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8/13/14-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Aug 13, 2014|

Mark talks about what's going on in the world, especially in Iraq with the ISIS terrorist group

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Gives me. Only underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere from to a brick and steel. This brick building. Once again made contact without. Hello everybody mark -- 3813811. 8773813811. By the -- one of the things I wanna point out about what's going on in the Middle East. This is why when politicians and our own country. Try to divide us based on religion. Based on income. Based on sex. Practically based on race. This is why it's so unconscionable. -- he trying to hold on in Iraq. Appealing to Xia. And you have the east. 2000 year old 15100 year old patriots going on between this sector and that sector and at the nomination in this denomination. What are the magnificent things about this country. In its founding. Is that it was completely different it was really very much a blank slate. When John Locke wrote about. This blank slate that's what he called it. He was challenging so what blank slate you work has had. You know kings and queens and feudal system and so forth and so on. And the rest of the world they talked about he said look in America. This is this is 3400 years -- look at America. In essence America doesn't have any of that -- The revolution was fought I'm not gonna spend a lot of time on this history just one appointed -- because it relates to what's going on in the world today when the revolution was fought. It was fought over religion it wasn't fought over her. Well. Even though there was a tax revolt. That was fought over. The consent of the governed. The will of the people. America was. A blank slate in many respects. And the colonists wanted to country. Different. From what the rest of the world had experienced. We never had a -- Whenever I have a feudal system. Whenever I had all the baggage that these other countries and continents that carried. And their histories were affected by. So bringing us to modern times. When we have politicians. Who tried to import those alien feuds and notions into our own country. And project them onto our society. It's unconscionable. Why would you take. They history the bad history that can't Trace the history of other people's and other places. And try to apply them here want Taiwan. People who do that do not. Embrace. This country they do not embrace its history. They do not embraced it's principles. They want something else. And you have the hair down what is. -- the chair down what's great what we inherited. In order to advance that cause that's what Obama does. So when you hear these politicians and others like Eric -- among others going on and on about it's a racist society and race race race. Not because they have some. Really helpful ideas on how to. Keep this nation united the opposite. You don't have to just look in the Middle East among the Muslims. Look at the African countries. More blacks have been killed by blacks than any other people on the face the just like more Muslims have been killed by Muslims and any other people on the face the it's tragic. And again. You've got these historical. Entrenched attitudes of hate and anger. Hate and anger. Balkanization. Tribalism nation. And that's what people are trying to do in our country. So I think it's very important that bet that we understand it's not just a superficial. Contempt. Or a political contempt. For this kind of politics. It will eat. Act that's all in the heart of a nation and take it. Racial politics is a very dangerous thing. Very dangerous thing dividing conquer whatever the reason income inequality that's -- it's a very dangerous thing. Rather than preaching liberty. And opportunity. Rather than preaching tolerance. And acceptance. They're preaching hate. And that's exactly what's going on in Ferguson Missouri right now outside Saint Louis. These looters. They stand for nothing. Except anarchy. These looters many of them. Are coming in from outside communities. And are criminals. This isn't some civil rights movement. We don't even have the facts in the case. People like going into that town armed. The police had to shoot a man. Yesterday. Was walking around the town. Apparently with a shotgun. And somebody was shot in drive by. A shooting. I've heard it reported all day today -- reported. A police officer shoots another person and Ferguson Missouri. That's not how that happened. We don't even have the fact that this case. Why don't we had the facts this nation minus because it takes time to get the facts and -- that's why. Because the police officer I don't know already dead. But he gets to have a lawyer probably has as union representative there he gets to protect his rights still. As I say I don't have any idea what happens. Except that it's understood now that an innocent unarmed eighteen year old. Very decent -- African American was killed. And so we need to get to the bottom. But it's so bad there now. That the chief of police won't release the officer's name because of the death threats against the officer and I don't blame on these get death threats. Whose name come out soon enough. There's an investigation going on. There's a process in place you don't respond to the mop. Whatever the mob this. You don't respond to the -- You know while we're gonna give his name out give his name out why. Says family can be threatened. People are burning down businesses. People who are in this and have never done anything who for all we know may be black don't we don't don't. Endangering the lives of people we know nothing about the office. Some point we will. But the idea they're releasing his name -- putting up some information without a complete full investigation is somehow going to. Quench the thirst. Of a mob is -- sick. Tomorrow. -- doesn't think rationally. A mob once somebody's head. And trying to screen all these things together. As a matter of laughter. And now we turn to the Middle East. We circled back. Ladies and gentlemen terrorism. Is on the rise there are more terrorists today. In any time in our history. And their numbers are increasing. The terrorist control more territory than they've ever control. The terrorists have more money than they've ever had. They control -- control oil they've knocked off banks. They have hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars and the potential to get more. These terrorists possess more weapons and better weapons than ever before. We in the face with us. We the people who suffered an attack on 9/11. And said that would never happen again. We're unilaterally disarming against the -- -- what do you mean I'll tell you wouldn't. I read an article last week that I don't believe many people have discussed. That the united states military is being so badly degraded. That it will not be able. It will not be able to respond. 22 different threats. In two different parts of the world. That the united states military the army. In this case. -- have. Fewer. Combat ready soldiers. Since world war since before World War I. That the United States navy which reached the peak of over 600 ships under Ronald Reagan. Why have 283. -- by the time Obama's done. We're disarming. We are becoming isolated. We're abandoning our allies. And we're leaving big chunks of the world for these terrorists to get stronger and stronger and stronger and you might so that's none of our business of course it's our business. We already suffered as a result of these people. These sub humans I should -- these barbarians nations. What else are we doing in the face -- this. We're abandoning our own border. All this hot wash about we have more men and women guarding the border than ever before and that's a lot. All this -- that we deported more people than ever before. That's a lot. Our politicians will not build a secure. System for the board. Even after nine elevenths. The whole issue is become politicized. Now if you supported secure border the deportation of people flying over the border. You hate Latinos. In this Hispanic congressional caucus will say you hate that team. The Republican Party has been meek or timid in the face of this and now it's thrown in with the amnesty program. So nobody in government. Supports securing the border. I'm gonna tell you something. And said it several times before but I wanna underscored right now. Folks. I am telling you is somebody who has served in the highest levels of the United States Justice Department under a real president any real attorney general. That when you have the ubiquitous enemy like this. Unlawful enemy combatants terrorists who hide among the people. When you have a porous border as we do as a matter of public policy. When you are degrading. Our military. All the enemies on the rise. We are going to suffer. Another. Grievous attacked. Right here. In the United States of America. The president will not act. Congresswoman act. Nobody's -- I'll be right back. And. -- -- 83. Talking about. Robin Williams. That's fine. I'm not gonna do that. Not to say I don't think about it. Of course I -- it's fresh in mind. But does anybody think we're gonna resolve the issue of depression or bipolar isn't. Through this. Find this all the time it's so we move from tragedy tragedy. From crime to crime from act act. We act like these are going to solve things are not gonna stuff. Here's the sad truth and it is sent. There will always be depressed people. There won't always be. People who do terrible things to themselves. And the people closest to them of the ones that have to do everything they can't help. And they may not succeed. It may not be possible. It's not the system. It's not because we need to spend more money. It's because tragedy happens. It happens every day. A whole lot of it. So. There's really nothing I personally can activist. And I'm certainly not going to. Pretend that I can't. And I don't believe there's anything any gas content it's just fun for myself my own program. People who go through depression go through -- people who live let them go through the hell with. And you know a hell of a lot more about it than any of us. So and this is a known fact it was a known fact before Robin Williams took his life. And my dad Lauren Bacall died as many of you know she died during the course this program yesterday I hadn't seen it. And she was a great actress. Huge lead. But so what great actress. So we wanted to salute her career. When we come back. And wanna play something that Chuck Hagel said to a Marines at a town hall at Camp Pendleton. Because what bothers me is what he said what John Kerry said which is. That what's going on in the middle east of this crisis. Is a direct threat to the United States hagel said in some anywhere what you'll hear many come back. We've never seen anything like this before. And I'm thinking to myself if that's true. What are we gonna -- about. Many crystallized this as soon as we return. 77. I want to go listen to -- Chuck Hagel it's as if Obama said let me find the stupidest guy can make him sectarian state. And then we find the second stupidest guy can make him vice president. And let me find the third stupidest kind make him secretary of state. And he's done that. Saying the issue mangled talking to two Marines and at town hall at the Camp Pendleton. -- right scoop. He's talking about crisis. Cut five go. The government of rock and grew market is now. Under threat. Heard from some. I don't know most brutal murder forces. Weaver was seen in the world today and -- or -- Another system. Is an ideology. That's that's connected to an army. And it's. It's a source added dimension that. The world is never seen. Now those are strong words. Those are scary words this is the secretary defense he is access to stuff that you and I don't have access. And that's coming on the heels. Of the secretary of state. Mashed potato face AKA John Kerry. Who said that this I -- Ice this s.'s whenever. That they are direct threat to America. So let me ask you question if we take what Kerry said and hagel said at face value just taken at face value. What the hell is the president of the United States doing in Martha's Vineyard. Should they be in Washington DC calling congress and a session getting constitutional authority. -- -- Undertake a -- -- relentless bombing campaign against this enemy. Should -- be pulling together our allies. And varies sources. And come up with a strategy to deal with the enemy. A force in a dimension in the world has never seen. That's. Hagel. Barbaric forces we've we've never seen in the world today that hagel. A direct threat to the United States that's carry. I mean should he be a man who was trying to have. Protect the country. Rather than off golf thing we get these daily stories from these idiots in the media. -- he and Hillary gonna get together and I got a hot owners. -- -- -- -- sort of book signing. There's nothing on the ninth hole and they estate Jamie exploited for a day. -- -- thought god here. I've been around almost 57 years. Many you've been around much longer than that have you ever seen anything like that's. In the face of genocide. And the -- what is our advisors say our fundamental threat to the United States of America. They're playing pretty and golf. Yet like -- is going on. You do they. Can bridge -- for God's sakes. Now we sent a 129. Advisors -- special forces 729. Bombers and jet fighters. While mark we don't know exactly where they are -- you're not Mike's gonna say. -- -- Fight wars the way we use apply Lawrence and then we actually were up. The people over there at the innocents are picking us to go. This being asked to do. I wanna say this to you Mr. President. And all your mouth pieces in the media and all your mouth pieces in the web community. Will record this and trying to make it provocative it's not provocative. All those people. Who are dying and who died. All those people who are crying out tonight. We hear them even -- where. Thousands and thousands of miles away from. Yes the terrorists have done us. But a lot of that blood. A lot of that hard. Glad that misery. Mr. President. Is on new. It's on yield. Not the former president. Not the next president. You know. Not some made up rabbit or toaster whatever. I could Jimmy Stewart movie it's you know. It's your fault. You've helped do this in your -- doing. We're waiting for your speech Mr. President. We're waiting for your speech in which you draw the attention of the world to the slaughter of Christians. We're waiting for your speech condemning the Islam are not enjoy doing. And yet we don't hear. Why is that. You interject yourself and all kinds of things. You just interjected you -- Ferguson Missouri. For better or worse you do it. You interject itself on some basketball player announces any scary look good feel. You interject yourself and all kinds of things mostly small. But sometimes big. But what about monstrous. Thing. Why -- you sign that the why are you absolutely. Silent. When it comes to the genocide of Christians. Excuse me I've sent water I sent bombing you haven't spoken out out a little hit and run press thing. Below statement before you get on a helicopter on your next vacation not talking about that. You don't had to give a big speech. Draw the attention of the world prime time night time. Why do what you do. And you want to. Even the steps -- take. And thus far. Too little too late. You know it makes it used to write in the margins of newspapers I don't know I wasn't fair but it's been reported on T -- squared the Elton. Too little too -- That's Obama. Now when it comes to redistributing wealth. It's overwhelming. And expects. Because he's got a pen and a phone. So man with a pay telephone in every time something goes wrong and farm policy it's Bush's -- What's going on right now. Is Obama's -- Is carries fall is ten Eagles fall and yes it's Hillary Clinton's -- But most of all it's Obama's fault he's the president. To -- a Democrat president Harry Truman the buck stops here at the buck stops with him you'll never hear Obama say that. If he says he won't mean it. He should be a Washington DC today. Calling congress back for 24 hours. Proposing a resolution. Of military action. Of the sort that's necessary I'm not talking about ground troops. Hang in their neo confederate and radical libertarians. I'm talking about bombers. And fighter jets and yes. Civilians will be affected. As they are being affected now and horrible ways and perhaps begin. But here's the thing folks. With hagel saying. This is a barbaric forests we've never seen in the world today. A force any dimension that the world has never seen. With Kerry saying this is a direct threat to the United States. I then hear that we have to wait for the Iraqi Government to get its act together if this is a direct threat to the United States. And this -- say if this is a par -- forced the dimensions of which the world has never seen before. It would be nice to the Iraqi Government to get its act together and decide who's black. But that's not. -- was sick. For acting. If this is a direct threat as -- say. The United States. I'm gonna tell you folks -- I cannot support a Republican for president who doesn't secure our border. For all reasons we've talked about for a year after year after year. But also because. This rise and spread of terrorism under this president. He lucky took the credit for getting that line. He claimed al-Qaeda was better makes the -- senators do is vice president. Chi I think they miscalculated don't you don't just a little. -- to disarm. And they unilaterally. Disarm and by that I mean. A weakened us on our southern border. In the face of this. And to slash the military the way he has despite report after report after report by independent bodies that this will in fact. Affect our ability to defend ourselves. I cannot vote for Republican running for president. Who goes on and on and on. About people coming out of the shadows and conferring. -- legal status and eventually citizenship on those people know I don't blame them for terrorism. That you cannot. You cannot operate that way and secure the border. ME ST question do you want to survive as of people of course -- That requires. A robust and vigorous civil society. That requires they were a bust in vigorous culture that requires robust and vigorous. Rule of law. Stable law legal system. And they're all under attack. Some I'm gonna be looking for the candidate who addresses these things I -- -- -- them on every single thing but -- at least. Understands the apparel that we face. And of course as you well know if you listen to this program and it -- the time. That's the least we can. Because as I've said in books and behind this microphone. Hours and hours and hours of broadcasting. It is important to trying to stem this tide at the federal level that the federal leviathan is not ultimately going to reformists. Ronald Reagan was a spectacular president. He couldn't train it. He tried. He slowed he limited. He diverted. A look at where it is thirty years later. That's because our constitution. Has been violated and is being violated repeatedly. So the least we can do is elect a conservative. President and first nominating can share your present but it's gonna take it held a lot more than that. Because the resource is the personnel all the institutions the law are now being used. To empower themselves and a centralized government with concentrated power. So we're gonna have to do more but I just wanna make it clear at least from marks little perspective. There is no way I'm going to vote. For Republican in the primaries -- for president. Who doesn't take this border security seriously. Here. I'll be right back well. Thanks to pressure from patriots like you by the way. House conservatives passed to good skills to deal with the border crisis. And yet the senate left town. So the fight's far from over. Please sign the emergency petition at and the border crisis dot com. In demand the senate passed both house bills as it is don't let them turn this into a phony deficit spending fiasco. You can sign the petition now and the border crisis dot com. I called the Tea Party patriots to add your name to the petition. 803700939. At 803700939. The Tea Party patriots as the group that the left wing media love to attack. Saying you know they're great. And a house -- had nothing to the deficit and they we give the states the power to deal with the border crisis. But Harry Reid. And his staff my veteran and Obama I wanna pass a bill that went -- almost three billion dollars to the deficit. While ignoring the root cause of the prom because that's what they do. To the Tea Party patriots need your help to beat Harry Reid and the open borders lobby. Signed the petition ballot and the border crisis dot com. A call 803700939. At 80370. 0939. I will be on -- TV on the Fox News Channel tonight. 10 PM eastern time I don't know what segment -- the end. They just called to be ready. -- 10 PM eastern. The Fox News Channel and their ratings go up thanks to you. I do this about once every two or three weeks -- -- request and have just decided there's so much at stake in this country. I'm gonna -- -- -- And we do it for us I don't get paid to do and anything of the sort I do it because I think it's the right thing to. Let's take a call. Let's see and on the New Jersey Turnpike what -- are you Larry you're near and. I I -- a major internal. And digest that etiquette. So are not far from where I live in or what Atlantic City is that on the in New Jersey turn. That what. I say I hate that I'm approaching it at twelve. You know that -- it is murder they're always building something on that eight NA NA NA NAB it's like. That app and and you drive through an eagle. Hell is the problem here. It's every single year same damn thing. It's early don't impact the construction going on and and still keep that same bump in the road -- -- -- everywhere I am so sick and tired of that -- our tax dollars are really not going very far. I always have a great governor there wants to do for other country what he's done for New Jersey by the way ever hear of a town called whole focus. Author exit. -- they are now at fifty miles now let's. Hoboken. It's called our focus anyway go right ahead my friend I'm sorry I'm boring the whole country. -- on. Commander in chief that's not act like a commander and chief -- bit diet -- are well. That many had -- you know -- -- I got here -- call screener. You got blood on his chances are that everybody else administration reached and I want to point out that even written that I shot their way out I eat in home. This country marks. There in this country there I believe a lot wouldn't it -- Exactly -- You know you -- in our border -- -- a comic reporter you know our people aren't are not being in court. Are in the great luck or not being respected and in every shape manner and sport they aren't here are there are looking at lunch during -- Let me let me let me -- -- can you believe after 9/11 after such pay -- horrific. You know it's just unbelievable attack on this nation. And we you know we remind ourselves of and every year that our politicians. They're actually act conducting themselves worse than they -- then because they know the possibility they know they they know the consequences. And market meant something -- -- Something need the other day and you better watch that on college radio hour talk time -- not I'm not I lock up -- -- here one day mark but I I never felt well join the millions now does it. On me you know and you better be careful that. It strictly on it and I had you know I'm -- -- walking on egg shell I'm gonna say what I need to pay. And fear of getting into trouble holding. Being. While en -- I I've got to go but I'll tell you what. You sound pretty good to me I think you're you'd be a great host. So keep that keep that keep that in. God bless you ladies and gentlemen. I shall return. Is there. Only underground. From the bowels of hidden. Somewhere under the -- can steal. This brick building. -- once again made contact without. Hello everybody marquee event here are number 877. 3813811877381. 3811. Our friends at the Washington street -- They really do give us a glimpse into Obama's mind. When your shot. -- -- Under the previous administration under the previous administration under the previous administration were issued under the previous administration and by the previous administration at twice the rate of the previous administration the previous administration the previous administration but the previous administration the previous administration the previous administration and the previous administration -- -- the previous administration the prior administration the previous administration and previous congress previous administration and previous congresses got a -- An argument I just made by me but made by the previous administration. They haven't. It's like a little kid in second grade. Where do your homework. By any previous administration. Then there's John Brennan whose. Good point. He is the director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Actually he should be the director of the central moronic agency. Because that's what he has. And he explains. That the Obama administration to what the Obama administration's counterterrorism strategy is hat -- the weekly standard. How they dealt. Our strategy is also shaped -- deeper understanding of Al qaeda's goals strategies and tactics that we had changed over the last decade. I'm not talking about Al -- grandiose vision of global domination through little violent Islamic palace that. That vision is absurd and we're not going to organize our counterterrorism policies against a feckless collusion that is never going to happen. We are not going to elevate these thugs and their murderous aspirations. Into something larger than they are. Why now. And they didn't. Not the prior administration that's not the previous administration that's not the administration that came before. AKA the Bush Administration. That's the Obama administration. This. -- talking about al-Qaeda is grandiose vision of global domination to re violent Islamic -- think. What an idiot when he right when you Tea Party activists. I had visions of shirt. We're not trying to organize our counterterrorism policies against a feckless delusion. That is never going to happen yeah -- less delusion you idiot. We're not going to elevate these thugs and their murderous aspirations and -- something larger than they are. No of course not. As they slaughter their way through the Middle East. As they take winning captain. As the decapitate children have put their heads on stakes. As they try and wipe out the -- communities. And any community that's not their community including Muslims. Like that needed just murderous -- we're not gonna elevate their aspirations. To something larger than they are. You putt there as a -- fate. Folks this is what I mean. With the us open border something will happen something will happen in the what are they gonna -- that's the prior administration. The Republicans apart of that I want you talking about -- -- would have done what have made a difference. That's absurd July. What is the point of government. If it's not going to secure the country. If it's not -- secure the border. If it's not gonna protect the people. What's the point of government. To redistribute what. To tell us how to make doughnuts. To tell us our kids can't sell lemonade on the corner. -- appoint a government. To control bake sales at schools so you can't not get. We did go away it would. Have but damn government -- what is it. Probably more. -- all gonna play this one more time because this fool is unbelievable given what's going on in the world today. And he's the CIA director and he'll remain the CIA director and he's -- bumbling idiot now that would be perfectly fine to be sitting in the corner. It is mother's basement. You know -- marshmallows. When he's not he's the day of CIA director sort of affects all of us got eight out. Our strategy is also shaped by a deeper understanding of Al qaeda's goals strategies and tactics -- lobbying -- not. What would that deeper understanding -- professor. Professor Erwin Corey what would that deeper understanding Beatty when he -- to understand these terrorists. Well we don't understand and -- Jarrett. Besides -- understand them -- -- -- my attitude. Let them understand us. Knowing that mr. produce. Over the last decade. I'm not talking about Al -- grandiose vision of global domination through violent Islamic palace that -- that vision is absurd. And we're not going to organize our counterterrorism policies against a feckless collusion that is never going to happen exactly. We are not going to elevate these drugs and the murderous aspirations. Into something larger than they are. Ryan. Notice how he sounds apartheid. So knowledgeable such an elected scholar. Agents say what you climate denial let's. -- -- I was there. What is it that -- -- -- -- it's it's benign out cohorts aren't. This guy's account -- and violence. What is that funny shaped thing there and it cuts through Syria and Iraq can he keep spreading like. Like a bad you know tumor what is that thing I think that's account fate. Looks like a callous fake about that would be absurd what it's a feckless ownership. Wait a minute looks like a callous fake to me. -- Yeah Sarah -- Tea Party activists. Will. But don't worry we got bin Laden and al-Qaeda is on the run. They're little bumper stickers and little fortune cookie sayings. Backed -- -- reelected that in condoms -- believe that a great country like this condoms. And phony comments like this. I -- like that Obama why he got us out of Iraq he got bin Laden and GM lives and Laden's dead. Why are. And I only that. He's gonna make sure we get condoms aren't you my guy. What did I never had condoms or -- items before Obama and nothing -- and other economic sector Obama. Thank god for him. And so of course I would genocide. Going on. The slaughter. Of a little kids and women. The attempt to eliminate Christians from the Middle East. The Hamas -- acting up began shooting missiles in the Israel an hour ago or so and Israel now responding. And. Of course Russia looks like about to invade Ukraine but if you listened to the have. KGB mouth pieces in this country it's the other way around. Which is so bizarre so pathetic. China now is making permanent its seizure of violence that don't belong to -- the belonged to the Philippines. And islands that belong to Japan and and in territory that belongs to Vietnam. -- well -- well. Our business. What role that we haven't any events. But the media. At the top of the hour the media all day long. That's not what they're focused. They're focused on this mr. district cut nine please -- Mr. Clinton machine she said that she wants to hug it out so. The race. I believe president and Senator Clinton and many hugs over the past few years I suspect many of them have been caught on camera. Yeah again. I appreciate the requests. Yeah they think this is a private social gathering for some officials going to be hard to bring all of you lovely people and. All thanks so much. They're having fun back and forth. To Pretoria guard media. And no one of the -- guard people that they're protecting the one of the spokes idiots for the president. Just think about it ladies and gentlemen this little. Hop skip and a jump the masses they -- it has cost us millions and millions of dollars. So the president can play golf. I don't Larry he's available -- money for a seven. Hey at 24 or seven to do nothing. Consider things. So it's very important the president get away. Any of the vacationing puts in these long horrific hours. That we cited here for years now other cited because well what else they going to do. He's up. The areas that the F the rise of the sun plus two hours various. 930. On a good day 10 o'clock on a typical day. And then there is a launch but Biden went -- threat. Have you read the stories replied it's taken three vacations this summer. I mean his mind which is always on vacation on Miami Heat. And doctor Biden have not been on vacation to have and a -- but now here's a thing. These people live well no matter what the hell's happened into the country no matter what the hell's going on in the world. If they really would pull the curtain packed and you could really see how the obamas live and how the Biden's lips and how the Clinton slipped. You throw up when you sneakers. How they like jury eight. In your tax dollars. It's absolutely amazing. While the country has faced. The economic -- now a year after year after year. Kids graduating from college can't find jobs. People taking part time jobs more than one. Or any if they can get -- people desperate going on disability. Food stamps. I mean you would be stunned you would understand why there was a revolution in France. Overthrow the monarchy. -- -- Now -- not led any laps there and blueberry hi we're on the via Mac is big it. I'll be right back. Open. Hillsdale College maybe. You're like me their mailboxes stuffed every day. Magazines and letters and of course bills I don't like on. One piece of mail I look forward to receiving most of primus. -- style colleges monthly speech digest. These regular mailings are taken from speeches at Hillsdale events. They represent the very besting conservative spot more than two point eight million people get him primus. Are -- one of them. If not you really need to sign up for this is a useful publication it's the really fascinating publication any -- for the asking absolutely free. At Levine for Hillsdale dot com that's LE VIN. Spring -- -- backup. Now he'll start college's mission is to educate Americans. To pursue truth and defend liberty. And that's why he'll still provides fantastic free online courses. Why they send their free speech died distant -- to friends all across the country. Here's the thing. When you sign up a live in for Hillsdale dot com you'll get instant digital access to the latest addition. And then like me you can also look forward to receiving a primus. In your mailbox every month. So it's time to sign up there really is that's Levine for Hillsdale dot com live in -- Hillsdale dot com. Eric Holder. Such a racist society. He's such a victim court Eric. Wait until you hear about him. After the bottom of the out. Eric we hardly knew you -- -- Oklahoma City the great KT OK country -- Markets -- to talk to your daughter. Thank you and my other weather station in 1980. You know in Germany. He was -- part of the 37 tactical fighter wing and and support driver's it's clear flying tank for those who don't how great plan. Up and -- I I wanted to learn German talks determined such be respectful of their culture so forth but I. Distinct things that. When the plane would fly over -- ever loud airplane being kind of flying tank in depth. Determines what's that sound of freedom to me. Yeah actual what do you mean make it well we we very much note that the Soviet threat. 'cause of course. The German the Germans had been split. -- west from the and the Soviet and at times you appoint. You -- -- say peace strength and my other being paid out. Military here says about socialism that -- -- bloody that we promised too much richer and safer to law. Amen tablet you and your family man for a jolt Dallas Texas the great WBA -- I can't stop -- thank you for everything you've done and you -- that you will super conservative president Patrick and you know a lot outside of -- Pete Sessions alcohol addiction to go inside and wanna ask him a question -- walk and now -- -- better question would be why else would -- not use the aisle are hurt. You can ask him and you should in his -- he's gonna say we have we pass bill after bill we sent it to the senate and they kill it. Just tell on this look good next time the budget comes up next time a continuing resolution comes up next time the debt limit comes up saying no. I know until you get some kind of you know. Conditions from Obama and the Democrats say now. As Nancy Reagan used to say. When he came to drugs just say no just say no peak marriage all go get him. May the force be with -- That let -- go to Mike. In Watertown New York a great WAT and -- -- is much. -- marks pleasure stick with sister thank you said. I had a question about people foolish Joseph Biden's. Foreign policy. By the way Joseph Biden flies back to Delaware to get his haircut I was told. And I mentioned this twice and that he single media person cares they don't even ask and they don't look in the because it's just assume now that these people are kings and queens and princes and whatever they wanna be and they gonna lord over Iran it. Well I'd I'd kick it up on your -- mark and I contemplated this a little bit in this there was front Obama ticket to stabilize our policy to -- the gurus slash. Negotiator for Obama and what it -- How well you know I think your question and in fact he was the guy who was supposed to. Negotiate the status of forces agreement -- -- I'm my friend thank you for you call -- quickly Livermore aren't that great -- SFO California don't. I Smart -- the big play your talk to you -- have been my yet. No question about it you have an idea that's. Paul Revere and and I am not taking the -- and I'm -- -- connect with -- to everybody I know it's. I lowered across. What are -- oil -- are gonna have to hold you over. Get your point we'll come back to after the bottom of the hour I don't wanna be rude like trying to do but I shouldn't be. I ladies and gentlemen and also I would tell you about Eric Holder. You know the man the fourth victim -- put upon. That's right the attorney general who was held in contempt start contemptible attorney general I'll be right back. Yes it's okay. Fastest growing radio show America. Among women show his backyard and 773813811. Well let's go back terror -- At Livermore California the great handset cloud go. I -- thank you learn I think in my car market really appreciate it. I just as simple a question. Why can't we get better the Palestinians to immigrate at a bad guys. Why can't we have both sat there that do these people off that place and get them out of there. You wanna have a a flotilla to get Palestinians had a with the Gaza Strip. While Palestinians when I leave the Gaza Strip they can leave the guns. Well then why not. And tighten them -- it's a catch instead of many -- Why are they gonna go relocation fee is -- a problem has been the whole time that the Arab countries don't want them. You see the real home of the Palestinians are ready for this. Was a place called trains Jordan every year trench Jordan before I've mentioned yet -- -- okay that was their home. To the extent they had a home for the most part they were better ones. So. I don't think you know forty acres and meals gonna do the trick that he thank you for -- call let's see. Other more I wanna get to the -- -- and I've been telling you about Eric Holder can't get to these other things have got to lace the program with these other things. Doesn't mean we're gonna move away from the other issues that we already discussed. Alex Pappas over the daily call ready for this one. What a pleasant Saturday this summer Eric Holder his daughters and their boyfriends. And two security officers. Boarded a government owned gulfstream. In -- off to New York for the Belmont Stakes thoroughbred horse race. Even for personal tricks like this the attorney general doesn't fly commercial. For security reasons holder like other top government officials fly as a government plane that was required to reimburse taxpayers for airfare. No I worked for people in high levels of government sometimes they had to take one of these planes most at times they sought to avoid it. I don't remember them taking their kids and their kids boyfriends. To something like the Belmont Stakes. All the inequality involved in this administration Obama on our dime in Martha's Vineyard. Holder on our dime flying to the Belmont Stakes on a government on gulfstream how they pay Italy cents on the dollar. I really embarrassed I doubt. That they -- do you populate the -- anybody. And our right -- it. According to records obtained by the daily caller it's where Freedom of Information Act. Request that's amazing right there they actually got records from this administration. Holder is getting pretty good deal here especially when he flies a government owned jet stream five jet. That's like among the highest. Of the gulfstream jets. That one day trip to -- New York on June 7 according to records provided that -- a daily caller by the department adjusted ended up costing the government. Over 141000. Dollars. But holder only had to reimburse the government 955. Dollars. For flying came in for passengers. On the final leg of the Triple Crown horse races that day. Though the racism here. He believed the racism it's as leading with braces. That's the only reason they filed this FOIA request to find out about holes -- They're focused on hold it because they're racists. What may be because he's the attorney -- and by the way what is it -- Obama and holder Obama. With his he's a country club Marxist. He had a hole there. Flying on a golf five. Gulf stream five I should say. Today he probably flies in the gulf -- five. To go to an event. To clean about inequality in the country. Which brings me to my point. Is it not amazing to you. How these liberals and not just the liberals but the liberals in particular the hypocrites. That they live one way in the talk another. They go on and on about inequality they go on and on about the -- And yet they love and equality and they love the rich and they wanted to be part of the rich not one of these people saying you know what. I'm gonna live as I speak. Not not gonna flag golf jet fired no I'm not gonna go to Martha's Vineyard. Not not gonna play golf four times a weekend. Now now now I'm gonna show by example what I mean by this wondrous Marxist leninism. I'm gonna show by example. I would live with the little people out one of the his mother Theresa. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- all due respect. And what really. The -- acne. Is that it earned any of this you're paying for this. They lecture us about you learn later he got success and that's because a row boats. Sit well. Well we -- those routes first of all. Local communities and states don't most roads in this country we don't really need the federal government the -- -- states were doing a perfectly fine job. Iowa why why do you -- Yang and let's run with yet Tea Party what what's the deal. So they build roads while -- roads out there. You know a lot of roads eco under the bridges there what we call unless they are so desperate to build roads doesn't mean nobody's gonna be successful. Fact many times they don't -- right through your property and make it. -- to be successful. Anyway I just wanted to mention that so there's Eric Holder on his gulfstream five going to the Belmont Stakes are I mean he's living like that. May I say. I better not. It'll be misinterpret. But we -- never had a better life he's never lived that. Police going all of his inequality in his race being. The obamas had nothing. Out. Until they got into the government. They got -- -- the government. On all those two autobiographies idiot right and it does a great blocks. In other -- of what she reveals that he did Coke and not hot start. Said. Let's take another call shall we. Let us go to Ivan Laurel, Maryland the great WMA algo YU. I'm very well as this -- in the great. -- have to. Maybe out of that terrible -- it. If you are being done a lot of the 21 century. Why aren't you kind thank you Emma and my only regret. Is that you wouldn't you have to wonder why you think if your country. You have -- bones are already president and if yeah I gotta run I got to run from the president I thank you I'd expect and it -- somewhat not a yes -- -- Few days ago it just I'm not surprised but it just -- just annoys me that are called the was quoted as -- and -- he was proud to be an activist attorney general. Outrageous what kind of idiot would think something like that and -- -- -- -- to leave it there are these eleven -- door -- interview I want to ask him how would you feel. About the next -- are -- internally is conservative anyway than activists. You know it's like taken if you take an oath to uphold the constitution. Not a whole uphold your ideology. You -- right I've been -- obviously. Holder and Obama and mean all their cabinet secretaries and sub cabinet all rests with this is the mindset that they are there to. To advance this this revolution in -- this revolution is its -- To what this can't pick your own health -- by the way I may get into this later in the week -- next week what's going on with obamacare are. Barring a boring while it affects everybody's life right Ivan. Public and I have I have one thing and I and I know take the -- president and you you have to ambassador to the house and the senate. But you know I could -- -- I I don't understand. Well why would you support. They supported it when it Weaver took the senate that we use the same that you want to vote. Bob. You know our thanks -- to repeal obamacare that they used to passes. You know that's a damn good point -- been just wish that you're saying. They wanna I wanna I wanna underscore what you -- saying put a little bit more meat on it don't hang up. I've been saying I like this. Look. The way they pass this thing the way the Supreme Court approved this thing this was absolutely illegitimate it's unconstitutional. So why shouldn't the senate. Suspend the filibuster rule which would not be unconstitutional. And Harry Reid is showing them how to do it. But suspend the filibuster rule for this one vote. Get 51 senators to vote to repeal the house vote to repeal yes it'll go to Obama. But that brings it closer to repeal is that -- point Ivan. I absolutely not but again at this. Point. Market -- that -- because you Republicans don't have enough guts to do what my problem one last thing and how big are they opt for a quick. I don't I haven't Florida -- and in fact. McConnell is already sad that if the Republicans take the -- and he's majority leader. He will reverse the Harry Reid nuclear option rule. Which lowered the bar. For confirming federal judges circuit judges. And other federal employees. Below the Supreme Court level. He said he's going to change that rule and make it a super majority get the house is that. It's it's typical Marcus typical it just it's just what our leaders do today. And it just it just it just does beyond comprehension. How they keep getting elected over and over again but the more one last thing is Al west. -- We put their pennies and -- up much. If he'd -- found -- -- analyst early. But outlet would be on a target articulate to occupy the conservative he will be for the second time Michelle Obama can be proud of her country. Don't care. Yeah -- here but I don't ban on. And it nobody can read a model for the black youths stopped for the help any clean -- the -- -- the first black president either strong military leader and look at the establishment Republicans today. This and I think Allen west is his top shelf and every respect that got an -- close friend of mine. He is a great. Public figure he'd he'd he'd be a great president in you know what they do now there's only one kind of black leader you can have a may have to be a left this it's like one kind of Latino leader you can have a they have to be -- one kind of female Ali can have they have to be a leftist and down the line I -- grey cup rather thank you for your call I appreciate it. Right Media Research Center. Of such as you know. We're in a war against the ruling class. And their attempt to -- radically transformed the country they're becoming increasingly successful at a there's a resource that's absolutely vital to helping us fight back. Now talking about the work being done by my friends at news busters dot sport. The folks at news busters dot org work day and night to expose the liberal media's efforts to brainwash Americans into accepting socialism. It to a terrific job shredding the media's credibility. And their ability to deceive us. Whatever tricks the lib media have up their sleeves whether it's covering up Obama's scandals -- slandering conservatives. News busters neutralizes them by exposing the -- the lies the censorship and all the rest of it. They're just relentless and it plays something I went to their headquarters the Media Research Center headquartered. And there's the at a news -- unit. Very. Into college in earnest studious hard working folks there. And they're trying very hard to save the country. And I go to news -- dot org every day why. Because I have to know what the leftists in the -- -- to know your enemy. Here's the bottom line news busters dot org is on the front lines of the war against media propaganda the conservatives absolutely must win. In order to help save the republic. I don't mean to be overly dramatic but that's the essence of the struggle -- in his -- So arm yourself with the truth by going to news busters dot org and tell your friends to do it too. You'll be glad you did that's news busters dot or. And a letter signed by. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people I'm gonna post -- -- mark living show. FaceBook -- -- showed Twitter. Thanking my dear friend Sean Hannity for the report he did last week from Israel. You know -- talked to me. Before he went out there and he says look somebody's gotta go there. And stop we -- dictating. What Hamas is feeding them. And actually report from the Israeli side of the border. Shows these tunnels. Show the missiles coming in shell they've landed many of them. Explain what's been going on in these. Playgrounds -- elementary schools on the Israeli side -- And he did he did it for -- -- four days it was fascinating television on the Fox News Channel I want a slew Roger Ailes and bill shine and and of course my buddy Sean Hannity. Because. You know without them we wouldn't get. All the information that we need. So I'm linking to this it's an openly. Gives me an open letter to Hannity. They call him the tenth iron dome because they're nine and and many Americans and many Israelis. Couldn't be proud of him and his. One of his best friends I couldn't be prouder of that's for sure. Let's continue shall we. So around -- Virginia -- gray WMA Al -- They're marketing and thanks for taking my call. Yes there where where this actually a few months back about occupying certain countries after we've been in. Conflict on the ground -- I think what we need to do is go in her. Talk some of my guys out on that gallon lair where we talk and -- back Tyrell. All right we're gonna help these people we disseminated by mr. something we will were reminiscent notes. Matt. Disease which was military advisors. In -- Vietnam back in the day and it just escalated so what we need to do is go back and they're finished the job this school and on -- decades. That we didn't -- or. Not that person -- we have to define the job because quite frankly -- -- the job is to terminate a democratic Republican direct count me out -- -- interest and I'm interested in destroying. These terrorists. And destroying them to protect our allies in Iraq to protect our allies in the region and most of all to protect us. So I'm not interested in in. Trying to out. Take the -- countries these these these communities that have been backward for thousands of years and say. -- tried Jeffersonian democracy now I'm not interested in the I'm interested in destroying the enemy. Well that's what we need to do we need to plant a flag. An occupied this country and say guess what we've helped control the oil reserves that the world I don't. Angry two listen I'm no expert -- think we need to occupy the country. I think we need to allow the people who are native of that country most of them occupy the country. But I do think we need to to destroy these. The genocide maniacs who are enemies. And it would can't occupy you replace it is not possible. Just not possible. Have particularly when you're cutting our military but look let's fantasize we're not an occupy the country. Not and we have this president in office right now but there is no reason. No reason that we can't do. You know we can't exterminate the cockroaches. Well yeah. My area. I know are over because I didn't hear you would gonna have to watch. We're gonna have stayed there because they're in Syria also. I just recall OK now let's stay in seriousness. That's the ticket no it's not. Ali and Fort Worth, Texas the -- WBA peek out. Rick if I can't believe I am actually talking to you IRA has been huge fan of yours for so many years and them you. Probably talk about you every day at work when I'm talking to my co workers about what's going on the world about politics. -- everyday I'd say at least once if not five or you are very kind thank senator. Well apparently says well mark -- then things -- left -- mark or men cheat on -- equipment so. As anyway I have my point really is just -- -- just thought. We're running out of time -- we're gonna come right back with you okay. Don't hang up. I've got lots hole I have a great gas. A governor a great governor. I'll be right back. These days. Only underground. -- -- -- Somewhere under the brick and steel over. This brick building. We once again make contact without. Know everybody mark within here this. -- Freedom Tower now. -- number 8773813811877381. Create one of the -- so much to do. Just an hour left. We've got governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin -- supposed to call in fingers crossed he's in a tough reelection campaign we wanted to chat with him briefly. So without a lot to do this our hope you'll stick with -- -- before I move along there's -- for -- Texas the great WB AP. And -- oh -- high and I -- so much to say about so many issues with regard to this administration that. Right now -- just keep it in my immediate point which is. At first I am praying for a all the Christians in Iraq and I I've I've stressed there were Christians because. Apparently Obama does but he just can't quite bring himself that -- that's the that is under attack and hit their under attack by and why. That and and I hope everyone else we'll keep them and their prayers -- I think getting frustrated for a long time and not only in Israel -- -- with -- -- Iraqi and her -- situation. That bit and you know yeah. I don't I don't. Talk shows. To radio TV whatever. It's very few people -- will really cannot say. But what really needs to be set I think and that book that's that the president has apparently not -- -- he's on the wrong side. And you know. I just wish somebody would kind of make that connection between all these different issues that are mentally. All right let me suggest I don't think he's on the side of the terrorists I think that he is. Ideology. I think his incompetence. I think his his lack of maturity. His inexperience. That this man is not. Ready to be present United States he'd eat in an odd way other than the -- tree that surrounds and I don't. Think he really wants to be present -- United States although he likes. Getting paid for a for those the beast -- banker hours but now bankers work harder to. But my point is and every respect. This man doesn't have the have to have the qualifications he does constitutional and otherwise to be president in my view but -- yes. I I don't think it that he sites with the enemy I just don't think he thinks America is as great as America is. And. And he's out to prove. I think he's excited with the bomb and and I you know. Like him that you know we can throw. These things around left and right and then that all get written up -- -- come back and boomerang against me but but what I'm trying to say -- is this. The putting is when I look at and the putting is a mess. And so that's the bottom line. I do think in I agree with due to this extent. If Christians. Were slaughtering. Muslims. The way that Muslims are slaughtering Christians. This man -- speak out -- he'd say something about it so I agree with you in that respect they really do. And that's. Yeah and diet that's exactly what I'm trying to say it is now I think you're right. If it were -- he will be speaking out against us I agree -- you. And just like you know the thing and that it and failing that you know he came right out I mean he would but he out that this same day that that have been speaking about that. And and I don't know about that but I. The say this he didn't say anything provocative. Which is help. Well that when it was her first and I can't we that you cash guys who would be and you know what now. -- yeah a lot. You -- I think -- have Michael he attached. Did the right Saturday. In Detroit who have beaten almost to that buying it. And again a bracket then yeah he never thought hard about that. He I had an -- They're not stopped turning it down I can hear her. I think you're exactly right if that Wear and not on the big fire back Christians he he would be all over and I think he'd be doing more about it that. You know -- the fact that. And you know the day that he came out and said that what he was gonna do about it. He couldn't hammering himself and that and that press conference to say that it is Christians being slaughtered by a most -- now and why. There are Muslims being slaughtered by Muslims took a -- That I mean -- a lot of them. He didn't warrant there and you know he can bring himself to talk about -- -- thank you three -- that we've already pointed that. -- Connecticut but there are a lot of Muslims being slowed by Muslims. And I make this point all the time. Nobody kills more Arabs and Arabs nobody kills more Muslims the Muslims. True. Let's see he 000. Before we get to that. Wanna stay with this. The Biden's. You know with a Biden's arm there in the Hamptons. To begin their third vacation of the month I think Rand Paul's and Hamptons and I read that somewhere. And on the Drudge Report. Because he wants to pick up the ultra left rich. White spoiled vote as saying anyway. The weekly standard the Biden's are arriving. In the Hamptons the starters third vacation in a month. Vice president Joseph Biden is arriving to spend a week in the South Hampton area before leaving next Thursday. News twelve reports by the -- Washington. At this morning it's not known -- -- meet up with two other big Democrats staying in the Hamptons this week Hillary and Bill Clinton are already -- had a banana announces that. And -- set. Is that how you pronounce it guys they don't know either an irregularly. Why not they -- so that's interesting so bill and Hillary. Were in the Hamptons and then they flew to Martha's Vineyard. It's so hard. Being -- next impeached president. Being accused. All kinds of -- conduct in the Oval Office. Hidden on the interns. Juanita Broderick. Claiming that she was raped by him. Kathleen Willey says he sexually assaulted her in the Oval Office I mean. Life is tough this is the most popular politician in America BJ bill Jefferson Clinton. And his lovely the gorgeous Hillary. Rotten Clinton. And they're very fashionable pant suits. All three of them. I notice she's got one in pink. And -- in bright pink. And one in -- pink. Anyway the official guidance from the White House is a little less direct quote the vice president and doctor Jill Biden. Will visit Long Island New York there are no public events scheduled follow. Lunch bucket GO. Just going to Long Island. Ferry captains. Inequality and all that off. Where's the Hamptons are new Long Island last week the items were in Wyoming for another vacation it's summer vacation time for the vice president USA today reported. Joseph Biden wife she no that's doctor Biden. Some time off filed Thursday in grand teton national park Wyoming his office said. Will be there through Monday. Now the week before that the Biden's vacation did -- hope that speech. Tried to keep up -- our friends the -- all on your dime. Vice president Joseph Biden and his wife -- -- back and hold a speech for a quick two day stay according to the White House schedule. Reported Delaware online dot com. So. This month. They want to run -- -- beach Delaware very nice resort. Area. They went to. Wyoming. Grand teton national park very nice there have been there might might do that one day. Maybe I'll run for vice president that way I can get there and back. Hamptons. One month is it today like blog what is today August 12 -- thirteenth. August 13 so the month this hardly over I mean we've got. Labor Day coming don't we. -- kind today's country. Plus Joni is another -- sitting at a flying to Delaware. Because he goes to his favorite barber shop where only they know how to cut those blocks. So they haven't inequality all over the place practiced by radical left wing Democrats spending your money. I'll be right back. Dozens of people looking for a home security. Get ripped off every day. And security industry wants to believe that your only option. Better get robbed. Well they've got hordes of salesmen out -- trying to scare you into signing one of their long term contracts. He gets stuck writing huge checks month after month with no way out. Two robbery by contract. And it can cost you thousands. Who's a better way to protect your home simply safe home security. Simply -- has no contracts none. He'll get 24 cent of protection. Trained professionals watching over your home ready to call the police produced fourteen dollars and 99 cents per month. That's less than a third of what most companies charge for the same service. Simply say protects my home my family. And thousands have you. Protect your home the Smart way to this it's simply -- love then dot com. Don't now for an exclusive 10% off for that simply save lives in -- -- simply safe LE VIN. Dot com. Well I won a title story. And in line of what Leanne was saying just a few minutes ago. Obama only shows is outrage under certain predictable circumstances. And it's very troubling. He cherry picks. When he chooses to speak out. He has this moral selectivity. Is what I call -- we have this from CNS news and you'll not hear Obama. He will not hear holder you will not hear the secretary labor Perez. You know we will not hear the secretary of DHS. Johnson. The vice president. He won't hear any of them mention this so I will. Cnet's news. Court records show that Christen. Alexander is a more. And illegal alien from El Salvador. Was charged in fine for driving without a valid driver's license in Texas in 2008. Which was two years before he and accomplice allegedly used to machete any baseball bat. To murder a sixteen year old Texas high school student. Jeb Bush. This doesn't look like love to make. The -- 22. And nineteen year old Ricardo compost Mara. Also an illegal aliens from Al Salvador. Are currently awaiting trial in federal court in Houston. For killing Klein forest high school sophomore. Jose out what Mara in the Sam Houston national forest. On September 222013. Samarra campus Laura both of Al Salvador. Allegedly aided and abetted each other in the murder by striking the victim with a baseball bat. And a message and machete. Since the office of the US attorney for the southern district of Texas. And according to reports from the Houston Chronicle captain Tim White cotton. Of the walker county sheriff's office said both men were members of the notoriously violent. Latin American gang Mara Salvatore China or whatever MS thirteen. More than two years before the brutal murder took place as a -- was charged on July 252011. In walker county Texas. For driving without a valid driver's license a court she can't stop people ask them. Where they're from where you front and they're -- After pleading no contest he was find a 136 dollars in the case was closed according to walker county court records. Now the wake of sixteen year old -- out will bear. It's murder. Immigration and customs enforcement ice. Has placed an immigration detain -- on samarra for being in the United States illegally. That's -- -- joke. Assistant US district attorney. That's not an assistant US district attorney that's an assistant US attorney mark Donnelly. Who's prosecuting the case in federal court confirmed that the detain -- was brought up -- as a Morris detention. On July want his hearing. In the detention hearing it was relating court that there was an immigration custom enforcement detain or alleging. He was unlawfully in the United States are in the country without authorization. An immigration container is they noticed that ice issues to local state and federal law enforcement agencies. They plan to assume custody of some of being held by that agency. Once the local law enforcement agency no longer has a need to detain the person for breaking. A local or state law their -- all the individual for an additional two business days so ice. Can take him or her into custody. For immigration proceedings. If -- doesn't act within those two days the person is released. Ice spokesman Greg how Mora also confirmed to CNN us. And ice has issued containers for both men. And they still on the loose. As -- heat. Boom boom boom -- -- -- Records show Campos are waived his right to a detention hearing a decision which is attorney said is because of the immigration Tenet issued for him. Some more attended a detention hearing -- was remanded to federal custody. Right -- both in custody here's the point. When people tell you -- children coming across the border there's more than children coming across the border there's this coming across the border -- And a sixteen year old girl was killed in you know its interest thing. She was a Latino to. You know what else is interesting. Have been watching a lot of these Border Patrol agents were speaking a lot of these union members who were speaking their Latinos still. Now all but many. Luis Gutierrez. These self appointed Latino Martin Luther King Jr. Hasn't said a word about this and he never well. Because that man is all about politics. He's all about race baiting is all about balkanization. He's not about America -- true always. If you'd like to come on the program you had an open invitation now for weeks. You're welcome to come on and debate me. Luis Gutierrez. I just wanna talk about your Marxist leninist past. Some -- the Puerto Rican Socialist Party. -- on the table. And have a good long discussion about it. And this is a man along with others many others. The one Obama used despondent powers that he does not have obviously under our constitution. To legalize. Not just five or six million illegal aliens but now they're pushing for eight to ten -- In other words why have rules and -- -- Meteoric CD that great WABC. Go. I'm mark picture taking -- call. Is there yeah rockets rained down on Israel. I just -- future story. He was -- listeners. Getting a little. -- that quickly we're coming up to lay heartbreak. Now one minute. I just want to assure approach towards your listeners to a one minute -- Illustrate what's going on back to the mid 1950s my -- rather. He was eight year old student here on in elementary school. And the -- were forced learn about Islam in the classroom. The bullets of the religious background. And one day my uncle was called -- called on the from the collapsed. And yet for recite the lineage. Of our that you mom but from the class. And as an eight year old Jewish boy. You didn't states who didn't know the correct answer. So that future punched him and what happened okay punched him in the chest. And then here you you can -- from the classroom to -- we have purified and. The high -- when call again another time. Unfortunately we couldn't get any and I wanted to hear it all be right back. -- Producer's -- doctor guy. On the radio from my -- didn't show. 87738. Run 48 yard run. You know I feel bad when callers and they're really nice and run out of time I'm a slave to the. Clock I can't change the breaks this is why when I say hurry up get your point Harriet -- can you do -- twenty seconds and that he got fifteen seconds left. SharePoint call me again tomorrow or soon or sometime I wanna hear the full story but I had a cut you off. Actually I didn't cut you the clock -- you meanwhile. And got one of our great governors. Scott Walker. The state of Wisconsin governor how are you -- I had courage let it get and it operates under right. Top of all that that's what I wanted to talk to that you're terrific governor I mean you've been targeted time and time and time again. And I'm a little nervous from a conservative perspective I'm reading that this race is -- what's gone on. Well this to say it actually took a pass here -- certainly -- appropriate attention that. Any Democrat -- state starts out -- about 47% of that's where my quoted. Is there right now a better source curb on restaurants half dozen other Democrats anybody with any credibility to -- Automatically starts out expectations because there's no worse shape than Edinburgh Republican president thirty years. You know I want or -- ago it was still a tight race then I would buy a little bit or the recall which obviously we celebrated that. Remember part of that margin of victory. Jim I believe from voters in my state who unprincipled voted against it recalled not just through me but. But against the principles are a recall started to scream at. And so I got a rally my pace. And then get you know limit shrinking number of independent voters to vote our way. I think the biggest concern not I've had for some time does that. Common sense conservatives. -- district because of a recall election as. A done deal and we keep reminding him a liberal in my state don't need any motivation. They're behind anybody they think at -- immediate. We got to make sure now that voters get out and that those who helped us out. You know go to places like -- architect come and help us get that message out from folks all across the country to cheer about preserving it conservative. Our host. Scott Walker dot com mr. producer let's make sure that's on my social sites so all over the nation if you wanna help you can. Particularly in the state of Wisconsin where where heard what the big issues there. Well it's no surprise to about jobs that they carried interest earning enough spill act and -- paper or certain years ago. Are certain that you know -- Baltimore to Harry -- there they shall not be spoken -- They work three billion dollars worth of savings. -- property taxes are actually down this year for four years ago. They don't wanna talk about that that they wanted to talk about anything but that the reality is. In our state it's our voters elect. That's the one thing that stands in the way of us containing those parts of reforms and we gotta get that message out that they've been very shrewd very potent. They've tried to stay focused earned cherry pick in our import statistics are being accommodated. We believe that lower property taxes. Limited government. Are -- education. Transforming. Entitlements. In big -- people of skill sets and he would take over the job those that the big issues out there. Were connected remembered that -- is that liberals -- stage start out with 4200%. Or so the vote. You get earlier this year the national AFL CIO Arctic -- union so it's. -- crowd at the church were 300 billion dollars. -- body they normally spent on progression or federal level in the five stage their daughter after Florida. Michigan. Pennsylvania. Maine and be out of the cabinet list why you know -- you've talked about this before. Good it's not just about the governor was -- -- now. That what we did was transfer power away the pick ever special interest big government union bosses transfer that power to my hands are working techsters. And they need to take the out because that they don't think it happened at. You know the state that's out of the progress over the state that -- o'clock departing the statements uttered aspect. State to -- -- -- but first it devastated -- -- is that characteristics can elect. Retain and -- reelect someone like me. There's no doubt it can happen anywhere prepare potato that they are. Well this is why I wanted to come on I want conservatives across the country Republicans across the country to understand you are in a huge fight. And the Democrats are again point a fortune in this race. They're hoping to keep this under the radar nationally and everywhere else and I want to draw attention to this. Well I appreciate it because it is or -- even a box conservative friends. Are you know you or the recall by more votes and I keep telling your. Yeah that was great it was agreed -- certainly was a good feeling it tribe it that I mentioned I believe there was a certain percentage of that vote. There were people who aren't principal. -- behavior persuade -- undecided voters but our principles that are recalled snaps or disagreement. And so they did it and it didn't opt to vote for my opponent. That started it will be much closer. This time the Democrats a patch or they did -- get a little push you out there they try to harp on that lets you bet. In the last few aren't -- we have. These. Legal issues that -- left keeps bringing back over. To try to chip away at us that they -- completely been invalidated both the state federal or -- media -- on a number of other issues after other talk radio. There's really not consistently objective source out there etiquette -- accept. And so we've got to do it ourselves and what a great restricting districts had a tremendous or critical or 70% of our. Our donations count for people give us sixty hours or last. And so it's a lot of folks who worked great conservative activists -- -- -- -- -- eight -- go to Scott Walker Cup gets the message out. And you share were spread the fairways and others that they haven't missed it starts. Our -- it's election is to they would look not been battered and take me. And maybe chatter could direct to work. Rick Scott a few others out there that they could send a message on not just the winner election. That -- that. Really a chilling message to other elected officials around the country in states and cities throughout this great country who would be reluctant to take Arab unions. I'm it is something I rarely do we called a levee in surge we normally keep it for policy issues I -- -- -- -- all over the country all you folks who are. Loyal listeners who conservatives and so forth but we don't wanna wake up after election named Scott Walker lost a son. Tremendous amount although wouldn't be demand in this if he lost but by some tiny amounts Scott Walker dot com. He needs your support teenager donations Scott Walker dot com. How are you doing in terms of maggots in -- it they get that a boatload from the usual sources ranked. Yeah we hear and read your Weaver is there about -- night out you've got to hand right now gotta look at that are aren't so be it fixed. That's that's about the issue but you've got the union direct order -- They just went after this year it. Hockey January spirit -- executive and outspoken. Freedom love insurer great guy Clark yet Dave Miller who who wanna -- win and hopefully describe a future could they report on that money. In the trying to take him out. Are you get a fraction of it this orders are fractured yet he won that election because he was all these -- urban people backed up. And I hope that it could sort of the future but that stage we saw us all skill against David Clark sure there are. So what they're gonna do trust over the next 83 states. They really are not in a bit the last three and a half years you know you talked about it. They started really about march or you don't elaborate and they have -- related search. And are aware that bad daughter mean you're actually doing something of groups like that are ordered constantly take our. But to swing voters -- not in a blue state. It can have an objective we will eventually get their message out that we your progress we went for about a thousand -- 130000 jobs now. Or years ago a 100000 up 27 doubt this is lost for up to 23 out and -- it. We were ranked 41 the country for business around ranked fourteenth in the -- merchant in the country or there's there's probably the most -- it was years ago. A beard should percent of our order survey by the -- -- an art direction today. 96%. While her direction. Governor let me ask you this it's got to be exhausting. That you are the daily target of these forces these elements on the left it's got to be exhausting day in adapt waking up to this. It is there's no doubt well because they've got to willing ally in terms of most of the folks that -- it. Who really have -- and they expected that it -- that the couple sources to our. To whatever communications steps that certain number of these aren't aren't versions of that print newspapers. They said the reason they -- out there and stories about me is because. It's it's churned out. Massive clerks have their web site for people report or against us that they get the facts out because it's measurement -- providing good news. But because it drives. Reaction to their stories. And so they keep parroting and again that's actually got a airbrushed that we we now at what's at stake here is ultimately about who's in charge -- that they've ever unions. Or is that art architecture we know how to account educational or. That despite other hype and hysteria that protest under browser soaked protesters acute. They're actually graduation rates are upset that the elect governor I spoke -- -- Mercer EGG's course -- sort of the best country. Why because our reforms it allowed us to get British security interior Dirk. To put teachers and based -- to -- a stripper organs to put the best and brightest are plaster that we should be apologetic for where we get an education. We're the lions or actually cheer about the kids in the classroom -- about education for workers. But all posting their power when it's harshly put messages that. They're not in Egypt and messages from collapse which are bumper stickers they actually taken better -- of explanation and so. We believe we get that message out what we need the resource to do that that's real people George Scott Parker Erica. Yet the problem always is that the left talks about visions that they can never reach some of them we don't want to reach. Whereas a guy like you saying let me tell you what we've actually done and people need to sit quietly have been a little bit listened that. Scott Walker dot com ladies and gentlemen Scott Scott Walker dot com let's help. This is a national battle -- as usual they've turned it into a national battle. I just real I iced quite frankly a few days ago that this was a close race. And said what the hell would -- get in and help our governor friend and that's -- wanted to do Scott Walker dot com governor come back. Great thanks Lauren America less. Thanks a million -- that we can raise a million farmers to produce it. That would be nice it would be nice. But -- it will be right back. Open. -- -- Now walker needs help. Scott Walker is cyber attack is under attack teasing it he's a conservative. A successful conservative and they wanted to take him down. And Wetteland was -- not you can help limit Scott Walker dot com and I -- encourage you do that we have an official -- in the surge underway. That means we. Below their nights. We take action. In our little town hall meeting here. So me think you have let me think about don't think about a let's just jumping. By the way and I wanna remind you that I will be on the Hannity TV show on the Fox News Channel 10 PM. Eastern time tonight. I don't know what segment I'm on but I may be in this first segment. But I will be immediately preparing for that so that's the Hannity TV show on the Fox News Channel 10 PM eastern to night. They what -- he gonna do everything else on -- kind of done. Just watch me when I'm done then he can move along. Just saying. You know -- guys eat fast in fear -- Cyrus targeting NSA spying the VA now the border. And more scandals are we expected to take from this White House. Why isn't the AARP speaking -- maybe they only get involved when it means lining their own pockets. Maybe that's why. Well it started getting fed up let's do something positive. What's helped change the direction of the country. Let's join any Mac and join your voice was almost two million conservative seniors who say enough is enough. You a member of the AAR PY. Hope for the discounts -- benefits. Look I'm a proud a Mac member and I experienced firsthand the exclusive member discount services and other benefits. Aim act provides. You don't need to be finding the AARP. But I'm most proud of how hard a Mac is fighting for conservative causes all around the country. And together we can make a difference. So be common name Mac member right now are considering giving a membership to your parents or your grandparents as a gift trust me they'll appreciate it. Join -- Mac right now go to a Mac dot US. And it's a M a EC dot US not dot com. Or call 8882622006. At 888262. 2006. Rich. Evansville Indiana that great WG BF now. Well it's probably large other oracle audit report today. Data because I hope that. -- -- party. Treatment or capitalism. Has that talent people who are virtually go into all of what happened -- -- It was a us survey done by a few guys on the subject. Sort. Yet they were citing a survey that was done by a couple of guys on the subject. Well you can put what are you beat you very low Key Largo use torture control. Of the credit. A bit -- or -- Republicans and our. We are people. Yet we will have the option of war why did you follow. Up. We're willing to do what he's done by your. Rich we have enormous power in our hands we have the power to. He effect the elections at the state level state delegates and state senators and the state legislatures. Have enormous power. Working together. -- more power than the president more power than congress more power than any court more apparent in the bureaucracy. Truth be told in this is something that I've been trying. And will continue to try to up the night in this country because it's really the only. Constitutional process. That affects what's happening in Washington this federal design is not a constitutional design it's a -- organization of the constitution. And you can hear how arrogant Obama is and he's not the only one you can hear McConnell you can hear Boehner you can hear out. Now Pelosi Reid and all the rest they all act like they're kings and queens and princes and princesses. They're not and they dealt this. Powerful army of of consultants. And operatives in PR specialists and lobbyists around them. And they massive bureaucracy that spends its every living day trying to figure out how to harass us. I mean there's really only one way the constitution provides the framers provide and that's this amendment process I wrote about -- amendments thanks rich. You're quite right my friend. Montana. And satellite don't. -- market that wanted to speak chill out Scott Walker. -- view and -- -- and say you are my hero here everybody's hero in the whole country. You're the one politician that slot and get up in the case of slander and dead Democrat that we're trying to drag you down he told the truth he said what you were gonna do and you get it you let them do it I say. Not hurt and don't you know what I mean he'd do as I do not as nice correct yet achieved what he's -- with a -- Stopped listening to what. These politicians are staying saying and look at what they can't keep Ichiro every American Idol wanna tell everybody content. Person couldn't get out there do what every -- how did you get out there and vote him in this country needs him. If you don't -- where you can vote for a and then something I don't care that money or just -- word that it occurred writes I don't know. Scott Walker dot com thank you Terry. You remember the violence he faced. In the other Republicans who have. Who are trying to reform that state. It was outrageous do you remember the amount of money that was spent to destroy them you remember how they went after Supreme Court justice Stephen. I was definitely ground zero for the the battle. The liberty first -- they wanna take him out. Now whether you support him one day for president I was quite beside the point. He needs our support and I wanna give it to ladies and gentlemen we salute our armed forces police officers. And I'll see tomorrow America. Get Hamas yet -- -- and I'll see on Hannity. Tonight.

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