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Steve & Ted in the Morning 03/10/14 Hr 3

Mar 10, 2014|

Sports: A Great Weekend for the Shockers

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sunday four shocker basketball wanted what word those details on the life. Police are investigating the city's latest almost five heading northeast Wichita nightclub until Google branded -- more on this story coming up. Kansas Democrats feel upbeat about their chances of unseating Republican governor Sam Brownback this year. I'm -- to Watkins and I'll have more on this story coming up. A very nice warm up on the ways we pick up the work -- -- -- won't stay that way -- first -- meteorologist Frank White got details coming up 37 degrees right now looking for a high today of 75. Cup. Big Sunday for Wichita State University basketball all the men picked up there at 34 consecutive win and and the Missouri valley tournament crown with an 83 to 69 victory over Indiana State. There were several thousand shocker friends on handed Saint Louis including marianas Russell -- And over. Kids -- awesome. Head to head down on the net credit first time now longtime -- whoever they're actually cried so much in love so much happiness for his team. At Coca arena the shocker women won their second straight conference championship defeating Missouri State 93 to 56 Ted -- all the details and sports coming up in just few minutes here -- Stephen dead. Police are offering few details after a woman was killed early yesterday morning at a nightclub in northeast Wichita the incident happened just after 3 AM Sunday at a bar in the 1000 block of north Cleveland. Sargent John hopper says officers were originally called to the reports of shots fired and someone being trampled as patrons were leaving the club. Upon their arrival they found a 23 year old female few loose. -- at that location there was later determined she had a gunshot wounds to her head. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital where she later died her name has not been released at this time. Sergeant -- says more information on the shooting will be released at the Monday midmorning press briefing. -- -- brand -- radio thirteen thirty KM -- no debris has been found so far from the Malaysian airlines Boeing 777 that disappeared on a flight to China. The Director General of the Malaysia department of civil aviation -- -- -- and Abdul Rahman's. Knocks down a report that part of the door was found in the waters off Vietnam he says. They need hard evidence to determine what happened to the aircraft in the 239 people on board. Don't call a lot more suitable. Thank you it's not as confident about this young looking at every angle. Looking ahead every aspect of all all what could happen. A six point nine earthquake out in the Pacific Ocean shook up California Sunday night the epicenter was about fifty miles west of your -- California Alex dog. At the National Weather Service senior -- says it was a rolling quake to lasted about thirty seconds. We felt maybe one -- can do in the last a few years of about the same magnitude shaken. But that was the longest that felt -- but here and it was cool that. Unnerve an definitely. Two people are in custody following a robbery in south Wichita Saturday night. Police sergeant John the first says a puppet Johnson's delivery driver was delivering a pizza to a residence in the 4800 block of south Laura. Volunteered to deliver pizza who had two surgeries. Took it these are firming up. After starting with him with a knife. The male suspects ages 26 and 24. We're located a short time later they were booked into jail on aggravated robbery charges. The Kansas Supreme Court says the State's current public school funding levels are unconstitutional. And Friday's ruling. The court said Kansas -- school district were harmed in this state made the decision to cut certain payments when tax revenues declined to during the Great Recession. Wichita school board member Lynn Rogers tells Kate nears a decision we'll have a positive impact on local projects. We see that should probably provide some immediate relief in terms of the capital out late Condit and that the -- we think that will relieve. A great deal of stress on our bond issue and finishing our bond projects. In a very strong fashion. The court ordered legislators to boost two types of -- by July 1 did return the case to a lower court for more hearings. On how much the state must spend overall to provide an adequate education for every child. For the first time in 27 years the shot here's -- Missouri Valley Conference tournament championship I'll have details coming up in sports. New Smartphone users ignore their kids. That story coming up we -- -- sporting news with Stephen's head. 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Your site has been desperately not to tell -- got to the whole thing is a -- let me make this. We can justify -- by asking questions. I want an answer another praises this reaction from most us civilians from the left you've not seen that I'm sort of it's. Over yes hill club straight out the back straight talk. And just dumped him calling now the big news -- crawling up my -- you please watch the O'Reilly Factor we. The guy who used to scrambled -- -- he -- fired up Mitchell what Dennis Smith chef at the fairway cafe on New York city's upper west side. But he used to be the shepherd greasy mentioned were New York City mayor's -- even had a one bedroom apartment in the attic during -- Koch administration. These -- London -- a -- -- mayor bill colosio's wife she told the New York Times that there would not be any servants. Living in the mansions ethic. -- London called her comment ignorant and harsh. And said he was stunned that she would use the S word. The mayor's office refused to comment notable Lazio's of course ready creme -- like cram mobile liberal elites. He has a personal fondness for Sandinistas and the couple wants honeymoon in Cuba nevertheless somebody might wanna tell misses the -- EO -- Gracie Mansion is not Downton Abbey I'm Todd starts. It's just mark. -- All might -- -- Margot -- weekday evenings from five until late on news radio. Thirteen 33 and SS. 807 K this has forty years Stephens had 34 degrees. -- Democrats feel upbeat about their chances of unseating Republican governor Sam Brownback this year. As democratic challenger Paul Davis makes school funding a major issue. Several hundred democratic officials and activists gathered Saturday for Washington days the party's biggest annual meeting. Caucus meetings and speeches Saturday came a day after the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that the state school funding is unconstitutional. The director of lawmakers to improve aid to poor districts by July 1 and ordered more lower court hearings on whether the state is spending enough money overall. Prominent Democrats said the ruling validates davis' argument that the state is -- adequately funding schools -- -- news radio thirteen thirty KM SS. Smartphone users end up ignoring their kids in a new study out today Boston researchers had local fast food restaurants. Observing more than 70%. Of parents and caregivers using their phones. Doctor Jeremy -- ST a pediatrician at Boston Medical Center. Says parents were released engaged with the kids when they typed or made swiping finger motions rather than phone calls. Those that -- caregivers tend to do have. Lower degree of conversation with the children in their care or sometimes they're let them behavioral escalation and -- Attention seeking behaviors on the part of that children. -- -- wait now -- -- in the morning radio thirteen thirty and 34 degrees. Right now the heaviest fortunes of a traffic in which our roadways back up around the north junction that. In any six and I won 35 there but things moving along pretty well on most of which -- roadways looked just looks like some of that heavy traffic volumes finally. Thinning out here in the Wichita area which isn't good news gasoline prices didn't get down just a little bit 344 work. In most places this morning remembered he's got a better price gives adult traffic guideline or 43613 30 -- says traffic central lunge at chambers and now the -- -- -- -- -- meteorologist frank well good morning frank good. Morning Steve -- one way to kick off the workweek the warmest day we've seen in well over a hundred days highs this afternoon of near 75 degrees. Lots of sunshine in a southwest resent seven to fifteen. Overnight tonight were mostly clear and dry lows dipped to 42. Tomorrow a bit cooler but still pleasant 654 year high increasing clouds. Late tomorrow night a chance for a few raindrops here in south central Kansas not expecting growing much in the way of rainfall. We're dry and cooler on Wednesday with a high near 51 we're back in the sixties though to close out the work week. Temperature right now 34 degrees feels like thirty thanks to a south southwest wind at five and it looks like you're pretty doggone nice daily depth on. Yeah -- really does if you like yesterday which I saw a lot of folks out yesterday. You're gonna love today and you know take advantage of a -- we don't have a more seventies in the seven day forecast but that we have plenty of fifties and sixties. Not bad they consider meteorologist frank wall with a cake first ordered forecast now eighteen and 10 minutes past 8 o'clock. With Stephen dead in the morning news radio thirteen thirty we've been talking this morning about the Kansas Supreme Court decision announced last week. On issues over public school funding in the state left until the other day the biggest issue how much money legislators must spend on education -- -- this morning his. A man who I believe is have become a -- birdies and always on one side of the issue but he gives it an expert on this because he's been. In the court quite a bit and that caliber of trial counsel for schools for fair funding. And it -- Helm how long have you been how many years you've been working on this case now. Well I've been more good morning -- emotional. I happen we're gonna restrictions. About 2009. But the poor that are being in case was the month whoever is stating -- this. Series. And then before that were strictly other cases. -- I think involved in my first. Call to get involved in school but -- I was -- in the summer of 1980. So I've been -- this quite. While. It's so it's in this latest ruling it seems. It seems like it's kind of I don't know to me. I did to try to do something for everybody they have they -- year are you pleased with what they decided on this. Well we're we're putting that in the win column are clearly the media a big part of the victory here was that the state accuses cinema. Briefly before the Supreme Court record -- three judge panel found them more at this point it's stable. In our favorite -- The surely can't just file. I don't know 8590%. Of the Mercury it's our view. Are these trying to species are not -- or maybe they shouldn't be in the courts they should they award in the legislature. I think the other the other inmates such remark in his state of the state. Pick in the Supreme Court spent considerable time in the supremes didn't putting that she could rest mentioning. That these are matters. -- -- in court because -- all the you know constitution. Patient. The other issue standing. Technical argument where they argue school districts could be aware that some of these communications the courts put. So. That's a big victory. The rest of the story is -- with regards to this school finance formula. It's concessions to. True part equity would be taking a poor school districts and -- considered disadvantaged and boosting them. They cost more -- -- educated so you won't only 25 -- coast. The great number of those kids and guns we're gonna get additional money hearing what you copper that. As loose Hutchison Dutch city. So this school districts that have a high percentage -- participate each -- So that money is coming. Immediately. Can't the Supreme Court ruled cult -- court's findings. On that component -- minutes and back for further determination. Notion of adequacy and that's that would affect all falcons this -- it's on whether or not there's enough money in the formula. Could provide an adequate education. And simply put. You district court Serb -- trial court used the wrong maker this year they look good for actual cost and sort of court ordered the trial court use -- major and stick based on. -- Kentucky Supreme Court opinion. Many years ago. Rose persons Kentucky's. Which -- number of factors that. -- actually it's neat to achieve in order. Had an adequate education. Things like. Exposure to New York. -- ordered mathematics social social skills. Just about everything you would meet canola oil than the 21 century. And I ended -- is not a simple some people will say you know what you don't want he's not the only way you can measure how a kid gets educated and that's true I suppose that only Atlanta. We look at that you know tens of thousands of kids stay why do you gotta have some sort of you know let's standard -- and against dollars or what that you find the standard. Well you're -- -- know what. I don't know anybody who -- through the trial this case where it had any involvement in the PG here it's I don't know anybody that would -- That. Jim. And then they say. The folks that understand education will collected the money does. Effective as the State's expert. You think it's. -- makes a difference and you're not -- staff liked but money makes efforts -- Impacting your -- education. And what do you think -- where we it -- in yearlong while we journey on this issue. DA approved are we looking at months years still in this thing -- want to. Well. Told somebody the other day. I think we concede the -- from here. There and by that I mean the equity -- all the ability of school districts could be. Plaintiffs in each case is system of all. And the only issue it is take that measuring stick and determine whether how much more money is either. In order to achieve adequacy or hear skiers and that should take guys depending on what three judge panel votes. I should probably take another few months but I I think we concede the big -- here -- the rootkit scandal -- -- go back and street court and don't look what what the. All right Melissa thanks for -- times when we appreciate it -- That's the Allen group trial counsel for a schools -- for our founding those of the people who have been and is suing against at the state of Kansas should try to get. More equity and and more money going into the schools around the state -- There the other part of that is a legislature in net 20082009. When the economy just went to heck. How they had to do sound the need you know to keep things. No one writes of the cuts spending to education in certain areas quite a bit and the question is it was it too much and how much do we have put back in our guests. That boils it down to what the real issue is here are we spending enough on educating our kids in Kansas. And then if not how much and that's what our folks and speak at. You're gonna have to be number going to be trying to decide in the courts over the next few months 817 now is Stephen -- on the morning news radio thirteen thirty K and is as -- gonna tell you one thing. This is big weekend for one of our local educational institutions -- just about every team on the field. One and one in big important games to get Woodward's sportsman's. And I talked about. That's just not only basketball but several baseball -- -- slower -- -- had big -- -- doctors yesterday for the current -- a lot of that. The Missouri Valley Conference men's basketball tournament in Saint Louis yesterday the championship game number two ranked undefeated Wichita State. Taking on the tournament number two seed Indiana State and the shocker were up to the test Wichita State wins its first Missouri Valley Conference tournament championship in 27. Years my goodness. The shocker is beat Indiana State 8369. The shocker is now 34. And folks. They'll be the first undefeated team entering the NCAA tournament in 23 years -- into UNLV back in the early nineties. So shocker head coach Gregg Marshall had any message to shocker skip. Shia I might I might have an answer I'm gonna go with the -- Iraq -- feels. Tweet about five weeks ago. Wolves. Do not fret. Over the opinions of -- -- cryptic. Fred van fleet had a huge day yesterday with 22 points most of those coming in the second half swing band -- says yeah I was more aggressive after halftime. I opportunities are handed out fast enough that I wanna be overly aggressive and force issue. Book don't know mr. justice was a little bit more aggressive and took advantage of some opportunities. And the ball -- form. The tournament most valuable player -- Wichita State's detailed content he had twenty points yesterday. Wichita State's clean Anthony Earley talks about the shocker is remaining undefeated. -- and say it was a celebration or relief we understand that what we accomplished some discussion book. The same time we still have business take care -- so we just got to go through this week. But the first time in the 23 years since the tournament has been held in saint Louis the shocker is one of the Missouri Valley Conference tournament championship. Wichita State now 34 and oh on the season. The day -- the Wichita State women's basketball team as well on 9356. Win over Missouri State yesterday at Coke arena. I had to call -- game for you yesterday on KFH hit the ball or you're complete prostate Alex. -- don't best at the last minute don't produce. Courts do. Nicely run there but a few upperclassmen and Alex garden putting the ball up court. And the defense drawing -- the last second you get a bounce pass. The Michelle price on the right block from the easy bucket shots -- 147. Michelle with a chance for three point player right here in. The shocks are often running at that point one of six assists there for Alex hardens he also had four steals three blocks 27. Points. As a shocker defense forced 27. Turnovers. And the shocker is wanted by. 37. Points in 9356. Was the final score yesterday that makes the shocker is co champions of the Missouri Valley Conference and back to back conference titles the shocker women. The -- baseball team's leading a double letter yesterday at -- stadium with wins over Stephen at Boston winning 43 and six to nothing it. -- baseball team takes two out of three in the series over the lumberjacks soccer baseball around 9 AM to four on the season they'll talk about it tonight -- WSU coaches shows first up is men's basketball coach Gregg Marshall at 6 o'clock. And women's Coach Jody Adams at 7 o'clock and then baseball coach Todd Butler at 8 o'clock those are all right here tonight on news radio thirteen thirty -- -- SS. Broadcasting live from dean knows drill and tap works at 21 and -- go have dinner with a shocker coaches tonight it's -- knows. It was a big day for the Wichita State softball team yesterday at Wilkins stadium. The shocker is winning the final two games of the soccer softball classic meeting Iowa State eighteen to sixteen. And then an eight to three win over northern Illinois. In that win over the cyclones the shoppers hit seven home runs. And sophomore Casey Williams. Had a school record with eight runs driven in soccer softball team has won four in a row. But now are twelve and seven on the season. And the Wichita -- hockey team was home downtown net interest bank arena last night 6500 fans on hand. The Rapid City Russia beat the thunder 43 in a shoot out. Wichita winless in seven tries this year against Rapid City. But the -- does pick -- -- point they're now six points behind Arizona for that last playoff spot with ten games to go. Sports brought to you by the newly remodeled bull's -- shooting range where they know and use the guns they sell go to -- -- dot com. Be safe to say bull's -- shooting range 1455. North terrorists -- we got the whole McGill on tonight. I don't know and he and his his radio with -- all the coach's -- back to back to back coaches' shows and we can't -- six what do you do now. 822 it now is David dead. You know what I almost went back to daylight savings time and then -- 622 day you got confused and I somebody just drove off the -- it's 828. At the 34 degrees. Keep it here for the hands of the morning minutes guns take on employment and draft your brother coming up beat the -- being ready at thirteen thirty. -- -- -- -- Rush Limbaugh pulls no punches. Drinks and bravado the weekdays from eleven until two. -- use radio thirteen thirty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 99. 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Wallace and stick around and talk about it the democratic leader in the united they've learned all American -- and you wouldn't give -- all news radio thirteen thirty. -- -- Page 27 Stephens of the morning's news radio thirteen thirty K units says she's going to be just government into the blur entertainment news -- Ted Woodward at. You can talk about Lindsay Lohan who is apparently one meaning again. We have a new ramp closure started today. And it's gonna go all week the -- Two west -- 96 from Greenwood road is closed and it's closed for this entire week you'll be able actually. Get on to west 1996 from Greenwood road. Find the different way to get through there that's going to be closed for the next week didn't innocent trip to central time at chambers sunny today. -- with a high of 75 degrees clear tonight the overnight low 42 Tuesday. Partly -- tomorrow's high 65. Now partly cloudy -- there was south -- at five miles per hour and 34 degrees have you found yourself wondering you have to think you don't look good in one. Come to have man Jackson let us show you how good you do look in the right hat. At the clock tower into Leino had -- -- 601 west does. 828 to -- in the morning coming up here. You -- half hour Stephens said a homicide at a Wichita bar. Wake -- up on the right yeah. This isn't -- Sean Hannity morning minutes. Right latest unemployment figures released for February unemployment -- up from six point six to six point 7% but as we know the unemployment rate does not tell people story about what's happening in the economy 175000. Jobs added in February but the number of unemployed. Also -- this month. There were ten point 46 million unemployed Americans of February up from ten point 24 million in January an increase of unemployed Americans have 223000. -- 175000. Jobs added. And Jordan 23000. Americans unemployed. So the fact is that our labor participation rate is still a paltry 63%. 92 million Americans given up looking for work. It's not working what they're doing that's the problem. -- from callers don't -- -- seeds who should I mean see this they Sean Hannity stroll. And now another golf confessional brought to you by golf Smith and the -- says he recently informed his wife is gonna start waxing his chest. Only because the waxing place is premiere golf Smith. And they're about to have trading days school for a limited time only when you trade in your own clubs du 50% bonus towards new ones in the he's got a lot of clubs trade and so he's going to -- is just eyebrows back to end well. Just check out trading days -- Smith heard anything away from golf for. If you want to work until you -- reduce your standard of living in retirement or -- more of your hard earned money in the stock market -- just ignore me if you'd like to generate steady predictable income I'm talking real wealth and financial security for as long as you live and listen -- this a free report is now available the reveals the moneymaking secrets from Wall Street and the banks don't want you to -- -- reveals -- you can -- guaranteed -- safety and wealth building power without risking your money in the Wall Street casino get your free special report -- -- -- yourself dot com -- -- on yourself dot com. Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news thirteen there. -- SS we just -- number one news talk bad weather station depend on. 830 -- -- -- what we're 34 degrees now looking for a high today of 75. Wichita police are investigating the death of the 23 year old woman who was. Around the after officers responded to a report of someone being trampled outside a private club. That happened around 3:15 AM Sunday at the fat as bikes. Our officers found the woman suffered from a gunshot wound to the -- she was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital her name has not been released police say the investigation is ongoing. And that the woman's death is being treated as a homicide. A big big Sunday for Wichita State University basketball the man picked up their 34 consecutive win and the Missouri valley tournament crown. More than 83 to 69 victory over Indiana State. There were several thousand shocker friends on hand in Saint Louis including Anita Hudson of Wichita. The company that they play when it really can't. There's got okay -- also can -- I think that really helps that back them up. Had -- arena the shocker women won their second straight conference championship defeating Missouri State 93 to 56. Now let's take a look at the cake first -- would forecast with meteorologist frank ball give frank. Good morning Steve a beautiful day on the way for Wichita what are way to kick off the workweek heist today up near 75. Degrees mostly sunny skies. And a southwest breeze at seven to fifteen get out and enjoy it if he can. Overnight tonight were mostly clear quiet and not overly cold those going get to 42 by early tomorrow morning. Tomorrow afternoon 65 going to be the high increasing clouds on Tuesday Tuesday night just a slight chance for our brief rain shower or two here in Wichita. A bit cooler on Wednesday with highs near 51. Right now 34 degrees that means we've got to add about 41. To hit our highs we got some movement to do here. Well indeed today it's distilled -- chilly out but you know what it's getting close to -- -- times all about not just think of the other day well yesterday that. Pretty soon my old grass maybe you'll start green and a -- you -- and may be it's still awfully brown and trying to see in my yard out -- perspective. Advertise this time of year. 5656. Milton they were going to be better than that I pale by almost twenty degrees all right thank you frank ideology is frank wall with the -- first -- forecast here on Monday morning. Wichita police are looking for a suspect -- -- -- a -- Wichita business Saturday night Sargent John Hoover says it happened at a business called. Passage to India in the 6100 block at least 21 street subject came and -- and a demanded money from two employees at that location. -- new weapons described as semi automatic handgun suspect that Somalia left suspect described as a black male in his 36 foot tall with a medium build wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt blue jeans. A black beanie. And a mask no injuries are reported. Police are investigating a drive by shooting Friday nights in northeast Wichita. It happened around 10 PM at the bronze in the 3600 block of north -- road. Sargent Jeff Davis says there were 21 people in and around the business when shots rang out. And it all in this store that got customers in the store there are a lot of class break -- I -- patrons and employees to cover on the floor. And in the restrooms. Sargent Jeff Davis has no one was injured witnesses told police that a black party bus was nearby at the time of the incident. But police said they are still investigating whether it was involved no arrests have been made. Julie -- Dell news radio thirteen thirty can't SS. Lawrence police say they don't suspect foul play in the death of a 44 year old -- man whose body was found near the Kansas river the Lawrence journal world reports he emergency responders were dispatched after a member of a river cleanup group. Reported finding the body. Can assess national news time 834. Still no wreckage nothing in the South China Sea after a Malaysian 777. Vanished on Friday 239 on board. Because anybody's guess but authorities are looking into a couple people who boarded with stolen passports the 21 way tickets appear to have been -- at the same time. And a travel agency in a Thai resort town of the tie yet. South of Bangkok today law enforcement officials are wondering if that suggests coordination between the impostors ABC news justice correspondent Pierre Thomas. Boston Marathon organizers to announce shortly tighter security measures. By the black issues bombings. As Russian troops continued art part Crimea President Obama to meet with the Ukrainian prime minister White House later on this week. Around two dozen teenagers heard in Anaheim California -- -- school stage collapsed powerful quake off northern California magnitude 69 so far. No reports of damage or injuries number on the box office the sequel to the 300. Doug limerick. ABC news. It's 35 Stevenson in the morning and coming up this Saturday march 15. At high -- His eighth annual saint Patrick's parade his Detroit Toledo district. The grand Marshal this year will be -- and -- Neil -- -- SS after Jones yeah and yours truly. During morning so it was gonna be Dan and Steve Holm my eyes and the B O'Neill and Mac. Do need to teaming up again team up by now I have time for I'm sure they see this person who does this. This duty doesn't have a mean do more to do and potentates -- I probably will just be able to sit in the car. And -- people all right I don't wanna do anything that requires too much effort. The -- matter someone could actually prop up your hand while you wait because usually at least at least less work to do -- think a look at. The entertainment now it just like Moses when he. Had to hold his hands up and what are we tip over to Lindsay Lohan is it captured its intensity and deny Al Lindsay lions documentary series Lindsay premiered on OWM last night. Lindsay talked about being held in jail unfairly. Judge at the time that I had kept overruling. He's getting released even though there are overcrowded and -- -- he. Pete being the tough one with me in making me an example. No he's going to jail is a punishment he now says that not get through somebody put me in jail I'd take it pretty serious take punishment for your actions scenes. Lindsay Lindsay Lindsay Scott free have keys to the ground halfway house it's -- in jail and Greece. Believe it is a new TV drama from Oscar winning gravity director Alfonso quarrel on premieres on NBC tonight focusing on a ten year old girl named -- Get special powers like levitation intelligent nieces and those towers maker of the target of malevolent forces that -- to manipulate them. She receives protection informant takes a wrongfully imprisoned death row inmate. It's not me. Choke up it's. Your brain thank heavier systems functioning as a check it again. -- -- We go some of the excitement their bow and an MRI machine tonight. I'm really excited about this new TV drama believe -- -- which premieres tonight on NBC. -- the box office this weekend a god king and king of the box office 300 rise of an empire slaying the other still in competition over the weekend 45 million dollar intake. That's the high end of expectations. Will blow the first film 300 film though back in -- seven years ago which opened with more than seventy million dollars. In second place this week the cartoon mister Peabody and Sherman blowing past expectations 32 million dollars. Back in the top 1012 years a slave after that Oscar bump finishing in the ninth place very good vision movie results from the weekend. And one of the stars of the top movies this weekend as having a pretty good run right now but that wasn't always the case let's check in with modern family star Ty Burrell chairmen. Panicked driver L please the talking and the Eagles and mr. Peabody and -- Nielsen co stars in the Muppets sequel Muppets most wanted out next week. There's that Emmy winning role as -- dad filled dump the modern family it's definitely not an overnight thing I've spent far more of my life unemployed than employed. Shoving money under a mattress and -- really absolutely he could probably afford any car you want this -- -- 65 VW bug it's been my commuter car going on for years now there's flaps and pulleys and no GPS or no as AM only radio I listen to a lot of kinks in -- music Jason reasons and ABC news Hollywood. Crazy lines stardom. -- -- -- -- -- a couple of movie anniversaries today Steve today marks the 25 anniversary of the movie the adventures of -- -- -- and and I directed by Terry Gilliam. Kind of very interesting movie here. Yeah. Tell you just. The sudden he's going to come. -- -- -- -- Yes. And it's not -- No kids. And they're about to be Etymotic. Not yet. So Eric Idle all of Marines Jonathan Pryce who Uma Thurman Robin Williams and staying or in this movie directed by Terry Gilliam from Monty Python very yeah interest -- weird movie and they. It came up 25 years ago today. Receives 75 years ago Jimmy Stewart made one of the great movies of all time Mr. Smith Goes to Washington callers couldn't get the Oscar today here probably should've known. But -- also made another film in 1939. It was a stinker. Was called the ice follies of 1939. Featuring Jimmy Stewart and Joan Crawford as professional skaters. We're. Going to be kind of crazy. Didn't want her -- they they go. Much for breakfast much relying too much but -- one on nine. I don't think our guys that have never been done before mine I'm gonna tell stories I storage space they're written for singers and dancers on skaters -- You can tell -- -- -- -- real debate and abandon its update from I. Well he's. Staff tell bossier not quite like George daily selling -- mr. potter -- -- not a great movie the ice follies of 1939. Net came out 75 years ago on this day. We'll have more entertainment news in the blur at the same time tomorrow morning what you don't give me Steven Jimmy Stewart -- stinker now the -- do you think they allow Stephen. Stephen hit quickest -- Ever and now we have to be top notch every day cost. You're mature every stinky day. State 41 now 34 degrees and she's beautiful morning coming up we've got The Osgood File a driver was good driver less car that's a mobile office. Traffic and weather all the way Stephen to have news radio thirteen thirty KMS en us. Really Sean Hannity it's funny day afternoons from 200. -- use radio. Thirteen thirty -- SS. 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KN SS. 47 Stevenson in the morning I'm missing flights from Malaysia will have the latest on that coming up ABC world news of the top of the hour in just about twelve minutes from now. -- volumes lightened up quite a bit so things moving along a lot better right now gasoline prices did go down and that only a penny 344. A gallon here in Wichita candor remember we've got death road closures still left closed. There on -- ready in north Bonnie in Dana says traffic central and -- chambers sunny today for the high of 75. Degrees clear tonight the overnight low 42 Tuesday partly cloudy tomorrow's high. 65 now partly cloudy -- -- -- five miles per hour 34 degree. Coming up Wichita business journal update with bill Roy Kansas legislature -- next move along in school spending. The Osgood -- sponsored by Auto Owners Insurance -- no problem people visit all the owners are comes to Dave Ross in for Charles Osgood on CBS radio network. Americans are clearly sick of driving one look at the defeated expressions on the faces of commuters after 304050. Minutes of traffic is -- to delay of that. There's a good reason people packed their breakfast and their make up on their books on -- Smartphone. Because they're never sure when the commute will turn to a camp out will cheer up. This guy is on your -- I'd like to work -- back to relax -- like to be entertained and his solution was the talk of the Geneva auto show. More after this from Charlie. There are a lot of complicated things in life rocket science Texans fans trying to bow -- But insurance does not have -- one of those complicated things. Your local independent agency representing Auto Owners Insurance will sit down and customize a plan just who you. To a -- trying to muddle through it all online yourself contact your local independent auto owners agency. Find your local independent agent at auto owners dot com that's -- -- -- Auto Owners Insurance but no problem people. You wanted to be a teacher when you were little and you grew up things changed. Teaching just didn't seem like the best option anymore. So you decided to become something. What we -- twelve year old self said. Interesting and innovative things are happening in teaching today we're so it's time to put it back on -- list and don't try to convince yourself otherwise. The first time find out how you can make -- yeah I don't need more. He -- and teach and he had canceled. In Switzerland there's a company called written speech to the builds concept cars and the latest model is perfect for drivers who are sick of spending hours stuck behind the wheel because the driver could just move the wheel out of away. And pivot the -- around to face the passenger to your right with a two passengers in back. The car is called the -- the speed. Exchange -- the exchange is about autonomous driving who wants a car's doing that our reason is. But I do not want to watch must feel real terms left. And -- frank render connect is the CEO over and -- and he says the -- designed to turn the car into what truly he has for more more people. A motorized office there's room for -- people to work on their computers hold a meeting there just goof off all the computerized shall -- calmly and without emotion navigation -- migraine inducing vein popping traffic I can download movies I can work. And I'm always. When that he expects these things to be on the road by about 20/20. And of course the Swiss have thought of everything they realized that after a while watching movies napping on the way to work -- can give boring. But if I decide to drive himself of course I always can drive himself as well. Just in case you missed that daily migraine. The Osgood File Dave Ross on the CBS radio network. 5134. Degrees -- to get in the morning radio thirteen thirty KMF says we had a mixed close on Wall Street Friday the Dow closed up 31 points NASDAQ. Down sixteen S&P up one. How -- national business you. This is a Wall Street Journal report Jennifer can shake a stock's opening mixed the Dow Industrials down 32 at 16100420. The S&P 500 is little changed the NASDAQ is up three Mike Vogel -- a Boston advisors expects the market to take a breather and absorb some recent gains. Guess that a new record every day in particular the international markets. Taken until this morning she got a little bit over pressure overseas. Just probably contributing to the downward pressure here. Asia's growing thirst for a milk is spilling over into the US market pushing up prices for consumers and pressuring profits for some food makers. US exports of milk powder and other dairy products to China and Vietnam have surged in the past year as -- curb production and -- New Zealand. Caterpillar's reporting progress and its long struggle to win a bigger slice of the Chinese market the world's biggest battleground for makers of construction equipment. In X debaters the company's most important category of caterpillar says it has seen large positions this is the Wall Street Journal report. Because you can keep it in the morning Kansas legislature has the next move on school spending. Let's find out all of them -- -- helpful throughout this is due to want to build. Morning Stevie act Kansas lawmakers now have a decision to make they need to determine if they want him infuse more money and can't the school districts. Kansas Supreme Court ruling Friday than inequalities exist in the amount of funding received by school districts across state. Wichita school districts among the plaintiffs in the case Airbus is ordering more frequent checks for wing fatigue -- say 380 model. According to a Reuters report that decision came after finding unexpected levels of metal fatigue during testing of a factory mock up. The company is asking airlines to inspect wings bars after six years and twelve years in service. Airbus has not been able to find any problems similar to what it found in the lab. And a new report says younger military veterans are emerging as major players in the purchase of small company. This myself surveyed more than 2000 buyers and sellers. One of the transit revealed was a large number of -- shopping for small businesses. 13% of potential small business spires. Listed themselves as veterans. Local breaking business news everyday on can't SS at a Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy. Million think used everybody in town got you've got shocker fever and -- got a little touch of yourself after this weekend if it. Absolutely. That was an exciting weekend then that was driving into work today and you may have seen it on my Twitter or my FaceBook feed. The downtown the old holiday in they -- apartments down there move that's now lit up that night in yellow. Rather than purple pink and yellow now looks really cool -- and you noticed at all right a very good thank you sure we will check with you again tomorrow. Morning coming up we've got. ABC world news at the top of the hour with the latest element missing in Malaysia flight Stevens -- the morning news radio thirteen thirty KM -- News at the top and bottom of the hour we now or not. Radio at thirteen thirty me. No and SS. Are you one of the millions of Americans who qualified for health insurance on the new health insurance exchange but would like help understanding what you qualified for and what health insurance you should purchase -- benefits by design are licensed exchange certified agents can walk you through the process fill out the forms. 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Everyone can relax and enjoy the need to give us a call to get the party started. Call hog wild today to put your next get together on the calendar because big or small every event deserves and good old barbecue fund. Five locations in Wichita also an -- -- Hutchinson and Salina. -- -- -- -- -- When rain it's your windshield. You hit the wipers. But also be sure to hit its content for the richest people. News radio thirteen thirty. KM -- rain will slow you. -- on the slow down the. And the greens dry. News radio thirteen thirty and assess the being. Dean Torrence of -- 1974. Years old. -- See about the little lady compassionate. -- and apparently you really hot cars can drive around fast enough that's what the song is like Ty Burrell that AM radio -- my grandmother had area. 1959 Nash -- home box and that's what you're right. -- He was read them. Contact source every four years old -- walker Texas ranger and Sharon Stone who is 56. Basic instinct Oscar nomination for. You know probably best known for a scene where she crossed her lips. Coming up ABC -- on top of the hour -- Stephen tendon -- game -- there will be back tomorrow can assess what you saw the time is 9 o'clock. From ABC news. Hi I'm Doug limerick it simply vanished -- That Malaysian jetliner that disappeared over the China's -- no clue as to what happened no indication it was terrorism but. But about two passengers who board with a stolen passwords and early key to the investigation surveillance video captured by security cameras at the airport. I can confirm that we have these jewels condoms and African confirm that that the tool individuals concerned. And -- you -- to be forwarded to intelligence agencies. The FBI and other US intelligence agencies. Hoping to compared to images of known terrorists and criminals from around the world. Using facial recognition technology ABC news Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas on his passport scores that. -- -- -- about a catastrophic mechanical problem. Nobody knows. Big meeting the White House midweek President Obama the prime minister of Ukraine.

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