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The Wall Street Journal This Morning Mar. 11, 2014

Mar 11, 2014|

03-11-2014 -- The search for the missing Malaysian flight widens, is this the worst Congress ever and losing weight with McDonald's.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hi this is Gordon Deal the Wall Street Journal this morning starts right after this. In the country on business takes a lot of planning bringing your data plan doesn't. With T-Mobile simple choice for business plan you'll get unlimited data in over 100 countries automatically. There's no change in plans at no extra charges just get off the plane and go. -- -- -- Qualifying service and capable device required standard speeds approximately 822 points for second night -- TT mobile dot com for full featured terms and included destinations. Newsroom -- -- Wall Street Journal. This is the Wall Street Journal this morning America's first news -- -- important to. The market for illicit travel docs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Find out the country where they are easiest to get. How -- -- obtained and what they cost search and rescue efforts are now taking part ovary wider area in the waters off Vietnam for Malaysia airlines flight 370. NSA -- Edwards Snowdon has made an appearance at self myself blessed. Hear his message and how it was received is being 113. Congress currently see -- -- Capitol Hill the worst one ever. There are things that -- really just can't get it done because politics is. It's been over the place worldly in the early march already things are pretty much shut down around here this principle -- Anything. It is significant before the election that looks like folks are -- much waiting for the lame duck session to -- -- the -- you know done. Alexander Bolton. Reporter at the hill explains what some people say this congress is among the worst ever. Time for morning brief but it's brought to you by CSX. CSX how tomorrow moves. There's still no concrete evidence of what happened to the Malaysia airlines flight that's been missing since the early hours of Saturday morning. Search and rescuers are scouring the waters off Vietnam. The debris reported earlier by various boats and planes just turned out to be on related to flight 370. Malaysia by the way reported that samples taken from an oil slick found in their waters proved not to be fuel from ships. Or rather it proved to be fuel from ships and -- aviation fuel. White House spokesman Jay Carney says the US is lending its share of equipment to the operation. The seventh fleet has sent assets to assist in search efforts. Including the USS Pinkney. And our -- class guided missile destroyer which name is now in the vicinity. And has two. MH sixty yard helicopters equipped for search efforts on board. Meanwhile the search area has been widened the Boeing triple seven was carrying 227. Passengers and twelve crew members heading from squabble imported Beijing. It vanished from radar about an hour after takeoff. Investigation is of passengers aboard a missing Malaysia airlines flight who were traveling with stolen passports. Has drawn attention to with thriving market for illicit documents and the inconsistency. In aviation security across the globe. Traveling to the US in Europe using stolen passports is difficult because of widespread use of bio metric travel documents and routine scanning -- fingerprints and irises but in Asia. On underground market in passports and lacks checks at airports make it much easier to travel under an assumed name. Here's the Wall Street Journal most mornings Jeff Ballinger. Most countries including Malaysia have fingerprint scanners and other high tech equipment at their airports but checks are not always carried out in a systematic manner. At least two passengers on Malaysia airlines flight 370 boarded with documents reported stolen in Thailand. Neither document -- was cross checked by Malaysian immigration personnel with Interpol database of stolen passports. Stolen documents are often used to facilitate smuggling but have also been used by terrorists. Interpol the international police coordinating agency. Estimates one billion passengers were able to board aircraft globally last year. Without having their passport -- Gordon. Thanks Jeff over the years by the way a cottage industry has sprung up to provide fake documents were a variety of reasons. At a -- stop in Bangkok speaking of Thailand stalls offer fake press cards student cards and a variety of police identification cards. And university degrees. Criminal gangs often check into poorly secured hotels and then break into -- rooms searching for passports and other items. In the past four or five years more than 100000. Passports have been stolen or altered in Thailand. They can fetch 6000 bucks apiece. In some cases young travelers run out of money sell their passport for cash. Reported lost. And then just -- get another one from their embassy. You heard reports of various debris before today being spotted. In the three days following the disappearance of the Malaysia airlines jet none of -- so far has been connected to that flight. Wall Street Journal reporter Dan Michaels says it's rare for a jetliner to crash without being found for lengthy periods or ever. But it is an unprecedented he's -- -- from Frankfurt -- take us through this. Well the first thing you have to realize it has been this may sound really obvious but I oceans are really big act in that context airplane and didn't know when you get them -- -- might seem large. They're really pretty small so happening. An airplane especially when you don't know exactly where it went down is he proverbial needle in the haystack. So is it possible that they'll never find this Malaysia airlines jetliner. It's possible but highly unlikely. The last time anything like that. Cap and on waterways in the mentions ceased after 9/11 there was a plane that took off and disappeared in the middle of act. But that was a place with no radar coverage wasn't very cooperative. -- in Angola in jungle -- cover but in water they're gonna find this if it in the water they will find it. And eventually. There's not that deep stare and didn't. Take us back to that Air France jet that went down. In the Atlantic Ocean in 2009. And what happened there because that took some time to find out aircraft in the. It took time to find the aircraft on the ocean floor. We -- in -- Think that -- -- two -- found on the surface large parts of it like that helped them. And -- -- -- bits of wreckage and that's what really surprises people here is that. There's not even a bit of the airplane on the surface because. Large parts of an airplane you might be surprised actually float. Like details and usually it is made of composite materials these days not metal and quite often as Apollo so. It's introduced it it would close. And captain on a triple seven is pretty takes so you'd think that it would be easy to spot. And other bits of baggage that came loose 22 case has been like that will float seat cushions. So there's a lot on a plane. That should be on the circus is it. Broke up on impact. They had one could look at also to other scenarios. Like that the -- win. Into the water in -- that is under the water intact -- it -- went below radar and flew off somewhere because until we know where it is we've really don't know any effects. -- stand Wall Street Journal reporter Dan Michaels who's based in Frankfurt fourteen minutes now after the hour on the Wall Street Journal this morning -- -- -- Tuesday morning. By the way. For our daily podcast of the Wall Street Journal this morning check out our website which is WSJ this morning dot com. You can also find it on iTunes the I heart radio lap sound cloud to an end. And stitcher. Senators negotiating a package of -- in sanctions aimed at helping Ukraine's new government and pressuring Russia to. To they were close to completing the legislation. We get -- now Washington and Wall Street Journal reporter Michael Crittenton Michael where are we on the loan. As far as along guarantees I think this this serve open ended up to a billion dollars is still it people are talking about. You know the question is whether additional sanctions -- they imposed today you know target up you know additional Russian companies. Executives who you know the way -- phrases. You know executives and officials who are. Compromising the did the democracy. And sovereign Indians of Ukraine so it should be interesting to see. You know -- how they do that how they expand on what the White House is our -- on the White House obviously is very targeted. Him visa restrictions. And some limited sanctions and -- -- who knows if any of these sanctions -- actually go into effect but I think the goal here is to give. Give the White House give secretary of state John Kerry you know. A set of set of tools they can use to do -- they can be economically pressure pressure Russian officials. For speaking with Wall Street Journal reporter Michael Crittenton in Washington about congress debating aid to Ukraine in some ways. Giving these loan guarantees to Ukraine to pay its bills that money winds of going right to potent doesn't it because doesn't Ukraine know a lot of the money to Russia. Well that is that has men and that has been a growing issue. Is that yes it's our becomes a pass through him because if -- if Ukraine's fame -- say the natural gas that uses thing gets from Russia it's. That is exactly what happened so. I think 11 important wrinkle insomnia -- lawmakers really starting to touch upon his. The US can do -- vacuum we need the the support of European and Asian allies to help. This process and and one thing you're here from the business community specifically. Is from US corporations is. The US shouldn't go it alone on sanctions solution offer unilateral sanctions AA sanctions should be part of a multilateral. Process so that US companies don't so you know. Serve debt to recriminations. If if it's only the US very Russia. That Russia can just turn around import penalize US corporations so there's a lot of different wrinkles up play and obviously as events on the ground transpires you know it can. Reshape what lawmakers are thinking. As Michael Wall Street Journal reporter Michael Crittenton from Washington. Twenty minutes now after the hour on the Wall Street Journal was -- -- Cervetti is here she has America's first news. Good morning China has reportedly deployed ten satellites to help from the massive search for the missing Malaysian jetliner with 239 people aboard. Ships and aircraft from many countries are scouring the seas around Malaysia. And south of Vietnam as questions mount over possible security lapses -- mother terrorism was behind the disappearance of that Boeing triple seven. The fact that through passengers. Were stolen passport would be able get on a plane. The fact that the Interpol. Database who has not checked. To me to have that happen twelve and a half years after September 11 is really inexcusable. New York congressman Peter King is with the house homeland security committee most of the plane's passengers were Chinese. The powerful member of congress shall investigate why it took GM almost a decade to launcher recalled for faulty ignition -- the thirteen deaths. Michigan Republican Fred Upton. Chairs a key committee and was a lead sponsor of a safety bill enacted back in 2000. After deadly accidents involving Ford suvs equipped with certain Firestone tires. And SA -- Edwards Snowden is urging tech companies to adopt better encryption methods to protect users from government surveillance. Snowden in Moscow where he's been granted temporary asylum spoke by video at the SXSW. Interactive conference from our. What -- student social networking. Vote. -- support and defend the constitution he saw it for you tomorrow on this. It's known -- charged by US prosecutors under the Espionage Act. The audience here appeared sympathetic to student who was not asked whether he thought he had committed treason. US stock futures -- little on the negative side after a slightly negative day for Wall Street scheme thanks to weak Chinese data an ongoing concerns about Ukraine. The Dow lost about thirty for the NASDAQ slipped to the S&P 500 fell one today Asian markets were higher. Research has shown that eating lots of protein and few carves may help us lose weight. And normalize blood sugar levels but to numerous studies find a strong association between longevity and a low protein high carb diet. Except among people over age 65. In the older people higher protein levels did appear to promote longevity. And Kentucky has fallen out of the AP men's college basketball poll last time the pre season number one ranked team did that was back in nineteen. Eighty. Is that right. So that on the prognosticators I guess a pretty good I guess so. And it's not good for the wildcats. Not good this year I bought back the you know it's it's ought to look at men's basketball or not see the word Kentucky in it it is you think you look and it's similar kind of -- Thank you -- -- three minutes after the hour on the Wall Street Journal this morning the Obama administration is propping its proposed plan to limit the types of anti depressants and other drugs that seniors can get through Medicare. This follows a backlash from lawmakers and health industry more from Wall Street Journal reporter Jennifer Corbett -- Jennifer what happened here. Well they posted it change the way that Medicare paid first certain drug. Right now they're at Medicare required paper almost any anti depressants anti anti psychotic drug. Cancer drug use into that category deterrent that Medicare really -- to cover every drug and that category. A lot of secured private insurance plans will limit that the type of -- that are paid for. And Medicare had proposed that kind of tiptoe into that area by. Limiting the number and it depressants and anti psychotic and another category structure organ transplant. Q paper certain drugs -- and that proposal that would probably have one of the biggest things that just ignited a firestorm on Capitol Hill. Democrats and Republicans took -- called on Medicare scrapbook proposal. And I'd imagine. That's why the Obama administration is letting this go. Yet at that time to let it go and then they -- they were also there are aware of and also other proposals to limit the number of drug plans that each insurance company can offer seniors. In -- given region. And then there are also things done sort of circle confirmed. Pharmacy networks that would basically change current apartment -- network and it is very complicated stuff but all of this combined just. -- the huge air force that would Medicare that they have no plans to report that the controversial -- provisions. But that they will. Keep taking steps to go forward with things that you have bipartisan support -- -- proper provisions and certain consumer -- I think it really it would hit the idea. -- -- -- -- -- -- Corporation. Up at the super antidepressant and anti psychotic which are used to treat certain mental illnesses. And you know with a focus more focus and administration. You know providing better treatment and access to mental health service providers. This -- -- went against that so I think give -- administration did that -- diplomatic other hand just backed up. For speaking with Wall Street Journal reporter Jennifer Corbett -- and why are so many people opposed to the proposal to cut some prescription drug plans. Well I think there's some concern that seniors would have many choices. As they -- now but then there are other foot -- there are consumer groups out there who said that you know because that senior has an average of 35 drug plans to choose from. Because that they would be limiting her insurance company and that you know a lot of insurance companies. Pharmacy benefit managers that are a lot to offer drug plants that we need -- all up consumers do you have a lot of plans to pick from. Yes there are some consumer group is that paring that down like he's better for seniors. Because those people and its stake in the same -- playing year after year and and higher health status changed that may or may not because it might it do better if you shop every year to get a better plan. Jennifer that is Wall Street Journal reporter Jennifer Corbett -- thirty minutes now after the hour on the Wall Street Journal's morning. Coming up next is this the worst congress ever. Traveling overseas for business comes with a checklist of things to worry about. But with T-Mobile you can take getting international data off that list because with a simple choice for business plan. Unlimited data in over 100 countries is automatically included at no extra charge. Only at T-Mobile. Qualifying servicing capable device required standard -- approximately 120 too much for second lieutenant TT mobile not comparable. Will be your terms and included destinations. You just watch the market close in Shanghai -- New York doesn't open for a couple of hours so there's time to sit in a section of the GM. Squeeze and haircut going to if you balls on the driving range -- shoot off some emails and maybe even practiced across town. And you'll still be the first one he office. You're always ready to go the extra mile and unfortunately so is your Cadillac. With Cadillac certified service and our experts make sure your Cadillac it's ready to go. It AC Delco professional tour stop brake pads installed for only 9995. Or less per axle. Includes rotary inspection -- so customers -- turning the replacing rotors all other services and taxes extra. Does it Cadillac certified service dot com for details. Other great offers and to find your closest Cadillac dealer. Howard but the most trusted name -- The Wall Street Journal this morning. America's. Put us on this. Date march 11 welcome aboard Gordon Deal with -- Cervetti and coming up this half hour the latest on the search for the missing Malaysia airlines jet. Plus on a lighter note the man who proved you can lose weight on a fast food only diet. That report. In about twenty minutes. Is the 100. Congress currently serving us in our nation's capital V worst one ever. Summer making that argument here's Alexander Bolton senior staff writer at the hill he's -- from Washington Alex is at the worst. Well Dick baker was the first sent historians says that you'd be hard pressed to find it worse congress. The only ones that give it competition are the the congress of 1907 that was so gridlock that led to a the adoption of these seventeenth amendment which provides for the direct. Election of senators and before that -- the back in the 1850s. Before the civil war to find a level of of productivity. And partisanship and it is frustrated many lawmakers result some are retiring including a long term members like Henry Waxman of California. He says that this is the worst congress he served and in forty years. So partisanship. Then. Goes back a long long time it's not just that this particular congress are these past couple of years. Were congresses for example or were things different back then. Well what's notable that this congress is that you have democratic and Republican leaders. They agree and getting some things stand and they wanna get some things done. But they have been able to put it together and a good example that is immigration reform right after the 2012 election. Speaker John Boehner that he was competent they a deal with the President Obama on comprehensive immigration reform legislation. Past forty years now -- -- -- -- even trust the president have to -- to push any legislation supported legislation. Also transportation and highway trust fund is due to run out of money in August and while democratic leaders in the senate -- -- leaders in the house agreed to be dealt with. They can't come up with anything and right now they're at a loss to trigger relate to pay for our crumbling highways. So there are things that they agree and they just can't get it done because politics is taken over the place and what's notable about this year as well. Is that he worldly in early march and already things are pretty much shut down around here there's very little hope of passing anything. It is significant before the election that looks like folks are pretty much waiting for the lame duck session December -- dictating often. For speaking with Alex -- senior staff writer at the hill he's got a story about is this the worst congress ever is the gridlock here or. Lack of ability to get something done becoming a campaign issue for those seeking election or reelection this year. Yeah that is and in fact past democratic leadership populist blast email to mine my piece saying that they don't blaming Boehner for -- -- -- leadership style. But on the other hand -- percent of Republicans are are speaking the same argument against senate majority leader Harry Reid. So this is the do nothing congress has always been a pretty good argument and and both sides are are using it. Interesting if you go back to 1947 antiquity the original do nothing congress soaked -- by Harry Truman actually it was more productive than this one. Its past 900 bills this congress isn't near the close to that -- You alluded to a little bit in citing -- remarks regarding President Obama but. As you point out and the stories they relationships. Right now lacked the indispensable. Element of trust services across the board across party aisles. That's right it is their lack of trust in both chambers and a bunch of leaders and down to the rank and file members and part of it is because things have become so politicized around here. If anything any deal you main key is likely to be. Torn apart by adverse interest interest groups are keeping very close eye as to what's going on around here and so. Worse before if he had a handshake deal of someone you could use it reliant lasting just a few weeks at least. Now interest groups in the media find out about these deals in this progress so quickly and help from the so quickly that. At a premium might get one -- behind closed doors with a handshake is evaporated by the next day. Thanks Alex that is eligible senior staff writer act that hill. 21 minutes now -- the hour on the Wall Street Journal this morning good Tuesday morning thanks for being with -- time for travel update and it's brought to you -- -- -- looking -- -- and -- takes care of everything so you can take care of business -- now at LQ dot com or call 1800. Sleep LQ. In the wake of the disappearance of Malaysia airlines flight 370 a lot of people are concerned about the safety of international travel we have more now from the Wall Street Journal this morning Mike Gavin. -- Gordon any time there's an air disaster especially one as shrouded in mystery as Malaysia airlines flight 370 some travelers many already nervous about flying overseas start to ask questions about safety. Cleveland TV station WK YC in interviewed several area travel experts who said that this incident should not discourage anyone from traveling abroad. Adding that a little preparation can go a long way toward alleviating your fears. Some tips include making an itinerary and leaving it with family or friends at home. And always being aware of your surroundings now with the news of stolen passports in the headlines one aviation expert says. That you should always make a photocopy of your passport and put that one in your pocket while your out of the country. And leave your original passport in the hotel safe. He adds that the passport system itself is inherently safe but it's a human system after rob so it's not perfect. These experts also recommend using the US State Department as a point of reference before booking an international flights. You can check there for the latest security warnings and pointers for flying internationally. Now no matter how much preparation you didn't tell some people are going to be an. Without having their passports screened. And on top and they got Thailand which is now apparently a factory. Gaffe forgetting fake passports and get these criminal gangs who break into portly secured hotels there. Great Boston is somebody's room with -- those documents go sell it means. Yeah and committee if you were already nervous and anyway she performed. Are viewed if you weren't this integrity I mean a billion people and he did anybody get checked it out -- to sell revenue wires or otherwise. How many were there a billion in one. You know it's it's crazy if you're not going to Europe who feel like it sometimes the wild west yet an instrument of -- they -- like it is sixteen minutes now before the hour on the Wall Street Journal this morning good Tuesday morning saying no once in awhile can be good. It's necessary for setting boundaries for example in maintaining the values. Too much know is not healthy of course but many people have trouble doing it enough they are overtaxed. Steamrolled perhaps. Even stepped on Wall Street Journal columnist Elizabeth Bernstein has some ways to improve the way -- no Elizabeth it's easier to say yes. People look at you after some pretty outrageous things. Before they came get more comfortable. Saying yes it is something that makes them. You know -- -- icky but rather than just saying no and you know hurt the other person's feelings that a little bit of peer pressure and so for example one of the fact finding Eric. Research studies that they did I'd ask people they had some bomb people. They're strangers on the street they came out what to them quit and library book and they said -- -- W dictate the book what you write the word and act on it. Indeed the rising number of people think conflict weren't comfortable at that. And that kind of blocked -- -- -- that but and -- and they were able to call us library but the -- production as they really think people would rather be on comfortable saying yes. And much more comfortable -- of. What is that is that the is that the kindness in our hearts or were. Are we unwilling to engage in potential confrontation with somebody. All of the things that it would perk is out eating some people about no trouble fate you know they say about the diamond I kinda feel fresh summer spent. You've got a lot of people it's the personality of a lot of please other people we wanna be light. You know we did this relationship. Building and maintaining we don't want to. The people we need to still feel there's something theory toward it. Overriding an evolutionary about the -- we have to get along as a corporate. Ehrlich a group have all basically and so he could be sort of kick out of the group you were not gonna make turnaround in the -- on Camelot. So you have that we've been very very strong reaction to anything negative anything that might get arrested and alert. People don't like that kicked out of the critical choke neuroscientist has looked at the planes. And -- found out that a win win there's some negative emotion Eric. -- rejection would know basically have to -- much more electoral electrical activity in brain many. And negative. Not emotion or -- fires have been much more Andy -- so we have to be very very we're very strongly programmed. To want to get along and so that's a big part of that -- Speaking with street journal columnist Elizabeth Bernstein about tips on how to say no. -- so let's say you're one of these folks constantly inundated with requests you you begin to teach yourself to say no and politely of course our house. So do you not do -- why we hurting beforehand. You come up -- and a way to get you wanna say it's politely as possible unique actually this heat of the moment that some people to. Will have to over and over and over you know these things when you think he's putted nicely that maybe in -- firmly in Atlanta again and again and then in the heat of the moment if you're like me just put out like I. -- you know and now you're an argument. So you -- hack your especially you know were requested -- -- you know with certain person leaned on you all the time. You want to have your answer ready he wanted to be whole -- You know which should be something like you I would love to help puke but the EPA take occupied unfortunately. I cannot. And then on the experts like Pakistan that it could have an excuse. And it could have an excuse but culturally it's so you can not happy with the -- could I'm driving my mother shouldn't attack something that you know you're already doing you're committed to that is not you know because -- to patent holding out -- and he -- -- you know something real and -- something good so. And so -- that sounds like they cannot come back and and it's sort of -- you -- you to sound like he. Wall Street Journal writer Elizabeth Bernstein her column is called bonds. Eight minutes before the hour on the Wall Street Journal this morning -- Betty is back -- -- America's first news. Good morning the United States is one of many countries providing support in the search for the missing Malaysia airlines passenger jet. -- State Department spokeswoman Jen Saki. Just provided. And we're learning more about one of two people who may have been traveling with stolen passports. Malaysian police said one of those passengers was a nineteen year old Ronnie and apparently trying to reunite with his mother in Germany. Police said the man did not appear to have any terrorist connections. Volvo is taking criticism in China over an online message posted hours after the disappearance of them Malaysian jetliner. The message ready in part the rescue operation for the missing plane is in full swing passenger safety is also a top priority of Volvo cars. Many Chinese web users were appalled by the posting bull -- blames what it calls a mistake posted by a third party communications firm. US stock futures this morning look a little negative after a bit of a negative day for the market. The Dow -- down 34 the NASDAQ slipped to the S&P 500 lost about one. Ongoing concerns about Ukraine and also sluggish data from China kept a lid on the market. What their export your week means there's -- a drop in demand there maybe additional issues clear that we don't know about it every minute via -- numbers. Quite arresting. Financial advisor Cummins Catherine what is based in the Philadelphia area today Asian markets did closed higher. Is the American Airlines US air merger in the public interest. A judge will ultimately decide but in the meantime the Justice Department is out with a lengthy defense of its antitrust settlement that signed off on the merger. It argues that passengers will benefit his other lower cost carriers -- coveted takeoff and landing slots. But some lawmakers -- the deal will hurt competition for service in smaller communities. Hyundai is gearing up to launch its first battery powered electric car but he'll wait a couple of years Korean company plans to start selling that car in 2016. An apple is out with a first major update to its new operating system aimed at making IOS seven more stable. Including fixing some glitches that caused devices to randomly reboot. Giving you this so called white screen of death the update also works with car plane which brings iPhone features to your dashboard. OK now I know that my husband was looking it downloading this. But he wanted to way he wasn't sure how long it was gonna take. Padilla and have you done this I have not done it but that can. They -- a six minutes in front of the hour here's a feather in the cap for fast food high school science teacher John sister decided to go on a McDonald's diet for six months as an experiment lost over fifty pounds. He decided to start the diet September 15 for six months ate nothing but -- from McDonald's to be clear he did not live on big Macs and Fries alone. He carefully structured the diets we consumed 2000 calories per day. And make sure he consume the recommended allowance for protein fat sugar and carves. He also walked 45 minutes today his diet ends march 15 this weekend he's lost 56 pounds. And 21 inches from his chest waist and hips he's healthier tube with lower cholesterol levels the when he started. Despite his successful experiment he says you looking forward to his next non. McDonald's meal. For -- Cervetti. I'm Gordon Deal thanks for listening to the Wall Street Journal this morning getting your mailing and shipping -- can seem like a no win situation. Going to the post office takes up valuable time. Leasing a postage meter expensive with multi year commitments and didn't fees luckily there is now a better way Stamps.Com. With Stamps.Com. By imprint official US postage for any letter or package. Right from your desk using your own computer and printer even gets special postage discounts he can't find at the post office. Plus Stamps.Com is more powerful than a postage meter -- just a fraction of the cost you can save up to 80% compared to a postage meter and you'll avoid those time consuming trip to the post office. Right now use promo code WSJ. For the special whopper no risk trial plus a 110 dollar bonus offer. Includes a digital scale and up to 55 dollars free postage. Don't wait go to Stamps.Com. Before you do anything else click on the microphone at the top the home page and type in WSJ. That's Stamps.Com. Entered WSJ.

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