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The Wall Street Journal This Morning Apr. 25, 2014

Apr 25, 2014|

04-25-2014 -- Ukraine halts military movements as rhetoric ramps up in Washington, what is behind the Keystone pipeline delay and why to avoid the newest model of cars.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hi this is Gordon Deal the Wall Street Journal this morning starts right after this. In the country on business takes a lot of planning bringing your data plan doesn't. With T-Mobile simple choice for business plan you'll get unlimited data in over 100 countries automatically. There's no change in plans at no extra charges just get off the plane and go. -- -- -- Qualifying service and capable device required standard speeds approximately 822 points for second night -- TT mobile dot com for full featured terms and included destinations. News room -- Wall Street Journal. This is the Wall Street Journal this morning America's first news -- in court. These decisions time in -- have. Good morning I'm Gordon Deal along with Mike Weinstein reason for -- Cervetti. Welcome to a Friday April 25 here's what's up this hour after a firefight in which Ukrainian forces killed several pro Russian militants Moscow activated thousands of troops what's next for Ukraine bracing for rough weekend of weather from Tennessee that Texas powerful tornadoes. Are in the forecast what's going on with the housing market mortgage lending dropped to its lowest level in fourteen years in the first quarter we'll explain it's been six years now the keystone XL pipeline application. Sitting in the lap of the Obama administration when the -- decision that he made. Mark Obama when he was campaigning in 2008 used to joke about how babies are born in walking and talking since the tarmac campaign began. And now those babies after six years or walk and talk in the reading and writing in the times they can do -- examiners keystone part one application. Wall Street Journal reporter Peter Nicholas on the politics of keystone. He's here later in the hour. Time for morning -- and it's brought you by auto trader dot com find agreed deal on a brand new car. At auto trader dot com compare prices and special offers on new cars from local dealers auto trader dot com the ultimate. New car market place. The chess match continues in Ukraine with some big decisions. On the immediate horizon. Ukrainian forces moved in on a pro Russian stronghold yesterday killing several militants. In a firefight. At a roadside checkpoint but quickly halted their advance after Russia. Activated the thousands of troops it has amassed just across the border. Secretary of state John Kerry observing those events. In plain -- Russia continues to fund. Coordinate. And fuel a heavily armed separatist movement. And unless. The journal today says with Moscow launching new land and air military drills. Ukraine's new government is in a tough spots risk pressing ahead with what it calls its antiterrorist operation in the restive east. Or risk more bloodshed and provoking an invasion. Wall Street Journal reporter Lukas -- Alpert wrote the stories with us this morning from Moscow -- review what went down yesterday. Well yeah they in the early morning hours the -- government launched. Are -- a renewed effort. Can't clear militants. These eastern cities. He's pretty small they hit once. Port city were they cleared out a government building that we're still not out of there. But then they went into this was sloppy -- which is the stronghold of the whole resistance against MacBook. And they hit three checkpoints that they overran three checkpoints and in the process told -- -- -- -- But if you just stop there on the didn't press furtherance of the city itself and there were no other reports of other activity in in the region. On this prompted Russia to blow responded that ministry just -- -- that they were not activate -- -- a -- military exercise along the border in response ominous reports of serious large. Movement so military. Vehicle think he's he's he's kind of thing. But no -- pick Stewart crossing the borders so -- and in response -- -- so that they were the most hold back and reevaluate what they were. Wall Street Journal reporter Lukas I Alpert with a slide this morning from Moscow so explain GM's next decision here Lucas. What they have to decide whether they -- actually to continue with this operation run a risk -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- sort of well if they felt. As reporters and any sort of yeah so that's what they're looking they're looking you know the possibility of trigger an awful. They know the country at large scale invasion. In the meantime you know the international community is so even making it is Orton worked sabres now saying. Sounds like they're really close -- trigger on additional sanctions are merely keep Russia which parked side. As the US had any official reaction to this latest violence. Well we may spend your disagreement that was -- last week in -- which was suppose kind of com situation -- countless queues since I have no real yeah. Then you know yesterday. John Kerry said that you know of that base he's sort of plan for -- not really to take into concrete steps. Implement them in a sense the president alcohol also so does united. -- -- that Russia not really comment that so swallow whole phrase. -- influence the situation. And positive ways he did escalate things. Their point the finger pressure that -- -- right now. Thanks Lucas that is Wall Street Journal reporter -- Alberts with us from Moscow. It's eleven minutes now after the hour on the Wall Street Journal this morning by the way don't forget to follow us on Twitter. You can find the show at WSJ this morning you'd find me there as well at. Gordon Deal. My 20/20 times. Its estimated that half the world's population will lack access to safe drinking water. A summary stated that says it's too -- it's about community is comforted by want to. We are helping develop solutions. For so important to satisfy the troops to the future generations. PA has sent. That chemical company picks are being with us on this Friday morning the staff of the troubled health insurance exchange in Oregon yesterday. Recommended the state switched to the federal government's system for next year's open enrollment there will be discussed further. Later today organ is one of fourteen states that ran its own insurance exchange for the first enrollment your -- obamacare. And it has experienced some of the deepest problems cover Oregon as it's known. Has never fully function and get this hundreds of state workers must manually process insurance applications. And assessments of organs exchange conduct on the happily governor's office faulted both the state and oracle which built the site. According to a presentation starting over with a new state system. Would cost about 78 million dollars that's a government estimate following. While migrating to the federal technology would cost upwards of six million. Programs brought you by Vistaprint dot com a business card says a lot about you and your business or you'll hardworking landscaper. Media and funky salon owner no matter who you wore what kind of business you have Vistaprint dot com has thousands of designs to say just what you want and today. There's a great offer on their best business cards get 250. Of their premium cards for only ten box the shipping is on them to. Vistaprint has so many designs to choose from you're bound to find the one that says just what you want what you find the -- to like the design process itself is super easy and fun. Add text photos or logos you can even change colors fonts and move things around. So again that's 250. High quality premium cards with shipping included just go to Vistaprint dot com and put in the promotional code. WSJ. In your cart. To get this offer. President Obama is still dragging his feet over approving the keystone XL pipeline which would carry oil from Canada. Two refineries on the Gulf Coast it's been six years with this project sitting on the desk of the State Department first with Hillary Clinton in charge now with John Kerry. Wall Street Journal reporter Peter Nicholas is here to explain the latest politics Peter this has taken forever. Yes sure has your bark Obama when he was campaigning in 2008 used to joke about how babies for a born in walking and talking since that time that campaign began. And now those babies after six years or walk and talk in the reading and writing in the times taken to walk examine this Keystone Pipeline application to. It's gonna for a long time and it's it's it there's no Simon's gonna end any time soon the State Department just announced last week that. Deploy its probably -- tickets pass to mid term elections and for Democrats actually that's probably pretty good news that clearly out of politics in play at least to a certain extent here but what about the regulatory clockers a part of it. Quote truly part of the story have been our businesses want to know that they can get there applications dealt where Phnom. Approved or get some sort of offered down decision on at a reasonable time. This is dragged on for six years and -- people worked in the Obama administration are getting concerned they're saying it's just a bad signal to business. The regulatory mechanism has to move more efficiently speedily and now it seems that politics is really intervene here to an extent that is some. You -- should be happening and what's ultimately a regulatory matter about a piece of -- infrastructure. For speaking with Wall Street Journal reporter Peter Nicholas about the keystone XL pipeline all right so. At this points. What's the hold up because even the even the union some unions are anxious over this right saying hey what's up Mr. President we supported you Wear the union jobs here. -- state departments answer to that is that there's litigation in Nebraska. About pipeline would go through Nebraska and that would -- it that's been determined what the route would be. So it's difficult for the Obama administration to do the review if they don't know exactly where the -- from ago. But there are many others including unions and many Democrats saw Mary Landrieu in Louisiana mark baggage and allow Scott and others who say. This -- just been studied long enough it's time for an up or down decision. And there's great speculation. Now about the only reason for the delay is the fact that. The Obama and the president the White House team does not want this decision come down before the mid term elections in November. I suspect or I guess my guess would be that the Friday after Election Day this would get approved -- -- a Friday news dump right. Well yeah Friday's -- -- revenues -- happens we -- it was Friday Leo last Friday when ops department announced that this can be delayed indefinitely yeah. That's today do these things as Peter Wall Street Journal reporter Peter Nicholas twenty minutes now after the hour on the Wall Street Journal this morning Mike wind. He's here yes America first news. Scored Russian military units conducted exercises just across the border from Ukraine enacted is very frustrating to secretary of state John Kerry and others who can't understand why the Russians are defined last week's peace deal the Geneva agreement does not open to interpretation it is not -- It is not subjective. It is not optional prior to the exercise Ukraine forces clash within killed several Russian militants at a roadside checkpoint. Frustration continues to grow for families of the victims of the South Korean ferry disaster some parents stormed a command center yesterday and -- to the Coast Guard official. One parents screamed it's not like we're asking to have them back alive we just want their bodies the death -- climb to 181 with 121. Still missing. The lawsuit charging salary and wage collusion by four big Silicon Valley tech firms has been settled. Terms were not disclosed but apple Google Intel and Adobe have -- -- resolve the case with 64000 employees the plaintiffs had been seeking three billion dollars. They contested on the bachelorette show died this week after suffering injuries and apparent lighting accident. Erica hill was sliding off the steep hill Draper Utah when his parachute partially collapsed. Causing him to smash into the hillside. He was 31 years old. Apple has worked -- a deal to incorporated I beat -- into your enjoyment of the national past time. The device is a marketing tool that works through Bluetooth instead it will be coming to a Major League ballpark near you the journal's Linda -- tells us what it does. Sandbox and and we'll get an automatic alerts -- sent to his or her -- saying basically hey welcome to the game and I given offers -- -- The pilot program could eventually be expanded to include other points of interest within the stadium. NASDAQ and S&P 500 futures tipping towards it lower open on Wall Street today that in light economic calendar. The report on consumer sentiment will be released after the opening bell that is about it. Have finally Courtney -- resort in the Poconos has than usual offering for fun this summer the bear beach beer bash takes place on June 28. The third annual event featuring a limited sampling of domestic and imported brews with the only requirement that you be nude. A crowd of 300 is expected with tickets sixteen dollars and advance at eighteen dollars a day of the event. While it's a beer bash you got to be new to attend right -- that's fraught with danger and wow can't make it to that they have naked wrestle mania -- yellow and putting wrestle -- about that miss lots of things for the kids to do all absolutely Connie Hawkins full family -- while. Have a double what could possibly go wrong with native people and alcohol I mean. -- but it's nice family weekend getaways thanks -- -- being with us Good Friday morning. Here that sounds the sound of screeching brakes again in the housing market. In the latest sign of how rising interest rates have put up sudden roadblocks. On the road to housing recovery mortgage lending. Plunged in the first quarter of this year here's Wall Street Journal real estate reporter nick Tim -- -- what's going on here. Originations. Of new mortgages hit a continual flow in the first quarter. And that's almost entirely because refinancing. Ball mortgages -- -- off a question. Ever since the Fed. Wherever he this could -- the last. Summer that it might and that bond buying program wind down its bond buying program. Our interest rates at that time one up. And after interest rates moved up that pretty much ended the recovery fine. I'll wave or a series really a refinancing wave that had been rolling over the past five years. And so would refinances -- sharply. Continuing in the fourth quarter last year in the first quarter of this year and then with purchased lending for new for new homes. Are still fairly soft and the first quarter. Is that seasonally slow period anyway for purchases but we haven't seen much of a pickup from Europe or certainly. Yeah nothing. Increased to replace what we bought us time. It's that refining business let's not put away and we are seeing very low mortgage originations now. We're speaking with Wall Street Journal real estate reporter nick -- and what does this mean for the housing market -- Well we're financing isn't. You know make or break meeting for -- for new -- sales were for sales of existing homes but -- Purchased lending has been softer I think that many economists had. Had expected -- mortgage applications are running fifteen to 18% below the levels of a year ago. Volumes and haven't fallen quite as much for purchase loans because it's. We're seeing slightly larger. Loan amounts from people who are taking out loans to suggest that maybe. The folks or more fluent. Can take on more sure loans are are stepping up here. And I'd imagine this hurts the chances for the economic recovery to shift into second year. That's where the concern is that. We don't see great command right now for consumers and so there's. You know a number of different reasons why some people -- well what are the first quarter of the year was. Oh you know during the how traffic all the people that go to -- interest rates are -- because of that reduced the affordability for potential buyers and so people are thinking twice about it now. -- Wall Street Journal will -- reporter nicked him were also in summary says the numbers. -- questions over whether wage and job growth is strong enough for American consumers to shift the housing rebound that began two years ago into second gear. Some investors. Who have played an outsized role whittling down an oversupply of homes have begun to retreat from certain markets where prices have risen sharply. The degree to which traditional buyers especially at the entry level are able to pick up the baton. Could determine the shape of the recovery going forward it's thirty minutes now after the hour on the Wall Street Journal this morning. Coming up next what's trending on Google like the teenage stowaway who survived at 35000. Feet. 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Legal zone provides legal help through independent attorneys and self help services but it's not a law firm. Howard but the most trusted name -- Wall Street Journal this morning America's first. But to be with us on this Friday April 25. Gordon Deal with Mike Weinstein who's filling in for -- Cervetti. Coming up this half hour Ukraine's next decision in dealing with Russia following the latest violence. Plus on a lighter note Massachusetts. Tries to become the coolest state in America will explain how what about twenty minutes. -- takes a mental -- so you're prepared with. Social banter at the office today -- perhaps at happy hour this -- here's what's been trending on Google from global trends expert -- Aston -- with us live this morning. Morning's -- you know what's so what's trending Earth Day activities and I was on the list. -- yet first up this Tuesday marking the 44 anniversary of Earth Day and people came to do little -- Earth Day activities from environmental festivals to community service cleanups. -- alcohol. Explain how the whole. Yet alcohol is the trending search now how alcohol is -- powdered alcohol that turns water into alcoholic drinks. It caused some controversy this week after its approval made headlines which would -- be offended by US regulators. Although I didn't realize the story had gone that far so this is. Well like he used to make with. -- -- Iced -- or something huge is Terrell in the -- poured into a bottle water something in bull you've got alcohol. Exactly apparently you can actually get different flavors and it turned it into either -- -- or ram ram while it's still open powder form. It didn't make it up a cosmopolitan is cutting its tattered you have to pick up the water. Then I mean you could sneak that in anywhere. Yes I think I'd -- -- Atlantic why am you know people were searching for -- -- this blurry reasons why that they've been approved or how it was approved. Based on on some controversy around it. I'm not that'd be given new -- to like going to the movies are so -- that he's. How about but they airplane wheel well this was a heck of a story with this teenage kid. Yet this fifteen year old they're -- extreme conditions are hiding in the airplane we'll well on return Hawaii. People came to Google looking for images of real -- have to see how he -- a five hour flight. It's I mean it's what's the Trevor -- is way below freezing right at 35000 feet in his body apparently went into. And unconscious state for a couple hours about this was gonna wind up being some promo for a movie you know some stunt or something. Yeah exactly got behind you can imagine not and I think he's either course shall execute as well it done. It's called but it'll do is a lot of questions beyond -- how he survived the security airport and and yeah so I want to get around all of us to get it get in there. We're speaking live this morning with Xena asked in global trends expert about what's trending on Google. About from styles what's up about one. Yes promise of greater around the corner -- -- searching for -- hairstyle. To get their style just right for the big night. On search you can of course to. Variety of video to meet -- elsewhere it'll actually show you how to do you have those it is the view on or -- a variety of care about the people are looking for hasn't -- them. We seem to be spending more money than ever. On promise doesn't seem that way. Does it definitely didn't have grown that over the years it -- -- from my experience. They had all the kids making videos now their proposals and stuff it's it's way bigger than when I was in school for sure. Yeah definitely -- -- I think -- created position media people can share that sort of Stephanie you know they wanted to be so excited about problems that the confidence that big moment for them. To have and how about a People Magazine with the most beautiful person. Yes People Magazine named Oscar winner who repeated the young goat the most beautiful person for 2014. I'm shooting accuracy and -- appears that slaves and I've. Would be held during the awards season they -- and that's rational people on the red carpet. Does it send people to developing you know. Find pictures of her learn a little more about her about. C she had that -- light blue that baby blue dress right and she read on the red carpet she was dazzling and night for sure. Standing abscess and it's kind of become -- -- iconic picture from that award from the awards season. Yeah never good Zandt thanks for a few minutes is always seen Aston Google Trends expert with -- -- this morning. It's 21 minutes now before the hour on the Wall Street Journal this morning. My daughter is a handful. I've always had to keep my -- honor but I didn't always watch out for myself. So much noise about health care -- it all out. United health care I get information that matters. My individual health for -- not -- statistics and the even rewarding for addressing my health risks so I'm doing fine. She's still gonna give me a heart attack. Innovations that work for you that's help the numbers. United health care. Thanks for being with us on this Friday for our daily podcast of the Wall Street Journal this morning check out our website which is WSJ this morning dot com -- can also find it on iTunes. The I heart radio lap sound cloud to tune in the and stitcher. A lot has been made of this week's Supreme Court ruling allowing Michigan voters to ban race based public university admissions while which cheered by some opponents of affirmative action practices. Wall Street Journal reporter Rebecca ball house says it's too soon to tell if it will build momentum that leads to additional state -- Rebecca what are you hearing. Tuesday's Supreme Court ruling has certainly been cause for celebration proponents of affirmative action. But it's a little too soon to tell it it really can and build the momentum that leads to additional state fans. A lot of these efforts have lost some steam in recent years but opponents of affirmative action are still pressing their cause and a lot of them are trying to. Use this ruling is an occasion to bolster their efforts for others. Why does it appear Rebecca that these efforts of loss steam that's hard to say I think a lot of there are certainly plenty of people committed to this cause there's a lot of state legislators and other activists -- Introduce legislation tried to bring up lawsuits but. For one reason or the other they haven't gone anywhere it says. It's very controversial tricky issue so I think they're hoping that today's Supreme Court decision is gonna shine some light on it and hopefully. Lessons attention grabbing issue. So how to activists plan on moving forward after Tuesday's ruling well there's one activist Edward Bloom who is behind the continuing lawsuit against the University of Texas at Austin. And he's great out collecting Clinton -- suit against Harvard says University of North Carolina and the University of Wisconsin. Earlier this month he set up three website seeking potential plaintiffs and he said he says he CNET more than. Dozens and dozens of that such stories pouring in the past couple of weeks. So he's certainly trying to put some presser on the issue there's also a couple of state legislators in Wisconsin UConn Tennessee. Could introduce such bills in the past and are trying to are are planning on reintroducing them when. -- legislatures convening in January. We're speaking with Wall Street Journal reporter Rebecca ball house how many states are moving -- have moved in the direction of getting rid of affirmative action. It's a little hard to get comprehensive. Numbers on that because we only really have numbers of places where this has already happened so. Eight states have banned affirmative action since 1996. Those three states that I just mentioned are all considering bills and other ballot initiatives in other states might come up but because nothing has been filed yet it's a little bit hard to say thanks Rebecca Wall Street Journal reporter Rebecca ball house sixteen minutes now before the hour on the Wall Street Journal this morning flight. Honeymooners. Art it's. A good thing you're always ready to go into this week after the two -- -- Thomas. And the conference in New York. There was an unexpected client meetings on the coast. And middle of the night call to -- This is all before taking the -- With the delay. So it's good to know that even after weeks and airport parking your Cadillac it's also ready to. With Cadillac certified service our experts keep your Cadillac as ready to go. As you want. For a limited time get of 100 dollar mail in rebate debit card -- sort of force elect branding tires and your Cadillac dealers. -- participating dealers were eligible tire brands and details. Rebate form must be postmarked by June 30 when he's fourteen. Hello 68 weeks for delivery -- Card offer ends may 31 when he fourteen. But you -- this if you've emerged from the frigid winter by kicking tires. At your local car dealership in search of a new righted. Here's some advice to keep in mind think twice about putting down big point on the newest models the reason. Recalls. Here's Yahoo! finance columnist Rick Newman Rick what's your research telling us. Well aware there's been a lot of news about automotive recalls lately so I started investigating -- it turns out there. The number of recalls has actually gone up quite a lot Gordon since but say the mid 1990s -- the -- -- gotten more expensive more complicated at all electronics. Lawmakers are actually getting better fixing problems because quality and reliability matter a lot more -- start looking to this data and it turns out that there appear to be. More recalls significantly more recalls for. Vehicles in their first production year and RR when those once there's cars have been out on the market for a few years and that's sort of makes sense if you think about it for as good as the engineering is -- the -- -- assembly processes and they really are quite good. Partners in their first year -- the they're still working out the bugs they're still identifying. Snagged in the production process some things you don't even find out until cars have been on the road for a while drivers have tested them under real conditions so. The data does seem to show that. Part of their first production here are likely to have more problems that would lead to a recall and probably more problems all overall including. Some lesser ones that might not be serious enough to trigger recall. Yeah are other problems. Safety related -- these hiccups like with. -- electronics for example. Well one important point I made in this story is that note this does not mean that first year models are less safe and by the way when your car get to recalled for problems that tells you. That the auto maker. It's fixing stuff. That's really good sign I think that we we've got this idea that if you're part which recalled that it's something's wrong with the auto maker the engineering is slaughter or something. I think for the most part car ownership considered a good good side what occurred which recalled because the auto maker knows about a problem and it's gonna fix it for free. So I think that the upshot for buyers is recalls are an inconvenience. And but you know you have to find a way to take your car and and like I said the there are other problems it stands to reason that kinda like it just -- Serious enough to warrant -- recall. Rattles. You know small but annoying things you might notice but they're not gonna recall couldn't bear the expense of that so. You know it's kind of an inconvenient tissue from buyers. We're speaking with Yahoo! finance columnist Rick Newman about why -- might -- waits in terms of the newest models see if you're shopping for a car. This sort of reminds me of being a first adapter with new technology whether it's TV full owned. Laptop sometimes you need year suit have somebody else trip over those bugs before their fixed. That try to take it takes it very analogous I mean do you wanna be the Guinea pig is basically what it is so. I think there's a lot more at stake with the car because you're spending a lot more money on it. But this simple sort of solution to this to this situation as -- just waiting here in fact there -- people in the car industry. This sit for a long time I never by the a car when it's in its first production here I do I want a I want them to spend that time to get the bugs out. Thanks Rick Yahoo! finance columnist Rick Newman who's based in New York nine minutes now before the hour on the Wall Street Journal's morning. Mike Weinstein is back got America's first news. Scored it was more bloodshed in Saber rattling its Ukrainian forces moved in on the pro Russian stronghold killing several militants in a roadside checkpoint confrontation. Russian forces that conducted military exercises across the border. A move that secretary of state John Kerry says defies everything that was agreed to last week in Geneva. Russia has refused to take a single. Concrete step in the right direction the acting Ukrainian president had his forces back off the fear of a broader confrontation. The staff of Oregon's troubled health insurance exchange yesterday recommended the state switched to the federal government system for next year's open enrollment. Cover organ is considered a failure. As hundred of State's workers must manually process applications the stable considered later today whether or not to switch to the -- system which would cost around 46 million dollars or stick with the new want to build a new one altogether. And I would cost 78 million. Do whether it National Weather Service is warning that conditions are such that tornadoes are likely across parts of the country this weekend. He significant multi day severe event will hit the south by Sunday in -- move to the Mississippi Valley by Monday. Everyone from Tennessee to Texas should prepare for the worst and hope for the best. The search continues for missing Malaysian airlines flight 370 submarines widening the area of interest is nothing in the way of debris has been found to date. The Malaysian prime minister said yesterday that his government is not ready to declare the plane lost until some hard evidence is found and there is no guarantee that we'll ever happen. It's been a busy week for earnings reports Paul -- of king's view asset management says the results have been a mix bag so far. One company and a technology -- to be doing very well well another war -- -- it's not a crossed the border or this. This earnings quarter. We heard from one of the biggest tech firms after the closing bell yesterday Microsoft reportedly smaller than expected decline in profit. But sales to consumers were surprisingly strong help by -- numbers for software the surface tablet and the rollout of the Xbox one video console. Shares of Microsoft a Dow component rose two and a half percent but we're looking like we're going to open lower on Wall Street as NASDAQ and S&P 500 futures are. Pointing in negative direction. And Gordon is being called a cross between the car ordering service -- Hoover and the DD at the tender. A new -- Germany connects potential clients with prostitutes by using GPS. John's can dial in with their preferences and see who is available nearby the creator says the -- to prevent working girls from waiting in the cold to find clients. All of the to the public service it's it's a way to win that oh my goodness. About that gradually being in the taxied back right you got your prostitute app today. -- you're looking at who's available XE three blocks away left and there's one right there are all. Has -- technology. Six minutes now part of the -- soul a quick survey among the members of the Wall Street Journal this morning finds that Massachusetts is trending as the coolest state right now the reason. A bill in the legislature would make the -- for -- the officials states in which. If you never experienced this gourmet delight the -- for notre. It's a sandwich of peanut butter. And marshmallow fluff marshmallow fluff was invented almost a hundred years ago in Somerville Massachusetts the median the main ingredient in the -- for notre. The fluff is still produced at a manufacturing plant in Lynn. The house just to vote on the bill again before can move on in the senate not everyone though hopes it passes. A mass live editorial says. Why not choose a sandwich that says -- state with -- every -- why not choose the mayonnaise less lobster rolls. By the way to really jazz up the -- promoter and make it even healthier do what I do at some thin banana slices to the sandwich yeah that's -- big glass signal to wash it down. For Mike Weinstein I'm Gordon Deal thanks for listening to the Wall Street Journal this morning. -- -- Lex Friedman I run my own business called publics so I know from experience hiring new employees can be tough with so many job boards out there how can you know which one will produce the best talent realistically to fill the position fast and with a perfect candidate you need to post your job on all the top job sites. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bad zip recruiter dot com slash WSJ. One more time to -- -- recruiter for free go to zip recruiter dot com slash WSJ.

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