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9/2/14-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Sep 2, 2014|

Mark talks about how President Obama should be realizing the threat that ISIS poses and to act like a real Commander in Chief and a leader and not just a President

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's here. Only underground. -- -- -- -- Somewhere under the brick and steel. This brick building. -- once again make contact without. Hello everybody mark the -- there are number 87. 3813811877. Create one. 38110. I think. We can conclude. Unequivocally. That the modern Democrat party. That's a hard radical left. Has a high tolerance for other people's misery. Whereas the left in this country today with respect to the war on America the war on civilization. In the Islam on Nazis. Where's the left I don't mean a few voices the Democrat party I mean the the aggregated the Democrat party. I have heard nothing. From the spoke city. Over there at the DNC. I've heard nothing from. It's caucus and that caucus. About what's going on. The awfully quiet. And where are the media. When their own people are decapitated. Journalists. I decapitated. Where's the outrage on the pages of the editorials in this country. Is it not amazing. The tolerance bring humanity and genocide in slaughter. That the left has. And you wonder why they don't respond to rational arguments when it comes to. The size of government and the misery of Obama care and unemployment and -- we have people -- at. Women being -- sold in this labor rate. The most horrific conduct. Since the -- -- -- -- -- Which they seek to do again. And Wally Islam -- not seem British -- Was sharpening his knife in anticipation of its next video. Our president's. Going off about the minimum wage have you ever seen a bigger disconnect in your life. Now Obama and the Democrats. And the hard laughed and they neo confederate in the radical libertarians. They may not think we're at war but we are at war. It's just that essentially one side is fighting and don't give me a 120 bombing missions. Wow look at that. This president. This president should stop everything he's doing everything you don't. Call congress back -- session. Now. Speaking of the congress -- a joint session of congress I said there's two weeks ago I'm underscoring it again. And speak to the American people. And seek a declaration of war against the Islam are Nazis. Seek the muscle up our military. Not a disarray. And sit down. Was serious men and women in uniform. Who have serious national security intelligence backgrounds. Develop a strategy. Look at the Middle East decide which nations are -- of which -- And that could change. From the past. Look at your. Whoever wants an end. In defending civilized man and woman. Against sub human cockroaches. We can call it a crusade for liberty. Against the Islam I'm not secret -- We have Christians all over the world Jews all over the world. Hindus all over the world seeks all over the world. Every religion. Virtually. As well a secular it's an atheist. We are not provoking the Islam -- Nazis. The civil society our existence the existence of people who don't agree -- them. Seem to provoke the Islam -- -- I don't wanna hear any more from the hard left and the neo confederate right how we're provoking these these animals. Yeah or provoking us and stop putting down our country. And by our country no I don't mean this pathetic president. And government I mean our country stop putting down the American people. While these tough guy. Eyes dressed in black you're showing their eyes. What they're butcher knives and mistake knives decapitated man. While our hands are tied behind their backs while they're on their knees. Wow what brave men. Nothing special forces of the Marines can't make mincemeat out of. Is there any discussion any serious discussion in this country. About permanently banning those. Who claimed to have been American citizens to leave America and its territories. And go overseas. And joined the armies of our enemy. Any serious discussion of -- congress so far not a word mark congress is out of session they can still talk about. There's a couple that sick. And this legislation should be drawn up immediately. But now I won't -- And know the border won't be secured. President United States should talk congress and the American people at this joint session. Now we're going to take every step necessary to -- try. These animals. That we are going to win this. And that will mean be honest with the American people and that will mean. -- civilians. Will be killed. Not target. But they will be killed. We'll try to keep it to a minimum. But that's the best we can -- Ladies and gentlemen I even hear Republicans conservatives and radio host and TV commentators say what we can't Carlson guys. That's not our goal we don't kill civilians but we do need to read -- -- ourselves what the word victory means. We haven't had a real victory in a very very long time mark what about Iraq. Iraq was a temporary victory. Afghanistan will turn out not to be a victory. You have to eat this -- made an enemy. You have to destroy an -- That's Victor. Another two ways to do it. Militarily. And from within. As in the Soviet Union. We didn't use direct military. Power but we used military power but itself from within. Most of these other countries will not. They wanna. Because of a bunch of circumstances I don't need to get into right now. I mean. My greatest concern. Is the growing tolerance. -- passive it. Now with the American people with the ruling class in the phony elite. For terrorism. Which explains why they won't secure the border. Which explains why they're slashing the military in the face of this threat. Present the United States has flown off to Europe for NATO meeting. He didn't even make a statement. About the killing. The slaughter. They -- in essence the and other Americans now work. He spoke city -- John not so earnest. So we an enormous sympathy for the family and our prayers are with -- and a participant they have graduated yet. What we want. Is a commander in chief. What we want his victory. What we want. It's a -- more than died. And I'm serious. This is now a battle over who dice. And who lips. If we're serious about living if we're serious about being free if we're serious about our safety here and there. Well now we need to do something about it. In so far we're not doing a whole lot. I'll be right back. Americans -- war. Are aware yes I talk about this the other day Americans are war weary. It's an amazing statement that they if indoctrinated us with over the last. Few years Americans are -- We have a smaller percentage of Americans in the military. Than any time in my lifetime. Was an all volunteer military and. And so that means that the vast majority the American people are truly unaffected. Directly. With their flesh and blood. In these various. Military actions. But Americans are war we. Americans are tired of war. Americans who essentially don't even come close to touching it. Sound like there revolutionary war which was fought right here. But the civil war fought right year. -- -- -- -- We're virtually every family was directly affected -- the Korean War. With a draft with. Hundreds of thousands of men going off to war -- or Vietnam. Hundreds of thousands of men going off to war. And a draft. Mean what it would become America. World war weary. What is the founders had said. What does the union had said that under -- And they had every reason to be war -- given their casualties. 750000. Dead. North and south. Or war weary and now we've been fighting over York Hitler urgent Miami went where war weary. Ladies and gentlemen. -- war. And went out fighting like world war but we are at war. There are people wanna come into this country. And destroy you and kill you and your children in your grandchildren. And technology is such that one day they're gonna be able to deal. And we're not preparing for this. Despite 9/11. And this night despite the lead up to 9/11 there is no excuse for our ruling class. To be passive in the face of this aggression not. And for the squeaks out there. Very few of them essentially. In terms of the rays showed the population the people. Who insist on isolationism. In the face of Islam on Nazi aggression. Who insist on trashing the American people and our nation as provocative Boris. All these spores -- Nazis may still be hiding under their rocks. With their fellow cockroaches but for us that is knots. It's not it's and it's gonna get more Americans built. That's what's gonna happen now look at this. Missing Libyan jetliners. Raised fears of suicidal line airliner attacks on 9/11. Egypt set for military intervention as Libya spirals toward out state Washington -- bacon. There's no containing this. This is an offensive force. This is conquering force. Islamist militias. Rights bill -- in Libya took control of nearly a dozen commercial airliners last month. And western intelligence agencies recently issued a warning. That the jets can be used in terrorist attacks across North Africa. Intelligence reports of the stolen jetliners were distributed within the US government. Over the past two weeks and included a warning that one or more the aircraft could be used in an attack later this month on the date marking the anniversary of nine elevenths. Attacks again the 9/11 terrorist attacks and -- you know where we don't need to describe. I have been saying actually for several years now and it's very pleased me here others repeat -- quite frankly. That if you're the enemy of the United States. You're -- act now. Was Obama's commander chief. So Russia is acting. As -- new Russia what. China is acting as I knew China will. The Islam and Nazis are on the move. Predictable. What hasn't happened yet and what concerns me and something will happen. Is south of the border and our own hemisphere. All the propaganda from this government. About securing the border the number of deportations. Don't believe any -- It's a lot. And do not forget this was bipartisan. And to about two months ago. When the obvious affect Savannah State put -- trying to state and it opened border became. -- Not theoretical but real. What hundreds of thousands of people pouring over our border. And millions more waiting. I asked my liberal friends. Of which there are -- but I asked my liberal friends and I asked. Left wing Democrats who voted for Obama. Why do you hate life so much. How does he mean I asked you why you hate like some. You're radically obsessed with -- abortion. Erratically -- with a isolationism. You have a radical hatred towards the united states military. Give a radical hatred towards our police force. And yet these are the entities. That help protect us. That help protect. Not the swat team at the Department of Education. Not the swat team at the EPA. And so forth and so on. So what is it about human life that you despise so much other than your own of course. You see genocide. The likes of which we haven't seen since the 1930s now. Not the level of wet but the likes of which. And you sit there on your fat asses and say nothing. Nothing. I'll be right back. Smaller logic. Not allowed by law. Dan Bartlett and show. Had 8773813811. You violate -- the real journalists -- great journalist. Over the Daily Beast they must confess I've come a long time so I've just blown his cover -- I like Carrie is there. And great thing for what you have him on the show. While Eli -- thanks for coming on the show. What do you make of a present United States that doesn't even make a statement. As he wings off to New York after a second American journalist is decapitate. Well I mean it's extraordinary because last week we have admission that a product that we don't have a strategy yet. Against I. Am what I would say it's not about strategy at this point it's really about. Is very poor aim she -- destroy guy that the president recognize that Americans that work would like this whether they're attacking. Kurtz in Iraq or whether they're beheading journalists in Syria or whether they're making you know you. You know having to gain in Atlanta and I'm. Eight that they ignore orders but the president has been reluctant. It is simply say we -- Arab or where I sit and frankly it's the larger question of the all -- war in -- of -- ideology and the presidents about the area. But you're a man of history airmen of literature and I can't think of another president who will conduct himself this way in the face of what is a growing genocide. Ethnic cleansing selling women into slavery executing boy ways mass graves for tribesman. Growing cal fan I can't think of a single president perhaps Carter. But but that's it can you. Well I. The prominent -- Obama hasn't always wanted to have it both ways black -- did authorize air strike. Which have been effective -- NATO airstrikes and aren't we it. Largely the Kurdish Arab militia now under -- -- -- are mad and it's why I took away from the Mosul bear which would have. Crippled Iraq permanently. And you know -- -- -- -- doctor you late but in large part you know US air strike. And people on the ground were able it's great what they're all the huge amount didn't -- Saving the -- but probably the bat right now if you ask the White House what is eating up all that's what speak overarching. Goal but they will tell you should protect US facilities and personnel in Iraq. And protect vulnerable. Minority in Iraq and to protect Iraq. Critical infrastructure. But what they want date is that the people who work aren't all of those threat at this point I. That the aim is to destroy that organization and I think. Even the administration which are. Content you know which you know I think with acorn Kerry for not exactly all -- -- you're. They have all that we've never anything like that the threat at the United States and its the president more typical apple. Why why it's home. I think the president is in some -- kind of a prisoner. If I would ideology which it. In many ways defined as he will do the opposite of what he perceived the last administration would view -- situation. But I think you also wary that what content after what than what what comes next so. What date US forces liberate walked out which of the Syrian city. Where. We know that -- be controlled because of that the -- video. But and who would administer rocket that's what I'm getting from our administration officials sympathetic -- the president's view. But at a certain point you have to stay -- worse than this mentality you know adding journalists in the middle Syria right now. And it's hard to imagine what would you work the. I'm confused by that last statement. Who would administer of that town is that what you said. What the idea is let's say you succeed in driving -- I know what I mean but but but we've had other wars throughout our history in -- and other wars throughout history. And the issue wasn't who's going to administer that country or that town rather. The issue is going to be victory victory you have to have a victory we'll figure all that out later. Well I think that we're so far away from that at this point the president himself I think that's something few months ago or one of these press conference it's it's been so revealing. Is that it does help work and right now it's not pretty it's not that's fine but I think that he -- back the probably each can't bring himself today. America must distracted the previews last week what. We can -- greet them. But back to -- I mean if you if you can't bring yourself to say that the goal is to kill or capture their leaders. And liberated cities that they take cover take all their money all the things you do -- the -- of war and everything has to act. At that point and it there's no real strategy you can get that deep point right. Not an exact parallel but in terms of the military strategy in mind set. You know in this south broke from the north in the civil war. The south's overall emotion wise. The the north would not fight them to victory. That this would be a war of attrition and eventually the north would get give up and say fine we're gonna have to get up will be two countries. In that sense I think. You see all over the world people are saying well look at this guy is simply not going to unity talks about contain talks about the grainy doesn't talk about victory. He doesn't have the stomach for this stuff so. Putin is on the move -- China's on the move. The -- the the the I'll call my name these common Nazis are on the most are. Enemies around a little. I need I think that there was. The view from Obama and I have a second chance but I think -- you approached the Syria situation has. We got our enemies into a -- a -- at our enemies from Iran fighting our enemies. That's a -- equipment and that will be about but have we learned. I'm a Assad as very carefully gone after a moderate rebel -- but happened until very recently gone after. I this strong balls and never thought wanted to force the issue. -- say Detroit is between me and these terrorists. So in some -- by doing nothing the president is -- that calculated. It believes that you know -- at the very biting would be a good thing. And they would cancel each other out instead that I just Brett -- the cap the size either afraid that we heard. For an intelligent -- the last eight months. And if you that a -- at a more firmly entrenched in power elite -- the controlled that territory you've gotten the worst of both worlds. And the the president it taking its sweet trying to fit it you're really trying to recalibrate and saying wait a second that overall approach didn't work. And now we have to come up with -- broader kind of war and I think Republican that -- back and let gotten you know they -- they're coming back this week. It would be behind the idea of just riding you know I just -- the gates of hell for you know wiping them out at -- that as. -- -- -- -- -- like to drive them to the gates to hell at this point wouldn't we need a Sox. Well I mean that is the problem might think that. Bet it's hard for me to say kicked out of -- I have the director Bert Gerber Carter a back I -- Property not just vitamin or a year in the -- our family trying to broker. Decades and people -- repeat. But you know -- -- now in -- note where and it's an effort to extract a or where the United States is no good at bringing democracy it's quite as -- no Democrat as he notes double piety. And that's certainly true that the lesson learned from Iraq and Afghanistan and a lot of -- But the alternatives. Of pinpoint air strikes and -- -- that I think it's a recipe for almost endless war. So I don't know what the answer it I'm fortunate to be journalist -- art but you know I think that there needs to be some consideration that it did this problem only gonna get what. Let me let me ask a question -- World War II do you think FDR sat around -- his. War cabinet instead -- Germany gonna look like after the war it Diddy spent all his time sitting out how to defeat Germany. I think we know from historian -- we know from this you know memoir you know people in the cabinet that he thought about how to destroy them and they did he became -- he he -- very early obviously but yet it's not a I have to stop and destroy -- not to. I just think this is the different mindset today. Where where we not went -- I really do I think we're sitting -- -- we need democracy there we can -- it appeared you have to destroy the is that. Particularly when it's ideologically based. When it's ideologically based like this not let me ask you this question look at -- Out the president doesn't even talk about Libya not Egypt is threatened by Libyan what's going on correct. Well Egypt and the United Arab Emirates just last week decided to conduct air strikes without notified next -- That's so telling considering where supposedly the world lone superpower. And they are great allies that's amazing that we were out in the -- While they were afraid that the United States might get involved and screw it up and I don't mean the United States you know -- that's what I mean. But -- and may be right I mean that the president of Egypt doesn't have any faith in Obama Obama has opposed them from the start. Well that that's true but I think you know it can Obama can't quite make a decision. He talked as though he's gonna suspend the aid to Egypt and never get around actually doing it. So I think in the end most ally and adversary. Really regarded as president he gets back but he doesn't. He's got a brand -- start let's go you know the each set to -- and -- into not doing anything about that. And the lessons -- what everybody observing yet at -- -- -- that there's always the crap every but he what you're doing -- for. Is that this -- the guy that would really mean what it says which is why. It's so ironic that every corporate -- You -- -- reiterate the slogan you know we don't block and everyone knows he'll block well I think the world -- -- -- and their -- -- -- like the Daily -- let me ask you this question who has this year -- had -- the primary person who has a zero on farm policy. I have no idea deal. Well I clearly I -- and we know I'm -- looking at the event black candidates that you know the chairman of the joint chiefs. It Defense Secretary and the secretary of state. All came out after the first -- adding video instead I just have to be priced. That it that it is their at least two people and all the language of war and preparing for war. And Obama went a different way after you know the National Security Council meeting last week. And I think it's because -- he really -- one you know that we are all the very very closely from the white out and I think that the -- -- -- out. The deputy national security marker and wrote that the agent. I think you took very small circle inside the white -- And even -- cap and it seems art and like last outs in the fact that general Martin Dempsey. It's how they're seeing what he said that you know. We cannot ignore this big north of the border we -- northern border we believe that there are imminent threat to the United States and then activate. Basically walked back those remarks. Back itself extraordinary. Buddy highlight is is an obvious they were trying to force his hand. I think in some way they were and I say it's just the congress and intelligence community and the military. Bet that viewed that I sit in the east you got to work being number one threat that he needed to opt out opt. You know that in building very here now and -- -- worth noting a lot of the top national security people. You know the head of the national archer as senator Mike whenever that you're it's outdated these are all eating at the moment when the red -- You know peaking and the -- said it like report final evidence of since they're all leaving. Well -- you cannot -- a huge amount of turnover right now you know act that. National security level there in the head at that our lives that tells me they wanna get out while -- get. If I think if there's some politics -- as well I mean these are top. 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YP can do that for you. And approve it listen unless they're giving away free online business listening and essential first step to being found by customers. That's over seventeen million potential customers who search YP dot com and the mobile YP -- every month. But if you're not there they can't find. Claim your free business listing right now and discover the power that is why. Don't get left behind claim your free listing and start getting found today visit my free why he dot com. My free YP dot com that's my free why he dot com. The BBC. Yes the BBC British Broadcasting Corporation. Radical left but that sent. They report the UN says it has received reports from Iraq that we've got acts of inhumanity on an unimaginable scale. Deputy human rights commissioner flee the can see Arnie said Islamic state was believed to have committed systematic. An intentional attack. On civilians. Include targeted killings forced conversion slavery sexual abuse in the the seating of entire communities. The UN Human Rights Council has agreed to an an emergency mission to investigate the highest crime. You know this reminds me. Of a lesser scale but it could certainly pick up very quickly of row Wanda. With the UN essentially sat on its hands issuing reports. Conducting investigations but that's sitting on its hands at all bureaucratic clap trap. Bill Clinton had on his hands. Samantha powers. The UN sacred the S secretary -- -- -- ambassador to UN from the United States. My recollection mission was a State Department -- who did. Next to nothing. Madeleine Albright all the rest of 800000. People were murdered in that small country. And most of them by machetes. In about a three month period. That is and let's walk through. -- -- Yes slaughtering day and night and day and night and day and night. And there -- these reports issued by the United States by the UN why didn't we do more why did we sit back quietly this why didn't we that. And here we go again. Where they can -- -- and after no action report again. I've read you large portions. Other report. -- And a former New York Times managing editor. Several decades ago. It took a look at the New York -- has coverage of the Holocaust. Which was a disgrace. Why is it that the left tolerates. So much in humanity and genocide. They claim to be compassionate. They claim to have sympathy for people so they wished to socially engineer our country. Redistribute wealth destroy corporation's open borders we connect parents say whatever. Why does the left has such a high tolerance. For that. As I -- not their own but so many others. We come with grips to grips with the fact and I point this out in liberty and tyranny. That. The left while they don't think like you and me. In many ways our values are not their guys. So we look at and Obama are Harry Reid or Pelosi when we watch the Supreme Court leftists do what they do we go how how can -- this how the hell can they do it. Because they're not made up the same way we are their DNA is completely different if you well. They're dangerous. I'll be right back. He's okay. Only underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel. This brick building. -- once again make contact without. Hello everybody mark the within the -- number 8773813811877. 3813811. I wanna read something to you. That Winston Churchill said after. The news about the attack on Pearl Harbor. And as you know -- trying. He of these events current events some historical context. Economic context philosophical context I don't just went and -- take -- events play clips and attacked Democrats in the media I could. Which would mean no preparation whatsoever. And I'd rather not. I want you to listen this. Because Churchill. Do the American people better than Obama does are all those out there though where war wearied. I'm not wearied. Are you wary if we attack these cockroaches and -- them. Here's what he wrote. No American will think it wrong of me. If I proclaim. That to have the United States and our side was to me the greatest truly. I could not foretell the course of events I do not pretend to have measured accurately the Marshall might of Japan. But now at this very moment I knew the United States was in the war up to the neck and into the death. So we wanted to after -- Yes after Don -- after the fall of France after the horrible episode of moron after the threat of invasion -- apart from the air in the navy. We -- almost unarmed people. After the deadly struggle the U boat war the first battle the Atlantic came by -- hands hands breath. If there's seventeen months of lonely fighting in nineteen months of my responsibility in dire stress. We won the war. England would live Britain would live. The Commonwealth of Nations of the empire would live how long the war would last or in what fashion it would -- no man could tell. -- and I at this moment care. Once again in our long. Island history we should America. However mauled her mutilated. Safe and victorious. We should not be wiped out. Our history would not come to an end. They might not even have to die as individuals. Hitler's fate was seal -- talking about because the United States got into the war. -- -- fate was sealed. As for the Japanese they would be ground to powder. All the rest is merely the proper application of overwhelming force. Churchill wrote the British empire the Soviet Union and now the United States bound together with -- every scrap their life and strength where. According to my lights twice or even -- the force of their antagonists. No doubt it would take a long time I expected terrible for fits in the east but all this would be merely a passing face. United we could subdue everybody else in the world many disasters immeasurable cost and tribulations lay ahead. But there was no more doubt about the end. Churchill continued it. Silly people and they were meant not only an enemy countries might discount the force of the United States. Some said they were soft others that they would never be united they would -- around the distance they would never come to grips they would never stand bloodletting. They're democracy and system every current elections would paralyze the war effort. It would be just a vague blur on the horizon to friend or -- Now we should see the weakness of this numerous but remote wealthy and talkative people. But I studied the American civil war. Fought out to the last desperate inch American blood flowed in my veins. I thought -- remark. Which every gray had made to me more than fifty years before. That the United States is like a gigantic -- Once the fires lighted under it there's no limit to the power -- general. So being saturated it's a -- with a motion. And sensation. I went to bed and slept the sleep of the saved in the thankful. Winston Churchill. So eloquent. And so well since it. But you need a wartime leader. And this is wartime. You need it wartime -- We do not have one. And so this is the problem. The American people are ahead of the president. Went ahead of the president when it comes to race. We're ahead of the president when it comes to. The rightness of capitalism. Well ahead of the present when it comes to immigration securing the border. And we're ahead of the president when it comes. Toward peace. We don't have a leader. We have president. But he's not a leader. And you know it's propitious. It's propitious. And we've had many great leaders in this country when we needed them we don't have one today but we've had them and it's important to remember the minutes report to learn from. It's also important to ignore those. We're really. It later when it comes to American history. And yet purport to know what. Who seek to destroy some of the greatest statesmen who ever lived. Among them Abraham Lincoln. You don't need me to tell you this you don't need others to tie at old dictator you should read about. This was a truly truly remarkable man. In the most horrific. War. America ever had American. Fighting Americans. Brother fighting brother. The casualties were all America. And the casualties were so numerous. Because the weapons. We're increasingly advanced at that time. But the medicine. Was not. And the medicine medical breakthroughs could not keep up with a military breakthrough. Battle after battle one more horrendous than the other. Abraham Lincoln. Imagine being president at a time like that. Assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. And yet amazingly had Lincoln lived. Reconstruction. Restoration. Would have been much smoother. And humane. But he was assassin. For me anyway I find solace and looking great Manning great women throughout history when we're facing serious and dark times. And I try and pass it on do you. So I say I -- sit here and just go through that article after article play audio after audio. Take callers patting me on the head and so -- but I don't wanna do that. You have access to all of it. I'd like to prioritize and highlight some things but. Two more than. We've known great leaders. We've known great presidents we've known great commanders in chief. In Lincoln was one of. And we've had many in this country. -- we're very fortunate that we can. Obama is not. I wish to take a moment and think about it. To 1864. August. Slips in the September. The war goes on. The bloodiest war. In the end 750000. By the equivalent today of seven million. All Americans well almost on. Abraham Lincoln runs for reelection. And it's no sure thing. And then Sherman general Sherman. Breaks through. We have the battle of Atlanta. He burns a land into the ground. And then the march to the C. The Georgia campaign. He destroys everything in his -- Because Sherman. With Lincoln's last. Since this war must then. It must end now. We can have finally found. A few generals. And understood that the war must come to an end this can't continue forever. -- -- -- You talk about the war would. Everybody knew somebody. Who'd gone to war who was in the war have been harmed in a war who was killed and it's been estimated that. One out of every four or five families in the south. Had somebody in the war. That's pretty amazing. It's incredible. You know early on in the war in the north they thought this would be easy. They didn't think it was that they can deal. -- people from Washington DC. Taking carriage rides and picnic baskets. To watch the battle of bull run. While there were two battles of bull run. As you know a battle of Manassas if you prefer. And the union lost. And up to that point it was the bloodiest battle. When the early part of the war and it was. Terrific. The confederate forces. Were up in the hill they were behind. Mostly stone walls shooting down on union forces they kept charging up the -- In getting slaughtered. And of course the people who come for a picnic day. I had never seen anything like it before. In a word spread throughout the north. When it happened. This was a war. Wasn't a picnic. And it wouldn't be short. And to be enormously bloody. And it was all those things. He was all the us. That's what Churchill's talking about. He studied the civil war. So there is as the second inaugural address. Nobody knows what to expect from like. Now keep in mind the election in November occurred. After the battle. Of Atlanta after the march to the city. So. Lincoln's collect moral chances turn positive. Anyone. And back then. Wasn't till march. When the president was sworn. So Lincoln's gonna give his second inaugural address. And wanna continue a little bit with the senate because I think it's apropos to what's going on today. When I return. Well. -- Today is Tuesday. September 2. Next to stay in this September 9. And the B a book being released called malice toward none Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address by my father Jack let them. I wrote the preface a veteran Q last week. This is part of the trilogy the third and a series of books that my dad. It's written and brought together in developing created. It's got a background and wonderful background and art and so forth but he's a super patriot. You know we listen to a lot of people on TV and radio. For instance who came under Reagan later in life for came to be conservatives later in life. Remarkable. My father was a conservative Republican. The first day he -- it. He voted for gold. That was the first time the vote when I'm just banning same -- my mother. There's no conversion. Solid from the start. And he prepares these books. Obama at his home modest home in Florida. Hop on an easel desk may well worn easel. And much like me you've seen me -- put it on FaceBook. And I have his photo on his side. It's not so much an office has an area in which she. Crates books and does spraining his and other things. You can see the books pileup and other things that are piled up because he does his own research he does his own mark. As to -- He's not reading about fantasies are running about fiction he's not writing about what's gonna happen in ten years or twenty years or anything of the sort. He believes. He's a purist when it comes -- history that history needs to be told and one American history east hole. People will be attracted to attend to their country. It's -- several years ago. Simon and -- Threshold editions. Asked him. After seeing his first book of from the 1960s. If you produce at an updated any did. And you folks. Maybe a big hit. There was Lincoln's Gettysburg address. And then Washington's crossing. You folks made that big hit. Then he decided well you know what. Let me do this book a little differently. We're gonna stick with the era graphics black and white but some of the paintings are just beautiful colors. Let's bring them out. And let's have history jump off the patriots. And what you'll find in this book is not as apparent. Because he doesn't try to change Lincoln's words are the events. He wants to present them objective. So young people. To senior citizens. Can immerse themselves. Abraham Lincoln's. Second inaugural address. Was only 703 words long. Took -- seven minutes to read. The Gettysburg address was 270 -- -- it was a much longer than that. It's the second shortest. In history. I believe one of Washington's was the short. And as my father points out. He gave this second inaugural speech from march 4 1865. The weather been miserable. The streets such as they Wear. A full Ahmad. Difficult to pass. What's amazing is and tragic. His 41 days after he gave this speech he was assassinated. Among those. In the audience watching. Walt Whitman. There was a reporter at the time. Frederick Douglass the real one you know not Al Sharpton. And thousands and thousands of confederate. Troops. They're watching Lincoln's speech. I'll tell you more about this as the week goes on but. Go to It's right there. We'll excuse liberty. Hello mark we'll bring. Call now 3773813. Flood watch my friends and they aren't. The Federation for American Immigration Reform or fair. Police just released a report showing the cost of illegal immigration has gone up even more. Americans already pay listen to this 57. Billion dollars a year to educate illegal aliens in the US born children of illegal aliens. But now with the recent surge -- illegal aliens from Central America. That's added another 761. Million dollars on top of that. Folks many of our school districts are scrambling just to maintain minimum standards with limited resources. -- because Obama refuses to enforce the law and because he refuses to allow states to participate in immigration enforcement. We now having massive unfunded mandate and local school district shall pay for meaning. Your property taxes. Obama's enforcement policy seems to be we won't you can't let you pay. And it's destroying any hope for improving our educational system for American kids. You can find out more about the cost and impact of illegal immigration and what you can do about it. At fair US dot org that's fair US dot org this is a terrific group. I've known these guys and gals for years Dan Stein is the boss there regional body in my check out their website. Check out what they're doing I think you'll be impressed and we need their help. And they need your. Fair US dot org. Let me tell you what's going on right now with the Islam on Nazi -- fake. And the other. In breads. And off shoots. They're thinking about soft targets in this country. And other countries. But they're thinking about soft targets in this country what's the easiest way to come into this country we know. Through the southern border. What's the easiest target. Well ladies and gentlemen. You think about it. Grocery stores. Malls. Sports stadiums in particular like high school stadiums that are protected. Subways in the larger city. Course locations. Disney World Disneyland universal I'm gonna have a list. No match for relative handful of Islam -- Nazi. -- -- -- that not chop. In your up. That mr. producer went into that camp. What did he wind up killing like ninety some people before somebody got -- Imagine 220. Like him. Except actually trained in murder actually experienced. In murdering innocent human beings. How quick. How quick. Yes in the probably pick those states. With the strongest gun control law just -- Don't you think they're mapping their sound they're thinking about it. Why wouldn't that. Why wouldn't. And what are we doing. Who was Obama doing yesterday. His access to all this intelligence information he knows what's going on. What was Obama doing yesterday. Let's get cut eight mr. producer cut eight don't. How an economy where your hard work -- off with a higher wages and higher income and the -- those women. Workplace flexibility. Prepare. And affordable health insurance and -- -- a plume of -- Let's stop right there it's not as a side point. Here's what he wants. Let's get something straight in this country it's not what he wants it's what you want. If you -- job that pays higher they go get one. If you -- hiring -- think they'll go to get it. If you want workplace flexibility then start your own business. If you -- affordable health insurance than fight obamacare. If you want decent retirement benefits that pay for them. Save for the. Who's this guy didn't. Give up. Gives as speech and then all of a sudden presto all these things just. Happened you know where it got to work it's the American work ethic he does it still exists. While for about fifty some odd percent of us at dies but most of -- rectangle loan program. Audit and -- on -- paradise. Paradise you know North Korea paradise. I don't Larry everybody's equal except the rulers. Yeah everybody's equal. I had mr. -- And the moon does not a good bill -- good blocker. -- Stop stop them won't look the president what what could panic. Yet present a United States man. I had. The Atlanta about this stuff there's some -- broke some upside down. Yeah like what what what are you stirring up class resentments I don't strip has little -- look like -- working families. Day. They're fun the folks are rich. They'll ever first -- they're not looking for yet they don't need to be vacationing in saint -- All all they're looking Forward. Air. They have their work hard but you pay the -- Some people have said this is the smartest -- never be president I think he's one of the dumbest men ever to be president not necessarily that dumb -- but one of the top us. If he didn't have these wrote class warfare. Race baiting you know the usual stuff or what would he say. Here's a guy talking about the rich vacationing at saint -- on his vacation on Martha's Vineyard. How does he could make head accusations about. Average bird they're not looking for a yacht or they -- and for Air Force One helicopter ride to Camp David what are they looking for. They look at for John Kerry's yacht is curious bullies liberals with the yachts in the plains. And the vacationing. Attacking yachts planes and vacationing. I don't have a yacht I don't up plane I've never been the same parts are Martha's Vineyard. Anyway. What does this have to do and anything. Why even giving this. Campaign rally speech. It's so yesterday. Marxism is so yesterday. In fact Obama is so yesterday. I think. So rather than focusing on the issue that actually matters right now. The is someone Nazi war on civilization. Because this. I'm not stirring up class resentment -- stirring up class resentment. That's what he's doing. Three pesky question. I get behind this microphone and I talked to you know I talk about history some of our great men and women. Talking about the constitution. Talked about economics current events and so forth and so on. Do you ever ask yourself why Republican leaders can't do the same thing. Do you ever ask yourself why. Republican leaders cannot relate to the American people. I hear it sent all the time. Let's rallying around the Republican so we can beat the Democrats. Rather than lecturing people about conservatism in the constitution and stuff like that. We've got to -- We have to win you have to win first and argue second. The course actress at the opposite you argue first in order. Reagan said the same thing. Take a case to the American people. What kind of election strategy is it rally around Republicans who were despised by 230 the American people. Rally around Republicans. This -- work. For Republican activists precinct workers committeeman. Superficial hosts. On TV and radio. That's fine beat Democrats elect Republicans. Win the senate -- that's not a strategy. Not even a tactic. -- even an argument. You've got to make the case that vote for Republicans. He can't be so passive. You can't. One day say yes yes Tea Party yes yes conservatism in the next day say. Just rallied around Republicans. I vote Republican. The problem is a lot of people don't. We're losing elections. As the conservatives not because of Tea Party activists. We're losing elections because of the individuals who -- nominated. By the Republican largely the Republican establishment. Stop Romney from winning in Iraq. You lose conservatives. Many of whom held their nose and voted for. He -- people who are not focused on party politics. Because he couldn't -- he couldn't explain. Because his arguments were much. We've had several election cycles now where the Republican should've won the senate. And they blame the same four or five conservatives slash Tea Party candidates for their loss. OK let's say we would've won those. What about the others. BS that. Judgment Republicans have lost far more seats in the rates rates. And the conservative slashed key parties lost. Period. And so they rewrite history. If Ronald Reagan. And it's close advisors at -- And -- And not singer. Had taken the advice just rally around Republicans don't challenge them. But we never would have had. Two terms of Reagan presidency. Amazes me again. That people who are not involved in those bouts. In the primaries and so. Again they have both feet on either side of the fence. -- they've been yelling rally around Gerald Ford during the primary of course they would. Meanwhile they praised Reagan's administration. It's not easy for conservatives to get the nomination may actually have to beat. Establishment candidate. Every single time. Because the Republican Party is not a Conservative Party it's a Liberal Party had said that before the Democrat party is a radical part. There is a difference there's a big difference. But let's not change our terms and dumb down ourselves. To accommodate except superficial arguments. Play it safe. Country's gone to hell world war whether we think we are not and we're supposed to play it safe. How about we stand up like mature men and women and tell the American people like it is because I think that's what the American people want. That's why they despise the Republicans and the Democrats and Washington. Rally around the Republicans it's time for everybody to unite. That doesn't win elections. What to the Republicans stand for. And how they get us. That's what people want to know. When -- tell. I'll be right back. Them. It's amazing. The IRS loses emails can't find hard drives you know the ones possibly targeting conservatives. Think they'd accept that excuse from you -- me. If despite being under fire the IRS is more fears in the members. They garnish your wages -- your bank account even sees your home -- business not trying to hide from the -- northern letters. They will -- They'll destroy. That's why you need proven professionals on your side like the experts I trust. At optimum tax relief and they'll defend your rights and work to get to the best possible outcome. And they'll insure the iris only gets the minimum amount not a -- more. Nobody is better resolving complicated tax cases and the attorneys and agents -- -- tax relief. These are true professionals and experts who were there to represent and -- PO. And they have the A rating the a rating from the Better Business Bureau to prove it. So don't wait until it's too late call optima now. For your free consultation. Call them now I wish I had the phone numbers -- enemy mr. produce about I don't have. So I will have to like get back to you sorry to say. We've been having all kinds of technical problems. So I won't get that back -- Can you shoot that to me rich when you get a chance OK. Let's take a call let's go to Chris. Austin. Texas on the Internet go. Great one how are you sir. I'm good thank you sir are you. I -- doing fantastic. You don't realize this that you absolutely made -- three day weekend. About a few a few years ago I think that liberty interior and it was a life changing for me I -- has been. A nominal Republican I couldn't have articulated conservatism or explain why I believe the way it did. And that -- just really inspired me sort of a lightning rod. And it just really gave me a passion to want to articulate the conservative vision to other people and done I remember you talking to a caller one day in and if they are saying you know what can I do any civil everyone can do something you know you can find the Tea Party -- -- the phone banker talked your friends and family and for me I actually was working in Los Angeles as an assistant director. And as a side gig had been. Working on motion graphics. And I created a video in 2012. Election called conservatism has calling. And you while while oil oil what you're the guy. -- Oh my lord that is a magnificent. Video. I can't even tell you doubt that they mean -- I understand it's like full circle for me. I came to conservatism through your book I mean that's were really got me excited about this and I. I just knew I had to do something and -- either video kind of -- -- to -- Couple years too late but I look at -- that. How -- it's. Is just it's just me my weekend and I just wanted to thank you so much and I've got more videos planned orbit you want on that topic by topic basis from voter ID ED gun control climate change a lot. I I want you to do me a favor -- -- -- give your full name. And contact information to Mike my calls and because folks. Go on my social sites you know Adam Baldwin laughs not Alec Adam when I say social sites you know FaceBook and Twitter. I had here video link I just saw all over the weekend it was sent to me. About my dear friend Julie and I linked to it and that is that is a great video and if you're gonna do more those unhealthy promote. All my gosh that means the world communicating tell you and and I'll try and you know making -- better so. And yet actually worked with Adam Baldwin he was I guess -- show that I did last hearing and I was just so thankful that. At another conservative on the that would. And I. Although you what you are you are terrific and -- what you did was terrific. And wanna encourage people to go to my social sites and take a look at your video what you conservative is calling to ask your wrist or conservatism I'm sorry yeah. While some parents don't hang up. -- I feel great that he called me he got to see this video. Absolutely terrific by the way. Our dear friends at optimum tax relief and they are and they are superb. -- many issues you have any problems give them a call can't hurt and they are pros 1804996300. 1804996301804996300. Optimist tax relief terrific organization. There's a lot of them out there that's the one I recommend. Those of the guys I know those of the guys that's. Welcome to invent it. -- them -- tax relief 1800 point 996300. Folks that is a great video seriously it's on my FaceBook mark Sullivan show FaceBook -- didn't -- Twitter. Check it out conservatism is calling I'm glad Chris called and and I shall return. It's okay. Only underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel. This brick building. We -- once again made contact without. Hello everybody this. Is mark living in our three yard number 8773813811. 8773813811. I wanna continue briefly there's a lot to get -- only one hour left. On this point. And it would be nice if the Republican Party actually stood for things and things that people care about. You can't win elections by just telling people to rally around a party. They don't do it. -- unite the party. You have to earn the support of individuals. As I said everybody's not a Republican Party activists -- precinct where. And I very much tire of those who are relatively schizophrenic about this on the one hand claiming that their conservatives on the other hand. Do the raw rock cheerleading stuff for their compounds. When they know they shouldn't. He does not help the Republican Party. It does not help. The Republican Party and its chances for election. To delude ourselves. And to support bad behavior. What you want the Democrats or getting the Democrats because of what the Republican Party has become that's the point. You wanna win a few landslides we can see how to do that. This is reality. Fortune cookie talk look at this rally around yet. That doesn't work. And it's never gonna work. Wall Street Journal. Which is very much say Republican Party mouthpiece practically the editorial page. His odds improve that the GOP will control both chambers of congress next year they write. Senate Republicans are starting to plan and agenda intended to extract policy concessions from Obama. Without inducing the capitals. Market rattling for brinksmanship of recent years. GOP senators say the emerging plans aimed to show voters that the party can successfully -- And acting GOP policy while avoiding a sharp confrontational tone. That some Republicans fear could endanger the party's electoral prospects in -- when he sixteen so here's the plan. This year they're running -- give us the senate. Don't rock the boat. Don't raise issues and don't raise this issue that issue the other issue were on the precipice of a grand victory a historic victory in the senate. So tell us the tea leaves the stars anything -- one a look at Karl Rove. At all nominees we wanted we cleared out all the conservatives. Although not cases they're gone now all the brilliant politicians -- there. Mostly incumbents is what they mean. You know like Thad Cochran. -- You have any time I show you know you're wearing loafers unit -- our anyway. So they have all their great candidates some of whom are truly awful. And I going to be in trouble. Now that finished don't. Rock the boat we cap this thing in the bank. And as I've told you many many many many months ago OK we win the senate than what. Then it's going to be don't rock the boat 2016 has come. But I mean don't -- about. Now what that really means is -- advance a tepid agenda if he can advance any agenda and you ready for it. Compromise. And compromise and compromise. Like you know on comprehensive immigration reform stuff like that. Tax increases you know like two years ago. This is a great increase says Paul Ryan massive tax increase. Don't provoke Obama. Don't fight them over taxes don't fight them over deficit spending don't fight among granite state don't fight him with things that mattered to him. This is the Party of Lincoln. This is depart Iraq again. This is ignorance this is insanity. It's political suicide. So the Republicans take the senate. They're gonna doggy paddle their way from one end of the pulled the other. Obama is out there pounded away pounded away iPad and a way that what are they gonna tell us we need another Romney nomination. Early Chris Christie can save us. Yes that's what they're gonna do rally around you and I rallied around that we've been doing this for years. Rallying around ruling class establishment types. But the Supreme Court. Is at stake. -- are very very. Important argument the Supreme Court -- -- let me ask -- questions. When that the Republicans stop. -- nominee to the Supreme Court you know mr. produce a Democrat nominee to the Supreme Court. I can't think the one in recent years. In fact. The vast majority Republicans vote for whomever the president nominates. We've even heard them say. Have a long memory on this I used to work on the stuff. And along with the Republicans saying hey look he's elected president he has a right to choose whom he wishes I've heard Orrin hatch saying that I've heard Lindsey Graham say that. And of course they arrested them the Susan Collins is in the and the rest. Fact the only -- nominee who was stopped. Let's say bush nominee -- conservatives rows up I forget her name Harriet Miers that was. And thank god we dinner we would have Sam Alito. Rally around rally around bush rally around. My -- just keep rallying around in united. So another it's we should do is that like the Democrats. Is that about right. We have to expand. The voter base. And then there's this you expand the motor voter base by moving to the left. And yet -- expanded it by being a conservative. What is the last time a Republican running. For national office expanded the base by moving to the right. So the Supreme Court they tell -- is at stake. Why are we changing president. While the Republicans can block once -- last time they block never. That's what's frustrating. The Republican -- a Liberal Party. I can sit here and do what others do it is go on and on about how bad Obama is we know that. How bad read is we know that took so why not nominate -- restaurant who can actually win. Can't do that. You've had. -- Pat Roberts from Alexandria Virginia -- -- of that Kansas. Not city however the -- pretends to be front. Can't do that not. I'm gonna nominate people can actually win except when they lose. And I that we're gonna nominate. Romney again rallied around yet I. Why rally around. Conservatives can't win right. Except when they run. They often wind. Conservatives can't win. You know like Mike -- intake crews and Rand Paul. Others I can't remember off the top -- has so forgive me. And I can't win only you know. And -- appeal to more people on how -- we've killed more people. -- -- Attract talent to not -- Tea Party guy. Tell me -- for comprehensive immigration reform talent you don't wanna shut down the government. -- yeah okay if we if -- raise taxes they'd be you know we got this kind of White House we you know we can't shut down the -- and what have. Yes don't take a firm stance. Ladies and gentlemen for the long term for sure and often in the short run. That's not gonna work it doesn't work for political party. A political parties not a social club. Supposed to mean business. And I mean big business I mean the business of elections. And there's this assumption and then this is taken tough somebody's really not a conservative where they have been a conservative for a long whether faking it. There's this assumption that you have to play the middle the -- You have to be -- So -- not yet I got just attacked yeah I don't. Daniel went -- you know that person's not really conservative. Because we need people who are confident in our beliefs. Or articulate. Who can relate our principles to the issues of the day. You know what it's not that hard. The countries in disastrous shape given Obama. And quite frankly in many respects given the Republicans. Reagan was an outsider I say this over and over again you understand is history you know. In a fight his way in. -- fight his way in. Ted Cruz was an outsider had a fight his -- All those who. With -- conservatives who were trying to make. You know serious changes to unravel what's going on in this country they were outsiders. And by definition you'd expect them to be outside. And so what we really need is people to rally around and unite around conservatives. And to insist that the Republican Party. Those who run its bureaucracy and apparatus. Those who've worked their way through years and years and years of being in Washington up the leadership ladder. That they demonstrate more that there conservatives. And not just mouth pieces. That there independent from the US chamber of commerce. That there independent from these crazy consultants. Who get rich telling them stupid things. We want some winners we're not gonna get winners. Capacity in -- it's not gonna happen. History admires. Washington and Lincoln. Churchill and Thatcher. And -- it. John Paul the second. So many. Men and women to be admired. Not because they were quiet when they should've spoken up. Not because they insist that the people rally around them without giving them -- rallying call. Not simply because they were better than the -- again. But because they were great people. Who stood up when they should -- -- To help save the people. And lead a country. You can't do that. With bumper sticker slogans. And superficial arguments. It is high it is yield. We can save the Republican Party. If they follow the course that we. Proposed. Those who promote marsh. Confusion -- passivity. And sloganeering cheer lead. Simple because they're not Democrats or Republicans. And they will kill the Republican Party and the republic whether. I'll be right back. -- So mr. producer reminds me that this is an anniversary for this program. I started in this slot on WABC. On September 2 200311. Years ago. And before that. And a Sunday show from noon to two on WABC in New York I had that for about fourteen months I started that July 2002. If you care to skinny quick thumbnail sketch of what happened I'd been in the frequent guest on a number of shows. Particularly candidates. And so the program director for WABC. Phil -- wonderful wonderful man he's now Salem. Media. Big weight over there and a dear friend of mine anyway. -- he would listen. I -- now and then for Sean. Once for rush. In any radio experience. Although when I was sixteen I actually tried out a what was stand now. WC AU radio 1210 in Philadelphia and now it's something else whenever but. When I was sixteen. So while I. Was offered a noon to two slot. By Phil Boyce. But he said they won't let me pay you management won't let me pay. My you really need the money even though. Could use that I didn't have to have it back then. I thought to myself you know I can learn radio. But more than that have fun. In the biggest market in America New York which I -- On WABC. The biggest talk station America. And so I would go to Washington DC to south street ABC hecklers. And I would do the show on Sundays from noon to two. For free. And I would learn how to do it. And then after about fourteen months I said this is great. But. I'm gonna retire Korea. And they said none -- away -- How would you like to try 6 PM. 6 PM yeah just give it -- try 6 PM. Monday through Friday. I said OK I can try it for a little while. So I tried 6 PM Monday through Friday and their ratings for the highest they've ever had. From six to 9 PM. At least they had since they recently recorded within the last 568 years whenever. And then the summary comment I said you know what it's been great I know about the race and I said I'm gonna spend the last few weeks from my friend. They said okay how would you like a contract. To contract yeah. So I entered into a contract with WABC at that time on by ABC Disney. Mean it was 41 hour. Because that's all I wanted to duke isn't running Landmark Legal Foundation -- option that they could triggered any time for two. So after an hour doing it for a few months they immediately treated the second now. I think I should mention how much I was making less to produce. It was a 100000 dollars. And 5000 dollars extra things trinkets. That power. So financially that didn't seem worth at the second hour but I didn't care about that. And it was a lot of money. Still lists. So eventually. The show became very very popular and I want to thank all my Brothers and sisters in New York. New Jersey Connecticut that whole metro area. To -- metro areas that accepted me. A guy from Philadelphia. But in many ways I sort of have a New York additive. So anyway. Then they said to me you know later on OK. WB APR. One of our own stations in Dallas Fort Worth it's great stage. Their post is on vacation for a few days we would like this I'm -- and that market. For two or three days. Little that I know was a test to see if the show would be popular in Dallas Fort Worth. And the program director at the time Bob shopper another dear friend of mine is in the Minneapolis now. So I wanna take his show that started the syndication process. Then one after another after another. And then they said how would you like to be syndicated and that's how works. In other words you got to show strength at the local level. And on a few more stations. And then potentially syndicated. You don't start out being syndicated because typically you'll fail. In any event or whatever it's worth I'll be right back. You're still right. Mr. conservative. Bad news good constitution. Plus you can goalie -- and 8773813811. Couple other quick points -- Samantha -- mr. producer he's been with me. Since my syndication started September 2 2000. In mr. call screener. Locally. Since I locally start longer than that. And then. My councilman. Mr. call screeners -- -- -- for nine years September 2005. So it's a good team great team. And we've been around awhile and when I started it WABC. At 6 PM. Drive time really ended there. At 6 PM. They just could not find a program. While I would rate. And so we extended drive time in New York City from 6 PM until nine. I said before it's not six to 9 PM whoever the host -- it's the toughest slot on radio. Because a prime time TV because of dinnertime. Because of a thousand other reasons not to listen to radio. So I'm blessed I know I'm blessed and I appreciate and also when I started everybody says there's no real straight left that's how they talk about radio. Schedules. -- real prospect last. If you go to what you -- there's real estate left I don't care what business here in what profession your hand. I don't care if you're on an assembly line they're laying bricks people will find you and they want you. Same with the Republicans. Which is my point. You know the kids are back in school peace. Is with us. To about 3 PM. Now while it's still quiet get your coffee -- go to wines that come after all you've been dying to replaced as outdated faded window coverings for ages. I know the feeling. 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I hope you'll click the mark living in China because they're wonderful partners and they want to know. Where you heard about the blinds dot com and mark the -- by the way. ESPN took a poll. They name Redskins. For or against. 71%. For. Then they said well I tried this way. Whites blacks. And Latinos. Any difference there -- no difference. Over 70% whites blacks and Latinos. And they said okay let's go by party. Well. He's an -- cholera now not really just getting over 70% Republicans already. I believe it was over and go in this from memory over 70% independents and over 50% Democrats. Anyway you slice it. People want the Redskins named Hispanic. It is an amazing. If -- -- asked the elites in the ruling class. It would be the opposite. The disconnect is just amazing when it comes to sports. Even the name of the -- When it comes to almost anything that disconnect is amazing what's supposed to be a representative republic. All right. When will Obama do it. One will Obama. Take that -- And break the law. And violate the constitution. And legalize millions and millions of illegal aliens. When -- -- do it really good. Soon. Before the election -- after the election he's under enormous pressure. From red state Democrats. Are phony moderate Democrats who are running for the senate. Now the funny election. After the election. And he's having a way. And so are imperial president is deciding when to violate the constitution and everybody sitting around saying we know he's gonna violate it now the issues went. Whether but when. And so they are. Country's changed like that snap of the -- in this thing. Together of course. Countries change. The president is change the constitution change. It's amazing how many people don't want to talk about the constitution I always want to talk about. Here's Josh not earnest. At the white house press briefing today on the subject hat tip right bark -- six don't. That it's hard for me to. At least at this point to draw any clear conclusions about what the president's timing will be. There's a chance they could be before the end of the summer there's a chance it could be after the summer. But. The fact that the president will act. Is. Something that he is doing. As a result of congress' failure to act. Why is this city and on anybody's -- He isn't any. President's -- act whether he does it then it doesn't now -- does -- later it's because congress failed to act. Don't talk about the constitution. Will what do you mean the president doesn't have that power. I don't challenge and don't be provocative. We won only in the senate. And if do we when the senate. Don't challenge him don't be provocative. -- 10 in the presidency. And bush. One running for the presidency. Aren't challenged don't be provocative. We gotta win that office. Then we take the presidency. Don't challenge don't be provocative because we gotta win the senate DN. And then the election -- that. -- -- And I rally rally. Rally. -- stand for anything. Make sense. Now it's stupid of course. -- Kyra let's take -- call it's he who's out. Let -- go with Jan and New York a great WABC don't. -- can begin to -- -- I can to help to open the eyes and minds of Democrats in the short time. So we could not have that the president more -- food and disengaged. Than President Obama. And for decades Democrats have argued that this would lead to peace in -- America's enemy if so if the jury has now been put to the test. And the result is horrific violent and out. As for the people who sincerely believed that this would work and that's why they voted for Democrats. Now had a chance to test this geo political theory and it has not only failed to but it has blown out. So definitely presents an existential threat to -- too many people although with the work. So now it's we made this event. At the proved. To pick. You. You're very articulate. Totally didn't sit well updated then impugning the -- Every demo every person who vote and who who voted for Democrat. We -- if you look for the sake of argument I. All celebrate. Know educate them not Osama run -- -- so it's not until now. That they will have awakened. -- my point is simply -- but other than spending time in the accusing them of wanting to see and that could destroy it. We could simply say that's your theory has been tested and that's how it is going to destroy it. In other words that didn't have to be there intended deficient that's the result. I say thank you for your call. They didn't have malice in their hearts she sent well I think a lot of them do and bit. Just saying. I mean the guy's been blundering through since day one of his presidency. He was reelected. So he is destroying the country and he's in many ways to -- in the world. And that those who voted for him who pretend they didn't know I'm not buying it I'm sorry I'm not buying. So I do see. I see more dark hearts the agenda that's okay. So the argument is you see the theory didn't work now join us. And I'm sure they'll just come running. You're saying. And let's see here. One more cost slip in before the break. How about Diana. Flagstaff Arizona the great KB TK got. I would like to know where your mom and your battery can be very you don't have a billion dollars to deal with -- When you have they worked so -- -- and they made sure they they wanted to know where Baylor gonna be. And now they're not shared because Obama taking it all away. My question. I'm sure I understand the questions. They need shared fancy. Word going to be okay. Yeah it's really. -- -- who who are there. I'm my mom and dad -- every birdie that turned me made sure that I went to college. -- -- -- Derek get incurred under Obama scrutiny which. And it's getting all their money taken away and I don't know where my parents are going to be. In other words you're saying as a result of these policies particularly when it comes to health -- Your parents are gonna have a tough time -- your point. Now not necessarily. You know hey aren't aren't. There hang in on everywhere doing my best. OK can learn right away I'm making sure that everything is okay right away each. But what happens -- they -- beyond. You know. Being part of their culture being part of -- -- go to college. Yeah I can create content getting a headache mr. producer you've found us. Doing my best I'm trying to be patient. We all know that one of migrate very chooses my patience. I was hanging on every word and then by the and I wanted to hang on every word he get my point. Hillsdale College. If you're like me your -- -- Just thinking about it I carried out if you're like me your mailbox is stuffed every day magazines letters and of course deals. But the one piece of mail I look forward to receiving most as -- primus. That's Hillsdale college's monthly speech digest these regular mailings are taken from speeches at Hillsdale events. And represent the very best and conservative thought within two point eight million people get -- primus. Are you one of the if not it's about time you signed up. This useful publication is -- for free. At love interest Hillsdale dot com. He'll start college's mission is to educate Americans to pursue truth and defend liberty. And that's why he'll still provides fantastic free online courses and why they send their free speech digest in primus to friends all across the country. -- share with family. Coworkers neighbors and your own friends and spread the word. When you sign up at love and -- Hill -- com that's LE BI and frank Hillsdale dot com. You'll get digital instant access to the latest edition then like me you can look forward to receiving a primus and your mailbox every month as well. So let's rally around and unite around Hillsdale. And their freedom -- Total event for Hillsdale dot com that's live in print Hillsdale dot com. It's okay. How about David Springfield New Jersey they're great WABC by the way David -- fight -- one quick thing. The first affiliate I had when I was syndicated. Outside of the ABC. Family. -- WI SN. Milwaukee Wisconsin. The program director Jerry pot. And he took a chance. And he is a good man he is a good man he is a great programmer he's also good radio host -- So I wanted to mention Jerry -- as I sit here and think about and there are many others I just don't have time and I apologized. Let's get go ahead David. -- -- -- Actually your discussion of the civil war and Gettysburg address our I wanted to point out that it was. Very good to me that President Obama failed to it and under its fiftieth anniversary. But it derelict Gettysburg and and the Gettysburg address. I mean I'm November 19 192013. He was invited but failed to attend. Well why should he go -- don't remember he is Lincoln he was. And you know. I don't remember he compares himself to Lincoln -- Xenia don't listen to what he used to say. Well it would be a moment to honor the sacrifice that those who fought. Course it would be nice but he's not Lincoln and that's the point the point is Lincoln used the opportunity was second inaugural. To bring the nation together and try to reconcile the try to. You know. Bring the union back. Obama spends his time dividing the country you heard of screeching at the top of his -- he lost his voice the other day I played some of that. This is a man who really the spices. The civil society and American institutions just the week talks about them the way he attacks them. Many -- people who call amount on and harassing comments citing you know. They said yes yes. That I told you before the guys Jeremiah. What is his name right that's Julius Jeremiah Wright when I -- screech and on about you know any quality in Israel and all the rest of it. He's Jeremiah Wright. Thank you for -- call. Not gonna go to get a spirit and remind the people of the sacrifices in this country. Andrew New Jersey got. Well. -- -- -- He's screaming hallucinatory. Speaking it's not not Julio Chavez you mean season shot. And I peace agreement. City workers stated there about an increase in the middle weight but. Literally calling not a single one makes the middleweight they also make more than that he's our best and. -- -- -- -- if if you union member you making minimum wage why are you union. I don't really union. Where we all well but but apart from that. About the minimum wage how about -- wage. Considering so many people dropped out of the workforce. That -- guys he's like any like go ahead. But we need someone that speaks about are there. Like Winston Churchill. Or pattern not mr. Roger thank Clark. And I my friend. He doesn't even speak about it. He hops on the plane took off for Europe. Meanwhile humans around in circles around him and I'd like the ex KGB mouth pieces I don't apologize for that KGB jerk. That -- fascist. Well I took Crimea. They have belongs though it took Tampa Georgia I thought oh Ukraine row stony Ali and I asked. We've had apologists like this all during the Cold War. Yes. Ladies and gentlemen we salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel he's been called the fifth column. CM Pharmerica. Marking event.

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