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The Todd Butler Show 03/10/14

Mar 10, 2014|

The Todd Butler Show 03/10/14

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Listening to news radio third. -- its cap works because you show. It's time to talk baseball now is -- your head coach Scott Cutler welcome and welcome back. And we're gonna talk little baseball -- the shocker -- into a busy week away from Wichita. And right in the midst of basketball season -- the stretch run baseball season really rolling and -- years of coach welcome. Since we did your first show of the year that a little hiatus and you've traveled a little bit and then that. Certainly this last week -- combination of play a couple of games long beach state Q I got played a double -- to beat some of the weather but lost a game loss to give an Oral Roberts that you make up later -- -- -- Out of that messed up schedule this past weekend to get the Stephen F Austin's. -- -- won't restate every we open up in. -- to games because -- -- weather we're trying to get a third game in and you know we -- first came -- three. AJ last week pitches in just a fantastic job doesn't get the decision -- He pitched extremely well. We came away with a victory in the game to sand -- as a freshman pitches and we didn't get enough shut out seven and nothing and so you know we're hoping to respond and them move from that game. I know that that we -- was a mess from the beginning you'd anticipate that the whether he even talked about maybe taken a one day trip down to Texas down and that's. Play it. Lot of things that -- try to do to get on your game CN Burnett but I know that you look at that felt like it just wasn't real that. Contagious situation what TCU was gracious there -- go to their place three game series tore through their system may be. You know the weather was going to be very nice and you know we're Myrtle Beach we go to get on the plane that much to Tuesday morning and I look at the weather which Stalin and when there's no chance of us playing Friday. We landed which so that afternoon and a look at the weather and I'm going we have a chance to play on Friday so you know since beating Kansas everyone says just wait thirty minutes and weather change that is the truth in Wichita Kansas so. We ended up point two games on Friday and you know I can sit for three the first game one run game we end up winning. It's interesting playing in long beach state cal state Fullerton Santa Barbara because the West Coast teams are really good and taking pictures. And I see if the pitchers tipping pitches -- the catchers tipping pitches and in game two Sampson Davis and maybe our catcher we found that after the game we were different she -- and you know we're shut them down offensively and they were like an average offense in two innings they scored seven runs soon. Then we kind of gave away some pitches I think you're in those two wins so. What a valuable lesson to learn early I love playing the West Coast teams because they do all the little things like that and now they've -- they -- -- -- certain. He was kind of surprised it's taken this up because we try to cover that itself. You know we go from that game were shut out I'm going OK nine innings and kind of surprised were shot out to play Stephen F Austin. And I know their pitchers very good on Friday. He's beaten how grammar or maybe had a no decision. He had there's the batting average against him his name was again right handed pitcher that was 8698. The teams were hit 145 -- Any any time you see that batting average are counting on this guy has something special but it's up. He threw -- fastball down -- away. And it might have been extended off to the plate looking at it from mother dug up -- you don't have the best view of this the Seattle after 44 years like games I thought the pitchers were ruled it out at times. And he shut us out so I was waiting for the varsity over but it took eighteen innings and we finally scored -- in the next moment. Going back to Long Beach you mentioned playing the West Coast teams and they're known for that execution that you talked about playing a lot of small ball and so forth. They're also. Pretty slow a lot of times they take a lot of time between pitches and then all of those kinds of things and and -- there's not a whole lot you can do about that you try to do anything as a team did this heated up a little. It really can't -- you know they're gonna pick pick pick pick tonight instead of a two hour until minute game with the bats that we play with today you know vs the ninety's were it was a four -- -- When you play the West Coast you're gonna play at least this reality and -- you kind of prepare for a there are a lot of trick but the fences. A lot of first and third soon and they do a lot of small things in the game and in the advantage with two strikes and I mean season with two outs they would go on the first pitch of the inning. They continue to do that they continue to play that tied the game so. You know I have learned through playing in the West Coast teams it's our team will improve we'll see that you you have to going to play the small game and we were combining every single day. You know just all the small things that they do out there hopefully will be a better team for playing long beach state and Santa Barbara and Arizona State and cal state Fullerton. Yeah it's interesting that you have that many and one year -- even -- at all with your team that this is going to be slow they're gonna do all this does she got to stay focused and keep well you have to you have to prepare for because of all the things they're gonna do 31 moves to take its second and takes its third. And neither do a lot of things differently than maybe we do in the way in the midwest -- the south and -- on the central part of the country but. You know you learn from and you know long beach state is a storied program dislike Wichita State and they've always had very good pitching in the you know there was a good -- -- -- -- -- it was open went to her play three games with a -- With a quality opponent like that will someone please you mentioned the first game was. One run game as a game where you led most of the way -- just couldn't really pull ahead -- -- they come back have a big inning. Get it tied up -- -- -- at the bottom of the ninth how important are those kinds of games particularly early in the season to. Develop a certain feel within a team that that we are going to win those games. We -- is huge and I think that the earlier you do it more often you can do it as the season progresses but you know Daniel Healy. It's a line drive that tips the third baseman glove and wind up scores from second base and he was excited to the entire team that. You know it's really big -- to have that that attitude that mindset that we can't come back and we have quality at bats and we can hold him down you know big key is his. You know with it if a pitcher goes out goes 123 we need to capitalize offensively to score. Vice Versa if we score offensively -- -- needs to go out there to reduce -- there could you know put zeroes so. You know it's the team building process and you know I've said all along -- like this team. We're we're at right now nine and forward like to be better but at what coach doesn't -- your undefeated so. But we're still learning we're still working. You know this is one of the SSA game. That we play. You wind up playing and then Saturday we cannot pull it. We play Friday we're shut out one to nothing by the good pitcher who bit disappointing games in a -- -- Saturday we can stretch your legs a little bit of position players and hitters. And we made sure that we're really loose for Sunday to try to touch home plate in the guys responded so well here it's good to see him we have huge task come out -- that was. You mentioned it was Daniel Healy who got that the game winning hit. And you know certainly it's easy with -- routinely have a guy like Casey -- in the middle of the order everybody looks to him to drive in big runs so. Is it equally important that some of those guys have that success so when you get -- those situations are just that feeling up and down the dance and it's it's our time we're gonna do this regardless of. Who's up there well it's one through nine and that's what's -- preaching and you know Keeley has had a a fantastic start in the US go SPS I think 21 hits in Keeley has somewhere around seventeen so he's right there was casing that it is one through nine and you know there -- opponents have known as of yesterday I mean -- we took a swing. Injured his hand. And we'll find out hopefully tonight we're we're at with that so -- but so you know he's been promising player and what an athlete he is he can moron he's you know it was a very good defender in the outfield with a -- didn't he was really swinging the bat will also have to wait and see what -- we -- -- from the doctors -- him. You're listening to -- baseball coach Todd Butler we are Latinos -- -- works if you have a question gives golf for 3613. Thirty or you can tweet me at -- -- voice will continue right after this. 425 years solar still places -- the best choice for retirement living by people just like you voted Wichita as best retirement community two years and room continuum of care with in house rehabilitation stated the our services and amenities and commitment experience. D'antoni looks -- -- This telling you also for -- shocker -- we offered shuttle service to all shocker whom basketball games and more information come and visit or -- our website at Hartsfield placed on -- more upscale place community. For a living. Doctor Doug black -- longtime optometrists to WSU athletes welcomes coach Butler and his staff to Wichita State. 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Lawn and. -- Plus get back to the -- -- -- the show last -- justice programming note as we get past basketball season will be good this little earlier in the evening that typically six to seven here's dean knows that. Glad for those -- state -- this -- those few listening out there. And this is in that classic overlaps -- a lot of things going on. What dimension this. This last week it will first was gonna mention you know as you talked about there was the one inning against long beach state the second game of the doubleheader. Three gave up five men and that's that's it pristine information. That you can pick up that may have been taken up your pitches well usually we know they were and because after the series we asked. Stand up because there were tickets pretty good swing since davis' setup and he was pretty much in control that it's part of the game I mean you know wind up. So we're trying to correct it in now moved from there and we will correct that it's good information you know any time you play good quality opponents that you respect. The coaching staff and the way they play the game like won't be -- teams we're about to play. You the information is good after the series and you know they trust you -- you know he might play with a regional or super normal blitz sometimes. You don't wanna -- anymore. -- -- Of the green and I brought it up this because that was a five run inning that other dinner a couple of glitches here and there at the pitching has been pretty consistent pretty solid. The pitching has been outstanding you know the game so we've played we've only had two games. That we have not had quality starts in the fifth inning of course we have pitch counts to deal with their early in the other situations of suspensions but you know coach -- this is. He's a credit to shocker baseball through 36 years in. Here he stays very simple with them and the guys loving. Every day is fifteen minutes with a pitching staff because of slow. Any sits down with a many can cover anywhere from 300 topics of the game pitching on how to hold runners what pitched -- throwing situations pitch counts. You know all parts of the game that he's learned through all the years she his knowledge so. Standout players enjoy you know working for him. He's very positive manner and so is our pitching staff. The one thing about our pitching staff and our fans need to know when we stretch every day for practice. They have more energy than any any group are feel more so than -- hitters then maybe that's why they're so successful that other clapping enough. You know with the new sound system will put on some music. When they stretch and get -- going in it's a fun time watching these guys and pitching staff you guys like Foster -- -- and he's always lovely enjoys full and and kill Lila he's like the drill sergeant he's in control of the pitching staff and in other guys TJ we're really he's going he's something to fear around he's -- he's enjoyed when there's so many guys that have different personalities and -- they're doing very good job at this point because. Let me into the next question -- you touched on just just the mention of the suspensions here now passed all of that in the that's how much has it helped is starting to formulate a better idea of roles on the pitching staff and those types of. And well we're almost through it we have one employer groups from will not be able to -- more and down and we had no thoughts of maybe starting him left in the future but a world was tested. -- you know I would be honest with the it was a distraction but once we started playing the game -- where we usually play well with the with the guys we have they've they've done a good job with this one especially on the pitching staff so. Nearly two guys that. Had to Wear a little bit more -- car Hudson and Dane Parker because they had nine straight games because they were positioned players. And through the NCAA with the pitching staff say we were limited in numbers of relief and we are starting -- and they were gracious and -- kind of staggered so. But there were almost passed it in now. You know this past week it was the first time really that we had a full team and no you don't for the first time for them to play there's new things going on. Probably will be nervous you know let them watch nine games -- hopefully they'll start to comfortable playing in couldn't right guys on the field to play. In talking about the pitching staff and putting guys in their roles actually. There are more than a few new faces on the pitching staff combination of freshmen and junior college transfers and has some of them actually contributed. Earlier giving you a little more early than you might have expected as well I mean. AJ let Ray Kelly -- sand save us a true freshman those three guys have kind of look like they're gonna -- -- -- starters all right handers have all pitched very well. Here Reagan be clear left in a freshman from Colorado is pitched very well with eight innings -- Cody tower from Texas. He was again in the fall itself they've had a little bit of command issues. And now we're tell him coach image of myself we're going man you have good stuff. When the lights come on in the spring you're going to be there he's been there when the lights come on we're proud of him Foster free markets that it is the closer. He sets some opportunities is a couple of saves I think PS3 now. He's past suspensions so we can use them a lot more than one time we can hopefully. -- Obama left handed pitcher from back from last year. He's been very good very effective brought in the other day left on left. -- left handed hitter from Stephen F Austin was hitting 360s. Excuse me 563. Vs left handed pitching. I looked at Brandeis that they sit -- 563. On lefties. Kenny is what you -- -- us -- let's bring in Palmer. There's a lefty he struck him out so we made that you know we actually make the right call together -- -- -- junior college supporters pitched really good Aaron debris. You know he hit fantastic appearances last year he's done very well Chris Gardner we need to get him on the mound. And then we hear from it we need him to respond from Myrtle Beach and have a good downing. TJ looney right handed pitcher we need him to develop in the closer role suited to join Foster. And then Mitch Mac journal star guard her two freshmen that we're we're trying to bring -- You know I think I ask you this question before -- getting into the time of the year now where. For instance this week you've got to Tuesday game tomorrow at Oklahoma State -- you travel with a lot of weeks you're going to have an. At least Tuesday gave a lot of times a Wednesday game as well as. How much do you want to. I have a situation where you've got there are regulars say Tuesday's starter or or even a couple of -- starters start -- time and how much of that time do you need to maybe. Used to get some guys in that need work cut off the week well we're gonna. Definitely have to have a number 45 starter and right now I would think that two guys that stand outer Gardner. Then Palmer. Environment and of course -- who was very successful last year and he's gonna have his opportunities for sure. But you know -- haven't for the fourth and fifth starters are important and -- the piece really game because that you know we're shorten it hit the pitch counts up. And now restored going left on left right on right look at it more as the stats build up with -- more vets for hitters on the opposing team. Trying to have matchups and -- the right guy in the situation so well. Do we need more depth they don't -- guys and I think that he really needs to keep coming this TJ -- very good norm. -- units is working with him on his arm slot and I think if you can figure this out he can be a huge advantage for us as the season develops. 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France's participation delivery area and charges be very tough when John you can double cheeseburger pizza just twelve dollars for a large at Papa Johns dot com thirty years. -- better ingredients better pizza Papa -- Doctor Doug Blackmon and longtime optometrists to WSU athletes welcomes coach Butler and his staff to Wichita State. The professional goals to doctor black men have always been to provide exceptional like care to the shocker since all of this patients in addition to correcting visual defects he can also treat many eye diseases and injuries and is accepting new patients as well as continuing care for his long term patients to schedule an appointment. Called green vision grew at 6362010. US shocker. Welcome to deal was -- network's which just newest sports bars host a shocker baseball coaches show -- -- new head coach Todd Butler you know that's when he first went broke last 43 Beers on tap yeah. 43 TV studio has a wonderful menu with the best tasting food in town. 123 Beers on tap 23 TV is great food it's all there it's. It's all free sports fan feels really -- works 23 Beers point three TV's -- -- personal web -- Is news radio with thirteen thirty. They NSS. Stocks shot is based -- soccer side. Head into a busy week on the road starting with a game tomorrow night. At Oklahoma State this is to me kind of an interesting philosophical question. You play your conference games that we get down the road just a couple more weeks conference games on the weekends he got mid -- games. When you're in the SEC in Alabama or Arkansas those conference games were not only important in the league the car PI teams are playing great talent. And then you know mid -- games I'm sure we're important but. At Wichita State you have the conference which is obviously important that she had the mid week games that against good opponents that can help European so how to use. How do you balance the importance of the -- a little bit. Well I mean the conference's number one we're not there yet so you know when you look at playing in Oklahoma State Nebraska Kansas Kansas State. He all the teams that are in our area you win the midwest when he gets down to selecting teams in a regional with your RPI isn't. And your quality wins since may be your -- losses hopefully not in our case it's up. You know the U wanna be higher than everyone else so in our area we need to beat these teams know -- -- -- it would be nice to. -- quality teams who we have who were all good Oklahoma State regional team Kansas State last year regional team. Nebraska we played Missouri would play Kansas. And in the other schools so it's it's very important for us and that's one thing that we talked about as a team as a coaching staff as a group together. Then each day is important. The one thing with our club I felt like. We at times we've walked on the field just anticipating a victory and it takes a lot more effort and it takes tremendous. And intensity. To play pitch by pitch and focused. And that's what works driving to do right now to learn to play every pitch to not take a -- off to not take of that or breaking ball with two strikes. To not take a fastball down the middle with two strikes to sell off pictures to put pictures in place. And already OJ Simpson had a runner at third base with two strikes and put the ball in play in the short run. Those things are important when the -- and I -- from him myself so we're trying to play that way and and it's taken a little bit of time. But the guys are going what we're saying how they respect what we're doing the effort in practice and the things we're covering. We should continue to build and improve. And that's the sign of good coaching and quality team it's flying in and hopefully a talented team is playing the game right -- One of the reasons I asked the question because we were talking about pitching assignments and and he talked about kind of settled into now for for now at least to -- weekend rotation but. Certainly played the kind of schedule you are it's it's a real plus if you have guys who you're gonna start in mid week that you feel like or are right there if if not quite with your weekend guys just a slight notch below that can give you quality starts and it starts on the ground. I mean the pitching is worth sat down and say hey you wanna be better -- than your opponent. And so when you look down in the opinion what they can't throwing. You know she's scattering the ball that's a good thing for the shocker that -- if you see the -- going down and away to that catcher's Mitt pretty. You know fluid and give it you know it's probably going to be a battle when you have to think as a coach what things can we do to score. But it's you know right now. Our pitching staff hasn't been hesitant to point 16 ERA in teams are -- 233. Against our pitching staff so they're they're doing a very good job. But the midweek games you know there's going to be more intensity in these games now we're played. Closer. Teams that are located near us. So there's some history to the rivals of the past Oklahoma State. Wichita State that's been heated -- along with K state Kansas Missouri Nebraska. Even long beach state -- think we've played for many years so. -- it's a fun time when things are like right now is signed yesterday and today the sun you can feel what I understand. How you can show -- the heat off the -- -- the field. I like that because when it warms up pitcher seemed to throw harder. And they start loosened up and sweating and getting a lather when they're pitching. In the ball travels when you hit it so it's starting to get baseball weather in Wichita I know it's March Madness but we're gonna enjoy that. And we're gonna try to go down there this week in you know tomorrow play Oklahoma State but the weather's warming up that's good thing. Any any sport any any team. Obviously. You if you wanted to develop a consistency. And and baseball's maybe this for more than any other two to develop consistency of what are you what are some of the things mentally that go into really developing a consistent basis you know it's a great question. To me individually for players. Is not looking at last at bat. To build. Look ahead when you strike government get the guy in -- terms -- baseball it doesn't happen all in your heart successful. All the time especially as a hitter but the leadership part of demanding from your teammates that's one thing that I'm continuing to push. Our coaching staff fears. It is friendships if you wanna win friendship should move it to the side. You can be friends after you graduate from Wichita State -- hopefully some Major League Baseball but for now demanding from your teammate. To get the job done and to do and and respectful way. But to know that when you speak. That that players listening to you so these older players that we have we have eight seniors. Get these guys -- to. To give the other players to follow them to build a team that is presumed every pitch and when you start playing every pitch you can fill in the dugout. Every pitch is important people are moving and shaking of the pitches away your jerk and work to do you strike you know you're trying to get that hit the fall in. You're you're watching them make a diving play like Tara Kirk at shortstop this week you made a fantastic played played extremely well he's a tough quarter and you're just trying to build that toughness. That you know when you put on that shocker uniformed. Yeah you gonna lose some games with it when you put on the Jersey that says shoppers we should not we should have that attitude that room when each and every -- -- We talked a little bit we just talked about the teams the area the names of people know that we talked about some of the teams you played in Myrtle Beach that are good programs and and how about a Stephen F Austin over the weekend and how do you feel -- -- scheduled at this point in terms of the competition that is provided to to give your guys -- tasked with developing those things. Just -- that we know to me central Arkansas SA US we're still I mean we kind of you know 6173. In 21 to two in the you Kenny made it through that we can -- Pretty easily I would say central Arkansas's good test because there -- regional teams last year that lost to Mississippi State who went on to finish second. New currency team and I'm kind of follow when we lose a one run game in Myrtle Beach to UConn they bring in a very good left and pitcher named K. One of the best lefties in the northeast and find out after the game and he can assign it a script for the rest of the game at UConn. -- Florida. And -- also at thirteen it's kind of probably when it warms up from the get outside more they're going to be more improvement or piano -- George Mason. Coastal Carolina it's been a program that's been winning for years she's going to regionals and super regionals. Long beach state to -- was big test. They had a good lefthander the first game right hander that was 1995 the second game that showed itself and it's Stephen Foster and I thought that. Their pitching staff for three starters were very good if we keep it in their bullpen and we could score some runs so. Stephen F Folsom -- seem to compete self confidence you know we get to Oklahoma State. Now obviously a real test here. And a good program Josh holidays doing a fantastic job they're very good coaching -- good players Santa Barbara has one of the best RP guys in the country. It's moving up steadily play in the West Coast teams and then Arizona State. Have been there eight times since 1988. Loss to thirteen inning game and OU and regional. And I'm only -- since 1988. So I'm hoping that we can get two wins against the Sun Devils and not kind of changed the tide here. We had a question. But far from -- and again if you like to join us for 3613. Thirty easy enough to get him so he's already hit the. They urged -- -- -- I would suspect so worker shocker that nuclear program of the sport the sport you -- there or where ever covered coached in the book -- well -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All the -- the urgent appeal were at all. Other social -- Edinburgh. The planners post what are hurt that effort especially to be the sort of Denver they talked about. Parliament then -- or how fast slides or something and it just that -- -- fighters of the they have. This forward your ballclub out throughout our job -- and then curl up and -- -- merger in bookmarks so booked some -- accomplished in the cold Weather Bureau in northern he'd been our M -- that portrait or you're better. Cabinet and looked Slobodan -- the order. Kate good questions thanks for calling down field turf it you don't like say for example the University of Texas their turf is very thick and long. -- you have to hit the ball like twice to get it to the fans so it's more of a pitcher's park. Our park is a little bit of both it's not as thick and long. The ball get to the gaps and travel bit depending on the winds and there's north wind that it keeps the ball in the park there's self when there's a chance for the ball travel. I really like her field it's force maintenance. You know we can get on the field and most any day there's not a lot of work involved I think -- Stephenson did a fantastic job with the turf field. With the stadium that this is the all American club goes his ties to light poles. This the stands are above you there intimidating. The -- forty a Learjet indoor facility I think it's one of the best baseball indoor facilities. In College Baseball we do not have an excuse to start game one. Can not play well. With that indoor facility we can do everything except take fly balls of the -- we can inner squad take ground balls. We can do everything except play a complete game with the also involved that. -- what those facilities now with the sound system that we've put the end to hopefully enhance our atmosphere for our fans and intimidation from there are the opponents and Canada elevator players. I think we're moving in so many ways -- have one of the better facilities in the midwest. Since the question came up about that the turf early turf fields. Including this one would have just a turf infield. Tended to be. A lot faster generally I just did it universally and then -- dirt and grass and and death. He almost needed to recruit if you play home games on certain types of turf to that -- a little bit. Is this field play more like. Grass and dirt and so forth where the guys you recruit to -- on the matter are also well suited to other fields of. -- I think we York city because it's not lightning fast like field turf that we saw from the astrodome -- you know from the cardinals fields I think back in the day. That the turf is not that fast -- it's I think it's in the middle of the fast in the slopes are so so I think it was a great job by. Coach Stevenson picking the proper terms and -- -- guys like that they they they really enjoy it -- mean you can dive on it you're not injured -- great. And we need to dive moral -- -- in place and we get back home. But it's it's a fantastic facility you know when I came up and brought my wife. -- she was shocked she'd never been up here and children the indoor stadium took of the all American to the press barks. Childress all the facilities and and we were both sharks as it had been a long time since I've been up to which talk to see that seat stadiums so. We have an advantage -- tell our players have total more than once. To be a shocker you have an advantage with the facilities that have been built by all the former great players and coaches and major leaders and all Americans and is just a fantastic place. Something also that I know you passed along to them that you felt that I think's important to him in developing a program that. That's the way you want it to be is that there's also. An obligation that goes with that when you put that uniform on him. The first time you haven't proved anything yet -- -- following a legacy of people could have done something special here there's an obligation to uphold this. Well there is that the first week that we started school in August. We have work today. And Paul source only -- put it in the paper. Had a lot of calls and emails about that but it's something I've learned at Alabama from Jim wells who learned different chip urban. In our guys mopped that he they pull weeds they painted we were -- stores we inventory we fixed repaired screams. And we did it for the entire week. I think that shows that we're gonna take pride in our facility we're not gonna -- doors with frustration and things like that and hopefully stay the right path. So that was a good thing. And then when you walk in this into the indoor facility the -- 48 Learjet indoor facility. Do you see all of the banners of the all Americans you see the World Series teams. And the national championship photos and -- -- all the Major League players who played before these players that are here now. And you start to understand the history the pride. The staff for the vision that has gone into building this fantastic program. You're listening to -- your head baseball coach Scott Butler and we will continue from casinos in just a moment. Mother nature has a split personality sometimes she's sweet and since. Hard as an incredibly destructive. So when mother nature's medicine catches you off -- there's just one place to call call the boiler room. Plumbing and water damage restoration had about a group we answer phones went first day seven days a week even weekends and holidays will be their fast through the job right. And for fair price -- licensed and insured and we're glory insurance companies call 7719889. The public. Plumbing and water image restoration. Plumbing license number 6433. One and talk to gain access. Welcome back to the -- Butler -- from the -- does. Straight to get back at this is baseball hot shots baseball season through thirteen games so far and nine and four. On the year and stretch coming up on the road as we talked about. -- -- had a question on Twitter from Chris and and don't think he heard the discussion really supposed to be good to have your Pete fortunately an injury over the weekend to Daniel Healy and just as the prospects there and if it is what you're afraid it might be what do -- well. It would be yeah right you he swung the bat not -- of something in the sand suite completely taken out of the game and you know today's he's a practice he's base running we're gonna find out hopefully something tonight. We've had the -- to Michael Lucas. Which was really lower leg fracture human. Micah green kind of clipped their legs they called for the ball they did a good job communicating. That they they touched each other and so Michael's Michael -- for awhile hopefully get him back is he was doing very well -- assistant. He's been a pleasant I don't wanna say surprise I kind of felt like he would start moving once we started playing he can really run he's very good defender in the mail facility. -- a -- runner down the line it's not a 39 which is flying and he has courage that he was really playing well also. I'm hoping that and we won't play this week I don't seem playing this weekend we'll find out from the doctors were looking at hopefully we'll have a speedy recovery for him because he's much needed. In that line. You know then people may. Need to be event reminded her understand that why you you -- a roster comparable in size to a professional team. It's not quite like capping the same amount of experience through every guy on the roster and while you may have several guys listed as outfielders that doesn't mean you still got another. -- to a similar experience and and so forth ready to step the end when you listen. That we don't have those 500 minor league at bat since they get every year making it to the big -- we might have fifteen beds so. You know I mean a guy that's really played well you know pinch hitting these Joseph -- He's getting that third swung the -- you know total removing bad is -- dangerous that is that's been moving NEC and a triple the other day pinch hit when a third smacked the ball right center so. You know he's a guy you know -- -- -- -- could be -- -- green -- -- Haddix. -- -- also possibly move one of the -- who worsening Cody Bob it's a very good runner good athlete Wes Phillips also. But she's still wanna take too many guys out of the infield the other thing I don't wanna do is start moving guys away from their positions in. He moved one Gagnon that -- move into an. I want to keep players were there at hopefully enough. But right now trying to make the right decision. -- -- who play and you midweek games it is probably do things we can get some guys in their. That scoring runs is the most important thing because if you can score many runs you can get more guys opportunities to play to see what they can do -- McCain's. So -- but will get through it hopefully Daniel won't get some good news on him. Really proud of the way he's been playing and you know I'm proud of our team right now. Will we can continue to improve and I think right now -- developed and developing this team is an attitude. On pushing each other -- -- more because. You know it's easy B average and -- it to do what's been done in this program through the history of time. It's gonna take a lot more effort from our players including coaching staff. You've touched on the -- Micah green a couple of times I want to mention he was named today as the Missouri Valley Conference player of the week 5115. Up eleven in the series over the weekend including a home run and -- guys come along way. You know he has -- -- here and after giving back to my care. He smiles all the time and I'm really enjoying watching him he's been here for a while and and he's a talented strong athlete good -- Smart I mean he's going to be around. Mean he's he's enjoying baseball. Which you know playing the game against us that they were losing and Casey go lastly it's a towering pop up to the infield. In case he's six foot five to 35 this is the biggest play of the game we're loose in the ball game we haven't scored a run. In two ball games now it's the third everyone can feel the pressure. And Casey. Unselfishly. Sprints to first base ball's still above the lights and he continues spring -- second and does a headfirst slide. And the shortstop misses the Balkans it was hit so high and the wind took it. But he slides in the second barely beats the throw and then Micah green has an opportunity because it Casey's -- Gillespie's unselfish hustle for the team. Hits a home run and we end at Times -- taken a week. So but getting back to Micah green you don't use case is an example saying you know what -- unselfish player this guy. This hopefully going to be hard -- have -- have a chance to hopefully play in the big leagues. The voice rendered all the way around basis -- second Micah green has been doing a great job of getting off speed pitches. He has been a tough out with two strikes he said two out two strike hits many times this season. I -- -- home run he also gets -- RBIs late in the game to put us ahead pretty good and I think give us our fourth run. He's played very consider field and you know I would think that he's been in the five hole on -- there could be a possibility of him moving into the formal. You -- and -- recalled -- conversation that chain and I had on a year in the long beach state double header. He's unique in that in the same bat he can actually look bad on a couple of pitches in a lot of times it is -- -- breaking balls or whatever. But he still aggressive all the way through the count and he'll have at bats -- he looks like he's got no chance threw two strikes and then with two strikes hit a bit of bullets of. You know I think he's made that adjustment where he he's you turn in the field with two strikes terming it a fastball the other way and they hang a breaking ball he's right on time. He's a powerful man. Maybe he's a man he's powerful with a swing he sees a very good runner. It's just been a pleasure watching him because. You know it's it's the beginning of the season I think it's 78 hole. Can you want more if he can really continue to grow maybe he can get behind glass he's so there would be nice to have green. Simpson baker deal right here whoever swinging the bat well but I'd like to have a consistent four hole and you know -- pitched around. My kid gets a lot of off speed pitches. In the four hole hitter is -- have to hit some off speed pitches tonight as they see him hitting breaking balls either hang in breaking ball think he's hit two homers and suing an unbreakable. This he continues to that off speed pitch. I think that you might see in the four -- because of the. But the topic your order Pearman has led off more than anyone and and there's there's certainly get back to being in that spot. -- getting on base however not just how many -- she did you know jitters and very good job I expect a little bit. More throwing his on base percentage probably needs to climb he's a tough out. Maybe it's -- -- crescent. The other day voted the first pitch of the game. And I'd rather save that weapon for when we needed later. The first pitch of the game two months kind of you know I had I think we could save that I'd rather him take pitches in and hit a double at that point but. These fantastic base runner. I mean he can still second base on command he's working on still only thirty stole third the other day. And he can be a dynamic. Leadoff man I still think there's more to him I'm demanding from him. I think he can be the best lead off guy that I coached in my career. These -- today and really working on -- down the -- the -- he can absolutely fly around the bases he has great and exceptional speed. And we really like him in the lead off role but we definitely want more from him. But two holes you have somebody that's ideally suited for -- -- you know I think it's they would defend I think our players make -- surveillance I think Jason Gillespie like Simmons running him because he's left handed hitter and you know he can kind of see what's going on. Even though Casey swears she's comfortable with -- -- -- he's a seasoned veteran had a fantastic year last year -- starting declining had a good weekend this weekend. He's a tough tough player and he's tough on himself at times. And he just needs to play and enjoy playing and I think he has a chance to play at the next level after being a shocker. He is an outstanding norm from the outfield he can run also. But he's -- putted very well in the two hole. Which brother and hit it -- -- I think this is season keeps warm enough went on his first home run which really surprised me strong of -- player -- is. But he's a line drive contact hitter he's really good when he stand middle opposite field. And don't really like him that you hoped he could also written for you if need be but I think the tools could start. And he talked about some of the guys through the middle of the order do you like camping with with everybody hitting with the DH do you like that nine -- of the almost a second leadoff weird ideas are really do and like for that nine -- -- -- you know we've got to can run together can push fun. He and I can look for that yet to be able to run for German come up to maybe hit and run store for runners. Feel like again like -- Parker's not the fastest corner on the team he's steady glove that you can hit and run and he's a tough out they can. We swung the bat very well also are like to put a speed guy in front of him so maybe we can sort through runner but that nine hole and any security over back to the top. And I think you'll see someone would speed that's got most of the time to complement her lead -- hitter. We'll talk a little bit about the upcoming schedule this weekend. Got around things out here and are taught Butler show from dean arose when we come back. This is a story about Steve and he just got its first big job the only problem is they don't offer dental insurance. He went to delta dental KS dot com Steve found that delta dental of Kansas offers quality dental coverage at a low cost. 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Plumbing and water damage restoration had about a group we answer phones went first day seven days a week. Even weekends and holidays will be their fast -- the job right. And repair cracks were licensed and insured and were -- -- -- conference call 7719889. The public. Plumbing and water image restoration. Plumbing license number 6433. Promoting healthy communities is one of our top priorities at Coventry Health Care. Our health benefit plans work for the people of Kansas. From large companies to individuals and our health benefit plans offer a -- provider network prescription drug benefits wellness programs and more. Go to www. CAC Kansas dot com for more information. Health insurance plans underwritten by Coventry Health Care of Kansas and Coventry health and life insurance company. Steve mackintosh intend where -- together on the radio every morning on K and -- I'll have all the sports including of course the latest on the shocker we also bring you the latest local regional and national news and what about weather and traffic business news Charlie Osgood and plenty of interesting observation -- in every weekday morning six to 9 AM -- -- in the morning news radio thirteen thirty K and a sense. Listening to news radio thirteenth. Look at factors -- bachelor show has wrapped itself. Evening and that's certainly thanks all of you state what is through all of our coaches shows this evening. We have touched on the schedule coming up at Oklahoma State. Tomorrow night in Stillwater 631. Pitch will be on the here at 610 and then it's on to. Santa Barbara for the weekend and from there to Arizona State talked a little bit about the pitching rotation. For the week well I think we're tomorrow restore Chris Gardner and hopefully he can. Curious -- always sort of in the fifth inning -- -- we'll just try to piece -- together from there. Santa Barbara it'll be last week he's done very well on Friday a kind of kill Leland -- gives is that anchor for Saturday that experience. You know hopefully come out victorious on Friday we have that experience guy on Saturday -- -- -- on Sunday the freshmen this done very well. And then buyers on the state don't have to -- with coach Jim it's on Monday at -- were rabbits. In Arizona State you know what's going to be in those games are here those sixteen sure that's a heck of a test -- -- so we're we're gonna really have to play good baseball. You know one thing I'm I'm really excited about -- the first week and we made eleven owners defensively. And I was going word this come from then we've been taking ground balls in the into we have no excuses we've been able to practice. And we had four middle infielders made two errors that they -- we made 33 others so. But we've only made eight errors since salute that first weekend so we've kind of solidified were secure in the baseball better and it starts as you know -- pitching first. Defense second. And in some timely hitting so we're gonna have to have all three aspects of the game going in the next six games. Trip to Santa Barbara how -- set that up as far as it says it's big change to time -- as far as they're getting their practicing and that's sort of thing what we're gonna fly out Thursday morning early -- -- right here which tore think what connection cargo and Billy acts -- -- to try to practice at Santa Barbara. -- night because we're gonna take wins they often after Oklahoma State if we can perform well. With him will practice thirsty -- -- -- play Friday Saturday Sunday jump on a plane had to Phoenix the Tempe. We'll practice Monday night at Arizona State for Monday afternoon -- -- play Tuesday Wednesday then we had home Thursday. And we have Missouri State. When we start conference play so. You know the real season second season conference room that you know some of the conflicts coming up really your second season when -- -- through your Wii games. And those are playing them in the belly. And I think that's something that's so unique about baseball you are required to take a day off every week by the NCAA just like in all sports there's differences. Taking it day off even they even if you don't get in the gym and shoot him in basketball ahead and not swinging the bat every day and and not. Not hitting your previously it. I did I do not think a good hitter can take two days off I think it computer can take when they often when you take two. I think you're looking for trouble so most of our guys who nearly hit every day. But so there are terms were I know this is a coach when Gwen -- the travel in the practice in nine short -- low energy. I know I think premieres now that I need to rescue team a little bit so why today we practiced for an hour and a half but it's up tempo -- -- but these chances. And we did our defense run defense which took BP into a bit of -- trying to break a sweat at the end. And you know you kind of. -- shortened practice schedules. But you're still trying to cover rethink this not only -- few times. You know we've we've touched on this before too but -- It's interesting to DNA first year's situation and even though you have some guys that have been around the block a few times this is your first time working with them and coaching -- so. It it's a learning process for years as far as what to expect from how they're going to perform. And now you kind of take that up but not with the competition that you consider the next few days. You know what that this weekend I could really feel the competitiveness and myself. You know I wanted to argue with them first more. I was a little bit more frustrated on some calls. And and there are always right I was wrong the emperors always right you -- -- -- you know I can really feel the the energy of you know. Good morning to win the will to win. And I think that's a comfort level for me. So maybe the players need that and I I think it's starved -- really demand I think it's too. Two argued. We don't get the call reporters for their tails off I just want effort every day former players like -- -- fans enough. Then we'll see we're pleased that it's a fun time but it's getting warm and he had to fill the sunshine and I'm loving that. And you know we've had the advantage of the indoor facility to -- to get out so commonplace as baseball. What's great to get back to doing this still going to be a little bit scattered sporadic QB on the road next week but certainly settle into the regularity of baseball and energy say it's. Today actually felt like baseball season. It did it was it today it was a fantastic day at the -- bit of a sunburn on why combatant. It's a fun time and I'm just anxious to see how this team develops. If we can continue to improve but one thing I was disappointed about we did not want her back to back losses and we've had -- -- So I mean really true we can't have anymore I -- if we drop a game we have to respond immediately the next day -- the day after. And get back on the winning side and it can't be two in a -- so well they understand what's demanded government. As we continue through the season they'll be more things -- more challenges and has baseball the great game and that's tough game. Coach thank you look forward to seeing you tomorrow thank you might. Just great coach Todd Butler Wichita State at Oklahoma State tomorrow night 631. Pitch will be on the air at sixteen and that. And then the game times central time this weekend at UC Santa Barbara 5 o'clock on Friday 4 o'clock Saturday. And 3 o'clock Sunday machine Dennis we'll have the games in his capable hands and then at Arizona State. Next Tuesday and Wednesday so shocker baseball really rolling and hike here. And we'll be here just about every Monday with coach Butler here. -- -- us thanks to gain us for hosting all three coaches shows tonight and thanks to all of you who joined -- Fred -- our producer on site. Joseph Hart hit -- in the studio. And we thank you for joining us -- coaches night here at Stephens.

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