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Steve & Ted in the Morning 03/11/14 Hr 1

Mar 11, 2014|

School Board OK's Funds to Repair Fire Damages School

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Estimates I was a cost to fix. Was just like anything else if your house catches fire you -- prostitute for a tornado. -- think about that I'm now going to damage that would make it in and they start looking ahead at the damage cost goes up and that's what happened to us. Davis is 750000. Dollars -- already been approved for repairs. 43 year old Kelsey shall we shot and killed in north Wichita outside fat as bikes. A private club that night in Cleveland police lieutenant title Giles says early Sunday people were outside in the line waiting to get -- when shots were fired from Cleveland street. Another individual. Fired numerous rounds. Towards building striking because several times and then also striking that show off. They were actually standing in line at the front door when the shots were fired. They tried to try to flee and that's what we believe Michelle was struck in the head. She was the only person hit by a bullet this is which -- -- -- murder case of 24 team. Police say -- shooting in south Wichita was gang related lieutenant Randy Reynolds says early Sunday 911 dispatchers. Received several calls about a shooting in the 2400 block of south saint Clair. There was a report is so large party it was her birthday celebration going on. Upwards of forty to fifty people were at this residence. Did appears at this time that -- members every right rival game. I shot at the residence. It's believed there were about 45 people at the party of the time of the shooting and there was some return gunfire. The only person wounded was a seventeen year old boy in the front porch a bullet struck him in the upper leg. And he was hospitalized in very critical condition his condition has since improved but he's been stabilized. Which taught elementary school was without power for a short time after a problem with Dan electrical line and a grass fire. It happened around 130 Monday afternoon near Hadley middle school and the former Bryant elementary but now houses college -- student sneered ninth in west. According to the school district a problem with a transformer or lion on a nearby power poll clause power to go out at the elementary school. A few minutes later firefighters were responding to a grass fire in the area. The fire was quickly extinguished but it burned part of the elementary school's playground. Power was also restored by Winstar Cruz Dan O'Neill news radio thirteen thirty -- and assess. Kansas legislators are starting work on school funding issues after his State Supreme Court ruling -- attorney general Derek Schmidt he's telling them they have many options. Schmidt briefed house Republicans Monday he said the High Court left legislators with some discretion in addressing constitutional flaws. In the State's school funding system. The court ruled Friday that the state must boost aid to -- a tour school districts and give legislatures. Until July 1 to address the problems in also ordered more lower court hearings on whether the state is spending enough money overall. So right now -- at 6 o'clock Stevens hit it in the morning. Well we had a traffic accident a little earlier this would not causing much of a traffic hazard right now but. -- admits that it's a high traffic Darian if the volumes picked up really could slow down at some point to be cautious. 128986. Right around 25 street Northridge 1986 to this like 235 down there. But -- to 35. At 25 street north over there on the the end north west side of town there's been basically one car rough road to the hole. In that area injury traffic extent. Crews still on the scene there not cause much -- traffic hazard now but. There is a traffic volumes picked up that really could back up fairly quickly so. Watch out there one night to 3525. And -- says traffic central and -- chambers. Now look at the case for solar forecaster -- meteorologist Frank Walker mortgage frank thanks Steve some sunshine this start the day today we'll see clouds increasing this afternoon it's still going to be a mild one but. A bit cooler than yesterday high seven year 67. South -- eventually turning to the northwest with the passage of a cold front. And that Wynn's gonna pick up overnight tonight it's going to be a windy one north winds twenty to forty miles per hour. Can't rule out -- -- sprinkle or two overnight lows dip to freezing for Wednesday mostly sunny and breezy highs near 51. Indicate First Solar forecast sent -- I'm meteorologist. Frank law currently partly. -- south -- twelve miles per hour 49 degrees should -- and SS 609 now. 9 minutes past 6 o'clock here on Tuesday morning with Stephen Ted. Stocks are off to a weak start for the week disappointing economic news from China and Japan set the tone Monday. Investors were discouraged by an 18% slump in Chinese exports last month and Japan's lowering of its estimate for fourth quarter economic growth. The Dow dropped 34 points the S&P 500. Edged down the points and the NASDAQ. Dropped two points. 24330. For the three major US indices are still up for the month and only the Dow is down for the year. In the world's first accounting of recreational pot industry. Colorado officials say the state made roughly two million dollars in marijuana taxes in January the first month of sales. The tax total reported Monday by the state department of revenue indicates just over fourteen million dollars worth of recreational pot was sold in Colorado. State legalize pot in -- 2012 of the commercial sale of marijuana did not again. Until January. Washington State sales begin in the coming months to get two million dollars the first month. -- -- the out of the -- just. The wedding pressure was after more than three drinks a suburban Philadelphia man has pleaded guilty to stealing cash and gifts from the wedding receptions. Authorities say Joseph Patrick friends -- junior. -- thousands of dollars in gifts from a reception in July and another nine grand words from a huge reception. He pleaded pleaded guilty to theft and attempted theft charges and remains jailed without bail. He'll watch these people who show up your wedding today if you don't know. -- -- could not letting pressures to be bad news I guess ranchers can't be bad coming up this Saturday. At high -- when the gates to saint Patrick's parade. In the historic delay no district the eighth annual. It'll start Saddam high noon it on Douglas avenue down there and the delay no district on the west side and it. -- the grand marshals this year. -- -- -- In SS after the incident Dan's been the grand Marshal for at least one or two years and he invited me to be on the -- -- a grand marshals well I'm not sure what grand Marshall does they'll study it but it's gonna be doing it on a Saturday. Act. That don't there's going to be also. From eight to eleven a saint -- breakfast and just at the senior center in an area. A pre party -- treat great party at 9 AM at the shamrock lounge all. It's. 11 AM corned beef and cabbage or shamrock shamrock plans kind of the up. Is kind of the legacy of the main focus the main spot down there will be down there's no and looking forward to that never been a grand Marshal before -- -- -- and -- a whole lot of training. -- I think you have to do is -- it should be fun. Try to be friendly. College hill elementary scheduled to reopen next fall school board approved five billion dollars more for four fighter repairs last night. After initially getting 750000. Dollars a -- was just briefly. Looking at still at the news story and -- appears to be -- -- gonna pick up this most of it is not all of -- union. So taxpayers going to be out a whole lot of today into that school backing track. And hoped to re open it come the fall. The -- fully hope to have the college hill elementary school back reopened and ready to go. They've been going to the kids have been bused over to Bryant elementary. -- their meals out of town so doubly doubly that they big kids and the parents will be happy when we get back into their neighborhood school. Malaysian police say one of the two passengers on missing plane that was using a stolen passport was an Iranian Seeking Asylum. Police say they don't believe the nineteen year old was a member of a terrorist group and that he was believed to be heading to Germany. The police in the second passenger with a stolen passport has not been identified the plane flying from who won a number truer to Beijing with 239 people on board. Disappeared Saturday morning in been keeping track of it and trying to find debris somewhere. In southeast Asia so far -- all the of the ships and planes and everybody in the area they haven't been able find the debris yet. So the of the search goes on. And they deliver find the debris alone. But it's it's hard to believe in this day and age she can't find it. Something that's how about a big bath toy a big really big -- Korean giant rubber duck will soon be floating outside the Chrysler museum of art in Norfolk Virginia. The forty foot -- -- the sculpture by a Dutch artist the mega ducky will be moored outside the museum's entrance when it reopens in mid may. The Virginian pilot reports of snowfall will be the second city in the US to hosting inflatable -- Pittsburgh was -- first. The giant -- is a world traveler having made appearances from London to Hong Kong close of just traveling giant rubber duck it's a huge display there now. -- last evening just a little personal -- last evening of my wife and I attended the first and second graders. Spring concert. After. Seeing Elizabeth Lance Seton school where our granddaughters. The twins just Londonderry -- -- and a half an hour and a first grade. And they were there are they said -- half hour program. My songs and some summary of the middle but it dancing there and did. What you do when your grandparent you go to these things -- -- The -- -- -- will come he'd. But a couple hundred people show up for -- lots of parents and grandparents. To parents grandparents Brothers sisters flee these things were good morning Ted -- there. Driving an uneventful I hope. Not much going on out there -- the client out there this morning today is Tuesday march 11 on the state in 1997. Queen Elizabeth knighted Paul McCartney sir Paul now -- calling sir Paul we get to call -- sir Paul McCartney. In a 2011 a magnitude nine earthquake. And resulting tsunami struck Japan's northeastern coast killing nearly 20000 people. And severely damaging the Fukushima Dai Ichi nuclear power station that was into 1113. Years ago to -- That he birthdays media mogul Rupert Murdoch news. 83 usual and -- and ABC news correspondent Sam Donaldson is eighty and blow but not on my career. Really though -- like samba -- -- he is full of doing. Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia is 78 today. Mark Metcalf is 68 this may be my favorite birthday. Mark Metcalf. Doug -- Meir an animal house. Stand -- -- maestro on site -- still beat this guy I think he's funny. Milan beat try to be funny he's funny he's pretty funny singer Bobby make fare any 64. Don't -- he -- but the director Jerry Zucker 64 years old that I. Their plane nosed and -- secret he strike today is Tuesday march 11. 2:17 Stevens has the morning news radio 1530 -- and essentially -- up sports with Ted -- That means that. DePaul college rankings out yesterday no change among the top two still at Florida number one and undefeated Wichita State ranked number two -- the shocker is getting 23%. Of the first place votes in the eight people 22% in the coaches poll the new number three team is Villanova. After Arizona moves out of the three spot last week Kansas. Backs up a couple of spots jayhawks still in the top ten ranked tenth in the nation in both polls Kansas City. Big twelve champion with a record of 23 and eight. Kansas State got one vote this week in the coaches told K state men are twenty and eleven on the season shocks still ranked number two in the nation. College Baseball tonight for Wichita State's -- or on the road visiting fifteenth ranked Oklahoma State. The pokes are eleven and four on the season shocks or nine in four. Talks are coming off back to back wins. Wichita State could lose twice last year against Oklahoma State it's been four years since a shocker to one in Stillwater. Live coverage of soccer baseball begins at 6:10 and this evening you can listen -- that game right here. On a -- -- SS tune in tonight for shocker baseball. Wichita State men's tennis team is home today who shocker me and ranked number 63 in the nation they host Lamar. That'll be at 3 o'clock this afternoon at the rock road the Genesis health club both shoppers and Lamar go into that one with a winning record means tennis here in Wichita this afternoon. Men's basketball some bad news for Kansas Jayhawks. Still treating their injured senator. With kid gloves freshman senator Joseph well indeed it does have a stress fracture in his back. He will not play in the big twelve tournament this weekend ignore the opening weekend of the NCAA tournament -- and beads the big twelve defensive player of the year. But he is nursing a bad back right now. College track and field a special day yesterday for the national champion Kansas women's track and field squad. They got to have a three hour visit to the White House yesterday including a visit with President Obama. The jayhawks. The women's track and field team one of nineteen NCAA national champs visited the White House yesterday. On that roster for the national champions javy how's she smelled Laredo. College Baseball yesterday a nice day to play some baseball outside and Newman University. Took advantage and pounded Texas Permian Basin thirteen to. The -- jets in fifth place in the heartland conference they're nine and eight on the season they take two out of three in the series. Tyler Buckner the freshmen left fielder. For Newman batting in the leadoff spot he's from and -- he went three for four scored three runs he's batting for 49. Here. Seventeen games into the season for Newman the jets are home this afternoon at 3 o'clock hosting the guerrillas of Pittsburg State. Some College Baseball yesterday for Friends University as well here at home sleeping double header from Hastings about guns when it 701 and nine to four. At Lawrence Dumont stadium yesterday and friends baseball team now fourteen and six on the season. Friends is fourth in the nation in hitting with a 339 batting average. Friends baseball team scored some runs. To a nice job so far in the early going friends hosting Benedict dean at 4 o'clock this afternoon. The shocker birthday today and baseball. One of the great pitchers in -- history Brian jokers -- 53 years old today one of the great pitchers for the shocker back in the early eighties. At a Major League career as well with the high draft pick from the Minnesota Twins Bryant shelters. It's 53 today. Don't forget to tune in tonight for shocker baseball Wichita State at Oklahoma State this evening here on K in SS sports with -- -- in the morning. At 621 now 49 degrees this morning -- -- here for your daily dose with doctor odds of getting rid of dark puffy eyes and -- it's like traffic through that they're coming up beat a dead -- radios or T thirty K and a sense. The whole war in the. -- -- -- Gross is right at your rally Saturday mornings at 10 o'clock news radio thirteen thirty K -- SS. It's time for an annual safety simply be an update this more Lincoln and -- actually in the month of march with a touch of class during the month of march qualified buyers from purchasing meal when Lincoln certified -- vehicle competes more with no money down and test drive which you registered to win 101000 dollars in April. 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Glad -- that up with mr. freeze. Figure. It's so cool to me just how important do you patents it's cool. So close you are still at all we -- and couldn't get our news. Against super -- talking to -- here freezes it amenities. The last it's funny you asked whether Chuck Todd find news radio thirteen thirty KM -- 6:25 teams in the morning. They didn't mean cats in Portland was quick to tell you all about it coming up he -- Well this morning in dramatically we -- of one traffic accident doesn't seem to be slowing much downs though. This morning this is. Tied to 3525. Street north we had a one vehicle go off the road there hit a bullet injury traffic accident. Most of everything is is off the road there. Traffic volumes are still fairly light so. No slowdown and yet but as traffic volumes tonight. Pick up their very quickly the wanna watch out that is an area that very well could slow down the gasoline prices today so far I haven't seen much of a change yet. Still 344. Per gallon here in which stuff -- -- got a better -- it was -- traffic out on the number 43613. Thirty -- is this traffic central and -- chambers. Partly cloudy today with a high of 67 degrees windy with a 20% chance for rain tonight the overnight -- 32. Wednesday sunny and breezy tomorrow's high 51 goes to cool off a little bit by tomorrow it's now partly cloudy southward to twelve miles per hour. 49 degrees. Wesley rehab hospital ward of the joint commission gold seal of approval for its certified stroke rehab program -- west thirteenth across from northwest high school. Wesley rehab hospital a higher level of care. Coming up usual half hour was Steven to have the police ask public's help in solving Wichita where it is on the side. Get your daily dose with America's doctor doctor rise. Take stock drops. Those dark and heavy bags beneath your eyes can be embarrassing and ugly -- doing to find out how some simple changes can perk up -- luck. Do you have more frequent urges to urinate. 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I stock drop us know once the check the -- in the morning and he and saline bags and their eyes with simple easy changes you -- help them disappear salty foods cause the body to retain water and the skin beneath the -- then begins to swell up so start -- forty salty snacks in the evening. Next irritants like make up left -- overnight causes -- the pop pop a few minutes of watching your face before bed makes a huge difference in the morning finally how cold washcloth over the ice will reduce swelling and allow skin to return to its natural shape. Follow these simple tips to deflate those -- wanted bags and had you look at ready to take on the day here's to your health from America's doctor doctor rise in body mind and soul. Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news thirteen there. -- SS which -- talks number one news talk bad weather station depend on. 630 Steve and I can -- Ted -- 49 degrees kind of -- morning nice up there. -- high 67. Police are asking the public's help in solving which -- latest homicide early Sunday 23 year old Kelsey to show off. Was shot and killed outside fed has bikes. The private club that night into Cleveland lieutenant -- general -- was in the book -- in line waiting to get into the club when shots rang out from Cleveland street. Several bullets struck a car one bullet had shot in the back of -- hit. We do not believe that they saw was. Any type of target them. We believe she was an innocent victim that was struck by Abraham. We're asking for anyone with any information to contact crime stoppers at 2672111. Or contact the homicide section 2684181. Visas which because fifth homicide of the year. Now let's take a look at the cake for tailored forecast to be relatives frank walked good morning frank thanks Steve some sunshine -- start the day today we'll see clouds increasing this afternoon it's still going to be a mild one but. A bit cooler than yesterday high is up near 67. South -- eventually turning to the northwest with the passage of a cold front. And that Wynn's gonna pick up overnight tonight it's gonna be a windy one north winds twenty to forty miles per hour. Can't rule out a -- sprinkle or two overnight lows dipped to freezing. For Wednesday mostly sunny and breezy highs near 51. Indicate First -- forecast sent -- I'm meteorologist. Frank. Walk now partly cloudy -- to twelve miles per hour 49 degrees UK and international. Police arrested a suspect after a residential burglary in downtown Wichita near Douglas and Saint Francis. A woman came home to her apartment Sunday night about John Barley corn -- are finding her door was locked from the inside she went down the -- call police. The bartender told her that he'd heard noise coming from upstairs police captain Doug Nolte says officers arrived on the scene. Finding a 49 year old man trying to exit the apartment. When they arrested him there was several items that had been taken from the apartment and had been put outside on the roof of the building. It all -- close to 6000 dollars worth of items that had been taken from the burglary. The suspect apparently gone up on the roofs and entered the woman's apartment through the window a judge has overturned in Kansas and boards relocation of the doctors licensed. Over referrals of young patients for late term abortions. The Shawnee county district judge said the state board of healing arts failed to show that mental health exams. Provided by doctor and new house in 2003 were inadequate. The judge issued an order Monday for the board to reconsider its sanctions. The board revoked new houses slices to provide charity here in 2012. Over her exams of eleven patients ages ten to eighteen. New house provide a second opinions that the late doctor George Tiller needed under Kansas law to legally terminate the pregnancies. The board concluded new house failed to meet adequate standards of care because her records didn't document adequate exams. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty -- and assess. AAA is now offering a new membership to bike writers Jim Haney with Tripoli Kansas. Says this membership is geared toward eighteen to thirty year old is it only costs 49 dollars a year. Provide a safe total for those unable to drive for any reason -- want to hear -- a -- told her members to and you have flat tires on the bicycle broken change or other problems. You can visit AAA dot com slash my way for more details. A Texas noting the plans a multimillion dollar natural gas processing plant near haven in south central Kansas. The -- all gas processing plant will use a process. That cool so natural gas flowing through an interstate pipeline it extracts the resulting liquids. Those liquids are processed and sold to various industries. K and -- national news time 633. 2 men did why am -- missing Malaysia airlines jet was stolen passports but authorities believe there's no link to Terry ABC news senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas. An imposter caught on surveillance tape at the airports apparently posing as an Austrian his mother told police she knew he was traveling on a stolen passport. And he was trying to migrate to Germany. -- -- There's peace love and leave. To be read books all. Yeah -- so the stolen passports may be about illegal immigration not terrorism still no sign of the plane lawmakers in Crimea have voted to make a declaration of independence from Ukraine if voters choose that path. In a referendum on Sunday western nations have said they won't recognize the legitimacy of an independent Crimea. Scary moments and last night's Dallas Stars hockey game teammates swarmed the bench. -- -- rich -- collapsed in the first period doctors say it was a cardiac event. He's in stable condition. I'm Steven Portnoy ABC news. 634 now Stevenson in the -- -- -- thirteen thirty K and SS 49 degrees and we do have some traffic information going right down to -- That's right 2600 block of east -- we get a three vehicle accident death affecting the westbound lanes of traffic mostly but three vehicles involved. It was Saturdays funnies just a little ways east of I 135 on -- then you have a cab don't -- Ted. I have to Cato Institute Kuna and they've big caps. But they mean can't smaller nice catch catch police have become to the rescue of a Portland Oregon family. Trapped in -- bedroom by an angry pet cat about a 22 pounder -- my gosh this is the sound of the 911 call. I. -- seven month old child. And I kicked it but the cat in the rear end. It is going all over the edge and we are marked the -- look at the very large Himalayan. Can't work after veteran he won't let go over the war. The baby which had -- to catch -- That's a no no was not seriously hurt family is still deciding what to do with the Tampa police game put the darn thing in a cage. And left a very as a new -- trying to figure out. What to do with his 22 -- Monster that's. Fairly quite ill tempered. What do you think debt. Yeah you're trapped in a room and your cancer sweet right I always had nice -- cats that we own were always pleasant always nice to be around. Well mannered. We don't count and all but put up an ill tempered cat and milk. In -- -- the officials at a at a jail in Maine say the female inmate. That she must've been how do you put this nicely. She must've been real leads you with a piece of work she was able to sneak out of herself for a rendezvous with a male inmate rule. Guards the Cumberland county jails say inmates used. Cardboard from toilet paper roll to jam cell locks and prevent them from closing the sheriff Kevin Joyce is a female prisoner managed to get through four doors and into the sale of a male inmates. And now sheriff -- since the investigation continues to the cops are rock and her. This young woman you know the -- things stand it. Sitting in a way between -- and dwell on that dollar in sales what the oil -- to my love calls high -- -- -- Don't think have ever -- he won't be quite that. Anyway we've got the a severe weather safety program -- and most women aren't genius when it comes to getting away to meet him not coming to meet him there locking your doors -- you. To step up and fitness to. Today -- tonight did dead the Oakland community center. On east low Oakland drive in which cite these national -- the up technicality emergency management severe -- the safety program rather safety program -- got a mouthful. A sergeant X 33 a charge and the National Weather Service storm fury in the plains and Hutchinson tonight Ted. At the fire training facility in Hutchinson that's on east fourth avenue and those are open to the public as we've been telling you free of charge. Don't find out something about the weather. Tonight you got anything going on tonight did. Being excited now I actually don't -- is that a fact do have something exciting elected. I'm gonna join Susan Peters and we're going to -- the junior achievement of Wichita 2014 business hall of fame -- tonight ceremony and banquet. Nimby some good good good I hope very nice champion out that -- years now dot they got a good suit. -- was. I don't know there are aware of the funeral or the wedding suit that I got there when you don't want to get to excellent report that it. So we'll be down there as Susan and I did this last year we MC together and we had a great time and it's it's really a fund dealer really honors businesspeople in which saw him. Who were reduce your achievement too good deals. Six thirtieth dinner out of the daily get chow the -- You -- while you're all set them -- ready 638 now with Stephen did in the morning in time broad commodities upgrade with Tom Butler of what we're commodities -- -- dom. Well good morning -- What led by the feeder cattle to cattle complex -- include positive yesterday most the -- contracts made new all time record highs yesterday is that most of legal contracts. Yesterday. Support can be prices continued to trade higher and we are looking at the moment April live -- twenty queues since I won 4337. April feeder cattle further higher once 75 maybe in April Leno could dollar fifty higher one's 1750. But we corn and -- all -- -- double digit losses on Monday the grain and soybean complex of both reacted price make it into the USDA's supply and demand report. The issue of the Indian stocks compared to the previous month unchanged for the week. Five million bushels lower for the so we beat them 25 million bushel lower for the court. At the moment we are seeing mostly lower trade overnight the main key ingredient could change as several other than a quarter. They Cordell a penny of -- 77 and a quarter based solely being down three and three quarters at 1450. Technical crew global Foreign Ministry said fire 10115. April gold six dollars and eighty cents -- thirteen 4830. Markets compete -- appointment quarter to 1876. -- start index's twelve cents fired 7989. In March scheduled features six point -- 161004. Oaks seven. Commodity trading Craig marketing advisory contact Oprah commodities on the phone call -- -- people want. But using 866. Due to. -- it's a pretty nice weather the last couple of days you're gonna but the farmers still would like see little little rain out there Wednesday. Boisterous self in order to meet meet -- see him in the very very near future. Okay and does not just been looking at some of the seven day forecast to look like there's a drop in the forecast for the next few days at least. -- -- exerts. 6:40 -- of the morning you -- just about any -- -- you by American and credit providing financial services customized to your ever changing needs. Tag lone dot com or call 80466114. Six American bank credit. Even if they got a good wild sounding the alarm on heroin deaths. Traffic about the coming up Stephen can't -- radio thirteen 38% to. We'll talk from your radio. -- countrymen Sunday evenings from six until late on use radio thirteen thirty -- S asks. The commodity update on Katie and SS is brought to buy American and credit. 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Now about that contest Davis my employees affiliates and relatives and employees are not eligible to participate no purchase necessary void where prohibited. It's been eighteen years or order and a valid driver's -- -- bit of insurance finalist must be president April 4 2014 trying to be eligible to win. Any time you're looking defeat of budget folks -- to hog -- good barbecue to help get it done here's Josh twisting partner and store manager from hog wild at 47 and self Broadway at how well to barbecue we specializing great barbecue catering for Indian -- company office parties of every time the -- planned for personal and wedding dinner reunions retirement parties birthdays you name it hog wild -- -- -- fourth when -- -- -- -- the best barbecue and everything is ready on time. Everyone can relax and enjoy the need to give us a call to get the party started. Call hog wild today to put your next get together on the calendar because big or small every event deserves and good old barbecue fund. Five locations in Wichita. Also an elder radio Hutchinson and Salina. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Get in the game -- and she -- the friendly way about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 99 you can do a deal would fully equipment for a nicely appointed to 3060 -- skid steer just 27999. What students call 855 cat deal The Osgood File on news radio thirteen thirty -- in SS has brought to you by Davis more Lincoln. I'm Dan O'Neill invite you to join me on your afternoon drive home I'll keep you posted on the latest news and traffic plus updates from the take for solar forecast team. Keep it here for a smooth ride home with me Dan O'Neill on which installs number one news -- -- -- weather station. News radio thirteen thirty -- and assess. 646 Stevens hit -- in the morning coming up in just a few minutes here. McCain is a sporting news disputed that top of the hour a -- and takes his kids the good work we're gonna talk about that. It -- as a sporting news. 600 block of east funny we've got three vehicles involved and an injury traffic Jackson here this is east of highs at 135. On colony. So let's listen to block of -- -- three vehicle accident. Avoid that area for the time being -- says traffic central and -- chambers partly cloudy today with a high of 67 degrees windy with a 20% chance for rain tonight the overnight low 32. Wednesday sunny and breezy tomorrow's high 51 yeah. Now partly cloudy we have resolved within twelve miles per hour and 49 degrees and K and SS. Coming up -- Wichita business journal updates selling shocker stuff. It was even did you radio thirteen thirty KMS en us. Go to file sponsored by auto owners insurance and no problem people deserve all the owners are com's Dave Ross -- for Charles Osgood. On CBS radio network. Americans are clearly sick of driving one look at the defeated expressions on the faces of commuters after 304050. Minutes of traffic is -- to -- of that. There's a go to reason people packed their breakfast and their make up on their books on -- Smartphone. Because they're never sure when the committee will turn to a camp out we'll cheer up. This guy is on your song I'd like to World Cup back to relax not like to be entertained and his solution was the talk of the Geneva auto show. More after this from Charlie. There are a lot of complicated things in life rocket science Texans and trying to bow -- But insurance does not have -- one of those complicated things. Your local independent agency representing Auto Owners Insurance will sit down and customize a plan just who you. To a -- trying to muddle through it all online yourself contact your local independent auto owners agency. Find your local independent agent at auto owners dot com that's -- owners dot com Auto Owners Insurance but no problem people. You wanted to be a teacher when you're little. You grew up things changed. Teaching just didn't seem like the best option anymore so you decided to become something. What would you twelve year old self said. Interesting and innovative things are happening in teaching today we're so it's time to put it back on -- -- and don't try to convince yourself otherwise. First time find out how you can make more it's I don't need more. Each practice and teach and he had canceled. In Switzerland there's a company called written -- to the builds concept cars and their latest model is perfect for drivers who -- sick of spending our stock behind the wheel because the driver could just move the wheel out of away. And pivot the -- around to face the passenger to your right with a two passengers in back. The car is called the -- speed. Exchange -- the exchange is about autonomous driving who wants a car's doing that our reasoning is. But I do not want to watch my -- real terms left and right. -- rendered act is the CEO of -- and he says the -- designed to turn the car into -- truly he has for more more people. A motorized office there's room for four people to work on their computers hold a meeting there just goof off all the computerized shall -- calmly and without emotion. Navigation those migraine inducing vein popping traffic I can download movies I can -- work. And I'm always. -- he expects these things to be on the road by about 20/20 at a course the Swiss have fought and everything they realize that after awhile. Watching movies napping on the way to work thinking give boring. But if I decide to drive himself of course I oldest can drive himself as well. Just in case you missed that daily migraine. The Osgood File Dave Ross on the CBS radio network. 650 now keep -- before he's ready -- thirteen thirty KM -- we headed down close of the markets Monday the Dow down 34 points. NASDAQ down two S&P down one knowledge take a look at actual business news. -- the Wall Street Journal report Jennifer can -- a good news on the labor front according to the latest manpower survey. 19% of employers surveyed plan to increase staff this spring man Paris -- precincts -- only 4% plan to reduce staff. So particularly good news I think to being that employers anticipate that -- Lowest rate or workforce reduction in nearly fourteen years. Hiring level as the strongest it's been since the spring of 2008. Soybean prices dropped the most in two months after federal forecasters projected higher than expected US supplies ahead of this year's harvest. Corn prices also declined hurt by estimates for greater global stockpiles wheat prices are also down. Disney go -- will be able to get their caffeine fix at Starbucks. The coffee chain is opening a location in downtown Disney in Anaheim the first afford to be operated across Disney properties. The store will feature a ten foot video with an interactive touch screen. -- Wall Street futures indicating a little changed opened this is the Wall Street Journal report. 6:52 -- in the morning 49 degrees. The money tractor Don grants the F Pete Dye the hands of the morning off always have the locals. This is -- from the Wichita business journal reported another great season for the shocker basketball team and another great season for shocker gears sales. T shirts and other items have been flying off the shelves at area -- chops -- locker room tents narron Berger says it's like Christmas in March. He expected 400 teacher to be sold by the end of business Monday. Sports I'm Dan -- supervisor -- Lowry says sales were bit better than at Christmas. Over the weekend there were new reports news reports of issues -- Boeing aircraft that had an impact on the stock price Monday. The missing airplane and Asia is -- 777. And a 787 had to make an emergency landing in Honolulu. Because of engine problems. Played effort in the stock was down by more than a percent and a half. The Wichita City Council is going to hold a public hearing today they'll hear from people why. They should or should not impose a new two point seven. 5% room tax on guests. To help fund tourism and convention marketing. He would be called -- tourism business improvement district. He will be imposed at hotels within city limits. With fifty or more rooms. MS look at local business dealings with the which dubbed us. 49 degrees looking for a high today of 67 coming up innocent sporting news was even dead -- More -- you proved to fix fired -- into Wichita school. I'll show you yeah. It's -- away from the listened to the weekend. Wind -- packs Saturdays and Sundays on news radio thirteen thirty K and SS find out more attain SS radio dot com. Hi this dumb Baxter -- associates funeral were forty years combined experience -- -- -- a mile long for hope team -- challenging Financial Times and no room for the challenge. We understand you depending on your serious money now and in the future so please give us a call 652101. Action associates time well spent money loaned us. Here he's advisory services suffer through this I distance incorporated for anti. Stacy. Now attention there at night sweats for the past couple days a lot of people out warmer weather means we -- to get out doors to enjoy the weather with a walker or runner. Take your daughter maybe just a picnic with the kids or grandkids. Don't let pain is slow you down from exercising walking running doing the things you love to do do you suffer from pain in your ankles knees lower back. The good feed store offers pain -- starting at 5995. The people of good V -- will examine your feet and offer you a custom fit system which can be used in all your shoes. 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Star deliver if you flooring -- in your future Paul Starr. How would you like to make -- -- your very own backyard well now's your chance entered to win a 4000 dollar -- -- -- over at the outdoor living in landscape show march 14 through the sixteenth century to register for your chance to turn your backyard into what you always dreamed it would be sponsored by tender care lawn and landscape. -- -- -- sturdy -- patio furniture all things barbecue and the outdoor living in landscape show march 14 through the sixteenth century tunes expo hall in downtown Wichita. Wichita man. Tired of being embarrassed in the bedroom afraid to approach that special someone because you can't perform well enough. Or even worse she can't perform at all this is Greg Kansas men's clinic we can make you the mayor and you were before and in many cases even better just a 199 office does that cover your complete examination. Ultrasound all testing including a test dose of our medication. 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