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Steve & Ted in the Morning 03/10/14 Hr 2

Mar 10, 2014|

Woman Dies At NE Wichita Bar

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- 21606681802160668. Steve intended Herman Cain Rush Limbaugh. Marc -- in this and all day the best news the best talk radio and widgets on the news radio -- Thirty day in SS. Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news thirteen there. CNN SS which could -- number one news talk and weather station depend on. Deported 7 o'clock or six KMS has sporting news was even dead. Hi Steve Macintosh Malaysian airlines flight missing details of that story coming up. The big Sunday for shocker basketball I -- -- word details on the life. Police are investigating the city's latest homicide that they northeast Wichita nightclub until -- the -- will have more on this story coming up. Kansas Democrats feel upbeat about their chances of unseating Republican governor Sam Brownback this year. Primary into what -- and I have more on this story coming up. A very nice warm up on the way as we kick up the workweek that temperatures won't stay that way -- take first alert meteorologist frank Clark got the details coming out tough partly cloudy and 36 degrees again is this morning news. A big Sunday for Wichita State University basketball the men picked up there at 34 consecutive win. And the Missouri valley tournament crowns and 83 to 69 victory over Indiana State. There were several thousand shocker friends on hand in Saint Louis including Ariana and Russell grammar of Andover. Yeah it's great Dawson. Head to head down on the net credit first time you know long -- look over here to drive him I just love so much happening in different teams. At -- arena the shocker women won their second straight conference championship defeating Missouri State 93 to 56 more on these are stories coming up -- -- were were sports in just few minutes. Police are offering few details after a woman was killed early yesterday morning at a nightclub in northeast Wichita the incident happened just after 3 AM Sunday at a bar in the 1000 block of north Cleveland. Sargent John -- says officers were originally called to the reports of shots fired and someone being trampled as patrons were leaving the club. Upon arrival they found a 23 year old female few -- Playing at that location. It was later determined she had a gunshot wound -- -- -- The victim was taken to a nearby hospital where she later died. Her name has not been released at this time. Sergeant hopper says more information on the shooting will be released at the Monday midmorning press briefing. -- all the -- -- thirteen thirty KM -- no debris has been found so far from the Malaysian airlines Boeing 777 the disappeared on a flight to China. The general director of the Malaysian department of civil aviation. Us our -- and I'll go -- and knocks down a report that part of the door was found in the waters off Vietnam he says they need hard evidence to determine what happened to the aircraft in the 239 people on board. -- talked a while most people. And he's just not as confident about this young looking at every angle and I'm looking at every aspect of all all what could happen. A six point nine earthquake got in the Pacific Ocean it's just your cup California Sunday night the epicenter was about fifty miles west of your -- California. Alex dotted the National Weather Service in eureka. Says it was a rolling quite the last about thirty seconds. We felt. Maybe one or do in the last few years of about the same magnitude shaken. But that was the longest felt sense that I've -- here and it was cool let's unnerve an definitely. Two people are in custody following a robbery in south -- Saturday night. Police sergeant John Hooper says up Papa -- delivery driver was delivering a pizza to a residence in the 4800 block of south Laura. You went there to deliver pizza who had two surgeries. Took it these affirming what. After starting with -- with a knife. The male suspects ages 26 and 24 were located a short time later. There are booked into jail on aggravated robbery charges the Kansas Supreme Court says the State's current public school funding levels are unconstitutional. In Friday's ruling the court in Kansas. More school districts. Were harmed in the state made the decision to cut certain payments would tax revenues declined. During the Great Recession Wichita school board member Lynn Rogers tells Kate is a decision will have a positive impact on local projects. We see that should probably provide some immediate relief in terms of the capital outlay Condit and that the -- we think that will relieve. A great deal of stress on our bond issue and finishing our bond projects. In a very strong passion. The court ordered legislators to boost two types -- -- by July 1 he had returned the case to a lower court for more hearings. On how much the state must spend overall to provide an adequate education for every child. Capital fourteen to -- in the morning news radio thirteen 3036 degrees. Another milestone for the Wichita State men's basketball team high details coming up in sports and be Smart phone users ignore their kids. That story coming up a McCain as a sporting news was even dead. With bathing suit season just months away you might be tempted to start she. Shaving -- and waxing and -- body hair making it easier and cheaper on yourself and more than 60% off fleas -- hair removal from India aesthetics and wellness -- and he uses the newest laser technology to safely and effectively -- unlike hair on all skin types and with today's which -- deal of the day it's. Six -- laser hair removal treatment for more than 60% off the normal price check this deal out today at which time perks dot com. The chief of police I'm Todd -- with this Fox News and commentary next. Really experience really suck for the following this explosive story nothing gets by -- Today this is all yeah what was that all about how there's no experience. And you know like O Reilly dom and we'll be lost Smart sharp and cutting it. Big news of the day. It delivered and Sean sealed the deal with the peerless on what part of that are you want. Smoke and watch most trusted. Our old bill Rhode Island has a new police chief type alert seven. And he may be the youngest police chief and the nation. Tyler's only seven years old. The little boy is battling leukemia is a repeat performance this mom and dad are looking for bone marrow donors but in the meantime local police and firefighters decided to throw Tyler a surprise birthday bash. He was named to the towns honorary police chief even got to drive around in the police cruiser. And later tonight I'll be in Memphis Tennessee I'll be delivering a speech at the life choices fund raising gala wonderful pro life ministry. And on Sunday I'll be speaking German town -- At this church so if you're in the -- now be sure to drop I'd say howdy. And that's this week at the box -- corner of the world have a great weekend everybody be sure to go to church on Sunday. I'm Todd -- it's. Because being right. -- so it's. A roller coaster of emotions Rush Limbaugh. -- and SS. McCain has has sporting news -- even 1070737. Degrees but it's going to be. Well a high today in the mid seventies. Kansas Democrats feel upbeat about their chances of unseating Republican governor Sam Brownback this year. As democratic challenger Paul Davis makes school funding a major issue. Several hundred democratic officials and activists gathered Saturday for Washington days the party's biggest annual meeting. Caucus meetings and speeches Saturday came a day after the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that the state school funding is unconstitutional. It directed lawmakers to improve aid to poor districts by July 1 and ordered more lower court hearings on whether the state is spending enough money overall. Prominent Democrats said the ruling validates davis' argument that the state is an adequately funding schools -- -- news radio thirteen thirty KM SS. Smartphone users end up ignoring their kids. In a new study out today Boston researchers -- local fast food restaurants. Observing more than 70%. Of parents and caregivers using their phones. Doctor at Jenny a -- a ski up a pediatrician at Boston Medical Center. His parents were released engaged with the kids when they -- -- made swiping finger motions rather than phone calls. Those act caregivers tend to do have. Lower degree of conversation when the children in their care or sometimes -- let -- behavioral escalation endorse. Attention seeking behaviors on the part of the children. -- though ALC in the morning news revealed thirteen thirty and SS. And this morning we've got in traffic to get a stalled vehicle causing little bit of a traffic hazard there potential traffic hazard. This is on east founded Kellogg Greta around -- ready and right now showing traffic moving through that area pretty well. But it's also time morning when traffic volumes are pretty high in things like deck can back up. Rather quickly so just being very cautious out there we were seen so much. He increased traffic a little while ago redder in the north junction. In any six Guinea six from hillside I want 35. And as some fairly heavy traffic moves higher than that junction of -- 135. And Kellogg -- Right there in the middle of town a little bit of heavy traffic and northbound on I 135 right there as well as east and westbound. Montella contain a sister a potential -- chambers. Now look at the cake first -- forecast with meteorologist frank talk about frank. Good morning Steve a beautiful day on the way for Wichita will see highs today up near 75. Degrees out. The reason we'll get there a southwest wind is seven to fifteen and abundant sunshine -- a -- cloud cover early this morning. -- more sunshine this afternoon. Overnight tonight we only dropped a 42 degrees under mostly clear skies. Clouds on the increase tomorrow and about ten degrees cooler high near 65 degrees. Late Tuesday united chance for a little bit rainfall should be mostly sunny and dry on Wednesday with a high near 51. Right now 37 degrees feels like thirty thanks to a south southwest wind at nine took that sounds like a springtime forecast to -- It really is the last time we saw temperature this pleasant. -- go back to November 16. And in my math serves me correct that was a 114. Days ago come out there. Yeah I had a plus days in teaching had temperature like this in the mid seventies and. All right not time and yeah I think so right thanks frank murals as frank wall with the K first -- forecast -- -- seventeen and 10 minutes past 7 o'clock when Stephen dead and the it's time for crime stoppers update with mr. Bobby stupid -- Bob. The morning I begged Doug had disappeared and get a little bit only a weatherman could cap backward daughter and fourteen days. To give us to talk to those who the other night there -- Yeah I'll -- one jab at -- retain that number in -- gonna talk about that when I go to. They I'm gonna do everybody has stated on the government retired fourteen doesn't appreciate you provide reliable information on what's like to do it -- a car war. Now you have just been eroded due next Saturday's semifinal -- back and -- in November when breakfast on our important industry. -- wish I owned an elephant that you use or -- escort people cars and make a few -- LE. They play good. That's that's a good idea -- maybe on -- yeah yeah. Should you saw an elephant in the room you wouldn't recognize that not what we want somebody to start to recognize -- what we've lost yeah. Sometime between about 8:30 PM on Friday February 28. And 7 o'clock in the morning on Saturday march 1. Some Latin went on to the property. Get through it live open its 6700 block of north who were. And they've looked up and took away a little light blue 202. Ponder -- Horse trailer. And all the horse attack that was inside. Total loss there's about 7000 dollars. District they ought to be pretty easy to identify it could go on our two website. Through Wichita crime stoppers dot com. There are several photographs should put several three. That. Can be you can get an idea what this thing looks like. And maybe you're traveling and no circled if you could help to police find it that we can get somebody arrested. And you can make yourself 2500 dollars. All we need to know is that who committed this crime and don't put enough information to police could make an arrest. It is easier to call in 2672111. And again you will remain anonymous. And if you prefer. So you could go and that don't have cell phone you could taxes to crimes. PRI ME yes. It was numbers are 2746. Or seven. And begin your message with -- to seventeen. Or thirdly. You go on line which could -- crimes shoppers dot com. And leave secure information there and then Cora always you can go to K and SS web site and link right over. But remember that phone number 2672111. Burn yourself up to 2500. Dollars in cash money and no one will ever know who your best of all world. The body you -- you had many years in law enforcement. All of this so warmer weather mean anything to -- Too often jarred our burglaries going to increase that kind of thing most of the current thing. I don't know I'm not that they could committed burglar didn't pay a lot of attention to the weather. It's. It's -- -- secure government because there aren't told crimes. That are associated with weather conditions. Of course I happened to still be one of those old timers to believe. That the moon has something to do with a violent crime and I you know what I can do I also believe in crystal ball and while reading an -- change but. Yeah if it might increase some get it stabilized. That they had any burglars -- burglary and I don't think it makes a lot of different what to win. Have you ever run into somebody I know I interviewed 11 a guy one time you -- anybody who's really. Long term professional burglar he's made it pretty decent living over over years' time. -- lot you know I'm sure I have any probably he or she probably would not have totally dismissed. This perquisites that -- six. I'm confident that I would have been nice. And of people they did did did make sure that they didn't make themselves -- responsibly develop. Most burglaries are committed did during the daytime when nobody -- residential burglaries. That isn't true of course -- businesses but. My -- keeping doors locked even when you're now horse. It's a good idea to do -- keep your front door locked. And because these are these folks they can sort out is pretty good -- they know what's your routine meters and they'd take advantage of this. That's always good if you have one or two neighbors who were a lot of retired people and all our life and things. Great today you might think good. Nosy neighbors can really come in and Newport school you know because they know what cars belong in your drive way and those kind of things and if somebody reports a strange Carter neighborhood. You don't get upset Wear them blankets because they're -- attention which. Clorox floor in my case what -- knucklehead is sitting on the porch swing with my daughter while I'm out there that cannot. But I do remember my. Carpet and I don't think it only does it I don't know her assistant police -- these nobody knows where there's sometimes a -- like. It sell it thanks bubbled to the NBA -- did have a good week and it's. They did -- in regulation -- shot is all about it to us guys yeah little late it is everybody ocean I'd never say anything. Kept tourist city like this and not because from now no shocks. -- I thought that they would Bob leased out to 672111. Is the number for Bobby step for the grand cypress today is Monday. March 10 diplomacy in 1965. Neil Simon's play the odd couple opened on Broadway and -- got a long -- there I guess and then the movie and TV show on an imbalance or another movie or TV show coming out yet again. A TV show yeah I believe you said the other day -- can do it again. That's quite quite a little play there -- -- one on Neil Simon's best or -- gives -- pretty funny from top to bottom. 1969 James Earl Ray pleaded guilty in Memphis Tennessee to assassinating civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. -- later repudiated that plea maintaining his innocence until his death. Birthdays today Chuck Norris martial arts expert seven to four years old and a star of walker Texas ranger singer dean -- of an eight day again. Dean 74 today Sharon Stone is this 56. Basic instinct and an Oscar nomination for casino and prince Edward. 7:17 -- attend the morning and -- don't know. -- you get the -- who played basketball they won two big games than any other baseball team when a company -- kind of chuck fruit. The -- -- shocker yesterday in Missouri Valley Conference men's basketball. Tournament championship game in Saint Louis. Number two ranked undefeated Wichita State taking on the number two seed in the tournament Indiana State and a shocker is made it another victory. 8369. Was the final score yesterday as the shocker some women the Missouri Valley Conference tournament for the first time in 27. Years. Course tournaments but in Saint Louis for 23 years this -- the first time a shocker I have ever won it on neutral court in Saint Louis. The shocker is become the first undefeated team to advance into the NCAA tournament and 23 years since UNLV did it back in 1991. Dockers 34 know Fred mandalit led the way were 22 points he shocker -- coach Gregg Marshall. Very pleased and honored to be able to do want to bring the trophy back to which -- Scott told my players short of the final four last year I think this is going to be. When the biggest celebrations back in which target. We've had a long time and we weren't regular seasons we've been -- sweet sixteens have been the final four short of that final four I think this is going to be really. Appreciated and honored. So we got that monkey off our back so to speak. Conference player of the year Fred van believed leading the way it would 22 points a bunch of those in the second half -- is excited. Come tournament time not a big -- assessment for -- marvelous. As competitors you look forward to that. Which is happy to get -- this is done first. And goes -- was to go three you know and so we do it. The tournament most valuable player was Wichita State guard Tim Cahill -- he had twenty points yesterday. Cody is that a billion here. When people went so low from the does not a good samaritan people who say how easily just got to work -- sentences. Be comfortable shooting -- and we do thank -- coaches and teammates just continue to shoot the ball and maintaining current musicians above. It makes for a better. Course soccer's now get ready for the NCAA tournament they'll find out their seed and their fate coming up on Sunday. The Wichita State women's basketball team in action at the regular season finale Coke arena yesterday taking on Missouri State with a win that's the shocker is would be co champions of the Missouri Valley Conference big day for the soccer's yesterday I had to call the game on KFH. The weak side by Al flight Decker Alex Barton wrote -- court all the digital water below a hurry to assist. Growing it after court all the way down by Alex Gordon 8150. -- now with sixteen pardons benefits this. That's one of six assists on the day for Alex -- she also had four steals three blocks shots and 27 points. As the soccer's pounded the lady bears 9356. -- shocker head Coach Jody Adams where. Playing great defense didn't help in the past and planes and creating. No turnovers and have it and they feel very uncomfortable. Oh you know I keep its ignites our office that's what I think he -- he doesn't think today's game and it's really proud of this team for bouncing back it's been a tough battle here these losses. -- shocker defense forcing 27 turnovers yesterday the shocker ladies co champions of the Missouri Valley Conference forcing 27. Turnovers yesterday. Shocker baseball team with a double header sweep yesterday beating Stephen F Austin 43 and a six to nothing shocker take two out of three in the series the soccer baseball team on nine and four on the season. We'll talk about it tonight -- the W issue coaches shows first up is men's basketball coach Gregg Marshall 6 o'clock and women's basketball Coach Jody Adams at 7 o'clock. And in the baseball coach Todd Butler at 8 o'clock those are all right here on news radio thirteen thirty K and SS. Broadcasting live from Dino is drill and tap forks at twenty personal web go have dinner at soccer coaches tonight at the nose. How about the -- softball team yesterday winning two games the soccer softball classic beating Iowa State eighteen to sixteen. The shocker hit seven home runs in that game wolf and sophomore Casey Williams drove in eight Iran that's a school record. And in a -- beat northern Illinois eight to three soccer softball team now has won four straight they're twelve and seven. And the -- under. Hockey team last night downtown I didn't trust bank arena of 43 shootout loss to the Rapid City -- 6500 fans were on hand. The thunder picks up one point. They're now six points behind Arizona for that last playoff spot with ten games to go in the season. Sports brought to you by the newly remodeled the bulls like shooting range where they know and use the guns they sell go to bulls -- Wichita dot com be safe shoot six bull's -- shooting range 1455. North terrace. 7 Tony June. 37 degrees keep different Rush Limbaugh morning updates. Schools are not getting good grades. Traffic about the coming up -- to have used radio thirteen thirty KM SS. And the bottom of the hour plus Sean Hannity this afternoon at 212 like magic find clarity with news radio thirteen thirty. K and SS. 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In between there and I won 35 so it. -- area of heavy traffic right now and it's actually causing enough from the traffic slow down the gasoline prices today down a century 44 gallon if you spotted. Traffic slowdown or you have to -- Better gasoline price gives called the traffic got London over 43613. 30 in Genesis traffic central I'm dead chambers is going to be a sunny day with a high around 75 degrees clear tonight the overnight low 42 Tuesday. Partly cloudy tomorrow's highs 65 now partly cloudy itself we ended nine miles per hour of the end of 37 degrees. Coming up usually half hour was even dead a homicide it. And a Wichita Amare. Accountability office released an audit of Michelle Obama's anti obesity program Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act. Now that's a law went into effect last year 48 of the fifty states report the mood -- my Bell's food rules. Have caused challenges our challenges kids are throwing out their fruits and veggies Jordan boycotts. Hungry students returning in the food activists that complicated rules are leading the desire menu listings like she's stick with shrimp. And a school districts are fed up 321 -- have left the Michelle Obama food program and some of them. Have even been brave enough to criticize them publicly under Obama food stamps have doubled but since Michelle got our hands on a school lunch program over a million kids. Have stopped participating apparently they'd router star urban -- down what Michelle thinks is good for them. Moving on the Department of Education has national center for education stats released a study revealing that. More than half of the public schools in America aren't you ever pay year major repairs total cost would run near 200 billion dollars these are shovel ready jobs. The work needs to be done right now or else has always. So that's where things stand we've gotten millions of kids going to schools that are crumbling around them they're throwing around their fruits or veggies. And they're eating cheese sticks with shrimp. Are we do to our children. It doesn't end there join rush today at eleven on. This. Not available in California. Do you have startup capital and are looking to invest in a booming health based business. Here's your opportunity because we're looking for business savvy healthy minded people in this area to become franchise owners of fresh healthy vending machines the number one healthy vending franchise in North America. Fresh healthy -- is a publicly trading company with your fresh healthy vending machines you'll be selling exactly what America wants all natural healthy fresh -- organic -- and what the USDA's more snacks in school nutrition guidelines starting in banning junk food in schools to demand for fresh healthy snacks is only getting bigger fresh healthy -- has identified crime vending machine locations in this area. And we -- -- machines for you perceive to capitalize on the huge demand for healthy organic snacks on ago. Where did you grab your share of this booming industry this -- ready for fresh dot com today and enter code 4000 for free owner information locations in the Syria are filling up fast so -- they're ready for fresh dot com special code for a 000. Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news thirteen there. -- as best we just -- number one news talk can't weather station depend on. Two point 730 Steve back in -- -- referred to 37 degrees. Wichita police are investigating the death of the 23 year old. Woman who was found after officers responded to a report of someone being trampled. Outside a private club this happened around 3:15 Sunday morning at fan as bikes. Our officers found the woman suffered from a gunshot wound to the -- she was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. Her name has not been released police say the investigation is ongoing and that the woman's death is being treated. As a homicide. A big Sunday for Wichita State University basketball to me and picked up their 34 consecutive win and the Missouri Valley Conference tournament crowned. When an 8369. Victory over Indiana State. For several thousand shocker friends on hand in Saint Louis including Anita Hudson of Wichita. The company that they play when it really can't tell exactly. Then fans also can -- I think that really helps that stack them up. At Coca arena the -- women won their second straight conference championship defeating Missouri State's 93 to 56 to Dallas take a look at that -- First Solar forecast during a Monday morning with meteorologist frank blog -- frank good. Morning Steve a little bit of cloud cover to start things off this morning this afternoon mostly sunny skies and nice little southwest -- seven to fifteen and the combination of those two going to push temperatures up today to seven B five degrees -- -- yesterday it was nice. We only hit sixty -- on nice turnaround today. We're going to be clear tonight and -- lows dip to 42. Increasing clouds on Tuesday hi is making it into the middle sixties on Tuesday. Tuesday 98 chance of rain fall were mostly sunny on Wednesday with a high near 51. Right now 37 degrees had chilly enough you might want to jacket this morning out -- kids are taken -- to school up. Remind him to bring it home -- be easy to leave it with temperatures in the seventies -- -- beautiful sunrise -- running into -- soon. -- that's good because my cameras pointed to the west. But I -- see a few clouds so I'm glad you're reporting the sun -- coming up sun rises to the east ranked USI I I need to get there and turn that thing are you just turned her and I. Thank frank Harold is frank wall decay for -- forecast. Wichita police are looking for a suspect to rob the northeast Wichita business Saturday night. Sargent John Hooper says it happened at a business called passage to India and the 6100 block of east 21 street. Suddenly came and India. Demanded money from two employees at that location. Didn't do weapons described as semi automatic handgun. The suspect took some money and left the suspect described as a black male in his thirties -- six feet tall medium build wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt. Blue jeans a black -- in the mask no injuries were reported. Police are investigating a drive by shooting in front and -- Friday night in northeast Wichita. It happened around 10 PM at the bronze in the 3600 block of north -- road. Sargent Jeff Davis says there were 21 people in and around the business when shots rang out. And it all in this store that got customers in the store there are a lot of class break -- -- real patrons and employees to cover on the floor. And in the rest. Truth Sargent Jeff Davis has no one was injured witnesses told police that a black party bus was nearby at the time of the incident. But police said they are still investigating whether it was involved no arrests have been made. -- -- -- news radio thirteen thirty KM -- Lawrence police say they don't suspect foul play in the death of a 44 -- -- man whose body was found near the Kansas river. The Lawrence journal world reports -- -- responders were dispatched after a member of the river cleanup group reported finding the bodies. A marathon spelling bee in Kansas City, Missouri finally has a conclusion after nearly 100 rounds and two weeks of anticipation. A seventh grader and a fifth grader exhausted the Jackson County spelling -- initial word list February 22. Forcing another day of competition on Saturday the seventh grader was declared the winner after his opponents stumbled on the stifling. In the 28 round. K and assist nationally in time 734. Don't know president Malaysian airlines jet disappeared a few days ago over the south China's seat. ABC's Bob Woodward growth with many of the families -- in Beijing. The governments that have been promising to get the visas and they get passports to the Chinese to wanna get out of here but out of Malaysia. They are they're starting to get them on buses. To get these passports but -- -- done but this could start today. Or maybe even two days from now take a -- to get these family members out of the country. Downtown demolished a -- hopefully can ponder the level. Three Americans and more than -- -- the father of the young man who shot and killed all those students and teachers at a school in Newtown Connecticut finally speaking out. Peter -- says he wishes his son Adam has never been born. Increased security measures we announced today organizers of the Boston Marathon the race to be run this year April 21. Sequel to the 300 came up big box office 45 million dollars. -- -- ABC news. 7:35 feet into the morning including -- thirteen thirty Taylor says the Kansas Supreme Court has settled some immediate issues over public school funding in the statement. Left until another day the biggest issue how much more money legislators. Must spend on education and the more I've read about this -- about this. The more confused I -- -- suspected that. All on our own Bernie -- Tuesday in that -- -- that find out what's what he was about the one -- -- all this mean Bernie today did you solve anything you think. Well they -- part of it you know. Steve one of the really interesting things I've found was. The Supreme Court puts out a news release along with this decision in the news releases and actually in plain English this is pretty pretty you should understand. And -- said the court declare certain school funding laws failed to provide equity and public education is required. By the Kansas constitution and they returned the case Charlie county district court to enforce the courts rule holdings. Well equity means it's not fair in the the second part of it was. Is it enough money and that's what they haven't decided yet they sent that back to accrue to the court to decide that further. But it's. It's very pretty fascinating the the equity issue is that there has to do with capital outlay and little local option budget in the states. In the past has put money into that to make it more fair among school districts and that's what they say is not fair. And if you talk to people in education they say did to correct this we'll take about a 130 million dollars and the court has said. Legislature has to act on that by July 1. To provide that equitable fair funding and if they take no action by July 1. Or they don't eliminate this inequity. This slower court can issue a court order so -- to make sure they do. Can you give me some sort of example of what what what's not fair about the way they fund one district as compared to other. Well we've got the local option budget where school district has who has the ability to Levy property taxes. Some school districts have a lot of property have a lot of value and so -- it's easier for them to raise money one building Johnson County. Probably raises. You know hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars we're -- -- county it doesn't raise very much. So. You've got this equalization formula where. So they -- legislature. A puts more money into those poor district we can't raise a lot of property tax. And that's been going on for years but in. In -- 220 -- what 112012. The legislature stopped putting money into that and and so that's what the -- is -- it's not fair fidelity. You know -- people saved what does that it it's not just about money education is good -- -- about analysts other stuff and yet there's no way to really. Measure how you're fairly treating all the school district except I guess money right. Well the other thing that the court said the and they sent this back to visit to the lower court and they said. This this is the question. Is it if is there enough money being put into -- they said that the lower court used incorrect. Incorrect. Procedures. They looked at the actual cost and they said they want the lower court to look at what is known as the rose standard he. The rose from standard come -- make Kentucky's Supreme Court decision in 1989. Rose vs counsel for better education. And they came up with. Seven learning goals that determine whether someone is alert is learning and and Chad will be interest in this one of them is sufficient grounding in the arts. To enable each student to appreciate his or her cultural and historical heritage hole. That's kind of my gym for the sport -- yeah. But the but the other goals sufficient oral and written communication skills. Knowledge of economic social political systems. Understanding of governmental processes. Sufficient training -- preparation for advanced training in either academic or -- vocational fields. And insufficient levels of academic or vocational skills to enable public school students to compete favorably with their counterparts in surrounding states in academics. Or in the job market. So bit. The is it adequate visit money that goes back to the court and they've got to judge it by these rose standards. But the equity I think is pretty much decided and they've got until. July 1 to come up with this. With some with something. Some of the leadership is disagreeing but it's a 130 million dollars but. You know the politics as usual plays in all of history because. On July 1 if they haven't done their job the way the court sees it and there's a court order to do something. They're back in session that's right in the middle of their campaign. Well. So and and it is chosen more turmoil as if they're back in session. If this continues for a long time it was very controversial there's more turmoil. That I think results in more turmoil turn over a period at the ballot box. All right ninety thanks for your time and your health this morning preparations are sure. Finally coming up here in about thirty minutes we're gonna check in with Allen group -- trial counsel for. 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The best news that best talk radio and we just all news radio thirteen thirty KMS fast. 745 beautiful -- perennial thirteen thirty to look at this this morning news was even dead. -- huge Sunday for a shocker basketball. Right now we've got some pretty heavy traffic this is right along Kellogg between the central business district. And a I want 35 and Dylan. Even further east it's still a little slow going pretty much all the way out -- Today hillside area so Kellogg particularly heavy traffic in spots right now. Watch out for some slow downs there. Can't stay remember that we still got some low road construction going on now they started middle last week his road construction actually close to meridian. Just north pony Genesis traffic central -- -- chambers. Sunny today with a high of 75 degrees clear tonight the overnight low 42. Tuesday partly cloudy tomorrow's high 65. Now partly cloudy -- to nine miles per hour stand at 37 degree. Coming up -- wise which is a business journal update. What's next -- financing Kansas schools Stephens says he's ready to thirteen thirty K and a sense. By que -- until imprison and FP is customized apps and services that help your whole business be more productive total document solutions only from Kyocera. This is Dave Ross -- for Charles Osgood on CBS radio network. If you were going to get alzheimer's disease would you want to know. After the structurally. There are a lot of complicated things in life rocket science taxes and China -- time. But insurance does not have -- one of those complicated things. Your local independent agency representing Auto Owners Insurance will sit down and customize a plan just we. To a -- trying to muddle through it all on the line yourself contact your local independent auto owners agency. Find your local independent agent at auto owners dot com let's auto owners -- Auto Owners Insurance but no problem people. 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We're normal in this study we sought to find a set of circulating molecules that would allow us to predict who. In the next several years will develop cognitive impairment or alzheimer's disease. Sure enough the -- biological red flags in their -- specifically ten distinct types of blood fats which were they consistently low level. In operations that went on to develop alzheimer's this something about the alzheimer's state or the risk for developing it that drive them down so would you wanna know. This -- considering is no cure yet. One thing to consider is this means that for the first time searchers may finally have a way of treating patients. Who they know are about to get the disease before their brain cells start dying we may be able to use this diagnostic. To test for the first time. Where the disease modifying therapies in those at risk but not those who already have the disease might be able to delay. That group of individuals from developing alzheimer's decease doctor Howard federal offer Georgetown University his work is in the latest issue of nature medicine. The Osgood File Dave Ross on the CBS radio network. 749 now Stevenson in the morning 37 degrees of looking for a high today of 75. That's right today's high 75 degrees the second Alice crammed -- has died actress Sheila McRae. Died Thursday in Englewood New Jersey at the age of 92 her daughter says McRae died of old age. McRae is probably best known for playing Alice on the Jackie Gleason Show from 1966. To 1970. Audrey meadows played Alice in the 1950s version of the honeymooners but -- also played Madalyn Richmond on general hospital. She democratic dead at the age of 92. Tomorrow night it is my privilege to -- co emceed the junior achievement -- twice fourteen business hall of fame ceremony and banquet. I'll be co host Inco and seeing with that Susan -- from channel ten. We did this last year wouldn't do it again they -- never ordered to be there again -- or achievements 2014 business hall of fame banquet awards ceremony. We got a mixed close on Wall Street Friday the Dow closed up 31 points NASDAQ down sixteen the S&P up one. Now look at national business news. So this is the Wall Street Journal report I'm Jennifer Kushinka. Taking the bus train and subway in record numbers there are nearly ten point seven billion trips taken on mass transit last year. The highest settle since 1956. On the suburbs began booming. Expanding bus and train networks helped spur the growth as to the nation's urban shift. -- nearly 22 million people plan to take a cruise this year and they're still a small -- impassioned group that just says -- -- cruising probably because of all the negative headlines. MarketWatch is Katie hill says these nervous folks should try -- on cruise cruise like smaller ships that go to Hawaii -- What can take you -- some of these less tourists. Islands but hill says cruises on the smaller ships are going to cost you a lot -- -- cruising on a giant vessel in excess of 4000 dollars a week. On Wall Street pictures funny some modestly lower open this is the Wall Street Journal report. If you do you keep it in the morning news radio 1530 -- assess what's next in financing Kansas schools. We'll find out editor bill Roy of the Wichita business you have -- good morning bill. Good morning Steve -- comes to school financing Kansas school districts now say to the legislature. Your group. On Friday as Supreme Court ruled that the state establish unreasonable wealth based disparities. Kansas lawmakers will now have to decide if they'll provide funding for capital out -- local option budgets. Or change the formula that determines how districts get -- And administration blog gentry ruled last week that the Federal Aviation Administration does not have clear authority. To -- the commercial use of drones the Wall Street Journal reporting that the judge struck down a 101000 dollar fine and a 2012 case. In which a drone was easy. -- city of Virginia campus. And another issue for Boeing dreamliner Japan airlines flight from Tokyo to San Francisco had to make an emergency landing in Honolulu. An engine on the right and the aircraft malfunction none of this 171 people on board were injured. Pilot decided to shut down the right engine after cockpit indicators. Showed oil pressure and volume more down JAL said it found an oil leak after the plane land it. Local breaking business news everyday on can't SS and at Wichita business journal dot com for the what's dubbed as the journal I'm Gilroy. A Miller struggling -- trying to figure out exactly what that does Supreme Court ruling says in me he means that we Gloria Bernie -- on what is -- him. Just humans are gonna have Allen group one minute. Who's on trial counselor for schools -- funny predator an exact route itself it seems to me that it's engaged kind of these something for everybody not to be offending anybody and it'll be so confusing that. The state lawmakers we completely confused himself he's -- there. I think it pretty and that's pretty much wraps up right there I think it's a very complicated ruling. It's gonna take some time to really get through it really get down to the brass tax so we haven't seen the end of this yet by a longshot and a all not by a -- thinks there will -- these next hours. 750 -- Steve -- come up views on the top of the hour. -- -- this morning you get a Big -- can play soccer basketball. Holds its. What we do not knowing that we all coast to coast yeah. Overnights on news radio thirteen thirty K and SS. Wichita business journal update is brought to you by half -- be an electronic. X. 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