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Steve & Ted in the Morning 08/14/14 Hr 1

Aug 14, 2014|

Road Rage Shooting in Wichita

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our store in the waterfront on thirteenth street just east of -- -- print this season's edition of our moonlight madness sale. Your dad speed traffic controller to help get you where. Weekday mornings from six until now. -- news radio at thirteen thirty K -- SS. Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news. Thirteen thirty KN SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good politics over five years ready to achieve thirty -- and SS IC Macintosh. 68 degrees now looking for a little bit warmer day today with a high around 92. Wichita police say they've taken up by six list in the custody have. -- was shot in the face during a road rage incident authorities say the shooting happened Wednesday night after a verbal altercation between a bicycle -- And the 39 year old car driver here Harry and Seneca in south Wichita. Both vehicles pulled into a shopping center the bicycle shop the man as he was getting out of his car. Sargent Ron -- Barry says it. Individuals that were inside but didn't thereby hurt again shot when it came out. Big dog individual on the -- maybe now back out that information given normal when his -- who brought cap. Within just a few seconds less than a minute to individuals think they cut it on and -- provide -- serves as a description had been out over the. George McGovern says an officer used a stun gun to subdue the suspect the driver of the car the man who was -- his wife and daughter were in the car with him that driver was hospitalized. In critical condition in a surprise move the Sedgwick county commission has agreed to buy the old IRS building a third and water across from City Hall. And a little to the west. The building cost these five million dollars -- the county will spend another nine million for renovations. The building will house a new city county building and construction department planning the county appraiser environmental resources sheriff's professional standards unit and the treasures tag office currently located on -- the agreement is contingent on the city providing a 130 more parking spaces to the -- mr. Carl Peter John was concerned about parking and Richard brands -- question whether all the options had been explored both voted no but county commissioner Tim -- express the majority opinion. Good building we've negotiated a price that is reasonable and you'll have a long life. For what we're trying to do consolidate. A lot of power into the tees back into the downtown area. Article news radio thirteen thirty K and assets the democratic candidate for Kansas secretary of state is calling for her Republican opponent to fire the Cedric county elections commissioner. He showed or charges that election commissioner tab of the layman miscalculated the results of Wichita petition drive calling for a referendum on the decriminalization of marijuana. But she tells -- SS -- of mistakes began during the last presidential election. Anybody you know it'd -- and I get a little break. But the mistakes. They inattention and different traction error it just continues and continues and concludes. Secretary if he's called box. Responded to short bush demand telling take news layman has done a great job. She -- and she responsibility for people -- papers stuck together -- and are looking at it and immediately correct the error of reluctance -- Showed -- cobalt we'll face all from the state election in November. Two people have been arrested in connection with a blow gun attack on two young girls in Newton. 32 year old Marcus -- was arrested on charges of aggravated battery and aggravated assault. 29 year old detachable fur was also arrested and charged with obstructing an investigation. To Newton girls said they were swimming in -- creek earlier this month when they got too close of fishermen. The girls said the anglers follow them to a bike -- picked up blow guns and started firing darts. Our dart struck one of the girls in the foot and she was traded for her injury. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty -- and assess a homeless man has been shot and wounded near a central Kansas park where a pair of jeans were practicing target shooting. The Pratt county sheriff's office says he incident happened Wednesday morning impressed. Authorities say two boys ages fifteen and sixteen were target shooting at a trash Maryland apparently didn't see the man sleeping behind it. One of the rounds hit the man in the leg. The boys call for help the 42 year old man was taken to a hospital for treatment the severity of his injury. Was not immediately known. So I know my minister at 6 o'clock Stevens had this -- this morning we have they. Things moving right along so far the gasoline prices. Are still sitting the same price Cooper sitting out yesterday. Still. Haven't really changed that the gasoline price -- -- yet to burst our 320. For a gallon and in most places here in Wichita -- couple higher prices out there actually but it. This is one of those trend setting places so. Not really thinking that there's a gasoline price increase out there again that was. Gasoline prices still the same as they were yesterday at this time in case -- SS traffic central. I'm dead -- here Thursday morning let's take a look at that takes for solar forecast now with meteorologist frank Walter frank. Thanks Steve a couple starts of the day will you 60s this morning but this afternoon will be up here in 92 that's pretty typical for this time of the year. Lots of sunshine and a south southeast breeze at eight to eighteen. Overnight tonight we are partly starry slight chance -- shower storm mainly after midnight lows drop to 68. Partly sunny on Friday another slight chance -- -- shower -- thunderstorm with a high near nine before. Indicate Purcell our forecast -- I'm meteorologist frank law. Currently have a mostly cloudy partly cloudy skies southeast wind and seven miles per hour. And 68 degrees Wesley rehab hospital an affiliate of health itself. The largest provider of inpatient rehab in the US located on west thirteenth across the northwest high school Wesley rehab hospital a higher level of care. 610 now coming up on 611 was Stevenson in the morning and the Dow Jones Industrial Average. He's back into the black for the year. A modest gains in the stock market yesterday pushed the Dow higher as investors set aside concerns about Ukraine Iraq and earnings at least for a day. Amazon led the gains in light trading despite a mixed batch of economic and corporate news. The gains were broad in three companies rose for every one that fell on the New York Stock Exchange. And all ten sectors in the S&P 500 it ended higher. The Dow closed up 91 points yesterday. The S&P closed up thirteen points and the NASDAQ. Closed up 45 points. Well I guess people will. We'll try to cheat. You try to keep dragging a little money its regular greedy officials say a 22 year old beauty pageant contestant. He's been arrested in California after being caught on video. Walking comfortably and high heels while collecting workers' compensation benefits after saying she had broken a -- The state department of insurance says Sean Foley and Palmer. Claim she fractured toe while working at a supermarket. The doctor issued her crutches and an orthopedic issue and she collected workers' -- -- ever. The agency says in -- release that Palmer was later videotaped walking with no discomfort while competing to become -- Toyota. At the Long Beach grand free. -- record shall Palmer was arrested Friday in Riverside on three felony counts of defrauding an insurance company she was released on 5000 dollars bail. I think is possible for someone with a broken toe to. Perform on stage and the look normal but in this case of it appears that they have some evidence that maybe that told was not broken after all. The other question that arises in your mind how did you get to crutches and she gets the the special or with a pretty shoot from the doctor if he didn't even look at her. Or did he look at her and say no we don't do that for it. Think it opens there's got to be more to this story then and what's meeting the -- that she's trying to compete and may be cheat. In the compete. A tow truck driver from a small western Colorado City claimed his nineteen million dollar powerball jackpot. And told reporters he had been waking up and feeling like his widow wasn't real. The Denver Post reports the winner who identified himself only as Claude G at a news conference. Said he woke up Sunday as his wife screamed in joy. For drawing was Saturday night the prize is the largest powerball jackpot ever won in Colorado as ninety million. Previous Colorado lottery winners also heavily identified themselves by their first names and an initial. I'd like to have their privacy I -- now in good idea. -- G says he is from rifle where he bought his ticket rifle Colorado out in the western part of this just in Colorado never idols have ever been through -- The best forget the ticket -- ninety million dollar and I don't get that it doesn't say out breaks down. You know after you take off the taxes and all that probably about -- half. Finished five million sorrow and probably something like -- underneath my going to be the full ninety we know that much. It's -- 614 now would Stephen -- in the mornings ought to take a quick look at the radar for you because. As you heard India. Efforts are forecast there. With frank wall we may may have -- -- -- here later on tonight or tomorrow right now not much in the Wichita area. There's a little spot way over to the east dailies in Greenwood county over there there's one it's a little a band of showers just east of great band now moving east -- great -- out western Kansas and if you're -- -- seventy right doubled between Salina and Haiti's. There's little shower up their troops keeping things wet then head down -- keep Oklahoma -- -- just cobble -- to the southeast of medicine lodge in the Oklahoma border. There's a little shower down there -- not much. Dylan on Google cloud cover around the area but not much going on right now we do have as yet again it's only about a 30% chance for a shower. Later on tonight and ended tomorrow morning here in south central Kansas 615 now Stephen -- and a funeral. Will be held this morning near Syracuse, New York for a race car driver Kevin ward junior. Who was struck and killed Saturday by a race car driven by NASCAR champion Tony Stewart. The accident -- trek in -- oh boy. And and Deluca. -- murdered that plays sparked controversy. After a bump from Stewart's and boards of winged cars spinning into the wall. The twenty year old ward climbed out and stock -- the track gesturing angrily. George cars seem to fish tail end ward was strolled through the -- as the fans watched in horror. I don't know that the first of all these. I know these guys keep. I -- and -- our drivers really get upset with each -- -- then yeah it happens but my goodness I'm not sure -- get out of class who until later -- -- -- I -- got to -- or heard something either that -- get out of the car go straight off the track attracted over there you -- down which is something cold to -- and just kind of and cool your jets. Mean this is this is a story that hasn't have. Anything good about it it's just all all bad and a demand -- -- Funeral services -- twenty years -- -- It's a 616 was even 10 in the morning and in our news today. Here in Wichita talking about a possible looks like a road -- -- the road rage incident and a southwest part of the city. And experience and -- last -- got a bicycle and a man driving a car and they got into a verbal exchanges and the next thing you know. The man the cars shot in the face. The personal the bicycle they put out the description so quickly. That the police say they were able to an end this guy just within almost within seconds. Of the immediately description gonna army went hard to see amazing found a really quick. Had a -- and bring him down but they've won in custody and the gentleman who was shot. Appears to be at last -- was in critical condition that at a Wichita hospital so then Josh. That we have -- the story we're gonna tell you about that would come up in a minute about an intruder. Judy Humana which domestic gunfire going all over the question yeah. 617 -- into the -- today is Thursday. August 14 on the state in 1935. President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed social social social security -- a law that's hard to say for me anyway social security act into law. And for a couple of generations now people relied on that. Tended not to the other pensions and got away and Social Security launcher. Many people rely on that for almost all their income of their retirement at just 1935. And -- state. 1945 president Harry Truman announced that Japan had surrendered unconditionally. Ending World War II. -- -- Phase though -- -- -- -- -- and Ashcroft to 76 remember seals and drops yes. Rock singer David Crosby is 73 he was with the -- is here's a bird -- Crosby, Stills and Nash. Steve Martin 69 years old. He got his start as a comedy writer for the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour funny funny yeah yes and in my life and I saw him in concert that. -- Daschle was a place out of and -- the Kansas coliseum. Yeah in the mid seventies saw live. Author Danielle Steele -- 67 romance novelist. He has more than 800 million copies sold well that is a lot of books can get a buck for every copy she is a rich woman. Far side cartoonist Gary Larson is 64 I love the far so yeah quite funny guy raising. Basketball hall of famers Ervin Magic Johnson is 55. He was he in BA. And VP in his rookie season Jan. He was a rookie and an -- in the MVP in the NBA tanks and Halle Berry 48 years till today former fashion model. And she won the Oscar for monster ball. In 2002000. With an extremely attractive. Woman yeah did pretty good actress I think I guess -- she's got an Oscar and I don't have one of those. 618 make it 619 now Steven -- in the morning news radio thirteen thirty. -- and as gas. And in sports by hate him look at sports gets -- they're deadly sports authority. For our first update this morning and Jim we've got the royals. Somebody -- through shut out last night and that's our. Well Jason Vargas a three hitter in his sixth career shut out wow and a yet that -- Omar Infante hitting a two run home run Kansas City Royals they. Thought you needed yeah they beat the Oakland Athletics three to nothing last night they lead. The four game midweek series two to one. That series will continue this afternoon Kansas City maintains a game and a half Fuller a half game lead over Detroit in the AL central. Royals in the days and action again this afternoon 1230 is the pregame start for that broadcast Natalie over on T -- H 12:40 AM 987 FM. And a sticky with a baseball not such good news for the -- wing nuts. There your final game -- very long road stand he ended up and who -- up in Lincoln Nebraska 65 to the -- dogs the wing -- return home for the first time in seventeen games. Friday night so they get today off the got tired of meeting at Denny's everyday what do you think yeah that's but tonight at 7 o'clock. They welcome in the Grand Prairie air rugs to -- -- stadium and they're getting welcome back with fireworks will be fireworks at night should be great yeah it'll definitely be good when. We've got some -- Wichita thunder news they're making some roster moves. -- the defense a little bit they re signed Andrew Martin's yesterday he's been with the thunder for the last four years. A former CHL defender of the year he was a finalist for that award last year with the thunder. Andy also signed forward Todd Hosmer who comes to -- -- after spending the last couple of seasons. But the Mississippi River kings of the SP HL he was the league leader in goals in the ESP HL last season so they'll probably do pretty good job for the wing nuts. And the William Bennett and sports on a set -- longtime minor league manager and coach and scout in the major leagues. Who had a short stint in the major leagues as a player a catcher with he Kansas City athletics. Who died. Gordon -- Gordy MacKenzie. 77 years older. He had 24 at bats and eleven games for the athletics in 1961 but he also. Was an assistant coach for the Kansas City Royals health and and by the name you have and he coached for the ES Houston Astros Gulf Coast League -- -- he's coached he's been with them since 2000 ATF passed away. Yesterday and it's. Gordon Gordy MacKenzie. And that's we have for sports so far this morning brought to you by and the newly remodeled bullseye shooting range where they know and use the guns they sell. The bulls I would start -- -- be safe she'd say if bull's -- shooting range at 1455. North -- picks Tony one now under 68 degrees -- for Fox News commentator Todd stock and. Plus traffic and weather on the way Rick -- head in the morning on news radio thirteen thirty K and fans and stuff. Because police he's on new. News radio thirteen thirty anymore. PNSS yeah. Consider this Davis more Lincoln has made a big move to kill again -- We've opened a whole new door to let dream which is tough. 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With me got -- Saturdays at noon right here on news radio thirteen thirty. Hey Dan asks asks. Six what if -- asked you to the -- make -- 626. People dead. One is thinking. Positive word of the Oxford dictionary and it will be cited for you coming up with -- -- to -- And this morning we've got schools sounds active once again. Even more than the area today than there were yesterday we've got schools opening up. So much on every day this week depending who are you part in the Wichita. Greater metro area -- schools opened up on Tuesday for the most part now we've got to. Schools I was active school buses out there running remember those school buses stopped. It every railroad crossings and get a slowdown through those. Schools active school zones in -- in SS traffic central -- chambers going to be sunny and a bit warmer today with a high around 92 degrees. Partly cloudy with a 30% chance for rain tonight and Friday the overnight low 68. Friday's high 94. There. Now partly cloudy southeast wind at seven miles per hour and 68 degrees at -- and SS. Coming abuse on the half hour with -- -- demand shot he faced by home intruders. Naughty -- I'm Todd Stern is with this Fox News and commentary next. Really experience really tough. We're following this explosive story nothing gets by -- -- this is all yeah what was that all about how there's no experience. And you know what O Reilly dom and we'll be -- Smart shot. Cutting it. The news of the day with a little heat may be delivered. Sean seals the deal -- fearless on what part of that are you want us. Most watched most trucks. Thank goodness for Lila rose and her staff that live action. -- rose heads up or pro life nonprofit that exposes how Planned Parenthood is using our tax dollars. And what your team uncovered at a clinic in Eden Prairie, Minnesota is simply mind boggling. A live action staffer went undercover as a fifteen year old and secretly filmed a rather graphic conversation about sex and a bondage. The Planned Parenthood staffer gave the girl advice about whips and chains and clamps. The staffer went so far as to suggest a young girl could either whipped herself or get her boyfriend to oblige provided it was consensual. She also recommended fifty shades of gray as whole summer reading material for a fifteen year old. I just thought you'd like to know how Planned Parenthood was using more than 540 million dollars they got from the American taxpayer -- I'm Tom -- us. Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news thirteen there. And SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station depend on -- Point 63090 Macintosh 68 degrees looking for a high today of maybe -- Wichita police say a man was hospitalized after being shot in the face during a home invasion. -- didn't -- Espinoza says it happened Tuesday night in the 2200 block from both pilots. And none of us are male force his way into the residence and he walked into the bedroom. Very 34 year old male. There's this suspect walked into the bedroom the homeowner woke up. And observe the man standing again his bedroom. And that individual part one shot striking the individual in the face. Espinoza says he injured man grabbed his nine year old son from another room and drove to a hospital he remains in serious condition no suspect has been identified. Ellison noted that takes for solar forecast -- meteorologist frank Walter frank. And -- a couple starts in the -- well he has 60s this morning but this afternoon will be up here in 92 that's pretty typical for this time of the year. Lots of sunshine and a south southeast breeze at eight to eighteen. Overnight tonight we are partly starry slight chance -- shower storm mainly after midnight lows drop to 68. Partly sunny on Friday another slight chance for showers thunderstorm with a high near 94. Indicate Purcell our forecast -- I'm meteorologist Frank Wolf. Now we're -- partly cloudy sky southeast wind seven miles per hour and 68 degrees. One of two men injured in an explosion at a southeast Kansas fireworks manufacture has died. While the second ban remains in critical condition and the Crawford county sheriff's office says 28 year old Kenny Clarke died at a Joplin hospital. Hours after the explosion Tuesday afternoon. A second man 42 year old Howard harper was listed in critical condition at a Springfield hospital. The men were injured by an explosion and fire at the former headquarters of -- fireworks in Pittsburg. They were removing materials that were to be taken to the company's new headquarters. In Pittsburgh industrial park. No other employees were injured the cause of the explosion on the fire remain under investigation. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty -- and assess Kansas congressman Mike Pompeo hotels to Unisys news we've got to become more engaged in Iraq. Mean 80000 US soldiers from a grounder -- -- that we are -- on the -- I don't think that would be. Helpful constructive or productive. Spoke with we've got to get in front of their. And begin to take down that -- -- likes. Bob fails as US intelligence has known about the terrorist grief group for at least two years. DUI checkpoints are coming this weekend Wichita police lieutenant James Espinosa says officers will be on the look out for impaired drivers. During the upcoming you drink you drive you lose campaign. Parkland which -- that are counting. Included cracked down what part visibility enforcement. We'll stop please forests and -- sheriff's deputies who can't control we work Nortel America before our older drivers especially at night. We will conduct security checkpoints throughout certain accounting and state I know we're about making arrest to be visible to reduce drunk drivers. The you drink you drive you lose campaign runs from August 15. Until September 1 Patrick Murphy news radio thirteen thirty -- and SS Lawrence voters will decide whether to approve a tax increase to pay for a new police headquarters. The city commission there has voted to put these two tenths of a percent sales tax question. On the November ballot that gives officials less than ninety -- -- To persuade voters to approve the 28 million dollar project -- In assess national news time 633. Always flies -- protesters in last night burgers in Missouri ABC's Jim Ryan that are on the spot there and he knew Michael Brown was killed. Why a police officer on Saturday demonstrators gathered again last night. What had been a relatively peaceful protest turned ugly when an object which thrown from the crowd police responded with tear gas and percussion grenades towards rounds. And people arrested now appears to be no need for US rescue mission in Iraq many of the refugees trapped in a mountain and now managed to escape. New five days cease fire agreed to by Hamas and Israel and Gaza upstate New York today funeral services for the race driver. Struck and killed a NASCAR's Tony Stewart during that Greece over the weekend at least for the title is extensive damage -- applies flooding in parts of the east and midwest. The governor of Pennsylvania wants the Discovery Channel to drop this series -- morpheus is Jose. Bigoted the trail. Of their religious sect. -- limerick. ABC new. 6:31 hostage in the morning news radio thirteen thirty KM SS 68 degrees. Don't know what I'm thinking is how about realistic goal. Perhaps it's time to get to know them Britain's Oxford University Press says it is adding the words along with. Other new entries from the time tour from time tour to. Helio and diet to its online Oxford dictionaries. To reflect new language trends of -- some of those -- not all editors for the site track and analyze some 150 million English words used on line in newspapers and other charges. And once every few months they decide which new words are so widely used that they merit a dictionary entry. One of these is bait or -- which describes in -- smokeless nicotine vapor using. Oxford dictionaries researchers say the usage of both -- and EC has increased. About ten times in the past two years. Many new entries are informal words or abbreviations that reflect people's changing media consumption habits. And the internet's ever increasing prominence. Mystical any idea. No that's that's what I have no idea yet available if there is -- -- president tells little mystical is. I certainly not to look at if -- he would get up is now -- -- -- at. L I ST I CL -- logistical. Can man's best friend being green with envy and nine month study here instead dogs could possibly feel he's human like emotion. A study by a psychology professor at the University of California San Diego supports this basic theory. Dogs and their owners were videotaped while the human to played was stuffed animals and almost all the cases the dogs tried to get the attention of their owners. By pushing or even snapping at the fully pooch. But other experts like those at the American college of veterinary behaviorist. Wouldn't call the behavior jealousy they also questioned whether dogs feel shame. That this study is published. In the journal Plosser one that's PL OS one ONE. New dogs feel shame. The one the fact no one. Don't seem to be very ashamed of anything to do that's what we like him who are dog because it. They don't feel shame of any kind of stiff what's going on but found out ballistic -- statistical yes logistical is. It's like an article but it's not an article because it just contains a list okay. Yes so it's like -- A written on line article but it's not -- -- -- and actually contain a story just contains a list of things OK let's just also tour is just a list yeah plus feet. Does list tackles this is one of those stories you did indeed if we get more of these almost every day to day authorities say a man was shot and killed outside a Philadelphia concerts. Being held to promote peace and stem violence in the city. But he said the gunfire haven't around 830 last night outside the Dell music center in the city Fairmont park. Officials say the twenty year old man was arriving at the Phillies support silly piece on the streets concert when he got into an argument with someone in the parking lot. Police said the shooter opened fire striking the victim twice no arrests have been made police say they're checking surveillance video. Don't you go to a concert. Promoting peace and try to stem violence in your city in Uganda on the I mean it's just. It's silly it's ironic that it really is this facility is and how are. -- that had never talking about this on ABC about the rain in the New York area. Around the clock recovery continues on Long Island New York after massive rains. A record thirteen point 26 inches of rain fell between midnight and 9:30. Wednesday morning. Communities across the US are drying out after unusually heavy rains swamped highways flooded basements and were blamed for at least four deaths. That cut my -- thirteen inches of rain. In about nine hours that you know there's no you everything's gonna flood really do that just everything. You can't avoid at 638 now with -- -- in the morning and it's time for our commodities update with Tom let's clear up left look at bodies aboard and Tom. Well good morning speeds you -- makes will be trading was mostly baby park -- complex. But there's still volatility in the cold on the negative side. Eco complex may -- lows for the current slide Tuesday outside the October and December like cattle closed below the fifty day moving average for the fourth straight session. -- trading below 100 day moving average for the first time for the life of the contract police broke our full head a trade to the upside yesterday and they recovered from early losses at the moment which he admits it straight -- livestock October live cattle. 42 cents higher at 14697. October feeder up 55 at 213 to 45. I'll probably -- cannot dollar 829557. We yesterday -- he we've made new contract will conclude that you keep the soybeans also grown they -- all the corn close on the positive side. Prices continue to be pressured by the prospect support for corn and soybean crops and non threatening weather in the forecast this morning -- the weekly export itself. And expiration of the August soybean complex. Takes place today. Friday is that you know PA soybean -- report. Little trading move overnight but the markets were mostly lower December Casey we get a penny and a quarter it's 6:30 PM December according to an opinion three quarter to 368. November soybeans down three cents at 1043 and three quarters of kemba -- -- fourteen cents lower at 9745. December gold down three dollars and thirty cents at thirteen eleven to -- the progression been -- to point at 19146. And three quarter. September dollar index down five cents at 8160. And I have to sort of work. There are due to feature sixteen point higher trading at 16100635. -- -- -- Greg marketing advisory can't pick up for a commodity gonna vote on the live do you want. But you can 866 doomed to -- Tom Hilary aren't there -- in the trading weeks almost over anything exciting happening in this week so far. The report that we had coming -- Tuesday will probably most exciting thing because the -- But the government shall we look -- up across upside but they said the -- will be the biggest thing will continue to focus on and it looks like most of corn belt go look pretty. All right thank you -- The -- has commodity update is brought to you by American and credit providing financial services. Customized your ever changing needs -- dot com or 804661146. American and credit. 6:40 -- hit the morning news radio thirteen thirty K and as test coming up dying man's money tracker. Retirement age for reboot. And traffic and weather all the way -- did -- radio thirteen thirty KM SS. 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Should the power go to severe weather coverage continues with -- news radio thirteen thirty very concerning radar picture. -- -- -- 645 now Stevens -- in the morning news radio thirteen thirty Kagan is just coming up -- the top of the hour in less than fifteen minutes. At 7 o'clock the king and SS sporting news' Stephen -- but our top stories. I shooting in southwest Richard Wichita appears to be. A result of road rage we'll tell you about that coming up top of the hour pianist this morning news websites. Which is you know the good time to bring up don't get mad -- in traffic yeah. Trust and the other five at least hey here's a traffic tips during a traffic segment in the morning this is something that showed up on the yeah. -- the Mythbusters show. If you drive angry not only is it just bad for you bet for your health. You know maybe possibly -- leads to somebody getting shot. You're also wasting gas. Yeah when you drive angry your miles per gallon goes. There's -- -- yeah exactly so let you know just save yourself some money save yourself some gas. Don't drive angry. Another gasoline prices today no change from what we're seeing yesterday we're still around 324. A gallon and can -- -- central I'm dead chambers. Sunny and warmer today with a hot. Tuesday high of 92 degrees court. Cloudy with a 30% chance for rain tonight and Friday the overnight low 68. Friday's highs and 84. Now partly cloudy we have a southeast wind at seven miles per hour 68 degrees. Has the hots -- Kansas summer weather. -- -- challenging your comfort why not check out American standard to boost air conditioners and heat pumps have been rated most reliable seven times in a national product testing magazine. COLT David Welch owner of Welch's -- independent American standard heating and air conditioning dealer. 647 now -- -- in the morning looks like immunized is reset and -- little warmer than yesterday but not much. We have -- international news this morning in his first trip to Asia. Pope Francis opened a five day visit to South Korea today calling for renewed efforts for peace on the war divided Korean Peninsula. The pope's message comes on the heels of Seoul's rival North Korea firing five projectiles into the seat earlier in the day. -- Francis encouraged dialogue to replace fruitless criticisms and displays of force. -- He's not simply be since hopeful. But -- -- the fastest the press is also highlighted the need to protect children I think. -- -- fish and an important. Over. When they need to keep. Piling young people who. -- GOP. The word from the pulpit -- chief rabbi and a time right now where there's a lot of violence going on all across our little planet here. It's -- 648 -- -- -- -- -- nice to have you with us this morning contraction in Germany's economy. And stagnation in France -- in European stocks today while Asian markets ended mixed. Benchmark crude oil fell but remained about 97 dollars a barrel the dollar gained against the Euro and the yen. The government or import the weekly jobless claims number today also Freddie Mac or least a weekly mortgage rates. Two big retailers will report quarterly earnings today the Wal-Mart reports before the market opens. And anytime now and JC Penney reports after the market closes. For retailers are finally beginning to circumvent barriers. Two entry into the gigantic Indian market. They're pouring billions of dollars into e-commerce -- seeing Indian choppers as the next big thing. Previously the barriers had held back retail powers such as Wal-Mart and IKEA. That's -- he says I Kia Kia. Online shopping is still in its infancy. In India was a huge emerging. Consumer class there you would think yeah there's -- a new market opening up. 650 Dallas Stephen's head in the morning -- news radio 1530 and what's going on when your life today answer well we get to the review your reports election just I don't go to. Really well just sits happy to report to the the bedroom bathroom remodel this is coming right OK Cooper coming along got all the tile work done got the doors 3COM. Yeah you could just talk about this the other day you're you're pretty handy guy get to hammer the -- in the hammer and nails it when I know Tyler good time out. It's what I would do and then well Aaron and I put in some crown molding in -- and some base molding in the reiterate us a little hammering and he'll be a little bit hammering nailing the projects -- -- in a very much coming together but the you know you work for we work for three weeks we did three bedrooms actually so it was quite a quite an undertaking -- when your. Taking out everything you gotta replace everything in you know new carpet in the bedrooms hardwood and all that stuff and and it it all came together last night where -- got to put on the new the new cover for the bad -- and get all the furniture back in so. That that you know three weeks of being torn apart. All comes together in one minute you know you can see a little bit of progress here and -- but to actually put it together she was -- -- very very happy that's very nice as I hate to have that kind of thing -- you know just everything and you know mess yet for a while and you know I get -- -- more have to -- -- -- -- living room and -- Jackets can hang in -- -- -- -- the -- like you're young and single NBA 650 what -- Stevens had in retirement age reboot. He's what don's gonna talk about this morning with the -- -- and SS. Update list. But when we're callers because the money travel tracker -- and Andre Agassi yes I forgot what it was more important on two hits your ordinary. Yes 65 is the accepted age for Americans who retire so no matter what our financial situation we think it is time to poll the record at that time. While some investors close to retirement. Have a choice retire now and reduce spending. Or work a few more years to maintain the current lifestyle. For the employee benefit research center reports that only about how. Half a US households are on track to maintain their current standard of living by age 66. Now they delay and work until age 78. 86%. Will be in a much better position to enjoy a prosperous retirement without a reduction in net income. One reason for the bomb the Nin com is well first of all Social Security benefits will be dramatically better if they wait till late seventy to file further benefits. Not only will they received greater benefits the cost of living increases will boost that annual payout. Investments and retirement accounts can remain invested can have the opportunity to grow creating a bigger base for end up. If they are in a tax project protected account growth can accelerate without being taxed on gains. Working means that your finding your life with income from work and that -- not depleting retirement assets that means it you need less to fund the rest of your life. Well one more reason to consider working a few more years longer is is it no direct connection to money. But emotional health. Think about all of the relationships that are provided in a work environment. -- stepping away from that is often difficult for a transition for many. Research shows that. Mental stimulation is a key to long live and work may provide that for many not for everybody bottom line but because you turn 65 or 66 doesn't mean you need to stop working for a paycheck to enhance your lifestyle -- by remaining on the payroll for a few more years. Or at least if you want to. You know pick up some consulting work -- do something part time security questions you can now give me a call number 6342222. -- think if you get that situation you don't want a job every day in which of their fifty hours a week on now and somebody's beating you over the head to get something done you what's on -- you can maybe. Work a little bit of slower pace maybe a different hours while we talk about that a Little League yesterday in -- -- to report about just the you know finding things that. That that you are passionate about that did you wanna do you may not even be making a lot of money doing it. But you're not doing it for the money you're doing it to keep your mind awake and alive and use stimulated and and just just to you know just a better quality of life this is the anniversary of the social security act signed -- bill signed into -- in 1935 on the state. By president Franklin Roosevelt and that his skipped. A lot of people out of poverty though my property over the years while Tara does it on your -- the -- hey listen thank you -- took with you again tomorrow -- All right 654 feet to test coming up the king in as a sporting news was Stephen Ted top of the hour here. Another perfect night of unrest. In the Saint Louis cover. Introduce yourself all you needed today. America's growing squeeze on voice and real news radio there. -- -- Like to run like to walk. Like to eat. What -- support the united way Cargill presents the dash and -- five K run -- Saturday September 20 there'll be tons of free gourmet snacks from local restaurants and will be grilling up some Cargill murders to. Cargill will match money raised that will then go towards our local community through the united way of the plains get registered at united way planes dot org slash dash time early bird registration is going on now sign up today at united way planes dot org slash -- time. 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Expires month end and who. You only get one chance to make a first impression so when someone pulls it to your business's parking lot what impression does -- make on the -- paving ravaged by cracks and potholes can say if this.

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