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Steve & Ted in the Morning 08/13/14 Hr 3

Aug 13, 2014|

Guest: Kansas 4th District Representative Mike Pompeo

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The state in a precarious financial condition. Dozens of supporters of marijuana decriminalization showed up at the Wichita City Council meeting yesterday urging the city to put their measure on the November ballot. But the election commissioner says the petition is nearly four dozen signatures short of what's needed. Holding up signs saying they wanted to vote on the issue the pot supporters made their arguments as -- council members listen after a closed -- executive session to consult with their attorney the council voted to authorize their legal staff to work with the supporters on a new petition which would have to be re circulated council -- Janet Miller. This is not gonna make very many of you happy. But I hope. That it will get us to -- that time when we can put this on the ballot if the new petition is successful the measure would be on the April election ballot burning cookies radio thirteen thirty KN SS. In other business the City Council passed its 2015 budget which is balanced and will spend 577. Million dollars a child was rushed to Wichita hospital after being burned -- -- hot water. It happened just after -- Tuesday afternoon at a home in the 15100 block of west seconds. That's about four blocks west of Seneca. According to police a woman was cooking tossed on the stole. When her six year old son reached up for the handle and accidentally knocked the pan onto the floor the pot splash the boy with hot water on his leg below the knee. He was taken to a hospital in serious condition but is expected to be okay. This is the second home accident were which -- child has been burned in as many days. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty -- SS powerful storms dumped an estimated ten inches of rain on parts of the mid Atlantic Tuesday. But not -- saturating the upper midwest for a second day. Detroit got its heaviest rainfall total in almost a century hundreds of abandoned cars stuck on flooded streets and highways for a lot of -- -- -- out of there. -- -- climate out the end -- group state police dive teams checked the submerged vehicles for stranded people while forklifts move cars. The project is about three hours ahead. Maybe fifteen minute drive last night. I've never seen anything like that in my whole life month Bradley ABC news watch. Lauren Bacall has died at the legendary actress known for her role in the film to have and have not with Humphrey Bogart. Passed away in New York City. -- Stanley says Lauren Bacall died peacefully after suffering a stroke -- her home here on Manhattan's upper west side the New York City Fire Department confirmed to pick up at the Dakota on west 72 street the same luxury apartment building where John Lennon was shot just after 9 AM the call is taken to New York Presbyterian Hospital. Her son Stephen Bogart from her twelve year marriage to Humphrey Bogart. Since his mother did not suffer. -- -- the ABC news New York. Authorities in suburban Dallas Texas are investigating how a fourteen year old boy was able to live inside a Wal-Mart for several days completely unnoticed. No comment from store management no word on why the boy it was there are living behind stacks of products. This customer has questions. I am wondering what is the end -- and how come -- come home where why aren't they worried about -- The American Civil Liberties Union is urging the Kansas Supreme Court to declare the State's criminal offender registry. Unconstitutional. Shawnee county judge already has ruled against a registry in the case of a child molester who's trying to have his name removed from the list. The ruling is being appeal. They go Cornell 4 minutes past 8 o'clock. Coming out about ten minutes from now it's our daily chat with -- told us the play by play voice of the Kansas City Chiefs to find out what's going on she's training camp in Saint Joseph, Missouri candies fantasy football practice impacting your job but. Performance from the that story coming up the -- as this morning news was Stevens head. -- with the top Jennifer Basinger here with coalition for a better Wichita. My husband Blake and I -- a lot went to top it's the perfect place to raise a family in on a business but. We're getting off track City Hall wants to raise our taxes by a whopping 400 million dollars. They say it's just 1% but that's not for families and small business owners like me. We all wanna make Wichita better place but making it more expensive to live work and play here won't bring the thing we need most in Wichita. A growing economy. Part of attacks we'll take money from working families and give it to politically connected businesses. That's not the way to grow Wichita and you can vote no on November 5. City Hall wants to keep doing more of the same but we can't afford a 400 million dollar mistake let's get this right. On November 5 vote no and -- City Hall but we can do better find out more at a better Wichita dot com paid for by the coalition for a better Wichita. So you've done your research and found behind you one well get ready because now kids saw Clarence join -- this summer clearance events choose from a huge selection of it's like the new Honda Accord -- car and driver ten best for a record 28 times and the eight passenger Honda Pilot -- standard features like career you can. It's and the same goes -- Honda Civic CRB policy and more fun. Honda has more -- fourteen RBIs in just top safety picks than any other manufacturers and right now it's the time to take advantage. Paltrow always rivets and remarkably low financing it's not everyday that I'm the storm. -- like this when the most popular Honda models are on summer women's right now oneself before. Get behind this summer clearance events going on now at your. -- -- -- fourteen -- you just can't -- the greens -- 121913. By -- for vehicles assembled in the United States hundred vehicles -- assembled using both domestically and globally sourced parts. Rendezvous with the SI said new. -- Apollo and shuttle astronauts for presentations sightings and more fly around and around at. That's because most here. The world famous red carpet reception asked him. And -- appetizers and an option. Because in the spears fly around Diana. August 22 through 24 underwritten -- which one going north and dimensional innovations tickets at customer dot org. Sure because that's what's going. In the news and news and info you need. Thirty today an SS. But Canada says morning news with Steve and Ted I think it was seven now 7 minutes. Past 8 o'clock. How do federal regulations impact small business. Brian Castro is national ombudsman for them Small Business Administration Castro tells -- as news. The important thing is it's source -- senators noted the the FDA is it is leading the charge. So on their behalf went to our whole suite of services term counseling. To help develop a business plan. To capital access to help get funding for starting a business center for obtaining ultimately government contracts for business. The SP able conduct a regulatory fairness forum for small business today. At the Kansas leadership center at three Tony five east Douglas in Wichita that forum begins at 9 AM and admission is free. Are you -- fantasy football fan but worried about the impact on your job hole some financial experts say go ahead start making those picks. The NFL regular season -- office still weeks away but millions of fantasy football fans are strategizing their next move at a loss of nearly fourteen billion dollars in worker productivity John Challenger CEO a challenger gray and Christmas says easy access plays a role. Now of course people accessing their teams to their Smartphones and tablet. It's estimated 31 million American workers have a fantasy team Dave -- ABC news New York State is throwing cold water on a popular trend on Internet dating sites. What better way to attract a mate and showing your brave enough for foolish enough to pose with the wild animal and so called big gaps LP have become popular with young men trying to impress on dating web site. But they're now banned in New York a new law prohibits contact with big cats that traveling animal shows and -- Exhibitors could face fines wildlife advocates say lions and tigers are taken from their mothers as -- and poorly treated then discarded when they grow up. Time to tap into that sensitive side and pose little little cat. The Bryant ABC news. Destruction of property reported in south widgets on the 4400 block of south meridian. Worth 35 year old woman says somebody destroyed her vegetable garden by weed eating it all to the ground she says everything in the garden is die what's not there Ted is that some sort of and -- dispute going on cricket you towel out of that they didn't see any witnesses hiked so -- somebody just money CDs came on and she found her. Garden -- who was -- I don't know how. Somebody overzealous. Staff. It does work I don't know Tony median weird if they don't -- now. And this morning we've got death. Well we've got a traffic accident this is pretty close to 55 street south and well this pretty closed campus high school 55 street South Korea 2100 block of west 55 street south. Two vehicle traffic accidents so right there by campus high school watch out in case and a sister a potential under chambers OK let's take a look at that three and it takes first -- -- -- now. But meteorologist. Rank volume -- Q good morning Steve horse start things off sunny in which its own SES sunshine sticking around through the afternoon hours as well. You combine the sun with those southeast breeze we're gonna bump that -- up a little -- we had 85 yes they were shooting for 88 today. Mostly sunny start to vanish overnight tonight mostly starry lows drop to 64. For Thursday mostly sunny again a high near ninety. We'll keep highs in the low ninety's on Friday slight chance of a shower or storm right now the weekend looks like he'll start off dry on Saturday. With a high near 92. Right now 6063. Southeast wind at eight. Mountaineers looks like pretty good weather for the next day or so at least -- Get -- the weekend yeah and even this weekend I think if we keep -- close to normal which is the lower ninety's were doing pretty good considering its August he could be a blast -- out there and that really that's not the case. All right thank you frank meteorologist frank wall with the takes first -- for -- and you can. Learned so much from the Internet do research on what kind of product you'd like to -- you can learn that. Readers of the national product testing and research magazine. Rated American standards air conditioners and heat -- most reliable for the seventh time. Call even Tampa and independent American standard heating and air conditioning dealer. Even ten. 811 now 11 minutes past 8 o'clock was -- -- in the morning on news radio thirteen thirty. K -- says Shanda. A little bit more I'm an American military presence in Iraq right now the president in the the Defense Department sending in a few troops but they're not they're not supposed to be fighting -- training troops or some such thing and it. And at the situation they're getting in a little more precarious it seems like day by day. With us this morning is somebody uses he's got -- a finger on the Tulsa that one and I think is is congressman -- congress that puck Mike -- -- I'm sorry I. Thank you so much for being with us and I know -- -- you hang your military guy you've got a military background what are your thoughts on what's gone on in Iraq right now. Well worth about two years too late experts we can't reach reach by. The mistakes of the past. But weird situation today where. A radical Islamist group has gained an enormous -- all throughout was eastern Syria in western Iraq. And they are beginning to plot against western interests including United States of America can't. Circular -- sit back end and leap from I'm looking at a got to become more engaged it doesn't mean 80000 -- soldiers go to grounder 150000 US soldiers on the -- I don't think that would be. Helpful constructive or productive. Spoke with we've got to get in front of this and begin to take down that brought Michael. This is ice -- -- as a group they need to do they come across Syria is that what I'm hearing. That's correct -- -- originated in. -- around a -- violent and southeast Syria. It was offshoot about Qaeda Qaeda that this up probably are such that spoke to you can imagine. And that and they did they regret that but we've we've noticed prolong our intelligence to show -- -- long time they were gaining power and strength building. An organization that was. But not just there are -- but truly an army ineffective on the ground force and we -- by it won't happen we we had. Folks insured our interest in destroying them are -- Saudi Arabia cutter other nations too who wanted to take them down. And we restrain them and that's unfortunate but this situation and we need out that provide assistance. Learned yesterday that we are now going to sentence somewhere between fifty and 200 folks there. Diploma on the ground I don't know precisely how they're going to be used -- doctor agreed to -- that. But more important even than that it is. The president's. The acknowledgment of the rest not just that would put on the Middle East but the rest of this year to America. And taking action that's commensurate with that not about these individuals -- its airstrikes or particular number of soldiers it's about developing a strategy to protect America. My understanding that the -- -- carrying the water there and in no northern part of Iraq I have heard there are pretty tough bunch of people. But they need our support. They do. In its most unfortunate those fighters the Kurdish fighters -- -- America are our good soldiers say it's spot where decades and decades successfully. -- to protect. Their nation in their part of Iraq. But the good fight and they'll be able to withstand title but they're gonna meet a lot that help. Just device was receiving help today from outside forces money resources trading from folks outside of Syria. Ordered -- to make sure that others provide the support. Or. Both fighters are targeted strikes so we we can do what we can provide that training -- to provide intelligent. Which provides simply the moral support -- we want you to be successful we do that. What we've got an opportunity to delay what looks like could be an enormous humanitarian tragedy here with a religious minorities in Northern Iraq in there. Senator Kerry was saying of the day is dissident and the people in the Iraqi Government have not resolved. The things we've been asking you the results for years and years do we need to have a regime change there if you think. Spoke course. There was a little bit of good news service throughout the last couple days -- difficult to know precisely what's going on -- looks like -- here on his way out. He made enormous mistakes by not being inclusive in the government that he built. Like connect -- -- too close to the Iraq. And it looks like the new president under reported eight new prime minister. School I hope will take a different course of action and build a coalition government in Iraq. This doesn't attempt. Bill the conditions are civil war and sectarian violence. All right well listen we thank you thank you for your comments this morning thanks for being with business that are in the sponsor congressman. Mike Pompeo with us this morning habits are used to. Saying Pompeo and T aren't the same breath senator for the past few weeks it did some stuff for him but that was congressman Mike Pompeo who want Korea election and reelection but he did win the primary recently 816 Allen Stephens of the morning. Let's talk about sports shall we at how about those Kansas City Chiefs they're training camp and a good friend Mitch -- to -- to. Now time for our daily chat with Mitch brought to you every day by American and credit here during training camp and you know met yesterday we kind of started just a discussion about training and training table in the yeah. And it goes on no foul Steve Macintosh and I wanted to go in depth on you some questions about what exactly goes into training table how to these players get set how often they get said throughout the day and what are they eating. Well obviously. It is it's so open. Series in and of itself because they have dietitians. They've done scientific studies dislike about the millions and hundreds of millions of dollars of investments that are so they're looking out on the field. Well piece ninety yards in everybody's got different nutritional needs -- of all Charles as a -- for the crucial date the 350 pound on our. But yes. Yeah it has to be right I mean it enormously Syrian dictator career. But if you saw the turntable to very comprehensive. There's always a choice there's always fish there's parts. There'll be -- their report clear str Ferrari. There's obviously lots of fruits and vegetables but there's a lot if they just don't -- something down it's triggered what we have public school lunch. They spent a lot of money and a lot of research into their training table. How they did them guys see on their own time or there is certain prescribed times during training camp when it's time for lunch -- time meet. -- time because early in the morning. -- going in in you know they're they're mandatory they've got to check here and we are so they're skipping breakfast because they wanna know. Effectively problems summing up it's this as we might have a policy -- sickness here he's out on the field again I don't think. But I mean they track who's eating Wendy's so the early morning and they go get taped their other practice. After practice they'll go have lunch obviously. They're not capture or treatments and how lunch. Then they have their walk through there and they had dinner but they're also required to have a snack at rights. It you have to have a certain caloric intake to keep your strength up to get through these practices. So there's basically four meals today -- let's say. And they are strategically placed on wise so that they church. -- know the perfect time or nutrition digestion before they're asked to do. More than any of -- stressed to do basically an ark urged. Are there some guys that have a may be special needs and Al -- has some of those tastes all over the course of the day. Well yep that's what that's -- it's a comprehensive basically it's covered there. Whatever -- supposed to have now there will be some specific dietary. Or a specific player depending on there through rehab. Or depending on what they had in the offseason for a -- like -- very close drastically changed his diet. So that you know 346 doesn't become 386 saw Vince Wilfork of the New England Patriots and New -- -- yet she could eat yourself federally. That is a few guys from -- out -- and I headed to the belt they call here. Or downtrend on the the belt -- Very vigorous street shows strip basically the whole planet closest to the the end. You know every guy's little slip out and do that in and maybe get off the -- a little bit that you do that much you're always YNN. You're always being evaluated. And could even be tried to screw it up so. It's it's very scientific and more than just traders or haven't chicken crunch -- you don't like your utility. They have twinkies and Ding Dong the -- hallways. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Went to high speed here -- took some doughnuts the freaking him entry year. Really early -- -- he's up there and wide receivers are body -- -- like point 001. But he loves don't. Well there's not doughnuts right now on the -- just. Anyway so ritual that our will do rescue missions. And have great historian of it actually speakers and an -- just down the hill here on the belt. But she struck a few doughnuts and that was OK it's great if not okay. Probably appears Eric -- a -- you are right guard runs about 330. Christian and Heidi doughnuts and composition of the so it's yeah -- stitched this. Each person individually grip on it's it's a great question and it's a fascinating topic because this team along with the other NFL changed. Spend a lot of time and money into research on the. What about you today let UN after the players are done and you get what's left. How yeah how does the announcer traders figured. Good news story of my life right. I'm the middle child growing up like that we have a little. Fend for ourselves so. You know why they had moments script and it's we will go -- -- game or you can is what will sit around out. Not -- him but no that's one of the great things appear as we get. The spread or what the -- economy. You know they're on a schedule so -- so they're bought and what they did make they make individuals -- trust him. They're street got nervous candidate -- -- players and try to me. So you don't jump and there's always make sure that. You don't get in the way the players -- -- that -- astute. There's a front of the mind you about it. -- -- -- -- I two of -- middle child marriage which means even at a less crowded restaurant delegates of residuals they released those Fries and. Such we learn to live that was ships. It's somewhat cosmic that we were in the hall of fame on the second large debts to the guys a lot of new guys. Everybody it's a little guy is Gregory you know America credit to middle got to we know we sell. He's probably middle child through -- it's great personality. But it reverend let's start right now and the upper middle child children of the night. People today's report was especially informative -- believe -- can now see every night when I have a late night snack -- snack -- just tell the I'm on the NFL registered trade area. Yes there's been research. It's just on a serious note Eric Berry you know stick in opposite where he run off the field and Islamic courts and it is not gonna go to -- actually around here. It just short so ministers or top that Andy Reid said after practice it was cut about reactivation of steel from the night that's he. We'll monitor. Hope it's such serious and I hope it's not chronic. Will -- and the neither so it's just kind of you don't dispute over that you robotics so you just focus our chronic because that -- by far not even close were -- secondary which. This kind of a -- -- secondary always Adam Sandler Burt Reynolds depending on which. You know move you wanna say if he's kind of paper -- with a mean machinery that's secondary they need him back. -- him on the field. Mitch thanks for the -- Saturday and -- have old chat with you get tomorrow morning training camp thank you. Thanks to American credit go to distress. You cut it. Hard daily chat with -- told this brought to you every weekday morning this time from American -- credit we'll talk with -- again tomorrow morning 323 even 10 in the morning but it -- Saturday morning minutes. 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Parents other things are good ideas that people use all the time and don't even know it like united way united way is the organization that funds many of our local agencies from shelters for women and families to reading programs to job training and more united way funds were runs programs that helps tens of thousands of people in our community each year and with one gift you can do you -- -- a good idea that's truly good for -- and seriously folks. -- to change your life. In waiting for the right time to create a dramatic new space in your home -- -- MI AS special financing certain restrictions apply call today for -- -- financing programs to Phoenix heating and -- online and in Wichita since 1988 remember that's Phoenix with -- -- Phoenix he dot com with purchase of a qualifying -- -- -- system offer subject -- product availability cannot be combined with any other -- -- Phoenix -- dot com for complete details must be installed before 82914. Decision with the transfer of these detainees of Guantanamo Bay the noise makers. I stand by. Rush Limbaugh with the perspective to cut through the appreciate it is saying burned almost eight Eagles -- pick up. The news at the top and bottom of the hour have you heard the and ride the rush to us that it is -- eight. My books well. So let them. -- on radio thirteen thirty KM -- They -- -- Stevens in the morning news radio thirteen thirty K and is just coming up the -- entertainment news general recruit more. On the death of Lauren Bacall. Dan this morning right now in traffic -- continue to watch a 55 street south 2100 block level west 55 street south to stomach campus high. And eighties bill would get two vehicles involved and -- injury traffic accident luckily injury not considered to be severe. That's a good news that again we've got an injury traffic accident two vehicles. 2100. Block of west 55 street south. Close to campus high school entry -- SS traffic central. I'm just chambers Sony and even warmer today with a high of 88 degrees clear tonight the overnight -- 64 or Tuesday mostly sunny tomorrow's high. Ninety now mostly sunny southeast community miles per hour and a 66 degrees. Coming up usually half -- was Stephen dead Wichita school service workers -- new contract. That true. And and not true but this is -- on Saturday morning in minutes. -- how -- -- -- actually have to -- for the American people to help the confidence of this administration -- -- -- -- recent Fox News poll found -- -- plurality of Americans believe the Obama administration to be less confident than his predecessors including George W Bush's administration got a brand -- CNN -- they had similar results -- -- Obama can manage the government effectively 57% of Americans say he -- possibly -- poll showing that voters will elect Mitt -- over Obama -- the presidential election were held today but you know things -- bad -- Obama -- the Washington -- one -- their -- -- president Obama's confidence problem is worse -- it -- incompetence. And that's the -- that I would use to describe the administration of virtually every -- They knew more on this story. -- hey it's Sean Hannity show. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is this station which talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news thirteen thirty. It SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station depend on -- According to get back in time Ted Woodward's 66 degrees of why today of 88. Which -- -- district -- service workers have reached a tentative contract agreement for the Tony. The deal includes a 2% salary increase plus raises for additional education. Licenses or certificates. Monday -- teachers approved a tentative contract. Containing a 2% salary increase. -- what does that take first floated. Our cast here on Wednesday morning with meteorologist frank waterboarding frank. Sunny and warmer today in which Staal we'll see a high near 88 degrees this afternoon yesterday we were in the mid eighties so we're trending things up. Thanks that south southeast wind at five to ten. Overnight tonight were mostly starry dry again lows drop to 64. For Thursday mostly sunny bit warmer -- trended up by two degrees that'll percent nine. 92 on Friday slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm right now 66 degrees in which stocks mostly sunny -- these windy day. And we're still running just a little bit below what the normal temperature should be is Tommy their heads right 92 is normal for this time a year so we can keep a close that I think produce good. When -- thank you frank meteorologist frank wall with the takes first colored forecast. Authorities in southeast Kansas say two employees all fireworks manufacturer were severely burned in an explosion outside the company's former headquarters in Pittsburgh. Crawford county under sheriff Steve -- says the blast occurred Tuesday afternoon all the employees of -- fireworks removing materials from a shipping container. The injured workers were flown to hospitals in Missouri. A shattered Kansas processing plant that made it treated ground -- a beef product critics dubbed him pink slime. Plans to reopen next week with limited operations amid rebounding. Sales beef products incorporated said Tuesday it plans to start collecting fresh beef trimmings at its Garden City facility on Monday. Do support -- -- -- city Nebraska operations. The Kansas plant is the first two reopened since the South Dakota based company closed three facilities over the 2012 controversy about the meat. Meat products will rehire 4245. Workers for two ships and a third shift cleaning crew -- -- Garden City location. Some 236. Workers at the Garden City plant lost their jobs in 2012. Amid the controversy over a meat product called -- lean finely textured beef. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty Kagan assess Unisys national news time 830 threes. And unexploded bomb detonated in Gaza today to journalists killed another badly injured. France sending weapons to Kurdish rebels in Iraq tell them battle ice is rebels. Police chief of Ferguson Missouri refusing to ID the officer. Involved in fatal shooting that unarmed teenager last weekend. Actress Lauren Bacall is dead period of many movies also on Broadway 12 Tonys. She died following a stroke at the age of 89. Heavy rain causing major flash flooding for the mid Atlantic up through the northeast ABC news meteorologist ginger zee or. These rainfall rates per hour and anywhere at that it's 12 or especially three inches per hour -- that's just a ton of rain and you have to think about. It's not just the rain falling on -- field and an absorbing. It's the rain falling on pavement as the rain falling into sewer systems that can't handle it that quickly especially in city areas you start to get that much rain that fast and it will add to feet. Two people drowned and -- concluding a 100 year old woman. Doug -- ABC news. Feet 35 feet into the morning in Israel thirteen thirty K and assess the entertainment world and indeed the entire world still kind of rocking from my rocking back from the from the untimely death of Robin Williams and we have more on that today in the entertained abusive -- with Tim Woodward can be -- Steve authorities saying that comedian Robin Williams took his own life by hanging himself at home. At 10:30 PM Sunday night Williams was last seen alive by his wife Susan Schneider. Investigators say she woke up Monday morning and left their house thinking her husband was still asleep. But just before -- his personal assistant discovered his body distraught she called 911. Emergency crews responded in minutes our -- here and that whole -- pocket knife found near his body cut on his wrist. -- ABC's Cecilia Vega with that report. Some more thoughts on Robin Williams from fellow standup comic Chris Rock Chris Rock calls Robin Williams a friend and mentor. I'm in the first commercial oil market Mindy how to hit those like the first commercial or an actual human being the it's funny is both funny. He tells ABC news Williams never left fans disappointed. -- rare guys that matched the expectations of the audience you know. The audience expected. To be the funniest guy in the world then he lived up to it. Rock says Williams may have been a big movie star but the go down in history as one of the greatest standup comedians of all time Jason Nathan's and ABC news Hollywood. Ken Casey case of rest in peace. Apparently not the saga involving his whereabouts is not over yet Casey case -- -- is now working with law enforcement following a report big case and his wife is making plans to have his body flown to Europe carry case am's publicist confirms ABC news a case -- children are talking to police about what they can do next. Jason died on June 15 in Washington State there are some online report to Jean case amongst the fly his body to Europe his daughter claims he wanted to be buried hearing Glendale California Alex don't ABC news Glendale. Go to the movies quickly in new girl co stars Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans junior -- the movie comedy let's -- cops which opens today the play a couple of friends who dressed as police officers for costume party. And they just keep pretending to be cops and public school putting -- in sticky situations and include the mob of. Down there and it doesn't matter. All you guys seem like too. Classy later this -- your name. Fresh she -- what -- your real -- -- yes you know when you're bar when you're -- you're gang name we should rename you know precious. That -- -- let's beat cops which opens today. It's near chuckling over there so I -- -- -- -- and they're both guys are funny on the on the show new girl and see if that translates to the big screen that's. Eighty years ago today in the satirical comic strip blue lavender made its debut written by Al -- course. The -- her made its debut in the funny pages eighty years ago today function dog patch USA hand he's agreed that Tenet biting satire there eventually became a Broadway musical and -- movie -- the -- there. And we've been talking this morning all about the passing of another Hollywood legend at the age of 89 Lauren Bacall has died. Mourn Betty Joan Kirstie Lauren Bacall went from part time fashion model to one of a silver screens most famous leading ladies have always. It just chips together and -- McCall was just nineteen in 1944 when she said that lined up Humphrey Bogart in to have and have not they married a year later. Asked once about the was full line -- told me they've had tremendous impact of the time I suppose that movie was one of the reasons and I became a star so quickly -- calls other films included a big sleep dark past -- Key Largo all with Bogart and a comedic role in 1950 -- how to marry a millionaire. I feel groggy and Leary and tragic on the Broadway stage Lauren -- won Tonys for nineteen Sotheby's applause and in 1981. Woman of the Year time. At 82 she got a cameo playing herself and 2006 episode of TV's The Sopranos. Building -- ABC news. Of course one of the last links to all the Hollywood who mourn the -- I think my favorite Lauren Bacall movie is Key Largo. I just maybe the -- that maybe so because soon. He played even those things that young widow guy you know she wasn't the huge feature of that -- -- that's -- love that energy Robin Soledad and I mean Humphrey Bogart. -- written on the wind not a one and I enjoy Rock Hudson Robert stack Dorothy Malone Lauren Bacall and now I want to. Designing a woman has one of my favorites -- her old Gregory past that is I guess -- Gregory -- get married after kind of a whirlwind romances and get back to realize find out they don't have much in common it's like the odd couple she's a clothing designer he's a sports writer. They've got their own friends -- there -- conflict or. All of that now that's a good movie you mentioned the shoot a -- earlier -- got my last movie John Wayne's final movie warned the calls in that Jimmy Stewart of course was in that yeah -- -- two movies and John wind. Blood Alley and the shooter just during blood Alley. Of course Bogart was dying of throat cancer these and in several usually usually the -- -- -- John Wayne was dying cancer during the shooting of that movie while. Lauren Bacall lived in the Dakota the big for the -- Apartment building in New York City same residence is John Lennon here in fact she heard the gunshot that killed John Lennon. Outside the building that night she thought it wasn't just -- the car backfiring in this she heard that gunshot. After a bogey died she denounced as he was engaged to Frank Sinatra today -- that frank backed out. -- that was a spur of the moment decision that they decided not to go ahead with that. And little trivia here she is the is Lauren Bacall is the only Oscar winner who was married to two other. Oscar winners. Humphrey Bogart Bogart and then during the 1960s she was married to Jason Robards I didn't know that I forgot in the neighborhood -- forgotten it too paranoid Jason Robards what does send in the clowns or something tradition robards you know let's put just yourself I'm sorry a three -- what did he win one for All the President's Men do. I'm not sure how long day's journey and tonight maybe -- needed some good stuff like Jason ramadi -- good actor. She's married to other Oscar winners in the course of her current rest in peace. Lauren -- she's passed away at the age of 89. And they'll will have more entertainment news deplored the same time tomorrow I'd like giveaway prize right now wrap up this edition of the blur and I. Big event coming up in Wichita Saturday night 730 at the orpheum theater performance called rocked him with Rockwell. They'll be presenting seventeen of Norman Rockwell's illustrations and living art on stage with local residents lying all the parts thing. Our good friend Bucky Walters is the training Norman Rockwell. Edward. Highlighting the hereditary neurological disease center here in which it's on their battle against Huntington's disease and I've got two tickets to go to rocket -- Rockwell on Saturday night at the -- color number four comedy now. At 436. Thirteen thirty. 842 now Stevens it's coming at what it really does Jason Robards won an Oscar for what was the -- All the president's men and Julia. Edwards to win don't really fast food. Coming up we've got the Wichita business journal update these Wichita development is adding more businesses. With -- head. -- to help get you where. Weekday mornings from six until now. On news radio at thirteen thirty. -- an SS. Which is top Jennifer -- here with coalition for a better with just talk. -- has -- Blake and I love what to top it's the perfect place to raise a family and own a business but. We're getting off track City Hall bonds to raise our taxes -- whopping 400 million dollars. They say it's just 1% but it's not for families and small business owners like me. We all wanna make Wichita better place but making it more expensive to live work and play here won't bring the thing we need most in Wichita. A growing economy. Part of the tax we'll take money from working families and give it to politically connected businesses. That's not the way to grow Wichita and you can vote no on November 5. City Hall wants to keep doing more of the same but we can't ask for a 400 million dollar mistake let's get this right. On November 5 vote no and tells City Hall that we can do better find out more at a better Wichita dot com paid for by the coalition for better Wichita. Consider this Davis more Lincoln has made a big -- -- can elegant -- and we opened a whole new door to let dream which is tough. Your kids we've redefined what it means to shop for a luxury vehicles delivering elegance. -- free spirit and American made -- at its finest. 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K Dave. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't live -- only life get into the new school sign up for home security today and receive free pro install packages start at only 2999 a month with additional cut service to go to -- dot com slash home security your comeback -- solutions story today limited time offer residential customers can select Cox markets. It's essential service plan with three year agreement required restrictions apply -- your -- -- tell -- places number one through nine which entitles you license number 2015 dash 36 or ninety. France 1793. Walling -- into brain was awaiting execution by guillotine he took from his pocket and prized possession. An Angel calling. He grounded for good luck consider prayer meant that very moment. A sudden lightning storm -- in the crowd and the execution was postponed. Du pre was later -- and attributed his miraculous survival to the Angel calling for centuries -- -- -- -- the center of countless good luck stories and -- good -- -- yours you know world's first government dot com is releasing magnificent one -- pure silver -- coins at an historic -- -- surprisingly affordable price these dazzling silver and -- coins are only available on a first come first served basis so called immediately 18060280. -- he's only fourteen angels are legal tender -- one -- of pure silver. -- in London England. They magnificently to fixing Michael staying up by your breathing dragon with Queen Elizabeth on the reverse blocking your historic low price 18060280418060280. Full. Traffic on news radio thirteen dirty Candice this is brought to you by Davis more. Your wits and nobody here I'm I'm really are they get frustrated. Join the club it's a place you will never reach when you listen to rush I mean I'm I'm. It's a total it's graduate. And I didn't. Kinda makes sense of this -- most frustrating things you can engage weekdays from eleven until 2000. My job -- complex understandable travel news radio thirteen thirty K and assess. -- 47 Stevenson on the morning news radio thirteen 32 NM SS coming up. That's the top of the hour ABC world news you know whether he's making big news in the northeast part of the United States more on that coming -- ABC news. At 9 o'clock. Tender right now traffic go moving right. How long we don't have any other big slowdowns. Out in traffic at this time remember remember that this school has started it. So that's -- new just York. Commute in the morning to get slowdown in the school zones in the school buses out there. They stop -- all the railroad crossings you have to keep that in mind you know yesterday was the first day of which the public schools being -- session. We already had a carver school bus accident this morning we've had a net traffic accident near campus high school -- down in Haiti's villages. You know it's an adjustment does take some getting used to that accident yesterday -- car actually wedged up under the rear of that bus and stayed there for several hours yes -- -- -- it was very lucky that there was you know alert the driver. In the in the -- at the time so again that's. Again you know he'll Wear school back in session out there in Kagan as fast -- potential death -- sunny and a bit warmer today with a line of. 88 degrees clear tonight the overnight -- 64 hour. Thursday mostly sunny with a high of ninety now mostly sunny -- southeast twenty miles per hour. 66 degrees and Kate and ancestry 49 Ellis Stephen -- and if I have not had the chance I was gone over the weekend have not had a chance to. Mow the -- take care of my lawn I think we're gonna do that this afternoon. -- because it's getting a little bit out of hand almost it's getting pretty high out there. Ponied up the yard and can do little clean it up out there I'd like -- I'd like to put it on record I haven't either haven't done my line yet. Not a creature of habit Thursdays -- my lawn -- days so I'm not -- it -- yeah yeah I'm not lazy by not doing it today I'm doing it on the day I'm supposed to much kind of Dallara catches against -- right you get it done I go out and do it does but it it works. You know -- and home is his castle. And yet they say don't -- people who live in glass houses should undressed moved our current heads off. Your home Havier canceled but that doesn't mean everything you take his story we've got here our Farmington Utah office. Whereas 76 year old man who police say was sunbathing nude his backyard extra church parking lines from. Has pleaded not guilty to lewdness charges. Minor -- -- was enough Farmington Utah court Tuesday it. Pleading not guilty to four counts of lewdness involving a child and three counts of simple goodness Myron. Court documents show police officers called to kids how to find neighbors could see the man from the church parking lot. The backyard -- chain link. With no privacy -- and he's learning outfit god gave them gathered up -- up there when confronted with. A completely naked Kiet told the officer it was his property and he didn't do would he water. Several Branson they and their children could see the man from the parking and I announced. You can't do the enemy needs don't look at both yes. These -- should be parading around naked and near a church parking lot when nothing between you and help those people at a chain link fence and none none none good luck has put some sandals on at least. -- -- -- maybe it seems to stock something there. And Lou I think a lot of people believe that tell you your home is your castle you -- you can do anything you want all material inside them. Illinois site shut the door to -- yeah -- Otherwise you know sometimes you do things inside your home that are that are legal and us. Is what happens. 851 now is even -- is for many kids out there the first day of school this year for my grandchildren it is and and I know they've been excited. But my granddaughters Mary who's eight last night apparently said to her mother. Early in the evening can I go to bed now I'm so ready I wanna have to do -- get -- go to school tomorrow. Well let's regular Zetterberg skid in the history of the world ever said that -- the first -- I myself was excellent student Ted. Did you ever request permission to go to bed early so you know I bet I did anyway I don't like to sleep and I. I -- I did excellent student till about what the fifth or sixth now what happened about the fifth or sixth grade when I noticed there were other preachers in the world who had a people who are girls and I. And he's getting distracted analyst at -- and sports and girls have more of a deal. I think we all have a similar tale. Let's take a look at local business news from the -- -- business journal now Boeing. Already cutting four billion dollars in cost from its defense unit through moves like shutting down Wichita operations now looking for another two billion dollars in savings. Reuters reports a lot of that will come from Boeing's supply chain according to. Chris Chadwick chief executive of Boeing defense space insecurity the company's defense unit merge with numerous Kansas suppliers including. Which does largest employer Spirit Aerosystems so we open and have an impact on. The Wichita market which has been impacted by every bad thing that has happened for the past you think -- you're going to have a huge impact on. Mark and counting noses who had been just death experience does it. The up and coming regency lakes development in northeast Wichita already has that -- a subway as food options that. Yet one more local McDonald's franchisees Matt and best Draper. Are opening a news story at 11130. East Tony for street -- dirt work on the site on the northwest corner of -- first agree rich has already begun. -- construction is a general contractor. Reprise design is the architect in the restaurant will be 4365. Square feet and -- -- 96 oasis is trying he's been just an empty field a few years ago and not anymore. Advertising and branding agencies Solomon Hagan in sync Tuesday launched a spin off company that politicized design consulting. For the service industry. Company is called volcanic LLC. John January the executive creative director at this stage guest will be helping to got a new company up and running. The goal those involved say is to help service providers provide the best customer service experience possible they're helping service providers -- service. Yes basically. They're trying to take service people until about a new service concept of service design is outlined in a video. At the bottom of the volcanic home page we have -- designed to do service deficit. Like in the old days when somebody came and isn't hey welcome to our store which is like come back later a feud you know stuff like that this simple stuff are at. Local business update both local business news brought you from the Wichita business journal news radio thirteen thirty K in assets and will have more of that tomorrow as well. Also play ABC world news at the top of the hour with Stephen -- and we'll play the stolen from weather in the northeast for the United States. It's always he's gone do you. News radio thirteen thirty anymore. NSS because. The Wichita business journal update is brought to you by half -- TV and electronics. Well the big bucks hi I'm ready to give an LG four KTV delivers sweet all right let's it started of course deliveries extra. Plus you plug up the TV hooked up that's not part of the -- -- the fuel surcharge plus fall off the blistering start to the -- Want my name flight service fees extra steps charged so he gave him. I just got to have -- yeah. 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That mouth watering aroma that trips around the neighborhood has a way of drawing you win. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dominate week. There's all -- should not be considered as guarantees your actual earnings profit results not typical tech terms and conditions for income disclosures. How would you like to work from home your own boss and make great money working online on your own time. These people saw the opportunity and took it. Working on line changed my lights I was able to get out of high pressure corporate job it all started with home income online dot com I'd love it I'm able to spend more time with my kids -- over 101000 dollars per month to. Go to home income online dot com today and -- special code 3636. To learn about a multibillion dollar industry that's just waiting for you to tap into what's incredible earning potential. Full and part time opportunities are currently available. I just graduated college and I'm making more money than -- ever imagined. Are you ready to start making real money working online from home just go to home -- come online dot com now an interest special code 3636. To get your risk free information yet that's www. Home income online dot com special code 3636. He has trust issues -- you're at the regular guys -- police -- Diaz memory issues I forgot I. Camera said he never. That's down from a fight somebody says they wanna fight me if I would run away from that knowing I'd -- man known sometimes to see these freaky guys and tattoos all over their faces and I see a bunch of them now. The straight up probably had a go the other way Sean Hannity. Why don't any trouble weekday afternoons from two until five. But use radio thirteen thirty K and SS. Little Danny Bonaduce the little red haired kid a Smart guy. On the Partridge Family. 55 years old today 550. -- to be someone with such -- tonight. I do know now that I know how well I'm a man. Stand by for Herman Cain will be back tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock Stevens. -- in the parking is revealed thirteen thirty KM SS Wichita. 66 degrees at 9 o'clock. See you now. Hi I'm -- limerick heavy police presence continues through Saint Louis suburb of burgers and Missouri. Following the killing an unarmed teenager Michael Brown's parents calling for justice and peace. As the police chief refuses to -- by the officer who fired the fatal shots citing death threats more protest last night but for the most part. Less violence ABC's Steve wasn't Sami is in Ferguson. During the height of the tensions here there were people shooting at police helicopters that were chasing down people stealing from businesses -- the FAA has now declared a no fly zone over the city for low flying aircraft. Two incidents the town overnight including a masked man shot wounded by police remembrance ceremony planned tonight. The Middle East to journalist you're dead another badly hurt after an unexploded Israeli bomb went off detonated three members of Palestinian. Bomb disposal unit killed. More bizarre weather this summer. That's -- -- news Clearwater flooded road of the northeast this morning sixty days of rain causing serious flooding.

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