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The Good Life 05/03/14

May 3, 2014|

First up is Ms. Mary Chamberlin with her world renowned soup book “The Traveling Soup Pot.” In the second half I’ll be chatting with “The Mistress of Bourbon” Ms. Hollis Bulleit.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The host of the good life. -- -- Rutgers this Saturday and into it and it. You have opportunities and elected to be exposed to good cookbooks but more importantly it's really -- when you have the opportunity to meet the person behind that book. The -- the author the one that did the creativity. And the recently at the Pebble Beach food might have been to have the opportunity to spend some time with a guy that I had met before very Chamberlain and she has such a cool book it's public traveling soup pot and that certainly is going to be the topic for today. In the second half for the top house bullet -- bullet bourbon and then I have a really cool one of the week. From the corn vineyards that will we talk about in the last segment without further ado -- you know admitted Chamberlain has been so many things. Formally married to -- Who retired to -- is a breeze some impart. And then a lot of traveling but should so much more than that I chef. Professionally trained lover and and more. And I think it's better we just turned over to her and learn about her catering business and and what led up to building the traveling -- got virgin -- and good afternoon and welcome to the good life. Well good afternoon to you and I'm very excited to have this happen. The midwest girl anyway how born on a farm in Illinois. And now live in Carmel California. Those -- had affected very special experience. Let all those it started out I was out of a boon baby and not expected to live alone -- born on a farm and had a twin brother who proceeded me. And I would they're -- hours before they discovered patent. But our -- brought about one very important thing the lack of oxygen. To the brain. Increases the auto factories and therefore I live in the world with. Very very. Let's say -- bad that we're ready to distinguish good flavor and it food. And there's a picture on your web side of folks you can check about it Mary Chamberlain met CH a MB ER LIN. Cook books dot com. And about many sections you've got a baby picture with a wooden spoon in your neck and neck and right now. Know it all started right there. Very good unit you have troubles as well really it intrigued me obviously you spent a lot of time all over the world and end at each place -- learned about different soups and played with soups and tell us about those adventures that led up to write in the book. Well one of the things that's happened is when you you could hear the train go by as a child you would say I wanna go somewhere. And I always have that in my heart. And when I married my husband. He proposed could be an actually. Wore pink shirt that said marry me and fly free. How little did he know that I was very willing to do that you can hand grabbed. I actually I was -- About. Four months in France Beckham who in the sixties. From an auto accident and when I tasted the food there. I knew that I was missing something and I made -- vowed that I would come back to France and study at -- on the move which I bit. And went on and study that -- Iran and I took my education in record management in catering. -- this is before they had culinary school. And and then opened up large catering company. And restaurant and -- captain. And we prepared a homemade soup every day. And grabbed my travels. Of course. I have to say that -- opened. Not only my eyes that my -- my paid. To really delicious beautiful thing that. And all of with the friends sending things I I don't know anyone that didn't who have had been in the food -- but here recipe in this book. Takes you back to. Made vowed. The whole market plays. And how it was made and most people think that apprehension in Japan. These stock. They're made with chicken stock. And it have you have to Carmel IP onions to help how to do it in the book. And you have to I'll say they'll burn an onion and graphic in peace clock which give said that real rich color that make people think its feet. And then always having your rights groups and so forth and then when you taste this group. I you taste the sweetness of the onion and the -- have been lovely Greer achieve. And felt with that lovely Chris -- of bread and you think you're in happen. You know. And it makes you a particular thing -- prints phone. Cord could patent and I always you and I both know that. That with other than the sense of snow will is usually that's what gets us when we smell some great food product. It brings back so many memories. Yes it does and even there's there's a very large segment of my book that is has these. Actually people always considered the British -- is not good food but that's all changed in the last warning point five years. Ireland way old. Scotland England. And we I spent a lot of time in Wales on the Korean Peninsula. With kids. On the I receive the card within days we could look up and see the little toppled dotting name. Our water waterfront with could give some garlic. And figured that going in mountains and some of the -- that came from there. A good example of that is. So I just that simple thing like potato leek and of course they don't well your car lakers. Because again and the days of their conquering. Or when they work attempted to be conquered by so many countries. -- they -- the leak on their rather -- top of their their wrath Helmut. So the leak is a very important part of their history. And when you make a lead can be paid in the -- and people were favorite recipes and they'll say oh well you know there's nothing until it. But there is something special with the -- do with the -- First evolve they -- it and clean it can and they chopped that. And then they soak it in milk cheese and then when they prepared to do with the -- and at the end you add your milk. They used the milk. That the leak was so stand and the flavor is absolutely. DeVine to stand out that there's there's a lot of little tricks that you learned. That's not necessarily see and -- standard recipe and that's kind of what in my book. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know it the whole idea of suppan and different cultures and -- me because there's so many different. Types of stupid you and the best part is in the first part of the book you -- some of those things including the origin soup. Coastal -- sop. And how that named death. That's right and well you see this thing is that when we looked at all of these things. We don't even begin to realize. Is that even if you look at how a car run down the road I -- all of this. Is something. And in the beginning of my book I make -- dedication. To. Everyone -- I'd like to read the data and sure when you write a book you're always. Saying. Who am I gonna dedicate this book -- And you'd think of all your friends and who's gonna be angry you don't dedicated to them. And in the middle of the night they came to me. This book is dedicated. To all who have stopped state -- of bread. A raid system conserve a liquid as simple as Campbell's tomato or a sophisticated. Has called broken food truck full of he these days. And these are of the triple police say is in the book and it is sophisticated. But -- the same time we -- we are the ones who like this stop our brand. Or crackers that whatever in this group felt. And think -- well. An end and therein lies the airport -- in the name you know I think. When you're traveling about it in and have an effort to taste a bunch of different troops from different cultures. I loved it. The different -- captures so much of that cultures. Spice mentality thin their -- -- different types of vegetables they use in the herbs and and seasonings just in their troops alone. So. Ronald. You know that I have I call a rebirth. In my life because when you go to a country and you spend one day here and another date in another city. You can't absorb the culture in your travels. And I might have -- and I had the opportunity to go to Greece. And stay out on the pelican being in this little village. For three months. And I can tell you bet my whole concept. Of even vegetable cooking I -- plays on that. On me. Files -- island on the -- -- And down. -- -- how I prepared salads but the fact that vegetables and in the book -- These -- food Greek. Minted chicken vegetable soup and it was a little break lady we used to go to her to have -- and she would make this group and it was just go forward flavor. But they use their man and they use. The beautiful -- would say they make it is Carl said that Geithner called for donning your beer. And the flavor is so beautiful and -- in so many times. We're afraid to overuse. -- And so forth but and this all comes out. In the book. And if any -- -- that and naturally travel in that area you know that when you go into a restaurant to eat very often you ask yourself. Why does this taste so good. And it is because we take its time. To use the proper third. And especially. That freshness of the vegetables. And just the fact that we almost Revere. The preparation. Well at it and -- there's like -- -- their soups can be so quick and easy. And on the same head of some of the best ones are the ones that. Pickle loving care and several hours to slowly simmer and come up to speed. It's true and -- I'm on my third turning in my book ironically. But it's because of the name of it the traveling through pot. And it showed the old Ford -- motor flying over the world with that the product hanging off the -- -- That's the problem is the book doesn't stand there because I did have her position. I keep adding is that I need more people who tell me stories. About the food that they made for a great dead. And then I say well please let me have have a recipe I'll put it in my next book. Maybe I can't make a very special group where I'm dying. And I I call him out and take him. This is so central and so delicious I wanna know how it's done. And that. Added a book signings have recently I was. Approach to I have. A fireman from Santa Fe California came up and he said. You must try my crock pot -- today. I could -- rebate made and that crock pot. He could we get all the firemen make it in the senate they've fire departments. And so I said. All right you send me directly and it'll be in my head start competitive. And excellent. -- -- And could you lose and we didn't take a quick break. But when we come back. We're gonna talk more about the traveling soup pot with my guess Mary Chamberlain that truly a savory journey through many lands as a sub title and Disco bogus just a whole lot of fun you get your own copy -- Mary Chamberlain -- dot com. And you can learn more about Mary and the traveling soup pot. Quick break it would be right back from the bottom -- appears -- talk of sheep on here don't go away. How's that third infantry. Upper house is -- sure. Home of the best -- in town and then when you put it in that beautiful environment a welcoming bar a spectacular dining room with a view. Combine that with a menu wine list and -- stem where and you have a night on the town to remember and don't forget -- so much more than that. The daily lunch -- Tuesday through Friday. Offer a beef and something else like cedar plank salmon ribs boneless pork -- for efficient chips. And who would you get that you know and you get these great lunch -- election but you also get. How salad or cup of soup and a special corporate house side to daily lunch -- what a great deal and if you're looking to -- an abatement for fifty. Or 500. The -- house can help you check them out online -- her for how -- Wichita dot com. 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Regiment is not only -- trained chef and and an author but she's run a catering company. A delicatessen restaurants are 1 of the beautiful central coast of California and the way the reason it's called the traveling soup pot is -- she's traveled so much. With her former airline pilot husband. And Mary the book is laid out a little bit different than some soup books in that who what you tell us what you will about Larry it's Boca. Did the first thing that I did was -- -- Every time you buy one of these bound brook. You have to get something to hold it open. So I chose to do a metal spiral binding finding inside the -- And this way the book opened easily to the recipe. And later opened and the pages don't flip back and forth. I think that. What the number one thing as a cook when I would be checking out a recipe. Second evolved. The cover of the book. When the people first sent me a cover. -- that this isn't heavy enough. I want it heavy enough because people are gonna wanna open -- -- usage and I don't want it to be. Wearing. And so that you have the beautiful cover. And the picture itself. This is campaigning on my wall that was especially hated for the book. And as I said it's the old Ford tri -- So it coast to coast in 48 hours. Then when I started to go through the book I realize. That this chapter. -- could be tab. So that. You could go around the world but we've started with the American continent. And we have recipes from Mexico and America. And the hybrid recipes and then we go to that killed. And that these are different chilled foods from all over the world then we we go through the island in Atlanta if and if one of the the pictures that it is that are in the book is laid out with us. Some beautiful colored pictures like the band and coconuts. Bananas peanuts -- you and then you go to the British child and they are all laid out Ireland Wales Scotland and England. From very go to France. And -- All of fabulous food then you go to Northern Europe Holland Austria Norway and Sweden. Then from -- the southern America. Portugal Spain Italy and Greece. And all of them have very special recipes from their country. Across the Pacific I have India China Japan and Hawaii. And then I have a section that shows my kitchen. We -- -- food stops and this is the stockroom we call it. And and you could see my -- that was. Featured in their homes and garden many years ago. And it's all done in Monet yellow and I'm -- don't feel that virus wallpaper yeah. And how do you and the book. My book is from hope both. The -- go to Moscow. Local and thoughtful I think and and and there are some pretty killer recipes in that -- do -- The -- but one that is. -- I'd -- -- -- -- do with everybody and especially mid western people we freeware and it kind when people would knock on the door you know -- And asked her through. Or something to eat and and a lot of you have probably remember that when trained. We're so prevalent but there and what happened here. Welcome to pitch that they who has that -- theories and Italian fellow from New Jersey. He makes -- a hobo Stew in his rectory and need court always. Compliment me that it is his recipe. So I thought what kind of put this in the book. It's gonna have the recipe. Of the authentic by the rare road correct version. -- wouldn't do. And it is an absolute -- agreed. He didn't have to realize they're out there are sitting on Iraq somewhere by the you know by the railroad track. And here's your cooking and in one of these gold medal. Coffee -- known as a big. So it's really fun to kind of read about that and there must go to section of my book was when I was standing in line it can't go. And fellow Mexicans that they. I idea I don't have the money to renew my membership cards. I could you know that's perfectly all right I said just stand right here and I'll help you with my card -- be okay. And he could oh wonderful and he looked in my bed beneath it was far left for I could -- on -- working on my group for. A book I'm writing and you get what you want my family recipe and I said what that he's hit must go and I could poll are you Russian. He could no -- Goal and how to clean out the refrigerator what to do with leftovers littler and I thought that was the perfect candidate that's. So based high end of the book. What it suit and that -- forward how did what to do with leftovers. But the book is laid out very very employee and -- section of course. There's a beautiful picture you. And -- -- About how what what you might want to prepare for that section. And live I have some friends they're getting ready for chili cook off. And Erica White Turkey -- in that book that everybody loved that came from a friend of mine. And that he won the award could be -- Turkey's. At at his work he could ever make -- -- and here's one. I know you lose one you just fixed it. Right that's I had a friend from Hawaii has that makes a wonderful. And Chile -- -- can make a wonderful evening. And that code it and mind that I never win women chili contest I could well you have to. Make it authentic so I said I just throw a little spam in there and some -- pineapple and you win any -- -- -- of it but let me before I let you go let's -- bit about some of the basics we've got to jump right of the book and and and their great recipes are supposed to be destroyed if we're talking about the traveling soup pot. But my guess Mary Chamberlain and read the book is easy to use -- laid up perfectly and there are some tips in the very front that are really important. They don't and I think the stock is probably one of the biggest things yes you can get it out -- well -- square boxes. It's not the same. No it isn't and -- -- and and then there isn't a section where you can actually made. Your food stocks and of course this huge learning and and culinary school. So you have a -- docket chicken stock and then I have fun with this when I call it -- quickie tricky chicken broth yeah. -- -- picking -- -- to bet you'd take one left over roasted chicken everybody. -- vibrant could chickens outright grant. And they say that there are now what I do it regret that at either end up in the -- of the dog eat it. So what I did I do is you take the lead off at the bone but she played that all of the all of that in the pot that the -- side. Place your bones and then you add. I had chicken broth and water and lovely third and carrots and onions that. -- flavor it and and cook it down and then the brought can be cool and frozen for future use. But that we -- not wasting money thing. And you're coming up with a better product death yet where you're coming out with a better product than something out of but it looked at about square box heard -- I mean if you good -- being very honest with you if you take and take it -- Of the chicken stock that comes out of the camp and ordered the beef stock it's not -- thing you have to enhance. And if you're a busy person like a lot of -- are you can enhance. By adding flavor. -- and in different ways and the and I I think this could make a big difference. And in your cooking. Even if I -- and make it off I always start with the browns stopped. And then work with it and then people will face. But sometimes when you come out of the -- during your tongue was dry you wonder why because of the attitude. And when you're eating pure food and food is prepared from scratch you don't have that. Dryness in your tongue in you you feel better fuel -- and I have vegetable stock here for those. To our. Vegetarians. And fish dock or who -- for those who. Prepare for use. That's good stuff even like with the famine group that's been here you cook thrown from the famine and make this famine group. And we -- the plan will join in on this. And that we defects and has to have that. I have been yes. I can of -- that I gave. And I felt bad because famine within CNN everything could be pressure monitor and it looks. Hello well very big kid. But anyway. Even. For me. One of the things that I do with this book it started out. When my friend would get married I would think he hit my. But not my computer and print out all my -- Then I made it cutter forward and I said Florida -- wedding Phil and Phil married Chamberlain international food. It contested by captain -- Chamberlain and then I'd say. That wedding date and I just. Handed Matt Wear it as and it fizzled since sometime this history. And this went on for a few years and then when I realized. That I had a block. That I didn't need to be clicking a button on my computer. It could be a year to put a bid to really find book together where. And I might mention that. I'm self probably. And I got the midwest -- -- last may. Which I'm very proud of because they seldom ever review self published book. And so it would it would -- the move. Well I cried over. High because I know how I feel about the -- and Brooklyn on ongoing but. -- there. You know where I can't wait to see future additions and folks if you're listening -- you wanna get a cup it is booked a place to go as Mary Chamberlain cookbooks dot com. Then the book is titled the traveling soup pot a -- journey through many lands -- so beautifully done and it's. Gracefully put together with skill coming and kitchen talent by -- good thanks very. Oh thank you and captain. But it was people wonderful. Having you ask me to speak and I felt so at home because. Here at central part of being aviation community. Well and hopefully continue to be and it's so great to have the opportunity well we're probably should spend some time with you -- Julian -- -- we've been in meetings and things go by so quick and we never have an opportunity to socialize and -- we have an opportunity your house and karma. Well it was unforgettable and I look forward to seeing you again. Absolutely. -- and don't forget soon as you reduce the next edition where you had even more troops. We'll have you back on again. All right I'll be happy to do it and tell you about -- or my writing. And it was absolutely folks that's it for this half but they don't go away because we got a lot more fun to do. Joining us next policy bullets from bullet -- and to talk a little bit about all the products that you may well try this spring and summer as we move in the warm weather. Rubin is the answer that I got a great one of the week too so a lot of -- bottom for a fun to come don't go away we'll be right back. Five cents after the after. There's going to be a lot warmer with a high today at 87 and a fairly calm wind out of southwest. At ten to twenty. Great looking guy untapped pool ball back to about 54 and mainly -- guy we'll crank up the heat for your Sunday and ideas can be downright hot. The high 95 if we hit that. That will be in the Iraq. I'm meteorologist Mike Smith with your big first look forecasts. Here -- -- and ask ask me a -- southwest winds mostly cloudy and 72 degrees. -- Cashman. 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Or come see is just ten easy minutes north of -- now located on the northeast corner of my 13525. Street north. Curry the field sales and service grand opening event won't last long. Her voice -- heard by millions now the woman on the infamous tape of Donald Sterling is racist rant to speaking up for the first time since the LA clippers owner. Received a lifetime ban from the NBA. And an exclusive interview with ABC's Barbara Walters -- divvy out of says the recorded conversation wasn't the first such discussion between the two. It was just one at that. Very -- and we're just carrying. Information with one another about. How he found. And how I felt. The Vienna says she thinks sterling feels very much alone traumatized by the fallout from the release of the recording. A team of military observers detained in Ukraine by pro Russian surgeons more than a week ago is suspected NATO spies were released unharmed today. This wild Ukraine's port city of Odessa there were at least 42 dead in clashes between insurgents and government forces. Commencement season Joseph Biden addressed the graduating class at Miami Dade college today. Dave Packard ABC news. This is news radio thirteen thirty K and that's. Good afternoon to welcome to the good -- so glad you're with us and this. Anytime I get a chance to talk to pretty woman I get excited and -- my most favorite pretty women literacy today it's -- -- book policy good afternoon welcome to the program. It's okay to keep that I think this is our third or fourth get a get there which is great it's -- Blake a special homecoming and -- in hearing Kansas every year. Now if you are the brand ambassador but I think they're duplicate the upset before I think I think a view as the mistress suburban. What are my favorite Bergen and prominently featured -- my -- -- at home some but you're also so much more than that you're an artist a very talented artist and you're probably one of the most traveled to. Brand ambassadors of their country I love to keep track -- is what you're all over the place. Up I'm the most traveled but I -- at least drama about a third get half the year. But it's just -- -- mean it's it's so it's -- get used to the beginning but then I don't think I can do anything else but says they just left. My job and well get your suitcase love Hewitt's season. It's your second home -- that I think we ought to -- to tell them a little about this wonderful Berber and three great additions but. Go back to the history little bit in and -- Limbaugh must tell us about -- us. Well in I'll -- cannot thank great great great grandfather got this but you is I'm making and sat eighteenth Torre 18660. And it's but it's not the same -- that as a -- -- says. It wasn't made since -- -- and my dad. Asbestos was seeing and run of -- in between that. New Orleans and Kentucky and he went missing -- got dead we don't know what happened. And and then their recipe was passed on through all of the same plane and Baghdad picked it back up again in 1987. And like to say it's it's no it's not the same -- he is the justices it's not aged and miles then it's staged in years and it it does it come in a bucket with them. Char floating in it is little more quality control that we're very proud of and since 1987. Probably 199192. Against first fell. And then ninety -- revamped began just orange labeled now and then 2011 we grew the burg in Sam lane for bullet and we got -- Ryan. Expand the portfolio and then I mean it put out a ten year limited edition last year so now we have the triplets which is great. It's just just. It it's so fun and suburban is American whiskey and it is part of our heritage and what you have -- -- used to get. It was a car delivered beverage you know out of a -- sometimes but it's really come a long way and I think. Certainly people of my age who know -- of urban. -- that there already convinced but I think there's a lot of younger kids and you you get to travel a lot and you get to spend time or younger folks that are coming up. Catch and on the there's there's a lot of things a drink in -- and just one of the top dog things. Yeah I still lake and I noticed about fifteen years ago the classic cut Tillman that was really get stirred up in the United Kingdom. And some of those younger makes colleges to have deal. We're really into bullet bullets -- yanking him as it is here and that they brought that was sent to San Francisco and opened a bar there. Based warrant classic cocktails on Manhattan's. Sasser accessible of thirty days. And than some of those guys hit me -- and some of them slowly hit Los Angeles artist kind aspect thing about with this. Fun kind of I guess maybe younger at times they think they're -- enjoy sort of speak easy prohibition mad men. Find kind of urban movement Brown's appearance has always been. Kind of fun with an outfit that's why every loves derby they feel like women always gonna Wear that hat man always -- aware of the -- time -- seersucker feel good about it and that's. Dirty business that is one of the few times where you can get away with that kind of a risky -- Well let's talk a bit about making urban because it is all about the recipe I know that they're deep they're so many different urban on the market I like them all that -- and there are some differences and good to me I think the biggest difference is barrel and time what do you think. Well I am I mastered -- Stiller would probably disagree with you most of them started in the very beginning of the process which is the yeast the smallest part. But I think actually. It's a combination of things I don't have anymore is more important -- the other but I think age is important star on the barrels important. The type that -- she is as important the type of grain equality of grainy is as important. On the Nashville how much of that grainy is high corn I'll bring it -- sweet high -- bring it despite seeing yet week and it's late this week. Add more right and it's -- Spacey. That -- and -- he'd take if you use more this Delhi have a big kick on the offense he's the heart of the still it's gonna be marked -- smooth finish. Which is more like bullet. Silly if there are a lot of different parts of the process but I think some people you know pick whatever part he like just know it's not the most important he had hit it OK okay. And there are so many parts in it it does make a difference which it and you kind of touched on it let's talk about the difference between the three products and other we have three flagship beverage and because. Everybody knows he originally orange label goods it's in that old classic follow let's talk about the characteristics are gonna fundamental ball. Well for me and no -- and his Christmas oranges and clothes I feel like it's it's. It doesn't change a lot with water in dilution which is why it makes solid just -- the use us it's good for a quick cocktail at home. We -- blt is below lemon -- And if you like it it's it's kind of anyway neat I east cocktail works. -- Ryan is. For I mean I think -- pickled beets and here again unannounced. It's gonna end. Went with that we didn't need it's gonna have more to kick your little -- but it has less than Alex so it's move that's the spice of the ride and makes it a little punchy. And little water becomes theory accessible big difference with the water. And that works well again classic cocktails I like my -- that's Barack. And that I like it was a good ginger beer that has less sugar more spice to it. And some -- get a little -- nice whiskey beer for your game day. And that then the -- ten for me has more stone fruit may be Steve peaches. And some smoke on end and Hank and like that -- neat and I don't make patios with that at home these I don't make very amazing cocktails. But they have -- good cut tell -- from it by people who know what to do with it. Well see you doing and that what to do that you'd know that I'm pretty much a -- guy like it's just put in the glass. Because I everything whether it's wine or spirits is all about -- those -- -- And I if I couldn't drink. I could put some -- -- anyone of the theory in a brandy sister as mr. and just sit there and enjoy the -- because to me. Did the orange label it's just it just. So her manic and pleasant to keep your nose -- the us. And I agree meaning hey I love these products were proud of them we've grown that the portfolio very slowly carefully is we wanted to be around for time. Wit let's talk about it using it to a MOK. So I like me don't like straight up. Some of these these young kids have come up with some really creative stuff you mentioned the blt. And you know I had never thought of having tonic with suburban 'cause I'm gonna. -- and -- verbally and Diet Pepsi is my kind of deal but. So many creative things and and some things that I would never imagine culmination -- get to see all these what are your most summer your most unusual that you -- -- That we're sick not just unusual but successful and unusual. -- look -- all successes because they did always retains everything that I've had a drink prior to hit the Fed into that. And that with simple attending a day interesting drink last year Arizona cut elite competition. I had they had an ABS doubt dark lager beer. With the bullet ten in that model -- -- and then maybe a couple of other things networks just quite lovely. And I had an interesting cuts domain with and onion reduction which was paired with sun. I think it hush puppies and it was a lovely comes and the. Now that would be the weirdest I have seen that. And an onion reduction in Bergen and. With -- -- yeah I think I mean it's all about the combinations. I was happy it connect to go on a day after the meal but it was. If it if I think that. -- that. You mentioned says direct and I think again. This cocktail craze that has taken our country by storm in the last decade and all of the cocktail eventually go on and all these young creative. -- scientists behind bars. So that the that the old stuff coming back I don't know whether it was the TV show that did it occur or what what. Profit that there really are some of the standards and making the headlines at bars lately. It's fun and it's been fun to see people are taken -- -- -- smashing -- make -- new OS and it's mine -- called it was he smashed an apple hit it's just something new and find. It's really almost at culinary movement and cocktails. A lot of house -- -- house made time next house made bidders. Are happening and I and a lot of house mate Sarah. Then. Yeah I think I think -- think Centene Augustus was in New Orleans I have a little better than -- -- like the old classic cocktails from your lines like this that's her rags I think of the Ukraine that's a nice -- now. I -- like cocktails that are different I mean it's always easy to make this week punchy cocktail like a lot of punches from the nineteen. Thirty stories are coming back I'm like vegetables. And buy it I like things they're bald and better sometimes now ace queen. Just like it when the -- on display -- that I would never do with it. What what is it you don't. The -- are gonna watch a little basketball as afternoon imagine that can change and we can I kept its you know we've got so many great Irvin didn't. We took a lot of warrant there and often -- it doesn't leave time for verbal we're gonna have -- in this afternoon. With its virtues that you would mixed bullet with. Yeah -- simple drink. I play around like impeached history even grapefruit juice and just see what happened each. And I think I again like any type of lemonade and -- seems to work while copper meals DJ ginger beer and some lions the lions used. I was just gonna say maybe some fear is maybe a little clubs order tonic and maybe a little bit of virtues and that would be a good deal I like to make but Mervyn decorous. Oh yeah. I cannot -- make him. Some eyes and some -- And you know then it. You can sweep it up a little bit but it just doesn't -- it at that level that I have to meaning me ever been a deliberate and my tax which has -- I have a chance and I got out -- out that one. I think it's a great idea well what but you know it's. It's just it's just such another dimension in your bar if you haven't had bullet -- and the -- all the local stores carry all three brands in men and you've just got to get on it thanks so much for being here which dog in policy it's always a pleasure. All I always let in your thank you so much tag sounds like the music you're gonna maybe we should go to bed. Main key hit back at halftime got Barrett the good -- I'm so glad you're with a state do and there's always more -- quantum fund and -- for your ears don't -- us. Hope you enjoy hearing about the one of the week every week here on the good. Like I know I sure enjoy brilliant idea. And you know where you can get those warrants every week to take a liquor change on north -- -- and often times at the west location on west 41. Check of liquor changes so much more than the Mecca of great -- selection here in Wichita it's a place where you can get hands on high quality help. With your plan a party for twelve. -- a party for 200. You can find it. And they get great help as Jacob -- -- best selection and -- bar none and then don't forget when you're there -- in the email -- you get so many great notification of hard to find limited quality ones available only at -- liquor exchange. A great place to shop for wind. A great place to shop for anything and don't forget cigar shifter right next door has -- accessories all kinds of wine gift ideas and of course the best selection of cigars. Pipe tobacco and pipes in town. Check the record changed your great locations check about a lot of Jacob look about comp. When you go in there tell -- and again you heard about it right here on the good -- the. Southern style pulled -- It's a specialty and hog wild pit barbecue. Run sites general manager and partner at hog wild and elder radio explains you'll find that moist tender full -- you get -- -- while just anywhere. No one matches the steps we go through. First we had -- each pork shoulder with our secret blend of spices -- was close vote each piece for fourteen hours over Hickory woods the sealant that delicious -- and we -- bullet keeping only a -- tender part of the -- it's absolutely delicious real southern pulled pork. Right here in Kansas only at hog wild pit barbecue 15:30 west central in over 805 locations in Wichita also and Hutchinson and Salina. Dominate week. You're listening to news radio thirteen thirty KMS asks. Yeah -- always on the populist politics and -- the great beverages coming year so many drinks that you can concoct or just a little bit by itself. But it was a good -- we didn't have a wide awake and boy do I have a good one you've heard of course got corn vineyards and you know they make a lot of -- one and some several different labels. This is the -- label and it's something million moved up orange big in Napa Valley will this is the decoy at Sonoma County cabernet gets a 2012 addition. It's. Bright beautiful paramedics and come from seventeen different vineyards harvested in Sonoma County. Most of them by the way in Alexander brown is -- -- -- like Alexander rallied at all of this. 82% -- 10% below 6% cabernet frog and 2% deeper and so finish this up. Deluge for twelve months and a hundred for a 100% French joke of which 35% his new. Me and you can smell it beautiful paramedics. Put a good good according -- twelve I think this dude dude -- shaping up to be. A killer vintage for camera -- especially in Sonoma County in the northern limit of they underbelly. The wind deserved to moderate alcohol thirteen point 5% and man like -- said when you get your nose in the glass. It's it has a lot to offer not yet rated -- Al Pena hits it it's lush. Black cherry raspberry. Jimmy aromas that little bit did not make the kind of -- and but you'll cocoa powder chocolate. And then that underlying. Both spoke essence that makes it all tied together. Rather -- poems on the finish and then of course it finishes with that integrated joke again and -- with a mouthful. It is between a twelve. Decoy. So no -- -- a with most of the -- coming from a Alexander valley. Of course de -- one company makes so many great ones if you haven't. Had the opportunity to visit dot corn vineyards certainly you what you are you should consider doing that. And this is just one of the vintages that they've put together this year that I think. Gonna be rocking the the -- -- awards and getting some big numbers. It's a -- take a bigger change is always the one of the week you'll find it. At the north rock road location and this one -- and in good supplies so wouldn't be surprised to -- the funds amount west. On west when he first. Good luck guys oil rig decoy Sonoma County cabernet 2012. A beautiful red -- at a fair price and the Bible advocates get it on sale at the way to do it. Now speaking of planning ahead how about save the date for May twentieth to try to around the corner as spring turned in the summer. New chapter of the American institute one -- put together. To me. A light. Took bold. Red wine class of West Coast reds. And as -- California Oregon Washington State you bet. An opportunity to learn from some of our friends at vintage ones distributor here in Kansas. He didn't -- state one torpedoes import cabernet is and learn about the areas where they came from a more -- -- so distinctly different. And work through war and don't -- may twentieth. They had to -- which -- dot -- you'll have more information about it and you need to have reservations the we'll fill up fast. They had their deaths for every direction numbers 31668255. Bluetooth but again that they had to -- up which -- -- dot -- chief. To learn more about this great event on May twentieth at the DoubleTree by -- Like red torpedoes they -- forecast power idea that. On that we are out of time my friends I'm so glad to be who would do it as I am every Saturday or stupid comedy you're busy day I -- you can't put it on the bailout. Good luck I dot com or go director Kenneth -- radio dot com else download the podcast with -- -- where do you. -- got about the good life thanks for being here most -- next Saturday right here on news radio third team there.

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