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Mon 3/10/14 Hr 1 JBS Thaddeus McCotter, WJR; Bill Roggio, Thomas Joscelyn, FDD; Francis Rose, Federal News Radio, Jeff Bliss, Bliss Index.

Mar 10, 2014|

Thaddeus McCotter, WJR; Bill Roggio, Thomas Joscelyn, FDD; Francis Rose, Federal News Radio, Jeff Bliss, Bliss Index.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening I'm John -- this is the John bachelor show. I welcome my colleague and co host that is what Cotter. From Detroit from WJR the great voice the Great Lakes. -- -- Cotter is a recovering politician has much experience in Washington he's now returned to the bosom of whose ancestors he -- in Michigan and happy for it. And there are three items that I would like to discuss with -- is this evening one about the Republicans and their future one about the Democrats and there. Imminent future of the all nighter at the senate. And one about all of -- this surveillance that is constant and everywhere by. National security operations whether they're in Moscow Shanghai or Washington that is a very good evening -- the first attention. Tonight is for a piece from Greg Sargent who writes the plum line the Washington Post. It's a sergeant is an under Scott is liberal. Very careful a blogger who would now celebrates. His success at the Washington Post and he has an item today that is striking because he's very concerned with the fate of the Republican Party. And that's generous of him he has stats that show. That in swing states New Mexico Arizona Florida Nevada Colorado Virginia Georgia North Carolina certainly some of those are major swing states. The Latino electorate is going to rise considerably. Between now and 2016. And there's no end -- -- Mister mister sergeants point is that the Republicans are not anticipating this are not planning for it. Are not looking into the future especially in the intransigence. All about the immigration reform do you query with mr. sergeant at the Republicans are not looking into the future good evening to effective. A good evening John -- for the record the ancestors are from and from county Ireland. Thank -- there. And the reason were at the recent word that Jersey pride drank well our money before -- Chicago all right -- -- of your ancestors once removed Atlantic Ocean yes please contingent. Well I I appreciate how and under Scott as liberal as you put it. Which makes me wonder what it disguised liberal is tough you know some group all day gonna save the planet teacher. But his concern for the Republican Party seems to me to be very well placed and the Republican Party especially when they talk about immigration especially when they talk about the Latino vote. They start to talk in the sounds that the the way it sounds Jonathan talk about the other. As if there is some other group out there that isn't. Going to ever vote Republican or ever being included and even I say this especially for the opponents of any type of amnesty or immigration reform. Is the way that they phrase it is off putting to the very individuals even if you're. There's no effort to even try to convince them -- the Republican Party has a concern in this issue or concern about them. The that's stats that are offered here showed that the Republicans are moving in two. They're moving appeal. Against the Latino vote presuming that it turns out presuming that the vote matches the rise of the electorate. Now the puzzle here the Republicans concede this you can't argue with numbers and you can see that. A a vital part of this country has always been immigration a vital part of his country have been well such as you just mentioned that -- Your ancestors from -- Ireland my mother's people from Persia my father's people from England all immigrants. The puzzle for me is to the Republicans talk about immigration as. Part of the strength of America do they see that it just continues that is not going to stop here in 2014. I think the wave the Republicans to talk about immigration is far too corporate in the sense that they view it as bringing in. Labor especially skilled labor for corporations. Which tends to alienate him anyways the blue collar democratic vote competition for that some of the I T workers that are out there being replaced by cheaper labor brought him. But they viewed as an economic construct not as a beacon of freedom -- -- -- some asylum construct. And not as it basically I humanity and human effort to improve their locked. So I think that the way that they do address the issue tends to not only combined with -- off putting language. But they they really missed the real ability to communicate because the Latino vote especially I don't discuss my wife's. Obviously Hispanic. Father in law from Mexico immigrated here got asylum. And the way that the way that it is message to them is you have to with -- that are very conservative so many ways that the Republican Party doesn't even try to connect there. Very well. Moving to the all nighter at the senate this is hard to believe you're all going to think I'm making this up you can check your C -- right now. 248 members of the democratic senate are holding a talk a -- tonight they call themselves the senate climate action task force. I pulled up on my web -- Washington DC at night I'm watching. The traffic along the river here and I'm looking at the Washington monument and somewhere to the right of the picture. The senate building has lit up because they're going to talk all night about climate change Harry Reid is the majority leader. Kicked off this all nighter 6:27 PM tonight. Talking. They're talking for action for climate change now. But the facts here are that the Democrats joined with the Republicans. In in rejecting a fee on carbon pollution just last year so. There's a lot of talk here without following through. What does this do for. The country Thaddeus I understand you get into a bubble in Washington and and legislatures believe their leading Americans. To be recognized that there is something. Kind of silly about talking all night for climb much effort climate action when you're doing nothing about it during the day. Well there's two things one. I think you hit the nail on the head by reciting their phrase talking for action and plenty who really subscribes to that theory has a problem. And when you talk about they're going to the senate floor. They're really just preaching to the choir they're trying to show the environmental activist. Wing of the Democratic Party that they're serious about this and and fairness to that wing of the party I don't think they're going to be fooled by confusing talking for actions and so what are they trying to accomplish I don't know I mean Jon we live and you know in the communications revolution we get these things called remote controls. And I don't know who's gonna watch this fiasco on C span. I'm trying to watch it on the web cam. And I at least I'm participating long distance I'm about to switch my webcam to Bali I walked I like to watch the elephants walk about this time in the morning in Bali. Now to a matter that concerns all of us I know that racist -- only Republicans symbol that I can actually find that in court. When he elephants walk I recommend everybody Bali has an elephant walk and you can see them at -- they'd like to swim around there quite plentiful in the morning. And it's coming mourning in Bali to our investor likes volley and think I like -- elephants. And they're friendly. Two mr. snow who will is celebrated today I think he was on a feed from Moscow to an event in Texas that said. It's about high tech and IPOs in people making billions by the time their thirties and good for them because they create a lot of jobs but inside all of this. Is the question of surveillance and the NSA. That is from watching the news from Washington at least since. Snowed this revelations. IA. Grown. Very unhappy. With the presumption by my government that it can pay for surveillance. They can take anything it wants from me listen to be any time. And use it in some fashion that said to be protecting me. Do you regard that as. Out of control Thaddeus I mean this is not something I don't remember ever voting for. Well I certainly considered overly broad and it's certainly an infringement but the way that it is being portrayed as an infringement. Upon the proven innocent and innocent until proven guilty. The assumption then becomes is that your security requires you to sacrifice liberty. To the extent where they can surveil you based on keywords which last I looked was not. Probable cause for anything other than perhaps to get out of thesaurus and used different ones. The people who are serious about harming America are not going to use those words are going to be very cloak and dagger very secretive very sneaky. So to me it strikes me John that in response. To a crisis between experienced tragedy on September 11 what you've seen over time is. The lack of clear thinking in the lack of -- more targeted approach instead. A program has just rambled on under the guise of -- national security. Do we -- election about this that is sir Ken Ken members of the US government get the point without us forcing it upon them. That it's not acceptable. To continue these programs without transparency. -- to very tricky proposition for both parties Republicans obviously especially when you watch how mr. Snowden is Matt is. Cloaking himself from the garbled libertarians. To a certain extent. For the Republicans because of their conservative nationals from national security when -- libertarian more closet there in that regard. And for the Democrats who don't want to look as if they're not serious about. Securing America from terrorism so both parties have a problem with this which is why having an election on it may not be somebody either party wants particularly. Pay attention to her talk about. That is what -- my co host from WJ -- the grateful as the Great Lakes and it's -- that it's sunny and -- I'm watching the elephant baby right now they're just climbing out. Those are happy Republicans I'm John bachelor. Or fighting back to the battle space Syria. And the Levine. Jon and Jocelyn and bill rods and the foundation for the defense of democracy they keep the long war journal. We begin with breaking news tonight from mr. Jocelyn. It will be up on the site soon enough. This is not a left. This is al-Qaeda the top ranks of al-Qaeda. And al-Qaeda recruiter. -- a very good evening to you that is the -- my colleague and close continues and I'm certain mr. Cotter who. Fought very difficult contests in congress when he was there during this attack will be keen to learn the facts. Of Zuma who easy -- Well Mohammed Omar was the key recruiter for the -- -- the nine elevenths. Robert you remember included momma not the other suicide hijack pilots who were responsible course during the planes that day. Tomorrow is senior al-Qaeda operative somebody who had direct ties of course still Keisel senior leaders couldn't stop them on -- -- zawahiri. And I believe in 20032004. And 2003. You'd actually arrested in Rocco and US government. The decision I disagreed with I decided to send them off to Syrian side regime to be to held in in in the -- Syrian prison. Well according to multiple reports now there were reports earlier this month that have now been confirmed by various other sources including by -- John Rosenthal from martyr. Ready -- -- monitor to -- been freed from prison in Syria and exchange force here army officers have been captured by jihadist. And it is freedom has been negotiated by in a idling group caller our shop. Which we've done a lot of reporting on -- this is tightly quote we -- crises leaders that. And what are you see the outcome I mean I think you're right about this that they negotiated his freedom in return for some Syrian. A military officials how common of a practice is this going to become and how -- risk are we for more people such resume are being released. Well it it Torre common practice in fact I warned. Last year congressional certainly twice spoken -- September and Turkey doesn't thirteen that tomorrow was somebody that -- were looking to three this way. You know I did that on the record that is coming so that is something that was there could be foresee before and I think it just telegraphed their hands as what they've been agitating for. David trying to spraying -- much talent from prisons as possible. In fact you know -- kind of number I was Simon although I agree represented until he was assassinated in late February. The guy named Abu I'll -- -- -- guy it was cold companion a fact of month to mark he was freed from prison. In the wake of the revolution. Interior actually rose to become beleaguered chief represented here. Is something that we weren't about on the -- now there's a lot of what we call not just the new school talent not just the recruits from your ordering everywhere else flooding in Syria. But there's now a lot of old school talent in -- Syria again these guys are back on the street. I mr. -- you know you report on of a sad story for the families spot in its important to understand what's happening in the in the battle zone. Because they're changing modality of suicide bombers you write up a young man. Very handsome young man from Denmark and another -- Simone young man from those Pakistan are being eulogize by crisis why bill what do they do. Yet getting John and this is the ice is of course he's Islamic state of Iraq and should have listed. Used to be al-Qaeda affiliate in Iraq and indeed it's overstepped its bounds consider it a bit so -- they're on the outs right now. But still a violent jihadist group that. Seeks to conduct attacks in the United States. Com and so -- -- script it just just north of Baghdad -- to keep in mind that's only one small segment. Of these -- of late this is operations throughout Iraq. So from September 11 2013. To them to march 6 of this year. Really by as of thirtieth it's suicide bombers 24 of them as far as I can tell based on their they're not big error. Palms are far and -- yes you mentioned to one of them. Is in Danish citizen -- in his back there's someone that they Skype apparently from the -- and so we can be Afghans or Pakistan any perhaps is that there's. Seven from Democrat which is north Africa's -- from Tunisia. The street from Egypt streak and serious so al-Qaeda in Iraq or is that these policies in Iraq and jam. Is. You know it's it's always going to lauded suicide -- what they're telling us here is we have a lot of foreign recruits. And we're using them and using them to back in all of many of these attacks. That they they celebrated by the way by no means they all of the attack. These are just bluntly they seen the eighteen to publicized. In all major attacks where scores of people were killed and all in one of them at the transportation ministry in Baghdad. Overriding security. Headquarters. The weakening which is the tribal -- -- kind of tribal militias tax on them as well. So that group is alive and well and fighting successful terrorist insurgency in Iraq. Brother thought T Al Denmark -- whatever his real name is -- he's daddy's gone. He blew himself up -- what we're looking at here is that the enemy is getting stronger much stronger. They can recruit from all over the world and these young men turn themselves into bombs. Which explains -- they put the bios -- me. Lie and dies. These poor misguided individuals who turned in memorable -- suicide murderers. I -- bill and Tom the question is. Within the overarching strategic. Concept by which the enemy is working. How crucial to them hard has continued influx. Of suicide bombers and Howell pervasive is it going to become within those strategic operations bill. Well it's important I think I beat them what are the big the important things for this is the groups that control. We were able real popular not just cure in our own country but more popular throughout the world and people there a common blocked to fight with us. And that the fight alongside and that's what I think the message like -- shows an adult because they have the capability. To recruit. And get these these fighters over there and train them and and convinced. A westerner or Egyptian or Tunisian or opt in. To become suicide bombers it is a very powerful message. If they happen it's just. Look it it's no secret that foreigners conduct suicide attacks in Iraq and it was happening when we work. -- we work you know during the trip before and after going to surge in Iraq. However that al-Qaeda -- English is being -- these -- in Iraq now has been able to sustain. It states since 2004. It shows that this this is a movement that has staying power. -- Well I think the of what it is is very important for the reasons that -- outline it by these guys are. Shock troops -- suicide bombers should go in and -- Going to dines is spectacular fashion strength carry the flag forward. And that's an important dynamic on the battlefield -- -- the right to greats like psychological blow to their enemies. That said you know will we see really here are certainly -- development in terms of how these. Recruits from foreign places -- falling in the scene that they are divided between places in the news or front was living competing with Syria. And other groups and so I think all these groups are basically drawn from the -- fighter pool. John Jocelyn and bill rod you know of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. They keep the long war journal that is a very careful chronology. The enormous number of attacks that are coming Andy claims of credit when we come back we're going to turn to. New attacks and interpretations Tom's going to speak to an al-Qaeda affiliated group. Claiming credit for attacking Hezbollah that's pirates attacking buyer pirates. And then mr. -- is going to tell us about the scariest -- all. The Russians speaker jihadist in Syria in a laptop that is what -- I'm John -- Okay. And John that sir my colleague because that is hotter. WJR the -- was the Great Lakes and we're continuing with our friends and colleagues. Thomas Jocelyn and we M bill Roger on the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies they keep the long war journal. These next. Anecdotes are on the scariest groups. On the earth there are scarier only in fairy tales were talking about the Abdul Oz number gays in the -- mr. front. Making war on Hezbollah. And then we'll be talking about the Chechens that's right when I say the Chechens in the -- bond. Vladimir Putin's pays attention. Those are killers. First Tom al-Qaeda attacks Hezbollah. What does that mean for the Syrian civil war please. Well you -- reaching things though is that Iran and al-Qaeda have had a collaborative relationship going back decades. I'm Syrian war certainly challenge that relationship and although it continues despite -- reward them. More puzzling development going on. But in recent last few months so he's an uptick in the number of attacks spiked to a Qaeda affiliate groups in ticketed -- duo Robert Gates. Named after 1 o'clock at -- co founders her mentor for some of the month. And he'll -- -- front in in Syria and in Lebanon which is one of the official Qaeda affiliates. And these groups have really started attacking Hezbollah and -- -- directly to attack the running cultural center in Beirut they've attacked. Hezbollah positions at terminal they've gone after her serve or running it as -- interest on several occasions now. This is a byproduct of Syrian -- spillover from that war where you have these al-Qaeda groups going after Iran has blocked. At that race. That's largely because correct me if I'm wrong gentlemen of the mutual defense pact between Syria aside. And the regime in Iran that the enemy of mine -- friend of my enemy is my enemy to correct. Let draining beside regime in the running -- around the inside Iran backed beside urging. What what's really -- and of course al-Qaeda against them in Syria which really ironic here at stated this is really classic piece of blowback in. In Syria and throughout the move on now on multiple levels. This Saturday and actually sponsored al-Qaeda in Syria as they are sending troops and their fighters I mean. To commit suicide bombings and other attacks inside Iraq against American soldiers during the -- Iraq War that now -- village that is sort of come back on them come back on the side or even a big way any sort of -- really -- the opposition to the insiders seem. And the same thing goes for the Iranians who have sponsored al-Qaeda or support a kite in various -- through the years. And continue to allow had to run a core pipeline rights welcome the support you on the front facing blow back there world that is attacking Iran it has splinters. These are hard guys. Outlets -- front hard guys very heart cuts a Hezbollah I've seen them I've watched them. They're cut throats but now we talk about people and everybody gets scared about. Bill this is almost. Grins fairy -- wondering into what we're about to talk about adult lap there's a photograph. I recommend to those who -- understand how scary this war is but I do not recommend to everyone. We're watching an execution scene from a level Hui who or are we looking at bill. Well we're not sure which group apparently some back and forth but what we do know is that the Russian speaking and that of course means. -- very likely from the caucuses. Are very likely yeah attractions. Fighters. They could be with the Islamic state of Iraq and the can be with the only surprise then there's another group all the leisure -- army. They all of them have about tragedies -- a big split with the big split between. Al-Qaeda and views as -- stable Iraq. Are part of the Chechen groups sort of take sidled toward being neutral but it. At this video it's extremely brutal it I don't recommend everyone watched as. Sort of forced to do so with my job. But -- see them speaking Russian. And there's Arabic go back and forth but one of the what was particularly sitting beside the fact that the civilians that are clearly being executed. Is where there's going to be to be killed as that once someone in the group says it is committed to the executioners look this guy is mentally ill. And they still carry out the execution anyway I just. Projections are like he said I mean they are the building manager of Jihad and for good reason they just. Have a reputation on all out in a -- just being. Absolutely -- to be explosions fighters. And everybody wants them on the team all the artists want them because. What is -- -- well liked -- jihadist special forces. Once upon a time they would have been called offers workers they day they fight beyond endurance. There are stateless and their murder machines into my understanding their loyal to themselves ferociously. And what they really want a cut kill as Russians in fact let's be specific what they really want to kill as Latimer potent in the whole of the Kremlin but here they are killing. It looks like builder exe cute in people whom they've caught on the wrong side in the lap of those don't look like fighters. -- keep adding we had a camera Amsterdam room BC children of men with the trial there. -- looks like there's women there as well look like they gathered a group of villagers. Military men aged males and and went through an excuse. Nightmare go ahead thanks. Why. Look detection so I mean while -- -- they would kill Russians they are also fervent believers. -- and this -- -- -- whatever battlefield. All men in show up in numbers and as an effective. There that are. You know like just put it perfectly there's of those workers who would you and you know there's a true believers in these guys. Fought you know against every I didn't end in in Chechnya in the caucuses -- are still going strong -- just -- -- true believers. A big part of Vladimir Putin's case to the Russian people is that unless we support Syria and Iran as wedges. That at that and it and less we back them up against the fight against the Sunni jihadist. Then that Sunni Jihad is coming for costs because Central Asia is largely Muslim. And the emirate of the caucuses will only strike in the Moscow that's the case that that -- makes to his own people. -- I wanna go back to you on this one more detail we've watched. The traction brigade grow in Syria. -- parity is there any particular. Decision recently about what side it's chosen in this battle with -- daddy or did they stand back and let Baghdad misbehave on his own. Well gate so -- percent of which as a propaganda arm they've kind of come out against the Islamic state but still they -- looking for reconciliations. You have I've got him out -- traction he's the guy who formerly led the but the other usual rain or they -- army. Just sworn allegiance to the Islamic state. And you have another group that's called John adult shop that's led by attractions. He's about foreign fighters they merged with the the only surprise then you have bet that the remnants of the emigrants army army of the immigrants. On and that group has said look we're we think that all the fighting between NATO. We need to get a solution. And and get back to fighting -- -- sell its sixty enters its mix. I think really everybody wants that problem go away. Just policy could go. That is so historical questions deny that President Obama. Didn't take the shot against Syria was that the night we spun off into an alternative universe where people -- what where when -- -- now powerless to watch this anarchy and massacre in in Syria. No I think it's been building for some time before that that might have -- That are there climactic certainly soap opera type momentum international affairs but it has been on Tom of rightly called their journal it's a long war. Tom di tale here one more child zoo mar what do we think he does now that he's been released. You know fact clear haven't got any good intelligence -- -- the market doing today but he's certainly somebody who. Will be respected because of his position within you know credit spear going back decades he's certainly somebody who knows -- old school talent. And as we've seen -- other individuals inside Syria that's sort of pedigree by the a lot of cash. And he recruited. -- -- -- -- -- You could not not sign the other suicide hijackers who flew there pilots on nine elevenths. So he is. The attack on new York and Washington he is it. He had been by the way. Those pilots were first for critical fighting jets you know recruiters back out at a vital points. He is most wanted. Is he on -- most wanted list -- is eight is the death card out foreign from the US do now. I don't think it is now. Because he's been imprisoned for over a decade and so the assumption was that three aspect. That is does this make any sense -- a man who recruited the man who launched on new York and Washington is free and we're not running him down we have those drones to what -- There is not a good time to let him a man -- roam free. Mohammed. Sue -- bill a bill Roger -- and Tom Johnson's running up -- are right now on the long war journal you wanna read more and NSA. Okay. Tom and bill and Thaddeus and John we don't -- you watching us find out who -- and tell the drones. I'm John that. -- The Affordable Care Act that is somebody's got to care about a two -- can we spent little time -- -- studies is that okay. But we can hear about those hopefully -- let's care about it I mean you know it was what you'd have to say it was the biggest fight of the 21 century in congress and it continued is that hardly anybody wants to talk about it anymore so I welcome. Frances -- of federal news radio and Jeff was that the -- index. Gentlemen it's just the four of us now nobody wants to listen everybody's leaving the room. -- -- if we don't call it obamacare that they really don't know what we're talking about. This is the Affordable Care Act march 31 used to mean something many months ago. He talked about the website they talked about the difference between in rolling and paying and Medicaid plots and whose signing up and who they are and how much it's going to cost. A begin with Francis not on ACA but on the end I hope of the IRS investigation. Frances I don't wanna encapsulate but last week generalize embarrassed himself. By being rude to another member of congress it was at the end of a pointless day of conversing with. A principal in the IRS investigation. Promise me this is the end of for a. -- -- done I learned a long time ago that I'll make no such promise and that's that it can speak to the fact that you can't. Predicts the irrationality of members of congress. A good evening gave him and -- just to -- as well. And so they're elected decided that after -- -- pled the fifth last week. That instead of just let it drop and get -- there as quickly as possible. He would embarrass themselves. In front of Elijah Cummings the ranking member of the committee in the he's been cameras and so now he's the YouTube star with a video of him. Cutting off congressman Cummings -- microphone and pulling his. Index finger across his stroke you know -- slashed in the throat as a signal. To cut off the microphone. At just about the very same time the congressman Cummings was saying. You're not giving ms. -- a chance to offer up proffer to tell us what she would tell us if she was given immunity at about the time he was saying this is an American. I could cut the microphone off the timing -- not the best. And it didn't do what I keep hearing from the hill is that. The point of this investigation. Into the IRS was not so much to protect the people who were trying to get these. Tax exempt status does. But more so to demonstrate that the IRS was not capable of handling personally identifiable information which they would handle a total of through the Affordable Care Act. That horse has left the bar. And the focus now according to Republicans in congress should be on making. Somebody else namely President Obama. The story for the election not the screw ups that we do so the expectation that I'm hearing today. Is that this is going to be pretty much the end of this -- investigation. -- do another here executed try to save face but this is not going to be the primary front. That Republicans wanna pursue going into November. That is you wanna comment about members of congress behaving badly. Well you can predict there irrationality. It's continual that's a question of degrees where you have to prognosticate properly. It strikes me that I think you're absolutely right it. This is the last thing Republicans want is to look as if -- mean vindictive because that obscures the underlying public policy question and the fact that these policies in question of the current president Obama's watch. Francis a detail here Affordable Care Act to DC health link it looks like a catastrophe but I can't tell you sent me an item recently the DC health link. What do we know about it. Well it's -- originally crossed my radar screen because. Public relations person was offering me an interview from my BC radio show. -- representative of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Who is supporting the Obama administration. In getting people suck it up pretty Affordable Care Act in the district. The district's. Exchange's -- DC health link and this is the marketplace that the district created for people to sign up. We are approaching the march 31 deadline that you mentioned itself only about three weeks away. DC is only signed up about 5000 people. And we don't have a break out at least not that I've been able to find. Of how many of those are Medicaid clients and how many of them were previously uninsured and are buying insurance through the exchange. And this information that this person sent -- said. People continue to sign up every day but a lot of people are not aware of it so apparently they believe at least that there are a lot of people registered to not even heard of the fact. That they can go on the exchange and buy insurance three weeks before they have to have a bylaw. I'm looking at the ceiling that is is there an explanation for how people who live in the District of Columbia don't know about the Affordable Care Act kept it -- is is. Is it is a credible team that nobody is watching television. Well John it's a representative government why should the people in the District of Columbia know what's in the bill in the members who voted on it didn't but it's the District of Columbia. This is more democratic in the Democratic Party it's there bill. There there -- in for some modicum by grandma and -- -- All right let's raced at California Jeff bliss in the bliss index all right you've got a lot of explaining to do Jeff. Because you're sending me covered California statistics. X -- and you're telling me that people are paying these are the people that they've been boasting about who haven't rolled in covered California what's the number we're guessing -- -- Well John how -- I think through February they already had about 820. 8000 people signed up that's not paid. It's signed up and they're getting about 8000 people a day and they think they're gonna come very close to one million goal what they had when they start with this. The work finding out is at least 15% maybe more. Have failed to take any premiums on and so that's a pretty significant -- if it ends up being a million and you have 15% to didn't pay. That's gonna put a whole lot of -- -- California and the whole effort. Does that mean that the people of California don't know that you have to pay -- you'll -- quite a tough. Back as a matter of fact that you know that the PR campaign ad campaign has been just going great guns and they're really they're wrapping it up you. You know this year they're gonna spend about eighty million dollars. Just in California on advertising and marketing itself everybody knows about it you see it everywhere you go billboards TV radio you name it. So this is not something that's a mystery to anybody. Again Thaddeus is it possible that people sign up for the Affordable Care Act and don't know they have to pay. I think it's entirely possible I think it's entirely. Possible because is going to be portrayed as something -- going to be given by the government without any real cost yourself as -- -- and somebody else is going to pay your bills that that is logical Jeff is there any indication that at that they don't follow through on paying because they think it's free. Yeah it is a matter of fact it's crept into the mainstream culture now you see this popping up on. -- sitcom another TV shows -- people go into a hospital doctors thought they say hey it's free and really didn't say I've got my Obama chord with me I don't have to pay delighted. Francis do you hear this in Washington that there is a percentage of people who believe that the Affordable Care Act is free that this is single pair -- a system that you don't have to pay. Well I it will come as no surprise to any of the three of -- -- federal livid at different world here John and we're not thinking about this from the the point of view of the consumer. Of the health -- that somebody would receive from the Affordable Care Act. We think about it from a policy perspective and because the Republicans have done. Such and ineffective job of portraying this as awful and because they've done such. And ineffective job of getting rid of it it's kind of -- now to talk about the Affordable Care Act at all in it inside the beltway yeah. That is -- you were there during the fight in 2010. Did you imagine there'd be a future in which people stopped talking about it that it was such a catastrophe the Democrats won't talk. And and the Republicans have tied themselves in the pretzels and they don't talk. Yes I conducted -- vision of the more complicated and convoluted. And and basically. Nebulous and policy proposal was less people wanna talk about it especially in the age in which we live which my country TMZ. So we're going to get statistics at the end of this month. We're going to be told that the situation is a disaster we're going to be told that the HMS CMS don't really know what's going on and that's okay with everybody is that we're we're going Francis. Well well we're going John is that nobody's been able to explain on the Republican side. To the average consumer. Why -- why this is bad and why they have something better. There're couple plans that are floating around on the Republican side on the -- To replace the affordable care -- reform it but they can't get their acts together to all agree on something. And so that met at the problem here appears to be the messaging. They don't have anything better. And we don't like you -- it's no good it's not good enough for the average person and so until they come up with better message doubtful we'll hear anything. All right let's do -- -- -- Jeff we're talking to California right now do people have to pay for the Affordable Care Act. Oh yeah all right there has got a job down -- -- stick -- to templates of the -- and -- Reds is -- as of federal news radio that he's -- got a W. JR I'm John that's.

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