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  1. 1/19/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind


    Fri, 20 Jan 2017

    Issues and politics aside, what is the great difference between President-Elect Donald Trump and President Obama? We know that in Trump’s heart he loves his country and that he is a patriot unlike Obama. The things Obama has said and done to this country, here or abroad, is not illustrative of a ...

  2. 1/18/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind


    Thu, 19 Jan 2017

    The Republicans and people like Sen Mitch McConnell never learn. They think they are going to buy peace with the Democrats. Radical leftists like Bernie Sanders are demanding that President-Elect Donald Trump’s nominees agree with their left wing agenda, especially when it comes to climate change ...

  3. 1/17/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind


    Wed, 18 Jan 2017

    Chelsea Manning is a traitor. And it’s a disgrace that President Obama commuted his sentence Tuesday. Manning leaked classified documents detailing American military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan – among other sensitive information – that put American lives in danger, betraying his fellow ...

  4. 1/16/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind


    Tue, 17 Jan 2017

    What’s being done to President-Elect Trump right now is unprecedented. Over the weekend, civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis swiped at Trump saying he didn’t believe Trump’s presidency was legitimate. People are now attacking Trump for attacking Lewis, but it was Lewis who attacked Trump first, Trump ...

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