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  1. 10/21/16 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind


    Sat, 22 Oct 2016

    Hillary Clinton violated the Espionage Act during the debate by irresponsibly divulging America’s nuclear response time to the entire world. And I can assure you our enemies are all meeting trying to formulate potential responses to this. She has demonstrated in her public and official capacity ...

  2. 10/20/16 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind


    Fri, 21 Oct 2016

    Dan Bongino, Contributing Editor at Conservative Review, fills in for Mark. Isn’t it even remotely concerning that some people are willing to risk their jobs and reputations to say Hillary Clinton is a unique threat to our constitutional republic? They are risking their livelihoods, because they ...

  3. 10/19/16 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind


    Thu, 20 Oct 2016

    Is it time to tank the Republican Party or has the Republican Party tanked itself? The party is at war with the base that gave it its majorities in the Congress and Senate. The modern day Republican Party has controlled house for 18 of the last 22 years but has not effectively advanced a ...

  4. 10/18/16 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind


    Tue, 18 Oct 2016

    Our voting system is a disaster by design of the left. Voter lists are populated with deceased voters. Republican governors and counties have tried to clean up their voter lists but are always opposed by Democrat operatives and the Obama Administration. Voter ID laws have been routinely opposed by ...

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