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Steve & Ted in the Morning 03/11/14 Hr 2

Mar 11, 2014|

Police Seek Help Solving Wichita's 5 Homicide of 2014

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You can earn up to three point 10 annual percentage yield on your bracket busters CD that's right up to three point 010 but hurry. This offer is only good through march 19. Show your soccer pride if this -- equity bank in Wichita and and over today. Equity banks dot com a member FDIC. This alert just came in various special announcement is for business owners and leaders of organizations. Who've been waiting for the right time to build. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's 809878335. Join me for a smooth ride home. I'm Dan -- with the latest news and traffic information. And updates from the take first alert forecast team. I'm on the news desk every weekday afternoon here on Wichita was number one news talk and weather station news radio thirteen thirty KM SS. Is -- station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news thirteen there. -- SS which talks number one news talk bad weather station depend on. Good point 7 o'clock this decay -- as good morning news was even -- dikes Macintosh more information on what you thought latest homicide that story coming up. -- money approved for college hill fire fixes on Ted with word that story on the life. Setting a good example where your children is basic to good parenting practices. I'm Dan O'Neill land don't have more auto Salina father who fell short of the basics. Increasing clouds with a cool down on the way out and take personal -- meteorologist -- ball we'll take a look at the temperatures coming out. 23 year old Kelsey shall we shot and killed -- north -- outside -- as bikes. A private club that night in Cleveland. Police lieutenant -- no trial says early Sunday people work outside in line waiting to get in when shots were fired from Cleveland street. Another individual. Fired numerous rounds. Towards building striking because several times and then also striking Musharraf. They were actually standing in line at the front door when the shots were fired. They tried to try to flee and that's what we believe Michelle was struck in the head. He was only person hit by a bullet this is the which caused a fifth murder case of 24 team. The Wichita school board has approved an additional five million dollars to make repairs to college hill elementary. Board president Jeff Davis tells take news building suffered extensive damage in a fire last August just before the start of the school year. But people understand is we had a fire to buildings. Can we got some -- preliminary. Estimates I was a cost to fix. What's it's like anything else if your house catches fire it's -- -- -- tornado. Please think about that aren't all going to damage that would make it in and they start looking ahead at the damage costs goes up and that's what happened to us. Davis says 750000. Dollars has already been approved for repairs. Police say a shooting himself Wichita was gang related lieutenant Randy -- the Randy Reynolds says early Sunday 911 dispatchers received several calls. About a shooting in the Tony 400 block of south saint Clair. There was a report is so large party it was her birthday celebration going on. Upwards of forty or fifty people were at this residence. Did appears at this time that -- members -- right rival gang shot after residents. It's believe they're about 45 people of the party of the time of the shooting and there was some return gunfire. The only person wounded was a seventeen year old boy in the front porch a bullet struck him in the upper leg and he was hospitalized in critical condition. His condition has since improved and he's been stabilized. Dozens of ships and planes are scouring the South China -- still looking for the Malaysian airlines flight went missing on a flight to China Saturday. ABC's Bob Woodruff is in Beijing with the families of passengers. Chinese have deployed another ten satellites to look out over the -- is still a that they can find someone or some evidence some debris. There will show where this plane may have gone but right now it remains very much a mystery. A pathologist who gave chilling testimony yesterday at the Oscar the story is a murder trial is back on the witness stand today more from ABC's brandy hit. Graphic testimony -- Oscar historians to vomit during his murder trial Monday as he listened to a pathologist detailed the injuries -- Justine -- suffered. From the -- the story is fired in his south African home last year the expert witness revealed -- -- suffered one gunshot to her right arm. Another to her right hip. And a third and turned her skull likely stopping her breeding instantly. The former Libyan who claims he shot his girlfriend by mistake was hunched over in tears. Kansas legislators are starting work on school funding issues after a State Supreme Court ruling. And attorney general Derek Schmidt is telling them they have many options -- briefed house Republicans Monday. He said the High Court left legislators was some discretion in addressing constitutional flaws in the State's school funding system. The court ruled Friday that the state must boost -- to -- school districts and gave legislators until July 1 to address the problems. It also ordered more lower court hearings on whether the state is spending enough money overall. 703 now -- until the morning 49 degrees looking for a high today of 67. An update on the college men's basketball rankings and some bad news for one of the best players at Kansas sports coming up. Get a -- takes his kid to work. Details of that story of the way it is this morning news and Steven van. Each franchise independently owned and operated for goodness look at signature series only ask for details. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nine Baptist and Barbie Q I'm Todd Stern's what does Fox News and commentary next. Television's favorite crime fighting show is moving up box Monday. -- -- earned dollars that's right bones is back tonight with a whole new episodes of bones bones bone bruise on phone. Yes well it's still this new episodes of bones moving to Mondays followed by the critically acclaimed new season of the following welcome home owns thank you don't move. Still Monday followed by the following it all starts at 8:7 central box tonight. Boy I don't know about you folks but I -- drag and -- this afternoon daylight saving time I could go for Mountain View anyway just got back from a weekend visit to Memphis I was speaking at the Germantown Baptist Church the Oklahoma Baptist University men's -- choir was there to those chosen know a thing or two about -- and and ladies there's nothing better than a Baptist guy who can sing amazing grace. Anyway Germantown has a unique outreach program it's called the bar BQ and grill ministry. A group of guys get together barbecue everything from whole -- to deer meat they used their portable grill and smoker to -- not just church folks but. Those go through some rough times to not the breaks down barriers like -- and a plate of ribs and get this the guy in charge of the Barbie Q ministry. His name is Andy -- him. I kid you not I'm Todd star and. America's number. Weekend talk show the Bill Cunningham Sunday evenings from nine until midnight on news radio thirteen thirty K it SS. Containers -- sporting news the speed instead of 49 degrees we'll be crying today of 67. Coming up on 7077. Minutes at 7 o'clock. Salina man is accused of enlisting an unusual. Accomplice in a home burglary he is seven year old son the break in happened Friday afternoon at a home in Salina. Police responding to a report of a burglary in progress arrested the 32 year old father as he emerged from home with an electronic cable in his hand. And his son by his side. Investigators allege the father helpful and boy under the home through a basement window so that child could unlock the door and let -- him. The boy was released who has mother charges against the father are pending -- -- news radio thirteen thirty K and assess. Recreational marijuana can apparently bring in big bucks for a state supporters have recreational pot in Colorado argued it would bring with that a tax windfall now on what is a first accounting of recreational marijuana industry anywhere in the world. Colorado says it collected over two million dollars in taxis in January alone. The state takes sales and excise taxes out of every transaction and while controversial so far does seem to be helping Colorado's budget. Alex Sony ABC news. Satellite now 8 minutes past 7 o'clock Stephen dead. A couple of things to watch out for -- traffic right now 600 block of north pine crest this is the latest death. Fire call fire trucks headed that direction. They didn't say what was on her the calling party that. -- didn't actually say what was on fire there they're calling it unknown against 600 block of north pine crest this is north the central distinguished west of pitch more. It continued to avoid the area around at 2600 he's -- three vehicle. Injury traffic accident there that's funny east of I want 35 and -- says traffic central I'm -- chambers and. Absolutely beautiful afternoon and Monday will continue let's find out. The Rodgers frank Walter -- -- forecast good morning frank good morning Steve died today is gonna be nice but not nearly as nicely yesterday yesterday's high temperature. 79. Degrees in which time chest phenomenal. Lots of folks getting out and about today. Not bad high is that near 67 degrees and Wichita. We're gonna see increasing clouds and the wind is going to be a factor today. Wind advisory for this afternoon into the overnight hours. We could see wind gas between about twenty and forty miles per hour or so I kind of a nasty day for the wind at temperatures up. In this sixties overnight tonight as straight rain shower not completely out of question looks like most folks will remain dry. Lows dipped to 32. For Wednesday mostly sunny and breezy highs near 51 we rebound on Thursday back in the low sixties. Currently 48 degrees feels like 43 because that south wind at twelve but that winds can be shifting to the northwest this afternoon its passage of the cold front and that's really when it's going to pick up two or is he pretty good -- good in Tampa between new wealth from yesterday to today amended downs tomorrow about sixty degrees and he had us right -- tomorrow's high 51 yesterday 79. Danielle was just incredible. Line averages ten years mid fifties so big change all right thank you sir I'll. -- -- -- With a -- first to report yesterday and found herself wanting act. But you think you don't look good in a -- we'll come to have man -- let us show you how good you do look at the right net. At -- o'clock hour delay no hat man Jack's. 601. West Douglas. 610 now 10 minutes past 6 o'clock do we Steve into the morning. The wedding treasure was after more than three drinks a suburban Philadelphia man has pleaded guilty. To stealing cash and gifts from wedding receptor. Authorities say Joseph Patrick friends old and -- Despite thousands of dollars in gifts from a reception July. Another nine grand worth from in June reception. Has pleaded guilty to theft and attempted theft charges remains jailed. Without male apparently somebody one of these letting citizens who is dead guys at. Then uncle Walt over there no rooms and yet another must is just registered replacing particularly wanted to get stuff from -- -- -- the where you registered. To break in your wedded to that the that the that the got to be careful what you're given a wedding and -- -- 7-Eleven now 11 and spent 7 o'clock -- 10 in the morning. Cedric county a fire chief Gary commode is leaving. His job he's held her not a couple of decades I've -- -- he's going to. Go to be the fire chief out in Colorado. At a place in Colorado we will be talking to achieve -- on the issue show this weekend. If you Tony fourteen you can hear that Sunday morning at eight here -- news radio thirteen thirty -- initiatives and at some point of course we will have a podcast. On our web page came -- -- -- radio that count. -- much excitement that you have last night did that you're doing great I mean you had to I don't you have the we had the show is on the its coach he shows were on the air. Did you participate in those I hosted the OW issue basketball coaches show Jody Adams last night so that was your excitement for the evening and certainly laws. They have a pretty good crowd over there great crowd at I think that's what the nose and he knows Ilia yeah let's look into an area Monday night all season long so -- that that we -- not less than it is it women's basketball coaches in the baseball candidates all coastal -- three coaches shows us not. My wife and I attended the first and second grade music program. -- symbolism of the NC last night that was our excitement. Our daughters our granddaughters Jocelyn and -- both seven earned first grade and they were part of -- -- program course of the you have to show up. -- good seats got through early handsome good floor seats otherwise up there in the in the raptors they were packed. I swear. Chemist -- a couple hundred people see this thing and he got -- future -- some nice aren't like Jesus wants me for a sunbeam. One of the younger children in the audience misunderstood destined. Turned to his appearance in Jesus wants me froze on me so. He -- the eleven under oath is that what you're saying that I cannot hear and you have those programs are there they're cute. -- out. The cute factor you know ratchet up if you got a need advice. For me -- on home on what to ally what do paraded marsh well ahead of that do because Saturday the fifteenth. Is the eighth annual saint Patrick's parade and historic delay no district. And I've been asked to be part of the part of the program what are they won the marshals grand marshals. Yeah O'Neal's manager buddy -- better fill you in on that -- O'Neill's been our our grand the grand Marshal that prayed for several years old kind of centered around the shamrock lounge down there on -- -- well it's right up your -- that there -- to excel he's it'll start to -- Well on Saturday and I don't think that it really you know a bit at the -- boat and -- that didn't require a whole lot of work Jim what this vote. Require too much work that you're will be doing that senator starts at noon. I'm not sure where it sentence later when Douglas avenue somewhere unless they can't read the fine print today here appears to tidy your career now and you -- you kind of you're the potentates grand Marshal got a lot of ceremony honors coming your oil and yeah and nothing that they have any money attach an important count heavens no light at this point in my career I don't need any more money. If I had more money Ted -- he wouldn't work probably get in trouble sometimes now. You know what I'm saying I don't you're saying all right the yes. School board last night appropriating five million dollars more for the repairs in college elementary school sells like a lot of money but let's face it. If they had a fire -- that was you know any damage at all deal that costs money to go in here and clean it up and rebuild and get the smoke smell out there. So they already appropriated what 750000. Dollars to begin with but -- looks like the insurance company is gonna pick up the tab for that might have insurance right. That's why it's there is why it's there and sell those kid's been going to Bryant there on the other side -- -- -- by handling it and you won by bus and carted to school additional next fall are hoping that the kids that are. The go to college you will be able to attend class right now they're. In their the outback and there primary school course that school is not far from where you grew up -- -- to -- right there in the college hill neighborhood here. That you -- probably went out there and vandalized a school of Utah city of course of course I would just the Dodgers went to school couple blocks away from there -- -- death. Today is tenth date march 11 there was on this date in 1997. Queen Elizabeth knighted Paul McCartney wonder people of course now we call -- Paul McCartney. Have you ever known a night. Ten. -- -- you have a real art never known one British -- I've paid to see him five times yeah also you -- you -- to -- one. My wife actually does or has met a night and actually worked with the night when you were to Rent A Center. Wow the CEO or whatever was actually a -- may be my goodness you remember that two Louisiana curtsy when he came into the room no but does he actually. He actually kissed her hand in front of her crown car while about 15100 people were very nice she is taking care of his fresh carrot juice or something. And he loved it. Let's get to Turkey and -- -- something was his name anyway he was the -- thorn EMI the big music company owner Rent A Center -- yes so that's that's LT. Got an on night court she thinks some corporate stooges yes he had what eleven. A magnitude nine earthquake and resulting tsunami struck Japan's northeastern coast. Killing nearly 20000 people and severely damaging the Fukushima Dai Ichi nuclear power station about 20000 people who. In today's birthdays media mogul Rupert Murdoch is 83 years old that I. ABC news correspondent Sam Donaldson is eighty I don't see much sand anymore the agreement retired now and Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia is 78 result today -- Mark -- 68. Doug meter Meir an animal house the vote that character also -- and he played the maestro unsigned for the great electoral. But that call in maestro. Bobby -- is 64. Don't worry be happy and movie director Jerry Zucker is 64 airplane -- top secret those are the birthday here on Tuesday march 11. 7:17 Stevens in the morning news radio thirteen thirty -- -- type first portraits at Clifford and it. The soccer men's basketball team is still number two on the ratings that's right the rankings come out yesterday and. A change among top two's still Florida number one missed. Wichita State number two Florida on a 23 game winning streak champions of the Southeastern Conference. The -- is unbeaten at 34 and oh winners of the Missouri Valley Conference and already the Missouri Valley Conference tournament. Soccer's getting 23%. Of the first place votes in the Associated Press poll 22% in the first place votes in the coaches poll. The new number three team this week right behind the shocker is Villanova. After Arizona dropped down this week. Kansas dropped a couple spots the jayhawks are ranked tenth in the nation in both polls with a record of 23 and eight jayhawks -- big twelve champions. Kansas State got one vote this week in the coaches poll K state Maine with a record of twenty and eleven at the moment. Going into the post season some bad news for KU on the injury front KU freshman senator Joseph well -- -- Does indeed have a stress fracture in his back. He will not play in the big twelve tournament and the nor will he play in the opening weekend of the NCAA tournament. Kansas without the big twelve defensive player of the year here's -- you head coach Bill Self. There is basically one of those things it. He can go away as is this his symptoms allow him to go. And he's a lot better but we've said before that we're gonna hold him out this week that's what we've done and certainly we won him. Healthy when we get to the NCAA tournament. As bad as we'd like to claim to squeaky and I'm not gonna he risks that. So Kansas will be without its talented freshman center for the next couple weekends anyway as a big day yesterday for the Kansas. Women's track and field squad of course they won the NCAA national championship last year and yesterday that squad got to make a three hour visit to the White House including an afternoon meeting with President Obama. The case you women's track and field squad was one of nineteen NCAA championship teams have paid a visit to the White House yesterday. On the roster that national championship squad junior -- house who is from a Laredo. We have Wichita State baseball action tonight soccer's going down to Stillwater to take on fifteenth ranked Oklahoma State shocker lost both games against the -- last season. It's been four years since the shocker one in Stillwater. Shocker is coming with a record of nine and four coming -- back to back wins Oklahoma State with a record of eleven and for live coverage of soccer baseball begins at 6:10. This evening. And you can hear that right here on news radio thirteen thirty K and SS. Some baseball action yesterday in on a beautiful day for baseball. For Newman and friends both playing home game action yesterday to friends baseball team with a double header sweep over Hastings. At Lawrence Dumont stadium winning seven to one and at nine to four. Friends baseball team is now fourteen and -- six on the season. Friends right now is fourth in the nation in batting batting 339. As a team twenty games into the season. The -- baseball team also wins yesterday beating Texas Permian Basin thirteen to. Newman now in fifth place in the heartland conference with a record of nine and eight overall taking two out of three in that series. Newman's Tyler -- is a freshman from M -- batting leadoff and playing left field he went three for four yesterday scored three times he's batting for 49. On the season. As the human jets get the win yesterday. And in men's tennis today Wichita State is hosting -- Lamar this afternoon at the rock road Genesis health club at 3 o'clock -- men's tennis team ranked number 63. In the nation going in of that one. Sports brought to you by the newly remodeled bull's eyes shooting range where they know and use the guns they sell. Go to bullseye Wichita dot com be safe shoot safe that's bull's -- shooting range at 1455. North terrace. 721 now 49 degrees keep -- per Rush Limbaugh morning update Medicare is wasting money. 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Follow the shoppers throughout the NCAA tournament as they make another run for the final four right here on thirteen thirty KM -- Drive. Your radio home for shocker basketball they're being thirty. 125 -- -- in the morning. 122 pound the host cat with a really. Bad attitude. We've got the story coming up in just given his. -- -- Well right now in traffic westbound Kellogg at the central business district it's just death. Hussein is -- -- injury traffic accident can be slow things down in that area know again. This is an area where -- -- high traffic volumes and a traffic accident like that. Think that really slowdown in a hurry so watch out there again what's -- Kellogg at the central business district and McCain -- traffic central and did chambers or. Cloudy today with a high of 67 degrees windy with a 20% chance for rain tonight the overnight pulled 32 Wednesday sunny and breezy tomorrow's high. 51 now partly cloudy self went to twelve miles per hour and 49 degrees. 727. Keep an ear for review the last half hour was even dead police ask public's help in solving which -- latest homicide. I'm going to handle this update with all the sensitivity. -- deserves there's a new report by the inspector general for health and human services says. That Medicare is wasting a lot of money. In this case on pumps. That man with erect tile dysfunction use for. Completion. To use a Clinton term. Now there's a street name for these pumps which I would avoid the official act -- the government uses is mixed. Stands for vacuum erection assistant lose that self explanatory. Apparently these pumps are growing rapidly and popularity the inspector general found that between. 20062011. Medicare processed almost 475000. Claims. For these polyps in that time yearly claims rose 21 million to 37 million the problem isn't the amount of pumping going on out -- -- the problem. Is the dollar amount that Medicare shelling out all that vacuuming in public. Is he in the private sector manned by the -- from a multitude of sources online and they pay half the price that Medicare pays out. The inspector general's report says. That if Medicare officials had simply matched market prices for the pumps. Almost fourteen million dollars a year could have been say if I guess you could say the treasury is being -- and by erect tile pops. And when it comes to Medicare to people really get screwed that taxpayers as always but what the heck. Don't let -- get to that -- -- -- There -- right they left -- -- folks America's -- long hard winter but we're starting to see signs of spring and it's time to get your land back into shape with the help of my good buddies at Mahendra tractors my hidden room. Makes the toughest tractors on -- they are built to push more to pull more to lift more so that you couldn't do more on your land. Plus every met him for tractor includes an industry leading five your power train warranty. But here's the best it was the man hit her red tag sale is going on right now at your local dealer. Hurry in for great deals like -- 0% interest for 84 months you'll probably save enough to get an extra attachment to make their toughest tractor in the world it even tougher learn why make him great is the world's number one selling tractor at Mahendra USA dot com. Take advantage of rock bottom prices and test drive a Mahendra today and it's dropped internationally great -- Pratt and south Hutchinson or visit straw IE NT dot com. That's job IE NT dot com. Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news. Thirteen thirty K at SS which could -- number one in the news talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning 730 -- Macintosh at what -- the 49 degrees so we're looking for a high today of 67. Police are asking the public's help in solving -- plus latest. Homicide if early Sunday to 43 year old Kelsey shall we shot and killed outside the -- as bikes a private club it's nineteenth make at ninth and Cleveland. Lieutenant Todd no trial says -- always in line waiting to get into the club would shots rang out from Cleveland street. Several bullets struck a car one bullet hit Shaw in the back of the head. We do not believe that they saw was. Any type of target -- -- we believe that she was an innocent victim that was struck by a new round. We're asking for anyone with any information to contact crime stoppers at 2677111. Or contact the homicide section 2684180. Abuses which -- fifth homicide of the year. Let's take a look at the cake for -- forecast with meteorologist frank walked good morning frank. Good morning Steve pleasant day today but tough to live up to the standards of yesterday yesterday's high 79 degrees just incredible. Highs today which time your 67. South wind turning to the northwest. That northwest wind this afternoon into the evening hours 28 of forty miles per hour it's going to be a pesky one wind advisory in effect because of that. Overnight tonight increasing clouds a slight chance of a -- sprinkle we're gonna clear of that cloud cover up pretty quick tomorrow mostly sunny on Wednesday. -- -- -- 51 on Thursday it would make it back into the low sixties. Right now 48 degrees feels like it's 43 because that south wind at twelve it's incredible afternoon yesterday lot of people get now in the afternoon and evening to enjoy the my neighborhood over Riverside running walking with a dog to kid who's not beautiful I finally picked up tree limbs that had come down in several of our you know winter storms we had come to high winds -- Street loves kept coming down -- Every talent pick them up we got another snow. Finally seem like a good time to take care -- then two that you use your time to get out newly artwork -- and Julia our work -- -- okay thanks frank meteorologist frank wall with the -- first -- forecast. Police arrested a suspect after residential burglary in downtown Wichita -- Douglas and Saint Francis. A woman came home to her apartment Sunday night about John Barley corn -- finding her door was locked from the inside. She went down of the Barnes called police the bartender told her he'd heard noise coming from upstairs. Police captain -- Nolte says officers arrived finding a 49 year old man trying to leave the apartment. When they arrested him there was several items that had been taken from the apartment and had been put outside on the roof of the building. It all their close to 6000 dollars or food items that had been taken from the burglary. The suspect apparently had gone up on the roof and then entered the woman's apartment -- window but a judge has overturned the Kansas board the relocation of the doctor's license. Former referrals of young patients were late term abortions -- Shawnee county district judge said the state board of healing arts failed to show that mental health exams. Provided by doctor and new house in 2003 were inadequate. The judge issued an order Monday for the board to reconsider its sanctions. The board revoked new houses slices to provide charity care in 2012. Over her exams of eleven patients ages ten to eighteen. New house provide a second opinions that the late doctor George Tiller needed under Kansas law to legally terminate the pregnancies. The board concluded new house failed to meet adequate standards of care because her records didn't document adequate exams. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty -- and assess. AAA is now offering a new membership to bike -- Jim Haney was -- Kansas says this membership is geared toward eighteen to thirty year olds. Costs 49 dollars a year. Provide a safe total for those unable to drive for any reason. Once a year and a -- total were members shoot and you have flat tires on the bicycle broken change or other problems. You can visit AAA dot com slash my way for more details -- as national news time 733. Suspected links to terror and those two Ukrainian man who boarded the Malaysia airlines flight that's gone missing Interpol has identified them both one as a nineteen year old. Who was thought to be heading -- his mother in Germany but ABC news consultant retired marine colonel Steve Gagnon says the pilots backgrounds are being investigated to. Do we have to look at that you know we have the Egypt air crash where the pilot deliberately flew it into the Atlantic Ocean we had the silk air crash of a couple years back. Where the pilot -- it deliberately into the into a swamp so isn't likely no but it's something you've got to look at. Senate Democrats continue to talk a -- about climate change and they began last night Republicans call it a stunned pointing out Democrats do not much to offer. In the way of legislation. The parliament in Crimea has voted today to declare independence from Ukraine if that's what voters choose in a referendum that set for Sunday. The US and other western nations say they will not recognize an independent Crimea. I'm Steven Portnoy ABC news. 734 now 49 degrees Stevens chances in the morning. Police had to come to the rescue of -- Portland Oregon family trapped in a bedroom. By an angry 22 pound pet -- This is the sound of the line on one call. I. Seven month old child. And I kicked it but the cat in the rear end. It is where all over the edge and we are more -- -- look at the very large Himalayan. Can work after that -- you'll let -- go over the war. The baby which had pulled the cat's tail was not seriously hurt. Family still deciding what to do with the death -- police came over they were able to pin the thing up and put -- -- page -- and now you've got to a 22 pound. Ill tempered -- -- surgery still angry brittle you do. With your -- -- was talking earlier about president. My granddaughters Jocelyn and -- appear to me first and second grade of music program. As saint Elizabeth and Elizabeth and Seton school last night that little singing little dancing and they've got. You know kids songs about about church and god what we're real nice the big crowd. -- people out there. On a Monday night I'm just thinking get -- do you remember that kids programs you performed in as a youngster I know we all we all have done right. Do you remember anyone specific artist and a there we did got a patriotic themed one when I was in slams seven years old -- and I was the MC. The first time I was you know I hand the microphone and had the lead things you get it on. They it was a harbinger of things to come how did you do I I -- all a little you know like that Xstrata have now drawn chaos. -- -- like C a photo and I believe there around we have photos I think I probably had white belt like shoes that's probably a good look for -- they're -- may be could not put that on face the time out do you see that and really get a good like stepped. I resist debt they can the other day that the one that stands of course when we were in junior high we always saying the show term tunes from South Pacific and different things like -- that's a little older. But when I always I believe nine. I think I've told you this before the big Christmas pageant. At it and -- high school gymnasium packed house in Kingman. And I was called upon dissing a solo all my debt via my little. But what what you call it voice when it's the soprano in your young you know -- Estrada whenever its commitment mutant. I did okay. But I funeral at the song was doing a solo was him. Belts of about shepherds. On Christmas night the Colorado okay yeah I don't remember the tune so it wasn't valley high washing with the death or something like RTI and I just days it was a stage -- -- so incredible. But I've never tried it again. So tonight Ted. I only conquering stage tried once again. To appear with Susan Peters at the junior achievement and -- fourteen business hall of fame will. Banquet if you get frightened seasonal hold your hand them sleep through the process what happened last year to -- about fifteen million of these things yeah she -- last year I was a little there is bitchy and it took -- outside and mental I was a little upset she took me outside in the hallway and just started slapping you just like the movie airplane yes laughing I think -- I wake up snap. That you can do this self what pursues and I wouldn't even be able to devote tonight's seriously we're going to and see this thing until this hits it last year we had a great time it's a very. It's a great business thing is there are at least new inductees into the business hall of fame junior achievement we do do great work and it. We're happy to be a part of fantastic I'm gonna take the wife with me so there will be time. Two women at our table keeping an item. That's all right making sure that I do nothing wrong. The F Sedgwick county emergency management people who are putting on the -- a safety program tonight this from will be in oak lawn at the Oakland community center. Starts at 6:30 in the evening these are free of charge and that's something that you wanna find out more about whether this is the place to go. Are our friends and Hutchinson. The a storm fury of the plains National Weather Service a presentation is there will be at the fighter training facility. That's located on east fourth avenue again these things started 6:30 in the evening they're -- the public free of charge 10 and Sedgwick county there are twenty of them Ted. And they go through April 12 April 12 will be the last -- That's going to be in a Saturday at 10 AM and exploration place up to that when draws big craft. Quick question on shocker basketball -- room in them and specialty what happens next -- We've won the Missouri valley -- religious went around -- for a sit around for two weeks. Really and then did a -- get out of rotation that they're going to be -- we find out Sunday lawyer where they will be going in who they will be playing in ten. But do they will tell them they're they're taking it day often practicing and a day often practicing there's kind of alternating stand freshen. And hope nobody gets hurt and only now which -- been something it's been very beneficial than -- season last season they had tons injuries this year. It's been so far injury free I was thinking about that deal the David Ortiz jets such a part of you take a team that they're really goes into the NCAA deepened that the in the tournament. And just like the football playoffs anything else you've got to avoid the injuries -- everybody in fact you have to be somewhat lucky I guess to get through that's correct that's it's rare to go through and season without us some major injury somebody on down for an extended period hockey player and if you show up -- -- -- -- a shocker -- -- on all over town public. And many parts of Kansas except the northeast corner. Where they they don't even know that we have a team that now does seem a little bit of that stretching up and in Orlando which we like to think so what -- Except it's. 740 there's one guy who lives in Hiawatha the -- really yes and figures it there's a lady in target actually yeah. I'm obviously talking about coming up The Osgood File -- astronauts due to endurance race but we know what they did -- -- -- dead. Can't traffic weather on the -- Stevens did you review thirteen thirty tennis fans. -- to the spiders web history. You've Tyler gets stuck in our way apple -- -- and SS radio dust and chest pain dizziness shortness of brands know the signs of heart disease and take action. I don't and his team doctors and they care and actually probably save my life. The process -- quite comfortable that process is a cardiac CT scan from simply cardiology at CGT -- blockages years before they cause trouble it's been sold. It's paying us. And it's worth all this adds up to cardiology and make an -- for your hard by going to Wichita hard dot com that's Wichita hard dot com. Well now with the letters improving pets are going to be spending more time outdoors documents according to pound capped at Portland -- Get that when outdoors wanna know how to keep your pets safe from all the potentially harmful things that could begin your yardage. That plan to visit the all paws pet pavilion at the outdoor living landscape killed march 14 through sixteenth century to. -- all the tricks to ensure your time spent outside with your party where your kitty is a pleasant one. And our friends from the Kansas humane society will give you the opportunity to adopt defense. It's the all paws pet pavilion at the outdoor living in landscape show march 14 or sixteenth coming up this weekend. Occupy all polished at center. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The first thing they see. Okay. This guy. And. I just love. -- soccer fans how about that regular season 31 and totals 310. And now for a limited time from equity -- you can earn up to three point 10 annual percentage yield on your bracket busters CD that's right up to three point one alone but -- This offer is only good through march 19. Show your soccer pride -- -- equity bank in Wichita and hand over today equity banks dot com a member. FDI CD Osgood file on news radio thirteen thirty -- in SS is brought to you by Davis more Lincoln. What's lurking on the dark side tonight the coast -- stay. World news for Americans heavily filtered. I'm George -- and on our next program will be checking and break perspective for -- on current events and followed by quantum creativity of theoretical physicist on the dot swami and on coast to coast AM. The stadium a week. It's a yen overnight on news radio thirteen thirty KN SS. 7:45 -- until the morning we've heard of we don't take your kid to work day twelve. Demanded -- to just get a word in the newspaper journalists. Make about this. We have the -- as boring news at the top via computer right here. Panda a couple of areas to watch out for -- and Kellogg at central business district to get back. Traffic accident and a little bit of a traffic slowed down there because of that so flush out of that area west until August. That the US central business district exits there 600 block of north Ohio this is not in which does this in mount hope. 600 block of north Ohio that's pretty 2986. Hello we have a traffic accident being reported -- units at mount hope 600 block of north Ohio pretty close to 96 in. If you insist traffic central and judge chambers. Partly cloudy today we're gonna have a high of 67 degrees windy with a 20% chance for rain tonight the overnight low 32. Wednesday sunny and breezy and tomorrow's high 5167. Today 51 tomorrow. Now partly cloudy south wood to twelve miles per hour and 49 degrees it can't SS. Coming up the Wichita business journal update with bill -- -- Carter becomes the new car dealership in itself. Even -- news radio thirteen thirty. K in that sense justify Dave Ross in for Charles Osgood on the CBS radio network. It's easy to forget that there's a space station orbiting up there with astronauts inside. Astronauts -- go around and around day after day month after month in an environment where you are essentially hanging. Upside down the whole time the rush of fluids that are normally kept. In your lower body by gravity and all of a sudden are free to move up here chest. And up to your head and it feels like you're hanging on the monkey bars upside down upside down that's right. And if you're still thinking about booking that trip to Mars they don't because there are few other things you'll need to know two more after this from Charlie. The IRS issued an identity theft alert to the millions of Americans who pay taxes including many of you listeners -- -- reminds us identity thieves know that virtually all the information they need to steal your identity and even their life savings is right on your tax forms. Here's a case in point the Treasury Department announced that the former IRS employee use taxpayers' personal information to file multiple fraudulent returns stealing more than 300000 dollars from taxpayers like you -- me. National identity thieves stole over three billion dollars were fraudulent returns. This is too big to fight alone because so -- go to the law enforcement to stop all identity theft. So if you're filing taxes this year especially if your filing online and do what I did an arm yourself with -- ultimate protection. Visit like flocked dot com now and -- my last name Osgood the a 10% off your life like ultimate membership or call lifelike at 808388040. Imagine you'd. 808380408083. Eagle floral. -- -- -- -- -- Astronaut Tom marsh -- has endured for strenuous space walks he told CBS's chip Reid accused staying healthy in space is simple exercise. Followed by. Exercise. It feels just like here in the gym and work on -- it's very. Very hard as well as upper body work. If you don't exercise speak to there's no gravity the body figures you don't major muscles and don't need your ball you basically start melting away -- When I finish my five month mission. I was able to stand up walk a straight line and that's quite an accomplishment we have not been able to do that before. But there are other effects of -- traveled to exercise can't fix your doctor Michael Barrett who logged more than six months. On the International Space Station. It's safe to say that radiation is our biggest concern it is -- last radiation. Unfortunately any however that the space flight environment is a radiation environment and that means you run a risk of developing cancer. Only that zero gravity changes the shape of the high causing astronauts to become farsighted. But when chip Reid asked astronaut -- if he'd be willing to take the six month trip to Mars would you go to Mars if you had the opportunity like that. Well the line forms over there and the wait is about fifteen years. The Osgood File Dave Ross on the CBS radio network. 749 now 49 degrees and Steven did a news radio thirteen thirty king and assess. He's the world's first -- to the recreational pot industry. Colorado officials say the state made roughly two million dollars in marijuana taxes in January the first. Month of sales. The tax total reported Monday by the state department of revenue indicates just over fourteen million dollars worth of recreational pot was sold. The state legalized pot in 2012 but the commercial sale of marijuana did not begin until January. Washington State sales beginning in the coming months will be tracking and see how much money is generated in tax money there in Washington. From the the sale of recreational. Marijuana. We -- down close of markets Monday the Dow closing down 34 points NASDAQ off two OS and now look at national business news. This is the Wall Street Journal report I'm Jennifer Kushinka. If you're covered by the Medicare part. After a backlash from lawmakers and the health industry the Obama administration says it will scrap much of a proposed plan. There would've limited certain drugs available to seniors including anti depressants anti sex sex and Amy knows -- precedence. It Lindsay California there are no seventh graders instead kids ages attention fourteen to work at their own pace in one classroom. The journal Stephanie Ventura says it's all part of an educational experiment called competency learning. Are we -- didn't go ahead on that subject during a grade we have to make sure that they pass certain confidence seats they lay out confident he didn't. Didn't have the pats beat skills in order to move ahead at the end of such a promotes. And for teacher's assistant presents problems such as -- for a lesson plans per day per classroom. -- Wall Street futures are little changed this is the Wall Street Journal report. 7:52 -- until the morning each -- thirteen thirty K and has since looks like we're gonna have a a new car dealership to beat Wichita let's find out more. The Wichita business you'll update the -- your bill Roy demonic bill. Good morning Steve gather what style luxury correct collection. Has grown by one dealership that's new. This dealership -- thirteenth and green which it's now open. The dealership relocated from the area of Kellogg and green which more than 100 vehicles transferred to the new location. The new facility was built for about eight million dollars. Other dealerships and include jaguar Land Rover Porsche and Acura. New editions of the Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers headquarters companies that had seven positions including in house counsel and a franchise trainers. Jack -- -- let things is the company's new lawyer she's operated as a sole practitioner society to. Cody doesn't -- deuce ran in to their franchise training program. I'm Marty gave his frozen the salaries of about 38000 nonunion employee each company's wrestling with higher costs. Because a program to place according to the globe and may have a company spokesperson says the length of the freeze. Is undetermined. They don't know how many Wichita workers might be effective. Local breaking business news every day on can SS Santa Wichita business journal dot com. For the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy. And -- tonight I'm going to be doing some business related stuff I'm gonna help MC with the Susan Peters and yet. Junior achievement of bush -- -- -- fourteen business hall of fame three inductees tonight and Dez is this going to be a an interesting program they're always very interesting and remember to do that tonight did down and down to know the answer. Cheryl wolf hurting and can ask me and Jim Patton -- -- profiled in this week's Wichita business journal as those. SE. Today sneak study professor Lester that's me Christian improved I don't see -- can ask me. I'm just gonna have to make -- that they QB it's always rewarding to talk to them at every time I -- you bill I slouching towards something you know instant. -- so rewarding. I tried I try to be informative says as possible as implement you know bless your heart 754 now coming up yet. Coming up we got the Guinness as boring it's at top of the hour -- Rating for more money approved to fix -- damage to Wichita school. They approval rating for congress -- the president's approval. -- news and most interest in talking between -- -- thank them listener wrote -- news radio thirteen. CNN assets. Any time you're looking to veto a bunch of folks look to hog wild -- barbecue they get it done here is run sites partner in store manager from hog wild in elder radio and I'll love him barbecue -- specialist and great barbecue catering for any event. Company office parties of every time the shopper plant rehearsal wedding dinners reunions retirement parties birthdays you name called wild that is -- anymore when you serve your -- the best barbecue and everything's ready on time everyone can relax and enjoy the meal so give us -- call to get this party started and -- hog wild pit -- -- to put your next get together on the calendar because big or small every event deserves some good old barbecue fun. 15:30 west central and over 805 locations in Wichita also in Hutchinson and Salina. His pain holding you back pain in your ankle and sore lower back. This is holding you back from exercising walking running playing golf -- or tennis. Don't feed store offers they really starting at 5995. Stopped -- -- see them today they'll analyze your problem and provide a custom fit. Good -- system designed to help relieve your pain. This could be your answer to plan TARP cash united stats a sharp pain in the steel plant are -- Shiite of Susan says. I walked into the good feed store aching in both feet I had planned to our fascia ideas and I was miserable. Within a few days I was feeling much less pain and was pain free within a few weeks thanks to remind you arch supports. Why not check out the good -- store in its new location on the southeast corner of Kellogg and -- in front TJ Maxx. Phone number there is 46968. Both states to web pages good feet which is other outcomes. Remember pain -- starting at 5995. The new good -- store location Kellogg in Iraq. In front of TJ Maxx individual results may very consult your physician for medical conditions the good -- store. When was the last time you really thought about your freedom bush spoke to your child about America. Our history our heritage and our story we hold these truths to resume -- Call me and it's. Now showing them that -- here in Hutchinson is the inspiring giant screen film narrated by Morgan Freeman and Kenny Rogers captures the drama are sounding and -- -- -- currently stands. He Kozmo dot org for details. Cub -- donors get into the joy of doing their own artwork and the satisfaction. Of having the right equipment cub -- has at all from a complete -- zero -- writers featuring a choice between landmark her steering -- -- to lawn and garden tractors and offer exclusive electronic power steering and the signature -- series of -- behind -- stop -- here locally -- cub -- dealers for expert advice superior service and Smart -- financing now -- trailers and more located at 433 north maize road. Super sized competition likes what he sees he takes up for the three -- -- -- and I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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