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The Good Life 04/26/14

Apr 26, 2014|

First up is Mark Douglas to talk about the May 10 “Over The Edge” event at the Ambassador Hotel here in Wichita. Then Dave Carter from the Guadalupe Clinic joins us for some background on the clinic and the fun to be had at the Midwest Winefest Grand Tasting & Auction. Lastly, visiting winemaker Jon Tomaselli from Oregon’s Torii Mor winery joins us to talk about the winery and a couple of the wines he will be pouring at the Midwest Winefest Grand Tasting.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- This is that good line. Food wine and all the good things of life now here's the host of the good life I've power. Well good after windy afternoon by the way keep an -- on whether you know what they say it's flat winning Kansas and their could be. -- see without -- was probably six. That brings them though how many years ago was the end over tornado. How many twenty how many. 23 years ago today. I was at the officer's club McConnell air force base with my parents death without. And a beauty went through and holy crap and we don't want that today. What the program for a bottom front clears up so we do today is going to be no different. We're gonna start off talking about an event that's coming up right around -- corner yet may tenth is right around the corner. That you may wanna be a part of -- -- over the edge. That supports the board scouts are great cause and an in studio with me in addition to. Mark Douglas is gonna talk about over the edges there's one maker John Thomas only from -- more fellas good afternoon and welcome to the program. Hey good afternoon and good afternoon there were fun and it's not often that we have. A crowd in the studio user celebrities by phone. And then we'll also talk to -- Carter he is a doubt that while -- clinic and I've really not it's probably its entry to get ready. Because it's one this weekend if you were lucky enough that. Snag a ticket to one of the three you say had to -- a midwest once has dinner last night. John and the gang were out at the DoubleTree Hilton at the airport to the good -- guy was which stock country club was -- Damien lemon. And the lines of -- multifamily. With lovely. -- hoops she's the mr. -- global director of public relations and and things of that nature and she was in town for that dinner. But tonight's grand tasting and there's plenty of tickets for that still available. You get those tickets -- corset which politics dot com you should open the door but you better have a ticket and because. You wanna walk right in so many ones so little time with them later on this event is so cool it is called over the edge. It's but. It it's just such a cool way to raise money. And I think there's still time to get the ball Mark Douglas and Mark Douglas of course is say financial -- from Wells Fargo and he's a great friend mark welcomed the program. Thank you thank you very much our brother tell me about this no look I as crews in the that donors page and looking and everybody who's collect the money and then Margaret might otherwise my girlfriend cirrus Scott she's on there. Let's see how she do I haven't donated yet but I will -- this is kind of fun. Tell us about the event and -- memo talked. About -- -- but they -- it's really exciting I mean where else in Kansas can you drop 170 feet off the side of the building. And be totally safe totally this just real exciting and end to mention you're otherwise she is when -- first when we get to a sign up. First when I thought about this is real exciting I'm gonna be doing it myself we're dropping down the side of the ambassador hotel on May tenth Saturday. Start dropping about 9 o'clock. Is just a really -- Coolio. This group over the -- has done events all around the country about 200 of them over a thousand majors. Completely safe yup -- industry say standards. And not a single incident but it's really really cool I mean. You you can be so safe but but you talk about that adrenaline rush when you drop off that slide -- I'm just really really excited to be part of this. We you know I'm a pilot and I'm not -- fond of -- Are you an airplane so much different when you strap all this stuff on -- save lives. It takes strong testicular fortitude to -- off the edge. Where exactly when you have to lean back it's. I'll tell you certainty isn't good stories about her first attempt something like this. But it's just a really really cool deal. We got involved. Witness who was just looking person and opportunity something different something has never been done in which called for in this group just really really. -- in beautifully with the voice counsel what they do. The way they sir scouting and great way to raise visibility into have just like great great time. So that that's -- it kind of started this is a mention that I just my hand went up I just couldn't help but -- had just been a few years decide but I did anything like this. But I could not help put myself to be part of this. And as I look through the donors -- -- came up with 5000 dollars. My hand good ammonia. And and let's talk about how close can get involved I think there's still time and end -- -- I know there's a limited number of folks can go over the edge. We yup we do we have a -- never spots available we still have some still there. So. Just any individual can sign in -- 750 dollars. And they can go over the edge. If their active military or a scout or or a boy scout eighteen or over. They can do it for 500 dollars so we're really trying to support that and we have a number of eagle scouts -- going over the edge. And it's that simple give give Micah Johnson called a discount office. Throw the number up to 641772. And we can get him and get them involved in Houston signed up very very quickly there's a little room for sponsors have to come plugged sponsors can thank you for the and I spoke for us but. This is just a commitment this -- believe what's the -- are doing and just the excitement that can't we have another great people like fidelity bank. Great plains southwest national. Back woods Affleck that Coke industries just came onboard so we got some great sponsors just make this event -- avail of course those -- Blast well there's so many good things here one it's a great cause we got that. It's really fun for those of you to do it in. Just because -- says Senator Clinton all through that means what you do as you hit up are your friends to donate through the page is exactly you get to have the fun -- he thought he had -- works now there's another way you can do this too we have a never groups that are. Raising money to you know if you've ever had -- those reviews didn't go quite as smooth -- like he get a -- your friends together and toss your boss so you can raise money and and then have your boss over the edge and that would be a blast to watch the stand there at the bottom what you scream my little girl -- you can go off on that today strap it didn't. In my speech we go someplace for sure not all wanted it to do you actually -- the Australian assessed let's I haven't had a confirmation on that yes but it's so cool and folks if you were obviously had a phone numbers have for questions and get involved -- 3162647070. Do. But if you wanna learn more about the program in general and certainly the program -- Wichita his over the -- Kansas stock comments may tenth. What kinds of shook it off on May tenth the first day jurors will draw the 9 AM will run up to about 4 o'clock. The end -- areas there on the north side of Douglas we can stand watch we're sponsoring the base camp on the north side. With prevailing winds were being coming on the north side the ambassador there hands this can be a blast and I look through there's a lot of folks that are. Pretty close you know to get their stuff but. Many got to beat the bushes -- somebody with a 150 -- said if you've got a lot of work to do. But it's kind of -- so you can go and don't support somebody I guarantee that probably somebody here that you know. On this list of folks are doing already but I think the ideas probably sign up I'd sign up but I'm afraid the -- might not be too strong. Well we do have a double harness. It's called over the edge it is for the Boy Scouts and just before we finished that -- you know the Boy Scouts did. It and in the big day thing and all that stuff it's still a great program. But all that who the bottom line is. Young young boys turn an -- Exactly I'm I'm telling you a thousand boy scout and the the the basic did you know that the confidence he built it bill Ford in and do things in life. There's just not known program -- -- Well. I never did some movement did the eagle scout but I did that -- -- that was the thing to do veco and its and it stillness stillness stillness over the -- Kansas dot com that's where you need ago Marcus is so cool him. I'm glad you're involved because that probably really -- to make it to be a big successes and NB -- ambassador hotel and if you don't. Go over the edge -- give somebody go over the is on May tense. I think it's going to be fun to go watch just come down watch him in watching people brought down we got to risk going its just going to be a classic at Taylor. I'm -- the good life mark thanks for being here you're gonna stay we have to wind tasted one this weekend I'll stick around. And in this in the studio with doses the winemaker from -- Moore and Johnson -- up this committee for the whole hour amortization one together. But coming up next army we're gonna talk about the -- clinic and just what this once wrestling is done. For the -- -- health foundation. And so many folks that are needy and deserving your Wichita it is the good life don't go it will be right back over the short message. George you're about the one of the week every week here on the good life I know I sure enjoy brilliant idea. And you know where you can get those once every week -- -- liquor change on north rock road and often times at the west location on west when he first. Check of liquor changes so much more than the Mecca of great ones selection here in Wichita it's a place where you can get hands on high quality help. With your plan a party for twelve. -- a party for 200. You can find it. And -- -- get great help as Jacob -- change best selection and -- bar none and then don't forget when you're there -- in the email that you get so many great notification of hard to find limited quality ones available only at Jacob liquor exchange. A great place to shop for wind. A great place to shop for anything and don't forget cigar shifter right next door has won accessories all kinds of wine gift ideas and of course the best selection of cigars. Pipe tobacco and pipes in town. -- the -- changed -- great locations check about a lot of Jacob look about comp when you go in there -- -- in the getting heard about it right here on the good luck. Good hey K and it that was predicted to -- word and what a great data being here at all be export 73 technique Kellogg. I'm here appealing now on this final Saturday April and even not we got a great bit about Iraq be explored -- all year. A lot going on we've got employee -- not you know what that means you you know what can voice their. What employee pricing could -- -- wooden -- -- -- wage below imports we've got here are pretty don't. Up to 50% off which you're down 0%. Interest into the open a carpet they're. Check -- aren't pretty old vehicle. We got fingered. Start your -- -- heard about the mark and we've got vehicles got for your that these aren't shared these are -- tomorrow abroad and of course you get sport. I don't care what they're good we got on a lot it's gotta go we've got over 15100 people teachers some. Pick a who right here right now at -- she exports and on top that would give it away. They're huge -- I packed we've got to our partners who as you walk -- you -- -- looked like he just showed up and saying hello. Did you call right now. 684653. If you wanna participate in the -- a hot idea. Strict they are supporting Rick. 53. Mike guarantee you I'll get to fighters deep pocket to all the money we attributed I don't -- brigades a lot status. It's a great deal Monta etc. listeners feel like I want the check or street eight Kellogg. If you bit of corporate house at Teradyne country club the corporate house is sure home of the best beef in town. And then when you put it in that beautiful environment a welcoming bar a spectacular dining room with a view. 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All things barbecued check them out online at AT BBQ dot com and when you go in there tell owner -- -- good life guys say yeah. Yeah I get to the club life people who lose any -- eighty million kids so much about me now. Nothing really missing. Each time the conditioner this relationship is coming just a little too -- for me. Plus it's I think maybe we should take some time to do our own things for awhile. I don't see engaged. Duke who was back then -- -- -- just minutes beer and doing my. -- percent there was concern. Use radio thirteen thirty. KM SS. Welcome back the good life we wouldn't be here on every Saturday for what for great spots like the kitchen appellation is so much more yet -- all in the -- -- you -- you bet they -- -- Outdoor kitchens library bedroom every room bathroom -- wine cellar they do at all and the best part about kitchen places you're talking about. Talented kitchen designers. That will work with you and employs some of the latest technology in the finest surfaces. You know -- again granite still in but man there so many other great alternatives you can say about the kids and place him when you go there -- you'll be amazed to look at some of the new to the latest in the kitchen and cook tops and cookware. The latest in -- technology to have at all at the -- place located in the Piccadilly market its central and -- -- you heard about it from good -- guys. That we its once this week and I hope you went to one of the dinner last night and no I didn't. And you know we're talking of 26 years ago as a tornado minister of the government all the things that have happened since then and there was twenty years ago that we sat out and then the airport Hilton dining room. Yours truly Tony -- Stefano joke about that and Joseph slot check. And Beverly more from standard beverage and we put together. What was six and to be the first annual midwest one for us it's hard to believe it's nineteen years ago and some great folks -- worm ball sister Kathleen a course mark my other sister. They -- Marlene folks that worked at the clinic of past and but you know I think that they take their mid to weather great -- the walkabout and I'm sure they'll keep the weather off of us tonight for the nineteenth annual grand tasting join us to talk a little bit about the clinic and the wind passes Dave Carter he's the mystic guru Bob the brand it. Marshall of the midwest one -- the festival director David good afternoon and welcome to the program. -- it and got a great can do if you are you -- the century two days. We are we are so excited troops were finishing up our preparations for you might. Graham -- didn't hand -- live and silent auctions. What a treat you know the -- the fire that came out in the newspaper this week. Is something that everyone should have if you don't have one you'll get when when you walk in the door and your cool gift bags. But you you've got to make a plan when I say so many ones so little time for it never is more appropriate than on this night -- to think. I actually got that's that's what I can do or what I would would do if I could -- is to trademark. What I wanna try it and there and on him to hurry -- -- -- bigger this year. Not a hundred page show book it's got all the information on our warrant for tasting and our optioned lots. And acknowledgment of our great -- from benefactors. -- there's just so much going on I know. I haven't had a chance to look through the auction book real close but I enjoyed thumbing through it briefly. Yesterday at our dinner man is good or better than ever this year David what do you think it. Yeah twenty packages you like. Yeah I mean it's it's great to they're true to true true and been honored just to watch the action we've got. -- want to -- we've got to autographed basketball certainly going to be a few men and women team. We've got you know we've got to -- yeah so well Labrador puppy with the old puppy if you want. And did all kinds of stuff on my opportunity options. Yeah -- live and silent auction. It's never. He did beat everybody kind of loses sight of the live auction her -- in the silent auction as they get build up to live auction but there's some great deals on their -- -- it's fish it's a great opportunity to get some wind related -- there's always some great -- couldn't. And I can't wait yeah. Absolutely perfect -- -- -- is that it's for a great cause it's the benefits they grumble that they health foundation which is the primary supporter. So are Guadalupe -- clinic here in town. Well and look at how it's grown day about it I know you've been involved a lot here in the last several years but from the very beginning. When that old school building downtown. Office Saint Francis should know was. Was kind of look like an old school buildings import it doesn't look anything like that anymore. Well it was an old school little school building and I just really got me fairly new on the board of directors but it gives me. -- goosebumps just walked -- Mulholland see all the history of what's come before us some doubt. -- -- visit was short clients. Every day. Well and and that's that's important to note. It did -- This is a service for those who have a job but maybe have no health coverage. You try them and lose the experts free health expert we go to seminars they tell us guys. Lewis got a cult hero but they're affordable health -- little. In Kansas that are wondering if you're not they're not going to be able to seek help -- losing you will hear from them. Well this its decision to provide the great service and know that there's so many people that. Well I have benefited from the blood lipid clinic whether it's the original location of their nerves downtown -- the -- the satellite location of north and hope it continues to grow and know that after tonight's auction in the tally. Of attendees is added up -- will be another great year. With well I guess were probably close to over four million dollars raised since the beginning. -- directional they haven't got corrected me and we just can't wait we obviously everyone here. Well it's. Six to 9 PM tonight it's a downtown it's a treat to -- -- dot com of where you get tickets I would stop by and pick up tickets and get him in hand. Rather than call an end. -- early. And don't forget. Midwest Warren -- dot com that's our web site we've got a -- information on their plus some photos of well previous events so which Charles. Midwest wind change dot com. That's the one thanks David with look forward to seeing an actor Eric you're zero. That's it would take another quick little in your mission while we pour some one and with the winemaker from toward more Johnson Thomas LE -- in the studio with a -- state. We're gonna tell you a little about -- more yeah I wanna hear about the dinner jar on the it's going to be fun. Our dinner last night the country club was great and the pictures from yours look even better so pay -- go way out come find you will be right back. Or through unemployment for -- here. Feeling a bit like summer today in -- -- is making it into the middle eighties. With a south wind twenty to 35 miles per hour. Late today a chance for showers and thunderstorms a few storms could be strong to severe. Gusty winds and large held a primary tracks that you've isolated tornado can't be completely ruled out here. Overnight tonight showers and storms on going -- -- to sixteen -- What wet weather possible on Sunday. I'm meteorologist Brad what's your take -- forecasts. I'd hate it as as we have winds out of the south between five miles per hour overcast skies and seventy degrees. I'm re passionate. Whether on this radio thirteen thirty -- says has brought to you by -- DX four. All of your Tea Party express is back in Wichita and we're coming to your community this Sunday at 5 PM. We'll be rallying conservatives just like you with a parking lot of the Wichita we not stadium on 300 south sycamore street. Our country is struggling and it's time to get involved in America is faced with a jobless recovery the national debt that now exceeds seventeen trillion dollars millions losing their health care and liberals are still trying to sell Obama's failed hope and change. -- Tea Party express along with the US senate candidate Milton wolf then sending a message to Washington DC. We are here to take our country back. Remember come this Sunday at 5 PM to the parking lot of the Wichita -- not stadium on 300 south sycamore street. For more information visit our website at state Tea Party express dot -- Paid for by the state Tea Party express which is responsible for the content of this that. Like other -- -- these guys. Enjoy each -- it's funny funny Gerri very son Steven. On weekday mornings from six until nine on news radio at thirteen thirty KM -- They're cleaning up across parts of North Carolina where at least ten are reported tornadoes touchdown in the last 24 hours Beaufort county was hit especially hard. More than a 150 homes and buildings are damaged or destroyed and at least sixteen people were hurt John pack is the county emergency services direct. We have our priority in this series and help actively going through everywhere. Trying to make sure that we've accounted for every single person. Severe weather is in the forecast for 23 states today. This been the deadliest day this year for foreign forces in Afghanistan five NATO troops died in the crash of -- British helicopter near the border with Pakistan. The first results coming out from Afghanistan's presidential election the nation's former foreign minister and finance minister are headed for runoff. President Obama toasted the king and queen of Malaysia at a state dinner in Cologne on -- He's the first American president to visit that country in almost half a century. Area all the ABC news. You're listening to news radio thirteen thirty. OK NSS. Good afternoon welcome back on the program -- -- That we've got we've still can't we can Mark Douglas in the studio won't let him leave because we need help the tasty ones. And a unbiased opinion and that we what we will winds that we have are from -- more Cuba. If you've not been organ and on the line crews and the menu are truly but Berman daylight that so many beautiful. Wineries producers and sites to see an -- especially the Dundee hills and that's where toward more from him. John -- to Mattel is here in the studio was John's. One maker extraordinaire under the expert guidance of a relief fund guys -- -- -- -- who oversees the one making program and John let's talk a little bit about -- hills in the winery the location. And the most talk about you okay. -- hills is definitely. Organs premier growing region and I mean there is. There's a lot ABA's out there but none quite like -- -- of volcanic soil and it's very small and -- a lot of the oldest vines are also. Planted in them than the non deals one vineyard of which is Aram Olson is state. It's offspring of the original diary vineyard that was planet and 65 once they. They plan and that vineyard and start playing in the Dundee mills our industry results was just a dream baby yes 65 Liu it's all up but to -- When and -- and speak and organ. That's man that's the beginning. That is the beginning was all hazel nuts out there -- so ran so that slowly transformed and vineyards arm. Our vineyard we took those cuttings in 1971. From our. From our -- -- that they reflect plan where he stir industry -- -- we are just so fortunate and blessed to have those old lions because they are. Somewhat of a dying breed. He -- It's such a beautiful place to visit Tora Mora is and I distinctly remember you don't -- Winding our way back in there where the GPS does it really do -- good you know -- and hit it thin and at every turn there was like hey look at that get the camera. Out of Vista and Galliano -- beautiful views of mount saint helens Mount Hood mount bachelor and a clear day you can see all those from our from the -- Calm down that road if the brands kind of like the Burma past that I could work every -- and it is that is. Great tasting room I really kind of it's it's not that -- kind of you know them. Fancy production -- like -- does somebody living room yes yes that's that's really the duty of organ organ as a whole. We're we're farmers -- wine -- there is not a lot of corporate influence on the you're gonna feel comfortable mom not -- egos and so when you go there were maker try to make sure welcome mound like he says as if you're in someone's house it's it is so -- it. Folks if you wanna learn more. -- more winery and its TOR I I. MOR winery dot com and certainly if you didn't have the opportunity to travel organ. You meet you gotta go it's just I had to write a list of five so don't miss one or restore Libby certainly and that and that list look of great things some. Talk a little about the -- it in the beginning and it you know they they did some and I think at the time that was kind of just for Ngo a little bit of risky you'd rather. Bloomberg Indian style wines. When they got started here in the -- hills was kind of a new concept and it. Interesting folks yeah. Yeah have done Donaldson his and neurosurgeon by trade members also military -- who spent a lot of time broaden. France and I think that's where is all the lines first began and G. Really -- -- passenger room towards organ arm because you don't Anwar was drew. -- -- -- -- And you know our first line maker was Patricia green who has gone on to to great things and her style was some. Unique for the time and these are winds that are very terror while driven. You know it really speak to our cool climate in our growing region and not over extracted not over manipulated not over -- just real pretty common examples of of our beautiful -- Yeah I think. I have an opportunity you know have you and I waved to each other I think across the tank it was right from the -- crush rumor there last time there and you're doing off I was all the artwork -- -- Remember that I'm very very well I was up on the press about loading and some pure -- and -- And I looked out my son -- doing an interview I was like our interest thing it was a busy day for us it was -- right in the middle of our receivable Obama was a beautiful afternoon -- remember that the us -- out but. Yeah I remember that they very well. Really fun to taste was shocked also about working with him this is. An interesting Carriker our -- is from France and and and has a great level of Burgundy and and -- Indian style on them and I think he kind of brought that to the done deal sort and raised in new racing George this generation winemaker -- he grew up literally you know his family had vineyards and winery and so he. Was working and in need probably didn't think it was worked back then it was a part of their their lifestyle and and how they lived and down. I'm lucky enough to be able to be partnered up with salmon is like a father to me -- took me under his wing in 2006. And trained me in all the the science -- more -- the things that go along with making line and the the stops and how to make find the right way. And slowly but surely. I -- you do learn the arts the science you can learn right away about the art and -- the things I've picked up from him are priceless and I'll carry them on throughout my career -- always ask myself. You know what would -- duke and I'm Anna -- bottom line itself. I think that's so cool and -- -- it was ten years that we got their elected to 2004 yet he came in right after the 2004 harvest the end the winds -- imperil and he picked up the ball and ran with it from there. One degrees started what mid ninety's -- and 9393. Using 93 back then there was only a handful -- probably. Forty or fifty now there's 750. So our industry is definitely grown and I'm sorry if so or more has a not very nice pedigree I mean that we've been doing it for -- only doing it well or consistently. Just so cool and had to go to be there when we were there and to be a part of the smell in the sound and in the buzzing of those -- the fruit -- at the video is just it was always a great fun and end. I felt bad but I was really happy to spend the time we have our rumor right we tasted on top of an empty barrel down and out there in -- Death that we were happy to have here you know is always time and a time to take little breaks that they were down. It's beautiful afternoon and did that energy and I'm sure you felt the energy of our restored when everything's happening is that all the magic isn't happening. So we for a talk about why let's talk about you and focus on your journey a monster I think some of the most interesting stories are our our our our from the miles of those who have. Walk the many varied paths to get to a place where they get the opportunity to make one no matter where they do it whether they were businessmen and took a lot of money went back to schooler. Young kids who did biology and and realize that could make one instead of study and baker followed. Fecal material or you know. Tell us about your journey. Sure. You know I was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio and with an Italian family and down some my fondest memories as a child her arm. Make -- -- for the family that we you know there's a warehouse out there and every fall we go to some -- that came in from California and my great grandpa or my -- my dad and I would come you don't work that through them and do our thing and make the wind from the Sammy for the year and -- The smells are still stick with me and I just always ask my dad can I go to seller can I go to the seller and you know -- as I grew up -- to challenge. Didn't really think you can make -- career out of making -- thought that was something you do for fun. Graduated you know what school of business and didn't know I was going to be -- -- whine about as I started learn a little money I got to go visit wine regions -- passion was rekindled and started make him line again as a hobby and that's quickly snowballed into. Mis selling wine making equipment. And and I started shipping. Semis of semi loads of grapes all over the United States to fulfill com home winemakers needs and -- -- just -- nice little seasonal business for -- but -- My wife had an opportunity to move Dorgan and I went up there to visit scout it out and a visited -- more is that day you know might be looking for someone help out a little bit now my -- I'm your man. I don't even have to -- me. But it says went home sent my resume. Came back in the day I landed. To moved organ as the day our Margie Olson hired me -- and I have to say it was all right plays at the right time very very very lucky and blessed. And still started out helping -- out a little bit with the 2006 -- This is a winemaker at the time was on his way to do other things and shocked really like the way we work together he took me under his wing and now I guess I've mentored me and quickly fast -- mean to be the assistant winemaker before the 2007 harvest about and now I'm we collaborate on everything -- And we're just early two man team has we've been doing it together now for about eight years. You know whether you went to UC Davis or Fresno or who have studied wind all your your school years. Are you did like you did and just kind of worked your way into it to the back door. The bottom line is you've touched on it you know the science of making one the chemistry. Is teachable by book and and and and education. But the art. You know that -- the essence of what you do and being -- to walk to the vineyard -- scrapes and and look at the lines at every state in the stage of growth through the hole but your gear and and make those decisions that ultimately put something really cool on the glass. -- I mean Jack and I you know we. Our vineyard we will go out there and went -- in the winner and we've proven it ourselves pull all the brush tire all the chains and we are really. Really in tune with what's happening in the field and we also work with -- handful of other growers are we working with a furlong time that. Just have done a great job for us and we're pretty pretty dialed into our what's happening out field but I'm. Eight and nine vintages and I haven't seen too that are the same so being able to look at immaterial you have to work with and make your decisions and adjustments that's what it's all about. To our come up with a consistent product year after year. -- there's the challenge -- I love. I wish him much in my classes that Wichita State whom we're we we do want appreciation -- talk about the vineyard year and and my biggest. Emphasize foot stoppers. At every step of the way there -- trying to make that one -- flight. A challenge you know whether it's in the vineyard at the -- spread in the lab and everything there's always some things. Just waiting to go wrong that most of it out of your control mother nature has a hand in that you know. Yeah whether via the birds the way in the rain from the sun the lack of rain though. I mean then that you name it there is you know an organ our weather can get. Dicier on the fall time so our from our finishing temperature reserve -- -- to -- two weeks earlier were. We don't we wouldn't want the exact timing is never to be nervous because there's nothing we can do about it no so we're to make -- pass something in order to do our best psalm. But you know sometimes there's pressure to get the true often they're bringing an end sometimes you know were were waiting on her way to her way and so are. Such as 2011. And -- in November so it -- Now there's there's a scary. -- -- show off we -- -- -- barrels in the snow well no but both turned out to some great line so. An organ you know for me as a winemaker I really. Though the years were there is the struggles right now as I think mr. lines that are the most interest and that -- -- -- the right so many years we can all we can all make a pretty good -- I'm there. Yes let's pull it off there in the hardship -- it's going to be a deal well -- faith folks were -- -- we're gonna tell you more about -- more we're gonna -- the couple ones who have valuable about. -- monitoring because I think there's nothing better than. Ones with finesse and great food and certainly the ones from -- more filth path of that equation I'm god -- good life. You know what we're gonna be right back and tell you more about this great. Great great Dundee mills for future toward more the -- It's like I recently had the opportunity to spend time with pat -- President and owner of the kitchen place. You know the kitchen place located there in the backside of the Piccadilly square. The kitchen place has -- providing high quality certified kitchen designers to help you with -- complete remodel or just update your current kitchen. 7732. East central back on the back side is where -- ago when you walk in the store you will be so amazed at all of the new technology whether it's cooktop microwaves. Convection cookers they have at all. And then when you look at some of the new and exciting products where -- special Hardwoods for your counter tops they have it -- The kitchen place check them out on line at the dash kitchen place dot com. And stop NC AM Monday through Friday. 8 AM to 5 PM in the kitchen place no better place to start when your -- redesigned or update your kitchen here. And I get to the low life people who lose any -- -- eighty million Putin went to mountain. Nothing really missing. Each time the conditioner this relationship is coming just a little too -- for me. Plus it's I think maybe we should take some time to do our own things for -- I don't see engaged. Duke who was that I don't know it was just -- beer and doing my answer percent of -- concern. Have you been to all things barbecue weather year round cougar like me. Or your anxiously awaiting the warm weather that's right around the corner all things barbecue is your place to shop. With you're looking for gas grill outdoor kitchen or appellate -- competition greater whole hog smoker all things barbecue will deliver. Great selection of -- -- hard wouldn't accept trees to make your outdoor cooking. Hero shine through when you stop -- and take a look at the -- grills these things are made for life. All -- well constructed heavy duty lasts forever and don't forget to get the best selection of Weber grills and accessories in town. All things barbecued check them out online at AT BBQ dot com. And when you go in there tell owner -- Carrie good life guys say yeah moon. April 23 through the twenty sevens make plans to attend the 25 annual -- plant sale at Johnson's garden centers after 36 plans to reflect for the low price of thirteen 97 weeks Utah's favorite plant sale includes locally grown plants specially selected for the best performance in Kansas landscapes and keep -- -- all summer long with -- long looming in -- Three locations in Wichita handed Johnson's garden dot com. If you bit of corporate house at Teradyne country club. The corporate house is a -- home of the best beef in town and then when you put it in that beautiful environment a welcoming bar a spectacular dining room with a view. Combine that with a menu wine list and -- stay and where and you have a night on the town to remember. And don't forget -- so much more than that the daily lunch -- Tuesday through Friday. Offer -- beef and something else like cedar plank salmon ribs boneless pork -- for efficient chips. And who you get that you know and you get these great lunch special selection but you also get. How solid. Or cup of soup and a special corporate house side to daily lunch -- what a great deal and if you're looking to innovate but for fifty. Or 500 the upper house can help you. Check them out online -- her for how stats Wichita dot com. To make reservations you name may be LC there this Sunday for brunch. In 3210. This afternoon tea at that listeners this. Look a word what a great day become too rough to be important we are all people buying cars today and there's three in there are rusty expert nearly. Peeling -- you don't watch a free people are here. I think that buying frenzy folks who got employee price is going on if you don't know what better. Well take invoice. And he'd duck out of thin portrait I don't know maybe about in 23456000. Under bush we got that going on great if you're up their driver to run right now. You making payments on a vehicle you're not happy -- It's got to -- miles the warranty expired. Don't do it anymore triggered it right now I don't care how much money you owe on it will do zero down. I try to zero there are. We've got 0% interest are new and we hit Europe mr. Clinton just iron you know it's unheard of it going on -- we give -- rest in exports are gonna grapple going on -- -- -- -- -- -- it appears to -- I parents -- more I've got the little fourteen pardons would be entire apparently it's the equivalent situation broke. You help me. What -- it -- idea or an -- it would help Europe argued about quite apart immediately but let's talk about the record I've got all your -- all models I've got Honda I've got (%expletive) yeah I got to tell you load -- I've got to I don't I don't ever among -- -- -- right now it's got to go at ruby -- ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- Where the prices are currently not restrict or. That's why -- white people are here -- export K assess what -- let's see here at 73 Kenny Kellogg. -- hope you enjoy hearing about the one of the week every week here on the good life I know I sure enjoyed brilliant idea. And you know where you can get those warrants every week to take a liquor change on north rock road and often times at the west location on west 41. Check of liquor changes so much more than the Mecca of great -- selection here in Wichita it's a place where you can get hands on high quality help. With your plan a party for twelve. -- a party for 200. You can find it. And they get great help as Jacob -- -- best selection and Tom -- -- and then don't forget when you're there -- in the email -- -- so many great notification of hard to find limited quality ones available only at -- liquor exchange. A great place to shop for wind. A great place to shop for anything and don't forget cigar shifter right next door has -- accessories all kinds of wine gift ideas and of course the best selection of cigars. Pipe tobacco and pipes in town. -- the -- changed -- great locations check about a lot of Jacob look about comp when you go in -- -- -- and again you heard about it right here on the good luck. CNN today. Yeah. Good afternoon welcome back to the program I'm -- -- is the good life who want -- bunkers every Saturday here on news radio thirteen 30 am glad you're with us. If you missed the first part to show good good -- got dot com you can find out about over the edge it's benefit for the boy scouts of America here and which talks. And you can still go over the edge or support those who will. Went on May tenth day. Repelled on the North Face of the ambassador hotel downtown -- And -- gonna do is go to the website it's over the edge Kansas dot com sign up and be a part of that in the studio with me. Mark Douglas he's the got to help put this altogether for the Boy Scouts and a big participants supporter of same. Mark I'm glad you're here and then of course we've been talking to dude John Thomas -- the sister one maker under chuck -- Who had one maker toward more winery and in the Willamette valley and now we just poured some -- nor. 111 this is the -- valley the one that has the most distribution as readily available here yes. Spice. Dried sharing the -- The networks so well through. Got -- to security it's hard to. What I need is one of those new glass of you see in this. To crystal glass that has. A chunk out of it. For your nose or gas announced that he get your -- -- and then -- -- you can smell and drink at the same time I think I've figured out a way inadvertently to do that. You just get a big -- classy -- no you're snort some half an -- the aromas linger and linger and yeah. It's also about production on this one this is. Let's just a beauty. And -- 2000 -- -- and a valued at about true. 7000. Cases of this why -- our biggest our biggest planned and line we make him under this label since the beginning in 1993. On the 2011 -- was some. But like I said earlier an interesting one you know we knew we would be late in May and there's just a few weather events that kind of just pushed things later and later -- and we were. We don't start pick until October 26. She's just really. Out of there out of the ordinary -- but that hang time. Really offering by the winds now. -- expressive in Manhattan offered that nuns are some great layering and sister real pretty elegant lines. I came out of that -- It's. You do you know it. I smell this and I think. It would be so fun to get -- -- red area of let's call it for five from organ. And for five from Burgundy -- We you know. Then we we we always send some winds over Burgundy. The -- to France for valuations and -- sometimes doing combined you were and are you would mistake these rural -- -- Just. Let's talk food you know we've we've talked about the -- -- thirteen Peter agree. Which even is new is it is into the bottle still drink and beautiful and and and ready to go. And now we're talking about the 2011. We'll have a -- here or. And obviously use suited him we've kind of touched on it that these ones are just. Perfect with food but there's very few ones ever overhead that you couldn't say yet to come up with Sunday with us. Favorite thing with -- agree. -- -- where we should -- the touchdown that. I definitely is -- that works really really well what Thai food stomping grounds the -- cuts pair's romance and spice. But I'm you know seafood in general so HA Soviets they were really really really really well you. Oh yeah it it -- it. -- -- -- We're we have some beaches here soon reach as shooters. Got to take it and although this week. Well downtown but the walk about. So Vijay shooters. And it you know just a little time in and fresh seafood and what is it when I smothers it smelled of the ocean are in my mind I was think I'm not even a big oyster fan but I was thinking what oysters smell like to me and how that would be in. Beauty this is. A lot of body one that frankly would view what a great way to start the night Gloria with no food -- -- -- patio line you know. Great -- super don't need food. Who brought our you know works well a lot of different networks are -- Let's talk -- and it may appear dorm food to me can be so different because there's so many different styles he gets some of those big. Heavy fruit. To do you know. Almost don't even. Almost uneven -- like Peter Norris molecule in order so. Lean more towards -- not sure her or something along those lines Kennedy gets my visits a little more restrained a little more Burgundy in and -- So give -- -- whole opportunity of different things and I think this one there's so many things have popped into my mind Narnia and Indy they're the the Specter of fruit be compared Peter Morris are bigger than any other line. You can go fish you can go with now. But anything mushrooms. Anything you know lamb this -- Any sort of game. Cold smoked Trout and fantastic -- smoked -- not real heavy smoke real white smoke will be used and Alder or. Or maybe be -- cedar plank salmon god. In there and it is that you must think bigger because while this one is delicate and balanced and and and so often in and it's filled with finesse. I'm I'm thinking and you keep something with mushrooms may be even something is bold is like a stroke and off -- are -- stroke and but. -- lamb chops. -- -- -- -- pat lamb lollipops and marinated in this one was some garlic and maybe some and -- or two and you can go with terror -- That's right a priest threw that perfect exactly. John -- once -- killer. And these are these are I think you could call these good value on them you know I think -- -- these lines. Over deliver for the value depth coming. I could easily get you know 3540 bucks for these bottles of wine but I just think chemical -- for everybody and I do I do I have come. A handful of different funeral Mars a thing to do OK now commonly you know they can go up the -- from you know this one here retail about. Point three -- point four box. All the way up to our due to barrel blend this year that'll be your 125 bucks not so. You know well and as a whole bunch -- between you gonna be plum book these ones tonight at -- rotations. And probably at a couple others I hope your -- of pinot -- we don't know for sure but I can't wait that's. What -- one of the coolest ones that you America. And that -- -- can't wait to see at the grand tasting tonight I can't afford to be there it's going to be fun folks you -- get a ticket you know -- which stock picks go down there get your ticket in hand you don't wanna wait in line. What you wanna do is skip that flyer out of ego from two days ago spent some time. Or. Blow that out the window. Run in the door with your -- -- out and you're in the glass and and -- just go nuts stuff and I'm gonna do and I hope you come to the event tonight if you've never been before at such great fun and I'll be there have a wireless Mike in my -- be walking around a little color commentary and irritating you with a silly announcements. Leading right up to the auction and John Roberts Ali thanks for taking the time out of your day here which star we're so glad when you were able to be here for the look the walkabout and for the dinners and to be here for the grant that's enough to great things and -- which -- thank you -- I don't do many of these. That I'd pick a few a year and I picked Wichita because we were rumors core group of fans here and I everybody's just been fantastic and I I'm just happy to be here well you so much and I guarantee you the core group of friends is going to be a lot bigger come Sunday dad. What a treat Mark Douglas this sir thank you my brother -- stop combined truly my pleasure. Folks I'm glad that you stopped by as well don't forget over the gadgets may tenth over the edge Candace dot com do that. Check out Torre more winery dot com and learn more about this beautiful property there's a -- good life guy and do a good life gaga com you can always find out and we talked about in the past. What's coming up in the future. Like next week. Talking about soup with a great gal. -- now they're beauties beautiful central coast she's just a piece of work you're gonna wanna be part of that and of course the one next week it's killer. It's always good and I'm got -- to -- -- take care have a great weekend see it -- as the night.

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