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The Jody Adams Show 03/10/14

Mar 10, 2014|

The Jody Adams Show 03/10/14

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome casinos -- -- works here on a Monday night glad you're with us this evening. As we have back to back to back -- coaches tonight here at the nose. Just have Gregg Marshall show and now for the next hour will be talking soccer women's basketball here. At -- knows which soccer head Coach Jody Adams than baseball coach Tom Butler will follow during the 8 o'clock hour so. Some good night to be soccer fan and the team and indicate an SS and find out what's going on with -- -- athletics with. Three great programs going on here in the month of march and we're joined now by shocker to Coach Jody Adams and first of all coach congratulations on the coach champions of Missouri Valley Conference and that's back to back conference finals. My thanks thanks it was a great feeling and great to get back on track and you know just. Is good to see your girls -- and have their own deviant since. Generating easy baskets fours which was to lift this up on the other end and so is this really nice to see inspect his small waist. If you'd like to give us a call any time during the next hour we're talking shocker women's basketball phone numbers 43613. Thirty. The area code is 316 months get that phone numbers 43613. Thirty you have any questions or comments or observations for coach Adams will be happy to take your phone calls. During 7 o'clock hour here which doctors finishing up the regular season yesterday. And coming up what they. Big win in 9356. Over Missouri State yesterday at Coke arena in a resounding win for the shoppers. Hand. That's worthy of brings an excitement and applause you were up by nineteen at half time you outscored the lady bears by another eighteen in the second half so. If you talk about a 130 meters 39 minute effort that was yesterday it was a pretty good -- all the way around it -- You know we had a tough week you know before going into this game and we had biggest things right a lot of things just after coming -- those losses in. You know I think is really -- to -- as you know their take those chin. Paid to show you know while we were losing you know we talked a lot about it we do a lot of film work and in classroom mark on the game. But it still wasn't sound sinking -- so I knew it was time for me to take action. Reconstruct their practices and how we went about things that we went back to being very aggressive in practice and now worried about saving her legs in and those are the things that you typically talking about the month -- may be -- and hope that. That the muscle memory had formed you know what we're supposed to do instinctively defensively what response do offensively. And and so we got back to small ways and really went back to some early early practices. And I just probably remiss in that period time you know the hearts. You know that far. And you know whether it is the month of February they're -- goes to the grinding guitar you're loading up. You know we're we're all going through that they always say test kits we end. And that's not during the month you know we were -- And the coaches couldn't be tough on our players at that time. I just wasn't good I've been so lag -- sit -- one backed what I know works well with these guys in. We did we we got back after for four days in -- four days court. And got these guys in -- back corona believing in each net interest from within their defense of what it. Eight does its point blank what it does for us and report. Clips from early on. He knowing and instead you know you're what you're watching what you're doing first of all it's a choice to play this way. Think it's a choice to play hard. It's a choice to talk on the ball it's a choice to talk off the ball it's a choice to be active all the ball it's a choice to be in the gap. It's a choice -- and help side is a choice take charges you know double before that's a choice. Play hard to run heart to jump that's it's a flat out choice and so we showed you our make it the right choices. During the time that we were on the streak. And then we showed clips -- you know we win or lose it. -- we were making their choice. And that's a result so if you wanna win with the latest -- and -- continue lose that would make the choice played his way. NEA is just factual -- it's a choice it's a choice to play the way we did to generate thirty points a game offered these kids. Then when we were -- we were January 12 so. That was my job to put affecting those practices to get the best out of them get back on their -- and believing in her system believing in each other in Tennessee and then play together and you know that's hotels and -- Feed -- and it is exactly what was so. And that's something that does not only applies to basketball -- likes -- applies to life to win new. When you have that desire and that bet that -- to do everything correctly and make those choices that's when things are going well. If you start not doing those things he -- wondered two things. There are there chinks in the armor and you start to lose some of that edge but but still whatever it is. They tell you what you said you need to make those choices do you have excellence and if you do with -- and that will -- It's centered hits. Really easy choices have sons serve you know on most of the time -- are the wrong choices. And those are life skills that we teach. He hit it continued -- 18192021. Here always showing up and teach you know. And we also talk about you know surrounding yourself with great people. People that are more knowledgeable people that are put a challenge -- they're not gonna settle and let your coaches or not to allow you to settle. And -- -- for a little bit you know I thought you know announcing me they allowed our players to settlements that only take comfort zone in. You know that's not what our kids sneak. Their personalities. Are different from last year's and so I have to coach him differently. You talk a little bit about that on the show last week where we discuss the going back to some of the things may be that the were happening in the end on November and December the that were successful you talked about that Harken back to. Maybe some of the things that even though is very early in the season and maybe. You go straight from a little bit or that the players had and that kind of rededicate yourself some of those things this week. Was it advantageous to have a whole week and just get ready for one game and being at home. Extremely an extremely you know wanted to take two days off 48 hours. You know not do anything basketball. And you -- they need to think. Hearing you need to think really really hard on this thing you need to come -- crazy and something that is giving you so much. The good the bad the ugly it is giving you so much in -- call you so much about yourself. And the next thing you need to do is look in the -- They ask yourself what you -- need to did. What I need to do as a player you know here at Wichita State to make it's necessary changes. You know -- the next four days before we -- the last opportunity to win it's regular season championship. What do I need to do. And the needing to hold yourself accountable. And he vetoed -- he makes Campbell we that it went back through roles. You know which we will we read it way back. And so you know is just you know a lot of dignity it'd be digging -- And you know -- fortunately for me is ahead. A great group that you care. And you know and they remain comfortable. -- they can't resist the tough coaching. The heart coaching. No honest to goodness truth. And they took it very well and -- harper back -- things that they begin to type. I was gonna say sometimes that's not easy to do you might get into the mindset of yeah. -- doing all I can somebody else's deal the pick up their slack but no if you have those players of high character in this young women of high character. They'll take what you say to heart in and apply it to what they need to do and I think we saw that yesterday. Yet again that's easy to -- point fingers at measure point real estate loans four point back -- And -- that's -- -- -- we all that is have taken women created ourselves it what does our players that you needed -- ticket you know. Hey it was -- it. You know I step away from really -- you knew what hit it like to challenge him and they were receptive to that there are responded to that. And in again I think that goes to athletes being -- -- -- -- Illusion curry. You know you lose your passion. During hard times and so -- eco -- losses we just had to learn. You know really -- I gave -- to -- that teaches us so much and you know -- when he comes down to it it's a choice. It's a choice to who you're going to be between the lines yes there's preparation and that's my job to prepare. And our staff's job -- to prepare. And I have a great staff that it's your job to make the choice of how particular plane what you would give their -- step on the court so one arm. You know pleased with what we've make choices in hear and you know exciting topic on the court you know tomorrow with these guys -- your day off. Let's talk about their preparation little bit your Q&A one game -- weakened against Missouri State yesterday at home to wrap up the regular season a team that you had not seen it. For more than two months he played them way back -- just basically after New Year's Day to begin the conference season and big -- -- Springfield. Two months later of the Missouri State thirty thing different that you Oreo or or that you didn't expect from the from the bears. Intel and -- there would be about thirty now so. You know want health care we were making individual place. In this is where our team has changed over a period of time the played more. Teen basketball. Hall both sides of the ball cross over that was good to see in the growth over the past -- with us. You know over the past two met with the only -- with a new coach you could see him begin to develop. You know I know they have some you know come clean -- actually one kid was definitely forested. And she's -- music contributor you know someone in averages you know ten to fifteen points I gain. That down was a non factor when we played the two that were factors. For weekly the first round for the snow sisters. And so I thought we did a decent job -- with the amount of shots that they take per minute which is you know a lot of shots. But you know you keep it see every team change and grow in some way. How are you sleep you know through the course of a month -- -- -- Amy you know -- -- I can see -- -- is trying to -- there. But. You know it's really probably more important with our change here in the last week. You mentioned T honest snow the very special player from Missouri State she comes in eight in the nation in steals. Averaging three per game until we don't want against yesterday Saudi Q you can pretty good job handling now what she does best. You know we talked a lot about her when she's off the ball she becomes a -- And you know she just sit back in the pocket just wait until you know as she began calling -- -- we talked a lot about her which was in your area to make sure that we -- to the ball. And home viewing she is directed at past take contact if she checked -- to -- continuing potential run through body. But you know our our off its its balance I thought we we did the things that we're stressed. You know in practice they record is known as we knew that. We did a great Japanese the -- get me inside out of that. We did a super job of cited skip passes. Immediately -- apple penetration. To -- -- -- and I it's just been like this where pulling teeth. They get our players to understand. That. You know you -- still penetrate these zone. You know you still have to get out you know you've got to drop Hal eighty get a second shots. So. As much as we -- zone near the second half and one half. That's not we're prepared to put this deal we you know we got -- not gunshots you use you as a coach you can take your players up her great looks pitch hit not get a chance form. So really got to do our job there -- you know was a student athlete per attempt I was just pleased with our execution coming off its strong points. City on a snow comes in with a reputation as one of the best steel makers in the nation rightly so. You -- four of your five starters with three or more steals that's pretty special effort by that. Yes I challenged his group. You know what we wanted to force the back -- -- -- you know we just had been kidnapped the line not maligning -- in the -- You know we remain up to tight so we're given you know players drive and now he's in New York to citadel mall. Mean when you're you know fat off the ball absolutely allowed even skip passes to go three balls to go up. So we're totally gotten away steel firm are made of they have philosophies. In and what we do -- full court and then what we're doing half court. And more so full court but it jittery but when you're not scoring you don't get to -- -- full court package as he hits a packages so we were an able to set himself. We have to generate more at half court. It which room arguably her very being conscious. Like this it was stood off the ball pain is still the same thing. He known and you could actually tightened. You know that there their their -- serious I've seen -- been able to penetrate. If you're the proper help Klein is. You know won't pass away. Feeling really any viewer would get up put on a normal life. Stolen pets are retention account you know everyone trusted the ball pressure that we needed to apply that to help line would be there and it was -- it. -- you talked about playing against a zone defense to -- course Missouri State comes up in the zone right away. Guys your first three possessions three for three -- the -- not even right from the opening tip yesterday. Get a great offensive game plan it seemed like everyone was on the same page in those first -- -- possessions certainly set the zone. -- -- ball than it was very. After the beginning you know we got -- shots shots that we worked on. We don't theory is that we had really focused on what to watch film wanted and went to pick on these areas. We got the -- out to those areas and and executed. You know round -- really challenged her hostess hit the in the gaps. You don't keep you coming to the ball in those -- not stopping short. Partial would want -- children that's what they did a great job stepping needs those gaps where when they -- you know it would draw coming. Yet for Iranian sixteen did they -- he got a quick decisions that I thought they -- they they did a great job of making some decisions in. I'm finishing at derailment also get an inside outside the sex. Missouri State only got three steals in the entire game maybe you guys and it was seventeen. And 821 in that category halftime seventeen to three to finish so. That was we discussed in the pregame that was a that was part of the game plan and certainly yesterday came to fruition. Yes we we we did a great job taking care of the ball yesterday Sharon ball -- Hilliard talked about. Consistently gave a -- First Catholic man had fourteen assists and you know so. Meaning you get that many messages and I think we ended up well between the top five and a half that's great ball movement and that sounds. That that you system working. So that tells you those are not individual place. That's a lot of teen mauled suspect's email it's fifty points. Coffins since I expect this big you know -- the -- -- probably generate about that supports inner -- in itself has -- picky in ten. You know what we're great seeing him on truly believe -- us when we make the choice to play hard and being greedy. I am passionate we believe that we trust and he do all those considering changeable was. We're -- -- -- the ones I did. You know it's a -- team. It for me is a competitor I would wanna play with him. Because of how they play the gay. It's you know we can keep it there the next three are important to you know it's what it is tough right now only. -- play in Missouri State possibly airplanes southern Illinois which displaced over the last two weeks here. You got to treat them like Kenny it's heinous Dugard Aaron Hill now so -- we've got stick to our game plan while we did this past Sunday to get it done. We've got a lot to get to you tonight including some more of those assists a great regular season looking ahead to Missouri Valley Conference tournament. Good -- to a senior yesterday's so a lot of things to talk about. And if there's anything you wanna talk about we'd love to hear from you give us a call 43613. Thirty is the WSU basketball coaches show that Coach Jody Adams. 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Welcome back to you know -- and password for here's one -- play over here on Monday night's fox soccer coaches. And during the 7 o'clock hour we -- which soccer women's basketball Coach Jody Adams were very glad to be here tonight talk soccer women's basketball. A pretty amazing regular season has wrapped up the soccer's not get ready for postseason play 23 and six for the soccer women on the regular season. -- -- co champions of the Missouri Valley Conference in head into the Missouri Valley Conference postseason tournament in saint Charles later this week at the number two seed in the tournament. That's back to back conference championships for the shocker women. Yesterday wrapping up the regular season -- -- Monstrous win over Missouri State 9356. Was the final score. -- -- arena yesterday and we've been talking about that game. Handed any time to show you like to comment though we'd love to have your questions our phone number is 43613. Thirty tonight the area but it's 316. The phone numbers 43613. Thirty and our next caller is Mike good evening Mike here on the coach Adams go. Right ahead. Today. Throw -- -- -- Everybody is always going in depth of brag about men's team that was but I start listening and they hit the women's game dog won't reveal about four years ago. Should hair and you have done. A fantastic job and it you can put a great. Group of young lady. Health care and they've had fabulous. And I just want you know it would -- all -- and basketball with people. Came down out of that. -- -- talking -- -- basketball. I'll always make you the -- my own -- if you think that. That they took that hidden jewel here. It that they need to lift and come out see your game. Look like spike up appreciate that and a -- A shocker basketball play in theory means in women's and in all of our sports that have you know just very blessed to be -- cheering. Has such a special group of young women -- and very talented assistant coaches so. I AM you know I had had -- -- -- -- -- enjoying you know teaching these in -- just to get the basketball. But also -- the skills of life and them. It so -- we've got some -- still here to do in pain in his coaches excited about the next three games ahead in. Ryan can -- we're gonna do at home here late in the season and more importantly. In March Madness -- but thanks for being infineon and appreciate Irish. They take care and all look forward to seeing you all think they're wearing the NCAA sometime in the future also. But thanks Mike says that there's no doubt this coach would love to do that this -- that led to do that. Thanks for the call Mike we appreciate it. If you would like to join the program tonight can be like my can give us a call at 43613. Thirty -- noticed 316. You can dial up at 43613. Thirty tonight speak with coach data for talking soccer women's basketball tonight. -- finished up the regular season 23 -- to six. And fourteen and four in the Missouri Valley Conference Wichita State yesterday with a big win over Missouri State -- arena. 9356. Was the final score in that one. At the soccer's scored in the nineties in both games this year against Missouri State. We were talking coach a little bit about that that game yesterday and you have three different players sit career highs in assists yesterday. To -- of honor tied her career high with five assists Michelle price had a career high five assists. -- efforts had a career high five assists and make -- even lead your team in that category. Alex Barton who scored 27 points led the game and assists as well six it's an amazing stat. -- -- -- it is and you know in that sound. People be in the right place. Great teamwork. And knocking out shots. You know our post reported be really really important you know in this game of being able to gather in again out of the zone. And they could trick pass in the I mean of course he drill drill drill -- Of -- still you're gonna have the influence of that he has been around Jeff and we ran quickly to pass is make -- correct decisions and you know the timing of your you know your teammate DNA hearing he would set -- not that a shot. You know was just all work enforcement you know to get to that week I have to give our defense couldn't. Her credit and he goes there and it's what -- his rhythm it's what gives us confidence. Pay its spin it's our gang ciller it's what's gonna help us travel. You know game by game in this March Madness home is our defense so. Let's say you're right you know. That that type of passing -- In the -- -- -- -- -- to sentence him get off since that's working euphoria. Those four players we just mentioned up on her heartened price dapper they combined for 21 assists. And thirteen steals yesterday. That not a bad days or I'll take that every day. Pretty get into thinking it's about it Apple's foray into that -- more the only superlatives yesterday you also got them. So -- play off your bench -- Decker had fifteen points off the bench for yesterday and she made six big buckets to it super -- from three point range and provided you with a nice spark right well -- Big you know -- -- a couple of tough shots that dating and treachery -- I was when -- you really challenged with their you know our confidence and you know when you were to be tough in. -- she is such a great shooter and she has a gift you know she's Smart kid high IQ player. That sometimes she lets that shot now fallen affect her confidence in them which is normal tennis normal for any shooter. Or or score. Brett you at this point town he he he can't get to that -- -- quickly. The -- that the kids it's gonna take advantage of someone that structure header. You know does a script that it's just -- period your body you're eager to. Seeing your energy gets a pass it onto your team right now that that's something that I and Sony to you know is about our TV energy. And how contagious. Great team the energy use and I thought -- bounced back from a couple of shots helped launch -- that her job for this team. And focused and so I really really proud of her for you man. And a couple of other up players so freshman got in the game yesterday you talk about team energy sometime this year. -- on the fans immediately most starters sometimes energy slips a little bit. Didn't see that yesterday border Brandon Jones into -- chapel. -- -- special efforts off the bench yesterday. Get up they fought contest they gave this great energy great minutes you know -- has him -- some very good defensive possessions. And I have a say offensive positions to sheets and curry looks at the rail. You know unfortunately they Dayton go to -- -- great -- treaty issues pretty fiery and we leader to step up that's not and the shots. I don't breach came in in the interior. They gave us a presence. You know we we need another big capital of the -- and you know allowing. You know the show price. And -- -- he gets some rest. You know we're not an extremely deep bitch we don't none. You know in those four off the interest but the top with the starters. You know it's really good Spanish as your role in each tournament time now -- Marines who have been breaking the thirty -- plus it's a lot of minutes to have to go back to back. To back games he has to serve which is going to be huge -- person this -- it's. And down that the -- those -- played. This past week did she give him tons of confidence. And down intensive confidence for the teammates his coaches have had a meeting count on to do girl. So Lisa chapel by the way tied her career high with -- deals yesterday in her time. And debris -- Jones tied her career high with four rebounds in the game yesterday to those four were on the offensive end. He also had an assist and a -- -- four points yesterday. -- Jones is somebody we haven't talked a lot about on the show this year gonna give me a little thumbnail on the freshman from San Antonio tell us how she's doing. You know -- just worked away. Insulin have. Early on I had that did not have a did you know her claim leading minutes per plane in all -- just wasn't up to the -- home. Now mom you know what was behind. You know in several different facets offensively and defensively. She's been -- donor yellow team. And claim with a practice cast which have made her perform at another level and another tempo. Along -- against for starters or top you know -- And you know brains just fought her way to say you've got to look at me coach -- And you know that's what I always have a freshman if -- make -- be lucky you they watch you and say OK she is doing this this in this right. You apply. -- the respected coaches. You earn their respect and your teammates. You're you're playing you're gonna help. And you know we use -- you know all the freshmen across. The valley right now. They prove itself that to their -- down to starts. And the play is meeting minutes as their -- You've got to prove. And I think. Bringing his denigrate -- -- is proven her way to say as a coach you've got to love that yes and had to fight and not put my head down and how. Can be a distraction. For being selfish. Ian Johnson very selfless player is going to take her -- -- take to heart -- itself coaching you know the criticism. In just nod their heads yes ma'am we get to work. And that's what -- -- she just flat out she brings her lunch pail to work every day. Can she work she's worked her way in two minutes towards. -- when it yesterday 9356. Over Missouri State wrapping up a regular season with a record of 23. And six. -- champions of the Missouri Valley Conference back to back conference titles. For the soccer ladies we'll talk some more about it when we come back if you wanna give us a phone call 43613. -- the phone number. Back with coach Adams after this at the nose -- on the radio thirteen thirty yet. The coaches show on -- SS is brought to you by deals to a -- works home of the deadliest U coaches show don't US shocker. Welcome to deal -- -- -- works which Utah's newest sports bars host site for the weekly Gregg Marshall and Jody Adams -- -- -- coach's show he knows that Tony personal web broad iPad locker room that's 23 Beers on -- you know. 43 TV he knows has a wonderful menu with the best tasting food. Food in town it's all it's all for -- sports fans deals Bruins networks and I think twenty Beers on tap 43 TV is great food and those brilliant talent works 41 and web. What do you call it when three great cards featuring your Wichita State shoppers unite under one name. 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And always will Cochran mortuary crematory which does only member of the order of the golden rule and veterans and famine Memorial Day care find us on FaceBook. -- Cochran mortuary not -- -- little. One N news. -- -- We're back in these -- guerrillas have worked series when he first and what Elvis thanks for joining us tonight. The Wichita State and -- basketball head Coach Jody Adams we -- soccer women's basketball during the 7 o'clock hour here on Monday night's all season long right here. Petino is make sure you come by it when he first and web. And enjoy what they have to offer a lot of big screen TVs will be lots and hopes on the east TV's for the next several weeks so. Make Tito is a place you wanna come by -- and watch your sports and grab a bite to eat or drink for 3613 thirty is our phone number tonight as we continue soccer Coach Jody Adams. -- are coming up back to back conference titles. Coach champions this season after winning yesterday over Missouri State 9356. The -- to wrap up based. Regular season with a record of 23 AM to six. Going into the post season and a coach as we continue tonight. Alex -- no -- and kind of skirted around some of those numbers he had yesterday it was. Rather sublime in the game over a Missouri State yesterday 27 points to lead you guys. Five rebounds six assists three blocks four steals. Five of nine shooting in the six half even better in the second half six of nine shooting. Pretty amazing to have that kind of shooting for a 34 minute span. And I thought Alex got their rhythm offered these kids and us get back to do what she does best and think she's the best in the conference that it -- to stick with it. You know it's -- begins here. I agree off its players first and foremost say you know that's a skill sets -- Ukrainian. And it is something that she worked on in. You know announce his worked on it and then. Think he has a great score for us they're still working -- is the highlight of her career at this barring. Com Indian out in transition game where he -- she continues you know to fund those easy shots. Can transition team get this team going in our biggest thing is immune to head to improve the half court. Mean that they care Blake she's beginning to understand she's gonna have to take gaps in his own she's gonna have people that are elbows. Underneath your feet when she jumps and she said she's going to be able focused not posting on it should give thanks Joseph would do that he's GeForce. Of course she passed the 1000 point mark in her career earlier this season he added another 27 yesterday to. -- -- pile on those points in advance of next season to. Yesterday you guys get to the free throw line and you make your free throws 22 of 27 at the line 82%. That's available on six for eight at the line I -- you really like seeing her being aggressive and getting to the free throw line scoring network. Our Bonner was under control and that's the one thing that we need from humility is so much the -- lettuce is -- moment. Suspect control it it sounds she did a great job -- job stopping. He'll freeze in the deep -- -- -- the -- making contact with the time we get to the free throw line where she can connect and I think regionalism. Is a great free throw shooter puts them against is much like Alex. Calm her -- missionary turn off its hands down. But that defense is clicking and in and she's -- easy baskets that's just -- -- begin to stretch. Her office to gain. You know from interior to exterior in the confidence just continues to grow. And a -- truly if you broker game did you see your score in the play next shot was a little further out Mexico little further out. Times she she just you know payments her own in that game -- It was great to see that haven't seen that you know with JB here and it's you know it's been a frustrating road. For her I don't think all these fans with the with a tough losses that's. Can you can't. Get the sand and militant threat of fresh air to me and you know it's so. A weight off their shoulders. Take to get back. In. Knowing this can and stay there. It's more us special free throw numbers yesterday's talk about we are going go to the phone lines now take our next call 43613. Thirty is our phone number and Steve you're up next with coach Adams go ahead Steve. Thank Ted thank you. Well congrats coach what a great game bit. If you finish a great conference season. I'm like an -- or are living big right now which saw what the meant to when he's doing so well. The question to you when you when you do win the it's hard meant. We're gonna plan on that. How what how high do you think he'd feel like you might be seated in the NC -- about. Or ask your question Steve and thanks for the vote of confidence there -- -- the night it just really Europeans. -- Alan thoughts you know if we wouldn't. Can't continue do we end and that included. You know bid decently hot. You know we would have been matched up you know with that. At Texas say eating home more first you know figure your first decade and you know we're really been on Downey mania. I think we would have weighed -- -- you know my own -- maybe into the twenties that's him. You know IE it's hard to say because that streak was correct and we're just getting into the top twenty did. We've been there for a couple weeks in a mystery can -- take those losses and so it's really tough to say you know an hour and an at large bid her you know we have to win that that turn and -- we won't have an at large bid. Which you know it's too bad because we've got to really support each other hidden in in wanting that for each other in in the valley. And promoting each other especially when you have coaches that are on these committees that vote. You use it doesn't matter any hearing or not you can promote your league helps your league is gonna help your team peace is more successful. But. You know are really don't have a clue it's it's a mystery sometimes and sometimes you're either you think OK we deserve this. Threatening I have no clue what to do with who give us really don't. If if we you know did come up like you say when that turn and. -- -- -- Stevens know that I could just go get him coach we're we're we're really looking forward and you guys play well in the tournament. And then in the NCAA tournament day. Thanks Steve has invited us who we learn that against her out but we are critical like you. 1643613. Thirtieth our phone number tonight if you wanna give us -- call we're talking shocker women's basketball. Coach Jody Adams tonight. Because we were talking about some free throws earlier Alex Harden goes five for five the line McCalebb aperture is three for four Marion Jones makes the -- her free throws. Michelle price five for five the line yesterday and she drained a mall that was the best of. Had a felony and some thousand like oh gosh there I don't put a hack a -- -- only challenges found it. She has been working on those free throws came when she steps that they are calm cool and collected she she says. It's genetics and says she was very focused yesterday I did not know how it was PPM senior night -- and how emotional you know that convened. Com just how all those years just flash. Before yet -- suit up to take your last game. -- -- I -- Aaron never wreckage yesterday was just like poof it's very gallant you know limited ago. Paying and his stuff is stuff walking out and never come into the tunnel hit Tennessee -- paid just tears you know sharing him. And then this is it that fit you know this is it it's over and you know I thought she handled it well in. You know -- sit -- the show's been very special to our program. And her stay in you know the streets here really been a lot to me where she could graduated and went on about her life and colonel whatever she chooses to do. You know wasn't young professional -- have. Inching ahead of the game in. She she has left a heck of a legacy guilty that. So we'll talk some more about senior result price we come back we'll take another break here on the WSU basketball coaches show with Coach Jody Adams back to -- right after this. 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And we're back here at these those -- app works for years when he personal web we're talking soccer women's basketball tonight as we have -- all season for the 7 o'clock hour on Monday night we're glad to -- -- -- -- 43613 thirty is our phone number and and we're here with coach Adams tonight notre kind of out of sorts tonight every other show we've done this year it's been seventeen degrees and darkened. We come here tonight all of a sudden -- 75 degrees in March Madness this spring seems like it's here or now was this -- motorcyclists in Tennessee only to go out for Iraq that they. -- Call the shots certainly got a nice win yesterday to wrap up the regular season 23 and six the -- take that record going in the postseason after a 9356. Win yesterday. Over the lady bears of Missouri State at -- arena back to back conference title for the shocker when its basketball program. I want to talk a little bit more about your senior on the roster this year Michelle price. I mean we're talking about her will that put the -- tickets back five years ago -- -- six years ago -- recruiting Michelle price. What are you sell what do you sell Michelle price on year in the middle of your first year here a year. You've only got one road win in note what do you seller recruit on at that point it's you can't tell so LaMont wins you have in the bank you have so marveled -- the dream and and a vision. Less fortunate you know I had it an assistant here that was recruited her actually when she was at Missouri -- And Michelle had. Had committed -- Texas Tech. Most of that happens there and there was no follow through were I don't know who poured down around noon. But. Mom picked up the phone make electricity. -- you which was one of my assistants. An app that citrus increase -- use and cancer -- kid you know we've got to get action is what she really really special. End zone must hit OK you know any citizen sound Michelle playing in just the heat in Angel -- she brings -- -- Unbelievable instincts. To rebound the ball to shoot the gaps defensively. -- she plays with emotion plays with passion she's the one that's gotten on the scoreboard -- on the floor she has the most burned to the anybody in. OK you know those things those missing gene you don't teach -- -- you come with that -- you don't when you come with that you play a lot here. How when you don't you probably don't play much here for you I just don't notice yet but sounds. You know I had this let those things about -- chief -- those qualities. And did a very very well. I knew that the author decided things in the IQ -- things that come with repetition in teaching. And she's just lost with the teaching. You know he had to hear coaches a lot of credit for that. And it Kurt Crawford he worked with the post directly. He's just been a wonderful teaching -- teacher with her. Let's send -- she's her -- line she got a lot as a young lady in. You know one of him being more and then he is you know an emotional. Young ladies she's just she's not -- uses emotions to help her. Club to take your gains and the next level. Just -- very very proud of her. 56%. Shooting on the season. Of course one of the best in the conference that one of the top 100 steel makers in the nation averaging a couple steals per game and she got three more yesterday it. And on her senior day he had a career high with five assists on a day when he might be able to be selfish on your senior day she went out had five assists. Yes I can't deny she and she is a very unselfish player and -- -- with Paul you're going into against the zone. She knew that she is going to be in areas that should have to pass and you know get you disconnected and can work well with her teammates. Let's. Genome shows choose thrown into a challenging role this year been the only senior. And -- played with the I group wrote a furious she came in we choose the fourth that the jury. You know win to not graduate with film that was pretty tough and you know she -- -- year for health issues didn't have to come back in the end it command -- She's at the lead this team alone in some ways even though she's had to help about heart and Kelsey Jacobs. You know she's been alone senior events had to take. You know a crew of seven new players. Say this is the way we roll and stick to it. So there's been too tough pumps with that in where there's been a little bit a disconnect. You know I'm not -- you gonna have to be like me like me is that the right way to -- a plane Champlain at this level. And so you know so tough conversations and to think said you know she's I would say that and I think she got married -- -- wants to responded. If they do lean on her and they neater. You know to continue to be strong you know for this team because they say they do that you the young would you watcher upper -- for the body language. Hi you do you watch how they respond to adversity when they respond strong. Then those babies are going to be secure that you younger players an obvious -- but they don't respond strong. Bad body language -- you know those type things -- near. I've -- you're you're the players they've commit securities from waste and when she had a really really talented freshman that just has totally separated themselves. With maturity and skill set so she's she's down she got until leadership throwing. Hand and he's had to do it alone sometimes puts them. She's a girl we're just let's have learned -- to -- And we hope to get Michelle -- Nice few more set of games to come in her career here in the next couple weeks coming in there anymore we're not we're not running the show. The greedy now being greedy V greedy view that carrier go on. We'll take a final break here welcome back and finished with a coach Adams tonight right here at the nose here on the radio thirteen thirty K in SS. -- -- -- Welcome to deal is growing networks which Utah's newest sports bars host site for the weekly Gregg Marshall and Jody Adams WSU coaches show -- He -- at 21 and whoever wrote my -- locker room that's 23 Beers on tap you know. 43 TV he knows had a wonderful menu with the best tasting food in town it's all it's all for -- sports fan deals Bruins cap -- I. Twenty Beers on tap 43 TV is great food and those -- in -- were -- first and wet. Mother nature has a split personality sometimes she's sweet and -- It's an incredibly destructive. So when mother nature's -- catches you off guard there's just one place to call. Call the boiler room. Plumbing and water damage restoration had about a group we answer phones went first day seven days a week even weekends and holidays will be their fast through the job right. And for fair price we're licensed and insured and were -- in -- conference call 7719889. The public. Plumbing and -- image restoration. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One name went. OK and SS. We're back fifteen drill and -- works here final. Yeah basketball coaches -- Texas doesn't -- Those yesterday -- -- just like regular season finale for a conference championship on the line. The shocker of fan base yesterday -- -- its -- -- -- -- the same time as the men on TV -- game was on TV. Beautiful day of -- Larry going out of stadium. So this I wondered how much soccer -- soon -- -- today and the crowd just kept coming in the doors had a grim task has. -- proud and everybody's so I appreciate him coming. Pressure her fans have been great all year long -- -- Montana and then the more we continue tech to win in more people begin since. Coming in it's Tennessee with this result about. You know it's an amazing. You know atmosphere. Can't first in athletes to be able to play a month's great scenes and very little you -- isn't a great man a lover pain and you know we just have a lot of fun with fit bit. -- didn't know exactly what was gonna happen with the mainly plane hit the plane at the saint Thomas because what's in the news and that's out coupled with what their top -- so they keep you know go back and forward and and it's that -- appreciate the loyalty and -- -- -- -- just sit at home watching the mint flavoring and new devices to the game radius this heavily ground. And most of that bunch stayed around until all that that was stripped down office I don't know Gloria -- -- you -- believe you just don't get to see that too often -- To have a couple hearing. In which at all. You know this year king insists. You know it's it's a pretty neat feeling and I went to CL a shocker flags final the cars in. We all the support men -- -- -- in the good luck soon. The businesses in the area we have food companies seems like in the office every day in somebody new -- -- thanks we appreciate him. And we pre appreciate deal. Home -- when we we love our soccer fans and it's not everybody then has taken such great care of us through. It is great right. Up next the Missouri teleconference started in saint Charles -- play on. Friday night against at 6 o'clock against the winner of the Missouri State southern Illinois game you guys won this tournament last year you know what it feels like and now. Wanna accomplish it again. -- soon. You know that's not asking him would take it one game at a time it's. Four hours to take a deep breath and enjoy -- TP Kiffin. Now it sounds. Expected business and so it's been getting here that I work at a early. Let's get to business and just take your business -- Tennessee where our defense. Will travel list to mix so. Sounds good congratulations on a great regular season those kids said thank you appreciate Coach Jody Adams right here on the radio thirteen thirty KM SS thanks for joining us tonight Latinos are on tap works. -- the WSU basketball women's coaches show thanks for being with us tonight on -- NASDAQ.

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