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Steve & Ted In The Morning 09/03/14 Hr 1

Sep 3, 2014|

Security breach at Goodwill

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- which could cause most listened to talk radio station. News radio thirteen thirty K and SS. Is this station Wichita turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news thirteen there. -- as best we can -- number one news talk can't weather station depend on. Good point 605 news radio thirteen thirty Einstein Macintosh 73 degrees this morning looking for highs today around ninety. Floor but security breach affected at least -- goodwill stores across Kansas attorney confirms. The customer payment card processor was attacked by mall where and customer information was exposed. Goodwill has stopped using that vendor and is working with federal authorities on an investigation. The breach affected six goodwill stores in Wichita plus stores and and over derby a Laredo Hutchinson and -- Between February tense 2013 and August 14 2014. Kansas City, Missouri police say three adults have been shot to death and two others critically wounded in a residential neighborhood it in the southern part of the city. The shootings occurred Tuesday afternoon officers found one person dead and two wounded at a -- looked. Then discovered two others dead at a nearby residents no -- was in custody. A pair of -- continued to elude capture by animal control. Odd trio -- Celtics came from a farm in west Wichita on Labor Day prompting several calls to 911. Unfortunately one of the animals was sought by troopers to prevent it from becoming a traffic hazard Peter Kellogg -- -- 235. Police lieutenant Steve -- with animal control tells take news chasing down elk in the city is not that unusual. Funny when it's when usually -- will get a crocodile or go to something like get occasionally but it's not the norm. -- cemeteries says according to city of Wichita code an animal like you -- can be raised within the city limits has -- -- -- pay is a 100 dollar permit. Improvise a one acre per animal. The two remaining -- -- still at large. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty -- and assess police say they have no suspects after a man was shot Monday near McDonald golf course in northeast Wichita. The vehicles traveling westbound an inside lane approaching the intersection of thirteenth investor. When it so great to be pulled alongside the vehicle. And fart -- six shots distracting the driver. At least four times. Police lieutenant James Espinoza says a driver Tony five year old man was hospitalized in serious condition with gunshot wounds to his legs. Democratic challenger Paul Davis predicts that funding for Kansas public schools will be cut if Republican governor Sam Brownback wins reelection. But Davis is not outlining a specific education plan a Brownback spokesman says Davis is distorting the governor's record while offering no specifics. League of Women Voters chapters are trying to contact about 40000 Kansas whose registrations are stalled because of problems proving their citizenship. League of Women Voters of Kansas president Delores Furtado says the chapters are using various methods to help local election commissioners. Reach people whose registrations are not complete. So right now eight minutes past surgical teams in the morning. Bad news for everyone. We've got gasoline prices going up here in the Wichita area as much as ten cents a gallon recede towards the end of yesterday. A couple of stations under tree fifteen it was and 316 through seventeen. This time yesterday morning about this morning. And gasoline prices 325 so work. They've finally gotten down an entire time after just dropping penny by penny you know little -- that all the way back up again so what 3:25 this morning gasoline prices. Going up here in which time -- and SS -- central gas chambers. Finalised a case for -- -- meteorologist frank -- -- -- frank thanks -- will -- -- cloud cover -- or early this morning as we get into the afternoon abundant sunshine combined with a south wind at ten to 25. We'll help push ties up to 984 degrees so hot one on the way. Overnight tonight or mostly story quiet most dropped to seven before. For -- Thursday mostly sunny hot again a high near 96 we'll begin to cool things down on Friday. Indicate First Solar forecast center I'm meteorologist. -- -- and now part. -- cloudy -- went to thirteen miles per hour 73 degrees. You know the autumn leaves may soon be falling but in Kansas that doesn't necessarily mean cooler temperatures right away. David Welch of -- heating and air tells us this is a good time for an air conditioner and furnace check up -- -- AC professional. If you need a new system American standard is offering great rebates and financing. Contact Welch's heating and air and independent American standard dealer. 60909 minutes past 6 o'clock Asian stock markets rose today lifted by. -- signs of strength in the US economy and expectations that Europe's Central Bank will provide more support to the flagging the region to. Analysts say that even if this week's meeting does not result in stimulus measures. Investors you'll continue to anticipate support from the banks. In the coming months the dollar gained against the Euro in the end this morning benchmark US crude oil rose above 93 dollars a barrel. And really makes clothes on the stock markets Tuesday the Dow closing down thirty points. -- S&P down one and NASDAQ closed up seventeen points NASDAQ. Went in the other direction. The England's tallest lighthouse has been sold for 78. Winning bidder is Portland Maine resident art Gerard. The administration closed out an auction of the 133. Foot tall lighthouse is tower August 17. More than a dozen bidders voted dollar vied for it the government had to approve -- to bid which was the highest of the bunch -- -- -- was built in 1855. Located on tiny rocky island six miles off the coast of Maine. And it's still active as a navigational aids. Heard about this last week I'd really like light houses have only seen a few but I'd like some would my living in one type. -- it went too far but six miles out from if you did have to get to vote cast your vote ask about once a week just to bring you stuff toilet paper and food -- -- I suppose so imagine historically sailors probably enjoy lighthouses to keeps them off the rocks not -- rocks and -- they serve a purpose is still. So many of you still working there along the coach. A Penn State student is gaining an Internet reputation as a squirrel whisper. For befriending feeding and dressing up a furry little friend she has named sleazy. But this is so cute. Junior merry crew -- says she's able to dress up the squirrel and party hats or gets easy to hold doll sized props simply by feeding the animal. Group and -- exploits are chronicled in a FaceBook page title to -- -- Penn -- squirrel. And -- -- -- -- -- I'm -- -- -- -- you see the Penn State -- -- in my experience Steve sometimes squirrels on college campuses just lose all fear of human beings that they might have room. It's it was kind of that wait Emporia State when I went there that the squirrels would just. You know walk around and pay absolutely no attention to the students. So far this squirrels proving quite popular is FaceBook page has more lights than a page dedicated to the school official mascot the Nittany Lion cut back at. Found out that -- really likes a squirrel but. They -- I mean sometimes aren't yet it probably carry rabies and please all kinds of stuff. David bush and it didn't just try it can only he -- Nearly fourteen of them would never handle one of the Italian cream filled pastries before entering a -- eating contest. He jumped thirteen and a half an Italian festival in northeastern Pennsylvania. The times Tribune reports that would did not give credit for a hole fourteen can only because a piece fell out of his mouth. As his five minutes ran out. He winds 150 dollars and he can no leaf eating -- as I would have ever -- internally. Now that's let him down Texas with my sister in law. Who accused of the donut shop all the time that's going to be a decent number of small industry analysts analysts who. Tuesday's high temperature in Wichita 88 what's the normal high for that date from. 88 we were right on the front -- -- normal yesterday. Record high for the date 108 setback in 2000 -- as hot streak I think 2000 this time a year and that was a record 800 and based. 120 degrees more. That in 2000. Tried to -- apparently still on the loose in northwest Wichita. The three of them escaped from a -- I guess from Wichita farm we thought maybe they were wild and come in from the you know the great underground -- railway that goes did basically through the big ditch the they have some secret passage way they all go off. -- to valley center where they're fed by elk lover's. By the dead of night but anyway that think they escaped from a farm up there somewhere somewhere in north that was part of town. And apparently took over to a large now how does -- -- and felt kind he'd been. Well we're losing where does he or she adds I guess -- she's I don't know where does the al-Qaeda is -- behind a bush got a tree. How come nobody spotted these two are ready they have they just have been able to -- maybe there widely felt. You know the kind instant. I made their way under the county dinner discussion there looted and eluding a way out there moves into. Tournament and one appointed deprive some sort of an -- roundup. And a lot of people were upset that they had a day to shoot that one the other day but like the how we've patrol was saying give me close to you know I'm big -- Stater highway or something and you hit Anelka fifty miles sixty miles an aren't three bad for everybody. Not just to help. Can be bad for everybody else's good morning to Edward hi there while we're speaking about war wildlife this morning there is a problem with the Cedric county zoo. Which could lose its accreditation. They don't get another elephant -- got to have three okay according to the national elephant society or whatever. -- -- investor gets pretty strong rules like you lose accreditation but they're looking for getting a third elephant because there are social animals guy. Yeah -- just have to. You know -- we -- elephants we -- there's two of us we have -- for a third elephant right. Pride -- is social as well if we didn't have -- and we would not read to meet qualifications for the zoo right. The -- but anyway there are social animals that takes at least three of them. And they would have to build you know some more and shape up there are some more. Space out there is some more places you add to. In other words it is gonna have to add a lot of space ten million dollars for the space. And part of it's been put up a privately that this county is going to be asked put up about five million bucks. -- they wanna keep the elephants. You know I think if they really publicized as cement after whole hog for whole elephant they could probably get private donations for all of that. I chipped in a few bucks what you probably keep the elements in town money is no different. It's tough to get money out of people is that while that's true or not much there go around there used to be that but did most people would rather spend money on elephants in public schools right -- probably. -- -- -- I'm sure they -- we will not lose our elephants but does this one of the stories and we're keeping an idol this morning. Today is Wednesday September 3 on this date in 1939 Britain France Australia and New Zealand to. Declared war on Germany two days after the Nazi invasion of Poland New Zealand -- their -- we are dead. In radio address of Britain's king George the six stead with God's help we shall prevail. On the same day a German U boat torpedoed and sank the British liner SS affinia. Some 250 miles off the Irish coast killing more than a hundred out of the 14100 people on board. Told they declared war on in. Germany and -- on the boat. At that time -- getting to their -- -- -- just was kind of is it was a dangerous proposition scary creepy a fear. -- today's birthdays include diesel daily cartoonist Mort Walker. He is 91 years you'll fly him dad used to ice advice Beetle Bailey -- well -- -- point like Beetle Bailey time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Rock singer musician Al Jardine 72. You Tebow is now. Not great shrine is 71 years old. Yes and Oscar nomination for -- In 1974. She was also in Superman one and Superman to what miss what -- as a test test test marker missed a charter. Currently Sheen 49 years old today we're gonna have mental tune. Hot shots I would guess he was older Wall Street he's only forty I think he's older than me he's been living pretty large those prolonged he's probably an old 49. And speaking of old our. General manager at dinnertime radio station -- why -- have a birthday don't mind. And -- you really have no clue she's somewhere. I have no clue how old just yet anywhere between Charlie Sheen Al Jardine. Now should I guess somewhere between Al Jardine and then Mort Walker and but she did she does pretty well -- that I'm sure she's. I'm sure she asks for our younger than Charlie I'm sure she's older than she looks -- keep yourself up pretty wanna you know -- 29 now he's she's older than she looks because he she does take care of herself quite well Jacqui wise. Having a birthday today despite the trouble you -- she still maintains a couple times they have done to my best. Over the past polls. Forty days to be nicer where. There's been working to get you an -- for a long time haven't I've been trying to be nice sure distant hopes it may be something good will happen. As a result they did -- the sale billion you don't think the sucking up who's gonna do any good at all and -- you can only strive. I've always been pretty good at that time until now been told that I'm really good at a -- some people. -- first came here there was a guys in here really know how to start up for the boss he was a new guy he didn't hadn't seen my wily ways Diop who. That Iraqis very impressed -- happy birthday Jacqui wise sixth nineteen Stephen -- in the morning it's time for -- -- with Tim Woodward and death. The royals and action last night that the -- next play added. Well surely if I had to stay off the playoffs begin tonight Bryant -- -- Association playoffs get under way for the Wichita wing nuts have -- record breaking regular season now it's time the post season. It's a best of five a semi final series between two division opponents the Wichita wing nuts and the Laredo lemurs. Playoffs begin tonight game one in the Laredo Texas that'll start at 730 tonight two of the top three teams in the -- go out of here the wing nuts. On a nine game winning streak going into the post season fact Wichita has won seventeen of its last eighteen games. Over the last three weeks the only loss in that stretch was to Laredo but. Which it's often dominating lately they won six of their seven games in Laredo this season and they beat the lemurs by 15 games in the central divisions on south division rather. The wing nuts at Laredo tonight to begin the playoffs game one down in Texas this evening. In Major League Baseball the first place Kansas City Royals. Beat the -- bottom team in the big leagues -- Texas Rangers but not by much 221 Salvador Torres for the royals drove in the game winning run in the bottom of the eighth inning. Royals -- and the tigers win so Casey still has a half game lead atop Detroit. The American League's central division with 25 games to go the royals hosting the Texas Rangers again tonight up in Kansas City. You can listen to that game at 7 o'clock tonight on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 97. FM. Other Major League action in New York Mets in Miami last night beat the Marlins eight to six coming out of the mets' bullpen former Kansas State wildcats Carlos Torres. During a scoreless seventh inning. Torres has a 3.3 earned runs -- earned run average this season coming out of the bullpen before the Mets. The last place Chicago Cubs got another women Wrigley feel beat that. Milwaukee Brewers 71 last night starting at second base for the cubs Logan Watkins of Goddard went one for three. He's betting 400. In limited play this year for the cubs. The first place St. Louis Cardinals won their fourth zero beat the Pittsburgh Pirates six to four. Adam Wainwright got his sixteenth win of the season for the cardinals he drove in three of the six runs for Saint Louis. The cardinals have a two game lead atop the National League central with two dozen games to go in the season. And happy birthday today to former Wichita State and Major League Baseball pitcher Nate Robertson Nate celebrating his 37. Birthday today. Sports brought to you by the newly remodeled bull's -- shooting range where they know and use the guns they sell it got a -- Wichita dot com be safe shouldn't say. The schools like shooting range that's located at fourteen at 55. North terrace and get what is -- -- that were reportedly doing tonight and game one of the playoffs is tonight for the wing nuts here in Laredo Texas a little right to want to. And ensure that our best of five series. When that's dominated the regular seasonal Steve did you -- the post season. I'd given here for Fox News commentator time star in a sermon on YouTube is accused of hate speech. Plus traffic and weather coming up Stephen -- -- radio thirteen thirty -- in a sense a wake up mornings with Stephen Ted. And keep their radio tuned to thirteen thirty for me Mark -- an afternoon starting at five news radio thirteen thirty K and SS. And America's most listened to mutual fund program as we take your calls about investing -- -- anytime 8883. Funds did listen to the mutual -- show Saturdays at 9 AM did you don't feel less than fifty employees you're not required to offer health insurance under obamacare -- that your employees could call piper government subsidized health insurance policy. And benefits by design our -- -- certified agents can help you make that money saving transition. From group to individual explore your options today and beat the out of control costs of group health insurance for help call us at 3162632900. That's 3162632900. 3162632900. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What you want to keep you want to PGA you want to be -- if you want to TNT 250 AC 22 DEC 250 Q. Too many Americans are living without dental insurance. Which means they might not be getting even the most basic care for their families after all a simple cleaning can cost a hundred dollars and other procedures like grounds and root canals can cost hundreds more. That's why -- physicians mutual insurance company we are proud to offer the dental coverage Americans need at such a great price and with the freedom to choose any in this you want and never pay deductible. This isn't a discount plan. This is -- dental insurance that can help -- for over 300 procedures and everything from -- and fillings -- -- and -- acceptance is guaranteed for one of these insurance policies no matter -- even for folks on Medicare we're on a mission to help provide Americans with -- good dental insurance so please -- amount to receive a free information -- with all the details directly by -- 180409044. That's 180409044180409044. Like to run like to walk. What you eat. What -- support the united way Cargill presents the dash and -- five K run walks Saturday September 20 there'll be tons of free gourmet snacks from local restaurants and will be grilling up some Cargill -- to. Cargill will match money raised that will then go towards our local community through the united way of the -- get registered at united way planes dot org slash and dash time. This message brought to you because -- cares. Doing -- what is it that they want to do more things on them. Think about this a bit -- dictate -- -- totally -- Regis what we can. How much we can keep but it's just another day you hear it all the time with mark Olivia and -- on. Tensions to tell us what we need to live on what we want it. We did you -- We'll wait on news radio with thirteen thirty KM SS. 6:45 deep into the morning. South Carolina teen sues a state he wants to Wear makeup. For his driver's license photo that story. Coming up for Stevenson apparently likes to Wear different clothing as well he's. The little foundation wouldn't hurt -- -- go to. Well right now he'd make you guys to Wear makeup but you don't want to have to I don't want to show girls -- -- -- -- gasoline prices today going -- bad news in that traffic gasoline prices going up to 325. A gallon now work that change being made mostly overnight to some stations probably solid fuel prices yet. It happened a spot one of those stations he'd always give us a call to traffic hotline. That number 43613. Thirty intake and SS -- central get chambers going to be sunny and breezy and hot today with a high of 94 degrees south wind at ten to 25 miles per hour. -- and their right down partly cloudy and 73 degrees Wesley rehab hospital rehab for strokes brain injury hip fractures and board. Located on west thirteenth -- across the northwest high school Wesley rehab hospital are higher level of care. 73 degrees that's coming up. A look at heroes on the half hour was even dead Cedrick county zoo elephants need a roommate. One man's speech. I'm John Stearns with this Fox News and commentary next. Weekdays on Fox Business. Bottom line here is we want investors. To be prepared for the day ahead of the weekend opening bell with Maria Bartiromo. -- is different perspective and analysis all day long I'm speaking -- Global alligators -- capital CEOs heads of state so I can anticipate some of the major moves or reactions giving investors -- -- Opening bell with Maria Bartiromo. Weekdays at 9 AM eastern on Fox Business. Daniel Osborn pastors the first Baptist Church in Moreland. Georgia which happens to be the hometown of the great southern humorist Lewis grew czar and anyway folks in the pews had been asking lots of questions about the Islamic state crisis. So pastor Osborn decided to preach a sermon about radical Islam. And a few days later he posted that sermon on YouTube. It wasn't too long after that win you two became a call and they pulled the video and terminated the -- account accusing him of hate speech. The pastor calls it nothing short of sermons censorship. And he wonders of other Christian pastors are suffering the same page says YouTube command a bunch of stop under the guise of hate speech and he's got a point the fact of the matter is radical Islam has declared Jihad against Christians and Jews. That's not hate speech. That's the God's honest truth. I'm Todd Stern's. Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news thirteen there. It SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station depend on. They're going Stephen -- on Wednesday morning's deep Macintosh Ted Woodward 73 degrees looking for a high today of 94. The future is uncertain for too long time residents of the Cedric county zoo elephants Cindy and Stephanie. New guidelines from the association of zoos and aquariums call for at least three elephants by September -- sixteen. Research shows elephants are very social and envelop that needs at least two other elements to live with while in captivity. A new enclosure will cost an estimated ten and a half million dollars. The Zulu supporters have pledged about four point three million the -- is requesting five point three million dollars from Cedric county. -- would hesitate first -- forecast now with meteorologist frank waterboarding frank. Thanks Steve will put a cloud cover possible early this morning as we get into the afternoon abundant sunshine combined with a south wind at ten to 25. We'll help push ties up to 984 degrees so hot one on the way. Overnight tonight or mostly -- quiet Lowe's dropped to seven before. For Thursday mostly sunny hot again a high near 96 we'll begin to cool things down on Friday. Indicate First Solar forecast center I'm meteorologist. Frank walk down -- -- cloudy and 73 degrees. Wichita police are looking for a suspect after a 48 year old woman says she was attacked by her boyfriend. Lieutenant James Espinoza says there were multiple crime scenes including a location near Lincoln and it's more in southeast Wichita. She's got to a domestic argument worker or friend. The male suspect. Had struck a one time and ahead this year transported to the location where -- -- on my former. Police are looking for the woman's 33 year old boyfriend. Kansas is receiving nearly 350000. Dollars in federal grants to help schools serve healthier meals and snacks. But Kansas Department of Education says it will use the money from the US Department of Agriculture to provide training. The state will also take steps to increase participation in these school breakfast program. And used gardening as a way to entice students to -- different fruits and vegetables. Schools will also be able to apply for money to -- staff wellness programs and cooking tasting activities in the classroom. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty -- SS. A survey of Kansas Highway Patrol workers found a high degree of loyalty to the agency but strong frustration with management. The study was prompted by complaints of the week more now nearly 70% of those surveyed said they felt loyalty to the patrol. But more than two thirds said they didn't believe the agency's management consistently enforced discipline. Procedures the Texas woman has notified the court ever change in the plea in Kansas adoptions scheme case. Crystal -- -- as scheduled for a change of plea hearing September 17 in Kansas City, Kansas. She is accused of pretending to be pregnant to scam prospective adoptive parents in Kansas and elsewhere. -- and incest national news time 632. President Obama is condemning what he calls a horrific act of violence the beheading of American journalist Stephen start off by an ice is militant. Like people around the world Americans are repulsed by the barbarism. We will not be intimidated. -- that are horrific acts only unite us the country and -- our results take the fight against these terror. British authorities are saying he executioners seen in the new video appears to be the same person seen in the video journalist James Foley when he was murdered. As President Obama landed in Estonia for the first of four days of meetings with NATO allies there's word of a possible cease fire in eastern Ukraine. But a spokesman for Russian President Putin says he and Ukrainian president Porsche -- have only agreed on a possible framework that could lead to a cease fire. Back -- Home Depot says it's investigating a possible credit card breach and we'll let customers know if it confirms that happened. And as of today drugstore chain CVS has stopped selling cigarettes at three branding itself CVS health Scott Goldberg ABC news. 633 down due to the morning news radio thirteen thirty KM SS. A sixteen year old in South Carolina he's suing the State Department of Motor Vehicles because the agency won't allow him to take a driver's license photo. Wearing makeup. Chase -- Pepper regularly wears makeup and -- either androgynous. Or women's clothing. He told reporters being ordered by officials to remove what they called -- -- -- -- Bush humiliating case may be used to munch on a lawsuit filed in federal court Tuesday says that he MB violated the teen's rights. The agency would not political paper and Culpepper Wear make up for the photo because old policy that bans licensed pictures. When someone is purposefully altering his or her appearances. Don't know does that mean that when my wife has your driver's license photo taken -- I've just got to scrub all the for the makeup off and say maybe he has a case I guess -- should not lawyer and lover not a real good idea. You know I did people's driver's license photos -- Thought you take into one. Who does I mean nobody does but I just a photo by the time you're through with that you're polite company is something let me take a look at -- out of here. Now might not -- to bed don't look like I don't -- like me but that's all right that's pretty good. How much make up were you wearing that -- I zero I don't you know until July -- now know what eyeliner and a Clinton. No lips no mascara. No lens care okay -- south. It's interesting interesting story. It's a guilty plea for the owner of the job good jugs in twin peaks espresso stands. Carmelo Anthony go has taken a plea deal in Washington State on charges of promoting prostitution and money laundering authorities say her bikini wearing berries does. We're selling sex and sex shows along with the espresso well -- moved. An ego could face up to a year in jail but prosecutors are recommending that you get no additional jail time. The daily herald reports as part of the deal an eagle has agreed to surrender. 250000. Dollars deputies seized from her whole month. She's also agreed to testify against others are you gonna turn canary autumn. If -- and -- million bucks -- house they want the a job a judge in twin -- business that's been pretty good. Greens I don't know probably a robust business a lot of profit and net -- -- the University of Kansas says it received a record. Get this 253. Point two million dollars in donations in the fiscal year that ended June 30. University said at a news release Tuesday the donations compared with 174. Million donated the previous lines -- audited more. Yikes contributions to the university and the University of Kansas hospital. Included 193 point one million dollars an outright gifts and pledges. 59 point one million dollars in deferred yet and one million dollars in contributions directly to the university's a lot of that money went to the hospital. The donations allow the university did you create even those seven new professorship and fun 91 -- scholarships and fellowships -- Cynicism -- you will also be used to expand or build several buildings including capitol federal hall. The broad and catch up there in Lawrence down Maryland and money wealthy base of alumni. We're going to take a few million maybe hire a football coach I don't know the bureau of forty spent millions on -- and well. Millions people might say miss spent. Pressure resisting -- a written a paper Sunday Redman -- is there what 656. Years have the right. But it did two bowl games and things did that thing hit that seems thing hit the ditch and -- Being gay football but this is going to be great we're gonna have case stating to you it's great football teams. Didn't happen for very long did it not for very long while. At any rate as a wide chasm between the two right now again. That's indeed the football coach K -- -- Weis Charlie -- Charlie Weis he's -- to -- our modern Notre Dame Notre Dame for five years in Europe there not very well. There. But -- Maybe they should -- -- coach who has some sort of a record of winning football games or somebody get a coach that has a winning record to come -- you that's that's the jelly you can't. Systems some young guys not to respond well that's what you gotta get him. Say hey listen my thoughts I haven't had much luck doing that either I was feeling it -- is simply get a summary of -- win a few games and -- The on track anyway. It's a regular sold KU football today that's for sure 637 with Stevens that coming up the other undefeated this year but that's right they have not lost a game haven't played yet. This regular guest on issues -- fourteen is stationed check of content care. The topic is suicide a big a topic with the mile and Robin Williams and committing suicide the other they sort of about that with Jason -- you get here that's. Sunday morning at eight. Right here on -- -- Tom care deals -- those situations small lot. More than you probably think they're like to know is they do and it will be interesting topic they do a lot of education about it as well 638 now a Stephen dead time for our commodities update. But Tom -- of plus or commodities -- Tom. Morgan State yesterday was the third straight session of the live cattle feeder cattle futures closing I don't triple digit gains. The -- returned median price bullish all the fundamentals are mixed at the moment. We've all futures were also higher -- continue to rise for mid August lows yesterday at the moment October live -- 82 cents higher at 15325. -- -- refused to bow are seven prior to 1990. And October leaned over the 97% to 100 dollar to -- -- they have all the little soybean futures were able to close positive Tuesday after -- session of mixed trading. But buying title crop supply than technical buying lifted this being the higher the weekly particular waiting for the quarter was 74%. Up one point from last week. In soybeans up two points -- -- 72%. If he's still yesterday updated their crop estimates by late in the corn production that. Fourteen point 595 billion bushels and I yield of 174 point one brutal breakout. In the soybean production put that four billion bushels with a yield of 47 point six bushels per acre. Trading -- very active in accordance soybean futures overnight. As they came very close to new contract closed December Casey we have three and three quarters that the moment trading at 648 and three quarters. But the record at three -- at 3163. Quarter. November soybeans -- flow within 26. December -- meant to say October crude oil Apollo -- -- and 9389. December gold four dollars and sixty cents higher close 6960. The timber appropriately six points at 2005. And three quarter. So Cameron dollar index is fourteen cents lower at 8287. And September their -- futures -- off sixty points higher trading at seventeen that would won thirteen. Put commodity trading great marketing advisor -- -- -- for commodities on the program will be one. -- using 866 through two tough. Just four days of trading on the commodity markets this week is that have any impact and -- a major entitlement sponsor. Google+ time to get things done. It must somehow makes -- Listen I know you you probably don't -- more than scenario we like to work anymore about four hours a day at the most news. I quit shortly agreed opens -- abroad yeah. Yes very good news -- still your jammies they're ready to go right back to better. Aren't they -- the -- and assist about a via based who do you buy American -- credit. Providing financial services customized your ever changing needs Agilent dot com or 804661146. American and credit six. 40 Stevens in the morning coming up we've got done grant money record don't fret. That's 4% rule can hear about that we've done coming up also traffic weather always beat -- dead. News radio thirteen thirty K in a sense. Highest rated talk radio station in Wichita -- news radio thirteen thirty. KSS. The commodity update on Katie and SS is brought to buy American at the credit. As a farmer rancher working the land your knees don't always fit traditional banking programs. That's why American had credit offers a variety of short and long term loans put your buying property for making improvements on land you already own. And we fixed rate adjustable or variable rate mortgages we can tailor your loan to your -- For more details give us a call at 804661146. Or visit had -- dot com. American -- credit money for Agricole. The. You know hog wild does great barbecue but here's Josh we're seeing general manager and partner at hog -- 47 tenths off Broadway location did tell you about another favorite. Grandchild salads are just silence. Our great refreshing new. Salad greens certain freshman -- T able topless cherry tomatoes cheddar cheese and bacon bits and now for the best part you can top -- salad with your favorite part well meat pulled chicken beef brisket pulled pork. But every choose your -- to create a delicious satisfying meal. -- as salads have to be boring stop by today for a refreshing meet top branch are solid at any of Wichita is five locations also an elder radio Hutchinson and Salina. Don't -- weeks. At the top of the world. And one of the most unforgiving New -- Life finds away. -- -- Jordan and crew to move -- To a school and -- day. -- hard thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't women only life -- get into the new school sign up for home security today and receive free pro install packages are only 2999 a month with additional cut service to go to -- I can't slash home security your comeback -- solutions story today limited time offer residential customers -- -- Cox markets -- it's essential service plan with three year agreement required restrictions apply content and services to PL -- license number one through nine which entitles you license number 2015 dash 36 or ninety. What can run like to walk. What you eat. What -- support the united way Cargill presents the -- and -- five K run -- Saturday September 20 there'll be tons of free gourmet snacks from local restaurants and will be grilling up some Cargill murders to. Cargill will match money raised that will then go towards our local community through the united way -- the -- get registered at united way planes dot org slash dash time this message brought to you because Entercom shares. It's an immediate action that's based in reality as long as there's no marsh -- -- -- his -- you can expect Morgantown. An American original so much similar. Counts for substance today in symbolism is just that it isn't anything substantive. Russ Limbaugh symbolism over substance in big buzz NPR. But that's where we are we -- Obama. -- news radio thirteen thirty KN SS. 645 Stevens -- in the morning 73 degrees coming up. The Kansas sporting -- -- Teddy at the top of the hour 7 o'clock what are the stories we're covering. And unifying this article and Jason deeper yeah. There's another run in with the law -- bring you up to date on that it's 7 o'clock this morning -- -- -- is this morning news who Jason deeper. Justin Bieber has Justin or Jason it's just it's my grand kids tell me if I'm wrong on that it's just and it's not -- yes good Justin Bieber. Yes I -- I should have done that tees. Stuff that's all right sir again there's no reason punishes failure 5% of the people of their social views include them. Probably. Right now. Kellogg had to I want 35 seems to me to heaviest traffic debt -- down the Kellogg's little ways though west. 135. -- -- traffic really not heavy enough because he too many problems with those volumes are picking up so it's. Something to watch out for gas prices today going up. We're starting to see 325. A gallon gasoline here in Wichita despite yesterday's price you can give us a call let us know where that's at. 43613. Thirty is the number in case and as fast -- Central jet chambers will be sunny breezy and hot today with a high of 94 degrees and south wind attended -- five miles per hour mostly clear tonight the overnight low 74. Thursday sunny a little bit warmer tomorrow's 1986. Now partly cloudy south with a thirteen miles per hour and 73 degrees. 64060 until the points lead is Justin Bieber stud Jason Bieber. Okay fine. International stock markets gained today led by European shares in early trading ever cease fire was announced in eastern Ukraine it. Markets were also buoyed by news signs of strength in the US economy and expectations that Europe's Central Bank. We'll provide more support to the flagging region futures. Point to a positive start on Wall Street today the dollar fell against the Euro and the yen the benchmark US crude. Crude oil rose above 93 dollars a barrel level -- makes clothes in the stock markets Tuesday is now Dow closed down thirty points. Yes and he was down one in the NASDAQ closed up snow and -- that get all right yesterday everything else -- Flew -- petered out now a spokeswoman for home Depot's says the company able lured customers -- it confirms their personal information has been compromised. The Atlanta based home improvement retailer has told the Associated Press that it's working with both banks and law enforcement to investigate unusual activity. That could point to a hack. This is what it daily story now just put -- like we just doesn't company has been hacked this unit's goodwill industries in Kansas. When they're vendors says some of their -- information ms. Just I actually look at them JPMorgan Chase second Home Depot on the list -- -- one of the stories we're gonna cover here at the top of the hour and I. To use a sporting news -- Stephen tend. Could be a grim day in Atlantic City today as thousands of nearly laid off casino workers are expected to turn out to the convention center for a mass. Unemployment filing. He likes the session comes after a brutal weekend that saw more than 5000 employees at the show -- and drove well lose their jobs. More than 100 workstations will be set up to a company to newly jobless dealers cocktail servers and other workers. OK it's 5000 people out work or are wary of course they can do. I don't know and a lot of people in one city out of work and -- they understand the contestants for Miss America first arriving in town. They your letters and they did it over casinos there. They overplayed their hand a little bit is that right they they they tried to -- and got him anyway I don't I don't know anything about cloning it's been it. Casino hotbed for years and years with me this question proliferation of gambling it's. -- kept that two more more casinos and and everybody every State's gathered to -- them what to. To prevent -- what Kansas can't get. The -- now my role was just that's just the state don't -- -- -- gonna you an idea of want to know my native Americans them build it open in the southeast you write their thoughts and that they actually have three playing informative. As -- and that's what the plan has not yet been. That -- and even count them one on my native Americans. So maybe there's too many casinos and you know he's do you wanna gamble you had to go to Vegas or -- -- -- nearly two choices now -- stance where my dad always had thousands of choices wouldn't go anywhere. We ought to be just a big big day here -- intercom. Our manager Jacqui Weis have a birthday yes big day today it is fusion and I'm sure that I got it already seen the workers coming in with a party preparations the -- the longhorns and hats and everything now -- Guys haven't brought within hours rose petals whole Lotta dealings going on and that's just found out this Jackie is not very computer literate you know list because you'd be you know. Huge -- really isn't what's the problem well she thinks hardware is complicated software. Where's it from. Come on -- and you don't think that's why we haven't experienced that where it could -- it seems he's not far ahead of me there there's I don't know anything about it either. Thank you wise you her she is a great manager and our motto is hire people who work hard and you don't have to. Seven model of ever -- -- hundred and that is world. Then -- -- you get that that site on the wall it says my idea of team effort is what everyone is doing exactly what I want to conduct a -- Adam and it's been a formula vs the idea of team ever -- well -- come up on 651 now Steven did in the morning news radio thirteen thirty happy birthday Jacqui I know she's not up she may be up. About milking to chickens that are house or something a filling out a pink slip -- -- -- after hitting heated termination notice. About a dog here. Don't fret that 4% rule I'm not sure what this means that's why we have -- rent them on a tracker -- -- to more news. Marty it's about taking money out of your your retirement dad's a you know right after the insulting your boss general manager like that I think you're probably -- -- -- Wind heat some of the best I have some more and not a very good. But the but I don't function. Well you remember that 4% distribution standards that you can safely withdraw 4% a year and not outlive your investments well many as it did that something was develops a bit I think and in 1990s. Yeah many financial planners have attempted to have accepted that the standard -- cannot survive bubbles and recessions we've seen over the last. -- head toward 1012 years. Longevity in volatile investment markets have altered the playing field when it comes to that long accepted rule of soft bounce some have suggested. That we used 3% as a standard for distributions. That means that he had a million bucks you can safely spend. 30000 bucks a year and hopefully continue to grow your asset base to keep up with -- inflation and increase spending. Book every person is different with the unique set of needs however. In spite of the shift away from the 4% rule we can probably downplay many of the fears that -- accompanied that planning changed. Certified financial planners tend to be a bit conservative. With Syrian come all allowances and projections we want to protect our clients however. Many costs of living projections are over inflated as his spending. -- -- -- retirees generally spend less as they age. They will travel less they drive less than they are less involved in expensive activities. If they are not out and about as much well they don't spend as much. The key to successful retirement funniest to review the value of your investments against your spending on and at least an annual basis. Make adjustments to fit the bottom line sock it away when your portfolio does well. And then put in a bit and win the -- -- that pull in a bid to win the markets. Don't treat you very well and if you have any questions about how to do begging gimme a call. Number 6342222. And and I don't get too personal but -- -- I'm just tunnel -- 401K I am here -- station and some of the the IRA's and so for the -- and I -- -- -- -- -- spenders and big story it's not being told much nationally I don't think. But the stock market over the past five years has performed very well. Well it is yeah I mean it's me it's being told it's evident we see it you know we see all the money coming back but. But it's not how did because I think a lot of people who. And make money in this industry. Like to monger fear. I hate to say you know -- you know waiting to the industry or the financial and well you know little bit of both and not they have not cast as traders are you don't either but I think that that is that that the headlines is really sell. Are the ones that scare the heck out of your liberal when the bush and ended in Obama and his bail out to an end trying to avoided nutritional and they're extremely bloody murder well apparently what they did has worked. GAAP as far as I'm concerned. My 401K looks real good yeah I hope we just keep -- enough for a lot of people to admit that the government stepping in. -- -- something now it it it it's possible if they hadn't stepped in that things would have been -- what horrors -- that may -- come back faster you never now you know. But it's been slow it's been steady it's it it has worked to at least for people who invest now unfortunately. There are a lot of people out there that don't have investments in there and seen that yet. I can't and people just other people don't convince me to be in a bad mood and be sure that sorry -- I can -- -- I can look at my own their information a year's ear smile and right now let's right now like jumps articulate what Joe's upcoming us -- downs under our right. I think stunt guy. Who got the gay and as this morning news and Stephen. Mark when they hear the prescription for Smart talk radio Wichita is thirteen thirty K and as as. Listen 24 hours a day. Consider this Davis more Lincoln has made a big move to kill again we went and we opened a whole new door to let dream which itself. Your kids. We've redefined what it means to shop room luxury vehicles. Delivering -- the free spirit and American made lecturing at its finest right now we have a secret selection of Lincoln vehicles available. Just a perfect time to drive -- style. Consider this week and fuel efficient and Khazei today. Just forty luxurious 2015 Lincoln and Kasey but go big with the amazing new Lincoln Navigator with room for 28 passengers. There's no wrong choice and now it's your chance to spoil yourself -- contain it simplifies luxury. -- -- -- and Lincoln certified premium vehicle itself priced in August. It's an experience that has no people focused on new standard when it the most trusted names in its class. So before you do anything else considered the original Helen lecturing Stevenson where Lincoln is at Davis type in more Lincoln dot com or call us at 9287330. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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