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Thurs 4/24/14 Hr 1 JBS Mary Kissel. Amity Shlaes. Rich Lowry. Ying Ma.

Apr 24, 2014|

Mary Kissel. Amity Shlaes. Rich Lowry. Ying Ma.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And -- Who can. Yeah. And it's. The it's. Yeah. Good evening I'm John bachelor this is the John fashion show. It's a pleasure to welcome -- Kessel wall street journal editorial board and the host of opinion journal today at 1 PM on WSJ live. -- joins me here in studio married it is springtime this past Easter all the Easter -- bomb about bunnies have found all the Easter egg. Easter eggs that were hidden not very carefully. We're hidden and now it's time to do some serious business I hope you've been well your show has been working through heavy policies are heavy policy -- -- We have a lot of explaining going on and the explaining has to do with the fact that. Right now Matt -- come close to me because we've got to my problem. We've got a lot of policy problems at its heavy policy you've been working carefully. I have -- we had governor Rick Perry in today talked about everything from. Oh gosh on we talked about Iraq. And Syria we talked about China we talked about what to do with Ukraine. He's polished up there in the also we touched on obamacare. Obamacare is where we're headed immediately we're joined now by an additional days. Amity has a piece up at the national review on line. That addresses obamacare directly. This has to do with the recent argument before the Supreme Court all argument Sebelius verses of the hobby lobby. Amity is joining us tonight as the NRA author but she's most importantly the chairman of the board. Of the Calvin Coolidge presidential foundation I want -- the ironic question what Coolidge would make of the Affordable Care Act -- -- a very good evening to you. Sebelius. Sibelius first is the hobby lobby first for everyone who doesn't know hobby lobby is a very successful chain of stores. Starting in Oklahoma but now across the nation I understand there's a hobby lobby in New Jersey what is the hobby lobby about it's mostly about really equal Christmas decorations it has a lot of other stuff but it has really good quote cruel cold Christmas decorations. It also is led by a family -- very well to do family now. Who are committed Christians and use Christian themes Christian statements in their advertisements sometimes in the store. But in any event it is the foundation of the family's belief in its success. That is quite separate from the Supreme Court case. -- The Supreme Court case you in the end in your piece of the NRO. Are mentioning the Schechter case this is very famous in your book the forgotten man. It is also famous in the history of the new deal what was the Schechter case and how does that connect. To something called the national recovery administration. And the hobby lobby could evenings here. Good evening well hobby lobby has that element of religion and right did you read in the foundry is having contention this closet exists is kind of popular and you don't -- reduce some of the things. Relating to religion and based. In fact a lot mandates the -- on Affordable Care Act and and what happened in the thirties whereas they had another big government. Agency -- -- being a new program a reform. The agency itself would open national. Recovery administration it was Dustin actually economy all over -- to go faster if you -- A private sector are Affordable Care Act to run everything in. What lots of rules for every industry and it -- in this instance it was chicken lectures in Brooklyn who barely spoke English. What this little Kosher shop -- to retailers they were wholesalers and the government came along just that the ire line. Light or any authority health authority. That look you're you're violating me. -- and a bunch of ways and we're going to indict you. -- candidate that what some of their violations well. Their prices were too low. That's against the rules they've paid. -- let me get this strike. -- prices were too low there week is where. Were too low you have to pay high wages cut and minimum -- situations where else they let the customer -- -- -- And now we need to think about. Hi my -- that let that. Customer ticket chicken because the idea then in economics was that consumer choice for low would help the economy -- peace or corporate. Public as Starbucks. Now -- just this case was way too was a big deal right it wasn't just confined to Brooklyn it was known that alien right. That out of the ticket questions very -- is so little chicken butchers were indicted and they found they were going all the way to the Supreme Court -- a hobby lobby as. That constitutionality. Of this big government agencies in RA parent or it was being protected the -- really being tested with the chicken. Case and whatever about today in national review was. They were religious because it was culture and that was not incidental. What was happening and then like a bunch of health -- part of the government rules were brought up against they're all health laws in this case. Jewish health -- dietary laws country. And we had some descriptions -- -- -- that are being drawn to. That case. So you know the government saying April that chicken well in their religion they couldn't sell perfect chicken they would not have any more customers in -- community it was like a law. But it was -- very very important to them that they had high standing in their community for their business to revive their father -- a rabbi. So I sounded insisting that. You know religion got in this story because what happens when an agencies too large and personally -- do you think health care act is too large. Kind of intrude in other cases one of them being spiritual private and other being cultural. And that's what happened and these little chicken man prevailed they won in the Supreme Court which is different. From say the first case with the Affordable Care Act. But whatever about was over time. Evidence of the I don't know relied -- large -- that the new -- becomes. Evidence -- -- -- all people and eventually -- like this get reduced somehow because people see are ridiculous. In Indiana loved this piece there's a section and it where you talk about how won a case was presented to the Supreme Court fish actor's lawyer. Was talking about all these regulations and everybody in the room last. -- do you think that the Obama administration is underestimating. It really how these. Religious and sentiments that are in the Affordable Care Act. Are going to be construed when the public has a chance to really sit back and think about. Q what are we asking what or what are what is the White House asking. Religious groups in and and people like the hobby lobby family to do. I think over time the extent that the arrangement starts to bother people -- -- -- until -- not religious agency while this is an arrogant -- And over there it's it's intruding in the area well equity interest in need in -- -- kind of Christian as a hobby lobby people or not been kind to as -- sector. So it's just awaiting -- legion illuminates the excesses of government that's fascinating. Not a political prognosticator. I'm mostly a star in the Coolidge foundation is historical. Played you know not a political play but it what the evidence that the twenties and thirties. Says -- while people wise up and things break down not only with one big Supreme Court case so hobby lobby made go for it a hobby that -- That -- Italy to a bunch of discovery can keep up on the other side and don't tell left behind right. That's not the democratic allies to Republicans on. States haven't really loved it and their many many areas where there are exceptions or waivers from No Child Left Behind because the law doesn't quite make. I think that was great respect for President Bush but it doesn't quite make -- and overtime you know it's -- -- that's what happened can often see it in the net. And important will do history here just to the close amity. When the Schechter said a decision came down it was on a day in which there were a number of decisions all firmly voted against the new deal and the Roosevelt administration and it was a blow to the president it was a setback to him though he would go on to win elections three more times. That that reversal. Remains one of the largest Supreme Court chastised and -- of the executive in the twentieth century is that correct. Oh absolutely Roosevelt was surprised that it showed that high -- of the new deal it was marked difference I decided it was. And it led him to the court packing scandal of 1937. After his reelection. Which can be argued to be deep but the -- -- top the high water mark of the new deal because. Second high water -- right about bright but it would he failed he failed to -- to get congress wouldn't have that the country would happen. As much as they like to develop itself. The unintended consequences of chickens and Brooklyn and amity chalets who is the chairman of the foundation action -- chairman of the board. Of the Calvin Coolidge presidential foundation as well as the author of the forgotten man Mary kissel. Of the wall street journal editorial board and the post of opinion journal he stated Also WSJ. Live I'm John -- -- -- I'm John about Americans of the editorial. And a host of opinion journal. At Is here with me -- and I are turning to our new Yorker phase here because there's a story in New York. That it's necessarily the story of the of everywhere because police department's watch the developments in the largest to my knowledge in most successful police department in the country. And YPD. And the new and very successful and dutifully famous a police commissioner mr. Bratton. Within these last days the story -- unflattering story and NYPD started with social media Twitter Mary and I are Twitter followers -- your Twitter fanatics to get this right we live on Twitter. It's a professional service. It allows you to watch the news globally all the time. Many people are compulsive about their iphones or compulsive about FaceBook. I am of an age where all I can be is compulsive about Twitter that's that's all the attention span I have but it's all you need. Twitter provides a real time reporting you can't confirm it. There can be things wrong on it photographs or links body does follow in real time from a number of sources especially if you trust the Twitter. Feed that you watching a number of sources give you information before can possibly get into the newspapers even something as fast as the journal. Or if television is way behind the -- so we're we're we're seeing on line coming up all the time within these last days the NYPD. A -- -- a Twitter account. A Twitter campaign in fact and mr. Bratton supported yes. It turned into an unhappy affair however when all of a sudden because of the power of Twitter people who don't use it. You can use your iPhone. Take a photograph and put it up on Twitter feed very quickly. And suddenly you have raw data in this case pictures of the NYPD and unflattering poses or. I'm doing law enforcement and it can look scary. Ed Hayes my physically guy who is a long time NYPD friend as well as a friend of the police commissioner I've asked him. To reflect about these stories at a very good evening to you mr. -- is a Smart man. The commissioner did this because he wants to bring the police department into the world of young people. Is that a good decision -- to stay with it because these pictures -- rough. Both fiction -- a rough but the did tweets are actually pretty favorable. Yeah -- written Travis did you get from people that he got for people mostly quite. You know are -- and one of the agency you know it's very diverse -- forward now. You know a lot of women Hispanics. African Americans to -- very heaviest back into the and a lot of talk about that so. I think it's a mistake let's look I'm try to sort of reserve build pride -- so -- I would be critical -- -- Eddie is social media something that the NYPD has to engage in because it's. It's reaching out to that it took to communities. On foot and also over the Internet. Collapsed bridge or that it communicate with people as best you can. And social media to present as well that's great. By this is raw police work -- you've been a prosecutor he works the Bronx in the worst years of the twentieth century. When you were called a crime scenes. Do we want that on Twitter and he because that's where we're headed -- crime scenes have victims they have families they have criminals they have police. Are. -- -- if you have a good police department. Then you know -- those seen in the coast airports Cisco somebody videotapes every parent -- somewhat they take some almost made it to cut. They need to agree job fight -- people fair minded just see it no respect. You could have looked any population isn't certain centered jerks as small percentage of super -- no matter what you do that you can't make that happen. -- to -- majority let me get your State's decision maker. Safest city in the country yet this is not the Albuquerque police department. Eddie work Tennessee photographs of the stuff regardless of whether or not the NYPD. How to hack it that we had to hash tag on it could identify as my NYPD. IE is so is this a way to -- for them to get their message out. I think I I think so I mean I think if anything I think if you'd Stewart took the right thing. And you're summit it should be respected. Even if people attack you you'll be -- -- dignity -- that create or are they greater pressure means. As a lawyer and as a person that's been in the public dialogue with my case people -- are viciously attacked -- -- In a way you're welcome records here's your chance to prove itself and -- Nine elevenths. We have an eighty Storey tower at eighty Storey tower at World Trade Center and there have been some bumps along the way but all these many years later there's this success. You were involved very early on Hannity in the development of this site for a memorial as well as well from. As working with and for the future of New York there is again hesitation what's what goes wrong constantly with that said. It's what goes Reuters is the huge project many billions -- -- people fight over a lot of states expired over politics of it. They fight over this on -- the architect in -- And receipts -- -- things right or money to fight all the money 20/20. Five are there. It is five cents on the table US -- -- started this is greater. This is Larry Silverstein he's the developer who had who had just purchased the world my memory -- correct me if I get this he had just personally purchased the World Trade Center like. Not the week before the month before the attack art and so there was a long period in which that was in the courts about who was going to pay the the insurance on this in order to get it built. And once that once they pass those hurdles now mr. Silverstein is still combative is that diplomatic way of setting. Very diplomatic it and it with a much better piece of property and pretty recent border in the World Trade Center is going to be you know Korean architecture right yet to give it to source incurred. For earth first building -- of that. And it's got a much better transportation center at that beautiful memorial there wonderful cord connected to -- so it from this sort of view he Christian. He wouldn't say that leads to. When -- skin Q2 worker leaves Iraq would fire workers are murkier again. And that you wouldn't actually we're going to be Gatwick really take your story heard. He got a thirty seconds ago I heard he got his hand in the project forward to a fact he -- -- right. And you know both fires really a lot of similarities both very good. Both go to church counselors certain Irish there. And he's not attractive architecture -- Silverstein used to make you nuts. Because. He would bartered over every little. So finally Jerry and I am of course servers and the architect who were fired. -- body -- sentences Eddie don't quote. You know I don't know anything about architecture from now on just talent that you just talked to me I bet go with decades he's right. Practice and that's what it's meant. Larry Silverstein is the developer of the World Trade Center which still continues to be a contested conversation in new York at Hayes Mary -- I'm John -- I'm John that's -- -- John message to Americans those here and we're going to tell a story. Very well to do that you've never heard so well to do and so powerful that you've never heard of him. That's what money can I silence. -- castles here and I mentioned marry is the author of a new book review that's just up on your Wall Street Journal site. I am not had a chance to look at this book but it's based upon a book by Elizabeth Warren the senator. From Massachusetts the senior senator from Massachusetts and titled a fighting chance. And marry reviews the vote for the Wall Street Journal tomorrow the headline is. A fighting chance by Elizabeth Warren the story of how middle class girl rose to -- and came to see the market economy could get over the chance. As rigged -- just speculate a little bit do you believe that Elizabeth Warren would regard it is very wealthy man nobody's ever heard of as the product of a read to market do you think she would say to the Thomas Dyer has his money incorrectly. No because he agrees with their ideological goals I'd be stunned if she thought it Thomas irons and Howland. Gotten his wealth through ill gotten means which you which he has diseases successful businessmen. A very successful businessman and we welcome Rich Lowry who's the editor of the national review and has published a piece most recently about a very well to demand. A very prominent figure in the Democratic Party whom you never heard. Rich that's the puzzle Tom Starr who the heck is this guy and why does he have so much money that he wants to give away to the Democrats good evening here. Good evening well Mary is right is very successful businessman sounded very flexible successful hedge fund it and as a billionaire and get away a lot of money. And it is -- big -- environmentalist and climate alarmist. And its epicenter of this effort to stop Keystone Pipeline. -- who listens to hemorrhage. A lot of very important people is that they keep notices. Decision that it's -- in the executive branch in the State Department which -- determination. Whether the pipeline -- in the national interest -- not in the State Department involved obviously that -- an international. Border emanating from. Canada says the administration wants to drag its feet or eventually kill it it's entirely in its. So it's he has the ears of just a couple key people in the administration in matters a lot. Fifty million dollars of his own money fifty million dollars matching pledge to the east. Democrats. Perhaps the democratic senate candidates in red states. Months before the election where the Democrats are under great pressure because of the Affordable Care Act. The president of the United States then after -- after having -- having ordered reviews of the keystone XL pipeline for a number of reasons -- number regulatory agencies. Surprises everyone with the decision I think within these last days. To delay the final decision on the keystone XL pipeline construction most of its built this is a piece of it through the middle of the country until after the election. Rich. It could happen that this is all coincidence right it could happen we can't remove that possibility. Well -- to -- Hell that they announced this on Good Friday. It's it's a classic. Friday's. Is don't square when you're doing what the holiest days. Of the year and that is just such -- this issue of an excuse for the delay it it because there's this pride in litigation in Nebraska. That may impact -- Ralph. But that doesn't. Impact the state department's ability to make the decision about whether that pipelines in the national interest and not at all and even the mainstream media treated distances and with the highest degree of -- skepticism. And basically interpreted solely through political -- which is the correct way to interpret. But rich explain this to me because I thought that Democrats were dead set against money in politics and wanna limit the ability. Of individuals and companies to donate to pull politicians or political groups. And that they life so how do you square this circle why is Tom Sawyer okay and other people are. Well that's very much a one way street and he didn't see Democrats complaining about George Soros when he attempted to quota called by the election in 2004 and -- President George W. Bush in his reelection and you'll hear actually no complaints about Tom's tired -- what they argued they would make until we have to fight fire. The fire Atlantic conservative outside money. So we we need this guy on our side. Tom Starr is a progressive Democrat okay fine and he wants to spend his money on his political opinions that's fine with me. And he wants to spend a lot of them I also like that he also doesn't have to make his money transparent I don't need to know where he throws is money around I like him. Pushing it back into the economy buying ads. That's all okay rich. And I think that the Republican Party can tell the truth to its own side here I don't think we have to wait for the New York Times the Democratic Party. To say what Tom stars doing is okay what do you think rich we should celebrate Tom -- for being a good American and contributing to the political process. Yeah and I agree -- a lot of that. It I think more political debate and more political activity in the country is good. And you need to spend money to get it -- -- he's helped organize these big demonstrations outside the White House the ultimate -- -- -- run political ads now they've they've been highly dishonest. That against the keystone pipeline and I think that's the problem but the I don't have any problem whatsoever with some exercising. It's his right to influence the political debate in a free society like -- tires doing like to cook -- others -- do -- now I'm in the area. His position I think it's wholly. Without merit and it is the third. To oppose this pipeline which is really a no brainer it's important key ally of ours Canada immediately create. Thousands. Good -- that blue collar construction jobs. Would send a message to Vladimir Putin that we're serious about developing energy resources here in North America. And it would have no net effect. On global warming which even the latest state department of valuation. Has so this is really just become a symbol for the -- -- Of the world and it is is -- -- away to. Deliver at symbolic blow. Against global warming but the policy is just not there. When you say the latest report Ritchie means that the latest report in the years in years in -- -- -- report and study out this I don't mind. And my understanding of the executive order that they're operating under here to look at this thing. We've adopted in the Bush Administration in order to expedite these sort of decisions and and focus though. On a one department of government the State Department instead perversely they used it is. I'd delay again and again and again and Hillary Clinton said in 2010 and very common -- in before this became such political football. And such an important symbol for well heeled donors like -- actually says we're inclined to support this thing which is what you would. Conclude looking at -- merit but the -- I'm very pleased you mentioned this Clinton. Mrs. Clinton is reasonably on the campaign trail listening tour however I signed up married to have you stand up on the Hillary campaign -- -- because you get a -- the nightly email I noticed that I saw the moment I signed up. The next day I got invited to dine with the president to travel free to Washington. And also to celebrate with the DNC so I think there's some linkage going on here with the Hillary campaign and at least. Nominally sell because -- only given up my email ones in the previous 24 hours and suddenly I was. A big hit for the Democrats but I mentioned mrs. Clinton because. She is going to take up all the oxygen in the room I think that's the clintonian metaphor of the old. And that will happen immediately after this mid term election do you think that'll change the environment for the keystone XL pipeline rich. Because she is certainly indicated that she and her husband. Are going to go back to the senator for energy development in this country. I don't know I. All the Smart money used to be that the president would delay -- Political reasons causes is delays in communion any given moment to say yes. But eventually would get it -- I'm just not sure that anymore I -- -- -- may kill the thing which will be an outrage. And you're right about Hillary did it take up an awful lot of oxygen I think the the biggest opportunity in American politics at the moment it's. Four that's serious Democrat -- get them. And challenges Hillary Clinton and that is that candidate acts. You know even if he -- she is losing it over sixty to twenty years -- be the hottest thing in democratic politics will be on the cover of time magazine. And all of us will be talking about -- because he'll he'll. That personal be something rash. Does it matter if that person is on the greater on the left to Hillary. -- -- One of -- well read my book review yes -- that describes as they're out there who stands out in it and that was timely that that's -- that's the Sherman of democratic politics I will not accept if I'm nominated I will not certain if I'm elected yes that would be Elizabeth Warren rich. You're asking for us some of the sacrifice him or herself in the democratic process right you're saying. Someone go up against mrs. Clinton is overwhelmingly. Powerful overwhelmingly so. I don't think it's that's back -- I think it's it would be it a big. We in for someone potentially. -- building there. They have 94 the next time around and you know you actually never know what's gonna happen I think most of us would have set at this juncture -- be in the state for Barack Obama again and there's no way is it he. Hillary says -- bit invincible and inevitable. Before and there's always a moment where the front runner is vulnerable and and has disappeared Shalit was solid Al Gore and Bill Bradley. You know and I 2000 out of date classic mismatch that Bradley you know at this moment came came fairly close and when someone gets that against Hillary -- an album. Inevitable someone's. Will he -- she can have economic. Anything to lefty couldn't beat Martin O'Malley of Maryland it has to be Elizabeth Florida's and is now a disaster in Maryland succeed in Iraq well he's to the right of Hilary that's what. But I think whoever it is is gonna run to her -- And it is that that's where the the oxygen and he's the captain -- that's the oxygen and the the energy is in the and that the Democratic Party. I just -- to come back to the keystone Tom Starr was nominally you see mr. -- we can't state is we can't stay on your topic we just don't care very different but yeah I did. We want you to give your money away we -- well -- celebrate America good for you guy all right back to keystone XL pipeline. We'll mrs. Clinton approved for this a move to campaign to approve this there are a lot of jobs and that. And there are a lot of jobs and Hydro fracking will she go that far to the center and rich what's your opinion now this long before the mid term. Total guess but I would think she's going to be really frightened. About creating any vulnerability on her left. And a democratic primary given her prior experience in 2008. So. A lot of you wanna get to this that are eventually she -- nomination yes which can be very cautious about doing prior to that point. -- I call on you because you've just spent the year time constructing this analysis of the book by Elizabeth Warren. Is she out out out are you are are you confident. Of her saying I will not run does that sound convincing. Yeah not a simple. She said -- not running which is present tense day. It's a lawyerly response all right good I'm Rich Lowry is the editor of the national review online writing about Tom -- you'll hear this name again OK fine so just Friday as TE by ER last time you ever heard of him. That Mary kissel of the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal and host of opinion journal each day at 1 o'clock -- job action. So. Rural. It's. I'm John that's -- magic castle the editorial board of the Wall Street journalist here we're very pleased to welcome. The -- and -- his is is the author. The important book Chinese girl in the ghetto which is auto biographical and it's a celebration of a transformation of the young woman and her family. From China and four from the the grim days of living in China and Hong Kong and then December and then California. She's also the host of China takes over the world on our THK which is Hong Kong's public broadcasting station in not very good even junior peace. In most recently in the Wall Street Journal -- real time. Should China just shut up about its territorial ambitions I wanna get to that but I will lead with a headline that we're getting from the south China morning post. For your observation also me yours -- because you were six years in Hong Kong watching China. The the concern here is from Andrew -- reporting in -- everybody can go to their news reporting now this is south China morning post. That the South Korean defense officials are concerned that there will be an underground nuclear test. In North Korea. At the same time President Obama visits Seoul the president is on -- embassy to Asia. Not visiting China visiting four well three of our allies and one of our friends. And includes all North Korea has apparently sealed the tunnel to its nuclear site reports mr. salmon within these last hours. A significant sign that may carry out its fourth nuclear test eminently according to defense officials in -- North Korea's not China but. The president of the United States and mr. hagel recently has appealed to China she -- -- to control or police chiefs. Or in some way embraced North Korea. So that it assistance in its. A provocations like turn the screw you because you've been many years of watching the region menu for you you broadcast in Hong Kong. Is North Korea. And and it tool that. Beijing uses in order to disrupt. The plans of its neighbors oil and also the United States is this potential test meant to just -- The president and his Beijing part of this good evening to you. Good evening John I am I. Beijing has more leverage over North Korea than anybody else but even then Pat -- is very much limited. In recent years relations between the top officials in Beijing. Saying I have actually been. Quite nasty and I think a lot of folks in Beijing that it was in the leaders as well as reform policy commentators -- North Korea as. A huge burden to China and and a country that has needed. And securities relations worse in Asia. Back to that is so I don't think this is something that China has engineered into it anyway. It's fine that's fights between 21 party authoritarian. Terrible states however. China is also picking fights as you write on China real time and w.s to dot com. China is picking fights with a number of nations. That Japan. The Philippines others. It is that there are a a sense of a strategy here and in what is the impetus for this pushing out in -- Well I think there are several reasons one I think. Since the financial crisis lots of that's me it was in the Chinese leadership has. Been talking about the decline as America they feel that China is getting stronger economy is getting stronger getting stuck and other ways but it Erica. US has been. Distracted by two -- that the police entered. More than spectators. After nine elevenths I think it is hard it is to play -- -- China feels that it's time really has come. And that then on how that there probably are -- AD. Add in the Chinese leadership sitting -- their strategy is not fact that they've been able to practice. -- -- positions to her to assert their territorial ambitions and there have been a number of cases where they pushed out other. Claimants ski island. In the South China Sea for instance and not much has been done about it consider. There are people who think that the Chinese strategy is not necessarily a bad idea but the effect. That it has added that it has created a fair amount of alarm in the region. And it has constantly other countries like he's such a pain in the the Philippines -- and other. It is clamor for more US leadership stayed in the region. When secretary -- was in Beijing and Shanghai. Many days ago two weeks ago now. He well is joined by the defense minister of China. Who chastised. Mr. hagel and the United States. And I paraphrase only don't you do a NATO on -- -- surround us with nations who are beholden to you. And will try to control us. He was pointing to Ukraine to -- of the confrontation there that's suggests that there's a level of hostility. That I cannot brook hall easily in the first years of this. Century you reporting in Hong Kong all the time to the people in Hong Kong believe that there is new hostility in Beijing. -- not only its neighbors but toward the United States. How how well I am a big theater at Hong Kong but I has not sinister. How frequently. Asked me deal. Alarmed by Beijing's commuters on the security front I think they're very concerned about some other things especially in the economic -- -- Beijing's injured and been in Hong Kong's domestic politics. So close to whole meeting mine in Beijing is an 88 exert any kind of oppressive influencers shadow. On Hong Kong they don't have time to even think about the United States it's right there at home. Right right and and I I think that. One of the interesting things that that's being. From a place that doesn't have to deal with his old form the biggest Beijing handles Hong Kong farm policy. And -- know. I think it perhaps for that reason it's something that sense I think about a little bit less than. You know what you Americans are getting the DNC. It used circus -- -- there and eerily sense of responsibility of what US for leadership is without around the globe that's not a sense that -- Elsewhere in the world -- and I think he -- even black it's you it's you as a resident of a particular place. Know that your government not going to be in charge of -- foreign policy. However the anxiety levels do you feel it differently now than ten years ago we just have thirty seconds him. I think in the region that's very much -- the case I think the other countries in the region certainly get your full of -- worried about China's rise. In -- the author of Chinese girl in the -- she's the host of China takes over the world on -- THK which is the public broadcasting station in Hong Kong. She's writing most recently at the Wall Street Journal America's soul of the wall street journal editorial page of the Wall Street Journal and Australia it's 1 PM East Coast time each day -- Then you can see here on stream later I'm John --

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