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NewsRadio 1330 KNSS>Audio & Video on Demand>>Fri 4/25/14 Hr 2 JBS Dan Henninger, WSJ. Noah Shachtman, Daily Beast. Gregory Copley, author. Emma Rosenblum, Bloomberg Businessweek.

Fri 4/25/14 Hr 2 JBS Dan Henninger, WSJ. Noah Shachtman, Daily Beast. Gregory Copley, author. Emma Rosenblum, Bloomberg Businessweek.

Apr 26, 2014|

Dan Henninger, WSJ. Noah Shachtman, Daily Beast. Gregory Copley, author. Emma Rosenblum, Bloomberg Businessweek.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm John gosh this is the John Dotson shot San Francisco federation. -- corners where the academy is no doubt that's the 24 century here we are and it's funny person. San Francisco where Twitter is an apparently. Twitter doing wonderful business a very much live on Twitter. Is not exactly welcome in San Francisco by every one. In this very liberal town Jeff bliss but -- index Jeff who is being rude to Twitter I thought things were going well good evening to. And there's there are most people courses -- -- this goes so there's any number. Special interest groups and individuals who would fight just about anything on any given day. In this case kept pressing leaders on -- Cisco's board of supervisors. And to be a progressive leader on Sampras disposed or supervisors is saying something to really you know beat the cream -- -- prime source city. And then along with members of the SE -- that they -- in. They're demanding that there's there's going to be an end that tax break it's helped revitalize. That portion in this city where Twitter group there were other high tech companies to move it and and where are detracting others to come in and help revitalize that area. And because Twitter successful and because it's revitalized what's the area into. It's an area known as big market -- of the police call that there are some people still call the tenderloin. And it's an area that most people tried to stay away from if you were tourist you only went there on accident -- was a place that was populated with. Paul blessed with drug deals going down the street with all kinds of crime on the street. Are you had seedy motels check cashing places. Strip club. You know pot will bars those -- places and -- course -- year they've really help change things by bringing Twitter and some of these other than companies and there. The Twitter people continue because we're now going to a story that's even more difficult to generalize this is the great debt a Debra Saunders writing for the services so chronicle. -- rich people Jeff. Why is everyone in -- is a rich. You'd think if you'd think it was true if you look at the real estate prices and some of the yet. Submit apps that you get going to a bar or one of the nicer restaurants there by. The truth it is serves as a quite a mixed but a lot of people feel like they're being pushed out by that. The tech folks in the -- in there and you know that's helped drive up the real estate prices is truly is you know that. That's premarket you know where people say you know I'm gonna get the most -- and for whatever I'm gonna try to sell out here and that's that's probably some people be pushed out. Now a pot party in San Francisco OK dog bites man but still. This a pot party and apparently attracted a mountain range of trash that also doesn't seem unusual -- what happened. Well every year on April 20 which is known as for twenty that your national pot they -- are a number of euphemisms for it there's a huge party in Golden Gate Park which is pretty fabulous park itself it. It's certainly rivals Central Park in new York and other great parts but it's a place where on the 20 April which is practice unofficial pot today. Tens of thousands of people show up and vendors. And all sorts of people dealing drugs. And they have a massive party people wideout or start camping out -- -- Q before and when it's all said and done. Places and -- And it does this. Party have a permit to I mean this is something it's supervised. His suits of the governance OK with it don't they provide the kind of infrastructure that every party hats. Well that really it has its -- as a matter fact. They tell people you can't -- things you can't -- -- can't benefit and the people do it and the fact is is the police say over and over and look where -- can arrest you for being our first sort out but if you got open alcohol containers of yours selling drugs in the open. If you're underage those things will attention I think. We're always send out at the end of the days they -- somewhere near a dozen people on different different reasons super causes. But I think what is this year. The clean up afterwards was even more expensive receive bigger than it was before. They had quite a campaign saying look folks have more trash and more facilities please use them. And once again they overwhelm the system and it's just amazing how much traction everything else what it's. Looking to a new record in Tony fifteen. I got eight million signed up at the debate is over says the White House. Eight million signed up despite all odds the bad website but suddenly in California there's a revelation as to how so many people signed up so late what do we know. Or are certainly an incentive and have a respect -- where it acts repairs where she hit a bounty for every Obama here signed up. Recovered California which is the government agencies it's been administering change here California. And that bounty to our knowledge was 58 dollars per successful applications is the daily caller. And 25 dollars per successful annual renewal so it doesn't look like kids and it's and it's gonna continue for years annual renewal. Jeff do we have any information that people were perhaps participating in this state they would get a cut of the action of they signed up. Or don't but that's a very interesting question that's one of those obscure. Bits of data that is not shared with the general public that we don't know if they're worried -- made between. For errors and and folks having their taxes prepared. But certainly it's something that the folks to places like Jackson Hewitt Tax Service in liberty tax service and other places. Quite happy -- about is certainly it was very very profitable that. Now my favorite story of the week from San Francisco free shrimp boy who easy Jeff. Trip Horry is they have alleged gangster. Out of Chinatown there surfaces. Who is caught up in this -- we. Fit in it ended up adding. A -- states senator legally view from San Francisco and senator you know others in preacher -- Were his name is great interest or child were were were charged with a number of different counts including gun running trafficking. Bribery. All all sorts of public corruption charge. And the shrimp -- part of this what you have to say conspiracy remains popular despite that fact that the evidence points of the fact the FBI. Has been whining indicting him for years he's a very popular fellow in fact I see here and a London newspaper a picture of him standing next of lieutenant governor when he was man. That's right he was well -- bigger and struck terror it is so expensive as you point out of dollars whining -- FDR did and -- have dollar wine and dine him. And I mean party's supporters in his beard. You know of course. And and you need about 8000 dollars undercover bargain. Agent. And -- it is lawyers make over her -- injuries right back and chest. -- of the bliss in Dexter parting on the Bay Area I'm John bass and this is John bachelor's. I'm John yeah. This is the John fashion -- Ukraine crisis turning into a puzzled about Vladimir Putin and how he runs the Kremlin or how the Kremlin run. A television appearance a nationwide. Broad pressed for -- -- potent in these last days. In which the president three times elected to questions from the audience sometimes on the Internet we can believe. Sometimes but a via telephone but in any event they were given to a man sitting on the stage very casually he had a laptop open to his right. Smiling all the time and a one on for some time I'm told I'm in considerable contrast to the first time needed one of these which -- much shorter. In the course of answering questions one came from Edwards note and the very well known man who's now living in sanctuary in Moscow at least temporarily. A man who is self identified -- having pilfered -- secrets and distributed them. To the media through the guardian in Europe. And Washington Post in New York Times there are many awards associated with mr. stone's activities of puzzle was. How did mr. -- get a questions -- of Latimer potent the question was important as well so I welcome Noah Noah Shactman. Who is the executive editor of the Daily Beast writing about this question and how it was handled by what is called the Snowden camp. Know a very good evening to the first thing we need to understand is. Mr. Snowden is now saying. That this will does not a range beforehand. I need to understand this how did mr. snowed this question. Make it through all the filters to Latimer -- what does he say good evening here. Good evening EU. He's -- in his camp aren't saying exactly. Now his question. It toppled and Vladimir Putin's live broadcast. -- But what -- they are saying is that Snowden had for a long time. -- wanted to say something about Russian surveillance. And wanted to speak out against it in some way. But he knew that he was a tricky position he's spirit. At the pleasure of the Russian government. And well also. People that speak out against who are not exactly treated nicely. In -- these days. And so he tried to craft a question. That would both get. Group who sensors. In which struck two recent issue of -- surveillance and by all accounts you can buy his don't camps account. That attempt was. If failure. Mr. potent. Got a question for the president of Russia. And the odds against that are huge unless there's some angle you have in this instance it looks to be that mr. stone's lawyer. Is a well known figure in the -- and I think he said he sits on the board of the FSB that's the old spy agency turned into a new spy agency. Do the -- people explain whether this was fix up put up -- Prior question did mister -- have a look at it beforehand do we know any of that. Well the question was pre taped I don't know the -- had to -- that a look at before -- and I mean governorship of interest and Snowden. These -- is great most Russian media as it is marks the American Media so he he wouldn't sort of a lot of trouble. I'm getting that question placed interpreters huge public relations to. For the Putin's regime so. And I don't -- to do too much more than races hand. -- but you know that the content of the question I think it's more contrasting them with the mechanics of that in the contents your source but the first half. Railing against the problem American. Mr. -- Projects. And then. Use fast food missed if Russia -- the -- Putin's and of course we don't do that in and that was a -- interchange. Right we improve mr. -- said we have made the laws and we don't have the money the states adds to it was similar to surveil lots of people it was a witty response egg in the context of being on stage and lives. Yeah. It's also total lie in. Russia is well known to have one of the most sophisticated. Internal surveillance systems on the planet. So. Yes it was slick internal source true. It's sort of the response in the west was it was pretty uniformly negative. And so much as it and straighten his camp. So to need to kind of correct the record as they sort. Right away in practice profit of accordion. Saying that. You know they didn't mean to be. You feel what they've meant to do was sort of catch Google law. Firm they. That may be a bit of Monday morning quarterbacking our. My first reaction was negative only because I assume anything at the state level. Especially in a non transparent state is. In favor of the state however it's going to be handled however the first intention back to snowed this connection. His attorney is connected to the Kremlin correct. And in the connection is not only to the Kremlin but to this it's about to the states -- as security services. -- that does raise the question of how potent regards himself and Russian these days is he a ward of the state is he a prisoner. Easier man -- it he has missed just noticing a man without a country what they say about him. Well these according to his American advisors. He is somewhat a free man he is. You know he's. He has the ability to. Cargo as he pleases he some reluctant -- theory that I have no way of independently verifying that since I have been a mosque or a couple years. In and have Metzner wouldn't. So. That's what basically. I and I appreciate that Noah and right now just know that does is the impression that snowed in camp and giving. That they made a mistake. Or that we the audience have misunderstood. Or that there's a prejudice in America that they can overcome what is their opinion now after. Both the TV appearance and then the guardian. At the guardian off bad and then the reaction afterwards which includes of course your interviews. Yeah I actually didn't. The feeling amongst us Newton's camp it is number one that CB appearance was -- mistake. Number -- at the op Ed. Was actually very brave thing to do because it spoke out even obliquely against pollutants. And number three they should be getting more credit for. For number two. That that's the mood there tomorrow. I'd let's turn this no because you and I consume the news all the time. The puzzle here is anything that makes Vladimir Putin looked good. Is a strong strong position for the Kremlin these days this does not -- -- happened independent of Ukraine crisis and NATO confrontation. And sanctions and remarks in Berlin and London and Paris. Deeds did this -- people indicates they took that into account this question. Goes in about the NSA and surveillance but that was then this is now we're you know what is often called a new Cold War. Yeah I -- futuristic don't really take that into account. I think they turned its focus on the issues which are very well it's fairly early. And and don't take no -- -- political geopolitical issues. I'm not sure that's the wise. Approach -- but that's what they're. So what we're what we're assuming is that they had tunnel vision that the mistake might have been television because of this it happens a year ago. Or even six months ago before Ukraine crisis. I'm certain I would have seen it differently than I did let -- just last week. Yeah. Noah Shactman is the executive editor of the Daily Beast Edwards -- remains in Moscow ten months now. At the requests. Invitation for barons of Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation I'm John bachelor. This is to John -- yeah. You. And John bachelor this is the John best -- show. North Korea a rogue and failed state. Within these last hour of the south China morning post a very very reputable reporting. Venues from -- Indicated by its correspondent the Korean Peninsula that the tunnel. That is part of the construction of a nuclear test underground by the North Korea that that tunnel had been closed. This pointed to the possibility. Of a fourth nuclear test in North Korea. Coach -- as with the arrival love with the embassy of the United States president to sell. It has not happened however. The possibility. The threat was enough -- had to move the White House to say in the event of this test the president will swiftly moved to denounce North Korea. To all the rest of the world as they wrote and failed state. Question here is North Korea it's a bag really culture that runs itself like a criminal enterprise worldwide. A counter fitting drugs. The the fact that it is abuses its own people and runs cool logs of mass starvation is well known. The question is this test. Why this test who pays for this test were understanding that the leadership in North Korea. Is cash hungry all the time so why would they go to the expense of closing the tunnel and is tasked to do what to provoke -- Gregory -- the author of on civilization. And an editor defense and foreign affairs strategic policy is here on a report. That was filed at. The defense and foreign affairs to did you policy last winter Gregory very good evening to -- the report filed. I'll buy you and your colleagues was that the last North Korean test by the DB RT DP RK that's what we call. North Korea on February 12. 2013 was paid for and intended for. The Islamic Republic of Iran. What were Arabian officials present them to. Is it credible to presume that Arabian officials are present now at the possibility of this test good evening to you. Good evening John yes being -- 1220 that in you didn't mention was in fact not a test for the weapon. Designed for the Republic of Iran and Islamic Republic of Iran. And it was proof of concept. The Brian Rivera at the time in large numbers there was a lot of electronic equipment set up for reporting that they diplomat to respect to Iran. A lot of Iran. All the time and an almost certainly to this point as well. So yes the Iranians are heavily engaged. In the North Korean but it Mittal and and nuclear programs and sort of mutual the president of both countries. Just as the north Koreans where heavily involved working with the pakistanis. In developing these Pakistani nuclear weapons. So Pakistan. -- It was Saudi Arabia -- with the -- -- that time financially motivated North Korean nuclear weapons Iran today -- fun particularly North Korean nuclear weapons. And North Korea intent is providing those weapons to. To Iraq now. If it's more important that because I want to. The north Koreans do. When there's pressure on Enron. It is an old man who will run a distraction operation to do to draw US attention to the northeast Asian that arena and away from Enron. It North Korea itself is under. Threat. You run run a provocation to draw American attention back into. That the Persian gulf so did that -- a long history of deep and intimate political and military strategic cooperation. This task February 12 -- thirteen the last test. You publish you and your staff report you publish it detonated 30357. Hours GMT. That add to the weapon underground side -- It was -- and there was no aerial evidence afterwards of the tests that we can absolutely be sure what kind of tests it was but that they were testing a miniature at the miniatures nation of a warhead what does that mean Gregory. Well that it's which one thing to go to come up with a two X two. Create he's and nuclear block. It's another thing. To put all of that into something which would fit into -- warhead which you could carry on. So it Taepodong two world should three billion running in the -- And then what things eruptions and indeed well pakistanis in the sentinel going to have perfected. He's -- a -- that we can go on and -- -- range ballistic missiles. So. What and that's what -- what was detected was not just very. A nuclear device he was in fact that he fully functioning warned it. Capable computers on to the ultimate -- And what was happening with that repair them. Plus a year ago which has -- a year ago as of that time they had prepared. Two pesticides and community. And one of them that was heavily camouflaged and then was put aside it was it was expected -- that there would be another test deploy and right now I think everything course I do believe that. The North Korean government would put it might have been just a tad too provocative to have the blast. While President Obama was in -- It's basically the paranoia which. Most westerners feel about North Korea is reciprocated in kind. The north Koreans up paranoid that the United States will somehow without. Any rational behavior launch a nuclear attack on North Korea. But they're reminded Chinese and this north Koreans during the Korean War. So that they had defeated the US and United Nations forces and it and you do find that he. The allies over the UN forces tend to revenue and went back in again and infect. Turn the tide of the war again in the 1950. So that that was regarded as rational. They didn't know would've beaten and they too erratic when it -- and instead of tribal resources and against the north Koreans the Chinese and Soviets. That's the fear of irrational behavior. On the part of the -- is something which is ingrained in the North Korean leadership. This weapon you indicate -- last winter that this was a seven either six to seven kiloton yield or ten kiloton yield. That's a tactical nuclear weapon as I understand it. If the Iranians paid for this and their president this test last February. And there was reason to have two tests and they held off does that mean that the Iranians are probably president this test and -- paid for the one that that is pending right now. Almost certainly yes. That they've got the weapons. That a -- commitment and deployment that pre -- in the concept there's. There's no doubt in the minds of many of them that they can production sides awarded and had done so. Now. I think you visit there's another factor in America and -- principles -- applied some pressure. Speculates that the Americans not that that we can sit up and the plastic we wish. But let's not destroyed that brand. Talks which Iran is holding with United States but the reality is that -- Iran and US nuclear talks are going nowhere. The fact that they may or may not. Put -- nuclear weapons program. On hold him on. Is almost immaterial. Novell have the capacity they could rapid epidemic -- reality that they could say what -- -- good -- -- Weapons. You know wrong for the time being from local resources they have adequate stockpile of weapons that they get from North Korea. There -- months and I told an experimental. At the end run fans already have possibly had dozens. Nuclear warheads and abort abort the frustration from Kazakhstan. To stop the clintons -- union. They've put some more problems that have good friends who just -- -- the Ukrainian privilege. -- it was black market former Soviet weapons sold by the people and -- -- on. -- there were. Some others put on the black market so that probably got about 10123. Nuclear weapons already. Whether they'll be operational weather just -- Explorer keep their -- but the north Koreans have provided some that are absolutely -- weapons we know that this. North Korean and running and payload. Modules on the there are expected missile the Taepodong two and -- shutout streak -- identical you know that they can run and and North Korean nuclear come out of control. Systems are identical. So we noted that they would that doctrine together about how to operate nuclear weapons so we can take you to ground than whether or not run. Talks with the with the United States on stopping the nuclear weapons program and country. -- at the end of Bible diplomacy toward Enron but the reality is that Iran has nuclear capability has demonstrated this today. 222 convincing level to the Israelis. And the I think basically the big concern in Iran and north carriers do these Americans actually understand. The Gregory Copley the author of on civilization again the test the fourth test in North Korea. Is not extant that what we have here is indication from East Asia that the tunnel. And Hong Kyung -- Reid has been closed that's consistent with the third test that took place last year February 12 2013. At that time there was said to be at twin tasks it didn't go forward perhaps what we're witnessing right now is the preparations for the fourth test. But that test and last year and this test this year is not in North Korean test its an Iranian test. Bought. By the Iranians for purposes of perfecting them miniaturized warhead. For launch on. Others Israel would come to mind Gregory Copley I'm John bachelor this the John Baptist. And a and the. I'm John that's. This is John not to show the picture for patient is the new term. This is the 21 century and the question of fertility and what is to be done and also the work cycle young women out there mates. That enters into what used to be understood as science fiction it's no longer. They shortly saying this is freezing yanks but. To help me understand the science of this technology and the money making. And a Rosenblum reporting from Bloomberg business week and a very good evening to that your vacation how to -- -- that I hope I set correctly. You have physical education in the new process that doctors have been using to freeze exit from new technology. That just over the past three years they've kind of protect and so before it -- has actually been meeting going on throughout tenure -- -- started -- In order to help women who were going to go in cute sterilizing cancer treatment. So they are trying to increase their eggs because they would maybe limit their fertility the -- technology to do what secretary -- he's the process where they would treat them slowly. And the exactly get and ice crystals in them because. And they're mostly water it's been out. And so now they're doing a thing called the duplication which is really a flash freezing process. They created you know thousands of times faster than the slope rating process and work there's no ice crystals in the anchor. And they can be successfully present for years and years and god. And the pregnancy rate they better than payments that they've frozen embryo or using a regular anchor implants. Be idea. And the first Myra first responses I'm mostly water I always try to remember what comes talking about water very respectful of water okay. Now freezing eggs now much better and as I understand it. This happens. Really just within these last years is -- it's sudden and so the information about it might not be available. -- the process here. If I follow your presentation. When you commit to this. Your ovaries are stimulated with drugs how long does that take and do they. Do they have a to have a recommendation how old you should be or how much time you should devote to this before we get to the cost is there any general guidelines. Sure doctors generally recommend it's gonna creator extending the fourth forty eminent Gary turn every woman fell. -- either had a 32 year old woman would be a great fertility. Or you -- 32 year old woman who didn't -- is really no way to tell me you know -- -- -- -- quote there's no way to tell they're for real lucky Turkey tried. However once you get older Roddick today on decreasing your going to have and that are viable to make baby. They -- say they they recommend living coming in before their forty can generally once you're forty your fertility starts to drop off. Quicker and report that. That in terms as he procedure. Very hitting nine gate course fertility drugs that each shots that women mean and give to themselves at home. And that as he has stimulated. The ovaries to make even more and in normal times today that many and they can because the more -- have going into did. Procedure that better chance apparently they're gonna get a lot and the more you can get the better chances at some of them are gonna survive the treating an assigned. At that -- the freezing in the thawing and others are two sides of this -- freezing in and then there is coming out again so you need lots of choices. Exactly and you know it's even far. Woman who is 25 years old -- you're gonna get. Many many at the end -- that you would get aren't necessarily going to be vital that just you know that's why people get pregnant every single time they tried to kill. And it's just you know nature's way of it's -- weeding out because it's a bad ones. But that's you know it's so as you get older again purity and he'd better going to be viable so they they do want women to common my younger -- to do that. I'm focusing on the process here because novels can be written about the motives time I wanna focus not because what's new here is the process. It's expensive. And you have some you have some general categories. From 7000 to 101000. For the freezing contest but that -- the freezing cost. But that doesn't include the banking correct and maintenance. What -- what about the seven to 101000 does that include the procedure itself and hospitalization. The check -- that sort of thing. Yes there's no hostility nation it's it's payment I've yet so it's you know you're just slightly -- -- and you go home after. But yes that includes the procedure and -- it. Show a united and allowed -- send -- labor costs that's the back cover respect and also you have to pay for our fertility drugs -- -- Singapore. Which can cost about 3000 dollars on -- insurance plans will cover one around at fertility drugs. But most don't. And then for storage -- and it cost an additional thousand dollars. A year. So long as you liar and restart you're going to be paying 1000 dollars to keep them in Eilat. Mainly but -- contend that that -- they -- At the most surprising part of your stories to me is that this became popular because of a TV show. Which I've never seen so help me here keeping up with the car dash eons of I say it wrong correct me and I believe one of these Kardashians. Is now on the cover of a very big magazine I think it's a slow group then yeah there's something right now how did that translated to becoming popular what happened. Cared so you know and it went in and direct condemnation but. Don't you know -- treating kind of been under the radar especially because of technology hadn't been great and the women weren't really getting it and a couple of years ago on keeping open the Kardashian and can. Went at what you went her divorce when she had about thirty. And so there's an episode dedicated to the fact that he decided to treat drag because you weren't you looking to meet someone in time and be able to get pregnant with him. -- they showed her with a fertility drugs and me and her I'm giving her fertility shots. And you know we don't actually know what you went through that with the whole thing Larry you know -- the baby with the kind of laughed and he never Atlanta -- used to be president but we -- she didn't have to because she ended up having a baby very shortly after when -- still you know her agency killing 32 now. It's a valid actually you know introduced deter much larger audience of women especially young women. And also on the actress Cynthia Burke are who is on modern family. Last year came out and then you know I trust my thanks so you know there are celebrities are talking about it and that really is a way. For other women to to learn about it becoming more popular because of these kind of media events that are happening around that. This is a way at the way I think about it -- -- reading through here is that it's a younger you. Who's that the -- from and so your your preserving the younger you. When you were more likely to concede that it is more likely be healthy but -- cost now. A thirty year old woman. I sat 8000 dollars you have a quote from one of your correspondents 8000 dollars a lot of money how about the maintenance costs Thomas how much per month how much per year. Should -- that they had a -- thousand dollars them thousand dollars a year majority anxious -- that's not really that the Koch is really under upfront cost. That people would struggle it. And again and mostly -- by the people who are doing and are mostly wealthy and a few older you know -- haven't been able to accumulate that allowed. Because they and that -- you know for 28 year old or 32 year old that's the kind of money mean. So you know we have some anecdotes. In the heat also about parents and grandparents getting -- against. And kind of subsidizing their Saturday. But and yet it it'd be a big expense. They're two companies you name extend fertility and egg and egg banks is that the other one and banks. And bank is part of -- I guess a company called fertility authorities say yep yeah. And these companies now are open for business and you have consultations. And their web sites is that all true. -- character of fertility authority. Is it that he wanted to thank banks and basically what they're doing -- consulting with its. Infertility clinic and -- negotiating on patients half. To try to get better rates for them and getting kind of like at the bulk thing. And then there also know. -- and they're they're getting they're offering financing. Treaty contains certain amount gallon and then a certain amount hurt -- you know per month. And they will PD upfront cost. And then extend fragility is a web -- it basically works more like. -- -- -- -- thinking that that the he's had a good housekeeping seal of approval for egg freezing. Today go around the country and make -- you know these people are really. -- -- -- -- that they're eating Turkey and an -- at about doctors that they will they get paid by the fertility clinic entertainer. And they endorse him on plays. -- -- Rosenblum reporting for Bloomberg business week where she is the etc. editor I say we concentrated on the process the motives that's an awful -- to walk I'm John Nash -- this is to John about.

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