalling and embarrassing. Assemblywoman Mary can't be -- he said it was nothing more than a firestorm. Feel -- by their hatred for an opposing ideology. And sister folks I -- among these kinds of liberals and god love about they're not a very nice people. Never met a more intolerant bunch in my life. Bless their hearts on Todd Stern's. -- days spins out of control like a camera falling from a plane. Pull your shoot on what's viral act -- SS radio dot com. Have -- just so important is ready to thirteen thirty -- and the fans as such deep Macintosh 36 degrees now. -- looking for a high today of 75. Big Sunday for Wichita State University basketball the man picked up there at 34 consecutive -- -- and the Missouri valley tournament crowns and 83 to six to nine victory. Over Indiana State there were several thousand shocker friends on hand Saint Louis. Including -- and Russell tremor around and over. -- it's great Dawson. Head to head down on the net credit first time now longtime -- over here to -- him I just love him he's having a different team. At Coca arena the shocker women won their second straight conference championship defeating Missouri State 93 to 56. Score some more on the stories coming up with Ted Woodward sports in just few minutes here we Stephen dead. Police are offering few details after a woman was killed early Sunday morning at a nightclub in northeast Wichita the incident happened just after 3 AM Sunday at a bar in the 1000 block of north Cleveland. Sargent John -- says officers were originally called to the reports of shots fired and someone being trampled as patrons were leaving the club. Upon arrival they found a 23 year old female who was. Playing at that location and it was later determined she had gunshot wounds to her head. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital where she later died. Her name has not been released at this time. Sergeant -- says more information on the shooting will be released at the Monday mid morning press briefing. Phil -- brand new radio thirteen thirty -- SS two people are in custody following a robbery in south Wichita Saturday night. Police sergeant John -- -- says a Papa John's delivery driver was delivering a pizza to a residence in the 494800. Block of South Florida. You volunteer to deliver pizza -- in two surgeries. Took it -- throwing. Decorating with him with a knife. The male suspects ages 26 and Tony former located a short time later they were booked into jail. On aggravated robbery charges. The Kansas Supreme Court says the State's current public school funding levels are unconstitutional. In Friday's ruling the courts at Kansas for school districts were harmed. When the state made the decision to cut certain payments when tax revenues declined during the Great Recession. Which start school board members Lynn Rogers tells Kate is the decision we'll have a positive impact on local projects. We see that should probably provide some immediate relief in terms of the capital outlay Condit and that the -- we think that will relieve. A great deal of stress on our bond issue and finishing our bond projects. In a very strong passions. The court ordered legislators to boost two types of aid by July 1 and returned the case to a lower court for more hearings. On how much the state must spend overall to provide an adequate education for every child in Kansas. Kansas Democrats feel upbeat about their chances of unseating Republican governor and Sam Brownback this year. As democratic challenger Paul Davis makes school funding a major issue. Several hundred democratic officials and activists gathered Saturday for Washington days the party's biggest annual meeting. Caucus meetings and speeches Saturday came a day after the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that the state school funding is unconstitutional. It directed lawmakers to improve aid to poor districts by July 1 and ordered more lower court hearings on whether the state is spending enough money overall. Prominent Democrats said the ruling validates davis' argument that the state isn't adequately funding schools. -- Watson's news radio thirteen thirty KM -- 608 Stevens did in the morning news radio thirteen thirty days in advance about traffic conditions pretty good this morning there's really nothing wrong with the weather it's. Nice mild they're not a whole lot of wind things looking really good and right now but a lot of traffic on the road so it's really easy to get anywhere you want to go right now. The only thing you could make it better would be a big decrease in the gasoline prices and yeah. -- SN better Barack 344 so okay. Yeah sometime yesterday in the gasoline prices came down a cent a gallon not much to talk about but here and guess it's better than nothing more than big. Ten cent jump that we have been seeing basically once a week for the last several weeks we've been seen in another dime increase so. Maybe sometime this week we'll get another dime increase Gupta in 355 but right now 344. I suppose you could say that the gas. Drop the brown one. We -- -- yeah I suppose so don't think you have much opportunity and it's time for our I didn't -- funny your guest jokes and pull a -- do them now. -- technically TNT first -- forecast now. -- urologist frank waterboarding frank shank Steve very pleasant day on the way for Wichita south central Kansas heist today right around 75. Degrees southwest wind seven to fifteen. Get outside and enjoy it if he can overnight tonight mostly clear quiet and not quite as cold -- only -- to 42. For Tuesday partly sunny highs near 65 degrees. We're tracking a chance of rain late Tuesday into early Wednesday morning -- -- mostly sunny skies on Wednesday with a high near 51. I'm meteorologist frank Walter cake First Solar forecast. Currently partly cloudy shelf waited ten miles per hour and a 36 degrees -- has just now 61010 minutes past 6 o'clock I noticed when I. Walked into the studio this morning -- done our our our hands -- old fashioned clock up on the wall there was until and on our roof behind guidelines set itself a little red and here we still an hour so I had to manually set a couple of them yeah I just something that we could say now remember everybody out there if you didn't happen to reset your alarm clock for. It daylight -- sites still played better that we got a town that's pretty heavily this morning as it is now at 10 minutes at 6 o'clock. With the situation in Ukraine on the mind of investors it's difficult to know what new developments could affect the stock market this week. The market ended mixed Friday after a day of -- trading among the three main US stock indices one edged higher one close a little changed in the other. Lower the Dow was up 31 NASDAQ down sixteen they've been going sort of an ops of almost every day. S&P closed up about -- point so not a big change. In in the closing bell letter Friday. The second Alice crammed and has died Al actress Sheila McRae. Died Thursday in Englewood New Jersey at the age of 92. Her daughters and -- trade died of old age McRae is probably best known for playing -- on the Jackie Gleason Show. From 1966. To 1970. Audrey meadows played Alice in the 1950s version of the honeymooners. But -- also played Madalyn Richmond on general hospital. Big story that debt attacks on the net networks while ago that got video a Connecticut youth hockey refereed. Faces a breach of peace charge after he injected the player from a game and personally escorted him off the ice angering many parents and players. Police were called of the champions is gaining -- considering Cromwell Connecticut Saturday by onlookers. Worried the game -- 413 and fourteen year old was getting out of control. Me police say the 55 year old referee Stephen -- a rocky hill called a match penalty. And ejected a player from the game they say the referee then. Went near the team's bench to physically escort the player off the ice being -- authorities say teammates and parents to defense of the physical contact and tried to confront the referee. Hi -- also faces a charge of risking injury to a minor. So I gotta I gotta say this stuff when somebody's out of line on that the -- feel bad enough to be rejected from the game. -- what do you strong words to get them off the ice. I mean I don't know fetus that you stand there and say get -- go out go out go out look you know but not. I mean if you don't grab hold of the guy get him out of there what are you gonna do well and maybe he was a little too forceful. When he it could be but -- I read the story and one of the things to get left out of that version deserve but apparently there were parents fighting in the state so we added we -- my elderly parents and apparently some of them were some of the ones the work. You know -- doing the accusations site and that's a tricky one his behavior for everyone here some people find it annoying people well. Annoying and probably think there should be a law against them Toobin. Grand Rapids, Michigan is now perfectly legal to irk people. The Grand Rapids Press reports the city commission is doing away with a 38 year old section of city code that states no person -- willfully annoy another person who. The city attorney recommended the repeal. Saying the wording of law is unconstitutional because it's so -- -- herein. And that the law is simply un enforceable. And that's a good thing final decision is expected tomorrow I can only so many people that. It is good things that such a law would be completely unenforceable obvious -- -- -- what did your -- -- probably the best witness right there if idea. The view from the you've heard the story but it is interesting that the Kansas Supreme Court has settled some immediate issues over public school funding in the statement. Left until another day the biggest issue how much money legislators must spend on education so they the money's gone back to a lower court they're exposed to hash it out. Now we're gonna. Have couple different people explain this to you can use the decisions later this morning. Coming up in just. Well about 7:30 this morning industry and public burning cook. Courses are our man at the state legislature and speak in -- got a handle on everything that you've already. Pretty much explain what was going to happen on this but there he'll he'll tell us about that also -- groups going to be whether he -- a trial counsel for a school -- funding. He's gonna talk about the Supreme Court decision on school funding I think that Allen's been working on this case now. I think for about ten you -- this country doing any other law right now or maybe. Give me he has but Dallas gonna talkers of about 8:10 this morning. So we should have a pretty well explained by the time we get through with the with Stephen -- the -- we should have pretty well explained for anybody who cares to stay with us to listen to those two updates to be good. The a severe weather safety program put on by Cedric county emergency management tonight in and -- At 326 north may in the end dale City Hall let's start at 6:30 PM it is free and open the public free of charge. The nationals. Weather service a -- appear on planes a presentation will be at Howard cancers. At the Cox building in the basement that's in Howard in elk county that starts at 630 as well and again those are all. Over the public free of charge and 300 people he got time you let brilliance of the -- Spitzer and they're real good. Real good presentation very good presentation oh by the way. Little ball or less than an hour from Howell have a kind of covers up they would mr. Bobby -- you could have conceivably. Earned 12100 what Tony 500 dollar have to point 500 now -- -- -- if you know of no simply not a crime to be listening for that. Mario got a lot to talk about this point we're gonna -- with a here tomorrow and today is Monday. March 10. On this date in 1965 Neil Simon's play the odd couple opened on Broadway. Subsequently there was a movie and TV show and then go to do that. One of the you know an odd couple on the stage again yeah they're they're boards and on TV again I can't remember -- said last week yeah I think there's another stage on I think there might be another television show in the works or something like dead and another rebuilding everything concept never wears out the characters very strong very funny show the odd couple. On 19650. My gosh I was still in junior high school. 196019. Year old ray pleaded guilty in Memphis Tennessee to assassinating civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. -- Later repudiated that plea maintaining his innocence until his death. Today's birthday include chuck. -- 74 years old martial arts guy yeah walker Texas ranger on TV. Singer dean Torrence of Jan and dean is 74 years till today. Sharon Stone is 56 basic instinct. She got a casino dead for. To get -- and Dominic Cooper casino that's what -- And then -- Britain's prince Edward turns fifty years old today one of the royalty is fifties. It's seventeen now with Steve -- the morning news radio thirteen thirty. CNN says tiger amid a sport that yet but we're dead though of course in the play by play in the -- women's game yesterday and it fits pretty good basketball these amounts to little -- at his place. Have some good day for a shocker athletics yesterday. Course in men's basketball the Missouri Valley Conference tournament finishing up in Saint Louis yesterday in the finals number two ranked undefeated Wichita State. Taking on the number two seed in the tournament Indiana State in the shot authors. Finally one of the Missouri Valley Conference tournament. In Saint Louis first and you're done at 23 years since -- it's been their 8369. Was the final score yesterday Fred -- led the way -- 22 points his backcourt teammate scale cotton added 28 cotton was named the tournament's most valuable player. And Fred leading the way we're 22 points a ton of them in the second half here's Wichita State point guard Fred van -- too. Anytime anybody wants to slip of the condition members you know. How to suckers play in Saint Louis and income and a short for a long time no and think if any teams are doing is going to be just do. Shoppers could not get there is not sorry that was a that was not does Fred commenting on last night's game but let's move on to shocker head coach Gregg Marshall. Very pleased that our guys were able to make the plays down the stretch to be a very talented and very. Determined that this duke Indiana State team. Knew they were gonna come out like that I knew it was going to be a long day and we have to play well. And -- think they made the run to cut it to five. Two times and we continue to make big play after big play get a stop. Make -- jump shot or get inside get fouled so just watching these guys for an incredible run thus far. The -- is become the first undefeated team to go into the NCAA tournament in 23 years since UNLV back in 1991. Shocker for the record of 34 and oh it's their first valley tournament title in 27 years. And like we said its first time it's and they never won it when it's and in Saint Louis for the last 23 years congratulations to the Wichita State. Men's basketball team a -- women or home yesterday. At -- arena the regular season finale against Missouri State's shocker is needed to win. Become co champions of the Missouri Valley Conference and that was mission accomplished for WA issue I had to call the game yesterday on tea break -- -- You're good with it must need Alex -- don't -- -- the last minute it was still pretty. Used -- there. Nicely run there but if you upperclassmen Alex -- pushing the ball up court. And the defense drawing -- at the last second to get a bounce pass. The Michelle price on the right block for the easy bucket shots a 147. Michelle the chance for three point player right here. Alex -- ended up with a huge day 27 point six assists four steals three blocks. As the shocker is. Take it to Missouri State nine -- 356. The final score the shocker is co champions of the Missouri Valley Conference it's back to back conference titles. For the shocker women. The Wichita State baseball team yesterday sweeping a double -- at -- stadium beating Stephen F Austin for three and -- six to nothing. In game one the Sox were down three to nothing in and got a three run home run from Mike agreement. Meaning game two freshman Sam Davis threw seven shutout innings. The shocker take two out of three from the lumberjacks in the series a -- turn around nine and four on the season seven and two at home -- stadium. And we'll talk about it all tonight on the WSU basketball and baseball coach who shows up first men's basketball coach Gregg Marshall 6 o'clock. In women's basketball Coach Jody Adams at 7 o'clock in baseball coach Todd Butler at 8 o'clock. That's all right here on news radio thirteen thirty KMS best. Broadcasting live tonight from. 21 and -- -- go have dinner tonight with a shocker coaches at the nose. Hockey yesterday the -- under a 43 shootout loss downtown against the Rapid City rushed. Wichita is winless in seven games this year gives Rapid City glad they're not on the schedule for the rest of the season the thunder does get a point. Six points behind the Arizona sun dogs that final playoff spot with ten games to go in the season. Sports brought to you by the newly remodeled the bull's -- shooting range where they know and use the guns they sell go to bull's -- Wichita dot com. Be safe should say it's bulls like shooting range 1455. North -- And if you're really gonna have a shocker evening is Dina -- I'd recommend you get their press play nearly what about out better get there early and get started you JW crowd tonight. Hey listen I was the ball game yesterday. The men's game. They were struggling since I never turned showings in somebody's got to man up and take charge here and that's the red -- friends family man twice the conference player here very very impressed. He's fun to watch this. Six when did you down 36 degrees Steven debuted daily dose. Good doctor -- don't let stage fright paralyze you plus traffic and weather coming up Steven dead -- radio thirteen 38 minutes ahead. Rated talk radio station in Wichita these news radio thirteen thirty K at SS. Thank you yeah. First -- like to think most of the folks on 467 and twelve. It's been a little time on each of those floors usually moving up or down after some company acquired the company that required us. I honestly don't even -- our company on retiring from anymore but I do know that I'm happy to retire from it and for that I think the mutual funds or without them I would have been stuck in this doctors say can still stealing mismanaged corporate torture chamber for who knows how many more years instead of retiring today thank you I'm out. You work car. And the mutual fund store works hard for you we'll listen to you and your plans then we invest accordingly unlike many investment advisors that's not yet. The fact it's just the beginning she keeps washing your investments and keep listening to you so let us help start building your -- today the mutual funds do. -- let's put your life's work to work. Hi I'm Scott -- for -- mutual fund story which -- call me at 31626052. Q zero or visit mutual fund store dot com from us talk about your financial goals today. 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For life every day. 646 now even in the morning. More embarrassment for Toronto's mayor. If that's possible -- stories coming up in just a couple of minutes ships keep it. Dad it's. Seems like there's a lot of them bears yeah Toronto's mayor yeah. Well right now the roads looking really good traffic conditions couldn't be much better out there. Things going -- moving right along pretty well it was still got a road closed closed last week. Meridian north of money they've got that closed -- to remain closed for the next couple weeks started. The last couple of days the last week and it's going to do work continue. For this entire -- that's going to remain closed again that's a funny. Kara sorry meridian north of the money into an assist traffic central -- chambers. Sunny today with a high of 75. Degrees. Players that they feel overnight low 42. Tuesday partly cloudy tomorrow's high 65. Now partly cloudy south within ten miles per hour. And 36 degrees Wesley rehab hospital offering inpatient and outpatient services find out more. At Wesley rehab hospital dot com located on west thirteenth across robust high school. Wesley rehab hospital a higher level of care. Coming up a look at usually half I was Stephen -- homicide. Outside of Wichita bars do video thirteen thirty K innocence. Get your daily dose with America's doctor doctor Ryan's high stock -- would you rather call in sick they give a talk a work. And just about an upcoming presentation well you're not alone stay tuned to find out more. I want my company's network to be safer and more reliable you wanna deal with multiple vendors now -- user fees and added feature costs OK now how about solutions that are hard to -- is no offshore or automated country support okay. No -- can yes we can help. Barracuda networks offers the largest. And we -- powerful portable security networking it storage solutions designed to protect business users maps and data from a single source that's easy to do business -- -- Protect your business -- barracuda dot com slash products to try any free for thirty days. It's the most advanced technology available. Engineer with over 200 million -- interceptors it's all terrain design is -- -- What the resistant to reliable. Astonishingly high performance and even the most challenging of circumstances. And it is also the finest search technology in the world. There's nothing else quite like a search dog be part of the search. The search dog foundation dot org to see how you can help. I stock drops light headed this claiming hands and butterflies in your stomach. Anxiety over public speaking is a problem many Americans face it's a result of the fear I'll be scrutinized by others for being the center of attention -- next W had a upcoming presentation. First ask yourself what I'm really afraid up the key to success is practice. -- big time yourself. And rehearse -- play her friends when you go into your -- start with taking some deep breaths speaks slowly and then maintain eye contact and remember to smile. Acting -- even when you're not who exude confidence try these kids start to next presentation and you be sure to impress. Here's to your health from America's doctor doctor rise in body mind and soul. Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news thirteen thirty. Yet as best we can -- number one news talk bad weather station depend on. The fourteenth Macintosh Ted Woodward 36 degrees now 175 Grady 754 hot right now. -- -- didn't do it didn't turn the clocks in 8630 now coming up on six. 31. A Wichita police are investigating the death of a 43 year old woman. Who was found unresponsive after officers responded to a report of someone being trampled outside a private club that has happened around 3:15 Sunday morning at fed has bikes. Where officers found the woman suffered from a gunshot wound to the -- she was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital her name has not been released police say the investigation is ongoing. And that the woman's death is being treated as a homicide. A big Sunday for a Wichita State University basketball demand picked up -- 34 consecutive win. And the Missouri Valley Conference tournament crown and 83 to 69 victory over Indiana State. There were several thousand shocker fans on hand in Saint Louis including -- Hudson of Wichita. The company did they play when it really can't tell exactly. Okay fans also can -- I think that really helps that stack them up. At -- arena the -- women won their second straight conference championship defeating Missouri State 93 to 56631. Now on let's take a look at the -- Furstenberg forecast from meteorologist frank waterboarding frank. Thanks Steve of very pleasant day on the way for which -- south central Kansas heist today right around 75. Degrees southwest wind seven to fifteen. Get outside and enjoy it if you can overnight tonight mostly clear quiet and not quite as cold those only get to 42. For Tuesday partly sunny highs near 65 degrees we're tracking a chance of rain late Tuesday into early Wednesday morning. We're back to mostly sunny skies on Wednesday with a high near 51. I'm meteorologist frank Walter cake First Solar forecast now aren't. -- cloudy and 36 degrees -- -- in a sense of Wichita police are looking for a suspect to rob the northeast Wichita business Saturday night. Sargent John Cooper says it happened -- a business called passage to India in the 6100 block of east when he first street. Certainly came AM. In death demanded money from two employees at that location. Didn't do weapons described as semi automatic handgun. The suspect took some money and left. Suspect described as a black male in his -- six feet tall the medium build wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt blue jeans black Dini and a mask no injuries were reported. Police are investigating a drive by shooting Friday night in northeast Wichita. It happened around 10 PM at the bronze in the 3600 block of north -- road. Sargent Jeff Davis says there were 21 people in and around the business when shots rang out. And it all in this story that got customers in the store there a lot of class breaking. I -- patrons and employees took cover on the floor. And in the rest. -- Sargent Jeff Davis has no one was injured witnesses told police that a black party bus was nearby at the time of the incident. But police said they are still investigating whether it was involved no arrests have been made. -- write -- news radio thirteen thirty can't SS. Lawrence police say they don't suspect foul play in the death of a 44 year old Lawrence man whose body was found -- the Kansas river. The Lawrence journal world reports emergency responders were dispatched after a member of a river cleanup group reported finding the body. -- marathon spelling bee in Kansas City, Missouri finally has a conclusion after nearly 102 rounds and two weeks of anticipation. A seventh grader and a fifth grader exhausted the Jackson County spelling -- initial word list on February 22. Forcing another day of competition. On Saturday the seventh grader was declared the winner after his opponent stumbled on the stifling heat in the 28 round some of those words they smell those kids Belarus saw -- stifling to me would be an easy. But apparently not that was the one -- did potential McCain is especially -- times X 34. Still a mystery what happened to Malaysian jet with 239 people on board simply vanishing over the south China's -- Despite a massive -- -- search under way there's no trees and this is pretty rare because you would think that there be something out there whether it hit the water intact or otherwise but there is precedent -- taking longer the Air France situation a number of years ago. Which crashed on the middle of the Atlantic it was eight days before they finally found the most telltale -- or as a floating vertical stabilizer were the Air France colors ABC news' aviation analyst John nets. As Russian tightens its grip and -- -- President Obama to meet new prime minister of Ukraine mid week. Boston Marathon officials will today announce new security measures for next month's race following. The bombings last year in Anaheim high school theater stage collapsed around two dozen kids hurt. So far no reports of damage or injuries after -- powerful quake. All of the northern California -- six point nine magnitude more wacky weather this week mild in much colder. Doug limerick. ABC news. It's 35 feet in the morning she's revealed thirteen thirty -- as as he's been under fire for smoking crack. Using foul language being and being drunk in public no we're not talking about Don grant. But this time Toronto home here rob Ford's chief of staff is taking heat for the latest thing to make the mayor and international laughingstock. In a -- that went out under his name for reminding people to set their clocks back an hour before her and he had Saturday night. Trouble is just about every school kid knows the rule -- spring forward fall back. Meaning clocks should have been set forward an hour. Probably at one sports writer to mock Ford as the mayor who won't even followed the dimensional rules of time. Habitat of Wichita fire department put got a release said fall back Mary. Larry using the same format used all back in October and -- didn't change it well he just in didn't have somebody didn't and check if that did it. Com -- that happens throughout the year to next most he's a copy you've got there's more and I didn't at a very well. William wild bill Gagne one of the young World War II veterans whose exploits were dramatized in the TV minister miniseries band of Brothers has died. Is -- confirms Gagne. Died Saturday night at a Philadelphia hospital after a ruptured and terrorism he was ninety. The HBO miniseries was based on the book by Stephen Ambrose -- the members of easy company from training in Georgia in 1942 through the wars in the 1945. -- he's -- combat exploit earned him the nickname wild bill he lost a leg trying to help a wounded soldier. He did you ever see that series miniseries had actually -- I read the book -- him because I can remember all the experts who have yet clear it was good good book. Very output on the list national heroes of 201 airborne in World War II. Those guys were tough bunch of people enhancement coaching personalities that are as well. Seattle's a character you don't have to make up don't have to make now these guys were for a 100%. Real. Heroes I've got something going on Ted tomorrow night I get to help. And see the junior achievement which dot 2014 business hall of -- look at -- Susan Peters from channel ten -- will be co hosting CN NB we did last year. Cohost of last year and -- -- -- together it was a lot of fun that's an event so big it takes to embassies to it does it takes two and one of the most mobility so that's -- -- Susan there. Can keep me in line also this weekend we've got the year. The outdoor living show this weekend coming just few days away which role -- of that that's a very exciting -- and then we like depth to that means time for -- Yeah it means that's -- -- finally know our spring is here I'm -- holes no four feet that day Saturday march 15 though we've got the F. The Saint Patrick's Day parade in the delay no district. Eight annual. And our own Dan O'Neill is the grand Marshal that parade. For some reason they decided that he couldn't handle it by himself so. I'm gonna help his once again you've been called in -- grand Marshal. On the limited view of you know obviously you are all over the place this week -- mr. Wichita U and amnesty grand Marshal is a kind of work I do best. You shipment Karr -- the ceremonial post requires little effort on your part very little effort not much no trading at all right to know personality. I am I'm uniquely qualified for that and it's probably highly paid gig as well they -- are 638 -- -- dead time the commodities. -- Tom left what are what applicable under torture. Good morning Steve -- can't accomplish closed positive bode well below last week's ties with. Which they were all time record -- -- -- the boxed beef prices continue to -- last week -- cash cattle traded mostly two dollars lower than the previous week. Leave -- closed Friday positive report new all time record -- In -- port and apple also closing -- almost a 112 dollars on Friday. On Friday's close were -- -- guilty and so tiger won 4325. It's healthier -- 85 cents -- -- 17365. And April leave poked at 6113. Even. Look for a 905 on the opening play hide your livestock prices. Friday and soybeans close -- doubled its height we -- -- -- higher but the corn closed Nagy. Last week to make corn gained 25% for the week may soybeans gained 44 cents. In making entity we gained 47%. For the week overnight trading has been negative on profit taking at all like a first prize bullish news. In this morning at 11 o'clock give the monthly USDA's supply and demand report. At the moment Beijing few weeks they have six for the quarters cents at 750. The acorn eight according to court for TDs and three quarter. Basically being fanned seven and it -- 1415 a quarter April crude rose trading about a 38010120. People broke them -- dollar at thirteen 3730. The market and PDM three the quarter point at 1874. And three quarter. Sports dollar index sick and -- 7978. In March scheduled features 27 points -- sixteen Davenport 21. Put commodity trading great marketing advisory contact -- commodities on the vote on the way to be blood but using 8662. Q does. Tom is so over this week anything exciting on the on the agenda that you couldn't that you know of coming right there. But the biggest thing we haven't reporting used to use bribery and report there won't give us a little bit of new direction possibly declining markets. But other metrics that we really lie and hit -- the. Deck looked up couple days she stripped from a wise and honest I really think about that. Hey I don't the same thing plus from pork chops also. Pork chops as well yeah -- did you eat too much well. -- -- -- -- with you again tomorrow morning indicators has commodity update is brought to you by American bag credit one stop shopping for all your financial needs. From commercial lines of credit to real estate loans that rates and services are unbeatable at American angry. It's. 641 now Stevens in the morning coming -- The Osgood File the conservative buzz about Rand Paul. 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Now partly cloudy south wind at ten miles per hour 36 degrees coming up Don ransom money tracker how to kill a bowl was Stephen different. Radio thirteen thirty. We have good files is Dave Ross on the CBS radio that work. He came out of the chorus of tub thumping. The classic piece of British energy Iraq. And he won the straw poll the Conservative Political Action Conference by channeling. The ACLU. More. After this from Charlie. The IRS issued an identity theft alert to the millions of Americans who pay taxes including many of you listeners let luck reminds his identity thieves know that virtually all the information they need to steal your identity and even their life savings is right on your tax forms. Here's a case in point the Treasury Department announced that the former IRS employee use taxpayers' personal information to file multiple fraudulent returns stealing more than 300000 dollars from taxpayers like you me. National identity thieves stole over three billion dollars were fraudulent returns. This is too big to fight alone because so what got into law enforcement to stop all identity theft so if you -- -- this year especially if you filing online and do what I did an arm yourself with like flock ultimate protection. Was it like flocked dot com now and -- my last name Osgood the a 10% off your life -- ultimate membership or call -- at 80838804. Open mentioned you'd pay 80838040. 80838. Eagle Forum that we're not a pro transactions. All the conservative blows suddenly is about Rand Paul who was wildly cheered over the weekend at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington DC. She tag each year presents a parade of conservative stars talking about moral issues and a more muscular foreign policy and of course the guns. -- would made Rand Paul's reception so remarkable. Was it. He didn't commit any of that do you think I'm talking about electing Republicans. And I'm not. I'm talking about elect -- lovers of liberty. He showed -- -- if you don't have. Listeners on the moral crusade against the US government's denial of liberty to an entire race. And drew a direct link to liberties he says we are being denied today. -- -- what you do on your cell phone is none of their damn. I was younger crowd of conservatives 41% in favor of legal marijuana 70% against Tennessee surveillance and a 100% against Barack Obama but Paul didn't bring up obamacare or Ben Ghazi you focus on the way he's fighting terrorism. When congress passed legislation. Allowing for the indefinite detention of an American citizen without a trial. He shamefully. Signed it. While promising not to use such a power a great president put -- tape in hand in hand and vetoed this abomination. Senator Rand Paul. Who won sea -- presidential straw poll giving a speech that could have been taken directly from an ACLU press release. The Osgood File Dave Ross on the CBS radio network. Eight if you -- now -- until the morning mixed close on Wall Street Friday the Dow up 31 NASDAQ down sixteen S&P up one -- to go to national business news. This is the Wall Street Journal report I'm Jennifer can shake. How do you go about finding a job these days spread your bets or as they say and Silicon Valley spray and pray. The journal spread Aaron says job seekers who are active in doing many things have the best chance of landing a full time position. You just keep moving if necessary and prudent physically putting to a state or metallic -- -- you just keep doing so. That -- telling you that -- -- to view. It seems pretty logical over researchers have found a job seekers -- spent more time looking each day at a greater chance of getting a lucky break. For sale in New Mexico nineteenth century frontier outpost once manned by the buffalo soldiers as they guarded against Apache raids. Asking price negotiable. The Ford is one of a number of historic sites around the country facing an uncertain future due to dwindling preservation funding from the federal and state governments. On Wall Street futures point to a little changed open after stocks closed mixed on Friday for the week the Dow rose 131 this is the Wall Street Journal report. 6:52 teams in the morning how to killer bullets find out probable killer. Many hundred -- C -- -- of our time well as you know when stock market is on an upward trajectory it's called a bull market when it's going down in value it's called a bear market well we're in a bowl right now and it's been raging since March 9 2009. That's when the real estate recession bottomed out we gained 177%. Since that date. Well we've seen some tip ups and downs during that run but no official correction. A correction is defined as a 10% drop in the case of a bowl cycle. The average life expectancy of a bull market is just shy of four years well we've been in this one for five years. The average of the of the past don't really matter it's the factors that create the correction that has everyone on pins and needles. Most bear markets are caused by recessions that according to a US equity strategist for Deutsche Bank. David Bianco now when the economy pulls back so do corporate earnings when that happens stock values can plummet. Inflation can certainly wound -- ball when inflation takes hold the Fed will raise interest rates when they go up it makes. It more expensive to borrow and that slows down growth which affects purchasing power and eventually stocks. We're seeing a little to no inflation right now. Remember the dot com bubble well that was able slayer the valuation of companies got out of hand because a perception. And the -- in a stock buying frenzy that was not based on real earnings. At that time the price to earnings ratio for a majority of for the major index was nearly 32 want. Right now it's a manageable sixteen to want this bowl has endured but we will see some indicators that these did that dive the listed. So weak but we don't expect any immediate correction if you have any questions you can give me a call number 6342220. Do all right thank you Don coming up the -- says morning year. -- -- -- -- Our big weekend for shocker basketball. Waiting for Cabrera and the president's approval. News and most interest in talking between -- and make them listener wrote proof news radio thirteen. CNN assets. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Chest pain dizziness shortness of breath -- know the signs of heart disease and take action. I don't and his team doctors and -- pure iron actually probably save my life. The process is quite comfortable that process is a cardiac CT scan from stepping cardiology -- CG detect blockages years before they cause trouble. It's easy. It's paying us. And it's worth all this adds -- -- cardiology and make an appointment for your hard by going to Wichita hard dot com that's Wichita hard dot com yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ladies are any of these symptoms familiar hot flashes sleeplessness irritability. How the libido or weight gain if -- --

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