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Steve & Ted in the Morning 08/13/14 Hr 2

Aug 13, 2014|

Guest: Fox News Commentator Todd Starnes

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

First we're live team coverage of breaking news thirteen thirty. -- SS which talks number one news talk bad weather station depend on. Point 7 o'clock this is okay and is this morning news was Stevens Ted. Hi Steve Macintosh. Governor Brownback promises 100000. New jobs that story coming up. Wichita City Council gets an earful about pot I'm -- word we'll have those details -- -- -- -- -- what you saw a child was burned by hot water in a kitchen accident. No more big cats something once they find -- -- -- complaints that story coming. Gradual warming today -- -- -- we want to sunshine on -- -- meteorologist frank while we'll talk about the warm up straight ahead. We have K and -- -- breaking news there was more violent overnight in Ferguson Missouri. The site of Saturday's killing of a teenager by police and two subsequent nights of disturbances. Police responding to reports have four to five masked men armed with shotguns on several people running down the street when one of them reportedly -- to gun at an officer he was shot and critically wounded. Earlier a woman was shot in the hand and an apparent drive by. An evening demonstration involving fewer than a hundred people near the spot where Michael Brown was killed on Saturday ended when most of the participants walked away from a line of police officers. Jim Ryan ABC news Saint Louis. Governor Sam Brownback says he's planned to create 100000 new private sector jobs in Kansas over the next four years. -- also close a projected state budget shortfall. Governor is pledging to work to create the jobs of voters reelect him in November. Critics say the aggressive income tax cuts Brownback sponsored it could put the state in the precarious financial situation. Dozens of supporters of marijuana decriminalization. Showed up at the Wichita City Council meeting yesterday urging the city to put their measure on the November ballot. The election commissioner says the petition is 47. Go home -- 47 signatures short of what's needed. Holding up signs saying they wanted to vote on the issue the pot supporters made their arguments as a council members listen after a closed door executive session to consult with their attorney -- council voted to authorize their legal staff to work with the supporters on a new petition which would have to be re circulated council members Janet Miller. This is not gonna make very many of you happy that I hope. That it will get us to -- that time when we can put this on the ballot if a new petition is successful the measure would be on the April election ballot burning cookies radio thirteen thirty KN SS. In other businesses City Council passed its -- fifteen budget which is balanced and will spend 577. Million dollars. A child. Was rushed to Wichita hospital after being burned by hot water. It happened just after afford Tuesday afternoon at a home in the 15100 block of west circuit. That's about four blocks west of Seneca. According to police a woman was cooking posture on the stole -- her six year old son reached up for the handle. And accidentally knocked the pan onto the floor the pot splash the boy with talk water on his leg below the -- He was taken to a hospital in serious condition but is expected to be okay. This is these second home accident world which -- child has been burned in as many days. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty KM -- powerful storm dumped an estimated ten inches of rain on parts of the mid Atlantic Tuesday but not before saturating the upper midwest for a second day. Detroit got its heaviest rainfall total in almost a century hundreds of abandoned cars stuck on flooded streets and highways out of -- swim and out of there. -- worked climate out the end -- great state police dive teams checked the submerged vehicles for stranded people while forklifts move cars. The project is about three hours again. Maybe fifteen minute drive last night. I've never seen anything like that in my whole life one breath and ABC news watch. Lauren Bacall has died the legendary actress known for her role in the film to have and have not with Humphrey Bogart. Passed away in New York City. -- Stanley says Lauren Bacall died peacefully after suffering a stroke at her home here on Manhattan's upper west side the New York City Fire Department confirmed to pick up at the Dakota on west 72 street the same luxury apartment building where John Lennon was shot just after 9 AM but call is taken to New York Presbyterian Hospital. Her son Stephen Bogart from her twelve year marriage to Humphrey Bogart. Since his mother did not suffer. Aaron -- TA BC news New York. Authorities in suburban Dallas taxes are investigating how all fourteen year old boy was able to live inside a Wal-Mart for several days completely unnoticed. No comment from the store management and no word on why the boy was there are leaving behind stacks of products. This customer has questions. I am wondering what is. The American Civil Liberties Union is urging the Kansas Supreme Court to declare the State's criminal offender registry unconstitutional. Shawnee county judge already has ruled against the registry in the case of a child molester who's trying to have his name removed from the list. The ruling is being -- 704 -- 4 minutes past 7 o'clock. Kansas City Royals going for their ninth win in a row last night they get it we'll have details coming up the sports. It's fantasy football impacting your job performance. 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Yes it is time to sell that -- -- Amy Smith. The net investment sense. For more investing Tim -- or anything you need a second financial opinions on call Scott Wolf first. At 3162605200. Or go to mutual funds -- dot com. Like to run like to walk. Like to eat. What -- support the united way Cargill presents the -- and -- five K run -- Saturday September 20 there'll be tons of free gourmet snacks from local restaurants and will be grilling up some Cargill -- to. Cargill will match money raised that will then go towards our local community through the united way of the plains get registered at united way planes dot org slash and -- time early bird registration is going on now sign up today at united -- planes dot org slash -- time. This message brought to you because. -- -- -- You'll get the news at the top and the bottom of the hour I'm fine yeah. We rush analysis and commentary by me weekdays from eleven until you -- use radio thirteen thirty KN SS. The -- mourning news -- even 10707. Now 7 minutes past 7 o'clock. How do federal regulations impact small business Brian Castro is national ombudsman for the Small Business Administration. Castro tells canisters to use. The important thing is its first small business owners know that -- the FDA is is leading the charge. So on their behalf -- -- whole suite of services term counseling. To help develop a business plan. To capital access to help get funding for starting a business sense for her obtaining ultimately government contracts for business. The SBA will conduct a regulatory fairness forum for small business today at the Kansas leadership center 325 east Douglas in Wichita. The forum begins at 9 AM admission is free. Are you love fantasy football fan that worried about the impact on your job -- some financial experts say go ahead start making those picks and NFL regular season -- -- still weeks away but millions of fantasy football fans are strategizing their next move at a loss of nearly fourteen billion dollars in worker productivity John Challenger CEO a challenger gray and Christmas says easy access plays a -- now. Course people accessing their teams to their Smartphones and tablets. It's estimated 31 million American workers have a fantasy team Dave -- ABC news. New York State is throwing cold water on a popular trend on Internet dating sites. What better way to attract a mate and showing your brave enough for foolish enough to pose with the wild animal among. So called big gaps LP have become popular with young men trying to impress on dating web site. But they're not banned in New York a new law prohibits contact with big catch it traveling animal shows and fairs. Exhibitors could face fines wildlife advocates say lions and tigers are taken from their mothers as -- and poorly treated then discarded when they grow up. Time to tap into that sensitive side and pose little little cat. The Bryant ABC news. Destruction of property reported in south which he saw the 4400 block of south meridian. For 35 year old woman reports somebody destroyed her vegetable garden might we be eating it all to the ground he says everything regardless. I'd. What is up with that at. 7:10 seed in the morning he's crazy thirteen thirty -- and assess the can this morning we get an injury traffic accidents you're going to want to avoid the area a 160. Seventh street west end of maple. Overrun west -- hundreds of seven west in maple and injury traffic accident. Avoid that area in taken as as traffic Central London chambers try to take a look at big. Take for -- forecast now with meteorologist frank well good morning frank hey good morning Steve horse start things off dry quiet comfortable -- in which guys -- go through the afternoon a bit warmer than what we saw yesterday. A high near 88 that still below average for this time a year which is right around 92. South southeast -- say five -- -- as part of the reason we see the warmup tonight not quite as cool. Close dropped to 64. For Thursday mostly sunny warmer highs up near ninety degrees. Will be at 92 on Friday slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm. Right now mostly sunny which does 64 degrees east southeast wind -- Fine now it's not bad weather she just keeps going on around. Yeah overall though we are gonna see -- -- -- warming trend eighty's today you better enjoy am Thursday through at least Tuesday of next week looks like -- we stuck in the ninety's that air conditioner may get a little more will work. All right thanks frank meteorologist frank wall with a -- first ordered forecast. Has a hot Kansas weather. Been challenging your comfort this summer why not check out American standard whose air conditioners and heat pumps. Have been rated most reliable seven times on national product testing magazine called David Welch. Owner of Welch's and independent American standard heating and air conditioning dealer channel eleven now 11 minutes past 7 o'clock Christie content in the morning and it. You heard our reporting this morning on the Wichita City Council meeting marijuana decriminalization. Pretty much. Dominated the morning you goings on there at City Hall yesterday and was covering a story for us. His her own -- go to these people would still have wanna get something on the ballot they wanted to public referendum going right Bernie. Yes good morning to hear that is spent a lot of time on this and -- spoke to a hearing. Same time hearing an explanation from their attorney and listening to the public's. In the end they voted to have the staff helped draft a new ordinance says the positions are being used but they would have to start all over from scratch. Because they were 47 votes short the city cannot legally -- the measure to a vote. It appears that most of the council really wanted to do what they could to put this measure on the ballot and many of them said so. They were very supportive of a vote but the legal staff. Told them what they couldn't couldn't do they seem to be legally boxed if they even went into closed door executive session -- to discuss this. Using the reason which is a valid -- attorney client relationships. The petition organizers say they're gonna continue to pursue this. In the November election them and -- with a petition that has been turned in they believe. That's the election commissioners somehow is missing some of the petition pages at least two of them. That the organizers say were turned and so this this is still up in the air of the organizers. Are going to apparently take court action. Well I've just got to I could see what was going on live TV screen up behind me while I was working yesterday I. I can really monitor what was going on there was a parade of people gone up there to talk about this us. Well there -- a lot of people in the audience who had. Little signs made up but it says let us vote -- little. Little -- leaves. Decorating them. And then the and later the city. Council approved a budget 577. Million dollar spending plan for next year. Yes and there was there -- a little glitch in there. People might stir in the City Council left the meeting for awhile for another meaning. And when it came time to vote for the budget it was a tie -- just. You can't you gotta have a majority -- -- is there's a losing vote yeah it was council members jetBlue brought look Robin Williams and there Carl brewer. Who voted against passing the budget. They were very concerned about does some federal grant money that a collapse that pace for ten police officers. And we're concerned about what that means tour for public safety -- also what they went into his second. Behind the scenes. Meeting to talk about this and when they came back out. That they they sent OK it is the city managers said. Where we can take a look at this we can see if we can move things around in the budget we could see if this is a problem and then they got the votes to pass it. Two executives sessions and 1 morning I -- it's our -- pretty guess. Kuroda. A somewhat unusual yeah Cedric county commission today taking of the Tony fifteen county budget to. Any fireworks expected -- news there were some and a some debate over the fire district budget earlier last week you know what you -- -- -- -- as evasive as it is to governing bodies space that is the county commission but then they also are the county fire district. Board and when they have a budget over a fire district board there were a lot of fire in which showed up on Monday. And they were concerned about two stations that and daily garden place. That they don't think are staffed appropriately. The trucks only have two persons -- moment. There's this. There's kind of a rule that you have to people outside to people him. Or you're just too good to know you shouldn't have somebody go into. Burning building. Without at least two people on the outside. And there's there are still do a lot of concern about that some very emotional testimony. And the I think I think that they may try to do something about -- so I'm not sure what but after after the hearing on Monday. The -- staff went into a back room and that is seen to be an unusual meeting to me and I think they're trying to find a way to mitigate this in some way -- Woolsey today. All right thank you -- appreciate your time this morning talking about the City Council the county commission and what's going on their -- cook with us since morning it's it. 716. Now with Steve and has its today is Wednesday. August 13 it was on the state in 1961 east Germany. Sealed off the border between -- eastern and western sectors and began building a wall that would stand for the next 28 years now. For those of you who don't know about Berlin after World War II. Germany was divided into four sectors so the Soviet Union French. US and English had different sectors and the city of Berlin right in the middle of the Russian under the eastern and -- sector. They hit a one time and remember Harry Truman had to slice. Like goods and services in their of those people the food it. Because of the Communist -- this resisted hoosiers seem that I thought there's going to be a flashpoint. Buff from world war three between the US in the free world the Communists. Never did happen and of course President Reagan came along to mr. Gorbachev tear them that normally decent. To his credit Gorbachev so let's take that thing down. And now everything's free and open time to put an -- and now Germany as a -- strongest economy and there are just union and there's just thrive and is now basically hold the purse strings over there. That has a huge effect over what Russia does. And it's 1942 on the state Walt Disney's animated feature Bambi premiered at Radio City Music Hall in New York. Birthdays today former Cuban President Fidel Castro is 88 years old today. The embargo is still often -- another Communist story right there. Coming -- satellite most charismatic world leaders of the twentieth century -- Harrington is 85 years opening quite Schneider on one day at a time. Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen 68 TS a lot do with -- with the interest rates weekday featured yeah. The director Paul Greengrass is 59 is directed the Bourne films. The Bourne conspiracy and so forth and he also directed captain Phillips with Tom Hanks which I thought. I saw that on the on a flight to post to Europe and I thought that was a great group and one of the big movies last year to anybody -- that she is 55. That's right dark of the Parker drew hundreds failing did Danny the red haired kid. His 55 years old today it's 718 was even 10 in the morning and it's time for sports for Ted Woodward the royals lost but they're they're still isn't in the top spot in their division -- -- that long winning streak finally comes to an end last night Kansas City going for its ninth win in a row but last night was not the night the top team in the big leagues the Oakland Athletics pound out twenty base hits and beat the royals eleven to three snapping Kansas city's eight game winning streak. Jaycee has only lost twice in its last thirteen games both those losses are to Oakland a's pitcher Jon Lester including last night. -- split the first two this four game set. To battle of division leaders the royals atop the central division in the American League Oakland's atop the west division matchup again the night at the Kansas City the royals and the athletics. Can listen to at 7 o'clock tonight on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 987 FM. In pro baseball the first place Wichita wing nuts with a four to two loss last night at the Lincoln the salt dogs only got five hits the -- we know strand eight on base. Wichita is lost to its last three was still has the top record in the league and an eight and a half game lead atop the south division. The wing nuts and the -- link insult dog division leaders play again tonight 705 at the Lincoln for the wing -- -- Big sigh of relief it's this finale of a seventeen. Game road trip for the wing nuts. Who finally come home after tonight's game in Lincoln because. We -- the NBC turned -- they have to leave town every year during August during the national baseball congress World Series. And in Major League Baseball the Los Angeles Dodgers the top team in the National League went into Atlanta beat the Braves sports news coming out of the dodgers' bullpen former Wichita Wrangler J. P. Howell. But first two outs of the eighth inning did not allow -- run he JP hasn't one point four earned run average this season coming out of the bullpen. For the Dodgers sports brought to you by the newly remodeled bull's -- shooting range where they know and use the guns they sell go to bull's eye which you -- dot com. Be safe shoot statements bull's -- shooting range at 1455. North terrorists. Don't forget one hour from now we'll have our daily chat with Schmidt told us to play by play voice to Kansas City -- and training camp in Saint Joseph, Missouri so. Tune in one hour from now for our top with Mitch and coming up next -- god always answers -- not. Exciting news trivia game that is sweeping the nation if you'd like to play. Need to give us call at 43613 thirty were looking for a contestant youth play always answers C was even -- by the -- the prize -- great prize package for this you know free oil change voucher from about -- it is nice there are doing projects being more putting the brakes on hunger giving money to folks who needs -- help of their food if you if you do an oil change and there we got two tickets to. Rocket with a Rockwell of Saturday at the orpheum theater will be fun featuring the living art of Norman Rockwell played putt Bucky Walters it's a fund raiser in the battle against Huntington's disease and a combo -- and custard for to have Freddy's frozen custard -- papers we need a caller. Somebody to play always answer she's a great prize package passed 721 Stevens head becoming. If Rush Limbaugh morning update. 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You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hi this is my -- select Tom's team real state college today for free home evaluation at 6840000. That's 6840000. We'll take care of all the details so you don't have to stress you can just start packing. It's an immediate events based in reality as long as there's no more regularly -- -- -- you can expect more -- -- An American original so much similar. Counts for substance today in symbolism is just that it isn't anything substantive. Rush Limbaugh symbolism over substance it's -- big buzz NPR. But that's where we are weekdays for Obama. One news radio thirteen thirty K an SS. Typically find deep into the morning news -- thirteen thirty K -- -- -- -- whether it's because in just a few minutes here we're gonna talk live with. With Fox News commentator -- -- -- two years. Shares his commentaries every morning with a -- 630 and on 73 on Wednesday we talk to him why we're gonna talk about the issues of the day with top standards coming up -- says. It's time for a always -- your -- the exciting news trivia game that's sweeping the nation and we have a contestant on the -- by the way our prices this morning. Our free oil change from my it is where they are out trying to put the brakes on hunger every oil change there there. Donating up to five -- their to money to project -- -- hunger to put brakes on hunter also. A combo meal and custard for two at Freddy's frozen custard and also two tickets to rock and with Rockwell. Seven denied the or dream theater a fund raiser in the title against cutting disease who -- him. Great prizes now. With us to play today let me see if -- -- finally there is Frederick from what -- -- with a stable and -- Good morning good to have you -- this morning that I trust you listen to Stephen did every morning from here. Religiously but what is it well -- good as are you ready to President Bush when you think you get here. Yes sir I already have it all and I had to I didn't do it and it's on the firmly now. Antigens that dog there on Thursday -- or question for always intercede to multiple choice now. If he would if he is reelected Kansas governor Sam Brownback promises he will play. -- can sell three -- -- youth football game and put it on FaceBook. Brownback is a Portuguese sticker and -- smoke a joint at a Wichita City Council meeting. Gore's seat create 100000 new private sector jobs in Kansas over the next four years what do you say Frederick. Well I think it is unlikely -- is right now. I'm gonna go with three. You are thinking you'd see them up. That's -- together. -- -- And -- thanks for listening in and say whether -- here -- we're going to be bringing you some good stuff they're prizes this morning from always -- -- remember. -- next time for your chance for the love dogs there's brokerage house. Military don't -- don't have a good chance to play the exciting news trivia game that is sweeping the nation always answered she was Stevens never never. Paul Stevens had losers or winners six semi -- seven body was Stevens had been. -- this morning right now that they say they have that accidents. Cleared so the accident cleared there to 167. Street west. And maple everything's running smoothly through that area this morning. And right now we're just getting some reports of heavy traffic volumes but no other big slowdowns -- -- I think the biggest thing this morning is just to remember that the school buses are out there. The school zones are active yesterday was the first day here in which it's -- at the school buses out there. And we had a school bus accidents a look. Be careful watch out they actually definitely a run through those that are they they stop at all of those railroad crossings. You've got to remember they do that in Kagan as as traffic central object chambers sunny and a bit warmer today with a high of 88 degrees Thursday mostly sunny tomorrow's high near ninety now partly cloudy. East -- at five miles per hour 64 degrees. Had -- and SS coming up nearly half hour was -- dead Wichita school service workers okay new contract. With terrorists on the margins Syria Iraq and dozens of other hotspots around the world the regime is apparently decided. They wanted to light a fire again when it comes to Libya get this. The regime is lifting a longstanding regulation prohibiting. Libyans from coming here. To attempt flight school work and aviation to be trained nuclear science -- let them come do that. The change was quietly approved this week by the Obama Office of Management and Budget -- -- sign off by the Homeland Security secretary Jay Johnson. These prohibitions are put in place back in the eighties when the Libyans behind -- terror attacks all over the world. And it remove all -- -- each sent a strong message to the dictator Qaddafi to cut it out the form of a missile blew up is it. -- -- But now even before those who attacked our consulate in Ben -- killed Americans have faced justice. Here's the regime inviting god only knows who'll. To come to American gold slides will learn how to work on our airplanes and for good measure gets a nuclear -- -- Republicans are beside themselves summer saying it makes no sense -- unbelievable. 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But it won't last don't wait just call 1802148537. That's 1802148537. Call 1802148537. Is this station in Wichita turn. First we're live team coverage of breaking news thirteen there. It SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning Steve thank you -- Ted -- 64 degrees now looking for a high today of eighty feet. Which starts school district and its service workers have reached a tentative contract agreement for the 20142015. School year. The deal includes a 2% salary increase plus raises for additional educational licenses or certificates Monday. What you taught teachers approved the tentative contract containing a 2% salary increase. Now look at the -- for -- forecast for. Meteorologist frank want to frank good morning Steve -- certain things are sunny here in which -- keep the sun through the afternoon we're going to be a bit warmer than yesterday. And that's thanks to a southeast breeze today only at about five to ten that's gonna boost to our high. Cut to 88 this afternoon. Overnight tonight were mostly clear dry lows drop to 64 by early morning. For Thursday mostly sunny warmer we see the return of the low ninety's alone ninety's. I'll be sticking around Friday through the weekend chance arraigned Friday should be dry by Saturday. Right now 64 degrees southeast winds at 5000 gonna heat up here as we head into the weekend and -- Yeah that's right we'll take -- stick around at least until the middle of next week at temperatures in the middle nineties for a. All right thank you frank meteorologist frank ball whether or cake for -- forecast here on a Wednesday morning -- -- Authorities in southeast Kansas City to the employees of fireworks manufacturer were severely burned in explosion outside the company's former headquarters in Pittsburgh. Crawford county under sheriff Steve Dyer says the blast occurred yesterday afternoon. While the employees of Jake's a fireworks removing materials from a shipping container be injured workers were flown to hospitals in Missouri. A shuttered in Kansas processing plant that made it treated ground beef products critics dubbed pink slime. -- to reopen next week but limited operations amid rebounding the same old. Beef products incorporated said Tuesday it plans to start collecting fresh beef trimmings -- its Garden City facility on Monday -- support its Dakota city Nebraska operations. The Kansas plant is the first two reopened since the South Dakota based company closed three facilities over the 2012 controversy about the meat. Beef products will rehire 4245. Workers for two ships and a third shift cleaning crew at -- Garden City location. Some 236. Workers at the Garden City plant lost their jobs in 2012. Amid the controversy over a meat product called -- lean finely textured beef. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty -- and assess pianist as national news time 734. More violence suburban Saint Louis connection with a fatal police shooting that unarmed teenager over the weekend police say a masked man pointed a -- an officer he was critically wounded. The masked man was cease fire the Middle East almost over negotiations are permanent truce continuing. Actress Lauren calls -- New York following his stroke she starred -- Many movies also on stage but to be best remembered for that line in her first though with future husband I'm pretty Bogart. I was just. We just put your lips to get him through. From to have and have not Lauren Bacall was 89. Tributes continue for Robin Williams after his suicide a surge -- calls to suicide prevention centers. Climbers now block in France five of them killed another is missing. Serious flash flooding today parts of the northeast mopping up the mid Atlantic and all that rain considered the coast of Massachusetts President Obama. Vacationing right now on Martha's Vineyard. -- -- ABC news. 735 -- did in the morning news radio thirteen thirty K and the fans and us. Early this morning Fox News commentator Todd started talking about well yeah. Apparently a waiting room someplace medical waiting room where they the young people who were in charge had CNN on their rent TV there. And somebody wanted to watch fox. Fox News and it would let him do it in Douglas. Was protesting missed it maybe they they should pay attention to what their patients and taxpayers had to say about which channel -- wanna watch their in the -- room and Todd welcome aboard this morning. Steve good morning and and let's be perfectly honest OK state. You're about -- -- you're about to test the market you're there they add that that the doctor's office trying to you know wait to get -- -- -- threat or whatever and do you wanna be on the TV channel deal -- -- -- Wolf Blitzer. Or Megyn Kelly. My choice and I would probably be reading a book -- -- week Steve you're always fair and balanced. -- to -- -- this isn't being away is that apparently there was some some debate here in the doctor's office right. Yeah absolutely -- many of the people I wanted to I'll watch. Fox News all of the on the on the TV there and the -- -- the this is a government run that medical facility and they said no that as a matter of fact they -- directed their IT department actually blocked Fox News. From -- out from the channels there at the at that at the medical clinic and the story interestingly enough -- that don't want to we want three. -- posted the story we started hearing from a medical clinics all across the country and they -- similar things have happened there as well at least one report we received this is from an email vote from email correspondence from the get from government officials. The reason that Fox News was blocked was because of our coverage of obamacare. -- time if you remember what to President Reagan said to those. Doctors when he was shot don't you. Did you. Republicans that's. Exactly exactly. You know. One of the stories we're working on today. It is involves what's happening down to end up Missouri near the Saint Louis suburbs have been having -- -- run out there yes Curtis -- you that you that Tom. -- of the things is really troubling for me about this elderly President Obama yesterday released I'm a statement. Expressing his deep condolences. -- four for the family of the of the young man who were shot by the police. He also as that it was heartbreaking. But what's interesting about that Steve is that that the Obama administration has yet to release a statement. About the two star general Harold Greene who was assassinated in Iraq. And yet the administration has now inserted itself in the middle of a criminal investigation and -- misery because and quite frankly at this point we don't know what have. Tampa -- -- and that's interesting because it is time pointed out today and yesterday on the Arabic. I have covered if you -- a few trials should murder trials homicide trials and -- -- yet. It's not always what it appears to be eyewitnesses can sometimes -- if CN when they get into the forensics Condon and everything went on. It gets little complicated sometimes and it's not obvious from the start like entity it. Steve you're absolutely right and and look at your going to release a statement fine releases statement but also expressed her condolences to the business owners who whose stores were looted or the business owner -- -- -- burned down or. What about condolences for the or sympathy for a beat the reporters to -- -- by the angry mob. Armed with -- you put together what happened with the Harvard professor a few years back. And with how the administration handle trade on market and now this you're beginning to see a pattern developed and it's a pattern that to me is this pretty disturbing. Because this president as president of all these United States. He's trying to -- one of switching gears on -- for real quick can go to Iraq because these. Crisis or whatever these guys are apparently they're around and up people and if they are not the right type of Muslim or if there -- Christian or something else they just go ahead and shoot him and reached. That is just very very disturbing to me is that there's a person who believes in religious freedom. Absolutely. You know that's that ahead and socialists -- assured that disturb everyone in this country I think people need to be reminded that President Obama himself. Called -- is the JV team the junior varsity team almost brushing that aside saying they were irrelevant. And out the JV team has marching across Iraq and there are slaughtering Christians and as you said. Even Muslims who don't. Abide by their very fundamentalist. And extremist Islamic beliefs so I'm not quite sure what's going to happen here Steve but I gotta -- is -- I don't believe these surgical airstrikes. Are going to about two Philippines. And I think that I think the the administration is going to have to reexamine how they're going to stop prices from taking over Iraq. What I have seen and heard as the -- -- to air really carrying the weight up there and I've always heard that the Kurds were in a pretty rough tough bunch of people but. There and they don't have the -- upper hand right now I think yes. No and -- you know and again you know at the Middle East does unraveling Russia poised to invade Ukraine. And the president and I get that he got all the communications in the world but the president going on his vacation at Martha's Vineyard playing in the ocean it. All of the golf course I just really think this sends the wrong message to look to the global community. That our president seems to be released has given me appearance to beat. Disconnected. -- and hey Todd thanks for your time as always we look forward to your. 630 right here receive a general news radio thirteen thirty. It says 714 now and coming up we've got. The Wichita business journal update. Will be talking about Boeing looking for more savings may be some cost cutting on the way. And traffic weather coming up with Steve intent -- news radio thirteen thirty Kate and a sense. Rush Limbaugh are gonna go there. Broadcasting from the high road days from eleven until I easily could I did maybe just the line radio thirteen there. Which top Jennifer Basinger here with coalition for a better with -- top. -- has been Blake and I love what to top it's the perfect place to raise a family and own a business but. We're getting off track City Hall wants to raise our taxes -- whopping 400 million dollars. They say it's just 1% but that's not for families and small business owners like me. We all wanna make Wichita better place but making it more expensive to live work and play here won't bring the thing we need most in Wichita. A growing economy. Part of the tax we'll take money from working families and give it to politically connected businesses. That's not the way to grow Wichita and you can vote no on November 5. City Hall wants to keep doing more of the same but we can't ask for a 400 million dollar mistake let's get this right. On November 5 vote no and -- City Hall but we can do better find out more at a better Wichita dot com paid for by the coalition for a better Wichita. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When you order your free report you begin your free trial membership of Equifax complete this offer is in addition to the free -- -- provided by federal law for complete cancellation and refund policies go to www. 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Balancing reality Apollo third game we ran into trouble with the bizarre about -- whole support team would. -- was landing he can only be East Coast to coast -- I'd go back and -- yeah I bet it's only moments before her -- people think getting any accounting Craig really never know. And news radio thirteen thirty. -- and SS. 46 -- on the morning news radio thirteen thirty K and -- coming up from just a few minutes the top of the hour 8 o'clock thinking and SS morning news. With Steve and head to one of the stories we're following the Wichita City Council gets an earful. About -- Came in as a sporting news do you -- that. The gasoline prices this morning up there in traffic. Well they're looking at 3:26. Gallon this morning and that's down one or two cents from what we seen this time yesterday. But I'm getting this from the traffic trackers out there now they're starting to see lower prices. Traffic tracker Jason called in -- at 329. Asked. Kellogg and Broadway traffic tracker -- a little bit after he greedy -- Not 32924. -- OK and at traffic tracker Spence called in McGrady saw 324. Also what does 31 and hillsides so at least and a couple of places gasoline prices continuing. To tumble this morning in -- and -- as traffic central gas chambers sunny and a bit warmer today with a high of 88 degrees clear tonight the overnight low 64. Thursday mostly sunny tomorrow's highs near ninety now partly cloudy. And 25 miles per hour 64 degrees at -- and a sense -- Jack's specializes in fitting you in the perfect chance for your face shape. Complexion and science. Come see why people from across the nation makes -- -- their destination. At the clock tower in delay no hat and jacks at 601. West Douglas 747. Now with Stephen Ted and it. It's about that time of the day where the kids are starting to show up at school some of them for the first day. My grandchildren are going to school for the first first day right now. I'm thinking about. My grandson Nolan. Said you you remember when Nolan was born. Sure we we worked together we'd already working together for awhile and my first grandson Nolan was born fourteen years ago proud day for you today he starts today are high school. Yup the -- nephew. My oldest nephew's beginning high school to -- well. And you remember when they were just might now -- you element of the -- you were born yeah. And he's -- high school and and should be should be interesting how time marches on and then the main things now the other thing is that I see Nolan about once a week. And for the past three weeks every time -- seem. He's taller he gets -- he's one of those girls -- having -- same experience to well. Got -- he's gone back school I don't really know -- to schedule is from my grandchildren who were in Germany. They attention of course American schools there -- near Ramstein air force base I don't really know when their schedule is whether they start now they've already started I don't know for sure. What an exciting time in any young person's life that first day a high school in making that jump up and at the next level of what this. Do you remember that it did -- is united I wasn't particularly frightened during nine because. Having gone to school at -- which was a pretty good size junior high school I was familiar with the changing of classes a locker all that stuff. To that what I knew I was pretty much looking forward -- -- I -- telling it was excited about it more so than starting junior high I hated -- I -- that time. But to high school -- that was playing football so I've you know I've made some friends already some new friends and a title love -- -- school. I had a great time -- it is -- candidate that transition from grade school high school -- just. -- little bit daunting at times for a youngster. -- -- I'm sure he'll do OK in your recent. My grandson is over in Germany he's the same age you start high schools is like SES to go to schools is an interesting dynamic to this when your freshman you see my kid in the seniors seem like they are so old. Three years old -- with. They've done a lot of changes in those four years I did we didn't start too we're worse off boards in those days. Sol -- or our first year sophomore junior senior. That I -- older brother who's a senior who you know pretty much ignored me and independent. All the seniors pretty much ignored us or if they had anything hundreds usually derogatory -- get out of my way stupid things like -- There was rural caste system there. At school so anyway we enjoyed Irish are high school days they used to all your kids go to school they've -- -- realistic right down good luck to you. And your education is really probably one of the two or three most important thing you'll ever do in your life. Make sure you don't blow -- -- make the most of those years go to class you don't go to class and you you know you go to the pool hall instead you'll wind up like me. That's not entirely true I'm joking there. But it is an exciting time schedule back to school and know the weather is pretty good -- to the basket. -- now let's take a look at a local business news update to his Stephens head from the Wichita business journal. Boeing which already has cut four billion dollars in costs from its defense unit through moves like shutting down Wichita operations. Is looking for another two billion dollars in savings. Reuters reports a lot of that will come from Boeing's supply chain according to Chris Chadwick. Chief executive of Boeing defense space and security. The company's defense. Unit works with numerous Kansas suppliers including which does largest employer. Spirit Aerosystems. What -- is part of the what happens when we winded down from wars we were doing to them for what ten years. And every time you come out of a war no matter what kind of a -- to this the defense budget do they start shrinking again. People get laid off officers -- get early retirement. Maybe this is part of that and the entire industry feels that effect until then becomes clear right down here in which to -- does spirit is still does contract work. The open coming regency lakes development in northeast Wichita already has -- and subway as food options add one more. Local McDonald's franchisees -- and -- raped her are opening a new store at 11130. East Tony for street north's. Dirt work on the site on the northwest corner of twenty -- green which has already started dirt or Ted -- construction as a general contractor. Re prize design incorporated is the architect the restaurant will be 4365. With. Square feet and we are talking about -- 21 degree which area pretty amazing to hotels there now and Cabela's and target is still a huge area around came back from Kansas City the other day showing I got -- -- end over -- Tony first all the way caress and there's a lot of new stuff up more now Heidi -- gone up there. Advertising and branding agency Sullivan -- and sync Tuesday launched a spin off company double emphasized design consulting for the service industry. The company is called a volcanic LLC John January the executive creative director -- -- each test will be -- to get the new company up and running. The gold. Those involved say is to help service providers provide the best customer service experience possible. Come to service for the service the concept of service design is outlined in a video at the bottom of the volcanic. Home page room service being nice to people this whole lives. Stocks closed lower on Wall Street Tuesday following two days of gains as investors focused on problems in Ukraine and Iraq. Energy stocks fell more than the rest of the market dragged down by a decline in the price of crude oil. The Dow industrial lost not pain points S&P fell three NASDAQ lost twelve points. Always wonder when is enough for investors are worried about the Ukraine is why -- -- more worried about yesterday and and where the -- snow and I don't understand it happened next is this is exactly the same as -- as a floor movement. And pretty awful full time. The federal government ran a lower deficit this July than a year ago. Keeping it on course to record the lowest deficit in six years to this is something in agony here very much. Well this radio station the Treasury Department says in its monthly budget statement that the July deficit was 94 point six million dollars. And improvement of three point 1% from a year ago. For the first ten months of this budget year the deficit totals 460 point five billion dollars way too much -- too much but it's down the Tony four point 2% from the same period of the year ago now so they're making some progress even though it doesn't make me feel like -- and 7454. Now is Stephen did in the morning coming up we've got they can't SS sporting news with -- Ted. Story governor Brownback and promising 100000 new jobs fifth. You vote for him that's coming up. -- Janis who's going to be a long summer it's. An air -- -- over her she on -- afternoon takes you a news radio thirteen thirty KM SS. -- ultimate tailgate -- first council casino hotel football's back and we're celebrating every Saturday in August went over 100000. And -- trailers playing every day for change is doing your share of five grand in cash for a -- -- -- trailer loaded with two HDTV. Satellite system grill and more every Saturday through August 30 first council -- keynotes now -- More letters more cash more often sleep first council casino hotel dot com verdict. So picture this a wonderful meal with friends and you can't hear the person directly across the table another night of frustration. -- -- on hearing aids we know your story. That's because we have been helping people just like you for more than 75 years we're here to help the east Wichita west Wichita and derby and Hutchinson. Call today for your free hearing of valuations own man is an. The man who eat. Cone. So wrong. 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Or visit online at pave the way usaid dot com. Wind down broke down we -- certified for next flight out shipments we deliver anything fast. So let's put extra.

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