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Steve & Ted in the Morning 08/14/14 Hr 3

Aug 14, 2014|

Guest: ABC Correspondent Jim Ryan in Furgason Missouri

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Between the news at the top and bottom of the hour. The plot will be stirred -- and I get in trouble from them. Awareness will be raised breaking the law Barbara good you don't if I was normal and brush we will beat you rush. You love the. The ball screens have a limit mine of course larger than most news you need to continue. On news radio at thirteen thirty KN SS. Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news. Thirteen thirty KM -- we should talks number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning at 8 o'clock -- UK and us this morning news Stevens head. I'm Steve Macintosh. Shooting himself. -- which -- Wichita appears to be road rage of that story coming up. I'm Dan O'Neill. Secretary of state candidate calls for the firing of -- county's election commissioner. A protest in Ferguson Missouri turns ugly after sunset time ABC's Jim Ryan the story is coming up. A warm up today in which -- means we're going to see typical August weather will go up from here on -- first alert meteorologist Frank Wolf we'll talk later forecast coming up. Wichita police say they've taken a bicycle is to the custody after a man was shot in the face during a road rage incidents. Authorities say the shooting happened Wednesday night after a verbal altercation between a bicycle ist. And the 32 39 year old car driver near Harry and -- in south Wichita both vehicles pulled into a shopping center the bicycles to shop the man he was just as it was getting out of his car. Sargent Steve Gardner says. We had just individuals that were inside the -- hurt again shot when it came out. They thought individual on the fight leaving -- battle that the information given normal when Democrats would lose broadcast. Within just a few seconds let the man they individuals they couldn't cut it on infected by helpers for the encryption had been put out over the -- Georgia governor says an officer used a stun gun to subdue the suspect the wounded man's wife and daughter were in the car with him at the time the driver. Hospitalized in critical condition. In a surprise move the Sedgwick county commission has agreed to buy the old IRS building a third and water streets. Across from city hall and a little to the west. The building cost is five million dollars for the county will spend another nine billion for renovations and. It's a good building we've negotiated the price that is reasonable and we'll have a long life. For what we're trying to do consolidate. A lot of our entities back into the downtown area. Vertical news radio thirteen thirty KSS. The democratic candidate for Kansas secretary of state is calling for her Republican opponent two fighter the century county elections commissioner. Dean showed -- charges of election commissioner tab of the layman. Miscalculated the results of Wichita petition drive calling for a referendum on the decriminalization of marijuana. But she tells -- Unisys news -- mistakes began during the last presidential election. Anybody you know hatred not and they get a little break. But the mistakes. -- inattention and different traction error it just continues and continues and continues. Secretary of state co box responded to short course demanded telling -- news a layman has done a great job. It and he responsibility for a deep crack they can papers stuck together when an old -- and immediately corrected her -- in such -- Showed a friend uncle mark will face off in the state election in November. Two people have been arrested in connection with a blow gun attack on two young girls in Newton 32 year old Marcus evil and was arrested on charges of aggravated battery and aggravated assault. 29 year old that National -- for was also arrested and charged with obstructing an investigation. -- Newton girls said they were swimming in -- creek earlier this month when they got too close of fishermen. The girls said the anglers follow them to a bike -- picked up blow guns and started firing darts. Our dart struck one of the girls in the foot and she was treated for her injury. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty KN OS -- Florida -- know their new violence erupted last night on the streets of suburban Saint Louis where an unarmed teenager was shot and killed by police. Saturday tear gas was fired on the crowd of demonstrators. All of a few of the protesters had actually come prepared with gas masks -- paper dust -- Yeah. They did little good when tennis director canister was acquired under fluorescent avenue the epicenter of the demonstrations that have become nightly occurrences in the days since Michael -- shooting. Church leaders have been circulating through the crowd trying to call emotions. Riot police had stood their ground until someone threw an object. Jim Ryan ABC news saint -- South Florida teen football player died Wednesday following a team practice at -- landing in Florida. Home schooled William and show Grumman junior played for Sebastian river high school. The fourteen year old ninth grader was pronounced dead at a hospital. Clay county sheriff's office spokeswoman Mary Justine -- says coaches called 911 after -- abortions. Beyond me and let his head and know that he would not feeling well. -- allowed to take your great friend. And fortunately his -- Condition deteriorated. From there. Military honors are scheduled today at Arlington national cemetery for the highest ranking US officer to be killed and America's post 9/11 -- -- A burial service will be held for major general Harold. When a gunman believed to be an Afghan soldier opened fire -- military academy near couple. Can sports this morning we got done the would you tell when that's losing last night -- -- when it. An ex beatle will say goodbye to his story Candlestick Park. Next story coming up for McCain has this morning news was Stevens ended. Are you registered nurse ready to advance your career. Think about taking that next step -- college conveniently located it's funny first and ridge road in Wichita. Tip your college offers an RNC BSN program specifically designed for the working nurse attend classes on campus or completely online. Visit online dot labour dot edu for more information that's online dot -- dot edu. -- college decidedly Christian academically -- Earnings everything's on your effort. 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That's 1803853170. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wake up mornings with Stephen Ted and keep the radio tuned to thirteen thirty for me Mark Levine an afternoon starting at five. News radio thirteen thirty K and S and. The -- -- incest porn music Stevens head of legal age now. 67 degrees but a homeless man has been shot and -- -- central Kansas part repair of -- for practicing target shooting. The press county sheriff's office says he hasn't happened Wednesday morning impress authorities say two boys ages fifteen and sixteen were target shooting at a trash barrel. And apparently didn't see the man sleeping behind it. One of the rounds at the Mandalay with the boys called for help 42 year old man taken to a hospital for treatment and police are calling this an accident. Tonight Paul McCartney returns to the site of The Beatles concert to shut down and historic venues. August 29 1966. Beatles played Candlestick Park in San Francisco the last official public concert tonight Paul McCartney is back to the -- of candlestick whoever sequel closed it down he sounds pretty excited in a message on his website this could be a very emotional life. Can be a great night we'll go to rock I have some very special memory size you know. All kinds of talk the best part of the video though has to be the legend playing air guitar soon. You candlestick was with the San Francisco Giants used to play baseball and the 49ers would play football. Jason -- and ABC news the job market may be improving but many Americans are far from confident about the economy. And that's keeping them out of the malls as an important time of the year. A lot of us are still nervous about the economy is -- just don't wanna spend. Retail sales dropped last month Rick Newman at Yahoo! finance on why that doesn't make -- -- we're getting into the back to school season very important for retailers that's an important sign of. How how health. -- consumers are and the signs are not great retail sales of 70% of the total economy dairy balding or ABC news. They tend now Steve into the more news radio thirteen thirty K in SS. And this morning in traffic we've got. Nothing is moving right along and most places here in Wichita we've got done I won 35 south around a bit of traffic hazard here. How 135 southbound 29 street north. A stolen school bus near or on the -- they're so look watch out again it's a stalled at school bus doesn't address the cancer there. High at 135 southbound at around 29 street north in take it as as traffic central did chambers -- now it's a case for tailored forecast with meteorologist frank. All of frank good morning Steve horse start things off the fair amount of sunshine here in which does -- get the afternoon -- -- mostly sunny. A high -- near 92 degrees south southeast wind at eight to eighteen net 92. His right where we should be this time a year. Overnight tonight we dropped to 68 degrees -- -- midnight hour slight chance that stray shower or thunderstorm will keep that chance going as we head into the day on Friday. Highs hit in 94 will be in the mid ninety's. For both Saturday and Sunday we're tracking just a few sprinkles on the radar majorities west of Wichita if you do encounter anything this morning it's going to be very light. That sunshine already moving aren't Hampshire where up to seven -- And that's -- Madrid -- sprinkles to the west. Not very impressive. Not a pleasant at all we got a report out of sterling this morning no shower popped up a little bit under that 7100. -- -- -- -- -- know now much tied to exert. Meteorologist frank wall with a -- first that are forecast this morning. Has a hot Kansas summer weather been challenging your comfort. Why not check out American standard whose air conditioners and heat pumps have been rated most reliable seven times in a national product testing magazine. COLT David Welch owner of Welch's and independent American standard heating and air conditioning dealer. 812 now 12 minutes past 8 o'clock with -- Steve and Ted and a suburb of Saint Louis Ferguson Missouri he's. The center of a controversy now for several days and cleared out through midweek. Tensions remain high. They're following the shooting of eighteen year old Michael Brown Saturday by a local police officer. And the have a little bit more excitement last night -- check -- -- with ABC news correspondent Jim -- -- -- Good morning team got was buried and last evening it finally ended there with there was violence with the confrontation between police and demonstrators would you guess which used. Percussion grenades were used their crowd did finally dispersed out of this period and it's quite -- here today. The governor play that good this neighborhood is the first and be effective what happened here. Don't know yet they're -- timetable is going to be but I that it could -- closely watched visit is he gets disturbed person and look at this situation. I've been attentive listening to a monitoring the ABC coverage that you'll be doing a -- it sounds like there there are people within the within the demonstrators out there that are urging calm trying to keep people from doing anything crazy. Oh absolutely yet -- you have left side before -- confrontation with the police there worked. Church leaders and others kind of circulating through the -- and you know holding little look prayer vigils and try to -- Have maintained. And the calm in the in the end it just didn't work. Collins is gonna go on I know you public -- -- -- -- good question I don't. -- record it because we get it all right so you units and stay on the ground there pounding keep violent situation and look I think she -- Since ABC news correspondent Jim -- two courses in Ferguson Missouri as we said didn't live there and had another night. Of violence there I don't think anybody was nobody was killed. I don't think anybody seriously injured and we can -- so far so there you go. The problems continue in the east Saint Louis suburb. Don't know if you've ever been in a police to service. Which is of the cholera and yeah sometimes a riot. I didn't do -- Koppel I particularly want to do is maybe three. One of them was pretty good size disturbance of heights high school back in 1970 when I first got in the business. Even they had -- started busting and they had a big disservice at a high it's high school I remember going up and covering net. And I actually saw then sheriff center can share Vern Miller. -- -- You bagel -- detectors going at him and Miller putting down but that is controlled fairly corporate masters scary. Also we had -- -- the Arafat's police demonstration or -- and Herman killed on the south part of town on Easter Sunday years and years ago I was at that went to my first. She knew she neutral most tear gas at that -- and then there was one up around it just east of Wichita State University a couple of years after that. And they burned car rescinded its loading up their -- The but he -- killed or seriously injured networks haven't a couple of those things and but can ugly people lose control of start throwing things and throwing punches thrown rocks and bottles and and again if you if you ever get to around tear gas initially -- that it's not a very pleasant thing. An interesting stories in the news this morning we're talking about to us the situations where people were shot in the face. One man shot in his own hole by an intruder came into his house it. And we don't even duplicity know why it and the man shot Edmonton in this one this last night down the southwest part of town. Apparently about a matter of road -- there and a bicycle ist. It allegedly -- in just a huge fish product. Kind of thought the place and got into it. Verbal altercation you've got to -- and apparently it doesn't take much apparently all means don't you need is. One armed person losing their tempered zone given Barack faces what for people losing their temper and going out of control and Henry news reported all the ducks if you don't it's. One of those things you've you've got to keep yourself under control. It's 816 that was seen until -- get out of today's today's high will be around seventy degrees. Authorities say them here's one for yes -- say a man was shot. And killed outside a Philadelphia concerts. Being held to promote peace and stem violence in the city. Police said the gunfire happened about 830 Wednesday night last night outside the Dell music center in the cities Fairmont park. For you said the -- year old man was arriving at the Phillies support Philly with a piece on the streets concerts. When he got into an argument with someone in the parking lot police -- -- shooter opened fire striking the victim twice since lawman is shot -- ask. Outside of Philadelphia concerts being held to promote peace against. Stem violence itself -- now. State 16 Stevens in the morning -- African -- training Camp David Mitchell does prosecute American -- credit to boring Mitch. Morning shoot we were given to the morning option is just too early this morning -- death my first question you how how's the injury situation we got everybody back on the field yet. -- -- A little concern although quite honestly believe that this is our -- cracked this particular rookie quarterback expects starting on July 21. And generally this is -- listings in pretty good shape injury wise the most notable would be very very of course. The Pro Bowl safety retired pro bowler -- -- -- secondary is turnabout. Interest secretly told the going to be machine. Group factors so I haven't -- off the field goal but this year. Like dubious at the broken here to be out for awhile. My can upon us apparently -- that's been. There's a lot of time -- it sure looked illnesses but anyway -- -- They're gonna try to Allegheny to -- scheduled to scale it back just a little bit today. Because he. You know it's -- our -- award I've talked to you guys it's. They're great north start spending money to be went very. It's coming up receiving your career technical director and a training camp mode and then they've done a fine job. There's also climate assortment of the law and order gives the windshield and not get the sense that I yesterday what you're gonna get back today. Talked earlier this week about the kickers situation now. Place kicking situation there housing is that resolved itself yet -- we still -- at a time when. -- just -- question because just there I think they're monetary can turn. Bryant shook up there's been you know a certain category injury actually met. Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday became back on the field yesterday Kyra censorship into at all kicking the rookie. It with a big leg in here have been pounded them you make the most of his opportunity -- now ready to shut. -- was doing okay yesterday. Or 33 to 47 yards. It was 77 the gonna move back this is like golf -- play in the white future impact of the blues or lose -- Let's go back -- well. -- as ugly scary one really bad wide left. I mean escaped its -- they're gonna try to again and hit the crossbar. So -- this thing I think is take a little bit deterrent to racism over your. The report the three quarter poll about car racial horse race the rookie kicker sent doses out in front. He's gotten rubberized. I want to ask you question and I basically -- of. -- your veteran you're talking a fighter veteran suck up. You know trying to make us. Strict budgets can't imagine trying to kick a football with a groin injury that just that's -- -- -- except here are pretty much for a hundred and there are powerful are apparently is. Hey listen I would've started don't talk about somebody is very basic building block I think committee football team. And that is the offensive tackle guard situation what are we are where we have with -- did with the chiefs this year. An American -- -- a question of Troy are all chamber orchestra. The biggest. Benefits the biggest it's one of the biggest damn maybe the biggest. Will be out as Derek Fisher -- left offensive tackle is that number or pick overall the 2013. Under wraps. Quite right tackle accurate some injury issues now there's a lot equities got. So will see it actually Sunday night's game against Carolina. Will be a fantastic -- for him because Carolina as one of the best defense is in the and I felt that people don't really know about the get a -- Greg parties may animal. Will be directly across from -- to start the game. Only Seattle had a better defense -- Carolina a year ago so that's that's such a big questions there are right tackle right now external Stevenson. About the dark situations more stable except are starting a rookie right guard checks openers won his play on the street he they're trying to get their depth. You know shored up behind it but it's a question the sort of -- the most pertinent fact I can give you an August the fourteenth. This question which usually the youngest offensive line in the NFL -- four point four years of age average. This year even younger 23 point eight years to -- under average offensive line and there's nobody close to that in the NFL. Not any other position there's didn't do so crucial to any offense the center the snapper. We got there this year. Broad approach since demoted from his he'll marry and other groups or fear that these support dear god you know so he's. These are trying to do -- -- -- the leader I think most are in the level football. Steve's done a caricature which -- last a lump groups or. Cape crusaders are northwest crucially you would like -- the leader of your ostrich a larger Elton dog to be the center. It is -- physically sick about it he's in the middle debating -- -- -- intricate and academic warrant calls for sure. -- people around on him he's got a they'll -- got a caller number series of thanks to resolve -- be gracious their steps. Another slugger protection usually vital role which you have had some of the best in the league history. EJ I'll. Are currently -- Jim -- articulate -- they think they've got the next break during literally with Rodney Hudson 300 pounder. -- -- A look a lot like the the catcher the baseball team it all starts with for that position didn't -- Yes definitely that's a very -- very good analogy of the characters -- It's such as the only guy and it sort of regret later this. Yeah. That was good start does talk centers beekeeper to. -- eclectic captured easily caricatured. In baseball -- catchers get pulled in front of them so he's. Yes that's that's a very very good analogy air and -- not so glamorous you know -- know. He's got to the current. Health -- office space your blood centers nobody goes to the senators and so it's -- Hey listen thanks for your time is again this morning and we're gonna talk to you again tomorrow morning minutes of course it. Kansas City Chiefs training camp I'm David Mitchell this every morning here brought you by American and credit right rich. Thank you for being with us this morning and we will have more speech tomorrow. 822 down two to -- in the morning news radio thirteen thirty coming up. The head deep mourning minutes we'll report on religious freedom and cavity weather on the way Stevens said he's ready at 1530 -- -- -- In Wichita. These news radio thirteen thirty K at SS. Are you or someone you love struggling to hear. Turning up the TV louder and louder or not hearing in crowds. For 75 years -- -- hearing aids has been an innovator in the hearing industry. 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Royce dot. I'm old stone. No stock sale bummer. And which do our job more learn the language. Hamid Gul speaks a language both mornings weekday mornings at six and I company beauty and forget doing morning radio. Six -- -- and I'm mediocre stuff. And Stephen -- yes you are chips is also proud flag. It's I really suffers huh. A new radio thirteen thirty idiots -- KN SS. Including sixteen to 10 in the morning news radio thirteen thirty KM SS yeah. Coming up entertainment news supporters this morning just gonna talk about Justin Bieber. -- -- had a court appearance he wasn't there but they didn't have court without Justin we're gonna find more about find out more about that called Butler coming up in just moments. And that continue to watch out there southbound I won 35 -- ahead. Stalled out school bus in that area southbound I want 3529. Street north watch out there this morning gasoline prices. Around 324. Gallon here in which -- -- and has NASA and 92 degrees partly cloudy with a 30% chance for rain tonight and. Friday's high morals high 94 that about put up just about two notches tomorrow. Now mostly sunny we have a south wind twelve miles per hour and 7070. Degrees. When it comes to a new air conditioner or furnish you want something that performs well and stays with you over the long haul. The train system has acquired quite a reputation for quality and reliability. You know it's hard to stop a train. For the system that best fits your needs called Kelly and Dawson ten independent trained there. Coming up news and a half hour with Stephen dead man shot -- face my home intruder. Out your radio here's a shot on Saturday morning room minutes. Right so the State Department issued a report on religious freedom this week the rights of minorities continue to be. Repressed by several of our adversaries while religious communities are being displaced more than at any time in recent history. So unfortunately the report failed to designate certain countries like Iraq and Syria as countries of concern. And its oversight should raise some eyebrows -- Mosul in Iraq now Christians are being told convert or die. We have many Christians in Iraq and Syria and I'll be enforced the fully have to be threatened. -- tax convert to Islam Ford died so where -- the United States as these Christians are being targeted enforcement flee their homes. Missing in action sadly which has become the normal state of international affairs these -- and check out this. On Hannity radio show all later today. Did you know by age fifty half of all men have an enlarged prostate this means more urges to urinate tweaking at ninety urinate or issues with -- intimacy if this sounds familiar policy now. Because we're shipping free bottles of super -- prostate to listeners of this -- pay only shipping and handling to -- prostate is guaranteed to reduce the symptoms of your enlarged prostate just call 18774904. That's 18774904. Call 1807274904. Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news thirteen there. CNN says we should -- number one news talk bad weather station depend on -- Good morning 830 I and Steve Macintosh seventy degrees now we're looking for a high today of 92. Wichita police say a man was hospitalized after being shot in the face during a home invasion. -- James Espinoza is as it happened to Tuesday night in the 2200 block of north -- And the -- are male force his way into the residence. He walked into the bedroom. Very -- four year old male residents suspect walked into the bedroom the homeowner woke up. And observe the man standing again his bedroom and -- that individual part one shot striking the individual in the face. Espinoza says he injured man grabbed his nine year old son from another room and drove to a hospital. He remains in serious condition no suspect has been identified. Now let's look at the case for -- forecast with meteorologist Frank -- -- frank. Morning Steve -- certain things off dry here in which only got a few sprinkles out there on the radar but man they are pretty isolated in nature not expecting much here in this city. Highs this afternoon going to be -- -- nine B two and that's about where we should be this time of the year south southeast wind eight to eighteen. Good deal of sunshine overnight at will call partly starry a chance for rain mainly after midnight most dropped to 68 will keep that rain chance in for tomorrow. AM Saturday. High temperatures both days -- grabbed nine before. Currently seventy degrees in the south southeast wind -- twelve and nothing very impressive on that radar screen right now. Now though showers. We've had a few thunderstorms and demand they're very isolated not moving a whole lot -- -- count of one while you're driving a -- can you know half a dozen beats the windshield wipers and you're gonna be all clear. I think is your meteorologist frank wall with the cage first -- fortunate it was Steven Ted. One of two -- injured in an explosion at a southeast Kansas fireworks manufacturer has died while the second man remains in critical condition. The Crawford county sheriff's office says 28 year old Kenny Clarke died at a Joplin hospital hours after the explosion Tuesday afternoon. A second -- 42 year old Howard harper was listed in critical condition at a Springfield hospital. The men were injured by an explosion and fire at the former headquarters of -- fireworks in Pittsburg. They were removing materials that were to be taken to the company's new headquarters. And a Pittsburg industrial park. No other employees were injured the cause of the explosion in the fire remain under investigation. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty Kate and assess Kansas fourth district congressman Mike Pompeo tells K Unisys news we've got to become more engaged in Iraq. It doesn't mean 80000 US soldiers on the ground her how to predict that you are sold on the -- I don't think that would be. Helpful constructive or productive. Well what we've got to get in front of their. And begin to take down the threat. -- says US intelligence has known about the terrorist group for at least two years. DUI checkpoints are coming this weekend Wichita police lieutenant James Espinosa says officers will be on the lookout for impaired drivers. During the upcoming you drink you drive you lose campaign. -- -- and what you thought that accounting. Included cracked down what part visibility enforcement would stop response that Gary sheriff deputies who have accused Oprah won't be working or anti America before our older drivers. Especially tonight. Who conducts a birdie checkpoints throughout certain accounting and state I know we're about making arrest to be visible to reduce drunk drivers. The you drink you drive you lose campaign runs from August 15. Until September 1 Patrick Murphy news radio thirteen thirty K and SS KN SA is national news time 834. Ferguson Missouri remains tense up another night of violence officers using tear gas from protesters started throwing Molotov cocktails. Trouble erupted following the police killing that unarmed teenager last weekend. No rescue mission by US troops after all in Iraq. Many refugees trapped in a mountain -- managed to escape as for airdrops of food and other supplies US. Has continued those air drops as have others and the Iraqi forces have managed to get some of those people off the mountain they have also seen thousands. Able to come down by themselves. It appears those airstrikes and those air drops are having a positive effect. The crisis terrorists around the mountains the numbers have diminished because of those airstrikes. ABC news chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz another temporary truce in effect now they've Middle East are high school football player has died. In Florida -- fourteenth Doug limerick. ABC news. 835 to eight to 10 in the morning he's ready to thirteen thirty -- -- -- -- Just didn't beat her day in court. Find out about death to -- entertainment news content with the jet chamber is filling in on the blurred today Internet. Now this morning we've got news that done Miami courtroom yesterday Justin Bieber. He had to plead guilty in absentia to careless driving and resisting arrest without violence. The without violence yeah it returned to the plea prosecutors dropped the DUI charge against him. The singer was not present conflict he said in absentia there so the end of the sentencing judge William Hatfield spoke about what he hopes. The pop star learned from his experience. Speed on line judge I'm also parents and I'm also a fan of anybody who has -- musical talents such as him and Bryant. I hope that he realizes that his actions not only lead to consequences that affect him. But the intended consequence is that affect others who are looking up to him as a role -- you know we -- so much to offer any us so much to lose. Against those that -- Zola then the bad thing about maturities. Takes a little time it really does not. Some people pick it up faster this year is -- I am yeah anyway. Pennsylvania's governor wants a television show canceled. ABC's Dave -- explains this. -- -- looks like a documentary portraying Amish men -- enforce the law in their community. But Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett among those who say the program misrepresents the ommission like mr. county as a crime -- culture. He's joined other Pennsylvania politicians in signing a statement calling for Discovery Channel to drop Obama's mafia. The discovery spokesperson declining to comment on the letter but saying the characters on the show are real -- Dave Packard ABC news all you never think -- -- people being you know her and some votes -- criminal Amish mafia hell yeah well. Guardians of the galaxy isn't just one of the top movies of the summer. Steve it's also topping the music charts. And make. The. It's different and funny if people are hooked on the guardians of the galaxy soundtrack. Yes with its mix of sixties and seventies hit actually got hooked on the field and -- this contract subtitled awesome mix and volume one and it's a new number one album on the billboard 200 album chart at and debuted at number three last week. -- -- number one as the first ever soundtrack. Of previously released song he song hit number one. It's the second soundtrack this you're atop the charts after frozen as long -- frozen being the top of the charts for a long time already this year. That's good news for Disney because both frozen and guardians of the galaxy and hard Disney movie soundtrack. Yeah so they're making tea time to move a ton of money on there -- yeah sticking with the musical scenes deal. Best -- that Taylor Swift be visited the tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon. That was yesterday to promote her new movie the -- and -- her upcoming Yahoo! worldwide live stream. She also would eventually revealed another upcoming performance. I'm really good time today I can't. So Taylor C weren't going with -- said look whoever listens to me the Pentagon I'll my. So what could bedding and I'm looking at him because. Try to think that's. And it didn't see if I was an Italian isn't a good time can be warm breeze together at the good bonding experience I will tell you than a minute performance -- Vienna. Not -- Wow good interviewer there is found time and hasn't gone she. Well she'll be performing at the DNA is -- Taylor Swift. Performing and he he's him days to quiet. You can see this she's she's trying to do an interview here he's trying to do an interview she keeps talking -- That's nothing to be director rademan erupting exactly yeah. Finally starting my final sticking out in theaters sixty years ago today stopped looked and hasten. I had ever heard of it but that's the Warner Bros. YLE title only -- you know it's a cartoon TS Wiley Coyote or. Eat at the skinny thing yes yes and the roadrunner hot rod just super sonic is -- sister. At that flattened that at -- but very common coyote -- drug runner plot to half to death did not have much. Change in -- is there no not really the writers trying to catch it every night coyotes try to get your road record here here's a highlight exactly coyote gets smashed for the boulder dragged behind the truck mold by tiger hit my train and -- blow it up with TNT before falling off of the collapsing bridge typical day for one of our sales people here can't mess exactly because he did so. That's all the things that happened in -- sixty years ago on this day that stop look and based in. That's all we have for the blurred today in a blur coming up. -- in the morning. And coming up though -- -- business journal update these switch atop buildings for sales and traffic weather on the lake Stevens and -- right -- -- at 1630 K and assess. Park event here the prescription for Smart talk radio Wichita is thirteen thirty K and as -- listen 24 hours a day. Warren Buffett -- if past history was all there was to regain the richest people would be librarians I this is -- yeah nicely at freedom advisory group if you -- airplane is based on nothing more than past performance -- you could be in trouble we need to talk give us a call at 3167192900. That's 316719. Between 900. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You learn how to make money flipping house is right here in Wichita if so we have an amazing opportunity for you were looking for a small group of motivated individuals to join our real estate investing team. -- are simple three step system for flipping homes here in the local area. 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Venus or rejects -- out in appearances -- from the outset stimulated it repudiates experience it said to be new and different and better and bigger unmitigated and and I'm getting it all this because I'm idiot Marxist president. You can only be somebody has to come back this morning Mark Levine and so what's the use not a snap our fingers get an answer it. It's a tough to answer to an answer that requires work could strip late afternoons at five. And use radio thirteen thirty K and SS. 845 out of 10 in the morning you reveal thirteen -- -- is just coming at the top of the hour in just about a fifteen minutes ABC broke. There's been more trouble. Over night in Memphis suburb of Kansas -- Saint -- for -- in the journal have that coming up ABC world news of top of the hour. We have a stolen vehicle causing a potential traffic hazard westbound on Kellogg. Well right around 9035. Heavy. Traffic area things looking up pretty good through that area right now but you know it doesn't take much of one stolen vehicle and really could have -- Try and in some high traffic volume really -- -- slow down their sit in the westbound Kellogg that I -- -- side in case. NS AS traffic central and get chambers. It's sunny and warmer today with a high of 92 degrees partly cloudy with a 30% chance for rain tonight and Friday overnight low 68. Friday's high of 94 so just a couple of degrees warmer tomorrow. Now mostly sunny with a south wind at twelve miles per hour and seventy degrees. You know the Internet can certainly be useful and checking out products finding out new information you can learn that readers of the national product testing and research magazine. Rated American standards air conditioners and heat -- most reliable for the seventh time. Call even Tampa an independent American standard heating and air conditioning dealer. 846 now -- until the morning news radio -- thirty K -- -- as we've been talking with of course it meteorologist frank wall -- first alert. Forecast center there and just looking at our radar here one more time for you this morning. There isn't. Small area a showers now down to the south west of Wichita right down in a quarter century county. I don't know -- pretty close to K 42 down that way you might see a little bit of a shower down there is a little echo there and then there was not something coming in to the west of Wichita basically that has fallen apart. -- to be just right around Hutchinson this morning -- to the northwest of Hudson. Hudgens and nothing big bear and at this this looks like you we don't get and he should it -- -- any showers here for the -- 12440 it's going to be. Hit and miss about a 30% chance so I -- there's nothing really consolidated. That we're looking out that they're out there this morning so I'm not who. Concern about an ending like as severe weather. The usual the big pay pulls this damaging winds that is not. In the forecast today we've been talking this morning is too old told you earlier about a man in them well he's a tour truck driver. What the ninety million dollar powerball jackpot in Colorado -- biggest jackpot they've ever had in Colorado. And his name is Claude included. It lives in -- rifle Colorado that's where the where the winning ticket was actually sold in rifle and I've been talking about rifle this morning didn't think I'd ever been there I don't think -- Got an email from one records accessed could've done the research myself but did not been kind of bridge this morning -- Find out where exactly rifle Colorado as a Patrick Butler mr. Gmail -- you never traveled west of Glenwood springs on I 73. Then you have been through rifle it's the right on the main highways you leave the state to the west I don't think -- Patrick ever been up there. So I don't remember being who's going to rifle Colorado. Thank you for the information this morning our listeners has always very helpful to us. Officials say a 22 year old beauty pageant contestant. Has been arrested in California after being caught on video. Walking comfortably and high heels while collecting workers' compensation benefits after saying. She had broken a total. The state department of insurance says Sean Foley and Palmer claim she fractured -- while working at a supermarket. -- doctor issued her crutches and an orthopedic -- And she collected workers' comp. However the agency says in a release that Paul -- Was later videotaped walking with no discomfort while competing to become miss Toyota at the Long Beach grand treat. -- feel like usual Palmer was arrested Friday in Riverside on three felony counts of defrauding an insurance company. She was released on 5000 dollars Betty all I would imagine there are women. I've never walk around high heel shoes looks like you portrait of me. But I imagine there are women with a broken toe he managed to look just fine no amateur so I would imagine my wife could do that she's -- she's had broken toes before. And she's -- a high heels a lot of with the nurse. But. Only understood the lecturing to find out that two was broken or not decision -- she's trying to defraud. The state department of insurance out there. We -- the don't ask is it that toe is indeed not broken. Why did that doctor issue her crutches and an orthopedic shoes yeah sometimes you gotta wonder who. News or something going on with the doctor tough there in Riverside. California. 849 Ellis. On issues 2014 -- public affairs program is going to be Wichita city manager Robert Leighton. We've got the scheduled for Sunday morning at eight right here on thirteen 33 in a sense. And grit and a lot dole on down City Hall here recently so we have got to talk to your questions are ready to go. When we do our interview a little bit later this week and Edwards to Robert Clayton we're gonna talk about all the budget. Talk about that -- effort to try to give them the decriminalization. Of marijuana on the books. What else are we talking about talk but don't a lot of things whenever I get together with. City manager -- we usually have a real good conversation there are so many things that. That they can be covered in their last 1030 minutes to interview and it is always something going on at City Hall you can hear that show. Sunday more you date right here on -- -- SS. Wal-Mart stores cut its annual profit outlook Thursday today as the world's largest retailer. Faced another quarter of sluggish sales and traffic declines but things are not doing that well at Wal-Mart mom. Wal -- and eked out a 60% increase in second quarter profit and reported that a key revenue measure was flat in its US discount business. After falling for five straight quarters. Company also reported its seventh straight quarter of traffic declines and -- more stores sold fewer and fewer people go to Wal-Mart. But these results show the continued challenges facing wal mart's new management team. Doug MacMillan who was ahead of the company's international division took over the company as CEO on February 1 and mr. McMillan we can't really has -- challenges ahead of him. That's that's the boy's story don't forget competition it's some kind of stuff. Taking a look at local business news now from the Wichita business journal assistant Cedric county manager Ron Paul says in trust bank arena. Had a net building income of 34059. Dollars in the second quarter. But because of a 41490. Dollar loss in the first quarter the arena is 7431. Dollars in the hole for the year. Through June the arena has had 68 performances. And that includes a mix of concerts Wichita thunder hockey games and other sporting events. Family shows and facilities a Reynolds for smaller meetings or events that. Hello little bit but now softening of their revenue their for the interest macarena. A prominent building into wills and estates medical part is for sale that building at 1855. At north web broad. Which houses center for women's health is listed at one point nine million dollars according to a -- -- listing. The a building which is your 21 street north and Webb wrote -- on the market last week Christie Royce with JPY again and sons is a listing agents. Stocks closed higher yesterday the Dow closed up -- 91 points the S&P up thirteen. NASDAQ up 45. Cisco says -- lay off up to 6000 workers or 8% of its workforce as part of a restructuring. The company which makes routers switches and software made the announcement during a conference call discussing its fiscal fourth quarter earnings. The San Jose California company. Reported a 1% decline in profit to 2.2 five billion dollars for the latest quarter. The Canadian drugmaker working on an experimental drug for Ebola says it is not ready to make the treatment available in Africa off. Though it continues discussions with government and international agencies. Trying to contain the deadly outbreak. Tech -- pharmaceuticals is one of a handful of companies worldwide. Developing drugs to treat the Ebola Virus. That's local business years from the Wichita business journal here on news radio thirteen thirty KN SA. Yeah ABC world news at the top of the hour with another night of protest. In Ferguson Missouri. -- suburb of Saint Louis. There -- reports. Fashion advice that I know whether you put on a -- you decide. News radio thirteen defeat KN SS. Looking to advance your career I think about taking that next step with a graduate degree -- college immediately located at when he first -- ridge road in wintertime. Labor offers the masters in business administration with the flexibility to fit your schedule and take classes completely online -- today for the table college MBA program and watch your career take off. Visit online dot -- dot edu for more information that's online dot -- dot edu and -- college decidedly Christian. Academically. You might know wait your retirement will look like but does your spouse agree. Help you get on the same page on how he'll be spending your retirement years. This Saturday on the mutual -- show at 9 AM each franchise in Italy got offered consulates in the two series only ask for details. Well Anna I love what -- -- the place we -- -- they are amazing aren't they fabulous we got them from budget lines and the best start time oh my gosh -- motorized. How can see -- yeah and I can adjust them all with a touch the button -- made my husband's -- yeah it might you know can I declined to number. The motorist -- -- event is going on right now budget lions eight hundreds of dollars on motorized window coverings flush right now select signature series window coverings are also on sale buy three get 13 plus get a free designed consultation. You can't -- the ease convenience -- -- and safety benefits of our motorized lines and shapes. Budget -- even does the design measuring and expert installation but hurry this amazing sale and they don't get huge savings and a free design consultation call now at 1803801202. That's 18038012021803801202. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Focus on the White House the forecast was for hugs as Hillary Clinton arrived at Martha's Vineyard. Where vacationing President Obama was attending a party drawn up. Over in the White House slapped with Hillary Clinton the president appreciates your counsel and advice but more importantly he appreciates your friendship spokesman Eric Schultz told reporters in Martha's Vineyard that former secretary of state Clinton's recent criticism of Syria policy is no big deal to continue to agree on a broad majority of issues confronting her country. Even if they have the occasional policy difference and Compton ABC news. Spokesman -- also says the president is adding his voice to the chorus calling for common Ferguson Missouri scene of a racially tinged police killing of an unarmed teenager. Yesterday the president and First Lady sent their condolences for the family of Michael Brown. For the past few days officials of the Department of Justice have begun monitoring the situation and working with -- local investigators. And full and thorough investigation. The FBI looking at the case for possible civil rights violations Richard Cantu ABC news. France 1793. -- -- -- -- was awaiting execution by guillotine he took from his pocket of prized possession and Angel calling. He -- it for good luck instead of prayer at that very moment. A sudden lightning storm right from the crowd and the execution was postponed -- prey was later -- and attributed his miraculous survival to the Angel -- for century. Raising complaints -- been the center of countless good luck stories and no good -- he's yours you know world's first government -- -- is releasing magnificent one -- pure silver -- going to -- an historic low in surprisingly affordable price these dazzling silver Angel coins are only available on a first come first served basis so called immediately 18060280. -- these Tony fourteen angels are legal tender and one ounce of pure silver minted in London England. They magnificently to fixing Michael staying up by your breathing dragon with Queen Elizabeth on the reverse blocking your historic low price 180602804180602804. We get up and we look at what's happening at that we see another assault don't always get kind of benefits they stop stop. Stop in the name of rush. Trying to defend. Where we don't even have time to advance -- -- we're too busy yelling stuff. Rush Limbaugh it's not about winning or losing the argument what it is about. Creative -- Rush Limbaugh weekdays from eleven and to create some doubt and use radio thirteen thirty. And SS. Steve Martin -- today he's 69. Years old news music you're hearing right now and subpoena from the first television show he worked on a. -- -- -- I comedy writer for the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour back yeah secondly sixty's yeah. Steve Martin 69 years old today I've never been a huge fan but I didn't do appreciate that -- -- your -- of humor intact in the late seventies. He appeared on stage at the chances coliseum with the Wichita and chilly night actually went to the concert event that was fun yeah I put the arrow through his head and yeah. Walk like an Egyptian to the whole thing that was a pretty good -- they're -- Stay entertained for about it probably a couple of hours they're toasty Barton had a birthday today he is 69. Years old today. I for Herman Cain we'll be back tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock to keep its head in the morning news radio thirteen dirty and assess Wichita. 70 degrees. At 9 o'clock.

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