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3/11/14-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Mar 11, 2014|

Once again the environmentalists are at it again pushing their global warming agenda

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's okay. Only underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel. This brick building. -- once again may come. Contact without. Hello everybody mark -- here are number 877381. 3811. 8773813811. Very strange what's going on between the senate. In the CIA morning. A break that down. And unravel exactly what's going on is it unconstitutional. Maybe later this hour maybe next time before I do that. And by now you've heard. That the senate Democrats. -- we talked about this yesterday that they were going to do it. Spent hours talking to themselves. I don't even know what the call it anymore I refuse to call it climate change because they want to take their vernacular. They're nomenclature. And impose on society and what we embrace that. -- only accept it. In some form we're doing their bidding. Global warming globe being global cooling but whatever the fraud it. Before I play some of the clips. Of what some of these buffoon -- had to say. And they're un American attacks on American citizens. I'd like to give you just a little bit of history. About how this movement began. How the environmental movement. Became a national movement. It's like obamacare obamacare has been a fraud was always a fraud it was started as a fraud the statistics behind it where fraud the arguments for or fraud and here it is. First of all let's understand -- the past biology. Of the status health scare. Safety scare. Works like this. In Havana Paris saint cases of food contamination -- discovered her instances of a new disease or rise as I pointed out liberty and tyranny. Or as is increasingly the case government agencies such as the FDA the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and when the EPA. Or some nonprofit organization or group of them. Center for science in the public interest Sierra Club they released a new study identifying -- frightening new health risk. Urgent predictions are made by cherry picked so called experts. That the media except without skepticism are independent investigation. And turn into a cacophony of fear. Public officials and clamored to demonstrate that they're taking steps to ameliorate the dangers. New laws or enact tighter regulations promulgating that are said to limit the public's exposure to the new risk. And this is never ending. The examples of -- path college -- numerous. These scares you remember. How are sweeteners. Bird flu Swine Flu dioxins. E. Coli listeria. The Ebola Virus these were all supposed to be. Earth shattering human ending events. BSE. Some an -- attached to have made our -- -- peppers. CFCs. And they're all blown in these huge -- far beyond the actual scope of any health threat. Well. What actually. Took this fledgling. Movement. And blow it in this massive us. Event this massive movement. Was a lie. About DDT. And give -- a little brief history about this. This is important to understand what's going on today I could just pop off and play the clips just stick with me. The modern environmental movement was founded on one of the most egregious fraud in human history. Bad DDT. Is a human killing poison when in fact it is a human saving wonder chemical. And chemical compound developed in 1939. For use as an insecticide. I'm not saying drink it in bottles. But DDT was critical in protecting American soldiers from -- December dynamic and malaria going forward to. In fact in 1948 Paul Herman Mueller. Received the Nobel Prize for his discovery of high efficiency DDT. As they contact poison against several. And for -- EDT usefulness in combating malaria and other insect borne diseases was unprecedented. San Jose and I'm getting to a point this is very important. Because they move from one disease to the next. One chemical to the next one threat to the next and now it's global warming and this global warming is a big red propaganda scheme. Return our industries. And our private sector already government. Through massive regulation. San Jose State University professor Gordon and ports a long time opponent of banning DDT he wrote in 2004. Ten years ago. Hundreds of millions have died from malaria yellow fever type things done. Lay in satellite SE goes on and on and on other diseases in the fourteenth century the blue -- play. Transmitted by police told a fourth of the people of York two thirds of those in the British time. Yellow fever killed millions before it was found to be transmitted by mosquitoes. More than 100 epidemics of Tyson's ravaged civilizations in Europe and Asia mortality rates as high 70%. But by far the greatest killer has been malaria transmitted by mosquitoes. And in 1945. The goal of eradicating this scourge appear to be achievable thanks the DDT. And some are listening to me saying DDT that you have this incredibly negative view of this chemical. But this is how it works. By 1959. The United States your portions of the Soviet Union -- several Caribbean islands. We're nearly. Malaria free. You've heard of Malcolm Gladwell right he's written these massively successful books. Massively successful books like tipping point and so forth. Not a -- not a conservative. White liberal actually. But it journalist. He recounted the successful eradication campaigns waged. In Italy Taiwan the Caribbean the Balkans part of northern Africa and South Pacific Australia India. And he wrote as a reporter in India where malaria infected an estimated 75 million and killed 800000. Every year. Fatality had dropped to zero by the nearly sixty. Between 1945. And 65. DDT say millions even tens of millions of lives around the world. Perhaps more than any other man made drug or chemical before or -- it. -- Malcolm Gladwell. They wouldn't. And several years ago New York Times editorial page writer Tina Rosenberg explained. -- -- westerners would no memory of malaria. Often assume it has always been only eight tropical disease but malaria was months once found -- far north as Boston and Montreal. Oliver Cromwell died of malaria and Shakespeare -- to in eight plays. Malaria no longer afflicts the United States Canada and Northern Europe in part. Because of changes in living habits to shift the city's better sanitation window screens but another reason was EDT. Sprayed from airplanes over American cities and towns while children played outside. In fact so effective is DDT that in 1970. And National Academy of Sciences announced quote took only a few chemicals does man owe is greater debt as did DDT. In little more than two decades DDT is prevented 500. Million human deaths due to malaria that would have otherwise been inevitable I'm quote. That's the National Academy of Sciences. 44 years ago. So what happened. This is the part and one -- What happened. What happened ladies and gentlemen is akin to what's going on in this country today. It's akin to what the Democrat party is all about today it's it's you know what's going on in the senate floor. In 1962. Rachel Carson. An opponent of pesticides. Succeeded in spreading widespread hysteria about dvds effects on wildlife. And children. And in her books silent spring Carson decried the broad use of DDT. Ron Bailey of reason magazine wrote that Carson was an effective popularized or. Of the idea that children were especially vulnerable to the percentage and effects of synthetic chemicals. Quote the situation with respect to children is even more deeply disturbing -- Carson. A quarter century -- cancer in children was considered a medical rarity today more American children die of cancer than from any other disease. And in support her claim -- reported that 12% of all deaths in children. Between the ages of one and fourteen are caused by cancer. Now that's sounds alarm. Carson statistic it's essentially meaningless unless it's given some context. Which he felt the supply. It turns out that the percentage of children dying of cancer -- was rising because of other causes of death. Such as infectious diseases. It is a sickening -- That -- focus on children help -- the use of DDT when malaria is the cause of death. A millions of children living and undeveloped countries in fact nowhere in silent spring to Carson mention that DDT had saved. Tens of millions of -- He widely known fact my 1962. But it apparently no import their her or heard growing legion of adherents. So the media gobbled up Parsons alarmist. President John Kennedy formed an advisory committee to investigator claims congress held hearings. The environmental defense -- in the Sierra Club brought litigation oppression the government of banned DDT. Although DDT has never been directly linked even one human death. Malcolm auto recounts incidents of test subjects were literally gathering themselves were DDT. The EPA. Which had been established in 1970. Banned DDT in 1970 years to. So it used worldwide have plummeted because the United States in the united nations World Health Organization. Would no longer provide financial support for this lifesaving. Chemical. But listen this. Even the manner in which the EPA banned DDT. Was an abuse of both the scientific and legal process he and I wanted to explain this briefly when we come back and Daniel understand. When I talk about one on in the senate last night this global warming push to control more and more of our lives. And it's it's all such phony ideological. Signs. And what's the purpose of -- power government more power the last. That's the herbicide. Stay with the see it here the rest of the story. Instead we have this format. Really enjoy and I like a national town hall meeting to discuss these substantive things not go off in this goofy. Pop crap. I don't mind and other people. But really I don't wanna waste our precious air time. Chasing Hollywood and stupid people. So. -- -- -- -- The EP how this how this decision came to -- So I told you about. The benefits of DDT. And keep something in mind. Look at all the miserable. The facts. Now that they banned it. Look at it it's -- Unbelievable. The millions and millions of people who died. For an ideology. And if you ask your neighbor or family member co worker about EDT on the play the same thing. How horrific it is. I would kill birds. He children's cancer. Absolute -- Even the matter and this is crucial in which the EPA banned DDT was an abuse of both the scientific and legal process. Here's something I guarantee you most people do not know. And EPA administrator law judge held several months of hearings. On DDTs environmental and health risks. In the end judge -- Sweeney actually was. Found that and I quote because I looked it up. DDT is not a carcinogenic hazard a man. DDT is not a muted Janet. Hazard to man. The use of DDT under the regulations involved here do not have a dilatory its effect on -- fresh water fish. On -- trying organisms wild birds or other wildlife. Period and -- But Sweeney's ruling. After all those months of hearing all the evidence that back and forth and all the arguments. Was rejected by the EPA administrator. A Republican. Whose name was it is. Now big Obama supporter. William Rockwell steps. In 1972 he overruled the administrator law judge in he band. DDT. -- house -- political appointee he didn't attend any of the hearings. And aides of hits reported he had not read the hearing transcript before overruling -- for. At the time -- house belonged to the Audubon society and later joined the Environmental Defense Fund which along with the Sierra Club. Was a body an organization that brought lawsuits pressing. Pretty DDT bank. And so. Now you know how this took place. The EPA in its environmental group masters conspired Indy deliberate and systematic distortion of science. Leading the genocide like numbers of deaths of human beings. Threw out -- undeveloped world. And today the Environmental Defense Fund and the Sierra Club and scores of similar groups. Raise hundreds of millions of dollars to promote their causes of congress to the bureaucracy in the courts in the relied on frequently. By the media for expert -- they make no apologies for what they do it. Ruffles house rose to the executive branch and he's received wide acclaim for his public service. He serves on the boards of numerous corporations and endorsed Obama for president. And after her death in 1964. Rachel Carson was the recipient. And I -- she lived in when she wrote silent spring was named a national historic. Landmark. There are no landmarks a memorial for those who suffered in perish from the banning DDT. -- What the hell does all of this have to do what the Democrats. Did in the senate last night. They -- back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Drama but didn't show. -- -- 8773. -- it's only eight MarketWatch. Let me tell you what happens when you don't have the. Civilized industrial advances. Today almost one point six billion people use candles and kerosene lamps to light their house. Filling them with smoke and suit and risking fire. In India where 600 million people live without electricity Greenpeace actually campaigned against the incandescent light ball. Because it says it emits carbon dioxide. Apparently forgetting that polluting effect of burning kerosene. The light -- they said is they had to this product everyone. And they dubbed Philips electronics India's major life ball produce a climate criminal and what's. Amazing about this is this argument. We should show a certain. Impressed but not Republicans in the Republicans controlled house and the senate and a White House. That they and the -- -- that's -- well. In much of the world. Where these. Where these leftists their their totalitarian mindset rains. Then nights remained dark in 2002. Our friend secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld commented that. If you look at a picture from the sky of the Korean Peninsula at night South Korea is -- -- lights and energy and vitality. And it booming economy North Korea is dark. Those without power in Indian part of -- also suffer through sweltering heat routinely over a hundred degrees. In 2007. The New York Times wrong at hand because the world's atmospheric scientists are concerned. That the air conditioned -- sweeping across Asia could lead to more serious problems with the ozone lighter. No washing machine which liberated mostly women from the arduous task at hand washing clothes. As an attack for its consumption of energy and water. And use -- laundry detergent lawn mowers chain saws leaf blowers Barbeque -- all our environmental targets. In other words they seek the key industrialization. This nation. That's what they seek. Not progress. Real regrets. And the technology they hate the most we call -- the automobile. You wanna know why. Because it provides. Each of -- with a tangible means to exercise our independence. Through mobility. And so they seized on the Arab boycott 1973. OPEC. And since then we've had these cafe standards. While we don't when he uses much oil or what are cafe standards that. While they require these automobiles. To get better gas miles well that's great -- mark so what do people do. -- drove more. Because he could go further on a gallon of gas that's what they can't. And what else to cafe standards do as I talked about repeatedly on the show. You know people. Tens of thousands of people. According to one study after the other National Academy of Sciences the Competitive Enterprise Institute. USA today the Brookings institute and Harvard University. One review after another. -- they are doing on the floor of the senate any time any day that cafe standards are slaughtering more human -- now. Other arguing on the senate Florida day that DDT should be reintroduced. -- -- little black kids in Africa and a little Asian kids in southeast Asia know they are different or any of that. On the other next thing. Global warming. And they tell us. There's no debate this is the science so here we go again ladies and gentlemen. This is -- science there's no debate. I can point to. Thousands and thousands of exports. -- varying degrees of expertise. And varying degrees of professionalism. From this college that university. This experience that experience. Who strongly disagree witness and they are rejected they are ignored. They're -- nine years. No matter how much evidence you present these people. Very organizers of the latter. And you yourself you've -- the last five or ten years if you listen to this program. The winners have been -- You can go on the Internet research this appears south meanwhile. These so called signs that comes out of the UN in their committees. Lies and distortions. They came out of Britain lies and distortions. The evidence is overwhelming. There is no hockey stick up -- That's been disproved a long time ago by real statisticians. But it doesn't matter. Because like EDT. They're marching. Their pushing. And their marching in pushing. Because they can feel within their grasp thanks to a Supreme Court decision Massachusetts -- -- -- the EPA. Some ten years or so give -- take. Because of this -- EPA and the massive assault with -- -- regulations. Underrated leftist Marxist president and they left -- and let's say it Marxist. Senate and house. With respect the Democrats. They see their opportunity. They don't have to pass a bill to nationalize the private sector. They just do it this way. Because everything -- Energy of some sort. Everything quote unquote lyrics in some way. And once they got the phrase carbon dioxide. That is what you exhale. Legally. Certified as a pollutant and it is never ever Big -- Well they feel they have the game want. Because that affects humans it affects plant life it affects everything. It's called a greenhouse gas and what are greenhouse gas as we call -- the atmosphere. What happens without greenhouse gases while your Mars that's what -- Happens. I've taken the time of the beginning of the show. You know I know it's it's a risk. Because a lot of deep come on can we talk about other crap and I they hear what Hollywood's now. Now this is going on it's going on right now -- somebody has the Pakistan. It's not a joke. And so now you know the background the history the context for what's his what's going on here. And I what you here's some of what was said. Last night on the senate floor. When most of you were sleeping but it's important because this is the Democrat party this is the party of Obama and read this is the party that runs the. Hit a branch and the United States sent. And I want you to understand there's tons are Republicans who throwing witness. It's Republicans who -- -- like well for God's sakes. Edison must be -- it is great. Harry Reid -- one -- The seriousness of this climate problem. Is not lost on our average American. The vast majority of Americans who believe climate change is real they believe it's here. A quarter century ago. The first President Bush. Promised to use quote the White House affect combat the greenhouse effect that's what President Bush said. But not much has happened I'm sorry it's. But despite overwhelming scientific evidence overwhelming public opinion climate changed enough -- still exist there's lots of they just in this country they exist I'm sorry to say -- All right so now this guy's an IQ about four. He has no idea what he's talking about in none of that matters. Using menace. He is a destructive force. He's done enormous damage to the United States senate the rule of law our legislative and committee process -- He surrendered article one powers too late president because there -- of the same party. This man has not rational. He's not knowledgeable he doesn't care about evidence he doesn't write his own statements on the floor. And you can sound you can hear what a complete the full he has. -- to go. Climate change is real it's here it's time to start acting like those who ignore this crisis. For example the oil baron Coke Brothers. Are the oil parent culprits. The oil apparent culprit. Some immediate speechwriter. In Harry Reid's office. But that was a clever phrase some duke who you -- nice subsidize -- our hard earned tax dollars. Who's never done a damn thing in his or her life outside -- Capitol Hill. Wasn't contributed one damn thing to the functioning of the society. To improve the lives of anybody. Stock that line and I Harry Reid's speech because he knew like -- Harry wee -- read. Now I wouldn't read it while it's Harry Reid's barely literate. But nonetheless he would read. So now ladies and gentlemen. Take your attention off the real science. Now we have to create. Targets. Another good left wing Marxist practice. We have to create enemies. We have a great -- -- -- Coke Brothers are devils Halliburton is dabbled you know they create these -- they're the angels there on the side again. Go ahead. Congress and a valid point you wouldn't they don't -- -- she's not there so they got. There is no valid point of view other than the point of view of Harry Reid and the environmentalists -- -- radicals. Or as I call them and viral status is there is no other valid via. This is how you destroyed. Deliberation. But even more this is tied to -- reason and knowledge. They seek to impose their ideology. Not justify. Based on the facts and the evidence and the science. Because while they cloak themselves. In these things they reject all of these are the same people who brought to obamacare. These are the same people brought -- a hundred trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities these are the same people keep talking about the world poverty. As they grow poverty. Why do we care. Anything about what they say in terms of its substance and terrible that believability and it's about. The Coke Brothers have nothing to do -- They are hugely important citizens who contribute to this society. Who helped put fuel in your homes and in your cars and 2000 other things but there industries. Why is that okay. What hallows Harry Reid given this nation. Self serving -- at exactly what he is what is -- Sleazy land deals that help other than Harry Reid and his family. People are pursuing the American dream Harry -- trying to destroy. But he's not alone. He's now on the -- still. When I return. I'll expose them as well. People have -- Died this ideology. And not just unborn babies. That's millions and millions more. What is it about the radical left what is it about their mindset in their ideology more. In a moment. -- detail about the American dream. For me. That means personal freedom. Economic freedom. Things like healthcare freedom any debt free future for our children and grandchildren. An America where you can pursue your American dream like eight out of ten of you now feel that the American dream is out of reach. Now honoring and get up. And I don't think most of you will. And neither will my friends at the Tea Party patriots the Tea Party patriots point you to pursue your American dream. That's why across America grass roots moms and dads and grandfathers and grandmothers friends and neighbors are joining the Tea Party patriots. To revitalize. The effort. They gain the American dream. To defend. They believe like Ronald Reagan believe that quote as long as that dream lives as long as we continue to defend that America has a future and all mankind has reason to hope. I'm quote. Tea Party patriots is where the hope for a better tomorrow is stronger than ever so pursuing your American dream do we -- Join the Tea Party patriots go there right now it's Tea Party patriots dot org that's Tea Party patriots dot org now. When we return after the top of the -- -- only a few minutes left in the segment. And when Judy here's some more of these people the normal along. But it's very important. Talk about implications -- -- Cautions these issues don't just pop up there now one off. Understand this issue. Is to understand more than this one issue. Because it's far greater both in terms of its impact in its ultimate goals. And we need to understand those -- pushing. I just told you tens of millions of human beings are dead that day. Because of what the environmental radicals did and our government and other government. Would DDT. They wanna talk about polar bear. Which is a -- anyway. I want to talk about tens of millions who died as a result of that. In the never talked about I wanna talk about tens of thousands have died in the cafe standards. And I'll never talk about the idea. We need to confront these people we need to confront their arguments we need to -- check their language. This is hocus pocus crack ladies and gentlemen. This is -- good match. So why did they go to the senate floor last night. Because -- propagandist. Because they're demagogues because they look for every opportunity. To advance their agenda to change this object from their own failures. They wouldn't ever. Haven't all nighter to discuss Obama camp they would never spent eighteen hours on the senate floor in the middle of night to talk about all I can't. Their fingerprints are all over. And that's another law that's gonna kill people. And -- hard people. What will we stand up and say this ideology of the left. Is dangerous. It's. In fact it's a -- -- to paraphrase Al Gore. It kills people and makes people sick. This isn't a game. System even just at the -- We fight these people. Because everything is at stake all is at risk. They -- their ideology. -- different nomenclature. The environment. Agriculture. Justice social justice but it's all the same it's all pushing in the same direction. The centralization and concentration of power under fewer and fewer people with a bigger and bigger army of bureaucrats. And have you noticed how stupid these people. When it comes actual knowledge. You notice what Schwab's. You listen to our look at a Barbara Boxer. She's a complete mental like what you look at -- Harry Reid who can't even brushed his teeth without. Who can't -- his cream of wheat went out of dripping down his chin. He's in charge of this. And he's now. The authority. Who tells us there is no other side of this debate there is no other information. Global warming is a fact Harry Reid said. I mean ladies and gentlemen this is what you get at a totalitarian regimes. And then they start trashing people who have nothing to do -- yes. What the hell -- the -- Brothers have to do -- that's why they hate them because the Coke Brothers dared to stand up and -- From a political perspective. So every opportunity they get they wanna created -- they wanna create somebody -- -- like Kim John on moment there that -- job and North Korea. Always looking to create enemies. Like Harry free if you will I'll be right back. -- -- Only underground. In the bowels of hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel. This brick building. We want to again make contact. Mark -- here are number 877381. Create 118773813811. There's a reason. On the other issue but there's there. Is the most disliked by the American people I read that somewhere. He's out there trashing Ted Cruz again. So obviously McCain has it as his mission. To do the Democrats than. And that's exactly what he's done. It's amazing. And he said yes he would support a tax increase if it addressed. Entitlement reform ladies and gentlemen. This guy such a pots. The Democrats take the money and they reformed nothing how many more times does it take to learn this. It's time for these old. And trained. Barely literate barely functioning. Politicians to get out of the way they -- Anyway. The senate floor last night. A fellow by the name of Sheldon Whitehouse Democrat Rhode Island he is becoming in my view an increasingly. Out pathetic. In diabolical figure. India the United States senate. He's a Democrat from -- island. Let's hear his brilliance let's hear the scientific information that he brings to the table. Last night -- three go. What happened. In 2010. That drove every Republican. Backed underground. On this issue -- tell you what happened. United States Supreme Court decided a case called Citizens. United. -- that he now we have the conspiracy -- Citizens United. Co wrote I thought this was they talk about. Global warming. Citizens United. They hate free speech. Now want to hear. There's no issue here. If you get challenged us we will keep you a lesson like a cult. And I -- Supreme Court in the First Amendment citizens unite. When it isn't just about global right there are not gotten. -- I had. And the instant they decided Citizens United. -- Coke Brothers all my ego and the big polluters. Put enormous amounts of money into a -- Checks stop I noticed this guy has say yes a little lifts them to produce it. Doesn't imply anything I'm not implying anything I just know it sees things get so that's predicted. -- -- -- So look at what the consensus. This buffoon -- and the Coke rather Citizens United case big polluters. Now of course none of the company's own. By the billionaires and millionaires who contributed Democrats do anything wrong. By the way. They're not polluters. -- don't break the law they don't give Hillary Clinton's campaign money illegally although we've got a story on that I don't know I don't know. All good people all earnest people. All of our board. Who are the big polluters who exactly is he told them what we don't know what -- a -- practice. The list is getting longer. The people who they want us all hate groups they wanna -- hate industries they wanna stay products they want us to hate. So we will love -- I'd like to. Stepping in between now and called Brothers bullet culprit I don't know I don't I'd got that the government -- Well I don't I don't know but not -- yeah they are. I guess this is how the democratic constituency thanks. I had. -- just put the money into elections between. Republicans. And Democrats that's enough all right so they -- great Sheldon Whitehouse. Sheldon -- Sounds like his dentures -- -- That we have a great liar Richard Blumenthal who said he served in Vietnam but there is -- his foot in Vietnam. Mediated a Vietnamese restaurant but that's as close as ever got in Vietnam. And so overwhelmed with the man's. Truthful honest and brilliance the people of Connecticut not you my listeners but you know look around your neighborhood. They voted for Richard Roberts. Because there's nobody has -- Richard Blumenthal Canada people. -- -- -- Why are we here tonight stopped the question -- where you and -- Well he's -- -- go ahead why were here tonight. We're here because. If we fail to act our planet. We'll be destroyed stop well there you go. But I'm glad they're there tonight why did they leave they have to be there tonight tomorrow night every night. Because there -- there. In the senate. And if they're not there in the senate and it will be destroyed ladies in tenement. Now these morons don't have too big ahead on their shoulders do they now. -- egos are too big are they know they're ideology isn't too ridiculous is that no doubters aren't too moronic are they. Well. They weren't there on the senate floor last night. One freak after another one cool after another because if they weren't there on the senate floor you're demand that will be destroyed. You know what books. If we had put all of our resource is trying to figure out how to destroy the planet we couldn't do it. And who -- I don't know but not. Stop them from what rob what do. I had. As exaggerated as that claim. Sounds it is strikingly he reputedly true where he would not let. So this is strikingly irrefutable true. That if this and it wasn't meeting. If this and it wasn't meeting. The planet would be destroyed this is strikingly. Irrefutable. Truth this was the former attorney general. Of the Nutmeg state phonetic. Panic. This is the full. They send the US senate. I had. Because. Our future is at stake not at all happy UA had enough to YouTube now. From the land of Lincoln. From the land of Everett Dirksen. The former great state of Illinois. We're now left with little bit there and the land of little Victor. And he was on the floor yesterday. And what genius that he -- -- five go. The existence of man made -- change. It is not a debatable issue. Nor does all right then what done. -- not a debatable issue it's over. I know this. Because little -- there have been cents a. Repeating. Harry Reid. So of Dick Durbin thinks it's true and Harry Reid thinks it's cute and of course Sheldon Whitehouse who's still spinning his conspiracy theories. You know its Citizens United case and Richard Blumenthal. Our non. -- what it. But at least four if you can't trust them ladies and gentlemen who canyon trust. Go ahead. They are distant threat it is a situation that requires serious attention immediately. Mr. President I've heard it said that there is only one major political party in the world. That denies. What I just said. I hope during the course of this debate stop. Its fast movement and why. Personal even if true what the hell is that if you do with facts and substance and science. What what is that man. Go ahead the other side the Republican Party comes the floor. They will disappear without straining enemy like like Ken may be his boxes are a little tight doesn't it sound like he straining do you mr. producing. Sounds like peace bikinis spinning on its -- All right let's listen to the. Now I had. I'm calling on them to name any other major political party in the war time has expired that agrees with the proposition that they stand for. Question cards and this managed just exposed himself. And I don't mean physically the managed just exposed himself. So the issue now only as any other major political party in the world. That doesn't believe in global warming. That's the test. You see ladies and gentlemen that's politics that's not sites. And little Dick exposed to. Shame on him. And then of course. Always following little Dick Durbin. He schmuck he Schumer. Little bit. -- -- -- I'm sure he brought enormous insight and yes. Being the snake oil salesman that he has. He's got such enormous knowledge on this what. Graduating from law school getting elected to the New York assembly right out of law school and congress right out of the assembly and the center right out of congress. This man knows nobody speaks cut six boat. The overwhelming majority of the world's scientists believe that humans are changing the Earth's climate. Climate deny -- don't play well then I had an idea. My -- all you liberals get lost. I think -- on -- something. Mister producer. You -- clean air or more liberals. I vote for cleaning. If human beings are the cause of climate change and every other problem -- by the way this goes to the heart of the radical environmental movement. It's south. -- You can look at liberty and tyranny. I quote some of these nut jobs. If -- writing it today at a quote there's not (%expletive) trucks -- It's an attack on our way of life now keep in mind. No matter what these foods do it won't affect their way of life they're gonna take their junkets. They're gonna live the high lifestyle. Just like Obama. Income inequality OK honey let's go off on the 747. And then they are the country club and in my next week it's Miami in the -- it's TI can't pay inequality -- And that's coming here anyway so. Schumer is the same. He's -- putts. I said -- -- all due respect continue. Are competing stories about whether this is true. Usually pushing polluter talking Plano that's another good left Marxist -- So now if you disagree. With their costs. Which is the only good cause out there. If you disagree with them. Now you're supporting polluters. And not only that. You're using their talking. Nothing you say can be rational. So number one shut your mouth the arguments close number two -- you open your mouth yeah obviously. In favor of pollution and number three you're using the polluters talking points. Got it. I'm not publish -- I'll be right back. Had to spend time. I'm all this stuff plays. I'm on because if I don't. Who will. I each -- from that topped out the overwhelming majority of the world's scientists believe that humans are changing the Earth's climate. Well let's stop right. You need to stop right there. -- Ladies and gentlemen. There are so many experts who reject the notion of man made global warming. And the claims about carbon dioxide. They're too numerous for me to mention. Well I can mentioned several. But you never know. The National Center for Public Policy Research. Reports in 2008. But doctor Arthur Robinson of the Oregon instead an introduction. Institute of science and medicine announced that more than ready for this 31000. Scientists. 31 there's no -- right you don't Myers 31000. Signed a petition. Rejecting the theory of human caused global warming. Many -- scientists climatologists. Meteorologists. And they've expressed doubt about the danger of global warming or whether or not humans are having any impact. For the worse -- the climate. 31000. Shall we still stop the debate. You see ladies and gentlemen this isn't about a debate. This isn't about fact or science or any damn thing but another power -- This is the quote unquote justification. For the final nail in the coffin. Any free people. Using health. And safety and the environment. On top of redistribution of well. On top of quote -- inequality. On top of the IRS in the tax cut on top with a massive debt that this is a direct way. To reward favored enterprises to destroy other enterprises. In the control you the American people. No more debate. That the Coke Brothers over here we get Citizens United. If you don't agree with us -- -- says -- has some Democrat left wing political -- with an IQs shattered. Who knows no more about this. And the man on the moon. And then there's the -- -- senator from California. Barbara Boxer. She's the chairperson of this committee in the senate that oversees all these things. She's what I call. Immediate. -- seven go. I know and we all know that often -- care deeply about their constituents and their families know they don't get any one of us so much danger looming. We will do everything in our Pastor -- to say -- and yet. No anyway today's fit in refuted both -- to stop. So there we go here a few notably -- few double only did their alliance. Are out there with the Coke Brothers handing them their talking points. He irrefutable. Don't listen to anything else don't listen anyone else they'll inform yourself don't read don't research on an. Just listen back asks. We gave you Obama care we get a seventeen point four trillion dollars in debt. What destroying your parents that you're saving your -- we're destroying the future for their children. Listen not us we know what. We're talking about one prominent climate science scientists are there. The United States senate zero. I'll be right back. My glove there and the most popular conservative author of America. Gold Preval my brother and -- now heading 77381. To create. Why -- well bring this freak show -- on the senate floor and an end and what better way to do it then define the senator from Massachusetts. Well look at this it's Ed and MacKey. Who've spent a long time in the house screwing up that body now he's in the senate. Let's listen to his words of wisdom let's hear that. Some science and evidence he brings to the tape cut -- out. And 1775. Paul Revere warned Massachusetts revolutionaries. Of an invasion coming from the knee. With climate change Boston and the -- could now face. It'd -- Asian all of this seek it else -- now Massachusetts. And all crops and -- -- -- -- -- Very clever. An invasion. By the sea and now an invasion of us. So what shall we do about the slight German invasion of the siege. Between the -- that mr. producer what do we do about an invasion of the C. That's very threatening. And of course its duty you ladies and you just live -- In if you wouldn't live so well there wouldn't be an invasion by the C. You realize you do. I'm just so. -- I shouldn't me. As we know these people are but even so when they speak this stuff you know how they think when it comes out of their -- where their mouth to go. How are they really this way yes they are. Yes they aren't. I say this. Those two big doors and open up to the senate floor they had -- -- Mental institution. Because that's the way it sounds to me. By the way it looks like. In the special election. Any district in Florida. That has been moving more and more Democrat but had a long time Republican congressman there. With a Democrat. Sinking -- people in Florida now. Is a well known national. Candidate excuse me statewide candidate. From the -- I believe she's the one who ran against Scott. I might be wrong. First is David jolly -- Spain has never run for office before. -- 98% of the vote in 21 have to excuse me 221 of 225 districts reporting. Looks like the Republicans winning. 48 to 46%. That is a huge victory. Because he had a fight through a Republican primaries so by the time he was. -- nominee. He spent a pretty small fortune on it and seeing the Democrat and already had a head start. Owe the Democrats might be in trouble. Republicans -- yeah we might have Mitch McConnell a Republican senate. With the likes of John McCain. Lindsey Graham. A year you know. I -- more let me get this in for a move on. This has nothing to do anything. But it just goes to show Cory Booker -- moment he's the future. This guy show Smart. I believe his Harvard educated. Not -- one of the Ivy League schools. They don't come any Smart he's the future. How do you know well he did such a crummy job in north. So I know he's the future. In the time he hates the co -- -- Anyway so Cory Booker. On the senate floor this -- actually want to -- gone on in the senate not really useful. But just lots of stuff. -- nine now. Right after -- turned seventeen got my New Jersey driver's license. One in the early space I drove was a trip the only trip -- ever taken. Two was two Hawaii and I found an extraordinary state -- School world war. Right after I turned seventeen I got mine Tracy driver computers in the driver's license one of the -- places I drove was a trip. The only trip -- ever taken us to Hawaii. So he drove to Hawaii. That's pretty cool so the guy. More than walk on water he can drive on what. So he -- that was the one Trippi and I'm very sorry he drove to Hawaii from New Jersey. Don't know what his position is on global warm. Let's take it from the top again this is too delicious it's like he could dessert. Just a wolfcamp cut nine go. Right after I turned seventeen -- got my New Jersey driver's license a one in the early space I drove was a trip the only -- -- ever taken. Two was two Hawaii and I found to be an extraordinary state except for you it didn't drive to analyze I -- ha -- I did I did not drive through water that's thank you for that clarification I appreciate that for the for the congressional record. He person correcting him as a senator from -- -- so called mark and I don't. Think the each anyway M. I was doing the global warming debate that spilled over to this morning. Now you might say to yourself man this guy sounds like unity. But don't they all sound like if it. I think so. And they believe they're cracked that. Anyway. I spent a lot of time on this because I think it was necessary to give it some substance to give it some. Fuller understanding of how this environmental movement came to be. Obviously there's there's even more but. There are certain limits on this format although it's not a format that should be waste of with a Hollywood crap about Justin Bieber and some in my humble opinion. -- that's what you want to. Each is not. That's -- called SharePoint I think so. Let's go to Los Angeles, California on the mark -- then at general don't. Mark listen a little bit -- I'm sorry I can never again never hear reference to him. Without laughing because I know I know him a little to keep German disturbance about so that you could apologize to him. But -- it's very simply. -- -- and password to -- just political parties were not -- -- what political insist that the Republicans were in the political party. In the world that denies global warming -- he's missed. The Communist Party of China. In the united progressive -- to -- -- -- those countries little artist would largest political. Parties in the world and they deny global warming or actually why does that matter. Well it matters because. Does it okay very simple -- second thing second point. So he's got but the -- matters is because those countries pollute more than anybody else and Chinese. In those two countries and they pollute the most so -- Republicans are like them and saying now that's not correct. No I'm just being an argument let's just -- -- point he's mistaken -- OK second point. Russian OK -- he is when Dickie Durbin tells. Tells us not to be skeptical and that we're just reciting oil industry talking point the fact -- He's actually restarting Russian oil industry talking points or more specifically the -- talking points of the transmit personal. Pipeline corporation no no he gets about. Five to ten million dollars a -- personally from the flow of that oil so as -- foment some world problems and reasons the price of oil. He's been just a little Dickie Durbin that is in alliances. RA my friends thank you I guess the point. Let's go to Ross and Marilyn the great WM AL Ross disagrees with me. -- Mark yeah I attribute -- I don't think you understand how science works and I mean that it wanted to court the word science all of our ability. Which is one that I didn't -- it. Ability in other words also liability. Yeah does that where you are. If you present it piece that independently verifiable information like -- at anything at all the folks -- -- -- and scientific theory. -- -- Deny it -- provide that -- and mark what evidence could change you like my genius. I love this argument tonight ladies and gentlemen here's Ross the scientist what your background. -- do you deliver on the floor yeah. Yeah yeah. I didn't ask you right -- what what do you do. Well. OK well thank you for your scientific knowledge but let me let me tell you this Ross that's not how it works. It's not up to me to disapprove. Science. If somebody makes a claim and says there's no other arguments whatsoever it's not abating. And then we have the change all of society as a result of this with the shut down coal mines with the change our engines with the change -- -- and how watchers. It's not meet who has the say wait a minute. I have the disprove that and yet you know what Ross I got study after study. Article after article that challenges this -- climate politics by scientists. By astronauts. By by Nobel winners what do you think yeah. -- All right I'm gonna -- five of them for you can hang up and I'm gonna read it. Right there in liberty and tyranny. And I've talked about and -- several. I love when they challenge. Doctor -- Sharon who is -- -- tell you who he years he's the top astrophysicist. Associate professor at the Hebrew University. He's considered the top expert on solar activity in the where. -- -- Like many others I was partially sure that CO2 is the big culprit in the story of global warming but after a carefully digging in the evidence. I realize things -- lot more complicated -- story told us by many climate scientist. Well the stories -- dictated by the media. He said solar activity can explain. What took place earlier in the twentieth century. With a slight heating that occurred. He also said if the amount of CO2 double by 2100 it would not dramatically increased the global temperature. She won't look there's there's one going here another one. That's I can pick from there's so many. Let's see here one that might might. And turn the page. How about this. -- see. On on and trying to get the astronaut. Who. Is one of these global experts and scientific experts to them trying to find him. If not -- don't have the find him in the break let's take a break I'll read him there's several others but these are two good examples I'll be right back. Okay. Yeah I hit a few more. Of these experts. The guy called. These lives are all arrogant you know -- gonna give me some -- The information. That rejects and challenges so called global warming is so voluminous it takes time be even -- -- Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Richard lens and classified this scientific consensus respecting global warming. As unscientific. He -- they spektr science the assumption behind consensus science is a source of authority. Rather it is particularly effective approach to inquiry and analysis skepticism is essential to science and that's why they keep saying folks. There's no debate app market. But I was looking for the the former astronaut. A top geo physicist -- not astronomical engineer. -- -- When he was the first -- trying to become a NASA astronaut and he sat. All four agencies that track the Earth's temperature that Hadley Climate Research Unit in Britain. And NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York. -- Christy group at the University of Alabama. And remote sensing systems -- California. Report that it cooled by point seven Celsius in 2007. He said this is the fastest temperature change in the instrumental record and it puts us back or war in 1930. If the temperature does not soon recover we will have to conclude that so called global warming is yet. I get site scores of other. Others in this man who called and those senators on the floor they can find them on their own but they don't want to. Two of the country's going to hell with this massive effort. To address the matter that is a -- Like the lie about DDT and a lie about alar. And other -- Now I thought I was done with -- but you know. They don't have to be I can tell you next -- wanna get a little bit into the CIA sent battle. Because it's extraordinary. He got the Democrats fighting the Democrats the CIA reports Obama. I think. And -- senate Democrats are upset because they claim that. Some CIA -- effort was made to clean the computer's a review of the computers. There were put aside for years so -- Stanford. At CIA headquarters when they were doing an investigation. Now they're worried about separation of powers not when it directly affect you and me and they don't give -- day. Not what it affects the bill of rights then they don't give it. I'll get to that in a minute. And when I tell you about gold line. There's growing concern. That the US and other major economies may experience hyper inflation. Didn't loose monetary policies in currency weaknesses. In other words let me put it to -- this. One of the nation's. Ends tens of bit of trillions of dollars it doesn't half. When it borrows that money. When it runs the printing presses. If you. Where does -- go. -- goes all over the place. -- all over the world -- for all sorts of things one day he comes back. What happens when it all comes back with -- all this quantitative he's 85 billion dollars a month. Trillions of dollars in total what happens. We kill the currency ultimately that's what happens that affects all paper investments the stock market the bond market and so forth. But that's why you diversify. Any good. Businessman will diversify any good and investor we'll tell you advisor to a diversified. And you and your own mind you know you need to diversify. It's as -- -- don't put all your eggs in one basket well that's what we're talking about here. Isn't it time you thought about diversifying your portfolio with physical gold. Because the worst the world economy gets. The better off you might be. Called -- today 1877365. Point asked them about the different payment options. And read -- important risk information to see if buying gold silver is right field but don't wait. You ought to get the information right away call 1877365. Point don't forget. For limited time in exclusively for you. Jasper calling -- Called final viewing 90% silver -- of which choice absolutely free with a limit of one per household along with a free investor kept. But we have the fight what congress system. We have the fight with the feds -- and we need to do. The monetary policy the analyst arming and training the fiscal policy the -- barring the massive interest rates that are going to come one day they have to -- Which we need to protect yourself and your family you need to think for yourselves to. Called old line today 18773652646. 1877365. Point that's 1877365. Point. All this information about talking about is not only in my book liberty and tyranny. You. Can go on the Internet. And get it yourself. He wanted to know the names of the thousands of scientists. Are you wanna start with a few would get the scores and hundreds. And other experts. On this issue Hussein now you can find them yourself they're right there. If you make the effort. The fact of the matter it it's not -- do you want me to disprove a negative. It's a mental trick that sent a debating ploy. We don't seek to change our country we don't cheat the -- to fundamentally tranche. Warm our nation we don't seek to nationalize and centralize our industries and government then name a global warming and the power -- EPA. We support liberty. And free enterprise. And individual freeware out. It's not -- us to explain why they're wrong although I've spent now to Arizona. It's up to them to explain why we should destroy our lifestyle. I'll be right back. Is there. Only underground. From the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building where you once again. This. Our our three yard number 8773813811877. 381381. I -- your good friend on fox. Things that nations in decline while I wanna welcome him to analysis where -- Did we -- send him a copy of America opium mr. produce and I think we did. Our good friend -- You -- because of me thinks he sang his right in the air America hoping. But that word on the request is but it crosses my. Think we should send him a free cup seriously. Courtesy copy. And you know I wrote that the stupidest. I myself. He does amaze me. How so many people in the media are able to produce so many books so fast it's just amazing fact. All right I'm not get -- -- so Obama goes on the show funny. Or die on a show it's a video that put it on YouTube and so forth against. I never heard of it apparently it's very funny great. So now all day long. On cable and radio people are debating whether he should have gone on. So people who don't think he should have gone on their spending all day saying he should have gone on there. The people who think he should have gone on their spending on defending. Yes this is a nation in decline I say this the proof is in the put. What do you mean. It's a failed presidency. The man has his priorities screwed up. So of course he's gonna show up on this. And I even wanna make a proposal to him in his spoke city at James Carney. Do more of it. Here's one. What's his name. But I call. James -- Parent whatever. He so forget. Com Jake -- I think Obama should go on the home shopping network. And he should sell individual Obama care policies he should just talk him right there. On the home shopping network yes. You know they have these legal metals. Played OP LAT no not play -- like the republic. You know you get the platinum level on the gold level. Obama had to some -- only get a bronze level. Depending on who you are how much you make -- you stand on your head get married you have kids whatever you are and what Avery you have. In Obama can just -- it. I think that would be cool. It's like right after the jewelry in other fake diamonds. Only 141000. Of these items 8999. And then up comes Obama. And he can talk is that obamacare policies. Look I know I said that you if you wanted your policy to keep up but obviously you can't I know I said. Bet your policy if you kept it would be less -- 500 dollars less or so a year I know I say it it's not. I know I said you deductibles will be lower and their higher all right fine. But now I wanna fix. I wanna sell these policies to. You get yourself or maybe he can go one of these. Infomercials to midnight. Well all the other people selling the phony products. In a cream that. And the rules that were reduced the size of this an issue that put it on a different way along large the size of fact you know that sort of stuff. He could be right after the -- -- Yeah he can do that or after the Viagra commercials he give them their cup pops up Obama. And he could be selling obamacare because that's what he's become. Now you have already known that's what year. For more more people that's what he's become. Of course he looks like unity. But let me ask you this question in all fairness to Obama does he look anymore. Like an idiot doing that with Funny or Die. Which 99% of us never heard of pirates haven't yet what Michael -- or. When he rolls up his sleeve in the Oval Office and talks into his chest and I'm sure it. Always looks. Looks a rarity of the -- Because the fact of the matter what's missing here. His effectiveness. What's missing here is substance what's missing here is serious. So while people are truly hurting while we hear story after story of cancer patients with heart patients. Of children. And on and on people struggling to find. Medical coverage for their medicines for their doctors they wanna keep their doctors they lose their doctors they would keep their house -- -- lost their health care. Story after story so many we came -- cataloged. Obama is on Funny or -- and of course that's what we need to talk about the. How many times here as we often do if I pull up Obama's schedule and showed you how light how many huge holes there aren't you scheduled. But he often start Tuesday at 10 o'clock. Or 1030. -- -- don't know what he does I only know what its people tell us tonight some of these working really really hard at 7 in the morning they're gonna tell us that we get this right off his own website. The official propaganda site. But look stupid TV and radio com. Debating this. There's nothing to debate. This is what Obama does this is what he's done to himself this is what he's done of the office of the presidency. It's a disaster. I'm glad he's -- and get time. But now when you're supposed to be working. Like these. These luxurious. Trip that he panicked. The enormous expenses and so many of. Past presidents all -- presidents I don't care which one. Past presidents were mindful of these. Obama doesn't give -- you know. It's common in -- -- and he works very hard as defenders palace where Bob -- say he worked so hard I mean. Who question these things I question these. Because it's abuse. But I tell you something else appearing on this Funny or Die video option. Is he really any more stupid than showing up on Jon Leibowitz a show AKA Jon Stewart show. This should really. -- it really so Smart. Got a foul mouth he's got 400. Writers. On a chance and that's a great show that an act that shark that's right now it's not it's liberal. Problem. It's stupid. Tries to make it funny. And conservatives love to be cited so they can play it back over and over and over again but really isn't any different than this no it's not. It's not at all. Obama wishes he were a celebrity. Through sports. Through music or through acting. But instead he's a celebrity through. The electoral process. He's bored with the president's. But he likes the trappings. He's bored with dealing with tough issues. Why doesn't engage congress. -- never read the Obama camp. While demanding that it get -- But he loves the White House concerts in the state dinners. He -- Air Force One. Can -- -- next. And his wife. Citizens mother in law. This is the only way he gets celebrity and -- with a lot of these politicians you wonder why they hold on it's not just him. By the hole on the way they do the Mitch McConnell in the John Boehner is what I say the evidence they would be absolutely nobody analyzed. They be former this is a former this reformer that. And you know nobody wants a former anything. Do they. Certainly none of politics right match. Yes that's right all right I wanna get to this quickly. There's a dispute it's very odd. Between the Democrat run CIA and the Democrat run senate. Overcome -- computer data including documents and other information. When the congress the senate particular was investigating. The CIA. Undermine its interrogation practices. And dad you know they put a computer aside one or more computers aside at the CIA headquarters in Northern Virginia. Where senate staffers certain senate staffers could use it. Together certain information and review certain from the allegation. From the senate side is that the CIA. Went into that computer I think there was one computer about whatever. And altered the data I don't mean mated up. But may have removed some. That's the charge from Diane Franken Feinstein and we know she's always accurate. I mean how many dog and pony shows as she done with -- Which have always been accurate so she can be trusted I'm sure she can be trashed a cheater husband who made a fortune. Off of government contracts and so for. They like that's a -- they're not that coaxed thank god she's not a -- She's a Frankenstein's. And. Then we have the CIA director John Brennan. And Obama. Appointee -- served in the Obama White House. And he says no rights simply not true and it's now under federal investigate. In Franken Feinstein of course joined by the yapping Chihuahua who we call Lindsey Graham. -- -- has not yet and I like the call -- says this is a separation of powers issue. While who woke up. Away he finally found a separate origination. In this has won a relief text them. Yes. So let's hear Diane Franken Feinstein know we're not gonna play everything she said. The because I wouldn't even listen and then that's you're little from John Brennan the head of the CIA first. Franken Feinstein cut twelve go. Based on what director Brennan has informed us I have grave concerns. That the CIA search. May well have violated the separation of powers principles -- Right there maybe she can explain that's what that means. When it comes to Obama care. Maybe she can explain what that means when it comes to Obama saying that Penn and found an end and screw the damn phone already he's got. And that's what he means. And wonderful Obama when he says he has -- found mr. producer does Obama have an Obama phone. By definition he would have an Obama phone with me. That's Obama's photo of their whole Obama has an Obama phone while anyway he's a pen and a phone how many times has Franken Feinstein got nothing complained about. Violating separation of powers. One here -- Barack Obama has made that statement. I of them zero. Back to her don't. Body in the United States constitution. Including the speech and debate clause it may have undermined the constitutional. Framework. Essential to effective congressional oversight of intelligence activities or any other government. I can't let me let me help yeah. Senator has nothing to do with the speech and debate clause. Separation of powers may well. Speech and debate clause I don't know what fourteen year old staffers put that in your statement. But it's not correct. This is this amazing week. The same left wing Kooks who call themselves honorable who call themselves my friend on the other Saturday -- Senator. We're perfectly willing to thank what this nation. -- perfectly willing to turn the power of the purse under article one noted the president of the United States. They're worried about the separation. When she knows putts and when those little staffers doing. When we return. Listen to what the CIA director John Brennan Democrat has this made -- Franken Feinstein. Democrat I'll be right back. Well aware of something after this Malaysia airlines haven't truly knows how I'm not talking about it I didn't. It's very carefully following this. And there's all kinds of static. Coming into this. All kinds of theories in conspiracies. Obviously. In my -- something an opponent that cockpit. I mean with the plane to make a turn like that. Over -- course of time. I'm no expert but I'll tell you what I've been listening to a lot of these experts and they don't know either. So nobody really knows yet. And hopefully in a few days we'll figure something out here. And I kind have very deep suspicions that I will keep to myself because would be irresponsible for me just -- amount. And not based on a hell of a lot except when I'm watching. About the facts not the analysis quote on quote. -- John Brennan CIA director on MS -- needed day. Responding. Dianne Feinstein know. And we weren't trying to block anything and the the matter is being dealt with in the appropriate way being looked at the idea celebrate authorities and the facts will come out of let me assure you that CIA in no way. Was trying to time the SCI is that we greatly respect the separation of powers between executive branch and legislative branch. And so we're going to do everything possible to work with the committee in the future on this report. So breathless. Really. That's good to know that you doing that. I tend to believe this -- What do we know. His interest in the separation of powers issue. Its interest in this separation of powers issue. When it comes to obamacare. That Democrats could give a damn about it. Obama could give a -- about its full steam ahead. Harry Reid to give a damn about it. -- not worry about the prerogatives of the senate for not wary about separation of powers. But now that they think the CNA -- tapping into the computer that some staffers for diamond frank it's Einstein was used. And by the way out for nefarious purposes but maybe to remove documents that may -- shouldn't have been there I don't know. Now we're worried about separation. You know what they can all go to hell that's the way I look at it gets -- chatting. They could steal from each -- just leave us alone that's my attitude. Leave my constitution alone and leave us alone. I'll be right back. -- -- -- Marquis baron -- now fading 773813811. Well I was going ahead of the tallest but before I do. Hillary Clinton's in the news and known on loan amount for her 200000 dollar speeches. -- for her really swell hairdo. Are really cool designer what are the restrictions anyway. Pantsuit says chairman Mao pants suits that she wears. There's never did catch on to at. Least not in this country. Anyway. Listen to this. Question won't matter. Despite Hillary Clinton's. Promise that she had scrubbed illegal cash contributions. From -- 2008 presidential campaign prosecutors revealed. That the mastermind the mayor Vincent C gray shadow campaign he's the mayor Washington DC for those of you who don't live around here. Also funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to eight mrs. Clinton's bid for the White House now. Stating so. Geoffrey Thompson is the guy his scheme included diverting more than 608000. Dollars in illicit funds. Two in New York marketing executive Troy well. Mr. producer went about Citizens United. Citizens United had to do something. Try white patients say who organized street teams to raise mrs. Clinton's visibility and urban areas. During her democratic primary battle against Obama mr. white pleading guilty to a misdemeanor in the case. Prosecutors said from February meant to may 2008. Thompson used to friends to despair 608750. Dollars. In excessive and I'm reporting contributions that's a lot of money. To pay for campaign services in coordination with. -- in support of a federal political candidate for president United States. Who is it. It's Hillary Clinton. Obama also received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Thompson is employs over those donations apparently were legal that's right it's the other ones that relate. In other ones came from overseas. US attorney Ron matron. Said there was no indication mrs. Clinton was aware of the specific activity Stater campaign quite. There -- varying degrees of knowledge among the different candidates missed an ancient sent. Amazing how they cover up for this woman isn't. An attorney for mrs. Clinton's campaign in 2008. -- -- -- Has said the campaign cooperated fully -- prosecutors never hired mr. white. Here's my question. And as I go through the article. I don't see that it's answered. Was she interviewed by the prosecutor. Under penalty of perjury or under penalty of false statements. It was mrs. Clinton period. Baby one if you reporters out there. Reporters who looked and a tunnel where maybe one of you reporters have -- here. Well tracked down mrs. Clinton one of the corporate speeches. -- asking. Hey over here I have a question -- That the US attorney in Washington DC ever actually interview you and ask you about your knowledge. If there was any knowledge. About 608000. Dollars in illegal funds. That were laundered in your campaign when you're running for president. I'm not even a reporter and I guess the question isn't that amazing and yet we don't know. I guess we'll have to speak to one of her spokes idiots to get the answer and I'm sure will be Folsom and specific. But those of you who are so excited to see Hillary back. She's like -- -- and -- what is wrong with the dirty blanket in a penis headline news. She's like a female Linus if you will with the with the thirty blanket. She just can't cleanse yourself focused. She -- But she's every woman every little girl on America wants to -- not Sarah Palin. Right. Hillary Clinton. She's the future of womanhood. -- let's go back to the call chowing. Yes we can. New York City the great WABC got. -- Yes. They're sick and I'm Tokyo wherever there's a -- -- -- China pushed through congress. Are my seat once honored oriented. Yes it's only been talked about for months and a thousand. -- try to push through this squeezed that we have some Republicans. Derek yeah of course it out handouts and go to. This instead who have been watching all I want to golf and you know I recently has to work well just utter -- to work well. Forty years. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A Little Rock chip out there to try out yep you'll approach that they're looking at ports here I got to look around achieve what you really going on. What it's horrible. It's terrible what you're you're you're like oh great here and now delicate -- and -- speeches aren't the job any -- it's it's beyond. Well look they are people who can't find a job many year there really are because Obama is destroying. The job market. If you attack wealth creation. If you use that money to redistribute wealth and laundered through big bloated government programs. Then you're draining money had a productive uses in the private sector. So there are people -- been looking for jobs for over a year I get that here's the problem. How many times can you extend. Unemployment beyond 99 weeks. So Obama's solution is continue to trash the private sector continue to grow the government continue to. Who have to increase the debt in the yearly deficit. And then put the Spain eight dawn of unemployment. The Spain they don't have food stamps which is running an enormous amounts of money. To trying keep you know keep the folks quiet. Keep the satisfy given crime. So that's what's going on now that said every government program. Is full of corruption and abuse and fraud and locked up it. And lots of and the reason is the great profit motive that drives people. Not in the in the capitalist system is irrelevant. When it comes to government. In fact quite the contrary the more you spend the more you get. So you've got. Disincentives. -- you've got a bloke. And you've got the definition of a big federal government. -- different common -- I wish you all the best friend end -- east Palo Alto, California. -- break SF OR buddy Fernando how are you. Yeah at one time the -- How I -- Let it slip away from that Hillary land and we don't want another part of what all I don't remember I don't want those toward -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and I was pains and went on forever. Wherever they wanted -- probably won't it -- senator would you would you would widgets are bubble or bumps and your able to -- you can call the stated. -- -- -- More than progress since they're a bunch of over educated on the development means. But it doesn't ensure wouldn't hear that in the next level human evolution of -- conference and home won't know which in the universe and human beings almost sapiens. And also -- Wrote -- recruiter that he could be. -- also bought any kind of record big deal -- needed -- you. A definition of origin progression were huge interest in her heart so it doesn't sit at a mile. I mean site and there are actually some of the most prominent. Certainly in the past where. Including the founder of Planned Parenthood and so forth and that but she made an earlier point that really drew my attention. And that is that they think they had. Beyond the rest of us human beings and I actually think that -- very. Incisive point. They think they're better than us they think they're smarter than us. They think they're more perfect than us I think that's a perfectly legitimate point you're making very interesting the way put it to. What treatment you're just you're actually -- we're gonna come -- concluding -- heavy subsidy added significance. What year would mean that from public school to the university. -- from the university unit's senior person can handle. You know little bubble in Arab League and Ludacris here and stupidity. Or you you go from their education -- into politics. You -- -- -- you're long and here then you permanent system and then you become part of a politician I just I just applying these are bubble people. They never they never have been an era of reality can in the -- Sahara had these crazy idea that never yet it will put some like you know all reality. So they get these ideas and a couple ritual where they they can't even do their superior and -- she. And beating their -- either school destroying what are the paradise. And apologies if you look at what. Fernando I have to go you may very excellent points. So -- -- got to get through more often I can't you know I know it gets crowded but don't. We appreciate that that's Fernando east Palo Alto, California command the great KS FO. -- of folk country. -- the phone -- only covers. San Francisco in the -- why metropolitan area and travels all the way up the Sacramento travels south. Past San Jose. It also travel south mr. produce surpassed one of my favorite places. Stands donuts. Oh yes it's true. Oh my god -- I love those doughnuts have I ever talked about this yes about 25 times. When I lived out their briefly. I always felt guilty because I needed. If I went to work I would drive over there and hit a couple donuts. And some evenings before I came home I get a couple more doubts. And then he gets some on the weekends. It's triple my second it's true. All right -- let me tell you about a -- This is very very important. Taxis and here. I hate taxis and don't you know. Some of us have to pay taxes every quarter but still April 15 is the worst. It's here and for many view it's a tough reminder that your in debt to the IRS. And if you owe back taxes. Don't let the problem get any worse because it will. You need professionals to help you work with the iris. Who know their rules and can get you back on track. Call the guys I trust at optimum tax relief I've met these people they're good people. And we'll get to work immediately to protect you from aggressive IRS and a collection actions. Such as garnish -- bank levies and tax liens if you think you can wish this stuff away. -- procrastinate. You are dead wrong. And be sure to ask about the fresh initiative when you call it's a limited time program. And one of the biggest breaks the IRS has offered an agency and you qualify for a settlement that is much less than before this program took affect. So you have some recourse. You need some professional some experts to help -- Those -- the folks at optimum tax relief. Nobody knows these tax relief programs like the experts and optima tax relief I wanted to say something else about the -- tax relief is fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau. And offers a money back guarantee there's all these other groups out there these fly by night. Optima tax relief is the real deal so don't wait till it's too late. Call -- now freer free consultation that's right your free consultation. Here's the number call 804996300. 804996300. At 804996300. -- -- York Pennsylvania great W as being right ahead please. Thanks mark I have to hearken back -- talk on global warming but I think I make them connect and make a larger point which -- -- I think. The problem with the liberal view on global warming is that it's suffers from. The same problem that so many of their views suffer from and that is. Bear their view of themselves basically being omnipotent. They think that if they'd find something -- the problem even when reality. Shows that it intranet problem. That it is the problem just by virtue of them having declared it's such. And that helped the things I find even more unbelievable. Is that they think measures that they would I institute. Would be able to -- this problem. -- they honestly think that in the face of some. Huge mega trend on earth which of course would be something totally internal to the -- derby -- system or the cost most. That they would have the ability as beer -- on the surface of the planet. To turn the federal. Now why I -- -- aren't I I think I think the M gonna get your point I think the masterminds among them don't think that at all. I think they think that it's just another excuse -- -- to empower themselves and expand in the government. I think some of their fanatic followers. You know take the -- I think the real operators behind the scene and so forth you know. They're they're pretty shrewd there about power there about control about manipulation and they're about spreading misery. But thank you -- night animal overrun at a time. I wanna go quickly did Joseph Jefferson City, Missouri -- great KWOS. Quickly go. Mark if you and I -- -- so doctor policies what's the first thing -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The first thing we have to do we have to create a book of providers of healthcare. In if we didn't have that book providers from the policy were selling. We'd be arrested shall call. Really do you sell -- -- Now that we we need -- rest of us and not do you have no providers. But you know -- find out what is a book it's all the people and -- And adopters and. A lot of what I'm I guess I'm missing the point what is your point. Well I'm trying to play now. What -- -- now. Obama curious because Obama. Is the best friend played man we've ever had in the -- now. I know but they have all kinds of the the the but in terms of providers -- I mean they'll provide you with providers you get like a choice of 23 or four. -- thanks very cause I know what you're saying I don't get the point you get the point mr. producing. And I'm trying to but I I'm running out of time I'm not trying to be really got to move leak. Indianapolis the great WFEM. Go. Marketing and thanks for taking the call to quit -- sorts. Infrastructure and -- report -- global warming is that the area that collapsed continually came to wonderland. Actually he'll -- the pre industrial wage such. -- short life expectancies tiring to mortality. Dysentery malaria. -- -- -- -- -- about two -- of course and -- is -- very industrialization. That took us Al. That are been extended life expectancies improved -- mortality is the world. Is that industrial revolution. That helped the lowest on the economic collapse. I'll give you free quick example -- -- These stocks are seen in the world can never had to worry about that they -- people aren't they grow we're not an analyst time you know things. At the grocery store primarily helps lower class water and manager the next one. The washing machine eliminate adaptable lower last clothing they have a killer made are correct clothing primarily their the list to below -- I only got a guy appreciate your points are excellent and let me just say that tonight said it many many times. Electricity. Running water. The automobile. Energy have -- like -- oil natural gas. The all these things that we take for granted to de industrialization. Are under attack. This is why at the beginning of the program I said they support. I should point that's where the industrialization. Because that's what we're talking about. And a lot of callers and show but I want to thank the callers that I have had because you are excellent. You going have to rush along we have heart breaks that's the nature of this business that's the nature radio. But as you can see I look at these issues each day. I can just read them off -- you and so forth but I trying give them some background some historical context. So they may Pique your interest you may wanna do some more digging on. Your own but you're armed as the Paula Paula reveres in this audience. To take the Wear and spread. Ladies and gentlemen we salute our armed forces police officers firefighters. And emergency personnel. -- EMI America god bless you. I'm mark the event.

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