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8/14/14-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Aug 14, 2014|

Mark discusses the ongoing tense situation in Ferguson, Missouri. Mark says that we don't need riots and that we need cool heads to prevail

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- From the bowels of hidden. Somewhere come to a brick and steel. This brick building. We once again made contact without. Hello everybody -- -- in here are numbered. 8773813811. 877. 3813811. Oh my goodness. I'm gonna talk a little bit about Ferguson Missouri. I haven't talked a lot about it. And isn't it amazing four days later we still don't have the facts. Can you people are taking positions. And in this context ladies and gentlemen. Putting aside all the politicians. Senators governors and all the rest pontificating. On what should be done. But the police forces up to that the police force is too many weapons and so forth and so on which also get -- in a moment. And when a tiny little story. That in my view relates fundamentally to. -- -- -- -- Was the third of December. 177. A young Boston lawyer stepped forward to defend eight man accused of murder. The lawyer was a guy by the name of John Adams. The eight men were British soldiers. They were accused of -- five Americans. No one can argue about the event everyone knew that five Americans were dead the question was. Had they been murdered. I had the seven British soldiers acted in self defense. John Adams had been asked to defend these men. He was a patriot who believe that the presence of the British soldiers in Boston was wrong and that the heavy taxes Britain and placed on its colonies run just. But John Adams also believed in the right of every man accused to have a lawyer and a fair trial. So we agreed to take on the unpopular and even dangerous task of representing the British -- Adams began its defense by describing what happened on the night of march 51770. But became known as The Boston Massacre. He did the cold winter night. Toward evening a large group of Bostonians had approached the customs house and taunted the soldier on guard. He stood outside the customs house with a mosque you don't want children. He was there to defend the building where taxes and duties -- As a demonstration of the strength and importance of the British government. But the Bostonians resented the presence of the soldiers. And the customs house was a symbol of the hated taxes they were being forced to -- They threw snowballs at soldier. They called him lobster back and bloody back both names referred to the red color of his British unify. When he could take it no more the soldier ran inside and rang a large well. And that bell -- through the streets of Boston. In seven British soldiers led by captain Prescott came running. Soon there were eight -- what must get some one captain to leave them facing down the highest sound angry columnists. The number of colonists gathered in the street quickly increased as well. -- there were a 10200. Bostonians. Had already thrown snowballs now the began to pack and throw balls -- vice. Jan Adams explained all -- to the court. They defended the British soldiers who had fired into the crowd. He explained that there was great noisy confusion. And then the British soldiers thought their captain called out the order fire. More likely -- called whatever you do don't fine. But the crowd was too large in the noise too great for him to be heard. So the British soldiers fired. And -- there were five dead bodies in the street. Everyone was horrified that what happened. British soldiers at that time had never fired a columnist before. More people might have been murdered -- not leaders on both sides intervened preventing further -- The Boston Massacre. Now John Adams clearly and carefully explain the events of that night. The denied the Boston mass massacre of seventeen -- In his defense -- the eight soldiers he explained that under British law man is presumed innocent until he's found guilty. He reminded the members of the jury that the crowd taunted and even attacked the soldiers he told him that one soldier have been hit with a club before the shooting began. And finally John Adams told the man of the jury there were no women. Facts are stubborn things. And whatever it may be our wishes our inclinations. With the victims of our passions. They cannot Alter the state of facts and evidence. Adams' words sound strange to us because he used the more formal language in the eighteenth century. But this idea that judges -- jury members should not let their feelings -- -- the facts. Remain clear. -- the British soldiers were innocent. In the court must let them go. Despite their own personal reactions to the incident. And like any good lawyer. Adams paused at the end you watched as the members of the jury one away. They went into a separate room and they stay there for two hours. While the members of the jury debated. Adams had to wait. And so did the eight British soldiers accused America. There's a clock on the wall. That ticked away. Occasionally -- repaired from the outside world. But the court was like a close place a place what time it stopped. Finally the members of the jury returned. When asked they said they had reached a decision. And the eight British -- They found six to be wholly innocent. The remaining two are found guilty of manslaughter lesser crime the matter. In these two men where to have their thumbs branded with iron hot markers as punishment. None of the soldiers none of the eight. Was found guilty of murder. While some of the columnists. Many of the columnists. We're very upset. They thought justice had been denied. And they blame John Adams. And John Adams wasn't exactly happy. About the attacks leveled against him. He supported those who protest at the unjust taxes placed on the colonies he felt that the presence of the British soldiers police in Boston Harbor was wrong. And he wanted to be popular. But he'd done his duty. He had done what he thought was right. The trial following The Boston Massacre define John Adams both the man he was in the Manny would become. We continue to work hard to take on difficult challenges even to adopt unpopular positions if you believed in the justice and righteousness of his cause. Adams was a pot passionate defender of liberty. And his efforts to protect and preserve America which shaped his life. Ladies and gentlemen. None of us none -- you listening. Nobody -- TV. But the president at the attorney general that the governor Missouri. -- -- The facts. But what occurred that night. When the police officer. In Ferguson Missouri. Shot. The young black man Michael Brown. That was an armed. None of us know the facts. We have conflicting. Witness comments. Of course not subject to any kind of examination. We have nothing zero. Already people are attacking the entire. Ferguson police department. MSNBC is put a chart up telling us that there's only. Three. Black individuals on that police department. One Polynesian -- Playing into the mob. And the mob mentality. I look today I did some research on the Ferguson police department this hasn't happened before. Despite what one or two where. A handful of individuals might say the media. The media cherry picking their comments. -- anecdotal comments. There's no evidence of systemic. Racial abuse by this police department. On that I could find anyway on the public sites on the Internet. More Americans. We don't know the name of -- police officer that's not practically crucial at this point what is crucial list. Why -- concluded by the vast majority of mouth pieces out there that the police officers -- Maybe dance. Maybe he did something you should've done. Maybe he can't. Maybe he didn't. We have no idea. None. And yet the mobs form. Not just the mobs that loot. And burn down businesses. And shoot -- people. And throw Molotov cocktails. Not just the rabble browsers coming in from outside the community. Including criminals. We're threatening that community the innocent people and I community two thirds of whom are black. But the mob mentality that range and army. And the mob mentality. That is promoted by top officials in our federal government. Why is this about race we don't even know the race to the police office. Maybe he's one of the three black man -- he's not. Had a we know. That this young man unarmed young man was shot because of his race. Live any evidence to support that whatsoever. We don't know what damn thing. We will know a damn thing yesterday the day before the day this happened. And neither does the president of the United States who felt compelled. To make comments today which I will discuss in a moment. Where he doesn't feel compelled to comment on for instance the murder the flat out murdered by two illegal aliens. -- Border Patrol agent. Was off duty -- this family not a word from our president. Not zero. And that Border Patrol officer. This is employee. I want you to remember John Adams. Because there is a national mentality develop and which is. Assuming things that are not facts. And drawing conclusions. Without knowledge -- information. I've also heard it said while whose fault is that the police department should be putting out the information quickly. No that's not how it works. That's not how it works there's an individual. Well obviously is being scrutinized. By every level of government there's an individual being investigated now like nobody else is going to be investigated. Not now not tomorrow not yesterday. This police office. He's being investigated by the FBI. By state law enforcement and by local law enforce. I have no doubt he is a lawyer at this point because under our constitution even police officers have new processor. So when people say. Let's get the fact that you know let's get them out. We have a process. Called it justice system. And I would encourage you. Not to be part of this mop. But instead to embrace our magnificent history in our system. And remember John Adams. Under truly impossible circumstances. Representing. Eight red coats. Accused of murdering five. Boston. Colonists. I'll be right back months. Videos on TV going on and -- Unabashed Obama and Hillary and me ladies and gentlemen. Ferguson county police chief Thomas Jackson today and cut -- go the last night we started getting. -- -- rocks bricks bottles so there's not a Molotov cocktails and gunfire went off well. We need to get everyone to come down. And tried to bring some peace to this we want everybody to be able to protest. No they're going to protest. We wanted to facilitate their ability to protest because it's constitutional right. And there was video of people. Throwing Molotov cocktails. He could hear gunfire in the background people throwing rocks and bricks. What's a police department supposed to do. When we pay a police department to -- If you have individuals who use an occasion. Like the death of Michael Brown. Which is controversial. Some -- provocative. But the facts are known. To create tension and hostility. And -- turned to violence and looting and burning and drive by shootings. But police department posted do. Cut. Nine -- -- if individuals are in a crowd that's attacking the police they need to get out of that crowd is not an individual. See what the police chief is saying there is we can't figure out who's. We have a crowd that is violating the law. We don't know who's in that crowd and who's not and that crowd for good or bad. Go ahead. Though in NC excuse me sir you peacefully protesting. Are you throwing rocks are you throwing a Molotov cocktail. It's a crowd if you're not if if it's a crowd is getting violent and you don't wanna be violent get out of the crowd. Isn't that true. Isn't that rational. I think it is this a town of about 20/20 1000 people. So -- practically big police force. I'm sure they've never handled anything like this before which of course is the point isn't it. So what should be done. That's a Democrat congressman John Lewis. On MSNBC cut eleven go. President Obama. Should use authority it -- his office. To declare martial law. Federalized that it was there any mention of god to protect people as they protest. And people should come together. Who is going to protect the people in their homes and their businesses. Who are neither protesting nor eluding. In other words the overwhelming vast majority of the people of this town Ferguson Missouri. Who's talking to them in the media. Who's taking the temperature in the media. Who's asking that they're happy that the police force showed some muscle the other night just asking. I'll be right back. -- Hello hello Marc-Andre and showed up at 877381. -- a warm water. Lesson learned here. And of course the last we'll take what I say out of context. But. I'll place it in context for anybody who serious. The lesson to learn here in addition others. He'd be wise to arm yourself. To protect yourself your family in your business. Yes. Because when there's anarchy. There won't be enough police around to take care of things. That's exactly what happened. With a few of the shop owners. In Saint Louis. -- Washington times piece from two days ago. Armed shop owners ward off looters in Saint Louis. He heard about this. Business owners in the Saint Louis area rocked by violence over the police shooting of an unarmed black -- have decided to take matters into their own hands of defending. What's rightfully theirs. Saint Louis ink tattoo studio on county guns -- storefront. In a strip mall less than ten minutes from the violence that followed. A peaceful vigil Sunday night from Mike Brown who was killed Saturday. After allegedly getting in an altercation a police. Rioters and looters torched a quick trip to the ground and. That this is a community that's two thirds black so you have to assume vandalizing cars burning down buildings. Shooting at people throwing Molotov cocktails. That the vast majority of people who are going to be harmed by this. Our African Americans. Which is why I find it kinda interesting -- all the media there including the two clowns eating at McDonald's who are -- cause celeb. -- actually out in the neighborhoods knocking on the doors and asking the citizens what they thought about what was going on. Obviously not shooting -- talking about those. We already facts about the shooting. Any parent unequivocal facts we got -- facts about -- Rioters and looters torched act quick trip -- Mike Gutierrez. My appearance. Sounds like -- go to -- but I could be wrong on that tattoo shop. Rounded up this friends including Connie guns and Adam Weinstein. And prepared to protect their property with force. We don't want them coming in here and then running around with a bunch of free guns mr. Weinstein said wearing an assault rifle is on tactical vest. The group arrived to find a gang of thieves ransacking a dollar general store and the same strip mall that house -- there business. Mr. Weinstein said the looters attempted moving toward the shop but we're scared off by the guns and the police arrive. It is what it is mr. Gutierrez said people just got to end their emotion. How do you like that. So there's a lesson learned here that you will not -- on any television show on any cable network on any. Broadcast network I don't -- any other hostess brought it up but the one of the lessons is. While some people. Are arguing that they have the right to exercise their. Free speech rights under the First Amendment and they certainly do you have the right to exercise your Second Amendment freedom of bearing arms I would be loaded arms to protect yourself your family your business and your friends. -- -- mob strikes. Notes parents to strike shoots present -- cocktails. People seem to be romanticizing. Rioting and looting. Again this isn't that defend anything this is the point something out. And then you John Lewis calling for martial law and let's get some facts straight year people talking about notre rising the police sports. If you listen they show long enough I pointed that out repeatedly. That these weapons coming back from overseas the Obama administration. It's selling to and giving to local police forces. May be some of them need. But they sure -- out on meet all of it. And I talked about the militarization of federal departments and agencies why are they don't -- But then I ask you this. If you have an armored vehicle. If you have bulletproof vests if you have high powered weaponry. If you're not gonna use it. I don't mean unleash them but in a show of force if you're not going to use the -- show of force. Where your town has had businesses earned. Criminals coming in from the outside. People shooting weapons trying Molotov cocktails. Threatening your citizenry then what are all gonna use. In show of force. Just wondering. Just wondering. So the Obama administration are probably the Bush Administration to open the Obama administration for certain as I recall. Conveys these. Military weapons to police forces in their. Did you see the armored vehicle I had. Yes and we saw a year ago. And the Department of Education has stamina Department of Agriculture -- that and me and has the Energy Department. Yeah Shaq hasn't forgot site has them. And Obama is arming. He had not way weighing that -- worried about. Yeah that the bulletin that went -- -- -- already worried about a conservatives have been talking about this. -- Obama drones. Conservatives. That's true. Is -- not. There Obama to. At the time to step up his golf cart. Our country club Marxist. The whole press conference. Any once you know everything is going swimmingly and -- -- Got to -- control everything's fine now if you actually read these articles coming out. Is someone Nazis. Are assembling just north of Baghdad. But everything's going just -- says the president. And a busy 24/7. Even when he's on the golf course -- -- -- teed it up he's informed and he's rated act. And then he commented on this. Town and the events that took place. And what you know he's received a thorough update on the situation from his attorney general he's tasked the Department of Justice in the FBI independently investigate. Investigate he says they don't have any conclusions yet investigate. And whatever happens happens in terms of the truth. We just don't know it yet. But he also said this mr. producer let's go to cut six hat -- ABC news out. There is never an excuse for violence against police. Or. For those who would use this tragedy as a cover for vandalism. Or looting and there's also no excuse for police use excessive force against peaceful protests. -- or two throw protesters in jail for lawfully exercising their first amendment rights. And here in the United States of America police should not be -- or arresting journalists were just trying to do their jobs. And report to the American people on what they see on the ground stop. One -- a sentence. One throw a sentence there's never an excuse for violence against police -- for those who would use this tragedy as a cover for vandalism or looting. And then he goes on lecturing. There's also an excuse for police to use excessive force against peaceful protestor. To. Throw protesters in jail for lawfully exercising their first human rights unless of course the government is quote -- quote shut down. And it's a nine year old who stormed the beaches at Normandy. Who came all the way to Washington DC to go to the World War II memorial. Can't arrest the guy -- coming in Manila closed it down. Add a comment here. First amendment rights. Unless of course your part of the Tea Party then you're scum. And -- the IRS on. And you have no first amendment rights. Right. And here in the United States he says police should not be bowling arresting journalists. We're just trying to do their jobs to report to the American people. I caught rushed commenting on this briefly where he said yeah and maybe they shouldn't be tapping into their phones either like cold again. Number that would be associated depressed remembered James Rosen fox. Obama all I ask -- First Amendment right there mr. freedom of the press right there. I'm not making excuses. I'm pointing out. By Obama was really in no position to be lecturing anybody. Also. He said this cut seven yeah. But let's remember the world part of one American family stop we are united in stop. We're all part of one American family except of course when we're not. You know yes Eric Holder. We spent several days on hand we've spent several years on -- -- America is a horrendous place. Just listen to the president when he's in full demagogue note on the campaign trail. We're all part of the American family let's cue that up to the beginning but I'm not ready to go -- just giving a heads up mr. producer. So we're part of this American family ladies and gentlemen except when we divide -- one race. Ending come NH. In anything else we can think yeah. Abortion condoms marriage. This man has spent his entire presidency. Trashing the United States of America. Dividing us as eight people in big groups of people. Every damn one of his appointees. Has done the same thing. Especially Eric -- And so when he gets situations like this. The nation has already been beaten down and beaten down and beaten down. About how unjustly are. About how this group is privilege in that group is not this group has taken advantage of by that group in this -- More Mac guy and I can't. That's what Obama does that's what the Democrat party does. And there we have violence -- a -- -- were all one American fans. The first time he ever said that today. -- seven gal but let's remember the world part of one American family. We are united in common values and that includes belief. And the core I am doing it thank you -- -- that sets. It. And he finishes and he says okay. The one that last round. The -- I just curious who won the last round. What times tomorrow's game. I'll be right back. You know I. Quickly now watch this press conference with the governor of Missouri and Iowa and apologized to the people of Missouri. I'd never heard a dominant governor in my life. Part of the substance this guy wants he couldn't even complete sentences he was. And at the -- just to complete idiot this governor next what's wrong with you folks and -- My Brothers and sister. Accords its not you -- But good lord that I Q must be really in the single digits. And I heard another gentleman speak I know nothing of him Saint Louis county executive Charlie Dooley. Many of you out there may be familiar with -- I don't know these are radical he's no matter what. That I was great at least in what he said he was unequivocal about the looting. Unequivocal. And forceful and thoughtful and I take -- like -- mumbling bumbling governor. I don't know what Alec I said he doesn't know what to rally sent. Meanwhile the a Highway Patrol be taking over the -- investigation. And them. Leading law enforcement in the media has it wrong they say that the Highway Patrol. Will be out. -- not be handling security. There's not enough patrolman to handle security I'm sure they'll be probably overseeing it managing in some way. In unlike John Lewis and a Democrat Atlanta. Calling for martial law. Apparently that won't happen. It's amazing the IRS loses emails and can't find hard drives you know the ones possibly targeting conservatives. Think they'd accept that excuse for you -- me. Yeah right so. Yet despite being under fire the IRS is more fearsome than ever. In garnish your wages they Levy your bank account seeking even seizure at home or your business. Now trying to hide from them or ignore their letters. And the -- Will destroy you. That's why you need proven professionals on your side. Like that experts I trust at optimum tax relief and they'll defend your rights and worked to get you the best possible -- -- insure the iris only gets the minimum amount not a anymore and trust me nobody is better resolving complicated tax cases. In the attorneys and agents at -- tax relief. And they have the a rating from the Better Business Bureau approve. Don't wait until it's too late caught optimum now for your free consultation. Yes free consultation. 1804996300. 1800 point 996301804996300. And I has got to Scott saint Louis Missouri they Greg KF TK country go. I Mark -- particular my call isn't. This where our island Israel's all my life and I have never seen anything like person. And -- record straight hear Obama say that. That police suppression. Are peaceful demonstration if that's pretty slow burning down businesses looting. I'd hate that you would non. Yeah. A girl who you know right on the island. Big exactly -- and out there and you know it. In this game but there is -- the people Saint Louis with. We're just -- or civil war walk take place. All the people say there are I don't. There's a lot of people who live in Saint Louis and around Saint Louis and most of them are not in the streets most of them are not looting most of them are not throwing Molotov cocktails. Most of them are not burning down neighborhood stores. Most of them aren't shooting weapons in the this guy or to drive by shootings let's get that straight at number one. So we don't know exactly the numbers that are involved here and I might add most of the people who live in Ferguson the overwhelming majority aren't doing it either. So let's just make that clear thank you create caught and I need to underscore again I don't know what this -- it. And that's. -- -- So let the system -- Let this is somewhere. All right let's go to Orlando Rochester New York a yes or land. D'Amato. I'm listening to your show and. I would say he our young. Preteen back in the sixties here in Rochester New York my grandfather. At a grocery store and the city Iraq just during riots broke out in the summer. Is that in the mid sixty. In all my uncle he worked this city and they all possess -- you mentioned something about. Arming yourself protecting yourself. They all possess firearms because -- will look how they grew up in -- part of where they live and. The -- what's happening in. Saint Louis. Is -- similar to what happens in Rochester New York back in the mid sixties. And what I read they have followed. E-book rules for radicals. He talked about how old he was instrumental. In organizing. Fight. Which was a little bit Rochester. There. We got to know the music means we're running out of time well you know Sharpton is there the new black part and their parties there. Why are they there. -- there because they're he sticks. They wanna get to the truth. I'll be right back. He was there. Only underground. From the bowels of hidden. So when it comes to a brick and steel. This brick building. Once again make contact without. Hello everybody mark -- then this is our to our number 877. 38138118773813811. If Michael Brown was shot in cold blood. And we need to know about. If he wasn't we need to know that that. And none of us know what took place. Even some of the witnesses are contradicting themselves. In the process for getting to the facts is certainly not through the media which is they his irresponsible. As any unity. -- -- sticking a microphone and trying to somebody's face. I don't wanna spend all day on us. Because you go round and round and round and round what. People holding to their positions. I don't have a position. Other than I reject lawlessness. Whether it's done by an official. Which we must determine through the due process system or whether it's done by a mop. -- Long Island the great WAB seek out. I heard you talking about how from the witness account and a counter contradicting end. I got to play the only thing that contradicting it counted the opposite they're an -- replete with Ferguson Missouri. What are you talking about -- he gets flopped that out there ice I heard two witnesses speak. I heard what they said it was contradictory. And you're saying the chief of police I don't believe the chief of police to set a hell of a lot about. He had a press conference and a lot of things were said and don't -- He talked about -- stop where you there man we there. Well -- why does the nation give a damn what you have to say or think about that you don't know anything you don't -- Other than what you see on TV you worried. You're getting on here like there's some kind of an authority. -- an authority at all. How old are all. Protests there -- all of the reporter or restricting helicoptered nobody knows what -- Because they had mayhem the night before -- haven't spoken up about the shop owner's pocket we haven't spoken about the innocent citizens. You know black woman what should pay attention you know a black woman was shot backhand I'd drive by shooter. Why are you talking over me why I want to answer a single question on nobody that I get lost. This is what this is why I'm not gonna go round and round and round anonymous. Just not gonna do it. I'll -- that to other shows and other hosts. And other platforms and other in other ways. She has no idea what happened neither -- why none of us do. But she gets on -- she made a call me a lesson of the witnesses -- two of them. They're not under -- not under the usual conditions you would require -- to do. I don't act it and it hit that typically sees the -- Contra contradicting. Contradicting what he's been very careful what you said as a matter fact. This isn't gonna resolve any. But she didn't say a -- About the innocent people having their store's brand. She didn't say a word about that black woman shot my hand by a drive by shooter and there are others people prime Molotov cocktails. Nobody wants said in their communities nobody I don't know what race you are I don't know inherited -- are what religion you are who are. You don't what that violence. That's self destruction. In your own community. And it needs to be put down. So it's not like the law enforcement just came and it's better rounding up protesters. For the hell of net for the fun of -- I can't. As far as I know. Based on the public information that's available all maybe that'll change. This police forces -- known for using tactics of this sort. Not that I'm aware of what you'll get people will call anecdotal and it probably did this -- gave me a ticket 'cause I'm -- They stop me -- they did that at. I'm not talking about that. They're not even a blip on the civil rights division to radar. That I'm aware of. All right. But if she got a call. And act like you -- an eye witness to the events. Don't don't waste your time I have no stomach for that millions of people listening don't give a damn what you think. You're just happen -- And I think the media reporting here has been unbelievably irresponsible. Two reporters had made the story about them. They are manhandled. Well that's never happened before I don't know if they're manhandled or not. They kept their mouth shut when Obama was tapping their phones aren't tap on my phone. Got a guy from the Huffington Post in one from the Washington Post. I don't know what was said then neither. But as I say all cameras -- -- with the protesters. A tiny tiny percentage of this community. They're not going into the community into the neighborhoods talking to the people. Nobody even knows all these folks are from the same community -- they are maybe they are. Don't know anything because our great reporters. And maimed as they move quickly commission issued don't think they say she's been percolating for a few days. And now genocide is not going on in Iraq it's all over everybody's fine stopwatch. Not a problem anymore. Illegal immigration the open borders MS thirteen coming across and I don't worry not an issue anymore. And you get a stiff -- Trying to keep up with the media in this country. Did you know. Did you know that Obama. Held up. Hellfire mrs. missiles to Israel. This is a Y net news. -- net news. Shipment of aerial anti armor missiles stop if the White House State Department learned that idea request to transfer. Directly from pentagon went -- asking for their approval according to the Wall Street Journal. The US administration has halted a shipment of hellfire -- anti armor missiles to Israel. The government sources noted Israel had requested the transfer of ammunitions directly from the Pentagon without receiving the approval of the White House estate depart. What does that. Does that mean. He's not the Pentagon does not the secretary defense report to the president I don't I went around president went to the secretary defense. Well first of all let me suggest that it's hard to find the president. He's not really focused. Yeah I mean remains busy and I should have a tee time form and particularly golf course but the fact of the matter is he's not easy to. So they go to the second -- offense they go to the Pentagon hey. They went around us the poll. We are blind signed it one US diplomat it's sad while US defense official insisted. There was no intent to blind side anyone. The process for this transfer his file precisely along the lines of it should have been so our guide the Pentagon says. Any go around anybody did a blind side anybody. BA hall at the State Department says won't attract a blind side us. As if the Israelis can keep it secret that they're trying to get hellfire missiles from the United States government. This is that what we call eight pretext. This is what we call a lie. In order to deny Israel those missiles. That may -- Israel have to do with the Egyptian state at some point go to the Russians. I'm just saying I don't know. Jeff Chicago Illinois how may -- -- is there. Hey good market to be back home to let them -- taught you -- and Afghanistan. Wait it -- or two also had a you have -- I'm I'm being transferred to a new duties basement. So I'm all right -- one -- welcome back well at least for now god bless you man. And then back -- eclectic spirit and and I'll be in Europe area operated the in the next few days. And hope to look at the -- they are to sort of make a comment here in in my hometown of Chicago. You don't give people a shot every day black black people -- -- black people. And documentary to protest with the -- -- Al -- and -- -- and Jesse Jackson about this this you don't bit young and immature it's unfortunate. What went off -- that this is some good at not being treated in -- viewed here YouTube. Touched on it you know -- witnessed in the black community and the an an entire home in the black community. Let me just haven't touched on it all the -- -- are -- to the floor well destroyed and I reiterated what you mark. Arguably Chicago -- -- -- -- -- -- callers did you get my -- auto the truck driver. And my mother local postal worker don't get more will call an -- and they gave my brother and I. Terribly bad news right and wrong morality. You you know there was a cost to BP if you crossed the line and it's been told. This whole. They in the black community with black youth about disrespect and authority the police opposite -- weapons if they can do something YouTube. If you resist arrest you're gonna pay a price that you had to happen. It was unfortunate that happened to that person in new York and we keep it Karen McCarron mitigated these people act like the -- that the police officer. You don't have to be our diplomats you have to beat up peacemaker. Jeff Jeff let me say this before we go to break here. They're -- knuckle heads in every walk of life okay there's knuckle heads in the military there's knuckle heads and police departments and fire departments there's more than -- Knuckle heads in my AM procession of broadcasting they -- they do exist. And so we don't expect perfection in -- never will be perfection. That's why we have a process. For handling these things we do not know what took place there is. Conflicting. Witness commentary there is conflicting police information. -- then. Go through that process but why the hell would you burn down your neighborhood. Why then how would you attack innocent people why and how would you Luke and riot. And I don't wanna hear that there's some grand vision -- some great cause behind it this is flat out dangerous. Dance. Threatening lawlessness. You're absolutely right mark and everything it's. You don't those jobs will will never go to the community to Wal-Mart would have opened in the community like netbooks but the -- that and then. You know they're sort of be a a trial it's necessary. And big -- big -- third order effect of taking the jury pool will -- 24 hour. Media coverage. There's the -- jury pool whether the potential to be -- and at that we continue this into an already met each and and opposite it. And it did it shooting -- popularly beats a black person so what does that do to the narrative. And to me like you say that the media's job and it's paying an innocent reporter that's all I I was tear gas well. That's the standard and disperse a crowd dispersal created nonlethal. Not skinny local municipal crippling the. I -- when they say oh they used tear gas on protesters they they weren't able to tell these gun shots were common front. All right my man you be safe. If you're gone backwards it sounds like you are really be safe and call us well. I -- I'm not how much are you done that oh well I will. How blessed man you'd take care yourself. And I'll be right back. Months. And there's really nothing else for me to say about this Ferguson situation right now until we learn more information. And if the cop. Killed and this fellow -- And didn't have any basis for shooting and whatsoever. He'll be dealt with -- should be dealt. And we need the facts. And I'm not gonna keep repeating that separate issue the rioting but looting. Unacceptable. Period. Period. And it needs to be put down. And hopefully will be for the protection of the community. All you know is the phones are ringing in your not getting enough new customers to grow your business. You know that online marketing is critical. Where do you start. Who can you turn to Chris sound advice on implementing a marketing program that actually works you need why he. YP is the largest marketing agency for small business in America. 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What's to do what's to do. It's not my English it is about the Gaza situation in Israel and he's asking -- hit. Cut thirteen go. Here you have an extreme faction in the ha Hamas that controls Gaza. That is written into their playbook the destruction and misery. The destruction of every jewel on the planet. You can't negotiate with an act you have to say either Hamas goes away. And that Palestinian Authority. Takes over all of that region and and and deal with some kind of honest broker here and create the two state solution. The Palestinians turned down the ability to have their own state in 1948 when when Israel was formed so. Clearly. Hamas and again. Don't virulent Hamas and again that virulent faction of eight of by Aaron really. A strong. A fundamental group. Can control everything you look at the congress right now in the United States you've got it wrong Tea Party group controlling the whole country. Because they have a gridlock they have a gridlock -- stranglehold. On Boehner. Boehner can't make a move and so for that reason nothing gets brought up an image in the congress. So any time you -- little an extreme group you cannot negotiate with them and the way to do it is to eliminate it. With the Tea Party got to go through political thing happen to wait till 2020. To redistrict. -- -- -- So Hamas in the keep. Party -- similar because they're fundamentalists. Intermediate really is a sick and so -- he really is he really is a dumb guy. To compare what is a legitimate. Civil. No looting no rioting no burning nothing. Law abiding. Spontaneous. Collection of individuals from all corners of the country all races all creeds all backgrounds. We're very concerned about what's happening in the federal government. Following this system working through this system to compare. You folks. To Hamas. A hit Larry end. Killing machine. While then ER one of the voices of Hollywood. Rob Reiner. Rob Reiner are here they. Flat out. I'll be right back. Please constitution. -- Mark prevent colon every 774 years dormitory eight point one. There is say yes. -- black congressman. -- Republicans commute talk Chris Stewart. I wonder if you liberals can get behind this. National review online. Congressman Chris stored Republican -- pushing legislation to lessen the number of federal agencies. That have or are developing swat like teams. I what does John Lewis can get behind this may -- he called from martial law earlier today. -- regulatory agency demilitarization. Act. Prevents federal agencies that have not traditionally been tasked with enforcing federal law. From purchasing machine guns grenades and other weaponry. According to a statement from Stewart's office I think that's a good idea don't you folks. When they're generally dangerous situations involving federal law that's the job of the Department of Justice not regulatory agencies like the Food and Drug Administration. -- the Department of Education. Stewart said in this state and when he introduced the legislation earlier this summer. Not only is it overkill. -- having these highly armed units within dozens of agencies is duplicative costly heavy handed dangerous. And destroys any sense of trust between citizens of the federal government. The statement points -- department of agriculture's solicitation for a submachine guns. In May have when he fourteen. And recently created special law enforcement teams at the national Oceanic and atmospheric administration. And the Department of Education. As examples of the problem legislation would address. According to a 2011 Wall Street Journal report hundreds of criminal investigators. Also worked directly to agencies. Such as the social security administration. And the Environmental Protection Agency. And since he first proposed the bill in June -- increased the number of co sponsors have his bill. To include 28 fellow house Republicans. How many of those while they're all house Republicans why aren't there any Liberal Democrats signing up to this. Why aren't there any Liberal Democrats signed up to this. Why are we militarized thing. The national Oceanic and atmospheric administration and the Department of Education. Wiry militarized in the Social Security Administration in the EPA. And the FDA. -- And I've been talking about this forever and I been attacked for. All the purchasing all these bullets on that's normally -- practiced practiced a lot. Why I have police departments and agencies even have weapons. And I've also objected to. These military weapons being sent to. Local law enforcement. Not because I think every cop is -- hater and a racist and there's an of that now. Because I don't think it's appropriate. And I still don't hear the liberals. Joining me and others on the conservative side and by the way damn few of us but still. In denouncing. The militarization of of our government period. But what it. These federal departments and and agencies. It's congressman has 28 fellow house Republicans who cosigned. Our cosponsored a bill that's sick. Not a single Democrat. Now I don't think those weapons need to be in in the hands of the domestic law enforcement for the most part. Whether at the federal state or local what do you think of that. Let's see if this congressman gets more support for his bill. Amateur wanna Betty doesn't he see John Lewis is your quintessential -- Democrat -- Lanny went through the civil rights movement and he sees every conflict every domestic dispute every accident every. While every what ever as a civil rights issue. In so while. The guy calls for a dictatorship at least temporarily. Let's play that clip again for everybody because the audience comes and goes except for many of you you stick with me the whole time that's good calls for martial law. Cut eleven mr. producer ago. President Obama. She used authoritative but his office. To declare martial law and I that's enough he says other things too but that's the -- And under what authority can he declare martial law. -- Even Lincoln. Didn't go so far. You know as haters seem to suggest that he did. Let's go to -- Springfield Illinois. And what how are you listening to a stray and what mechanism. They are to go to listen to your -- -- point nine FM and state and you're in the area. You know listen to your targets but I do enjoy it -- -- and things of that nature that you bring to the table. Also listen to -- Mr. -- here. Rushed -- -- there as well. But in this situation. Provided to beat. A situation where. Where we talk about the black parent and things of that nature of course the other severe trial. But there were in the -- that are well they saw what to please salsa here. As an artist. -- we've got -- -- -- to stop -- cheered. In its efforts to get beat you know what they're on their weight somewhere and let him know we know we definitely got the more we got to go -- detained -- He -- -- detain them and stop from regardless -- law. They have broken ended it saying that well not. Reject the interject himself with. Earlier I -- and then -- here's -- thing I know other shows entertain this and drive up their ratings and so forth I don't believe in trials by broadcast. No I don't either and and went and what I'm trying when I'm trying to say to you is I heard those two witnesses speak. They said two different things. The cops have a different story. Discussing it here isn't gonna resolve a damn thing. So what I'm trying to -- so why don't look -- I can't resolve and I'm not to judge you. No no I agree with that I'm I'm not an agreement with the way. The book I'm not an agreement with the -- aspects of this sort here it's. Let's put that aside and putting I've I've addressed that too -- -- saying. When people call and say first of all. If somebody accuses somebody of something. There has to be the ability to respond and then the ability to test the truthful this of the statements because somebody's lying. That's where ideologues -- and -- -- why isn't there -- -- repeated when it involves a black person why it always. Outlook but -- obsolete also requires that the majority of the fire with stuff like this is the credit. The situation is and it would put -- public person and probably thought well. -- at that story last month where that. Mentally challenged white guy who was killed in New Mexico and Albuquerque, New Mexico did you read that story. I've been -- or hurt nor do I -- if you haven't heard about this -- are sorted out mark. And there weren't any riots there and and in Albuquerque new -- eating here about that story. -- -- freelance story. That it rarely pursued it in our dog I don't I don't really care -- family pursued it happened there's not a lot of media on the -- rocket jumps you from. Like why don't really are you speaking in the respect of a black man in the just said in a majority of the case is. And you don't know the majority of the cases. Are seeing people killed in shock -- I've seen people like Brooks also -- it still wasn't proud right now. An airport sort of what did you illegally they're promptly and in a play. I get it I get and I already said there's a lot of him that there aren't perfect cops. I I guess I don't understand your point what are you trying to step it up port Laporte I'm trying to tell you how that I believe in a rule of law I believe in due process. I believe everyone should go in that process. Black white in -- between. -- a trader Vic dumb cop. I citizen. And apparently you don't. Our thanks recall I can't I don't believe in street justice. I just don't. I don't believe in anarchy I spend what years behind this microphone talking about the civil society. You have to have a -- assets in place to adjudicate. Crimes or accusations. Of crimes. And talk radio CNET and today well -- it. And I know that a majority of the time this happened and that happened that's an oddity there. It's just not at this -- hit what some people are saying. He shot and will be prosecuted. The federal Department of Justice. The federal FBI. The equivalent of the Missouri State. In law enforcement and prosecutors are on this matter. And they should they. But don't call me and Tommy and a majority cases this happens and that happens because -- happen to have a phone. How would you know you know as much sign up. Which is not think. Which is nothing. I've never said that there's a perfect system I've never said the police are perfect and there is anybody's part. Fact I think I said last hour earlier this hour. There are. And actors in every profession. And let me tell you something. They harm that profession. And bad cop. Harms law enforcement. You talked a good cops and I've talked to many of them they will tell you. That is a stain on them. But we don't have the facts this guy can be guilty of this or not whoever it is. The people opponent here Georgia Tech in their crap on top of the air here it just it just turns me off. Meanwhile people are in trouble what they do. They call the cops. Why. Why. And I don't count me in on the anarchy side don't count me in on the street just decide. Now. I believe in the rule of law. And the rule of law needs to be applied. Particularly in these cases this is why I started out the show with John Adams. In The Boston Massacre. This is wives because cooler heads as they say must prevail. The system. Is most important under these circumstances. To find justice. Declined justice for Michael brown and find justice for this police officer. Just this must be pursued and justice must be found. And it must be done. In a legitimate way. In a legitimate way not by the -- Not by somebody's opinion on what happened -- to a majority of people. Now I now look I've seen this happen and I've seen that happen -- who. You're off the jury we have a jury pool yeah. What are people who come to this with a clear mind and clear conscience. -- people who come to this. Trying to find the truth regardless of race regardless of bias one way or another. And that's what I'm talking about here. So I get turned off. And it's a waste a time. For people to just come on. And spew their bias. Without anything more. Absurd. All right I'll be right back. -- another thing that kind of bugs me. -- I don't know these folks at home near call other shows we know nothing about that. We don't know if they have an axe to grind if they have a wreck period this year. Just regular listeners we have no idea. So when somebody comes on the start trashing law enforcement generally just trashing away trashing what I get suspicious. Because most Americans don't feel that. Most Americans do not want there. You know the businesses in their town saluted. Small businesses. When you have the two thirds African American community like. Ferguson. And looters. Are stealing from them. That is from the stores are burning them down. I suspect they're not all why don't. It just an outrage. And to defend that in any respect is unacceptable to me. To reject due process. Under the law which is given a mass murders in this country. Which has given that terrorists that we have to bring in this country. NSA. There shouldn't be due process when it involves an office there. Because I get on the majority of cases this happens right solid guy. Planned this out there I mean it's just outrageous. Of course. Well all the interactions. With the all the people who are hired as law enforcement personnel of course they're going to be 8% it. Better no gut. There is in every single profession. But also like in every single profession the vast majority. Are professionals. They do comply with the law. Always have absolute disaster in this country. So you won't. Finally joining in with extreme libertarians you'll find -- in -- anarchist. You won't find -- joining and. With this group that broke these people are those people. I speak for myself based on what I see. What I now. I could spend all night you're going through the number of police officers who died in a line of duty. Protecting people protecting their property serving communities. I can talk about their families and how they suffered. In fact. I could spend an entire year. I'm crimes committed in this country. Now what's happened to the victims. And guess what most of those crimes were committed by cops. They were committed by citizen against citizen. We need. The process to work particularly in this case. And particularly in cases like. We really didn't. Whatever your politics. Whatever your ancestry. If you're extremely angry right now. We -- this process. To work. Our people will get away with all kinds of -- And damage will be done. And they'll be human -- for. It happens all over the world. I listen to this guy ranked. Says he listens to the show from time to time in Russian Sean. I don't know who he is. The -- won't say. That the federal government shouldn't be arming up the way the federal government is. He's never called in to talk about that. The militarization. Of second third fourth tier federal departments and agencies not work. Nothing. -- when I've been talking about the use of this military equipment and sending it to the state and local law enforcement. Some of -- I conceive that some of it no way. Liberals never call my show and say. You're right mark -- They never call and say Iraq. Obama is doing it it's great if Democrats are doing it it's pray all is well. But it's not great. So we should be consistent. Consistent in our principal. I'll be right back. It's okay. Only underground. From the bowels of hidden. Somewhere -- to a brick and steel. This brick building. We once again make contact without leave. Hello everybody hours. Create 138118773813811. McAllen Texas. A place where Obama will never vacation. Right along the border. Investigators in south Texas. Have found what they believed to be rights bright part. -- weapon that to illegal aliens used to murder a US Border Patrol agent. Who'd been fishing with a -- Forgotten is an. Have the years they -- Has the air -- Latino Americans. All but forgot. Border Patrol agent how the air today again had been fishing with his father's mother his wife and two children in the southern part of -- counting on August 3. Went to illegal aliens from Mexico tried to rob them at gun point. Agent -- fought back by firing his gun at the robbers but in the process was mortally wounded in front of his family. While his father was shot in the hip. But survive. On Wednesday -- county sheriff Larry spans Albright park Texas that his investigators were processing an area near the same home. Where they previously arrested forty year old is my Al Hernandez and thirty year old school -- -- to G arena. A justice of the peace charge both -- with capital murder meaning they could face the death penalty if convicted. One of the two men had previously been deported four times -- both men lived in the Rio Grande Valley. In the area investigators found a handgun they believed was the weapon used to murder Asian Vega. In the botched robbery. However forensic work must be done so here we have a law enforcement official. Patrol agent how the -- The launch -- Not law enforcement -- -- federal law enforcement. Obama hasn't said dancing about. That's his guy he's a federal gun. And I don't hear. All that much concern about this man. And is -- Well agent Vegas murder took place when he was off duty since he died fighting to protect his family criminal. Aliens. Officials with the national Border Patrol counts are pushing to have the agency -- classifies death. Does he line of duty death which would give the family access to several benefits. While we know stingy Obama is -- that from Fort Hood. Well as men and women in the military. Who are slaughtered by the Islam on Nazi. That was a workplace crime Nadia the duty related death slaughter. However if if there's men and women rather than serving us in the military had crawled across the southern border. They be receiving. Their families with all kinds of good. Oh yeah. All kinds of goodies. Goes on in this country is just beyond belief to me. Thousands writes the New York Post of kids who crossed illegally into the United States will hit the jackpot. When they're expediting cases began coming before New York City immigration judges were the most lenient in the country -- these immigration judges. Our point -- by liberal politicians like the attorney general. Halo arazi had any any folks -- yeah you won on the bench. Though a lot about hill. And so forth and so. The first judge assigned to the so called surge docket is frank look pressed an Obama administration picked. The grants asylum in 88% of the cases before him the national average is 50%. Only five other judges in the nation have a more generous asylum record. And they're all the press this New York City colleagues. And all the immigration court in New York City. Has granted nearly 80% of asylum seekers requests since 2009. Compared to 40% in LA and 30% in Houston. They're very emphatic now -- map mash fly out. And New York immigration attorney said of the city's judges he listened carefully to the evidence. As is if they feel like they're saving a life when they grant cases. For immigrants seeking relieve their fate appears to hinge on one American adage location location location. For instance. Some days it's just too much business. It really is. Someday mr. producers had a minor -- man hood yet it's true. Chris -- is Chris from their mr. calls green. All right Chris bring up crisply as Chris where you from center. I love -- and follow what Arkansas Fayetteville area yeah. -- that. -- some person won't. First time caller -- -- premiere a total. And picture and look here are so often we can't I don't know. I have a couple comments from the next question number at first commented. Actually the officers Lebanon completely quiet. I don't. They've got a great green. And beautiful well -- -- this isn't what do they -- are complaining evidence some people. No they don't and -- do they go around shooting hold on them they go around shooting innocent people. -- turtle creek are they racists. I -- number we go OK just wanted to make sure it. And so of them being -- you -- Anyway they. They want to thank my -- though it's only you know there are good cop and are backed up just like you've been praying. I mean there are people who. Abuse there authority. And those who ultimately would expect. That they were effective match. Much like politicians -- abusers -- in some comply with exact points to yes. Anyway I mean you know I heard -- -- -- and other radio Circuit Court here and talking about wanting to reform. We talked at first pick a way. No direct control it completely ignorant they wanted to help them which would be in my own knots. I don't present they would just that he used it yet I've heard this argument come from people and helped her away. But police culture -- they're. Able to abuse that power but they shouldn't happen at all. And they're both know that all about now. Just laid down just because we have big audience you're gonna wanna put things in context so while this administration is arming drug cartels in Mexico. With -- automatic weapons of the biggest kind with the biggest caliber. We have people saying that our cops should have -- it. I I think. But it does for air defense that tidbit out toward that they have an attitude of plotting to. Paul the Second Amendment they wanted to tickle your right of people to. I only have these losers and I society so what's the point. You know if police to offer fabric -- technology. We have a gun taken -- and I'd love and a police officers are not in his hands against him yeah I know I did at the big and commenting on the attitude of people out of another great question. Crew is going to defend. -- basic you know oh well you you can't have a gun. Because you can hear that but the good. News says that they are not in control so police officers will have guns. And depending on what state you live then. You can have a gun to thank you for your car. Let's go to Sean Brooklyn New York to great WABC got. Good evening mark which -- know what -- -- check -- and shooting. Myself during a robbery of the gas station. And -- a white male I shot a white male notional controversy. This fellow was not a case with Hamachi for Richard dot org. Reload the agent pure hustle and it's near six Coptic Christians for -- there's others like from a -- will be career criminal. -- clemency for Richard dot org and you'll realize. Thank you thank you at that I have no idea what this is zero. Not. So I. Pardon me I just don't now. And the Lehigh Valley -- great WA EB go. I'm Mark Arum who wouldn't show there's another couple questions. First of which would be possible you were maybe somebody -- worried -- an amendment. You know move in the beer and liquor there our liberty amendments. Where the state should have the right tune in each somehow. Federal. The other members of executive legislation world. Judiciary branch of the federal government and. I I don't -- I I don't want the states to take over the federal government. I want the states to have a check on the federal government and it's beyond individuals in the federal government the power to impeach. It's the decision making process the federal government has has seized decision making authority for issues it has no. Authority over under our constitution. There's no checks and balances via the states the states of being completely. Denuded so I'm not really interest -- in the states impeach this officer that official or something like that. It's kind of scary and the second thing is. Establishing something like a democratic Republican caucus. In the Republican Party or something to give Democrats. And Republicans want what are you proposing this in mind charge of the Republican Party. Or almost think -- -- -- the other -- -- of venue for freedom works that Tea Party patriots and or. Well I contact them thank you for your call and I mean. They should be it Democrat caucus within the Republican Party. Freedom works is that the Republican Party the Tea Party patriots they're not the Republican Party you have the call -- preakness and -- -- he'd be extremely interest in the but why should they have a Democratic Caucus in the Republican Party when the Republican Party officialdom the ruling class. Is more more like the Democrat on what we need is a conservative caucus within the Republican Party. Don't you agree mr. producer. Yes. Thousands of people looking for a home security get ripped off every day. And the home security industry wants you to believe that's your only option that are get rob. They've got to hordes of -- in and out there trying to scare you into signing one of their long term contracts. He gets stuck writing huge checks month after month would no way out it's robbery by contract. And it can cost you thousands of dollars but there's a better way to protect your home simply safe home security. Simply -- has no contracts none. And it that 24/7 protection. I'm from trained professionals watching over your home ready to call the police for just fourteen dollars and 99 cents a month. That's less than a third of what most companies charge for the same service. Simply say protects my home my family and thousands of -- Protect your home the Smart way is it simply safe love in dot com goal now for an exclusive 10% deal. Simply -- to live in dot com simply say LE VIN dot com. While we can't seem to get off this topic so I won't swim against the tide anymore. There -- other things going on. -- Augusta Georgia they -- W easy out -- Harry markets the great one it's an honor. Yes I'm listening to our target a police -- since 1975. And I -- watching these people riot and I think if they don't even know what in the world happened they are absolutely clueless. And they've got these so called witnesses. That have their hands up -- soft you just executed that they are so clueless. I don't believe there's not sure that would do that -- -- all the video cameras and I believe that there's -- -- I know that would ever be shot like that out. Currently the -- the police chief said that the cop was injured. Yeah and that tried -- and then I had heard they had a facial injury around. I don't know look and sound like curtains there was a wrestling of the -- and the gun went off inside because I hope he had his lights on that would have activated its. His camera which would it it wouldn't shows -- Let's start we don't know maybe ignored or let's that we don't know maybe what he did was wrong. But that's not our point your point is why people looting and -- when they know the facts. And that's exactly -- nobody -- We are clueless and they are rioting. Or not think they have no idea they just weren't right and steal. All right sir thank you create caught and I wanna know why the same lawyers always show up in these things. They're back on TV. The media you know and the media loves that stuff have you noticed that they just love this stuff. So you folks better buckle went. Until the next thing pops up. And it's getting worse and worse and worse the medium talking about. Just unbelievable. Mike Naples Florida -- great WFSX. Now. Embark on their my call I got -- and show and I couldn't leave that stuff we're taught in high school by yeah soldier that is something that. I listen to Valerie you are -- -- it must beat it. People are are taught to understand looked at me and I mean personal each. Regardless Iran and that's following you went where you're talking about the way the media covering this. Yeah how they're just it's just if I just as -- everything they they sensationalize that they've. -- let me slide out in this particular case. We're now getting -- to video over and over and over again of the tear gas. That the police fired. You would have thought that there was no tear gas left in America. They just keep playing at all over and over and over and over again we know nothing about the crowd. We're not told exactly why they did it. We do know from the the from the police chief there a Molotov cocktails and other quote unquote witnesses Molotov cocktails. Gunfire we know -- app stores where earned. And -- I mean I I have to say my attitude is put down the anarchy that's the way I see it. Yeah but -- are huge stage and -- bit they can facial argent and this content and without a box. When you're out there they detonate it sort of interest. The dead children they had -- bombing debris. Isn't. Gotcha but they you know there wasn't so nobody went over to the other side he says -- look into our living and our secure how big they they they -- can take crap without ever recorded. Children. All right thanks recall. John. Boston Massachusetts that great WRKO. Home of of course the Boston Massacre yes -- man. -- -- -- very well thank you. Hero I keep hearing Al Sharpton or reverie or religious Jack's saying that this protesters. Sort of rooted in the civil rights movement what -- shelter realizes that. The great reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Attitude to teach adults are sparked violent or. No Al Sharpton would say his words so certainly this time around where we intended to calm things that because he. He spoke out against the looting. That's what he would say. I'm a little you know. There that you're ever don't want what about I the question why why was he then. When I was at and it's a rhetorical question so why exactly right why I was there and get another. You know those Accenture circulating -- Obama down in that on my opposition labor not vacation. And that that should should it's just circulated it about option can't. -- -- against what cancer and I saw. Well no publisher would not Rome burns -- bureau -- Yes all while America -- Obama danced. Yeah pretty much thank you create car via. Pretty much. President chose to intervene to interject himself and this he doesn't know any of the facts. But it doesn't stop. And as I said earlier in this program. Is dividing this country is organizing this country it's been part of his political. Effort. Him and his cabinet secretaries like holder has consequences. I'll be right back. -- I don't. Always talk about good news. Mark where men can compare orange there's good news poll Wal-Mart women show about every 77381. Story form walk. So Obama's coming back to Washington. In this weekend to make a big announcement. If people are speculating what will be in new Supreme Court test this may be. -- he signed the. You know the unilateral changing of our immigration laws and grant amnesty to. Eight million people may be. You know -- else. But I do know this whatever it is it's a disaster. The disaster. Because. It's gonna make a big thing out of it and it will be a disaster. Mike Dallas Texas the great WBA peek out. They mark Martin your trip up on something that you touched on earlier about how. The media is providing a slanted coverage. As president in just say they're running full coverage perspective for the protesters but not the community at large. What are your thoughts on what incentivized with media are what drives them -- pushing them to. I think so one play in these pivotal event and you know what -- liberal media to be liberal. What drives liberal media to be liberal like taken liberalism drives liberal media to be liberal. What they have wanted to begin like Oprah this type of instance where it's typical. That it's all throughout the nation but it's not cool -- That you're not gonna get a feel you're not gonna get hit I'm answering your question you're not gonna get a Pulitzer Prize. Knocking on doors and quiet neighborhoods asking them. What they think about what's going on in the center of the town. You just not. You're not gonna get ratings. Being three miles away from our corner because the action is. Trying to find out with the people think the vast majority of the people in the community. We have mostly people commenting on all this who known none of the facts. We have many people commenting on this who are from the outside. How many people commenting on this who've never left their offices in. New York or Washington we call -- reporters quote unquote. And that's what we have and so this really isn't news I can. And what's happened is news but it's not really a full understanding of the news that's taking place in this community. And it's not just because the police aren't revealing information which they're not able to reveal in every case given the the fact that this officer no doubt has a lawyer in fact the have fraternal order police says he has a lawyer one other lawyers. But when I mean the full a -- here. I think when I saw the the county executive from Saint Louis. Speak today after the governor. This African American -- Dooley I know nothing about him. From my audience and that -- area of the country but when I heard him speak. He drew my attention. He was level headed. He was talking about what the community needs to do. He was talking about how the community must reject this kind of lawlessness and so forth going on in the streets how it's counterproductive and self destructive. And you indicated that we need to let the justice. Process proceed. Basically I'm saying the same thing he has so when I listened to him I said here's a guy who's got a level head who's a clear thank Eric. Who wants to ensure that the due process justice system is working. Both for alleged victim an alleged perpetrators to determine. What took place and they keep his community safe. And why this is controversial are provocative I don't know. For some reason a couple of callers wanted to join in that acting like cops. Just all cops -- to plant evidence. Cops who should people actually do this -- to do that. It's so outrageous. I will not join in and street justice and anarchy it won't happen thank you for your call. As you know we're at war. We're trying to radically transform our country. There is a resource that's absolutely vital in helping us win this battle and talking about the work that's being done on my friends at news busters dot com. The folks at news busters not excuse me dot org dot board dot port. Worked day and night to expose the liberal media's efforts to brainwash Americans into accepting. Left this socialist. And they do a great job shredding the media's credibility in their ability to deceive us what -- -- tricks the live media have up their sleeves. Whether it's covering up Obama's scandals -- slandering conservatives. News busters dot org neutralizes them. By exposing the bias the lies the century -- and all the rest. Am I gonna -- busters dot org every day why. Because I need to know what the leftists in the -- -- to know your enemy. Here's the bottom line news -- dot org is on the front lines of the war against media propaganda. That conservatives must absolutely must win in order to save our republic. I don't mean to be overly dramatic but. There's an awful lot at stake. So. You know inform yourself with the truth by going to news busters dot org and tell all your friends to do the same. And they'll be glad that you did that's news busters dot board. Let's see seniors it we've had some good callers today and some really. Well who have fallen flat -- -- put it that. -- Columbia Missouri XM satellite go. Yes without question for you Rush Limbaugh as well as talking about the although Goldwater election and little. Conserve our establishment the world. They hold out against you know conservative. Yet they never looked at how Reagan did. There always revert back a huge -- you sure. And down achieved already in her body else but what did happen and the -- water. -- -- I have a little different take on that I think guys like rose in the rest of them. Really are not conservatives they never being conservatives. They are big government neo status Republicans. And and they make their money. Promoting candidates like that and frankly that's where the money as you know the Tea Party conservative groups have to raise money from the bottom up small donations. A grassroots donations at a cost a lot of money takes a lot of time to do that -- and the rest and they get big checks. They run around to get big checks from corporate this and very very wealthy people which is perfectly legal. But this is and how you build a party it's not how you build a movement. What happened in the gore campaign is he lost in a landslide but. Whoever the Republican nominee was going to be was likely to lose in a landslide because John Kennedy had been assassinated not long before. And Michael orders he used to being completely perverted. And this happens sometimes you know you you you have men and women in history who are. Not necessarily successful politically but the majority but have you but people look back and they say you know what he was right. And one of the lines they used on the go -- campaign wise in your heart you know he's right. He was right for the most part. I said thank you take wow. That's the here. Let us go to to. Plan. Oak dale California. Serious satellite gas -- Got sick and -- being an MB to recruit and decent in that upside down country artists. Look what's being called a racist crack. -- being so bad. Well I'm not I don't I have been called a racist yet and I'm aware of radical and other -- yes but I'm sure that's. My comment real quick and I let your hand on it that you haven't already have followed the comments that the president -- president and it made. About allowing Democrats to get access to -- -- -- from the police and how they're being shot -- not given access. Yet he's perfectly fine blocking the press of the border from getting access to information and the tragedy dot -- -- I -- a partisan agenda. And that is just think in -- and I'm tired of it -- our. Let's just -- -- While you know what he's very good lecturing other people what to do is very good at protecting his own input and in and other situations which he has no he does not have a grasp of all the knowledge or information. Because it doesn't cost them anything fact he can make cheap political points doing it. Point it actually comes to him here right this president has done more tapping of reporters. Preventing reporters he was from taking pictures. Preventing reporters from being at his golf outings preventing reporters from being at his fundraisers. You're right blocking reporters from much don't -- Writers and are -- okay thanks recall anyway so there you -- I think we agreed but it's even more than that. Inspectors general you know inspectors general have written a letter to him they have forty some inspector general and path for more of them. Have written and said that this administration has been uncooperative. That's stunning none that's never been done before. This is really closed down operation there's no question about it. He closed down operation. It's tightly controlled. All right. Let's go to Brian Dallas Texas WB AP go. Mark. Apology assert your responsible coverage -- stores aren't quite so surgery. Can I tell you something about that Bryant it is very. It's not so easy to do it because you are provoked by. Certain callers and so forth certain. Provocative course and my attitude is a -- in matters like this is do the very best she can keep a level head this these are the times you really want to usually knock him go right ahead. -- and continue to do well. I haven't counteract just just I think they're a lot of folks are gonna struggle. To understand these are the concept just our triple disobedience. I certainly respect that the right to assemble -- pretty speech. I don't hear any. I don't hear much community leaders and and that -- -- Teacher gym coach despite the Irish to be careful. They associate where it is passionate about. A college certainly empathize a marriage -- that -- children nor. Try to imagine community and and certainly true reason that I -- these guys are drenched the president of -- and I may have -- -- -- that Occupy Wall -- -- -- interviewed -- -- -- -- All of them are really sure why they're there -- -- And I would say. Change judged to be -- -- you still passionate. Go Mr. Bush Peter. Picture or pictures are radical element statute -- similar -- their own advisors -- and people can get hurt and you know you are a media choked. All right my friend. I appreciate your points. By the way with respect to police officers you know and I've taught my kids. -- to be respectful. If you have a disagreement with the police officer you tell you later. But I'm gonna tell you folks something. When I see police officers go up to stop cars. And they don't know who's in that car. They put their life on the line every time they do that. Every time they knock on the door. And I can go on and on and on. So this trashing. Of that profession generally I find repulsive. -- Human beings are imperfect. Some human beings make bad decisions from time to time. Some human beings -- just -- In all walks of life. But you don't trash the entire profession. And we need our law enforcement. And is it an interest and nobody's called for the withdrawal of all law enforcement. From Ferguson. They've debated over which law enforcement should take charge and how law enforcement should act but nobody has said. We don't want law enforcement. Because everybody really knows that without it. Well look around the world you know what you yet. With the growing violence in the Middle East shocking attack upon -- passenger airline the threat of an Ebola pandemic. Instability throughout the world. CNBC. Advised investors that. If ever there was a time to own gold as a safe haven alternative to other financial assets during tumultuous times. There is no time like now. No time like now for investors' uncertainty is high in fears are rising. About trade wars. Isolationist policies higher energy prices sanctions large scale attacks all threatening. A fragile global recovery. Now ladies and gentlemen. You need to protect yourself whatever is going on in this country whatever is going on around the world. You don't need -- secured your assets protect your family. Don't overlook. And one of the ways I do what is by diversifying my investments. And among other things I don't go called gold -- today 1877365. Point. Asked them about the different payment options and read -- report risk information. To see -- buying gold and silver is right for you but don't wait get the information now 1877365. -- And don't forget for a limited time exclusively for you in my audience only Jasper calling in. Excuse me goal -- we'll also give you a 90% silver content rich choice absolutely free. Along with the free investor -- So called -- line now. It's professional account executives are waiting for you at 18773652646. 1877365. Point 1877365. Point. Open. No love. It's also quite remarkable isn't it wage issues. Become really. In national obsession. What took place in -- It's terrible. Whatever the circumstances. A young man was to. You know this goes on every day all over the country I don't mean a policeman. Shooting a young man I mean murder. And earlier caller made the point. And he was right. Every single. -- -- weekend people are slaughtered. In Chicago and frankly not -- Chicago. And it's not done by a cop. It's done within the community. And our leaders don't talk about it. Quote unquote leaders. Because politically there's nothing in it for them. I believe this. There's nothing politically and it for Eric Holder to travel the country on that. Gulfstream five that we bought farm. And to talk about what's going on in these communities. That cause people to kill people. It's really -- an epidemic level. There's far more carnage involved. And very little discussion. Because Eric Holder doesn't wanna deal with it. Because Barack Obama doesn't wanna do you. Because these governors don't want to deal with it. Because they don't I had to deal with. This. Event. And on us to call it took place and Fergus. She fits very nicely into categories. -- -- You're liberal you think this through libertarian you think this if you this you think that bomb bomb -- we've all what we've got off figured out. But we don't have it all figured. And we will be discussing. This incident. At least another week. When the nation well into the next thing pops up. Maybe it'll be this weekend when the next thing pops. But the murder and mayhem that I was just talking about will continue. With barely an acknowledgment. It's just absurd. What draws our attention to such an extent and what doesn't. Ladies and gentlemen. God bless you all we salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. And you the American people I see right here tomorrow America I'm mark the event.

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