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Steve & Ted in the Morning 09/04/14 Hr 1

Sep 4, 2014|

Democrat Drops Out of Kansas Senate Race

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio thirteen thirty. Can access them. Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news thirteen there. -- as best we -- -- number one news talk -- weather station depend on. The morning until five news radio thirteen thirty Kagan as a -- Steve Macintosh. 76 degrees now looking for a high today of 96. The democratic. It is in the US senate race in Kansas has ended his campaign Chad Taylor had been running against Republican incumbent Pat Roberts. An independent candidate Greg -- Taylor sent a letter Wednesday to the Kansas secretary of state withdrawing from the race. Taylor those Shawnee county district attorney issued a separate statement saying he made the decision. After consulting with his staff supporters and party leaders she did not give a reason. For his decision. The campaign for Kansas gubernatorial candidate Paul Davis has couldn T be added. After it was revealed that an actor used in the -- was once arrested on sex charges and banned from the boy. Scouts of America documents released by the Kansas GOP showed just Montague was arrested for solicitation of sodomy in Topeka in 2007. Another document shows -- you resign from the boy scouts of America after it was revealed he was suspended from a teaching job. After allegations of sexual advances to a male student. The Kansas GOP called on Davis to remove the ad. Davis released a statement Wednesday afternoon saying the -- had been pulled and apologized for the mistake. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty K and assess a section of I 135 was closed for nearly four hours Wednesday after emergency crews responded to the scene of a truck fighter. Between Heston inbound bridge. Trooper I AW the feeder he says some of the hazardous loads build -- causing the shut down the highway. We haven't done any evacuations of the area. There was no and injured in the crash Susan's been no reports of any injuries from being used. Man it's primarily a liquid that we're looking at here. The lanes of the highway were reopened shortly after 5 PM Wednesday. Rumored plans of costs still coming to Wichita are no longer just rumors. The Cedric county commission has reviewed plans of a -- costs coed Kellogg and Webb road. Brent Larson. He's an engineer representing the companies that's doing a project told the commission pricing last few months the existing buildings and infrastructure has been demolished. And it's been kind of cushions that are around on the site. The commission approved a decision that would remove a seventeen acre portion of land from the beach craft a from the beach which -- -- industrial district. The move will help make way for a new costs go with the south into the Beechcraft -- it hasn't been announced rink construction might began. On the six million dollar project. Relatives of Overland Park, Kansas boy killed by a falling sign last year instead of firming in that Birmingham Alabama airport. Are settling a wrongful death lawsuit over the accidents. The parents and four siblings of ten year old -- process. The -- receive an undisclosed amount of money from companies that were involved in designing making and installing the science. Exploit now a minister -- 6 o'clock -- did in the morning. We've got a fairly heavy amount of traffic on that catalog right now -- actually looking yeah. Eastbound at the moment traffic volume is usually a little bit lighter than this this early but it. Most people open about this morning looks like things are moving along at speed though that's always good news gasoline prices. Today in which no change from yesterday still 325. After the Big Ten cent jump that we were seeing yesterday morning in Kagan as as traffic central and jet chambers whose singular. The stakes are so good forecast now with meteorologist frank Walter Morris frank thanks Steve a bright start to -- Thursday and had sunshine is gonna linger through the afternoon we'll also introduce that south southwest wind began. Fifteen to 25 could see some gas at near thirty that's gonna push for high temperature up to. 96. Overnight tonight partly -- lows drop to seventy degrees slight chance of showers storms will increase -- rain chances on Friday with a high near 83. I'm meteorologist. Frank Walter -- First Solar forecast. Now we have a clear skies self footed fifteen miles per hour and a 76 degrees at 608 Stephen dead in the morning. Asian stock markets for lack -- today after Wall Street fell and as investors looked ahead to a European Central Bank meeting in US economic data. But shares of Samsung Electronics rose 2% in Seoul. After it unveiled new products in Germany last night including the galaxy note four and galaxy note for engine. The engine created a most buzz with a big screen that wraps around one edge of the device allowing information to be displayed. Well the main screen is dark. All right the dollar. Gained against the Euro and fell against the yen and the benchmark -- US crude oil fell to just above 95 dollars a barrel. The really makes close enough on the stock markets yesterday the Dow closing up ten points. IS and 25 point itself as a if it'll drop on Wall Street yesterday. Andy's -- the 53 contestants vying to become the next Miss America. Have met the public on the Atlantic City boardwalk entrance from all fifty states the District of Columbia Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Appeared at the traditional welcoming ceremony across from boardwalk hall. This is the second year that the pageant which began in Atlantic City is returning to its roots after six years in Las Vegas the nationally televised finale. Will be held September 14. Person we've been talking about for the past few days it. Couples really casinos there in Atlantic city of closed. 5000 people out of work orders for jobs there in Atlantic City. Ten this is just -- that's something. Something good that they can vote so I guess for the next few days and that is that Miss America contest pageant. Not a contest it's pageant. And that's going on the a fifty -- civil arrived now in Atlantic City. An Arkansas woman whose mug shot shows her in heavy -- well and maroon I shadow. Is accused of shoplifting 144 dollars in makeup. Police in Fayetteville Arkansas arrested 31 year old -- Allen accusing her of stuffing handfuls of eye shadow into her -- Monday. Officers -- that after being confronted with. Allen went on a profanity laced tirade and tried to death did you make up. As she pulled it out of her personally items would appear used classy mr. and predators a cap say is this stuff visitors up the -- before the work too well. Washington County. Arkansas jails as -- was released on 803 -- 830 dollars bond on charges of -- the shoplifting. And disorderly conduct so. -- -- We make up putting on her face and tried -- -- -- it's a -- it's a big makeup mess down there in Arkansas you know. 611 now Steven did in the morning. Looking at the weather yesterday we warmed up -- up yesterday's high was 988 degrees. Normal life -- date 88. And the record high for the date -- 108 that was set back in 1947. In the year 2000 best -- -- -- it was a hot region 2000 we had a few couple of 108 days that this 108 yesterday was sent wave back in 1947 that old old record. Today again a hot David a little relief common. Could be some rain possibly but by the time we're on the air tomorrow we could be seeing some raindrops out here you a little bit -- to Tony first and -- -- in the Brittany center. By the way you live this morning I told -- earlier but he can't confirm this to -- he wasn't in the studio time -- I was here when it -- we have a window to studio here as you know among most -- you may know that doesn't it do we have a window and right outside I have seen little -- a -- cats so -- times cats -- I -- that usually -- very recently wild pictures of wild -- and he's he's the right here I mean right outside the window I -- rats -- -- apparently those cats. Or they're not doing their job they've retired the -- do other shopping center the rescue Graeme went from. What into the with the -- -- the other -- and I left and told you about came back in and he came back the other way he or she eats. And let's get me inflicted snows like you -- -- -- -- Motorola. What a great big red eyes seemed bigger rats as good a very big red I mean I don't know five inches long maybe yeah. So it's not a mouse and it's got to be wraps it up into the -- size. In case it wasn't just a big house like that no anger rue L I don't know going to have a big big banks up big Mike's death like Sylvester great Big -- you are in the quarter Brothers cartoon kangaroo with the general -- one of those. -- had a mouse arrow -- -- this morning here at the radio station. And the I tell you all the political. The -- to both political topography of Kansas is a really into a state of flux right yeah everything's changed yesterday change started Iraq in general when yesterday Democrat Chad and Taylor. Dropping out of the race for US senate in Kansas not just telling anybody why not giving a good reason maybe we'll find out more today but he he did. -- staff and everybody is in family of AM I'm dropping out now what does that mean no talk about that here and a few minutes. And try to put some perspective I don't know what it really changes in the US federation now you've got the incumbent Pat Roberts who's been in in Washington now for 47 years. And you've got to enough yet Warren Norman Greg Norman the independent. You had a a libertarian candidate in there as well Randall bats and from Wichita but does this is going to be. -- against Roberts now where do those Chad Taylor Democrat moderates go. Are the gonna go to the independent Orman Orleans we swing over to. Pat Roberts that's going to be interesting part of all this self employed and stay tuned stay tuned as they say. Good morning Ted. -- this morning it -- but is a little warmer than yesterday morning this time I think by about three degrees. -- -- We're expecting south wind gusting a month 25 miles per hour this afternoon. No way to gusty wind yesterday afternoon pretty windy yesterday afternoon. -- -- get a commission looking at plans for a new Cust goes toward Kellogg web runner -- -- -- -- the Beechcraft plant we had that story in just a moment ago. And apparently there's just a lot of excitement about this Costco store. I just never been to a Costco -- but he is going to be urban of 110. -- -- who don't know anything about it but apparently -- it's a great big wonderful box door. Quite go like your major great Wal-Mart or Carter shot like death okay. We already have those we have several those stars in town where you can. Think it can get or how I think we're getting another Olympian virtually get anything you need it is available on the Western Hemisphere but now we're gonna Costco. That's a great corner I -- -- -- almost has -- spending at that quarter but that's a huge corner right there. Yeah it's congested corner congested -- -- work going on merits that's gonna ask. That's going to be pack quite the to do through the next couple years going to be addressing if you're trying to get into that just go because it's going to be in these so north east corner for coming from the west which is where most of the town is. Because of that big intersection a web how. How you gonna get Iran hanging in there and is boy -- -- doing construction on redesigning the whenever given their own little ramp for her fly over two or something like that there's. North so the big. Costco -- generating a lot of excitement. Especially among the county commission yesterday they were all excited about it so you know I'm new storage element out. Today it was increasing it brings up -- -- -- and I didn't want Sunday or Monday. Over the weekend anyway we we want to go down south looks at something. On the south side of the southern town who went down senator because at one time we had debt ridden duplex -- we were first married on way to the south side of pushed on Seneca. The second 43 what would -- it was like. I was struck driving down Seneca had been down senate did this outside a long time. I was struck by how so many empty buildings who I am. Has not just the south side it -- often Moya I was just I was struck by it mean. There's just a lot of empty buildings luckily all over town see the death now got a business. When. Should be something we should do to reclaim the make parks I guess I don't know. Had an injury did just kind of sign of the time the had a big recession his real hard and we're still trying to get out and against. Today is Thursday September 4 on this date in 1957. Arkansas governor Orval Faubus -- Arkansas national Guardsmen. To prevent nine black students from entering all white central high school in Little Rock. Big story big part of the civil rights movement right there in 1957 and down their twice they've got a great national park has a fantastic visitors center there right. So you can that high school is something to behold that's pretty amazing. Also on this date in 1957 Ford Motor. Began selling its ill fated Edsel and it's almost a car that just didn't quite make it was kind of a weird car I guess in some ways. I had a neighbor to. Across street from double lame -- horrible Porter who has passed away. Has -- garage about his house and for years he handled it salon blog now I don't know whatever happened that it was governor -- situation -- he had an -- back there. I don't know what happened after you passed away -- today's birthdays. Mitzi Gaynor is 83 years old today. South Pacific. And there's no business like show business Mitzi -- 83. There's -- valley -- are you familiar bell behind juror. We indices are not sing this song in the movie was built -- -- these songs in I think eighth grade and one of our pro -- so -- there's some great and so music of this your rollovers you know South Pacific. Singer Merrill above a night of Gladys Knight in the -- is 72 years old today. -- night. World golf hall of Famer Tom Watson is 65 Tom Watson eight major championships like. Born in Kansas City, Missouri one of the greats and lest you think that he just came up from his bootstraps he didn't in Pembroke. Country day school of political team there alone and -- -- to get. -- was born with a silver golf club in his mouth. Your beyoncé Knowles is 33 hello born and raised in Houston -- she is -- and she is everywhere they say. He's a 33 years old today -- it -- 6:19 Stevens in the morning. The stuff sports. But -- we're in the quickness. In the post season start off on the right foot at -- begins playoffs and another win the American Association divisional round playoff beginning last night the week following between game one -- It Laredo Texas -- I'll wins it for its new. -- tie game late when second baseman -- only -- had to go ahead home run in the top of the eighth inning 16100 people of the game in Laredo last night the Wichita when that's when it's forced to go up one game to zero. In this best of five a semi final series. Game two of the best of five is tonight in Laredo wing nuts take nonbelievers 730 tonight. The wing nuts have won ten games in a row they've won eighteen of their last nineteen. Going into this one tonight game two of their best of five Major League Baseball last night the first place Kansas City Royals. Complete a three game sweep over the bottom team in the major leagues of the 41 win over the Texas Rangers. Winning pitcher Jason Vargas goes six and two thirds scoreless innings for his eleventh win of the season. The royals got a big get to run home run from their left fielder former Wichita -- Alex Gordon his nineteenth home run of the season. Kansas City wins -- Detroit loses that means the royals now have a game and a half lead over the tigers atop the American League central division. We just two dozen games to go in the season the royals enjoyed the game and a half lead with an off day today. And we've got football on our plate tonight the National Football League opens up tonight -- They won game affair in Seattle the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks hosting the Green Bay Packers. Seattle is a favored by touched down at home live coverage of the NFL season opener. Tonight you can listen to a live on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 987 FM -- before the NFL game even listen to KU football hawks talk as head coach Charlie Weis at 6 o'clock tonight on KF eight. The -- getting ready for their season opener Saturday evening in Lawrence. And the 22 ranked Emporia State plays its season opener at 7 o'clock tonight -- an important hornets hosting Missouri Southern State football and getting underway. In many cases today sports brought to you by the newly remodeled bulls like shooting range. Where they know and use the guns they sell go to bullseye at -- dot com. Be safe shouldn't say that's -- like shooting range that's at 1455. North. Terrorists is coming up does sometime this morning Ted Stevens hit the prairie band of vacation package pretty magazine. Will have another qualifier gifts like you get a couple prizes for qualifying and in the big drawing on Friday who. For somebody go up a first two night stay is a pretty -- casino and resort and because. Keep it right here we'll be doing that sometime before 9 o'clock sounds good -- Steven dead six what they want now. Fox News commentator Todd started to Christian school in the US. He's suffering for the students' feelings. And traffic and weather coming up Stephen dead news radio thirteen thirty K in a sense. Tell us what's going on in the news and news and -- you. Thirty KM -- Like your best feature in fall clothes from wildly divine routine in today's switch -- -- deal of the day just arrived fabulous seeking new styles and designs in clothes jewelry purses -- flip -- -- -- unique special gift or just put yourself with something new from wildly -- I. 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Called -- offense partners now for free diagnosis in consultation call 1802187777. That's 18002187777. 1802187777. Logan Thomas in Austin rats I would now Hamilton -- Friday night football game of the week join us as we follow the best games the woodsy area has to offer all season long. From -- to -- spring them from their -- will be searching far and wide for the hardest hitting contest under the Friday and highlights this season will be one of the best -- news stories across the area nobody doesn't like -- Hamilton -- like always we'll bring the big -- -- high school football -- the Mel Reynolds -- helicopter ice cream truck and custom made rally towels for each home team. That's right thousand plus will be there for the biggest games of the season from the inaugural mace -- -- game. To a clash of Wichita powerhouse is between heights bishop -- now -- and boards Friday night football game of the week join us this Friday at the end over central jaguars travel to valley Saturday take on the hornets pregame is at 630 kick off with a seven right here on news radio thirteen -- I'm going to go live now to change our education reporter. What do you have for us. Thanks John this story here is governor Brownback education plan and his road map for Kansas okay so what's his plan. Well John -- next plan has increased education funding by 270. Million dollars since taking office according to the official state budget. -- are we seeing any other results yes John according to the Kansas Department of Education there are 680. New educators in Kansas schools. And 281. Special education teachers while sounds great. Do we know what's next on her brown next plans well brown -- roadmap will improve kindergarten readiness and provides for equitable funding for all districts to. Policy matters sign the petition at fighting for Kansas dot com to protect governor Brownback is planned for more education funding and more teachers in Kansas. -- by the alliance for free don't. The American people have a hell they describes the United States of America it's no longer trust their institutions of -- difference if you. The president but also don't trust the catalyst for our allies don't trust as an individual. Here's we've got a problem the solution Jackie and that's a top and bottom of the hour our news updates will keep them -- they're about true. Being checked and try it. -- and -- news radio thirteen thirty K and SS. Good morning Stephen's dad you ready to thirteen thirty KM SS 646. -- Indiana judge has reached the end of his patients. He's ordering an attorney to Wear socks -- -- this courtroom. That story coming up with Stephen dead at the Sox. In the courtroom. There in the courtroom for. They still going well in traffic so far this morning -- we do have some higher than usual traffic volumes at -- and somewhere on the highways but. On the highways looking like they're running at a normal speed via the sea traffic slowdowns here in -- you can always -- is called the traffic hotline that number 436. Thirteen thirty intake and as a stress potential -- chambers and we're expecting a sunny windy and hot day with a high around 96 degrees chance for rain tonight slight chance about 30%. Today's high 96 as I said now it's clear skies and 76 degrees. Wesley rehab hospital rehab for strokes brain injury hip fractures and more located on west thirteenth across from rural West High School. Wesley rehab hospital are higher level of care. Coming up usually half hour was even dead Democrats dropped out of the US senate race in Kansas. The demise of Christian colleges. I'm Todd -- what does Fox News and commentary next. And even death. Insightful. Intelligence and getting all -- shooting at 10 AM eastern on into Sunday morning's futures with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News Channel. Every Sunday. Maria sitting down with the biggest players in Washington and Wall Street asking the tough questions. And bringing a new perspective on the nation's most pressing issues every Sunday. 10 AM eastern to Sunday morning futures -- Maria Bartiromo on Fox News Channel we don't miss. Gordon College is an evangelical school in Massachusetts earlier this year -- its president. Signed a letter urging President Obama. To exempt religious groups from an executive order banning federal contractors. From discriminating against the LG BT community. And -- the -- tolerance police have declared an all out war on the small Christian school. Educators have ordered a review of the colleges accreditation. A nearby town canceled a contract allowing the college to run a historic building. And earlier this week a public school district refused to allow Gordon students to volunteer in local classrooms. Ending an eleven year tradition. To be clear Gordon College is being punished for trying to protect religious liberty. And I wonder how many more Christian schools will be bullied for the sake of political correctness. I'm Todd -- Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news thirteen there. -- SS which could -- number one news talk and weather station depend on. Good morning Stephen did Steve Macintosh took over 76 degrees now we're looking for a high today of 96. Democrat Chad. There is dropping out of the race for US senate in Kansas that the Shawnee county district attorney is not giving a reason. That leads incumbent Republican Pat Roberts in the race challenged by independent Greg Norman and libertarian Randall bats and Orban has now been endorsed by a group of seventy former moderate Republicans in the Kansas legislature. Who are unhappy with the state GOP's conservative leanings. -- had a look at the case for -- forecast with meteorologist frank Walter -- frank. Thanks Steve -- start -- Thursday it has sunshine is gonna linger through the afternoon we'll also introduce that south southwest wind again. Fifteen to 25 could see some gusts up near thirty. That's gonna push our high temperature up to 96. Overnight tonight partly -- lows drop to seventy degrees slight chance of a shower or storm. We'll increase those rain chances on Friday with a high near 83. Our meteorologist. Frank Walter cake for -- forecast. And now clear skies and 76 degrees. A house fire in southeast Wichita killed three dogs and that to pet snakes. The fire broke out at around 11:45. Wednesday morning at a home in the 800 block of south crest way and that's near Lincoln and all over. Crews arriving on the scene found heavy smoke coming from home. Firefighters initially went into the house but backed out and went defensive over concerns of downed power lines. The calls of the fire remains under investigation. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty KM assessed. -- man paroled in 2011 after a conviction for a home invasion in Johnson County Kansas. Is now charged in the shooting deaths of three people in Kansas City, Missouri. Brendan Howell is also charged with critically injuring two other people. Authorities say the -- and assaults came during an attempt to steal a car. Police say a 34 year old man was robbed and -- Wichita Tuesday evening the man had recently been discharged from a medical facility. He was approached by three men in an Alley near Broadway in Mount Vernon. The victim declined an offer to buy drugs and a suspect with a nine stole the man's. Backpack inside that backpack -- all of this man's belongings. Including some medication that he needed. Our victim was so upset. That he made statements that -- going to harm himself because he had lost all this stuff. Police to conduct penalties has officers took the distraught victim back to a medical facility for an emotional evaluation. A Wichita man says he was attacked by his martial arts instructor the man says he wanted to end his contract and needed a receipt for the money he paid the suspect. He says that's when the martial arts instructor curse at him -- threatened to kill him and showed him several times. The man says there were several witnesses to the event but that no one intervened and it tasteless reported to police by a third party. Can't incest national news time 632. Look for the Department of Justice to announce today it's gonna investigate the entire police department and Ferguson Missouri following the killing of Michael Brown ABC news senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas. It's apartment is expected to launch a full scale civil rights investigation. Of the Ferguson police department in the wake. Of the fatal shooting the Michael Brown. Our sources are telling us that this. The investigation will involve whether there was discrimination in stops and arrests but also look at excessive force by the police department. Weather pattern. Peeps here at Thomas police officer Rochester New York John -- suspect in custody. President Obama one of many world leaders about the NATO summit in Wales -- British prime minister Cameron declared they will not beat. Cal by a crisis fast food workers more than a hundred cities to walk up the job today demanding higher today. Cobra on the loose suburban Los Angeles the snake -- of pets had escaped. Doug limerick. ABC news. Thirty -- Radio thirteen thirty KN has passed. An attorney who habitually appears in court without socks. Faces sanctions including possible fines if he shows up without them again in one Indiana courtroom. -- -- Indiana circuit judge dean young issued in August 25. Order directing attorney Todd ballistic Glick field. Of Marion to Wear appropriate business attire including socks and a tie in future proceedings in young's Hartford city courtroom. Whitfield appeared without socks in young scored -- -- in August 22. The order says during a break in proceedings the court advised to Glick field that he wasn't appropriately dressed as required by court -- The orders as -- feel replied I hate. Sox lol. Well. Did you have do should have put socks and now the county maintains that its. In a -- linemen will be in trouble guys have certain control over there courtrooms and elected the proper decorum in Netherlands but he's shown above outside for -- are allowed to -- Disrespectful -- I showed up down courts I don't like shirts and to show up and that is true yeah -- probably. You go to Gaza city hall of the -- the police have only arrested Ted for them and think figure something. Like broccoli. Not really I do love broccoli -- -- kind of one of those things -- big leader Roger -- you know 5050 -- that -- He's like a lottery like don't like a lot we don't have to eat this broccoli a stretch of I eighty near its always closed early yesterday because the broccoli crash. The Utah Highway Patrol rewards a big -- Tennessee -- barriers scattering about 300 pounds of the veggie across a highway. And other drivers swerved to avoid the broccoli mess and that car rolled over. The driver of that car expected to be okay police say the truck driver was not heard it took crews several hours clean up the broccoli and reopen the highway. It -- big rooms to clean up the broccoli there is a dog. Making news this morning. This now the networks. The Associated Press everybody's paying attention to this dog three year old Great Dane. Was miserable -- and that's the -- right -- danger dog -- vomiting when his owners rushed him to a to a northwest Portland emergency animal hospital. There was something G-8 X rays showed a stomach full of large quantity of foreign material he and nearly two hours of surgery later doctor Ashley McGee had the answer the dog had consumed 43 and one half Sox. They are not socks and -- that guy -- get -- -- -- that guy in the courtroom now to -- this get this dog loves socks likes to beat him. Your -- and reports that. -- Lewis emergency animal hospital spokeswoman Shawn Hart says it's perhaps the strangest case in the hospital's history well -- I would say so. So strange at the hospital entered last February -- -- X rays and photos of the recovered Sox in an annual contest sponsored by a magazine from veterinarians. What are prize. Fittingly enough it's called they -- watch. Had charged confirms the dog is alive no word on what it's been eating -- nice place. Putting on that -- never you're trying to survive that my guess is a big -- remember the late 43 and a half Miley took. Rat terrier lucky the wonder dog when he was -- puff -- everything. Plastic Diana during duty -- -- -- note you know I just don't know filter on anything on empire. Attempt a little background on what the breaking stories this morning in political world Democrat Chad Taylor dropping out of the race. For US senate from Kansas leaving Republican Pat Roberts challenged by an independent Greg Norman and libertarian Randall -- and just a couple of little research in distant and refreshing our memory on this in the Republican primary. Remember doctor Milton wolf served his campaign -- Robertson is not conservative enough and the Washington insider right. Living the past 46 years in DC and not maintaining a residence in Kansas. Roberts what the primary -- 48% of the vote but wolf. Had 41% sizable yeah run exactly a landslide for senator Roberts the recent public policy. Poll compared Roberts and independent Mormon head hits. This -- without Chad Taylor involved. -- 43% Roberts 33%. Well Democrats and moderates who favored Chad Taylor now switch their votes to Roberts or two Orman. Who's gonna get those votes. You know then you know let's go to the next two months will -- -- waging battles over we have us you know we've we've. Talk about this before you go to the primaries and you go for the the go to the base and try to convince him that you aren't. You know that there you're attracted the basal Roberts had to go. Thought his conservative hat and really look conservative right. -- is -- what's it gonna do this moderates and independents here in the united nations general elections sometimes you have to. Doing for a different what's different areas of the voting -- is getting interesting and it. Get ready for the which start crime -- Kenny and we're memorial make good choices golf tournament coming up Monday September 15 at Teradyne country club next week and apple I think you can still register call Juliet 2671235. Or go online. And Richard talk crime commission dot org and get yourself signed up for the left -- memorial make good choices. Golf tournament all right 638 Stephen did time for our -- and SS commodity update. What mr. Tom literal -- about -- Tom. Well good morning speed we see with the fourth straight session at live cattle feeder cattle futures close with triple digit gains -- complex over the past. Nine the concession there recovered a large amount of the losses they incurred due in August when they came off the record high is the lead dog close closely lady yesterday. October Campbell tomorrow at two dollars and 35 cents higher at 15777. A couple of feeder cattle up 57% at 220 to 35. In October leave Oakland California fire 10250. Yesterday with a very big decision for the wheat corn and soybean futures and they all experience new contract closed and close look closely double digit losses. The presence selling what supported by the ongoing talk a whole record corn and soybean crop prospects and their neck deep trading overnight we have seen mostly mixed trade. December Casey waited a moment by the and three quarter -- 642 -- after. Different record up a penny at 352 week of November soybeans failed to three quarters attend seventy they have a quarter. October crude -- this morning 23 says -- and 531. December gold eighty cents higher 1271 tip to -- recipe hips six point that. 2005. -- the September dollar index -- 7% tired eighty to 96. September bedrooms -- 34 point tired 17100107. But commodity trading -- marketing advisory can't make -- for commodities on the program all the way to be the ones but using 866 do. So right now at a Kansas farmers Jamaica in the corn crop that was known. Where CN corn harvest boulevard. Well Ian Graham didn't prepare the food we did here before long period it was just a few more weeks away would start seeing some soybean harvesting take place. All right thank you for the update turf that tend to insist commodity update brought to you by American -- credit. One stop shopping for all your financial needs from commercial lines of credit to real estate loans -- rates and services are unbeatable at American Express. He's an idea for -- ransom money tracker investments. With the most steady returns that's coming up also. Traficant whether -- -- at a news radio thirteen thirty -- and SS. Weather info you need to start here. Nowhere in the morning exclusively. On news radio there. K and SS. The commodity update on Katie -- SS is brought to buy American -- credit. As a farmer rancher working the land your knees don't always fit traditional banking programs. 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What -- support the united -- -- presents the -- -- -- five K run -- Saturday September 20 there'll be tons of free gourmet snacks from local restaurants and will be grilling up some -- -- to Cargill will -- money raised that will then go towards our local community through the united way of the plains get registered at united -- -- dot org -- -- time this message brought to you because Entercom shares. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Traffic on news radio at thirteen thirty -- SS is brought to you by Davis more. Look at my age and. -- it's shill then goes home. In the -- yeah I mean I'm I'm -- right now can I I didn't really need. Coast to coast CM. -- every morning and every time before you and daddy should you psychic protection welcomes the weirdness -- that you reincarnated even heard. Think -- not being a mass murderer. Coast to coast AM. Overnight on news radio thirteen thirty KN SA. Reported fourth seed in the morning news review thirteen thirty K and assess the coming up at the top of the hour at 7 o'clock this morning McCain in his S morning news misty content -- not complete look at all of the news this morning. -- -- about a truck fire that closed down a section of Y 135 north of Wichita for several hours of today. Just one of the stories for McCain as a sporting news coming up at 7 o'clock which Stevens. Traffic and Woodstock area right now things looking pretty good traffic conditions nice so far this morning so. Things moving right along on the highways gasoline prices out there. Overseen yeah. Three we're seeing three dollars and 25 cents a -- same price we saw yesterday after -- after the big. Jump so again it's -- 3:25 gasoline prices this morning he picked him as best -- in Central London chambers will be sunny windy and hot today with a high around 96 degrees south. Within fifteen to 25 miles per hour just two years than that -- -- -- partly cloudy with a 33 and a 30% chance for rain tonight the overnight low seventy. Friday cooler 60% chance for -- to bar or cooling off to a high of 83 tomorrow itself there's going to be a big change in the weather tomorrow. Don't clear sky and get a south wind fifteen miles per dollar and 76 degrees and I looked into the radar awhile ago that they want the it is boring there's nothing -- that there are. For -- change. All across northern Oklahoma and all across Kansas is is pretty much clear not much -- -- -- My friends and I said we're expecting rain later. Possibly tonight about a 30% chance. Yesterday's high temperature was -- ninety degrees grew ten degrees warmer than the normal high of 88. The record high for yesterday's date was 108. -- back in 1947 Mo. So a longstanding record there but then again 98 it was -- yesterday afternoon and how what outside like the day and there's a gentleman working on my garage -- -- you know the heat index is a 102. It didn't feel like it's up to me. Didn't feel hot stuff. -- pretty pretty warm day yesterday afternoon. International stocks lackluster today as investors looked ahead to a European Central Bank meeting in US economic data. Declines were tempered by an easing of tensions over Ukraine. Futures suggest a muted Wall Street opening today after -- treading water -- dollar fell against the yen but gained against the Euro. Benchmark US crude oil fell below its 95 dollars a barrel. Yesterday the Dow closed up ten points the S&P down one NASDAQ took a plunge down 25 point not not a good day for the NASDAQ they can lose -- yesterday. Investors are anxiously awaiting the private sector employment figures for August from payroll processor ADP's. Also today the government more important weekly jobless claims trade data for July and revised second quarter productivity in it data. The institute for supply management will also issue his service sector index for August and Freddie Mac. More important weekly mortgage -- lot of government reports coming out tonight. Microsoft will seek to draw more people to its Internet based services with two new mid range of Smartphones and unveiled today. Was even designed to help people take better sell trees. Thirty go I don't know what you're getting for Christmas a -- both devices are under the Lumia brand of Microsoft bought from Nokia. They were on the latest version of Windows Phone eight and feature quartet that. A series like voice assisted did this just like reading Greek to me I have no idea what if this is a bust. Microsoft uses the IFA technology show in Berlin to announce a new Lumia 730 at 830 -- general over the list. We all these navy to pull out of a hat somewhere unfamiliar with Iraq and other phones. Texas that's all you know right thirty don't know much more jazzed as that continued dial up someone and talk to them that's the big question. And you dial or do you punch. He's don't really dial and not really anymore you know you kinda. But what we used text the number I -- stimulus. New Costco store apparently is coming down out there at their analog Webb road and a I am completely unfamiliar with -- of course I'm not. Not the national and world travelers say it's time grant the money tracker. FFO is a man of the world who's been everywhere in CNET. BC in the Costco store in Paris France theory about. I have not seen a processor in Paris France but I have seen it then Los Angeles and I have been there every year during a putting the other Super Bowl parties -- really -- -- -- what's it about what's -- about -- it's it's Sam's Club kind of -- -- -- -- what I guess it's different you know it's got did they both have pluses and minuses okay. So we were wondering do we really need to Costco and apparently everybody's excited about the news they have great bakery. The ability Rea yeah not a I think he'll need to feel to be impressed with the most of their they're apparently going to be. There and you know put up this great big story out there -- noon we Kellogg and into web. They're gonna be on the north east corner which if you're coming from town going out that way from the big city. That's huge that's -- create some real problems getting in and out of that thing Greg cross from the adult candy store of liquor store -- here. -- -- You're familiar that there and I took those -- pretty -- -- -- right there because yes he had on Larry the old beach one of the one year old daughter rockers planks here here. All right so that's coming to town and well let's go ahead and check out the money tracker. We've done grant -- times talking about investments disposable steady returns again just completely last year and. Well I'm not admitted giving that I did you tell -- you we -- you catch a snippet of investment news on the in or better TV the radio you give these kind of things. It's usually about the S&P 500 performance -- the Dow Jones Industrial Average how performed. And for investors with forward -- and other investment accounts when that index is up we feel good. Are we get nervous when it's down. Well these indices are represented segments of the stock market that don't necessarily indicate how our portfolios are performing. I constantly remind investors that their investments may be represented by Ed -- in by the Dow impart. But they also have alternative investments are global allocations that don't always move in the same direction. So if the indices are bit down or up their investments may not to follow suit. Well there are thousands of ways to invest your your nest day may be there's you know a small business that you own and run. Gains and losses. Have more to do with your production and marketing than the gyrations of the S&P 500 index. But if you aren't diversified and I hope you are which which investment sectors have seen the best and most steady investment returns. Well Craig Israel's and with the Woodbury school of business a Utah valley university looked at twelve with a different asset classes that include. Large mid and small cap growth indices emerging markets real estate commodities just to name a few. He took. A look at our rolling three year periods that over the past fifteen years and he took a risk into account as well. Well real estate provided the best overall returns relative to to risk. Over the longest period of time. The average annualized three year return was eleven point 56%. With the standard deviation or risk profile of about half. Half that of the large cap growth sector. In the M. In -- stock market. March -- delivered just a three point 15%. Over that same period now keep in mind this is -- that real estate bubble popped. As well that's kind of interesting to note. Commodities were brave -- about a point higher than real estate but they experienced higher highs and lower lows. So we look into that you know we took take that into account the level of risk. There -- an inferior asset class. To either large cap stocks or real estate meaningful portfolio performance. Needs to be accounted for over a very long period of time not just a few years. To steady the boat we suggest a blend of multiple asset classes PM a question do you give me call number 6342222. To be a couple of emails over the past couple of days from a good friend of mine chuck Schechter who resume or shirking our old Ian in Dallas. And he's still talk about retiring -- moved out of the question I used it many retired he's. January well how khakis about baby I think he's two years older than not it. Right he's he's only five feet -- -- you may be my first job in radio while one of the interesting things about -- email is that he does have. Yeah a couple of three different things artillery plant these guys like I was get other career she's gonna do that apparently. -- -- I mean like moneymaking business type I yeah yeah -- good for our network of some kind of didn't get a real good handle what was that. Didian Diane and his wife or they're planning to travel agent to get -- All that ourselves in the in Delaware in different places they plan to travel have a good time but here's a deep -- he's he's got an all -- out -- very sharp guy but you know it's we've talked about this so much you feed your daughter retired it is a good idea to find it. Says something it'll keep you just. Dad definitely if he makes money at that that's a little added bonus to have just a little bit and go to -- thank you done alright -- union of course tomorrow morning Don. Records right here on Candace -- coming out. The -- this morning news was even dead Democrats drops out of the US senate race in Kansas. Hotel and get you work. Weekday mornings from six until now. On news radio at thirteen thirty KN SS. Open enrollment for obamacare health insurance ended march 31 but Jimmie still qualify you appear in between jobs divorced simply lost your employer sponsored health insurance -- coming off your parents' plan you will be eligible for health insurance let one of our licensing marketplace certified -- walked you through the process and here's the best part it costs you nothing -- today 3162632900. That's 3162632900. Once again 31626329. Argue and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Have you or someone you love recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Many believed that all available treatment options will likely lead to debilitating side effects. As a result couples facing prostate cancer have been presented with a difficult choice between effective treatments aren't normal lifestyle. It's true that traditional treatments like X ray radiation or surgery can become a serious side effects like incontinence and impotence. But -- approach here proton therapy center and Oklahoma City we don't believe you have to choose between effective treatment and intimacy. There is a better way that's Medicare approved called proton therapy and -- who receive this treatment report little to no side effects. Proton therapy precisely targets tumors and delivers up to 60% less radiation to surrounding healthy tissue is minimizing the risk of side effects. You only to yourself and your relationship to learn more about the advantages of proton therapy -- procured dot com or call 8888472640. Focus on the White House. President Obama is in Europe first stop this don't you know where he denounced the Islamic state be hinting of American journalist Stephen -- off Americans are repulsed by their barbarism.

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