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NewsRadio 1330 KNSS>Audio & Video on Demand>>Wed 9/3/14 Hr 3 - Guests: John Nicolson, Scotland journalist and broadcaster. Nigel Farage, MEP, UKIP.

Wed 9/3/14 Hr 3 - Guests: John Nicolson, Scotland journalist and broadcaster. Nigel Farage, MEP, UKIP.

Sep 4, 2014|

John Nicolson, Scotland journalist and broadcaster. Nigel Farage, MEP, UKIP.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And John got. John back to show thirteen fourteen -- -- That battle did not and -- Contest between Edward the second who was we came. And Robert the Bruce -- was strong king of Scotland but it's certainly set the table for Scottish independence and it's much in the minds. Here in the 21 century of the people of Scotland as they approach a vote for independence or not. This is very careful and I'm not going to use anymore language without my help. From John Nicholson -- journalist and broadcaster who is Scott. And can help me with the language going to be very careful the word independence the word no. The question of the English and the Scots. John a very good evening to you I I'm certain of thirteen fourteen the Scots won but this contest looks much closer. And it's led by a man named Alex salmon who is he and what does he say to the people of Scotland coming to the vote could -- here. Very deeply utility I should point out of course the global about a product -- 700 years ago with between the -- and the English that's October we're hopping over independent -- and isn't between the Scott. And English it is that -- -- -- the school. Themselves to look at the site -- -- a democracy and we're lucky to do so we're having a very good natured. On vacation and national conversation on national debate. I'd like whether or not we should once again be an independent country and we've worked in seventeen to accept and lend it to parliament. Joined our scope restricting many aspects. All independent nation could we have a separate legal system that's separate education system weekly sports. As a separate country we have separate parliament that determines. Internal figures. But under Alex summoned to leadership the Scottish National Party which supports independence has grown. And we have a Scottish National Party government. Which run up the last election without manifest will play action to -- -- national referendum to decide whether or not Scotland. Speaking he fully independent state in other words. Deciding not just internal policy but foreign and defense policy as well -- Our country represented separately -- the United Nations than in the European Union and -- told. In effect. Ending at 300 years old union with England and with Wales and the NORTHERN IRELAND. Mr. sammon has Scotland's first minister what power of governments does that give him and what is the strength of his voice he's an advocate for independence. -- -- extraordinary politician probably the most remarkable politician in the school that produced. For many years see how your picture that he's an interesting. Character he has. Taken Scottish national them from a position in which it. Represented by a relative peace. Small number of people I mean what I've been. A student I suppose you've been directed to get 20% to people probably thing that they were -- -- Another. Weird position with the polls show that -- you -- and new album art nick -- That was never intended to -- David Cameron when he agreed. A referendum in Scotland over independence. The Conceptus parties the Liberal Democrats the two parties and coalitions and political opposition -- opposed. Independents and people that it be allowed a referendum in Scotland which mr. summit want it. People who feel the Scottish they would feel that the portrait of independence. Under the -- with boats stayed with the union that it vote no to independence and initially the polls show the Scott probably would apple know. The campaign has progressed over the last couple of months. The -- took -- closer and closer look look it's now and then night -- -- what very dramatic debate and in the in the last. We can opt between mr. diamond and the man who. That that the ticket for the new campaign be -- -- independent campaign out of that darling political party politician who represents. All the pot he's supposed to independent not just his own party he's a former UK chancellor of the Exchequer and -- was reluctantly how my cards. I'm just gotten in the debate brought -- -- by the BBC from blocked gold from the Celtic group gallery and the department. Took a pock. Chipped the argument. That at Darlington. Put. To be assembled group to a lot targeting it towards the debate and today. That the many people watching it whole argument but -- arguments but the European Union argument about oil and pensions and education. And what I want. Mr. Simon. Did destroy the documents most commentators felt the -- out which would mr. as mr. Some candidates -- actually amongst people who watch the debate to property clearly -- the debate. I'm also a result of about two and grassroots campaigning. It looks a bit. Scotland might be about to see the record breaking attendance. That he. Other books that some people are estimating that 8% of the country might pull. A large number two people who never vote it in any election before. I read it straight into boats and equipment situation I think for the first time in my adult lifetime but it very hard. Put the pollsters predict exactly what's going to happen on the date because the portrait -- that perhaps confront. So many people voting and so many people. Who never register to -- Casting the votes for the first time. John -- I am happy to pursue policy matters and the question of the pound in new oil revenue and who will take care of the school children. However what's happened as I understand it from this distance is that entering into this worthy debate by the significant politicians. Is an actress who stars in the video that is astonishing. In that it got away from the Monty Python camp forty years ago and it now appeared -- by time machine in the 21 century. This is the better to -- lady. And what I've seen from reviewing it several times. A cold too because I did not I was not prepared for this. Is that the yes camp has lost its mind. They they're presenting a case that not only denigrates Scotland it pretty much dismisses the female vote in Scotland as idiots. But it looked to Jordan it's an extra glee actor at the that won't happen. How long -- inept campaign. -- by Alistair Darling it's absolutely extraordinary to talk about the campaign is being the loan the money. The honey pot are all there -- rally indeed in the million par and so that the money to splash yet they've spent to thirty on the wife played the they brought to in the television. Street compete. We have very different from the United States we have very strict controls or Opel can be brought out what political parties. How much political parties can Spain -- content to run people and so all Ali would keep you in the United States. So they have a very limited number about -- -- allowed to Iran and normally BP a great deal of attention to the trying to Opteron from the content. That the -- talking about it. Start what was meant to be ethical. Scottish every woman's -- but starting out the kitchen people with a couple of -- as she looks at the camera. She's an actor actor and instead it's not real power in. And chief says it's critical that the hospital in the poll and our children -- because. To get a chance -- the about how to think about politics. She tied the constant knocking -- like politics he commit to supporting yet. She. I think it very difficult. Which you've got to watch but it's important -- the children beat out an intelligent thought of -- but because about it she could spend the next two -- the fighting. -- -- at one point she referred to Alex on the the first minister. And all of the -- Apparently despite certain you're in part -- to stick with it to know the name of the first minister. And after two minutes of really taking all the camera to tell that all too complicated and -- -- she's going to vote no doubt. Almost instantly the other part about it commercial went about it. That -- the why exit in the yes camp and the pro independence camp. Started doctoring the videotape. And projecting means. Which what are it went from cruel. To which seats two sort don't make. I'm the no campaign. Well to -- -- date in embarrassment because that yet counting on that side. He's -- take the obviously. Some people out there and permits to their -- teach. And look at it it's that struck me turn turnabout. My favorite. My favorite Johnny is the video that and provide subtitles. For it for the presentation because. I suspect. We're to believe that the Scottish audience cannot understand someone speaking with the Scottish accent. Exactly what that one of those -- says. I'm too stupid to Google. So I just going to vote no. The presentation of the better together lady tells me that this is moved into sort of pop fame. Is there. -- vote among the young its distinctive from the vote of the older voters who are anxious about their pensions and the future. Do the young people have a vote in this some voice in this the way young people do in the United States. Yes we do and deport eight. Remarkable about the campaign it's the week motivate these young people as a national dialogue going on. And young people are like Google. In the election from the eight to sixteen now that that specific change decode in previous elections -- cut to be eighteen to vote. But haven't -- yet campaign were very keen that young people should people to vote each sixteen and seventeen. -- -- look -- the -- to vote in very large numbers but you're right of course that all people are also large demographic. In scope and people looked at the most Western European countries are living longer than ever before. The large number of people -- are worried about their pension who worried -- -- separate. And -- some -- the media campaign to target these people very. Carefully in some polls suggest that the old are the ones that are hardest. To crack. -- could be yet campaign -- youngest people. Teachers are the easiest that are. Most open minded. Like I I think when commentators are expecting the route the results. Upcoming result of that. Few people operate -- up to predict. But that there's going to be a yes or no but those who. Suggest that there might be -- -- -- a new result that party. Are confident. That even if that happens that would be I I yes votes in the future just because of demographic change but that I myself. Wouldn't like to predict how -- the results or call eight feet from the night it's the the very short too much campaigning to. John I want a full this present waiting for the vote. In with -- now general election of next may and ask you to explain how this connects with mr. Cameron. Missed cut at mr. the the labor vote and that presentation especially because we have national security issues as well I'm speaking to John Nicholson. Broadcaster and journalist for talking about the Scottish independent vote but this is all wedded to gather. With the anxiety in Great Britain over the depredations in the Middle East and also. What happens to labor in Scotland leaves parliament I'm John bachelor this is John that's what you. I. I'm John bats and this is the John that's a shot. John Nicholson is here my colleague and is a journalist and broadcaster in Scotland speaking of the upcoming Scottish -- -- the 700 anniversary of the battle of banning burn that took place near Stirling castle it was the English vs the stocks led by Robert the Bruce. It's extremely famous which is -- the first minister of Scotland Alex Hammond asked for this. Vote on that date and over the summer the polls have shifted dramatically profoundly almost. At a fashion that Hollywood would enjoy to the yes for independence vote but the larger story here now also involves. The parliament in London and the president. Upcoming. Election general election in May John mr. Cameron I see that the Tories are advocating for Scotland to stay in the union. But doesn't the fact of Scottish independence -- labor of all those votes in Scotland and does that strengthen the -- hand come day. I think it is -- about question but you have to remember that Tony Blair would have won all three it was elections with or without school. It's so important not to overemphasize. The rule the -- and played in electing labour government the truth is that -- Don't really help much but city in the government that tickets because England -- -- tying the site at school and so England tend to get the government that. England points and scope and quite open simply got to put up with what the English. Well and that the dominant big argument that it if you vote for independent. But people pretend you vote for somebody else and scope and you'll always. Got a compliment but -- looking the other trickier question -- mr. Cameron of course. I think some police think that the boats call from the it would be great news. More conservative politics in general and -- would then become an address to the United Kingdom being in England Wales and NORTHERN IRELAND. It'll be a monumental political change. On a couple weeks to. It mr. Cameron Wikipedia Conceptus prime minister who presided over the loss oaks golf. Eight. Do salute the American colonies and while I don't think -- got the two got itself. -- as part of a Scottish couple weeks. It would not -- speed very humiliating. For British prime minister Toulouse and at 10% alt PUT population. To use to lose 4% took a lot not. -- almost all of the oil. To be difficult to see for instance how the United Kingdom could -- that. Seat on the united nations Security Council at the -- Scotland. It would be huge economic impact owning -- So I think it's because that which you know which trepidation. Among politicians equipment serve regardless of the party that they represent. Coming to the vote. This is a one off vote or would it happen again in a year or four years. Does it does is it a permanent decision because it's look it's close enough that almost half the country is going to be disappointed. Felt like according that they never threatened them. Rather -- the referendum. I think to myself is let's -- to the vote yes not the end but not. -- would become an independent country. With the heat of the United Nations. All the separately a member of NATO and the European. You -- IT. Helped lift. Spoken up and Peter and politics long enough to remember the debate about how to get Google to parliament re establish something that mrs. So it was very thick and stop talking at Scottish Parliament parliament that we. And Edinburgh where it domestic -- These big east despite that -- great debate we used to how to put -- It's that it ought to identity whoever admit that they go to new rule to devote part I think the same thing would happen with independence. I -- -- vote yes all the separate country would get together very quickly with disarmament and -- like it it's political. Portland to join in that part of the negotiating team. That was nickel seats. The amicable divorce. -- threat to the United Kingdom he conducted Gorton Bryant the former prime -- -- she's invited all of the volunteers. It -- political opponents who runs that that no campaign to join him. On the other times school -- no not only. I think you're right my prediction. We beat that is likely to be another referendum. Look forward to long who knows or how many units were talking with -- in the next ten years -- certainly. My prediction would be that if people not a note note that vote. Yes next time because -- the momentum. Is with the yes campaign that momentum among young people -- -- yet. I think it will portrait -- they'll settle things that we can get sort of put that opened the lead we we we would be independent. John Nicholson -- journalist and broadcaster on the upcoming vote for Scottish independence and you don't have to try very hard to convince the people of the United States of America the independence from London is a good idea I'm John bachelor. This is -- John bachelor show. Pleasure to welcome in my studio tonight for a missing member of the European part and BP as well as the leader of any party that he's fresh and exciting and Great Britain. We're a country that is accustomed to major parties the Democrats than Republicans but once upon a time we -- part of printer. And we deal with the partisan fracturing that goes on in the English parliament. Right now there are the Tories conservatives there is labor which is comparable to the democratic party of their Liberal Democrats who wander around in between. And then there is in present polling. In the -- that's the shorthand for the United Kingdom Independence Party. And -- for Raj is founder and spokesperson and leader of UK Nigel. Very much welcome to the United States to my studio and we plunged immediately into politics because they need your help to explain to this audience. The significance of you being a member of the European Parliament at the same time the leader of a prominent and rising party in Great Britain. He's there on government's relationship between your service and Brussels and watch are doing. It at home polling so well for the parliament good evening to you. Good evening and thank you at the link is correct in that we join something forty years ago the was cool calm market. It was going to be about trade it was going to be about cooperation. Sadly that wasn't tree. We actually joined up we saw an -- was a political process. Leading to political union. We Delphi and ourselves into any forcing. Possibly European Union. -- colts. Are superior. To RNC sprinkled. Whose goals above that made it -- -- And in fact in the totality of lol that is made in Britain every 75%. Of it is made to the institutions. Of the European Union. So we send as a country 73 and -- parties. Into parliament 751. From across Bolivia Europe. But don't think that's where the power lies. The real power in Brussels lies with something will be European Commission. Buyout unelected bureaucrats and and this would astonish you list as it is the bureaucrats that don't have the sole right. To make legislation. That can be opposed on the the half a billion people across Europe. And only European Parliament House -- fiddle around the edges and the obsolete trees. About Westminster and you know you can but in the biscuits you can see big -- on the front and it all looks very wonderful and it's the country of -- counselor. And as the mother of parliaments and it's all of those things and actually we've given it all away. We over Boston terrorism and national life with our partners say that hole which surrender and also currency which some random off balance right. At the hole. Essence of democracy. Is that you vote for those companies you vote for the -- and make fuel -- box. -- before five years you have which hosts lost and start again with a different agenda we have surrender the world about. And that is why -- -- came into being as a policy. We -- be friendly with Europe we won't trade with -- Europe we will cooperate with the Europe we won't smoke pot of political union we want our country back. We would govern ourselves and empowerment. -- the stop for us as a policy. Was to get MVPs elected to Brussels the reason being the electoral system for the European Parliament is proportional representation. So in the last elections on May 22 this year. UK topped the poll across the entire United Kingdom we beat labor we beat the conservatives we specially what Democrats out of sight. We now have twenty full. And meet pennies 24 of the 73 you go from Britain come from my policy. -- and the next -- is a Westminster itself and we had just two weeks ago -- a very respected intellectual conservative empathy. Who defected. From the -- is defective and mr. Cameron's policy to mine. And said and and people crossing the full in the house is Nolan column but this guy said. I'm joining you -- as a matter of political principle but as a matter of on the I'm resigning my seat in parliament. I would have a violent action and it's that it's a little seaside town called -- it'll it'll say I mean I shall. Nobody does to this program as that hat it's if everybody's goal -- place. He's -- as a matter Obama. I want Austin elect -- with -- exit poll -- to join -- And it has been. To just one of the most noble. -- liberating things that I've seen in politics in my lifetime. It's really cool the imagination. Of the -- is mr. cars that was coming and David Douglas because well he's been a member of parliament since 2005. He is a -- Well classical liberal conservative the word liberal America means yes yes it means amended its confusing if it doesn't compute but this is a guy who believes in small government this is a guy who believes -- taxes. This is a guy who believes in direct democracy. And thinks that people should be able to cool referendums albeit on on -- -- -- you know he is a genuine Democrat. -- -- radical and outlook. Conservative radical outlook. Somebody who is in very widely respected. In parliament say for him to join the policy that is yet has that representation at Westminster it's tremendous too for national. Haven't we get to this it we have a metaphor here about the camel in the tent. To -- the whole thing eventually. My memory of the European Union European Parliament back in the 1970s -- I think I was -- wondering for Spanish town and mrs. Thatcher showed up or something like that it was very exciting all these Europeans were making big promises about the future if they all came together yet how can go wrong. While I went disastrously got started I mean. Unit in 1970. The Germans -- forums. In 1942. Germans invade France. In nineteen foresee the Germans in by Frans says it three times in the lifespan of an average about a woman the Germans invade France. Precipitate he will wolves in which hundred plus million people are killed and it's it's it's fairly bleak. Background and so the idea. In the Illinois in the early fifties was the what you did is Hugo France and Germany together. Round the table to -- we Java and stopped. Or cold steel of many other things to trade with the joke because it was the best way to stop -- fighting with the Java is to get them to do -- some business with the job. -- The original idea behind this was a very good idea it was to bring the war in Europe together. Into an association when they could trade be friendly and meet with -- each other and I would never opposed any of that box. Right from the stuff. Never declared publicly was actually -- different plan. And the plan from 1951. Was to build a united states of Europe. And to do it without telling anybody that they intended to do so now. Okay I'm in the United States of America amendment when people left behind that Austin came. That started from scratch to build a new country although it's worth noting. But to get America for the united cost one of the bloodiest civil walls of the vehicles have been seen in in in human history but -- Europe. We speak different languages. We have different coaches. And and actually if you really count the people agrees -- from which -- you know Sweden or anywhere else would they wanna give up that flag. What they wanna give up that currency with -- wanna give up their anthem with a what I have a new president imposed at European level. The -- who -- mentally would be -- so I don't just see myself. As a as a resistance -- if you like full and independent national democracy in the United Kingdom. I actually see it all the brought a wider European bassist and increasingly. What is going on right across Europe electoral terms of the battle between the people. And a professional career political clubs who -- Brussels. They love it they allow bureaucracy they love the salaries they love the fact they've got jobs -- This is such an easy sale an American -- I I have no doubts whatsoever that you could take this coast to coast and everybody said yeah. Independence is better. And surrendering Americans for sovereignty is a shock we often times to greatness and national elections. And the present administration has acted sympathetic with the European model in a way that makes the Republican Party my party very anxious. It's a very easy self so I'm surprised that -- nominees selling Great Britain after all. The conservatives the Tories don't they follow everything you've just said that it started out in one direction and then turned around. And is now made us irrelevant in the way the European Commission conduct itself. The mystery of what he was the prime minister took us into the European it was as it was then cold the European economic community he was -- eighty years later on national television. As they in yet another European treaty Heath was in the 1970s you're telling him that he was prime minister from seventy to seventy full. And we joint economic communities that walls -- the -- to generate money 73. In 1990. When. The used on the talk as as the EU was being formed as they started to a single currency of the was indivisible mr. Heath. This will mean. -- a centralized European states. Global being made somewhere else was this intended from the start which he replied yes they deliberately. Lie it. To the British people and to many other people in Europe because they knew the idea would never be acceptable if people were told the truth and actually. The British conservative policy would be even more complicit in this -- Is there at the same reluctance of other countries in the European Union it would strike me that the nationalism is just a strong say in Germany and Spain is that I. Founded in Britain and I think that at the the recent opinion polling showed that. The Latvia is now the most Euro skeptic country in the European Union. Closely followed by Australia. With Britain France and -- with there's nothing unique. About the Euro skeptic feeling that we have in Britain what is different. Is that we haven't organized political fools in Britain which is representing. A respectable form of nationalism and I'd say about. Advise it because some of the protest groups that have sprung up across all the parts of via. Have been some -- of the right. Or safe on the left the that they frankly themselves. And Austin the test of credibility respectability but it you kept. We've got a policy that is more racist nonsectarian. The believes that nation states on the right building block not supranational. Bureaucracies. This is the battle it is bureaucracy but to democracy and so we are seen now. We believe does not just in Britain but across the whole view of this fight to get -- democracy. I'm speaking to Nigel for Raj who is a member of the European Parliament as well as the leader of you can United Kingdom. Independent party in -- reminds me there's a general election called for next -- and when we come back. I'm going to ask him how you can't looks now to do in that general election and then we'll talk again about this by election what does that mean. And why suddenly is the Conservative Party that rules Great Britain mr. Cameron's conservative. Urging the very popular. Mop headed mayor of London to rise to two dropped ops branch which is where he intends to run for parliament. And suddenly join in the context. To saying Britain from the UK I'm John bachelor it's the John bachelor show. I'm Jon Gosselin -- -- about social nods -- for Raj here and I'm having great fun learning. What modern British government he has spent a lot of time dealing with Lexington and Concord bridge that was the last time -- dealt with. The complexities of parliament. In fact George the third within a wonderful thing but now he's back and he represents Europe following Nigel correctly but at the same time the prime minister. Mr. Cameron. Opposes. -- camp he also opposes labor any standing for general election next -- You mentioned the by election coming up in Washington which is a small community. -- a constituency you don't have to living your constituency to run for parliament in Great Britain. The Tories mr. Cameron's party her urging Boris Johnson the mayor of London to run against mr. -- Why. What is what is there was fear won election won by you -- does that frighten the whole. Yes because we see like you have the first house opposed the system. For the last hundred years to -- -- dominated British politics labour and the conservatives. And the liberal the old liberal policy or confined to the Celtic fringes. You know they they would with a few seats on the Atlantic as to -- Wales and Scotland and very little else that we have had to body politics just as you've done. Part of what you -- comes hello. Wins representation on proportional system. In the European state. But everybody says only the Massa because you it will never win on the first hospitalized once we break. Once we show that we can win on the fast hospitalized. Then just like the reform party in Canada in the late night in the late -- it makes -- and annoyances. Once once that damn bests that anything is possible. Into the established states is quite due to policies. And while talking about that was that is the conservatives that by mr. Cameron all the whether he's a conservative I would say is open to question. But PP if he established conservative are getting tricky on -- -- editor -- -- like not -- that's -- it's right at eight. If if you can win this by election. He does news that the -- as best you can -- when many seats next yet now Boris Johnson. Boris Johnson is. The most popular. And charismatic conservative or perhaps politician of any -- marathon he's the matter of London. I mean he's the classical scala. I mean he's the womanizing. Eccentric great head of hair and huge mall of yes he's gaffe prone. Another -- masses -- because people like Boris. I'd actually popular -- races. He does not represent the kind of politics that you -- -- Oswald -- -- insist on us being self governing independent democratic nation. You can vote is absolutely insist on us having proper immigration controls our country. -- -- remember were much much smaller country. And and we ran since the second blow hole. Net immigration into Britain ran at about 30000 people Leo that's roughly the numbers are net yet from the -- the government is that come. He's now running a -- a million people via he's running at 10 town from eastern here. Nearly all released and yes I am because -- members of the European Union there was nothing we can do about it we have a total of them tool. -- Boris. Is very soft illnesses you and so whilst you can -- has made -- Boris attractive if he went to trump tempt them -- -- to get that he would file. Where you know immigration is hardly an issue in this country and to pursue that I wanna pursue though the politics. That are in front office they clocked the election is presently. Yes mowing of the month of October is that there is an election coming even sooner than I've been reading about it that is the Scottish Scottish independence vote. Right now the polls show the yes vote and no follow very close together as if I understand that this is Alex salmon whose first minister of Scott and -- a very popular figure -- and Alastair darling. Is opposing -- he's a -- a member of labor but he represents the no vote. What he is mr. Cameron's. What is mr. Johnson what he is mr. Miliband stake in the Scottish independent vote coming up because we're gonna see it. And what does it mean for -- Q is this some marginal matter to you because if I if I -- you correctly everything matters now to mr. Cameron's a power. I think the if the Scottish would have -- what to vote. Forced separation. That's a yes a yes vote would mean Scotland will be separate from the United Kingdom. And yet ironically mr. Cameron would want them to be part of the European Union says he isn't reading independence vote. In genuine to Adams told. But if the result of the vote on the eighteenth of September. -- Scotland separates. From the rest of the United Kingdom the really big -- Would be admin about the leader of the labour laws because there's so many labour -- -- -- because it was simulate missing Cisco. We we we actually face. The genuine constitutional crisis potentially. Because if the -- by two separate. There isn't a team outbreak clothes IE it's eighteen -- the full. That break comes in today -- in the middle of that and in the middle of that break period there would be a general election. If the labor policy that a majority -- to me next yeah I did the -- I think the English very moment. But -- -- English would stand for it say there were lots and lots of difficult as well that would be created by yes and I still hope. But it's in the movement I want the -- and I -- the integrity. Of the United Kingdom to remind them. -- -- Tuition would be in communication with you can now especially if you remember she remembered with. The conservatives looking out for the general election cannot I guess that. You are in conversation with a number of conservatives who are hedging their bets coming the general election. Well from the top of the conservative house. On the conversations during world council. They view us as being members of the are old news. Our style it's not fit to govern in the -- that sounds a lot like Americans and yes I think that ultimate courage yet as a yes I -- The level level. Yet their the growing number of conservative members of parliament until late details but a growing number. All of the seven members of parliament who agree fumble with what you get sensible global mr. Cameron stands. And if the moment comes it might come off of the month of October in this little seaside town called Clinton. If they thing they've got a better chance next day of winning that constituency is with a you can label the editorial label. Then we may well see some salute sharing some of realignment of British politics but kind of thing that we -- Canada 25 years ago. Nigel finally. What can this audience walked four you've already told the vote in October. Do you expect other movement before that. I think that's difficult to predict but but but I will say this. Britain may bomb big cool that we go right we ignored all politicians are we put pressure on the establishment -- we didn't join the Euro and the Euro zone is indeed the crisis yes buried deep crisis deflation in the Mediterranean from its now diverging from Germany. On a daily basis of becoming a very unhappy country. I suspect events in Europe. May well have a big a big role and a big influence on British politics if something goes disastrously wrong -- the -- and I believe I'm sad to say but I believe that it will. Then I think. The coals for us to divorce itself from the political union will grow stronger. Nigel for Raj is the leader of the UK that's the way it's put in the headlines you'll see it in the London papers. United Kingdom Independence Party as well as a member of the European Parliament -- thank you very much thank you I'm John bachelor this John that session.

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