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U.S. weighs military rescue mission in Iraq

Aug 13, 2014|

President Obama is considering a military rescue mission in Iraq, teen's shooting highlights racial tensions and can playing "World of Warcraft" get you a job.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hi this is Gordon Deal the award winning Wall Street Journal this morning starts right after this -- dot com lets you easily create a beautiful professional website. For free with hundreds of stunning attempt late schoolteachers and popular apps you can get your business online today. Start now at ricks dot com that's WYX. Dot com. Newsroom -- Wall Street Journal. This is the Wall Street Journal this morning America's first news -- court. US considers a rescue. Good morning I'm Gordon Deal along with -- -- it is Wednesday. August 13 thanks for joining us here's what's up this hour the Obama administration might use the military to -- thousands of refugees in Northern Iraq who are fleeing terrorists. You'll hear the risks we'll have an exclusive story in just a moment movie legend Lauren book call has died at the age of 89. In continuing with set Hollywood news this week more details on the apparent suicide of actor Robin Williams the Detroit metro area is surveying the damage following record rains. Meanwhile Washington DC took the brunt of severe East Coast weather yesterday and a national conversation about racial tension has emerged now the President Obama has weighed in on the shooting death of an unarmed teen. In suburban Saint Louis. A lot of people are calling for more transparency in the process the police department said it could take a five week war. ER or bolts of this investigation to come out. They've said that what it is not releasing the name of the officer or any information about the officer -- -- -- feel -- right now are now on paid administrative leave. Wall Street Journal reporter been -- -- has the latest from Ferguson Missouri. In about ten minutes. Wall Street Journal is reporting today that the US is weighing a military mission in Iraq to rescue thousands of yours CD refugees however it's a -- That could put American forces. In direct confrontation with fighters for the terrorist group called Islamic state the journal says the proposal is still under development. Since last week as we've been telling you the US has sought to stop the militants advance on the Kurdish city over -- deal. And to relieve you as CDs trapped by the fighters on barren mountain range through a campaign of airstrikes in aid drops. As one official said though you can only dropped so much pooled water and other aid Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel meanwhile calls Islamic state one of the most barbaric forces on earth. Iraq -- in. But kind of position it's in today because. Vat inclusive participatory. Government. That should have been in place. And shooter brought together all the different factions of Iraq didn't. -- No rescue operation is likely to take place until the US military gets a better understanding -- of the scope of the crisis. American officials don't know how many refugees are trapped in the mountains estimates range from several thousand. To as many as 35000. People. For the prime minister on Iraq. Nori Al-Maliki is watching his support melt away he grew increasingly isolated yesterday as powerful factions at home. And his closest regional ally Iran. Threw their weight behind the man nominated to succeed him Haider Al of body. Over the past two days the US and other western powers Iran former Iraqi Shiite allies of mr. Maliki including a powerful militia. And Iraqi Kurds all endorsed mr. of body. More now from Wall Street Journal reporter norm malice who's in her -- Northern Iraq she's on the T-Mobile hotline nor explain the politics. So Nouri Al-Maliki has gone from. Some aggressive defiance trying to push through his bid for a third term. Even after the prime minister put -- the new nominee on Monday. They're raising their risk that he was going to. Basically try to spoil that the transition to a new government in Iraq. After the announcement there were some reports that there were security forces some of them loyal to do -- and money keep deploying and out of that. But pretty fascinating turn around and 24 hours by the next stage a whole host of people within Iraq and from. A product come out supporting the new prime minister Dominique his name is -- -- and about. -- automatic she's done. Defiance sentences -- his plans to thwart this. On Tuesday we. Larry King himself Kamal. And calls for restraint from the security forces telling them not to take sides in the political crisis. And so it appears that he he even is starting to buckle under. Pressure from he had broad political support base that is treated just cracking under him. We're speaking with Wall Street Journal reporter -- mullis who joins us today from -- -- in Northern Iraq. So if mr. of body becomes prime minister his mission will be really twofold right form a coalition government. Stop Islamic state -- or both they. That's a great question because that's for many weeks. That the amount that the Iraqi Government and the US administration and its Iraq policy has ceased. Has been described to us by some US officials that chicken or the egg dilemma. Which is do you. Move against Islamic state. First two or do you pressed pressed for the formation of a new and inclusive government. Which might produce some more conducive environment and to go ahead with the military campaign. President Obama. Has made it very clear about. Everything -- contingent on a more inclusive government which is like US diplomats worked so hard behind the scenes. To insure about. A new prime minister nominee was completed by Monday you could sense some relief in Iraq now that that has happened. And there at the offense that military officials. Both -- a bad -- here and the Kurdish region and the military the US military advisor. It's fighters who are helping them can better focus now that the that the the risk of a major political crisis. Seems to have becomes smaller but that's not to say that. You know all the risks are over we have a situation where mr. about the is. Now the prime minister nominee. And he has thirty days to try try to form a government but in the meantime mr. Maliki retain his position as caretaker prime minister. That he could still try to be a spoiler in this process. Thanks -- Wall Street Journal reporter nor malice. Joining us this morning from herb -- in Northern Iraq thirteen minutes now after the hour on the Wall Street Journal this morning. 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And it's guaranteed he can't beat the price or convenience here's the only way to get her this amazing deal eighteen red roses plus a free days for 1999. Go to pro flowers dot com click on the microphone in the top right corner and type in WSJ that's pro flowers dot com click on the microphone. And type in WSJ ordered today this deal expires Friday at midnight. The shooting death of an unarmed black teenager by police in a suburb of Saint Louis has turned to a national discourse on racial tension now that President Obama has weighed in. He said yesterday that people should remember eighteen year old Michael Brown through reflection and understanding. The weekend shooting prompted peaceful protest as well as two nights of unrest which led to broken windows and looting at several stores. More now from Wall Street Journal reporter -- wrestling in Ferguson. Ms. story Ben what's the latest. Things have been getting call overnight by at night here since -- since Sunday which would be when the biggest the biggest. I guess she -- violence and looting and all that happened there was a convenience store that news is that was. Destroyed. A couple sort of -- in the police the police cannot full force on Monday night. For the crowd to get that out of control police dispersed and created a cordon around that that central area. Near the apartment complex. Where where mr. brown. Mr. brown ones. And dispersed before any major -- -- could happen. And then on Tuesday there was there was scattered scattered protests. But mostly people work are reacting to it so called leader during the day and then at night. But some people come out and have protests that you get a little bit more look more -- -- tendency to two edged towards our. Why have police decided not to release the officer's name here -- Police at first. So that they would release the -- officer vault and then on to day they said that they would not the police chief. Said that the -- officer's name got out on social media. Posted cute things like FaceBook. -- Not by the police department by third parties and the police department received. Some death threats for that officer looked normal mission and all that time the the police chiefs decided not to release the name of the officer golfing machine. We're speaking with Wall Street Journal reporter Ben -- -- in Ferguson Missouri. How as the community reacting to the information they're receiving. A lot of people are calling for more transparency in the process. The police department said it could take a five week war. The sort of final results of this investigation to come out. They said that to have been not releasing the name of the officers are any information about the officer. About all of the -- right now are now on paid administrative leave I want. An investigation it happened quickly they -- a third party independents. A body to be to be looking into it to keep try hard on the investigation itself. They spend Wall Street Journal reporter -- counseling from Ferguson Missouri. Twenty minutes now after the hour Wall Street. America's first new. Good morning Hollywood loses the second beloved entertainer you know week with the death of actress Lauren Bacall. She was the other half of a golden couple both on screen and off with Humphrey Bogart yeah I always. It just chips together and so. From 1940 four's to have and have not with -- Lauren Bacall was 89. Marine county California officials have released details surrounding the death of Robin Williams. Lieutenant Keith Keith Boyd says the 63 year old died of suicide by hanging in his bedroom. The inside of mr. Williams left wrist had several acute superficial transverse cuts. In the pocket knife with a close labels located in close proximity to mr. Williams. More heartbreaking details coming up with one of our reporters. Record rains hit part of the country more than eight inches in the Baltimore and DC areas unleashing flash floods. And closing the Baltimore harbor tunnel for a time. On Monday -- six inches fell in Detroit a 100 year old woman was found dead in her flooded -- President Barack Obama urging Americans to remember Michael Brown for reflection and understanding. Brown was the unarmed African American teen shot to death by a police officer in suburban Saint Louis. Conflicting accounts of what happened have fueled protests police say. Brown and the officer shoveled over the officer's gun an attorney for Brown's family disputes that account the officer's name has not been released. Think this. The value of that might have been gains if any by releasing the name. Is far outweighed by the risk of danger at this point. Ferguson Missouri police chief Tom Jackson. Stock futures are higher with retail sales due today Wall Street lost ground yesterday just a little bit. The Dow was down nine points overseas today Asian markets edged higher. Your health insurers name could be changing WellPoint plans to change its name to anthem. The two companies merged a decade ago the CEO tells modern healthcare magazine anthem is considered a better brand name. And two German artists say they're the ones that replaced American flags on the Brooklyn Blair bridge with two faded white versions last month. The Berlin based artists say they were commemorating the 145. Anniversary. Of German born bridge architecture and John August troubling. Death. All right so there is but of course artists little bit of a security concern involved here yeah. -- embarrassment for the police department New York City right and these medals photographs were all over the place around the New York City area -- -- so honored -- couple of artists -- -- commemoration announced with a turnouts of a period. I think -- it's 43 minutes now after the hour on the Wall Street Journal this morning coming up next remembrances around the country continue. For the late Robin Williams. Thanks for being with us more details now on the death of actor Robin Williams authorities in California say it was a suicide by hanging. -- personal assistant was able to gain access to destroy his bedroom. And entered the bedroom to find mr. William. Closed in a seated position. Unresponsive. With a belt secured around his neck with the other end of the belt wedged between the clause the clothes closet door and the door frame. Marine county sheriff's lieutenant Keith Boyd also said some superficial cuts were found on the inside of mr. Williams left wrist. And pocket knife was found nearby he would not say whether or suicide note was found. Toxicology reports won't be available for several weeks meanwhile Hollywood continues reacting. Here's Wall Street Journal reporter Eric Schwartzel in LA Eric what's it been like. You know it's. In just the minute after he his death was announced there were flowers on the outside of its star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame here in Los Angeles. And there's also been there also have been contribute on the around places where they -- goodwill hunting in Boston. I'm sure that there are around similar tribute to a near his home in northern California. I'll -- a different skill I'm sure there will be seen quite a bit of that especially. As dumb Hollywood had a chance to. Tom grieve and then also you know organize their own -- a tribute to -- immemorial. It also seems like the number of posts about him. On social media since his death rivals any celebrity death we've seen before. It was the media I think -- the outpouring I I think that it was interesting because he had some of the people who. It truly who met him whenever he was introduced to the world on more convenient really have any -- On people like me millions more from movies from the nineties like mrs. doubtfire and then you've got -- they've -- -- -- -- even later period have a bit darker roles like. One hour photo Warren Christopher Nolan didn't -- -- you know people who come to his career in many different junctures -- and they think that that's part of the reason that people have to Cheney. -- visceral reaction when they he can be like this. News like this because. Especially if you grown up watching Robin Williams -- which usually -- extremely personal vacant. Did -- remind you maybe where you were when you first saw hooker where you first up Popeye and I think that that little without a lot of the response that we saw was he's very personal messages that. That it really drove people back to you think of their their own childhood memories and maybe where they were when they first saw her or heard -- you know famous Robin Williams monologue. On the -- -- -- they have been keying on just personally quite a few people posting one of the climactic scenes of dead poet's society in which he tells his. Young targets to RP deal on. And then go forth and to have lived their life probably. These -- Wall Street Journal reporter Eric Schwartzel from Los Angeles thirty minutes now after the hour on the Wall Street -- morning. In any business it's important to maximize your pretend tool and strong communication and collaboration -- -- This allows you to close deals pastor problem -- better and create new opportunities. 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Gordon Deal sitting alongside Tina Cervetti coming up this half hour the Obama administration is considering a rescue mission. For refugees trapped on barren mountain range in Northern Iraq. And on a lighter note listing your video game experience. On your resume. Really. That report in about twenty minutes. An outbreak of the Ebola Virus has led the World Health Organization to approve the use of experimental drugs to fight it in West Africa Ebola is now blamed -- more than -- thousand deaths. Details on the decision by a panel of ethicists. From Wall Street Journal reporter Betsy McKay Betsy what we have. This issue came to the floor are a week or so ago when it became known that two Americans infected with him Papa with Apollo we're given one of these experimental drugs the drug called the map. Manufactured by. A pharmaceutical company. Maps biopharmaceutical. In San Diego. They obtained the drugs to you know the drug. Through their employer US based but it you know it started to raise the question of should -- being used more widely for the WHO. Is it now saying you know taking an initial step and saying you know even though these drugs have never really didn't -- it to him and they have been given to people. And they should be made. Available more widely. We -- also not to say that there they're kind of coming to this authority as the drugs are starting to be used more widely the liberian government on the ordered. Through the course is that the drugs to get to some doctors. So so that you know their horses out of the -- so to speak. Other other experimental drugs -- that could be made available to help fight Ebola or is this the only one. This is the only one that had been used another company comptek -- developing an experimental treatment. And it had a contract with the US Defense Department but. We know less about that. And it hasn't you know talked about the plans for further testing. So in theory there are other drugs available but but so far there is one that everybody is focusing on because it was used to meet -- and the two Americans. Any concern that their jump and they got a little bit when it comes -- these drugs. And in the end they could do more harm than good. Well certainly they're untested in humans no clinical trials have been done for the WHO did today. -- -- as a moral obligation to collect share data on their use and every patient. And clinical trials do you need to be done but their reasoning was that. These are desperate times more than a thousand people have died. Period the treatment that may work. They were kind of thing that the calculus changes when you have someone who's sick. With it could be that it's likely to kill them you know the risk of an experimental drug is different in a case like that. We're speaking with Wall Street Journal reporter Betsy McKay in Atlanta. Is there enough for the drug and enough money to pay for it to make it available to everyone who needs it right now. Well mapped to company that for it provided distracted and only provided few courses have -- she -- is that it's -- three to Liberia. And then said it would its supply was exhausted. Mean they they do not have supply of distressed because there with not demand because it was an untested drugs. I'm whether they can scale up production. Enough to make a difference -- the outbreak is really unclear. It can take awhile to update these drugs. So the main measures for controlling Ebola outbreak. Are still going to be the biggest factor here. And could this be the catalyst for other companies to produce similar drugs targeting Ebola. Yeah we're certainly a signal to manufacturers and developers of these drugs overall. That if you produce this there's going to be a market work because we're allowing it to be used on an experimental basis. You know more broadly speaking. One of the reasons that there aren't drug available on the market already is that there really isn't much of a market for a bullet trying to -- is a rare. Disease it is very very deadly. But outbreak -- not comment and they're usually not date this could get one at the exception. So you know manufacturers need a market for drugs. And it's not clear what the market is up over the long term for the -- -- Betsy Wall Street Journal reporter Betsy McKay from Atlanta 21 minutes double for the hour on the Wall Street Journal's morning good Wednesday morning thanks for being here. This portion of the program is brought to you by Experian when it comes to getting the things you want in life your credit score can make the difference but when it comes to understanding your credit not all web sites are equal. With Experian credit tracker you get a real credit report and real people standing by to answer your questions including. A dedicated fraud resolution agent if you fall victim to ID theft auto Experian dot com now for your credit report and score. And live credit confident from now on with enrollment in Experian credit tracker. The Wall Street Journal this morning's Mike Gavin here now with a look at some of the stories we're following. While Hollywood is mourning the loss of another legendary figure this morning as Lauren Bacall passes away. At the age of 89 in New York meanwhile in California. Please confirm what had been suspected that Robin williams' death was a suicide. The Obama administration moved yesterday to cut off health insurance for up to 3101000. People. Who signed up through the healthcare dot -- system. And -- they can provide documents in the next few weeks showing they are US citizens or legal residents oversees the US is said to be weighing a military mission to rescue thousands of -- eighty refugees in Iraq. A move that risks putting American forces in direct confrontation with Sunni fighters for the Islamic state. She'll have more and all of today's headlines of America's first news. Coming right up paying Gordon a San Francisco Giants acquired former Cy Young winner Jake Peavy in late July. In hopes of boosting their starting rotation for a playoff run but so far and three starts for the giants peavy hasn't helped the whole lot in fact. Even brought a little bit of bad luck with them peavy who began the year for the Boston Red Sox. Has seen his team lose the past twelve games that he has started the longest active streak in baseball and although his run is -- close to the longest ever yet. It is noteworthy considering PDs past success only two former Cy Young winners have experienced longer stretches of futility Boston's Jim on board in 1969. And David Cone with the Yankees in the year 2000. That -- efforts. That's out there they lose -- doesn't mean he's getting a lawsuit might be pitching -- and losing obviously right where he's not necessarily taking the personal loss but the team is losing every -- olds out there twelve starts and rolled -- their generous time whether it's yeah -- lost now it's been twenty years Gordon but does the name in the young ring a bell to you. New York -- -- in the early 1990 Anthony young has the record as a slightly different record and he has the record for the most losses period by a pitcher consecutively. It's for the Mets or ten years there are some really lean times and for the Mets. He lost 27 straight games over the -- -- -- -- two and a half years for. For the Mets so so we're we're not reaching that sort of futility just yet okay. The funny you mentioned David Cone with the Yankees up literacy was at the Mets. Yes when he when he went through that streak but you know what whenever I see David -- name I was saying when he first came up in the mid to late eighties of how. Did Jewish community groups thought he was Jewish and we're very excited this was a Jewish professional baseball player -- at an at a point out that now it's. Its CEO and he not CO HD and David Cone. -- -- that when he when he got to New York as well I think you like fifteen minutes now in front of the hour on the Wall Street Journal this morning. As the owner of -- delivery company I have to be in Constant Contact with my drivers to warehouse and my customers. Between scheduling appointments using GPS and tracking orders on our Smartphones and tablets we will -- over our data limit every month. That's why I switched to T-Mobile simple choice for business plan. My company gets all the data we need without worrying about unpredictable. Over charge us. Switched to T-Mobile at T-Mobile dot com slash business. 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And solving that is probably the most. Important of all other parameters. General Motors which uses LG -- for the Chevrolet Volt plug in hybrid has said it plans to introduce 8200 mile range electric vehicle. Starting as low as thirty grand today electric vehicles make up less than 1% of new course sold in the US but the number has been rising. Nissan as the leader in EV sales electric vehicles sold nearly 161000. Leaps through July in the US up 35%. Over last year it's ten minutes now from the hour on the Wall Street Journal this morning Jesus is Eddie -- Good morning today to get an update on. On retail sales they. It's expectations that will be a distinctive because it too hot or too better than expected and people could concern a defensive move -- sooner rather than later and that just spooks the market. Just a Lucy with demonstrating. Any strength here in retail sales is expected to come from the larger chains. Job openings hit a thirteen year high workers showed more willingness to quit is well in June. That's a sign of an improving labor picture stock futures -- pretty healthy this morning after a slightly lower Wall Street clothes yesterday the Dow was down nine. NASDAQ twelve S&P slipped three Asian markets edged higher today Japan's economy by the -- contracted almost 7%. In the second quarter. Amazon is taking aim at mobile payment systems like square introducing Amazon local register it's a credit card processing device and an app. Designed to help small business owners take electronic payments. President Barack Obama has approved disaster aid for fires scorched Washington State. As the West Coast struggles with a near record fire season elsewhere torrential rains hit the mid Atlantic area and Detroit. Where it led to suspension of auto production. The US is weighing a military mission in Iraq to rescue thousands of refugees but for now. The Pentagon is sending a 130 military advisors into the northern parts of that country. Country -- is now. Under threat. Heard from some. The most brutal barbaric forces. We've ever seen in the world today. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. Egypt's top cleric has condemned the extremist Islamic state group on the Rampage in Iraq and Syria. Describing it as a terrorist organization that poses a danger to Islam and Muslims. Meanwhile Lee Egyptian brokered talks on a long term deal to end the Gaza war remain deadlock as a truce neared its end. Sports fans have the most face in their NFL teams. Digital marketing firm prime visibility gauges social media sentiment and found that perhaps not surprisingly. Seattle fans express the most positive sentiment after their big Super Bowl win San Diego and and Carolina ranked second and third for positive. Fans' sentiments all right get for the jets and the giants were Gordon federally wanna -- quite all right the jets were number 28 goals for the giants for ten. And the patriots that seventh with fans sentiment against people aren't. You know the lights on the bandwagon just yet but not at dallas' at the end itself. While faith in quarterbacks. This seems to reflect here began and he chargers Seahawks Panthers aren't out Tom Brady -- seventh that we should be at the top -- what they want places ahead of that Schatz chief I mean come on. Seven minutes now in front of the hour. It's an opera technology update and it's brought to you by T-Mobile unleash the potential of your business with T-Mobile the company that's changing the way business does wireless. Maybe we shouldn't be so quick to frown on people spent a lot of time playing video games. Wall Street Journal reporter Adam Rubin fire has found that a handful of job seekers are listing achievements in video games. Such as the role playing platform World of Warcraft on the resonates or Linkedin profiles. The bet. -- virtual world accomplishments will impress hiring managers in real life -- has this work. So in the game you know and there's a wide -- -- to do a lot of involves battling monsters on buses. And a big part of it is recruiting talent. And and strategizing. And so these people particularly the ones were leading in the game two leading people they've never met before they only know them socially -- line. But the big thing some bosses can't. -- lead to hit the people that they've known for you know months -- years so dare commenced and even a professor is convinced that I talked to on. Couple experts are convinced that. -- -- experiencing in the game can translate to the workplace so how do you even put this type of experience on your resume yet so generally it's bad and leisure and kind of hobby volunteer activities too because their ideas. I'm waiting volunteers. For example boss. Abbas in how people are required to listen to their boss because they get paid to do that these people don't not have to be listening to these leaders -- The and that's the way am I haven't even looked -- it had their. Aunt who's a director of marketing communications. At and the numbers finished in school of information that she exceeded that cap era or resonate -- it says. I managed 500 person killed Saddam and I. Organize these large terror raids of 25 to forty players and I did that for you know several hours fortified days a week and for her. She's working at Bloomberg information and Michigan which is tech heavy on there's a lot of stuff involving. Apps and web sites and and down and other things that are very -- heavy and so she knew that the dean of the school. Wouldn't understand it she had to kind of get to that path that first interview because in the first person looking -- -- resonate -- on -- and once she got Tenet. -- -- -- -- he would say this is what I want. That's a weird story I'm sorry Wall Street Journal reporter. Adam Rubin fire trying to think what what I put on my resonate today in 2014 I'd say 11980. At a pretty good run with. Tetris. Asteroids so I was fairly accomplished that's. Today I'd just and they get schooled by my son and Mario Kart for -- Cervetti I'm Gordon Deal thanks for listening to the Wall Street Journal this morning. I'm like street. I run my own business so I know from experience hiring new employees can be tough. Posting your job in one place isn't enough to find quality candidates. If you wanna find the perfect hire you need to post your job on all the top job sites and now you can't. Would zip recruiter dot com you can post your job to fifty plus job sites including Craig's list Linkedin and Twitter. All with a single click find candidates in any industry nationwide. Just post once in watcher qualified candidates roll in to zip recruiters easy to use interface no juggling emails or calls to your office. Quickly screen candidates -- them and hire the right person fast. Find out today -- -- recruiter has been used by over 200000. Businesses. And right now our listeners can post jobs on -- recruiter for free by going to zip recruiter dot com slash WSJ. That -- recruiter dot com slash WSJ. One more time to try for free go to zip recruiter dot com slash WSJ.

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