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The Wall Street Journal This Weekend Apr. 26, 2014

Apr 26, 2014|

04-26-2014 -- April is "Donate Life" month, we speak with the Mayor of Amsterdam about his push to lure American business abroad and Peter Frampton comes to the Cincinnati ballet.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- The Wall Street Journal the Wall Street Journal this weekend -- according to. -- but persistence. I'm Gordon Deal with Mike Weinstein -- -- Regina Cervetti thanks for spending part of your weekend with us. Here's what we have for you during this program the face of the US economic recovery won't win any sprint races but it might be shaping up as a decent marathon -- the current stretch of growth is impressing with -- duration. The new trend on in mr. Graham. -- -- -- explain how they differ from self -- Cincinnati ballet comes alive with Peter Frampton. Here with the British rock legend is working on today and the kitchen and bath trends for this year. Mourners are egyptians have a large showers kind of more -- -- Into the band that's -- a lot of homeowners used to show are more often leave the bathtub. For their brick in the bathtub out and it's putting bigger challenges instead has -- heads or. Or that that cheated in the challenge. MarketWatch reporter Amy Hoak on the new interior design trends featuring the kitchen and bath. She's here later in the hour. The recovery from the recession has been nasty brutish. And long but Wall Street Journal reporter. Josh Zambrano says it's also shaping up. As one of the most enduring. How much longer can -- go Josh paint the picture for us. There's a lot of ways to look at the health -- labor market and if you look at just the unemployment rate you miss seeing. You you missing the huge number of people that are working part time that well which they have full time jobs. You missing the huge number of people who are making less money and needs to make. And you missing people who the economy's been so bad that they've given up on the labor force entirely six point 7%. Masks a lot of a lot of weakness is it about time we find a new term to describe the recovery where you almost do need a different term because. It's it's funny when you when you mentioned that is economic recovery and non economists see sort of often get this look well what he's talking about they would there's -- there's no recovery and -- world you -- -- and you get that sort of response and you know it's because it's because in this particular case the recovery pat has been has been so weak -- fair most Americans. It doesn't really feel like a recovery and -- almost need a different term to describe this situation where. You had such a deep call your climbing out so's slowly we're speaking with Wall Street Journal reporter Josh some run. What are we -- at this point -- was the cause or causes for this well you know there's a bunch of different theories I mean you're familiar with the political theories you know either the Republicans -- edited the Democrats have just marked the economy with with uncertainty in and -- regulations and tax increases it exactly the wrong. Moment in the Democrats make had the opposite argument that but the governor what that economy needs right now was. With support from government spending and needs more you know programs and longer unemployment insurance and things like that. And again of course the two sides of both fought over at that debt seeming and then budget situation for the past. For years that economists actually tend to focus on one. Just how difficult it is to recover from huge financial crisis and when you have millions of foreclosures and we have people who are just buried in dead just takes a long time. Seed to climb out an and the other factors that terrorism -- mean they lowered interest rates to zero in 2008. And a lot of economists say that what you really want it would be you know lower even further -- you wanna give the economy even more kick because it has severe recession is. But there's no way to lower rates below zero you know there's no it is known -- normal way to make them negative two experts look at countries like Japan and try to figure out a way not to end up like them. Well that's one of the things economists -- about -- how to avoid Japan and but the lesson a lot of people taken away from that is that you Japan got in the situation where it had. Persistent deflation where prices were declining for years and years and so. There's no reason for anyone tent sort ever by -- think -- -- wait another year to -- could be cheaper. At and so the lesson that a lot of people took away from Japan is that you really need to you avoid. Do you really need to try to avoid. That kind of deflation and that's by the Fed has been trying to keep inflation. Up around 2% thanks Josh Wall Street Journal reporter Josh zone run. In Washington eleven minutes now after the hour on the Wall Street Journal this weekend. My 20/20 times. Its estimated that half the world's population will lack access to safe drinking water. But Sony stated that tennis is too -- it's about community is comforted by water. We are helping develop solutions. For so important to satisfy the commitments to the future generations. PA has said. The chemical company when it comes to getting the legal help you need legal zoom provides a great solution that works with your busy schedule. If you're starting a business forming an LLC. Or getting a trademark will or living trust legal zone will provide a personal attention you'd need and help you take care of all the details. Call or visit legal zoom dot com today. And don't forget to enter WSJ in the referral box and check out for a special discount. Legal zone provides legal help through independent attorneys and self help services but it's not a law firm. Thanks for being with us if you didn't know April is. National donate life month as part of that there's a new campaign from the Department of Health and Human Services. The tells the inspiring stories of what recipients are able to do with their gifts of life and health it's called. Made possible by organ donors for more we're joined by doctor Howard Koh assistant secretary for health at HHS doctor tells more. There's a great time true. Talk about the need for organ donation our country to honor those who have donated in the past -- encourage even more to donate in the future. We have a tragic situation where we have over -- 120000 people on the waiting list. Hoping for daylight saving organ nearly 2000 of -- markets. And very tragically some eighteen people die every day on those waiting lists which so we need conflict that's cute. Talk what the issue to say that more people can pick a different spyglass organs don't conduct code signing up and talking about the issue with their families and friends. Right so what's the biggest issue that is not enough people who registered as -- willing to donate her organs say when they die. That's try to we we need millions more to announce their intentions. And that's why we want people to sign up for months but that's typical -- forward ever want to fact. But we still proud of the situation where the supply does not meet the demand and those waiting lists are growing longer in fact all the time which is her first tragic to see. A bit and then when you see. We're donation is successful it could actually transform election gives. Help and hope back to people in their salaries and -- have a great privilege of meeting door fell into the recipient who bought through that took very powerful experience. I'm sure -- -- go about declaring I know New Jersey on my driver's license like I have indicated that all states don't do that I guess. Well increasingly we've tried -- -- some more of motor vehicles cross country involved in this process we're very grateful to them and we encourage them to do even more and then we have organ donor ducked out as I've mentioned before it's available 24 sevenths technical on that side and just get some basic information you can sign up register within a matter of match. And that's what we're open to do in national donate life month. We're speaking with doctor Howard Koh assistant secretary for health but the Department of Health and Human Services. We're talking about how April is donate life month specifically organ donation the subject here -- organs that are needed them most is or any way to track that. Sure traditionally kidney donation has been the leading our organ that's donated but we have tremendous. Advances in science so that. We have an error or we can celebrate liver transplant part one transplants. And also increasingly attention that you -- Transplanted tissue donation as well sold. Every person can make the difference in fact. One -- and -- -- -- lives and -- to fifty more work. Colonial and tissue donation as well. -- say that again. And each donor can save up to it lies and help book to restricted forward Cornell and tissue donation -- well this is from the ice. -- -- -- -- Cornell permission -- and also to tissue donation like scandal. Have you issued -- currently -- other issue that's something I know it says that's Lester nearly 17100 children's lives were saved by organ transplants but I hate to ask how many were lost because there simply were not enough. Donor organs available. Well ever mentioned we have nearly 2000 kids on waiting lists and probably eighteen people die every day some of them are kids so unfortunately. So toward a solution that affects everybody regardless of their background and put your age but on the other hand. Everybody can also -- a contribution. And that's why we're sending out messages like that job. The direction that depends. On the states. But it's hard basic information that just that announces your intention and -- and the registry so that when the time coms are certainly. And documentation that you've. Made its intention not to published okay now. Is this necessarily for folks who are willing to donate organs when they die. Or is it possible you can sort of volunteer and other organ while you're still living for example. Well it's a great question -- We used to talk about deceased donors. Or are increasingly there's attention to living donors such very. Important -- -- area. Europe public hearing about living donors through the media but. We also want to stress that this is the surgical procedure. It carries some risks like any other type of major surgery so you're just sending a living donor. That's something it has been very carefully considered and it would discuss the risks and benefits with your physician and transplant -- Thanks Howard doctor Howard Koh assistant secretary for health -- HHS again -- campaign is called made possible by organ donors. It is twenty minutes now after the hour on the Wall Street Journal this weekend since it's time for -- -- Gordon Expedia dot com is out with a list of Memorial Day travel deals when compared to last year will cost you 5% more to fly somewhere 3% more for your hotel when you arrived. The best bargains this year's price tag for travel and accommodations prepared to list your finds Panama City, Florida at number one. Second is South Padre Island Texas that Memphis Providence and Ocean City, Maryland. That we have filed our taxes the Wall Street Journal is revealing some creative ways to listen your bill for next year. If you own -- home the journals and you -- explains that you could deduct the cost of swimming pools home gyms and spas that they -- explicitly doctor prescribed. That would ball under the itemized deductions for medical and forward however keep in mind that in action candy limited -- cutting and a tool we use the volume of your house. And she added that you can rent your home for two weeks or less without having to report that income to the IRS. We do like our burden so much so that beam announced a milestone the whiskey maker now has filled thirteen million barrels of Bergen since the repeal of prohibition. Much of those gains it happened recently is domestic sales for -- have increased by 40% over the last five years. Flowers are similar to clothing is both seem to go in and out of style to his wedding in benefits season approach cut floral arrangements are taking on more vintage and fresh look. The journal's Alina -- it says a lot of brides are forgoing the traditional rose -- You think blockades that are more reminiscent of something that big from the -- no way he needs an apple needs a different flowers that are a little bit shorter in stature look more why else you know okay. And Gordon how much in demand are apple products in China so much so schoolchildren are being used as mules to smuggle the devices in from Hong Kong. Since the beginning of the year Chinese customs officials have busted -- route thirty cases where school children were drafted to carry bags of electronics and other luxury items. Many of the kids cross from China the Hong Kong to attend school. That's the result of the cross border marriages where free education -- some Hong Kong side. One recent confiscation about eight children who had 53 cellphones and twelve tablets stuffed into their backpacks while. Now how low can we stoop. And using children as mules -- no kidding me. While Maria and I thank -- -- 22 minutes after the hour now on the Wall Street Journal this weekend's -- -- being with us new trend in social media -- were people create still lives of stuff they likened. Post the photos on and Stu grant we call these photos shell sees the twist on itself fees because they function as self portraits. Of the person's taste and are often shot on shelves were window sills are bureau tops more from Wall Street Journal reporter dale her -- -- set this up. He it's you know insisting a picture yourself what people are certain to do is take pictures of their stuff. You know when things are lovely arrange them on -- shelf for a table top. They take a photo and puts -- your filters on it and post it and then wait around for people who elected. It's not what kind of stuff business. Could be anything from vases. You know books. -- and a personal meaning often. Skulls are big for some reason Houston slump. I'm pretty sure that if I saw somebody posting shelf fees I would on follow them I'm just not sure of the appeal of a shelty. Well it's popular in design circles were you know other people admire your taste. The way you've put things together. -- they can be quite beautiful they can be not very beautiful -- gonna. But so are we seeing a combination of less healthy and a shelf VCU with your stuff. Carefully crafted in the picture you know. I haven't been on the lookout for that particular combination bit of it hasn't happened yet it's mixed while quite sore this column from my guess. I think that people who have to post images from Amsterdam because they're compelled just have to keep coming up with things to photograph. -- and you can't you know photographed her baby over and over to embrace. I think it looked around her house and -- This is beautiful but also there are certain people like woman named -- now at 26 year old photographer. Who rose to fame on the strength of -- stolen photographs and she has 730000. Followers and so people are emulating what she does. The way she styles are photos. And they wanna be like her and maybe they want to parlay it into their own professional photography. Career like she did console salt marketing now we're seeing in some cases he had it works for a lot of people who -- -- fashion designer who they -- sort of showcase their brand their taste there -- So this is a way of doing it beyond. Better basic product their clothes. We're speaking with Wall Street Journal reporter -- her Robbie he's got a story about. Shell -- this is people taking pictures of their carefully arranged stuff as opposed to a cell -- taking pictures of themselves. So I guess in it in the way that we might get cell fever fatigue dale might we also old encounter shell feet fatigue. I don't think so because it takes more much more effort and I'm turning it Cameron yourself making some -- -- and snuffing it you know. You actually have to spend a moment or two. A ring things. And the ones that are. To haphazardly put together don't get him you love so good I think it's it will be self killing. Are there -- I've become across some really unusual still offers some really eye catching stuff from my favorite one was. We solicited the readers to have them submit their own special -- and my -- when it was captioned a businessman who wants to be an entertainer and it was. A photo of a top passed a microphone. And the keyboard. And that -- there was a certain amount of potatoes for the photo shall we say. Still Wall Street Journal reporter dale -- being. Though shelty folks they're wild ones aren't thank. Why I didn't look it up on and to ram but I did look it up on Twitter so there are plenty of shelf -- shots. To see on Twitter including the one I ask dale about in which you take a cell feet of yourself. With York shell -- stuff in the back row I don't know what the word fidelity but it's a self -- shelty. I did find one of those but I would say largely the shelf these are. Who at least for me I'm not part of the design circle thirty minutes now after the hour on the Wall Street Journal this weekend. Coming up next the mayor of Amsterdam. Once your business you'll hear his pitch. Hi I'm Lex Friedman are about my own business called publics so I know from experience hiring new employees can be tough with so many job boards out there how can you know which one will produce the best talent realistically to fill the position fast and with a perfect candidate you need to post your job on all the top job sites. And now you can -- with a single click with -- recruiter dot com -- -- dot com -- -- -- to more than forty job sites at once -- -- dot com also post your job on Linkedin FaceBook and Twitter just post once and -- the qualified candidates roll into -- -- easy to use interface you can screen applicants -- them and hire the right people fast -- -- -- free right now and find out why it's being used by over 100000. Businesses and right now listeners of this program -- -- recruiter for free by going to -- -- dot com slash WSJ. That -- recruiter dot com slash WSJ. One more time to try as a recruiter for free go to zip recruiter dot com slash WSJ. Thanks for spending part of your weekend with -- us. -- last weekend of April already Gordon Deal with Mike Weinstein is inferred -- Cervetti coming up this half hour we find an excuse to play Peter Frampton music. Got got got got got. All the real -- a list of kitchen and bath trends. And alternatives to pine tar has tested by Wall Street Journal sports reporters there findings in twenty minutes. -- your company to the Netherlands -- may be starting year old business there. The mayor of Amsterdam is looking for you. Eberhard -- -- has been on a tour of the US from Silicon Valley to Boston trying to entice American firms to find a home and his city. We caught up with a during a stop in San Francisco. Ever harder for our countries alike. Well of course there are different is that all the votes entrepreneurial. Countries. The United States senator and -- so in general. This is ingredient is saying. -- on deck on cost of opportunities. When we are they don't like. Is there a type of business or businesses that are needed or perhaps most desired. Ethical question. Wolf this is there are probably the reason we start. In San Francisco. Of course. Incidentally this. Reference of Europe could very well it's not easy eighteenth we were about to proceed to -- to introduce Internet 25 years ago. We -- far and success in the Internet and it is the reason that we -- here. In the wonderful. -- area where of course. What did you -- and you'll be glad that went in the world before I hear the front of our. Is it so is it promising. First say -- recent college grad in the United States to go to the Netherlands or Amsterdam has started a business there are. Chauvinistic -- that I think it's also. Actually true that he would be very happy there because if you will find a lot of quality and we'll find it very open in Darfur the atmosphere it would be like similar culture. Well the nearest -- -- -- media you know you're wonderful president mr. Obama basically directions leave them in Mexico and beat you if you elect. To work only in the city and I think that's very important. Factor -- -- decision. We're speaking with -- hard -- line he's the mayor of Amsterdam were talking about lowering American businesses to the Netherlands what about if you like cycling ice skating -- tall blond women of the color orange can you. On any that there you can find all of that -- -- what is it PGA mr. -- sorry to say it. There's that much more do we get better but still we we we cherish those. -- -- historical things that much more to it now. I think Amsterdam and is -- mentality it is the city of merchants already fort -- 500 years. And the merchants were fairly independent. But he. They can't be decisions themselves the security of the citizens and I think. Young American intelligence there was like that's different. As you make visits side in the United States have you noticed a city that might. Closely resemble Amsterdam. Just hit into mentions. You know that -- we -- -- -- -- children need to kind of music he used to say that we found in New York which is not quite true but we can't ignore and so that's right right eclectic. That they can because they came -- up so there's a lot of DNA. On that merchant entrepreneurs. Mentality of -- But of course San Francisco is it is a very individual liberals who keep it serves. I don't play enough to do and that's also in video Daniel presidential we feel. At home infusion -- cities and we -- and the -- so he's -- he's also create programs to them. Thanks -- that is ever hard vendor lie on the mayor of Amsterdam he had a good line and they're not sure that's part of his. His marketing pitcher not -- like deadline Amsterdam is a mentality aggregate. 21 minutes now before the hour. On the Wall Street Journal this weekend when you think classic rock and image of ballet does not always pop up but British rock legend Peter Frampton might be changing that. He has composed seven new songs for the Cincinnati ballet more from Wall Street Journal arts reporter -- captain appeal what's the connection. Frampton lived in Cincinnati for about fourteen years he now lives in Nashville. But you know he was -- major celebrity in town and the director of the Cincinnati ballet thought. Let's ask Peter for it if -- come on port and do some music -- while. So she reached out and he agreed and he -- seven new songs and these are going to be released as a mini album. Later in June is. Can -- include wow I want that -- that -- Are we gonna get that part in there I don't know about outlined it well. One reason that the director of the sincerity that artistic director of the Cincinnati ballet. Asked him to junior in music was that initially set in it's it's hard to know from -- Korean graphic perspective what someone is going to to win those wailing guitar -- again. Those don't really lend themselves so well to. I'll say yeah yeah. But also I should say this ballet and that again I have not seen -- but it does sound like it is kind of a rock and roll ballet. Indian costumes sound pretty sexy because they are kind of these inverted -- -- inverted to to use so there's lots of layers and they look kind of Cyndi Lauper apps while. -- got a and -- and that's another thing that the Cincinnati ballet really wanted is to kind of look at -- in a new way. I mean I think it will be really interesting to see what he comes up way and I spoke with Peter Frampton he said in a disease sworn over Peter Frampton or do you use spoke with Peter. I spoke to Peter definitely a a I spoke printing he said that he really enjoyed working in. With this kind of freedom because instead of a rock somewhere you know you have to have three -- Verses or you know have a bridge and a fade out here in America he was able to just. Express himself and think about well let's have an instrumental bit here and now let's have a birth. We're speaking with Wall Street Journal arts reporter. -- -- about Peter Frampton writing seven new songs for the Cincinnati ballet. Did he say that it was said the difficult decision nerd typical worker he was open to a right away. I think it's pretty open to it he went to rehearsal. And he saw the dancers working. And after that the register. Artistic director says you know what he's thinking he was on board. And then he she kind of opted not to set how about some new music and after that he said that he was seven. He described it as being you know he said I'm not exactly out of my element sorted out out of my elder pitched it. So you know it's it's a challenge and I think he was really. It sounded to me and an hour interview that he was very excited about the idea of pushing a couple up -- and it also that he opened himself up to kind of doing projects going forward. What has he been doing before this came along well he does tour -- and he -- about three months out of the year he said and he does -- in music for the tours. And he said he but he he didn't think that he could get on stage and keep doing just all the oldies -- had few depending didn't get the candidate. But he -- knowledge to type that was pretty cool he said you know. The bulk of people come to -- for the seventies music yeah. Which you know it's a good admission because. Forty years on this -- runners -- and you know that you know when you gusty concert if somebody who's in Wendy's aging rockers. You do what -- see the. All these out -- -- wanna sing along. But let's be honest. If there's new stuff we haven't really heard a lot about it -- Fifteen minutes down from of the hour on the Wall Street Journal this weekend's. Leaving the country on business takes a lot of planning bringing your data plan doesn't. With T-Mobile simple choice for business plan you'll get unlimited data in over 100 countries automatically. There's no change in plans at no extra charges just get off the plane and go only -- Timo. Qualifying service capable device required standard speeds approximately 822 points for second lieutenant CT mobile dot com for full featured terms and included destinations. Clinton with -- -- to go inside the home bathtubs are out bigger showers are in it. MarketWatch reporter Amy Hoak has a list of kitchen and bath trends for the year ahead. -- explain what you're seeing. Well homeowners are. It just didn't have a large rush hour is kind of moral luxury shower is and has -- that they need a lot of homeowners. Used to shower more often read the bathtub of their recommend bathtub out and it putting -- Howard and instead content to multiple heads -- Or are -- she is in the challenge. Now one caveat it is steadily added in the house state state do you still want to have a bathtub. Until one of the that it could be you know I think two bedroom or two bathroom home more or more. On at least one -- actor is probably should have an account just for resale. Value. And certainly don't -- with that with the kids there she. Sometimes some -- -- they'd be really want that back stepped you know. It's it's just been a trend that -- -- chasing bad people like these people are larger Shalit is little bit more elbow room that can. Give apple to those kind of stick to make that happen to do that. So what can you tell us about trends in the kitchen. One thing that's becoming more popular is microwaves or -- So on is that having the Mike -- over it arranged which can be -- -- for shorter chapter our kids can't really reach up that high. -- they're putting him underneath that the counter -- so maybe had a kitchen island you'll have a microwave -- you pull out. And -- used that way down the refrigerator traverse there are also becoming from what part of popular not quite as -- and -- like it is the villagers -- feel a little bit more of Q. And the other thing too is that. About clean lines and less clutter it's it's trending towards contemporary design an indication. And that October and that felt he needed to these since. Court to counter -- with which are a lot more and educate me. -- -- laundered -- cleanly to left clutter the desire. It did ten days out of which Gary teach in in court that there is is in agreement that kind of give protect clean look at all though. -- -- it it into an appeal that his camera to computer of people like entertain and everything matches on the counter packets it's much more -- -- maintained. Thanks Amy MarketWatch reporter Amy Hoak in Chicago so with Amy story of course there's a picture of you know perhaps the greatest shower ever. Three of the walls are glass. There's a tile floor. And the bathroom opens to a balcony and out the balcony you can see from this picture Mike. It looks like a picture of like one of the call broader. Rocky mountain ranges you know with ever greens that are not in neighboring site of course yes she came over to my house to shoot the idea of how the other half lives but if you're flyable by the way that's not your type of -- from. You put the shower in the kitchen. What -- is on the -- who saved some of them than she hits you would have the front end it's nine minutes now from the hour. The Wall Street Journal this weekend once again here's Mike Weinstein. Gordon hit -- low prices for goods and services actually harm consumers it completely consider that when prices go up sodas revenue and profits for companies and that could lead to more hiring Rick Newman of Yahoo! finance says that the Fed would like to see a higher inflation rate. That might actually help push wages up might make people feel like -- paychecks getting a little bit bigger and might increase the top one -- businesses so 2% two and a half 3% would not be terrible. Of course some items -- quicker levels beef is up over 7% over the last year and it's nearly 10% higher for eggs. Do you keep your photos and a safe spot in this digital world there are numerous options on where you can store your images the -- Wilson Rothman says you should probably keep copies and a couple of spots. Very cheap to get one terabyte drive or two terabyte drive if you're Smart you'll save all your photos at home maybe even in the days. But it is okay to put your photos in the cloud and keep them password protected. New services from Dropbox I fight Adobe are also options he may want to consider. With graduation season around the corner career builder is out with some data on what those earning degrees can expect. While the pay outlook is better than in recent years Michael or would agree build -- says it could be better. A third of employers say that they're going to raise the initial offers for new college graduates. Unfortunately though more than half of them are actually gonna pay less than 40000 dollars and starting. He added that a degree in business is one of the best to have this time around many companies are in the market for people who pursue that major. And finally Gordon a lot of for Elvis week has been announced by Graceland it includes a first ever Elvis -- tribute to the king. As well as an exclusive screening of Elvis that's the way it is special edition. Both other events for fan club members in charity fund raisers -- celebration takes place August 9 through the seventeenth in Memphis. Tickets go on sale this Thursday. Times that's probably must do on any of these something bucket list Friday and -- but it was. Thank Mike is six minutes are probably hour on the Wall Street Journal this weekend. One of the big baseball stories of the week yankees pitcher Michael Pineda busted for using pine tar on the mound during game at Fenway of course pine -- and pitching have been together forever but not everybody gets caught Pineda though. Suspended for ten games stoop ball players need a plan -- The journal sports team decided to test some other substances to see what they can do funny piece by the journal's Jason gay one substance marshmallow fluff. Every kid knows that flop is a ton of culinary ponder for a pitcher though. It's a real handful significant splatter issues however Jason says -- white coloring does offer brilliant camouflage. Another went hairspray this was the stop he says really tacky imperfect. Delivered ideal grip with bite but major problems in terms of sneaking into the mound. In summary he says nothing was as good as pine tar helped with -- control sharpness of delivery. Jason says -- a bunch of this stop on your hand and you could palm a Volkswagen across the state of Connecticut. For Mike Weinstein I'm Gordon Deal thanks for listening to the Wall Street Journal this weekend.

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