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Sony Sells 10 Million PS4 Game Consoles

Aug 13, 2014|

Twitter tests a sponsored video feature, your public library may be the best e-book service, and Sony sells 10 million PS4's. WSJ's Tyrone Johnson has those stories and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning this is the early tech briefing from the Wall Street Journal Wednesday August 13. I'm Tyrone Johnson. It's like headline. Sony -- ten million PS four. And what -- tells the sponsored video feature. Full -- some more. But first. Can digital entertainment reporter weakness in its key candy -- fog of video game. -- the company to lower estimate for the coming year. -- bookings were down thirty million from the first quarter the decrease was primarily due to lower gross bookings from can't be cross slug. Oil -- they Tuesday that it plans to use the bond markets raced 300 million dollars to move is to give the company additional firepower to use the potential. Acquisitions the offering will be the first time on AOL -- issue bonds -- that was spun off from Time Warner in 2000 non. Michael shall present I had a couple of new. Video game -- features for the Xbox one console games are conference in -- among them a media player. The -- move photos video and audio files forward devices plugged into the war and buying USB. The company also plans to release Xbox one digital TV from all hardware adapter that all of the council to all of our TV channel. Or or sports in October in the UK. Bringing in Germany. Italy and Spain. Meanwhile -- fitful ten million PlayStation four console of the continues. Its mark willful. In the new console sales that water stored testing sponsored video feature don't ever touch just pulls video on social network even measure of the reach and effectiveness. All of their content. Twitter and that the promoted video features based calls per view of borrowing were advertised as we get short when you -- -- playing but he. As we continue. And hopefully ebooks service and just go to the lumber. I don't know growing company and predictable monthly expenses make it easier to run my business. That's why I switched to the T-Mobile simple choice for business plan we get unlimited data with no overcharges all of America's fastest Ford GL TE network. Now it doesn't matter how much stayed in my -- needs every month -- else these the same switch to T-Mobile at T-Mobile dot com slash business. Limited time only subject to change faster four GL TE based on them -- HTT -- account for details. More more companies would like you pay a monthly fee to read ebooks. Just like you subscribe to Netflix too brittle movies and TV show what the journal's Jeffrey. Wilder says don't Bob silent for a public library court instead follow said the -- libraries have been busy building evil collection but you can check out. You're you have to go to the library to do that you just do on the computer or on your tablet device. And they show up there's no late fees when your bonus up to just disappear from your device. For more regional -- full column at WS JB dot com. Some jumpsuit with the lifting achievement through video games like World of Warcraft. -- that resonate and we have profiles so that their virtual world accomplishment will impress Hollywood Jews in real life with some players thing but the gift of all that different from the duties in the monitor all for hiring managers have been less enthusiastic about you. These can skew finally today. The Finnish mobile game developer seriously gives an Italian health unveiled the first in a trilogy of my game and hopefully this born into a broader entertainment for the company plans to roll out its first mobile gaming groups and big theme in October. The game allows players to collect and evil characters living in the world -- -- mention where they fight against the racial slugs. On my bone for more on the game. Two WS JD dot com remember to check the latest moves at WS JD dot com. I'm -- we'll Johnson the Wall Street Journal. Elvis. -- dot com lets you easily create a beautiful professional website. For free with hundreds of stunning -- -- schoolteachers and popular apps you can get your business online today. Start now at ricks dot com that's WYX. Dot com.

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