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Steve & Ted in the Morning 07/18/14 Hr 1

Jul 18, 2014|

3 of 4 Defendants in Valley Center Murder Bound Over for Trial

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Delays by news radio. Thirteen 33 and SS. Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news thirteen there. CNN SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning takes over five and radio thirteen thirty KM FS ninety. Macintosh you Friday morning and 62 degrees -- looking for a high today of 78. KN SA's breaking news Kansas saw its unemployment rate inched up to four point 9% in June. But also experienced modest over the year growth in private sector jobs. The State Department of Labor reports the seasonally adjusted jobless rate rose from four point 8% in May however. June's figures still was significantly better than the five point 6% recorded in June of 2013. The department also said the number of nonfarm private sector jobs grew by about one point 3% in June compared -- June of 2013. A suspect this suspect charged in the deaths of Roger and Melissa global testified they were killed because they're adopted son thought he would get an inheritance. Nineteen year old Brandon Smith waved his old preliminary hearing and took the witness stand Thursday as part of the deal with prosecutors for his testimony. Against his three co defendants. There wasn't very clear is very -- you can just. But I say. Can killed his parents wouldn't do well money. Charged are the couple's adopted teenage son nineteen year old Anthony global and his biological mother 35 year old acacia Schaumburg. A San Diego also charges eighteen year old Andrew Ellington a trial date has not been set. Kansas health officials have identified other recent points of potential measles exposures in which a top. The Kansas department of health and environment as a cook at the -- -- sumo on the east side was reported as -- -- measles case Thursday. The Health Department has anyone who died at the restaurant July 11 or twelfth is at risk for developing measles. Katie HE also says people attending an informal softball tournament at the south -- softball complex July 4. May have been exposed to the disease eighteen from Kansas. Nebraska Missouri and Texas attended that tournament. The Wichita City Council discussed the city's future at a workshop meeting next week. It'll take place in the council chambers on the first floor of City Hall in downtown Wichita. The only agenda item is a wrap up of a proposed sales tax initiative and strategic plan. The proposed sales tax initiative was presented to residents during a series of recent community engagement meetings. Those meetings are part of an initiative called building a better future. Away for residents to weigh in on shaping the city's future and identifying key priorities were 2015 and beyond. Tuesday's meeting will be a workshop in which council members hear reports -- discuss agenda items but do not take public comments -- official action. Dan O'Neill news radio thirteen thirty -- and assess a. 65 year old man was attacked Wednesday evening in north Wichita police lieutenant Danny says demand was riding on -- bicycle ice cream cart near eighteenth and market. When he turned around to see who was coming up from behind him he was punched. By an unknown male. The victim was knocked off his. Bicycle cart. The male began to punch the victim and demand money from him. Some residents heard the commotion and came outside causing the teenage suspect to flee to the cellphone market. Kansas Highway Patrol troopers are inspecting school buses across the state making sure the vehicles load unload and transport students safely. -- -- Gary wondered tells Dana says steals the bus companies inspect the mechanical part of the buses and other vehicles we inspect all of the lie it's although emergency exits. First aid kids fire extinguishers. All those things make sure the there functioning properly and there are ready -- -- quarters is a -- inspect more than 600 vehicles for Wichita schools and more than 111000. Across the state. 609 online minute fast 6 o'clock Steven Ted in the morning and radio thirteen thirty K units then. Fans of new road construction started up yesterday says she would have been killed by that area yesterday you didn't see this but. But -- got to ramp closed northbound Ike to 35 ramp to northbound at. I won 35. Northbound the northbound ramp there right to 35 I won 35 they've got that close to doing some work on that rant it's going to be closed. For traffic this morning it's actually gonna be opening up about 3 o'clock this afternoon if there at least they expect to be done by about 3 o'clock this afternoon but again that grants. Northbound I 235 northbound I won 35. Closed and taken as test traffic central and judging -- take a look at that -- -- had forecast now with meteorologist. Frank Walker point frank thanks Steve -- cloudy and somewhat -- start to the day today as we get into the afternoon more sunshine forest here in Wichita better give us a little bit of a boost highs near 78 very comfortable this afternoon. Get out and enjoy it. Overnight tonight mostly clear lows drop to 62. For Saturday were mostly sunny and warmer still high is that -- 86. -- -- -- for -- forecast center I'm meteorologist. Frank walked. Thanks frank now cloudy east -- six miles per hour and 62 degrees visit -- man -- for great selection of hats for the sun protection you need. For golf time at the lake bowl games or any other outdoor activity jurors had -- jacks at the clock tower and delay no hat and Jack's. Coming up on 611 now Stephen -- here on a Friday morning. Authorities Oklahoma say there's a happy ending for a kidnapped infant. A dispatcher the kingfisher county sheriff's department says the five month old girl was found safe and sound early today. The Oklahoma department of public safety provided no further details about her recovery. And earlier alerts and officials were searching for two women. Get -- Do a quick search and find out I think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our web page. -- time to get less tighter when you got in this morning it was already on and I got in him they were looking for little girl for require contact -- about the time I got here was I believe shortly after that is when they actually managed to look recover little girl and arrest the either one or two suspects. 611 hours Stephen -- they were wearing dresses and carrying -- but they are not ladies. Authorities in Southern California charged two men wearing women's clothing were stealing baby formula. A third man dressed as a man who salts or arrested. The Long Beach press telegram reports the men were caught stuffing cans of formula into their purses at a Rite Aid in Glendale. Police say a search of the suspect's car and -- two dozen more cans of swiped formula. Authorities know these are targeting high priced baby items for resale Palin got a little a black market go on there. Now this is California were talking about whether these guys are accused they did that for some sort of a disguise or whether -- actually cross dressers we don't know. But apparently I'd like to the outfits just to see if -- what their fashion taste might be. A couple of guys wearing dresses stealing baby formula in California and this been going on for a little while now as far as the the stealing the baby items like -- that was -- trying to. That was the story last year about a train cheaper where. A bunch of hijacked in and in stolen. Baby formula was to train and recovered because they were trying to smuggle it across the Canadian border. Is weird interesting controversy now involving a broadcasting. Emperor. Will football viewers on CBS here announcers refer to names games between the Dallas Cowboys in the Washington known names. The network is -- being open the possibility saying it won't -- -- announcers -- the -- used a nickname of the NFL's Washington franchise. During games it televise as this coming season CBS sports chairman. Says the tempered doesn't tell announces what to say about any topic including team names NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. -- doesn't dictate the broadcast partners -- -- over the game. Redskins owner Dan Schneider has vowed not to change the name despite growing pressure to do so because some native Americans find it offensive. That's easy Dothan announcer doesn't wanna say he can just refer to those -- Washington -- I mean. I'm not sure they is there's a lot of mascot referral going on and play by play. Our expert on play by play is here by the way Ted Woodward has walked in the door intent. When your players go to south high school games you mentioned the titans drama sure you do look at. How many times a game meaning Mitchell to says a word she left about 800 that's different -- how different the same goes for -- -- a Redskins game. He'll say the word Redskins got 800 times. What I'm saying is. When he does that. I don't know -- thing. Well as touchdown called us and that's a vote as volatile right now does say -- Kansas City does say chief but it SA chief quite a bit I think he does -- I don't know I'm jobs asking you how you do it I didn't ask you how he does it. When you do and LaSalle -- is titans a lot of shirt affect beating my Kennedy says the word shocker or a thousand times a game carried us. Well it I don't think it's a controversy you'll see maybe some of these CBS announcement will not wanna do it -- The interesting local story about the global case a couple from valley -- And there are adopted son accused of and his his birth mother accused of killing this couple. And from the testimony yesterday from this young man who's turned State's evidence. Apparently the woman be adopted mother is the one who pull the trigger on these two people. She must be if that's true human BP's -- -- and that's what the testimony indicates is always macro next chilling later on this morning we have. At 810 this one really -- Lily Wu from Kate who's been covering that trial and find a little bit more about it so. That something's in the news yesterday. During -- morning we have breaking story out of Ukraine where this plane went down and almost 300 people die eight and the US is saying it was surface to air missile that brought down who fired -- why we don't know just yet. But they got a you've got -- it how when you have a plane crash dead. Debris scattered over a ten mile area announced and it's hard enough to investigate under those circumstances and it's an awards and the ire of -- of touchy militaristic. Part of the world got a double whammy there. The other so this is breaking this morning the tinged farmer labor releasing the jobless rate for June was. Four point nine purchase up to be July shouldn't -- dude yeah. July was four point 9% the month before with four point 8% so we're going up. A little bit. Now we should be some good fuel for. The opponents of the governor. Let's say like the -- rates go the wrong direction now they can use that I don't know that they're really means much about his program or anything but. -- could be some some fodder for the political -- sticker. -- is -- spoke to create jobs are going in the wrong direction thanks to the jobless rate the unemployment rates. Lower than it was last year. And during Muslim Jews and certainly lower than the national rate more than the national rate is well. The local though which Diana say as we don't will be available around 8:30 this morning. We'll try to try to get that -- sometimes it's a little late coming how we usually around 6% -- -- is a little higher than the ball higher in the states now like. I don't recall what our last rate was good to we usually thought taking a pointer to hire. For summaries and today is Friday July 18 on this date in 1969 senator Edward M Kennedy of Massachusetts. Left -- party on Chappaquiddick island near Martha's Vineyard with Mary -- cup acne who was 28 at the time sometime later. Kennedy scarlet a for bridge into the water Kennedy was able to escape but completely drowned. And that. These Chappaquiddick a big controversy now that almost wrecked Kennedy's major political story if he probably wrecked his president class Irish did but he came back later and -- distinguish himself in the senate think. From a liberal point of view I suppose although he had many friends on both sides of the aisle that -- birthdays former senator. I'm Glenn Democrat Ohio. 93 to -- He was a marine pilot the first American to orbit the -- John Glenn. Godspeed John Glenn and senior -- to -- is 75. Run around suit the longer. He's in the rock and roll hall of fame. Martha Reeves is 73. She was that a group called Martha Reeves and then they'll Ellis. Jimmy Mac. Dancing in the streets heat wave one of my favorites by the -- 73 today. And my granddaughters Mary and Jocelyn -- Are celebrating their eighth. Birthday today how about that a couple of real differences is right there twins are eight they are a -- didn't even seem toss well yeah they were a few years I've been working together several usually -- oh my gosh -- now they're already eight years old then they act like they're about 35. The sixth 19 Stephens of the morning news radio thirteen thirty K and assessed more time with -- Woodward and -- part of baseball's concerned. They're gonna talk about golf. I can't see -- -- -- enough sex I know that the the filling that's got rained out Seattle wing that's got rained out at Grand Prairie line they've wondering. Twice this year balls against the air hogs. That's the magnets are home this weekend beginning a weeklong homestand it will be their last home appearances before they take that long national baseball congress World Series road trip. So the wing -- will be home Friday Saturday nights and Sunday afternoon against the Sioux City explorers. Tonight but now there's a -- -- giveaway and post -- fireworks tomorrow night an appearance by Myron noodle lemon boy scout knife and some afternoon trading card set giveaway. First place wing nuts home this weekend the Kansas City Royals are back at it after the all star break in Fenway Park visiting the last place Boston Red Sox. The royals begin the second happily two and a half games out of a playoff spot. Golf for round two of the British Open is underway today at a royal Liverpool. And the current leader is Rory McIlroy from NORTHERN IRELAND he's at six under par he has yet to begin his second round he was the first round leader with a one stroke lead Rory McIlroy atop the British Open. Standings and you will have live coverage of the British Open. Tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock and Sunday morning at 7 AM to listen to that on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 97 FM. Here in south central Kansas we have the 89 annual US amateur public links championships continuing -- sand creek station in Newton yesterday we had second and third round match play. We started with 156. Golfers at the beginning of the week now we're down to our final eight the quarterfinals tee off at 7 o'clock this morning. In the semis this afternoon it's all free if you wanna go watch it up at. Sandy creek station at the Newton Michael Gelman from sterling is one of the final eight. A -- hasn't won this tournament since 1966. The US amateur public links championship is continuing today. And we have racing tomorrow night at 81 speedway at 7 o'clock its military night dash for cash tonight in the number division racing on the dirt track at 81 speedway. Tomorrow night. And in the NBA summer league in Las Vegas yesterday the New York Knicks in action former Wichita State shocker Lee Anthony early starting at forward to for the knicks yesterday. Had seven points and two rebounds. Sports brought to you by the newly remodeled bullseye shooting range where they know and use the guns they sell go to bullseye Wichita dot com. Be safe to say that's bull's -- shooting range that's at fourteen to 55 in north -- city -- so who is Myron -- when I'm sorry if that's quite a name. I believe it's it's. Kind of they had Jerry Lewis type character economy nutty professor. All think he has the conferences and yeah I Annie -- -- toxin phone does Pratt falls -- now they'll become unfair and yet very good very bad kind of clowns around during baseball again. Got the hostess Greenfield cupcakes this wide sigh endorsed that choice did you breakfast for a very polished off one of just looking at the rapper. It doesn't tell you where -- where was manufacturer was cooked up when there was Emporia or not I don't know what does. List hostess brands LLC in Kansas City, Missouri. Hosted friends it to charity itself. The doesn't -- where we're all I'm glad you're helping out the will -- the midwest economy anyone I got to twinkies -- to -- just you but you know I -- When it comes to hostess and the big -- John Belushi the breakfast of champions over there against senator chocolate donuts. 622 now. Because in the morning. 62 degrees different from the Fox News elevator -- star -- with the -- says more guns make every one more to say. -- gave blood drive and other coming up even Ted you radio thirteen thirty K in a sense. Involved pulls no conscious. Drinks and bravado. We -- from eleven until two. On use radio thirteen thirty KN SS. You know my son old photo viewing your wife your wife quite -- He's Arnold photo. Morning dreamer early on the central Kansas farmer -- souls who grew up. You work hard every day he stayed with them through droughts and economic storms. You persevere. Wife was built on hard work and centered on face the same way. Fourth generation cash. And so sure Kansas is a special place it's where people know it takes hard work to achieve their dreams. It's more -- and I chose to live and raise our two daughters that's where we built a small business together where we still own and operate a family farm. Certified public accountant and seltzer will put his thirty years of experience and all facets of the insurance industry to work for rush. Protecting consumers cutting red tape and he -- killing regulations and fighting government mandates like Obama here. That brings posture and her -- conservative Republicans themselves -- CPA. The right experience for Kansas insurance commissioner. They were quicker engines for so certain John -- your -- It's on showtime film as the big and -- show on sale this weekend in which its concentrate to expo hall myself treat thousands of new and used rifles shotguns handguns knives wholesale ammunition holsters reloading supplies and so much more this is a high quality and show -- You'll miss the big guy and a -- show and sale this weekend in Wichita at the century to explore halting play five west of Louis Saturday night at five Sunday night at three. Washington's broken and we all know it. And that threatens the future of every chance and I'm Greg Norman the independence for US senate. The country that put a man on the moon put computers on the head of the -- and harness the power the atom is capable of doing great things we can become the innovation nation. We can't get back on -- if we just find common ground. Businessman Greg -- a true independent focused on putting Kansas ahead of party politics. And I'm a businessman who solves problems everyday and I believe we can't have another American century and if we elect problem solvers not extreme partisans. Greg -- -- businesses creating jobs and knows the impact of -- health care costs and increase government regulations he started the common sense coalition for those of us who believe the government needs to live within its means and not pass our debt onto future generations. I'm Greg Norman the independence for US senate and I approve this message because regardless of party labels we are all Americans and we will rise or fall together. -- about -- or mean for US senate. That's something special going on it gentry limited right now from the age you may call -- great deal a great deal. However -- this -- former gentry and and mentor I know what you're taking of course it's failed to articulate and it just like I'll have a certain counts and that's partially true. We've started our semiannual currency when you'll find most everything you need to complete your spring and summer -- -- thirty to 50%. But that's just the second great deal if you initial deal is that valued at Gorman at regular price. -- -- -- -- remarked -- good value clothing meaning that their sterling quality construction is such that when you purchased at regular price for a great deal. If they're still around this time of the year and a marked down that's a great deal on a great deal. Chops Emanuel Chris -- now in progress and gentry limited located the waterfront and thirteenth street just east of a broad Accenture limited we've got you covered. Listen for operation storm watch a news -- thirteen thirty KM -- it's live continuous coverage. If the severe thunderstorm warnings or tornado warning is issued for Sedgwick county. Howard trained storm trackers will be in the field and on the air with timely information on wind rain hail flooding and funnels. We'll stay on the air -- the danger passes. When storm clouds threatened keep your radio tuned to operation storm watch hundreds of dollars and number one news talk to weather station news radio thirteen thirty K in a sense. 627 -- Stevens did in the morning news California couple getting mixed signals encouraged to conserve water because of the drought. They're now being worn by city officials at their lawn is to ground. In the could be buying before it it's. More feet coming -- -- -- dead. Potential traffic hazard although. Volume -- haven't picked up enough to make this too bad out there but just to mention it. Got a stalled out vehicles northbound I won 35 Fred Graham and Kerry. It's in the right shoulder. So mean and traffic really that the volumes -- too bad hasn't yet but as things pick up that -- -- Start to back up this morning also remember we've got that road construction started that yesterday the grant from northbound I 235 northbound I won 35. It's gonna be closed until 3 o'clock this afternoon and T and SS traffic central and -- chambers partly sunny today with a high of 78 degrees. Clear tonight the overnight low sixty -- Saturday mostly sunny tomorrow's high 86. Now cloudy -- -- and six miles per -- is 62 degrees at KN SS. Wesley rehab hospital an affiliate of HealthSouth the largest provider of inpatient rehab in the US located on west thirteenth across the northwest high school. Wesley rehab hospital. A higher level of care. Appears on the half hour with -- -- three defendants bound over for trial and killing of valley -- couple. I'm Todd -- with this Fox News and commentary next. Well there's more than just stocks and bonds hit the art of making money. Ever -- union knows you have to see the opportunities you have to take the chance you have to have the passion. I remember reading this stuff real estate start -- strategy tactics are why I know where the action and I'll get you access the minds making it happen. You have to later wins and getting the team watching risks and -- with me -- revolted weekdays only on Fox Business Network. The power surprise. Great story from Detroit Seems to disprove the idea that more guns make you less safe police chief James Greg tells reporters that homeowners who pack heat. Are safer than homeowners who do not. Chief Greg says 37%. Fewer robberies 22% -- weekend than last year. The chief says better police force one reason why but the other reason. -- because the bad guys are less likely to prey on citizens who carry guns you might remember chief -- he made national news earlier this year. Telling the Detroit news that he believed armed citizens deter crime. Not something you'd expect to hear from a city police chief even made the cover of NRA magazine. There's a lesson to be learned here from motor city. Americans to engage their Second Amendment Rights are less likely to become victims. I'm Todd Stern's. Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news thirteen there. CNN SS which could -- number one news talk -- weather station depend on. Good morning 630 Steve thank you times -- was murdered 62 degrees now. -- looking for a high today of 78. Three of four defendants in the murder of a valley settler couple that been bound over for trial. A preliminary hearing in the murders of Roger and Melissa -- was held Thursday in Wichita nineteen year old Brandon Smith agreed to plead guilty to two counts of second degree murder in exchange for his testimony. Describing the murders. There arrived back from dinner. And -- -- your cam from the side of the house. And she walked two. -- -- He shot her. And issues such short -- then there's center neurologist. Charged are the couple's adopted a teenage son nineteen year old Anthony global and his biological mother 35 year old Letitia Schaumburg. Of San Diego also charge is eighteen year old Andrew Ellington a trial date has not been set. Now look at the cake for -- forecaster on a Friday morning it would be Rodgers frank Walter -- frank. Thanks Steve -- cloudy and somewhat damp start to the day today as we get into the afternoon more sunshine forest here in Wichita. Better give us a little bit of a boost highs near 78 very count -- this afternoon get out and enjoy it. Overnight tonight mostly clear lows drop to 62. For Saturday were mostly sunny and warmer still high is up near 86. In the -- for solar forecast senator I'm meteorologist. Frank walked. Currently cloudy sky -- -- -- -- -- six miles per hour and a 62 degrees. Kansas help officials have issued warnings for seven lakes around the state because of toxic Al drink. The Kansas department of health and in my -- and said in a released Thursday that high levels of toxic blue green algae have been found at -- creek park lake in Sedgwick county. And Marion reservoir in south central Kansas a popular east Wichita eatery was burglarized near Kellogg and edge more police lieutenant Dan. 5:45. AM Wednesday. Officers were dispatched to an audible alarm at the Scotch and certain -- had 5325. East Kellogg. They observe that the front door to the business had been forced open. Two suspects got away with liquor and cash the Kansas department of health and environment has issued an emergency suspension to -- go to -- daycare home investigators recently completed a survey of -- daycare. The emergency order shows the daycare operator his three children behind -- shed. Then told the children to leave the area inspectors said the operator told investigators the children more to hurt here. The survey also showed the daycare operator had more children than her license allowed. Investigators also found a seven week old infant napping on a bouncy seat on an adult bed. The baker operator can request a hearing on the suspension. Dan O'Neill whose radio thirteen thirty Qaeda. And assess the way you refer to older individuals may be derogatory in their eyes according to a recent national public radio surveil Americans over age fifty. Aaron turner is director of AARP Kansas -- 3% of respondents said they liked the -- older adults about are like elevator because it had out there and elevate it. Spectacle connotation and about that the people that they didn't mind being called senior Donahue did put the word Clinton behind the way. Turner says in addition to the obvious negative -- of do you hear her or correct box office picked the terms of -- golden years and curmudgeon. Also visited a negative responses. Status as the actual news at 633. The investigation goes on in eastern Ukraine for the Pentagon says Malaysia airlines flight seventeen was shot down by a surface to air missile 298 people were on board. ABC's caricature -- in -- Eyewitnesses saw bodies scattered everywhere across a small country road between two steals for the plane crashed rebel fighters who some suspect of shooting down the aircraft with a surface to air missile secure the scene near the Russian border. Malaysian airlines flight seventy and was traveling from Amsterdam to call along for with nearly 300 abort all of whom the ukrainians they were killed. The kind of missile thought to look down the plane has a range of about seventeen miles. And it would normally take a team of two or three to fire. Ukrainian official says a 181 bodies have been located so far. Russian separatists say they have recovered at least eight of the plane's black boxes now the question is what will they do with them earlier they said they plan to hand them over to officials. In Moscow still no word on whether there -- any Americans on board the flight. The nationalities of eighteen people are still unconfirmed. Jerry Preston ABC news. 6:34 feet in the morning he's ready to thirteen -- can't insist on Friday morning you know sometimes. You just can't win with. A suburban Los Angeles couple scaled back on watering their lawn because of the California drought. And the talk there could be fines for watering too much then they got a letter from the city of Glendora. Warning that they could be fired for their brown lawn. Michael Courtney and his wife laurel -- say they were given sixty days to revive their grass. Barely. Brown -- don't go in California Brittany says they're trying to be good citizens and conserve water. She notes they reduced watering their -- as suggested by the local water district got you in the city manager Christian Jeffers says a couple. Hasn't been -- but did receive a friendly letter from city officials. That's that's interesting so some one city officials say they don't slaughter the other saying you watered his city government run amok. -- talk about. Government interfering in your life you -- Hillary Glendora in California and deep. They go the next City Council -- -- -- media say you'll need to leave now complete new focus your stereo one hand doesn't know what the -- -- -- -- -- judging by -- the -- on my block I don't think what you -- -- legal -- looks -- guys don't know enforcement and on -- of the grass grow to be seven feet -- that don't care. I know there are -- -- -- but it doesn't seem so sometimes Snow White and the seven -- could be yours if you have the bucks in the room. A billboard from the 1937. Animated Disney film goes up for auction and Dallas tomorrow. But we should buy this in the the company should buy this it's Tony by nine feet. And was printed in England to promote the film there oh my gosh officials inherited auctions say the rare billboard has been in a private collection for more than a decade. It's expected to us to sell for at least at least 101000 dollars. I'd like to have that kind of nor I would put out ordeal ordeal put some in its twenty by nine. You know my grand among my first grandchild was born only -- one -- right out when he was a toddler and -- that. That's CD. Don't like him so I it's heated years the one of the greatest movies of all time a grand kids all love. Just look 92 I sit there and watch it just did get carried away. Not Snow -- the seven dwarfs. Like you know me with a -- working with the torch around here yes. Kind of self help of wrangling. Everybody has their various maladies are dealt with the salvation -- looking to help out folks you needle -- -- this Erica it's gonna get hot again and it. They've got something going on tomorrow at Dell all Wichita area west like hardware stores are taking donations. The benefit the local Salvation Army in the gonna use these to by fans for folks. Every dollar raised during the two week period due beginning July 19. Wesley card verbal purchase fans that cost for the Salvation Army so they'll be able to provide even more -- to Wichita resident when demand is the highest. A fan that drive kick off his -- lake on the west central -- media -- -- -- Saturday DeMar from tended to you three wanna come by and go by there and got a little -- you know how folks have -- band having access to a fan when it's super hot can really help. Conditions and as -- forget people that can't get one this is a great cause this weekend if she's 2014 and don't meals -- and if there is good to be 29 rest Berkshire restoration beat 19 named dot. And a -- Sunday morning feet right here -- news radio thirteen 31 more piece of unfinished business dead. You imminent thousand dollars we in the next few minutes with the work they've paid Bianchi and assessed. You listen weekdays through all restate -- 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM at 5 PM for the Colbert then text it to the number. 72881. To enter. It's the -- paid eight. With can assess -- four times today so -- and what I'm dances the way and about twenty minutes right. 638 now -- dead time for our commodities update but I'm left -- of left -- commodities market. Well good morning Steve -- Yesterday we get accomplished traded closed higher end near the session night after the -- closing the globex streets started backing off the socialized. We also probably -- futures closed baby yesterday. And the -- complex Italy -- have been very negative the entire session overnight. At the moment all the floods -- fifteen cent lower at 15050. August feeder cattle sixty piece of forward to give 97. And obviously knocked in 85 it is trading at 128. Even. Spoke with corn and soybean futures -- do session highs yesterday morning. Following the due to the -- airliner that crashed near the Ukraine Russia border due to the short covering that took place in the market place. By the clothes they always came off -- high. And the soybeans were actually trading on the big east side -- we also told China they kept. Large purchase of 7087. Metric does the new -- beautiful beach yesterday. In the delve into a new record high for the fourth straight session yesterday. But closed at a 161. Points. The overnight trade has been mixed for the greens. At the moment September Casey we -- two and three quarters at 646 and a quarter with a record they have opinion 386 and three quarter. November soybeans to record the entire depend -- -- six for the quarter August crude rose fifteen cents higher 10334. August. Gold is trading five dollar to study says -- thirteen 111. September if some people through their points and 19157. The timber and other indexes doesn't change as we get 8057. -- the -- schedules futures have recovered there eight point pirates 16100949. For commodity trading great marketing advisory contact Oprah commodities on the program to whip either one but -- 866 PM ten top. -- was a little confused by it was -- about the Dow yesterday I guess it did go up then came down again. Yes they -- up and made a -- record high for the fourth straight session but closed -- -- and 61 point to some sort of ultimate visual -- side. All -- Israelis in baby into the Gaza Strip that -- that the -- take even harder yet to. Darren thank you Tom have a good weekend we can't -- commodity update is brought to you. By American -- credit providing financial services customized to your ever changing needs. Anglo dot com or 804661146. American and Chris. On the play done grant money -- -- renewed optimism about breeds pirates. The traffic and weather on the way Stevens Ted Stevens reveals that he's thirty KM SS. -- -- -- -- Really Sean Hannity -- it's funny day afternoons from 200. -- use radio. Thirteen thirty K and SS. The commodity update on Katie -- ass is brought you by American and credit. As a farmer rancher work. In the land your knees don't always fit traditional banking programs. Best buy American -- credit offers a variety of short and long term loans with your buying property for making improvements on land you already own. And with fixed rate -- adjustable or variable rate mortgages we can tailor your loan to your needs. For more details give us a call at 804661146. Or visit had blown dot com. American -- credit money for agriculture. -- Which might get an opponent's I mean every time I guess -- a chance I'm. That senator Pat Roberts. You heard right. Pat Roberts has been in Washington for 47. Long years and even he admits he only comes to Kansas for political reasons yeah. And what's Robert -- in Washington. He's voted to raise the national debt by trillions. Voted for billions in wasteful earmarks but the bridge to nowhere. -- even voted for liberals like Kathleen Sebelius. And Hillary Clinton -- for cabinet positions. Pat Robertson is liberal in Washington but rarely in Kansas. After 47 years it's time to bring Robert home. And not just for election season. -- paid for by senate conservatives action which is responsible for the content of this message not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee and the senate action dot com. -- June 1944. And they were from twelve different nations for a together with hundreds of thousands of men and women. You broke one of the most important features a history. Today and let's remember those who gave everything that's somewhere in Normandy. Our -- -- 1940. More now shelling of the causes near Hutchinson deet tails Kozmo dot org then Wichita and -- armor back in the day when you were able to be intimate with that special someone remember how close you were with that special someone what happened how we get back there. Hi this is Greg with your Kansas men's clinic. We are -- Wichita home -- medical solution to your problem that works all the time and every time if you -- get back in the game we can help you no matter what your medical condition and even if you haven't responded to those blue -- -- -- for only 99 dollars -- Kansas -- -- show you the way back there right there right -- in our office -- you -- nothing that's -- no charge unless you see results you can -- with medication that same day and choose -- -- anywhere from thirty minutes up to two hours so what are you waiting for you on the phone call us right now -- schedule your local -- -- 3162474100. That's 2474103162474102474103162474100. Remember you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. -- -- This is Tony Stewart here to tell you about a -- veterans and service members can get on the fast track well deserved benefits. It's called. VA and DOD that gives veterans service members and families instant access to more than forty benefits and services. It's a way to serve those who have served desk to get started. Just go to www. VA -- -- -- just do a search for B eighty benefits. What you've been Department of Veterans Affairs. Children can be comforting. By the notion that thunderstorms are just the sound of -- bowling. Don't know destroy. It's not look I'm -- users open. You can find comforting is that when spring storms do strike you can defend our -- severe weather station to keep you formed. It's -- it's not a -- three home drew the -- real Troy let's -- hole where I am illustrious world. -- -- -- -- -- 6:45 didn't in the morning news radio thirteen thirty K and is just coming up the top of the hour of the K units this morning news. But Stephen tad bit and we'll have the latest on that -- -- an airliner shot down over Ukraine. McCain has this morning you Stephen to death. Traffic volume starting to take the right now but does so far on the roadways everything seems to be. Okay at this time gasoline prices still around 329. This crisis and so far before this show remember he's got a better gasoline price. You can call us at 43613. Thirty -- -- traffic tracker in Kagan as as traffic central and get chambers partly sunny today with a high of seven. The eight degrees it's clear tonight the overnight those 62. Saturday mostly sunny tomorrow -- 86. Now cloudy -- -- -- six miles per hour 62 degrees. If your air conditioner keeping up with the hot summer weather. Is it keeping you comfortable and cool. A new system may be the answer a national product testing and research magazine rates American standard air conditioners and heat pumps. Most reliable for the seventh time. Called David Welch at Welch's heating and -- an independent American standard dealer. 647 -- was even 10 in the morning to have a little bit more information here. About the Ukrainian. -- -- have crashed there in late in Ukraine Ukrainian official says 181 bodies have been were located so far. At the crash site of Malaysia airlines flight seventeenth in eastern Ukraine to talk about -- You're investigating as massive huge plane crash in a war zone. Got to be weird. And Ukraine Foreign Ministry represented says the bodies will be taken for identification to -- kid with a government controlled city 170 miles north of the crash site. Separatist rebels who control the area where the plane was brought down say they've recovered most of the plane's black boxes and are considering what to do with -- Ukraine accuses separatists of shooting down plane yesterday the US officials are saying. Yes it was a surface to air missile but they don't know who fired so. At second and -- the rest of the investigation. It's. 647 now with Stephen 10 in the morning Ted death. I was interest we've got a little kick out of that story a while ago from actually got that from the Kansas information network. About an ARP. Or Republican national public radio survey -- of what older. I remember hearing that there seniors OK but not senior -- senior citizen. Builder but not elderly. Leave an elder personal does that teams like get them. I don't know -- and respect reference to the now on an older but DNA to handles a dealer in Grand -- Then if -- did not like golden years or curmudgeon. With really. You know weaker margins. Yeah I do think it -- -- word already has a negative connotations and young people don't want wonder what the exact definition of curmudgeon -- I think it's an older person it's -- generally sour mood the cranky cranky older elder person. You -- much a title listener call me up sometime in the past year she did not like us using the word elderly in news or at least. Well she says it was incredibly demeaning. I just thank bottled considered that noise of -- -- -- -- good yeah follow. Is that the according to that thing -- yet it -- if you say that in chronologically I should be mature. But I'm not you should be here on your bucking the trend -- I like his I have a 88 -- childlike. Oh in an innocent citizens well mature as the new middle aged. You can get other go yeah that's good way to spin it what's middle aged and it's anywhere from -- -- hipster yeah if you get 35 to 55 that in middle aged -- and how you call 35 year old middle -- in -- gonna get. He'll become -- -- according to the numbers they are though right. Imagine people would it be about seven yourself seventies and like I guess I guess so but I think people who are middle aged if they wanna call themselves middle -- probably your 65 feet ask you this. Dawn especially you -- all of us are dead. When -- big event I think I encounter this at the bank are used to but I don't anymore. These -- called the -- some young teller would finish my -- made deals they can -- than anything else Steve or Stephen. I don't like to be called on my first eight minutes into out of the banks do that all the time yeah part of I don't like -- Morales. It doesn't bother me that doesn't bother me much. Because it makes you feel young. I just CBC I say that's fine Buffy. -- you know Madison Paxton weird to me it seems weird. We have a new employee you know when anyone calls you Stephen army Theodore that they're doing it tigers accuse him. Ramallah and how elaborate on the however I do I kid who win the win some young thing calls me hon. -- I really like down. Vice that's like you know the waitress at Concord records. You usually get from the sixty year old waitress but would I have -- that 22 year old say -- go -- Who obviously had twin peaks because. -- there. Aren't they ever call you canceled because you're our very handsome and his time they've -- every -- -- now -- -- -- you have good looking. And -- you know what they have on their mind tips. He's going. Down the hill but hey it works on me just get. -- shoot 30% a sweetheart speak up. -- so you're kind of easier said but and they've done it's it. Six had to do Dallas even dead -- -- good talk about renewed optimism about retirement dobbs who gets serious note. Not -- grant the FB the money drag her. -- about a done well you know a few decades ago. Many now retired Americans had a fantasy. They believe that Social Security in their pension would keep them solvent and happy in retirement. -- contrary what the national council on aging and a couple of other groups conducted an extensive survey on retirement satisfaction and learned that. 49%. At sixty and older Americans wish that they had invested more. That's an improvement over last year when 53%. Expressed that concern. Now in spite of that 89%. Of older adults and 84% of younger adults. Respond that they are confident that they will be able to maintain a high quality of life through their retirement years that's good. Baby boomers are emerging as the largest population -- retired Americans and they are considered to be very optimistic group. In addition of that they are well educated they are better off financially they have access to better health care -- they understand the necessity take care of themselves physically and mentally in other words they work out. If these traits continue boomers should be successful in their pursuit of retirement that is if they ever retire. Boomers are continuing to train a very -- trend rather very late retirement. This retirement optimism is great but analysts are concerned about the spending habits of many baby boomers. When planning for a lifetime of income many financial advisors use a percentage of income as a benchmark for. How much -- retired he will need in retirement well to me that makes very little sense while this may sound to simple. It's how much you spend that determines how much you'll need -- Some gazillion airs may stop working for a paycheck but 80% of their working income in retirement may be a gross exaggeration of what they will need to live. On or on after work. Now back to the study when baby boomers assess their own financial situations and they are optimistic that they will spin last. Then their resource is produced. So they are optimistic about their futures. The only question -- you may call number 6342222. How many people are going under you're going into retirement. Without having yet -- handle on that still on expenditures I'm talking about cloture carrying. Lots of credit card -- her big dole mortgage -- paid off yeah that's a huge burden I think yes definitely definitely -- a a lot of people are that apparently according to the study a lot more people I guess have decided that they're gonna be fine in retirement so. They got a handle on to yet now whether there or did they got their heads in the sand in -- just in denial and they Earthlink and rosy things and without really look at the numbers are not that that's why a financial -- so important right and above all do not get sick. Yeah exactly and I exactly based on it. Good weekend day's news. I think CNN this morning news was even dead at three defendants -- bound over for trial in the killing of a valley -- couple. News at the top and bottom of the hour we now or not. Radio at thirteen thirty we know can SS. It's unanimous everyone loves the health care pool system here's -- with Roto-Rooter plumbers. We shouldn't have to satisfaction survey and got a 100%. Positive response when we asked what their favorite thing was about the health -- school system here via their answers. 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Brutal -- also has a 100% positive satisfaction rating America truly trips -- replacement for plumbing -- cleaning princess or replacement and chlorine free swimming and give it Roto-Rooter right Regis she's six straight away. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't -- -- only life get into the new school sign up for home security today and receive free pro install packages start at only 2999 a month with additional cut service to go to -- dot com slash home security your comeback -- solutions story today limited time offer residential customers -- select Cox markets. It's essential service plan with three year agreement required restrictions apply -- your -- -- tell us places number one through nine which entitles you license number -- 015 dash 36 or ninety. Any time you're looking defeat of -- folks look to hog -- good barbecue to help get it done here's Josh -- partner and store manager from hog wild at 47 and -- Broadway at how well -- barbecue we specializing great barbecue catering for Indian -- company office parties of every time the -- planned for personal and wedding dinner reunions retirement parties birthdays you name it hog wild -- -- -- fourth when you -- guess the best barbecue and everything is ready on time. Everyone can relax and enjoy the need to give us a call to get the party started. Call hog wild today to put your next get together on the calendar because big or small every event deserves and good old barbecue fund. Five locations in Wichita. Also an elder radio Hutchinson and Salina.

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