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#Obama pledges #NATO backing for Baltic allies

Sep 4, 2014|

President Obama pledges NATO backing for Baltic allies, what should the U.S. response be to ISIS brutality and how safe is our stuff in the cloud.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hi this is Gordon Deal the award winning Wall Street Journal this morning starts right after this -- dot com lets you easily create a beautiful professional website. For free with hundreds of stunning -- -- schoolteachers and popular apps you can get your business online today. Start now at ricks dot com that's WYX. Dot com. Newsroom -- -- Wall Street Journal. This is the Wall Street Journal this morning America's first news -- court. Justice sets its sights on the Ferguson. Good morning I'm Gordon Deal along with -- Cervetti. It is Thursday September pork -- Willis here -- we have for you this -- the civil rights division of the Justice Department is expected to look back several years have -- allegations of misconduct in the Ferguson Missouri police department President Obama is in Wales today for an international summits with Russia and the Islamic -- top -- minds we'll take you there new numbers from the government about how much we spend on health care you'll -- where the trends -- in about twenty minutes and help the US should respond to the growing threats from Islamic states. I would suspect. This. We will suffer casualties of the homeland due to iasis. It is sometimes the the next five years but those who say we can prevent that. We're gonna destroy the basis because this we've got the magic planned -- I think they're getting. So while congressman Brad Sherman from California warns about the threat from terrorists to our homeland. He's here in about 25 minutes. President Obama is promising to defend Baltic nations against Russian intervention in -- speech yesterday in Estonia. What are those Baltic nations mr. Obama blamed Moscow for fighting in eastern Ukraine and call for eight united stand against Russia's aggression. It was by the government of -- the destabilize eastern Ukraine. It's been a pro Russian separatists. For encouraged by Russia financed by Russia. Trained by Russia. Supplied by Russia and armed by -- more now from Wall Street Journal reporter Colleen McCain Nelson is with us live this morning from Cardiff Wales where the president. Is attending an international summit with NATO leaders today -- suspect not only Russia about the Islamic state will be leading subjects of discussion. Yeah you're exactly right Russia and you screener at the top of the -- and that and this morning. I -- Obama will be meeting with leaders. The UK from France and Germany from Italy. To talk about next step in responding to Russian -- In Ukraine. But. Also on his mind is is how the United States and its allies they're going to proceed in Iraq in theory as -- that and think he's going to be talking with leaders. About throughout the day it is that NATO summit as well. Any reaction from the president about these ceasefire talks between Russia and Ukraine. Well it was interesting that this kind of playing at in real time yesterday as. President Obama lit in it at Sony and doing press conference there were reports that there what is cease fire. And biting into the press conferences it buy it report. Said that that was premature that there would not a ceasefire but -- -- from the start President Obama expressed. That this isn't sinking back. Russia had not Allen followed through you on previously he fired and that they don't have a good track record here. So I he he immediately cast doubt about whether -- -- It here Q any commitment that they might claim to be making. Now another president's got this said joint op Ed with UK prime minister David Cameron in the times of London today any specifics in there on addressing either issue like Russia or the Islamic state. Well we've not heard a lot of specific. I -- on on either front it is clear that. The United States -- Other NATO allies to step up and spend more on the -- and you know NATO members has committed. In the past -- and -- 2% of their GDP. But only 420. Members that NATO had actually followed through on that so. The president President Obama is asking other NATO members view. To abide by that guideline and and spent more in defense that NATO can have more important than it has more. And provide more assistance to Ukraine. But in check in terms. Getting specifics so far -- bit and it did discussions have been more general and and in terms of addressing Syria and Iraq and he's Islamic extremists there at that point the United States is. Looking for willing partners trying to build a coalition that sort it is not he yelling at strategy. We're speaking with Wall Street Journal reporter Colleen McCain Nelson is -- live this morning from Cardiff Wales where she is traveling with the president. So what's the likelihood of these NATO members actually spending more on defense. Well. We're going to see commitment coming from more NATO members saying that they will spend more in the future but at. It's not really binding agreement there's not necessary. Is that timeline so I think you'll -- commitment to more NATO members saying. Will try to do better little will spend more -- gradually overtime but how quickly -- we have thought and whether they'll actually. All of you log on that comment remains to be seen. Not very reassuring he's calling Wall Street Journal reporter Colleen McCain Nelson traveling with the president with a -- this morning from Cardiff Wales twelve minutes now after the hour. On the Wall Street Journal this morning. It at 30000 feet there's no room for error. Fighter jet flying safely your. An expert technicians -- specialized equipment and Hillary one on the final thing. -- GMC certified service technicians take service and maintenance justice series. And we'll do a full 27 point inspection Graeme thanks. With specialized GMC training and genuine parts for every GMC vehicles. You can be sure -- EMC is always ready to take off. Incredible thinking incredible service GMC certified service that's professional grade. For a limited time get a 100 dollar mail in rebate debit card this sort of force select brand -- tires so participating dealer for eligible tire brands into details we gave -- postmarked by November 30 2014. The last sixteen weeks for delivery -- different. Offer ends October 31 -- fourteen. -- with us Good Friday eve the Justice Department could announced today that it's planning to open a broad inquiry. Into possible misconduct within the Ferguson Missouri police department. As you know what's been harshly criticized since one of its officers. Shot and killed them on armed eighteen year old last month. More now from the Wall Street Journal most mornings Jennifer Kushinka. The -- by justice marks a significant expansion of federal scrutiny. The department is already conducting a criminal probe to determine whether the officer violated the civil rights of Michael Brown. Now the civil rights division will begin what's called a pattern and practice probe. Meaning that instead of a single officer and Ferguson the investigation will cover the entire 53 person police department. At pattern and practice -- tries to determine if there are systemic problems in the work culture. The new probe into the Ferguson police department will look back several years and examine past allegations of misconduct Gordon. Thank you Jennifer -- in recent months Justice Department officials have launched pattern in practice investigations against a large New York City jail. The police department in Newark, New Jersey and the Albuquerque, New Mexico. Police departments. While there are lessons to be learned from the recent hacking of celebrity iCloud accounts in which intimate or nude photos were released. Pictures that celebrities like Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence presumed were secure so exactly how safe is our stuff in the cloud. Here's tech analyst rob interleague principal of the Andrew -- group he's based in San Jose rob what should we keep in mind. The nature of the cloud is that for some things that they prevent having messed up a home the cloud. If you have an earthquake Europe the disaster or fire well probable. Hopefully protect your information and it will make it accessible for those of also if you were to die. There's a reasonable chance to. Somebody could get access to the stuff -- you passwords. If they don't know where you put it. They're not gonna get access to it if you died so that took that he might evidence or someplace and don't get cleaned up and -- -- by cleaning crew or somebody else. -- have any interest in acerbic members. On the other hand. -- can be accessed by everybody. So in terms of being able to keep -- from -- guy is it's not as good as if you put it dual box. Buried at your backyard forgot about it and that's something that you have to remember. Most of the services are designed so that they give you easy access to this stuff. -- -- placed in an area that everybody can have access to and that's where we get into trouble folks use very trivial passwords they don't -- on. The dual factor. Authentication. Option that's available in most of the products that are out there. In the case about all there's an option you can turn on -- the service will send you back basically text you back echoed. That you wield it and in the service on top of your password. Before you're allowed -- but it's kind of a pain. And people just don't. Gently -- to audit and so you start with a trivial passwords like 12345. Or password. And that kind of combination it is thought command well. That's like if you you know of 500000 dollar broad should be put it didn't look paper bag here on your front porch it's probably not going to be there in the morning. Users have to be aware that they're gonna put in -- high value things in their cloud account like naked. Pictures they need to make sure all the security is turned Don and that people can't get access to would easily. Speaking with tech analyst Robin nearly. I -- delete stuff from the cloud once you put it in there. Well that there's that Q I think it is what -- -- already didn't get is that the cloud is design. Just specifically back up the stuff like your own sort of accidentally deleted you. Get it back to that means what you delete the pictures on the phone and this service doesn't know what you do that that -- Or on purpose it doesn't leaked pictures you have to login to the survey. Rest and delete pictures from the service but be aware would make -- -- Pictures of celebrities these services to protect your information -- I have a backup process in place which means regularly they take copies of all that stuff is put on a tape. And the nation but the someplace like Iron Mountain -- -- that could be found. At any future point I think that. The saying goes if you put something up on the web it's going to be there forever that probably is that -- saying to work. Number because once it goes there is a good chance that somebody was able to capture it that it was backed up and stored -- that somebody in the future may be able to find the. Thanks rob Robin early principal of the interleague group it's twenty minutes now after the hour. On the Wall Street Journal this morning -- Cervetti is here with more of America's first news. Good morning NATO will bolster its eastern defenses and its support for Kia that a summit starting today in Wales. President Barack Obama and other leaders also discussing how to tackle the extremist group -- a relatively new threat to the alliance. A museum demonstration goes awry in Nevada leaving thirteen people hurt including children. Workers -- the Terry Lee wells discovery museum in Reno we're trying to simulate a kind of a tornado. When a mix of alcohol and acid exploded. Got -- children and adults were transported to local hospitals. Or -- -- they were treated and released at this scene. Police spokesman Tim Broadway. The director of the CDC in Atlanta says the West African Ebola outbreak is spiraling out of control warning about closing window of opportunity to contain it. The UN says 600 million dollars is needed to fight the epidemic is the death told -- 19100 people. Tesla is expected to choosing about a site for its new proposed five billion dollar battery plant press conference set for today in Carson City. Nevada likely offered -- -- one of the biggest incentive packages in auto industry history. Tesla has said that it plans to employ 6500 workers that the plant. Stock futures are negative this morning after a mixed session yesterday the Dow up eleven the S&P down almost two. NASDAQ falling 26 points apple was downgraded and shares fell 4%. Economic news failed to impress. -- orders came out they rolled almost 11% in July US August automobile sales were very strong. Easily beating estimates and highest level in almost nine years. -- lynch with Hinsdale associates in Illinois Asian markets were mixed today. Can't get grandma on line at the AARP. Tomorrow is expected to unveil the real pad for a 189 dollars. Its own tablets designed for older people. Bigger text quick web connections for example to airlines take heat for ad campaigns first Malaysian air which is said to deadly tragedies this year. Is apologizing for asking travelers to create a bucket list of destinations. And spirit Ayers says it's edgy promotion was not meant to offend. The campaign plays on the recent hacking and publication of nude celebrity photos. Key -- sensitive subjects there you know this one included an image of a cartoon woman covering her naked upper body. Rights. For Spirit Airlines -- spears girl that's the spirits. Homeland goodness and our. 23 minutes now. After the hour on the Wall Street Journal this morning thanks for being with us good Thursday morning spending on health -- in the US remained -- last year but is projected to pick up the pace with a rebounding economy. And more people gaining insurance under the affordable care -- the complex and controversial new law. Wall Street Journal reporter Stephanie armour has a look at new figures from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Stephanie jobless figure out the stats. Yes health spending is going up but it's not going up nearly at the rate that hats and passed in fact. What we saw what they were projected to see for this year three point 6% increased. Is the fifth consecutive year where we're seeing increases below 4% so that is good okay cell. There are going to be debates about this right. The slowing. Of the increase is a credit to the Affordable Care Act the slowing of the increase is because we're making better choices say it's because of a whole lot of -- ratings I suspect. Great and it beat report that he knocked from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Does not actually break -- whether reforms or systematic changes to our health care delivery system are behind this. They're putting a lot of the -- reasoning -- rationale on the east low economic recovery that people are just putting off medical care medical treatment. As well as some. The the fact that people are spending more our pocket they're tired higher deductibles these days so they're saying that that combined is. Helping to tamp down some of the spending increases. Parts how much are actually spending the over -- are spending in 2000 at thirteen was about two point. -- nine trillions about two point nine trillion dollars. Which is projected to go up -- looking ahead if we look ahead to 2019. And 2023. They are expecting these increases two to accelerate. But they're still saying as a number of actors they're gonna help keep that from becoming as run away as it was in previous years. We're speaking with Wall Street Journal reporter Stephanie -- about health care spending. So it is this is sustainable pattern anybody look that far ahead were we can say you know what that this is good because we can we can see the -- months. You increase spending going down down down. Great I 88 big dip projections -- they'd done going forward do you seemed to indicate that while they expect. That the spending increases will pick up big rebound it's not they're not expecting to be. At the runaway levels we've seen in the past they're largely attributing that in part to the slow economic recovery people are just reluctant to spend even on health care. Also there's more and more baby boomers. That are aging into Medicare and well the aging population in one hand is putting pressure on spending. The fact that they're moving it to Medicare this makes them a younger and healthier. Beneficiary population in Medicare so therefore less spending. Stephanie Wall Street Journal reporter Stephanie armour in Washington. It is thirty minutes now after the hour on the Wall Street Journal this morning. For most of you the desire to learn didn't stop after college that's the motivation behind the great courses. Degree courses features engaging and informative audio and video lectures from some of the top professors and experts in their fields. Lectures like understanding investments by Connell fallen camp financial economics professor at Duke University. This course hopes to broaden and deepen the knowledge of more experienced investors while introducing the fundamentals of investing to those new to the subject. Degree courses has been a leader in learning for more than twenty years of over 500 courses on many subjects. Including science mathematics history art music and more. And now you can listen to or watch lectures with online downloads and streaming via the great courses app or on dvd or CD all your own pace and no exams. And the great courses has a special offer for Wall Street Journal listeners. Order understanding investments and get 80% off the original price. This 80% savings is available for a limited time only don't wait go to the great courses dot com slash WSJ. That's the great courses dot com slash WSJ. Wake up to the Wall Street Journal this morning. The WSJ radioactive. But to us it's Thursday September. Deal with the key to surviving. Some of our top stories today the Justice Department expanding its pro with a Ferguson PD. President Obama is in Wales for an international summit the NFL season kicks off tonight and the worst. Excuses. For missing a job interview like the apricot jam incidents -- of that report in about twenty minutes. Exactly how is the US prepared to handle the threats posed by Islamic state which is seized large portions of Syria and Iraq in a short period of time this summer. Also be heading to American journalists the past two weeks. California congressman Brad Sherman is a senior member of the house foreign affairs committee. He joins us from Washington congress what our congress and what is the US going to do about the Islamic states. I think the United States should do wooded canyon with limited. In the fall to punish crisis and to confine them we're not going to be able to destroy them -- were willing to incur. Nature of the US ground casualties. And all summer talking about the church of the saudis and others openness destroy -- You've got to remember that they hear as opposed to the Shiites. As much as the New York basis and I don't think. That those ground force will be available. All right so to punish and confining as you say. We could possibly do -- What we're doing now. We should ignore the border between Syria and Iraq for these purposes because -- -- has literally bulldozed. That that order. I think we should adopt the congressional authorization to use force but limited to air -- worldly. Well against us it's time to think -- work. It will hang out be beneficial effect. You'll have a limited cost. But for those who think that there are some easy way. Two world and get the middle East -- to world speedway would like it to be -- the last decade proof that is not the case. And for those detractors the president to claim that if only Sid externally if only he had a different personality. Everyone in the Middle East would do what we told global wealth or without -- -- so much that they wouldn't -- do anything against her position. I think they're just -- -- -- About it. This fact that the Syria has said basically the US would not be welcome to conduct. Any sort of missions without permission from Damascus. Damascus would like us to recognize too we recognize decide -- legitimate ruler of Syria. And I don't think we do and given the thousands of casualties of the such forces have taken at the hands of -- certificate to pension. That he would uses very limited the air defense system to look to challenge us if we were -- -- so I think we don't give aside. Of the yeah diplomatic. Recognition that he wants. But we do bomb license which uses them. Speaking with California congressman Brad Sherman senior member of the house foreign affairs committee were talking about. How the US might manage the Islamic state. Our situation before this got -- this current path for all of the airstrikes how long do you give it before you determined there yes it's working know what's not working. We will having as -- Middle East or at least the next decade. There -- being -- for America to take military action to provide arms and training for various conflicts from. Libya tour for the next decade. Theres no magic want the sister just do this and everything will be fine a couple of -- By the same token. These groups seems hell bent on grabbing any American they can and threatening them with be heading. Yes and they will do that. And for those who want to engines at number of them we should reflect on the fact that we get killed hundreds of places fighters and we will kill. Hundreds and under. War for those who believe we live in a world where. Basis is a problem so there must be a solution. I would city grow up. Often -- problems have to be managed and they cannot be solved and they certainly can't be solved an idea that a prices -- going to -- California congressman Brad Sherman senior member of the house foreign affairs committee as part of that interview he said in the next five to ten years there is going to be. Mass casualties. Dude -- -- terror attack on US soil. It's 21 minutes now before the hour on the Wall Street Journal's morning. Never was there -- time by the way. Bright took the 815 into the city that -- that yet no sleep and Indonesia fifteen drives today is half over and eighteen minutes -- from of the hour on the Wall Street Journal's morning Mike Gavin is here now look at some of the stories we're following for you. Well we're learning at the Justice Department is planning to open a broad inquiry into possible misconduct within -- Ferguson Missouri police department. Which has been harshly criticized for one of its offers -- since one of its officers shot and killed an unarmed black eighteen year old last month. An announcement could come as soon as today President Obama and British prime minister David Cameron will use this week's NATO summit to press for a multi national coalition. To carry -- military action against the Islamic state militant group. The NFL season opens up tonight with the annual Thursday night opener -- Green -- Against these Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks meanwhile the Wall Street Journal has a front page story today about how the NFL wields its unprecedented power. In order to -- billions in TV money. -- we'll have more of today's top stories coming up and speaking of VCR scored and we know that Richard Sherman. Is one of the best quarterbacks in the league just ask him he'd be happy to tell you who all about it. But last October Indianapolis Colts receiver TY -- Did get the best of him putting up a 140 yards and two touchdowns. Again Sherman Seahawks according to Bleacher Report dot com Hilton sent a message to Sherman -- during an autograph signing on Tuesday in Indianapolis. He autographed picture of him catching a pass over Sherman. With the phrase sorry Sherman. If the sorry Sherman comment seems familiar earlier this year Sherman autographed picture with the tagline sorry Crabtree. Ranked below his signature referred to. 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree who Sherman has famously it's. Marred with yes we're -- that one -- -- name calling all that stuff. -- a little tense at times so just a tad but I'm not I'm sure that helps them and do his job very very well troops but be watching tonight by the way I do have some. Fantasy stuff on the line tonight I have DS Seahawks kicker Stephen house. The ticker I took him like fourth and my fantasy draft really -- yet is that all the running record is like ten guys in our league louder but -- running backs that are -- Lexus. And -- -- -- you did finish dead last last night you finished Atlanta after the computer -- it's already taking. It's all certainly come again and take harsh before earth. Sport I was desperate for points -- -- that may be the highest -- ever for kicker in the history of fantasy football -- twelve year -- -- just going crazy and the little chat -- so I -- -- really McCartney was unable to -- -- fourth -- the best for the new strategy I was trying to get their heads you know a little -- You give us. Thanks I'm gonna need it fifteen minutes are probably hour on the Wall Street Journal's morning. I'm Lex Friedman I run my own business so I know from experience hiring new employees can be tough. Posting your job in one place isn't enough to find quality candidates. If you wanna find the perfect hire you need to post your job on all the top job sites and now you can't. Would -- recruiter dot com you can post your job to fifty plus job sites including Craig's list Linkedin and Twitter. All with a single click find candidates and in the industry nationwide. Just post once in watcher qualified candidates roll into zip recruiters easy to use interface no juggling emails or calls to your office. Quickly screen candidates -- them and hire the right person fast. Find out today what -- recruiter has been used by over 200000. Businesses. And right now. Our listeners can post jobs on -- recruiter for free by going to zip recruiter dot com slash WSJ. That -- recruiter dot com slash WSJ. One more time to try for free go to zip recruiter dot com slash WSJ. Thanks for being with us. Time now for a small business update and it's brought to you by Granger get what you need when you need it call click or stop by today get it. Got it good Granger for the ones who get it done. Reasons for optimism from small business owners Wall Street Journal reporter Angus low in points out that there's a time in every recovery. Went small businesses move from slashing costs to spending more on things like new plants machinery trucks computers. Office equipment and furniture he says there are signs that this may be worth the recovery is now Angus explained. Connor is described it to me this could be a field of dreams moment for small business owners. In the sense that if if if you build that customers will come is the belief. I mean you can imagine they've been in a survival mode for the last couple of years sudden -- larger companies have been putting off. Equipment upgrades but we do we've been doing since about June 2012 we've been doing a survey of 800 small business owners. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Also banks are loosening up lending event credit demand has also come up a bit I mean. And and optimism has been slowly rising in terms of business conditions in the months ahead so. Yes some of them are we're not talking about millions of dollars but certainly tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in and capital -- and this includes things like the building's renovation to buildings equipment trucks. Computers even office furniture. Were speaking with Wall Street Journal reporter Angus -- and is it -- surprise that it's taken so long to get to this point. It's certainly been a slow grinding recovery for small businesses. And I think there's been fits and starts as well there's there's certainly been moments throughout the past year away and business owners of Fata can't think does a good time to -- to put money into my business to kind of catch some future demand and then only to have. The the lousy winter for instance the kind of ruin those those plans and sales slowed down. And dad they went back into kind of a survival mode our surveys have shown that that they're seeing better sales they also. Every reason to believe that sales revenue and profits are gonna be going up in the next -- so. Other the national federation of independent business for instance has seen a similar rise the GDP. In the over the second quarter some of that growth in GDP was accounted for by business spending so -- certainly. Folks small businesses and his big businesses alike are seeing some solid fundamentals and -- this is the times -- to invest. -- Angus Wall Street Journal small business writer. Angus -- it is nine minutes now before the hour on the Wall Street -- morning -- -- that he is back with more of America's first news. Good morning -- Justice Department plans to open up broad probe into possible misconduct with in the Ferguson Missouri police department. A major expansion of federal scrutiny after the shooting death of eighteen year old Michael Brown in August by Ferguson officer Darren Wilson. Russian president Vladimir Putin pushed a cease fire deal with Ukraine it would freeze in place -- gains made by Russian backed separatists. The Russian leader proposed an end of the rebel offensive but also a pullback of Ukrainian troops that would be a major concession for Kiev. Layoffs hit USA today's -- which let go about seventy employees in its flagship publication. Including about 10% of the new staffed -- a month ago Gannett said that it would split off publishing from broadcasting in digital. Generous incentives more demand for suvs and trucks fueling August vehicle sales to an eight year high. Chrysler stood out thanks to the -- -- -- forecast that sales were flat and GM sales slipped from a year ago. Considering all that's needed Jim it has -- chair leg and I wouldn't read too much until -- 1% held struck conduct that's pretty much. Jessica Caldwell with Edmonds. Well most of us are not driving electric cars and sales continue to spotter. Edmunds says that sales of electric and hybrid vehicles captured about three point 6% of the market through August. Down slightly from last year share. Futures are trending higher this morning after a mixed close for Wall Street yesterday. The Dow rose about eleven the S&P lost but one and a half the NASDAQ dropped 26. Apple lost 4% following an analyst downgrade. Overseas today Asian markets were mixed. It's football time again with Green Bay at Seattle in the kick off tonight. Top players are in the semis at the US open in New York Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams winning their respective quarterfinals. And it looks real Massachusetts license plate the signature red white and blue colors the spirit of America written at the bottom just like the real thing but. Now local resident has a new traffic citation for an allegedly fake cardboard play that she drew. Seem she left LP inspection sticker and that tipped off an officer. All right CRTs. Yes. Well apparently is pretty good. Just not complete that was the thing that you're following what is it two or three car lengths back yes you're supposed to be doing yeah. Yes get a little closer. I don't know what happened -- her reins while -- point warping and all other bad stuff that happens with cardboard. -- I think -- six minutes out front of the hour on the Wall Street Journal this morning. Because of -- employers may be reluctant to hire because the economy is still on shaky ground they also may feel there's a skills gap. But one -- -- certainly get rejected for a job. Is to -- the show up. For an interview a British company called aspire. Has surveyed clients to create a list of the more memorable excuses that hiring managers have heard for people missing interviews one interviewee said. They were unable to keep unemployment because it was raining. In London the city known for its -- Other excuses one applicant said he lost his iPhone yet emailed the excuse to the hiring manager from said iPhone. There was a laptop computer that exploded in the middle of the night and left its owner too traumatized for job interview food poisoning from a bad batch of muscles. And a mishap involving apricot jam. That affected a potential new hire who feared they would quote not feel this confidence in my other close. For -- Cervetti I'm Gordon Deal thanks for listening to the Wall Street Journal this morning. For most of you the desire to learn didn't stop after college that's the motivation behind the great courses. The great courses features engaging and informative audio and video lectures from some of the top professors and experts in their fields. Lectures like understanding investments by Connell fallen camp financial economics professor at Duke University. This course hopes to broaden and deepen the knowledge of more experienced investors while introducing the fundamentals of investing to those new to the subject. The great courses has been a leader in learning for more than twenty years of over 500 courses on many subjects. Including science mathematics history art music and more. And now you can listen to world watched lectures with online downloads and streaming via the great courses -- or on dvd or CD all what your own pace and no exams. And the great courses has a special offer for Wall Street Journal listeners. Or understanding investments and get 80% off the original price. This 80% savings is available for a limited time only don't wait go to the great courses dot com slash WSJ. That's the great courses dot com slash WSJ.

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