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The Gregg Marshall Show 03/10/14

Mar 10, 2014|

The Gregg Marshall Show 03/10/14

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You're listening to news radio thirteen thirty. Can SS. Rob data Israel and -- works in Cambridge markets to Gregg Marshall show. As Wichita State is back home. After winning the Missouri Valley Conference tournament championship yesterday in Saint Louis and we welcome you into the program the shocker at 34 and oh. Now just simply awaiting selection Sunday this coming Sunday to see where they're going and who they're playing. Couple of updates. Number zoom in both polls again today and they are projected number one seed in Saint Louis but both Jerry palm on CBS and Joel and Artie on ESP and the both of those brackets by the way had Kansas as the two seed in Saint Louis. And K state is the eighth seed in Saint Louis on the soccer side of the bracket so that could certainly be interesting. Number five in the RPI number three and ESP n.'s BP guy at number four in the Ken Pomeroy power rankings. Fred -- -- Third team all American by the sporting news today. And Takeo cotton was selected by Seth Davis and Sports Illustrated as one of his six glue guys all star team. One other shocker previously made that team to ray Murray in 2012. So. Great national attention for a couple of the shocker players and I'm sure there will be more to follow as well as possibly for the man sitting next to me is Gregg Marshall joins us. Coach first of all on behalf of everyone and shocker nation who has made that trip to Saint Louis in some cases for as much as 23 years. Thank you for a totally different feeling coming back -- people who stretch here. It's yeah I had to pinch myself I'm driving back and -- you know usually you're in this mindset of well. Came close it was another good run that. And I'm taken you know we won this thing how about -- -- this is this is different body react to this. There were there also smears that were such good runs. Michaels I was a part of police one of those that first year. Old man and good good times and Saint Louis now you know. Red Sox when the series secret because you beat the billikens. Win three in a -- Plus we'll go Lackey got some karma where analysts say Lewis has been very good of late. We had a question from -- someone here in. Got hit in the face the -- turned away from the ball which switch hitting him and then they went down. And the question was why wasn't the play stopped right when it happened. They have to see it and they didn't I did obviously Ron did. And every night. -- kind of lost a little bit there because I saw that that the -- that's what I said the play that you missed. Allowed them to get two free throws which should have been stopped immediately prior to the two free throws and calls. To kill cut yourself. And he ended up sitting on the bench for about six minutes later when he got a second felt so. But the represent to see it it's kind of like the very same situation. As the come -- -- with Illinois State the year before they didn't stop it because they didn't act like they didn't see it. But they did see it -- just to call it -- -- when they went to the monitor they called me put that time we already found Illinois State so they get two free throws. So on any kind of continuous action and if they don't see something and then go back and find it on the monitor whatever transpired until play stopped us stand. Exactly I guess I guess that's a rule you can't erase. Things from -- of the point of pride in eruption if there was no interruption. There should have been but there wasn't so they just they missed it and they and I looked on the video they didn't have agreed angle the betrayal refereeing was. More towards Indiana State's. -- -- But up from my perspective you can see it but you really couldn't see it from where he was because. Just the angle of because is the kind of got to like this right right it's -- the level of the screen don't forget it was curiouser. CJ sitting -- screened. And he just kind of got that they'll go up there it's pretty dirty and I asked what facets of the refereeing when Chris coach Lansing ask. Do you really think he intentionally hit into the referees when they were discussing the play and -- lesson from my vantage point it looked vicious. And and you don't Cabrera said. Because they didn't have erupted at the time of that -- and we got the style the two free throws for Indiana State I said. We really don't gain much here. Even though we have -- actually performed. To the face of Friday. OK and we had another question by the way for 3613 thirty feet outside the area 31643613. Thirty and on Twitter at at shocker voice would -- another question. From someone -- senate in line to ask coach Marshall this for a long time and I can have a chance to call and to not put on here at. That you give a lot of credit appropriately two year assisting coaches and they were curious about. How you how you came about. Finding these guys what to how did you higher than what did you see any each of them that. That they become your fruition in terms of what you hope they would be as. Order your -- well. It's one of my least favorite things to do this is higher. Because all you do is making enemies. There's probably fifty to a hundred people. Young people in the business or sometimes old people. Older than much older than me that weren't you know everybody wants badly needed jobs they want -- -- if they if they want a better job -- -- and we understand that but. Did you -- that making enemies because. You have so many acquaintances and people that you know in the business and he would like to see them do well which can enjoy how are one person one spot. And I really take my time on these -- I really it's just a painstaking. Deal for me because so much riding on it number one. They they have to be really good at what they do they have to be professional college basketball coach is this is not on the job training or not. Trying to hire people right out of college and send them out there would've. You know credit card and her -- and -- players got to know what you're doing get a don't have to have done it before. Preferably at the division one level. And then. I -- people that. Have integrity. They're terribly people that are gonna do the right way they're gonna represent well and be a good role model for our players. Have finally -- people that are going to be fun to be around that I like. To be around that I want to spend time with -- time -- their families and because we do spend so much time together. You don't enjoy each other's company. And you don't get along. It's if it doesn't work is it's not worth it to me so. All these guys have all of those characteristics and traits. And now they've all been successful in their careers at different levels. Different. Head coach assistant coach. And they all know how to relate to these young players very well. And help make them better they know the game of basketball pretty well so they all have different strengths. But. They all fine -- assistant coaches and all aspire to one -- be vigilant head coaches and that's gonna happen probably sooner than later. Chris chance. Great hire Steve Forbes all. Had recruited at the division one level before they came here and all had been hit coaches. That the junior college level. And is that a particularly. Good combination in terms of both recruiting and then also when they're they're scouting -- game plans and that sort of thing. Well yeah they they have to show obviously you know the game Chris won a national championship at Kirkwood I would division to junior college. But. You know. I'm not trying to hire every. Guy from Iowa and my staff. -- just happen to work out that way because Chris knows these guys Chris was on my staff originally. And then. We had a spot come open in and we talked about Greg hired some other people and you know Chris obviously knows grace Kyra and I want -- but I don't know is -- these young assistants now there's I used to when I was younger -- They know each other much better than I know them so Chris knows of so -- I leaned on Chris quite a bit. On the -- -- deal and you know that we had some guys rotate in pretty quickly got into -- how often -- -- our -- very quickly and I just got tired of that now -- somebody that I -- done. Would be truthful with -- in good -- for at least two years and that's what I asked people what to do and I think he's gonna do that and he said he was just released happy to get back to two division one level with what happened without constituency. -- thank you for the. At the we have Ron on the phone that first phone call that I run. They pity me gentlemen here. Not I have -- comments to my hair and then I've got to question. Mark first comment is. True shocker -- background co -- Realize how blessed we are then my ten days and -- are doing broadcasting on talent yet. I'm not blown smoke that's an absolute fact. Number -- economy. I -- something the current coach Marshall. In a game in the game here today is 65 years of watching. College basketball I have never seen a player didn't. -- -- on banker. -- courage to France. To applaud -- -- an opponent on the other team morning you have to gain. That that it tell me a lot about the guy if you recruitment. And maybe they are. Now than my acute questions -- -- -- last year after the Louisville game. Mr. -- Stanton would be here here here nor are firmer than what their -- their. And he made the comment. That this team. Would be better. So your morning -- playing on -- tell me a lot about him because. A lot of guys that -- didn't go to air electric comment and there are -- Smart Q my question is did you buy into that. My second question mark -- popped it in the game yesterday he observed. Picture you did not. Substitute as soon that you believe is in the beginning of the game and in fact be true. Wouldn't -- have been the strategy attention that I'm curious. And anyway. Congratulations. To you and everybody in the program and it's the most final here on ever had in 65 years go shocks. Thank you John thank you for the kind comments. Did you feel there was a chance this team could be better. Did in fact -- I live shows what I know I thought. Last years after we lost the five seniors in twelve. Starts. Smith bridegroom -- and Murray. I thought we can have a little downswing a little bit and I said to this the staff if we can. Went 25 games and in the -- and make a strong run the post season. And thirteen and we were going to be able to survive that and really keep our momentum going -- be really good this year between thirteen between fourteen. And that team that I thought might have a little blip on the -- swing goes in the final four so. Yeah. The this group I thought would be really good I did just -- that says that for a couple years. And they turned out to be pretty good. Did you. -- a little less early yesterday or any any purpose for them. Maybe maybe a minute or two. But is -- call. There were all kind of stoppages in play. We had a flagrant elbow harper and her forearm or whatever was to the side of the face. That took awhile and we had something else so we were sitting their allotment. You'll get too tired to sit around. So much to you we we have those key guys. Maybe -- another minute or so because we were sitting a lot. There's also -- question on Twitter about doing your recruitment of Fred -- Question -- you know if you had a medical check done on him to discovery has I slaughtered his veins. -- -- -- world ice water check. Pretty cool customer your -- he has. Jesus and didn't really shoot -- -- game's on the -- he's -- this is probably -- time to do this now. The -- at the end of the shot clock in front of your bench was somewhat reminiscent to what he made against Gonzaga from center court fading away he contested. Slash. All right thank you for the calls and the tweets will take more 43613. Thirty. Or on Twitter -- -- shocker voices to Gregg Marshall shelf from keynotes -- -- works in Kimberly-Clark. US and shoulder. Welcome to deal -- -- networks which Utah's newest sports bars host site for the weekly Gregg Marshall and Jody Adams WSU coach's show he knows that Tony personal web grow by -- locker room -- 23 Beers on -- you know. 43 TV he knows has a wonderful menu with the best tasting food. Food in town it's all it's all for you sports fan deals Bruins have -- subsidize -- twenty Beers on tap 43 TV is great food and those brilliant talent works 41 and went. Price of gold is nearly four times what it was ten years ago -- Now is it time to -- your script gold consumer M bring your damaged and -- and -- gold consumer jewelry -- calling gallery for honest appraisals and honestly think you're waits six days a week Monday through Saturday. We're -- Harland calling gallery always buying gold and silver were always treating you -- -- visit our new location just north of Cabela's and target in 1996 agreements rode next to starting America. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mean yeah. Why we're here we are singing dish and delicious and she's so -- your emissions and we are praising train delicious and well she's seems much more intermission just I don't. Right now for just any -- -- fish section value the only number only a fish sandwich for just a dollar something for everyone loves McDonald's. -- I'm only present displays may very ask for details. Can SS. Slug back casinos -- up towards the Gregg Marshall show again for 3613. Thirty. Is that number to call. One of our sponsors to WSU alumni association they would like you to know that age they are working on additional tickets for Saint Louis. In the NCAA tournament and that is certainly a possibility so keep your -- out for that and get. They do have a charter plane to go to Saint Louis if they can fill it up so if you would like to fly to Saint Louis. For the regional or these second and third rounds. Can't taken hold -- tomorrow and let her know your interest itself. Again alumni association with a flight if you only take that way to Saint Louis and also working on tickets additional tickets because they're going to be hard to come by it goes. First couple rounds. All right back to the bonds we have John with a -- Greg Marshall showed John. Good evening coached. Congratulations. On an. All the accomplishment so far this it and keep it going it's. I have a question value management five spot. This season. And I can be shared drag conspiracy involved in. Very effective and sharing your draft positions. We view discussion of manner delay those three young men have been. So effectively -- and so effectively -- handled the five spots. Yeah they. First of all they they share the minutes series does place some power forward at times and spell. He spells. Excuse me clear to me. So can they get up about forty minutes maybe. She's forty minutes plus another tense about fifty -- share books with three of them. You -- starts. Right now because he's he's doing he's probably the best shot blocker in a defensive presence of the three. Lived. I think job. Darius is the best low post scorer of the bunch and how would -- you just catching the ball. Don't block and make you move to get fouled or score and -- CJ. He runs court probably the best. He's become a pretty good rebounder. And he also that can make some moves you know there's so he's problem. And I just I can keep sub those guys and just depends on the situation foul trouble whether or profits or defense. But I really like the way they've all handled it. They've been referred to was the three headed monster. Then I know our our. Success or failure of the post season they're gonna have to play well as we're going to be playing bigger and stronger and tougher teams around that that basket. I just did this just does this last week just to -- I was curious. The three of them coach Marshall is almost exactly on at the three of them combined average 48 minutes a game so just a little bit more than that the forty minutes of the five spot. Combined almost seventeen points per game eleven point eight rebounds shooting 53%. As a group and that's that's pretty good player. Out of those three guys Richard Pryor thank you and Jack you're up next with the coach. Go running answer. Take coach Marshall. Europe western pressure a great season and why wouldn't -- But. Two years ago your -- -- told me what he sees this this kid from Chicago play. He's a man among boys boys didn't -- -- put a whole bunch of men among boys together or great state and you're given the fans who switched off. Can't say -- much we appreciate it keep up the good work must -- -- and let's win this whole thing. Thank you very much you can talk about they have lead I guess you know from -- yeah okay I didn't get himself out. No. Can you do rich. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah I thought a lot different time you read about to get the final four last year Dempster street dude I'm just don't you must go must get a better and you did a great job. And thanks. Thanks so much is -- -- like baker to reads he worked with -- -- that recruiting trip we saw baker so. What a great question -- what a great -- Instead you put together. Thank you very much it -- get a good we got a good group and their their their tremendous young young gentleman as well. How we had a question. Once about a specific play I don't know if you it. So how could evolve be ripped out of details arms and then it's out on him out of certificate yeah that was frozen noses blown call that they you know -- each -- you get more per game and. Com the other put it said there was a graphic on CBS that Fred -- only recruited by two small schools is that true. What we talked about yesterday as far as recruitment. With a couple of these guys with Cooley and Fred -- there was some. Pretty high level recruitment but after you guys have found them and they had committed to Wichita State and so yes there were some big name schools that recruited them but. Wichita State got their first. Yeah we we got those with a two offers the firm offers division one offers that he had when he committed to us. And we -- you know not. So that was his choices which just take those two schools he picked us. Then that was in May before his senior year in July before his senior year if it got a little crazy because he had played so well. And -- look at that point he had just turned off some real high major schools. We have a question from Dave on Twitter. About a few times C jays had a clear path to the basket for a dunk that he lays -- -- why doesn't CJ dump more. Yet this season. Like through them myself. Because if she and we have Mike on the phones with the coach Mike. Hey coach -- excess pressure that everybody -- today. More or did not pick -- all right well. I wanna find out what you first. Start considering the job reduction group. What type of they -- -- about as far as -- to. Come to a school. Our search Wichita State and Porsche could decide -- Or -- -- vision. Haiti through that longterm this program can. Did Perez every -- com. Or. Treasure -- for this program. That you thought was gonna maybe take place. In the long term -- -- -- -- -- -- dues you come in the future. -- think it was June incredulous stretched very. Thank you. -- honestly. I thought I was in the homes and one bid league hit it in Rock Hill South Carolina Winthrop University there was going to be you know at large. And I was my last year there we were twenty. 28. And four create four and we've talked about this our four losses were to. Fourteenth -- all were in the top well over the country since the seedings at the end of the year cutesy term they were all three seeds are better. So we lose it when it and we have four quality losses how about that but if -- beat everybody else on our schedule including five games we were over eroding gut checks. To an undefeated in our league undefeated in our tournament just like this year. And I was not sure that we would get an at large -- we had a -- term it just to be safely in the term. That was a terrible feeling that we help it nine years we won seven. Picks out sort of it's so we took care of that of the -- -- -- -- got and but nonetheless I -- like the factor it all came down to we can't no matter how good season you have. We're in the top 45 of the country -- I think we're gonna give return because of that large and we may have but I don't know that. So are awarded to come to a league that had multi bits and you know six and valued at four bits. That was something that I thought was very important. I also want to come to a place for great tradition who don't want to come to a place with great following. I don't want to come to a place that had that. The fiscal in the physical. Things in place the money and the infrastructure the renovation of Koko marina. The 2500. Fans everybody. There's the great city so fundraising efforts that they had a place they're good just through the fact that this was a lot of people -- needs in this community that supported me. The local university so. I felt like if we keep. Come here and get it going. Can make your cheek turn but three or three out of every four years. Advance. Into the turn -- -- I didn't I didn't put a limit on it. At least a couple of those three years. -- that the truck I believe we can do and I did not realize it was going to be such slow start that was what I did not realize how did not realize it was gonna be. And honestly. I didn't even think about it because. I didn't wanna talk myself out of the job and I talked myself out of committee jobs in nine years of winter and didn't wanna talk myself out of it so I didn't. Even think about the current roster. Unfortunately when I got here do it is gone through some upheaval. Three guys it's -- left the ground Butler and -- Bradley. All of these three -- -- about virtual mess and they're done. -- transferred. Hands. That had a concussion problems and PJ was in the NBA draft and it was one thing after another. We lost -- recruit -- heart attack. And then we have Graham hatch coming in and we've recruited Ramon marked as soon -- the panhandle late April it was hard. So we were very good and -- just. I was very pleased to see Theresa -- In that locker room yesterday he took a complaint from LaGuardia yesterday morning he flew back today they have a game tonight. In New York but he took his day off her -- direct from recording the Saint Louis is supported Steven that that was the recruiting class that helped us turn it. That Murray and starts and piles of clever Hannah. And it -- so. -- I mentioned. -- because they see some of those guys on Twitter and and whatever. Not only are they really proud of what this team is doing. But this group of current players whenever there's some expression of that response today have you guys started this we're just hearing on what you started there's a bond there -- between some of these players that don't. Actually know each other from from having played. Together whether you're not I was actually texting back and forth with Malcolm today Malcolm's over in Europe -- she's healthy -- -- -- these kind of so we're talking about him on the phone talking to him. Those guys. They help get -- going -- and then there there is proud mr. Murray had to -- gears that's those guys. There's proud of what we're doing now has as well as. Sore Ron somebody's so raw and there's -- that was. You see the GOR a -- a former players or rhetoric yep -- rather bitch. He got touches me. Through email. Paul go for a -- she broke -- just prove it which he called me and I called him back. I've never reached him but the left a voicemail he called me. James car air toward cars tied -- sixth man with Levinson wrote all the all the guys. Or are. Getting back to us and just tell us how cool it is and how much they're enjoyed it and that's what I love is our success now. Reflects back on those guys it really would get -- done in the sixties and the seventies and the eighties. For this program. All right thank you for the calls and questions will get more but we need a break so we'll come right back to Gregg Marshall show Latino thrilling task -- Considers -- toilet. John is to take things away. We reached launch water comes rushing in firmly escorts the contents available through an extensive system -- to -- your Lisa would you want. Much if anything should happen to those -- What's in your toilets don't really -- even leave the bathroom. -- Butler at 7719889. Then 7719889. Or make sure you keep a mosque nearby the Butler plumbing and water damage restoration plumbing license number 6433. Don't US usual. Welcome to deal -- -- networks which Utah's newest sports bars host site for the weekly Gregg Marshall and Jody Adams WSU coaches show Latinos had 21 and whoever wrote I had locker room -- 23 Beers on -- you know. 43 TDs he knows had a wonderful menu with the best tasting food in town it's all it's all free youth sports fan deals Bruins cap works I. Twenty Beers on tap 43 TV is great food and those -- -- -- were -- first and -- X this is a story about jail and her family is growing and she and her husband decided nations in the dental insurance. She went to delta dental KS dot com and she found that delta dental of Kansas offers quality dental coverage at a low cost and has the highest customer satisfaction rating in the nation. And Stanley had delta dental and she can spend more time playing with Jack seniors and less time worrying about dental coverage. Now that's something to smile about ten. Delta dental of Kansas delta dental individual and family doctor and -- KS dot com. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The coaches show on -- SS is brought to you by deals to a -- works home of the WSU coaches show. And talk and gain access. I've been Gregg Marshall show that applies here. Throughout the season NN great turn out every Monday night we appreciated. A full life for a year Jody Adams coming up next at seven -- The women's team celebrating a co championship for the regular season headed off to saint Charles this weekend to try to get a repeat tournament championship. And we've got Todd Butler soccer baseball coach from eight to nine here Dino is tonight the shocker baseball team coming off a sweep of Stephen F Austin yesterday and headed to Oklahoma State. Tomorrow night. Cut back to the -- on the Gregg Marshall show with Dave Dave you're on with coach. Good evening and congratulations. To coach Marshall for having him leading the program of -- year. I first wanna say I had a compliment you so much coach on the respect that you show for every opponent. And this. -- goes without saying that. There's an old saying in my business that -- gonna -- better or work sure not gonna stay the same and every year you you've been better. My question. Is. You have very deep -- should stand some talented red shorts can you comment on the progress. Of those -- and thanks for taking my call. Thank you very much Dave we. We really like beyond Holland and Shaq of course there are two freshmen that are rich hurting. You know we were able to. Get by this year with those two guys richer teams -- especially when we lost DJ hall. With the heart issue. It was it was a hard decision to build richer both of those guys that we were we were able to do it successfully so. Now these guys have they have been in the weight room they've been but today was day off Rihanna came into the office and he had lifted because he definitely needs to. It's Shaq Shaq is starting because his body up which is. A positive. Both of those guys are kind of -- two different ends of the spectrum what these weight the other what. -- lose so what he's -- bigger what he's he gets smaller but that's what the weight room can do to you with the right training vehicle carries definitely the right trainer so. They're getting better neurologists and find out what it's like to. Be -- college players go through a whole season of tough practices. Without participating in the games but. That is ideal situation is now there will be toward the three years old instead the play that fourth year of eligibility as opposed to playing get their first years -- there the team so. Now we're treaty between three year for the eighteen year. Have a question for in house from Gerald who says -- the success of the last few years changed your approach to recruiting and maybe is along with that the reception that -- -- getting out recruiting. It's it's it's it's allowed us to get involved with some. Players -- maybe an inch taller maybe a little quicker rate you highly regarded from scouting services and whatnot. But it's not who you recruiters who you get an event itself. Who were out there we're out there beating the bushes and try to find them the best possible players that we can't. We're also good with squirrels of goodwill stuff for this year for next year for the year after. BI I know it's been. It's been exciting for the players that you've already signed. To see this success and to be able to talk to their friends in some cases. And Jack Morris was even one of those and some of these guys committed next year that when they signed with Wichita State. Some of their friends were asking why Wichita State could have done a lot of places and not a sin city this is why I chose. And I just don't have to answer that as much anymore. It's good. They're they're very proud of their decision. Just like -- for great who's here from fox sports -- he was. He was hit in the January last year because you really like your TV dot a lot of us wrote a feature article. He's back to doing another feature article. This time for television or fox. Tomorrow. They were ahead of the curve he was ahead of the curve it's it's it's pretty cool what you see pigs but that could possibly happen is coming to fruition before others. We're gonna take a break but you can continue with your questions for coach Marshall 43613. Thirty to shotguns are being. Regular season and tournament champions of the Missouri Valley Conference second in the nation at 34 now we'll continue from Venus. And US usual. Welcome to deal is -- networks which Utah's newest sports bars host site for the weekly Gregg Marshall and Jody Adams don't you listen coach's show he knows 121 and whoever wrote I had locker room that's 23 Beers on -- you know. 43 TDs he knows had a wonderful menu with the best tasting food in town it's all it's all for you sports fan deals Bruins cap works I. Twenty Beers on tap 43 TV is great food and those brilliant talent works 41 and -- Ex. Mother nature has a split personality sometimes she sweet and gentle. It's an incredibly. We destructive so when mother -- grandson catches you off guard there's just one place to call. Call the mother -- plumbing and water damage restoration at -- Bob -- we answer phones went first day seven days a week even weekends and holidays. Will be their fast through the job right hand for fair price -- licensed and insured and were -- -- -- conference call 7719889. The public. Plumbing and -- image restoration. Plumbing license number 6433. Use radio thirteen thirty K and SS. Welcome back to Gregg Marshall show. William and Mary had early season upon that Wichita State is playing in the EC AA championship. This evening playing Delaware it's a one point game late in the half William and Mary has never -- To the NCAA tournament so that would be pretty cool with that shocker opponent would get in here. In tonight's action we get back to the farms where -- Larry Larry thanks for joining us. Hey get in the united good -- coach. Or Ryan baker. Is. His -- over the show over -- Odom last night escort mop the floor and have them. That the issue people. Our car for him who -- structured outstanding. Bank. You couldn't make Clinton's got city bench you're sure you. What kind of upbringing he had. And what kind of parents won't put input -- count me out there and I don't know their -- -- have their lives that suggests. That just shows you what he's worked for these -- do and how they can operate the -- Out there you have that kinder. How lawless and the and respect for an opposing player and I just wondered if that -- ninth. You know he certainly is and that was a class act of reserves but it it doesn't surprise me out of seeing -- I've seen that from abroad and have multiple applications. Tyler thanks for the call we have a Twitter question from Scott. Who mentions the red that this is actually from Dave sorry Dave. You're on coach -- radio show earlier this year. Wanted to know if you established a relationship there that might lead to possible future scheduling. -- -- we've talked scheduling been I certainly respect and admire. Coach -- one of the best coaches in the history this being -- What I did know -- because I think he course he respects -- knows a little bit about me as well so. It was very nice he was unbelievably complementary advice when I was on the show and he was a great interview and there was two guys just talking basketball and it was fun it was I don't do it -- have been. All right thank you for the questions. Scott has a question about. What are your thoughts and university's rules on hanging jerseys I assume that means retiring. Jerseys and there's the process that happens with that. But certainly some of these guys could at some point be under consideration for something like that all America recognition some of those kinds of things are. Are what. Come into consideration when you think about those things but it's. You know I think you would agree coach it's a pretty significant honor and you really have to be among the very greatest ever to particular school to get this. I think it's also what you have to leave all American attached to you and I just. Think it's great as a sophomore. -- Fred -- has that now with at least one media outlet so. I hope there's more hope my hope a couple of other guys can join him over and we start having multiple all of her consultants going right. All right final segment of the show coming up still time for -- to college -- 3613 thirty. -- to tweet -- at at shocker voice on the Gregg Marshall show from Dino. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is a story about Steve and he just got its first big job the only problem is they don't offer dental insurance. -- went to delta dental KS dot com it's Steve found that delta dental of Kansas offers quality dental coverage at a low cost. And has the largest networking dentist in the nation now Steve can focus more on impressing his box and spend less time worrying about finding a great dentist and -- network can now that something to smile about it. Delta dental of Kansas and delta dental individual and family pelted -- KS dot com. Soccer fans -- us here and being a former shocker myself I know how exciting game time is. It's big games you can bet I'll be talking about charter groups and all the day's sports -- got to show delivered by Papa John's pizza every weekday from five or 7 PM. My kids age 12:40 AM 987 FM. That's a shame gonna show weekday evening from five and 07. Okay FH shocker basketball is sponsored by American family insurance in Wichita call allegiance rich hopeless or Stephanie Kemp. Marshall show Wichita State. With the little time off from actually playing games so bad that wolf. Pick up again and about a week and a half after the -- find out on selection Sunday this coming Sunday. Where they may be headed then who they are playing and certainly it appears as a number one seed in the NCAA tournament. We have Bonnie on as our next caller -- Let Iran go Rangel I'm not okay hey eight hate Tampa mark -- great coach Marshall. Listen I Bridgette calling in because I have watched. -- bigger. A lot the last couple years now. And I'm actually travel Lyoto which is -- that does BP leak. Back in the western Kansas. -- city's 24 miles. From a might pick my knee didn't -- that was thrown a couple of times. Matt is just so refreshing that he had. The hold -- -- but he he -- does with him because. Even as small communities I know how bad things can get out there with that -- drinking -- the drugs and things like that so. I have written. Grenade and well I've written -- parent. For the last year the end system copies of staying there and because I don't think they could ever have enough. For all the people out there and -- is -- so refreshing I told them it was so it's nice to be able. To watch somebody. So refreshing. I had to come on the court and play like Betancourt might work for. A doctor we we usually do direct mail for that team. We did went on to -- A couple of years ago and and he doesn't speak much but he can -- apply yes ma'am no ma'am all that. It can't. Field such -- special connection with them and I just -- I just want to call him about that I really don't have a question. I just. Wanted to make incumbent. All right Bonnie thank you so much appreciate the call. Okay you're on your -- it gets -- super super nice kids in you know that you're right that whole community -- there's got city and I don't know if the whole city of Atlanta can take credit for detail that's pretty big place this. He's certainly got a great mom and him that his grip on this we can't do it had a wonderful high school coach and all our guys are like that we've just got to our group a special special group of guys for a group for Brothers really. That believe in each other's trust each other and care about each other and you can tell the court. It's pretty unique to get that too. Kind of relationship. With that many people in any walk of life and whatever it may be thrown together and and have that kind of reaction to each other but particularly. We're getting calls about Ron is from a small town in Kansas about 3000 people you've got. Young man from inner city type background he had young man from different parts of the country have a couple a couple of Canadians and somehow it's just all click it's just fit perfectly that. The blend of personalities and so. Wounds here and there. They care about you that's that's the thing they -- their friends off the court a lot of room together every four room where there were clear and CJ is in good hands. Sky. And it Ron. Evidence been roommates freight -- that roommate so it's -- basic. And there they're really nice group of young man. You know it was interesting to me that says we going to this time period now where you won't play game for roughly a week and a half. In your conversation you're sending conversation with Bob Knight -- him. Very sincerely what can we do to still get better as we get into the state of the season and his advice do you. Was not practice to law or practice into the heart that's something that certainly had no you've you've been aware of and been very careful about the stage is really took. Today off to a practice a little bit tomorrow we'll take Wednesday off -- -- practice a bit Thursday it would take Friday off but you'll go Saturday Sunday that's the plan. This much is staying healthy number one of the number two. Perry fresh legs -- given that tournament. Supportive. And also. Someone asked this question article on this show maybe a couple of weeks ago about. Putting in some new things are adding a few wrinkles and so forth and and certainly this is a time of the year we can do a little bit of that and and you're gonna be facing an opponent that hasn't had a chance to see however many videos have you been played you face to face like to grind you go through an account. Yeah we've got we've got a lot of stuff and if we need to refine what we have been we might add one or two things were not a lot really we're we're. Generally our stuff works better in the nonconference and it doesn't the conference and that's. That's true most teams in most programs but we've got so many things that we can go to. That are different that surprised people we can can we can steal some baskets in the post season. Maybe this is a hard thing to. Just say one way or the other but it really felt like this weekend. That this team is actually getting better as good as they've been all year. There were times in that term that where your defense was and it's just absolutely stifling and suffocating hasn't seen it all year. Plus you're really shooting the ball right now. Shoot it well I hope our defense continues to get better there you know we we we see things we need to improve upon all the time and I'm excited that. No we have these couple of days off but I'm also excited about practicing with no -- to choose to an opponent took. To work again she just practice to get better. It's not scouting report and stuff it's not. Hey this is how we're gonna defend this. This action because this is what they do this what they rely on for this is their -- defense is that we're gonna attack that we're just gonna work on everything. That we can work gone from a police standpoint to get better get better position. To -- place. Guess this was something a little news this past weekend you you've played the two games in two days at the CD EM and you've had those experiences in the past of course but. -- three games and in three days. Once again you seem like the focus was tremendous game to game that there was never any let up never. Any have any change in the way your guys approached everything. And we were also -- I agree with that I appreciate you saying that Mike and we were also able to through the rest some guys have surged they came -- we've we went to the took advantage very quickly. Very deeply -- with -- 89 minutes ago with the game so we were able to. Only play our core guys -- twenties. From a different perspective against Missouri State so that was beneficial as well. Would you would you agree have meant that I I'm tired of these questions anyway but that's the whole idea of you know maybe not. Getting the kind of competition Mickey keeps you sharp or whatever it just seems to me like this team has -- unique ability to beat. Motivated from -- that they are they're pushing and you are pushing them toward. Getting better every day that this is about us and us getting better and and we don't have to have top ten opponent game in in game now to continue to get better and play at a high level. Well I think that'll be answered here the next couple weeks that's true that's can be answered well. I know that you are better than most about enjoying things when you can savor this a little bit to enjoy being 34 Noland we will look forward to finding out who that next opponent's going to be and where. Sounds great I'm gonna try to you -- do sing I will sir I think you were able to enjoy I don't have to get ready for game at the same way -- well are you were able to enjoy that. Ride back from Saint Louis and we grew our plane was a little bit delayed because of one of our the crew members was. Six pushed everything back so at least we get back we should have yesterday but. We're joined it and have a majority it was shocker nation today in the office was fun -- -- stopped buying and it's just amazing the -- programs getting you have probably fifteen different requests for. National radio international this is that it. You just do what you can't but I'm not gonna kill myself with all these we've got we've got eleven days to to do how to cut police day. Our coach thank you congratulations. Again that's a Gregg Marshall show for tonight. Thanks to all of -- portion of shocker nation that is joined us here this evening and over the airwaves and we've got another championship to talk about next. Jody Adams show is coming up so stated and then Todd Butler after that so we've got a lot for tonight here from keynotes -- -- networks.

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