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Steve & Ted in the Morning 08/13/14 Hr 1

Aug 13, 2014|

Another Officer Involved Shooting in

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You'll hear about it here. -- thirty KM -- Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news. Thirteen thirty KN SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. According -- -- five -- pretty -- thirteen thirty KM SSI ST Macintosh. 63 degrees now and we're looking brighter -- of eighteen feet. Governor Sam Brownback says he's. Planned to create 100000 new private sector jobs in Kansas over the next four years will also close a projected state budget shortfall. The governor is pledging to work to create jobs if voters reelect him in November. Critics say the aggressive income tax cuts Brownback sponsored could put the state in a precarious financial condition. Dozens of supporters of marijuana decriminalization. Showed up at the which doesn't council meeting to urged the city to put their measure on the November ballot. The election commissioner says petition is 47 votes short of what's needed. This is not gonna make very many of you happy that I hope that it will get us to -- that time when we can put this on the ballot. If a new petition is successful the measure would be on the April election ballot burning cook things radio thirteen thirty KN SX in other visits -- City Council passed its 2015 budget which is balanced and will spend 577. Million dollars. A child. Was rushed to Wichita hospital after being burned. -- hot water. It happened just after afford Tuesday afternoon at a home in the 15100 block of west seconds but it's about four blocks west of Seneca. According to police a woman was cooking tossed on the stole. Won her six year old son reached up for the handle an accidentally knocked the pan onto the floor the pot splash the boy with -- water on his leg below the knee. He was taken to a hospital in serious condition but is expected to be okay. This is the second home accident world which -- child has been burned in as many days. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty KM -- The American Civil Liberties Union is urging the Kansas Supreme Court to declare the State's criminal offender registry unconstitutional. Johnny -- judge already has ruled against a registry in the case of the child molester who's trying to have his name removed from it the ruling is being appealed. In southeast Kansas Jerry Daniels has won a seat on the Allen county commission by the luck of the draw. The chairman of the county commission has called Daniel's name out of a bowl. To break a Republican primary tie -- Jim Muller. There's no Democrat opponent for the seat so Daniels will fill a vacancy in January he's from Humboldt. How -- federal regulations impact small business Brian Castro is national ombudsman. For the Small Business Administration Castro tells -- in his first news. The important thing is -- its first small business owners and that'd be the FDA is that is leading the charge. So on their behalf -- -- whole suite of services term counseling. To help develop a business plan. To capital access to help get funding for starting a business center for obtaining ultimately government contracts for business. -- -- able conduct a regulatory fairness forum for small business today of the Kansas leadership senator 325 east Douglas in Wichita. The forum begins at 9 AM and admission is free. Destruction of property reported in south Wichita on the 4400 block of south meridian. A 35 year old woman report somebody destroyed her vegetable garden by you weed eating it all to the ground. This is everything in the garden has died. 6099 minutes past 6 o'clock -- -- You have got some weed eating it needs to be done as those perpetrators could you know. Practice his skills on that's got to be more of this story PS pitching around the front of my idea driveway that. Anyway perhaps -- cucumbers. And so I -- should be exposed. This morning we've got gasoline prices coming down just a little bit gasoline prices right now that 320. Not -- are 326 -- gallon down a couple of cents from a cent or two from what we've ever seen yesterday's -- 326. In a lot of places. Here in -- -- which until this morning remember school buses running had an accident already yesterday was the first day they were out there in Wichita. We had school bus accident luckily no one injured but. School buses out there running and they stop at all of those railroad crossing to make sure you remember that and Kate and as as traffic central. I'm Jeff chambers by listing noted that -- for -- forecast now always a meteorologist frank. Ball good morning training shank Steve mostly sunny on this Wednesday we're gonna heat things out behind near 88 in Wichita thinks that south southeast wind -- five to ten. Tonight we are dry it mostly starry lows drop to 64 by early morning. Tomorrow afternoon mostly sunny and warmer still high right around ninety degrees will be back -- the low -- on Friday with a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm. Indicate first alert forecast senator I'm meteorologist. For law -- -- A cloudy we have a southeast -- six miles per hour and 63 degrees Wesley rehab hospital rehab for strokes brain injury hip fractures and more of the located on west thirteenth across rural West High School Wesley rehab hospital a higher level of care. 610 now 10 minutes past 6 o'clock. Investors will be watching today to see if the stock market is sluggish or even in a state of retreat. The market fell off yesterday after two days of modest gains as traders focused on the damage that ongoing political turmoil is having. All the global economy Princeton's. The continuing instability in Ukraine has dragged down the German stock market more than 8% from his early peek. And there are worries at home and abroad about the situation in Iraq in this country. Stock market -- -- energy stocks as the biggest losers Tuesday brought down by lower oil prices. The Dow closed down just nine points S&P down three the NASDAQ down twelve so not exactly what you would call a plunge. On the indices. After waiting for seventeen years short OJ Simpson to -- a nine million dollar wrongful death judgment. Ronald Goldman's mother is selling her right to the cash. Online. -- -- full list of the judgment Tuesday on the judgment marketplace dot com. Bidding continues for thirty days but it can be bought right away for one million dollars website founder of John Torres says Simpson's budget -- judgment is worth 24 point seven million dollars after interest is factored in that's only. If Simpson page propaganda today. The winning bidder takes on the risk of collecting from the financially strapped ex football star he's been in the Nevada prison since 2008 on robbery and kidnapping conviction. Since it has stayed a little of the 33 point five million dollars he goes from the 1997 civil case. The jury acquitted him in 1995 and killing Goldman and ex wife Nicole Brown. So she's the woman is selling the right -- student -- -- -- money that the OJ may eighth. They pay. More this borrowing on the passing of well. Lauren Bacall. At the age of 89 she first start with Humphrey Bogart would become her husband in 1940 for the movie to heaven -- not to. They were married the following year and that movie was about to basically about. World war two. And what was going on down the Caribbean. -- it was originally a from us from I think it was -- originally. Well I can't remember. In 1996 interview would call said she's learned a lot about showbiz from bogey. Mr. Bogart like not to believe press clippings and about herself because the studios ginned up the stories. The -- nominated for an Oscar in 1997 for her work. In the mirror has two faces. Could have a to have Donna I have them move them -- Hemingway amateur that's it may have been based on a Hemingway story. Coloradans are not smoking is much legal -- as some had predicted tax figures show the state collected just over twelve million bucks from retail pot sales. During the just ended fiscal years the Denver Post reports governor John Hickenlooper offers. Had anticipated a 100 million dollar tax windfall. Seems a lot of smokers are getting medical marijuana which is taxed at a lower rate. State economists are coming out with a new forecast next month using the data from the first six months of pot sales. So only the revenue not quite as much as we -- -- they thought it was going to be there in Colorado it was going to be a big wind shift in the big windfall. And clearly is not coming around collect as much as they thought just the lists. Yeah well. And -- a lot on its wireless twelve must -- must he do all hold TV and stuff -- yeah I was trying to just try to do to form a little better should be easier to trade bill in dominates. They picked brutally. This is this is TV an area we're talking about list of law and the calls. Credits TV movie credits and so forth. And -- its partial list shall. There real well I charged under the bottom. And to have a to have not peace being Jewish marine slim routing. 1945 confidential agent the big sleep. In 46 remote the united and that's the one that nobody understands the plot. You also in dark passage Key Largo whose. How to marry a millionaire there shouldn't have -- films on there but. That's -- For the call who's castaways who lost another great big name in the world of film newborn Ted Woodward. There else whether it is and it's beautiful morning beautiful morning Mary -- great weather the course every morning this week there's only one star in the sky and then. Now the east northeast I assume it's Venus. We've been handling this is not a stars planets that we've had in the full moon I haven't seen it in Reno and a first comes up I guess is big I don't know I haven't. Super moon here on Silberman and so I haven't seen that -- does that seem to full moons going out and gore tomorrow come. What a day at City Hall where they spectacle great deal of time yesterday morning's Wichita City Council meeting hearing from people who want to. Decriminalize marijuana they they didn't get enough votes on their petition so they. You know as they is sit in city Kelso who candidly about that you didn't get enough votes but they're looking for ways that maybe they can still get to sing in the ballots. Coming up in now and April based on November and April that look like it's going to happen in November. Com. An interest in the interest and story incidents of various small fairly small group of people are very very very adamant about tennis. And they've been down there -- their voices be heard well that's part of our stats what does my part of our process in democracy is all -- And understand the City Council. I don't know that says -- there's -- really anybody there's hot -- gold for against the -- -- doggone thing to -- There it is -- lot of discussion of City Hall ball by the way you will later on this morning about an hour from now we'll check in with our. City Hall correspondent burning cook yeah Bernie was down there and City Council chambers yesterday so he got to -- Front row seat for personal was going on will do little little bit better information. Today is Wednesday. August 13 on the -- in 1961 east Germany sealed off the border between. Britain's eastern and western sectors and began building a wall that would stand for the next 28 years from. Until Ronald raise it mr. Gorbachev -- him live and all I'm very clear symbol of the Cold War yes and people is viewed those who don't don't understand Berlin for first for the first thing -- Germany after World War II were divided into four sectors. And Berlin was in the middle of the Russian sector right. So it would but it was still had zones of the organizational now. Some of which was controlled by us the US senate and so that's what was going women people try to get out of there golden -- at all. More than one I believe we're -- -- shot -- -- didn't care they can they kill them that's what the bush. In those days communism didn't have very good PR people -- put it that way couldn't understand world opinion yes. 1942 Walt Disney's animated feature Bambi premiered at Radio City Music Hall in New York how -- great movie great film Bambi. Birthdays today former Cuban President Fidel Castro is 88 years rules still alive did we still got the embargo gonna guess those people we've had since what 1960. And I guess we're just waiting for him to the pass away. And then maybe we can relax some of those his brother in charge of throw his brother Lowell is in charge not is they're just did not as much an iron fist is Fidel was looks at what's amazing is we do have a pretty good Cuban population here which slowed people who came over -- We met with a -- took over. And they are still upset about it I mean after only here's the Russians still have a still have a say in what goes on Cuban. All right -- the birthdays that Harrington 85 years old today. Played the part of Schneider on one day at a time but the handyman there are thought it was funny guy. Harrington yeah. Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen is 68 years old today synch makes a lot of decisions about interest rates well -- -- he's always in the headline here. The director Paul Greengrass is 59. She is the Bourne films now. I find it very hard to even. Follow the moves so fast in the editing is so quick. You don't even know what the plot as soon as she just started to myself -- a movie I'd love to live any look good they're exciting but it just looked like. I don't I don't know what's going on here you've lost me. He did also direct captain Phillips. You know Tom Hanks I saw on the plane going over to Germany Monday that was pretty good on like dead Danny Bonaduce 55. I don't know who that is the Partridge Family. Little Danny Bonaduce and -- back to 55 years old today. Six to eighteen tied for lead off towards the dead -- -- the royals were in first place for all of one day -- -- -- -- -- they lost but I thought maybe they'd lost ground against I didn't. What happened to get Wheldon legal winning streak came to an end yeah do the royal. Also we're going to their ninth win in a row last night taking on the top team in the big leagues the Oakland Athletics but. The winning streak comes to an end Oakland pounded the royals -- eleven to three these days had twenty hits last night. Yeah -- And other royals just. Pretty much can beat anyone in the league except John Lester Oakland a's pitcher. Jon Lester stuffed the royals last night Casey is eleven and two in its last thirteen games -- to both those losses were again Lester Jon Lester -- No the Oakland days so they split the first two in this four game set game three between gays in the royals tonight. But the Dolphins Stadium and to listen to that game 7 o'clock tonight on Sports Radio tape at eight. 12:40 AM 97 FM the other royals are still in first place atop the American League central. Course Oakland is leading the American League west so it's a battle of division leaders in that matchup tonight. In pro baseball all the Wichita wing nuts lose at the Lincoln afforded to the last night that's also a battle of division leaders Wichita topped the south division Lincoln leaving the central division. Lincoln wins it 42 in front of a crowd of 2800 last night. Lincoln only had five hits but Wichita squandered some chances -- eight on base which -- toss dropped to its last three still. The wing nuts with the top record in the American Association and a big eight and a half game lead atop the south division. Which it taught at Lincoln tonight at 705. And Steve this is. -- seventeen. And a seventeen game road -- -- ones you think they'll be glad that. Finish this thing up in Lincoln tonight and get back home which it saw him playing slow death of that stuff. Maybe that might be swinging at a few more first pitches early in the count tonight to get on the bus and get home for a lot of dirty laundry he thinks. After seventeen days -- you bring you the grass didn't give a -- and they know the roil the facility are together at Wichita at Arlington tonight in pro baseball action. That's sports brought to you by the newly remodeled a bull's -- shooting range where they know and used again as they sell you can go to bull's -- Wichita dot com be -- -- say. It's -- light shooting range and that's at 1455. At north. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Consider this Davis more Lincoln has made a big hit to kill again being with us and we opened a whole new door to let dream which itself. Your kids we've redefined what it means to shop -- -- luxury vehicles delivering elegance free spirit and American made luxury at its finest. Right now we have a secret selection of Lincoln vehicles available just perfect time to drive -- -- style consider this week and fuel efficient and Khazei today. Just forty -- -- fifteen Lincoln and Kasey but go big with the -- Lincoln -- the -- -- -- passengers. There's no Ron Joyce and now's your chance to spoil yourself -- contain it simplifies luxury. Because every new and Lincoln certified premium vehicle is still priced in August. It's an experience that has no people focused on new standard when -- the most trusted names in its class. So before you do anything else considered the original Helen lecturing seems more Lincoln is that Davis had been more Lincoln dot com or call us at 9287330. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Rely on the mayor we hope the symbolism over substance in new blood in PR. -- area -- that's where we are fixing means you are here dot to demand for American culture candidates just to me. It's a frustrating thing that so much symbolism counts for substance. We taste from eleven and two -- symbolism is just Mac user and any subsequent use radio -- Team -- -- SS and the so let's listen. Tony seventeen to 10 in the morning news radio 1530 K and fans as he was so maybe it's. Dude did. Next to a church parking lot this story coming up with Stephen dead. And it sounds fascinating as sitting -- I think gasoline prices today. We are looking at 326. -- gallon in most places in which -- actually still yesterday's 328 to. It several places around here but very easy to find 326. Chris coming down one or 2 cents this morning. And this morning things moving along in traffic pretty well got a little bit of a slowdown eastbound right now on Kellogg at West Street just. The bit heavier traffic volume slowing things down -- -- -- -- traffic Central London chambers sunny and a bit warmer today -- of 88 degrees clear tonight overnight low 64 Thursday mostly sunny tomorrow's high near ninety. Now partly cloudy southeast -- six miles per hour 63 degrees the -- Internet can certainly be useful in checking out products for instance. On the Internet you can learn that readers of the national product testing and research magazine rated American standards air conditioners and heat pumps. Most reliable for the seventh time -- even tip. And independent American standard heating and air conditioning -- Coming up you don't have -- was Stephen dead Wichita school service workers full -- new contract. Blocking Fox News I'm Todd charged with us Fox News and commentary next. Well there's more than just stocks and bonds if the art of making money. Ever -- union knows you have to see the opportunities you have to take the chance -- have to have the passion. I -- and -- this stuff real estate startup strategy tactics are why I know where the accident I'll get access to the minds making it happen. You have to later -- getting the team watching risks and -- with me -- revolted weekdays only on Fox Business Network. The power to -- The only thing worse than being forced to watch CNN inside an airport terminal is being forced to watch it in a doctor's office. One of our listeners and Baldwin Michigan tells me a community health center there. Blocked Fox News from its waiting room television sets instead. Patients are forced to watch CNN and I called the person in charge of family health care. She confirmed it was her decision to block the fair and balanced channel the Lister tells me it had something to do with our obamacare coverage now you might be say in Todd what's the big deal it's a private nonprofit medical center. Well that's true but it also receives millions of our tax dollars so the way I see it if that tax paying patient wants to watch FOX & Friends wanna watch FOX & Friends. And it seems to be appear about to kick the bucket. You'd rather be watching meg and Kelly then Wolf Blitzer Brian Todd Stern's. Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news thirteen there. CNN SS which it -- number one news talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning 630 Steve back in time that's what we're 63 degrees now what his -- today of 88. Which the school district added service workers have reached a tentative contract agreement for the Tony 142015 schools here. The deal includes a 2% salary increase plus raises for additional education -- licenses or certificates Monday. Wichita teachers approved a tentative contract containing a 2% salary increase. Acoustic a look at the OK first alert forecast now -- Rodgers frank waterboarding frank. Thanks Steve mostly sunny on this Wednesday we're gonna heat things out -- near 88 in which stock thinks that south southeast wind -- five to ten. Tonight we are dry it mostly -- lows drop to 64 by early morning. Tomorrow afternoon mostly sunny and warmer still high right around ninety degrees will be back -- the low -- on Friday with a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm. Indicate first alert forecast senator I'm meteorologist. For loss. Right now partly cloudy southeast -- -- six miles per dollar and 63 degrees. Authorities in southeast Kansas say two employees of a fireworks manufacturer were severely severely burned. In an explosion outside the company's former headquarters in Pittsburgh. Crawford county under sheriff Steve Dyer says the blast occurred Tuesday afternoon. All the employees of -- fireworks removing materials from the shipping container the injured workers were flown to hospitals in Missouri. But -- Kansas processing plant that made it treated ground beef product British dubbed pink slime. Plans to reopen next week with limited operations amid rebounding sales. Meat products incorporated said Tuesday it plans to start collecting fresh beef trimmings at its Garden City facility on Monday to support its Dakota city Nebraska operations. The Kansas plant is the first two reopened since the South Dakota based company closed three facilities over the 2012 controversy about the meat. These products will rehire 4245. Workers for two ships and a third shift cleaning crew -- -- Garden City location. Some 236. Workers at the Garden City plant lost their jobs in 2012. Amid the controversy over a meat product called lean finely textured beef. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty -- and assess school starts this week across Kansas and safety is top priority. Kansas Department of Education board member Janet law has this to say about making sure there's not another tragedy such as the sandy hook elementary school shooting. And we absolutely prevent probably not but hopefully we're taking every possible step to stop anyone that would try this -- school from the department we're working very hard to train our teachers to train our. Staff to make our school place. -- says the department recently passed what are called social emotional and character development standards to notify and help problems students. It always may be is still bright light of the super moon but there were sixteen auto -- recorded in Wichita Monday. Nearly quadruple the usual amount Wichita has averaged about four and a half auto -- per day over the past six years. Can -- national news time 633. -- the shocking suicide comedian Robin Williams now legendary actress Lauren Bacall. Did at the age of 89 and a beautiful woman. And a sexy ones but -- -- look all are all I think she projected a kind of sloppiness and day and intelligence. That people found very appealing and and unique not like anyone else on the screen at that time. Film critic Leonard -- blue notes that -- call one to Tony is nominated for an Oscars she'll also be remembered for movies for the man who would become her husband Humphrey Bogart. Police -- up Ferguson Missouri refusing -- -- by the officers shot and killed an unarmed teenager over the weekend citing. Death threats more violence the streets last night one man critically wounded. Another 130 US troops have arrived in Iraq their mission to assess the scope of the humanitarian crisis there. Cease fire between Hamas and Israel winding down three journalists killed today about exploding shell heavy rain causing flash flooding parts the northeast this morning Doug limerick. ABC news. 635 he did in the morning news radio thirteen thirty K -- SS. A 76 year old man who police say was sunbathing nude in his backyard next to a church parking lot and you talk. Has pleaded not guilty to lewdness charges. -- -- -- -- Was in a Farmington new talk court Tuesday to -- pleaded not guilty to four counts of lewdness involving a child and three counts of lewdness. Court documents show police officer called to -- house by neighbors could see the man from the church parking lot. The backyard -- chain link -- no privacy -- that's. When confronted a completely new get told the officer and his his property and he could do what they ought to be. Several parents are they and their children could see the man from a party line no litmus freak flag fly again meant blond buddy. If -- York bureau and property can do whatever you want well did you murder your wife I mean -- of their limits until you can do your own property. Especially if you're out there it's a chain eccentric. -- -- put up some board sensors on the economy is fine now he wants just. He wants to being naked in front of other people right wants -- actually do see him yeah. And they got to. And you know he's gonna pay a fine probably. Baltimore. Will be celebrating the 200 anniversary of the writing the star spangled banner next -- tall ships. A blue angels air show the majestic fireworks display will all be part of the fun. The week long multimillion dollar celebration begins September attempts. Francis Scott PL Baltimore area lawyer broke the star spangled banner lyrics after watching the British. Shell fort McHenry. So big celebration. Going and ball quite a bit -- Baltimore to guess I have Linda did -- we took this -- out of fort McHenry really it's a great -- -- debate energized and well. Outside the harbor -- I'm just so we drove through there when I was at my kid a child -- Hampshire. I don't remember anything about Baltimore really that's going through it's always good to the other plays up. My parents did not wanna stop by some Bosnia to devote up to fort McHenry it's quite stirring to. Realize that that's where at all took place loans worth of worth the trip that was more of 1812 yeses on special I was thinking. To have that celebration. The school supply landslides still going on Ted helping deserving children -- here in the start of the school year was necessary supplies and if you go to -- dot com you'll find out exactly what they need -- the lists are. And you can drop off illusionist school supplies at any of the credit union of America locations. Or here at Entercom radio station -- through a moment to take studios on northwest street yeah. So there's still a chance is going on too obvious clearly into the month Tony for its but I guess again for -- SO another week and a week and a half -- He could still do left. It's 637 now with -- that in -- interesting story when you're governor Brownback saying if he fuel richest reelect me. I will put in a plan that will create 100000 jobs in the next four years in Kansas and through those jobs. And job creation and we will eliminate any budget problems remain half. -- stick -- critics question -- were even the last forty confidence game plan you know faith. So it -- interest it's going to be. It isn't. Season's not over yet the political season goes on and Henry has seen overseas some pretty interest and things come out here in the next six or eight weeks. -- of the election process didn't will be interesting by the time November rolls around there's governor -- usually about being governor I don't think. 630 days now Stephens of the morning time for the commodities update with Tom left slur of left for commodities good morning Tom. Well good morning -- trading started yesterday -- and in light volume for the cattle complex did it turned eighteen and a big way too close of large triple digit losses. Additional long liquidation by the -- and lower case Campbell trade in the north that the price of 155. Multiple future prices lower. Believe god awful close maybe yesterday it was all continuation of this spill blood if inflation and open for two -- straight at 5 PM yesterday. With sizable volume and big group mud lose Tuesday outside people continue to. At the moment. The October -- -- our 27 414740. All October peak until they have two dollars and 75 at 21162. Totally broke seventy. BP says -- led by -- 645. After the USDA report yesterday morning there were simply because directly related public corn and soybean futures contracts. The report what's friendly for the corn native people of the fully beat. In neutral to slightly bearish for the week. Wheat prices. That's coming literally getting into the harvest library will be watched closely by traders who -- besides if the court at first because we'll get even larger than they already have been anticipated. The overnight trading -- in the moderate volume and currently is mostly positive. December Casey week three and three quarters higher at 630 and a quarter. December -- unchanged at 369. November soybeans up a penny and a quarter didn't 63 quarter. September crude oil -- also Ford's -- 745. December gold down one dollar thirteen don't mind 68. September 5 from being but I know a quarter report cited 1939 and three -- September dollar index eleven and they have so tired 8167. To the primitive juice futures trading 62 points higher at 16100581. But commodity trading Craig marketing advisory contact club for commodities on the program on the -- either one but -- -- -- to the top. I'm news story today from the Associated Press saying that. Cropped short and get good in spite of the fact -- -- the wheat crop which covered disasters this year in Kansas. But the -- do pretty well. That's exactly right we're looking at jokes. But what crops to take -- if the majority of the midwest for sport ever soybeans and we've also -- this one wake up north bead artist to do it looks very good to. Content so things are rebounding -- down there and farm. Well they aren't production right -- so -- oh yeah. But it usually after the passage of the product build roller. There you know hey thanks Tom McCain and assist commodity update is brought to you by American -- credit. Providing financial services customized -- ever changing needs and -- loan dot com or 804661146. American and Chris. Coming -- done ransom money tractor and God's gonna talk about bonds or careers. And traffic weather coming up Steven dead news radio city thirty KM -- I have a black helicopter Blatter now. Host yeah and there's places hearted supposedly pulled her nights when. -- and SS. The commodity update on Katie NS ass is brought to -- by American egg credit. As a farmer rancher working the land your knees don't always fit traditional banking programs. Best buy American -- credit offers a variety of short and long term loans put your buying property for making improvements on land you already own. 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It's a late night you -- -- we've all grown to love. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know I really -- period crazy -- You're sounding like that doctor your moment your -- -- -- -- are -- more like doctor Jekyll. -- -- future is not fast. There's just realistic probability -- Very nice to see. Thirty K and SS. 6:45 feet into the morning news radio thirteen thirty K and -- coming up the top of the hour the king -- us this morning news was -- dead at 7 o'clock and a complete look at all the day's news and happenings. Including a story about the Wichita City Council getting an earful. About the decriminalization of marijuana or that possible. You globalization that's coming up but. 6 o'clock came as a sporting news for Stephen today. This morning's gasoline prices that looked -- down a couple of cents cents to 326. A gallon. However I just got a call from traffic checkered Jason. And Jason was telling us that he just spotted 324. Gasoline prices. There -- around Kellogg and Broadway so look. 324 mentioned there -- get the traffic tracker Jason and remember if you spot a lower gasoline price or if you happen to see somebody out there running radar media. Big traffic slow down you can be traffic tracker to just give us a call 436. Thirteen thirty intake -- S district central on gas chambers of like another great day a little warmer -- With a high around 88 degrees clear tonight the overnight low 64. Thursday mostly sunny tomorrow's high near ninety -- partly cloudy sky -- southeast wind six miles per hour. And 63 degrees 6:47 Steve until the morning news radio thirteen thirty K and assess the big news this morning. The passing of Lauren Bacall at the age of 89 -- from FaceBook in Genesis radio dot com. They're -- says classy lady and that's all she said and that's all responsive we had there -- Interest and also comments on Wichita business journal poll do you support to the decriminalization of marijuana in Wichita Tammy says. Yeah that's exactly what we need helping stupid people gets to putter. Or may be killing another behavior to apply not -- to what is what is that I have to do with killing babies and -- the the guy Seattle got a side is doing pot always closely watching the Foster child abuse allegedly allegedly. Quite the passing of Lauren Bacall. And if we give great resource here in that -- grant to the money traders. -- began a career Lothian in the film industry -- Hollywood TV back in the day and never met Lauren Bacall. Now we -- is one of those people that he's just been run into the but the part of our Randi do it is really -- -- few people not with a few people those of from that Arabic not Marin. What do you what GA as an actor what what would what do you think about Lauren -- I mean at first 20 my goodness. 1944 she was nineteen and you look at her on screen say you know that's that's pretty good. -- What he's doing before just just legendary mean she is everything she. You just iconic voice that sort of CDs is as you know smoky here -- who started out modeling and yes right. I -- she did the sort of green today him. And she and Humphrey Bogart did he was what 25 years older than her as they had -- running on and off affair gone on there yeah. Whom he allegedly there man in the interest in percent. How to marry a millionaire she was in net I can remember the other bottom Merriman rose one of those two that was she was -- yeah the other -- that. Three women looking for a millionaire -- that was pretty good. Do you remember seeing her in the shooter is still look at John Wayne's last movie right to own mind can that was in 76. Yeah as of the lady it -- boarding house right right right John Wayne was staying gas. She also questions at some stage where she was very good very good onstage she's Taiwanese from what I understand -- new clients. Yeah it's always passing away another legend yeah that's now on top what happened yesterday mean. With Robin Williams for the media still on that. The network is still going strong that well he affected so many people and so many different ways I remember seeing him doing doing stand up in the early days the premarket Mindy days in San Francisco -- I lived in northern California did you you he was. He's just go out and practices craft on the street I mean you just an amazing. Probably one of the government that the vests. Improvisations. Are curious. Ever but there were talking yesterday and anti if you enjoyed him so much when he did serious roles yeah because I was traded Julia. Yeah he he knew how to action in the funny stuff came. That was set I had an added benefit of the things that are coming out now about. How generous he was for this time. With people very good with the with Phoenix it kids and and so -- so. But -- -- mourning the passing of two. Big Hollywood stars this week. Coming up on 651 -- Stephen took in the morning and I was for the money tracker done grant CFP done this morning talking about. All encore careers I think you know what that's about tummies are. Well you know first of all Americans Americans are I think you're probably right -- are living longer. And you say. That do what he's doing about it well do you planned well you're in great shape in your closing in on the traditional retirement age. Now you're facing twenty to forty years in retirement. From everything I read the best way to shorten your life is to get complacent. Kagan back on the couch with a bag of chips in a remote is the quickest way to keel over from in activity and possibly. Depression. Well ever considered an on court career. What supports a more. Well yes. Fans know well -- if you're invested well you may not need to work for the income thing you want to work to challenge yourself to realize a passion into remain. Productive but what can you do -- -- Steve you talked about maybe. I'm running for office someplace or something so I don't wanna break that news here bit. Anyway I've always enjoyed building things I'll probably learn to -- to Wheldon finally build that are ultra efficient push lawnmower design prototype. Meantime all of the enjoys some custom metal work you know for a small machine shopper may be off -- make custom cabinets were referred for our clients who are in no rush -- want handcrafted furniture. Well do you cook here you can take it pastry making job at a small local restaurant maybe you're and to travel how about part time work -- travel agency where you get those deals for travelling yourself. Take that word Smith -- skill and write about and expertise that you hold -- blog may not. Make a bunch of money but shall impart to the world what you know about your passion. Like sports. I've become a rough three -- an umpire for local school and club leagues. Teach you teach you you you know you can you can share your knowledge by becoming that the teacher's -- or by teaching an extension at a local community college. Bottom line it's okay to retire and still make some money but this time. Doing what you love and if you have any questions you gimme a -- call number 6342222. I know there's so many folks out there listening to his right now many of them who volunteered to do things like this yeah towards diner and the staff for they can help other people then not get paid -- just have. Something meaningful to do in their lives certainly certainly about what I'd like to do I have good I'm still have some very. -- expressed writing that I need to do. Yeah have a place to do it I don't have the time to do right now -- -- start. Troubling people with writing when I when I finally retire. You make your Macintosh report Todd stuff you can compile all that stick that on a blog in your view on your Heyman there's something else I mean I noticed that when I go on vacation and number around people. I just automatically start talking don't I'm thinking greater. Wal-Mart I think you'd be kind of fun no I think because thunder put on a -- tie and and be the major dealer at a restaurant even it was just they like and chili's or something yeah yeah you just go -- -- technical I'd be able to you know fulfill that part of the Robin Williams part -- hey how you do this evening hey that's a good look at get you know they can yeah yeah I'd be kind of fun. I wanted I think you could make a little bit of money on the side and and you know your frustrations with politics and all that being busy yeah he did take care summit that I really admire guys like you you're you're pretty doggone handy guide my brother -- same way. And he is retired he just he does all kinds of handy stuff that I have been I admire you guys I've been up the last two nights styling a bathroom so he hop. Really what what's your rating you can. Go to -- is already -- -- -- -- -- like coming up we've got decay and -- more. Use this season dead -- governor Brownback. Publishes 100000. New jobs help you get about four -- no that's coming up received. Why -- you rambling on. That Martha living in the late afternoons and -- -- news radio 1530. KM SS. 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Hello I'm finalist list in Hillsdale College here -- he'll still president Larry aren't on the legislative vesting clause of the constitution. Article one section one of the constitution states -- all legislative powers herein granted chunky paste into -- yeah. -- the founders legislative power restored power to make laws that apply to all alike that are clear and easy to understand. The constitution says all legislative. And that means congress cannot rightly delegate power to some other fine. They are lost thousands of pages home sometimes rules of tens of thousands and no one can read them. Congress has abdicated its legislative power to unelected bureaucrats. Countless executives yeah. This isn't dilation and article one section one of the constitution. This constitution and it was back to -- so Collins to join the national conversation on the constitution good constitution minute dot -- Doing it what is it that they wanted to do more it may sound alarming. That is a bit unnerving dictate our income was totally -- Regis what we can. How much we can keep but it's just another day you hear it all the time with mark Olivier and how are on. -- to tell us what we need to live on what we want it. We did you -- Wait on news radio thirteen thirty K and SS. Is this station Wichita turns.

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