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NewsRadio 1330 KNSS>Audio & Video on Demand>>Tues 8/12/14 Hr 2 - Stephen F. Cohen, NYU & Princeton prof Emeritus ; author: Soviet Fates and Lost Alternatives: From Stalinism to the New Cold War, & The Victims Return: Survivors of the Gulag ...

Tues 8/12/14 Hr 2 - Stephen F. Cohen, NYU & Princeton prof Emeritus ; author: Soviet Fates and Lost Alternatives: From Stalinism to the New Cold War, & The Victims Return: Survivors of the Gulag ...

Aug 12, 2014|

Stephen F. Cohen, NYU & Princeton prof Emeritus ;  author: So viet Fates and Lost Alternatives: From Stalinism to the New Cold War,  &  The Victims Return: Survivors of the Gulag after Stalin .

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I. I. And -- back. John that's. -- to -- university. He joins me and the drama is higher than ever in Ukraine crisis possible. A massive convoy of Russian trucks and white. Rolling south from Moscow -- three kilometer long convoy. Between 100. 98 and 280 trucks the reporting Barron's filled with what we're -- and told his 2000 metric tons. Of food and medicines and water 62 tons of baby food 54 tons of medical equipment 121000 sleeping -- 69 generators. Tons of cereals and -- all four. That Don -- the region of Ukraine. Now under attack by that National Guard of Kiev volunteers not mercenaries they say volunteers and we'll speak of who that National Guard is in a moment. But this convoy is the present story. The news is not just on Russian media it is also on European media you can go to the Reuters right now. And watch a video for a minute and a half of this massive convoy Steve a very good evening to you. Russia's sending humanitarian. Relief to Ukraine. The drama is not in the significance in the generosity of the of the emergencies ministry that's what's dispatching this from Russia it's what happens -- the border. Kiev now looks to reject his convoy what is the drama for Kiev why won't they accept the food good evening Tuesday. Well I think first of all they don't want to say I mean Kia to the knowledge that there is a real humanitarian catastrophe. In the cities is a key have been bombarding. For weeks. Now you'll work listeners. May not have a visual image of you were -- -- probably have seen on television visual images and this is not an editorial on whether Israel right or wrong. But of the damage done in gossip in the urban areas of Gaza city's. Our tents. Intricate. Social environment which schools and hospitals in parks and playgrounds. In and infrastructure. And bombs and artillery do tremendous amount of damage and we can imagine -- we've seen it which happened in cost whether we approve -- it -- not. But we have we our show for summaries. On American talk. What's been happening in the two large cities where. The Russians ukrainians -- done -- And perhaps the biggest city and yeah it's about slightly over a million people did that city I'm told and I -- and financial. Who taught you. On occasion -- -- -- said it's almost desert like -- and. Yes that go -- action -- yet so. Which happened there is what we can imagine we've seen it happen in history in recent history and cities are on. And this city has lost its water supply it's lost its essential food. It's lost its medicine it's hospitals -- damage -- communications and short. According to the best sources that are nearly a million refugees about fire seven achievement. 750000. Have fled to Russia because it's just. Can kill kilometers away across the border into rushed off problems. But about another 150000. Have -- someplace in Ukraine where the national -- To me that actually roughly a billion refugees. The number of people dead and wounded is in the -- -- -- from a few 1010. We don't know but way too. As always in these circumstances the first victims -- elderly. And the children. And -- can't separate mothers from children. Women so it is a real humanitarian. Catastrophe that Kia doesn't wanna own up -- because of the admitted it it would declare cease fire stop. Also it doesn't want the west yet doesn't have any political diplomatic relations with the self saw how startled. Republic of these two -- you remember a few months ago. They had referenda. And big turnouts great majorities voted that they would be. Not separate but they would be home rule government -- doesn't want that acknowledge shall any international force and attention humanitarian. Relief mission is. The fact -- acknowledging the existence of these political stories but here's the other. Everybody is guessing what Russian President Putin is going to do. Now the real -- dramatic is that done boss. Is almost as close historically. -- economically and politically culturally. To Russia as was Crimea. Which -- now and next back in March but remember that that done boss is not only bad thing yet for example was not only a beautiful European city. But it this side. Of Ukraine's essential industrial complex. Mining and manufacturing. Military and -- industry. Who's gonna build this infrastructure that's being destroyed so food and we've talked about it before but much remind ourselves because it's part of the political. Koreans -- is under tremendous. I follow the Russian media tremendous pressure. At top that is in the political lead. And among ordinary people to do something to say it would Russians call our compatriots and -- botched. Because overwhelmingly the population. Though they're not at all by any means ethnic. Russians they learn English speaking Russian player part of Russia culturally. What is looking good to do what is he gonna do something. And he hasn't done much just keeps calling for a cease fire so the question arises. Whether this humanitarian mission. Almost 200 trucks currently job. More than 200 trucks -- Ambling posing lumbering form. Russia. Toward the checkpoints around park in -- scheduled to -- -- the ball early this. 620 miles and we don't know the speed of the car I -- it's spectacular. But they're on their way. So if you look at the web site the Russian which is what you she's completely conflicting reports. One says the Red Cross has signed off on this and is a co sponsor -- Another says he has accepted it but you've got just as many report change he warning it better not approached the checkpoint. Because it thinks it's -- kind of military mission. And the Red Cross kind of making different statements I remember. That the International Red Cross of what the United Nations when it -- humanitarian mission does not send armed guards to protect. -- humanitarian. The problem is this is a war zone remember the Malaysian jetliner that they couldn't get -- it's like. So there is some anxiety. That this is not only human nature and I think in fact they're compatible different one more minute to wrap this up. Here I wish I shank this is what -- -- in the men around him are. Yes we may have to intervene militarily but like continue to thank you won't be primarily. A land operation it'll be -- But that we can discuss that shot. But we wanted to see if the people who call themselves the self defense. That is the rebel war which there's about 151000. Defending the cities can defend the city and we want to see if Kia. Would really be foolish enough. To enter the cities in the moment there on the outskirts as you know John when usually the man and you sent tanks into the city. They've come captive of the environment that city. Streets are not impossible barricades. Snipers in the buildings. And grenades and land mines it's it's succeeding leading edge. To see what you have -- really prepared to do so humanitarian. Absolutely. Possibly -- but -- same time. They need to -- nutrition to the fighters. I mean the fighters -- trying to soak. That probably is real and what Putin's calculation is we'll do this is the right thing to do. We won't use our forces and we will see if all over. It produces a cease fire in which case some people can begin negotiations then we've accomplished our diplomatic action or if not. If it reinforces the -- defenders efficiently that they can distant cities and drive back Ukrainian. Forces we don't have to intervene. And the last. In game of course would be actual Russian troops in Ukraine like -- primarily in the year. I'm speaking with Stephen F Cohen his book is Soviet -- most recent book to to this crisis is Soviet fates and lost alternatives from Stalinism to the new Cold War when Steve published this. The new Cold War was a theory that he was advancing now it's in place will discuss the confrontation between Moscow and Washington I know. When we come back US secretary of state John Kerry. In Sydney in these last hours. Making statements about quote our hope is that in the next days and weeks we can find a way for a president par -- and Ukraine to be able to work with the Russians to provide humanitarian assistance. However the foreign minister of Australia as well as the foreign minister Paris also in Australia with. Secretary Kerry are both warning that this convoy could contain military gear as. -- -- of Paris as we must be extremely careful because this convoy could be a cover for Russians to install themselves near Luke bonds condone that can put us. Before a done deed the doubts of Ukraine crisis. Well we come back on John about so this is the John that's a -- I'm John -- so this is the John that she's a professor Stephen F color of new York university and Princeton University. Russian history is here with me. Deep doubts about the convoy of our extant in Australia where foreign ministers meeting are pointing to this convoy as the sky. As much the same way Kiev does it says he won't let his convoy and because it contains military -- no proof has given. I mentioned Steve that this convoy left Moscow was spectacular staging a Russian orthodox priest. Went down the line of trucks sprinkling holy water on it in addition the Russian media is covering the three -- much of the forty kilometer long. Convoy of containers and trucks very carefully as it rolls south towards the George and Sharon said Clark if we don't know what's gonna happen to this we debt we can say right now seems there are doubts in Europe. About the present course what I think there worrying about he has what is key apps exit strategy Steve what does -- believe that. All of a sudden 151005000. A million people are going to come out and Dow down to Kiev is that the end of the war from portion -- point of view. Having. -- thing is that rational policy makers. In Europe particularly in France especially. Realizes they've created a monster in -- it can not control. Only Washington. Controlled production. They -- -- Because remember. France Germany and structure. Whatever their disagreements have four weeks all the preparation couldn't cursing -- -- And in the way presumably led by the Germans would. -- Talks and he may take two days in May take too -- for the killing which stop they would be political talks about the future a few. Key of this refer refuse. To we'd have to ask that we don't know the -- Can -- camp -- just politically or militarily or economically Washington. Why has the White House not just picked up the -- -- told told portion -- we want cease fire beginning tomorrow morning it is eighty yeah. And the only ensure that I can come up with. And manage the rubber or part of that. Is to -- either they do want proven to him. Because they think it showed on time -- More for. State bank that partnership they believe you have propaganda village on the march to adjustable it's gonna take the city's. They get -- protect the cities. In the gun box in the whole of Ukraine now belongs to the European Union. And not to be too -- the European Union -- Washington. And all of you -- will be taken. Out of the Russian sphere -- influence economic. Political and military and brought into west and therefore as some neo con conservatives. In Washington have written in the newspapers the great marched east. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Will have ended trampoline. With the taking of the Ukraine. The problem with this madness. Is that that's the Kremlin also -- the goal. Washington's goal that's why. We could be. On the virtual war backed off because every one knows what the terms of the negotiation. They've been out there and discussions his question again in February they've been documents. But they've all -- on missile -- Four of these this period formal war. And if there was ever. An armed conflict. That was easy given the will to resolve politically. It's just -- this isn't like Israel and Palestine. This is in God's mischief that's gone on centuries this as a political solution all it takes is two or three leaders. And some people of goodwill and it would be over it will be difficult. But killing -- land. So this is -- slow unfolding. Moorish tragedy in the heart of Europe from Russia we are talking about Ukraine is in Europe. Part question rushes in. This is a war in Europe and yet in the United States. He gets less attention may he rest in peace and Robin Williams it's astonishing that it's almost like we can't take. The formula see that you just laid out is that par Shiancoe. Does not have a next that other than total victory or as his one of his fighters said the other day they wanna see a white flag. Which is so unrealistic it it Dixie jazz. That Kiev is just about murder and it wants Russia to intervene in another words Steve. The pulling of the depredations visitor on -- Hans and Internet. Is to force the Russian military to cross the border that triggers the conflict. That TF believes is its only way out Kiev doesn't have a peaceful solution in all hasn't war. If you -- right. And one of the questions we have discussed is we don't know to what extent tradition Croatia's own man as president of Ukraine a -- -- -- The extent to which he is old man or somebody is operating and we don't know that we actually question. Might they want to provoke Russians than they have in mind of course that scenario that unfolded in Georgia former Soviet Georgia in 2008. When the president of Georgia soccer tree but he. Who's an advisor to interpretation grown although it is urged its. Willfully killed Russian peacekeepers. On the Georgian Russian border. Attractive Russian on clay which city -- like Denard does like to Dunbar inside Georgia. Knowing it would bring the Russians across the border but thinking that the United States and NATO. We're gonna come to his attention in other words his way out. -- -- Was to compel the United States and NATO to go to war Russia this is what we call the tail wagging the dog. But to make matters worse we create these -- now whether we've lost control the production. Whether he's doing with the White House once I don't know I can ask Obama is playing golf carries some push on toward but clearly. Currently. It would take one phone call. One phone call from the White House reform. For markers vineyard that's where Obama. -- -- in this small morning. It's not defeat it's not sure render it's just saying you need to talk. And that's what this cease fire would do Steven cease fire would bring negotiations from Europe and they would never started shooting again. I don't know what I don't know they never start again but you're right about one thing there can be no negotiations. While there's the fighting going on because they use. Pressure ankle is demanding. That the rebels. Disarm and surrender. And then -- sort of talked to somebody who lives in that region but not to them that's. Those are the terms shall render not the terms of negotiations the -- that's been going on for weeks and -- -- and meanwhile. Not to make this soap -- Bought thousands of people were -- Steve Cohen has a new piece out at the nation and when we come back we will discuss it because it's worth. Investigating. Who. That he shelling in rocketing and mortar and a large European city little ponds so that is deserted who's doing this fighting on John bachelor with Steve -- this is the John bachelor show. I'm John that sent this to John that. -- -- Cohen is here with me and we continue our conversation about Ukraine crisis. Which Steve correctly says -- not get nearly enough attention in the American Media given all the crises in the world in Northern Iraq can. Gaza of course the Syrian civil war. And the conflict zones across north after a call receiving their attention we have a -- crisis in West Africa yes we know we're overwhelmed with bad news. But Ukraine crisis is about to nuclear superpowers. Banging against each other in diplomatic circles right now. But word -- Arab to be a dark moment in contemplation. In Moscow at the same time in Washington. We could see military confrontation. Between NATO and Russia so let's ask who is CNN the National Guard -- Piaf. That is seeking to trigger or at least certainly naked -- provoking. Vladimir Putin and the Russian people. Who is more ordering civilians. There is reporting in the New York Times and then there's reporting in Europe of part of the National Guard the days off battalion. Steve Hewitt I've corresponded about the -- up Italian and I essential what I can discover. It is boldly announcing that it is attracted foreign nationals. Some of those foreign nationals are keen to emphasize that come from parties in Western Europe that are called neo Nazi parties. This goes to something that you have argued for some time. That the -- National Guard which is a volunteer force has attracted the ultra right of Ukraine this is not a Ukrainian national army. This is a gang who seek to. Terrorized. Other ukrainians and are attracting. Neo Nazis from Europe to as mercenaries to also turn -- a terror not a terrified ukrainians to what end Steve why are neo Nazis attracted to the National Guard. We need a little bit later historical background here first is that western Ukraine. Where which can change millions of extremely decent -- people. Nonetheless historically. Was the breeding ground. A kind of Ukrainian. -- nationalism. That produce movement that looks smelled it and sounded -- They flew the equivalent of slot stickers on slide. They had good things to say about commercial occupation of Ukraine. About Ukrainian collaborators during World War II. They began to become part of political life when the protests broke out against former president and coal -- back in February. What I wrote about that says you know there are a lot of Democrats in the streets of Kia. Calling for. Things that you and I would agree with that there are also the street -- clearly are -- factions I would -- -- this country. But now all they have their own militia. Now here's how that came. The Ukrainian army had gone a lot since in the Soviet Union during the rushed forty more years. So when we have had to mobilize an army it didn't -- to but he decided to. Rather than negotiate with the rebels in the in the southeast but to go undefeated -- terrorists to call them. They didn't have much of an army so that created what they called the National Guard and in that National Guard but he invited all the street militia. That'd been around since it. In addition there are two -- three billionaire oligarchs and -- was appointed governors of very large territories they've created private collections. I mean these guys have a lot of money. -- planes and tanks and which is also attracted foreign mercenaries from other countries some peoples and different courses Spanish war being played just over mystery. To what you have now fighting on which the -- eastern front that is in Dunbar. Is the regular Ukrainian -- Which -- they'd been through three mobilization. It seemed to have may be somewhere in the neighborhood of forty or 50000 troops. Is not much fighting force the regular Ukrainian army and most of the soldiers speak Russian they're not very keen about telling me we even have relatives. Primary -- Are in gun box they're not keen on hand to hand combat post compact. So they have -- have been lobbying in the artillery rockets into the city several well. Kilometers away or -- your car. Or maybe in the tanks outside the checkpoints. But the militia which are very ideological. Ethnically. Extremist. Even with ethnic cleansing. And full of hatred. Four Russian speaking ukrainians and Russians they are the ones who are doing the damage when -- come between civilian area. They -- they kill. They're doing things that are not acceptable even in the terms of war. The question is as well the -- of controls these bullish or whether the oligarchs control. Or whether they're operating independently in ideologically. So for example better -- the right things done this cease fire declared immoral how many of these militias or non commercial. Will cease fire it's an open question. -- -- lost control those bullish. Let me get let me give -- some examples from the reporting from -- net about the -- -- battalion which is named for. It's camp on the sea of days off about eighty miles to the south west of little -- They first went into combat in June. These foreigners fighting with the -- off battalion include 53 year old Francesco half who comes from. Italy he sits around the campfire singing hymns to Mussolini there's another young man. Who's sitting next to him he's twenty years old he's a Swedish volunteered his name is Severin has just given one name severance. He has a tattoo on his biceps saying -- Oden and he boasts about his neo Nazi roots. There -- there -- sniper Swedish instructor. Is a man who names himself Mikhail skilled he doesn't Wear a mask he doesn't hide himself he comes from a Swedish party. That is called spends harness. That is in neo Nazi party in Sweden any boasts about he actually says he has a bounty on his head from that the separatist now there's a lot of boasting going on here. So I can't confirm all of this I do know that the days of battalion is in the field. And that the tip of the ministry of the interior ministry in Kiev acknowledges the days off battalion it has its own symbol so it's part of the the offensive against the -- Don bass and the separatist know it Steve. There are aware of the fact that these cutthroat come from outside of Ukraine. And the Russians know if that's why I'm reading in an English they want the Russians to know this this is part of the provocation I have to believe Steve when you said. It's on discipline this is part of the house social media works. This propaganda is meant to halt Vladimir Putin's and the Kremlin. You see it that what you just described -- I think it's even worse than that because the machine to be six -- seven very large militia operating. Along saw higher independently of the regular Ukrainian army. And by the way. If those people that the residents of the done bosh really clear. Because they -- hateful. And they've wrecked. Havoc on people's property in cities if they're able to -- -- small cities outside the two large ones. But what's interesting is is there have been a lot of complaints in the western -- in the White House State Department. That Russian mercenaries. Are fighting on the other side. I wouldn't call abortion but the problem -- there's absolutely no question. Which because of that many Russian. See what's going on in the -- bars as a moment of truth from Russia remember I mentioned human we spoke last week. That Putin has been told this is no longer stroke for Ukraine this is -- stroke from Russia and among these people are young men. Young men in their twenties. And never had. A chance to fight but it -- source in the Russian military and know how to operate weapons but most internationally many older men. And in their forties and fifties. Russian fighters were in Afghanistan or Chechnya. They don't see this and the inaugural publications. As a mission they are bombing mission to shape Russia. Shall we are ideological true. Are the differences -- Is that they have come to defend. These cities just maybe unfair meet formulated this would have thought about it. And I've talked friends of mine did in Crimea were very worried and nearly every friend I know in Crimea has taken in refugees. Portable. The people who call from Russia that we see -- isn't -- horse in empire builders they see themselves. As saint -- Coming to say he's too culturally Russians. Where in all likelihood they have relatives. The mission of the militia on the others. -- -- fascist fascist semi fascist just crazy they'd come to destroy. It to capture too occupied. And a team that hasn't been reported. That is emerging is the sense that some kind of the ethnic cleansing is going on that the property. And houses of the millions of refugees will be given to the members to members of these militia as a kind of body of war -- of war. There it is -- civil war is the worst wars to you know that we have -- and it brings out. Both the best and the worst of people. And they are broken souls all over Europe. And in Russia have decided this is their mission I mean I don't -- mention the name of the -- -- American magazines and most of conventions opposite substantial war. And Learning Channel actual it is -- of government ordered conferences. And writing editorials about what glorious moment this is in history. This is a complete misreading the situation this magazine one day be embarrassed by what it's done but I think weakens -- That Ukraine and crisis has been brought up the best in anybody. Steve -- is off the Italian. I -- reported in the New York Times and I looked it up and -- -- but I've not seen it talked about or interviewed I've not seen American Media go and and valid and verified these these -- by these men may be. Maybe they're just dream that they were neo Nazis but certainly looks like they're cut throats and criminals beware of truck crossing to Ukraine and are lawless. There on the Internet unfortunately I'd practical way to file try to head in my desk which -- bet on the Internet. There are some very saw all the pieces of reporting. Projector by European correspondent who -- there. And talked to a number of these. Militia. That are fighting for Kia. That are crazy fascist or extremist. And that includes sizable number of people pleasures like Sweden. Other countries it's well documented who and what these people war now. What Washington thinks about these people my guess Washington worried and my guess is that whoever is running this operation out of Washington. It's said to be vice president Barton. He's been trashed by Obama to handle the Ukrainian problem. No doubt they told pollution go to try to get things militia under control but he can't. -- -- But everybody's unleashed forces that they can no more controlled by the way there's question here we -- -- -- we shall we the United States. The solution is as simple. Putin -- -- before you credential. But you'll remember Putin hashed and not to hold the referendum. And they went ahead. He's not a puppet master these forces these are indigenous forces is he helping them yes. Can't control them -- tell them the ball eruption weapons. Stopped firing don't defend your homes in your lands -- anymore. Absolutely and I and can't do it for two reasons one he Gaudin and -- infamy in Russian history and secondly they pay him no moaned. Professor Stephen F Cohen of New York University Princeton University Russian history when we come back vitamin potent Steve mentions is headed to Crimea. For the meetings with the legislators there and taking within the leadership of the Duma the Russian State Duma. That is for a Thursday the fourteenth. Also threats from the prime minister in Kiev about cutting off natural gas not just flowing in the Ukraine but in Europe for the winter I'm John -- this is the John -- I'm John Bassett just to John -- -- professor Stephen F Cohen is here in New York University Russian history as well as Princeton University. His -- Soviet states and lost alternatives from Stalinism to new Cold War it's the Cold War we're looking at in this confrontation in Ukraine. Is a global contest. There have been instances documented these last days about. Russian aircraft war plan seen off the coast of California or near the coast the airspace of Alaska also. Confrontations at sea between Russian warships and American warships is very much back to the future. This is the late twentieth century before the end of the Cold War those kinds of games were played routinely. Between the forces the Soviet forces in the American forces will now -- the Russian Federation. And the United States navy the united states air force. But it's not just the Cold War we worry about in America and Russia it's also cold coming on to your up and Steve I mentioned that. The prime minister of Ukraine yet -- said very recently that he's looking at. Cutting and not only imposing sanctions on a 172 Russians. And 65 firms but also banning Russian transit in Ukraine including the transit of gas through the country. That's a direct threat to Germany and Europe the question here is Steve. Will Europe take that will they accept the fact that Ukraine has the power to turn off its natural gas for winter. I can kind of an -- his announcement that he is proposing. I'm not Shearer because it was taking the formal parliamentary resolution. That Ukrainian parliament passed. Argue that the prime minister. In some ways -- more powerful in the program commission -- Because they reverted to after the coup against -- article -- to a -- our constitution. Which gave the parliament more power in the process. But what was the motive of the -- new prime ministers saying that he might ban Russian transit of Russian natural gas. To Europe I mean you would think that he harming the only people keep him in power. The European countries in Washington. Maybe his message war there's. In this with Russia Kabul and NATO ocean come in and in this so weakened that sort. That's who they want that's what they want but it is it is it is with good wickedly reckless and crazy. About the -- thing which is related. This -- injured sugars that Russia and next or as it was said in the legislation reunited -- Crimea back in March. What Putin is doing I think today after two more. Yes there is to the fourteenth he's traveling to all in several cities in Crimea. Over anybody decides to -- is on their computer remember it's eight hours later show you need to. -- -- -- It's extremely interest in that little mystery for me one thing is clear who is taking virtually the entire. Russian political government. -- -- -- and flight. And they're gonna hold of the accession. Art wouldn't be doing he is saying symbolically. Crimea is now all and forever what it always has been except by accident for twenty years show. Power Russia. Why is he doing because the Cuban government says almost daily. That we looked forward to victory parade in Crimea in other words actor done boss. We intend to march on to Crimea. And that is -- in return. Food is now being -- it's no longer struggle for Ukraine its struggle from Russia. Fight today and on course or -- tomorrow. In Crimea but further problems and so is that the State Department -- department has made this a talking point. If -- Crimea must be returned as part of any settlement. To Ukraine the State Department doesn't mean that thing -- that's not possible short of war. But the fact that they would back Keiwan past shall put -- an outlet and sure if he takes virtually himself. And the Russian government and by the way they all have other things to do much as a lot of problems. To Crimea. He is basically saying symbolic. This is Russia's second capital it's like Saint Petersburg. That would -- thing that's how important crime he has now what more what more. I think he's saying don't you even dare think about. What more a couple of my. Forums in Moscow who have their opinions of the news. Think he's gonna control military ultimatum. The day after tomorrow crime. He is going to announce that that if this doesn't stop. And they have been for war. He will -- Ukraine. With troops or air power around -- -- I have no reason to think that shallow but these two guys like talk to. Double a -- about 75% of the time and what they like to. So it could be it's going to be -- the scene of the very very important announcement. The convoy entering Ukraine at the same time -- is accidentally well timed yeah. And I shot mr. Gordon saying that my friend in Moscow pointed out. Bet there's a state they did build logging of the trip and the time when proved that if there's any trouble with that. Convoys being attacked or entering Ukraine. That -- will issue some kind of ultimatum but even if he doesn't the simplest. Taking I mean imagine in this country I don't know taxes was threatened and Obama flew the whole congress and administration now. Taxes I mean it is very unusual I can't thank except. In wartime -- capital was in danger Moscow. When something like this happen it's it's it's a very dramatic. Professor Stephen F -- the book to pay attention to because were moving into the Cold War games of the twentieth century's Soviet fates and lost alternatives from Stalinism to new new Cold War. Steve also hasn't apiece -- that the nation dot com right now reviewing. The events of these last -- especially those who have doubted that neo Nazis are part of the Kiev National Guard attacking John bass. Waiting for the convoy to reach see Ukraine border I'm John bachelor this is the John message out.

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