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Steve & Ted in the Morning 08/14/14 Hr 2

Aug 14, 2014|

County Buys Old IRS Building in Wichita

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

0435. You hear a lot these days and what difference does it make it it's just. What difference does it may mean do you knowing what's happening makes all the difference in the world. The difference between getting their on time more traffic makes you late for everything the difference between being prepared or stacked in bad weather and big difference between knowing nor other. It matters to us the difference. And assess. Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news thirteen there. CNN SS Wichita is number one news talk and weather station depend on. Good point 7 o'clock news -- as a sporting news Stephen's dad kind Steve Macintosh. Shooting at southwest Wichita appears to be road rage that story coming up. I'm Dan O'Neill. Secretary of state candidate calls for the filing of Sedgwick county's election commissioner. A protest in Ferguson Missouri turns ugly after sunset on ABC's Jim Ryan the story coming up. The warmup today in which doesn't mean we're going to see typical August weather will go up from here on tape first alert meteorologist -- ball we'll talk play forecast coming up. Wichita police say they've taken a bicycle is into custody after a man was shot in the face during a road rage incident. Authorities say the shooting happened Wednesday night. After a verbal altercation between a bicycle list and the 39 year old car driver near Harry and Seneca in southwest Wichita both vehicles pulled into a shopping center. The bicycle shop the man is he was getting out of his car Sargent Steve -- he says. We had some individuals that were inside -- -- and thereby hurt again shot when it came out. Big -- individual on the bike week about battle that information given I won't win this match was broadcast. Within just a few seconds left that event individuals think they cut it on and then provide officers -- -- Here George McGovern says an officer used a stun gun to subdue the suspect how the wounded man's wife and daughter were in the car with him at the time. The driver was hospitalized in critical condition. It is surprise move the Sedgwick county commission has agreed to buy the old IRS building a third and water street across from city hall and a little to the west. The building cost is five million dollars for the county will spend another nine million for renovations. Will -- a new city county building and construction department planning the county appraiser environmental resources sheriff's professional standards unit and the -- tag office currently located on -- the agreement is contingent on the city providing a 130 more parking spaces to the county mr. Carl Peter John was concerned about parking and Richard brands out questioned whether all the options had been explored both voted no but county commissioner Tim -- express the majority opinion. It's a good building we've negotiated a price that is reasonable and you'll have a long line. For what we're trying to do consolidate a lot of our entities back into the downtown area. Vertical news radio thirteen thirty KN SX the Democrat candidate for Kansas secretary of state is calling for her Republican opponent to -- to Cedric county elections commissioner. He showed or for charges that election commissioner tab as a layman. Miscalculated the results of which -- petition drive calling for a referendum on the decriminalization of marijuana. But she tells -- can assist news that the mistakes began during the last presidential election. Anybody you know it -- -- job and I get a little break. Put -- at stake in attention and the attraction error it's -- continues and continues and continues. Secretary of state -- block responded to short bush demanded telling -- news layman has done a great job. And she responsibility for people to papers stuck together once and are looking at it and immediately correct the error -- elections which -- Showed over and cobalt will face off in the state election in November. Two people have been arrested in connection with a blow gun attack on two young girls in Newton. 32 year old Marcus evil and was arrested on charges of aggravated battery and aggravated assault. 29 year old that -- -- for was also arrested and charged with obstructing an investigation. To Newton girls said they were swimming in -- creek earlier this month when they got too close of fishermen. The -- said the anglers follow them to a -- picked up blow guns and started firing darts. Our dart struck one of the girls in the foot and she was treated for her injury. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty K and necessity and SS team coverage this morning new violence erupted last night on the streets of suburban Saint Louis. Where an unarmed teenager was shot and killed by police Saturday tear gas is fired on a crowd of demonstrators. Well. A few of the protesters had actually come prepared with gas masks -- paper dust -- Yeah. Did little good when can a -- canister was acquired under fluorescent avenue the epicenter of the demonstrations that have become nightly occurrences in the days since Michael -- shooting. Church leaders have been circulating through the crowd trying to calm emotions. Riot police had stood their ground until someone threw an object. Jim Ryan ABC news saint -- -- Florida teen football player died Wednesday following a team practice sets can't landing in Florida. Home schooled William show -- junior played for Sebastian river high school. The fourteen year old ninth grader was announced dead at a hospital. Clay county sheriff's office spokeswoman Mary Justine -- says coaches called 911 after show Graham worsened. Beyond me and let his head is now that he was not feeling well. It allowed. Take your great friend. Unfortunately he is he. Conditions deteriorated. From there. Military honors are scheduled today at Arlington national cemetery for the highest ranking US officer to be killed in America's post 91 London 9/11 war -- A burial service will be held for major general Harold. -- -- -- -- four now 4 minutes past 7 o'clock with Stephen Ted. And in sports this morning we're going to have some math scores scores from the royals. Wing nuts and maybe a little bit about Kansas City Chiefs and ex beatle will say good bye to his story Candlestick Park. That story coming up from the K and us this morning news was -- did that. This -- should not be considered a guarantee that your rental earnings or profits results not typical tech terms and conditions for income disclosures. 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I need to warn you -- something that you probably do nothing about if you shop from included a before 5 o'clock. You can be missing out on this fabulous final clearance till they consider to be had projected limited opened its doors at 5 o'clock for this seat is moonlight madness. -- -- -- custody until 5 o'clock to place the final clearance sale prices on all of our remaining spring -- -- inventory. Not a couple of examples you'll find patterns portraits burglary practice 550 dollars they're now just 2995. Product popular soccer coach we got a group for those that was regularly 495 dollars that are now market 149 dollars and 95 cents. That is just a couple of examples of the types of bargains -- find during -- limited to moonlight -- -- Now remember we're close today until five this afternoon to reduce the prices -- -- more items but will open this evening from five to 8 PM at our store in the waterfront on thirteenth street just east of Barbara could this season's edition of our moonlight madness sale. The latest news I ask you how secure is to keep you wouldn't know coming up to the top of the hour news radio there. JNSS. This is McCain -- -- morning news is -- ten to 707 now 7 minutes past 7 o'clock. A homeless man has been shot then exploded near a central Kansas park where a pair of teams were practicing target shooting. The Pratt county sheriff's office says -- incident happened Wednesday morning and threat authorities say two boys ages fifteen and sixteen we're target shooting at a trash barrel. Apparently didn't seem demand sleeping behind it. One of the rounds at the man in the -- the boys called for help the 42 year old man was taken to a hospital. For treatment in this is being treated as -- an accident. Tonight Paul McCartney returned to the site of a Beatles concert to shut down and historic venue. August 29 1966. Beatles played Candlestick Park in San Francisco the last official public concert tonight Paul McCartney is back to the -- of candlestick whoever sequel closed it down he sounds pretty exciting in a message on his website this could be a very emotional life. Can be a great night we'll go to rock I have some very special memory size you know. Pope comes to talk the best part of the video though has to be the legend playing air guitar soon. You candlestick was where the San Francisco Giants used to play baseball and the 49ers would play football. Jason -- and ABC news. The job market may be improving but many Americans are far from confident about the economy. And that's keeping them out of the malls had an important time of the year. A lot of us are still nervous about the economy is -- just don't wanna spend. Retail sales dropped last month Rick Newman at Yahoo! finance on why that doesn't make it great we're getting into the back to school season very important for retailers that's an important sign of. How how health. -- consumers are. And the signs are not great retail sales of 70% of the total economy dairy all the -- ABC news. I'm 9 minutes at 7 o'clock Stevens has -- in the morning. And this morning we get that traffic's doing pretty well so far traffic conditions. Really nice at the moment only just now starting to get traffic volumes. Just a little bit -- this morning remember school zones once again active active and even more. Areas around Wichita this morning today as more schools open up pretty much everyone open at this time. And so watch out in the school zones get a slow down there to watch out for the school buses they stop it all railroad crossings into eight and as best traffic central. I'm dead chambers -- -- look at that -- first -- -- guest here on Thursday morning with meteorologist Frank -- good morning frank. Steve we're starting. Things off with -- -- -- a little bit of cloud cover and on the radar re entry track and a few sprinkles that it popped up this morning. How one of which wrong due south touch it is trying to push southeast will see if it makes it too which I would not count on anything now. This morning. Temperatures this afternoon close where they should be just that year 92 going to be your high mostly sunny south southeast wind eight to eighteen. Overnight tonight a chance for showers and storms after midnight lows will dip to 68. We'll keep that rain chance in as we go through the day on Friday temperatures climbing up to 94. Or will be at 94 again on Saturday with another slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm. 67 degrees right now on the thermometer with the south southeast wind today it's still really -- temperatures today to mark about what normal would be this time again that. 92 is where we should be this time of the year no looks every NB in the ninety's at least for the next seven days so get used to -- Yeah it's it's it's more I think easier. That's meteorologist frank wall with a cake for -- forecast you know the Internet can be so useful. Especially in checking out products and you can learn that readers of the national product testing and research magazine. Have rated American standards air conditioners and heat -- most reliable for the seventh time. Call even Tampa and independent American standard heating and air conditioning either. 7-Eleven now 11 minutes past 7 o'clock with Stephen 10 in the morning tow truck driver. From a small western Colorado City has claimed his ninety million dollar powerball jackpot. Told reporters he has been waking up and feeling like his win there wasn't a real. The Denver Post reports the winner who identified himself only as Claude G. At a news conference said he woke up Sunday as his wife's clicking enjoy it. The drawing was Saturday night and the prize is the largest powerball jackpot ever won the in Colorado. Previous Colorado lottery winners also have only identified themselves by their first name and an initial. Apology says he is from a rifle. I where he bought his ticket and a rifle Colorado don't think I've ever been to rifle might have been when I -- when I was young and traveling with the family around the country but I don't think it ever business rifle Colorado nineteen million dollar ticket. And this is uninteresting story to be citing several accounting errors that cost accounting thousands of dollars. The Reno county commission Hutchinson has. Cut the treasury salary by more than 24%. Treasurer Janet hold defended her work and questioned if she was being singled out before the commission voted Tuesday to readers -- salary. 252000. Dollars from 69000 dollars a year. The deputy treasury salary was reduced by 8000 dollars. Hutchinson news reports holes mistakes since she took office October 23 team -- have Costa county an estimated 40000. Dollars. -- acknowledged he had made errors but had her predecessor made similar errors and the most of the problems occurred during her first three months while she was learning the job. Who. That's -- interest -- why don't -- just as say you know. Ms. hole and things are working now we're gonna get somebody who you know maybe could be a little better at this. And MB the -- of cutting your soured but -- 4% he like Kim that's it. That's a hefty chunk right there imagine if somebody count up all our mistakes and and started reducing our salaries. -- you know I think he should count your mistakes and increase your salary because obviously she's learning something right. That fits Picasso's but what Edison because trial and -- it's very different than what we have here. Where they count up all of the great things we do in the they give us more every time they get to a certain amount of those really good things we do you write more what's. Or good things to do that for dividend on the -- it's just I would just that was amazing -- -- -- they -- salary run that much and you know if she is an accountant. I'm wanting to and knows -- knows anything and everything she would be able to go somewhere in the private industry and can make. Some pretty good money maybe hang out a shingle do some taxes. But the -- county commission did notice gonna cut your salary. Can tell you to hit you find out where every penny is until you balance the budget. You like to run you like to you like to beat you wanna support the united way Cargill is presenting. The dash and -- five K run walk again this year proceeds benefiting united way of the -- in September 20. Saturday September 20 started to 9 o'clock in the morning if you wanna find out more you'll register whatever. Do the united way of the plains dot org and you can find all tied up all -- out of there. 714 with -- until the morning in leftist thinking about going back to school. Yes also FaceBook photos of my grandchildren. All of with their backpacks on they're all ready to go to school yesterday and four of them here. In the US in west Wichita I got three -- -- in Germany and sent into those will be gone back to school system already -- The unity I would just think about the we talk about school buses. And buses running this year ended the yellow flashing lights and school bus what what what it's like to ride a school bus I don't know the price people out there who've never done that. Did you ever write about us Jack dealer today you'll reference hereof or to the right actually I grew up on a farm outside Clearwater -- -- I had to drive wrote to us as yet. -- my idea of my grandfather my late grandfather -- western Kansas that was one of his jobs. He -- school bus driver -- -- rural community way out no west of -- and and he did that for years and years and years. I don't know how many school buses they had only had about fifty kids in high school at the most. Maybe it's maybe 25 but anyway he did that for years since London the jobs he had asked -- -- western Kansas. I rode a bus I really wrote -- -- 22 years in junior high school into middle school now we called a junior high school then. In seventh and eighth grade. I rode buses. In the autumn and in the spring and -- wintertime we played basketball so we were car pooling them. But I can't -- experience it's junior high school kid on those buses and cars that was pretty weird. Yeah you know pretty loud little crazy but. But I don't know I liked it like socializing and talking to other people -- -- -- it didn't bother me much so it depends on the bus driver I had several bus drivers over the years over the years and while there were some bus drivers that the bus was very silent you know everybody sat down nobody said a word that. Mean and some -- buses were you know more normal everybody talk and and you know. Perilous course both my kids -- rode buses at least part of their school career here in Wichita. Going to different schools and then they always edit I -- a pretty good did -- experience. Nobody ever got -- -- -- -- I don't think either one of merit was ever in an accident innings like that so. If you're out there and yet you see those who doesn't remember is yet we still in his dumbest today and yesterday that did when they get good real attractive got to stop. There's certain vehicles are just the Bible have to stop that's right and that's one of them and one of the one of -- sad things was the first day of school for Wichita was Tuesday. And now we had a car vs bus traffic act yet on the first day car went there right up underneath the bus so he lives and that the positive trend and a railroad crossing if I'm not mistaken it was an atrocity -- pay attention out there we gotta watch out for the kids and drive defensively all that great advice he really did today is Thursday August 14. On this date in 1935 president Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the social security act into law. And I would argue that -- has. Been live for for for older people. Talked to a lot of them out of the -- house on the streets and out of their relatives' houses for years Mandel was. Something helpful for my grandmother and from my parents as well. 1945 president Harry S Truman announced that Japan had surrendered unconditionally. Ending of World War II mission there is a big -- ten years after Social Security. Today's birthdays we got some singers today a jet from the sixties and seventies Ashcroft is 76 years old today. Seals and troughs. You've got David Crosby 73. He was in the -- that was sort of my favorite groups in their early sixties the birds feel like the birds also of course Crosby, Stills and Nash. Steve Martin the comedian 69 years old that I got to start as a comedy writer. For the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. And he made a pretty good living in the seventies when he was really is hot I saw him -- and I saw him at -- -- Kansas coliseum north of town. I believe 7576. Somewhere in the 77. All he did a great show by the -- her father Danielle Steele is 67 now she's a romance novelist. -- more than 800 million copies sold. Finished yes a lot of she got fifty cents a capital. He's rich how wow yeah that's an excellent her. Far side cartoonist Gary Larson is 64 the east is didn't never miss Gary Larson got a couple of books in his guardians political calendar so yeah -- -- -- a day that was fantastic weird guy. The basketball hall of Famer urban. Magic Johnson he's 55 today. And this is up and I thought it was really interesting. I -- I had not known as red forgotten in the NBA he was declared the MVP. In his rookie season but that doesn't happen very doesn't have a very on the at all magic is a 55 million Halle Berry. And I think he's one of the one that really run the prettiest. Actresses we have a former fashion model yes and Oscar winner for monster ball in 2002 Halle Berry is 48 years old today so those are. The -- days here receives a -- 719 times for sports dead chambers is on the sports desk this morning it. But those royals just keep winning and yeah they're doing very well out there especially pitching Jason Vargas three hitter. Last night it was his sixth career shut out. That means that with Omar Infante hitting a two run home run at Kansas City Royals. And -- to the 30 victory on Wednesday night they leave the four game midweek series 21. Kansas City has a half game lead over Detroit in the AL central. Royals and a's in action again though BW this afternoon. We got a pregame start of 1234. Over on KH 12:40 AM 987. FM. Wasn't quite as good news for the which is a wing -- they played their final game of their long road standard necessitated by the NBC World Series. They play that game in Lincoln Nebraska last night vs the salt dogs and lost six to five the good news is the -- that's return home on Friday. Will be at 705 Friday night they welcome the Grand Prairie dogs to Lawrence Dumont stadium where there will be. A post game fireworks show to welcome the wing nuts home. What -- under makes a roster moves they -- and did some defense yesterday re signed Andrew Martin's he's been with the thunder for the last four years he's a former CHL defender of the year. Yesterday they also signed Todd Hosmer he comes to Wichita after a couple of seasons and at the Mississippi River kings of the ESP HL. And he led the league in goals scored this past season in the ESP HL. The Kansas City Chiefs. Now -- something new training camp yesterday. -- holly Justin Houston deep Ford and Josh Martin. All on the field at once they left defensive tackle Don -- -- as the -- down alignment. To new scheme it's designed to create pressure with speed. Before linebacker one down linemen. And Holley said that it's called eight -- front similar personnel groups are known as a NASCAR packages. Elsewhere in the NFL. Sports brought to you by bullseye shooting range where they know when using guns they sell the bulls -- -- -- -- be safe should save. Bull's -- shooting range at 1455. North terrorists don't forget coming up just a little less than an hour from now the Kansas City Chiefs training camp update the Mitchell does. Brought -- you by American and credit that comes up your -- at 8:15. This morning. 67 degrees you do for Rush Limbaugh supporting you update the crying use of the 1%. Traffic and weather coming up Steven tech news radio thirteen thirty K and SS. Good news. We should pass common sense immigration reform that strengthens our borders coming up for the -- radio thirteen thirty KN SS. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Consider this Davis more Lincoln has made a big move to kill -- -- -- -- and we opened a whole new door to -- -- which -- -- Your kids we've redefined what it means to shop for a luxury vehicles delivering power against the free spirit and American made -- at its finest. 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This message brought to you because -- cares traffic on news radio thirteen dirty -- SS is brought to you by Davis more. The American people have a hell they describes the United States of America is no longer trust their institutions of -- different people. The president but also don't trust the catalyst for allies don't trust as an individual. Here's we got a problem the solution Jackie and at the top and bottom of the hour and our news updates will keep them -- they're about true. Being checked and crush it. -- and hear news radio thirteen thirty KN SA asks. Second morning seven Tony 60 content in the morning news radio thirteen thirty K and yes there's. What. What is the eighteen. Well it's a new word in the Oxford dictionary I'll tell you that much and we're gonna define that for you coming up Kristi intended. This morning traffic conditions will really. Good out there are some traffic moving right along we've got some areas of higher traffic volumes. This morning that you're going to. -- want to be aware of we've got lots of traffic not necessarily on Kellogg westbound at West Street. But I'm looking at the offering and we've got a lot of people under Kellogg. Right there on the West Street guerrilla kind of -- -- up there and jamming up right there under Kellogg on West Street so work they might. Experience of a delayed their intake and passed a stress potential -- chambers and sunny and warmer today a high around 92 degrees not a great deal warmer than yesterday partly cloudy. We've got a 30% chance for -- mentioned in the forecast tonight and Friday. Overnight -- 68 Friday's high -- 94 now partly cloudy sky southeast wind at six miles per hour 67 degrees at KN OSS. You know when it comes to a new air conditioner or furnace you want something that performs well and stays with you over the long haul the trains system has acquired quite a reputation for quality and reliability. You know it's hard to stop the train. For the system that best fits your needs -- call Kelly and Dawson and independent trained dealers. Coming up news on the half hour was Stevens Ted may and shot in the face by a -- intruder. When it comes to web. Nancy Pelosi you know. -- Paul are in the top 1% -- multimillionaire now this past February an arbitrator ordered Paul Pelosi and his business partner to pay former NFL head coach Dennis Green almost a million dollars for work that he did for their united football league team. Pelosi is ignoring the order. Mr. Greene who incidentally is an African American is the former head coach of the Minnesota Vikings the Arizona Cardinals. In 2009 greens signed a deal the lead -- students acronym outlines for one and a half million dollars. Pelosi didn't honor the deal he failed to pay Dennis green is full salary during his tenure. At times the biweekly check were short over fifty grand and according to news reports. While mr. Nancy Pelosi was violating Greene's contract he was Wheeling and dealing and other investments. And greens not the only guy colosio's hoodwinked. 2012. San Diego Chargers coach Marty Schottenheimer. -- Pelosi and his partner for not honoring their contract nearly three players. Some of them earning his littlest one a programme a year pursued policies partner for not honoring their contracts. These people are barely making minimum wage they were stiffed by multi millionaires -- policy Paul Pelosi made personal guarantees to make good on these contracts. And his promises are proven to be worthless. Maybe it's time for congressional hearings to get to the bottom of this mess where the little guy gets cheated by the wealthy that challenge the heartless the Democrat. She doesn't end there join the rush to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is this station which talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news thirteen there. And SS which talks number one news talk bad weather station depend on -- Good morning 730 I'm Steve Macintosh. 67 degrees now looking for a high today of 92. Wichita police say a man was hospitalized after being shot in the face during a whole invasion. Lieutenant -- just the noses as it happened Tuesday night in the 2200 block of north I -- And then moves are male force his way into the residence and he walked into the bedroom. Very -- four year old male. -- this suspect walked into the bedroom the homeowner woke up. And observe a man standing again his bedroom and that individual part one shot striking the individual in the face. As the -- as he injured man grabbed his nine year old son from another room and drove to a hospital he remains in serious condition no suspect has been identified. Artistic feelings that -- first alert forecast here on Thursday morning with meteorologist Frank Walker frank. Good morning Steve started things off quiet here which tell we've got a few sprinkles showing up on the radar if they make it into which stock. Couple beast that windshield wipers on its gonna take to clear of offering an elder rain from Hutchinson extending south down toward -- Temperatures this afternoon going to be closed for they should be this time -- 92 degrees your high lots of sunshine south southeast wind eight to eighteen. Overnight tonight we dropped to 68 degrees after denied a chance for stray shower or thunderstorm. Well he does slight chance and for Friday as well with a high of near 94. Right now 67 degrees with a south southeast breeze at eight. Every time and receive rain in the forecast I have to ask. How much -- -- -- he -- get -- obligated to yes I have to ask you know what is it just doesn't look like a severe weather event and the chances of picking up -- not that great there's a better chance she stayed dry but you know fingers -- we get a little in the -- aren't they -- meteorologist frank wall with the -- for children for us this morning one of two men injured in an explosion of the southeast Kansas fireworks manufacturer has died. While the second man remains in critical condition. Crawford county sheriff's office says 28 year old Kenny Clarke died at a Joplin hospital hours after the explosion Tuesday afternoon. A second man 42 year old Howard harper was listed in critical condition at a Springfield hospital. The men were injured by an explosion and fire at the former headquarters of -- fireworks in Pittsburgh. They were removing materials that were to be taken to the company's new headquarters. And a Pittsburg industrial park. No other employees were injured the cause of the explosion on the fire remain under investigation. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty -- assess Kansas congressman Mike Pompeo tells Unisys news we've got to become more engaged in Iraq. It doesn't mean 80000 US soldiers on the ground her daughter -- to that you are sold on the current I don't think that would be. Helpful constructive or productive. Spoke with we've got to get in front of that and begin to take down that -- likes. -- bio says US intelligence has known about this terrorist group for at least two years. DUI checkpoints are coming this weekend it. Wichita police lieutenant James Espinosa says officers will be on the look out for impaired drivers during the upcoming new drink you drive you lose campaign. Parkland and what you thought that accounting. Included cracked down what part visibility enforcement. -- so please -- and -- sheriff's deputies who -- hopeful we work Nortel America before our older drivers especially at night. We will conduct sobriety checkpoints throughout certain accounting and state I know we're about making her arrest to be visible to reduce drunk drivers. The you drink you drive you lose campaign runs from August 15. Until September 1 Patrick Murphy news radio thirteen thirty can't SS Lawrence voters will decide whether to approve a tax increase to pay for a new police headquarters. The city commission has voted to put the two tenths of a percent sales tax question on the November ballot. That gives officials less than ninety days to persuade voters to approve the 28 million dollar project. -- SS national news time 734. And your heart and release him right there -- ordering protesters students first Ferguson Missouri -- arrived at some of those. Protests in the police shooting an unarmed teen threw rocks and bottles police responded with tear gas. Governor Missouri's calling for calm and Chicago Illinois state police and FBI helping Chicago Cubs try to reduce the violence in the city's south side. A spokesman for the FBI says that the FBI continues to use its agents here in Chicago. And some will be dispatched a high crime neighborhoods and the FBI plans to concentrate. Some of its numbers. On some of this streets for a handful of days. But the FBI spokesperson would not offer more details on that. Plan ABC's -- -- our -- in Chicago. New Orleans police investigating a fatal stabbing the French Quarter. It appears US troops will not have to rescue refugees -- -- -- Iraq an Oregon man the new world scrabble champion. Doug limerick. NBC news. For the 35 dividend in the morning and perennial thirteen thirty K and assess. Don't know what this thing is how about holistic coal. Perhaps it's time to get to know them Britain's Oxford University Press says it is adding the words along with other new entries from time -- to. -- -- -- Too it's all a lie and Oxford dictionaries to reflect new language trends. Editors for the site track and analyze some 150. Million English words used online in newspapers and other sources. And once every few months they decide which new words are so widely used that they merit a dictionary entry. One of these is vague -- sleeping which describes inhaling smokeless nicotine vapor. Using. EC has increased about ten times. In the past two years. Many new entries are informal words or abbreviations that reflect people's changing media consumption habits. And the internet's ever increasing prominence. To Italian to invade or VP is what about list to go what's that -- Well listen to Colin it's it's kind of like an article let's think think TV web -- does feed has a lot of these they're not articles are just it gives you a title lake you know ten things that blank blank blank and it gives you the list. It's not an article it's a list -- -- -- an article I mean none of more or less but there's there's just nothing on it but the lists don't get. Ten man's best friend be green with envy how about it. Do dogs have feelings. The emotions and nine month study here instead dogs could possibly feeling human like emotion. A study by a psychology professor at the University of California San Diego supports this basic theory. Dogs and their owners were videotaped wildly human played with stuffed animals. It almost all the cases -- dogs tried to get the attention of their owners Mike pushing or even snapping at the phony coach. But other experts like those at the American college of veterinary behaviorist. Wouldn't call the behavior jealousy they also question whether -- field team. Study is published in the journal lost one that's PLO as one that -- think if anybody has owned a dog they know that. Dogs necessary right. They feel jealousy I'm I'm almost positive of that chain maybe mr. OK I'd I'd and never saw my dog any door neighbor had show any shame especially when they've done something. Clinton and action on the floor. They just they should make sure little sillier when you start throwing things out of a summit like death but I'm not sure matching jealousy yes -- via a jealousy. -- -- -- dogs get jealous -- I've seen that before quicker that's a lot of things that we we do most of us when we have a cup light at -- -- We love our pets and we kind of what transfer its human emotions and feelings and thoughts on the Missouri dogs really Smart -- maybe those extreme doubt that spot kick out here it's just your dog you know when you think adversity and you know they know how to. They act in certain ways that makes him appear likely but I don't know animals are pretty -- you know anything here about cats being jealous tuna. He knew any electric cattle this where there and look at you know I -- to get certain jealous they're just certainly don't. Yeah -- you know you see the difference between dog and cat owners there's a big difference -- look at that radar we were talking about a minute ago. But the good friend frank wanted cake and there is a little shower right around Hutchinson. Right on the south side there's another little spot to the north -- -- -- iTunes and right now. There's a little spot -- there's another little -- small one. Just in to the north east corner of Kingman county associate here on our radar screen this morning. And nets about it to in this part of the world opting to pretty much clearing up down in Oklahoma. Down rowdiness there's a little spot after the north of being a -- of the net. IBM must well I I'm with frank it. It's going to be he has got to be -- be lucky to get -- by arraigned today in Wichita I think it -- today or tonight. But there's a 30% chance rain later on tonight here in south central Kansas street which dot area writing those school buses again there's schools are back -- -- -- Number grandkids -- set off yesterday yeah. What my grandsons Luke very Luke is very excited about fact he gets to change classes. He's in fifth grade now he has his own locker and -- just change class and reds got to make you feel. -- a little bit more -- mature to have to to be able to change classes and go from one of the other -- that's it that's a big difference when you go from just being in one class to. Having to change depending on what hour it is so I I didn't I didn't I didn't mind -- grade school we could sit in one place in -- -- we do arithmetic now okay Dallas do some English. Dallas take a break -- some water now it's go to recess now come back -- name you know it's time to do this or that. I didn't mind be in one class that in did he leaves him more worrisome to. To keep track of what -- had to go to next when you got Newt Gingrich. -- hi nice to what I learned quickly and survived -- can now watch a middle school buses in those schools owns this gives you go back to class. 740 now seated in the morning news radio thirteen thirty K and SS coming up. News radio thirteen thirty -- and assess. 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Coming up the game is this morning is Stephen Ted at the top of the hour one of the big stories we're following this morning. The shooting of selfless Wichita appears to be a case of road rage. But that's -- very slow traffic right now on 1496. Of course this is right there next. Road construction area -- -- -- 1996 where it's done one lane in each direction there itself. I think kind of -- down a bottle making nearly got a couple of areas of high traffic volume in which star roadways. Around the north junction in 1935. But. Everything moving highway speeds they're so good news that's been taken as best draft central -- -- Going to be sunny and warmer today with a high around 92 degrees partly cloudy with a 30% chance for rain tonight and Friday. Overnight low 68 Friday's high around ninety. For now mostly sunny we've got southeast wind at six miles per hour 67 degrees at KUNSS. Pacman Jack's specializes in getting you in the perfect pet for your face shape complexion and size. -- see why people from across the nation make Katmandu jacks they're destination. It's at the clock tower into Leino had -- jacks at 601. West Douglas. 747 -- Stephen Ted in the morning and issues 2014. Cup program this weekend is I guess we Wichita city manager Robert Leighton. You can -- issues to money for an issue Tony fourteen Sunday mornings eight right here on Q&A -- and a we will have. Podcast -- a little bit later on of the yeah of the interview. With city manager Robert -- our guest this weekend on issues Tony fourteen. That's -- -- -- breaking news for you right -- she's -- breaking business news. More people. Applied for US unemployment benefits last week although jobless claims continue to be close to pre recession levels. The Labor Department says weekly applications for unemployment aid climbed by 21000 to a seasonally adjusted 3111000. The prior weeks was revised up slightly to 290000. The four week average a less volatile measure rose 2000. To 295750. And that continues to be close to averaged. Averages that predate the beginning of the Great Recession in late 2007. Basically what they're saying is those levels are about what they were. Before the big recession hit at a mean we're coming rampaging back as far as employment is concerned but they're they're interesting figures to at least take a look at this morning. Wal-Mart stores. Cut its annual profit outlook Thursday today as the world's largest retailer faced another quarter of sluggish sales and traffic declines. Wal-Mart said -- eked out a six tenths percent increase in second quarter profit. And reported that a key revenue measure was flat in its US discount business. After falling for five straight quarters company also reported its seventh straight quarter of traffic declines. Has its US Wal-Mart stores people aren't -- not go to Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart as much as they have been latest results. -- the continued challenges facing wal mart's new management team. Doug MacMillan who was head of the company's international division. Took over the company as CEO on February 1 so a couple of inches breaking news business stories therefore his foreign Wal-Mart what's -- all of them ended. The unemployment benefits for the last week. Now local business news with -- head of the morning from the Wichita business journal assistant Cedric county. Manager Ron holt says in trust bank arena had a net building income. A 34059. Dollars in the second quarter but because of a 41490. Dollar loss in the first quarter. The arena is 7431. Dollars in the hole for the year -- -- about down about 7400. For the year through June. The arena has had 68 performances and that includes a mix of concerts. Wichita thunder hockey games and other sporting events family shows and facilities -- for smaller meetings -- events. A prominent building in wills and -- medical part is for sale the building at 1855 north -- road which houses center for women's health. Is listed at one point nine million dollars according to. LoopNet listing. The building New Year's Tony I stood 21 street north and -- broad and on the market last week. Christie Royce we've JPY again and sons is a listing agent. Center for women's health which is operated by Sharon -- he's he doesn't rating it's a space needs. -- -- -- closed higher yesterday despite a mixed batch of economic news and a pullback in Japan's economy. The S&P 500 rose thirteen points to close at 1946. The Dow Industrials climbed 91 points closing at 16651. Of NASDAQ rose 45 points. As to 4434. Also benchmark US crude oil. Rose 22 cents to 97 dollars and 59 cents a barrel today in New York. Cisco says it will lay off up to 6000 workers or 8% of its workforce as part of a restructuring. The company which makes routers switches and software. Made the announcement during a conference call discussing its fiscal fourth quarter earnings. The San Jose California company reported a 1% decline in profit to two point 25 billion dollars for the latest quarter. A Canadian drugmaker working on an experimental drug for Ebola. Says it is not ready to make the treatment available in Africa though it continues discussions with governments and international agencies. Trying to contain the deadly outbreak tech -- pharmaceuticals is one of a handful of companies worldwide. Developing drugs to treat the Ebola Virus. And that's local business news from the Wichita business journal here on news radio thirteen thirty K in a citizen bill Roy we'll be back for this Monday morning -- chambers. Going -- I got that in a draft or even you know and it's enemy so you know until we get a trip to get data stalled out vehicle. Southbound tie up 13 five or the 29 street exit. It is a school bus on the right shoulder of the road a school bus -- stalled out not moving. Kind of surprised it did those inspections just -- -- doesn't usually in pretty good shape here yeah especially right there but yes stolen vehicle at school bus the ramp from I want 35 southbound twenty. Ninth street north. A funeral will be held this morning near Syracuse, New York for race car driver Kevin ward junior he was struck and killed Saturday by a race car driven by NASCAR champion Tony Stewart. The accident in the dirt track sparked controversy after a bump from stewards had -- winged cars spinning into the wall. The twenty year old -- climbed out and stock onto the track gesturing angrily. Stewart's cars seem to fish -- and ward was thrown through the there as fans who watched in horror. And of the terribly race car driver Asia have -- sham they get upset with -- each other and and there are some. Renowned it's a pretty good argument soon even district judge mr. he does -- The united do you temper get the better of -- is done a race car track of those cars was around that fast. Probably not a real good idea to get out of the car if if you have to. Maybe -- -- run for the sideline him out of the way of death that is a dangerous but that's too bad it's a sad story there are no and that one of those again there there are no happy endings that story this morning to -- and that's funeral is going on today that young racecar driver who. We've heard about in the news quick look at our radar this morning the weather radar have been talking about the possibility of showers and we're not there really including 30% chance for showers in Wichita later on net tonight. But there are if you asked for a little showers in the area right now impacted. There's one in the north's northeast corner of Kingman county right now little area there. And just to the north than that about ten miles of south of Hudgens and another little area those are moving to the south southeast. And I would imagine if -- come through this area in the next hour or so. You see a cloud into it doesn't look like there's a whole lot of moisture coming out of there and -- just thought yeah brain yeah spotted. Great band up -- north imagine that -- Hutchinson another shower and then down to the south -- -- another little shower but they're just areas -- -- -- -- small areas that there's nothing additive you know that's coming together for Canada. A severe weather event -- -- like debt so I'm real keep our eyes open this morning hope you got your your grass mowed this weekend -- maybe that today -- Afford yet another chance to get that done well lead on it today it's easy is this your data do that -- this is -- -- -- and the second I get down all right 7:54 -- into the morning coming up. McCain has this morning news was -- dad. Road rage shooting himself with Wichita. This is mark event you can hear me every weekday at five right here on what should -- most listened to talk radio station. News radio thirteen thirty K and SS. The Wichita business journal update is brought to you by -- -- TV and electronics. Welcome the big bucks electronics that you just looking for surround sound can you show -- five point one system. 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