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Steve & Ted in the Morning 04/25/14 Hr 2

Apr 25, 2014|

Wess Galyon talks with Steve about the upcoming 2014 Spring Parade of Home

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-- some starting under 101000 dollars brands like Mercedes-Benz Acura Lexus jaguar -- and others including factories certified vehicles with an unlimited mileage warranty for more specials and -- Wichita luxury collection dot com or visit one of -- two locations at the corner -- -- -- and premature -- -- it's just north -- thirteenth street -- -- luxury collection. Free own collection area and a true luxury experience. Hi Amy and Indian blessing to -- College -- help -- president Larry I'm on the enduring importance. Many in Washington today have grown so accustomed to centralized bureaucracy. They think of federalism is old fashioned kind of like talking drum music. Those who wrote the constitution -- federalism as a vital principle of free government in march of public. The division of power between the federal government state government and local governments which serves an important protection against tyranny. The founders also understood that while the federal government is essential for national matters like foreign policy and defense. Governments closer to the people were far better suited to oversee local matters. As you see in the problems that result from centralized bureaucracy today there's nothing out of -- about defenders are imperfect. This constitution and in response -- I can step congress. To join the national conversation constitution a constitution. News radio thirteen thirty K and transparencies committed to bringing you the best severe weather coverage -- severe thunderstorm warnings or tornado warning threatened Sedgwick county. We'll be on the air with continuous coverage until the danger passes. We -- the operation storm watch our storm trackers are watching the storm for you. So when storm clouds threatened keep your radio tuned to operation storm watch on -- -- number one use talking by the station news radio thirteen thirty -- -- -- text served as you are asked to the number seven to 88 won't for a chance to win a thousand dollars. In our multi state contest message and data rates apply KM -- Wichita. Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news. Thirteen thirty KM -- Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. 7 o'clock this is okay and as a sporting news with Stevens head behind Steve Macintosh. And nasty traffic accident near the W -- campus that story coming up. Dangerous confrontation between shoplifters in Wichita store employees. -- to look words those details on the way the ninth to 35 road closure that once to -- begun tonight has been rescheduled. Find him -- veal lamb I'll have more the reason for the last minute change. I'm ABC's -- -- best and worst states to live -- according to the people who live there coming up. Windy and warm today it would sell the chance for showers and storms over the weekend on his first what meteorologists friends forget the details. A thirty year old man is in critical condition following a motorcycle crashed near Wichita State University the crash was reported Thursday evening. As Tony first street and Michael -- drive. Police have seen said the motorcyclist at the green light when he collided with a blue passenger car. Highway -- for this weekend in west Wichita has been rescheduled because of what. Concerns all lanes of -- 2:35 from central those -- boulevard were scheduled to be closed from tonight through Sunday night. -- not spokesman Tom Klein tells KM SS news the forecast for this weekend gave them cause for concern. So the closure is now scheduled to begin next Friday night at seven. And a two mile section -- by 235 should reopen the night of may the fourth. We're only talking about this seven day delay so. I'm sure will be able to make that up through the summer and through the all have this project communal -- we will. During the closure all northbound traffic -- exit its central traveled to West Street then turn -- -- who boulevard and return to like 235 the other northbound ramp. Southbound traffic will be directed using the same city streets. Dan O'Neill news radio thirteen thirty -- and assess shoplifting suspects were confronted by employees Wednesday at county square shopping center of the suspects were a man and a woman. Both with tattoos on their left wrist -- Prevention employees would JC -- that 7700 -- Kellogg were attempting to detain two individuals for shoplifting. There was a struggle between the -- prevention employees and the two shoplifting suspects. His third individual walks up and point to handgun at the loss prevention employees. Wichita police lieutenant Danny says the suspects drove away in a small -- sport utility type vehicle they got away with -- men's clothing. The Sedgwick county district attorney's office is warning of the dangers of synthetic drugs. And bomb is a synthetic version of LSD its use has swept the country recently. Sedgwick county district attorney mark Bennett says the products are marketed for a younger demographic. You see something like this has been together as your precious guns involved and thank god how bad can be. Messing around and you can call on the government to intended death passed out of the homicide guys and decided this was a murder or -- inadvertent overdose. At least nineteen people have died from the use of and bombed this past year in the United States. Arriving in South Korea President Obama has delivered condolences for the hundreds of lives lost in the ferry accident there more than a week ago. ABC's and count and is traveling with the president in Seoul. As soon as he arrived for the first South Korean meetings President Obama asked for a moment of silence in respect for the lives lost in the ferry tragedy. He expressed his deepest sympathies for the incredible and tragic loss. And he gave to South Korean president park a framed US flag which American officials say flew over the white house on the day the ship sank. Postal workers formed picket lines in front of staples stores across the country to protest a partnership between the retailer and the US Postal Service. The deal he uses nonunion staples employees to process the nation's mail. John Merritt is a spokesman for local postal workers union in Detroit where he joined a picket line. The person you're going to the staples as we understand it just if they're going into the neighborhood post office. Purchase stamps. Mail letters and so. Two elderly northeast Kansas men have dropped a federal lawsuit challenging a state law requiring voters to show photo identification at polls. Attorney Jim -- says Arthur spry and Charles hander asked to have the case dismissed because the trial wasn't set until next year. And they found requests for personal information intrusive. The two men live in a retirement home in over Brooke. Spry and -- nurse's -- to secretary of state Crisco block after their votes in the November 2012 election were not counted. Because they couldn't produce valid photo ID. -- -- now 5 minutes past 7 o'clock Stephen dead. -- baseball team down in New Orleans this weekend and it. Home game for the Wichita wild indoor football team have previews coming up in sports the first of on the cover of times most influential if you may surprise you. We'll tell you it is on the gave us this morning news -- dead. It's we know our weather can be dangerous seas and storm tracker three has this storm moving -- least we have. And heavy rain large hail and damaging winds even death. OK -- and storm tracker three has this tornado arriving in five minutes. He has since the record straight we are tracking a strong storm right now spotters reporting that is moving to the north northeast. We'll stay with -- so that you can stay safe GS and storm tracker three. We've got your back. But the police threw rocks it's -- separately -- 37 birthday this -- you can get any new -- for just 37 backs down and you know Joseph has a soft spot for his -- trucks -- who doesn't but remember Patrick -- -- -- the Russians in the semi truck and -- don't know and trust -- it was at this -- is any new Chevy Silverado -- equinox for just 37 that's down just sell Chevrolet Cadillac he's -- at the -- fifteen minutes from just about anywhere Wichita. 37 dollars -- to -- greatest summer shirt is a classy dealer for details. Offending Muslims I'm Todd Stern is with us Fox News and commentary next. This far. The winner of American Idol is. It seems like critics -- surviving jacked up. Mom -- it would just be -- -- that -- it's -- -- -- Muslim groups are upset over a video that's part of the national September 11 memorial museum it's called the rise of al-Qaeda the film refers to the 9/11 terrorist as Islamist who were committing Jihad. An interfaith advisory group has expressed outrage arguing that terminology puts all Muslims and a bad light. The solo mom in the group resigned in protest to the museum though is standing by the film. They say it doesn't smear anyone's relation to. But Muslims fear it might lead some less educated visitors to link al-Qaeda with Islam. They say words like Islamist in Jihad are inflammatory and the film is offensive. You wanna know what I find offensive flying jetliners and a skyscrapers. Slaughtering soldiers on an American military base. Blowing up runners had a marathon match what I find offensive I'm Todd starts. Instead of listening had worked in the same old music stations playing the same old music experience the unpredictable category. News radio thirteen K an SS. The -- has had sporting news was even dead continues now 708. That you love where you live or what you love to leave. Residents rate -- state. Stride in some states is definitely stronger than another's Gallup asked people in the US debate got bigger state is the best one in which to live. Topping the list Montana and Alaska where 77%. Of the folks who live there say their status -- There among a number of western states with small populations that -- tonight. At the bottom Rhode Island which only 18% of residents said was one of the best in which to live and Illinois. It has a dubious distinction a quarter of the people polled say it's the worst place to live Dave packer ABC news. Time magazine is out what -- most influential issue guess who's on the cover -- -- not a politician nor a world leader she could have easily made the cover of people's most beautiful issue which is also out this week. It's dead beyoncé graces the cover of time magazine's -- hundred most influential People Magazine breaks the list into five categories titans pioneers -- -- and icons beyoncé is the first person under titans about beyoncé FaceBook CEO Sheryl Sandburg right. Beyoncé doesn't just sit at the table she built the better ones you other entertainers on the list include Seth -- Matthew McConaughey Kate and Bobby Kristen Lopez who wrote all the songs for the movie -- yeah. David Weinstein ABC news. Haven't announced that it is at 7 o'clock for Davis has -- is indeed -- Penn traffic. Missed it the wrong button there so I've been -- and the traffic right now we do you have. There have been able -- -- -- a little bit of the building up on the west side the sun is my debt levels right now we're it's gotta get your eyes you're traveling. -- he -- the west and the traffic is moving slower. Probably as good a result of that that's probably good news. No axis report out that direction that got to do is getting this -- particular also around I want 35 and -- gas prices at. -- -- -- to 51 this morning break up to a pretty good job. Why I'm I'm really I just a second time -- what I did that but you know. -- the way back machine there and this little. -- minister -- 7 o'clock -- in time for our. Take a look at the first cast of -- first were forecaster -- meteorologist frank waterboarding frank. The forecast for today he we're looking at eighty degrees this afternoon winds turning to the south. Fifteen to thirty and lots of sunshine. As we head into the overnight hours we remain dry and quiet lows dipped to 54 a very comfortable start to your Saturday that wind picks up even more tomorrow. We're gonna push ties up into the middle eighties it's a late tomorrow we see a chance. Per showers and thunderstorms a few of those storms could be strong potentially severe hail and wind the greater threats here. I'm not valid question that we don't see if you. Isolated tornadoes but maybe not looking quite as bad as we initially thought there's still some -- the pay attention to this weekend right now. 41 degrees cabinet Chilean Wichita. 7-Eleven -- and it you have to -- we've been as -- -- as being closer to Saturday night. We -- -- more or less defined what's gonna happen or -- we think's gonna ambiguity yeah you know I'm still so we're gonna watch very very closely you know initial indications. Looked very very impressive. Storms get going don't get me wrong could still be very strong. But we just don't see a whole lot of them at this time obvious that could change but have made things trending for the better. As we say in the business stay tuned separates the thing about here meteorologist frank over the cake first alert forecast now 71212 when it passed 7 o'clock we Stephen dead. Ended this weekend. Is the annual spring parade of homes and with us this morning is west young who is CEO and president of the Wichita area builders association in the morning -- your morning state haven't seen in awhile. It's been a lot -- you're and you're looking pretty good until you do you're holding off the table what this senior thing you know Leadbetter is it. I'm not getting to comment I know you're not all right a parade of homes is coming up this weekend right now we actually for about three morally it's three weekend event yet starts April 26 is Saturday and run through May eleventh and it is three weekends 133 homes are featured this particular parade by 53 years builders. And how that 13365%. Of those homes are all -- they've never been -- previous parade at all. So -- lot of new stuff to look at the end our prices are running from a 100000 to an excess of two million in -- price points in between. And -- located in thirteen of the cities including switched off plus in a corporate leaders is counted so there's something under price point. A location -- virtually anyone and have they find out where they are that we have these magazines that we have a greater right in minutes on the racks and all the area grocery store and there's no charge for the rendered no charge to attend a parade like there are some us states. So pick -- the magazines and there's a listing of every home that's entered in a parade in the back haven't. Several pages in the back there is a grid that shows -- larger map for the homes are located. And a number of those homes correspond to the number of the homes in the book where they can get a description of our -- -- rendering. And there's a detail little map there that shows him how to get out some of these areas may not be on an overall map yet. Plus this is a PDF on our website at while the home dot com they go on or download it. And or view it online and we also have a searchable database continues online so we try to make it as easy. For people as possible they're gonna be really pleased of what they see in the -- let's do enough in the home builder -- this as well wanting this new markets improving and continues to improve so that's a good thing the other thing we're seeing is a little bit relaxing in him now. Lending so that there's more loans what have you becoming available submitted -- for landing I think is going to start taking place. We're hearing from some of the lenders that -- look at this new loans they quiet they haven't done before in this area so that's going to be good in terms of getting people affordable access. And our homes are still very affordable the -- thing is a design. India re a product series new zones were purse against -- make character statement about who they are how they wanna live. It is better than ever -- so -- home sales picking up an -- taken out now they are taken out we were so little bit pinned on starts during the winter because we had a winner of for the first time in seminary years Justin are picking up in week. We we I think he'll continue to pick up throughout the year so. Is gradually improving which is what the market's -- Wichita and we're glad about that. And we see a pretty good confidence on the -- the consumer so that's a good thing to have any chance of beginning and a new quarter million dollar home for no money down and the payments under a hundred dollars a month. I know somebody goes. On debt to. Every now and then when she ready to somebody who's terribly cheap you know and it. But we're just Dole's people fish that. Irritation I first -- the first day of sessions come up this weekend they start -- -- start Noonan wrote until six and all these homes are manned by agents the builders and developers so they're the best source of Republican answer to question you got. No can't can't indeed target have you with a -- sickness and all right -- gallium president and CEO the -- -- area builders association. The spring parade of homes going on this weekend thanks sir appreciate your time this morning thank you today is Friday April 25 on this date in 1998 United States formally declared war on Spain west d'alene was there are young recruit with -- Doubt that that part -- her birthday today. Alpa chino a 74 the godfather scarface and Oscar for suitable woman. Ballroom dance judge Len Goodman noon TV's dancing the stars he's seventy years old tonight. Still cook of credence Clearwater revival 69 years old and ACC are asked to -- -- -- -- -- Apple is 69 years -- today. Talent -- is 68 we're humans of the godfather. Just played now she feels her sister but also in the rocky. Renee Zellweger 45 and -- were cold mountain. And occasionally is 44 years old today -- got -- might be blessed guy you know star mining these girls. Qaeda was the first base -- 770 skated to in the morning it's ports that would dead what hurt in -- shocker baseball team -- LaSalle school down the Dixie. Now Wichita State gone somewhere you don't usually see them go this time a year heading down to New Orleans to take on that Tulane. Tulane has struggled of late they've lost twelve of their last fourteen to the shocker will. Try to keep them -- that kind of placed its three game series of games tonight tomorrow afternoon Sunday afternoon and you can hear them all right here. On news radio thirteen thirty KM SS. And be sure to stay tuned after Saturday afternoon's game for the WS she baseball coaches show the pitching coach Brent cabinets. As we will have shocker baseball for an all weekend long right here on K and SS be sure to tune in for that. Indoor football tomorrow night home match up for the Wichita wildly in first place hosting the Oklahoma defenders that'll be is 705 -- off tomorrow night in Hartman arena. This Wichita wildest five and one on the season the defending league chance playing very well. And -- they beat the Oklahoma defenders on the road by a touchdown earlier this year closest win of the season for the Wichita wild. Another hosting Oklahoma tomorrow night at Hartman arena it's scalp and I scouts get in -- some discounts and there are post game autographs as well great matchup to the Wichita wild leads the league in defense only allowing 29 point two game. The defenders come in tops in the league in offense scoring 57 points per game to begin when tomorrow night at Hartman arena. For the Wichita wild. And not too far away from Hartman arena tomorrow night's big day at 81 speedway it's the season opener is a racing gets underway for the season and 81 speedway tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock qualifying heats. -- at 7 o'clock tomorrow night consolation and feature races in between the afternoon and evening sessions there. There's a tailgate party leaders of bean -- tournament and a silent auction benefiting the March of Dimes big day tomorrow season opener out at 81 speedway. Major League Baseball to Kansas City Royals lose five to one at Cleveland yesterday afternoon Casey lost three out of four in this series at Cleveland. The royals offense offense basically nothing for hits they were all singles. The top four guys in the royals' lineup combined to go -- for sixteen. With the loss Casey dropped to the bottom of a tight American League central division Casey now two games out of first place behind tiger. The royals still on the road this weekend the visiting his second place Baltimore Orioles live coverage of the royals begins at 6 o'clock tonight you can listen to it on Sports Radio KFH. 12:40 AM 987 FM. Pro basketball in the NBA last night another great game between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Oklahoma City Thunder was in Memphis last night. This thing goes over time and that's where former Butler community college star Tony Allen came up with a huge -- here's Eric Cassell signed with the call on 92 point nine ESPN radio in Memphis to -- We're gonna get on Alan -- we'll probably lose my opponent. Now they look -- so -- Elizabeth bit. -- time. Overtime in the thunder take its time out. Memphis goes on to win at 9895. In overtime Tony Allen was the sixth man for the grizzlies coming off the bench he had sixteen points nine rebounds three assists. Two steals. The Memphis Grizzlies with back to back overtime wins now lead the Oklahoma City Thunder two games to one in their playoff series. Lots of honors coming away of the Wichita State men's and women's tennis teams yesterday as the all Missouri Valley Conference teams were named. Especially for the -- women conference champions Missouri Valley Conference coach of the year shocker head coach Colin Foster the Missouri Valley Conference player of the year is sophomore Julius -- Who was also the valley's top pick at number one singles and at number three doubles. Shocker is and there were other honors for other shocker is as well but good luck to the -- men's and women's tennis teams at the valley championships this weekend it's in Normal, Illinois but the -- men and women -- play tomorrow in the conference semi finals trying to make it to the NCAA tournament and a soccer softball team is in first place they are home this weekend hosting third place southern Illinois in big games -- stadium. Double header at noon tomorrow single game Sunday at 1 o'clock. Sports brought to you by the newly remodeled bull's eyes shooting range where they know and use the guns they sell got a bullseye Wichita dot com be safe to say -- bull's -- shooting range at fourteen at 55 north terrorists. They get a congratulations to Debbie Kennedy. CEO Wichita State university's alumni association -- has a new jockey down going to be. The CEO of Wichita children's home -- -- now -- a wife of Mike Kennedy are longtime friend in the voice of the which started shocker if congratulations Debbie and I'm sure. She is going to do a great job no doubt seven point -- now. 43 degrees -- Stevens that coming up we don't Rush Limbaugh morning update carpet on conservatives. And traffic and weather on the white Stephen tech news radio thirteen thirty KM ascent six today on Rush Limbaugh. Until three. 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The big banks are back in Washington than some politicians wanna open again in charge of the nation's housing. Big Wall Street banks and giant mortgage companies don't find billions after the financial crisis one of the worst offenders with countrywide. Which was forced to pay millions in fines to settle charges of fraud. Now legislation in Washington to perform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is being written by a former trader at you guessed it countrywide. Senator Jerry -- support this so called performed the puts the market system in the hands of the big banks the planted and more than five trillion dollars toward national debt and raise borrowing costs for homebuyers and call senator Maria and -- 3166311410. Talent to a host Fannie and Freddie reform. That increases the national debt. Races -- mortgage costs and gives a new handouts -- big banks. Paid for by sixty plus association sixty plus dot org. Hi this is Charles Osgood led the report of the information flow with The Osgood File three times each weekday with Steve and -- in the morning. Which -- -- number one news talk in weather station news radio thirteen thirty K and -- Seven -- sixty to get in the morning news radio thirteen thirty Taylor says they're calling it. The biggest pickup game of soccer on -- that's coming up this weekend. Craig bay we'll talk of those about that you're just a few minutes talking about a great big soccer game that may be even you could be involved in. Got to his taking. I found on the west side -- around them. Kellogg and the southwest boulevard it's been kind of on the there for awhile. And that's because the sun is shining in their eyes and Miller driving slower but this is no accidents out that this time gas prices it 3:51. This morning. And then. The net traffic training accident free right now injury issues -- just try to -- aren't sunny week. And warm today with a high of 83 degrees this afternoon the wind picks up from the south of fifteen to thirty miles per hour dinner tonight. You overnight low fifty -- Saturday windy and warm with -- possible lifetimes warned tomorrow's night. 86 now partly cloudy skies outfitted seven miles per hour 43 degrees of tennis. Coming up usually half hour was Stephen -- had a change in plans for a west Wichita construction project. Headline in -- Washington Post Bob. Gold says the GOP is way more conservative but it was even twenty years ago is right that's the headline. Columnist crystal is a -- quote Bob Dole. I thought I was a conservative but we've got some in congress now or so far right there about the fall out of the capital. Folks this just a way to lure readers into the propaganda that follows a supposedly new way. Is supposedly measure political votes supposedly prove the Republicans have moved further to the right then their Democrat counterparts have moved to the left. Republicans are to blame of course listen to this clap trap for socialism. The GOP has become an insurgent. Liar in American politics it is ideologically extreme -- scornful of compromise. -- moved by conventional understanding of facts evidence and science and dismissive of the legitimacy of its political opposition. Now look. We've got an economy -- Democrat for health care system that once the envy of the world -- in tatters rusher is openly mocking our president invading wherever they want. Anybody wanna argue about our cultures healthier now than twenty years ago. Trotting out Bob Dole to denigrate conservatives are coming up with a new wave from political geeks to blame Republicans is that gonna change the facts on the ground. In far too many cases liberals are pretty much getting what they want. 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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news. Thirteen thirty KN SS which could -- number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. The Boeing 7:30 student at a morning did you hurt -- thirteen thirty Steve Macintosh Ted Woodward 41 degrees now. I'm looking for a high today of 83. Highway closures just for this weekend in west Wichita has been reached. Kansas Department of Transportation spokesman Tom hi Intel's K and SS news all that has now changed. So vital operation to keep this project continuing. But the weather prediction is so Dicey for the weekend. We decided to move to may second through the report. -- says crews should be able to make up any delay in the road work to enhance the projects coming on time. Now let's take a look at the cake first -- forecast with meteorologist Frank Walker frank good morning Steve we are starting things off cool but -- -- it. And things warm. -- today in which not up near eighty degrees thanks to a south wind at fifteen to thirty and abundant sunshine overnight tonight we dropped to 54 or if your -- -- to the farmer's market early tomorrow morning. Should be a beautiful start to the day tomorrow afternoon breezy and warmer. Highs near 86 it's tomorrow night we see a chance for showers and thunderstorms and a few of those storms. Could be strong potentially severe large hail gusty winds and isolated tornadoes not. Completely out the question but there's some question of whether or not these storms are really going to get fired up Saturday night and we're obviously going to be tracking that. Very close as we get into the weekend 41 degrees there right now it which so we actually of a wind chill of 36. You know -- to the next several afternoons now in a row that I am not that I have faced winds in excess of thirty miles per hour. Could you please slow that down a little bit formula. Are all doing my best -- I don't think it's gonna happen today if we know we got to take the good with the bad it's that wind it's gonna push our temperatures South Carolina. Same scenario tomorrow. Thank you frank meteorologist frank wall with a -- first -- forecast even dead. A Wichita man has been found guilty in last year's stabbing death of an alleged car thief. 31 year old Kyle Carter was convicted Thursday of first degree murder. In the September death of 32 year old Carl Cooper. Police -- Cooper was trying to break into a car in the 400 block of south Clifton when the -- spotted him. Two of the car owners -- one of them being Carter started chasing Cooper. They eventually caught up with him and stabbed him multiple times according to police. Cooper was taken to a local hospital where he later died. Sentencing for Carter was set -- June 24. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty -- and assess. The Cedric county district attorney's office is warning of the dangers of synthetic drugs doctor Timothy Rory -- director of the Sedgwick county regional forensic science center. Says teens and young adults are likely to use synthetic drugs like the -- bomb. People that will tend to get themselves into situations. That is quite hazardous and could lead to death. Doctor Rory says the big challenge with synthetic LSD is at the drug makers will continue to change the chemicals the product so that they are not breaking the law he adds. At least nineteen people have died from use of and bomb this past year. In the United States -- and -- national national news time 733. Around forty -- -- -- it's not just creating a military exercise. Near the border with Ukraine. At a news conference in South Korea today President Obama was asked about the crisis their new -- west response both. The Europeans and the United States have been consistent and calibrated sanctions that could provide a deterrent. So the Russians the Standard and Poor's credit agency is cut Russia's credit rating to near junk bond status. President also expressed his condolences the people of South Korea in the wake of the -- sinking around 300 dead or missing. Education secretary Duncan's as the US needs to improve teacher training like being behind. Many countries that comes to education athletes in Northwestern University to vote today and whether to unionize. Conditions to be right for possible tornadoes over the weekend the plains and midwest and copy may reduce the risk of developing type two diabetes. Doug limerick. ABC news. Seven vertical -- Stevenson in the morning is ready -- thirteen 33 in a sense. The American youth soccer organization -- so I'm familiar with -- as they are fifty years older. This year Fernandez the gonna have a big event this weekend called the biggest pick -- game of soccer on -- mom sounds pretty ambitious. Here the -- and so region 208. Commissioner Tim Craig bay -- -- presidents wow that is very embarrassed that just means -- volunteer incite you to pick up trash when we're not scheduling games. But there's RG -- don't not run the sport to thank idea as a loyal listener I notice a little street looks for the sweetie is not -- things so anyways. -- yeah -- an end real quick that that or we call soccer fest fourteen my -- anyway says fifty years celebrate their fiftieth anniversary which is exciting. We've got five regions here in the local area serving east west south north which time. And at Clearwater. I represent the west side region. And on May third so it's not this Saturday at Saratoga -- our regular games this region but may third we're participating in a nationwide events. Coast to coast anyway says ask all the regions for a -- Over hundred read so far I don't know full count but may third. Either a morning session -- afternoon session parents to send their kids up so procedure gets its chance to the word out he hates and we're we're in trying with a with our national corporate folks to. The other headquarters in California the home and birthplace of -- so. -- to set a Guinness book of world records by having the biggest -- came soccer in the world so -- -- on several fields and we will hum with the west side east side and then on the south location so. Breach until late -- west -- -- 49 which is on the east side the region 105 so yup we've got. Got to a sign up online. And and for your listeners that easy way to go get information and this and -- and find the link to sign up is Debbie Debbie -- yeah. Dot BYSO. 208 dot org the anyway and so tough and not -- Anyway so to -- dot org there you go right you know my. My children now of course they're grown but I actually helped coach soccer team when my son started out many many years ago. And my daughter when she played she was reflect -- six she was the only girl -- her team at that time the but things -- is now I mean it's -- to fields are everywhere in the kids -- the lot of kids are playing soccer and we -- great game it is we about two dozen kids -- areas -- -- -- five -- -- -- -- has about -- thousand -- and you know I -- I think we actually have a bunch of of radio personalize out there when you when you look -- our coach is on point is there's a lot of yelling and talk not on on yellow -- -- we you know and and the thing is -- diet I've played a little indoor soccer myself and as a conditioner this is this a tough sport media got to move you -- Tyco tonight don't well I'm looking at you look like a soccer player. This -- It wasn't for my four kids a drug mean this I would not be a soccer but I've come to 1111 innocent. I you know it's a great sport for kids so we wanna invite the community come on out and go online Davey -- did via AYESO. 208 dot org. Click on the link. Go ahead register online ten dollars T shirt and other items that date may third would love to have it may show up on that -- thanks so much -- -- -- like twin granddaughters -- -- yet the that and a daughter -- you ZoneAlarm and I know we've we've selects his kids up there Greg thanks so much everywhere this thanks appreciate you done this one that's Greg. Bay talking about the the biggest pick up game of soccer on earth a little ambition that's gone up this weekend but next weekend go to that website and take it out. And find out more about who took 738 now with a Stephen -- in the morning and you know the the pipeline continues we have another guest coming down the pipeline we called a pipeline. Our good friend -- easier from a from a music theater. Right. Is that right to -- where -- from this or write -- I -- music -- I saw you you got it in gridiron UK well that's what I really do -- without the music -- things just on the sideline just wait you invited to my mom and dad you were so much better than anybody else -- -- little -- -- let's find your buddy Ted wrote a really funny script about say tree too and a City Council hey let me play myself so wasn't much of a stretch you know what's but I really appreciate being included -- the -- Zain he's looked what did you hear not to talk about that but you don't as the season certain -- is breathing down my -- Clinton -- first -- -- really gonna happen is next Friday night at the orpheum -- And that's our annual jester awards the entire high school achievement. And this started out for us in I think 2000 ends too. And it has just grown and grown and grown and now we send judges all the way out to Pratt and bugler and elder radio and all over the place Cedric lions McPherson. And we've had kids now who won their just rewards and then gone on to Broadway. Two of them are coming back this year wow westside story -- and Morris and Kevin mom hall -- but next Friday is your chance to see these kids before they go on that big journey when they're just doing good work at their high school. And dreaming of a future and it's just a very fun fast paced event next Friday if your PM. How did you get start drama to -- and high school when you no my folks wouldn't let me actually really. I was in a couple shows in the fifth grade and they thought I was taking this way too seriously so it was maybe you aren't very good -- the I don't know. I had the need to do it better how -- -- had to get we get get past it did later on bio when it went away to college I knew I was a pre law major but I secretly did shows in the evenings. And then the navy stationed in San Diego and because it was in the navy during Vietnam and -- in San Diego's a bunch of theaters. And when I wasn't shipped overseas they care what to do with my evenings tester were to -- old globe in San Diego and pretty soon I had some credits and thought maybe I can do this for a living -- you know now you see that seemed flame and fever and these kids -- you know that must be exciting Korea fund the jester or -- it coming up give us time to writing may second to -- started 7 o'clock but -- being in -- data -- will be on the red carpet at six. As fun to see the young -- show opened there at your remembrances at the Europeans so you do people need to get tickets -- what you they can get them at the door for ten dollars street and get to -- had a time from music theater you'll see highlights from all the best shows this year. All right well congratulations on a great turn it to integrate. That changed you I haven't assigned the day we and I appreciate that people keep asking me why I'm not gridiron it's about very simple I don't have any talent to mr. I suspect she protest too much on a pretty lazy to. Do more to explain that it takes you right -- from music theater which it out this morning at seven. One was even ten got to wake up The Osgood File a better life of the rivers and -- And traffic and weather on the way David -- used radio thirteen thirty KN OSS health insurance -- is lively. -- -- -- Saturday mornings at 8 o'clock news radioed thirteen thirty. SS. After 47 years in Washington and Kansas is a distant memory for Pat Robertson BC. Roberts didn't living in Kansas when he ran for congress even live in Kansas when he ran for the senate and he doesn't live in Kansas now. How else do you explain Roberts willing to put -- -- it really is in charge of obamacare or voting for president Obama's 600 billion dollar fiscal cliff tax hike from. Kansans can yeah. Much better that Pat Robertson doctor Milton wolf wakes up every day and saves lives just like his -- it's a doctor. He's a conservative Republican put his own plan to repeal and replace obamacare fight wasteful spending and passed term limits for congress. Then Milton will come back. And practice medicine because nobody should spend 47 years in Washington. And -- from multiple conservative candidate for the US and I approve this message paid for by Milton wolf for US senate Milton wolf dot com. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Attention which -- homeowners they never thought of selling your home. Now's the time I am tiger make a select -- team real estate right now on many price strangers is a strong sellers market with only three to four months' supply of homes were running out of homes to sell with lots of buyers still looking homes in these price ranges are selling and literally days and weeks instead of months -- our sellers are getting very close to their asking price many. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Start packing. All -- Tea Party express is back in Wichita and we're coming to your community this Sunday at 5 PM. We'll be rallying conservatives just like you with the parking lot of the Wichita we not stadium on 300 south sycamore street. Our country is struggling and it's time to get involved in America is faced with a jobless recovery the national debt that now exceeds seventeen trillion dollars. Millions losing their health care and liberals are still trying to sell Obama's failed hope and change. -- Tea Party express along with the US senate candidate Milton wolf then sending a message to Washington DC. We are here to take our country back. Remember come this Sunday at 5 PM to the parking lot of the Wichita -- not stadium on 300 south sycamore street. For more information visit our website at state Tea Party express dot -- our. Paid for by the state Tea Party express which is responsible for the content of this that. The Osgood File on news radio thirteen thirty Canas says has brought to you by Davis -- yeah. There's a reason why can't SS is the highest rated talk station -- Wichita. From Stephen Ted Morningstar Herman Cain rush Hannity and of course many. Mark Levine afternoons there's no reason -- and anyone else news radio thirteen thirty K and as actually. 745 down Stevenson in the morning and that's at the county district attorney Mike Bennett warning about synthetic drugs something called in bomb. We've got that story coming up gave us this morning news was -- Ted you're at the top of the hour we'll tell you about. We also have a traffic accident this hour of the 53 street north and Padilla Italian -- that there and also traffic is. Slowed down quite a bit around the K 96 dollar area and also I want 35 between first UK 96 at meridian -- -- -- traffic central. -- -- -- Sunny windy and warm today with a high of 83 degrees cleared tonight the overnight low 54 Saturday. Windy and warm with possible lifetime storms tomorrow's high 86. Now partly sunny south -- at seven miles per hour and 41 degrees those afternoon winds now. Fifteen to thirty miles per hour. Coming up the which covers a general update was -- the journal takes a closer look at. Beard. Seemed intent these radio thirteen thirty K and assess. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Eight GC -- Charles Osgood. These south branch of the Chicago river is not sort of place we'd expect to find competitive horsemen in training. Press CBS news colleague dean Reynolds tells us this is where you can. Fine Montana book. Guess that's his name and a group of unlikely horseman from the inner city that -- have -- in the later. The story after this from David Harris -- BGC. This year would have marked the hundredth birthday of young car ski -- died in 2000. But his name deserves to live on for generations to come. He was supposed Catholic who fought the Nazi occupation of his native country. He personally witness the Holocaust. As a brief career for the polish underground risked his likes to alert the world. He traveled to London and Washington where he met with often skeptical leaders he pleaded for their help in vain he feared. After the war he settled in America and toward a Georgetown but he never forgot the wartime horrors he had seen. He defended the cause of freedom he spoke out against anti semitism. And he stood up for Israel. Young -- skis and need to cherish and -- powering example of moral physical courage should be an inspiration for role. -- on course ski a true hero of humanity. Follow us on FaceBook and Twitter -- GC global this is David Harris of EGC paid for by a JC. Funerals was telling us about Montana butch and his inner city rollers on the Chicago river. Did -- Montana you don't usually put inner city and rowing. Together in the same sentence. No you definitely don't -- that makes it terribly exciting. Butch took up brawling at fifteen competed in college and sees no reason why his young friends cannot follow in his weight. -- a lot of kids on -- and they totally embrace it -- it's really fun to see that happen it's happening to Brian Bohannon he's Scotch and captain of the crew and navigator of the -- I -- this -- existed millions of so much panic enters why introduce it to us and now we're actually -- and take the advantage. Coming up here. Butch who -- -- -- against Cambridge in England a decade ago founded the Chicago training -- six years ago there are sixty teenagers on the crew. Please don't call again. We've had to deal with that on occasion. Had to drove to a poor kids home after practice because the word about crossing game boundaries. There's also a strict code of conduct and the sixty crew members must maintain at least a three point oh grade average in school. Here everyone has to work together with the hope that nothing is achieved because you're not raising professional rollers here younger -- raising. Professional people. Osgood file I'll see you online at FaceBook Twitter and at The Osgood File dot com. This is Charles Osgood on the CBS radio network. 7:49 -- until the morning news radio thirteen thirty KM SS in northern California politician denies he's a peeping Tom. Pure Santa -- supervisor and a friend Kerry you know. Testified he made a late night visit to a neighbor. And -- real concedes he was wearing only his socks and he's giving his. The -- says he never feet into the woman's window. Israel says it had been drinking and he has been inflated ego but he denies the misdemeanor charge. It's now up to a jury to decide. Coming up -- this weekend Saturday night lately is the possibility of course of this severe storms the weather will keep that I am important and it situation -- We'll go into operations storm watch. This is the Wall Street Journal report I'm Jennifer Kushinka. If the heart bleeds cybercrime fiasco taught us anything it's that there are myriad ways your company can be affected by security issues. Your HR department is vulnerable to in the most dangerous fallout comes increasingly from tax related identity theft. At eleven of identity theft 911 says you better hope your company's -- its cloud service providers it. It is a very dangerous thing to send information into the cloud that is encrypted personal identifying information should call later released on the need to know basis if the person who needs to know -- the person who's PI guys being requested may -- shouldn't share. Last year they IRS issued more than four billion dollars in misdirected tax refunds to protesters. Netflix is Internet video service is about to join the programming line up of three small cable TV providers. And the agreements and gives Netflix subscription service channel on the Tivo boxes at that three cable services provider customers futures are lower. This is the Wall Street Journal report. Seven did he do now Steve did in the morning news radio thirteen thirty KM SS. The journal takes a look but close look at -- Find out more now with the editor Phil Coyle of the which -- -- journal. Good morning miles good morning TV has that story in the weekly edition of the but the talk business -- the business. So -- craft Beers have been growing in popularity in recent years many of them started and homes -- hobbies. Then home brewers decided that she and others like their peers and they started business. Over the past five years a number of craft breweries in the United States is nearly double 16100 in 2009. More than 272013. Several crap brewers in the woodsy area doing well river city brewery established in 1993 they had sixteen Beers on tap. While that river -- their relatively new players two years old. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In Germany orange would stop brewery capitol impeach a -- has been around 1211. It has seventeen Beers on tap. This -- stopped 25 most residential real estate mortgage lenders. The top five fidelity bank capital federal Wells Fargo mayor trust and credit union of America. We also have another list of busiest mid -- their lives in order united American. Delta southwest and the allegiance traffic -- are heading out. The first part of what people achieve. Local breaking business news everyday -- an assessment of -- about this struggle. For the -- -- internal until role. So Melanie comes to -- are you -- fairly discriminating personnel you know what you know why you likened the smear over that bear what's better than the other. No I am I am not a fearsome I will drink whatever -- puts in front of me but I don't drink a lot of beer anymore number. Hardly any anymore. No I don't either missed when it comes down to us. It's you know slamming back Nicole Bruce used up like DVR for me -- don't -- it can get our -- -- don't -- -- lot -- -- old school a little outlets that she went to you can get a letter. Usually at night thanks bill to -- again now next it's. -- -- -- if you -- even dead change in plans for Westwood to talk construction project. Matters he informed with investment matters radio Saturday mornings at eleven -- use radio thirteen thirty K and SS. It's I had a few -- or an attack. Still winds blackout in the Silicon Valley electric grid is that is a high priority here. Are vulnerable targets include our power grid via taxes to they have to take the precautions. They have to have the appropriate security there's no silver bowl to -- security here just how safe is our power supply I found out the answer. Once guarding the grid. Monday night at ten on GSM networks and we've got your back it's. Don't waste your son luxury collection springs sales events and right now and -- zero -- on you. Could be driving -- when he fourteen Acura TL one automobile magazine calls a blend -- -- comfort and enthusiastic performance. Bridges to 99 a month to 99 the new 2014 -- your IL AX is big on the standard features. Small on the mainland just -- on nine a month and 209 a month for a new baggage around during the Wichita luxury collection spring sales -- -- Enjoy all of the exclusive benefits of the luxury experience featuring complimentary car washes mobile lush loaner cars -- service and law. Don't miss the winter time luxury collection springs sales events I'm going on now it. Accurately Suton -- Kellogg in Greenland sports bureau of Wichita dot com.

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