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The Brent Kemnitz Show 4/26/14

Apr 26, 2014|

Following game 2 in 3 game series at Tulane

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

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Let me assure you I'll stop tendency is an east Wichita 21 degree Mitch and his -- mainstream. Community bank member -- -- in stadium and the world. He's -- this isn't right can. Got a -- Wichita State's pitching coach and another tough one to do this week as a shocker scum off of their third straight. Walk off loss this weekend Brad certainly. Over the eight game losing streak things were pretty miserable that in some ways these three have been even more frustrating because of the nature of the the close games losses on the last at bat by the opponent away from home and all of -- games where you could look at several things on the mound at the played on the base has mistakes that were made that anyone affliction and certainly several cost you some close games. Yeah if you gonna be a good team there's several things that have to happen. You know you look at our record for a 500 team we're fifteen and five and home. We're six and thirteen on the road -- is totally unacceptable that cannot happen we're zero and three at neutral sites. And you know for the most part we haven't played into some rough intimidating atmosphere is where. You know the crowds all over a year you're getting squeezed on to play here one and that that hasn't happened. We just haven't played well there's nobody to blame but herself I mean. When when you look at that big of a discrepancy. Her decision I'm very tough for you gotta you gotta play harder you got to play tough for you get. You know be mentally attending and then and like he says the last three games. You know the Missouri game out that we came out we -- electric or really swinging the bats well like now we have a lot of balls good against some good pitchers that people. And on night like that you just see you you can like of one meant -- half an and they and they won that game and extra innings. And then last night I mean as a situation where we go into the twelfth inning. With -- not spend enough then we get one in the top of the twelfth. And -- you know we have -- Ashford on the ma'am. And you know he's got a seven -- in the that in the eleventh so we sending back out there. -- in all honestly and I got on the pitch is happy about this for the game today I said if we had somebody that we knew were we're gonna get. We put him out there rather than there in a -- Foster be -- If we send somebody out there that's pitching with confidence will probably don't -- brave back after the twelfth to cease tired its ankles bothered him a little bit but we knew we compete. And we've kind of been Houdini all night get out of jams and human intentional walks and and guys with. It ended double plays and and you know we were rich crawl -- jams all night what didn't happen at twelve he got behind accountant. And do it 21 fastball that they get out of parks who wind up losing 51 in the twelfth but I. I told a map towards -- -- release this morning asset -- really fault -- re Ashford we knew he would compete he's a little worn now we need somebody else down there. Other than the guys -- just mentioned. That candidate could be a go to guy because some guys down their struggle and they've got to be better. So that was painful obviously believes in twelve innings in the -- today. I know you know would come out and Kelly humps -- on well and was it very similar to what happened holes at three weeks ago and Indiana State. Little League game he's pitching great gets hit by a line drive hits him in the foot tries to stay in the game and obviously he's our right. So we we go to Chris Gardner he gets out of the six -- I love couple really big strikeouts. And then -- and debris gets out of Manning the next inning. But they pieced together couple rounds of the with the bottom of the order. In the eighth and then we get to big home run meant to tie it up from Canada airman topped the ninth. And Reagan -- clear Emmys again it's got to be better gets first two guys out. They get a couple guys on and he's got a left handed hitter ripped their 12 he's got name me in this situation. For the last thing we wanted to hear it there's storms strike. And he threw a break Marat over the plate he gets a base hit up the middle these are things that we got to be better at these are guys that have got to learn these guys -- They've got to have a better feel. It but it's it's it's been painful it's been a struggle. But but the bottom line is she got to be better than that you can't continue to lose tight games in continue to not have feel. In and continue to grow and have big games slowed down for you and that's basically why we lost the last three games he -- describe what happened but one of the strangest aspects of this game today the last three guys that you threw -- you mentioned Gardner delivery and then they cooler. Paul came in to tough spots in the inning they came in got out of -- either getting two outs or one. And then got the first two outs in the next inning each time and then two or three guys in a row got on any chance today get a stay locked in every every hitter. -- -- breed and I show like -- get us out of the inning with the hitter that hit the home run it went out last night. Nannies at the bottom of the order its first two guys out and gives up a double a single all of -- -- that's the around. We bring him because he gets out of the inning it's the first two guys at two and three hole. How to get a base hit with -- four hole. We walk the five all and then we're left on left him in the position and they go ahead make some good pitches -- he would get a head. And then just made a mistake over the plate and and -- sometimes a learning curve is very painful more more to their right now with this team. And in the bottom line is you got to be better yet learn from it and end and we can talk about and all we want when you explain it and we can get on -- and give them love you do whatever you want. But each guy needs to be self mote motivated and -- got away it to be better. One other question before relief today's game you mentioned Caylee -- got hit in the foot with a line drive any concern there for any ongoing problems with that. Play others always some concern I have stand K hill and you know he was optimistic that it's just a bruise the sometimes those things turn and no more than. You know couple days because all of a sudden now you're trying to do some different with your delivery that's what happened when he got hit but in the in the arm against Indiana State. It took him a little bit of time to kind of get back and that's -- is next starting its Evansville he's pretty ordinary. But last week he was getting at southern Illinois so we feel like that's kind of been taking care of analogous -- foot thing. So hopefully hopefully yeah we have a lot of confidence in the -- Keylon. And Dan was somewhat optimistic in the -- at least it won't know more in the next couple days. You know its next scheduled start would be a week from now so -- some time to figured out. Which I hope it's not a deal were you know each change in something else try to favor that so we'll know more in the next few days. And as situation again I know where you're concerned he's telling you he's okay wants to stay -- because he says she's tremendous competitor and I could tell especially the second time you went -- he was able to throw a couple that you were more than a little concerned. Do you feel at all like the the throwing error was a result of him favoring the footers are just too hard -- too hard to second guess and I get a 100% was the Phillies on her best filters on our -- I mean here's a great job with that and if you're -- that's kind of what he did it Evansville. He threw a pick off away or a double play ball away in any true -- away and that's so so not kill you I'm so when he threw that away. That's not him so it's it's a situation where you know he see his feet under remark stable like they should be and obviously when your pitching and that's a big concern. Listening to -- pitching coach rich chemists and we will continue from New Orleans on the -- -- that show. 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One time material valuations were absorbing your entire aerospace testing needs ATS is right here in your backyard and has worldwide reach eight TS is the best choice when quality precision required. Every project is important no job is to fit together ETS a hero's -- testing their services dot com. It's great. -- thirteen thirty. They NSS. The fact that -- -- to show as we continue our discussion a shocker based on of course pitching in particular before we get into some of the individuals on the pitching staff this week. No that Brent has a suggestion for you if you are thinking about installing windows at your home or business suits your windows guy. Here you need to get -- hold a -- when berg he's together it would definitely be. He's been with us southern corporation for a lot of years -- coach to Creighton has -- remember which commander in -- they had coached. But about using personally he -- very professional come -- give you an honest assessment of what you need. And when you're talking about Andersen windows you're talking about the very best. Out there are so if you have any issue with that and I'll give him call. I and the best way to Colin just get a hold of him on a cellphone at 644. 66. Feet zero once again Todd win -- at this other corporate Nash corporation. Renewal by Andersen windows. 6446680. For the first guys I want to talk about on today's show -- pitch today and then dead it did not end up giving up for run but in fact struck out -- the first four guys that he faced -- -- gave up a couple of walks after two out single -- Chris Gardner got another midweek start on Tuesday against Missouri and -- solid innings again and even. With the walks today -- seems to be back on his game in do you feel like he's also grown into the form where -- can start to go a little longer in those mid week starts PM kind of using today is you know out of necessity we were offered help and get deeper in the game with Kelly Norman would have without -- a foot injury. The Chris is a guy we stuck to give us two or three innings today because he was on three days' rest after the Kansas City came on Tuesday against Missouri. So he probably will start either Tuesday or Wednesday to -- would like Kansas Wednesday to play Oklahoma State at home so it's going to be a tough mid week. Anytime you play to midweek games they're really test your pitching depth and we've got to have some guys step up and be better than they have in. But he's he gets thrown well liked and thought it was huge when he came inning gives to big strikeouts to get us out of I think what was the sixth inning. And then oh win that get out of the seventh he did run into a lot of trouble he's thrown well he's strong with confidence he is a great feel for pitching and and he looks like the Chris Gardner that you know we sought two years ago and then again in the last year's that was good to see. On the flip side air and debris hasn't really looked like himself this week. Got one hitter we gave up a hit no walk against Missouri same thing last night. Again today got a guy got a big -- got a couple about the next inning but then gave up a couple of hits and is he is everything okay with him just a matter of not quite having his usual sharpness yeah music. -- it's gotta have plus command and he didn't have then Kansas City on Tuesday in a kind of gave him a pass its first time that's happened in awhile. But that's first -- saying look like then two years and I told him that I sent word that comes from I haven't seen that. And he came out wasn't comfortable one spot his fastball I think it gained sped up on him that can happen in a while. And now we got him out there pretty quick because he what you want sharp at all. And then he came in again last night. He managed to get out some stuff but not the normal sharpness. And then again today. We've got us out of the inning. You know bases loaded need etiquette TP can't -- there -- you get two out sending give up a double the single to give up -- run. So not quite as sharp as he needs to be. We still have a ton of confidence in him but he's got to get back at don't want quote called confidence at the end it's gotten up and he commanded three its first strike because when he doesn't do that it's always going to be a stroke. You continue to use Foster be locked in a little different role he's been in a little earlier a couple of times this week went a little more extended to Missouri game two plus -- -- it seems to be working pretty well yeah I mean he sees gathered battles I mean if he's gonna make it look easy -- be -- true lockdown guy he's got -- -- he's got to have better command. I mean you look at his numbers. They're fine. From all walks to -- standpoint but you know he's given up too many hits -- many -- pitches out over the plate that guys have a chance to hit. We love this competitiveness. I love this is. You know it comes to the ballpark with a smile on his face and he's a competitor in. Always out there we feel like we're gonna get a 100% coming but it -- can elevate his game and and be a true lock down guy that can come in in the seventh and then go three innings. He's got to be noble book it is work both sides of the plate with two and forcing fastball he's got to be able to have. Depth and -- -- breaking ball that he can throw for a strike and needed. And then he's got to have a changeup to left handed hitters and they'll show a -- in the bullpen. But if we're gonna expand and he's got to be able to go out there and do that game situations and that's kind of hit -- with him right now. You're listening to -- pitching coach Bret -- still to come a little bit later in the program the pitcher of the week and the pitching tips. Of the week's shocker is losing in the bottom of the ninth today five to 422 lane and will continue with Brent from New Orleans in a moment. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Check out -- -- new website club liquor -- dot com for coupons features and advise your next party. Public or west attack Sam's Club west public or east Texas dance club east every product on sale every day. 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Evidently he might -- is -- -- in my knobs are crushed the can you tell me. -- can we -- -- mile and a half an hour we put in North America what about the surfaces what kind of material to -- well leave there he is solid well how are we -- Latin -- and the -- that have a lifetime -- Our workers good odds aren't and they are the best there is and you know there are actually -- Barack Obama and haven't heard Nancy again what -- number 78 days -- don't worry your home free at 10613317. Yeah. We're back on the -- -- -- -- from New Orleans and it is time for the pitching -- Of the week. Soccer's again losing to Tulane today five to four in the bottom of the ninth another tough walk off loss this week that. Maybe France got a tip for you to help you get through your week. Wells a tip I gave the pitchers before the game. Concentration -- eliminate tension and I think sometimes with new guys. Or anybody for that matter that going to a game on the game's on the line in the end and until make too big -- deal -- they give they worry about getting this guy had again a big base theater. You know situation like that but if you can learn to focus if you -- block can't act called the statement or bomb that we all you're worried about. Is the -- that task at hand the ball in your hand that's only thing you can control. Is making that pitch and realizing what you gonna do and visualizing what you're gonna do. You'll have that kind of focus and that kind of concentration. That will eliminate tension. Fuel feed off of a crowd that's maybe the loud and boisterous whether it's home or away. But the bottom line is you've got such a focus and such. Yeah locked and demeanor. That they're you're not gonna feel tension and you're gonna have a relaxed intensity you're gonna you're going to be so zoned in that you can make things happen. And they and the other example I use -- our pitchers sometimes this is like figure skaters. Or in the Olympics the balance -- people behind those people don't have to have focus. I -- have felt about the woman Landis did they have to have focus should think when they're doing all their stuff. You better be able locking and you better -- you're able to. Be so in that state. That you don't feel any thing but that your gonna get it yet had done. And and you're gonna -- you're gonna be off the chart bit like Peyton Manning when he -- and that the team down the field. For Tom Brady your -- the case may be your LeBron on -- fill it up from Michael Jordan. Police -- that he's got that great off the chart focus surgeons. Wanted to -- did there are now we're gonna realize stuff that's -- of -- biggest sports. I mean you want to surgeon to give his open heart surgery that's a space cadet. -- -- field he loses his content cherish and you know -- always hear about the best doctors in the world did you know that means there's Morse doctors. So you want to make sure and stay away from those guys it's like -- he's top ten worst doctors in the country having helped publicize that. But to somebody is that you know there right yet so that's not the guy that you're gonna want -- opening up. Because he probably didn't have very good focus. There's so if you're gonna succeed in this game you better be able to control that. And it's concentration will eliminate tension and that's kind of back to what we talked about earlier today three different guys who came in and really. Tense situations knowing when they came in that they had to concentrated really focus got out of them get off to a good start the next inning and then. It would seem may be lost some lose some of that focus your consciousness and that's a great power you know how many times do you see -- you get two quick outs and that's what happened today. And then maybe you lose that adds a little bit we talk about that a lot that's what we try to simplify and talk about one pitch at a time whether -- one out two -- whatever the case may be. He just continue to make pitches and that's what to truly great ones are able to do it. We will continue you're gonna name our pitcher of the week in the next segment I think -- who who it is in the we're gonna talk quite a bit about him so stay with us on the -- -- -- show from New Orleans more than. The best decisions coach Butler made as he established his death was to retain their longtime pitching coach and brick and it's Jimmie has been able to recruit top caliber student athletes and maintain their pitching staff that is second to none in College Baseball doctor -- Blackmon is proud to be in his thirtieth two years -- shocker -- doctor. He provides care for all -- student athletes and his patience and green vision grew. 1851 north -- road to schedule an appointment call 6362010. Play it again sports in west widgets on mice use sports equipment right now -- -- get your used exercise equipment -- Right on the spot palladium exports buys treadmills elliptical stationary bikes and -- call waiting and sports today at 790. 300 for a while. They'll cut you get up and hit you on the spot and played against awards at the corner of central and -- in west Wichita. Evidently he might -- is our -- in my knobs are crushed -- can you tell me. 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But Kelly's knowledge experience integrity and attention to detail be the key here -- -- Kelly can show you any home regardless of who has it listed and for a complimentary market analysis of your home. -- -- -- -- 3717. You can also check out her website at www. Kelly cabinets dot net like a -- feeling with a. Who's going and wanna talk about a little bit so. PL last week we had several options in and we did have you know Cahill was thrown good today before he got popped in Davis was pretty good last Sunday and we talked about Chris Gardner so it's not like there haven't -- some guys that are thrown OK but the gathered just dominated last night and he's just been so good all year long and a look at his numbers he's got a one point 16 ER a teenager and 229. Against -- He's walked twelve and punched out 55. Has just been rock solid all year long like say -- 116 Sierra a the downside is these three and five. It throws nine shut out yesterday and then we can end up losing the twelve Manning so we got a no decision that AJ glad we can suspend so. So great all year he's just commands is Sony's made a big jump from last year just a class guy and a great teammate then. A guy that I think will play this game for a long time I mean -- -- will play at the next level. Is lost to continue to improve each tightened up his breaking ball it's plus changeup and like a site plus command and just gets better all the time and just together just a pleasure to coach so a no brainer this weekend to Atlanta which. -- went there was some of the numbers but I think people need to understand. What we're looking at here a one point 16. ERA. In eleven starts at 77 and a third innings obviously there's still a lot of baseball to go but -- season ended today. That would be the best earned run average ever compiled by a Wichita State starting pitcher. And you're talking about rare territory even if it goes up belittled you still talking about. Shane Dennis. John -- one in a valley picture of the year's season. A couple of guys like dot high ankle. Very fuse starting pitchers for Wichita state of ever finished this season -- ERA under two and he's pretty much been their for several weeks now. Yeah and then you view it does jump out you know blow your mind a little bit to the sect could. And Jim Nolan and and remember that dominate year he had you on our national championship team where he was five and though with the eighteen saves he had a one point 08. In seventy some -- so that just shows you right there have dominated AJ glad weeks did because Jim Newman had a wipe out here. And you mentioned -- then assembly is -- 135. What she is just still phenomenal. So yet tip my hat day today in hand -- -- he he he changed he's a guy that that. -- he doesn't get caught up in you know feel sorry for himself and he's competitive don't get me wrong I mean it's it's painful for him money doesn't you know leave the game with. The team winning that. He's together worries about what he can control and he sent an unbelievable job of that this year. Am glad you mention that because three and five with three no decisions he could easily be and probably should be at least say nine in too -- those eleven starts. And yet goes up their looks the same every time out. Looks the same when he goes back out for an inning after the team just left the bases loaded with nobody out didn't -- many runs and now that. It is not only commendable to him that sets a great example to the rest of the pitching staff and particularly the young guys who may -- your -- -- well. Yeah -- one of the things that I priest forever you better worry about what she can chart control because when your pitch and you start worrying about the offense and then scorn your rounds let's kiss of death because. You know nothing more painful when you're out there you can't get anybody else from you just have to out score somebody in the third -- like that baseball. It's the last thing you want them as all the hitting guys -- all the answers so I certainly don't want all the pitching guys standing answers on days when runs -- her tough to come by. In India and he's he adheres to that big time he's. He's a guy that doesn't get cut up and thinks he can't can't control but yes that is to say to elaborate on what -- talking about he's a great example for the young guys. Something else that that is a great example and something that he's continued to develop and and chain has talked a bit about this a couple of times. They said especially when you get into pro ball you hear instructors and and pitching coaches talk about. Repeat your delivery learned to repeat your delivery and AJ repeats his delivery about as well as anybody we've seen and your staff for a long time. Yet claim and that's one of the things we -- -- winning him out of high school. Is there by simply it's amazing how a young kid like that it consistently throws down -- he's got that out front downhill plane. His first couple years of things that try to do -- -- as he would kind of drift a little bit sometimes lead with the upper body at times. So it's been a situation getting mistake tall would get to get him to lead hips and stay back with the upper body and he's made -- -- that this year. But yes clean arm action. Everything's on line to the play. And they and that's why he has such great command because he has a delivery that's easy to repeat even though he's a 65 gallon time to big gets tougher form to do that. But he's he's a guy that has good feel for you know. The mechanics of pitch in in the can -- yard together whatever haven't got a tries to keep it simple but to. He understands the keys for him and and and if he gets off a little bit he has a quick correction and understands that. And certainly every pitch looks the same whether it's a breaking ball to fast for the changeup to arm angle the arm speed everything always looks the same with him. -- the one thing that he did fight for a couple starts but he was back on track last night was he just own up to stay here on his changeup. And he was dip and that he was lowered its arm slot just a little bit but today that you bring it to his attention and and he understands and he makes -- quick correction. The any any hitter will tell you the guys that are tough for the guys that look the same on all their pitches. But he made the correction on the changeup last night and you know that's why is effective but make and everything looked the same the and it's huge. And is it especially beneficial to have him around as an example when one of your best prospects what are your best young guys is a freshman Sam to Davis who's very similar in build and background and everything else yeah and I think Sam except AJ you know they're both from Nebraska and I think they Canada. You know there's a little bit of a bond there but I a guy like -- tell Davis he he can't have -- better examples and Kelly -- They feel the position they know their picks. That they tend to give you that day opt for their pitch him because they just yourself on commander what they're doing. But to Sam's got a lot to learn I mean he's a guy that you look at him and his numbers are OK he's got a three point 08 ERA. But his walks to strikeouts aren't nearly as good as last week and he -- as get a stuff. And with a chance they have even better stuff I'm talking about velocity and about a reckon ball. He's got a chance still to be the best on the staff. But if he's -- if he's gonna dominate games to go out there and be in total control what he he he he does he's got to be able repeat his delivery better. Occasionally he'll cut pitches off and lose some velocity command but when he -- he gets that extension around front and throws a break from -- fastball arm speed. It's got a chance to be a white out strike out take pitch and his changeup common. He's throw some -- look like glad weeks that's a big compliment it's just a matter of him continued to gain experience in their four gaining confidence. -- a couple of weeks ago we talked about this in a difficult situation for anybody but particularly a freshman year and Evans though you've lost the first two games got run ruled the day before and they have now lost eight morality comes adding if you are really competitive performance on Sundays you get the win and it's it's three in a row this time it kind of thrown in that situation tomorrow and then he's really responded with a lot of maturity so far for freshman. Yeah and then you nailed -- I mean we were just sent a major funk. When we were at Evansville is that your -- weeks ago the season all runs together and he came out had a really strong performance on a big time hit Monday that one was blown out about thirty miles an hour. Our offense was really good that day. But says he element check in in in May may be had a best to. Outing of the year. And then he then he receives OK again last week he has southern Illinois but we need to go out tomorrow and have a plus performance again. Listening to Brett candidates will come back to talk about the week ahead as the -- commit show continues from New Orleans today was not mine today. And should have sent to learn clocks should have gone on morning Ron Paul. Should have similar -- the boss even though we scares me. Richardson alone of the beautiful girl -- counting all he knows she terrifies me oh should've called mom and dad should have taken the scenic route home. I should've worn my seatbelt. Progress hurts. Look a -- every trip every time -- by the Kansas Department of Transportation under Kansas law enforcement community. Paid baseball fans this is -- -- for baseball savings it's that time of the year to start out feeling your team for the baseball softball season. I encourage everyone to shop where -- eighteen shots for all the baseball needs you'll not find better prices and selection -- baseball savings for bats balls gloves shoes accessories and customize uniforms free routine they carry all the biggest brands in baseball softball to take -- view from head to visit them at 34 street north and -- road just west of an arts and the -- warehouse building or conveniently order online from baseball savings dot com it's my favorite one stop shop for all my baseball needs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Exactly and championship. And shot yeah. One more game to go here in New Orleans tomorrow -- two -- -- to Davis we'll get to start and that we just talked about him a little bit. Behind him who's ready and who might not be able to throw tomorrow. Well cut -- to be locked needed today copy yet if he we would absolutely had taken -- thrown at them open they'll feel fresh again tomorrow. Aaron debris probably meets today off he's thrown two days in a row. Cody Tyler we need him to elevate his game has electric stuff height of freshman left hander he's 8890. He's got a really good slider he just needs to. Get past the whole freshman thing go on -- like he's capable. After Palmer work group grew up or through some of the bullpen and he'll be -- ago. Array Ashford. I wanted him to have today off hopefully he can give us a little bit tomorrow Mitch McEntire fresh care from a stretch we have guys is just a matter of somebody come -- out there and be another day came we need somebody to step up. Our bullpen is not as deep as were used to it began. I mean there's some guys that are capable -- mean the locks again that we all believe in errant -- ago that we believe in. I array Ashford we believe me and another that we need some guys to elevate they're games Reagan be clear. Like -- MB -- he's tightened up his breaking ball. One real happy with thing today I don't care for your freshman or not get have a better feel more than what he did today get a guy -- two -- -- that would have sworn or credible on front plate and he doesn't strike I mean that's what young guys do sometimes that you got to be better than that. But he's a guy that's capable step and -- happened and given us some quality time out of the bullpen. Under Palmer I mean I've got talked to hammer and an accurate game he was outstanding or early in the season at any Arian one. And then we give him a couple starts and he struggled ever stance bit. If we're going to be a team that has a chance to keep plan for awhile haven't success he's got to elevate his game and get back to what he was early in the season. So there's guys that are capable. It's just mattered doing that I did it sometimes it's confidence that. You know yeah you got to fight through that yourself as a coach you know some guys you got to challenge a little bit some guys you got to give them love. But at the end of the day you get a simplified your own head your pride needs to kick in and you just got to go -- -- which capable. We talked a little bit earlier you mentioned to mid -- games coming up against very good opponents Kansas on Tuesday Oklahoma State on Wednesday. Certainly Chris Gardner will probably figure is one of the starters in those two games that. Yet anybody else in mind is totally depend on what happens tomorrow and is that a case were for at least one of them you really might have to go in planning to split it up a little bit. -- -- -- Gardner will be a while -- -- I'm not sure where it's Hemingway have but he threw twenty some pitches today so I'm sure he would be an option to -- -- maybe Wednesday against Oklahoma State I'm sure he will get one of the two. The other when you figure Brohm but he struggled. His numbers just map -- me you know we had a great year last year and not only with that kind of confidence and and that kind of stuff. You know I went through a little bit of -- dead arm period hopefully that's that's behind me -- got to get back on track a little bit he's an option. -- Palmer I mean we tried him a couple times I still think he's a guy that's very capable of that ring MB card could be a guy Cody Tyler. I think a lot will depend on tomorrow. If anybody in College Baseball tells you when your plane to midweek -- probably stretches you a little fan. And I thought -- many times about those of the games a lot of time to answer for all geared up for Kansas -- -- -- statements of pitching coach were. We're home guys up there with not a lot of confidence sometimes -- But can -- with any commentators are looking at some guys that are may be struggling. So from the pitcher's standpoint that's almost had a rattled me. Have a cancer is have enough guys to cover it for you still go -- and be successful and and that's always been my goal and and I think Chris -- kind of to that point. But one of these other cats has been struggling just gonna have to turn -- -- and elevate his game and that that's that's what we needed challenged them to go out and do and I think they're certainly capable. Finally it we've talked about this over the years various people connected to the teams at Wichita State. Basketball Bob hall and out come back sometimes talking about. You know in the team loses. Your kind of theater like everybody else and and you know what you wanna see the shocker where -- unhappy when they lose and they don't play well. But we can go home the sleep that night when your coaches. You still got to try to find a way to fix it and when -- having the kind of season that you are worse things have been up and down and some of the same things keep happening maybe -- different guys. You're always searching for that for the right thing to say that you know he tried all kinds of different approaches I know out of time -- you and Todd Brian and everybody. And and yet when it doesn't worker doesn't seem to get through you still have to keep trying to find the right approach -- to get where you need to be. Yeah and the -- that is it's a lot of sleepless nights if you really care if you're really competitive even. And you're costly spending your mind trying to figure out what's gonna trigger guy you give a hundred examples of guys that. You know you said one thing Tillman and salt while the light came on like Steve Goldman Sachs is in his second year. He saw this little -- lazy break and bond file them in the middle of nine -- and and I we get a better slider cutter type pitch he picked it up right away and turning around. You're in her three years ago Brian planning summer break him volley to show you that is nasty dirty onebeacon consistent golfer strikes of people could all -- fastball. And even though he was 92 to 95 he'd get hit a lot of times so we went to a slider with him and -- turning around so these are some things. Does that seem you know as a coach and I'm talking pitching right now you're costing in my thinking OK what can we do to turn a scare around what's the what's going to be the key. And the reward is when some clicks really got a lot of times you can just pick a certain gamers certain moment. And -- relaxes them and then all of a sudden do you know they can contribute and that's more Mara and -- I'm certainly not a guy that. Just cashes it -- on guys because there's a lot of gifted talented guys here. We just need to figure out which buttons to push. Bret thank you and notes it's been a tough one now before we wrap things up something a little more relaxing maybe -- -- deck or patio or someone your home mostly have a a nice spot to go to after day like this whether it's pitching or working at a bank or whatever it may be clear talking about push all the right buttons I thought that was a second way you're gonna take me in this -- Yeah if you wanna do some out doors like build a patio porch attack. Outdoor fireplace if you need anything outside. I've got your guy and he's done some work for me so I know him personally he's just a first class guy his name -- stansted Iverson. How is it -- -- builders you can go to a site so the www. BNB built -- dot com. Or give them a call went 945. 3232. -- come -- give me an estimate and lets you know what you're up against insists you know fall the project all the way through these awesome stand Stuyvesant 945. 3232. Let's get a pretty much do it for Brett this week we just want to remind you that this series closes tomorrow with a 1 o'clock starts will be on the air at 1240 with a pregame show backers. Trying to get one on this four game stretch away from home this week Sam -- this will get to start tomorrow. And then the shocker is home for five next week Kansas on Tuesday Oklahoma State Wednesday. At a three game conference series the Bradley next weekend the shocker is have been. Much better at home this year so hopefully a win tomorrow can kick start their men do a good week ahead at home. As they are still very much in the conference race in three more conference series to go on the weekends to comes a lot of baseball still to be played. It's been -- really frustrating week to this point with three walk off losses away from home but. Shocker to try to get that go on again tomorrow the Sampson Davis on the mound so we'll talk with you tomorrow at 1240. Thanks to all of our sponsors and to brand them do the break him to show him. But this week. Yeah and shopping for a -- recently you know it's more complicated network. I'm trying to score -- senior vice president with community bank were critical. I experienced mortgage loans that we'll simplify and guide you through each step of the homeowners across. Many mortgage brokers offer Hillary and enough for the same level of service and personal attention this community that. Alicia you call 63416100. At 63416100. Or stop by and CFCs Wichita. That's when he first degree. Community bank equal housing under member of -- Would you like -- change of pace would you like to get out of the rental rates are you tired of working 405060. Hours a week for a paycheck. Are you looking for more time and make life better for your family friends and neighbors and give the coach Patrick Cantwell -- call today -- 316640. Since 76. Work with the people in the leadership and personal growth industry. Little life of faith family fun and financial freedom. Win the game of life with the coach call 31664. Row 1076 today. Dedicate your life to helping people grow and prosper. Folks it's your life so don't waste -- and commit to success and develop a strong business. Walk with me join the parade. Let's go to work. 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Check out our rocket new website club liquor Wichita dot com for coupons features and advise your next party public or west attack Sam's Club -- public or east Texas -- cookies every product on sale every day. Some people can be fooled by sleight of hand it's manipulation of rush cannot taste the prestigious radio thirteen thirty in a magic cat in assets which it. This is KM -- -- We now join in progress our regular programming.

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