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Wed 8/13/14 Hr 3 - Adam Nossiter, Michael Tomasky, Claire McDougal, James Taranto

Aug 14, 2014|

Adam  Nossiter , NYT. Michael  Tomasky , Daily Beast. Clair McDougal, Al  Jazeera  America . James  Taranto , WSJ.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Okay. It's. I'm John that this is John that's a show it -- striking West Africa the countries of West African include Liberia -- learning didn't. -- go now. I am not the only New York Times the West African sub saharan African bureau chief for the New York Times. From and -- jima which is in Sierra Leon. And what Adam disk drives. Terrifying the same time instead. In the face of -- Poland this killer that we do not know yet in the United States but it's clearly. The numbers in West Africa are the worst in. Very recent history at about a good evening to you thank you for this and John let jima you wandered through a landscape that feels. Filled with old stupid people living. What did you find. Well these are the survivors. Perhaps you -- hear it. At the -- beloved fire. You all of West Africa. So what went flying left over. -- that people who are in a state of shock. Having lost so many many relatives. And one also signed curiously enough. Yeah possession and of those who died. In Clayton are touched. 34 weeks. Because everybody who's -- captain village. Is afraid to touch them. The virus it's. You. And it may still be present to know what they're here -- -- Them in possessions and for the poor people and -- side. Do I understand correctly -- that the the virus remains on the clothing and the that household goods. Of victims and that. It needs to be burned in order to destroy it is that correct. Well yes I mean in this in this particular case. That's fear has so outstrip. Rational thinking because all of the houses. Simple mud brick houses where he could conclude that the disinfecting it with a very strong core in solutions. By the health authorities. So in fact these people are not really. Bringing any risk of themselves but. This year that this disease induces because it is so deadly it's such that they still. Don't dare touch anything. It's slipped after the death and so -- -- that are friends and relatives. You quote I'm John Waltz. Doctors Without Borders of physicians saying that. What -- seeing in this village is spreading to other villages so at this point do they have a sense this is in Sierra Leone. Of how many villages look like and John jima. Well you have to entire. Of the increase later under quarantine. -- Government in -- and you have to assume that. Most of those. Most of the villages in this region of one billion people outside that can make. Has been quite -- doctored but you have decided John. Told me. That certainly continued to discover. Cadences and you don't just. There are also victims. -- who do not have the virus or haven't died from it and there in these villages there's some. Striking pictures associated with your story Adam. I'm looking at one. Young man -- bolo whose parents have died. -- is there re going into the children to the orphans -- the -- to those the survivors. Well there and so many. I don't know how much they consider it frankly focused on but it's true that. On the virus. Straight. Indiscriminately. So that some members of a friendly -- survive and others won't. But mostly. They get so. That little girl that you just mentioned. That's Ebola. He has lost her parents. And she's now being taken care. -- I'm older brother. Older. Sister. It's been yeah indiscriminate and arbitrary in the way -- it sort of strikes people down. The World Health Organization has been calling for volunteers there -- photographs also showing healthcare workers moving through this village in protective suits. Is it your sense that embassy early on that they have enough people and enough suits to deal with what they know of the size of the outbreak. There are now they don't want an out of the the principal organization that is standing there are great kids Doctors Without Borders. And I'm. They -- seriously. Undermanned. Because it or not that many people in the world who are trained. To deal would -- the virulence of this deceased. You have to be totally protected from it compared to so you have to Wear. Got goals you have to Wear suits would covers every inch of your body that we're boots. Not hold all he has to be destroyed after the book had contact with the patient. So they're going -- literally thousands and protect. Since but the point is that Doctors Without Borders. Although it's very very used to dealing of these outbreaks. It's not an organization of infinite. Capacity in manpower so they need people. They need people who are willing to go into the field that they told me a deal with this. Or quotes or not or. Who is enforcing the quarantine I've seen photographs of soldiers has the army been deployed throughout the country. Yet the army has been deployed and -- key areas of the country. And there are very stringent checkpoint. On all of the roads in and Angela territory. And one we. Grove. -- them. Over the weekend. We were the only color on the road from Moscow. It's no one is getting through accept aid workers. And a few journalists like ourselves and yet -- -- in the police that are. And Manning the checkpoint. You write that the outbreak begins in March I know it's early days to try to understand where it came from. But right now they what you're learning in Sierra Leone is they're dealing with the spread of the there's some sense that we don't know how bad it's gotten. With the vet from the villagers say 61 -- dead in the village of 500. That as suggests that in an area of a million. And I'll -- the whole population of Sierra Leone is at risk with six million we really don't know how bad it is yet. No we don't because the -- -- concealed by the villagers. Because they didn't want to turn the bodies over to. You priorities or not customary regions. And in fact the number of the cases confirmed and probable suggests that the death rate. Actually a great deal higher than. What is that -- sounds like the Florida and so for instant. It's total debt sold for well. As good for a few days ago -- was 2013. That there are health officials in her professional health officials who believe that could be used you know much has -- and -- level. Over 3000 dead. And the number continues to grow the epidemic is not under control. And it will be for some time yet. And arriving at Sierra Lee own -- I'm there's been reporting about the airport in Lagos for example or the airport in Monrovia. Is the airport open and to get in and out of Sierra Leone are people leaving the country do you now. But the airport is open outside Freetown. Different hot too many flights coming into it because. Many India and simply stopped flying a year. -- and -- out they don't want. They don't want to -- the risk of flying on injected. Passengers -- -- well saturated as a response -- Given the deadly incident indeed one can understand it also. The track that there has been McCain's. A man traveling by air Liberia. To Lagos and bringing the disease in Nigeria. Adam not -- is that the with the New York Times he's in Sierra Leone where the outbreak. Remains unknown and growing I'm John bachelor this is the John -- -- Social media is how -- works it has some very good social media managers that put out immediately. The horrible and not for consumption. Videos I've stopped looking at them because that's part of the offensive however there is a military part is well. Captured weapons from the Iraqi Army being used against the Kurdish part of Northern Iraq. In addition being directed at the ethnic minorities. That does IDs as well as the Christians in Northern Iraq all of this has led the Obama administration. To make some sharp changes in policy towards Iraq one is that the US is now actively. I sending air units over -- and against what we believe our ice is units another is that they're contemplating a rescue mission. For one or more of these ethnic minorities Michael tenacity. Writing most recently for the Daily Beast where -- senior columnist. Is looking at the US involved in Iraq. And looking at it from the point of view of the Democratic Party especially the progressive part of the Democratic Party. That was instrumental that led the way in the exit from Iraq he will wrote called the Bush Administration taking it taking America into Iraq. And the Obama administration during the campaign of 2012. Making it one of its platform. Platform successes that it ended the war in Iraq Michael a very good evening to you. I hope I've done it as best I can to encapsulate. Some of the inconsistencies. Here for the Republicans and the Democrats your column points to. Why liberals I folly of -- about your headline why liberals should back. Iraq intervention. That word intervention. Do you mean air units alone are you looking for what is also called mission creep good evening to you Michael. We don't. You know mission creep concerns me I was against the original Iraq War I think there has quite a qualitative difference. Between me. A number of air strikes and even a 130 Marines on the ground which we have just learned that says you and I speak. Is apparently cases -- I've been -- Marines on that mountain trying to help those people. Trying to get them -- out to big difference between that and a 140000. Troops. We should be concerned about mission creep but we should be clear. That it. This is a not just humanitarian crisis that is the rise of crisis a potential -- as a crisis. Is it really is a threat to. Everything that we everything -- that we purport to stand for they've made their intentions very clear their intentions are -- And we must fight these people. The Republican Party makes much the same presentation are we looking at what we could say is a return to. The partisanship stops at the shore. Which respect to the crisis to some extent I think that's true to some extent yes. You know I expected until we all get through -- we will need to write these things. We -- this real crucial wrote on Twitter now. I expected to. A lot of negative commentary from my left. On my column. And it hasn't hit the him a ticket site. On Monday there was some but it was far less that I expected. And there was more of them more than I expected. Well. These guys are pretty bad you may be right in this case. Let's review my youth Michael you're still young man and not live there is about what happened when advisors went to Vietnam. Because there was a logic to it. Then there was no exit strategy and it started with advisors under the Kennedy administration. It quickly led to didn't hang in march of 65 which was a marine contingent I mentioned a similar similarity if not a number in intention malady of the Marines. Advises and Marines and soon enough in the summer of 65 which was turmoil and chaos in the domestic scene as well. The Marines were suddenly to be reinforced and we were into Vietnam and 50000. Dead Americans -- Millions dead in southeast Asia we never did get an actual accounting so we don't -- the US goes it doesn't have a happy ending is my memory Michael. The windows stature didn't have a happy ending a bit you know that that don't mean that we -- -- to go to there and in this situation John. If you read about crisis. Have been trying to do as much I can -- west. Recent weeks and months. They're strong but they're not unstoppable they're not invincible. People for example. Saudi Arabia. Can be persuaded. To stop backing him which Saudi Arabia has been in the in the in in seats. Before they even took over Mosul. If that can be done diplomatically and then did lose some districts. There was a -- a -- in the New York Times today by two experts on crisis summit on the financial. The situation in their financial situation is pretty strong mimic a lot of money from oil revenues but but they spoke intelligently about how that can be disrupted. And there are a lot of us. Tools and -- that there's there's there's. And before. You know committee got to contribute and like to have familiar ground troops like we didn't just talk. I've follow your logic that was then the twentieth century and I don't want to drag the analogy and that's that's not good history I do wanna suggest that when the US gets involved. Bad things happen in an unintended consequences and one of them has. Are we destabilizing Iraq in other words is the turmoil in governance in Baghdad. Is separate independent cut off from the fact that the border with Syria has been erased after all these years is Syrian civil war. And the fact that the Kurds are turning into a you have to say a fortress in the north. That suggests that Iraqi is disintegrating and if that's true Michael. There is no one solution here the whole region's going to be pulled pulled him. Iraq may be disintegrating on the other hand. If Maliki beliefs which. It is it's. So he's digging in his heels but you know even Iran wants to leave people he is unified. He is unified Washington and Tehran. That's quite an accomplishment. It's usually it's and the new gentlemen potential world -- Then. You know maybe there's a chance for a better government there now. It Kurdistan may be independent. At some point. But that is something that I think it would we could figure out the car. Sort of let's stay let's say to the partisanship -- -- the Democrats are facing a mid term election that under any circumstances would be tough it's a six year the two term president nannies yours your teams so we know what the numbers are. It does this affect the mid term election or is this about sixty. I don't think -- sort of mid term election that much unless something really catastrophic happens. Plans and grow Obama is forced to escalate with ground troops to a level that. Says. He didn't anticipate but I realistically. He won't do that. I think it's more about -- if this is about electing a president is about. A Hillary Clinton or whomever -- ripple or. Or good pit crews or whomever. Talking about America's role in the world this would -- necessary for the present themselves. Michael to mask he writing for the Daily Beast on the challenge the partisan challenge for the Republicans and the Democrats. Of the United States re entry do see. Our military force into Iraq while there are questions about Iraq's governance there are no questions about the these horror of ices and what is to be done and is there a community for this or does the US act alone right now the New York Times reporting. That advisors have landed on the ground to back up the American air power we've seen over the last days fog of war. We'll know more in time I'm John bachelor this is John that session. I'm John -- The international meteor organization reminds all of you that Percy had meteor shower is peaking now fifty meteors per hour. Outside and enjoy him I'm John bachelor. I'm John -- and this is John bachelor show. -- Ebola outbreak in West Africa far away. But it's not if you speak with Monrovia this is the capital of Liberia. A country that is knitted together with American history and is now part of the solution. For the simple outbreak. What we're dealing with their numbers that are changing every day but -- the largest outbreak in recorded history right now. And I go to Monrovia -- McDougal for Al-Jazeera America. Our cable news channel that you can see in the US. On several places Time Warner Comcast but right now she's on the line because she filed a report. For Al-Jazeera America within these last days about a piece of Monrovia called new crew town. It is a poor area I take it from Claire. And she talked with a woman in new crew town and others -- dough and our grandson who were very much threatened by a bullet. There's already swept through -- Monrovia. -- a very good evening to thank you for this. New -- town you went there to visit with. Mitt -- -- but to see the devastation how are the people doing now have they been quarantine are they getting what they need. We quarantined. On the earlier on were able to talk about -- law he could not -- -- -- that he will not. Completely and I'm she could -- government nick Egypt without -- well let me people -- not -- It was built put it -- -- and he in -- -- woman. -- -- pregnant moms should get there and out and that you can't act optical engine die in the outcry. Because triple. And basically their lender with the community picked -- -- is dying and them a little. And what could be rated -- Yeah they didn't think he couldn't about it and here for -- -- -- -- in an excellent skier got a well a bullet in your community. Under the best of terms without a bowl on new crew town seems from your presentation. To be a very difficult praised a place to raise children. Lack of access to clean water medical services. And just a generally we're dealing with people who are living marginally. And now Ebola what I take from your story is. People are not well informed what a bullet is given all the other risks of living in Monrovia and Liberia so is the government attempting to educate them are they distributing things are there things on the radio. -- who are acting like you can accept public aware and -- probably will -- -- -- and load electricity technique and terror or you can read yet he entered your ball break. The actual shipping -- and an eight ING. Eric are injured object that he can -- -- that you expect. We're making X optical and they're yeah and educate people about who won. The argument in my bit. Public awareness hadn't eaten either Abu tricky period we're not -- and yet he should it be. On the earlier government should consult our what I think you're right people the -- -- -- -- -- You write that half of Liberia's counties have recorded suspected. Cases of a bowl this is the ministry of health. This is says several days behind so the numbers are climbing all the time. Are there is there -- presence now in Monrovia of of people coming in from. The WHO volunteers arriving to help with both. Those who are sick and those who might be sick and also the conditions in Monrovia. Although I mean like I could you could add something to be content at W extra actually -- 88 it and it would be control have -- number people here. You can actually on for the avid art is -- in -- He. You believe that we noted that well bank and dumped the look helped organize -- apparently it will be -- could you cannot put money. Few unpopular -- a -- luck throughout the region. You're right of something called Ebola buckets what is that. Show I actually on the track at one in my how yeah you can -- -- again. On the shop up on the public health but I think they -- that you uncle cornering into calling a -- here quarry. And what it can actually feel a ball while. And the city I'm probably got hot and clothing and Everett walked up. I'm not me that you can make that export platinum people wash their hands with the before that ability yet some content what they're achieving. With the ball that I could create a bucket with a pop. On the street and you -- walk and chlorine in the warship and it is either on. We can and then it for the control that you didn't keep the ball up. So everyone's keeping an Ebola bucket at the house. You also -- of a place called redemption hospital. That's if health facility in new crew town. Is that not right now overwhelmed what can you tell us about it. All while. Do you I'll be there -- -- or not that he couldn't it will not possible could be are grateful that he did not content. And they need a little bit longer year are being quoted -- -- like in the league hit helped can't work is some. Either have died and it could die and damn you can look at the very rotten about looking back. Where I -- you could not pick and pop will eat it and ball didn't go -- -- -- from there and and that wouldn't it thumbnail as well. Are you on that it could be helped elect me I'm noble not really strong and cannot beat me in knowledge he. So the EM health care workers collect and act -- -- the current. But we -- chief medical afford that morning and she can't step on the yeah you cannot stop and actually -- and bill. Not saying well I'm -- to be on -- -- there's an economic people and human optical the closed. People are not getting what he let it cool okay sorry to hear it could be that cannot be -- a good -- and. So where the information is redemption hospital is being used again how about John FitzGerald Kennedy memorial hospital or saint Joseph's Catholic hospital are they open. And they're not fully know -- for the actions are actions aren't -- bit -- There are a little bit and yet on the number how it -- -- JFK at heart that can hit well -- health care what people feel. I'm about weakening -- about the being able to work on the we need your help is if -- been trying to take part -- In which you're training with infection control training hard work cheap car lurch. Lot either helped elect not to break aren't network assurance from the government. Let's keep it accurate and Munich at -- age. -- -- and should -- die and what you're becoming kicked the ball and make your injecting huge. He had expected it depends on the week in -- meaningful that it will you shouldn't know when we check on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The conditions on the street in Monrovia this is that capital city are people moving around other stores failed on the cars on the streets. Hot and you know people are making around the street say it could get their relatives that know what the arm on the street one and couldn't let it would be continue to look at the he's not -- the -- and build it they. It -- reported that all nonessential. U street. Not show up to work on. It for it you know you can not -- to -- at least and mom I mean idioms stated in the agency would be not yeah so could be in the -- long. Take a look at the lead on you or are we here and eat you got and I'm not getting eaten. It is not what you and the government that we do not to order -- many people -- going to be -- street that something. Something united triple on -- Alignment. And right now obvious waiting period that that Liberia is in all these half the counties are in this waiting period. Is your sense that the authorities have have controlled what they missed now a before in other words. Is there a sense of order being brought to the it to that pandemic. I -- it's still early days and we know is that the buildings. Being -- changed and developed in the Atlantic counties. In your area of the county -- quarantined at a -- and then let the government is restricting late meg. Feel that you can -- really be scarier in an environment -- that lunatic. -- -- -- -- -- I was one yesterday and it can compete with it being like yeah -- can -- it should stick with the -- -- the ball much and -- way to act ordinary. Probably at least an hour. The government will be standing there will be thank you taking credit because time and you're one of the deal if you work with the treatment and picnic there. Strictly agent to the government cares. And -- it it will and you gotta be -- Did -- -- there. Treatments and it looked at the -- and are you willing. I would need to -- coming today on in the field. Still too early to tell whether or not on the European the government -- -- on the line and act and the -- -- there on the bar hop record completely controlling -- -- McDougal with Al-Jazeera America she's in Monrovia the capital of Liberia. -- you can see -- reporting Al-Jazeera America which is that cable channel as well as aid web site. On DirecTV Comcast Time Warner Cable dish channel several places Verizon's files I'm John bachelor. This is the John that solution. I'm John bachelor this is the John -- show don't do stupid stuff. That is a new phrase being debated seriously. At the level of national security for the United States of America the Obama administration and the prospective. Clinton administration and the next Clinton administration don't do stupid stuff now replies. Two foreign policy -- -- of course have many uses you will were called during the first Clinton administration this is the one in fact back in the twentieth century. It's the economy stupid was a phrase that inspired a reelection in 96. James Toronto best of the web this year. To comment on this debate between mrs. Clinton and mr. Obama about don't do stupid stuff. And and Jarrett David Axelrod you'll recall mr. Axelrod is credited. -- of the campaign the very successful campaign of Barack Obama back in 2000. Seven and 2008. He's now commenting on this very peculiar debate about foreign policy -- of good evening to. Don't do stupid stuff. Many people are going to think I'm making this up James that's actually a policy that the White House has allowed us to believe do you think do we believe they're still following it with. Regard to all of the catastrophes. In Iraq and Afghanistan in Syria and Gaza are they still using this good evening -- Well our first of all we should I clarified that the White House doesn't use the -- stopped they used another word that we can say I'm not we don't get to work we're -- -- -- just sought side is that this is the way it typically are rendered and so. But Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic did this side interview with Hillary Clinton to get a lot of attention. And one of the guys probably the most memorable quote. Was side she says great nations need organizing principles and don't do stupid stuff is not an organizing principle. I don't disagree with that why is it that mr. Axelrod weighs in does he feel that mrs. Clinton is taken advantage of Barack Obama she was the secretary of state for many of the not doing stupid stuff moment. Yeah well this is -- it is pretty clearly trying in this interview art in this and other ways to distance herself from the Obama administration. It's it's kind of a bold move I suppose because. It's not at all clear that this more hawkish side. I have a policy that she's sticking out his -- going to be popular -- sixteen and especially. In the Democratic Party. On and so but I think that throughout the White House's side is taking offense that it there rather thin skinned over there. And David Axelrod there's no longer officially with the White House but it's still understood to. All right speak on officially on the president's been out. But tweeted on Tuesday morning quote just to clarify don't do stupid stuff means stuff like occupying Iraq in the first players. Which was tragically bad decisions. There is another policy that's entered into this debate and you write about it at best of the web it goes another sort of catchy way no Victor no vanquished. What does that mean because mr. Friedman of the New York Times. -- talks writes about this in his lengthy interview with the president the United States. Yeah odd. Well it's unclear whether this is an Obama trump or not because it comes up three times in. Friedman is right up in this interview I haven't reviewed the transcript of the interview as to whether Obama is the that this term. But it's always in Friedman's words and he basically says Obama agrees with that. So the idea about no Victor no vanquished is that we want side countries. Applied to live -- inclusive policies so for example are in the current Iraq situation. Obama has been very critical I am with some good reason our prime minister -- C. For our running his side government. Good for the benefit -- by this the Shiites and freezing out the -- Kurds and the -- Arab Sunnis. Do we do we believe James that the use did policy no Victor no vanquished is not mr. Obama's because that was very much the impression mr. Friedman game. It's so it's not entirely clear and and not for it and apparently sat there during an interview nodding and everything the president was saying. I am -- so I think that he thinks Obama is on the same page as he has. And that is certainly 110 you know one can identify elements of this him in Obama's policies. On the other hand look at what's happened now we have flight intervened in Iraq. What militarily art the art. Administration has just said it's sending a few ground troops and help in this rescue. -- why because the idea of no Victor no -- simply doesn't apply you've got these side. Did this terrorist group crisis that has taken over large swaps of Iraq and syrup. And get side. It's its plan is to vanquish the side. Are the religious minorities in those areas to commit genocide as the president said. And -- the only way to what deal with that is sought to vanquish doubt about that side the president is determined to do that. He still tried to keep it limited because I guess a full scale intervention would be -- stupid stuff. However at the same time we're given reason to believe that mr. Obama's not following his own policy if I understand he's been picking winners for some time and Iraqis. Picking winners in Afghanistan though it effectively dealing with mr. Karzai. Any certainly trying to pick winners in you'd have to say that the greater Middle East look what look about Cairo. While this side this is word yet side. To put it kindly paradoxical. -- Friedman often cites is the example as his example of the no Victor no vanquished. Side. -- Model Tunisia where since the Arab Spring things have been going relatively well compared with. Most of the other Arab countries. -- well Obama says he only wants to intervene where you have there's. According to Friedman. Obama says if you only -- intervene where you have there's no Victor or vanquished so -- we intervening in Tunisia and of course the answer is there's no reason to intervene in Tunisia. Because things they're going relatively well. So it's not that but the whole thing is a bit paradoxical you need. Intervention when you're dealing with an implacable enemy. There is also the goldilocks doctrine that you point to in your piece about mrs. Clinton and mr. Obama which is not too hot not too cold. Is that policy they've talked about James are you just reasoning from the them the moments where you can't entirely be sure what they're talking about. No that's I'm having a little fun there. This is with respect to Obama was commenting on the situation in. Israel the Palestinian territories. And he said well I think the problem is that Netanyahu is too strong and I boxes too weak for them to make peace. And I said you know this leaders to strongest leaders to -- leader is just right. Of course this analysis spot misses the art. All right the role of Hamas which is actually causal factor in both Netanyahu whose strength because side. Netanyahu as the country -- against -- as a result of the heart attacks. And boxes weakness because -- even -- the boxes inclined to enter into a peace agreement can't deliver on it if he can't police's own territory. That mrs. Clinton had this quote. In which she said on that side she says quote you know when you're down on yourself and when -- -- hunkering down and pulling back. This is obviously a reference to the Obama administration's approach. You're not going to make any better decisions than when you're aggressively deliberately putting yourself forward. So here it is that president was too aggressive this president is too passive in 2016 elect someone who's just right the implication is that mrs. Clinton. James there is a suggestion here that this is in serious on their part but then again I've follow the story very carefully and that's the best they've given us so far to explain the foreign policy that seems now out to be in trouble in many countries in the Middle East. As the Obama administration tried to clarify. No Victor no vanquished and don't do stupid stuff and not too hot not to colder too aggressive not aggressive they tried to come forward and have an adult conversation with us about their policy. I don't think so look I mean the basic side. The basic belief all of the President Obama and this administration. It seems to me is that side. America by aggressively intervening in the world makes things worse and the the past of America means a more peaceful world. And what we've seen not particularly argued during the second term. Is that but that doesn't seem to be true that the world isn't living up to -- the -- to president Obama's expectations. And I think that this side poses a that challenge to his basic worldview though and I don't think he's prepared to deal with. James strand deriding best of the web for the Wall Street Journal I'm John -- this is the John that's -- --

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