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9/3/14-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Sep 3, 2014|

Mark says we need to teach ISIS a lesson and show terrorist groups from around the world that they don't get to humiliate America or capture and kill its people

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- here. Only underground. -- easily hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel. This brick building. Once again made contact without. -- -- -- event here are number 877. Create one. 3811. 877381. 3811. If you're like me. You getting tired of all the talk. About these Islam -- Nazis. And that's all it is. Just enough military action. So the administration can say it's taking military. Let me ask you this. Do these Islam on Nazis to scallop fake Canadian air force. No they don't. They have a navy. Now they don't. Do they have the capacity. To build military weaponry and to -- stock. Now they don't. They can steal all the can conquer. Ladies and gentlemen we have a massive. Industrial center in this country. It's obvious we have the capacity. To build the most destructive weapons on the face the here. And we have them. We know or 80% of the Islam to nazism. In this -- in Syria in Iraq. Islam Nazis and I'm talking about. -- they come in different names and they Wear different you know face mask and have their own flags. Sure they have a a bullet Betsy Ross or something or other but that's beside the point. Here's my point to -- We could destroy the heart. The heart of the Islam on Nazi effort. In Syria. In Iraq. In two or three weeks. But we refuse to do it. We have to be honest -- us. We refuse to fight wars the way we used to fight wars. We refuse to acknowledge that there will be civilian perhaps many civilian casualty. But that this is a war. And we didn't start. And that you don't get to humiliate the United States of America. And decapitate Americans. You don't get to. -- purchase and trying to wipe out Christians and other religious sects. And then when the United States is moved from moral reasons. And humanitarian reasons as well as national security reasons. We're going to take action. Because the choice ladies and gentlemen is not between east -- war. Perfect execution. Of military tactics. Killing only those who deserve to be killed. I know of no war that's ever succeeded in that. The choice is between exterminating these cockroaches. And the -- genocide all activity. Which is slaughtering tens of thousands of people. Rape thing and selling into slavery tens of thousands of women. And the possibility that they will secure. Not through their technological genius. Because they're barbarians. Weapons of mass destruction. Where weapons some great mass of destruction. Our mindset quite frankly over the last thirty years or so has changed. Each change because we fight wars differently. We didn't fight the war in Iraq. In my view the way we should of fought the war in Iraq. We certainly haven't fought the war in Afghanistan the way we should fight the war in Afghanistan. -- minimal use of our air force and particularly are heavy bombers. We're prepared to sacrifice. And Americans on an American daughter. To protect a foreign sound any foreign to -- back to me. Is unconscionable. That to me is immoral. An American. Unpatriotic. The fact of the matter is we know how to defeat. The cockroaches. And this. Cal thank. That doesn't mean they won't be back in some other form and some other country evil. Quite frankly always shows itself. With a different face. In a different way. In a different country. There's no perfect war. And there's no absolute and evil. -- -- There are said to be 171000. In May be up to 50000 these cockroaches. We know. Of the ones I speak. Essentially where they're located. They control a third or half of Syria. About a third of Iraq. These are not ten foot tall men. These are not Smart man. These are not civilized men. These -- throw backs. And here's the difference. They are prepared do absolutely. Anything. To win. And they're prepared to do attack anyone. And that's exactly what they're doing. What are we prepared to do. David Cameron gave a great speech he's done nothing. What -- the French. Over the Germans -- What will your active. What will Obama do. Talked and talked. And talked and talked. I don't know about you I'm tired of the talk. Right before the show began I said to mr. producer after preparing all day -- last night. I don't have anything else to say about this. Other then. When I'm telling you right now. Do we as Americans have the will to crush -- speak. Because we certainly have the way. -- leaders have the win. To destroy it. Or do we have a new type of leader now. Not just Obama although he's the worst of the bunch for sure. I don't believe in fighting wars by dropping leaflets on people and telling them how much we love them while we're just arming them. John Kerry today going away out of his way. To tell us how wonderful Islamist. Says nothing of all the Christians who have been slaughtered I think. And it's backstabbing and undermining the Jews in Israel but he just wants to make sure the Muslims of the world understand that we know they're good people. Propaganda. Press releases. Press statements. Where it's. Just where it. We have an enemy. The enemy is a war -- us. The enemy is a war with the world. The enemy. Is genocide. The more we talked the more they slaughter. Were Americans. We've overcome far worse than this. This enemy number is less than 50000. This enemy I'm not talking about all Islam Nazi terrorist this enemy in particular. Is located within two countries. This enemy has no air force this enemy has -- -- This enemy has no war production capacity. And -- we act like you cannot be defeated. They can be obliterated. They can be eviscerate. Apparently we don't wanna do it. I'll be right back. -- them. You know thoughts I have this -- it's going to be very difficult for me to support any Republican. Who once -- support. Who is not prepared to go all out and defeat this enemy and secure the border. Apart from everything else this is basic stuff this is stuff Republicans and Democrats used to do. This is stuff that liberals and conservatives used to. I'm not gonna stand by and watch this country. Implode from within. Weaken itself. Subject our children and grandchildren. To the kinda danger is that we're talking about I'm just not gonna play at -- Look at this secretary defense hagel said. Today. That there's a problem with foreign fighters aiding the self proclaimed Islamic state in -- of Iraq and Al Shonn. Includes far more Americans than previously reported at least 100 and counting. Hagel said quote we have acknowledged publicly -- aware of over a hundred US citizens who have US passports. -- fighting in the Middle East with -- forces he said and TV interview there may be more we don't know. Okay now. The way I see it you're secretary of defense and you now posed a problem. What's the fix. And this is why I think so many of you are frustrated OK we got it. These animals hate us some of them. Have either come into our country from other countries and -- -- been born here. But they've now join the enemy now what are we gonna do about it. I have said time and again now. That these people have by their own actions relinquish -- United States citizenship. They should not be permitted back in the country. And if that crack pots insist on judicial review it should be judicial review by a military tribunal that's the way it's supposed to be done. And not on our own territory. At Guantanamo -- -- Some what have a foundation for this. As I did my research for the program section 349. Of the immigration and nationality act. Eight USC 1481 as amended. And it explains. How citizens. Are subject a loss of citizenship. If they perform certain specified acts voluntarily and with the intention to relinquish citizenship. And by their acts. And joining me Islam -- not -- We should use common sense and certainly interpret that to -- an intention to relinquish US citizenship. And it provides seven bases for -- let me give me the two that matter to me. Taking an -- Affirmation or other formal declaration. -- foreign -- political subdivisions. Entering or serving. In the armed forces of a foreign state engaged in hostilities against the US. Or serving as a commissioner noncommissioned officer in the armed forces of a foreign state. Back to common sense interpretation. CI got a phone and up until. Terrorists. Terrorists. If these so called US citizens are joining up with the enemy. That is decapitated two Americans and done far worse that more Americans -- more people. Horrific acts. And the evil. Well there. They're not to be citizens any longer. Now this. Is percolating out there but it's not percolating and not. So when you have the secretary defense talk about. There's a hundred of these people at least there may be more -- Not enough that tell us about it what how they didn't do about. And then of course. Is the issue of securing the border. I said now for some time I said on fox -- set behind this microphone. We are going to get hit and we're going to get hit as a result of our lax. Security. Border security and other forms of security we are going to get hit. And it'll -- a soft target. As I've also tried to explain. It'll be horrendous. It'll be in a sort of place that you and I and your family members frequent. A large grocery store. A sporting event perhaps a high school stadium. One of our subway system. -- A large small. Particularly in states that it disarmed it's populations. Movie theaters. Amusement parks Disney World universal username. All their for the Pickens. Because they -- not secure the border they well not secure the barter. And to this -- we have people like Luis Gutierrez running around insisting. On open immigration insisting on open borders. So blinded by their race isn't so blinded by their -- That the country. Really doesn't matter. The country really doesn't matter all of these things are related. All of these things are related. Meanwhile. Russia is on a -- And don't listen to these KGB mouth pieces. These fools on our own country. The trash Abraham Lincoln. And embrace. Vladimir Putin. That's like a mental illness if you ask me. You know as a fascist. He's a killer. Journalists just happened to disappear while they talk about the businessmen. Who actually succeed but refused to pay off the government. -- assets confiscated -- -- to Iberia. For a long prison sentences. People just disappear off the streets political opponents. Oh markets just you it's just Russia are okay. Okay. So everything that was achieved as a result of the Cold War Democrat -- Republican presidents everything that was a -- I Ronald Reagan another. I'm Margaret Thatcher and others is to be dismissed. As we embrace the new fascism Nebraska. I'll be right back. Sears where Hollywood liberals come close. Come -- woman show was Brad -- 87738. While. I've got the same lives as everybody else here. Obama this press. Conference as one thing then says he had very sticky hearing them I'm sick -- hearing them. And I'm sick of hearing people talk about. What's the point. They let the president who is. When Adam is a lake. Who's not up to the job. I think that's been demonstrated time and time and time again. Man has no strategy Starr has no strategy. Our enemies see it have talked about before their on the -- look -- China is rolling over every country. In the south and east China -- Japan the Philippines. The Vietnam. And at same time China is massively increasing its defense spending and Russia's massively defeat increasing its defense spending. Including spending on aren't -- And I have this right in Reuters here Chuck Hagel is warning. At a press conference but Australia's defence minister. He's warning. Before NATO summit. That we will not always have a technological advantage. If we're not careful. He's telling us what we already know. And heat and the joint chiefs under this commander in chief so caught. -- executing policies. Better undermining advantages that we build up. Recordings of a century. They're destroying our advantages militarily. Technologically. So the fact of the matter is these things are going on now. Because our. Enemies are on the move. Our enemies are on the move this is what Reagan meant when he said. When you see weakness when the enemy. -- danger. And it does more than that. You lose a hell of a lot more lives and across a hell of a lot more money which is obviously. A secondary issue but still. If you don't -- some of these things in the -- Jim Pittsburgh Pennsylvania XM satellite out. -- saw the Pittsburgh area but I think about that today. At a cult like soccer's -- but now what is position didn't. They're not -- she can't force secured. -- Aside this guy that broker the deal between Democrat district that wouldn't go broke -- picture. But don't try to -- the station. Now who is the congressman we're talking about here. -- -- -- He he picked a blanket every two years that pathetic it Democrats did it hurt. You and sort of popping up today Spartacus -- Europe and it should it happen. -- took this congress but at the all apple and it shows. That -- a matter paint. This year the market -- people coming across. First six well instantly that the State Department has no idea where they are. For -- trusted source of death penalty all light which -- deep east notes. You know -- -- -- -- it is or what. She had no iTunes. -- -- -- -- let me get this straight so a staff fair. In the congressman's office didn't know who Mohammed Ottawa us. Had no idea and I -- like the burst out -- the animator it's a question second -- that no. Some leading the leading terrorist on 9/11. She didn't know holy lives. In -- congressman's office. And it course. It was not not only a national security failure which is your point Jim there was an immigration -- that guy overstayed his -- -- She had no idea and it -- of people that are ruining America figure people like you to meet. -- peace peace conscious state conventions that we are trying to Muster. In order stating that republic. Let our moral. I couldn't agree more good calls thank you Jim. Security the other end of the country Melissa Fremont California on the great KE SS -- -- And I just want to tell you I'm a big -- or are huge and and I broke everything you and I like many Americans. -- all okay tragedy and and it's lack of leadership on the issue. Actually it's not -- You know strapping I'm tri oval and -- Ellington small ones you can click to go after these -- -- and culture not an issue -- -- and metropolitan Democrats. Well I -- -- let me ask a question you hit on the why would Muslims be offended by us defending ourselves in defending people who are being slaughtered by people who are killing in the name of -- I don't I don't even -- -- -- apologizing for until we apologize. Apologized. To -- and bottom -- and you do try to go after striking -- doing. Is trying to -- -- You know you know what I heard that Joseph Biden. Screeching like -- stuck pig because that's all he does. He has no power and no brains to go with that but that's -- What did you make of my earlier point tonight this evening out there which is. These people on have an air force they don't have a navy they don't have a a military industry they have steel they have -- They have to do all these things that the barbarians do in order to survive and attack others. We could defeat them we don't have a defeat them. But we don't want to do what's necessary to defeat. The military power like he's -- to -- -- -- -- -- a few weeks. But again you have huge leash. Be monitored truckload oil -- -- probably -- and to try to talk I'm distrust I am. You know the -- and then I'll be there you know well -- countries want. What do you think would happen if we unleashed are heavy bombers. For a couple of weeks. We're -- think the Iranians would react. Exactly how how do you think the Russians in the Chinese would react. Why not. Because you know if you push America. You've got to wrap. Our way I saw this -- and this type of fight it. Due to the total more than -- you go to war and you beat the crap out of the other side you get the hell out. And I'm gonna tell it and I'm gonna tell you something. That's the way awards used to be fought if you're gonna go to war you go to Wal-Mart and defeat the enemy. And this pinprick -- We're just send aliens special forces. Or Iran. You're gonna allow of these have barbarians to control two thirds of a country. And I can mean even in Afghanistan they -- two star general it's like no big deal it is a big deal. All right Melissa. Thank you for you call my friend. All right let's go back. The other side of the country Tom and they aren't that great WABC don't. It I love weather radio time here on. Right now you're off -- is -- there. In their -- -- -- your radio. But it bankers speak here an unfortunate I'm curious about what are not like and enjoy that -- largest oil so it. That what NSA spying thing supposed to be. The wonderful sort -- find out what's -- -- our kittens and not know Americans and -- -- so what was that. And it they are all about. And I think is -- will be a Republican to be -- -- -- the -- went out and hit a real walk on against women over the Middle East what do we don't act. So you know. I really don't quite confused by the pro Israel out of this administration. And they have their priorities they just. But anyway thank you for you -- They're reactionaries should put it that way. Is that that what they used to call conservatives reactionary. Scott Ocean City, Maryland the great WM hey Al go. -- -- It is different and if you collect and I think if you look at all the Richard Dickey made. -- Obama made -- or Obama. I'm looking at a guy who -- continues there are not precedent of a guy I believe -- because he followed 24/7 -- The air. And making literature for the -- -- hidden on the line I think all he could force may need. -- commitment to grabbing money getting out announced an innocent what do you mean they're not the decisions of the guy you remember Margaret Thatcher. Important do you know that and I do you wouldn't tell. Reading -- cabinet pick from them about Eleanor Roosevelt and she did kick the cabin the Democrats look I would -- I can't. A lot of that didn't occur in the -- -- ask. I'm looking -- different and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm looking -- things -- if I'm not saying that anything that I needed a student of the woman would make. The leader but some of -- trying to maintain the balance or something -- decision I thank you take hi I. The woman thing doesn't make any sense to -- -- -- Damn strong women leaders I just mentioned one Margaret Thatcher I would take Margaret Thatcher over Obama any day of the week. Over most American presence of that man. Was Golda -- There have been others. I don't think we need to go there because it's an utter speculation and bias so -- I don't know seems to me a conservative woman -- -- pain -- looking at something like this would won a kickass. Until they mr. producer. Now Valerie Jarrett yes but as I can do their genitalia as far as I can tell. It she just another radical -- match up as far as I'm concerned John saint. Minnesota the Internet now. To get through a lot of great to be able to heal my weight he had a liberty amendments. To bring -- family vacation a barely made it from a flight here to look North Carolina so. I think you for that. You can he top isolationist. About I'll. The reason that were being attacked that the two journalists were killed because of our occupation are so called occupational receipt. -- kind of forget that Obama declared the war was over to summer too -- and James Foley -- an adopted till late 2012. And -- just hours brutally beheaded the other day got it 12013. So it really just another new act of aggression I just. That's an excellent point -- the guy that was in there. And Tony thirteen. Are we at war with Syria did I miss something. -- -- about your point is right in other words it's they hate America far left and the hate American neo confederate. Radical libertarian. And it's American provokes our enemies. And it would just be isolationist. They call it doesn't non interventionist but they mean isolationist that these problems wouldn't wouldn't -- they have no grass the history of human history none. There are evil people there are evil ideologies there are people who wish to conquer other people and slaughter other people. It's not a question of being provoked had to explain the Holocaust that the Jews provoked Hitler I mean I can go on and on. Are the is that these provoking the Islam Nazis who were slaughtering them now. So it's just absurd to suggest that America America is the one that provokes this and I would encourage you my listeners. To either ignore hosts -- commentators like that again in their face and challenged. Thank you for you call this hate America I'm not talking about a federal government this hate America crap. Is the fifth column in this country. It's like the F Putin asked cancers. Oh port cuteness you know the history of the -- in the Ukraine -- -- western Ukraine Crimea. -- -- And rush job are obligated to honor in 1994 agreement. Is that too long ago for history buffs. In which they recognized the sovereignty of the Ukraine and that included Crimea. I watched these disputes with the threat to Estonia. A hallmark you don't understand their rations there so lot. -- why don't. -- -- it say about goal line. All -- price shield listen to this program. Called -- price -- program. Protects the purchase price of qualifying exclusive bully on points for up to a year. On qualifying purchases of gold -- exclusive -- on points. -- liable automatically re price the points on the elect anniversary date if the selling price of the points has decreased. From the date -- purchase. And I'll make up that difference in addition. -- additional precious metals. -- this program is available both for personal purchases. 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See you very much. -- I didn't if you asked. Couldn't do that as this is an eruption of monstrous evil and completely deserving of total obliteration. But. Very is almost ungovernable and every time there's a power vacuum. There's just another direction of this sort of chaos. If we didn't smash -- -- -- -- -- leave us. Do we stay hands. Are not our enemy at that and we're gonna run at a time. There's a power vacuum but they're also countries -- the console. And we ought not. And I do not believe in the democracy project -- Now building up these governments and so forth. Not at this time and -- -- that place I believe and -- -- the enemy. And let the chips fall where they may -- could be worse let me ask you that. I couldn't be worse better. So so here's the thing you got a and send them the hell rather than allow them to create one here. And the the other point I would make is. I think some. Entities would silicon. And how we might not like them you know these Arab Dictators and so forth and so on but. You're not gonna get these that these these blossoming democracies in these parts of the world -- just not. I think in the region I don't I'm not convinced that the saudis are. Everybody that we would consider even a stable nation would want to get involved in the middle of this and. But also disobey it Soviet. Yeah. I mean but I don't understand the alternative I really don't. They're building a callous thing. They're slaughtering people who cannot defend themselves. Are they are trying to get access to the worst type of -- weapons. They definitely are talking about world domination. They've moved extremely quickly I mean I don't see what the alternatives to city and take our nose and complain about it. Perhaps there is no containment. There is no containment. They get like that denigrated being contained. Sure -- they contain. Now they're not gonna be contained. May need to be. -- I'll be right back. Is there. Only underground. From the bowels of hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel. This brick building. We once again make contact without. Hello everyone. I'm mark manage our -- our number 8773813811. 877. 3813811. And it is fascist regime are spreading a lot of money around in the United States and I wouldn't be surprised. If some of the mouth pieces in the media. Aren't involved. I don't know that. I'm not talking to anyone in particular. But it's very bizarre and getting an example. But now he and his regime. Are spreading money around in this country. There's a Russian bank called gas prom bank gas prom bank GA ZPROOM. Bank. Two Russian bank was targeted with sanctions by Obama over the Ukraine situation. -- a senator for public integrity. And so. That bank that Russian bank. Hired two former United States senators to lobby against the sanctions according to a new. Disclosure filed with the -- Gas -- bank is controlled by Russia's state owned energy company. -- And it's Russia's largest gas producer it's -- about a third of Europe's natural gas. In a filing submitted. Last Friday and effective. Last Friday former senate majority leader Trent -- And former Louisiana senator John Breaux. Are listed as the main lobbyists. Under the gas prom bank account for the firm squire Patton Boggs. Lobbying on quote banking laws and regulations including applicable sanctions unquote. This is what I mean about how sleazy this place is in Washington. The US chamber of commerce. The politicians. Trent Lott. PC from time to time on TV trashing the Tea Party conservatives. All a bunch of sleaze balls. Cashing in. On their public service quote unquote you watch where Boehner winds up hoping it's not critics charging bang it. Gas prom bank is a subsidiary. Of gas prom bank rushers declared. Largest bank on July 16 the US Treasury Department it added to a list of Russian firms. Barred from debt financing with a US institutions. Former senate majority leader for Republicans Trent Lott and John Breaux former so called moderate Democrat. From Louisiana. Less public service almost a decade ago -- among more than 300. Members of congress. Who become lobbyists. And began petitioning former colleagues on behalf of their clients. More than 300 members they never go home as a matter of fact. Many of them really never go home wondering congress Mary Landrieu AKA Atlanta thing out. Her home -- Capitol Hill Washington DC. She pretends that she has a residence in Louisiana Pat Roberts for the same damn it. Former senator -- are pulled the same damn thing. They don't even pretend anymore. More than 300. Members of congress are now lobbyists. The 2008. -- a lot. Started a lobbying firm with their sons. Breaux Lott leadership group which was acquired by DC lobbying powerhouse Patton Boggs and 2010. Patton Boggs marriage was squire Sanders. To -- squire Patton Boggs in June. Now this gas prom has been in the news a lot in July the permanent court of arbitration and intergovernmental organization located in The Hague Netherlands. Ruled that the Russian government should reimburse fifty billion dollars to certain shareholders. A former Russian oil company you -- us. The tribunal said the government and a series of actions starting in 2003 accompanied by serious due process violations. Had dismantled the east and seize the assets have you coast and transfer them to gas -- and state run oil company rosneft. This is -- Putin has become worth reportedly forty billion dollars. And the guy who founded and ran this oil company is in Siberia. Because it was challenging Putin's. Fascist policies. So we stole his assets. Put them in another company that he and his. Fellow Muslims control and set this guy off the Siberia. This is -- they defend this -- Trent Lott. And John -- represented. Last month Russian gas firm OK old nav attacked. Public relations firm corvettes to lobby hired them. The administration and congress after one of its largest shareholders an associate. Of Russian president Vladimir Putin but certainly targeted for sanctions by the United States. So Putin and his cronies and his cuts are spreading a lot of money around in this country. And we do see these big you know what you should be eight -- requirement. Up by federal law but all the cable channels including fox all the networks ABC NBC CBS. All of them. Should require former members of congress who go on TV and advocate a position and our trash grow up as they -- shots. To provide a list thing. Of all the interest they represented. And are associated. Because Trent -- obviously will do anything for a dollar. As well John Breaux as well probably. Over 300 former members of congress. The -- thing is that. And while -- on the subject by the way. It's remarkable how quickly Eric Cantor. Has lurched. From public servant to Wall Street -- They -- newspaper reports former house majority leader Eric Cantor is joined the global investment bank. Mullis and company is vice chairman and managing director. Why do you think they did that is because Eric Cantor is such a genius with finance. It is vast experience in banking. Morrissey -- that. His connections. To his name. Former Republican majority leader in the house this is what I'm saying ladies and gentlemen we have people who go to Washington who are earnest. Who wish to go serve a period of time. Trying truly help the country and only. And then we have others. Who -- to personally benefit front. Now can't editing and fill out the rest of his term. He resigned early in order to get this job -- who resigned from congress during the August recess. We'll also be elected the company's board of directors. And he will focus on -- client development and providing strategic advice. Client development. You know who I know. I have contacts you know like in the lobby indirectly of course because there's some kind of period of time were not allowed to do it and strategic advice. Okay. You need an entry into McCarthy's officer -- -- office let me tell you how to do that. Initially cantor will be given one point four million dollars in cash and stocks eyewitnesses why so many. Phony establishment Republican types despise. They don't want me talking about ten or Trent Lott for that -- Just Obama Obama Obama Obama I'm. The with a walk and chew gum here at the same time we're sick and chew gum at the same time actually. Cantor will be given one point four million dollars in cash and stocks. Initially just for showing up for work. You'll receive a base salary of 400000 dollars per year according to a filing with the SEC. On top of that -- will receive one point 69 incentive cash and stocks in trying fifteenth -- For signing up it gets one point four -- Sherri gets one point six in cash and stocks. That's three million plus -- salary 400003. Point four million. In about 1415 months' work. Quote unquote. Tom rom Emanuel became worth almost twenty million dollars and eighteen months work with some investment house. Because of what I financial genius he was actually was a ballerina. That's a difference. The contract allows -- to leave the company after two years without a -- paneling to take a fulltime elected or appointed position in the federal government state government and national party. So another words he's hoping a Republican becomes president. In 2016. We'll take this 3.4 million and whatever else appearance in 2016. -- and believe. That's it. Is that great. Wonder why I have fury. Now Republicans took. -- -- it is a lobbyist former speaker Bob Livingston new speaker for about fourteen minutes he's a lobbyist. Trent Lott lobbyist. As we mentioned. And good and the whole list. Mark what else are they gonna do something else. You passed all these lawsuit against started small business. Go home. Problem is their home is in Washington in the suburbs it's not back where they were elected from. They never go home land drew won't go home if she loses because there -- home as Washington. You -- Pat Roberts he lives and Alexander. -- guard Richard -- got. He lives in McLean Virginia. This is their home. These are their real homes. Men and woman of the people Thad Cochran. Thad Cochran never goes to Mississippi except but he wants to get reelected. Thad Cochran lives in a town house. With a one of the staffers. He's not going anyway. Win lose or draw. That content. And though represent Russians the represent the Chinese Government whatever you don't want to pay the bill. I'll be right back. -- malice toward none. With charity for all. With firmness in the right. Is god gives us to see the right. Let us strive on to finish the work we Aaron. To bind up the nation's wounds. To care for him who shall have borne the battle. And for his widow. And his north. To do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace. Among ourselves. And we'll all make. Abraham Lincoln. Just a small part of the second inaugural address. Its interest in the second inaugural address. As in many many references to god. To faith. Quotes the Bible. I can only imagine what the media today. Would do to a president. Who spoke this. I can only imagine. How they would trash. Hollywood attack. -- the country in many ways has changed. For the worse. The almighty has his own purposes -- Went to the world because of offenses fort must need speed -- offense has come. But woe to that manned by whom the offense come. He said if we shall suppose that American slavery is one of those offenses which in the Providence of god. Must needs come but which having continued through his appointed time. He now wills to remove. That he gives to both north and south this terrible war. As the world due to those by -- on the offense came. Shall we discern therein any departure. From those divine attributes. Which the believers and a living god always described him. The judgments of the lord are true and righteous altogether. Wow. One of the greatest speeches in history. I bet most of you we're not taught. Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address. In primary school -- secondary school or college or anywhere else. About most of you didn't know that scholars have written about this speech and studied it taken it apart and put it back together. For decades. About -- he didn't know that Abraham Lincoln thought by far it was is greatest speech but he always wondered. How people would think of it and him in the future. -- asked is dear friend Frederick Douglass. But he thought about this. In less than a week. September 9. Malice toward -- Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address will be of -- Next Tuesday. September 9 not a month from now not two months from -- I'm not promoting this book because it predicts this or that or. -- rewrite history or. It sets off alarm bells or anything of the sort. I'm talking to you about this book. Because I know who created it. Developed and -- it. And I know what he wants for his country. And feel. And that's my father. To magnificent book. It really is he if you wanna get a copy of a pre order I think it's 37 per cent off. One Now we link to -- on my social sites FaceBook and Twitter. I should also warn you that the signed edition signed by my father and signed by me. Already 13 of those are sold out and I barely even talked about in the book hasn't come out yet. Centric interest -- that he go to Mark Levine showed dot com. Go onto the page and has malice toward none the book. And you'll see the various options there including. Premiere. At the company that is selling the out. The sign copies. A total of 3500. Copies -- time there will be no more for 1 simple reason I am recovering. From tendinitis as best as I can you you don't really recover from -- -- There -- times and it's worse than others they call tennis south on our -- tennis. So it was quite a struggle to sign. But there were 3500. And now there's about 2000 left. And when the book is released. Those sales will pick up. And in a very short time there won't be any left and we get a tiny emails we get calls here can't we can't wait I can't and we can't. In my father and I signed it's interestingly. The books are sent to him. I should say the page sent to him he signs it before their bound. Sends it to me I sign -- I send it off to the binder. In these are first edition special addition limited edition numbered. Books if you're interested in one. I'm just saying. Thank you ahead Christmas and Chanukah or if you wanna give your kid. Birthday gift or just a nice gift for the family and it's great for parents and grandparents as well I would act. I'll be right back. If you. Love the way things are going. And help rectify your solution. 8773813811. You know so the IRS. Loses emails can't find hard drives you know the ones. Targeting conservatives. Think they'd accept that excuse from you -- Yet despite being under fire the Harris is more fearsome than ever. In garnish your wages -- your bank accounts even sees your home or business. Trying to hide from memory -- their letters in the crush you. That's why you need proven professionals on your side like the experts I trust and -- tax relief you've heard of these other tax groups. This is the top -- And they'll defend your rights and work to get to the best possible outcome. And on -- the iris only gets the minimum out not a penny more. Nobody's better at resolving complicated tax cases in the attorneys and agents at optimum tax relief. And the NBA rating from the Better Business Bureau to prove it. Don't wait until it's too late call optimum now for your free consultation. Don't lose anymore sleep. Don't gain any more weight. Get with the program -- people here to help the call 1804996301804996300. That's 1804996300. -- take a few calls shall we yes. All right then let's do it. David Alexandria Virginia the great WMA Al don't. -- outlook for them to forty actually it's very much mr. unfortunately passed away about six years ago. And for your external list view and that was about a mom's house -- European listing Gunes said. Your sister are well. More lucrative than their -- that Porsche that's what I say -- man. So now what I listen to your right. I feel like -- was -- thing and I hope that doesn't sound too. No what was her name was -- freshening Diana already she lifts. Alex here. How about that well that's. Well you know thank you thank you your problem people worked -- what about. While I appreciate that's very kind thank. It in the back to my anger get the research like all is a buddy of mine very senator first daughter. But golfing buddy was center Broussard. Junior. And I was golf with -- when racial loose. Practices businesses whopping term. Limit this. In this one the -- sold the -- -- -- -- the senator put. The pot or a Democrat -- or a public and yeah actually you know to -- -- they don't lobbying firm the solid support the deal. They sell in the solidly over ten million dollars -- office. And it supported him to do now because why not do anything but. In the non compete expires. Rebuild support experience show it again. And it just that's one that can disgusted not conservative but -- -- became disgusted with both. Try it -- what I kind of realized that. And you're not even allowed to talk about the stuff you're supposed to pretend it doesn't happen and they all get together. To support Thad Cochran against a guy like Chris McDaniel. -- to fight off doctor -- against a guy like Pat Roberts. And people like me to speak up. Discussed it with a we've had enough for this it is sleazy it's the Roman empire in many respects. And no people just he'd be telling you rally around these corrupt politicians. Rally around them support -- the country's dying. We have children and grandchildren who were trying to protect. We want to. You know preserve what's left to the Republican we're told keep our -- shot rally around these group these creeps and I'm not rallying around. That -- out there actually unchanged mark actually thought I I agree with -- did make it to be our bodies. You know I I know we saw -- stick my call. Love. Thank you for your columns are about your sister that that is a beautiful story thank you David. This is the thing ladies and gentlemen this is up -- What that gentleman Dave was talking about. What I told you about this Russian bank being represented by Trent Lott and John Breaux. Both former members of the senate plot being a former Republican majority leader. Over 300 members of congress now are lobbyists. Eric Cantor just got a job in two years he's gonna make over three -- Point four million dollars and he can leave the job. In two years and go into an administration should a Republican went. This is not turn your stomachs. This is what I mean when I say that these guys are -- out bought and paid for. They're pushing amnesty because just thinking about what's gonna happen many of them not all of them 56810. Years down the road they're bought and paid for. They want to cushy job these are people who've never produced anything meet these aren't people who ever invented anything. They've managed to get elected to hold on to power to exercise power. You wanna know why we don't have a flat tax. -- -- fair tax. Why the IRS exists as it exists despite its attacks on conservatives. Because Washington wanted exactly the way it is that's why. They can't reform themselves and I explained this over and over again -- only going to be re able to reform ourselves. As outsiders. Through. The state convention process because otherwise it's not gonna change. It sane with these judges and justices. They'll write opinions. You know the school excoriated you -- And then I'll go out to dinner they'll vacation together everything's fine you know we ought to get along. Meanwhile the country suffers. The country suffers. These people using their prior positions at their current positions to advance an agenda. And too often it's not an agenda that's good for the United States. And the people. This whole immigration issue. Is political. Power and money. What's in the best interest of the country. You've got people like Gutierrez playing race politics. You've got people like Paul Ryan. Pandering playing race politics quite frankly. You've got the chamber of crony capitalism. Now wants to undermine wages in this country. They don't wanna play fair and through free market capitalism. You have big union bosses who see an opportunity to import citizens. Most of whom will be liberals and Democrats. And to get them signed up as members. And then you've got people in the shadows representing governments representing issues. They have no self respect. They don't care. Haley Barbour perfect example. I -- loaded. Lobbyists. Who goes on and on and on at various events telling us how bad the Tea Party yes. Because we truly are the idealist -- truly are the principal people. Challenging what's going on looking at the debt the bipartisan massive debt. Looking at this you pick what this federal leviathan. The bipartisan federal leviathan. We sit and we seek to what -- -- unravel. And they've practiced at. There's a reason why the Republicans are not in an all out assault against Obama there. Because there are forces behind the scenes so what Obama care. And what contribute to their campaigns. Yes that's right. Greg. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -- WA and TP go. Mark on tape harder this economic times -- as you history year you repeated. But you support -- to argue to you could say it would be made it is pretty much what Hitler did to this land. He takes over you with this Tony here are. Actors but he's talking to -- which is deep like get all streets that were between two week old. That's what -- at least. I know attacks there as a dad the phone who doesn't understand history comparing Putin to the Nazis and on and on and on. A potent as a side. -- as a -- of Putin has stolen from his people he's raped industries. He has had. Reporters. I -- hit that hits out on them obviously he has sent people into prisons. And decide the area. Who do not accommodate his demands. And we have our mouth pieces. Now I KGB operatives almost in this country going on and on about -- Vladimir Putin. A fifth column. Right under our noses thank you for -- call. -- -- he'll -- college that's a breath of fresh air don't chizik. And if you're like me your mailbox is stuffed every day -- them like on in my mailbox. Junk mail bills. All kinds of crap very very. Few times isn't anything in my mailbox that I actually want. But there is this one thing -- like. The one piece of mail I look forward to receiving most. It's in primus. Hillsdale college's monthly speech digest. In these regular mailings are taken from speeches at Hillsdale events. And they represented the very best in conservative thought within two point eight million people get in primus. True. Are you one of them. Well if you're not let's fix that right now. This is a great publication it's yours for free and all you have to do. It's got a loan then for Hillsdale dot com LE VI and for Hillsdale backup. And Hillsdale college's mission is to educate Americans. To pursue truth and defend liberty. And that's why he'll still provides fantastic free online courses and why they send their free speech died just a prime -- friends all across the country. When you sign up a little bit -- he'll -- dot com you'll get instant digital access to the latest addition. Then like me you can look forward to receiving a primus and your mailbox every month to. That's living and -- Hillsdale dot com live in French Hillsdale dot com. There. Frank Michigan on now mark love then act dealt. Does to then. It's a pleasure of charts here I have our our quick question and also -- and I like serve cheerleader takers and it mom. Number one -- if President Reagan would have done this now. Ali. I think he would have reacted it's indices saw the slaughter going Aaron in the Middle East. I think you would have had no question about factories how he where it. I would like your arm around that I'm what you say what you would do this device I I think just. Everyone dear community they knew that he would not put up potentially more terrorists. And be there. Problem while I'm -- let me answer for an -- when they get too far -- yet I would say this Reagan has been attacked. By his critics of course for not acting. When Marines were murdered. In Lebanon. The people seem to forget that Reagan did an enormous amount to address terrorism to address communism. Not in humanity. Wherever he could and whenever he couldn't. And he was able to accomplish more than anyone believed he would including the fall of the Soviet Union. The defeat as the Nicaraguan Communist government which by the way is -- He saved our college students had to Grenada you may recall. There are many many other things he did that we're extremely difficult. -- supported freedom fighter movements in Africa and other parts of the world. As well as our own hemisphere and he was attacked the Democrats sought to. He -- -- efforts. You know some of the old documents that were released after the fall of Soviet Union showed that among others Ted Kennedy was actually conspiring. With the Soviet government against Ronald Reagan nobody talks about that but it's true. Giving them on advice on how to get through the next election the next American election and how to posture themselves and so forth. We had guys like Chris Dodd among others. Giving advice to the Nicaraguan Communists. On how to undermine. And Ortega had undermined Reagan and this was going on all over the place. But I don't think regular with sit back and watch the genocide. Americans being decapitated. And so forth and so on and tolerated for long I think he would have a strategy I don't think he would have been on Martha's Vineyard. All that time. You would have seen. To pull together all the relevant. -- she heads and experts to come up with a strong stretch you would have -- -- And also. You would have seen him speak to the American people. Any joint session of congress or any message to the American people on prime time explained the situation and how he intended to address that. I think with -- and cannot projecting and just looking at his past conduct what he did as president. I think -- would not have sought to take advantage of him the way he did bush near the end of the Bush Administration with Georgia. In Crimea Ukraine. Not under -- under Obama. Reagan would have armed the surrounding countries with both offensive and defense of weapons. Any -- -- build up NATO. He certainly wouldn't be slashed from the united states military budget the way -- Obama is he would've beefed it up even more as he did when he was president. He had a 600 ship navy Obama's pulling it down under 300. And now we're gonna have the smallest army. Since -- pop up pre World War I member Reagan had to build up the military after Carter. And Reagan was flexible on the sense that he learned which is important as a conservative that is a key component of a civil society conservative. And I think he would have looked -- -- amnesty in 1986 and say that didn't work particularly since 9/11 we're gonna have to secure that border and get this under control. He would of stock with a policy. That turned out to DF fail. And failed in part because Democrats in congress reached refused as they do today. To secure the border with the physical as well as technological obstacles. I will be a very different country obviously. So what else but what I'll do -- Fired and I can remember. Growing up with Reagan and we also say it's. And than Tom. I -- it's that feeling because I don't feel. This president that we -- now. It is making power. Our system still say -- I I don't I don't. Our own but. Besides that. The other the other counteract had a not so much -- here you have and I appreciate your current. Are on it's interesting to me. That's. The crisis is currently. America. I -- who is pretty much is Christian based. And also. Solos Russia and -- sure are cute you know it's it's also terminated that he would not -- -- Most -- two problems. To -- terminates. I'm. Cut it short as a run out of time a bit of tape put it to you this -- frank. I don't think Putin would be challenging rate in the way he is challenged. Now the latter months of bush and and Obama I just don't think we'll be in the cards it wouldn't happen. Same with Thatcher were prime minister of England and it just just wouldn't happen in my view. So but that's sad. Once things like this took place. Reagan would have taken action. And Reagan defeated the Soviet Union without a war against the Soviet Union so you hear the -- apologists the KGB mouth pieces. In this country. On and on that we wanna warm what do we want a war. I can only imagine what they would have sounded like when Reagan was president probably accusing him of being -- -- content. Russell Mars -- from rocket to corner. Thank you for your call and this interest in the note that Rand Paul. Excuse me sorry about that senator Paul than Ron Paul. Denounced Reagan as they warm -- And left the Republican party for a period of time. The neo confederate today. These so called extreme libertarians today. As well as the hard left. Isolation. They're the same today as they were yesterday and the day before. Their destructive they're dangerous. They want -- getting a lot of our people killed -- certainly work if -- to follow them. There's evil in the world there's. No way to pretend otherwise. I'll be right back. It's okay. Only underground. Well also they didn't. Somewhere under the brick and steel. This brick building. Once again made contact. Hello everybody mark of the man. -- number 877. Create 1381187738138. Woman don't leave us I got so much stuff I -- talking about. First of all I'm looking at our newest it. -- -- That the company I work for cumulus maintains. Digital statistics. Just to give -- a little insight. There's really different forms of broadcasting in different forms of listening to your broadcast. There is what's known as terrestrial radio that would be. AM and FM radio or satellite radio as you know -- on the patriots station. XM Sirius satellite. And there are other ways to listen you can listen on the -- -- an -- I heart radio app using your iPhone your Blackberry or android. Also you can listen on line we have active sessions. And one of the things we also do. Is we enable you if you wish to download. The program. On a number of devices. And listen to the program at your leisure. Let me tell you something ladies and gentlemen. I'm looking at a number that's blowing my mind it really this. -- march. We 2.4. 67. Million. Almost two and a half million. Downloads of the program in that month by -- In July. The -- supposed to be slow for broadcasting. We -- 3.3. Million. 3301000. Have you downloaded the program. On your iPod. That's absolutely stunning this program is growing and growing and growing. On all of the platforms. And it's very exciting. To me. You folks. Take the time to download. The program. And podcast. -- convenience. Just every number is sky high it's just so many amazing active sessions averaged active sessions. The number of hours of listening. Streaming on the Internet. You folks have been listening to streaming on the unit almost. Half a million hours in July is that not amazing mr. producer memoranda we started out. It's it's just it it's it's it's remarkable. And I am greatly -- I'm not bragging I'm not patting myself on the back I'm thanking you. And those of you -- listen on. Iphones or blackberries or android. There are. Almost one point six million what we call listening events. So in total that's millions and millions in addition to our. Magnificent affiliates. On AM and FMR magnificent. Satellite radio partners am proud of each and every one. And thankful. And this this remarkable explosion of listening. And listeners ship on a digital. So it. I do wanna thank you and I couldn't beat my chest Sam number one I don't -- number one or not I will tell you that this is a remarkable. Event that progress is just stunning. Absolutely stunning. Mr. producer looked at a during the break he said oh my god you gotta look at this so I didn't. So I'm just passing along to you that's how we work here are. Number of things not all of them in the same category so there somewhat desperate that. CN NS news one of the great web sites one of the great news services. Did you know that ice released 169. Illegal alien. They're at it to me illegal aliens convicted of homicide related crimes. That Chuck Grassley put this information out. Last week and almost no one paid attention to that. Ice released 169. Illegal aliens convicted of homicide related. Crimes. I'm just saying that it's just it's it's mind boggling is that not. I got another story here. We're gonna link to it it's just too long to read cnet's news is well from today. And they they took the time to actually go to one of these immigration judge -- courtrooms. And watched this immigration judge Jon Bryant. In Arlington Virginia. Operate. And I have to say the Arlington immigration court that was courtroom number six they were there Tuesday morning watching. This judge's handling a tiny cases. Every day. And the cases and many of them take. Less than five minutes. Any setting hearings for illegal alien minors. Forty years from. So they will be living in this country for forty years and so he hears a case I did. Four years from now. I'm putting this individual immigration judge decide. This is going on all over the country with the -- immigration judges. They just say okay we'll see in four years and then he's going honest judge in the article that's written very interest in which is why we'll link to -- on my website. He's just having conversations with them and their parents and their lawyers depending -- present. All you've gone in the sixth grade well you know be careful you're gonna enjoy sixth grade. And he's talking like that in other words. Rather than enforcing the law right there and then. Osce in four years. And by the way in the meantime take carriers south have a good education do this and do that. So when you hear Obama. And the Democrats. And a number of Republicans tell you that they just need due process in front of these administrative law judges. And you're thinking OK they'll get in front of these judges the judges and hear the case to enforce the law that's not what's happening. That system as a joke. It's a -- We're gonna bring them in front of judges you know they're gonna have lawyers they're gonna do that they're not gonna do everything. CN -- is boys girls kids mom and dad -- forty years. At least in this courtroom. And these are administrative law judges are not presidential appointees with senate confirmation. AKA -- practice that's right I -- that's what they are. -- judges. And one more from our friends at Eunice. They're not -- like this. But you need to know about it. At a signing ceremony on Friday the US government that would be last week through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or they EE EOC. Entered into a memorandum of understanding or an -- you with the Mexican government to allow Mexican nationals. Regardless of immigration status AKA illegal aliens to listen to this quote. Exercised. Their workplace rights unquote. That's right the workplace rights for illegal aliens. The memorandum of understanding is consistent with the quote core mission of this commission on -- Mexican ambassador to the United States. Eduardo. What -- Adding that regardless of national margin our immigration status all workers have rights and their process cease to safeguard -- this is what makes this country so great the ambassador sent. Tongue in cheek no doubt. Laughing all the way back to his office what a bunch of suckers these Americans are. We sure as hell don't do this in Mexico when Guatemalan show up our Honduran show up. -- Salvadoran show up. We take their asses out of Mexico on senator Bob what does this workplace rights crack. The four page memorandum states in the overall objectives section and part. And its purpose is to establish a collaborative relationship. To provide Mexican nationals in the US with the information. Guidance and access to education and training resources. To help them understand an exercise their workplace rights. Particularly with regard to reducing violations. Against them under the laws and regulations that are administered and enforced by the EEOC this includes illegal aliens. And those laws include. Title seven of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. They pregnancy discrimination act. -- equal pay act of 1963. The age discrimination in employment act of 1967. Title one. The Americans with disabilities act of 1998. And a genetic information. Nondiscrimination. Act. Cup 2008 whatever the hell that is. We just confirmed all these legal protections and rights. On among others illegal alien to a higher they're liars the immigration funds for this and that. Workplace rights. You're here illegally you have -- -- get out. Now this memorandum of understanding which is in place for three years states the EEOC will conduct. An ongoing program of education and training to inform Mexican nationals. About their workplace rights and employers about the responsibility to follow up anti discrimination laws. When cnet's asked how employers would have broken federal law by hiring illegal aliens can be sued. For discrimination -- abuse. A spokeswoman said EEOC does not require documentation and all -- Other words. We don't want or not they're illegal. Acclaim as a client. She said yes under federal law it's illegal for employers to hire undocumented workers however when someone does come to last with a complaint. We will assist them what their claim Kimberley Smith brown. Of the CEOs say you believe it. The ERC she said does not ask the doctor patient status of anyone that -- our offices. An undocumented workers afforded the same protections under the law as everyone else this is sickening to me. I can't take it I really can't take it anymore. The complete dissolution of the society. The way that they. They revert a law. Not even supposed to be here and you're bringing a complaint. All these people are in the shadows out of the shadows. They're free lawyers free health care instate tuition. Licenses. And -- discrimination lawsuits. Are we don't want an author -- all right we just wanted to get an employer. Unbelievable it truly is I'll be right back. No wind. Allows you folks know I am a huge dog lover as are many view. And I wrote a book rescuing sprite. -- it was a shoulder dog and. I talk about my beloved Pepsi in there as well as my beloved. -- And now I have my beloved. Barney. There was a column I must dread getting into this but I have to be. Written by Jonah Goldberg. In. I believe it was USA today really doesn't matter. And this is extremely troubles so -- I'm hoping you'll increase the volume and focus on this just for a moment. Says we've all heard the expression a man's best friend is his equipment. While you have it. We must now work for the Pentagon they're military dogs are considered mere equipment. And as such can be left behind when the troops come home. Two bit more complicated than that military dogs are enlisted drafted actually. To identify enemy locations seek out bombs and protect basis it's dangerous often traumatic work. The dogs are credited with saving countless US and allied lies which is why the Taliban actively target our dogs of war. While on active service each dog has given a higher -- -- its hand. That is right up until the moment these dogs are quote unquote retired. Once they're too old to shell shocked or simply not needed. The dogs are automatically declared equipment. Quote unquote. That can be left behind Michael train tent. The military sometimes says they are retired and become civilians but the result is the same because these civilians. Don't have a right to military transport home or left they ladies and gentlemen in the battle theater and the shelters there. While there is -- proper legal classification for working dog we know they are living things we have great respect and admiration for them. Gerry proctor a spokesman for lack went air force base. Which trained military dogs told CNN. And handler would never speak of their dog is a piece of equipment the dog is their partner. People walk away from a damaged tank that you can't from your dog never. -- to talk to a military dog -- even you simply had a dog odds are you know the obvious truth of this. -- -- convincing watch the 2013 Animal Planet documentary about US war dogs and Afghanistan glory counts. To see not merely how vital these animals are but also how powerful the bond between the handler and his canine camera -- this. But that trust often goes on reward it wanting to ask these -- to say goodbye to their dog when it's still on active duty and is assigned to a new and which often happens. It's quite another that asked him to leave these dogs behind when the dogs are effectively abandoned overseas. Left to languish in shelters or worst. That's why handlers are sometimes forced to make incredible sacrifices. To get. Therefore like it comrades home on the around. Organizations such as the United States -- dog association and the American humane association. Google we're out her our court to reunite them when possible -- no taxpayer expense. Legislation pushed by represented water John's river -- North Carolina that would require military talks to be retired only upon return to the US. Has been languishing in congress for years. Politically and morally it's understandable the top priority must begin and providing human veterans with -- -- there. -- limit their horrific veterans affairs scandals liking Obama administration. No politician wants to be accused of caring more about dogs -- people. But that's really a false choice the cost of finding room while military transports. Is negligible according to many. Private organizations can handle the rest. Even if it did come at some additional cost so what. Going by simple cost benefit analysis. The military wouldn't go to such great lengths to retrieve the bodies of fallen soldiers to protect the American flag. And yet it does why because everyone understands that such obligations are morally required. And by tall tomorrow now. There are those who consider a military working dogs to be pieces of the year Farrell says in Gloria towns. I for one do not believe that it off to try to remove your heart from the situation. Is really ask. Too much of -- handling. And folks not just think handlers. Jonah Goldberg I had no idea this was going on. Those dog she'd come home. They shouldn't be left to roam the streets. To be killed by any enemy. The be mistreated to be abused. To starve to death. I never knew this was going on and pentagon policy really does need to change. No I don't think we should risk one human being. And their life. But we're not talking about that. Those dog should come home. And I know members of congress listen to this program. It's time to get behind this Walter Jones you know I'm no fan Walter Jones but I'm a fan of this bill. I'm a fan of him promoting. Let's do it. Let's bring them home. -- be right back. This there's good conservative movement's still. In this package. Omar put him at 87738131. Mom. My friends at the federation for American reform or fair. It just released a report trying to cost of illegal immigration has gone up even more. Americans already pay 57. Billion dollars a year. To educate illegal aliens in the US born children of illegal aliens and that doesn't even include law enforcement and health care. But now -- recent surge in illegal aliens from Central America has added another 761. Million dollars on top of that. How many of our school districts are scrambling. Just to maintain minimum standards with limited resources. Yet because Obama refuses to enforce the law and he refuses to allow states to participate in immigration enforcement. We now have a massive unfunded mandate that local school districts pay for that means GO. -- your property taxes on your homes. On your businesses. Obama's enforcement policy seems to be we won't you'll can't buy you pay. And it's destroying any hope for improving our educational system for American kids. You can find out more about the cost and impact of illegal immigration what you can do. At fair US satellite -- FA IR. I US dot org fair US dot org I wanna encourage you to go to that website. Yet the information. And share. We you neighbors and your friends and your family. And your co workers. -- doing a great service here that's fair US dot org. David in Wyoming. Go right ahead there. They're still getting the honor it's all mine I made. Military working dog to hammer do you ranger regiment and this article shocks me I I think. It's hard to believe we would never leave one of our -- in Iraq or Afghanistan. -- but apparently it's widespread you know you hadn't heard this. No sir. I mean it's heartbreaking isn't -- absolutely. Syrian army ranger. Are. And means you're pretty tough guy. Tougher than most. Well I -- salute UN thank you and I have a couple of friends who you know who work was dogs in the police department. In a New Jersey. The -- and that -- in -- matter of fact and they would never leave their dogs in harm's way never ever. -- -- I can't talk through the rest of the regular army put in ranger regiment these animals cost tens of thousands of dollars he's not only our -- Vital to the mission but I. We did get attached and. Why don't they allow. You know military personnel who who train them -- -- -- them and do get attachment -- the take them home. I don't understand sir there's -- accountability issue we have -- We need to keep on you know in the ranger compound where they're secure but that's what we can't just go home. All right David thank you god blessed day in Wyoming. This is a weird thought but I'll pass it on. Have I told you you guys about this mountain man. Have you heard of the show. It's a great show. Now I could never live like these guys and I am attracted to things like that dislike the USC I can never be one of those guys but I'm obsessed with the USC. And MMA. So forth. I love watching people build homes -- I could never build homes. When our home was being -- I would go out every other dangerous watch for hours I could and on the weekends. Sometimes when they work I would watch that it just it just amazes me. But this show mountain man these guys really live. A rugged life in Alaska Montana New Mexico. North Carolina other and other places and so forth and they really live the life. Was very little modern conveniences. And there's a lot of natural predators out there. Very dangerous but it is an absolutely fascinating show and also there these shows out there now about. Living off agreed in Alaska. Non economists are watching them -- Just very very fascinating to me. -- Virginia is a great idea and any help out. -- are very well thank you you're great American and I don't mean that and they hit the -- He's a great American he just do open it you know it's your own special place in the United States senate -- thanks. And then what I wanted to talk about was. Eric Cantor I mean you brought him up. My point was simply that. You know that guy. And it's taken full advantage of the system. In the victim is. That we -- You know provided. Debt for him and we need to cut that out. We need to stop these guys. Who come into. You know to be our represented. And then don't want. You know it is how -- like it stepping stone. It is an here's a thing if they always have the fodder there always thinking ahead about you know when I leave here if I lose my position. I wanna become a lobbyist for this senator the other. They're never gonna service picked. Not lobbying is a First Amendment right I do not have a problem lobbying congress I mean we have to have the power you and I and others. And even businesses that are affected and -- certain labor unions who have now I don't have a problem of them saying look I got to talk to my memory congress and so forth. I do not believe members of congress should be allowed to be lobbyists and I don't believe staffers should all that be allowed to be obvious either. The country is is collapsing. And this inside outside game this bought and paid for game has to stop I don't see anyway out. -- It's definitely true in the and the fact of the matter is is that you -- staffers. Who are excepting. Jobs all the hill one day you know get there. While get an example the some of the staffers who who purportedly. With a -- up architects of obamacare. Are now members of lobbying groups advising companies on obamacare. That stinks I have and that's a disgrace. Exactly and -- the point is is that they're making it happen million dollars a year on the back. The people that pay taxes. And they're not is it it is it is so it's astounding to me that this is not being discussed on a daily basis. It at every level. Any kind of civic. Discussion area. In all. Of our education. And that they get the government gets the cronyism gets worse and worse and worse thank you -- and I appreciate it. Their benefits to limited government divided government. And the ninth and tenth amendments. Beyond just that academic discussions. Many many benefits. Greg San Francisco and a great KSF. -- -- Question for you it is it congress gave the president a declaration of war. I'm -- crisis would keep him become helped take military action against them. Well no I mean typically declaration of war is relatively short the very few times they've been issued in our history. It's not me is they don't lay out the best strategy with specific tactics for going to war. On 12. The president is still the commander in chief he really is a joint responsibility. So and and typically the president request and typically there of the same mind but if congress says we're declaring war against them. President and say you can declare war against whomever you want on the commander in chief and I'm not dormant. Which I think that what -- Kevin Garnett month. The constitution says that the president shall be commander in chief went and called in the actual service -- the United States. My question is does that make note the -- power conditional upon congress making a commander in chief we actually yes. They don't mean -- congress makes and commander in chief he has his own duties under the constitution. Shall means when there are acts of quote unquote war. That he -- he is the commander in chief he is -- of the military it's pretty. Straightforward has really nothing to do what congress. The congress cannot compel the president to and he's about to take military action. Now when they can't compel us Supreme Court justice to rule a certain way having now than we wouldn't have separation of powers. Ankiel and god bless us. See here. How about Michael Springfield Missouri a great -- asked GF the show me stake -- well. Yes -- Guinness. It's very honored and -- he quit -- she spoke. Subsidiary subject omissions concerning the service dogs in the military. Yeah I was not aware that they were considered equipment now I've -- -- But I cannot understand the problem is that these people have the adults as well I've got a bond with a little. Female Maltese Shih Tzu she's planned all my lap right now. So I can understand that that's inexcusable. To afford to be allowed. Now I -- -- it is inexcusable. Anyway my main comment was so concerning I'm just a dirty old truck driver -- forcibly retired from. Partially paralyzed now because of an accident but I cannot and I can still seeing what it needs to be done to save this country. You and -- people they've done I think a lot of respect -- trying to do their Pinocchio noses and that's why they don't see it. Yeah it and I heard there are so concerned about making a profit that there won't let this country go to pot place. You know we talk and our members of congress who become lobbyists. Yet. Yeah I I -- -- I never really gave it held a lot of thought but I'm giving and held a lot of thought now and it's one of the reasons why I don't think we can reform this place. And -- one of the reasons why I think the federal government gets increasingly powerful as I said it's the inside outside game now. Whether all chummy. They're all chummy with former staffers you've got former. Speakers of the house on payrolls. You know get the hell out of the government senator go back to your districts and do something open a little store work for somebody retire on your wonderful pension. I get the hell out of Washington DC and stop -- lobbying on behalf of rush -- on behalf of big government. And the -- quickens -- up to their eyes and his staff thank you for it caught and it's pissing me off. I'll be right back. -- -- Are you know. Is that the phones are ringing. You're not getting enough new customers to grow your business and you know that online marketing is critical. But where do you start. I'm here to help the big question is who can you turn to for sound advice on implementing a marketing program that works right. Here's the answer you need YPYT. Is the largest marketing agency for small business. In America. And starting with the yellow pages over a hundred years ago YP is -- local business with marketing services ranging from. Web designed to search engine market. Now you have to be the expert in your discs but you don't have to be the expert in online marketing. Why he can do that because YPE. Is -- expert and approve it. They're giving you a free online business listings free and essential first step to being found by customers. So over seventy million potential customers search YP dot com and the mobile YP at every month. And if you're not there they can't find it. So this is what you do claim your free business listing right now and discover the power that is why peak. Don't get left behind claim your free listing and start getting found today. Visit my free YP dot com my freeway IP dot com my free YP dot com. You really ought to check this out and you really ought to take advantage of that free offer. All right how about frank in New Jersey -- WABC. Dealt. They missed it you don't. -- Seriously our heart -- -- clout it certainly stopped over to Afghanistan and Iraq city yet military war -- handlers and their dog since March 2008. It during -- which are brought IL US were to look here in New Jersey. They do not least the military award torched. In combat situations hostile -- anymore that was stopped mr. President Clinton signed an executive order. Yeah. I don't think I don't think they're saying they necessarily leave them in combat areas. They say they leave them behind. Well they will leave -- behind his spirit topic which it is here retired. Oh where it's safe big big Germany Specter retired -- -- about it but. You got to listen to me what they're saying is they're leaving them behind they go into these. Rotten shelters. Or they do wind up roaming the streets. Or they don't know what actually happens to. You -- well. I just is a possibility that never hurt that much discouraged and leaving behind like that. Are still a lot of -- they -- -- him with the car attracting working -- looks. That that the government contracts out. But. It's. Or put it this way that's interesting to I don't you know whether their contract it out or not we should bring them all home. Yes we should I. Church street 83 years old -- so your organization's been working on that. Not necessarily all right -- security I started my organization action based on what -- -- from US war got started. All right so what's that web site. Thought. It would be 8080 you US sport looks. Got to work. US war dogs dot org US war dogs not ward perhaps is it yes it name is Ron I L. -- -- -- Or her about Vietnam War to -- -- Excellent excellent. Well thank you and him for what you're doing god bless you. Here I never knew anything about this and now we do. And as Jonah Goldberg point and -- -- his column there are wonderful private groups working its. But as he also pointed out there's a lot of dogs that are being left behind I just think it's ridiculous. The end we have room to bring them home we going to be bringing them home. We got to move quickly add water to -- excuse round hill Virginia. WMA ally great affiliate no. Hello how are you mr. -- I'm doing great thank you said it is such an honor to talk to you while thank you. I wanted to say I've been listened to you for many years and I agree with every -- pretty much news saying. I'm a year. Not not playing alongside your -- -- -- -- now the way they need people round of -- Well thank you I think. Well you're I have a couple home a mutual friend on -- that they are just proud of that. Not on the air though I would never mentioned his name on there aren't you need a good friend of yours nice you know within the other night. And we were talking about the border security. He's at a prison. I'm just kidding I don't know -- -- well one of the Kevin Everett is a tough okay great. -- did have Bob but. We thought about the border security. This is what he specialized in and -- I estimate so why is it that we don't as opposed to trying to close divorced and we just cannot get that seem to get that through. To congress and to our our commanders and you know and -- that we are many here we're gonna run out of time -- to add up the opportunity of broadening our board which. Mean like conquering Mexico and he gives me -- -- not. Well I didn't enter negotiations open up for you know our negotiation aware that we could go. To open the borders to a point where. Anyone coming across a really good they are so many different aspects and ways we could do. The best thing I agree as to close tomorrow. -- I don't know how we would hope broaden our borders. In to say Mexico. I could see a lot of issues with that now we just need to secure the border it would be a 100% perfect but 98% -- bill. As opposed to 98% -- thank my brother ladies in general we -- our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. I'll see -- right here tomorrow. See you tomorrow America mark the event.

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