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3/10/14-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Mar 10, 2014|

Sen. Mitch McConnell attacks the Tea Party in an interview with the NY Times right after CPAC

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- Only underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere come to a brick and -- when nondescript building where you once again -- Hello everybody marked with -- here are number 877381. 38118773813811. Want to thank my buddy Brian Sussman for -- the last minute on Friday. Come back from about 6070%. Authority lost eleven or twelve pounds and -- fighting weight. The first thing I'm gonna do. Before I get to Mitch McConnell. Who just launched. And out overall. Brazen attack. And conservatives and Tea Party activists. And of all places the -- excellence. I want to appeal to your reasoning ladies and gentlemen. I want appealed to irrationality. I want to reject the Vladimir Putin's propaganda machine in this country it's really not a machine to pin -- but nonetheless. From these Manchurian phony conservatives there aren't many on their side. That Russia has a manifest destiny if you. There's so much of -- But if you dare object. Here than anything of that. -- a war mongering neo con. What I mean by these Cuban propagandist and mouth -- that you can see them on the Internet some other places. And now -- thinking about eastern Ukraine and why not. And why not. In every Reagan official. Who was involved in defeating the Soviet Union is apparently a sell out. And neo -- and non conservative. It's good to see my buddy Rand Paul. He put some meat on the bones of his position with respect Russia. He believes there the aggressor in some steps should in fact be taken to address what they're doing. But shouldn't call out Russia he can discuss what they're doing Newton the KGB Keller. Without favoring war kitchen. It's illogical to suggest that one leads to the other. Isn't it. You see all the Ukrainian people -- rising up because George Soros spent money and they're neo Nazis. But is that a comic book. Get that have a fortune cookie. While leading a spicy sausages -- restaurant. Having a his bad guess just reaction to it. How would you read something to -- I have in front of me a document December 1994. This is a document that was signed. By four individuals. Leonid Kuchma. The president of Ukraine. John Major. At the time the prime minister of Great Britain Boris Yeltsin at the time. The president of Russia the Russian Federation. And Bill Clinton are present. And I won't read the whole thing but I'll read those sections that irrelevant. This is. Twenty years ago really less than twenty years ago. And these four countries agreed in this. Non police. -- -- The following. I quote directly. I don't need to go to Napoleon -- Catherine the great this happened within the last two decades. Quote. The Russian Federation the United Kingdom the great Britain and NORTHERN IRELAND and the United States of America reaffirmed their commitment to Ukraine. In accordance with the principles of the final act of the conference on security cooperation in Europe. To respect the independence and sovereignty and existing borders of Ukraine. Existing existing exist. Number two. The Russian Federation. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United States of America -- different their obligation to refrain from the threat or use of force. Against the territorial integrity or political independence of Ukraine. And that none of their weapons will ever be used against Ukraine except in self defense or other rise in accordance with the charter of the United Nations. Refrain from the threat or use of force refrain refrain refrain. Number three. The Russian Federation. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United States of America reaffirm their commitment to Ukraine. In accordance with the principles of the final act of the conference on security cooperation in Europe. To refrain -- economic coercion. Designed to subordinate to their own interest the exercise Ukraine for the rights inherit. In its sovereignty and -- to secure advantages of any content. Ukraine the Russian Federation in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United States of America will consult in the event a situation arises that raises a question concerning these. Commitments. Signed. By Kuchma of Ukraine Yeltsin of Russia. Major. Great Britain Clinton the United States and it was under these circumstances. That Ukraine disarmed. And not only its nuclear weapons. But all that's viable capacity to defend. There is no. Authority whatsoever. For Russia to do what it's doing. We can debate what the United States does in response we can debate what you -- doesn't respond to any thing. We can debate all that stuff. But let's not pretend. That Russia has some. Some right to take this territory which 1920. Years ago. It acknowledged in a public document signed by then president. Was the sovereign territory of Ukraine. Anybody argues otherwise is a propagandist is a Manchurian phony conservative for Vladimir Putin. -- -- There's no evidence of the country. So this oddities different. Nobody held a gun to Russians had Russia agreed to. And based on that Ukraine unilaterally disarm. And now I really can't defend it. There and it was Bill Clinton and neo con. Was Yeltsin a neo con auto production. So more on this another day. Another time another space. Another play and he liked my poetry. -- put that aside for now I'm sure we'll return to that later. Facts -- crazy things on a thing. So well. No it's not. It's not. The American. Longtime conservative diplomats. Military personnel higher officials. Who served for Reagan and bush. Who ought to be trashed. It's the perpetrators it's the aggressor. It's the Russian bear. That needs to be exposed. But we do about it as a separate argument. If there's anything we can do. Rand Paul has come up with some ideas on -- -- Which I saw on prince today. But in effect. Russia that Russia has already annexed -- me. Why is it any of our business and happens anyway. Where they move and Poland is not our business know its not our business okay. What do you think west Germany I think about the west Germany what do you think Germany -- think about that. Now what's the big deal. You folks know history you can read history yourself. It is a big deal. Now they wanna talk briefly. Actually not so briefly. About Mitch McConnell. The Republican leader in the senate. -- take a lot of heat for taking on Mitch McConnell because he is operatives in these various. -- These various. Republican committees who were former staffers. Lobbyists and others who are well paid. In -- promised jobs in the future. Who have as their purpose to attack conservatives. To attack anybody. Who stands up. To these riots. And that's what they do. And Mitch McConnell has unleashed the dogs. Because it's more important Mitch McConnell but he all -- his office. It's more important to him. That he holed his office. Do we make progress in stopping Obama. And really -- suffice to say progress. In preserving this republic. I know from firsthand conversations how he's like. When the microphone in the -- lights are off behind the scenes in the shadows. I know how he conducts himself. Comes off very temperament that great temperament. In public and so forth almost boring. But behind the scenes he's threatening. -- -- And as I said I know for a fact. Having said these things I and others are under attack I don't much give a day. I -- win the senate. I wanna win the presidency. I wanted to advance our agenda but how do you do. With a man like this. We went to the new York times of all places. Sunday this Sunday New York Times he's interviewed after he's been the -- -- Any tells the audience there to a very lukewarm response. You know just give -- the senate any promises. That -- advance the conservative agenda. He does an interview with the New York Times Sunday. Sunday. Any attacks. Conservatives. He attacks the Tea Party. In a way that's really -- Finally I think exposed him to many people. As pointed out by our friends at hot air. Republican senate majority leader this is a quote from New York Times Mitch McConnell predicted the GOP establishment. Will destroy conservative insurgents. Attempting to unseat a trio of incumbents in an interview with the New York Times published Sunday quote. I think we are going to crush them everywhere McConnell said. I don't think they're going to have a single nominee anywhere in the country unquote now let me stop there. That's beyond the three people they're not gonna have a single nominee anywhere in the country and keep in mind. In the three races he has Mississippi. Kansas. All the opponents. Are well under funded. Are not very well known. And under blistering attack. By the National Republican Senatorial Committee. By the US chamber of crony capitalists. By McConnell by Pat Roberts. -- bad -- when they're using all the powers of incumbents all the connections are watching. The power of the Republican Party. To put down these. The citizens. -- -- taking them on so it's no great -- quite frankly if at all defeat but that's not even my point. McConnell wasn't just talking about those through. Where cannot let them down everywhere in the country he says I'm not study says more. I'll be right back. Model is literally bragging to a reported that new acts like we're gonna crash team. Anybody who dares to challenge us we incumbents. We're gonna crush them. Is that Kelly Republican leader speaks ladies and gentlemen. A Republican leader who for the last two election cycle hasn't been able to get a majority in the senate. And then they blame it on two or three races repeatedly. Involving the Tea Party. When in fact they've been scores of races. With the Tea Party has even bother them. And I go through those the Libor ourselves. McConnell also says I know this. Politics doesn't like losers. If you don't have anything to point to it's kind of hard to keep it going. To keep what going. Politics doesn't like losers. He says so if you if you don't have anything to point to it's kind of hard to keep it going. The irony is he's solos. Turned to the agenda in the senate I'm sorry folks we got to take the -- -- off. What does he mean. It's hard to keep it going let me explain symphony US senator McConnell. This is a big game. If we conservatives lose the country lose. About saving our country and our way of life. You can't deter us you want to terror arrests. Not a lawyer little organizations. -- your fund raisers and your interviews with the New York Times. We are where we are because people I know that's the you've been a Washington forever. How dare we think for ourselves right now barely step out. Step out of line. This is the mindset inside about way ladies and gentlemen. These people think that the nobles another. Lords of of old mother Britain but they're not. You see. Senator McConnell. I know you sit there in your very big almost palatial office on Capitol Hill and you wanna move over to have. Harry Reid's office. And you like -- limousine driver in your long black limousine in your body guards and being called honorable and senator. You're like standing there with a relative handful of people. Talking about how you can move the country this player that way or in your case how you hoped to do it. If you become the majority leader. But it's all about you holding on the power in them holding on the power not about the country. -- ladies and gentlemen I wanna encourage you after the bottom of the hour. It definitely tuning in I'm gonna give you an example of what I'm talking about. Mitch McConnell is at war John Boehner is at war public need economic tactic. Now at any particular group even though their attack. Their war with new. And unique enough that. Particularly if you're republic. Magically be thinking of registering as a Republican. You need to know what's going on we need to clean this place out we need new leadership we need a new Republican Party. And they show you. Right after the bottom of the hour. It's it's. Mars program but cure but -- common liberals also -- our 87738138. Sport Martin let me tell you what. I'm relying on having done that show long enough I know I have every right to rely on it and that is this. You are Smart people. You are reasonable rational people when presented with facts. You'll consider them you'll digest the annual think for yourself. You are not subject to be manipulated by politicians are others who seek to do that. I like about you can check these things for yourself to Mitch McConnell say these things have been here at times Sunday you Betty did it. Was he talking about you you Betty lots. We have very intelligent caller the other week who said well what if Mitch McConnell is reelected and they win the senate. And we don't we have something to fear. While they turn their guns on the Rand Paul's and Mike -- and that and that -- cruises and everything else and -- made a good point. While they claim credit for their own victory. Victory over conservatives. He made a great point. Daniel Horwitz. Writing. I don't know where is writing red state I guess. He what did you know about Mitch McConnell. The Madison project. Which opposes McConnell. -- -- -- So he looked at the time line -- McConnell amnesty position. McConnell who remarkably is backed by Ann Coulter because she doesn't know his amnesty position. All trashing Ted Cruz at every turn for only reason she can explain. A lot of really give it to him. Let me give an example. This is thanks Daniel Horowitz. Just to show -- What we're dealing with the. Mitch McConnell voted for amnesty in 1986. OK a lot of people -- it has Reagan proposed. Mitch McConnell co sponsored amnesty in 2000 did you know that. Mitch McConnell voted for amnesty 2006. Did you know that. Mitch McConnell voted against the border fence before he decided to vote for it after became popular. That's 2006. As his poll numbers began to tank ahead of the 2008 election. He changed his tune he voted against the 2007 amnesty bill. According to the late Bob Novak. Not only did the Menard a leader and a voting against the make immigration bill that he said was better than the 2006 version he voted for. He abandon his post staying off the floor going final stages of the debate. Not -- that. Wrote Novak McConnell was among six switchers who voted no after the forty senators needed to kill the bill were recorded. So he clearly supported amnesty but voted against it in the end and remain silent throughout the debate. Because he wanted to get reelected. In December 2010 McConnell voted against the DREAM Act amnesty but less than two years later he had no opinion on. Fact he told reporters he would not comment on the DREAM Act and told Romney comes out with a position because he's the leader of our party. So they're sitting leader of the senate Republican conference refused to offer an opinion on amnesty. That's leadership. See now I will be attacked for telling you the facts. But I don't care. Join the 2013. Amnesty fight McConnell faced a similar predicament as in 2007. Facing a tough reelection he chooses to publicly oppose it in the yen while doing nothing to speak out against it. And -- encouraging and praising it quietly. According to the Washington Post McConnell tapped rubio did join the gang of eight several months before the proposal went public. Noting that rubio -- participation. Would be critical to winning conservative support. On May 21 McConnell announced that he would not block the amnesty bill crafted by the gang that he encouraged. He told reporters that gang of natives made a substantial contribution to move in the issue for a so far I'm told that the Judiciary Committee. Does not in any fundamental way under on the agreement reached by the eight senators so I'm hopeful will be able to get a bill we can pass here in the senate. So despite the committee voting down every attempt. Every attempt to place enforcement before legalization. And despite their successful block on -- amnesty to criminal aliens. McConnell actually sat there was a good thing the committee did not improve an already fatally flawed. This is you are Republican leader. Remark -- McConnell remain silent during the entire month long debate and I pointed this out time and again. Even as conservative expressed dozens of concerns with the bill. And on the Thursday before the final vote McConnell still told Hannity quote I don't know how I'm going to vote in the end. That was June 20/20 thirteen. And just two hours before the final vote on final passage McConnell finally spoke against the bill and he voted now. He noted the border security was not a condition for legalization. The problem is he already praised the bail out of the committee when it was even much worse. When it was even much worse. Even after voting against the bill McConnell was on meet the depressed. On July 14 2013. Expressing his hope that house can go to conference with the senate. Everyone knows that would not result in enforcement first. Harry Reid was dying for that back. And then two days later and McConnell told reporters the senate had a good year noting among other things passage. About immigration bill. There's here Mitch McConnell that's just feminist. If we got to. The debt ceiling. Your eyes would roll back in the -- ahead your head would explode. Mr. Wheeler -- Well let me tell you something ladies and gentlemen we can't save a country with a Republican leader like that. If we do get the Republicans control the senate. If we do overlap and it's gonna be tough. Mitch McConnell attack on U. And he is the senate leader up against Barack Obama do you think things are gonna improve with this guy. He's been around a long time. Isn't it time ladies and gentlemen for somebody new. I am a strong supporter of term months you know 2.5 thirty years ago I wasn't. Few years ago I was sort of tepid. I am a strong supporter of term limits. Of rotating people you know office because they lose touch they become wedded to this -- in Washington DC. That becomes their mindset that becomes their personality that's their psyche. And so becomes of them against us rather than government of by consent. It's government by compelling. And this is a huge huge problem. And we have to accept this fact we've recognized this fact. I mean it's the fact of the matter is McConnell is 59%. Support in this latest poll in the Republican primary he spent. Republican leader in the senate against the dive Evans -- barely even know any of 8090%. And they're crowing on and on and on about how wonderful this it. Wonderful John Cornyn of Texas got 59% of the Republican. Vote in the Republican primary. That's disaster he -- even -- a single candidate. For people to focus on against and they overwhelm the money and so forth. And they think. These are great victory victory for whom. Victories for -- We are not going to be able to advance. The cause we're not going to be able to preserve this republic with people like this. Oregano Thatcher knew it in her own country. There's no reason to be mad at me I'm just the messenger. But I'd been here before I've seen -- my own eyes. And you know I'm right. -- ask you the great accomplishments and Mitch McConnell during his career. Other than his battle on the floor against McCain Feingold which -- Well you wouldn't have an answer would you. Because there aren't any that I know. And when you have folks like I -- Coulter endorsing this. While attacking amnesty in every four. And attacking -- You have to wonder don't -- But that's his record. That Julius. Anyone out there Sunday. And he trashed it. One more time the quote from the Republican leader in the -- he knew Tommy does this sound like a leader to you. I think we're going to crush them everywhere to the New York Times. I don't think they're going to have a single nominee. Anywhere in the country. In the later just to put a fine point on what he meant. I know this politics doesn't like losers. If you don't have anything to appoint two of its kind of hard to keep it going. How do you explain Karl -- -- good friend Mitch McConnell. -- yourself. Two election cycles we should've won the senate. You've lost. Not because of the Tea Party not because of Todd Baikonur one or two other candidates but because of the Republican Party. If you stand for -- It's harder for people to vote for but you don't even stand promotion. You just went on the attack. Against conservatives and Tea Party in regular nights. And those who disagree what's going on with you incumbents in Washington. Very hot style to incumbents. Very very hostile. After demonstrated. Beyond any reasonable doubt that they're in our corner ladies and gentlemen know I'm not a purist. Mac and -- mam. Rational us. And a practical man. I see a hundred trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities. I -- catastrophe. Anybody who's rational sees. A C seventeen point fourth -- Now seventeen point four trying to fiscal operating. Yes I'm a rational practical person. These people may think this is fine well and good if only we had a Republican senate. We would fix it we had a Republican senate and a Republican House. And a Republican president. And they drove up -- debt and they drove up the unfunded liabilities. Prior to this not fighters in the White House this freak who's now running a senator and all the rest of I did the same band playing not as much but too much more than anyone else in American history. They controlled congress and presidency for six years. The want to delivered as Barack Obama. I want to deliver us a Democrat senate may also delivered -- academic. Crack house. Loses mr. McConnell. We -- house back and you've been thumbing your nose at us every sense ever since. Those ladies and gentlemen. By the facts. You know we talk a lot on this show about the constitution. I'm proud we do. Why this show is as big as it is that's why the show was defeated every single competitor. As we talks on the substance we don't Rambo insanely. And the constitution is very very important it's our rule of law. Well the Media Research Center is on the front lines combating the liberals the liberal war on when our constitution. And they're gearing up now to stop the media from stealing another. The last agenda has been a colossal failure obamacare unemployment debt. You name the left has failed so their only hope for winning the 2014 elections. For their friends of the media to rescue. Well the media research center's mission is to expose the media and fight back when they try to take sides and elections. They know how to do this but they need folks like you on their side. And they're led by a conservative icon. Some along the William F Buckley. Our buddy Brent Bozell who's been fighting in the conservative movement for over a quarter century. So how can you help. We can start by going to tell the truth 2014. Dot com and tell the truth 2014 dot com. And signing the MRC's tell the truth petition. When you signed the position that tell the truth 2014 dot com. You receive an insider's guide to how the media is plotting to influence the outcome. The next election is spot on trust me on this. The NRC is going door to stop the media from raiding the fall elections go to tell the truth 2014 dot com and join in this critical battle. That's tell the truth 2014. Dot com. Okay and. Donald Detroit Michigan serious satellite go. Credit for -- all right thank you senator Chris I would hate do you do you think them being too -- on out do you think of being too hard McConnell. No sir not at all. Keeping party not bottom actually yeah because I'd ever heard Mitch McConnell speak this what about Democrats. It be great. But that doesn't even talk this way about the Harry Reid does -- probably -- talk about anybody. That he party put. Mr. -- in charge about how else. I don't understand what you got -- and about Tea Party the movement. Pro life we can't figure out. Why he doesn't corollary. The Republican revolution with the Tea Party but grassroots Republican activist. It is it do you think because he doesn't really care about that I mean the man seems more comfortable. Talking to a bunch of us funders from the EI AUS chamber of commerce and he does I don't even know if he's ever been with Tea Party ground. I don't know that we ever had either I'm currently getting -- there's an old radio host country -- Who put it about it just -- -- I think I could ever do to this Republican Party has become. The Republican wing of the Democrat party. Who who -- it seemed like hello hello who said that there. That was Andrew well yeah he's my buddy he was at night he I used to a -- for me. -- that's exactly what I couldn't put them being desperate. Go to promote the pinpoint -- because I could ever be made about these guys. He's he's exactly right and he's also a great post. Without the without one had the other guy's got the whole idea behind net. Being -- surely keep this gravy train going. Don't you think it's the same Republican Party that fought tooth and now fought like hell to block Reagan when he had to fight them three times to get the nomination. I would I would -- -- he's got an -- too young to vote for Reagan in either term. Why it is exactly the same when you when you compare. The speaker there Reagan -- with the speaker of alike but like a guy like -- Pollard had -- get. It's one of the and that clearly they're not even railing at your particular party. Reagan beat is work work here for his own Republican establish. Well let me just let me just say this if you look at Reagan speech has carefully. When he was running. This is what's interesting we had people going on and sounding like liberal Democrat and you can't just be the party of no I mean no tap their dictator as well that's fine. But -- happen define your opponent. And you have to define yourself. And that's what Reagan did it quite frankly these guys all know what. But they're playing games. You could be the party of no and yes note to that and yes this it's not. It's not -- to a race the propaganda of the -- The fact of the matter is all week here from the Republican leadership is. What they cannot fool. That truth is in many cases. Even when they were in the majority. It's what they will not do. That's what I'm trying to get across. Beta has made it clear McConnell I spent ten minutes going to -- amnesty record has made it not so clear but now I have 40 AM. That Republican president or Democrat president these guys it's a putting in place amnesty. -- -- McConnell has made it clear to cut a deal -- Obama he will hand Obama the constitution. For one or two cycles to raise the debt limit. And congress why have the power. To be told him in essence getting it back -- These things I just happening because Obama is strong. They're happening because the Republicans are -- I'll be right back. He's here. Only underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. Off the -- unbelievable. Hallmark of the men hello everybody. -- number 87738138118773813811. So much like. His friend John Boehner month or two ago. Mitch McConnell was thrown down the gauntlet. Much like the president of the US chamber of crony capitalism so they're all in this together. He tells the audience it's Deepak what he thinks the audience wants to hear he walks in with a rifle. Pulled it out very impressive. By the way I -- the better right but that's neither here and it. You Odyssey might going to out AR fifteen mr. producer oh my couldn't. It is a beautiful all it was a gift to me. And you know it's engraved on the side of it. One of my phrases let me educate you. -- yes. Got a special site on home I couldn't. Make -- the gun control freaks freak out. Now. The young people they were not impressed. I think we're going to crush them everywhere McConnell sad. I don't think they're going to have a single nominee anywhere in the country. Who's that. Well you know those groups and high -- all really. The groups inside Washington. Think we're that stupid. We know what you mean you mean us. I know this he says politics doesn't like losers. You don't have anything to point to its. Kind of hard to keep it going. Italy's bragging. To the New York Times. The media left. You don't what is going on in the shadows behind the scenes behind closed doors but this man must be saying about you -- me. Our friends and neighbors. Your fellow patriots. Citizens were concerned about the future of this country aren't exactly pleased with him. You know they must be sang about she went to -- they play these legislative teams until we expose them. For all these years I went through that amnesty thing for year after year after year. For fourteen years if not longer McConnell has been playing games with -- amnesty. I'd say he's taken both sides of at least taken twenty sides of per Republican leader what is he -- on lately ladies and gentlemen. We'll tell you what he's let on trashing take Kreutz. And trashing Mike late now to my disappointment. And another Rand Paul's -- and hear what he said. Rand Paul has endorsed him. Endorsed a girl cut commercials from. I don't get. But that's something brand needs to explain maybe next time he comes on a very friendly with Rand Paul and his staff and so forth we'll discuss. But I don't get it. Once he's the nominee okay republicans' fault line but he's not even then how many. That there is what's what's he let on trashing Ted Cruz and he's given the green light to. Every other Republican in the senate. To trash crews and Lee also. That's so John can routine collusion lies. Flat out about what cruise says. He owes an apology to Bob Dole for why he didn't say anything critical of Bob all sorts. But it didn't matter. Because McCain. Gonna defend action no matter what meanwhile look what they've done to the senate look what these old men. Look what they've done to the senate these old men have been hanging around too long. They destroyed the deliberative process in the -- They destroyed the legislative process in the senate involving committees involving amendments it doesn't even happen anymore. They've destroyed the budgetary process in the. While Harry Reid didn't know what -- -- good -- John McCain and and all arrested. Used to be the minority in the senate that runs circles -- and the majority I know that I saw Schumer duet. When they weren't the minority. But the Republicans get in all of us and I. My back hurt my knee had I answered my neck and it I have no ability to do this I can't do that I can't do that where are sick of it. They can't do I need to get out of the way so -- doors and do something. No. He liked our offices. They like their power. Even though they don't exercise it or exercise it in bizarre ways. They like their offices they like the trappings. Besides what the hell else -- these guys in it. Other than be lobbyists like Trent Lott. But the fanfare the the pomp and circumstance will all be gone. But no one meetings with the president. Who know more visits to meet the depressed. We. Any other. -- show this week. What are they gonna do they won't get their appearances on fox anymore nobody you know who they are. But become a footnote to a footnote in history let me give an example. Who with the senator. In McConnell seat before McConnell I happen to know this because this is something I. In nine. The study. -- -- Now other than the folks in Kentucky. Who don't know nobody. -- Who held the seat before John McCain now some of you may know that practically UN Arizona Barry -- war. But many people don't know that. The fact of the matter to us. As soon as they leave the senate. The overwhelming majority of these men and women in congress disappear. Forever they never existed. Now that crap that they did the last lives on forever it's perpetual. But they don't exist anymore. Right. So they're holding on to their legacy such as it is their identity. That's why they hold. There -- small circle. -- circle workers. And there's value in their worth. Is in their office. They believe. It probably -- But now they're -- to crush us. And this is where I say okay. More than ever before this man needs to go. And they're proud of their 59%. 59%. In a poll or corn and 59%. Among report. That sucks. When you have overwhelming dollars overwhelming name ID overwhelming commercial access to TV and radio. -- opponent is typically a citizen. Or a little -- local public state official. Look their best to grab -- and media attention. To get a few fundraisers going and so forth. Where in a crash them. So I -- George. On the revolution that we're gonna crash were innocent irate coach. Yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But the funny clothes funny -- Prophetic. Here's what they don't get as I said in the first hour. Ladies and gentlemen our backs are against the war. This is our country not Mitch McConnell. It's not his staffers as former staffers as a lobbyist friends. His bomb throwers his consultants. -- group packed his group whatever it's our country. They're destroying. And if they're not prepared to affirmatively engage in effective ways. Including. Speaking truthfully to the American people. Incomplete sentences on a daily basis so we can begin to win these arguments more and more more but what am good and -- -- the entire nation this is the best we didn't know. I say not. You know before McConnell became a senator. He was elected to -- off -- him before that he served in the Justice Department and the position under Gerald Ford never reckoned. -- -- -- Is not really something he embraces. Where did he put that. If he does when his election. In the primary in the general election and they take the senate. I just want to reiterate. What do you think his -- it's going to be. Court conservatives. -- conservative legislation. What do you think is attitudes attitudes going to be not only can I when went out should I defeated due in order to hold on -- Power. You're -- to me you're nothing to me I rushed to. You just saw what you saw his heart and soul in an interview in the New York Times. And by the way it's not just a little. It's all hagel of these people. I think the same way they talked. The same way they talk about us the same way. It's just that. McConnell showed a little more ankle. Which I'm sure he wishes he didn't show god knows I was treated. -- -- season is here for many view it's a tough reminder that you're in debt to the IRS. Do you owe back taxes don't but the problem get any worse you need professionals to help you work with the IRS who know their rules thinking get you back on track. Called the guys I trust at optimum tax relief. I met these people I trust these people they're good -- And the look at -- immediately. To protect you from aggressive IRS collection actions such as punishment bank levies and tax -- tax time is here. So you really need to pay attention -- this be sure to ask about the fresh start initiative when you call it's a limited time program. In one of the biggest breaks the IRS's offered in ages. And you could qualify for a settlement that is much less than before this program took affect. Nobody knows these tax relief programs like that experts at -- tax relief I know there's other groups I know you've heard about them. But they're not -- tax relief -- tax relief is fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau. And it offers a money back guarantee. That's what they do so don't wait till it's too late caught -- now for your free consultation. That's free consultation here's the number. 80499630804996300. That's 804996300. And. -- something else. Very very powerful people. Don't think I don't know that. Don't think. I don't know -- don't think I don't know that there's slithering some of them behind the scenes trying to take me down. One of them already tried. And I've told you that before. Went to an affiliate. I have no illusions. About what they're capable. And that's a pretty sad state of affairs but it is what it is. It is what it is. You know these platforms that I broadcast on that is terrestrial radio. -- by corporations. I'm up partner with a corporation. So you never know what -- So far so good. But I had no illusions I can just go along is smiley face -- Pollyanna. Confront Obama -- I got need to be confronted. But the problem is actually. More complex than. It's bigger than. It's much bigger -- Just why am blessed with -- -- -- audiences despite nothing but absolute respect for. Because he come to this program and you wanna hear about these two wanna -- about race. You're curious your interest. You don't need to be attacked. You know -- a conspiracy theories grabbed off the web. Fax off Wikipedia. You're Smart people. And that's why the show was done so well as long as it's done in this times. So much else going on in this time. PDA ER. And I'm honored so I don't waste your time. Let's go to Don lake Ron -- about. WABC. Go. Mark how you doing. All right and they act which could coalesce -- I wonder can gradually April when he -- into bright port First Amendment award yet Citizens United ward. Well thank you I appreciate that as a great honor. I don't -- on. With all -- escalated and I have to look built to win a war cabinet could be a bonus. It's like Iran analyst and off founders didn't. Telephone there's no real leaders cared more about a listing on -- And that's just survival of the country in the integrity the rule of law more than personal political gamesmanship in history to get. Washed and turned down a salary in which a general decline the title that would -- royalty. He -- Mason and Jefferson Madison. Hamilton John Adams they broke endorsed the kind of declaration. And constitution. Or -- survived an important product for personal gain they weren't. They rent they had integrity they had -- honor. What what monuments are going to be erected to work not just. I think they get one no matter what the -- -- in the theater so at this point but you make an excellent point Don those men put everything on the line. These men put nothing on the line. They've -- LP you know there will be no what. A monument in Washington DC appeasement -- -- memorial or Mitch McConnell memorial -- the board you know it's such a selfish individual. And I Don -- cost god bless you my friend -- politically and all right take care while mama spent there. We get there. John Fremont California. I heart radio though. Are you it's an honor -- privilege -- work yankees Garrett all of -- and McConnell. Or why -- suggests a little bit. Okay yes -- can -- McConnell of and that looks like you know he is not a guy that we need. To be in the target the summit certainly in twelve and fourteen but they're definitely the 26 -- if and when we take pres. You know he has a very low popularity rating in Kentucky and if he is the Republican nominee he's definitely leading by a wide margin he could lose that seat. Now if he loses it it's his fault. Because he hasn't been a great senator. If he wins the seat and he's gonna say while look at this I rushed fifty. I'm invincible. So I mean I I don't see any great thing coming out of X. Yeah he he very well could was by himself but I I he he had he can't win that. And -- come from government you know -- to -- Tibetans. Can't be directly and indirectly through some. Servers -- while he's leading by AS significant amount right now. Yeah I know but I see that in but I still think that that in 26 teams he cannot be. The majority leader of the some. All right I agree. I agree we won a majority that we need a leader. You know folks the senate Republicans would be more conservative. If they had a conservative leader. Really even even some of the weasels like -- from North Dakota and -- -- from Tennessee and so forth. Their followers they're not really leaders in the senate. So if you had a more conservative leader you're having more conservative senate. I'm not saying a purist this is what they call us -- we take what I can stand on principle renowned. We'll be right back. What about Reagan coalition needs a great dad. 877381. -- Now it's time. Time for the schmuck segment of the program. Well we don't have an official schmuck segment but there's so -- schmuck sat there. And when he didn't hear from some. First we have Charlie Crist. The former governor of Florida he complete chameleon. A complete. Political hack. Who was endorsed originally by the National Republican Senatorial Committee. That the time was being run by John Cornyn mr. conservative quote unquote. Against at the time Marco Rubio. And then. Well -- gets on then it's hat tip real clear politics cut three go. I think it's been great and and and overall on all on on I -- sorry. He thinks it's been great he means obamacare and what you listened to this. This mindless. But just listen to cut three. I think it's been great and and and overall out was difficult I'm sure the president feels that way too. I had the opportunity to visit with some pride in Miami -- and -- -- there the First Lady and I'm already doing in Miami. Home. -- out visiting a school on the way to their 453. Vacation. See that's the way it works ladies and gentlemen you gotta throw a little official trip in there. -- visit. So that we the people wind up paying for all of -- and they pretend they've actually been doing something. So Putin's on the move. Which of course this is right if you listen to the propagandist in this country. -- The Manchurian Putin conservative. He listened to them but Obama. -- hitters. Who by himself real. Is doing what Putin couldn't do if he wanted to. Dismantling our military and our national security. Whoever thought you would have seen this but anyway. There you have it. The Miami -- You know I just I know that he has a compassionate heart he cares about people. People getting health care is like a civil right. I mean people need to have shelter of any food any water and they need health care they deserve it for the richest country in the world without a provided Douglas is part of. What a complete. Moron. Well ladies and gentlemen health care is a civil right now now that we know what's a civil right. And we don't let's among the highest rights. Maybe it's even an unalienable right. So I have to ask. This Ding -- Chris if it's a civil right. And why is Obama trying all these people off of their health care policies. Why is he driving them in the bankruptcy. With the increased cost to their policy. Wise it costing them their jobs. Because employers are going to drop them or reduce them from full time department. This idiot just said it's it's all right. While that I guess Obama is anti civil rights but don't Larry Chris Chris knows Obama. He feels for you think he cares about people. -- god bless him for doing. And he thinks obamacare has been great are you folks in Florida listening I sure as our hopes up I know you conservatives are. You drowns out to have value busy banging heads against walls and you're not listening but the people out there. On the on the on the offense to my vote for cringed. The my vote for Chris what should I didn't. Great governor Scott. So now that you know health care is a civil right you should all go to court. -- -- to bring it up under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Why not it's a civil right. You know just read it broadly the way they -- the environmental laws. And what does that mean it's so all right does that mean you have a right to all care and any care at any cost any time you want it. Doesn't sound like a civil right if your docket because that sounds to me like your -- if your doctor undersea work for a hospital. Some post civil rights. And by the way love the way says you know. I mean people need to have shelter is shelter a civil right in need of food it's food is civil right. What it's for means really is the government should be able nationalize some pretty damn much whatever wants the national. -- so many stupid people in high places it's hard to stop. And we have Bob Kostis. The little fellow. Now we know at least reportedly. Why his eyes were looking so goofy. Why he was looking like Nancy Pelosi for so long. Apparently Botox. Why does everybody want to look like John mashed potato face carry. With the Botox in the snaps in the polls and of this and of that big if they sellout. Anyway. The little -- Well he hit a lot to say for some reason he was invited on Fox News. You know what like this cut -- ago. I would be disingenuous if I said that generally speaking I don't lean somewhat left to center. I'll use an imprecise example vote that might be relatable to the fox audience. So I am liberal I'm Michael Juan Williams liberals. Will call out the excesses. Sleek addictions of the X. -- stopped that Juan Williams is of the extreme. Oh he'll throw a few issues the other way but he's a leftist is Obama apologist. People need to stop pretending otherwise he may be terrific and I made the nicest guy in the world we're talking about is politics he's left. Now what else can help -- sap. Help -- -- we have Fox News out audience -- out. And to the extent that I'm conservative I'm Michael Bernie Goldberg conservative I think there's certain common sense issues on which I would agree. With him on the other hand doesn't know nothing. Part of the spectrum. Where people just reflexively. Defend it still Robertson type person I'm not and I can't but never in that camp. Oh so another words evangelical Christians. People of faith. People who believe in traditional religion. You're not and that can. You know being flexible people. Unlike the left. Of course who are flexible people. Let's go let's say Europe or any of your cross between Juan Williams and Bernie Goldberg that's not exactly pretty. And I said. Let me suggest this. Rather than playing games. Real liberal. You're sportscaster. Here way Addie -- You used to calling balls and strikes or three point plays. The way -- -- league you've abused your role on NBC sports to talk politics. And let me suggest that Second Amendment that you hate. Mr. Kostis. While it helps protect the First Amendment. That you use. And both of those amendments. While they're not yours to play what they belong to we the people. So you may say you're a cross between Juan Williams and Bernie Goldberg. I'd say you just a damn -- If that makes you that and so they. More -- five go. I think a lot of people who watch fox would be surprised. Armed at how much George will I read how much Charles Krauthammer are Rich Lowry or. On and on. And how often I'm not an agreement depends how this. Second is this -- important or something. I'm playing it as part of my schmuck sentiment. That's but are we sitting here suppressed and -- in the back Constance listens. I wonder who lean meats. Mr. -- -- -- I know one person I'm sure he does things that. That would be me. Because I'm not a cross between Juan Williams and Bernie Goldberg. You know I mean to you know Madison and Jefferson guys like that. I had. Those voices I don't respect. They're cheap ultra light voices which can be found in some corners of Fox News and can be found on the radio as well. -- -- -- -- -- Including me. Skyworks for NBC. Isn't and that's LSD part of NBC -- to produce and I think it is. No hot voices over there. Paul really cool. We have the fix my show. To accommodate the little Fella. Yes I will and then there's. Mike Barnicle any is a Barnicle he's not earlier Barnicle he's a parasite. The siren call this guy was accused of perjury. I think we mention that mr. producer 120000. Times but yes. And areas he -- part of the MS Ellis the -- lineup because their standards are very high I mean if you have now not so Sharpton. And certainly in my article fits in very nicely in -- fact he's he's among the highest to the standards they have -- And he listened to Sarah Palin's speech he said he did which was a great speech and had a great response that -- -- And this guy who loves women and hates the war on women. Well here's what he had to say cut six go. I mean of the word conservative can mean many things -- -- as many definitions -- But what does it say about a group C -- we're just -- because they had the one who received the most rousing reception. Is a moron Sarah Palin. I mean she she received a reception at that group that took the roofs off supplies. Sophomoric. Nearly libelous or not amusing what does this say about that group yeah. Cheeks who is that at the end was that Joseph Scarborough are doing his best female voice. It was zednik and AKA Mika Brzezinski he had. Now there's the moron sitting right next and that played. So they have Joseph Scarborough. Morning now. I Sumi saying there silently. Mika Brzezinski. Yeah. And the play -- And he's dumping on Sarah Palin does it. Say about that group that at greatest. I went to that on. What is it with these people. Who have such hate and contempt. Per share paint. It's sick you know what is this is how you get your bona Fides on. These tough man. -- tough man these intellectuals. Really Smart season man like mark Mike Barnicle. Trashing Sarah pay. And what exactly was it in her speak. That was sophomoric and libelous. And not amusing you puke. You little -- why was it. As a little plan has spoken a little too fast very had trouble following grainy like the bouncy ball when -- kid where no way no way I would -- happy yellow object. What was that bothered you about the speech. That it was conservative. Yes I think -- what that's what it was but he wasn't along there's. Some lady named Ana Navarro. I don't even know what the hell this woman and -- I am told her husband some big time Democrat of Florida. Friend of mine who lives in Florida told me if I'm wrong so be it. But she's a GOP strategist in other words a loser. So Ana Navarro. Was very very. Trouble too. And not just by -- -- by Cruz. He seat Ted Cruz really didn't take the audience. Now. English -- by our friend Peggy Noonan none other big story is the big story was intent. The big story this isn't is it wasn't even -- and. It was Chris Christie. That was the big stories. -- she is somebody named Ana Navarro if that is her -- -- twelve go. And one of the takeaways was that Ted Cruz was not this story I did this impact to meet a big takeaways was. They -- that crisp hit a low blow out to me the big takeaways. Last. What did you -- And play. Can we wanted to take -- was that Ted Cruz was not this story. I did this impact to meet the big takeaways was what that Chris Christie got a very good and warm reception did a great. All right all right -- that's -- nice. She's a genius no wonder she's on national TV I don't now she speaks for me as a Republican doesn't show you ladies and gentlemen. None of us know who she is but she's great. So that take away it was Chris Christie. Ladies and gentlemen Hillsdale College is the authority when it comes to teaching the constitution and that they had they knew. Free online course it's a brand new constitution one on one course. Taking place right now. I know thousands of you have taken the terrific free online courses Hillsdale College provides is part of their mission to help all Americans pursue truth. And defend liberty. Even if you talk that original constitutional one of one place. You need to take this new version because it's completely great visuals a message board we can actually asked the professors questions. And of course great lectures on the constitution's. The constitution the sessions are released weekly but once they're out you can watch them when you want that your own piece of sign up for free. At Levine for Hillsdale dot com that's LE VI and for -- -- dot com. This free ten week online course explains both the meaning and history the constitution. And what it all means free but you should I had this in college. When you showed I had it in high school. But the vast majority you get. This is the place to go it's absolutely free. You do that your own pace on your own time what you need to register. So this free ten week online course explains the meaning of the constitution. In what it means today. In your daily life so sign up right now go to live in -- Hillsdale dot com that's living in different Hillsdale dot com. Open. It's got -- Los Angeles, California serious satellite go. And fire costs I would listen to -- mr. Crist talk there and he had made mention that we're one of the richest nation in the world. How -- that we can be considered a rich nation when we 017. Point 42 trillion dollar. To grade point or have over a hundred trillion and then found alive but that's the problem with these fools -- -- Yeah I mean are we the poorest nation hey if my neighbor owed seventeen trillion dollars I wouldn't say they guys -- I think he's he -- -- underwater and. And what of the civil rights of the next generation. The next generation it has to live under this. This this massive. Destructive debt -- of that generation these these people. They they they disgust me because they just robbing. You young people listening to meet you at at this point. -- some point I think he'll be in the streets over this stuff. It's it's just amazing to me how much of this they just keep pouring and pouring -- on yield to destroy your futures. And Barbara Boxer has been mentioned that. There's no plans to cut spending. -- great country of Barbara Boxer would never be in a leadership position. Unfortunately you don't want there -- a great country yeah she Diaz she'd be. The -- -- handing out tickets -- Morton's restaurant. And Obama and by the way I think that's a good job and just saying I think that's that's the job he should have. Of course it is. Night what else we got to move but right they're like good -- god bless. Artists Grand Rapids, Michigan the great WJ RW quickly go. I heard you talk about just personal gear to coach their children who are -- -- never heard of -- Michael barnacle. Never. What I had heard have you ever heard in the article in the bottom of the -- yes but it was a Barnicle on the bottom of our political. I agree. But -- that he can't -- much pick in 2008 she predicted what -- -- and it still. Which is Ukraine and that is gonna try and indeed at. So how issue -- -- wouldn't it make Obama. Well those are excellent points I guess we'll have to ask the morning schmo. Ed McMahon AKA -- -- -- and of course pharmacal. AKA parasites. AKA character. Not -- what is later wager not -- while you get the. Why why why do we ask them anything that was the -- segment now we have those rarely. I'll be right back. He's okay. Only underground. Feet from the bowels of a hidden. -- when it comes to a brick and steel over nondescript building. We're down. -- on fox -- producer and. Pick -- Patrick quick I don't think he's never been there. Bob McConnell -- losers. People don't wanna see -- Anyway -- mark within our number 8773813811877381. 3811. ABC news of the top of the hour for those of us who -- here and all of you don't. But I hundreds of affiliates. In our our different platforms. But they reported that Al Sharpton led hundreds of people in a march in Florida today. Hundreds of people and I thought to myself is there punchline. Let hundreds of people in a march. I saw hundreds of people at the supermarket didn't. Mean the media are just such a joke. And you play what's not a joke the story in The Washington Times you ready. The federal government place Stefan -- in the federal government. Has lost track of tens of thousands of foreign students. This is no -- Who came to the United States to study. And then took jobs often in violation of the terms of their pieces according doing new internal audit. You know that's how the terrorists on 9/11 got here they overstayed their thesis. You see this is the president and the congress and the bureaucracy that tell us over and over again. Our immigration laws are broken so what are we need more immigration laws that give the government more -- And then everything will be just fine -- might even secure the border. Just give them what they want. This is a top priority. For Mitch McConnell and John Boehner and Obama and all the rest. So number one priority. After a global warming and by the way. Our Roman senate apparently that Democrats -- gonna go on all night long. Talking to each other about global warming climate change and think in -- myself. Although methane that must be gone on in the senate. All the exhaling. Carbon dioxide the must be going on in the senate. The electricity in the light bulbs and all the rest. By the -- Hart's talking to themselves. And now you can see the decline of the country. Russia is on the move. Our. Economy is a disaster. The president is hollowing out the military. Our borders. Elastic. And these fools. Are on the senate floor debating the equivalent. The earth being flat. -- -- They're not tonight is there any air at this flat and they are gonna debate at all night long. Because they think you're sockets. But I digress. Back to immigrant I didn't forget Ryan. US in immigration and customs enforcement known as ice. Doesn't even consistently collect information -- have the tools to monitor all the foreign students who take part in the optional practical training program. Whatever the hell that is. The Government Accountability Office said in a new report released Friday. Now the problems would -- are extensive and serious the report not only calls into question the department's oversight of the problem. But also whether such lack of oversight is a serious national security risk says. Charles Grassley. Senator Iowa and. Officials around the student exchange visitor program have deemed -- BA low risk program but the new findings suggest they might be wrong or yes they might be wrong. Why do we confer power on a government like this. -- -- More correctly do we allow it to seize this power front. What's John Boehner doing about this what's Mitch McConnell what can I ask myself questions. And we all can answer to underscore the point. Immigration agents told investigators they view the program as a gateway to illegal immigration how about a gateway to criminals and terrorists and drug dealers and everything else. So there's that. But don't worry Obama said if you're an illegal alien and you sign up for obamacare rightly or wrongly none of that information will be used against. On the other hand if you're Tea Party activists all of that information will be used against. So here's the great question of our time if you will. If you're an illegal alien and a Tea Party activist I know there aren't many if any but let's pretend -- Then what does the government -- Does it take that information and give it to the IRS to go after he'll. Or does it. Concealing information and leave you alone I think that's a tough question don't you mr. producer. What do you do. Then there's this. By our friend Paul Bedard at the Washington examiner. Unite here. I don't mean unite here this is a name of another phony group. Unite here warns that did obamacare is much higher cost for health insurance. The -- union workers currently pay the result will be a pay cut of up to five dollars an hour unite here is a -- Quote if employers follow the incentives in the law they will push families under the exchanges to buy coverage. This full force low wage service industry employees to spend two dollars three dollars even five dollars an hour of their a device similar coverage -- union said. But wait a minute Charlie Crist said this is not I heard him say at last Arab in my own I I I played it on the -- There was audio. We don't -- -- their audio normally. Simple we're having fun but at this time it was the real thing. And I believe that. Charlie Crist said -- they still all right. But it's a civil right. Why these low wage service industry employees having to spend 23 or even five dollars an hour. More for their coverage. Here's another. Crazy question. Why did these union boss the phones endorse Obama for president. Knowing damn well their members were gonna get script. And why don't you union members out there and I know there are many many of you who -- blue collar workers many of the UN unions while -- rise up and throw these bastards out. They sold you down the river. They sold -- down the river. That's where one of the next revolutions needs to be within the union movement. When the members really do have control over their union. As opposed to every day and union being run by a left wing Democrat. Only at a Washington could ask in the bottom of the middle class the finance health care for the poorest families be seen is reducing inequality said the report from unite here they don't -- unite here. Look over they're not here. You voted for this irresponsible for this. Union head Donald -- -- remembering him I mentioned him the other day in a note also being sent to congress demands changes. -- Donald. -- double. Make a trip to the White House. Said the president mean when he's not traveling I know what's he got to really watch the calendar but the say to the president look we need a waiver. And then. You would have gotten a waiver but now you went public now he's going to be ticked. -- probably accused of being part of the Fox News cocktail. -- another union leaders have criticized obamacare before. While tough. Tough. You organized for Obama you raise money for Obama he gave money to Obama you urged here. Members to vote for Obama you urge your members to go out and campaign for Obama not a doubt Obama problem this -- of the rest of us thanks -- So worst road and Ariel. -- -- -- This one caught my attention. The associated depressed. He former handyman serving life in prison for the 1993. Murder of seven people at a suburban Chicago restaurant I remember. When this happened. It was so appalled. This guy. -- -- In -- of them were young. Kids. Walk these people into the freezer cooler whatever the -- And killed. Execute. Anyway. He former -- wondering if Obama will be nominating his lord had the civil rights division when you think mr. producer. I mean after all we misunderstand the constitution don't you know I mean everybody deserves a lawyer. If you're a lawyer while then maybe you. He should be heading this summer expedition. What a better candidate after. So a former handyman serving life. In prison only life in prison you know that's again when you know a country is unraveling. And man who -- seven people in a freezer including young people who are working. At this restaurant. Serving -- life in prison. When he should've been that anyway. Has been awarded nearly half a million dollars in the civil lawsuit in which he alleged -- Elkhart punched him in the face. Manslaughter seven human beings. Defenseless. Innocent. Wonderful human beings will never be with us again -- their likes their lives. Doesn't give it a second thought. What you think about how you do that. Executing seven people one after another. And no remorse whatsoever. He GL card punched him in the face. And it jury awards this. This below scum. Half a million dollars. Instead. Of jail card should've been. He recipient of the medal of freedom. Yes something is wrong and our country when something like that happens in my humble opinion. You know the Tea Party. My American dream includes personal freedom economic freedom. Health care freedom. Any debt free future for our children into arrangement. And it doesn't sound radical these things in America we come pursuing your American dream. But eight out of ten Americans now feel the American dream is -- a reach. That's not good. But we can never give up when the American dream and neither will my friends that the Tea Party patriots the Tea Party patriots want you. To pursue. Your American dream that's why across America. Grassroots mom's and -- grandmothers and grandfathers friends and neighbors are joining the Tea Party patriots staff helped revitalize the American dream. No Mitch McConnell you will not crash. In the end we will crush all of you. Because the Tea Party patriots believe like Ronald Reagan believed that quote. As long as that dream lives as long as we continue to defend -- America has a future and all mankind has reason now. Now the Tea Party patriots is where the hope for a better tomorrow stronger than ever pursue your American drink. Check them out. Join the Tea Party patriots at Tea Party patriots dot org that Tea Party patriots got a court. That's better Randy in new York city New York the great WABC. Don't. Mark -- -- better thank you sir I do. Okay. Mitch McConnell always easily explained. Because it goes -- seek political office. Are -- doing their own agenda. It's something that I I think you have been taken into consideration that. We as a nation have descended into -- archery. And if Sarah Palin I think what you we've got your show she quoted. Adam said that that we have given you the constitution. It is tolerate moral and religious people. It is unsuitable for goes. Why not. And I I bet he would've left lap and that said that. It's constitutions should last. Until men could marry men. So I'd -- Got your point thank you. Let's see. Jerry. Hollister California the great KS FO go. Mark thank you -- taking my -- and that's Kerry -- to teach. -- -- -- -- no problem -- -- and I just like damn much we love you my wife felicity you every night on the computer about okay well this McConnell has done no good he's got -- -- dot. Just like Jerry Brown out here where effective let me get my -- for both candidates the what the Tea Party. We can't spend -- Vietnam War it is time to open up 55 got a well -- and they're all over everything just taken one of these knuckle heads. In the Republican Party on top of that the retailer -- but let's. So you don't think that is Arnold it's back to. Explain that I don't think the let me pick way up Baghdad it is because -- state. Liberty and tyranny. I highly I live in a -- every. They can personnel might crew and everybody outcome until and I tell you what -- problems on your crew what do you do. Hopkins. Worked the power company -- -- California. And I would say that tight everybody I've come across. They let us anyways that's what that's hard core I -- your -- out period. It gets everywhere if they if I can't let that it -- them. Wet which I have thirty but out of thirty maybe down the road dot com Iowa outside you you have to lyrics and kind of part by got good looks more. Why it's important that it about California while we're surrounded by a bunch of knuckle head I. I I don't blame in -- don't hang up mr. producer let's get him a new copy of liberty and carry out a way. I've written five books all of which you're near times best sellers. Takes me a long time to write a book. In some people write more of than five books. The attack people. Who write their books. While talking about. Their own books. That's sounds to me like somebody who's on Madison or need to medicine -- it. Why don't mind your own business. And worry about your whole picture books. It's just bizarre part the emails I received from people telling you what's going wanna. I can't listen everybody else I can't thank. That's a good cause I was entertaining to me Sam western Iowa Sirius satellite go. Great guitar what is -- thought Jerry York a few people that they use -- court here me and not talk radio and other places. It's an obstacle because. Putting is what what do we force. Said the paper someone else's health care or welfare. To the extent that we are. Ernie and know that the GOP that folks in the GOP Republicans still say that that is purely. And -- a lie. Because the takers out number the the -- I don't care what the tax code says and who falls in this tax code or whatever. What's happened now is it is more virtuous to take from somebody give to somebody else even if they haven't earned one damn penny of it and when they get the aren't even great. Hopefully. And I've had about enough of that to. And up with a sob stories with the government that spends four trillion dollars on a year. And I'm not even talking about unfunded liabilities. And when I was talking about state budgets all of which are exploding -- certainly most of them by local budgets which Ratigan -- all the rest of us who work. For some reason we're supposed to feel guilty I don't feel building one damn bit. I'll be right back. Yes it's true grit my glove in new stuff. Fastest growing radio show -- America. Among women show was back -- 877381. Marine -- mom. I -- have a little fun. What we've been having fun had to wait I know some of the stuff stuff. But. I want to tell you why they hate Sarah Palin. Because she really knows how to get under their skin like no one else. And she did it at C pac. And I'm gonna play two clips. In just a little over a minute each. Let's play the first and actually number seven mr. producer. At the beginning the first speech or thereabouts. Cut seven go. Now when you -- -- here. And there were some really the only non -- The election results and her fellow Americans -- despite any evidence lead to double down on quote the Sheen GE end this stages of the beltway and there's not a puppet. At and that's. Are -- yeah. Because they said. The train if history who has weren't you -- laugh so jump on the ball hard or get left behind. But. Something happened. Yeah it changed. From I can't keep campaign slogan. To our reality. And along the way. Hoping to change. Yes we can he came you know you can't. No you can't log on to the next night. You can keep your health care. Oh yeah me your phone call without. Michelle Obama know -- yeah third time did we -- -- Now. One more that caught our attention. At sea -- Saturday. At eight go go economy limit I don't know what's that. You know cruise was mocked for doing doctor since he was doing Dr. Seuss. To let his kids -- -- in the senate floor and of course the left jumped on Manhattan. Did what they do. Because it was it was a terrible mistake for Ted -- to -- from Dr. Seuss. It was just a personal matter when that Bill Clinton was sent molesting women in the Oval Office so you know weekend. But here's Palin. Mocking the left on mocking crews. On Dr. Seuss headache go. I did and his Uncle Sam. Yeah. Here's yeah. I. Not like he's dirty tricks or how they love me and cook -- months. -- like -- congress. I did not like they're friendly deal. I do. And man. I do not like -- yes the key yeah. Yeah. You -- like this then he was very worst -- -- we know there's nothing read. I do. I had not real quiet when I come -- and vowed they. I didn't do not like kind of hope. And we want to -- yet -- no no. Really perfect really effective. And I you know why Mike Barnicle mr. nobody. Well not mention the guy I mentioned these people as foils they're really irrelevant and -- mentioned in this foils because it's. It's fun to play off of them and I don't do often. But now you know why they hate it. If she were not affected if she didn't troll these crafts and let me tell you some ladies and gentlemen. I went to see pack. I was so honored. My buddy Stephen Bannon. My buddy Dave bossy. In the bright part folks. In the Citizens United folks and all the rest and so many young were crowding around me I honestly I was signing and taking iPhone photos. In its so heart warming. In other same -- there are no cramps. Like the -- Sarah Palin draws. Here. That's why they hate it. That's why people within the Republican Party are jealous of her that she used. People on cable TV and radio are jealous of I admire. And her family. For all the crap they have to put up with and it's -- -- But make no mistake. If she were what they said she is. He would be attacking. -- -- -- When I listen there. And I've gotten an -- a little bit her husband. He's a very genuine down to earth kind. Humble people. And then -- look at the clintons. -- say to myself look at the payment of five children. Not perfect no but no children are perfect no family perfect but five children. Husband and wife. He tried their best. They're good parents. They're faithful to each other. And I look at the clintons. Sleazy. As can be. Their financial dealings. In their personal lines. In their public deceit. And yet. The ruling class and their media mouthpiece is holed out the clintons as the ideal. And trash the -- them. They will never talk about Chelsea Clinton and a negative way to not only they should do what she steps out once again heavily political. And you know then that's the way it is but. They don't -- find good. But the pain was -- Constant. Constant -- Even little trick. It's just. Pathetic. You see here this. This cute article. Who has his own issues his own ethical issues is -- imperfections. Just a leash on her it's -- it's almost like pat loves dog on the left. You really does he mention her you play clip her and they react. It's not even rational. At this point. That's what they do. And so she's gone up an enormous. The following. Law abiding tax paying. People of faith in this country. Wanna go back to a better day. Wanna see America succeed. You don't -- and all the trash. And all the rest of it. Let me suggest deal. To Sarah Palin had not been on my ticket running or John McCain John McCain would have been slaughtered worst anyone's. My daughter went to I think I've told this story I told it on -- And a couple of occasions I don't remember if I've told them on the air or not but I actually I should say. The my daughter went to a rally that Sarah Palin had just a few miles from the house. 25 or 30000. People went to that round. 2008. In an enormous number of people in -- everywhere she went. And my daughter wanted to go and she went. And she came back and she said to -- dad this lady is the real thing she's unbelievable. So a lot of young people identify hair and a lot of young women identify listener Payne. Contrary to what the he radical media would have you believe they don't identify with Hillary Clinton in a perfectionist. Who bravado. Her bullying. The way she carries herself from all these other things. That may be fine at Harvard that may be fine in that. In democrats' fund raisers. But all women don't behave that way air. And my daughter's won and who doesn't. But a lot of people do look up to Sarah Palin a lot of young women. Look up parents my daughter doesn't dead. So I took a much closer look. And she had many great values kind of so. And wanted to be here -- some of that because I thought it was great. India Dr. -- the mocking of the liberals mocking Ted Cruz was hilarious. -- about like -- Two Florida men were both recently sentenced to prison for their involvement any stolen identity tax refunds. No one of the men were trained medical lab testing company. -- access to medical records containing names birth dates and Social Security numbers. And he used that access to steal and sell 5000. Individual's personal identity information to other man. Who would use it to. File fraudulent tax returns seeking refunds now look you know this happens all the time. You know because of the computer age. It happens all the time you know because of retail stores. -- you've heard reports it happens all the time. You need to protect yourself identity thieves are shrewd there on top of the technology. And they're targeting your checking and savings account there after your cash they're after your retirement. I trust -- ultimate to help protect my identity and my bank accounts from takeover fraud and so should he. Make sure life watch services protect you and your bank accounts become a member right now. Before it's too late before if the call your credit card company and your bank and start wondering well did they catch me over there with a five million people they caught. Visit life flocked dot com slash live in that slash LE VIN. From my special 10% discount or just call and use the from a Kovalev then. And get the special 10% -- Call 80457. Locked. 80457. -- that's 80457. -- the network doesn't cover all transactions. Read this Jack. Harvey Weinstein seemed. As worth hundreds of millions of dollars. For movies mostly. Some of the movies are very very violent. Member you wanted to do moving on the NRA and destroys. A man. Who makes maximum use of violence in many of his -- weeks. He didn't occur to him that he was a pompous damn -- hypocrite. But then some people -- and he was a pompous painful hypocrite any kind of pulled back. But he's still a -- a stand full hypocrite can you tell I don't intend to be in movies. Here we have Ted Johnson a variety. That's like the Bible of Hollywood I'm told I have no idea. And he even -- they had any -- Anyway we have Harvey Weinstein. Appearing at the UCLA. Entertainment symposium. In an interview with ten zephyr. Or is -- different but do I give a day. Newly appointed films are. Called for California to expand the production. Suffer with tax incentives. Quote there's no reason -- not to -- here except when you do the numbers here and when you do the numbers in New Orleans this much more attractive financially. Weinstein said in -- and AM on Saturday he cited the example of south Paul directed by whomever and starring at whomever. As a project they could've shot the Los Angeles where it not for the generous tax incentives in the Big Easy. But Weinstein said. The Los Angeles in California. Quote. Doesn't even have to give the same discount quote remain competitive noting the cost and hassle of having to locate actors and other talent and New Orleans. Is an added expense despite their generous tax incentives. So here we have this Jarrett. This left wing not a head. Who -- god knows how much money electing the most radical Democrat. The toward senator boxer doctor now what's yellen Frankenstein and Franken Feinstein yes the other one. Jerry Brown who the hell would contribute money to Jerry Pat -- you gotta be in any. And Barack Obama. And Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton. You know the whole line of my life. Listen radicals. But he needs a tax break. Tax cuts for the rich. These bombs. Are always the same. Do as I say. Not as I do. They live one way. And they pretend enough. They wanna be filthy rich which is fine by me. But they do not want you to be successful. Where the subject. And these leftists and Hollywood are in on the game. The corporate guests are in on the game. And the game is the word to be subject gated. We're to be suppressed and -- pressed. We're all to be equal. And yet there to be our masters and one former another. This guy is super rich good for him but he's whining that if they wanna stay in California they need tax. What every business in California can say that. Given the outrageous tax levels in that state and they're only getting worse. Look what they're going to the central valley look what they're doing to farming and ranching and California they're destroying. Oh well I -- that's California really. Well over half of the vegetables and fruits in this country come out of that central valley and 95%. Of all -- Ethnic come out of the central valley actually 95% of them come out of San Francisco. But those are human not you know what I mean. It's true. And yet Harvey Weinstein. Started once this tax break from Hollywood now ladies and gentlemen. Do you think Hollywood deserves a tax break. Well of course they do because it's one of the main sources of campaign funds for the -- Shortly should get a tax break. We should destroy the Coke Brothers. Yes. We should destroy anybody in any thing. That believes in liberty your make it -- disagree what the left and the Democrats. With these guys deserve taxpayer just just a trial lawyers. Were protective. I'm Obama -- remember that that's right no limits placed on them. And their massive awards I mean after all. Who would live. Along route eight. In Palm Beach. So many of those big oceanfront mansions. Along to slip and fall trial lawyers. So we can't cut them out of obamacare Obama kids. That's like the biggest fat white elephant they've ever single. No way so the trial lawyers are protected in Hollywood will be protected and favored constituency groups will be protected and -- get waivers and not get delays and the whole thing makes sense doesn't it. Because the Democrat party today and they government. Almost one in the same. They need each other for sustenance I say this time and time again. And apparently so do the the -- status Republicans. Not conservatives. But the Neal status Republican what do they do when they -- -- give an example we have a senior sitting senator in Kansas his name is Pat Roberts. But he doesn't live in Kansas and he hasn't lived in Kansas for years he lives in Alexandria Virginia. So really Virginia has three senators it's just that those of us in Virginia don't get to vote for Pat Roberts you people in Kansas get to vote for. I appreciated that shouldn't you have your own senator. Like that. That's what I'm talking. So he wants is tax cut he says it just -- nursed me that people think they can take a script and put it on the Internet. Jessica also he also wants electoral property protection which I'm not against. But he wants all kinds of protection for capitalism and individual liberty except when it comes the only guys that should not should've put him in this box segment. For the speech marks segment are you know what I mean ladies and gentlemen we salute all our heroes out there I'm feeling much better I'll see tomorrow. God bless you America I'm mark the event.

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