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Wed 9/3/14 Hr 4 - Guests: Monica Crowley, Matt Kaminski, Paul Gregory, Anatoly Zak

Sep 4, 2014|

Guests: Monica Crowley, Matt Kaminski, Paul Gregory, Anatoly Zak

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- I'm John got -- This is the John bachelor show and Eric Cantor of Virginia majority leader of the Republican Party until the primary defeated Eric Cantor. He quickly. Look to the future said that he would resign his office and resign congress now the news is that Eric Cantor the announcement. He's joining the investment bank Melissa and company on Wall Street. Eric Cantor is 51 years old he comes from the Richmond Virginia area his family as well to do mister -- quite successful. He has a rosy future ahead of him there's nothing wrong with moving to Wall Street except. Monica Crowley. Of fox. News as well as the bestselling New York Times best selling author and the Iran editor of the opinion page on line for The Washington Times joins now. Monica Eric Cantor I'm glad that he's going to make a deal of money but as I -- called these years since the TARP vote in 2008. Eric Cantor and John Boehner and other leaders of the Republicans in the house saved Kevin McCarthy who is now the majority leader I believe. All. Told us that they were very much in tune with the Tea Party where we -- Monica good evening to. Hi John great to be the key thing here. Let's Hampshire and so -- -- -- cookie relationship that Wall Street and in fact. What's one of their biggest champion. Maybe even -- street's biggest champion certainly in the Republican Party leadership but maybe across the broader Republican Party. He would talk apologetic about it spark from Wall Street. 44. The cut it -- that that they do for high finance. I won't really appreciated that they need it Smart articulate champion on Capitol Hill. And they certainly had it with Eric Cantor. And and I appreciate that Eric Cantor never apologized sort by the way. But the problem came in -- and you started to protect that Eric Cantor and mothers played the conservative card or plead to keep party car. Or sleep deep end of the people cars. That were interested in main street not Wall Street or injected in. In the little guy and we're here to help you would we want to keep government out of the way. And all of the door sort of standard lie that you -- for Eric Cantor and Republican. He would say that on the one hand and -- the other in case something entirely different. -- now and by the way I think that's one of the big reasons why they're kept a lot the only reason immigration. It's certainly came into play but I think you let that. Sort of that split chocolate Hyde personality blustery main street. The conservative Tea Party guys but here I am and yes certain certainly -- These felt well heeled people moneyed special interest on the other hand. That -- caught it caught between a rock hard labor for awhile time you that's really able to play post I. And get away -- -- and her crew cut and by the time you visit the leadership. It was really activity questions about it. But I think he can do mr. caught up to that the American people caught up -- it and now it wouldn't come fought for all our full circle because now he's actually taking the Japanese. Investment bank. And in in that position we'll be able to steer money. To get special trip now. Troubled Asset Relief Program tar signed into law by president George W. Bush and Republican October 3 2008. -- is the problem with Eric Cantor Monica. TARP is the problem with the Republican leadership in the house. Every TARP -- steel in the house is a problem because TARP was the beginning of the government takeover of our. Economy that's what we're living with that's why the slow growth that's why the overbearing Dodd-Frank in the stimulus package of 2009. TARP was. The wedge that drove into the party and then into the country. So that when there's all this blame tossed around because the Democrats in the first two years of the Obama administration. Passed overwhelming legislation in the favor of state -- them. We have to deal with TARP in the Republican Party and that is my problem with Eric Cantor there was never accounting for him or mr. Boehner is vote for -- Yeah I agree that you totally. Any -- -- to heart seemed like it that every we are still living with the consequences every day at four look at -- they -- like -- Stagnant economy. You're Q you're two -- -- that government intervention that clock speed. -- 70 wait quite a bit and and what we're letting it again today. The first community reinvestment act which went left didn't social engineering. In the economy specifically in the housing sector holding a gun to the bank had forcing them to give -- To people who could not afford them had no -- that -- they'll ask that had no job no cup update that -- -- -- -- the LAPD and you have to. And you have that's quite that's -- the argument being meets President Bush and the Republican. You must do that old system is gonna collapse it's not security guys think globally occurred were holding the whole thing about. He got cancer and other Republicans fault for that line ankle. And what that intervention and that you have to government. -- deeply involved in the deal in this economy. Thanks again to clear that intervention. That now we are all a -- -- at the government and you're exactly right on. One of the big problem not just with Eric Kantor spoke with a lot of these Republican who will host. -- -- that the talks which forget about that initial vote for TARP but a lot of folks have. Let's be positive Monica Joni Ernst is a wonderful discovery in the state of violent she's running very strong against terror. Accomplished and veteran legislator Bruce Braly this is for the open seat mr. Harkin is retiring. Joni Ernst is not Tea Party she's a hybrid versions somewhere in between. I do not believe she would have voted for -- But in any event the surprise to the Democrats is that she's running so well as a conservative Republican we're not surprised Monica. Why is it that the Democratic Progressive Party the Democratic Party are slow to understand. That women are attracted to conservative Republican -- an answer that question for all of us. Yeah well I you know I think there -- a lot of different things coming into place here for all but basically internal -- it. Her opponent the Democrat mr. Braly has -- -- branded campaign at what point you couldn't they kind of farmers. Which it was basically get -- the law and state at Iowa dude you brought that disaster -- she's been a fantastic candidate. She has it even -- she's been Smart he -- her conservative principle. And accusations it is very dynamic and accomplished that and win -- Get out there -- any conservatives but I really think. That she can keep the Republican Party a good deal because she's getting out there see that normal person that. Riding it very strong campaign and not at the woman -- not talking about women -- which again I think it's at a Portland. And for the Republicans keep talking about. Issued -- across gender. Party. Economic. -- alive and they'll want -- talking about getting the economy moving again. Getting government out of your life reducing the tax burden reforming the -- -- tax code. Strong national security. Issues that -- to resonate with -- resonate with every -- he's going out there it -- that are non threatening. Two Democrats that and an independent voters but -- states she doesn't with a smile she got happy warriors got a great attitude and people are really responding to that. And the female. Vote Monica is this flummoxed given the rhetoric of these last years when there is a Republican senate candidate who is female does it. Does it -- create discord in the conversation. Because the Democrats have so dominated. This opinion of Republicans. Yeah -- you know what they've dominated this for a long time John. It just having this conversation with with different decline bank. It had its favorite thing to make the Republican Party had to take the abortion issue -- Republican plank of the platform. And the -- attract more apartment and I limited technical lead the effort to talk to alienate. Millions of evangelical if you do that you've got to make up that vote -- -- else and I don't think you're gonna make it apple equipment at least not right way. Because prince Rupert who played. 197273. That Democrats have been very effective added doctor needing generation after generation equipment on that issue. So there's a lot of heavy lifting and hard work. For the Republican Party in the dirt but it took it to you when it comes to equipment but what Tony Ernst and and the doctor -- female doctor Monica. Like -- let let me read that he who thought which terrific candidate or again. They are making inroads into that broke his war on women that the Democrats launched to great effect by the waves when he twelve. You put female conservatives like these two and there are other out there. Edit it put the lie and the Democrats focused more on -- but the Republicans have a lot of work to do that is not gonna happen by itself. Monica Crowley of Fox News and The Washington Times online on John bachelor this is the John that's the -- I'm John bachelor this is the John that's a show. The president of Russia and the president of Ukraine in conversation about a ceasefire. Terms. To be negotiated that and itself as a success to hang on. In these last hours and -- Kaminsky eight of the wall street journal editorial board joins now to interpret the story so far. The because the time zones are so dramatically different and Europe is in this particular instance 78 hours ahead of us. We have to project into tomorrow but the big moment. We'll come Thursday in Cardiff Wales when NATO ministers -- including. The president of Ukraine mr. portion costs or anticipating many dramatic announcements but this looks important. For the war fighting and the depredations. Not a very good evening she you've written very carefully over these last months of conflict of what. Is now eight ongoing -- C a civil war. These conversations today do you see them as politics for a home audience or is this a turn in the road good evening to -- Beating John. I think peace talks today is definite turn in this conflict. It's not necessarily a good turn for Ukraine. I think present person go to Ukraine. This is recognized that he can't. Fight Russia on the ground blow by blow considerably dramatic turn. For him because only a week ago I think he -- but he could win this militarily that he had the rebels. These Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine. On about a foot and he might have regained control over the next -- guys can actually defeat. And defeat this insurgency. What's changed in the last week and it is obvious Russia has sent thousands of regular military groups. Backed by modern weapons. They've hammered. Eddie and under. Quipped -- Ukrainian military lot of volunteers have been fighting for Ukraine out east. And Ukraine has lost ground. Russia opened a new front. Down in the very southeast corner of Ukraine. And and it is now threatening the city of -- you -- depression goes acknowledging that Cornell he cannot win this militarily. And he is looking to be stopped but it gluten. Then negotiations. From the beginning the presentation from Moscow to be believed. Was a federalization. Constitution. Which would permit it's almost like the a confederation. Which would permit Don that's region to have a strong voice almost day -- Vito voice in the national parliament. Is that now under it to where this conversation is because that's several months old and it and there's been a lot of -- vengeance and a lot of doubts since then. -- I don't think couldn't could care less about Egypt it is that the people -- dawn dusk. No more than he -- cares about you know the state of Crimea. This whole crisis is going back to the beginning in Crimea. Is rooted in Vladimir Putin's. Goals one to -- to keep this regime in power in Russia. So he's rounding up a lot of you know -- these nationalist. Since the sentiment by going after Ukraine. Had been poorly but not allowing any democratic. Normal Ukraine. To emerge out of blocks winters pro European revolution. So that's really what this is about four Putin's. The peace plan that he proposed today. It is -- those two things to that one is that it is it's basically a peace and couldn't stern stepped. Ukraine stopped fighting its forces withdraw. And you acknowledge. That Russia controls about territory with a population of about five million people. And it's becomes a frozen conflict people he he might be yours and mr. -- is familiar with Moldova is trying Indonesia or is separatist. Actually regions of Georgia up a policy. This a much bigger version of that the second thing happening this week is that after prudent invaded. President Obama does not wanna use that word but that's what happened to conduct an incursion. Russia has invaded in much larger numbers Ukraine. Started last week. So the EU has said that we are now going to broaden sanctions and the team -- no one week deadline and they are supposed to meet on Friday. And -- just -- to -- on Thursday to discuss the more serious response to Russia's. A taco and you -- I'm entered this -- couldn't always makes conciliatory gesture. To forestall sanctions to give the western excuse not to punish him. Puzzled then with rematch because that NATO meeting looks very significant NATO is right now speaking tough. For the Baltic States where you traveled recently we spoke when you were in the Baltic States. And also confronting Poland and its ambitions the president. Donald to tusk has been elevated to president of the European council significant voice in the coming days. The outgoing Secretary General Rasmussen of NATO is also speaking tough about a spearhead force. Two deal with the aggression from Russia so whether -- Ukraine is settled now or later and it certainly will be settled unhappily. Does this not begin a long along -- contest between. NATO and Russia is something that we thought was in the distant past. I mean Russia provoked this contest. I think the western NATO this for the last twelve years to wished for nothing more than two. Do business with Russia both commercially and and diplomatically. This is a choice made by Vladimir Putin's. After he returned to the presidency in 2000 developed and very anti western. It was a deliberate move to Kentucky if nothing else really to base his legitimacy on in Russia. Now you quit now need a response. -- been I would -- better than the EU's. -- general Rasmussen. The American general -- breedlove was the head of US forces in Europe have been very outspoken. And very. Proactive. Unlike our president and President Obama here in the US in response to to -- Russian attack. This. This rapid reaction force is not take it to me for a thousand troops but it's still a good idea. It just signal to Russia that we're going to respond and remember we are much stronger than Russia. Couldn't that she's very beat cars that he plays very well. The problem for NATO is stacked. You have a president in the US citizenship -- -- head of the alliance. Whose word no one takes all that seriously after you know. Syrian red lines and and the not a pretty strong response to happen in Ukraine and you have the European countries which are continuing to cut defense. Germany just to got a big chunk out of this defense budget deficit this year. And so does not. Response to contain itself and and lastly Ukraine is not it made episode gives President Obama repeated again today well. -- support Ukraine but. It's not a NATO therefore there is no military solution. For -- there is. The military aspect to this. We should be army and the ukrainians. We should providing them with the intelligence. -- -- -- -- on the ground there we have a twenty year commitment to Ukraine. Two he's healthy he's just survive as an independent country and there's no reason why -- friendly democratic country like Ukraine. Should not get her helped to defend itself against an auto crisis like Vladimir Putin. Matthew Kaminsky is a member of the editorial board of the Wall Street I'm John -- John. I'm John bachelor this John NASA -- the fog of diplomacy descends upon the fog of war in Ukraine crisis and right now what we know is that Vladimir Putin president Russia and actual power Shiancoe. President of Ukraine in conversation and communication over these last hours at a ceasefire conditions of this cease fire. NATO the upcoming meeting in Cardiff Wales where the president of the United States with ten in addition to the 28 ministers of NATO. That they have invited and an attendance will be missed two par Shiancoe president of Ukraine. We know very little about the details of the conversation between par Shiancoe. And potent so I'm now turned to Paul Gregory. Who were at the Hoover institution writing most recently. In Forbes is looking at a map of what Moscow wants from Ukraine what Ukraine. Can give up to Moscow. And it deals with this word federalization. Which in the United States is a positive forward. But for Ukraine could be a future in which there's fracturing or worse -- very good evening to you. What does Moscow what is the Kremlin mean by a federalized. Ukraine good evening to you. Our good evening John. The definition of federalization was given a while back. Mister -- broke the prime the foreign minister. What it means is that various. Provinces of Ukraine would be federalized and would have. Their own foreign policy of their own economic policy of their own tax policy etc. Which means basically that you have set them up is. Separate and independent. Countries -- -- federalization basically gives them the right. To secede so. Very little would be left over for the central government and there would no longer be a unified. Ukraine. You point to a march 4 press conference on Ukraine in which mr. -- Was a champion. Of self determination universal right the vote for all of the -- the role of the provinces. On their own. There's some inconsistency here if I understand the irony of your Forbes piece because mr. Putin opposes this and other parts of the Russian Federation. -- in 2004. He reversed the decision made under Yeltsin regime of direct election of governors. He said we must have the Kremlin appointed governors because otherwise -- the people might elect corrupt officials. Since then. Governors and regional officials have been appointed. This was reversed under mid did -- and now Putin has. Reverted back to his favored system which is he appoints Paul all the governors. And we can of course be assured that they will not be corrupted they've been appointed by -- Mister mister Bruton -- self determination for Ukraine. Does this give him advantages that the centralized government does not after all he could win the presidency in Kiev and settle all -- so what is federalization advantage. -- -- Mr. -- Well federal regulation of Ukraine is a great advantage for Putin because he has say permanently destabilize. Ukraine -- could fall apart at any moment. -- Putin's greatest fear however is federal operational Russia which consists of I don't know how many. 87 or 93 yum. Provinces. So. But he will not allow any discussion whatsoever of liberalization. In his own country and his biggest. Nightmare is the thought of a federalized Siberia which I discussed in this article are -- -- it's it occurs to me that what you're describing is a colonization policy. Russia's gonna colonize the part of Ukraine is that has money and they industrial east. Is that a word that translates this -- away from the word federalization it has what you say a positive. Connotation in the United States into one that has a negative connotation. I would not serve well perhaps one could say colonization. It would. -- federalization -- would allow whole. Providence so Ukraine. Would bring profit to Putin he could take it. By having some kind of fake error referendum. If it didn't bring profit to. Putin he could leave it as part of Ukraine so it's I would not -- colonization but I. You could say pick and choose colonization. I've been told that Ukraine divides. Basically into two or three parts there's Crimea we know that that's the Russian fleet and they've grabbed that very what a very early in annexed it in Moscow. Then there is the -- the Don -- which has the cold the industry the riches of Ukraine and then there's the west I'm told -- have a very heavy agrarian. And also is much closer to Poland than it is to Russia. Is the east a viable country I mean in the west a viable country if it's left alone without Don -- in Crimea. That's an experiment that we may unfortunately have to test. And siren call. -- buses around 10%. Maybe 15%. Of Ukrainian our population not counting -- that something like fifty. It's it's a relatively high sure industrial production. But that -- industrial production is largely you know metallurgical raw steel etc. Which is not terribly competitive in world market so there's a big question mark as to whether or not. The annexation of the dog -- be it an economic plus or minus. For Russia right now the -- of government has too heavily subsidized. The door -- and I think they're Russia would have to do the same. -- look ahead to Cardiff what we know now is that mister par Shiancoe will attend. And the 28 ministers are clearly alarmed -- Rasmussen the Secretary General has made aggressive remarks about a Russian aggression in addition there's this exercise coming up long planned. Along Russian border and the Baltic States. Are looking to gain were. Flexibility military flexibility into the future. Do you believe that this will stay mr. Putin's hand. At least in terms of being overly aggressive to other states. This. -- meeting is extremely important because so I think this is. Really one of the last chances to our stop proved to. Some very basic decisions have to be made in Wales. There's little rapid deployment force which. Putin is very much upset about. -- these exercising these Serbs are important technical. Issues boot to more substantive and long term points are sanctions. Which are supposed to be discussed. In in Wales we don't know the outcome of that other than the fact. And that I believe Germany is said they're not going to pay attention to these such so called rumors of peace. And that the sanctions will go forward in -- Germany says that that's that's true the other thing. That's very substantive is whether. The NATO states will step up and actually increase defense spending. I did the calculations Tuesday that if you -- met. The United Kingdom. European NATO members. I've spent about one and a half percent of GDP on defense. The minimum threshold for NATO is supposed to be 2% so are they willing to step up and actually. Incur economic sacrifice in order to defend themselves as opposed to relying on. The US which is no longer allowing three riding under Obama. Paul Gregory is a research fellow at the Hoover institution writing most recently at Forbes dot com. Looking to the meeting in Cardiff Wales for more information about future for you. I'm -- that this job back. -- Okay. Yeah. Okay. -- -- Okay yeah. It's. -- I'm John bachelor this is the John bachelor show Anatoly -- keeps the website Russian space buy dot com. In addition he's the author of rushing in space the past explained future explored which has been beaten. Unavailable but is now back into print and that tells the story so far about -- easier now to update us on three -- Russian space adventures all of which have different directions but you will note that -- cosmos reorganizing. And cleaning up its production. Schedule and also its quality control. Is very much on its own pushing into space flight. Not just in partnership with the other nations but. Independently. -- a -- of our good evening to we begin with the loss of the -- is what was photon M four and what happened good evening here. Put -- into on essentially flood -- -- toward what. Base coach science satellite which was launched for a number of looks it meant. In the field of Islam much -- science. They hand in the field goal by military it and of course the more famous. Experiment which was of course throughout. I unsuccessful at -- what but experiment with -- get -- which. Bless them it into orbit. -- one other thing to neutral scientists Powell no biological drugs -- basically -- can -- produced some space. So that's of course attracted huge attention off flat. Western media especially it. And especially when. Technical problem developed on -- the satellite school after its launch. It and and of course when went felt like finally landed back on the horse. I'm old -- also found. From that. And at this point -- do they have an explanation for what happened to the -- -- I know the fly survive. Well yes yes in fact it's get -- window. Sort of again most most prominent animals on board by the number of other insects and biological objects which is it's sort of like. I plan can motivate alienate information now -- -- says that apparently the what that is that are. Fluctuation in not pressure inside of that capsule. Toward the water temperature program which would have probably keep -- or something like that which -- Basically a both -- -- pollute their life. But stocks -- that is the news space port under construction in the far east of the Russian Federation. Annual report he is that there is some accommodation made to the scale of money that'll be necessary as something of its downscale. US estimate that. Thus notched a -- -- it was estimated at 500 billion rubles thirteen point eight billion dollars. Under construction what to what can we say now over the next 1015 years of a stock. Write this well what site is of course you'll be replaced by coming more and Catholics on which Russia country any attempts for 150. Million dollars. From the -- government in of course they now would like to build their own site on their -- to Italy. And -- essentially abandoned by Cutler mostly saw. Stood that this project is very expensive. And excitement like keep the debate far innovating more Canadians in the Russian Far East not far from the what he could quote the Russia. It and I the -- there's obviously they expensive and absolutely. Faith and -- -- -- like challenges technical and financial. It and out of right now they decided. That do -- the was. -- borrowed milestones proclaimed in the last few years. The most important one I was 2016. Which was the first point to what rocket from the site. And then what 2018. Win the first that you won't actually Wear a source you unclear who was supposed to fly into space. And that they became. In portable few years ago actually but now west usually understand that from the plants which whistle. Decency in the past few days though of course will pay -- flood in a wooden was there. And she visited the site and the number of documents which became available at that time. Not controlled that they have to -- say they will probably. Launching now in twenty points -- -- that's when the source. And emissions will will depart from from the launch site. And this scale. Plus stocks need have we got a sense of how many landing. Lending. Take off a I pads their building I saw one under construction out of the forest how many more plan. Yes they built right now -- one one path toward the salute to look at them that's. The monumental particularly expensive. At some leisure a major construction. But of course there's also infrastructure to support that which is being built promptly so much from scratch. There's that you don't shall Powell's big meet -- you pretty much built next -- It and they play into the launch that to -- old. Of force specifically for a manned spaceflight. It and that's the one which is now BM pushed back up I don't -- And however it's still on the books and they'd they'd look -- -- and that they just portion of beckoned the point one -- And it's really what is okay spoke on TV lap the last what is it four. What it's -- sensitive what they plan to build this thing you walked you'll for the International Space Station. However unlike all other mortal which kept imminent -- -- -- the station like all companies -- this -- in the in the project have right now. They would like to build the one which full flight and formulations. It was the space station then we'll go one before can quiet for a British short period of time so you can go in -- that mortal anyplace they equipment. Take the experiments. You will and you might keel which had been -- use. -- sent this of this mortal again into the sort of file formation sort of lion with the space station. What is the advantage of being able to fly separately from the space station and not docking with the permanently. More important one is that the critical view when the view it's working on board -- corpus all kinds of disturbance at seven times somebody wolves or somebody child sort of do an exercise. Or or any kind of movement if it can be harmful to waste sensitive experiments especially when we. -- deal in which chemical it was our lord is with optics. I would go -- -- pharmaceutical. Production all the experiments. Require they -- a quiet conditions. Saw. So it is important the past few months when they replaced when they set up experiments. But it would be much -- -- does the capsule and separately in the would be in -- -- -- -- in the experiment itself. The -- folk that tees this module which will be independent of the space station by that it has wings -- solar panels at antenna docking port. For the sell used. Is the launch date for the first 12018 or has that been moved back to 220 as well. Not that did that to put the 2008 chilly reception at the launch date for. For this capsule and that was the actual substitution instead of launch an actual human -- that does demand spacecraft. They decided to launch disappoint you'll and that would be sort of a replacement. It's temporarily or what. A manned -- what couples who do you must push me previous. Will they launch it with a crew on board the launch it separately and then the crew will join. Yet they will what -- without the Q and the -- will want to board the capsule went with a bit more guilt when it talks with the International Space Station so it is the day. The -- itself will be launched unmanned. To your knowledge does this comport with NASA's plan -- this is this being in done in coordination with NASA and the other countries participating in the ISS. This article what you'll be repealed if part of the Russian segment. So what it's all of this it will comply with the -- international agreements on the International Space Station however it will wanted -- to the Russian part of the station. So that is illegal at this point. -- popular -- agreement on this budget. -- worked however the web the biggest -- -- that the what some negotiations it's been Russian scientists and European scientists. Or different experience which would be taken place on the board of this. This mortal because of what it's unique. Not the Conde right now have -- stuff like this. Yeah that's different opinions about how. Brought it gives us that George can be and that was one of these -- YE and you've got nothing more European Space Agency is. One that this thankful vehicles. So rather than -- and how will have a that he might somebody just might be interested -- to do some social onboard a little bit better. Anatoly -- he keeps the website Russian space Web.Com and he's the author of Russia in space in the past explain the future explored its back in stores I'm John bachelor. This is a job that's -- show.

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