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Mon 3/10/14 Hr 4 McKay Coppins, Buzzfeed. Jed Babbin, American Spectator. Megan McCloskey, ProPublica. David Sanger, NYT

Mar 11, 2014|

McKay Coppins, Buzzfeed. Jed Babbin, American Spectator. Megan McCloskey, ProPublica. David Sanger, NYT

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm John that this is the John bachelor show. The Republican Party and the young part of the Republican Party very active in these last days and I welcome the -- -- senior correspondent for. -- -- -- Who's reporting on two different parts of young Republicans right now -- have very good evening to you the first young Republican is a member of the senate. Marco Rubio. But he's very young. And he is a man who's spoken out. Top presidential timber Potomac fever recently however he's been wandering around. Looking to develop policies if he is to run in 2016. And you write that. Accidentally on purpose he found a policy that made it very easy for him to make a passionate speech what happened. The -- well so this actually happened couple weeks ago. And other organs but you'd you'd. He was planning on giving his -- about the crisis in Venezuela. -- Marco Rubio obviously from Florida now Florida didn't Venezuelan population there and in general a lot of people Arab opposition. But out he got into his office that day he looked at the Indians but democratic senator. -- -- -- Tom Harkin. A standing behind a poet podium talking about -- -- -- about finding trip to Cuba and it was kind of a very cheerful tribal locked -- speech. You went to a local block party etc. that are. And rubio you whose parents actually let you -- and XP you know that fits you very seriously obviously very. I think it's -- very hard line against Cuba. Decided literally -- book or going under the senate floor. Bet you framed his speech about Venezuela a round of this that -- deterred from democratic well. I and he proceeded to give up fourteen minute. Basically it down and also senator Harkin's -- talking about how. How corrupt and that violent Cuba MB. I can acting it in Venezuela and regime there and basically delivering a very hard line. Speech against communism socialism. -- I wonder if the lesson here is that the senate has become so carefully prepared. That when the real thing breaks out it looks like it looks like it doesn't belong -- it looks like it's a throwback. Right there that's really fascinating every you'd I I think most people aside from you know sit back and assassins who watch this stuff all the time. Assume that there are actual debate sticking place. On the senate floor all the time in reality most of the senate floor time devoted to dispute guys to get up -- Give credit he's -- checking speeches and are often very rambling and you know reviewed dedicated to one special interest corporate other. And so you ought to see their rubio got up there actually deliver a very impassioned and very articulate. At times Art -- -- an indignant speech. Actually did seem kind of out of place and very. State body -- -- comes to me and I'll say at the sugar caning of Tom Harkin and it refers back to him that once upon a time we're going to move bond. Two young young Republicans because -- competence is a very active. Correspondent for buzz feed and -- -- which is an organization and a weekend in Washington in usually terrible weather this year lucky. It was not snowing and the springtime is imminent seed packets attended by. And wannabes and aspiration -- presidential candidates and also by significant. Conservative voices in the party sometimes former politicians. Sometimes about to be former politicians. This year however I learned from the K filing on C pact was also attended by what I would say it was. A wave. Of young young repulse the Republicans. Looking to get on fox TV how Selma K what was what was in there arise when you looked at them. I think I actually arranged to follow around one of these kind of young ambitious drivers named Michelle deal. And you know you have to remember seat talk when it was started. You have to be kind of a gathering of conservative. That was the whole idea that it was conservative activists. And Republican leader in the came together and they were organized grassroots campaign that that are that are now what I found really isn't he acted. Kind of -- networking event for ambitious. Republicans who want to forge careers. Largely in media so Michelle you know you know I've followed her around -- 26 year old contribute to celebrity. She lived on the Internet has created -- a brand -- herself. At a lot it and it kind of a star packed you hear a lot of your listeners probably haven't heard urban -- this crowd. It was buried in the very well amount wandering around everybody wanted to get pictures let -- tell her how beautiful it is. Teller how much they loved seeing -- Hannity that he got kind of represented certain breed of us firing. -- conservative activists -- blockers. Who eventually want to get contracts and she bought it very much kind of the ideal a lot of young conservative. There is an element here in your reporting. Of the fun of college went fraternity rush or sorority. Rush or sorority pledging. Does it feel that way -- packed with these young people that this is the big college they always dreamed of and they are gonna get a contract to go to this college. Yeah it it's funny actually at one point I was walking down the -- -- -- and I heard a couple of young early young guy together couldn't have been older than 1890. And one of them sent to the other just think every one years -- exactly the same way we do. -- -- It's totally -- it. But it but it interesting you know a lot of people are are college students or I'd just out of college. They live in liberal or secular city a lot of the time they go to liberal secular campus and and they're very excited to all get together and -- also sometimes result in some shenanigans. And kind of crazy out party behavior. But yeah it's it's very much something that -- about that young conservatives in particular look forward to. But now more than anything whereas it used to be organized political campaigns or whatever it's about say you know I'm the conservative -- -- man and advance their career. And this is a beauty contest male and female this is this is a pursuit of a prize which is a contract with. Why -- radio contractor a TV contract or does any contract with anyone they'll go anywhere. -- -- -- -- -- -- just want to get paid to be conservative. Basically. You know in particular. You know Fox News. It is very you know at that particular ecstatic that a that they had Upton and young women who want to get on our news. Have adopted out of static day where credit these candy colored dresses -- dressed up they Wear a lot of make up in their. I'm very poised but also at the same time they're expected to have their Republicans are -- talking points down the people -- most successful -- -- like missile -- Are basically mimicking. Making Kelly's and other -- Fox News host. I'm -- channel. But our guys a lot of them want to be picked up by major national news outlet side some of them wanted to talk radio so -- -- be in the next start bachelor. -- basically a lot of these. These guys they want to -- equipment. They wanna be media personalities and it's kind of an amorphous. I entity that -- and not as easy to define bad. Very real and today's. McKay I I celebrate these young people because there hasn't been used in the Republican Party since I was a child I picked it. -- the Republican Party that I grew up in. All of the more grandfathers there were no grandmothers just all grandfather. At least this is going to lower the average voting Republican by about twenty years. -- And so we celebrate -- pack for gathering all these beautiful people but back to Marco Rubio McKay I've been told. I've heard. That you'll run for president -- the Republicans win the senate does he look like a presidential contender G right now or does he look like a man who wants to lead the -- Oh -- -- absolutely seem like somebody who had that I -- why are you talked. Any of his allies. In Florida -- DC people who work -- -- and all of you know nobody wants to admit anything on the record and directly but. They're very much -- They're very much gearing up a presidential run into and out of court doesn't mean I'm necessarily to a one -- -- Is is Jeb Bush who's also been talking about possibly running. They come from very similar communities. A lot of -- -- donors of all that is a common wisdom is that. All of them would probably not sit in a Republican primary. But I will say about speech on Venezuela and Cuba but he gave. I went viral on the right it was picked up by every conservative web -- and I was on talk radio. And it didn't help start to restore is image and reputation among conservatives not how Buick and as I've part of it. It McKay cop and senior correspondent buzz feed on John bachelor this is the John bachelor show. -- And John back. This is the John -- Crimea. 1 morning and Crimea. The Russians take a ship and sink it in the Ukrainian harbor of Crimea that just -- Because they want to make sure there's no trouble from the Ukrainian navy or what's left that to sink a ship. A -- it had happened to start this discussion. Of Crimea the Obama administration and Vladimir Putin. -- very good evening to you that the Russians are playing by rules we've recognized in 19451948. With the period in between between the end of the second war and the Berlin blockade. Which started in 48 suddenly June of 1948. The Russians were tough they were confrontation. They were defense. The Russian zone was dangerous they were spying there was intrigue. Berlin became a place where Americans play rough we push back hard that was the Cold War and here we are 201410. The Russians are playing the same game. They -- freighter to block Ukrainian -- The response from the White House is Jack what's going on have we lost our ability to respond to the Russians. Our fathers. Our generation we were good -- Chad did we is that our fault too we not teach the children how to do that. Well I guess not -- that we must take some responsibility for this but it we have a responsibility for recognizing that President Obama. Apparently believes that what he says is supposed to come true. Billed as a man who believes he can govern by words and not by actions he's also convinced that I guess. That is going to see these guys backed down from anything they don't wanna see on the front page of the Washington Post. Mean that's not the gauge of international diplomacy John I don't think Vladimir Putin really cares about what his ratings are Rasmussen and Gallup. In 1948 when the Berlin crisis started they closed the there highway to Berlin they put out a blockade. And they turn back the American convoy thus began. What was a crisis for the people of Berlin because they were starving there were cut off and Russia man to strangle them and make them surrender it was a -- The Truman administration launched into a heroic effort called the Berlin airlift. We launched and landed at temple -- field it was a winter time there are a wonderful photographs I recommend everybody. To go and look at those photographs how you deal with the Russians is action. That's worked in 1940 Harry Truman it was a good Democrat Barack Obama is a Democrat it's the same game -- what's happened. Well it's not the same team Jon as a team that. Grew up in the 1960s -- 1970s these are people who are used to governing by well really not governing at all there's no leadership there's no. Actual vision of what's supposed to happen. We talk about the way you deal with diplomatic crises is trying to form. A new event that is in the image that you wanted to beat these guys don't have an image of what they wanna do. What they -- ago and when you see things like well on the go back to the Berlin. Airlift and the -- -- cable right now we have the OS CE the organization for security cooperation in Europe. Having said that delegation having sent -- there well the delegation to try to get into the Crimea at a Russian soldiers were firing warning shots over their heads. This is the same sort of situation you're exactly right but there is no team in Washington it's prepared to do -- thing about it. Mr. Obama will welcome the interim prime minister yet CNN on Wednesday of this week 48 hours. And he will embrace the future of Ukraine gets and it represents. That legacy. I'm puzzled here -- because when mr. Obama sits in the Oval Office with yet senate and they show that picture in Moscow. That vindicates. What a love Roth and opener saying about the United States they just wanna make a deal with the other oligarchs not our alarm oligarchs. Well right depends which -- talk perceive you wanna deal with. They can deal with wooten who want to make sure he doesn't have to pay you. Ukraine Freddie -- and so forth froehlich gas pipeline that guy going through there and you want to take whatever he can't for himself to be Shiancoe bit. But all of these people have various level. -- of corruption. I think it's really is excellent half dozen of the other and I don't see I really don't see the point. But what they're gonna try to do in the White House this week John. What can he possibly what could Obama you get static that would that is going to be something of any value they'll probably lend more money article put on the tab we -- China. Well what is he otherwise going to say there's no. Military we're going to give nor should -- there's no economic penalty we're gonna impose on the Russians is going to be a photo op. And I don't think anybody really at this point even gonna care why should people care what Obama gets -- -- do I don't see it. You're making a point Chad that is accurate the mayor the president of the United States has not gone to the American people and make a case. For why there should be this conflict over -- place nobody's quite sure. Where ideas or who it belongs to Crimea has let traditionally been Russian that's what's been grabbed back now. Ukraine is a border land in between Russia and Eastern Europe. Going to the American people explaining it would be useful let's move on to what the president has not also -- is also not explaining. This is the end of the Syrian. Cooperation this is the end of the Iranian cooperation. The president and his counselors are threatening a member of the Security Council -- That's pure Cold War because Russia and China will not cooperate in anything going forward. If those threats continue. Absolutely but they weren't really gonna cooperated wager on an -- that's where Obama. What made one of his principal mistakes the idea that the Russians or the Chinese would cooperate in pressuring Iran to give up the nuclear weapons program in pressuring Iran. War inspections from international he's not that was going to happen anyway all this is do is dropping the shades from the eyes of some people row. Oh dear this really is getting serious now Obama is left in two years with a tatters of his administration that tatters of -- foreign policy that wasn't working. Anyway no pretense allows that anyone will believe that there's going to be any deal with Iran it's gonna stick the nuclear agreement with Iran is now dead. Although they're going to try to prolong. And try that way to prevent Israel from attacking Iran that's been necessary -- here the deal requires. The Israelis to stop doing what they wanted duke. So now we're going to have the scale each point from people's eyes but to try to assemble again very quickly this is something where people are going to want. To pretend that Obama is doing something it's appropriate and an appropriate and valuable. There is no real pretense here that this is going to be the big fiction of the next two years of the Obama presidency. My concern jet is that the American people have be an educated dual move. Where they watched television and if something is presented on television as politically incorrect. They know that the politicians will flee from it and change their positions. That is not Vladimir Putin and our senator -- Rafa or there or the Kremlin. They do not care what our television says they don't care what European television says. They work according to their own self interest mr. Obama does he know that I'm not certain Chad what's your opinion. I don't think he has -- -- John I think this is a situation where. Really mr. Putin looks at the 1990s and early twentieth hundreds as basically at halftime break in the Cold War. He's doing everything -- everything including the -- prop that this is -- humanitarian mission and the Crimea. Everything he's doing is perfectly consistent what the Russians did throughout the Cold War. Obama cannot recognize that or -- to recognize that his policy in the foreign. Policy arena has failed utterly. He won't recognize that he will go to his grave pretending that this stopped well. Janet Babin running most recently in the American spectator were looking at the faceoff between. Washington in the Kremlin. It describes the Cold War this time without nukes but it describes the Cold War and it last much longer than you expect it won't be over by Christmas I'm John bachelor. This is the John Masterson. I'm John best. This is the John -- Russia the death march baton death well. It's a story that told again and again. Illustrates the fear. And the harm of the start of the second world war in the Pacific. The details that matter now here in the 21 century job. The missing from the death marks the missing missing from the starvation and persecution and torture. That the Americans the Filipinos. The Australians everyone who has gathered up and abused by the Japanese captors that they suffered but in addition how -- we find those missing. The question is not an easy one answer and Megan McCloskey of republika. Has done very careful war in extricating not just -- that's significant success of finding one missing man. -- and thankfully his family now has a way of bringing home. Their fallen. But also to reveal the facts now under review always under review with the DOT of the joint prisoners of war missing in action accounting command. Which is shortened you know wonderful. Romantic way that the military does to Jay's stroke pack scored. First let's begin with the story of the death marks one man dies in the death march and his family wants him who was C and where did the family. Notes to look for their missing member -- good evening to you. You'd think having. His payments are -- health service -- and -- -- -- And speaking tight in the death march but. Looking at to make it through. And long about at the largest UW can't ever for America. Bottom -- And it was very for a few months where he died in November night he remembered 1942. And didn't actually know for very long time. Where to look for and they received a telegram 1940s but is it that the U and then -- later receive news of his death. That's all they ever -- The parents wrote letters to -- for years trying to figure out. What happened we get our -- remains. Back to last. And all they ever received from the everywhere letters saying where it happened located and then that was set parent site without any further news and -- until. Husband is picked -- that 84. Years ago that. More of this story came out. And there's something called the individual. Personnel file another lovely military hates. Collection of words there I DP at and that contains all of the information on. Then military. Effort to identify one of our fallen out. There is a grave amassed great and that is the grave they note to look generally. To identify. And therefore we're not having to go into jungles. -- to pursue I had aircraft that may have -- a crash seven or six decades ago. And no one quite she is sure what aircraft and where that's a detective work in fact. I've spoken to you. A journalist Bryan Bender whose -- you are not forgotten is the pursuit of a man who died in -- marine who died in an air crash. And we got to the point where we identified remains and there were. There were names and there were dog tags and there was assembly of that and that it flowed back to the Pentagon process your reporting. Identifies. Right away that they have remains they believed. Could be -- missing family member at cabin not to -- his name was Arthur -- held. I he's the cousin of the man who's looking for however now we come to the part. Of how they know this there are documents that are attached to these mass graves how are those documents assembled. What do when he POWs were in the camp they went to great lengths to use document. That's the so comments around them and they kept the list but everybody died Tuesday. They put it in that bottom line is that -- camp that report. To the military actually has -- very. Take out a roadmap of finding me -- and at each day they were buried in one you know grade. After the war ended in Tampa liberated they went back to wake up to make up pick up these men using this -- you know. Groups of men who they were in what grade but they -- all we sort out the bodies of the men who aren't gonna buy that it's time for varied as. I've known in the cemetery in Manila. Each unknown that's coming up calls and text by. Basically all the information. About this body its height measurements of the bones and he materials that was -- with that. Any anything that they were able to discern the bodies that were able to connect to mean a person that they. That's very they have an X file for but it says it looks like he is -- by now. 81. Prominent. You know that you -- for the Stanley was able to get -- it is a while they compared it to personnel file. And we're able to match up with goals in mind that but had and it showed the fact these same goal in mind. So they did the detective work that you can see on television from a long time ago -- -- identified the dental records. This is the private Arthur -- -- H elder. Died according to the records kept by the prisoners who many of whom died out on their own but this was important at the time to document. The results of these of the abuse November 19 1942. Fourteen men listed that day and he died of pullout grow vitamin deficiency I learned from -- And now we have a good suspect list of this mass graves and a good way of identifying. This particular remains because of the gold teeth now we go back to the original question about the military and the center of all of this and there's a man a scientific director named Tom Holland what is his mission how does he see it. Holland. He has that traditional anthropologists and he is very much rooted in. The old techniques that are examining the bones for news using written records. The interview witnesses of the time in putting together all of those. Pieces to come up with an affinity for movies I'm in -- are. And you put that as a priority over her you know day itself. For somebody to go into the grave and distance her faith but to pick them -- concede that it's accurate it is he wants to have it. Almost airtight case based on circumstantial evidence of looking through records of who this person. -- before pupils take the staff of -- inning which. Means that you can't use DNA and that is the science that has revolutionized. Around the camp apology. Getting people identify its course -- to get them. Out of the ground first in order to use it. Right in the cabin not to -- and dad are were reburied. Individually as unknowns and an American cemetery in Manila this is in the 1950s. And the remaining ten. They suspect -- lives. Are in grade 77. Were in grade 717 and then there were reburied so. While we're doing this pursuit before the success is -- in individual grave or has he been left in the masquerade. He's been an individual -- that everyone -- back up from the mass graves and then Ribery individually. OK so bugs and individually in a great but the army process requires proof before they dysentery is that it. Exactly. And it and it's incredibly rare to have such proof. And it's what would be the key is DNA and and considered you know it's what you get -- on that ground. And here's the part I'm -- I'm sort make -- there's a solution here you laid out the problem. There seems to be a bottleneck in the bottleneck is. Identity is accurate if you don't dig them up. All of that that's a very problematic he. He just has set such high. Bar and he's seen to be incredibly risk averse they are terrified actually -- making -- mistake. Which has happened in the past there in eighties there and the benefits Haitians in the response of term while. And they have you know try this -- of four and balance and unexpected things that they get. These large containers that you do but lots of remains and -- that there are they're very Rich -- Tom Collins. A pre is just 4%. Of all just interment possibilities. To go for it actually take these. My understanding. DNA work for anthropology is that it's accelerating I mean -- at at that where we're and we're dealing with stuff that's the hundreds of thousands of years old now and we're actually looking at. Tracking into the last 100000 years certainly. That has to influence. Where this person came from -- -- grew up how we ate what how he was treat it. Actually infected just doesn't seem to be playing a role. Will take DNA samples. But they called mitochondria DNA which is. Them maternal line -- it goes back through generation and in the ninety's. Extracting DNA from bounces very difficult at first they can only get this kind of maternal DNA like he's that is. Technology has so accelerated baking apple. Multiple different kind of meaning out of bounds and you know that's much more specific -- -- later in the day which would. If you have very strong. Package did you pack just hasn't done that they haven't made the move to incorporate all this new technology and he's. Lot that he's better -- -- yet. The 888 in his way. He's waiting for a final confirmation it goes to review week goes to courts but right now is the review Ford. That's underway is that challenging this idea of DNA last not first. You know from what we have -- heard from the people we talked to you that they are very focused in congress and in the Pentagon on the bureaucracy. And it it is kind of a national assist them that are are overlapping agencies that are ball from Hawaii. Army casualty. It Kentucky. Armed force is DNA identification lab in Delaware things are all over the place and there's no real chain of command. So perhaps it is the problem. But as you'd be talked to any DNA expert out -- saying it's just that the rocket the don't fix that scientific a lot of he would take packed it. -- -- -- And it's so far there doesn't seem to be any sort of investigation focused on -- to -- Megan McCloskey and her colleagues -- Republica bringing Arthur died counter home. I'm John bachelor this is the John bat -- -- Okay. Oh. Okay. -- -- Okay yeah. Yeah I. -- -- Oh. Okay. Were are okay. Okay. Wrong Dave -- and you are wrong. -- about Nancy. It's. Great minds. All my love. And. -- -- -- You know and I. You know the and our whole lives. Okay. In the -- Yeah. Rivers are here. Okay. I mean. Okay. -- John back. This is the John bachelor show all world war. That's a Greek mythological symbol for a serpent. It's also called snake I learned this from David Sanger who's the New York Times. A very careful corresponded. Cyber crimes right now. Working very carefully because the Crimea and situation and the Ukraine crisis also involves. Very high level cyber tools David a very good evening -- snake what do we know about it what is it. Well John -- at stake is not unlike. A whole lot of other kinds -- fairly basic cyber tools that allow no force surveillance. They get into the system. Toward much about it and the views the attackers the way to go do surveillance in -- was cyber system. On it is a lot less powerful and -- that the program that was used. Against the -- nuclear program by the US pan. By Israel -- -- early reports about they compared it to start that. It's really not an apt comparison it is mostly a surveillance program appears to be Russian and origin. Just based on the time stamps it seems to come out of the Moscow time -- parts of the polluting appear to be in Russian. So that's what it's -- about. The -- They -- at a very detailed report about a -- you know American intelligence is known about our version of this for sometime. And the reason they've noted is that it would for an earlier version of it was use several years ago. To try to hole data out of the office of the secretary defense. This is a cyber ST espionage who'll pick you call it so this is standard practice one country or one. Enterprise watching another enterprise would Ukraine have known about this -- is -- -- and just ignored it. Depends how good that war is what's interesting is if you look at the BA he report. The number. Both. Cases where it was noticed in networks. It's fairly low in the past two years all four of the current uprising in Ukraine. And then it's sort of surged in in in recent months to a possible the system will probably working there and only now Russian hackers making greater use of. In your reporting your point to Edwards note and I'll be very infamous character now associated with stealing from the NSA. Saying that when I was living in Moscow not incidentally. Saying that the NSA has been using similar material in a similar -- -- a tool -- you point to stocks net does that mean their other programs that we don't know that could be high level or low levels are available. We have written in the times about fairly high level surveillance only programs. That were revealed. In the date document that's note -- out and we wrote about the extent of where in January. Most recently -- not really what's Oden says is what the documents. That he spirited out of the MSAs offices in. In Hawaii show. And is that just coincidence that he's in Moscow that Moscow's using these tools against Ukraine and that BA NNS. This is a high level enough for four of the Russians to discovered. With Snowden and in fact the first occurrences of them predates that. What this looks like then David is less alarm bells you know the Zimmerman telegram. And more standard operating practice and the 21 century. Absolutely the Russians have of the Chinese have a Iranians have at the north Koreans have a and the United States has has it and you know this is not so sophisticated -- that is earliest they don't rule. Could be a Russian hacker group could be a group operating about every Tuesday. Could be corporate. All content possible. Now what this does is it's a surveillance tools so it lurks it finds information and reports it back. In this particular instance the Ukraine government is in tatters its collapse there is an interim government. Is it to we likely now that they'll go in and search for this summing -- they got anything to protect. I'm sure that they'll go look for the question is how well does this new government understand the system comparative. It shouldn't be that hard to find it shouldn't even -- out hard to root out. But what's interesting about these programs is that they can be related to implants. Which can then be used to -- and more malicious software into -- system. Finally because we now know it's in the Ukraine systems does this make it much more difficult for ion -- for. EU for other out organizations to now work with -- and help them rebuild Ukraine. It shouldn't I think PPI MM that's got to assume that this kind of -- design computers system. In the country they're dealing. David Sanger reporting for the New York Times on a cyber espionage toolkit called snake. I'm John -- and this is the John that system.

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