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Steve & Ted in the Morning 04/25/14 Hr 3

Apr 25, 2014|

A delay on the I-235 road closing

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Call for a hole roughly one of Wichita -- only GF master easy contractors today -- 430000. Or visit -- how -- dot com. These June 1944. And they were from twelve different nations all together with hundreds of thousands of men and women. You -- one of the most important features a history. Today let's remember those who gave everything that's summer in Normandy. For our liberty. -- 1940. For now shelling causes here in Hutchinson deet -- Kozmo dot org. As we don't late employee pricing is available to the general public what every new rusty Jack -- it's done. Come right juicy as the price UK just pick out any new sport and you qualify for our employee price just out this week normally can't -- Rusty York port. Hi this is Charles Osgood he could hit The Osgood File 3 times each morning with Stephen said Wichita -- longest running morning team. Bringing the latest news sports weather traffic and timely talk it's the only full service morning show on wish he'd already. And they belong here every morning for the past sixteen years. So keep your dials set right here at thirteen thirty and I'll see you on the radio with Steve intent on what you dollars and number one news talk to weather station. News radio thirteen thirty KM -- Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news thirteen there. -- SS which could -- number one news talk bad weather station depend on. The point as he begins this morning news was even tonight deep Macintosh. -- nasty traffic accident near the W -- you can't put that story coming up. Dangerous confrontation between shoplifters and Wichita store employee signs that would -- those details on the life. The ninth to 35 road closure that was -- begun tonight has been rescheduled. I'm in -- veal -- I'll have more on the reason for the last minute change. I'm ABC's Dave -- best and worst feet eleven according to the people who live there coming up. Windy and warm today you would -- the chance for showers and storms over the weekend on his first what meteorologists aren't quite got the details coming up. The thirty year old man is in critical condition following a motorcycle crashed near Wichita State University the crash was reported Thursday evening. At 23 street and Michael and drive police at the scene to the motorcyclist had apparently I have a green light when he collided with a blue passenger car. A highway closures set for this weekend in west Wichita has been rescheduled because of weather concerns all lanes of -- 2:35 from central resume boulevard were scheduled to be closed from tonight through Sunday night. -- -- spokesman Tom line tells KM SS news the forecast for this weekend gave them cause for concern. So the closure is now scheduled to begin next Friday night at seven. And a two mile section -- by 235 should reopen the night of may the fourth. We're only talking about this seven -- delay so. I'm sure will be able to make that up to the summer and through all of this project coming -- our legal. During the closure all northbound traffic -- exit its central traveled to West Street then turn around -- who boulevard and return to like 235 the other northbound ramp. Southbound traffic will be directed using the same city streets. Dan O'Neill news radio thirteen thirty Kate and assess. Shoplifting suspect we're confronted by employees Wednesday at county square shopping center of the suspects were a man and a woman both with tattoos on the left wrists. Loss prevention employers would JC -- that 7700 east Kellogg were attempting to detain two individuals for shoplifting. There was a struggle between the -- prevention employees and the two shoplifting suspects. His third individual walks up and point to handgun at the loss prevention employees. Police lieutenant Dan NATO Dan east says the suspects drove away in a small maroon sport utility type vehicle but got away with -- men's clothing. The Sedgwick county district attorney's office is warning of the dangers of synthetic drugs. And bomb is a synthetic version of LSD and its use has swept the country recently. Sedgwick county district attorney mark Bennett says the products are marketed for a younger demographic. You see something like this past for the give us your -- sponge Bob and thank you know how bad can be. Plus account you can call on the government to intended death passed out of the homicide guys to decide this as a murder or boo him under no. -- -- at least nineteen people have died from the use of and bombed this past year in the United States. Arriving in South Korea President Obama has delivered condolences for the hundreds of lives lost in the ferry accident there -- more than a week ago. ABC's and Compton is traveling with the president in Seoul. As soon as he arrived for the first South Korean meetings President Obama asked for a moment of silence in respect for the lives lost in the ferry tragedy. He expressed his deepest sympathies for the incredible and tragic loss. And he gave to South Korean president park a framed US flag which American officials say. Flew over the white house on the day the ship sank. Postal workers formed picket lines in front of staples stores across the country to protest a partnership between the retailer in the US Postal Service. The deal uses a nonunion staples employees to process the nation's mail John Merritt is a spokesman for a local postal workers union in Detroit where he joined picket line. Person can go into -- staples as we understand it just as if they're going into the neighborhood post office. Purchase stamps. Mail letters and so. Two elderly northeast Kansas men have dropped a federal lawsuit challenging a state law requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls. Attorney Jim lying says Arthur spry and Charles -- asked to have the case dismissed. Because a trial wasn't set until next year and they found requests for personal information intrusive. The two men live in a retirement home in over Brooke Kansas Brian -- are suited secretary of state Crisco block. After their votes in the November 2012 election were not counted because they couldn't produce valid photo ID. -- three now you're -- spent 8 o'clock Stevenson in the morning. Shocker baseball team in New Orleans and indoor football tomorrow night at Hartman arena we'll have previews coming up sports. The first on the cover of times most influential age you may surprise you. We'll tell you that is the campus has sporting news David. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With over 20004. Choices -- is -- superstore has the largest selection and the lowest prices. This month we have extra special pricing on the grown. She wrote old truck and the new so Smart -- carpet for Mohawk the most luxurious softness most stain resistant carpet in the industry. Now price the Javaris play this is a great opportunity to update your home with the new flooring. -- exploring superstore where every day's a savings it. A cloud of controversy. I'm Todd starts with this Fox News and commentary next. Well there's more than just stocks and bonds -- the art of making money. Ever -- union knows you have to see the opportunities you have to take the chance you'd have to have the passion. I remember reading this stuff real estate start -- strategy tactics are why I know where the action and I'll get access to the minds making it happen. You have to later -- getting the team watching risk and reward with me here revolted weekdays only on Fox Business Network. The power across. It's been nearly five months since Colorado legalized marijuana turning the state until one great big -- who regained. President Obama must be so proud watching young Americans got their first rocky mountain hide meanwhile the American Heart Association warns that smoking wacky weed could lead to heart trouble. There are studies suggesting marijuana causes brain damaged but there's been nary a word from Washington about the dangers of smoking pot. Meanwhile the White House is doubling down on -- urged to get young people up put down doctor pepper and start drinking wheat grass. The administration's healthy eating initiative has caused a bit of a crisis on Colorado's college campuses. Bending machines are now stocked with kale chips and granola instead of twinkies and Doritos. What's a burned out -- are supposed to do with the next time he gets the munchies I'm Todd starts this is mark the event. You can hear me every weekday at five right here on what should -- most listened to talk radio station. News radio thirteen thirty K and as at all. The tennis -- morning news was even dead continues to 806 now and at 41 degrees. If you love where you live or would you loved to leave. Residents -- their state. It's Friday and some states is definitely stronger than in others Gallup asked people in the US debate got bigger state is the best one in which to live. Topping the list Montana and Alaska where 77%. Of the folks who live there say -- status tops. There are among a number of western states with small populations that rang tonight. At the bottom Rhode Island which only 18% of residents said was one of the best in which to live in Illinois. It has a dubious distinction a quarter of the people polled say it's the worst place to live Dave packer ABC news. Time magazine is out at its most influential issue. Guess who's on the cover well it's not a politician nor a world leader she could have easily made the cover of people's most beautiful issue which is also out this week. Instead beyoncé graces the cover of time magazine's 100 most influential People Magazine breaks the list into five categories tide -- -- -- years -- leaders and icons fiance is the first person under titans about beyoncé FaceBook CEO Sheryl Sandburg right. Beyoncé doesn't just sit at the table she built the better ones -- other entertainers on the list include Seth Meyers anathema chronic pain and Bobby Kristen Lopez who wrote all the songs for the movie -- yeah. David Weinstein ABC news. Fatally seated at the point is -- thirteen thirty K innocence. Jackson to record at -- 53 street north and park Kansas. That you vehicle accident there has interest -- people and -- traffic is -- within a little bit and some -- -- Israel and that it was downtown but still look pretty congested around. Yeah I'm intrigued by the -- -- -- better under Kellogg on -- southwest boulevard I'm Candace has got potential injury -- Could have a pretty exciting weekend when it comes to the weather. -- check in here momentarily with a went meteorologist. Frankly all we capers was forecast now a legal aid and again. Looking for a high today around 83 and we've been talking for the past couple days about the possibility of severe weather's -- Saturday night into Sunday morning Stephen. Shut down that construction project -- gonna do over the weekend and francoeur has more information -- that now we get closer to the time of the event good morning frank. Good morning Steve we're starting things off nice and quiet and comfortable this morning this afternoon's going to be a warm once -- up near eighty. Winds turning to the south at fifteen to thirty miles per hour. Overnight tonight we dropped to 54 are still remaining dry and really. Drew a good chunk of the day tomorrow it looks like we're going to be dry as well -- up your 86 thanks to a sell for three years. It's late tomorrow at the earliest day going to be in the evening hours and see showers and storms fire up I think the better chances. Likely after dark before we hear those rumbles. A few of those storms could be strong to severe hail and wind. Looks like the greatest threats but -- the strongest cells could produce an isolated tornado or two obviously we're gonna be watching that concern temperatures come down on Sunday with more wet weather. High temperatures getting a nice boost here in the last hour. Last hour we were at 41. -- -- now at 54. And that's a big time job I noticed employing degree what do you think happened there I wonder what we got the wind around this Santana got that sunshine and menaced sunshine just warmed his right -- -- have been looking at some of your graphics in at the the wide area of possible. Severe weather create new -- is really why there's a big area if we're looking at Chattanooga yes it's pretty good -- court or are roughly a line from about Dodge City up to -- into the Nebraska state line and then a pretty much runs from Kansas City to copy bill if you were to fill in that area between those two lines that's what we're talking about so a good chunk of our coverage area. Involved with this and again when we talk about that slight risk of severe weather when you hear that that means we expect thunderstorms -- just. A few of those storms are going to be that severe criteria and and and things may be looking not quite as ominous as they were earlier in the week often times that happens that. You know we it looks real bad and then as we get closer weather models fine tune -- and you know not. Why it is bad in the thread going down into northern Oklahoma I'm presuming you have right down into Oklahoma Texas and really this is a multi day threats tomorrow is just kind of round one. And we get into the day on Sunday yeah showers and storms on going if you those could be strong to severe in the morning and and into the afternoon. And that kind of includes Wichita. Pretty much the -- 135 -- or eastward as we get into Sunday so kind of a multi day event here. All right thanks frank meteorologist frank wall with -- -- for -- for just now 81111. Minutes past 8 o'clock occasion -- this morning news the Steven debt and a it -- time of the year you gotta get out my son and you gonna be active in the sun and I urge you. To make sure you get the sun screen going especially if your fair skinned person. Senior ball and you just think all of the top my hand is something that shouldn't be covered up. You need to think about that because skin cancer is even a bigger threat this time of year and were -- more active. And -- us this morning. Is it Jennifer Kelly from the American cancer society of -- Jennifer. Think crap and I understand we're going to have our annual Serb free -- skin cancer screening session coming up what next Saturday right. That's correct we're really excited is that what he's sixteen year all free think it's very grainy were the American Academy of Dermatology. And which -- area dermatologists are providing meant along with other local organizations. And it's really it's going to be great bad -- -- -- and that twelve to what needs to start keeping get an 1120 north -- yet. And it's for ADM to 11 AM and we're really excited there's no equipment needed anyone can do show up. And we'll have -- how dermatologist and her writers bear that will be able to take a look at he had an area of concern. They'll take a look at that and see what. You know that's something that they need you need a follow up with your -- practiced a writer or if you don't have a provider. I'm referring you to what at a community health centers here with the top help make sure that Beckett taking care. By my good friend that doctor Chris Moeller has been involved in this for years and yes. He always tells me that they always find at least a few people who need to be checked over. Yet -- we have we we had typically find them -- Several people who have something that needs to be checked up you know like you said that followed up by. Really what we're looking for. Any spot that on their body if they had something that 870. But they met supporters are your regular at the color changes yeah or the diameter changes inside we went to make sure that that. People are going to their doctor or even to this being -- screen to make sure that they're getting checked out to see if something's. -- -- -- Detection it is the key here because you can most intends to be taking care -- pretty quickly but you know. I've been through this the experience with this thing and now -- -- the experience very. That you can look on a person's -- from my case on -- on them on my skull and I had my upper body you can watch any good that doctor can see well this is a pre cancers today here we can do this we can do that may be a little left. You know a little light thing -- using a light blue light the Melissa that. And you can prevent this stuff from getting the place where it's out of control. Correct and that's spectrum that the key message that we're really trying to get out is that early detection is that the fact that bit and and really catching those spots but there early so that it they can be taking care event. And then there's not additional treatments and you know depending upon the type of cancer chemotherapy can be utilized. You know to be able to treat those surgery can be utilized to -- says -- Beautiful to make sure that everyone's aware and you know making sure they hear protecting -- and you mentioned earlier making sure that you're wearing something that simply an SPF of thirty and gave me out a -- making sure that your re applying. They appeared you know participating in activities re going to be perspiring quite -- that you know you need to make sure that your re applying more off and typically be asking if you're going to be out and try to avoid hours between an employer with a very difficult thing if you are make sure you're wearing a white green Red Hat sunglasses. Protecting. Your -- long -- and -- camp that he. The other thing is Jennifer don't don't exactly kids on this because they can guarantee you that won't show up for fifteen or twenty years and perhaps take care itself for yet. Exactly exactly is to make sure that everyone you know make sure that they're taking care of themselves and their children and you have to. Kids that they haven't spotted but it doesn't hurt to have to bring them out how to get checked out. Well no person right now who's battling battling a -- first far stage cancer. And it's always tough for me to hear about that. Yes there we have several survivors two are speaking -- behalf of up -- you know this screening be convenient they know that. That it's been important part is is being screened and and having not been they would then be able -- have had the surgery and things to be elected to be your -- But you used the word chemo and some beach proper clarify that some of the -- that to use and in dermatology is these appointments increase strikes and not terribly -- you know. Correct ticket to be a topical but there are that the bidding -- -- and melanoma is the most severe type and as. I'm asking kids parents so -- now my typically can depending upon the stage to a variety utilizing an IIV keep our. Yeah avenues too far but -- person hey thank you and again the units next Saturday tell us where and when it is next Saturday at. Next Saturday may third I grace that -- critics 1130 to north to peak yet. No appointment needed 0:8 AM -- 11 AM and where really excited to see everyone out. Okay Jennifer thank you for your time this morning at a that is Jennifer Kelly from the American Cancer Society. It's coming up on 817 now season -- And it's sports. Busy weekend on tap. General philosophies as a shocker baseball team is another down on the part of south whether they're down in Dixie right -- Do you think this time here the shocks are going to Missouri Valley Conference play somewhere -- shocks are out of conference today down in New Orleans that's what they're beat this weekend for a match up against Tulane. With games tonight tomorrow afternoon Sunday afternoon and stay tuned after tomorrow afternoon's game the WSU baseball coaches show with pitching coach Brent -- it's. Two lane has struggled of late they've lost twelve of their last fourteen to the shocks going to this one and here's shocker head coach -- Butler. I think they have all turf now yeah I'm not mistaken it'll be very humid. I'm from Louisiana I'll have Stanley in New Orleans to come serious way we need to play well from my standpoint so we'll take a look at coach. -- can. But -- before and I live for -- New Orleans more -- -- -- -- -- -- and Texas. Outside of Louisiana so well it'll be excited or postseason family and friends in America. And you -- tune in this weekend -- four shocker baseball at Tulane. Major League Baseball yesterday not a good one for the Kansas City Royals wrapping up a four game set in Cleveland with a 521 loss to the Indians. The royals offense did nothing for hits they were all singles. The top four guys in the royals' lineup combined eagle for sixteen Casey losing three out of four at Cleveland the Casey dropped to the bottom of the of very tight American League central division just two games out of first place behind tigers the royals continue on the road this weekend visiting his second place Baltimore Orioles. Live coverage of the royals baseball beginning at 6 o'clock tonight you can listen that on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 987. FM. Indoor football tomorrow night set an all fired up kick off at Hartman arena for the first place Wichita wild at. The defending league champions hosting the Oklahoma defenders -- is off to a great start five and one on the season one of those wins was. A touchdown victory on the road at Oklahoma earlier this season the closest win for the wild this season -- rematch against the defenders tomorrow night at Hartman arena. The match up of to a great. Components of the team -- the wild leading the league in defense only allowing 29 points a game Oklahoma comes in leading the league in offense averaging 57 points per game. It is out tonight scouts get a discount ended the game and the post game autograph. Big night so tomorrow at 81 speedway it's the season opener for racing on the dirt track at 81 speedway tomorrow at 2 o'clock qualifying heats and tomorrow night at 7 o'clock consolation and feature races in between the afternoon and evening sessions there's a tailgate party in a bean bag tournament and a silent auction benefiting the March of Dimes. All part of the big season opener excitement tomorrow at 81 speedway. Honors coming away at Wichita State tennis men and women as they get ready for the Missouri Valley Conference tennis championships in Normal, Illinois this weekend. Both soccer men and women will be in action tomorrow in the semi finals of the Missouri Valley Conference championships -- trying to make it in the NCAA tournament. And all Missouri Valley Conference honors handed out yesterday and a lot of them coming away for the -- women in the conference champions the Missouri Valley Conference coach of the -- -- Wichita State head coach -- Foster the Missouri Valley Conference player of the year -- sophomore -- issue alerts who was also named -- valley at number one singles and at number three doubles along with her partner at B Stephens who is from Wichita. Also all -- at number two singles sophomore from Wichita State Rebecca the draws heat and all valley at number six singles shocker senior Veronica -- gold. And the name to the all select team shocker junior Lucy nickel below so. A lot of honors coming away of the Wichita State women's tennis team a couple members of the men's team we're named to the all select team as well shocker senior -- -- which and -- sophomore team Australia it's. As a shocker tennis gets underway for a big weekend. The Wichita State softball team -- home this weekend of course the shocker softball team in first place atop the Missouri Valley Conference. The shocker hosting third place southern Illinois at Wilkins stadium this weekend double header at noon tomorrow single game Sunday. At 1 o'clock. Sports the Stevenson in the morning on KNS tests. I did a -- one -- 54 degrees and keep it here for the Hannity morning minute one woman's health care problems. -- did you radio thirteen thirty K -- a -- And all those good things of life. Listen to the good life for its guide our Saturdays at noon on news radio thirteen thirty K and SS. If you're shopping for a luxury vehicles look no further -- 21 of the most trusted names in its class. We can rich history of innovation and quality name Lincoln is synonymous with luxury and value. So it's time to examine the benefits of the other L head Davis more Lincoln avenue home of bloodstream which is tough. 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It increases costs for consumers and businesses -- It's no coincidence that some concerns have experienced fifteen electricity rate hikes since they -- PS past and higher costs for businesses means fewer jobs for workers it's now want to governor Brownback and the Kansas legislature to repeal the RPS mandate. Like obamacare it's another government mandate we tend to -- This is AFP KS dot born today to contact your legislators and governor. Paid for by Americans for prosperity. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tea Party express is back in Wichita and we're coming to your community this Sunday at 5 PM. We'll be rallying conservatives just like you with the parking lot of the Wichita wing -- stadium on 300 south sycamore street. Our country is struggling and it's time to get involved in America is faced with a jobless recovery the national debt that now exceeds seventeen trillion dollars. Millions losing their health care and liberals are still trying to sell Obama's failed hope and change. -- Tea Party express along with the US senate candidate Milton wolf then sending a message to Washington DC and we are here to take our country back. Remember come this Sunday at 5 PM to the parking lot of the Wichita -- not stadium on 300 south sycamore street. For more information visit our website at state Tea Party express dot -- our. Paid for by the state Tea Party express which is responsible for the content of this that. Listen for operation storm watch a news radio thirteen thirty KM -- it's live continuous coverage. If a severe thunderstorm warnings or tornado warning is issued for Sedgwick county. Howard trained storm -- will be in the field and on the air with timely information on wind screen K -- flooding and funnels. We'll stay on the air till the danger passes. When storm clouds threatened keep your radio tuned to operation storm watch hundreds of dollars and number one news -- and weather station news radio thirteen thirty K in a sense. 825 -- -- in the morning coming up in just a couple of minutes here the -- entertainment -- -- look -- look pretty good thinking about it. I'm moving this weekend says there's new reached up and out all the time and Ted's gonna have I think a couple of movie reviews of the -- on the way here -- Several minutes from right now. -- hitting pretty -- out there in some places up today on that I want. This sort of health. On the just to slow down this morning still a little bit out there west Kellogg area but not too heavy US district court now. President and maybe still cleaning things up a little bit did you third and injury actually about one hour. -- -- warm -- up and hurry up -- sunny windy and warm today with a high of 83 degrees south wind this afternoon. Fifteen to thirty miles per hour production customs of that kind of win today after -- clear tonight. Overnight low 54 Saturday windy and warm with possible nighttime storms tomorrow's -- 86. Now a sunny skies southwest winds fourteen miles per hour 54 degrees about an hour ago is about 43 degrees so it's warming up in a hurry up. The way you Stephen dead views on the half hour change in plans for a west -- construction project. Now here's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Showing Sean later today you right here on this Sean Hannity show. -- friends I have added to my medicine cabinet and it's called so long pause jet spray. You know on my back flares up my shoulder flares up my knees start to -- vice spray it right where it hurts and then in no time at all it freezes my pain and it keeps it away for hours and hours. You know what it really works so I urge you to try so -- paused jets strike. Notes in a blue metal can and as a dark blue cap salon polish you want the original it's powerful relief whenever wherever you need it. -- directed my wife and -- not sure we dislike the most about shopping especially for new window coverings the pushy salespeople and was sample books are waiting a month for delivery -- -- dot com and other super fast you'll save a bundle and if it's trending in window treatments -- got to know Tom -- dot com like layering -- over rich wood blinds so my wife likes that -- has always getting a free color samples free shipping free design consultation so hurry now and score ten to 15% -- many of their popular design products it's -- dot com. Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news. Thirteen thirty KN SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning 830 -- back in time Ted Woodward -- 54 degrees and we're looking for a high today. In the lower eighties. -- highway closures at the this weekend in west Wichita has been rescheduled due to weather concerns. All lanes -- by 2:35 from central to do boulevard were scheduled to be closed. From this evening through Sunday night in Kansas Department of Transportation spokesman Tom behind tells -- and SS news all that has now changed. Vital operation to keep this project continuing. But the weather prediction is so Dicey for the weekend. We decided to move to may second through the report. Frank says crews should be able to make up any lay in the road working panda project coming on time. But Wichita man has been found guilty in last year's stabbing death of an alleged car thief 31 year old Kyle Carter was convicted Thursday of first degree murder. In the September death of 32 year old Carl Cooper. Police -- Cooper was trying to break into a car in the 400 block of south Clifton when the -- spotted him. Two of the car owner's friends one of them being Carter started chasing Cooper. Eventually caught up with him and stabbed him multiple times according to police. Cooper was taken to a local hospital where he later died. Sentencing for Carter was set -- June 24. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty Kate and assess and now look at that -- first -- forecast with meteorologist. -- temperature right now 54 red -- that temperature comes in. Right at the top of the hour that was 54 at 8 AM I imagine we're actually higher than that now this afternoon. We're headed for eighty degrees thanks to a south wind that south wind can be blunt about fifteen to thirty miles per hours a bit pesky but. That's going to be responsible for the warmup also lots of sunshine. Overnight tonight mostly clear lows dipped to 54. For Saturday the wind is back we're gonna -- temperatures up a notch highs near 86 some might even college hot. Saturday. He had a chance for thunderstorms -- those storms. Might be severe. Large hail damaging winds a possibility that those in the strongest thunderstorms at least have a chance. Putting down a tornado. I know that a lot of people look at stuff on social media and you might see some maps floating around. I don't believe that I and we really haven't said this all along we only is going to be a widespread. Severe weather outbreak scenario tomorrow night. Some severe weather possible that this does not look IKEA big time big time event for us we'll let. And here's the thing to remember you do you guys cake in the First Solar forecast center and and we here at king and SS be working together we're going to be here all weekend if we're not gonna take our. I don't know off the ball that's right guys be good to wake up with me tomorrow morning I'll be back on the air tomorrow morning out ahead of this. Talking about the threat now we're staff right on through the weekend and if it happens will be here -- covered if not what will be here -- -- showed they were -- they work seven days we truly don't have to retrain you everybody's concluded that that's right I'll be fresh on Monday thanks frank. Our meteorologist frank wall with a -- first alert forecast to Sedgwick county district attorney's office is warning of the dangers of synthetic drugs doctor Timothy roaring to. Director of the Cedric county regional forensic science that are says teens and young adults are likely to use synthetic drugs like the -- bomb. People that will turn themselves into situations. It's quite hazardous and could lead to death. Doctor -- -- a big challenge with synthetic LSD is that the drug makers will continue to change to chemicals in the products. So they are not breaking the law he adds that at least nineteen people have died from the use of and bomb this year in the United States. Once a -- a mother says she's excited First Lady Michelle Obama will speak to graduating high school students without disrupting their commencement. The First Lady will address graduates together on May sixteenth during a senior recognition day. Leaving the following day to the students and their families that separate ceremonies Victor applied his have been Wichita director of airports for nearly nine years now the USS news asked -- how many passengers used mid continent airport. We have about a 1700000. Actress coming in and out and then probably for each passenger the statistics show about one and a half to two times. Metres and greet her so there are several million people. Who go in and out of the terminal building every year and that puts a big strain on the facilities that's one of the reasons were fixing them -- Doctor white is our guest this weekend and issues 20:14 Sunday morning at eight tong king an ancestor is upon guest on our web page. K and SS radio dot com KM -- national news time 834. At a news conference today in South Korea President Obama spent much of his time talking about the crisis in Ukraine the west responds to. Russia's bellicose attitude both. The Europeans and the United States have been consistent -- Calibrated sanctions that could provide a deterrent. To the Russian. And now the Standard and Poor's credit agency is cut Russia's credit rating. As for the US military the overall number of suicides down about 15%. Passengers on board of Florida flight -- a flight attendant freaked out prior to an emergency landing -- Tampa. Envoy airlines. School bus accident Anaheim California let the driver. And two kids critically injured investigation underway severe storms raked parts of the midwest this man -- his neighbor. Helping and police toward. Out here and I looked and I saw this tree on her home so I. -- out and get that off there. Good chance twisters planes midwest this weekend Doug limerick ABC news. 835 now David -- the morning news radio thirteen 32 units and it's time for entertainment news the -- with a ten foot birdie and a did you tell us about a couple of a couple of movies coming out this weekend or attend. Cameron Diaz Leslie Mann and supermodel Kate Upton let's get a review of the other woman. And the other woman Cameron Diaz plays Hurley and she's dating game. Great god. In -- breaks plans with the housekeeper -- after -- first half truths in Greenwich Connecticut now I gotta -- If she decides to surprise me at home when this happens I'm looking for mart can you must be housekeepers. Now I -- -- right Kate that's Leslie managed to -- and she winds of befriending her husband's mistress hats like a chain come true the other woman is barely a mediocre revenge comedy with a few decent laughs thanks to man who is great. Q&A half out of five stars David -- Steen ABC news. Not exactly a ringing endorsement either June recap of the other woman. Go to songwriting Tom Petty was honored last night with the Ascap founders award at the performing rights organizations 31 annual pop music awards ceremony in Los Angeles. -- prestigious honor recognizes artists whose songs have influenced Andean -- to their fellow artists. Speaking at ABC news radio on the red carpet Teddy said that in general writing good songs takes a bit of effort. Really most people don't stick -- it most fans don't stick with it -- -- do -- get back out on the road you know has some fun yeah. And in the long run that there's nothing more rewarding. Then having that saw because they don't seem to go away their their forever once is there. -- Tom Petty Enterprises of the great Tom Petty song jitterbug and your loss aren't you yeah. Well you know he's he's not Henry Mancini well not really -- who is Tom Petty its big award last night. Former daily show correspondent and fill in host John Oliver launches his new HBO show on Sunday night last week tonight with John Oliver promises to be humorous weekly recap of current events. ABC news radio asked all over after covering American politics that he shocked anymore by the things we do. No I think they lost their capacity to shock around the -- Anthony we know. Took a photo of his and the second time we know -- is an accident choice is willful. Once is an accident twice is a willful -- twelve foot. John -- his new show starts on HBO on Sunday night who -- weirdest -- The final public film is getting your name and change. And yeah. -- last film in the trilogy was gonna be called the holiday there and back again the director Peter Jackson is having second thoughts reading on FaceBook he says there and back again. Feels right it it was the second film of the two part series which was the original idea. But now that it's a trilogy he says that name feels misplaced -- the new title is. The -- the battle of the five army Jackson says that feels completely appropriate. He hits theaters December 17. Jason agents and ABC news Hollywood. You write that on down -- its -- getting in the evening to hopman. Bob Russell was more to 100 years ago on this day great songwriters and songwriters hall of fame. We're a couple of really big east they don't get around much anymore the song and he ain't heavy he's my brother and a couple of his big ones. The songwriters hall of fame he's -- Tom Petty. -- course. For all those good hits you right sometimes there clunkers I found my top ten list of stereo lesser known Bob Russell songs up. What I love you mucho mucho mucho. -- whatever happened old Jack. That's good -- -- yeah today temporary Jones of the he wrote lyrics to stars and stripes forever -- in his remarks -- about two thirds of them. Well if I ever get to Saginaw again -- you could call me a taxi. Busy as a bee on buzz buzz it. Wow -- bus that never comes. All the gray haired men and I believe my favorite. Of says he says -- Can get that on iTunes up says he says I hear that I love that. He's in the songwriters hall of fame the late Bob -- new port 100 years ago on this day. And finally let's get another movie review it doesn't open up until May second but let's get a revealed one of the most anticipated movies of the summer season the amazing Spiderman -- -- Andrew Garfield spivey is -- more confident web slinging superhero as he navigates the concrete canyons of Manhattan to rest your truck filled with piles of plutonium coming. What have the bad guys he's Jamie Foxx is electro former loner and a pretty cool special effects. So hard in the movie Peter Parker's relationship with Emma Stone to Wednesday's she's she's kissed passionately -- it's. While cartoonish and just wait too long the love story in Garfield performance helped keep this Spider-Man. Just kind of amazing three and a half out of five stars David Weinstein ABC news. We'll have more entertainment news in the blur at this same time on Monday morning truckload of plutonium itself is dangerous thing. Congratulations to Debbie Becker Wichita State university's alumni association now has nude perhaps Teddy Kennedy will be Kennedy went -- to be back I'm sorry Danny Kennedy. And -- a new CEO of what you tell us children -- that's Mike Kennedy's wife. The might be a long time voice of the shocker ASEAN since Debbie. Congratulations Teddy Kennedy and a great job I know she'll do well. -- forty down 54 degrees. -- has -- time looking -- your Leon good while zapping the clouds to make grain traffic and weather coming up Steve did you radio thirteen thirty -- -- -- day of Rush Limbaugh. Until three. Followed by Bob -- is money talk only on news radio thirteen thirty. -- SS. You guys are you ready to pop the question that don't have a clue where to start -- -- on yourself and visit first -- tiny dot com where you can check -- a tremendous selection -- bring -- settings to match her own unique style that's the -- for tiny dot com is the only site lets you preview your custom -- obligation and cost free exclusively -- -- fine jewelry and -- fair weather expert staff -- insure the -- as brilliant -- she -- take the guesswork out and be Smart by visiting her tiny dot com and Randy -- When was the last time you really thought about your freedom bush spoke to your child -- mountain America. Our history our heritage and our story we hold these truths to be -- everything's. The -- -- it's now showing that the customers here in Hutchinson is the inspiring giant screen film narrated by Morgan Freeman and Kenny Rogers. It captures the drama are sounding and celebrate -- our company stands. -- Kozmo dot org for details. Attention which -- homeowners they never thought of selling your home now's the time I am tiger because select -- team real estate right now on many price strangers is a strong sellers market with only three to four months' supply of homes were running out of homes to -- with lots of buyers still looking homes in these price ranges are selling and literally days and weeks instead of months -- our sellers are getting very close to their asking price many. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Start packing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hello installed then you're out here and its truck -- that Davis more Chevrolet. 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Good lynched by villagers. Stay ahead of severe spring when they're with the news radio thirteen thirty. And SS. Feet 46 even hit the morning news -- 1530 K and is just coming up. ABC world news at the top. -- our latest development on Ukraine within easy at the top of the hour here -- came assess conditions myself. Say. I -- announcement to. Good today that the Fed has got president. -- Sunny windy and warm today with a high of 83 degrees it will get a kick up this afternoon practice starts to kick up now. But this afternoon you're gonna see south wind fifteen to thirty miles per hour just like today's and I asked you yesterday the -- before -- before. Tonight the overnight low 54 Saturday when -- -- warm with possible nighttime storm we'll keep you posted tomorrow's -- 86. Now sunny skies southwest -- fourteen miles per hour and a 54 degree. Coming up. A local look at local beer brewing that's coming out with the -- wife. Which some business journal content on the way restated ten news radio thirteen thirty K in a sense it does reflect. Sponsored in part by BASF. With just the right chemistry we can build more like using less BASF no child. To learn more visit we create chemistry dot com this is Charles Osgood on the CBS radio network. Helio saying everybody talks about the weather would know what it does anything about it someday they may be a high tech way of changing that. The story after this. We hope comments make the best use of them around. Which means healthier criminals -- your heat. And -- toughest thing now. Which is good news for -- population. And good news for the environment. PA has -- -- chemical company. There's an old saying expect the unexpected. Wise words place and remember you -- to garage door open when you have would work. Lou lift master garage door opener with my -- technology you can use your Smartphone or computer to concluded garage door from anywhere any time. And -- -- garage door openers with battery -- keep your -- -- working even have the power isn't so be prepared for the unexpected learn more. And find a dealer near you. I live masters dot com. That sounds would be so welcome in many parts of California that have been hurt by a record drought. Farmers and ranchers are desperate for prolonged periods of rain to save the parched earth. Well scientists at University of Central Florida and at the University of Arizona say they've come up with a way to aim high energy laser beam into the clouds to make rain. Pull the trigger and presto instant rainstorm. His so they say they're idea would work conversation and lightning happened in the plows -- are large amounts of static electricity in the the engineering is a bit tricky but what the laser -- does is to turn on that electricity creating the conditions needed for rain. And lightning. And you had your storm on demand. Of course all of this is still quite experimental and -- not take a lot more to create great storms over California. The researchers say that what they've done so far is very encouraging and give -- -- time they think that -- some -- control of rain and lightning over very wide area. Other words would just right over your house for over your whole county or maybe over your whole state. You can imagine religious systems being deployed to areas that are suffering from drought they've cheated the sky -- the clouds into action. Producing. Great. Replenish the crushed and -- Osgood file I'll see you online at FaceBook Twitter and at The Osgood File dot com. This is Charles Osgood on the CBS radio network. -- fifty feet to get in the morning. Small gains on the stock market Thursday effective dal closed unchanged. The NASDAQ was up 41 points the S&P up three. Now let's take a look at national business news. This is the Wall Street Journal report I'm Jennifer fishing goes stocks are broadly lower the Dow Industrials down 119. At 16100383. The NASDAQ is down 32 the S&P 500 down almost ten. James scored EA head of trading -- option sellers dot com says stocks are under pressure. As a threat of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine grows increasingly possible. It's hard core American -- alternate -- so lined up are not going to cross border it's looking more more likely that that's gonna happen and that's causing a lot of uncertainty here to potentially get. Ford's quarterly net income fell 39% to 989. Million dollars. As the company and it reserves to repair older vehicles and logged higher costs related to shipping and during snowstorm affected winter months. Ford shares down on the almost 3%. Honda's quarterly profits more than doubled us the benefits of the weekend added to strong sales profit jumped to one point seven billion dollars. And this is the Wall Street Journal report. Eight if you do keep it in the morning 54 degrees. A look at local beer brewing now with the -- editor of the Wichita business journal of bell. It's funny he's yesterday's story in a weekly edition of the with the -- external hard -- -- craft -- -- Is growing so it didn't have the fear. In the I didn't remember crap -- reason more than double the mountain craft breweries and would boost economic impact of craft brewers on the stand. 258 million dollars while you can just removed seven point 8% of the beer bar. -- Citigroup revote would root beer sales to double and the five years. Other players have a bird it would stop market could all the bad -- passage easier on half. It started in 1990 route here at that point on what the problem capital would -- to react. You know -- -- 400 their own political partner and whom. When Clinton thirteen. Water river ruined Cole Porter -- a club record let's start them production capacity to meet some. Are pretty good this whole survey when you put her craft -- -- that -- it is. Certain percent of those respondents said -- barriers put in some respects that -- -- question. Should state got blogs to supersede local ordinances. Let us know what he thought it would accomplishments you have all thought -- Or local Britain does include every day -- not yeah that's that's. But what he -- his internal clock now for the what other historical no war. Tied bill sells like -- -- pick up my copy today a lot of other people are and if they would like to his subscribe to the Wichita business journal. What should they do bill. Wouldn't caller his is 7640. Shoot even if you have a rotary phones at all. Who did exactly the sort that the girl went but it would stop this robot now is to set up. Now maybe that's Murray to worst I've just getting of course you circuit. Let's check you again on Monday -- -- -- guys coming up ABC world news top of the hour was Steve intend to. As the ABC world news people look at the situation in Ukraine now 8:54 -- has a morning. Insurance is here. OK at -- storm tracker three has this tornado arriving in five minutes. He has since the record straight we are tracking a strong storm right now -- -- reporting that is moving to the north northeast. We'll stay with -- so if you can stay -- GS and storm tracker three. We've got your back. It is designed. Then Saturday mornings eleven. Thirty K -- assessed for investment matters with -- Eisley. From freedom advisory group. Losing your ability to be and that. For most men did affect your relationships confidence in sometimes causes depression hi this is Greg would Kansas men's clinic we can help you get back your ability to be a man in just 1199. 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Could be driving a -- 2014 Acura TL one automobile magazine calls a blend of -- -- -- enthusiastic performance -- to 99 months to 99 the -- 2014 -- your IL AX isn't big on the standard features lets small on the -- just -- on nine a month and 209 a month for a new baggage around during the -- luxury collection spring -- then plunge. Enjoy all of the exclusive benefits of the luxury experience featuring complimentary car washes mobile lush loaner cars airport service and law. Don't miss the winter time luxury collection spring sales event and going on now it. Accurately Suton east Kellogg in Greenland -- -- which -- -- dot com. Section six month leases twenty point 99 total -- -- signing includes -- security excludes tax title and -- on approval of credit expires. -- most kansans who -- senior electricity bills keep pressing ever wonder why. Before Kathleen Sebelius went to Washington to overtake our health care system with obamacare she proposed amending called the renewable portfolio standard or RPM ask that dictates where we get our energy. Rather than rely on proven cost efficient resources the RPS requires us to shift to more green energy like wind power and solar. Well that means sometimes the truth -- It increases costs for consumers and businesses -- life. It's no coincidence that some concerns have experienced fifteen electricity rate hikes since they -- PS past and higher costs for businesses means fewer jobs for workers it's now want to governor Brownback and the Kansas legislature to repeal the RPS mandate. Like obamacare it's another government mandate we tend to -- This is AFP JS -- born today to contact your legislators and governor. Paid for by Americans across. Irony join news radio thirteen thirty KM -- Friday April 25 from 11 AM to 1 PM at -- TX Ford and east Kellogg. -- Palin as his radio is giving you a chance to had a pair of James Taylor concert tickets. Just like -- and as his radio on FaceBook and enter the contest it's that easy. That's FaceBook dot com slash Kagan as as radio. -- -- -- -- -- Is where you've got a friend time. Name. -- the morning is ready at thirteen thirty -- is still talking a little bit about that. Severe weather threat coming up Saturday night here in new south central Kansas and throughout the central part of Kansas we'll keep an -- on the situation. -- they yank himself the warnings for Cedric got him into operation storm watch that's. Wall to wall coverage until the danger passes you'll be ready to go Saturday night for you and your news radio thirteen thirty -- in SS intended for playing this even the godfather we've got to. You've got harder thing that's right now the -- turned 74. He was in the godfather scarface has an Oscar -- -- of a woman. And his character is. So not -- Michael Michael Connelly -- also having a birthday today hit the age of 68 these tallies show iron. Who played his sisters his sibling now I'm calling on fans and she was -- -- girlfriend in Iraq yeah. Birthday for credence Clearwater revival love musicians still cook he 69 today and -- who -- to have a 69 usual it is well big birthdays today big birthdays today. Well it's all for our -- to -- for Herman Cain. And I will be back Monday morning at 6 o'clock we sure will see that in the morning news radio thirteen thirty -- SS Wichita. 54 degrees at 9 o'clock.

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