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Steve & Ted in the Morning 04/25/14 Hr 1

Apr 25, 2014|

Crash injures one at WSU

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Of the -- You can stop the -- -- -- stop stop her. All the damage stabbed her instruction -- the central content systematically. And politics. Relentlessly you are more more and more bishops more than they score. Forced to be reckoned with a horse that -- at -- -- tiny -- Smart teachers take us staying up -- take the fight to the -- We kill her subject of her counting her reign is over -- -- -- takes what's yours. For your house your home you'll want your talent Doral I -- Control take up now take a moment to enjoy the moment enjoy your victory. Thank you to clean dot com. Can return my clean. Your colony and for good. Protect your home centric -- Scientifically proven to kill the queen and her colony. Is -- -- to the queen dot com to find a certified center -- specialist. No more cell freeze. I'm Todd Stern is with us Fox News and commentary next. Really experience really suck for the following this explosive story now. Nothing gets by -- -- this is all yeah what was that all about how there's no experience. And you know like O Reilly dom and we'll be lost Smart shot. Cutting it. The news of the day but with a little heat make it delivered and Sean seals the deal with -- -- on what part of that are you understand. Most watched most -- The University of South Florida is cracking down on cell freeze. Upcoming graduates got a warning about taking photos with the school's president during commencement ceremonies they say taking cell treaties would slow down the ceremony. The University of South Florida also told students to refrain from stepping marching or strolling. Didn't say anything about rolling or bouncing. -- was the worst kept secret in politics. Jeb Bush told a gathering in New York that he's thinking about a run for the White House got a standing ovation must not have been too many conservatives in the ground. Big fire in Waterville Maine a tractor trailer loaded with 40000. Pounds of French Fries card prior -- Happened in a Wal-Mart parking lot nobody hurt you know they should douse the plane to catch up. I'm Todd starts. We don't always agree I don't. Abandoned and near -- meandering animated conversation up at Sears at all and you -- news radio there. Thirty KM -- Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news. Thirteen thirty KN SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on -- -- going to go but you've revealed thirteen 38 minutes. This on a Friday morning at. I'm Steve Macintosh 43 degrees now looking for a high today of 83 warming up into the eighties today. A thirty year old man is in critical condition following a motorcycle crashed near Wichita State University. The crash was reported Thursday evening a -- for street and Mike -- -- drive. Police at the scene said the motorcyclist had the green light when he collided with a -- passenger car. A highway closures set for this weekend in west Wichita has been rescheduled. Due to weather concerns. All lanes of -- 2:35 from central to resume boulevard were scheduled to be closed from tonight through Sunday night. -- not spokesman Tom line tells KM SS news the forecast for this weekend gave them cause for concern. So the closure is now scheduled to begin next Friday night at seven. And a two mile section -- by 235 should reopen the night of may the fourth. We're only talking about this seven day delay so. I'm sure will be able to make after the summer and through that all have this project communal farm we hope. During the closure all northbound traffic -- exit its central traveled to West Street then Toronto -- boulevard and return to like 235 via the northbound ramp. Southbound traffic will be directed to using the same city streets. Dan O'Neill news radio thirteen thirty KM -- Shoplifting suspects were confronted by employees Wednesday -- Tony square shopping center. The suspects were a man and woman both with tattoos on their left risks. I lost prevention employees would JC -- that 7700 east Kellogg were attempting to detain two individuals for shoplifting. There was a struggle between the -- prevention employees and the two shoplifting suspects. His third individual walks up and point to handgun at the loss prevention employees. Which have a police lieutenant Dan east says the suspect drove away in a small borrowed sport utility vehicle they got away with the men's clothing. The Sedgwick county district attorney's office is warning of the dangers of synthetic drugs and bomb is a synthetic version of LSD. And it's Hughes has swept the country recently. Cedric county district attorney mark Bennett says the products are marketed for a younger demographic. You see something like this has been together -- -- sponge Bob hey thank you know how bad can be. Messing around and you can call on the government to intended death passed out of the homicide guys and decided this was murder or put him under no. -- does at least nineteen people died from the use of and bomb -- past year in the United States. Two elderly northeast Kansas men have dropped a federal lawsuit challenging a state law requiring voters to show photo identification -- polls. Attorney Jim lauding says Arthur spry and Charles hander. Asked to have the case dismissed because a trial wasn't set until next year and they found requests for personal information intrusive. The two men live in a retirement home and over -- -- and hander. -- secretary of state Chris -- block after their votes in the November 2012 election were not counted because they couldn't produce valid photo ID. Which is the director of airports Victor white tells -- Unisys news naming the new airport terminal after Dwight Eisenhower he's having an impact on the city's image. The amount of hits on the Internet to learn from Google in the things like that -- just been in that that the thousands and thousands of things so there's recognition. Which time and it's her poor because of this project. We'll get another splash of that worldwide publicity wants the official change takes place you know next year when it's rolled out. Victor quite as our guest this weekend on issues Tony 14 Sunday morning at eight tong king and insist there is a podcast on our web page. King and his as radio dot com. 60 wait now 8 minutes past 6 o'clock. It's important Israel's thirteen thirty -- and that's. And traffic this -- day. Gas prices at 3:51. Gallon this morning. Dan did the best you've got is that it is not going to be closing down by 2:35 between -- large central. This weekend it until next week I got -- Did you get. -- single event today -- -- -- forecast now with meteorologist frank. Thanks Steve we are starting things off windy and warm today. We're going to see highs this afternoon up near eighty degrees with abundant sunshine. Overnight tonight mostly clear -- only get to 54. First Saturday highs climb into the middle eighties thanks to a south wind. Late Saturday a chance for showers and thunderstorms. Viewing those could be strong to severe. Indicate First Solar forecasts that are I'm meteorologist. Front wall. And right now partly cloudy skies 43 degrees -- a south wind at seven miles per hour -- just coming in the morning had not have -- the wind blowing so hard as has been. Recently again. We are looking at a possibility of severe storms. Saturday night unit everybody's talked about even the networks are saying it tornado Alley bubbled up by noon here in which it already to be right in the middle of -- risk pattern for there's so we'll keep an eye on the situation here -- -- and assessed. And some the comes up but I in the way of a warning forced -- -- will go to operations storm -- -- -- storm trackers out there and keep an island situation -- yet. Until the danger passes again. Coming -- this up probably Saturday night into early Sunday so it could be a couple of his stay in a -- late this weekend could think Disney. Despite the recent upward momentum in the stock market traders remained nervous the market closed mostly higher yesterday helped by positive earnings. Out of several large US companies but the gains were modest as investors turned their eyes back to Russia and Ukraine. We're geopolitical tensions are heating up once again it was the seventh time in the last eight days at the S&P 500 index. Has closed higher. The Dow closed unchanged yesterday. The NASDAQ was up when he won the S&P was up just three points but nevertheless it was up a few points in a positive direction. The Buffalo Bills cheerleaders will be making no appearances this year the decision that comes days after a lawsuit over pay and working conditions. Stephanie -- Cisco and is the manager of the buffalo jails and president of -- job in the productions corporation she wouldn't explain the suspension but. Two days earlier five former cheerleaders sued the company and NFL that the NFL team. The cheerleaders say they had to work hundreds of hours for free. And games. And were subjected to groping and sexual comments have mandatory public appearances. One cheerleader said they had to take -- jiggle test. So their bosses could assess their physique said jiggle test I'm pretty sure I know what that is where I can imagine what -- latest. The cheerleaders seek unspecified back pay and legal fees. Have there is an evening -- that he changed any truth to this lawsuit what their church and what a way to treat people and and his modern day and age especially young women. What a way to treat them like industry well first of all let's go out of work all the games we won't pay you but at the volunteers situation -- You know as a volunteer situation. -- anybody go out there anyway I've. -- -- -- -- -- side until like until she differed on this but on where have all the facts right Ted Woodward. It can be pretty kind of a situation I just can't imagine people going out and being asked to -- public events free of charge I can. Can't -- does it with. All the cheerleaders squads that are aren't they don't know when they go -- it's an honor to be on this -- I don't that shot it was just Buffalo Bills that I know about there's a lot of has a lot of teams or there's been growing up right. Pleasantly consider too that they're part of the entertainment package and an NFL game promotes and can't put on their website then that's are on TV bit. But although the players get millions and millions of dollars and they pay these cheerleaders next to nothing. And frankly I enjoy those of the shots of the cheerleaders when it's Welty -- the general public so does the TV networks that they don't get a sense of any but the Dallas cowboy cheerleaders. Have been dominated they would brief. Everybody thinks of them first. You think debts and I don't know that it they've done I don't mine only domain a lot of money have they work tons of hours and now. Mean if they always go with the wind -- and honored to be a you don't need to be paid he's just moderate and believe. But they get paid a little bit but now must get honor over growth for its currency goodbyes and and northern California took a politician denies he's a -- Bob sure. General as a supervisor -- Ron curry oh testified he made a late night visit to a neighbor. And -- Concedes he was only wearing his -- and discoveries. But garrido says he never peek into the woman's windows. Real says he had been drinking and has an inflated ego but denies that its maker charge. Now up to a jury to decide. Barely made a call on his neighbor there and scantily dressed -- fifth. -- a city -- bringing in the window or anything. Interesting story. Did you but from the from City Hall from the PD. About. The shoplifters. Or shoplifting suspect -- counties where they were at pennies I guess right now. And -- confrontation there and somebody came up and pulled it kind of a third suspect shows up and starts waving a gun. -- -- And that's that -- hazard earning your pay if you're one of -- did pretty hard core for shoplift what do they called what is the official name for the loss prevention not always place now. -- -- People working undercover basically making sure that. That nobody's making sure that Norman walking -- -- paying for stuff home now. And that's -- just as scary it's. Over well some work undercover and some will have some sort of outfit on -- and imagine. But that the tablet I've wondered about that I'm sure that there are people walking around this. Given amount folks I always behave when I'm in the store a little I know by know you do too weak we haven't -- picked anything up for free for years of if at all -- that's interesting I haven't done Poland who may yen. But we're seeing more shoplifting course to have these his pick and hamper its seems to we -- sixteen cases last weekend which was. Above normal it was. We're seeing on its a seems to me is I'm looking at the police sheets everyday I've -- more shoplifting case this spring fashions coming in. You know. What do you think give it to act maybe there's no explanation maybe just a trend is and it happens. I would say -- OJ around the a holidays around Christmas product except. My my stories you know there was an Albertson's. It's now -- -- -- first and a stamina and in the mountain one time so -- years ago as I was coming -- for Christmas. A large man came running past me with -- employer right behind him. And tried to grab him is he got a car ending a ham -- of the guys Cody you guys Israelis get a rose to hand and everything else and he got away. The theory is you just before Christmas he stealing meat for Israeli -- -- Pretty -- ugly situation assault that there was interest and today's Friday April Tony -- -- in 1898 the United States formally declared war on Spain. Yesterday we told you Spain declared war on us now the -- the next day we -- clear no war on them or they say got a difference here Ted Alpa chino is 74 today. Of course the godfather scarface and he has an Oscar for scent of a woman. Ballroom of dancing judge Len Goodman Dancing With The Stars is seventy years old that I. Still cook -- credence Clearwater revival 69 but a couple of CCR birthdays -- -- he -- Bjorn and dozens helped Abbott and 69 years old today. Tell you Shire is 68 also in the -- What's right and rocking. Renee Zellweger is 45 years old nation has an Oscar for cold mountain you guys that was back in 2003. House on that long you know. -- occasionally is 44. Pretty famous war money he leaves her role. Those of the birthdays here on the twentieth of April. 617 you can get the morning's news radio 1530 -- as fast tiger bit off court with -- redundant. Soccer's taking on a two lane in a series this weekend and -- and the Louisiana. Tulane has struggled of late they've lost twelve of their last fourteen shocker school. Helped keep their foot on the pedal against the green wave this weekend with games tonight tomorrow afternoon and Sunday afternoon. Mike Kennedy insane Dennis have coverage of all those games right here on Kate in S tests. And be sure to stay tuned after Saturday afternoon's game as it will be -- W issue baseball -- -- show with pitching coach Brent Camden so talk about that you're shocker head coach Tom Butler talking about the weekend match up with two -- I think we have all turf now and I'm not mistaken it'll be very humid. I'm from Louisiana I'll have Stanley in New Orleans to come serious way we need to play well from my standpoint so we'll take a look at coach. -- can. But -- before and I live four hours from New Orleans more Fortson who Houston's side and Texas. Get us out of Louisiana so well it'll be excited or postseason family and friends in America. Shocker at Tulane there this weekend with you should listen -- games right here on -- in SS. Major League Baseball the Kansas City Royals yesterday afternoon at 521 loss at Cleveland. Casey's offense did not do anything only four hits for the royals they were all singles. The top four guys in the lineup combined to go -- for sixteen next with that loss that dropped the royals back to the bottom of the tight division in the American League central Casey's got two games out of first behind the tigers. The royals lost three out of four at Cleveland on the week. Casey continuing on the road this weekend visiting the second place Baltimore Orioles. Live coverage of royals baseball at 6 o'clock tonight it's on Sports Radio KF 81240. AM. 987 FM indoor football tomorrow night 705 Hartman arena for the first place Wichita wild hosting the Oklahoma defenders. The defending champion while going at it they beat Oklahoma earlier this year by six points on the road the closest wins this season for the wild. It is out -- scouts -- with a reduced price and their post game autographs. It's a good match up Oklahoma has a top offense in the league averaging 57 point two game the wild the top defense in the league only allowing 29 per game. Wichita wild indoor football 705 tomorrow night at Hartman arena. Am not too far from -- on Saturday night's big night for 81 speedway it's the season opener Saturday for raising an 81 speedway it's 2 o'clock. Saturday afternoon there are qualifying heats and then at 7 o'clock tomorrow night consolation and feature races. There'll be a tailgate party and -- bean bag tournament in between the afternoon and evening sessions and there'll be a silent auction benefiting the March of Dimes. Big night season opener tomorrow at 81 the speedway for racing. College tennis some big honors coming away of Wichita State in men's and women's tennis the all Missouri Valley Conference teams announced yesterday it's. Wichita State gathers the coach of the year and women's tennis coach Collins Foster valley coach of the year the Missouri Valley Conference player of the year in women's tennis is sophomore -- -- He was also all valley at number one singles and at number three doubles. Along with the -- shocker is that earned honors yesterday. The -- there Missouri Valley Conference men's and women's championships take place this weekend in Normal, Illinois. The soccer men and women both will be in action in the semi finals. Tomorrow shocker women on the top seed in the conference champs they play at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning soccer men play at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Going for valley tennis titles and the soccer softball team is in first place. There -- home this weekend posting southern Illinois double -- tomorrow at noon single game Sunday at one. Sports brought to you by the newly remodeled bull's eyes shooting range where they know and use the guns they sell got a bullseye Wichita dot com be safe chute saved bullseye shooting range 1455. At north -- -- -- six when he -- now -- just 43 degrees keep your for your daily -- with doctor offers tips for avoiding the disease of king's. -- that in order to find out gambling at horse race. But the sport of kings have signed -- to the new season kings has something to do with royal flush know plus traffic and weather coming up. -- dead news radio thirteen thirty K and SS. Because we don't always agree. Against -- religious -- and again the First Amendment -- conversation happens here news radio thirteen. Did you don't feel less than fifty employees you're not required to offer health insurance under obamacare and that your employees could call piper government subsidized health insurance policy. And benefits by design our licensing -- certified agents can help you make that money saving transition. From group to individual explore your options stay and beat the out of control costs of group health insurance. For help call us at 3162632900. That's 3162632900. 3162632900. It's gonna show its giant dome as the kind of night's show -- -- this weekend at Kansas coliseum buy sell trade thousands of new news rifle shotgun. On nights wholesale ammunition -- -- re loading supplies and so much more breaking your old gun collection expires on hand thing. Controllers for rare collections. Don't miss the good night's show this weekend at the Kansas coliseum I want 35 and he's 85 street north Saturday night of violence and they kind of three. Did you know that there was a limited window of time and insurance companies allow you to find a roofing claimed. If you haven't done so already cult or hall -- today for expert assistance through the claims process 9430000. Don't let your ability to make a claim from last year's storms expire. Call for a hole roughly one of Wichita is only GF -- easy contractors today -- 430000. Or visit far how -- dot com. You guys are you ready to pop the question that don't have a clue where to start -- -- on yourself and visit first -- tiny dot com where you can -- got a tremendous selection and bring some settings to match her own unique style that's the -- for tiny dot com is the only site lets you preview your custom -- obligation and cost free exclusively -- -- -- fine jewelry and -- -- -- -- expert -- -- -- the -- -- as brilliant as she -- take the guesswork out and be Smart by visiting her tiny dot com and Randy -- The big banks are back in Washington and some politicians wanna put him in charge of the nation's housing yeah. -- big Wall Street banks and giant mortgage companies don't find billions after the financial crisis in one of the worst offenders with countrywide. Which was forced to pay millions in fines to settle charges of fraud. Now legislation in Washington to perform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is being written by a former trader at you guessed it from countrywide. Senator Jerry Moran supports this so called performance and the puts the market system in the hands of the big banks the plan -- and more than five trillion dollars toward national debt and raise borrowing costs for homebuyers and call senator Maria and 3166311410. Talent to a host Fannie and Freddie perform that. That increases the national debt. Greece is our mortgage costs and gives a new -- to the big banks. Paid for by sixty plus association sixty plus dot org. All -- Tea Party express is back in Wichita and we're coming to your community this Sunday at 5 PM. We'll be rallying conservatives just like you with a parking lot of the Wichita we not stadium on 300 south sycamore street. Our country is struggling and it's time to get involved America is faced with a jobless recovery the national debt that now exceeds seventeen trillion dollars millions losing their health care and liberals are still trying to sell Obama's failed hope and change. -- Tea Party express along with the US senate candidate Milton wolf and sending a message to Washington DC and we are here to take our country back. Remember come this Sunday at 5 PM to the parking lot of the Wichita wing -- stadium on 300 south sycamore street. For more information visit our website at state Tea Party express dot -- our. -- paid for by the state Tea Party express which is responsible for the content of this that. Stevens says. Rush Limbaugh. -- me. It is an all day. Talk radio and we. News -- And it tests. 616 engine in the morning 43 degrees now under a retired US Supreme Court justice. As marijuana should be legal life. That story coming up with Stephen. I think is picking up now in which John. He's down Kellogg at -- southwest boulevard giving them. -- the slowdown there's just no traffic -- a new cars and he's a man like just we are. Also on northbound and I want 35 between. Can you I guess I -- their country's second and central and second down at Kellogg Canaccord center Jordan won 35 it's always -- Canada. The little bit this time the otherwise traffic moving smoothly gas prices at 3:51 per gallon this morning. Sunny windy and warm today with a high of 83 degrees -- this afternoon was gonna pick up to fifteen to thirty miles per hour from the south. Something that we're not unaccustomed to hear clear tonight the overnight low 54. Saturday windy and warm possible lifetime storms tomorrow and a high of 86 now partly cloudy. South wind at seven miles per hour and 43 degrees coming up news and a half hour with Stephen tad bit. Change in plans for west -- you -- construction project. It's your daily dose of America's doctor. 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He's one of the first to try proactive plus guaranteed a 100% risk free -- you limited time offer on TV and radio it's. 18075340991807534099. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here's to your health from America's doctor doctor rise to body mind and soul. Is -- station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news thirteen there. -- SS which it -- number one news talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning 630 -- thank -- -- Ted Woodward. 43 degrees already this morning looking for a high today of 83. A highway closures set for this weekend in west Wichita has been rescheduled due to weather concerns. All lanes of like 2:35 from central to do boulevard. We're scheduled to be closed from this evening through Sunday night. Kansas Department of Transportation spokesman Tom Klein tells -- and assist news all that has now changed to. So vital operation to keep this project continuing. But the way other prediction is so Dicey for the weekend. We decided to move to may second through the report. -- his crews should be able to make a make up any delay in the road work and have a project come in on time. Now look at the cake first alert forecast you're on a Friday morning with meteorologist Frank Walker prank. Thanks Steve we are starting things off windy and warm today. We're going to see highs this afternoon up near eighty degrees with abundant sunshine. Overnight tonight mostly clear lows only get to 541. Saturday highs climb into the middle eighties thanks to a south wind. Late Saturday a chance for showers and thunderstorms and a few of those could be strong to severe indicate First Solar forecasts that are I'm meteorologist. Frank wall. Can't thank you frank now partly cloudy south wind at just seven miles per hour and 43 degrees Afghanistan's. A Wichita man has been found guilty in last year's stabbing death of an alleged car -- 31 year old Kyle Carter was convicted Thursday of first degree murder. In the September death of 32 year old Carl Cooper. Police -- Cooper was trying to break into a car in the 400 block of south Clifton when the -- spotted him. Two of the car owners France one of them being Carter started chasing Cooper. They eventually caught up with him and stabbed him multiple times according to police. Cooper was taken to a local hospital where he later died. Sentencing for Carter was set -- June 24. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty Kate and assess the Cedric county district attorney's office is warning of the dangers of synthetic drugs doctor Timothy -- again. Director of this Cedric county regional forensic science center says teens and young adults are likely to use synthetic drugs like the -- -- People that will tend to get themselves into situations. That is quite hazardous and could lead to death. Doctor Rory says the big challenge with synthetic LSD is that the drug makers will continue to change the chemicals in the product. So they are not breaking the law he adds that at least nineteen people of died from the use of and bomb this past year in the United States. Once a -- a mother says she's excited First Lady Michelle Obama will speak to graduating high school seniors without disrupting their commencement. The First Lady will address graduates together on May sixteenth during a senior recognition day. Leading the following day to the students and their families at separate ceremonies. Victor white has been Wichita director of airports for nearly nine years K Unisys news asked white how many passengers used to cut the airport. We have about a 1700000. Pastures coming in and out and then probably for each passenger the statistics show about one and a half to two times. Metres and greet her so there are several million people who go in and out of out of the terminal building every year and that puts a big strain on the facilities that's one of the reasons were six and a new. Victor quite as our guest this weekend and issues Tony 14 Sunday morning at eight on -- -- there is podcast on our web page in a sense radio dot com. Can assess national news time 633. Tensions rising along the border between Russia and Ukraine has Russia begins a major military exercise thousands of troops taking part. Pentagon says suicides in the US military dropped overall the more than 50% last year. Because Obama is now in South Korea so is ABC's Ann Compton. As soon as he arrived for the first South Korean meetings presser Obama asked for a moment of silence in respect for the lives lost in the ferry tragedy. He expressed his deepest sympathies for the incredible and tragic loss. And he gave to South Korean president park a framed US flag which American officials say flew over the white house on the day the ship sank. BC news White House correspondent Sam RR and Compton South Florida federal appeals court hear arguments whether investigators got to get a warrant. -- cell phone records help them track suspects heavy rain maybe tornadoes parts of the nation's midsection this weekend perfect conditions for severe weather. Doug limerick ABC. 634 now Stevens took the morning news radio thirteen thirty K and as -- Former Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens says he thinks the federal government should legalize marijuana. The -- four year old retired justice cells tells NPR public opinion has changed on the issue. -- is also says that there isn't much distinction between marijuana and alcoholic beverages. He says that the prohibition against alcohol in the early twentieth centuries generally thought not to have been worth the cost. And that he believes that -- now that'll be -- marijuana is viewed in the future. Stevens is the author a new book six amendments -- why we should change the constitution. In which he proposes banning capital punishment and limiting gun rights. And be popular with stone -- here's John Paul Stevens noted as a but no liberal people on the Supreme Court down 94 years old. Still writing books still thinking about the certainly the age of 94 as an interesting frame of reference to refer with now. Go back 94 years he seem a lot of American history a lot of it and including prohibition a little bit there anyway. All yeah its interest in but we have. A lot of law enforcement people tell you on on I can't legalize marijuana. Like that love and don't want Al call legal right to point they see a lot of that a halt its. And in law enforcement every day six coming up on 636 Stephen dead -- One of -- just sort of a member of the case in -- family I would say what would you say Debbie Kennedy. Mike Kennedy's -- putter I accuse the the voice of the shocker urged of course ended -- is boy you'd be the key is if she's a shocker. And of course you've been serving as -- CEO of of Wichita State university's alumni association might impression is from the outside watching. The things that they've done over the past few years of the she's done a real good job which to me like it's the very high profile that they're doing well when she's got a new Ted. She's been named to the CEO. Of the Wichita children's home don't mind -- that's something and she then she's -- she's a nurse. She's stated she's taught nursing which does she knows about that -- she's. And she knows about -- a big organizations so they capture now that he's going to be the new CEO of the Wichita children's health. That's pretty cool of course shocker head coach Gregg Marshall was involved in that promotion during the season where he tried to solicit votes and raise money and they did raise believes at least five figures for the Wichita children's that was it I contests. So there's a good good link there between you would not stay in there in which our children's home and it. I'm sure that he's gonna do a good job everything I've ever seen about -- known about her she's a very conscientious and hard worker and I'm died he's gonna do great job I think. What else is going on just to keep an eye on this weather situation it's probably. -- -- -- gonna change much between now and Saturday Saturday night tomorrow night when all is weather's supposed to hit mother. Weather weather weather weather we are going to be involved in here which are dying or kind of -- him short in the pattern. The big. Wide pattern habit. And we'll see of course tomorrow and April 26 does. Not get some people are that's the 23 anniversary of hand over tornados tomorrow then. So -- -- -- we have had some of pretty bad weather on. April 26 before now this is that time of the year now and then into the first part of may as we've got a big tornadoes around -- area. So it will keep an eye on the situation for you and keep you posted right here and Candace says -- never go anywhere else. It's 638 now with a Steve into the morning -- time for our commodities update with Tom Butler Butler commodities more time. Well good morning Steve but you can't accomplish traded closed higher with the people who make a new all time record highs for the second time this week. Totally you know are extremely mixed conclude they didn't ask and debate is the camera people report what betrayed they were just looking looking for on people's 100 point 4% a year ago -- but the other one point 7%. In marketing that 96 point 6% over a year ago revenue bonds have been made over night in hotel complex. But they have since then turned mostly maybe. Do you -- Campbell thirty cents or 13555. August feeder cattle settled for inside of 18412. Pick in the June leaned folks -- -- Ford 12535. Yesterday -- -- traded mixed in clinical double digit gains but soybean complex of pilot in the courtroom work. Today is the expiration of the grain and so we complex -- options and makes would do first newspaper the great and fully complex -- future. Once again -- good do we give with the trade watching the weather in the Ukraine situation. Don't like these few weeks four and three quarters or 77 in a quarter till like quarter up to two record at 5 PM. July soybeans trading -- for the quarter -- at 1476. For the quarter Jim Cooper reporting 66 cents for a 10128. If you go to the -- maybe since I was thirteen to 140. You live from. 1867. That -- dealing dollar index nine since Ford 7978. Indeed -- Jim dale Jones futures 64 points lower at 16100367. But commodity trading -- marketing advisory contact Oprah commodities on the further on the -- you want but using 866. -- to talk. It's time are you ready for the senator whether everybody's telling me it's going to be -- and I'm terrible at this week and you're -- No you don't have a choice are. Trying to hunker down be quiet now. -- we'll check here again Monday morning -- McCain -- -- commodity -- his brought you by American and credit one stop shopping for all your financial needs. From commercial lines of credit to real estate loans that rates and services are unbeatable American -- could -- sure it tells me that one of the callers called up to correctly that it's not shocker. Black and gold it's the black and yellow well yellow is a connotation for cowardice. And I would never call sports team yellow in fact growing up watching the shocker is for the past poll fifty years I've always heard black and gold. Gary what about you you heard black and yellow level which are black and gold. I actually heard most of the time. Some people say well I. Yellow is his sometimes but I have -- to -- both parties concerned Richard there's an official way to say it -- when I was a list. When I was -- which we did not call our show maroon and yellow I do -- at which time as you did today say here traditional colors. Are black with outline a yellow now and then. Somewhere else I think guys seeing that the yellow especially like sunflower yellow. Look at bunch of tomato to bottle them AME -- Dempster gonna you know what I'm still gonna call as well into this first half. That's 641 now with the even 10 in the morning coming up we got The Osgood -- the great American license plates. And traffic weather on the way Stephen Jen you radio thirteen thirty K in advance. Because listening to the same old boring music stations had -- -- old and boring I -- our news radio thirteen thirty. -- SS. The commodity update on Katie and ass ass is brought you by American and corn farmer rancher your needs don't always fit in with. Traditional banking programs American have credit understands but you're looking at buy some property are making improvements on land you already own. We offer a variety of long and short term loans fixed rate and variable rate mortgages tailored to your needs. Strong stable secure free more reasons farmers like he was trusted American guy credit for more than ninety years and counting. For more details call us at 804661146. Or visit at -- dot com American actress nominee for agriculture. I believe this 37 million dollars belongs to you. 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Real sales and services -- just across the highway and to celebrate take advantage of the grand openings sale on customer -- for over thirty years -- sales and service is made by for Kansas these hereby providing them with the best lawn care products and services as well as easily be -- turf equipment dealers pills just at all from sales to service costs remorse made right down the road in Heston. -- built for speed outstanding kind of match was operator comfort and ready to go real liability year after year it's as simple as forward when you first turn and stock. And it's downright fun tomorrow -- -- -- -- services most makes and models of riding mowers and that's a great selection of new news more orders during the grand openings sale pills had some great deals in finance programs for you contractors and home. Homeowners save some time and money and give -- sales and service call 7725853. Emergency is just ten easy minutes north of Wichita now located on the northeast corner of -- 135 and 125 street north. Curry then -- sales and service grand opening the bill won't last long. Hello -- -- then you're out here and its truck -- that Davis more Chevrolet. If you haven't heard yet make out the big -- moved west and now I'm offering you more selection that they there's more Chevrolet. Cummings how much more I've got access to every day it was more -- which means a selection I have got few has never been better. No matter what you want I've got it fuel economy safety style. Luxury new war -- you name it I can put you in it. For those of you have already been in to see me play you. Here for those of you who have been waiting I hope to see real soon can help you find new roads at Davis more Chevrolet. Always remember friends -- trucks never use. Its wheels your friend big Al makes deals no rest for the bills and selection or the best. Jose made big -- Thunder -- -- more Chevrolet big American flag at Kellogg entire. More -- mile line that big Al Davis more Chevrolet dot com. Take good care of your retirement plan now and it can help take better care -- -- later learn how to give your retirement plan a clean bill of health. This Saturday on the mutual -- show at 9 AM join news radio thirteen thirty KM -- Friday April 25 from 11 AM to 1 PM at rusty X Ford and. East Kellogg seems like there are a lot of people from a lot of places outside of Kansas trying to tell chances to our senators should be in those outsiders support Milton wolf. -- claims grassroots support from chances but his own report reveals more contributors from Texas they're from Kansas. And -- most ethics there -- far from Kansas stunning news reports show that wolf exposed. Private patient X rays and other personal information on FaceBook where -- relentlessly pokes fun at her dead or wounded in the if -- -- -- -- so irresponsible as a doctor. How could -- possibly be trusted as a US senator. I was senator Pat Roberts is that Kansas choice US Marines. Fourth generation Kansan who had never stops fighting for Kansas and -- priorities are in Kansas knocked Texas. Pat Roberts a tough tested and trusted conservative. For Kansas I'm. Pat Roberts and I approve this message paid for by Roberts for senate -- Osgood file on news radio thirteen thirty Gina says is brought to you by did this more ya. As a home buyer in today's fast paced real estate market you need -- competitive edge you need an advantage that helps your offer standout from the rest hi I'm Jason Carter president of Quicken Loans and I'm excited to tell you how. How to get just the edge you're looking for as a home -- This brand new program is called mortgage first and its exclusively from Quicken Loans. With -- mortgage first -- name really says at all unlike a pre approval will verify your assets in coming credit to underwrite you upfront giving you the upper hand on the competition before you even start shopping. There's a strong confident buyer he could stay focused on finding the right place for you and your family knowing you're approved. Like Quicken Loans. To learn more about mortgage first call Quicken Loans today at 800 -- or go to Quicken Loans dot com. That number again is 800 -- and that's 800 QU I CK EF restrictions apply every two to conditions may change until final approval. This is not an offer excellent calls for cost of basic classic and went to licensed in all fifty states and lets them with a third. Join me for a smooth ride home I'm Dan O'Neill with the latest news and traffic information and updates from the take first alert forecast team. I'm on the news desk every weekday afternoon here on Wichita was number one news talk and weather station news radio thirteen thirty -- assets. 640 seven's -- in the morning KO is his morning news was he content coming up top of the hour a dangerous confrontation between shoplifters because store employees and have that story coming up. Penetrated right now it is picking up but still running very good. No traffic accidents attending a -- -- bottlenecks as I take a look around the F interstate highway system. Do around the city so that's good keep driving safe and dad -- stuff -- who have retired and was just -- -- 51 gallon. But sunny windy and warm today with a high of 83 degrees clear tonight the overnight low 54 Saturday windy and warm with -- possible nighttime storms. Tomorrow -- 86 now partly cloudy self went and seven miles per hour. And the 43 degrees coming up on grant money tractor. Portfolio succession plan to his feet -- the morning news radio thirteen 38 and a sense. Osgood file sponsored in part by Cassidy turley thought leadership superior results challenging the conventional in commercial real estate Cassidy -- -- Charles does it. We Americans love our cars so it's worth pointing out that today is a milestone in auto history. The day we got our first license plates. The story after this. Identity thieves are filing false tax returns using information from real people. There's still nearly four billion dollars from taxpayers like you me and that's why former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani wants you to know about protecting yourself from identity theft. With much luck. As a mayor a former federal prosecutor fighting crime has always been my mission. Now I'm taking on identity theft the problem has become such a global concern you can no longer think it will never happen to -- I protect myself with life -- ultimate and you should too. Identity thieves know that virtually everything they need to steal your identity and even your life savings is on -- -- -- no not even law enforcement to stop all identity theft so -- -- -- arming yourself with like flock ultimate. Visibly flocked dot com now and use my last name Osgood to get 10% off your -- coComment membership. -- colored floor at 808388040. Mentioned Osgood. 80838804080838040. Network Rocco brought transactions. On this day in 1901 New York became the first state to require the cars have license plates. They -- not mean that deal would actually send you a license plate back then there were very few cars on the road so drivers had to make their own plates. He found something heavy piece of metal -- initials on it started I -- primitive car and you're ready for the road. Gauntlet drivers and white linen duster a lovely ladies what happened hugging fail. And beat all those living relics of the birth of the horseless buggies and America. Of course do it yourself license plates are a thing of the past now. As more and more people bought more and more cars officials and state governments across the country to set the process needed to be more formalized. So starting with Massachusetts in 1903 the states produced their -- plates. Today license plates are big business with states offering all sorts of backgrounds and messages and personalized plates for drivers willing to pay extra. As for those antique license plates some of them -- worth a lot of money now. The porcelain plate from Maine made in 1914 was originally put up on eBay for 395 dollars. As you might expect fragile porcelain plates usually didn't last too long sold there now rare and therefore expensive. Mother plates from long ago also draw serious money now. A lot of us don't throw out our old license plates we -- no one's prestook on the walls and garages all over the country. Rectangular memories of our lives on the -- The Osgood File I'll see you on the television come Sunday morning on CBS this is Charles Osgood on the CBS radio about. It's 651 Stevens -- -- good morning small gains in the stock market Thursday the Dow was unchanged at aqueduct when he won it in the S&P up three. Don't take a look at national business news. This is the Wall Street Journal report I'm Jennifer can -- the National Labor Relations Board has agreed to review northwestern university's request. To overturn a decision that declared its scholarship football players employees who can unionized. Meanwhile the NCAA division one board has endorsed a new system that would give the five biggest football conferences a -- need to make their own rules for players. On things like insurance financially an academic support and travel for family is the draft could be approved in August. Major League Baseball is using new technology this year to try to better engage with fans. The journal's Linda frank says twenty stadiums -- Apple's -- beacon which provides your iPhone with maps concession intro video clips and the ability to upgrade your seat. Sandbox then I will get an automatic alerts sent to his or her -- saying basically hey welcome to the game and I given offers Libya. The event. This is the first season baseball's implementing the technology retailers have been using it since last year. This is so Wall Street Journal report. -- if you do Stephen -- in the morning you need -- plan for your portfolio succession system on the -- gun grant CFP or mr. portfolio you know what I mean even talking about standardizing -- and it was such authority. You know we often talk about succession plans for a business or or may be legacy properties -- within a family but. -- -- when they had have a family. And if it. Is his or her own portfolio manager. But who knows the investment strategy other than that originators. Selling -- critical element of a portfolio may throw the strategy into a tail -- cost the estate. As an asset manager and financial planner I am of course biased toward using professionals to manage assets but there are plenty of do it yourself or is out there. Who study the markets and understand their own tolerance for risk and make some decisions based on that. Now if you're one of them do your successors know the method to your madness what would happen to that portfolio if you were incapacitated. Where would they go for cash. How much could they spend each year to maintain the cash flow which assets are part of a tactical strategy that should be liquidated when they hit it determined mark and when should more money be doubled down just to name a few things. If you're that person create a clear roadmap for for the portfolio if you are not around are capable to manage it. Explain the strategy and why you hold what you hold let -- successor know your -- strategy and tax ramifications if facets. We're sold while you're still alive. Now if you inherit a portfolio that is actively managed. College certified financial prior to help you examine the holdings before you jump in and liquidate investments. He may have investments that willing Kirk back in charges if -- A planner can help you determine how to proceed. With those estate assets and if you have any questions you can give me a call that number 6342222. Hours I have no firsthand. Knowledge or experience -- with wealth but it seems so confusing to me content. We'll check computer can just stay away from it cost us. Ask them candidate able to successfully. Well -- all my life thank you -- technique. We got the -- and as this morning news was even dead change in plans for west -- construction project. To waste your back to work glistening on mind numbing music stations seen your brain cells from core. And over an entire career all the time news radio thirteen thirty KM -- -- -- -- -- And I show and sale this weekend at Kansas coliseum buy sell trade down. Use rifles shotgun. On nights wholesale ammunition -- -- re loading supplies and so much more -- year old gun collection expires on hand thing. Controllers for rare collections. Don't miss the good night's show this weekend at the Kansas coliseum on 135 and he's 85 street north Saturday night to find and Sunday night at three. Did you don't feel less than fifty employees you're not required to offer health insurance under obamacare and that your employees could call piper government subsidized health insurance policy. And benefits by design our licensing -- certified agents can help you make that money saving transition. From group to individual explore your options stay in beat the out of control costs of group health insurance. For help call us at 3162632900. That's 3162632900. 3162632900. All -- Tea Party express is back in Wichita and we're coming to your community this Sunday at 5 PM. We'll be rallying conservatives just like you with the parking lot of the Wichita -- not stadium on 300 south sycamore street. Our country is struggling and it's time to get involved in America is faced with a jobless recovery the national debt that now exceeds seventeen trillion dollars. Millions losing their health care and liberals are still trying to sell Obama's failed hope and change. -- Tea Party express along with the US senate candidate Milton wolf then sending a message to Washington DC. We are here to take our country back. Remember come this Sunday at 5 PM to the parking lot of growing at all -- feeling the results of course bring material information visit our website at this team Tea Party express dot all our. The next three here pretty much this morning what I'm actually he expressed consistent results bullpen goes there anything -- pounds. There's a lot of different. Good southern -- as -- -- porn music does specialty and I want to barbecue I can run so I guess general manager and partner at hog wild and overrated always play -- you'll find that moist tender full -- get her hog -- just anywhere. No one matches the steps we go from. First we had -- each pork shoulder with our secret blend of spices that was close vote each piece for fourteen hours over Hickory woods to sealant that delicious flavor and and we -- -- keeping only -- -- tender part of the shoulder it's absolutely delicious real southern pulled pork. Right here in Kansas only at hog wild pit barbecue 15:30 west central in over 805 locations in Wichita also in Hutchinson and Salina. Dominate week.

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