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4/25/14-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Apr 25, 2014|

Inga Barks of KNZR talks about Speaker John Boehner throwing conservatives and the Tea Party under the bus regarding illegal immigration and amnesty

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's here. Only underground. Well easily hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel of this brick building. We -- once again make contact without. Happy Friday to yeah. Welcome to the mark wouldn't show my name is in the barks filling in for the great one mark the -- always a privilege and I can't believe he lets me do it. He's been very generous to me over the years and. And that I appreciate certainly appreciate his friendship and I love talking to you from the great central valley. Of California I guess I should call it the great dust bowl that is the central valley of California but I look forward to talking to you. For the next three hours de icing my name Inga barks my music -- and -- talk -- in Bakersfield California. On -- and -- the top and I talk station probably because we have well. -- -- And in fact my FaceBook page sometimes win mark is doing shout. My FaceBook page turns into a school it laughing about something he says or. Or commenting you know about and he says it's like has sometimes I think it's kind of stock Kurdish -- kind of embarrassing. But today we learned so much sitting at his feet and it tonight I hope we hope we can learn a little something. I'm our numbers by the way our phone number 87738138118773813811. To yell at and nor talked to meet people ask me when I say. I'm filling in for -- fill -- for mark and then in the eagle which one are you. And I think will it I'm. I'm the and the -- And then people yeah -- checked out that thanks thanks so much for. Pronouncing still -- -- broadcast every day from right here -- and they coastal California where I am. Right now and that we of course had a fantastic state. That I hear often. And the great one lamenting especially in this time throughout the week had a hearing about it nationally on the news now. Big time because it is literally affected now according daily times 100%. Of the state. It's 38 million people packed into what 800 miles or or something like that and this drought affecting 100 per cent of the people in this state. Now the been around -- for a couple of years now impacted hit a peak in the year 2009 that was when. The national. Media and and you know politicians started really noticing where crisis it was. And I think today about John Boehner. And his little us -- comments with it today with yesterday when he was. Mocking conservatives because she says that they they won't help him with immigration reform because it's too hard to. Right is that when he said. It too hard and so they don't wanna help them with that and I think pin. You know. I would you like to know what his track record as a success even when they are helping him. Anyway even pestering congress about this drought since 2009 and it's were now. I I think about it and John Boehner if it. If you haven't heard we -- -- everybody's been talking about a century have he said. Here's the attitude uh oh don't make me do this whole this is too hard you act they can't -- -- theater. I wasn't -- that Boehner well wind before luncheon crowd we get elected to make choices we get elected to all problems. And it's remarkable to me how many of my colleagues just don't want to they don't wanna solve. Problems that's his accusation. So and I go back in my mind is I was reading that to the year 2009 and I think -- she wins we first started saying this dropping his real. There are farm laborers are -- and food lions. In the breadbasket of the world to get food that's been imported from China. It's a have a problem. Nothing nothing nephew promises here and Mary and I think Boehner came out here just what a couple of months ago. So it's all the Republicans all know worked with him. Because he says they won't it's too hard could we get the federal government two let up on -- take their boot up our -- here in California -- -- teachings. I don't think he hasn't shown any moxie to do it yet. I think about win win the Republicans held a majority in both house's. But -- I don't know what year was islands track at -- 20052006. When bush was president we had the executive office with both branches of legislature it was time for immigration reform you know this thing that he says. Conservatives just won't do because it's too hard. They have everything. John Boehner had that house he had the senate he had the presidency. Any he didn't do it then. We cannot think as I recall. I think about how often he's so successful in raising the debt ceiling. Oh that's great I love that when you guys all we now work with you for stuff like that that's fantastic that the last time I remember. This this congress. And this speaker. Really getting one over really pass and one through they had to send everybody out on a break and then to a boy -- voice vote to pass something. -- -- out -- bit when he I don't I don't I want tests. Working with him on anything especially something as important immigration reform. It's an important issue -- huge. There's all kinds of ideas all different directions that that that one can go I don't know what the fixes. Other then of course not amnesty. In the state California island according affair which is Federation for American Immigration Reform he'd never been at their website fear dot org I highly recommend that they're pretty awesome people and I know and they are sponsor of the living -- associated with them for years. The number in California alone is -- two million people who are here illegally. The financial cost in 2009. To the taxpayers of the state of California. Was 21 billion. 21755953468. I was a financial burden of the state -- California alone and then when you go to fair and see what the burden is in your state. And that and so you know at theirs and the city California starting working on their own reforms you were already giving college tuition to dreamers. And we called -- our own DREAM Act a little bit different -- the federal one that all we got past year driver's licenses for illegal immigrants yeah Howard did we got that passed here. We even have a bill right now on the books in California that -- I would allow for somebody was illegally in this country. To get a tax ID number which of course you Marty can't get a tax ID number but. By having a tax ID number they will be given -- permit a work permit and they will be guaranteed not to be deported. If this bill passes they'll get a work permit to work legally in this country even though they are not legal and they will get a guaranteed that they will not be deported why. Well the argument is has now they'll pay taxes. And that point one billion and the 2009 figures we'll go down the burden to the people because they're gonna pay so much in taxes. So you know as I'm sad I I feel like I'm rambling on this and it's because it goes off and somebody different directions but in the short of it is. You know mr. Boehner. Is constantly complaining that he did get to be speaker. I have nothing personal against him I met him on a few occasions he was lovely but he and his henchmen. I just -- why would we have any reason to Entrust them. With something as important as immigration reform act and I turn on fox today and I you know I watch fox I watch I I actually -- one person who watches in the NBC is well. And I am watching fox and Juan Williams is on -- and another commentator and all discussing the political. You know the political ends. To what John Boehner sent. His mockery of conservatives on the issue of immigration reform and how you what it what I can -- saying it was a great move you know he's OK and you know he's pressuring these. These people least challenging them and and there are all -- this is gonna help as we go toward November because -- Republicans after the last election really wanted to you know reach out to Latinos and that holds a bank and I'm watching and I can't think it is. I really don't he error. If it helps the Republicans come Election Day. That they're talking about it or thinking about it or debating immigration reform -- any of these other issues I am so tired of turning on the television. And occasionally the radio and hearing the Talking Heads discussed how this helps the strategy. For Republicans or for Democrats. In the meantime we still have no immigration reform we have no water in California where -- more than we word this time last year right. Well what else and I -- I've forgotten obamacare by the way Miami off flock. -- -- Have not signed up for for health care under the obamacare -- California. And does so I'm hiding out here in the bunker if the California bunker and hopefully they won't catch up with me anytime soon and I'm willing to pay the fine. And I pay that fine is already subsidizing a bunch of people who just joined the Medicaid system. Because they qualified. And I -- in by the way California wants to include illegal immigrants in the -- California. I never am I friends it never and in my state. So I didn't sign that I'm paying a fine when it comes around next year or even as he does some myself found one of the other those permanent. And that but -- already paying for people who have health insurance at that I can't that I don't qualify for 'cause I'm not that broke and health insurance that I can't afford on the other side. So so I'm still subsidizing somebody else I can't afford it and I'll pay the fine even help more people. Get health care act under under -- this president -- so proud of his accomplishment. All the millions are suddenly getting health care. He doesn't mention all the millions who are suddenly not. Myself included. So I -- to and you know I don't know I just throughout hold -- to step that you and I would love to talk to you I don't have a solution for. Immigration reform I just know what I said when I see stuff that stinks. And as I look at this bill in California that's making its way through the different committees. Two. To give illegal immigrants a work permit and guarantee not to be deported. All and one other thing in the spill. The IRS takes attacks ID number from the illegal immigrant. Who is working illegally in this country that now they have a permit and they won't be deported any information they have on that person they cannot share. With any other agency the federal government including Homeland Security York. -- -- or or any you know any of the people involved in town deportation at the same time he -- At the same time the IRS -- claiming I just found this today the IRS is claiming that they seem to have the ability to track your license plate. Your license plate. So that they can find out what you've been Neptune if you committed any crimes. Well in the TSA I just read this today as well. The TSA is decided they're gonna at the -- and they're gonna start looking into -- when you buy a ticket for an airplane. They're considering and beginning a program where they are looking into. Where he traveled in the past what you do for a living. Which you pay in taxes. So just sort clear. Illegal immigrant. Who comes here illegally. But just wants to pay taxes. And get nothing for free. It's an act of love. They had they will have all of their information. That the federal government collects for the purpose of taxing them so they're no longer a -- considerable burden. On this country and and that information will be kept private. But you -- a citizen. If the IRS has their way. Will have any party purchased some of these against and in some states they will have the ability to surveil you and and follow you failure. License plates. So it's just that it's a fantastic time I hope I'm not whining too much I know I didn't sound like I was passing their because it's -- -- It will be -- -- and I'm like mark well I am pessimistic a lot I'm incredibly optimistic about this great nation. So land anyway I think it's a British right to take a breakdown -- I went on and on I apologized. I 8773813811. We got a great gas coming on today to talk about how global warming and how that the environmentalists are basically you know. Did not just hurting the -- they're hurting the planet. And ultimately hurting so many people in keeping them impoverished. Already talk about that the course of the program as well this week having been birthday. I 877313811. Mining is Inga barks from candy are in Bakersfield. And this is mark within channel. Welcome back this is the market and sell my name is in the hearts. Broadcasting -- the -- very dry. Central valley California and Bakersfield. On -- NCR got to take always an opportunity to say hello to my wonderful. Friends -- say that I gained over the last near decade in Fresno California as well. And of course you know who you are you usual suspects. All right 8773813811. Is number for the market and shot found the article that I was looking for about the IRS saying we need to track. Tax -- license plates. And apparently -- his Bloomberg that reported this the IRS and the Forest Service. Have awarded nearly half billion dollars to vigilant solutions a California based company that provides tools for tracking license plates. And for accessing license plate databases and then you know a couple page over pages over this article an attempt. And it's talks about a head -- point 13 October article in the New York Times in which the TSA. Says they want to expand their screening of passengers. They want to do reviews of everybody getting on a plane and look at your private employment information vehicle registration travel history. Property ownership records. Physical characteristics. If dumping. There are you see through a woman is very GAAP and naked pictures -- on what more they want. Let's -- pass travel itinerary tax identification numbers law enforcement information intelligence information passport numbers. And frequent -- information some of that. They -- starting now but some of that went. Property ownership records. But if the bill in California passes an illegal aliens are illegal immigrant whatever you want column. Will come to California. To sign up for tax ID numbers to their officially -- big time taxes on their big time salaries. And then they get a work permits they can be illegally they will not be deported and and the the law will say if Jerry Brown Governor Brown signs that that the IRS will not share any of the information on the people in this country or in this state illegally. But to any other agency in the federal government fantastic. All right 8773813. While one before we go to you'd take your calls on me that you know mark is out today because he's speaking at the NRA convention. And you're gonna be able that you can see his speech after I'm off the year police. He can see his speech at Mark Rubin showed dot com or FaceBook dot com -- slash mark prevent forward slash marker and shout. And that I love the fact that he speaking at the NRA today -- the he has spoken I did. They need him. And ya I wanna do too much hero worship here remarks concerned. Banks we have so few people in this country and I put myself and this -- it you know I I blame I'm not in the category we have so few people. Who fully comprehend the constitution. And who are conservatives. And conservative voices. And you don't mean we can all have conversations about Second Amendment we can all talk about guns all day long but there's a lot of meat in between there. There's a lot of ideas in between there. And net and I think that that the great thing about within speaking -- the NRA and when we listen to him every day. On his radio show is that he arms us with the with the actual arguments you know he teaches us history teaches -- fact he teaches us constitution he teaches us political philosophy even. Any arms us with the argument other than just -- like -- there. And and and so I think it's fantastic speaking their and you can see it at -- avenge. -- dot com you can also find me on face the think it -- barks. You also go to indicate barks dot com. And deceive the Salinas and I am not too but I'm always on face the fact I'll do on this break an elite -- calls guaranteed. 8773813811. As the number. Finding the barks from PNCR Bakersfield California filling in for the great one. This is the mark Livingstone. -- speaking. To vote for a revival Americans who are. Literate at 8773813811. Though doesn't. Welcome back to the market then shell mining -- Inga -- filling in for the great one I hail from Bakersfield California -- Lindsay our. Is say is my radio station and a lot. His best job I've I think I've ever had and always a pleasure feeling and four and for mark you know why it -- that a lot of people I talk about issues of immigration and that's fine I. But I want to remind us all that this really this conversation. Really is less about what kind of and what kind of reform we're gonna have because. I don't know what that looks like I don't know with the terms mean. When people say pathway to citizenship I know what that means now congressman Tom McClintock say that means amnesty. And that's why he's one of the people that Boehner and at all our you know trying to raise money to either. Throw some -- throw some love ranch is in his way it or give amount. And get somebody else and that's seat among other conservatives that and that's really what. What I started wanting to talk about today again we talk about immigration reform that's fine but the problem here isn't mean you. It's it's not even the illegal immigrant although it they started it pizza. It's really that we have these politicians who make all these claims and do very little. And and then they blame us. And that's what John Boehner debt. He can't work with the conservatives he can't work with the Tea Party people they won't work within yeah that's because. You're giving them is CR AT. And yet there are going to be Republicans who like light. Who are going to disappoint me on this issue I know the fact I have a feeling on the other side of whatever immigration form reform we perhaps. And I both sides are gonna be a little anoint. But what I'm tired of is the you know is is this issue war or guns or I would be buyer asked her that -- Being a political football for the other who preached team you know happened -- in this to make it helped us who cares that helps you who appears. If you look at the entire the house the senate and executive office with Republicans. -- -- Because. What would what would you do without power the last time he had he did very little. So you know the whole strategy of what we just have to win now now he need to win with the right people. And and John Boehner and his henchmen don't want the right people. All right 8773813811. Is our number and let's not take -- let's take a call at the Tulsa and talked Connie hey Connie. Welcome to the market -- out. I I I tell you first if you're a woman and affirmative action is is not legal so I I. -- -- -- I'm not isn't picking me anyway. I don't want to tell you about a couple things that are gone on in Oklahoma this week. One was so we have our our rally that called the liberty rally that would last night. That would. Supporting PW Shanahan. And not Ferrell what Farrakhan. -- curve and my me. We -- great crowd on hand it was just opt out of this and you know that kind of and made us realize that we're not allow -- and I -- that -- yeah that was from the market and I yeah so polite talking do you care. Thank you thank you. We you know I'm I'm thrilled that you had these three big names show that I'm in Oklahoma that to talk to you guys and about the issues because they can't you just named three people. Who have a you know a little bit more than an elementary knowledge of the constitution. And a little bit more than any flippant love of freedom and liberty. And and those of the voices we need to hear because the red number just make his promises and Jim Press conferences and that. And -- -- even -- they are half the time you know. And I did and Sarah every chance I can because people got the wrong impression about heritage make you Mac -- I think he's very intelligent. Supply is very intelligent guy so I I don't hear about -- yeah I don't know that I hear are kind of things but. Most of my patients are. On the same page as me well girls penny and there how do you know a clean your -- is going -- yeah. I have a -- thought Dominic you're not certain you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- out of my element and you've probably heard about that. Eric Holder would all about it and -- states. The house on the eastern graduating class of toll in the police academy in Oklahoma City. It's an approach that I don't know what to do that then I believe but I haven't heard whether or not yet. Ala -- I -- fine having -- -- changes to glaring opposites are fantastic. Three people speaking to a Tea Party or conservative crowd three people who appreciate liberty and freedom and the constitution and then you've got a guy. Coming to Oklahoma to speak to police officers. A man who doesn't even appreciate the law that's that's remarkable that's remarkable thank you so much for the call. Connie I appreciate your doll 8773813811. Is say is. Our number and let's see let's talk to mark in Colorado hey mark. I'm finding tried Wanda says the funny guy there's yet. Actually saw my one of the most. Structured -- to -- over to -- line up this redundant do we trust right. Well but I came to mind. Accept got three things. Your thought about representatives -- everybody that forgotten what their job it is they're job is to represent the people. -- other job to get reelected and raise money. Well that's what they think they're up is that you know truth it is they're they're representative. -- but officials it is we'll represent our. Now they're all. Not all the other. The other the other one is is that blue collar jobs are the ones that are suffering because that the -- well on the infrastructure were from electrician. -- doesn't hurt the people with the white collar job this stuff like that yet. It will but it doesn't hurt and yet so they're not as -- it all the reform. Well you're talking about illegal immigrants moving in the then they let men and moving into the 8 PM than building industry for a long time. And I drove and they and they driven down month the paying which is why my at my late husband Michael. Quit quit quit working and Billy industry couldn't afford to work anymore -- he can afford to work there. Winter weather starts hurting the white -- stuff and actually which is what we need to do for oral report. We need to start making it financially impossible for them to employ. Illegal immigrants there's law on the books right now that say you get excited X amount of dollars yeah yeah it's quite open people. Then that's fine that -- make it financially painful for them to apply a they want to play them. They're -- -- week we -- the problem. There's say 101000 dollar fine -- I believe it's federal fine if you hire an illegal immigrant to work but there's a 101000 dollar fine in California. If he refused to hire somebody because they are illegal I'm not kidding. So that's that's how we doing here thank you for the call mark and I really appreciate it let's see do last time mr. producer -- time. Turn up any time that's awesome 87738138110. We gotta talk about Leland. Speaking I won't get in I'll go to your calls a promise that it really he of course you probably have heard his name before he was. Working with Raymond shrimp boy a and -- out what his last name I can't remember. -- he's our state senator -- California who has recently indicted on 500 million. The difference in crimes. Including taking bribes etc. -- and dad and telling you this because. One was talking to a Republican music kind of big. They you know music team player like the kind that John Boehner wants right he voted for tax increase once. And and I -- to this this and this represented. So in the state legislature -- like. And you don't you like and the Republican. And he said to me. Well I I can't stand Tom McClintock. He always votes now and he's very difficult to persuade to you to compromise. He said but I love -- heat. All right now we'll take your calls let's go to sue and Michelin North Dakota. -- -- -- two point make Hank Aaron marker quick. Play immigration laws. Bookseller -- groups it's not a suspect Al aren't here. Yeah everywhere else and let's go -- party records. I had just enforce you know guitar here and excuses. Just don't foresee it yeah yeah of course you didn't -- Americans. Crackdown on. You know the shame of the wall that we're in right now where he's spent a lot of time talking about reform and not doing it. The shame of that is that states take it upon themselves as does the federal government to do all kinds of maneuvers that lead toward amnesty. While we're not looking you know liked and liking California that that college tuition the end being to being funded some of these says children who of course came year I don't fault of their own. Are getting ahead of my son in college admission. And because -- the dreamers and you know lord there's that the lie was talking about the -- -- about earlier and then in a program where that. States and these state assemblyman here in California wants to give illegal immigrants attacks ID number permit to work and at. He guaranteed of not being deported so -- all of this -- we're talking about things like and I agree with and I think that your comment -- enforce the law. We we stayed out all the time we know it's true mark says it it's it's a simple truth enforce the laws we have. We do need to do some tweaks obviously. And but we're well as -- because we're continuing to have this conversation and people like John Boehner continuing to just. Drawn out. I don't know would he do it themselves that they actually solve the problem of illegal immigration what would they have to complain about conservatives are now spending. They find something. So you know we keep saying that we need it to -- not happening it continues to be a political. Football forum for politicians and we suffer. We continue to suffer with obamacare. Defund it don't defund it will never defund it we're gonna have to deal with that it's the greatest thing ever whatever whatever position. As we go on and on complaining about it are saying it needs tweaks are saying he needs to be undermined entirely which I would love. And we're still suffering. And so that's why I I can -- bring it back to the politicians. Because all of our solutions fall on deaf ears. To these politicians who really I don't think want to fix it. I 877313811. And lets you tanner in Washington DC my favorite city in the country. I decorate my call. -- I just finished grad school and that's gotten from the teacher out and so I got my first paycheck cut this year. The first like apple paycheck I look at it and -- -- dropped a millennia -- well -- my generation. Notorious for putting Obama and all that yes he admitted on bulk and look at my mouth dropped. First thing I did was I called my dad. You know what you got me to stay out of the way too much money being taken out of it by the good I didn't take my tax form. And here it's like well you're right no you're right what -- the real world -- I don't know now here like now you know why we've race you'd be conservative. Yeah it's depressing isn't. Pitched it. Did you know it does make you -- -- any -- Oreo write it -- it and it really. Maybe more conscientious about where that money to go. Just left is -- all right how much money anyway. You know so it'd make it didn't really make it more -- -- not -- dark really quit. You know more power and merit in the argument arsenal arsenal you know regarding like. People you know debate. -- -- -- living in now you're living it now and and you know what their answer would be Eric Tanner there the liberals answer would be. Well then we need to unionize and we need to make more money you need to force the taxpayers to pay more money. That's how we solve the problem. Yeah that's how we -- from anyway and then they get more dues and then they -- -- still self -- congratulations on grad school and becoming a teacher you are missionary to. Our children and now I don't envy of the gig because I like I have a hard time just tolerating my own. Really -- 8773813811. This is set the mark conventional market isn't here because he's speaking at the NRA convention but you can -- his speech. Yet Marc Rubin showed jot dot com I'd appreciate -- -- -- after I'm off the her but she -- every got to do they have put. Will put both on. And listen. And you can find me acts indicate parks on face spec or indicate barks dot com. And I do love communicating with you talking to you I do FaceBook a lot of Anaconda the Twitter thing yet. I now I'm so old. And I I don't even know what instead grammys but I'm really good at FaceBook so you can find me there. All right we will I believe we got to take a break and we will come back and take more of your calls coming up we're gonna talk to an environmental at -- fixed. That wasn't easy to say. And we talk about the really the ethics of the environmental movement. I will be right back I'm in the barks from candy. -- -- -- -- this is remark and then show great run off to speak to the NRA. Which is awesome. And mining -- barks from Bakersfield California K Lindsay are filling in for him and I appreciate the opportunity. I will get to your calls and some more news in then in the next -- the shot a few minutes. That is why did tell you little story if I -- personal story you know mark the best bookmark ever wrote. An -- you're gonna laugh but there rescuing sprite. I just like it was an easy read it was quick read I was -- on an airplane Iowa's other books are deep and meaningful and actually can change the world. But it the -- these -- actually changed mine. And you know every once while he mentions that the rescue dogs and the ones that he cares for and the ones that he'd -- in the organization he donates to. And it just sort of inspirational and I how to rescue dog myself. Anyway about a month ago I was driving on -- -- wrote. And I saw what looked like a puppy laying on the side of the the road and I thought it was dead but it moved its head. So I said why can't keep driving I looked around went back -- was added the most beautiful little scruffy scruffy gal. And she could not move anything about her head. And a man helped me scooper up I know what to do but I -- it -- lever. And I know he held you breath in my putter in the back of my Jeep and I drove to that. Yeah and he means this iron today animals you know -- plays and they took one look at and they said worried euthanize. And I immediately sent a picture of her to mark -- I don't know what to do they're telling me that the only thing is to do is to kill but. She's beautiful and I how we now. And -- he wrote me back and into encouraged me and I was on the air had to do my radio show in just a couple hours and so. And I by the wind to mine my take my call my boyfriend I went to his neighbor who actually -- a small animal rescue. Knocked on her door she never answers the -- answered it that day she came out and she looked at this beautiful dog she put her in her car and she drove two hours -- Thousand Oaks. To a veterinarian down there and she had this'll -- had. Shattered pelvis. And any alleged that had such severe nerve damage that he it was amputated but my listeners in the matter two days. Raised over 3000 dollars to pay for little ginger is her name. Her medical care and I just sent a video of her two mark last night she's still in Foster care. And that she is you wouldn't know she's missing a blank she's beautiful and she she's playful. And she makes everybody happy and she hugs he -- she actually hugs deal. And she it's been just as an inspiration every day I'll tell you what I would I would -- stopped anyway if I didn't know mark the event. But I didn't take the word for it but at the pound that she had to be euthanized because of mark and his. His say encouragement and I -- in the video of ginger playing with her Foster actually picking her foster's sister off of the blankets and he wrote back and says it's wonderful and and it really is and if you wanna see ginger. And follower you go to my FaceBook page where their pictures of her at their I'd love you -- she will be adaptable. And and she says she's just have a slice of heaven are right back to work we go back to work we go. 877313811. Is the phone number for the Mark -- show you can catch march -- speech at the NRA convention -- mark Sullivan show dot com. And of course all his books. And the articles he want to hear read and -- shows. We'll be right back signing the barks from candy. This is the mark Livingstone. Gives me. I'm totally underground. From the bowels of hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. We -- once again made contact without. The second hour -- -- show. I'm clearly not -- within. Not a Smart. And not as sexy. Don't quite have his his voice. I think we do something in common now I consider -- women to be a political philosopher. And I took. Political philosophy one quarter at cal state Bakersfield was getting my -- and velocity some pretty good about that we have a lot of things in common. I am my name is in the barks I am win at that -- KM ZR radio and Bakersfield California in need. It dumb comment in this sort of the south -- south and of the grey dust bowl that is the 400 plus nearly 500 mile. Valium which I live where the rally where high speed rail gonna come through and all all goodness gracious I really should -- weird and -- number one in the state where I live Kern County where one state in renewable energy. You're welcome for the wind farm. And we're number two an agricultural losing only to Fresno so have been the two of us feed the world. We're number one and -- production in the state in fact we are number four or five has just to county. And of course we are fighting for our fracking lives here in Kern County for both the farmers and the oil industry those are our bread and butter those -- the people who most contribute to our university. To our junior colleges to our high schools say they -- engineering programs they'd they'd be you know fund. Science and math programs -- add programs and of course. Those are the two things that are under attack. In the central valley the very things that we do -- you know help the -- drive to the event -- protesting. Big oil and we're pretty proud of it as well so land anyway. That's that's who I am and that's why help from we got Chad I usually like on from mark I -- in the you know little bit but who is from here -- course Buck Owens Merle Haggard. Always it's and mention. -- guy -- with Frank Gifford. Frank Gifford is from Bakersfield president did give bush lived here for very short period time like two days -- more of -- hotel -- really can't. Really can't remember Cesar Chavez of course a huge huge point of pride. Forest here and a course and we are the home of the Republican whip. Congressman Kevin McCarthy who was just. Nominated to be inducted into TV Bakersfield high school football hall of fame even though no one can find a record at. Of him playing. But that's neither here nor there. 8731381. -- I am among those sets its -- number I'm among those that mark talks about. The under fifties who never got to vote for conservative the first time I heard him say that. I you know of course I protests why I voted for Tom McClintock were governor over Arnold Schwarzenegger I lost but he's talking about -- the presidency of course. He's right I I never got to vote for a conservative. For president I missed Ronald Reagan and and I wasn't old enough when he was president but I heard mark say that one time and I've heard him say at a number of times since and I think about. All of you who did get to vote for Reagan. Board you know just people voted in the last whatever forty years and I wonder. This you know we're we're talking about I like to talk about political machinery and he'd be elitists in the establishment and you John Boehner making fun have you. Four holding out on his compromises for immigration reform whatever those are. And like I just can't help asking you to ask yourself and you can call the show -- And comment should you wish what is it was President Nixon. Your first choice. Being back. To that time when he ran up the Kennedy timing be that the second time was your first choice. You remember who you might have voted for in the primary. Or was it always Nixon. Always a one day he woke up and the Republican Party was telling you Nixon he's our guy. Did you vote for Ford well if it. That's a crazy piece of history right there isn't it but he did run of course against Jimmy Carter Jimmy Carter ran against him. Would sort of be in your first choice. In the primary. Let -- the other Republican running that you we will Reagan ran right. Would deported in your first choice. Or did you wake up one day and -- Republican Party said. Forge your guy a. Win and -- George Bush senior. Ran for president great guy man of integrity. Not a conservative. Did you say to yourself that's who want -- and he is vice president I was practically issuing and write and tell Al -- that. -- is practically an issue when did -- did you say that's the guy that's that I voted for him in the primary he was my favorite or was it somebody else. With John McCain your choice. Intent 2010. Was Mitt Romney your first choice act like 2000 and I apologize was Mitt Romney your first choice in 2012. And I ask -- that because. Now as I -- you know watching this Jeb Bush thing unfold. It's nothing personal against Jeb Bush I'm not one of those who says no no more -- I just don't care for his political philosophies but. And his ideas but then as I watch this all unfolding what I'm seeing is. The ground work being laid for us to just come to terms with the fact that somebody else is already chosen a candidate ports. Don't ebbs and -- it changes that person is at the top might not be at top come up primary day you know that's happened before. But in general when you reflect on all the people you ultimately voted for in a general election where they had a choice he really wanted. When you -- to the polls for the primary. And I bet for most of you it's it wasn't. And like I guess I can't say to mark. Then I have had the chance in my lifetime to vote for presidential candidate who was conservative. They just never made it past the primary. And then on the other side I was I was told I guess this country's spoken and this is our guy. And I think we are sometimes sort of spoon fed. And we don't realize it well we are realizing now that I know -- -- twenty million miles away and a couple years out you're seeing the ground work being laid -- -- By people other than you could. I don't know of one person whoever that I'd never heard anybody say you know who should run Jeb Bush that's the guy. I never heard one person say that but I assure you if establishment wants him and the money comes rolling in. You'll the day after the primary go I guess -- they wanna Jeb -- I don't have that happen. So when you -- Chris had to get that off my chest. Also I was watching on the break just be imagery because it was muted at Harry Reid other areas again. I -- you read let this smarmy guy and just looking on and concerns me. You know like I feel like -- activities every time I even see him hear him speak he's such a fraud. And you know we've -- peace and there's a new investigation. Where he's concerned I gas and we do all these different today investigations and then they they fade away and people at press conferences and saying well we looked into Benghazi right then. Then I'll just -- goes away and they will -- investigates say you know Harry Reid will so wet but I'll tell you this. Back to my home state of California which is where I'm broadcasting -- We've guy -- state senator who has been and found guilty. On nine felony counts he was found guilty he was rod right. And they were all voter related voter fraud and an end and what perjury. He was found guilty on all nine and he is still. A state senator. In the state of California. Now he's on leave they as you know the legislature wouldn't vote to suspend him -- there was an attempt and it failed. So he took a leave of absence of the people he represents are not being represented he should be kicked out of the senate by law. But it's -- he's gonna appeal a couple of times so he's still state senator any still collect his pay. Can Harry Reid be slimy and really evil slimy GAAP. We got and other state senator's name is so wrong called Iran. He has -- brother and I think a nephew and niece and that their whole family tree they created a fake pac political action committee. And they took money from all kinds of people and shovel money around and ended at the end. A relationship with -- FBI undercover agent who went by the name of rock -- rocky the talent that's familiar to you it's a it's a cigar. And wrong -- on -- and eighty plus thousand dollars from the FBI agent. In exchange for votes. And -- hired the FBI agents so called girlfriend to work in his office without going through the legal process she was also an undercover FBI agent. Well he flew all around the world in the country playing golf on his retreats where they'd spend the pac money and talk about how to get people elected that's what I hear anyway. He hasn't found guilty he hasn't been tried but he still a state senator he hasn't resigned his people go unrepresented and he collects a paycheck. -- got really -- his career started out stellar when he was a school board member. In that forget what city it was as he was sent -- at a pig head with a knife through its eye so he started out pretty -- and he kept getting elected. He has been investigated for five years. By the federal government. He's working he was working allegedly. With criminals with Chinese -- He was working on trading done this -- -- senator. And of course the irony you probably already knows this is the most prolific. A gun as Second Amendment at -- that the guy hates a Second Amendment more than anything else in California's this guy. And he's trading illegal. -- treating guns. With dual members he's taking bribes. Left and -- she's doing favors for people all over the place. He's still by the way state senator. The attempt to get him suspended or kicked out. That -- on and on deaf ears and he's still collects his pain not only that but he was running for secretary of state. And all of the money that he collected from donors for secretary of state race by law he can use on his legal defense. That's fantastic isn't. So I'm not surprised any time that I see that somebody is being investigated especially somebody like Harry Reid. There are slime ball all over -- politics. Most of them are Democrats. Or Republicans. I was -- NN little little bit of research every day for about a month I would have to do his thing on my FaceBook page called much of the day. And I would look at anything City Council county supervisor. Magistrate. You know whatever I could find elected. Com. A rest after. Bribery in just about every day I can find -- city councilman police chief. IE eight county represented at the state representative some more in this country just about every day. Who was being arrested for for her or was on trial for bribes and and using -- using public funds and I'm not kidding this is not I'm not exaggerating this is true. To a person they were all Democrats. And I want to tell -- people. Especially Democrats out there you vote for these people. You voted in California voted for a guy. Who who -- send pig heads to with -- their eyeballs and he almost became the secretary of state. So you got to feel pretty good about that. All right. Where am I gonna do mr. brawl I gonna take a break 8773813811. As the number. Marquis is at the NRA convention you can catch his speech at Mark Levine showed dot com and of course he is on pace that. And Twitter my name is Inga barks and -- ZR in Bakersfield California you can find me also. On face the court into -- dot com will be right back I'll shut up and take your calls this is said this is the mark within channel. Welcome back to the market and show my name is Inga barks friends PNCR Bakersfield California. Coming up in mean next hour and a great guest on environmental ethicist. -- talk about. He basically the ethics and the environment. It is next segment. Now while now rich I mean that that based producer yelled for him because I -- it's it's 423. Here. And I think the waves coming on at 77 something right. -- -- No -- I can't wait to share my just my brain wasn't in the mouth right. East Coast West Coast you understand. Anyway and I -- well I faced a page to see people are saying hello and and they're not even commenting on my. Doing -- show they're commenting on. The -- I mentioned that was rescued so like. The latest video of little sweet ginger fighting with her Foster siblings over a blanket you go to my FaceBook page and he -- Jewish all right 8773813811. Is our number will go back to the phones and talk to. And let's see oh and Salem Oregon hate him. Saw I'm enjoying these are great show that you're. Well thank you Mike -- from Albany by the way. The -- little sillier than Salem but it's a lovely place unless. It has. Why you're not well rested and US the question while back our. Who we both oppressed you where they eat your first choice. I have and that's important. Get over forty years I can remember all the president's. I can't vote put -- best you can and that I didn't want to. You voted for the best -- -- so in other words. You you've Maggie Mae had a favorite in the primary but on the other side it was it was what it once he got he got. When I would -- well -- it voted for the best -- -- good -- and I don't want. I -- you. With a perfect that's fantastic. Well that's one way to vote and then in the way we bipartisan energies which is most conservative or are you limber what. I don't want to thank -- In fact based on our hearts. I don't inspiration and I think are true market as video. Systems lobbyist -- -- Nice excellent excellent well thank you accomplish it it. You have a great night apple would that question I saw that Tim was gonna ask but I am I liked his answer was -- something like Howard in a teacher children. You know the truth about politics when all these we've got all these slimy politicians and you know this is why I think mark is so important because and that and there are others as well in the name of the but -- and you know what if you if we know the truth so well. We have our foundational belief squared away and we can defend them. Will analyze when we see them. So yeah I don't know that I wanna spend too much in my children's time teaching them about the slime balls. I think probably the the more important burden is to make sure they appreciate the constitution. And history this country and that the liberties that we -- being given. So that wins somebody throws some an -- and that that is completely. You'll flies in the face of the constitution don't know it. And they'll be able to defend what they believe. So I guess that would be my answer teach them mum I think it's and it's -- testament scripture teach in the way that they shall go and they. They yes they won't depart -- Well my kids still don't wash the dishes so I guess act and a pretty bad job vacuuming is a struggle to and sweeping. -- Bringing plates into the kitchen. But otherwise -- Tom all about the constitution. All right 877313811. Is our number PR hole please stay there -- really do. 12 and wanna hear from you we're gonna talk to an environmental persists. In that very shortly about what the environmental movement has done to this country to this. World to this economy. And then. I hope that that we learned something from that little bit more troops on the other side. -- in the barks from kaine DR Bakersfield billion for the great one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bring -- American values continued. Homer mark -- didn't show Paul Martin's ground grabbing 773813811. Welcome back to the mark and then show mining raising the bar spilling into the great ones such a privilege. 8773813811. I've been talking a little that I usually talk more about the -- California. And a high speed rail and all of that I'd been waiting. For our guest to have this conversation that I can tell you as the LA times now says that he. Drought in California and according to whatever scientists has affected 100%. Of the state of California. And -- you know as a result of this drought you know god didn't cry for a couple of months so we didn't have a lot of rain. And -- mean practically no rain not clouds no rain. But that's only combined with the man made portion of this drought which has been going on for quite some time. Because even though John Boehner claims that if only. The Republicans the conservatives were out that -- annoyed hammer if only they'd join in with him and help him with immigration reform in you know he says if if only they would join that we can fix things he's still haven't done anything for further regarding his -- what came out. He came on how to press conference I was -- So so as a result of this drought now been going on for a couple of years water turned off farmers or farming that -- their growing less food. But the food from the central valley California not just goes out to the you know the rest of the country but it we exported out of the country as well. In some countries in the week we supply their staple it's. Well they're farming -- which means there's less food. If there's less food being grown there are fewer workers needed so now we have an unemployment problem. And those farm laborers they work in towns were bitter practically ghost towns right now as a result of them not being able to work as a result of congress not really do anything as a result of this president's. Not helping us and turning on -- NB -- the allotment of water or here's a crazy idea. -- considering some water storage you know that follow this guy we capture it instead of letting it flowing to the ocean but -- California. So far labors are paying their rent they're not buying goods in the stores they're not. -- putting their children in the schools that they have to leave and go someplace else you to you know find a job which I wish them -- -- doing that. It'd -- tractor salesman does -- -- herself because nobody can afford to buy it so he's hurting and laying off employees and look so. It is not a 100% of the state geographically. I can continue to go down the row I just the other day saw a news piece that our local. Our local food bank. Doesn't have enough food. Because they usually get they're called the cleaners they usually get -- he paid back nine supply from the farmers who are growing as much food. The as the farms and in California's central valley. I think of Paramount to -- house grim way there's some big and big names. Paramount here are the pistachios that you eat where the largest supplier I do believe in the world. And did you know these farmers they pay a lot of taxes -- taxes going -- school same with the oil industry. So as we continue to batter these two industries that that our our way of life here in the central valley. Forward the sake of some pipe dream of some environmental whacko or somebody who just wants to extort money out of these big industries for the next election. And we've we really didn't we really are suffering and the country's going to feel that's. And it may be even some other country so it's not just about the drought however. It's about really the ethics of bees and ridiculous environmental policies. What they ultimately do so joining us from Cornwall alliance -- He stewardship of creation. -- who like I -- he is how -- doctor vice there how are yeah. And just doing great and go but thanks very much for what -- on the -- -- -- Not so much. Natural trial of course there is a natural growth doing on the but that's not unusual both serve pretty cyclical in California they can be predicted. And it should've been provided for -- advance as and so that by restoring water and -- of course instead of sending billions of a complete. Down the river into the ocean they should distorted reservoirs in the that would have been sufficient water to handle -- the -- the speaker of the story don't. -- to keep agriculture going there and central valleys unfortunately. People putting animals. Particularly built a small to improve our head of human beings. And that's not trust simply do of the farmers and all the rest of the people there to California much of my heart goes off to them. More than -- its people around the world depend on the food stuff from California to keep prices down. Most of all the poor. Are the ones who really hurt they're the ones -- undercurrents and starvation. And that is so where the ethics and it -- I get a little confused -- -- -- right. Real confused because and again I come back Californian are dynamic here but I'm sure other people not their heads and and relate in in the -- that you know the government deal with these things in their neck of the woods. But we're seeming to fish so we can't have water so we can grow food so we can't feed the world let. But every year our solar farms and our wind farms get special dispensation from the government to kill bald Eagles. Perfect sue to meld two words out of the sky will tell us exactly. And it -- no problem. I don't understand that confuses me what is the -- what is thinking when you debate these these people -- speak to them what is the mentality oh and let's not forget the high speed rail is gonna. Kill pit boxes and blunt nosed leopard lizards and tortoises and all kinds. Don't well that's funny environmentalists. Welcomed them cost benefit analysis. When it's done it in favor of making sure that people have because entries of food food safe transportation and the housing and all the -- of the things that we need. But condemn a cost benefit analysis. And somehow unethical. But then when it comes to. We didn't forums were troubled students solar panels and muscle reforms. And the fact that those. -- all kinds of different wildlife not just birds but in the news in the desert the huge -- forest. Well wipe out a lot of ground life plants and animals like. Well when it comes to that this whole world that you receive the benefit of reducing our use of fossil fuels to prevent global warming. Outweighs the negative of killings available some birds and so. You know I would I would plain -- logical thing for. Well it is -- I would find it is slightly logical if I believe that we really were -- minimizing our use of fossil fuels but not yet and yet we're not Kelly audience about that. Well. Wind and solar of course certain intermittent. It's it's and not Chinese at least an average of twelve hours today in the plot to -- its war. Don't offer -- window and bullets holes. Or intermittent. You have to have steady power to the grid or you try people's machines. And around the group goes down people can die because of that. So you gotta keep steady power that means you have to keep natural gas or coal fired power plants. On what's called spinning reserve which is very low power generation but they're still running and the result that is very inefficient use of their fuel. And actually more the emotion of of the carbon dioxide. Which the greens of course are afraid his color causing global warming although they have vastly exaggerated that. Yeah so it's called spinning reserve. It in other words they have to always have on hand the amount of electricity -- would be needed just in case is undone China wind don't blow. So we're still generating electricity. At the expense of the environment. But coal gas and nuclear can be wrapped up -- very very quickly to keep steady power supply to the group wind and solar cannot be. So big coal gas and nuclear of course the greens don't like the nuclear because they're irrationally afraid of it despite the fact -- the -- the safest record of any countries. And it's the cleanest and it's the cheapest but that. Either here or there for them. Open because of those that we -- the Cornwall alliance construction creation work on all the time -- network about sixty different scholars. Theologians and scientists and economists. Committed to. Really good group stewardship country's economic development for the poor as well as to preserving Christian faith and Christian ethics. The world -- is -- that turned upside down by environmental and full of bad science bad economics bad ethics and frankly a lot of Bad Religion. It amen to that and it it's difficult for me when dealing with the issue of environmentalists because well on many levels cal but but one of them is that I -- -- -- very little fact I mean he declared things as fact. I was watching it -- piece you're local and Bakersfield the other day about a hydrogen plant and then at the anchor -- reporter would ask the hydrogen plant to defend their use of water defend their -- you know you're used that excess carbon and it took frak and I mean they're gonna do all kinds of recycling and and they had to defend all let me go to the critics who say well. What if one of their. You -- they have an explosion with an end and there's nothing required of them in terms of following through any improving their hypothesis. There's lots of little hypothesis there's lots of speculation that produce favorable fact that's of particular case in terms of well the whole era of of being true this man made global warming. It's all based on computerized. Global climate models but climate models however sophisticated they may be an however. Enormous and faster computers maybe. They're output is simply hypothesis. It's not a big it's not -- the real world observation and it has to be tracked. By comparison list. Real world observation but the fact is that of the 140 or so. Part of -- -- also on which the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change relies for its forecast to temperature. 95%. Our. Even outside the durable -- in terms of what observed temperature definitely over the last thirty years. They can't get it right they're totally wrong and therefore they cannot be relied on for projections about future temperature. Then why they continue to win the argument and why -- we continue to acquiesce. Arguably do what they do. I'd bet all the and they refused to debate that -- just re issued its challenge to evangelical climate scientist Kathryn had -- days. Lot of time magazine's. Hundred most influential people. We've just reassure the challenge that we put to her six month ago. -- debate I don't anticipate which is going to accept that challenge. -- side never touched your life because they claimed consensus contrary to act. And -- and they simply refused to debate because they know this but it didn't get a little bit of debate. The facts are gonna come -- Now the AM and I don't even think I need to have a lot of knowledge to debate that might just need to ask them to prove their case. Yeah it helped us. A persuade even water one way to get done is come to Cornwall alliance stop a largely in the regional -- -- there -- so common like torque Cornwall alliance page on FaceBook. I absolutely have already in them spreading the word I was reading an article they might even the one about your challenge to -- set professor there was there's another doctor what's his name is weighing. And he was using the model the computer Molly just mentioned and at what he found was that as this I -- -- -- that we're about to have they think start with very cold water in China. And I was think simple little -- might be punished. That is the fact is that observational. Science shows us the people overwhelmingly. Majority cause of the warming of the last thirty years. Has been a natural not man made. Doesn't mean that man they -- their actions have had have had nothing to do with -- battle -- like that but not much most of it is natural. And trying to -- trying to reduce future warming by reducing our use of fossil fuels. This really it's a disciple. Because fossil fuels aside from nuclear are the least expensive the most abundant the most reliable. And they can deliver the roughly two billion people around the world who are still so poor that what they depend on for. Cooking and -- is may lead would depend -- don't. The smoke from which the World Health Organization until something in the neighborhood of four million people a year mostly children. In developing countries those people desperately need. To advance to the far far cleaner and far more reliable. Well fossil fuels coal and natural gas for electricity. And then for transportation instead of their own feet or or -- and so. Need to be able to use petroleum fuels trust the way to the West -- but unfortunately. Most western environmentalists are wealthy elites who couldn't care less whether the poor around the world begin to enjoy eternal life that they do. -- continued chipping around their conferences under the United Nations and so on. Al Gore will continue to use -- private jet -- the all of that the despite the fact that the poor can't do that. -- -- And what is last question for you know what what is our role we people who are sensible about these these things are role. Well I -- role is -- won't be well informed of the Cornwall alliance stop a large nice well -- the and that number two become indicating true especially you'll -- coal. Represented scooter or city councilman here -- can really county commissioner -- Regional planning commission won't be communicating to them especially about the need to put people first. And to get up off of agenda 21 and he -- be international council for local for the local environmental initiative. Which is actually trust simply a big view and saying it's a boondoggle. And it is all about destroying property rights. In the name of so called sustainability. Whether in fact it's it's a very unsustainable way of life. Because it is important impoverished people and that destroys. Liberty and the rule of law which are crucial to -- would. And that sounds unethical right there so that we really do we really do need to get serious about this debate and this and teach our children the truth as well so they recognize slides. Doctor doctor cal. I'm gonna get the last name wrong open ice there he. Is now I don't I don't have that -- -- -- from the -- while alliance thank you so much for your time today thanks for feed their brains a little bit. And I look forward to talking you again soon. And I have a good one. As doctor by -- from the Cornwall alliance for. We'll be right back I think the bark and came DR -- -- filling in for the great one this is the mark within channel. -- revenge shell mining is Inga barks from candy are in Bakersfield California Andy former home. But your dinner. And -- could. I welcome you back 877313811. Is our number I do promise to give back. To your phone calls in the next hour I like your opinions better than mine that I was as I was listening to cal -- -- from the corner while alliance talking about that. -- well just talking about the ethics and the environmental movement and it occurred to me as I was listening to him that. After Arnold Schwarzenegger the green governor signed 8032 and a law which is sort of the stepping stone to agenda 21. And passed the cap and trade lie in the state of California. We began to cap and or trade and of course that money is supposed to be used to mitigate for all of the terrible pollution of the gross polluters who were paying to be able to pollute and therefore not really cleaning up the air. But that's. Silly stuff don't worry about that. Pay no attention so that's it's this is for the governor. Unable to get the funding that he needs for his high speed rail it's gonna travel. 800 miles at 200 something miles an hour news in the zigzag through the state and has been sued so many times that ten. They're pretty much out of funding and the federal government isn't doesn't wanna match he decided well we -- -- cap and trade money she's back to apply toward the high speed rail. So I and that I'm being about as I'm listening to count and it occurred to me that this occurred to me how many of power this electrified high speed rail. It's gonna have -- a lot of electricity generated and I'm guessing it won't be powered by a wind turbine or any solar farm is now would be tough. That we wouldn't go to intermountain power it would go three. Miles an I didn't stop and they don't really fascinates stopping him. Well BM will be right back. Elevate people's. Signing the barks from kaine DR Bakersfield California filling in for the great one. This is the mark within show. He's here. Only underground. From the bowels of a hidden. So when it comes to a brick and steel. This brick building. We -- once again make contact without. My name is again this is I. Almost got it wrong. -- -- -- -- Filling in for mark plus heat is at the NRA convention. And you know if you've never heard mark speak publicly. I highly recommend the experience I've heard him a good number of times and in one time at. Answered this before one time it was Sharon Bakersfield. Where I'm from the mentioning the barks is my name -- ZR. Bakersfield is the station and say yeah I was sitting next and at the head table at a right to life event. And he stood -- to give a speech he started the speech -- it. You are right. He just went down the list you are right on life you're right on the you know on and this amendment and that amendment in and you know he just went down so inspiring. To hear him speak and it's always from a place. And letting the constitution and you know respecting. Respecting the founders and their intent and so is treat to hear him speak our member taking notes on a napkin as I was listening to my -- that -- -- Good knowledge before we take calls and we will take calls that Connie in the first hour from Oklahoma had mentioned that Eric Holder was going to be speaking. In Oklahoma City at a police cadet graduation and Connie you're right he Eric Holder back now what he said it had nothing to do we see multiple protesters. They didn't want him there actually -- busy little -- busy schedule thing but he really was looking forward to talking to punch a police officers about. Going out there and catching bad guys so that he can release them. So I'm sorry that she didn't show up and in Oklahoma City I also wanted to comment on Mitch McConnell. Challenger. Matt and Evan who has been if you've seen the story he's been criticized heavily by Mitch McConnell especially. Because he attended a cock fight eighteen rallying -- I don't think it was cock fighting at the rally that he attended a rally about cock fighting. And you know for me it's almost comical saying -- where I live in the central valley California we've got a hold onto people who come here. I had many of them are from another culture many of them hide in the shadows she says with quote fingers. And they bring with -- the culture that they now because we don't require that they assimilate and so we share we can't share of the cock fighting and the dog fighting. And then it is cultural I guess for these people but that doesn't stop -- from arresting him. It is illegal in Kentucky as I understand but people want it to be illegal. And so is this so here's. Here's Matt -- at this at this rally and there's the audience on the Internet you can hear -- I'll I listened to his entire statement it's it's edited. -- -- that doesn't mean it wasn't in context but the truth is when somebody said to him he talked about -- talked about freedom he talked about this and that. Winds -- the audience said but are you would you support the legalization of cock fighting. It's strange conversation to have but then again I live in a state you're in California where. The people voted to give chickens more space in their cages and if given the opportunity we would ban. You know plastic bags. Everywhere so you know it may -- it's not to have -- Out of line question and his cancer was not -- stand firmly committed to legalizing. Cock fighting. His answer was not -- a -- hold the position that everyone should have -- -- in -- back -- -- a rooster roosters and chickens and a and a -- -- in their backyard maybe to what he said was basically State's rights argument. And you know look. If that if a person represented he's doing your job right. If it's something is legal. Even if they don't like it. I would expect them as long as it's constitutional -- is consistent with law and logic and and and the rights of the of the people in now. I guess what I'm saying is when when we passed proposition eight in California for instance protection of marriage act. Jerry Brown are now governor yeah he was our attorney general. He refused to defend. The will of the people in the city California on that issue before the court he wouldn't do it. -- Arnold Schwarzenegger. And so when he was governor at the time and in sought I. I don't I don't know I I guess what I'm saying is that I -- I want to be consistent. And states' rights is a pretty consistent conservative position to have. You insert legalizing cock fights and it becomes kind of a strange conversation. But now this is my experience I did not hear him anywhere saying yes. Cock fighting for everybody. What I heard him say was I believe in states' rights. And so and Mitch McConnell attacking him for statement. And it makes perfect sense because so many of the establishment. In our federal government aren't big fans of State's rights right. In fact the constitution is -- an annoyance to them your rights and freedoms are an annoyance to them because it interferes with them. Limiting said freedoms and no you know nanny stating you to death. And making paid informant. All right we'll take a call I so appreciate the patience of many view and and we and we'll take calls right now 8773813. 811. And let's talk to -- Unlike this is it may result in Ohio now. Yes -- what does he figured. Thank you for your patience welcome to the -- prevention. My pleasure speaking -- a -- like there -- revert back to their own immigration finger at caller spoke to earlier. Terabyte you don't want to ever -- that. He policy nor do you hide billions of more. More per hired him when we have our administration's. Attorney general a president. That won't even enforce the -- -- Well I -- the mall. Mean like I I don't know I think it they're all pretty much the same to me I mean. I live in the valley where we -- we celebrate we protect we defend our our -- community 'cause it's our bread and butter. And we subsidize them and we. Yeah we paid taxes for those children of those farm laborers who are legal here to go to school and go to hospitals and it's better and so on and and -- so the fact that there are some farmers who don't require. Identification required in them to be compliance with the laws -- frustrating. Well there exactly you know I like providers see there's just more than the business fifty horsepower administration and everything to go -- what that. Yeah all of them. You know I say it's all of -- -- I mean Obama Obama isn't enforcing it that really did bush. -- regret -- you know not. Go ahead. I learned watching the flesh sir listen mark. You know so yeah I'm I'm reading his suspension upon liberty and tyranny and. Wonderful. -- sometimes my brain can't take it all and I'm fifty so I I sometimes have to listen to the replay distinct distance feel and some of the blanks now. So I'm I'm glad the you've learned so much -- two everytime I listen to mark and I thank you very much for your call from Ohio. It's 7738138110. You can -- -- -- of the NRA that Mark Rubin showed dot com Marc Whitten showed dot com he courses on FaceBook. He's on Twitter as MIA indicate barks. Dot com you can find me on face that and the much Ed. Requested photo of the dog that mark inspired me get to rescue with the help of my listeners is up on that FaceBook page he can see -- she's gorgeous and she should be adopted. She just has one thing wrong with their. And missing leg but it hasn't stopped there I'll tell you that -- let's talk to use Steven Massachusetts tasty if welcome to market and show how I. They talk of reform in congress it's responsible army. It will be -- the current laws that we have now on the books passed by congress of the people. Will take care of the -- deal with the criminal undocumented. Illegal aliens. There's flexibility in bringing him with a curved -- Needed people if we need them to work forms or whatever. But how if we get reform. Will post new laws be forced to. They're not going to be enforced because that of course you now maybe what we should do was sit like that guardians. California a pig it's still a big -- such -- -- -- -- -- Yet -- it out. It it it is crazy I I think you know if we limited the bureaucracy in every department in this -- you know the federal government and state governments. We'd probably then be able to stand back and look at skeleton of the laws and see what's necessary what's not -- I I think you know I agree with you entirely Steve that reform isn't gonna happen and we already have laws in place and some of those laws I think. Again because of layers of bureaucracy. Do you make it harder for good people who do wanna come here legally do it or. People who come and their their visa expired while they were waiting to get their visa renewed and now they're here illegally but they. But became the right way you know there's there's thinks like that out there the -- empathize with I do. And and I think that we should definitely take a look at those things but we're talking about a complete overhaul. And I don't know what that looks like. We didn't enforce our laws and we're not and writing a bunch of new laws doesn't as as Steve sat and think he's -- call. Bring about a new laws doesn't say that that they it doesn't imply. And all we know that they'll be enforced. And so -- -- -- -- -- could we get so sucked into the human element and we let politicians -- and that hold active love. Who was -- the president Jeb Bush she said it coming across the border is an act of love the bit. And now or aideed and let's -- I think we can do it yet we can do it let's talk to -- in Indianapolis take Kyle welcome to the market in -- One problem I could take as much as -- don't go to the comment on the immigration -- there are trying to do my point. Idea that oh and by the way thank you for mentioning that Mark Rubin has this speech be re up on the web site because yeah iPod. I would have loved to have gone a bit but I have to work. Let me get a pay the bills and the taxes -- -- -- -- -- -- So I just want to comment on the environmental when you were talking about earlier there. Mom I got to create the idea and I'd might well end up at the end up regretting it later but you know I would -- that you talked about the you know talk with a dark -- of the court wont to do yes -- -- and and he was saying that they've invited this you know whack job climate scientist lady two to talk you know to debate right. And the facts and of course she won't accept it. You know maybe we need to take a little bit of a page from the liberals book here and say you know what what we demand that you -- debate just proved your point. Didn't you know if you don't. Then you're -- first of all and I can only assume that we can only assume because she won't actually stand up and you know and what people examine that you work you don't suppose that fact in the cold light of truth -- -- -- You know and that double that today air should also come in the form of a reminder that she's a public servant she's actually professor I believe it was -- you talk. And then at a public university. So we're paying for her anyway or the people of Utah are she's an employee. She should it yet she takes our money she spends on her recent quote unquote research comes up with a result and she won't defend that result. And that I'm getting pretty tired of us you've -- so many people money. To study nothing. So -- you know at least make them defend -- for a new. Thank you -- your column go to break come back with the rest of your calls. In the back my mind I'm remembering just recently there was the researcher who who got nineteen million dollars. From the federal government to any did nothing with that he didn't either -- spare -- -- -- was suspended from from requesting a grant for three years and he doesn't have to refund the money. And it was some ridiculous you know like -- do short legs make people warmer you know something like that. So she did a study she's paid for by you your tax dollars she should defend her position and take on the debate I agree entirely. 8773813811. We will be right back I think apart from candy aren't Bakersfield California filling in for the great one this is the mark prevention now. OK then. This is the -- then show mining using the barks. Filling in for the great one. Fine and might I host a show in Bakersfield California. On hand ZR -- love my job. Hey I noticed yesterday I thought it was really interesting I I -- there's piece that I've mentioned a million times on the show. By Victor Davis Hanson who was -- son. I don't know three years ago or mourn and victors just a wonderful man he's he's central valley guy you hear a month. -- -- show you hear other Arab people quoting -- time could he's he's just say he's a great guy is brilliant line. In this piece let's call to California's went one of the things he talks about is the fact that you've got inland incredibly poor people in mind out in our -- mine in victors. And it incredibly poor people who have not been required to assimilate into our culture. And so we don't require them to following need the laws. And then you got your coastal wealthy people in northern California wealthy people who love to pass these laws they love to. Two -- come up with these laws and then there in forest on well folks like me. Nothing and you. And meanwhile. The the very core and especially those who are not legal citizens. Who violate these crimes that -- -- violate these laws don't have to comply and not held to that. To that same standard and and you just thinking about the elites and we talked a little while ago with our -- about that. These wind farms killing bald Eagles with permission of the government you know things like that well apparently in northern California. In ancient it's it's a five -- nearly 5000 year old American Indian. Burial ground. Was. Destroyed. To build it. Two million class. -- dollar -- It again. On the -- if he'd -- they get in Sacramento -- -- -- and the legislature and temperatures that they love to tell me whether and I can build a house on -- -- -- -- And they love to tell you whether or not you can have a business where tortoises. But it -- two million dollar house with a really good view. They don't mind too much tearing up in Indian burial ground it's nearly 5000 years old now there was. Aid they need and representatives from that will what they think is that tried and some archaeologists who came and looked at the at the sites and they came to some kind of an agreement. And they found what they find they found it. Close they found bodies if I enjoy different they found beads. They found art work and then they bulldozed over it. And it was with the permission I have to fight and had a tough time understanding via their argument that they seem to say. It says here as required by law developers have brought to archaeological experts to excavate the site of work as monitors. The federal Indians have beaten gratin rancher Rihanna who were designated most likely descendants were also there. And did they went ahead and did this you know kind of recorded what was there and then it's. Two million dollar house is so I liked that story I thought it was kind of interesting don't you try it. But if you're an elite team in northern California. Who wants to ban plastic bags and sir -- she is -- the hot sauce is called. Have you heard that story. It's down to Los Angeles way to see anywhere that wonderful fantastic. Chinese -- is is made is actually this city council's preparing to. Declare them a public nuisance. -- moved to Bakersfield. -- -- -- 3811. As the number I'm sorry Honda all the time again but would I will get back I will get your calls -- he David and Greg in Lenny. And we'll do our best to get to everybody else in the in the course of the next half hour -- can't believe how quickly. It goes by I really can't you guys are just so much fun and if I get the chance I'll tell you about a new anti bullying app. -- kids can put on their phones. Still really stop. Bullying if they can. If if if if if they can I touch screen. And reported. And and -- it. -- hopefully we'll get to that. I mean the Argentinian -- in Bakersfield California filling -- for the great one. This is the mark within sound. But. In. And it's. Mark in -- Coalition meets at great -- 8774813811. Welcome back to the marker then show my name is Inga barks from candy. The Reagan coalition if you've never been to the Reagan library it's certainly worth the trip out to California to see it's -- it's just a nice day. That's like if he could you go you walk around to take your time there's. Beautiful Vista as places to sit and just enjoy can have a glass of wine you can. You have lunch there and and just look talent and Hawaii the president loves Simi Valley and I encouraging and discouraging yet here in Reagan's name reminded me of that. All right 8773813811. Day in Los Angeles welcome to the market then -- Welcome I'm. The California attorney general did not defend proposition eight because it's clearly unconstitutional. My question to you. Oil oil oil oil oil oil away. How is it -- unconstitutional. It's been violated. Yeah. I -- I have to go here to go to work -- really -- Hulu that's. It will be ruled that -- ruled unconstitutional then. It violates the equal rights were also it has it has not been ruled unconstitutional. I have to go to work and I ask you might question. Well I mean you said it's clearly unconstitutional I'm asking why even the Supreme Court didn't declare -- -- They don't get to that but my question to you -- sixty's were the attorney general of the state that passed a proposition that was clearly on constitute. -- it hasn't been ruled unconstitutional. If you put the attorney general of this state that pastor proposition notes that nobody could have gotten its order for it well that would be clearly unconstitutional. -- slavery -- that would be clearly unconstitutional. Would you defend that if you were the attorney general. That they would Isabel it's hypothetically this ridiculous because it would never be on the ballot. It wouldn't become a state constitutional that this was a state constitutional issue in California with prop eight. And it would not be constitutional on its face. So it wouldn't pass I wouldn't support it I wouldn't endorse and I wouldn't have to defendant because it wouldn't pass -- when he be on the ballot. Now. I guarantee you ma'am that the Supreme Court will find that banning same sex couples cannot marry. Violates the equal rights for all property section of the. They might they might very well rule that I don't know they didn't rule -- the last time in fact they didn't even hear it they didn't say that they want. So I'm not sure what sure and you you must know more about the future than I do terms of predictions they might very well I I I don't know but I can tell you. That in your initial statement was is clearly unconstitutional. He was I ask you who ruled it unconstitutional you couldn't name anybody because it wasn't. And that though with a and another really interesting thing to me about that issue out all distraught parent David still there or not but if you are usually David. Okay if if if here's my hypothetical for you. If marijuana is illegal. In the state California you're live in Los Angeles so if marijuana was illegally -- California and then there was a ballot measure that made it legal. But it was overturned in the courts would that make it illegal again. -- -- Los -- still legally it you have to change the law to make it legal. So before proposition eight passed. Same sex marriage was not legal and that the traditional marriage was the only one who was protected when prop eight passed it was a confirmation in the constitution of that. And when it was overturned therefore. It should have gone back to what it was before prop eight where it was illegal for homosexuals to marry. Now I'm not I'm not trying to my emotional feelings about this I'm just speaking logic here. If it's illegal made legal not to overturn that goes back to being illegal again if it's illegal if it's legal may illegal. And that's overturning goes back to being legal again gay marriage was never legal. And that was never constitutional. Well yeah -- probably -- all mean she can't say that everybody has equal rights but gay adult. And I don't even know who's ever said that Zelaya I'm I'm a little lost on your. On your whole premise but -- -- You can't say that it is clearly unconstitutional there hasn't been ruled that way you can say you think it's unconstitutional -- that's your opinion that that's not block. And if it was illegal before hasn't even challenged in fact. In fact if it it's clearly unconstitutional why didn't liberals in California spends so much time just trying to. Chip away at and undermine. Traditional values and traditional family with a little tiny laws about. You boys who think they're girls using this bathroom or Harvey Milk day what are you just go pay on is obviously illegal to keep homosexuals from being married and being you know having everything that says that -- Heterosexuals have word is gonna make it law they haven't done and the Democrats will reinstate the liberals are in charge. A Republican -- needs to show up. So I'm a little lost his two YE. If this is such a terrible thing for freedom and liberty and it's such a black guy -- why all of the extreme liberal. In California and gone so far as to tell little boys they can. They can use the bathroom next -- little girls haven't taken the extra mile gone the extra mile to -- we officially legalize gay marriage and. I don't I don't agree with little boys using girls' bathrooms but -- Do you agree with equal rights for all consent. Well then you do agree with little boys she's single girl's bathrooms because. It's it's a crime that these children who think there another sacks and another gender are are made to use the bathroom with Eric and Tom with their anatomical -- likeness. That's unequal treatment. They're not being treated equally. I don't agree it's a little boys should be able to use little girl's bathrooms. But I do agree with the constitutional. Guarantee -- he writes for all. So you agree that children. Don't have equal rights and by the way you should take one step further because we don't have this lot for the bathrooms in the in the private sector so that means there's a bunch of adults who are another -- who are being denied their equal right to use the other bathroom. -- -- It's sad it's an issue consistency and I think if you're Cuyahoga have a great night at work. And then hope Melancon in the Supreme Court did not rule on prop eight. FYI the Supreme Court said we're not -- if I remember my if I remember correctly they said we're getting here this because. Actually what an -- they said those who are defending prop eight we won't let them stand before this court and that was because. The attorney general. And the governor of the state of California. And especially attorney general would not do his job and defend the state so an outside entity. Came to defend proposition eight. And the court ruled the High Court ruled it. I can't -- and visit -- couple years ago but -- fire call Rite -- they ruled that basically just because you have an interest in the issued doesn't mean. You automatically get to represented people so the people had no representation and I hope David is still out there you would agree. That's probably pretty unconstitutional. As well. I where am I doing mr. producer -- -- -- lost my mind. I'll take about. 87738. Want me when one is -- numbers go to Greg in Philadelphia. I friendly -- a -- -- receiving its right. To the viewers out. It's my Monday but also -- on don't you know liberals says something -- arms -- -- -- true. I think that is I think I did learn that in college. Yeah yeah. Boundaries that respect all what's got you Barbara -- spoke to about earlier and for full disclosure I'm not a -- -- like your governor. Well -- -- either he's either him or at least what he's doing with the water rights is disgusting onions. To market. Back in the seventies. I was around. The pollution LA it was like the pollution as in Beijing. And a Great Lakes secret proficient in us history of the -- report. So mother saying to the EPA did. Editors are -- analyst it's. Worked out -- but somewhere along aren't they just kept pushing and pushing and try to -- -- utopia. It is impossible. Right well you know I would say I would seem defensive industry that. You know did -- they don't they don't make a better widget and necessarily always because her some. Regulation bearing down on them from the federal government sometimes they find a way to make it more efficient and cleaner. Because they you know and and a -- make more money doing it. So I would say it it it maybe those changes work all because the government regulations that perhaps a private matter private sector you know the market. Well I I work for big bad oil company and Lou Parse our safety. And our environmental. Record these exceptional because this fact to cope but he cares about it. As server -- us billionaire as serpent a problem here. What -- air immediately. And they're trying to picture as quickly as possible -- summer warned. It's bad business because that's bad you know. Of course they do I mean you know that the whole -- the whole evil oil only evil -- now -- it's ridiculous these are my neighbors there you know. You know it's say it's a ridiculous accusation that you wanna live somewhere that that poisons you know right. I had -- by the way if you ever and he ever get bored look at the lake view gusher. It was seen here in Miami in my beautiful valley it was 190. No it was 19081990. Like that it's -- it's still the largest. A gusher ever. Is he made it bigger than BP and it went right -- -- eighteen months. That oil has flown out and somehow we all were born with two eyes. And make it so. We -- And you just get on YouTube Indian prized super trash. I remember when I was a little girl I remember. It change the world it did I I I quit -- I felt guilty. So I actually. Actually my company direct the one thing we don't just as we don't of the building. These are very porous recycling so every night on leave and I'm chairing Eric -- back with all the recycling of the guys around me. Because a prospect just like given that -- world and I. Here you go there you go well and where if the Obama does much more or it won't be a better world and a handoff to the play that I thank you for your call your awesome. And then we can can I still -- I've totally lost my mind now. In the third -- rich what do we take a break and then come back RA will take a break and come back 8773813811. Is DNA is the number for the mark -- -- don't forget you can go to Mark Levine showed dot com and see the speech he gave at the NRA. Today and he there's a -- in fact bright part has a story about a paying their mark prevention dot com see the speech you find mark time and Twitter you can find mark on FaceBook. And if you wanna find me indicate barks at and I'm on FaceBook is well. -- -- -- barks dot com just look at -- -- radio and Bakersfield because that's where right it's why I'm certain right now. All right again I think the -- filling in for the great one this is the mark within channel. Welcome back. You know I forgot to ask mining using the -- by the way candy are. In Bakersfield California filling in for the great landmark event he'll be back on Monday. He catches NRA speech at Mark Levine showed dot com I forget to mention we had the environmental -- -- insist on from Cornwall. And debt Fresno. My my darling friends -- in Fresno -- guy named by whoever number one. On the California pollution lest they used to be -- just a couple of feet away from my house but now it's Fresno which is awesome and here's what I wanted to ask because this totally confused me. When you look at a map of the city of Fresno. It's only a certain neighborhood. Then has this really really high level of I guess of pollutants in the air and it's curious to me. 'cause you know importers are things that we see on maps but they're not really physical. You know I mean a physical he passover and that you're you designate a couple of streets. And I thought that was on but congratulations president. You're number one. Janice in California welcome to the mark -- -- Well I think that's I'm done about it doctor. My -- I want has -- about that you talked a little bit no. What you win and we -- -- up -- -- foot soldiers California yeah. Which are so many public aware of their cattle graze cattle foothills. And it can elevate people complain about a burnout stacked what I wanted to be around -- -- -- is a good part of my life. What that you know to try noted there are some -- -- so they don't become a master better or else. -- that's there but remember they're getting permission from the dads they're getting special dispensation to -- Bald Eagles. Can I can add one reports -- have -- I -- yes. -- did -- on NASA program. He talked about it no one has talked about this adorable under pressure no matter. Yeah I wanna I I really I don't feel comfortable getting in about one. And tonight tennis I thank you for your call I don't mean to be -- I missing there's too many nuances to that story and not enough time to act. To cover have been asked for the Eagles in the wind turbines killing. Killing birds and all that -- my frustration is just the complete inconsistency imminent that if it is my project or my livelihood or my job. If it doesn't affect the -- lead -- to put me out of business they'll claim that at some units for the animal for the fish it's for the birds for the tourists it's for the lizard but if it is their project. And then they don't mind. They don't mind killing the very animals that they defend state California it's illegal to issued a Mountain Lion. It's illegal now the hunt bears would dogs which was kinda Sutton the dogs are trained to do -- and that do you keep the country safe. So what is the state do now well we've got too many mountain lions and too many bears and a few other things so they actually give tags to people to -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Should they captured there are no we just shoot them because they're population's going. And so you know it is just absolutely no consistency in these people. Mentality I I I believe more and more every day that it really isn't about some principled stand it's about. Control it's about stealing your liberties and freedoms. And then and you know back to the nanny state is and I think we can do it before the show is so let's go to -- in Indianapolis Haley. Welcome to the market and show I. Thanks for technical great job that -- -- and it and it kind of summarize what you just said that it collapsed did not have double standards. There would have no standards at all and that's. Nice. Great it is illustration that if you see -- about the top and the bottom man of the economical are scale. Go to Washington get exempted. You known -- -- cronies get exempted from military to apply to look like obamacare like disclosure and that. And even the Republicans get that luxury. He he I'd be rolling actually -- Davis and at the very bottom of the spectrum the undocumented workers illegal aliens. You know they get free country health care -- outreach route map -- the whole nine -- And that's the folks who are just -- as citizens ordered from sunup to sundown trying to make ends meet. They're basically put the tab for the whole playing so you know you get double standard to vote and -- -- -- You're right on one hand the elites. Excuse themselves from the requirements on the other hand the elites excuse. The people on the lower end. From having to comply with the rules and taxes and laws. And in the middle class where the ones left to comply more than -- have to pay for it we don't we were the ones that pay for when they don't. And I -- ya I agree with you entirely really well said. They can hurt you as well at night. All right we've got a minute to close up shop on one saint. Of course and mr. producer and mr. call screener you guys got me great calls and good show I would love it when mark says something to -- call -- like I wouldn't -- -- says she's stuff like. Well tempered good calls. There's cracks me amp amp. Yes exactly and -- that he's -- -- again you can see marks speech to the NRA had Mark Rubin showed dot com. And you can find need should you wish on face the and I've got an email at the in my radio station -- DR dot com. And I want to thank all of you for playing along. Again. Mr. producer mr. call stringer always for being so supportive and mark. You are just awesome he'll be back on Monday and that's a good thing I can't wait to -- at his feet again and take a few minutes. My name is in the barks from -- NCR radio and Bakersfield. And this has been the market didn't show.

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