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NewsRadio 1330 KNSS>Audio & Video on Demand>>Tues 9/2/14 Hr 4 - Guests: Seb Gorka, Marine Corps University & Breitbart. Michael Ledeen, FDD. Mark Schroeder, Steven Erlanger, NYT.

Tues 9/2/14 Hr 4 - Guests: Seb Gorka, Marine Corps University & Breitbart. Michael Ledeen, FDD. Mark Schroeder, Steven Erlanger, NYT.

Sep 3, 2014|

Guests: Seb Gorka, Marine Corps University & Breitbart. Michael Ledeen, FDD. Mark Schroeder, Steven Erlanger, NYT.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

John best -- show. NATO these last year's NATO it seemed an artifact. Left from the twentieth century and the Cold War face off between the stalinists in the Kremlin. And those freedom lovers in Washington. Nuclear tipped. With spectacular. Movies such as. Fail safe to frighten the American people but also keep that focus role of the surrogate war fighting that was going on. Over the course of my lifetime Vietnam not the least of -- Korea. And then his latest in the 1990s the breakup of Yugoslavia but today. NATO. Is born -- at least from the very stern words of the NATO Secretary General on Anders Rasmussen. Who announces. Russia's aggressive behavior has obliged NATO to create a spear head force. Those are words that would make sense in the first called war but now they require interpretation the readiness action plan I call upon Sebastien -- Who is the national security editor. At at at bright part dot com as well as a professor. On national security in general Matthew C Horner distinguished chair of military theory that the Marine Corps university in addition. Sebastien is fundamentally at -- European he comes from part of the European. Continent that was under the boot of the Soviet aggressor. For most of the twentieth century and now here he is in the 21 century looking at NATO. Fearful of the revived Russia said we need some sense of proportion here because we called off the nukes. The fear mongering of the late twentieth century has not seemed appropriate these last. Years of fighting. Detox theory Jihad as such as the Islamic state Iraq high note or even. In the endeavors in Afghanistan. Nor eat or East Africa against Somalia but now NATO. Rattling sabers and pulling very big warships in Jakarta day. To watch over this meeting the fourth and the fifth. Is this a crisis meeting or is this man looking for a budgets or is this some panic how do you sense this good evening here. The good evening draw I think it's a combination of several different interest groups and I think. The two most important long. All of the the people who've been working NATO issues. For over a decade now and really see a window of opportunity to finally make. You and I -- was created in 1949. Relevant once mole. On the other hand the political losses that the reveal the driving force in the NATO member states. Who read the intelligence traffic such as David Cameron who note that the threat to then nations. Is a very serious one on its. Not shots these cities say Barack leading all of the Kremlin and the threat to the Baltic States result pulled off to Ukraine. But also see you role for NATO in that aspect counted -- hobby. Responsive. There is a threat to NATO nations. If you look purely at the numbers all NATO nationals would have gone to fight. In cereal or draw -- to try and -- brand goal redirect NATO. To be relevant to the new threat environment. Is is that is what this summit is about because if you were cool. Drawn off the the end of the Cold War that the phrase that. Used to circulate through. Brussels Washington and elsewhere. Issues. The NATO has to go out over area if it is to go out all business of course this is the reference to the Balkans and elsewhere. Well now it seems as if it's no longer. The out of there out of business. It is the fact that the that the trouble has come to find them. Will they be able to reinvent themselves for the current threats is the real question. It is not just the Black Sea bass and then it is also the Middle East and the fact that NATO countries that 28 members there is some debate about new membership. Ukraine most controversy silly but the 28 members have hundreds if not thousands. Of young men who've been persuaded to be sympathetic with the Islamic center with al-Qaeda. Is NATO dealing with that at home I said you introduce a new factor here I know mr. Cameron is speaking of that. In these last days talking about. Well there are certain. Wait being. Because in in some of these the recent. Revisions to reform efforts to NATO in the last 67 is having -- for example this is in the mobile too for NATO. They NATO's special forces sent to -- rates they come on base for special forces with individual. NATO members would call attribute this special assets. And also provide training facilities. Not in some grand scenario all tanks crossing the -- the -- of course. But to -- those special forces in the regular it is such as we see now in the Middle East so this past to be -- To their former that the group Metropool NATO. Prides itself. Well being the most successful -- military alliance. But that success was predicated all on one quintessential requirement you couldn't have a successful. Alliance in which countries as. By Bruce's Portugal and Canada came together. And if they had a -- threat perception. So the challenge today is. Cam NATO agreed on -- -- it is that threatens the nations collectively. And if they cant what -- going to do about it. The breakup of Yugoslavia in the late twentieth century that mission in Bosnia America's -- giving -- Kosovo. But the new generations Afghanistan -- and Iraq that it ended. The Gulf of -- any piracy all very good NATO's active a lot of nations Iraq July wonder if Russian when -- ships will continue and that. The Libyan intervention you'd have to say that's fallen back into the fog of war so. No while NATO might be remembered as successful at twentieth century I would say this is a mixed bag. And none of these nations right now are glowing so does NATO have the brand. To go forward or does it look to be. A solution without a without a point of view in other words we just sort of -- up the word NATO and then we carry on anyway we want. But will only -- on Serb it in 11 dynamic. It will be the tall task. Over the heads of state community dealt with a buck stops there all the between -- ambassador in the North Atlantic Council about the day to day decision making. So -- all NATO but it really the prime minister is that the heads of state the president that that can change it to American can reformists. The pulse space. Today in -- and for the coming months is to communicate to their electric. That there it is it direct connection. Between. What is going on on the streets of Mosul. Are in the streets of Damascus. And the security and safety of their own citizens if they can't sell that concept. That events like 77 in the bombing of London. Connected. Too cheap the cheap hobby and -- brand that is out there. Then I don't think they have which also performing NATO if they can make that connection that that is the direct relationship. Between the international. Jihadist movement if you will of the safety of the road electric then there's a -- tomatoes. And the Russian system note here thirty seconds the Russians can NATO answer the aggression in Ukraine -- is over. They could do. If it's having -- -- show of force. And I think in and found it will be patrol all of those that almost threatened. Specifically the Baltic States and Poland to convince the ability to members. This is this serious threats. Through rates in Europe whole country. Sebastien Garko a bright part I'm John -- this is John Masterson. And John Baxter. This is the John that's to -- the murder of the American journalists soft cloth and the threats to other prisoners by Islamic stick. Comes together with the puzzling puzzlement these last days over commentators on the president's poor choice of words. When he said that he -- or did not yet have a strategy for dealing with the Islamic state. Michael dean writing most recently Pajamas Media believes that that is incorrect. The president does have a strategy and it's underway and right now it's near to success. Not only dealing with the Islamic state in dealing with the whole region. Michael a very good evening to you the president's strategy and you. Outlined it very quickly. Started with he is coming into office and his conversation with the Islamic state of Iran how does it go Michael good evening to you. Predicting John -- to be reviewing. Well it started before he came into office and started during vision 2008. Campaign. And at that time he had big bank channels from their campaign. Two -- the reaching -- And met -- analysts. Really excellent person named ambassador William Miller. Who were super observed in the -- and speaks Farsi. Was ambassador to Ukraine it like it is likely to have that. And and then served in various. Very important positions chiefs of staff for those sort of select committee on intelligence and so forth anyway. During the campaign. Bill Miller went back and forth between Obama. And the mullahs and terror ring and throwing your run millions that. Obama was gonna win and that he would be getting new kind of president because she agreed with them. He taught their criticism of the United States was right. And he would be a different kind of president. Good it would seem that he would be your great allies for them. And they could sort out the Middle East together. And that's been going on every cents. And and if you look at his behavior in the Middle East to visit -- -- since this has been a very consistent. Pattern of activity on. Fighter -- he he will not do anything. That will upset to -- and terrorism and the most dramatic case of course was your pricing. Which ran for many months starting in June 2009. When the people rose up against the regime. Which cheated them out of the election results of June 2009. And decided to really happening in the news and affirmative response. This strategy. What is the end game Michael if he if the president believed that the rainy and criticism. -- cast addition of the bush administration and the Clinton administration presumably before that the -- days W Bush Administration reaching back to the Reagan administration if -- if he believes that was accurate. Since then that -- criticism cannot be applied to mr. Obama so what does mr. Obama again for agreeing with Somalis. And get America out of the -- -- used to turn the Middle East largely go over to run and it comes. And kind of supreme temperature which is what you love saying. But he's now. He's all out. And and the raw onions -- roll him on the Iranians going to whatever they want him I mean if you follow Iran closely you'll see that the Iranians. Have been convinced for quite some time that they've got him. And then he will do whatever they want to and that he -- never do anything mean to them I mean. Look at his series of policy Syria is life and death to -- -- survival of Mossad. Is if anything. More important than a Smart move prominent and currently has said that in those words to his top people. So. So -- so otherwise baffling about face of Obama's on the -- this red line. Overs Syrian chemical weapons -- -- -- that the Iranians couldn't have -- couldn't have the American bombing. Assad might bring him down on the all of Assad would be a disaster for -- And they -- today yeah I mean we're talking about going to war against. Islamic state. Iran -- some one -- going after the Islamic state in Syria we wanna go against the Islamic state in rent. That's great. Because then they can come in right alongside assess they're doing and they can expand their own power on the grounds and bill correct generally they want after. What they don't want to -- anything. That might jeopardize the Assad regime in Syria that's like -- -- -- The that extensively. Is where mr. Obama is confronting the supreme leader the IR TC. It's -- its suspect nuclear weapons program. What does that at the bonds are where we're talking about the traders what do the traders give mr. Obama for going along with the -- you station. They give him cover to -- the Middle East he could declare victory. He can say I have made peace in the Middle East I am I have done what no one believed possible mainly. Hammered out an agreement with the -- Romanians that means they won't do nuclear weapons in the foreseeable. -- that reasonable kid to consider that he can deliver a treaty that would provide. Clarity inspections. Transparency for the suspect nuclear weapons program. No I don't think so I'm thinking get it. I don't think prominent will ever give up nuclear weapons. So mr. Obama's chasing something he can't -- I think that to what he can have been some bad treat you double B a disaster that he might be able to get their -- can convince the Europeans to sell out. As he has apparently prepared to -- The landscape has changed profoundly those since 2008 in the dreams of mr. Obama to make peace in the Middle East. Which I believe he originally said was all about the Israelis and the Palestinians. For example in the gulf of governor. In conjoined with Turkey are now heavily we're told funding and supporting. The Islamic state which is no friend of Tehran's future this is a revival of -- -- -- how autism which challenges. Iran directly does mr. Obama get out of the Middle East and just is Tehran happy with the what he leaves behind. They would love it if you got out of the Middle East that's a dream come true for them. And so let's not get carried away barred from lunch and Iran hates the Islamic state your own sort of threat to run an Islamic state gets at least. For now. That they don't mind the Islamic state all of that much you mean Islamic state creates KR. You know recommend -- like that gives them justification to intervene. And and this -- and stayed at least now. Is no direct threat to were wrong. And Israel. I presume in mr. Obama's calculations this strategy is realist not a factor. Are you being done like Israelis and reluctance to. That was clear early on our wrote the -- in 2009. Which led to an all around it was clear from the Cairo speech. It's been clear about all the various things concerned about Judaism which doesn't. Understand that ball. I mean it's clear in a million ways that it doesn't like to Israel and snapped on just a personal thing with -- Netanyahu although that certainly a factor. This is the very idea of Israel that he doesn't like. Kyra you mentioned the Cairo speech now under new management. That also is a factor for mr. Obama or not does he walk away -- them regardless of color. He well. That the -- government to general. Neeson. Has figured out that whatever America asks him to do his best policy used to do the opposite of that. And that's basically been so what is it brown and he's getting plenty of help right now. From Saudi Arabia from the united Arab -- Right that SEC and the UAE bombed Libya together and we're told that the DOD was not informed. Is there are some -- it is. Does anything demonstrates the completely irrelevant so United States through the major events part time that meant. Michael Indian for the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies reading most recently in the PGA media about mr. Obama's strategy in the Middle East I'm John -- with -- -- solution. And John -- -- Ebola pandemic in West Africa 245. Million people the economy the whole region's national security at risk. Mark Schroeder obstruct or dot com the vice president of analysis for Africa joins me now before we see a plunge into the unknowns about Ebola. I want to ask mark about a news item and it's just come up because it's a conflict that mark has covered markets start -- covered for years. This is Somalia. You will -- called that this is a failed state fractured into. Bands and fighting around the capital and unseen -- conflicts in the bush but most recently the news from Somalia is. A special forces slash air strike by the United States against Somalia why now why what he is the enemy there how does this connect. To the perception of global threat by the al-Qaeda or Islamic state or other. Related. Tax theory jihadist organizations -- just because even the Somalia strike comes during these days. Anxiety about crisis is is the Al show Bob organization in any way linked to what we've seen all of the heart is in depredations. Of the Middle East good evening -- -- I jobs and against her and under program note indicates smalley and Al -- It's an energy -- militant group that has certainly been on the United States radar. For several years now. And the air strike and raid that was targeting the leader of Al -- an individual who goes by the name -- good -- He has been on the watch list of of the US. Of course several years now and it would appear that. You know there was good intelligence on his location and end up and that enabled does this rate in the strike to proceed uncharted take him out. The strike out of nowhere. Who is this for mark what what. What does the Somalia's Al show Bob warlords threaten outside of the year -- and it immediately a region which is a week admittedly. In collapsed but is this transnational threat. -- Bob as you know principally been engaged within Somalia but they have you know really -- that you you know try to bring. You know kind of -- artists. Specter to that part of East Africa and they have conducted operations outside of Somalia. We remember you know last year that horrific attack against went shopping mall in Nairobi Kenya. There was quite buyout should Bob. Previously they don't attack and you conduct during you know the world cup of 2010 and they've -- attacks in Ethiopia. And they. You know they were probably like -- ticket. Do attacks against for an interest include American interest in Somalia Uganda in East Africa and so this this jihadist group which is what it -- So well as part of the brought her out in your family as they -- it's really just cannot ignore. So an attack in Somalia is meant to suppress that the possibilities of launching. Attacks trends nationally and they're going after a war leader. Is this a model of what we could see in Iraq and Syria because it's not much in the news that then all of a sudden -- it. Yeah it's it's really been a track record of the US. And in small especially to really be created that functionality. It jihadist militant group. And really if you compare where -- -- to date compared to here. Their presence and capabilities. A couple of years ago there really don't know on the backs putting as a result of really sustained US. Actions against that by actions you know also means supporting other. Horses that are mobilized against Russia -- that's you know speaking to -- -- -- you Europeans and other African peacekeepers that are deployed in Somalia. We go from West Africa with its warlords and mysteries and threats to national governments. To East Africa which is under a pandemic threat 245. Million people through this area chiefly the Ebola pandemic. Has now struck Liberia a very -- state Sierra Leon very par stay -- a very -- stayed all three. Have fragile economy spot. The whole of West Africa because there are outbreaks reported in Nigeria as well as recently reported in Senegal and the perception by the World Health Organization. That this could this infection could reach as many as 20000 people in the region so -- at Ford dot com mark is it your impression. That the economy that the security of West Africa can withstand what we believed to be at least 69. May be year more of infections. All right now as you correctly point -- we're looking principally at three countries so it's Liberia. -- early -- and you need to -- to a lesser extent of countries that are. It really dramatically impacted side Ebola Virus. And and it's really you know those countries because -- -- resource base you know limited government capability. You know they're really -- strong in their response to people are now a quick look at the whole of the West Africa region and when we look at other countries like. Burkina paso and Mali Nigeria and so go. SharePoint and others stand pat you know -- -- two cases. During the case report a couple of days -- it at all. There are several cases in Nigeria and all the countries of the West Africa region are keeping an. But right now you know we're looking you know principally at those as those marginal states so sincerely don't. And and Liberia. And and you know for destruction student government and economy there. Let's talk about national security it's not so long ago that Liberia was ripped by civil wars Sierra Leone as well with warlords and war crimes. Is the Ebola pandemic at a point where governance is now brittle to the point of being challenged. Well there's the big difference nowadays in Sierra Leone Liberia they're basically tried you know kind of one in the same civil war that took place in the late 1990s and early 2000. You don't have external. Act -- an agitator that is trying to stir -- as civil war and bring down those governments. You -- the case she got fifteen years ago where Charles Taylor. Who wrote it and warlord outlet periodically turn it back up bar. I'm pretty Marc Gadhafi you do not have that right now you thought I was. Marauding gangs of youths armed with BT forty sevens and machetes and and -- you know trying to destabilize and and bring down currently armaments. Can't ensure that states that's really good that the marking difference that we have. You still have -- very -- governments in Monrovia and Freetown and Conakry elsewhere. That they don't skates you know it's this uprising against civil war and an eagle and enjoy a plethora of a small arms on the streets. And so ports you know hopefully unfortunately. You know that will continue to be the case squared yet you still have weak government. But you know at least we're not you know -- seeing a concerted you know civil war -- Mark Schroeder is vice president of analysis for Africa for strapped Ford dot com. Looking at two crises on two shores of Africa. Feeding into the general understanding that Africa is in turmoil. Perhaps the term -- far worse in the Middle East and what makes it threatening is that we can't see its through glass darkly and Africa. I'm John bachelor this is the John battles. Okay. Oh. And John that's -- -- John that's our show the end of someone. Electrical storms across the United States have learned from space weather dot com. Allow you to see two phenomena simultaneously this price so that's the top of the thunderstorm. Little darts up into the sky have rant and then green gravity waves across South Dakota. -- -- We're. Were are okay. Okay. And new York and now there -- have saved. Hey. My eyes. All my love. -- -- You know and I. Okay. All our whole lives. Okay. -- Yeah. It's. Okay. -- I'm John backs this the John best -- show. The murder of American journalist Stephen soft. Dominating the story now of the Islamic state in what is to be done Stephen L anger is the New York Times bureau -- from London. And within these last hours the prime minister of Great Britain David Cameron has spoken very forcefully. About what is to be done and what the plans are the British government to deal with. The a reputed 500. A British citizens who have traveled to the Middle East and signed up with the Islamic state including the non confirmed. Identity of the executioner in the Foley execution. The most recent is completely unknown CNN a very good evening she -- I'd join now with. What is on the way about David Cameron's remarks. In some fashion to control or constrain. Or punish. British citizens who are known to have traveled overseas or who are planning to travel overseas. This is a completely different governance in the United States and involves. The passport of British citizen what did mr. Cameron proposed. Under his understanding of the law good evening to. Tribute page on. Cameron. -- general elections coming in. We're very shaken. The first to do it should. In British costs is long gone. -- -- And a lot of Britons and go on probably. Saw it on that Social Security -- -- -- it happens come back end. What Cameron wants to it and to institute. Better track the people who have gone wrong. He wants to prevent people from going. Fights. And do he. Proposing legislation that could give the police powers to -- use. Passport -- British citizens war tempting. To travel. If the police believe there traveling to fight. And he has also proposed lifting the palace sports and putting restrictions. Wrong. Suspects and returned or you can return from fighting. Some sort of Islam groups. To Britain so they can travel more I mean some of these people are under. Special surveillance and he wants to heighten surveillance. That is produced Christians some in his own coalition partner -- Democrats. About whether this road civil liberties too much. Whether it would pass Muster and European. Court human rights. But it Cameron obviously wants to be seen to be doing something and only need to do the war. An independent. Group which which measures Britain's. Little risk. Increased that level rules. One level one below talk. Which suggests. And attack in Britain is not imminent but it's highly likely. So that it also created nervousness here and includes part of the motivation for what time did. Mr. the prime minister is proposing that airlines I'm following that the reporting. Will be prevented from landing in the UK unless they released details of all passengers that seems straightforward now given the watch list. But what does it mean a. Not much that Britain already has one of a comment to mean that the French can mean. -- action Cameron suggesting is still that the French were already been winning. For the most part but the British home off sensible handled by the home office. And modify it works well. Art. Have a program with -- he -- in Britain and other groups. Two. Do you suspected radicals. And talked to them when they come back. Or talk to them for the go to -- -- possible. Kids who want to children. Mileage. And counsel them and try. You know and and this is not what god wants to be doing. This is not with Islam wants to be doing and in fact they've got main console. He moans in Britain the council to issues statement the other day. Condemning licenses. Coincidence. Interpretation of Islam. Is it understood to be -- -- illicit. To be something you can be arrested for. To have gone enjoying nice soul RI CC is I don't know whether you have that. And identity card but if you can be shown that you've gone to a rock and come back can you be prosecuted. Well you and be under terrorism. Laws. And -- you know I don't know all the considered a bit but. Certainly. -- you're liable for prosecution. And balance insolent Cameron has said. Also lightly that your password list -- now listing of sport is different from listings citizenship exactly you know just injured. You're not really Atlantic travel. -- The British are pretty strict about people fighting. Abroad first from another country but -- and secondly. For group that is registered as terrorists. And under European and British conventions. The most recent video of this soft -- murder. Has according to reporting here at the Washington Post in the background a British citizen. Who is presumably under threat as well as mr. Cameron as the British government commented on what -- what can be done. I've given this thread and also the possibility that the executioner is British are they acting on this. Well there there acting alone trying to investigate who. Spokesman it is from the first to do it not clear that the English speaking spokesman actually. Killed mister throw me in the editing. And I went and got to succeed in this certain video which hasn't been verified -- But there are trying to figure out who this person has been unit they did is they have. Figured out there and -- them and talked to family friends and figures contacts and try to understand much about. This person as possible. But they are actively doing that -- in terms. Any British hostages they're trying to keep the lid on who they are. And so they don't skews more publicity -- crisis or and so. But the fact that this problem British aid worker ocean. On the studio we need produce an official response hasn't yet. You mentioned the Election Day. And as I understand that the Liberal Democrats are not comfortable with mr. Cameron's remarks and so that really isn't a national security that's about campaigning in the polls. All of sort of non transparent to media it's always a marvel how they prepare for these things and then campaign in five weeks. Does that mean that there is not unanimity. In the British public about what is to be done. Well I think you know it has never unanimity you know it's democracy and a lot of people have a lot of voices but. Excellent problem in the Liberal Democrats. Have suffered in the polls and that are extremes in government and they have. Always concentrated. Traditionally on issues of civil. Liberties. And human rights sort of separate. Particularly. Nervous. About this kind proposed legislation that the negotiating with Cameron. But Paddy Ashdown used to lead the Liberal Democrats and longer. That he wrote a piece in the observer on Sunday and -- war and about. You know racing toward new legislation that would erode civil liberties. Just facts when. Clear obviously his implication was he wasn't engines to the facts. Because it is true that you know while Britons have gone. Fire and some of them have been very nasty and -- have -- very nasty things it's not quite. Here at. Who goes to go to sites were clearly want to -- order. Islam our -- against culture also or whatever or build -- how to create. Want to come home to Britain and create. Terror in Britain it's not clear. But obviously it only takes one or two and then there have been other examples like the French went to Belgium and shut up to Jewish museum there. To create enough concern that everyone wants -- these. And see what they're doing. Stephen airliners New York Times spiritually from London mr. Cameron and his plans to deal with the apparent threat. Of the Islamic state at home I'm John bachelor this is the John that's --

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