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Steve & Ted in the Morning 09/03/14 Hr 2

Sep 4, 2014|

Guest: Former State Senator Dick Kelsey

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is -- station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news. Thirteen thirty KM SS Wichita is number one in the news talk and weather station depend on. Good morning 7 o'clock this -- decay -- -- this morning news is Steven dead thanks Steve Macintosh. Security breach affects -- bloody good -- stories in Kansas that story coming up. The triple homicide in Kansas City, Missouri I'm Ted Woodward will have those details. Behind him O'Neal and golf hero city -- remain on the have gas prices bottomed out dynamics down ABC news of latest crises coming out Justin Bieber. Arrested on ABC's David well -- I'll tell you why coming up. Dry and breezy and hot today in which -- -- first alert meteorologist Brian while we'll talk about that I kept her coming up. A security breach affected at least -- goodwill stores across Kansas a charity confirms a customer payment card processor was attacked by a mile -- there. And customer information was exposed goodwill has stopped using that vendor and is working with federal authorities on an investigation. The breach affected six goodwill stores in Wichita plus stores and and -- derby. Alfredo Hutchinson and may -- between February 10 2013 and August 14 2014. Kansas City, Missouri police say three adults have been shot to death and two others critically wounded in a residential neighborhood in -- southern part of the city. The shootings occurred Tuesday afternoon. Officers found one person dead and two wounded at a home then discovered two others dead at a nearby residents no one was in custody. A pair of bell continues to elude capture by animal control but trio of Celtics -- -- -- west Wichita on Labor Day. Prompting several calls to 911. Unfortunately one of the animals was sought by troopers to prevent it from becoming a traffic hazard -- Kellogg tonight to 35. Police lieutenant Steve -- with animal control tells -- news chasing down elk in the city is not that unusual. -- -- when -- when usually Hamels will get a crocodile or go to something like -- occasionally but it's not the norm. -- cemeteries says according to city of Wichita code an animal like -- -- can be raised within the city limits as long as the -- pay is a 100 dollar permit. Improvise a one acre per animal. The two remaining -- are still at large. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty -- and assess police say they have no suspects after a man was shot Monday near McDonald golf course in northeast Wichita. The vehicles traveling westbound an inside lane toward an intersection of thirteenth investor. Way so great to be pulled alongside the vehicle. And part part six shots -- the driver. At least four times. Police lieutenant James Espinoza says the driver a 25 year old man was hospitalized in serious condition with gunshot wounds to his legs. A spokesman for American journalist -- so lost parents say they are privately grieving the death of their son. A new video appears to show his execution at the hands of the crisis terror group. US officials say Stephen -- -- never had a chance. Once the 31 year old American journalist was in the hands of the brutal crisis group I -- -- The emotional plea for his life from his mother surely. Clearly had no impact on her son's killers. As a mother I -- it just has to be merciful enough punishment -- from matters he has no control over. -- said he killed -- off because of president Obama's decision to continue at the US bombing in a crisis targets in Iraq Brian Ross ABC news New York. President Obama has arrived in the Baltic country of Estonia first stop of a European trip facing serious challenges. Landing just as dawn was breaking through high clouds President Obama prepared to face European debate over how to stand up to Russia's incursions across its border. And how to beat back the terrorist menace of crisis. While in route here to Estonia. President Obama ordered another 350. US troops into Iraq to protect Americans in Baghdad. The statement stresses they are not to engage in combat. And Compton ABC news with the president in talent Estonia. If we hit the bottom of lowering gas prices some areas are seeing prices -- back up after weeks of falling prices the Energy Department reports nationwide -- cost of regular on my babies out about a half a penny in the past week did 346. -- gallon but prices are not increasing everywhere. Along the Gulf Coast prices have dropped two more -- stay at 322 per gallon the cheapest anywhere in the country. California continues to have the most expensive gas but its average prices coming down as well now at 380 for a gallon. Alex -- ABC news. -- four now 4 minutes past 7 o'clock. The playoffs begin tonight for the Wichita -- baseball team we'll have a preview coming up sports. Justin Bieber is another run ins with the law. That's story all the way on -- -- this morning news was -- dead. Are you or someone you love struggling to hear. Turning up the TV louder and louder or not hearing in crowds. -- 75 years -- hearing aids has been an innovator in the hearing industry. We have -- convenient locations in east Wichita west Wichita and derby and Hutchinson. We offer free hearing evaluations and pride ourselves and helping the world hear better. No man's. The man marine. Conan. So wrong. And now the mutual -- storm presents investing -- unbiased straightforward financial tips and advice from Randy Smith designed to help put your life's work to work. Looks like your 834 FaceBook friends are making you miserable there's a new study that claims the more you use FaceBook the end happier you may become. And why. As others highlights reels making your life feel boring by comparison. 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He got to do right figure out how much you actually need for retirement and make that your goal and use that for comparisons. -- comparisons to benchmarks and savings stats are not going to help you reach your retirement goals goals or things like college savings retirement income. Goals are not beating the S&P 500 or having more than your neighbor. Why your attic get off FaceBook it's time to make your own highlights real. Any happier yet signing any Smith. And that's investing cents. For more investing tips or anything you need a second financial opinions on. Call Scott Alford -- 3162605200. Or go to mutual -- -- dot com. Arcade weather reports or fashion advice that I know whether you put on a -- you decide. News radio thirteenth defeat KN SS. Good morning gave us this morning news misty was at 707 now still 73 degrees. Democratic challenger Paul Davis predicts that funding for Kansas public schools will be cut -- Republican governor Sam Brownback wins reelection but. Davis is not outlining a specific education plan. The Brownback spokesman says Davis is distorting the governor's record while offering no specifics. League of Women Voters chapters are trying to contact about 20000 Kansas whose registrations are stalled because of problems proving their citizenship. League of Women Voters of Kansas president Delores Furtado says the chapters are using various methods to help local election commissioners reach people whose registrations are not complete. Yes what Justin Bieber is in trouble with the law the again Justin Bieber was arrested Friday after being involved in a vehicular accident in Ontario Canada according to Perth county Ontario police -- officers arrived at the scene of a crash between a minivan and an all terrain vehicle and found that occupant of the minivan and the driver of the eighteen feet. Engage in a physical altercation. He was arrested and charged with dangerous driving and assault according to -- lawyer the singer was on a peaceful retreat with Selena Gomez which was disrupted by paparazzi. Beavers due in court on September 29. David last dean ABC news. Both sides of the minimum wage debate are playing out in one the mall. One California mall two different minimum wages that's because the Westfield valley fair mall straddles two cities. Employees working on the Santa Clara and to make nine dollars an hour those on the San -- -- 1015 an hour when we offer viewers out there tide -- -- we have -- job but that is I'm not sure palace manager Juan Luna says he's also lost employees who have left to find work just a few doors down. Brady hit ABC news. On 9:9 minutes past 7 o'clock that day and as a sporting news -- dead. We've got to traffic accident this is in -- city of -- kind of the north side of May's 45 street north that area. The fairly close to 1896 is what we're looking at long branch circle 800 block of long -- circle. At a traffic accident there this morning gasoline prices going up ten cents a gallon we're starting to see 325. Here in Wichita and Kate and as as -- potential jet chambers says they look at that -- for solar forecast now with meteorologist. -- well good morning frank good morning Steve we're starting things off dry here which stopped bright as well as we get into the afternoon. Lots of sunshine on the way we'll see a high near 94. You're also going to notice some wind today out of the south ten to twenty fives and gas -- -- thirty miles per hour. Overnight tonight we're mostly starring in dry -- dropped to seven before warmer tomorrow high near 96 degrees lots of sunshine. Relief on the way for Friday though a high near 86 with a chance for showers and storms. Right now 73 degrees that south wind already thirteen. Washington news last night -- it is doesn't forecast for the next few days. Cool and off quite a bit 01 on Friday and Saturday -- answer. Yeah on Saturday and Sunday we're gonna see highs in the upper seventies and low eighty. Chances -- rain on Saturday Sunday right now looks dry but seventies and eighties that's gonna feel like we're. All is going to be one of those is nice autumn types of gentle rain are we gonna have Armageddon again with you know other -- and the tornadoes and everybody thanks. You know what right now it's something we're gonna watch closely. On Friday a few of those storms may be borderline strong. You're not expecting a widespread severe weather outbreak but even like yesterday's storms you know it doesn't take much to pop up warning. Okay thank you. Meteorologist frank -- -- first heard forecast you know autumn is a beautiful time of the year his mother nature transitions from warmer weather to cooler. The professionals at -- heating and air conditioning are standing by. Ready to inspector air conditioner and furnace or you could be ready for anything that climate attached to offer. Train he's offering rebates and good financing you know it's hard to stop the train. Call Hannah heating and air conditioning and independent -- dealer channel eleven now. Stephen do in the morning news radio thirteen thirty K in SS rose hill police. Brazil rules committee just -- southeast of which about police there say they're investigating three. Suspended high school athletes who allegedly urinated on another student at a party. Police chief Bob sage tells -- WCA channel twelve that the three rose hill high school football players and one baseball player were drinking -- an off campus party when the alleged battery occurred. History of the students urinated on the fourth the incident was recorded with a cell phone. Rose -- athletic director and Jim Leinart says. The football players will mr. season opener on Friday the baseball player will miss his first game in March because they were drinking while under age. Authorities have not police other information about the students no charges have been filed sage says he plans to turn the case over. The district attorney next week I have a feeling -- just its a just a feeling. That these three young men are going to face more than a one day one game suspension. From playing football or baseball. That's not. Not a good deal. If that's true and give god and himself on three students and running urinate on a fourth two months. That's that's about as bad and as it is that is some ugly ugly behavior. And you know analyst. And don't judge -- kids before the -- jury still out the -- If they're guilty. Wire even this big even in school they may would have to go to jail putts sorry. That's a great life works terrible like listen to learn that if that's the case are right we are having. Like seeking an SS Lister and we're giving -- a two night stay at prairie band casino and resort in Topeka. Andrew from -- and breakfast lunch dinner for two both days two rounds of golf and fire -- golf course that if you like to go we're gonna qualify somebody here in just a few minutes ha. And the qualifier then -- -- have five qualifiers on September 5 Friday. Will draw from the qualifier to win the prairie band vacation package very nice qualifiers will be 25 dollars and prairie cash. And we're gonna throw in dinner for two at -- don't call now somebody over the years but don't call now. Because we're not gonna do it now I'm just telling you it's kinda -- chemist and AT and sentenced to ease -- as it is. Coming up now we been talking about of it was off the air during a commercial break. I don't know I was thinking a little bit about this. Defected my next door neighbor a -- in her yard last evening up the plot was coming because it out of coming down right now you know how terrible those things yes I do and -- they're ugly and we're thinking maybe of the reality show about plumbers should be good. But he is Clinton are already is Iran -- well. And get the name Fordham -- -- to get the name Ford called pipes. If you -- already thought these people policy on the N Yahoo! ID any school you go on these people's homes and you can you find out do you -- all the cluttered all of the -- and -- that. You know that this the hoarding stuff follower place you can see that the problem itself. And and how they deal with it that's the saga about a Palmer wrote the but I think -- or Ruder. -- came out several years ago my house tonight that they told me that the other -- some other farmer told -- this guy's a legend I don't remember his name -- -- all the baggage that in the -- hall of fame and get accurate and everything is tall guy kind of like you look at guy. He kind of remind you a little bit of the same shippers and you know try to slow him and that -- -- and that's no big deal you know she was -- really good unplugging a pipe. -- he's out there immune to the roots uttering that it river's name and he's like. The legend in the plumbing business I thought maybe -- reality show about plumbers I don't have -- firsthand knowledge but I wouldn't be surprised already has one what do you think about DIY network are the home network and computer something good about unsung we get to encourage lenders all those -- these are unsung heroes is the guys who deal with it dated -- -- I think the big money. Well they deal all the all the stuff that we don't deal with right. And he's having money they get -- unsung heroes at need to be. Given their -- right. If you go one step further and -- naked plumbing tube and -- that would work at all she said given their due to human Dili. It's okay. Even the dude just -- to our finest place that I just did not know I'm not making fun of Clark and not I can't do that work. And I'm excited every time I have a problem I think god that our they are less auto he college gladly answer the phone we've got a call. And clot busters Sarah. Ego Dario and and guys are old Saul who get ray Parker junior to two million -- theme song to your little reality show there. Pipes. Is Wednesday September so many great ideas and I sit here and got -- you got built in sponsors ready to go Alley yes here we sit here we don't make any money with these ideas what is set -- thus the tragedy and a who the ideas stop wisdom comes it actually doing something with that requires effort. Today is Wednesday September 3 on this date in 1939 Britain France Australia and New Zealand to. Declare war on Germany two days after the Nazi invasion of Poland in a radio address. Britain's king George the -- -- with God's help we shall prevail. At that point I understand France had a pretty good size army had to endorse. Didn't know how good these Germans work but France critics you know upper pretty quickly there. The and they -- it -- start of World War II there to be another two and a half years before the US centers for war. Today's birthdays Beetle -- cartoonist Mort -- 91 year -- walker. Beetle Bailey it was it was a GI and and a soldier -- and he puts it. Was it -- -- as it was can't all be one that would be yes in general have. -- characters general half track and his wife what was his sergeants and I can remember -- -- Denton where she got the sarge aren't yet RG now -- that are. And the secretary. Should back up a because -- some is that OJ yeah Mort Walker 91. Rock singer musician Al Jardine 72 years old today the -- saw prices and a pretty good group right there. -- trying 71 years old today Oscar nomination for -- in 1974. Feel about Lenny Bruce. You've also -- Superman in Superman two she was what looked like -- or assistant followers though well the lady lady friend -- mr. -- Charlie Sheen 49 years old and a Two and a Half Men need to -- Hot shots Wall Street did was he in Major League would -- you know pitcher now wild thing wild thing yeah and speaking of wild things. Our manager Jacqui allies have -- -- today at all here at dinnertime well should be better but brave -- did. Thirteen there's a nice ten year given airline to charge. Fortunately the home office to has no idea who she is or what she does so -- that that's not correct yourself here's the high profile below the radar screen there but does she's survived all these must have probably temp us down keep us. Were you does she said a birthday -- happy birthday to hitter comes to but we can make the cluster manager. When there's more sensations that once a cluster them right they called it in the business are gonna cluster manager will go with that. Other people called clusters something else the hazards of the -- valuations are of rough going. What if this is the kind of conversations you -- I -- I know I'm completely incoherent 719 now Stephen dead. Divers portrait debt -- we've got to -- to -- ducks are into the playoffs the postseason overtime to get to the post season after record breaking right. -- season the wing nuts are now ready for the playoffs the American Association playoffs begin tonight. The semi finals game one of the best of five series the Wichita wing nuts are in Laredo Texas take on the levers. At 730 tonight which he taught. Best of believers -- fifteen games atop the south division this season. Wichita won six of the seven meetings in Laredo against the lemurs this season Wichita. Just I'm on an unbelievable stretch here down the finals for a few weeks of the season. Winning nine in a row and seventeen of their last eighteen going into the playoffs the wing nuts game one tonight 730 done Laredo Texas. Major League Baseball the first place Kansas City Royals beat the bottom team in the big leagues the Texas Rangers 21 up in Kansas City last night. Salvador Perez driving in the game winning run for the royals -- the bottom of the eighth inning Casey wins so does Detroit. The royals maintain a half game lead over the tigers atop the American League central division which is 25 games to go. Next up the royals hosting the Rangers again tonight you can listen to a live this evening on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 97 -- them. Happy birthday today to former Wichita State pitcher and Major League pitcher Nate Robertson -- celebrating his 37 birthday today of course part of the ownership group of the Wichita wing nuts. And the Gregg Marshall coaching tree grows up another branch in college men's basketball. Clemson assistant coach Earl grant named head coach yesterday at the College of Charleston. Congratulations good guy Earl grant now head coach in his own right. Sports brought to you by the newly remodeled bull's -- shooting range where they know and use the guns they sell. Go to bull's eye Wichita dot com be safe she would say -- -- like shooting range at 1455. North. -- at yesterday's high temperature in -- was 88 to create normal high is. 88. The records that were just ride on the left side record high for that date 182. That was set back in 2000 you know we had a pretty hot run there in Orleans laid out -- -- -- Sina. Hurry good percent to 721 given your Rush Limbaugh morning update our mayor is bullied in California. For suggesting that others stand up to bullies -- have a public story coming up traffic weather on the way Stephen dead news radio thirteen thirty K in a sense. Margie in weather reports or fashion advice whether that's Andy's -- not a grass. You decide neutrino. The name of the game has changed in new -- in red -- Oklahoma first council paradise and -- two public casinos are now seven clans casinos. Together seven clans casinos offers nearly 2000. 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Patients come from all over Kansas to Cambridge family dentistry in which it's the. They had manner. And one day I was in was fifty implant. And how the same day taking pictures of much -- from -- cell phone and send them golfer. Actually that it cost in retrospect. I would pay double for how much damage is done. Find out more -- -- make Cambridge family dentist downtown or call 31635011100. -- 31635011100. You waited long enough at Cambridge Stanley dentistry you have something to smile about. This southern border issue he's never at a loss for words we hadn't. Never seen anything like this -- rarely devoid of opinion on almost anything except -- Castro and his prisons because the other and I -- Jimmy Carter said well except anyone anywhere remarkable. This car there was an incompetent boob who made a mistake weekday evenings from five until it's Obama isn't -- Video why this is part of his agenda. Radio thirteen thirty. SS. Kevin Tony 5 teams in the morning news radio thirteen thirty KE NS says former state senator Dick Kelsey of Goddard it. Has some pretty strong thoughts about. Governor Brownback. That he's written a letter to the -- -- setting out to -- we're gonna talk with it. Mr. Kelsey here in just couple moments was Steven did find out someone of those -- find out what he's saying. About our governor who who Kelsey supports. In the election coming up. In traffic this morning we're noticing that the gasoline prices are going up -- about ten cents a gallon. Up over what we received yesterday so 325. This morning we've also got a traffic accidents in the city of Mae east and north part of the city of -- pretty 1496. The residential area there in taking an SS traffic central I'm -- chambers sunny breezy hot today high around 94 degrees south wind ten to 25 miles per hour. Now partly cloudy and 73. Degrees. The autumn leaves and may soon be falling but here in Kansas that doesn't necessarily being cooler temperatures right away David Welch. Of -- heating and air tells us this is a good time for an air conditioner and furnace checked out. With an EC professional if you need a new system American standard is offering great rebates and financing. Contact Welch's heating and air an independent American standard dealers. 747 -- -- games coming up on the half hour with Stevens did Cedric county zoo elephants. Need a roommate. The -- Heather -- California found itself in the new. Who is after mayor Cameron Hamilton refused to -- the politically correct line during a City Council meeting. The agenda. Innings somebody proposed creating a series of safe zones around council bullied kids. Could find shelter from their tormentors. They are Hamilton heard enough. I'm against bullying east but I'm getting damn tired of it being used as a month for for everything. And the ills of the world most people does that appear and stick for the -- sales. While that sparked outreach councilwoman Virginia -- all played the gender card. It's harder just grow a pair when you're a ten year old girl she complains. Next the gay card Melissa McMurray from a group called gave -- bill. Says she felt attacked. -- -- -- songs are intended for young gay students might feelings were really hurt and it was essentially shocked. Because it it kind of felt like a little bit about witch hunt said ms. feelings hurt activist. The idea that people should stand up to bullies and conquer their own fears been around since bullies first walked the -- likewise the idea that some people should. Well here but if you say anything these intolerant lives don't like you'll find yourself bullied. Until you apologize or you know reputations destroyed. There's no safe zones or targets on the left except. -- He doesn't end there Julian rush to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So they called co leader insurance services they were able to get 25000 dollars a whole life insurance with guaranteed acceptance for people ages forty to -- there were no medical exams new health questions and you also can't be turned down for preexisting conditions help protect your loved ones from the burden of final expenses like credit card -- medical bills and funeral expenses call completed to speak with a licensed insurance agent today. Call 802290928. That's 802290928802290928. This is -- distinction which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news. Thirteen thirty KM SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning 730 -- -- Steve back in time instead put words 73 degrees now looking for a high today of ninety four's and 73 now for the past couple of hours. Here in Wichita. The future is uncertain for too long time residents of the Sedgwick county zoo elephants -- and Stephanie. New guidelines from the association of zoos and the Koreans call for at least three elephants by September 2016. If the -- is to keep its accreditation. Research shows elephants are very social and an elephant needs at least two other elephants to live with while in captivity. A new enclosure will cost an estimated ten and a half million dollars. The -- supporters have pledged about four point three million -- -- is requesting five point three million dollars. From Cedric county. Take a look at the case for -- forecast now with meteorologist Frank -- frank. Good morning Steve we are dry and -- here in which at times we get in the afternoon lots of sunshine south wind. About ten to 25 miles per hour could see some gusts topping thirty that's gonna push our high up to 94 degrees of decorated sweated out this afternoon. Overnight tonight we dropped to seven before for -- Thursday. Mostly sunny hot again a high near 96. We got a cold front working across this state as we approach the weekend that's gonna rain chance for showers and storms Friday and Saturday also cooled down in the works. 86 on Friday 79. On Saturday. Right now 73 degrees south wind -- their. -- until we know what's coming up this weekend the possibility of a little moisture so we've got to kind of play and we're going to. -- -- to take care -- sorted -- plan when you -- unfortunately the best days to Mueller also the hottest days this week now you know you might chance and on Friday and try to get it in -- thanks frank meteorologist frank wall with the. Police are looking for a suspect after a 48 year old woman says she was attacked by her boyfriend. Lieutenant James Espinoza says there were multiple crime scenes including a location near Lincoln and it's more in southeast Wichita. Got to a domestic argument worker or friend. Male suspect. Had -- the one time and -- if you're transported to the your location where you pull on my -- Police are looking for the woman's 33 year old boyfriend. Kansas is receiving nearly 350000. Dollars in federal grants to help schools serve healthier meals and snacks but Kansas Department of Education says it will use the money from the US Department of Agriculture to provide training. The state -- also takes steps to increase participation in the school breakfast program. And used gardening as a way to entice students to be different fruits and vegetables. Schools will also be able to apply for money to offer staff wellness programs and cooking tasting and activities in the classroom. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty -- SS. Survey of Kansas Highway Patrol workers found a high degree of loyalty to the agency. But strong frustration with management. The study was prompted by complaints of -- morale nearly 70% of those surveyed said they felt loyalty to the patrol. But more than two thirds said they didn't believe the agency's management consistently enforced disciplinary procedures. Can -- national news time 733. President Obama. Imagine the agony felt by the family of American journalist Steve Stevens -- laugh ABC news White House correspondent and Compton's traveling with the president in Estonia and asked him now that two Americans have been beheaded by ice has militants. Is there a strategy. A week ago President Obama said he didn't have a strategy yet to expand the military push against nicest here in Estonia he declared the US will do great and destroy I says but then seemed to ahead. They. Ongoing. Threat to the region he moves on to a NATO summit in Wales where prime minister Cameron has declared crisis and imminent threat to all Europe's centrists and Compton ABC news with the president in Tallinn Estonia and. -- in this morning about a possible cease fire in eastern Ukraine that country's president porous Shiancoe -- there was one -- said no. Home Depot says it's investigating a possible credit card breached drugstore chain CVS to stop selling cigarettes as of today Scott Goldberg ABC news. 7:34 -- in the morning news radio thirteen thirty KM SS 73 degrees state Macintosh Ted Woodward. A former state senator Dick Kelsey from Goddard has offered they've letter to the editor as it were Tora publication around -- can -- in did it begins with a line it is with great sadness that I have concluded that I cannot support the reelection of governor Sam Brownback. When -- this morning it says some other things in -- wanna cash out some of the things that they can't sustain it mr. Kelsey is with us this morning Boris there. Why am I where you might conclude that you are no longer a conservative and no longer Republicans and well. No you're not. There. I am a Republican state Republican. Conservative straighter -- Don't you have written this -- that are inundated it's pretty strong and he's pretty strong letter. You are not going to support Brownback reelection why are what are your reasons for the answer. Or very simply unit can I make this statement in the first sentence. I believe that a good group of people. Are willing to say anything to do anything. Or destroy any person in order to achieve their personal agenda. Then that group whether Republican or Democrat. Does not belong in power. And unfortunately the governor has -- around here. People who are willing to do exactly that and done for the last four year. What happened we knew ran for four election reelection here -- -- a few months ago what happened to you. Well two years ago two years ago yet two years ago. Thirteen days before the before the them. Primary -- had a twenty point lead according to a professional poll that we had taken. And they spent 200000. Dollars. -- don't care recession nation and to worry you because. I was always going to speak -- you know that -- is that when your show many tribes. And when something wasn't right I would say certainly didn't matter party. And and they spent. Fact people -- all the time when your station's right to -- refute. The outright lies distortions and and to. Terrible things that they were saying about him I believe careful what -- about you know wouldn't look ludicrous. But I the point is. I believe that we need balanced government. I believe that -- papers which would bring that to the table because. You know you nobody up there Alice -- willing to ask any tough questions. Of the administration. Because they species mining is an example. And and then. And that's not good for government. You know and everybody has all -- nobody Albion church. Well I you -- you over the years is is just a few years that I've known him addicted to your you are -- really pretty conservative guy but you also. -- pretty practical as well and your approach to to life and into politics. Right now want things to work I want things to work for it's I mean they've essentially due. Destroyed that -- -- justice system and teaching that right there and should be and the theory here and should be candid with the shutting notes that travails and are actually other -- -- -- close to well. Around the state in other words there's new. Waiting out take care of kids properly -- getting in trouble with the law and unfortunately we're always gonna have is in control of the all of us were used to. And we need to hopeful but we're not. And and that's just one example we can't -- thing. The tax issue as it is to ask you that basically our state is broke. And that was all -- -- under this strong arm can't speak. That they used and and under false pretense. You know and those who polish you're going to other jobs observers might say Dick did this this is just sour grapes because you didn't win reelection what would you say that chair. Well I think -- you know great conserving makes. Adam. Playing. We have long since moved on what works and I have good sites -- -- were doing well. And and where I still I have three kids live in mysterious experience it's. I want good things to have -- -- chances. And it's not going to have that we have four more years of the kind of government we had last week yours. All right you send out your kind of resilience is an op Ed piece I guess seuss' some publications have you gotten anybody to say they're gonna put it in for entering think that that. -- I think they're going to be quite a few. That our party got quite a few calls of the KGB last night. And yes I think it'll get a little attention interactive -- that -- The point they can say anything and we know that they will I mean we know they'll do any kind of scorching the people that. -- they can and unfortunately all papers is going to this year. And because that's -- style politics that they brought to Kansas which is very very destructive. As they destroy -- I'm just just nothing compared to a lot of the people that they destroyed. And it's pretty. Just use these kind of campaign tactics since you have -- -- -- work in Washington they don't belong. Aren't -- I want to thank you for your time this morning is always you beat your refreshing in the -- speak your mind you need to let the chips fall with a ready made a well that's -- worst match. True Richard. Let -- America aren't things for Davis Dick repression answer. And by the way we always have been we have an open invitation to Governor Brown backing me on the there was anytime he wants just about a week. You know we'll all scheduling mini timeless be on the air and and talk about these things so it just to tell you that is. Former state senator from Goddard. Dick Kelsey. Who -- talk about the fact that he and she's a Republican instabilities -- conservative but he's going to -- endorsed the Democrat candidates. For governor Paul Davis it's 740 now with Stephen to add and -- giving one lucky Genesis listener a two night stay at prairie band to see you know and resorted to speak. We're gonna throw -- breakfast lunch and dinner for two both days two rounds of golf at fire keepers golf course. If you'd like to go. I'm looking for color number four right now at 43613. Thirty to qualify. Will draw the winner on Friday from all the qualifiers. And the qualifier today will win 25 dollars and carry cash and dinner for two and Freddy's. So called out for 3613 thirty K and assets are four or 4613 thirty if you would like to qualify. For the prairie band vacation package. 741 ST. And dead in coming up. We've got to -- one -- the would stop business journal update tracking which draws exports to realize which dog has. Quite it's quite a business that exports. And you talk about that would bill Lloyd coming up -- traffic weather on the way Steve intended news radio thirteen thirty K in SS. Our team weather reports or fashion advice and you know it's aware and know how to quit or did you decide -- He's radio thirteen thirty CNN assess. Consider this Davis more Lincoln has made a big move to Kellogg and we went and we opened a whole new door to -- -- which itself. Considered kids we've redefined what it means to shop -- -- luxury vehicles delivering power against the free spirit and American made lecturing at its finest. Right now we have a secret selection of Lincoln vehicles available to the perfect time to drive wanes style consider this vacant fuel efficient in -- decent game. 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That's 180021877771802187777. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Traffic on news radio at thirteen thirty can SS is brought to you by Davis more. Decision with the transfer of these detainees -- Guantanamo Bay the noise makers of the day. I stand by. -- Rush Limbaugh with the perspective to cut through. We appreciate you staying at her goal was Eagles call feet got the news at the top and bottom of the hour have you heard. And ride the rush bus that is -- hate being a role for five -- well. Eagle -- Rush Limbaugh we did. Two left on news radio thirteen thirty KM SS. 7:46 Stevenson in the morning we have our qualifier for the -- -- vacation package and eleven other qualifier tomorrow on the drawing. On Friday so who keep listings coming up McCain is as boring you missed even Ted top of the hour 8 o'clock. One of the big stories we're following. Apparently coupled -- -- still on the run did you northwest Wichita. -- right now in traffic just city of -- we've had a injury traffic accident long branch circled. In -- north maes pretty close to 18961. Person sent to the hospital there eastbound Kellogg had I won 35. Vehicle on fire content area so slowing down traffic just a little bit there called a hot car -- that threading can assist traffic central pundit chambers. Sunny breezy hot today a high around 94 degrees look for ourselves we -- ten to 25 miles per hour Hodding Carter still -- 96 before cooling off of it -- 7:47 Stevens on the morning news radio thirteen thirty -- and -- President Obama has landed it. In Europe where he is trying to deal with some of the problems going on there with Russia and those and and Ukraine and those nations and he -- -- news coverage of the day instead of things it. Really I don't know if he would wouldn't wanna take some of them back or not -- this morning. With a -- Fox News commentator tot start junior taught every morning at 630 was Stephen did Todd. You know as Susan what are those things where I think a couple of those things that the president's that he might wanna rethink what do you think. Yeah -- you know I'm not a professional. In the in the world of psychology but that doesn't just sit right with our president Steve. The president and Estonia this morning just a little while ago. All the press conference and it was just remarkable because it. And that the middle of the press conference he backtracked. On on what he said. He came out of the gate and up personally cracked and Obama cared joke. About the web site. And that he finally got around to talking about the latest journalist who's going to be headed. And he talked about so wanting to do great and destroy Aaliyah crisis. -- he backtracked. On that. And basically said that they wanted to contain them. So it I mean this is just really mind boggling that we have a president of the United States. Who doesn't seem to understand. That we are at war. Whether or not he thinks we are is irrelevant at this point we've got people that are out there beheading Americans. And the thing -- and this is Canada I don't want to -- anybody take this wrong but if they've run out of hostages and don't we have kind of a freer -- to. Just bomb into the stone age where we find him I think that's. What we need to do. I mean I hate to say it but I I don't see a happy outcome of the war the for the for the hostages they have appeared what percent they're using those hostages to send a message to our president. And he's not taken up the voting get it. Last night good buddy of mine Phil Robertson was on Hannity. And Phil said this he says if those he says they either died and they either need to be converted or you gotta tell. Talk about these Muslim terrorist. Because these are bad -- until Robertson said that if there anchor for a gun fight that he's ready for gunfights. We need that kind of language coming out of the -- of our president. Well -- that's certainly but I'm not sure what the point is except today there's apparently they got one guy there who really likes to cut people's heads up and saying guy guess twice now. Andy -- real time identified and you know the Jim -- again -- I did I just -- I mean who after these guys and and not include a and do it real tough I think you're right Todd. We utilized Steve I hear from a lot of -- from Wichita on her FaceBook page and page and we we talked about that we talked about this last night in. People are just really fired up you know they they want to do something Republicans and Democrats we understand this is not a political issue here and the bigger concern I have is. What happens when -- -- happening in this country we know they are here. We we know they've been radicalized. And it's just a matter of time before they start going after us on our sort. Will not be re always keep our fingers crossed and hope that this thing it'll turn out for the best but it's a tough world over there and Middle East and those are tough people. Plus we've got the Russian thing and don't know what to moves up to these banks basically destroying his own country but it didn't -- guessed that. You know yeah that is -- -- You know why should don't -- he's out there you know it's rather big prayers and wildlife while our president you know riding his bicycle in mom jeans you know tools that is so history. We got all these problems to apply the way to do this or is if you if you -- stickers that. Problem let me instilled that we can. It brought out there and that we can't find -- they're they're hiding in the bushes somewhere in north west Wichita so. -- He could see DL those alters the here at the -- -- yesterday -- where this fox yesterday Fox News commentator Todd signed we have more live Wednesday and every morning at 630 there's commentary can be heard right here -- news radio thirteen thirty. K and assess with Steven dead now 7:52. -- -- the morning and we're talking about exports Wichita as exports. With editor bill -- of the Wichita business journal good morning bill. Well the story is that exports are important to the Wichita and Kansas economies the Wichita metro area shipped about three point eight billion dollars in goods to other countries last year. That's down from four point three billion dollars and 2012. The peak in recent years was six point eight billion dollars in 2008. Right before the Great Recession. Aviation accounted for about 38% of our ports in 20:13 good morning bill. Being here we are up I shall take -- -- -- I think I'll take -- Cross first bank has launched a new division titles -- the energy sector the bank announced the formation of the new unit Tuesday. Chris -- -- has been named president managing partner for the news division being called energy bank. Cross first is based in Cleveland and KC metro area but as a branch in Wichita. It's the thirteenth lap. Traffic is down a bit which it does mid continent airport airport authority saying the number of passengers in Dubai. Dropped to about 145000. That's down two point 8% year year that he -- comes after a slight increase in June. Before that there were six consecutive months of year over year gains numbers are still up you're today. About four point 3%. Local breaking business news everyday on candid assessment which is obvious mr. dot com for the what did Bob does -- I'm -- role. Billed as the big day and in intercom broadcasting here in Wichita are general manager -- wise is he's having a birthday today and I know you've met Jackie. You know -- right. Absolutely Jack and I serve on the yet Elliott school of communications board that stops them university. Happy birthday to me is why yes and she's been a very very capable manager for several years I've donors since wealth and she resumed. Pig tails in grade school frankly -- it. But you know she's she is one of those people kind of management. I icon here in the in the area. In broadcasting she's got some some great ideas of what Vermont it was by the way this is her chief motto is hire people who'll work hard and you don't have to. That's one of her Mario. That's a Smart man and he's trying to bear your motto don't admit you betcha and she sees she always cells resist my idea of a team effort is what everyone is in doing exactly what I want. That your team director at the US where that's a level five leader out there saying that Ebert dated Jackie today. She is says still younger than that I am self. Absent that that thanks how are we all got two of but you checking back with you about one hour from now -- Coming up the -- this morning news Christine Internet security breach affects twenty Kansas goodwill store. It's going. In the news and news and info you need. -- -- -- It's time for the -- sport summary brought to you by delta dental. -- monster redshirt sophomore look they're -- from Springfield Missouri was named the all tournament team at Kentucky's bluegrass battle volleyball tournament over the weekend. Monster board member of the Israeli conference all freshman team a year ago averaged three point 826%. In W -- first three matches this season. Capping it off by recording 26 -- in the shoppers come from behind five set win over Butler. The 26 digs in five sets we just shot a -- career high of thirty days in a four set match against Bradley last season. Must tremendous suckers had to San Marcos Texas today with a play four matches in Texas State's delta Zeta tournament. Beginning with a match against Baylor the big 12 tomorrow evening at 5 o'clock. This has been the -- sports summary drunk do you buy delta dental. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I called knowing that I wouldn't be able to use sell my house for six months the first for -- and he was a representative from such -- -- curbing -- he was very well prepared I felt that he really had done his homework and -- the market knew what I was trying to do and had a very realistic understanding of what -- may be able to get from my home they came out and did a professional video out of my home and I had a truly beautiful home I was. 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You only to yourself and your relationship to learn more about the advantages of proton therapy -- -- procured dot com or call 8888472640. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Your wits and I don't tell me you're -- I'm really are they get frustrated. Join the club it's a place you will never reach when you listen to rush I mean I've had. It's a total yards graduate and I didn't. Kinda makes sense of of -- -- most frustrating things you can engage weekdays from eleven until 2000. My job -- very complex understandable that everyone use radio thirteen thirty -- and -- Is -- station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news. Thirteen thirty KN SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning 8 o'clock -- came into this morning. Use. A triple homicide in Kansas City, Missouri I'm -- -- will have those details. I'm Dan O'Neill. Author of city -- remain on the -- Have gas prices bottomed out and Alex Downey ABC news the latest crises coming out. Justin Bieber arrested on ABC's David well Steve I'll tell you why coming up. Dry and breezy and hot today at which time paper Wheeler meteorologist right well we'll thought about that I am here coming up. A security breach affected at least twenty goodwill stores across Kansas a charity confirms. A customer payment card processor was attacked by mall where and the customer information was exposed to. Goodwill has stopped using that vendor and is working with federal authorities on an investigation. The breach affected six goodwill stores in Wichita plus stores and and over derby -- read -- Hutchinson and may ease. Between February 10 -- funny thirteenth and August 14 24 team. Kansas City, Missouri police say three adults have been shot to death and two others critically wounded in a residential neighborhood in the southern part of the city. Shootings occurred yesterday afternoon. Officers found one person dead and two wounded at a home and then discovered two others dead at a nearby residents no one was in custody. A pair of -- continues to elude capture by animal control. Odd trio of Celtics -- promote Foreman west Wichita on Labor Day prompting several calls to 911. Unfortunately one of the animals was sought by troopers to prevent it from becoming a traffic hazard Peter Kellogg tonight to 35. Police lieutenant Steve Kenny with animal control tells -- news chasing down elk in the city is not that unusual. -- -- when it's when usually Hamels will get a crocodile or go to something like -- -- but it's not the norm. Cemeteries says according to city of Wichita code an animal like you -- can be raised within the city limits has long -- or pay is a 100 dollar permit. Improvise a one acre per animal. The two remaining -- are still at large. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty K and assess police say they have no suspects after a man was shot Monday near McDonald golf course in northeast Wichita. The vehicle traveling westbound an inside lane toward an intersection of thirteenth investor. When race over it should be pulled alongside vehicle. And part part six shots trucking the driver. At least four times. Police lieutenant James Espinoza says the driver a 25 year old man was hospitalized in serious condition with gunshot wounds to his legs. A spokesman for American journalist -- -- lost parents say they are privately grieving the death of their son. A new video appears to show his execution at the hands of the nicest terror group. US officials say Stephen -- off never had a chance once the 31 year old American journalist was in the hands of the brutal crisis group I am so -- --

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