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Steve & Ted in the Morning 09/04/14 Hr 2

Sep 4, 2014|

Wichita State Political Science Professor Ken Ciboski

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yes. Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news thirteen there. Yet as best we can -- number one news talk bad weather station depend on. Good point 7 o'clock this is okay and is this morning news was even dead feisty Macintosh. A big change in the race for US senate in Kansas that story coming up. Truck fire closes down a section of I want 35 north of Wichita content -- words those details all the way. I'm Dan -- But Davis for governor campaign -- TV ad over actors. Past record. Another hot one on the label -- couple or we start talking about showers and thunderstorms and -- whether I gave birth to a meteorologist. Right well we'll talk about that coming up. The Democrat candidate in the US senate race in Kansas has ended his campaign Chad Taylor. Have been running against Republican incumbent Pat Robertson independent candidate Greg Ormond. Taylor sent a letter Wednesday to the Kansas secretary of state withdrawing from the race. Dinners and Shawnee county district attorney and issued a separate statement saying he made the decision after consulting with his staff. Supporters and party leaders he did not give a reason for his decision. The campaign for Kansas gubernatorial candidate Paul Davis has pulled a TV ad after it was revealed that an actor used in the peace. Was once arrested on sex charges and Banda from the boy scouts of America. Documents released by the Kansas GOP showed just Montague was arrested for solicitation of sodomy in Topeka in 2007. Another document shows -- you resign from the boy scouts of America after it was revealed he was suspended from a teaching job. After allegations of sexual advances to a male student. The Kansas GOP called on Davis to remove the -- Davis released a statement Wednesday afternoon saying the -- had been pulled and apologized for the mistake. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty -- and assess. The section of I -- 35 was closed and only four hours Wednesday north of Wichita after emergency crews responded to the scene of a truck fire. This is between Heston and mountain ridge trooper I AW -- feeders as some of the hazardous loads build -- causing this shut down the highway. We haven't done any evacuations of the area. There was -- and injured in the crash there's been no reports of any injuries from being used. It's primarily a liquid that we're looking at here. The lanes of highway were reopened shortly after 5 PM Wednesday. President Obama continues his quest for European support against ice is has he attends a NATO summit today in the United Kingdom. Crisis is already be headed to Americans and threatens to execute a British citizen unless a ransom is paid. But there will be no ransom says British prime minister David Cameron. This terrorist organization and indeed others around the world have made tens of millions of dollars. From these ransoms and they spend that money on solving themselves on kidnapping more people. Growing urgency in the search underway for other hostages in Syria the urgent search for the remaining two US and other western hostages. Held by ices is being carried out overhead. But spy planes and satellites around the ice is stronghold city of -- in Syria. This is where US officials believe -- staged its barbaric murders of journalists Stephen some loft and James Foley. President Obama has vowed ices will pay the price those who make the mistake of harming Americans will learn that we will not forget. And that our region is longer and that justice will be served. Brian Ross ABC news New York. Federal law enforcement officials -- announced that they are launching a full scale civil rights investigation. Into the Ferguson Missouri police department in the wake of the fatal shooting death of an unarmed black teen last month. The investigation will target whether the police department is fair in the way as does stops and arrests. Clearly raises the profile of this case even more in the sense that now you have the full weight of the justice department of the United States looking at. The police department to determine. If it's -- in the -- taxes this policing. With the investigation into the death the young -- still under way and the tensions still. Ally in the community even as the violence has. Quiet down this is yet another example that this case is extremely important in the eyes of this year -- Justice Department. Pierre Thomas ABC news Washington. Relatives of the Norman -- Kansas boy killed by a falling signed last year inside of Birmingham Alabama airport are settling a wrongful death lawsuit over the accident. The parents of four siblings of Jenny -- -- is -- -- receive an undisclosed amount of money from companies that were involved in designing making. And installing the -- More now 4 minutes at 7 o'clock. Playoff debut last night for the Wichita wing nuts will tell you how they did coming up -- -- Plans move ahead for cost -- stories Wichita but that story coming up on the -- says sporting news feed of dead. Then the big game. Aged and new -- in red -- Oklahoma first council paradise and the -- public casinos are now seven clans casinos. Together seven clans casinos offers nearly 2000. Slots including our red screen both those games. Plus action packed tables more giveaways dining and entertainment. For casinos and one day. Get your game face on at seven clans casinos. C seven -- casinos dot com for more like. To run like to walk. Like to eat. 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Kansas state fair and gear up for fall for mainland partners will be there -- With the lowest prices of the year and save 100 to -- 2000 dollars off -- your commercial mowers and gators utility tractors and compact utility tractors at the lowest prices on John -- machinery through the end of September pet prairie land partners CM at the state fair. For John -- prices that are way more than fair where there's work to be done there's -- John Deere and where others planned there's a partner. -- America's police is on do you. News radio thirteenth or do you want me to. -- -- Physically and as a sporting news Stevens says 707 now and 76 degrees. Rumored plans of -- -- coming to -- off are no longer just rumors. The century get a commission has reviewed plans of a new CommScope -- Kellogg in web broad. Brett Larson an engineer represented the company told the commission pricing the last few months the existing buildings and infrastructure has been demolished. And -- been kind of cushions that are around on the site the commission approved a petition that would remove a seventeen acre portion of land from the beach which -- taught industrial district. This move would help make way for a new -- to what the south end of the Beechcraft sites. It has not been announced when construction might begin on the six million dollar project. Authorities in Reno Nevada say more than a dozen people were injured at a local science museum Wednesday when an experiment showing chemical reactions went horribly wrong. Nine people including several children had to be hospitalized with chemical burns after the experiment caused a hot flash. Jackie writers says her daughter was completely on fire and best friend actually tackled her -- spinning her things out -- her hands. Ebola survivor Nancy right bowl hopes her ordeal focuses more attention on the epidemic in West Africa. She's one of two American healthcare workers successfully treated in the US. Right bull was infected in Liberia while working as a missionary alongside her husband. Mean she called herself the clinics momma bear with a critical job of -- contaminating doctors coming out of the Ebola ward. As her condition deteriorated a critical decision. In emergency flight back to the US she was wheeled into Emory university hospital. I know that they had talked that they weren't sure would even make it to the US. Too weak to even walk. Specialist care came from five doctors in 21 nurses. It was nearly two weeks before she could see your husband across a window doctor Richard -- ABC news. 7099 minutes and 7 o'clock Stevens. Got a tweet from. Kansas Highway Patrol trooper in death. The -- was telling us that we still have. Lane closed northbound on I 135 and that's right on the Harvey and McPherson county line we did this story just a little bit ago that semi truck on fire where we had a chemical spill. And they do still have one northbound lanes closed if you happen to be headed that direction. In Kate and as this trip potential gas chambers looks like one more in very hot weather -- here to tell us about meteorologist frank ball the -- First -- forecast good morning frank. Good morning Steve. -- heat returns today or type events of this nine piece -- actress -- C maybe you feel more like the upper ninety's this afternoon. A good deal of sunshine in that south wind it's back fifteen to 25 some gusts up near thirty miles per hour. After a high near 96 will drop to seven -- overnight tonight will see increasing clouds late tonight. Slight chance of a shower storm tonight better rain chances on the way for your Friday and cooler high near 83. Rain chances continuing into the day on Saturday. With a high near 77. Degrees is gonna feel like late September come Saturday right now 75 degrees south wind that's. Fifteen -- we've heard it's ten degrees hotter than normal yesterday with a high of what 98 year in which -- 98 is where we landed. Today if it's not -- if we're not going to be that warm it's gonna feel that -- because of that heat index value -- and now we're talking about some real new line of football 100 kilometers south central -- sense right now -- you know what about time people. You're gonna that takes -- -- -- on the fly. Timing -- they deserve that's meteorologist frank wall with the -- some good forecast. The autumn leaves may soon be falling but here in Kansas that doesn't necessarily mean cooler temperatures. At least not right away. David Welch of -- heating and -- tells us this is a good time. For an air conditioner and furnace checked up with the AC professional if you need a new system American standard is offering great rebates and financing. Contact Welch's heating and air an independent American standard dealer. 7-Eleven 11 minutes past 7 o'clock that was Stephen did -- gets afternoon there was gonna just got a call from one of our traffic trackers. Says he might have spotted something that looked a little bit like an elk. Really now northwestern where as it does he said -- ditch near -- boulevard on -- that's right the areas that we've had two -- missing. In northwest Wichita since in the third helped ms. the other one was put down the other nation we've got a couple welcomed their Oprah might have an outside -- -- yes we might and let that. The one more serious note this new people called ice is what's it all about it what are the risks. US here in the US is this going to be like al-Qaeda -- these people I don't know attackers there are a lot of unanswered questions out there are many unanswered questions and -- us this morning. ABC news crime and terrorism analyst of bread guarantee born -- border state. How how how can we get our arms around his health a public threat is licensed to -- to us here in the US brands. Well I think they are threat. How big a threat that remains to be seen that I think the idea that they can come after -- in small numbers or individuals. Is very realistic. The party dealing with the crisis extremely complicated it's not the idea of the conditions. The US troops to Iraq in areas take care just literally has to be unified coalition. And in particular. You've got to get the gulf states Saudi Arabia Jordan other countries. Actively involved with us on the ground to make this work because ice is gonna come after them. Because they don't think the way I just want -- the think as far as their interpretation. Of the -- The nicest movement is not did not need anywhere near mainstream in the mideast this is this is a group this country really author in the -- someplace. As far as a philosophy is concerned. All of that they're they're just completely and utterly brutal as we have seen publicly. But making it even goes beyond that they basically believe that they can corners and there words. Everyone who doesn't think. The way they want them to think as far as their -- Islamic direction is concerned. And so that includes doesn't mean most of people they're killing right now are Muslims in Iraq who were either -- Or cities who don't think the same way they do. So who folder that category Saudi Arabia's another number of other places says. The ideas they're gonna continue to conduct genocide as they move on. I think it's too realistic until they stop. And they moved talking about can be contained should they be contained should they be eliminated edit it. How to eliminate somebody like death. -- -- never eliminate -- is the only because it's never eliminated al-Qaeda and you never will always speak the it's it's like we think it wouldn't give her around. You've never gotten we've never gotten rid of organized crime but we fight organized crime we arrest people prosecute that we degraded -- ms. -- gets smaller. So you have to go after crisis and basically figuring that you have to make it much smaller. Much less effective as a pusher a lot less powerful. Because that they have got a lot of things going for them right now. None of the big story -- the celebrity hacking that's have been going on that end I guess -- my question is if in my vulnerable enough that I haven't exactly the tenth. Stay in -- way of them naked photos or anything but how helpful rural -- are we to the hackers and in our security of our our information. -- extremely. Vulnerable and effective justice served. But you're going to be act -- so that's why it's extremely important these sort of does that the tried and true. Complicated password change the regularly and use secondary Hispanic authentication. Which you've probably seen it banks and other places now. With a unique you go through this series of questions what's your favorite dog with schools achieve a little bit -- favorite color whatever might be. Those are additional questions that make it much harder for the hackers to get in because all of recent celebrity hack it appears on this surface. Put this out now packs into. They're celebrities for an iPad. Computer system. We'll get an -- Canada's I don't remember a time when I would write a check -- -- remember -- -- Writing checks someplace and the aids policy idea and I resent that as I'm not a criminal. But you know I want to. Couldn't ask for a now but the -- -- -- World Series -- is that -- -- thanks for your -- -- -- we appreciated ABC news crime and terrorism analyst. Brad Garrett giving yourself a little more on ice is this morning and it. And also an associate the security of our devices if you will. It says 7:15 -- until the morning news radio thirteen thirty K and SS. And a -- on another note and in love no less serious note this morning. Sitting here and there are studio while I looked out the window and I saw suffered a -- senior in the Brittany center before. -- -- Obviously we get a wild turkeys we've seen cats go back important from our window to this morning SRS -- -- regret. Maybe it's initially a five inch -- would be just medium sized threat dead for a small -- You any about rats not much who probably small by New York City standards probably large by Wichita State matching bigger than that but anyway rich got fat America to get Templeton the rat from Charlotte's web. From my favorite around. -- and the needs of the movie ban. Yes thoughts right and rats that -- -- Ratzinger and his -- is going to the mice I guess but anyway it's 716 -- -- -- today is Thursday September sports. There was only state in 1957 that Arkansas governor Orval Faubus. -- Arkansas national Guardsmen to prevent nine black students from entering all white central high school in Little Rock. Now alluded to Eisenhower's ended and it get a those kids did their later I was at the 101 their borders somebody I mean his fifth to. It was a tense situation for you contentious. In his civil rights movement this is a really big big deal now you -- didn't do a central place. A little another couple times central high school itself is a beautiful building -- worth visiting in a National Park Service runs of visitors center right across the street which. It is a nice job telling the story and getting you into the feel of what was going on back then and so if you get a chance to visit little rockets must -- ongoing -- on this date in 1957 same day Ford Motor began selling its ill fated Edsel. Oh me oh that thing out for a couple of years it just didn't do damage just tried -- please everybody and a bunch of bells and whistles and just didn't didn't want a good car now. Today Republican like in any knowing they didn't buy Canada's today's birthdays include Mitzi Gaynor star of South Pacific. And no there's no business like show business Mitzi Gaynor 83 years it's -- yeah. Singer Merrill -- Buffett -- of Gladys Knight in the pits. He's 72 years old today Bubba chips that night resists every Judy this is not stimulus into right now by her. Pro golf hall of Famer Tom Watson 65 Tom Watson eight major championships. Kansas City named yet Kansas City guys. I presume he still lives there on the great golfers ever fancy -- beyoncé Knowles he's 33 de on says hey I say here point eight so this somebody's really really hot in American culture more enraged by the way. In Houston Texas. Fiance he's. And not just American culture she cry I want him rendering our guys people in the entire world beyoncé -- 33 years old today. Point 719 and -- Stevens added. Standing in sports is supporting the wing -- -- into the postseason and they're off to the right -- right now. It. Thinking right they left off in the regular season with a win. The American Association the semi finals getting underway last night's game one of the best of five set between the wing nuts and the Laredo lemurs down in Texas 16100 fans of the game in the Laredo. But when that's when it's 42. A tie game late when second baseman -- only Avis had to go ahead home run in the top of the eighth inning for the wing nuts who go up one game to zero in this best of five series. Game two of the best of five is tonight down in Laredo at 730 the wing nuts right now on a ten game winning streak Wichita has won eighteen. Of its last nineteen games. Major League Baseball and other wins the first place Kansas City Royals a three game sweep over the bottom team in the major leagues at Texas Rangers royals one at -- one. Left fielder Alex Gordon former Wichita Wrangler hitting two run home run for the royals in the wind. Jason Vargas picks up his eleventh win of the season working six and two thirds innings of scoreless work. Kansas City wins Detroit to loses so the royals now lead the tigers by a game and a half atop the American League central division with just 24 games to go. The royals and joined today offs in first place for the game and happily. National Football League it's the season opener tonight the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks kick off the season by hosting the Green Bay Packers you can listen to that game live tonight on Sports Radio KFH. 12:40 AM 987 FM at 7 o'clock tonight Seahawks are favored by a touchdown at home before the NFL game. Kansas fans can tune in at 6 o'clock tonight on KSH for KU football hawk talk as head coach Charlie Weis say -- getting ready for their season opener. Saturday evening in Lawrence hosting south east Missouri. And the football tonight season opener up in Emporia -- 22 ranked Emporia State hosting Missouri Southern State it's football season started tonight. Sports brought to you by the newly remodeled bull's -- shooting range where they know and use the guns they sell go to bulls -- Wichita dot com be safe to say that's bullseye shooting range 1455. North. Terrorists inventory down 75 degrees we're giving one lucky -- and SS -- a two night stay at prairie band casino and resorting to -- -- hole will also -- breakfast lunch and dinner for two both days in two rounds of golf at fighter keepers golf course each he'd like to go. Become number six at 43613 thirty to qualify. 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And Stephen ten yes you are chips -- also -- -- the stoppers -- And you radio thirteen thirty idiots a KN SS. -- -- putting 60% of the morning well it got our last of five qualifiers. For the prairie band casino vacation package tomorrow we will draw. The winner from those five qualifiers. Tonight's state of -- big casino and resort to -- yeah. Breakfast lunch and dinner for two both date two rounds of golf of fire keepers golf course drawing the big winner to -- right here we stated Ted. When -- radio thirteen thirty. An Indiana judge has reached the end of his patience. He's ordering an attorney to Wear socks in his courtroom socks if you will that story coming up. We Stevens head right here news radio surging thirty -- and assess. Getting word now that traffic accident and -- this traffic extent. Apparently northbound I choose 35. Near the -- 35 exchange north of junction. Apparently this accident though not really causing much much of it to traffic problem. Looks like it's out of the lanes of traffic so. -- watch out though again that is high traffic volumes could slow things down there north junction of I two -- find that I want 35 known injury traffic accident. In case and -- traffic central -- chambers like one more hot days sunny hot breezy today with a high around 96 degrees and cooling off tomorrow. Now there's guys in the 75. Degrees. The autumn leaves may simply falling but in Kansas and doesn't necessarily mean cooler temperatures David Welch of Welch's heating -- -- tells us this is a good time for an air conditioner and furnace check out. With -- EC professional if you need a new system. American standard is offering great rebates and financing contact Welch's heating and air an independent American standard dealers. Coming up newsroom half hour was Stephens -- Democrat drops out of the US senate race in Kansas. Obviously paerson caught a break last week as a Californians. -- was deciding his fate 37 year old career criminal. Was charged with a robbing an apartment -- point the stolen gun at the apartment all under the jury was divided at eight to four in favor of his guilt. Somehow the State Capitol trying to would bias the judge the jury was deadlocked somebody. Check the not guilty box on court document the judge saw the not guilty check he -- of her or not was black case closed. By the time the judge found out that the jury didn't really mean mr. Pearson was not guilty when they checked the not guilty box it was too late. The constitution may not be taken seriously in Washington but double jeopardy. Head attached to mr. Pearson he been declared I'm guilty he was free as a bird albeit a jail bird. But within one -- are being released from jail and the criminal career of 37 year old mr. Bobby Lee Pearson was over he had assumed wrong temperature. Police say that when mr. Pearson visited his sister's house pick up personal belongings he was stabbed to death. By his sister's boyfriend. Adios -- narrow or why a seal later alligator whatever. Now his career mr. Pearson racked up eleven convictions in multiple weapons and violence charges. And just one more conviction and he would still be alive sometimes you catch good breaks sometimes you catch bad breaks sometimes you catch both. Excrement happens. Sometimes depends on how you look at this. Doesn't end there joining rush today. Seattle guy went to -- -- nearly 300000. Dollars and his bank -- by morning it was gone because of some identity -- -- -- can you imagine -- some -- -- to your life savings no one can stop all identity -- but here's what -- get our -- -- my bank and retirement accounts and life -- -- plus -- -- best just -- better life -- -- plus is the most comprehensive identity theft protection available helping protect your identity -- retirement account your credit cards even the equity in your home how many other ID theft protection service is doing -- zero. Get life -- ultimate plus can't sleep easier knowing that if a thief goes after your life savings life locks on this that lifelike dot com slash Russian now. Or calling -- promo code rushed to -- 10% on your life flock ultimate plus membership 804404833. That's 80440. 4833. Network does not cover all transactions. Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news. Thirteen thirty KM -- Wichita is number one -- News talk bad weather station depend on -- Good morning 730 -- dead Steve Macintosh to 275. Degrees now. Democrat Chad Taylor is dropping out of the race for US senate in Kansas. At the Shawnee county district attorney is not giving a reason. That leads incumbent Republican Pat Roberts in the race challenged by independent Greg Norman a libertarian Randall Mattson. Orman has now and been endorsed by a group of seventy former moderate Republicans in the Kansas legislature. Who are unhappy with the state GOP's conservative leanings. Take a look at the -- for solar forecast now with meteorologist frank waterboarding frank. Good morning Steve another hotly dialed up for Wichita today hi this afternoon near 96 will get there thanks to lots of sunshine and as south southwest breeze today fifteen to 25 could see some gusts topping thirty miles per hour. Overnight tonight we dropped to seven we will see increasing clouds late. Very slight chance for stray shower or thunderstorm in better rain chances on tap for Friday and Saturday. And temperatures really start to fall 83 year high on Friday Saturday. 77. Right now 75 degrees here in which style with a south wind at fifteen. Fully peaked at 98 here in Wichita yesterday with a -- heat index of 102 or thereabouts it was a little steamy yesterday -- a little bit steamy we have that 2.0 way up there and it's gonna feel warmer than the 96 number this afternoon to sew up prep yourself but. No need to worry relief is just right around the court just around the car and thank you -- meteorologist frank Walter -- first ordered forecast. A house fire in southeast widgets on killed three dogs and -- couple of pet snakes. The fire broke out at around 11:45. Wednesday morning at a home in the 800 block of south crest way that's near Lincoln and all over. Crews arriving on the scene found heavy smoke coming from the home. Firefighters initially went into the house but backed out and went defensive over concerns of downed power lines. The cause of the fire remains under investigation. Dan -- news radio thirteen thirty KM -- A man parole in 2011 after a conviction for home invasion in Johnson County Kansas. Is now charged in the shooting deaths of three people in Kansas City, Missouri. Brandon Howell is also charged with critically injuring two other people. Authorities say the -- and assaults came during an attempt to steal a car. Police say a 34 year old man -- was -- himself Wichita Tuesday evening man had apparently had recently -- whose discharge from a medical facility. He was approached by three men in an Alley near Broadway and Mount Vernon victim declined an offer to buy drugs then a suspect with a nice. Stole the man's backpack inside that backpack or all of this man's belongings. Including some medication that he needed. Our victim was so upset. That he made statements that he was going -- itself because he had lost all that stuff. Please get tonight Doug ruled he says well you took the distraught victim back to a medical facility for an emotional evaluation. A Wichita man says he was attacked by his martial arts instructor. The man says he wanted to in his contract and needed -- receipt for the money that he paid teacher. He says that's when the martial arts instructor curse at him with threatened to kill him and shoved him several times. The man says there were several witnesses to the event but that no one intervened. The case was reported to police. Third party blacks on blacks off. 734 now -- until the morning national news time. The fast food workers have struggled on Orlando those protesters demanding higher pay similar protest expected it. That's food places around the nation today. The Justice Department expected to announce a broad investigation of the entire police department in Ferguson Missouri -- officers have been scrum discriminating against minorities. Officers shot dead in Rochester New York suspect wounded in custody that NATO summit underway in Wales today prime topic is about expect prices. ABC's Ann Compton there. NATO is a defense alliance it has launched air attacks in Bosnia has ground forces in Afghanistan. The question becomes will NATO stepped in to in the words of one leader squeeze crisis out of existence. NATO Secretary General says they would consider a call for help from Iraq's government. ABC's Ann Compton NATO summit some kids burn when the science and -- -- arrive at a museum in Reno Nevada. Doug limerick ABC news. 5 feet into the morning news radio thirteen thirty KM SS 75 degrees now. Got behind with a high around 96 this morning have a couple of really good stories about Sox. An attorney who habitually appears in court without socks faces sanctions including possible fines if he shows up without them again in one Indiana courtroom. My third circuit judge. Dean young issued an August 25 order directing attorney Todd Glick field of Berrian to Wear appropriate business attire including socks at a time. In future proceedings in young's Hartford city courtroom the good field appeared without socks in young's record April -- August 22. The order says during a break in proceedings -- court device could feel that he wasn't appropriately dressed as required by court rules. The orders is good feel replied are -- -- -- -- little on OK no we a couple of people how we work with some people's 40 it. Don't particularly want -- -- I was taking about judges we've portraits -- to the bench right now who've been part of our show. You've got a Jokester. Right there he was with a several year period Weldon did a doll is not really part of the show he's an honorary Stephen agenda personally. He's I wonder if -- were the judges unit where those robes they can Wear anything and LeRoy you know it's an honor and a delay wears socks -- a courtroom. An interesting question. -- -- -- from the Arab Nike's about my age he was beaten to -- up in the a sixties played basketball Wichita State Dave -- he's a color voice and shocker basketball the -- He's a guy who bruised up pretty well noted for a long -- the beads in the in the preakness Belmont and slacks and everything out of Wichita State but look death. -- I got to the guy. Friend or sandals a class everyday what are -- wears socks now is an inch of interest in question we're not going to answer this morning that we do have the story. Of a dog a great Dana dog. -- it was miserable denigrate angels great big dogs very large actually should now. This three year old Great Dane was miserable wrenching vomiting when his owners rushed him to a northwest Portland Oregon emergency animal hospital muted. It was something he beat UKX. Ray showed a stomach full of a large quantity of foreign material clues. Nearly two hours later doctor Ashley McGee had the -- the dog had consumed 43 and one half Sox Hudson. Who who who. -- could be the strangest case they've ever seen at the Donald Lewis emergency animal hospital. So strange the hospital entered last February's tale complete with a X rays and photos of the recovered Sox. In an annual contest sponsored by a magazine for veterinarians won -- prize fittingly enough it's called. They -- watched. The daughter's life. No word and -- the dogs delete Sox. But. That is a -- -- strange Taylor a very odd what's on it immediately I can see a -- or two with 43. It was odd to me though much ventilation flavored it's not a whole story you've got is Great Dane and they never used a dog's name. Isn't -- strange museum that's part of -- Astoria in journalism we like to use a dog's name because they're usually cute names like kind of -- orders you know. Everytime there's an animal story when I go down -- -- go downtown every -- and read the police sheets -- -- -- there's an -- story that's the first question a member of the media asks what's the dog's -- but it was it's it's never ever in the police report. Really. I think that's like that's the public wants to know I have a good story we want the pet's name and -- the dog story you need -- -- -- the name -- I I agree I'm here and it's -- that's an oversight -- that's for Christmas what kind of dog is it -- it's sometimes that's not their what's the -- don't know -- guy come out. -- -- -- Plea deal could start a radio we don't know this great -- name. And at any rate it is 738 that hit just three men a year brings up whenever I hear something like -- reminds me of my. My in my late dog derive rat -- lucky who ate my wife -- wedding ring -- time coming out soon and take dead dog when it was a puppy would eat anything plastic. Coming into final. When their puppies I guess they really know what's going on there but -- did all went through -- -- The system and came up the other the other end okay all turned out okay but died Garamendi and communal Sox who. Most people Sox don't -- too well -- do too good you know saint. Maybe this dog dislikes the smell of those twenty feet or something that could be an -- they were they in the laundry hamper anywhere they clean socks. Now -- DJ so that's 43 Sox just available. Would say yeah OK let's let's let's connect the dots you all the dog he's a big dog your suction disappearing and the dog is sick. Would you automatically think may be the dogs in the Sox maybe those. He was hitting the neighbors socks found. My -- insist there's sharks will have to say there's a close line they have these after the show up close that's close lineup -- reference from the sixties. This dog mr. cleaver is Huckabee ticket out to get up on his back flags in almost -- close like if there were closed life. There's an interest in -- -- that dogged. Get all the Sox who. -- after. 740 was Stephen dead coming up we've got bill Roy from the Wichita business yeah I would do it doesn't work so sometimes build and Wear shoes yeah. Well he's always got socks on -- graduate of K state study -- -- are -- up -- for most -- but that's just they're coming -- we've got -- -- he's gonna talk about a new sports stories Wichita that's all the way it was Stephen dedicated for traffic weather as well. 740 now and 7500. Introduce yourself all you needed today. Americans always is on the -- real news radio there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like your best feature in fall clothes from -- -- -- in today's -- atop her deal of the day just arrived fabulous seeking new styles and designs in clothes jewelry purses in flip -- finding unique special gift or just put yourself with something new from wildly and I. Stopping you see all that's wild out quietly to finance an excellent Tyler next to talk about pictures check out this -- on September 11 -- -- with today's which is complex deal of the day get twenty dollars Riley -- for only ten dollars to get this deal just log onto which a top perks stock. Com today hey guys if you're the Tennessee football you'll wanna hear this these new one weekend as -- football league's Ed Randall dot com. Hottest thing in fantasy sports scandal you play in one week fantasy football -- for real money with immediate cash payouts and with no -- -- long commitment only play when you want and get this there's -- 36 year old guy and Detroit named -- -- is one over 656000. Dollars playing the -- Film and he's alone over 270000. People have already won money playing in -- one week this is really handled dot com sandals so big that they're paying out ten million dollars every week this football season. Right now analysts giving -- the 200 dollars -- that's right for every dollar you deposit -- -- up to 200 dollars but -- this offer expires this Friday the only way to get up to 200 dollars free to go to -- dot com -- the microphone in the upper right corner and -- the promo -- football 26 FF AN DUEL. Dot com promo -- football the number 26. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's time for the -- sports summary brought to you -- -- now. Wichita State volleyball team coming off one and two start against tough proposition last weekend at Kentucky's tournament. We'll get back into action tonight and help them play in the delta Zeta tournament posted by Texas State in San Marcos. The shocker is take unveiling this evening at 5 o'clock in the first of four matches and play in San Marcos all against opponents who have opened their season with winning records. Tomorrow at 11 AM it's WS -- against host Texas State. At 5 o'clock tomorrow they come back to playing north Texas team which won three and one last weekend at -- ranked Missouri to five sets. The -- is close at play in the tournament on Saturday with a match against pre season number forty Texas San Antonio which starts at 11:30 AM. All four matches can be heard via the Internet that -- shoppers dot com. This is in the -- sport summary brought to you -- Traffic on news radio at thirteen thirty Candice this is brought to you by Davis more. Told Venus or rejects rationality in appearances of from the outset stimulated it repudiates experience it said to be new and different and better and bigger unmitigated and I'm getting it all this because I'm an idiot Marxist president. Meaning it can only need somebody has to come back this morning Mark -- and so what's the use not a snap our fingers get an answer yeah. It's the toughest it's an answer that requires work and -- late afternoons at five. -- -- radio thirteen thirty -- and SS. 745 Stephen -- in the morning news radio thirteen thirty -- just coming up at the top of the hour at 8 o'clock. Which ends this morning news with Stevens -- what our top stories this morning back to our top story. Democrat drops out of US senate race in Kansas that's right Chad Taylor has dropped out. And coming up to -- ten we're gonna talk with -- Wichita State University political science professor -- -- beat. Get a little bit more information on this from what can thinks about the the changing political. Seen here in Kansas into bus coming up at 810 right after the -- morning news even dead. Stand right now in traffic we've got -- big traffic backup on taking 96 this goes from the north junction. Go back past meridian just put it. Picture from which way dot org on -- FaceBook page just take a look at dead at eastbound traffic backed up. Very very far things going very slowly. It -- and -- as traffic central gas chambers sunny windy and hot today with a high of 96 degrees south wind at fifteen to 25 miles per hour. Partly cloudy with a 30% chance for rain tonight overnight lows seventy. Friday cooler. 60% chance for rain tomorrow tomorrow's high 83 degrees. Now clears guy -- footed fifteen miles per hour and 75. Degrees. 746 -- -- in the morning to 53 contestants vying to become the next Miss America. Have met the public on the Atlantic City boardwalk. Entrance from all fifty states the District of Columbia. Where to -- and the US Virgin Islands appeared as traditional welcoming ceremony across from boardwalk hall. This is the second year that the pageant which began in Atlantic City is returning to its roots after six years in Las Vegas that nationally televised finale. Will be held September 14 I just of looking at that it I don't remember remember ever having a Miss America from. District of Columbia Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands. We've had a -- from Kansas that believes so. -- our government very close proximity to elect a one year after the other in the mid sixties and I should -- -- -- continuing to Britain we should research for tomorrow or next week whatever the -- is. Find out who's which state has the most winners all the pageant is on center Brawley California or Texas California and Texas she would say maybe New York had a real. -- on a long time that the Miss America pageant. He's going to be underway in Atlantic City are we -- apple mail. Where these casinos are closing in dropping a -- why it's Kansas it's an interesting surely make up story yesterday. But the young man who is getting a driver's license photo in his -- so much. Makeup on they didn't they thought and they in his guide him that driver's life got another much make up another make a story this morning an Arkansas woman. Whose mug shot shows her in heavy -- and maroon I shadow. Let's maybe from the Drew Carey Show sounds like it she's accused of shoplifting 144 dollars and many don't know. Police in Fayetteville Arkansas arrested 31 year old -- Allen. No -- her of stuffing handfuls of by shadow into her purse Monday the officers a -- After being confronted Allen went on a profanity laced I really know tried to damage the makeup as she pulled it out of her -- -- -- of the items would -- you is. -- -- -- -- Washington County jails as -- was released on 830 dollars bond on charges of shoplifting and disorderly conduct. -- that what was the end was a that character on TV what was your name when you're just underneath the Armenians. I like that -- show what happened to her feet -- -- -- It was an interesting character way too much are they make up for her. Right so let's talk just a little bit here about jet did that Ted Taylor dropping out of the race for US senate here in Kansas leading Republican Pat Roberts. Challenged by independent Greg Norman and libertarian Randall -- The longtime senator from Kansas Roberts who in the primary. Bush challenged by doctor Milton wolf -- Evian and the guys that he's not conservative enough and he's a Washington insider he's lived in DC for forty shed tears for Ryan out loud. Doesn't even have a house in Kansas and in the primary he -- Roberts won the but he only got 48% to 41%. Now that's a close race. -- -- for incumbent are you kidding me. So what happened there is what happens in primaries -- -- you go to the basis so. Roberts was up trying to convince people know I'm still I'm still conservative member a conservative now you've got this thing where you've got Portman. And Roberts paired up in a public policy poll recently and -- had 43% to Roberts 33%. So already the poll says. Roberts is in big trouble and if these people from Chad did these people are not moderates and the Democrats listen I'm gonna go for the independent Yahoo! willow. Who will those Democrat voters gravitated towards it to me like like a political earthquake. In Kansas ranked in interest in two months while the house. The landscape is it changing as those three go courting for those yes interesting commercials now. And -- -- -- and as I said coming up and about a fifteen tournament -- -- talk with Wichita State University political -- supervisor. And so -- and get -- take on what's going on there up. We've got a new food store and he's which you Tod Ted and Renault and find out more about that with Andrew dual role of the Wichita business -- don't -- bill. Cannot stand her food you have officially opened for business distort thirteenth the web open to public Wednesday crowds gathered to do some shopping or take a look. There are several local lenders who were offering their products in the whole foods store they include. To -- dolce artisan chocolates shrubbery coffee roasters. Elm lane farm surging salsa and farm to market. Cedric county commissioners approved using one and a half mills of the casualties of -- projects. At Wichita state university in WSU president John -- Has announced an aggressive plan to make changes of the campus including office buildings the hotel residential retail and -- new building for the Barton school of business. -- mill Levy for Wichita State has been in place since 1987. And the stock prices Spirit Aerosystems sent another 52 week high of stock rose to 38 dollars and 94 cents a share trading Wednesday. Company appears to be riding the wave of increasing demand in the commercial aerospace industry. Shares of spirit stock and now closed over 37 dollars this year every trading day since August 20. Local breaking business news everyday on Canas has sent a Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm bill -- Good question your ability if you if you will be -- which just just one and a half mills on what is from what does that do that they've always had that there since 1980 -- 1987. That's not part of the county -- in addition to the counties mill Levy just sets aside money for. For some things for Wichita state university and the board of directors kind of decides where that money goes while some exciting things on out there which just -- really really solid stoic now and some some great dreams of maybe you realize you're in the next few years. I'm not terribly ambitious plan you bet I'm not terribly familiar with the whole foods now I thought maybe was is it does if not a really a health food store what exactly is whole foods and just got a healthy healthy foods you know produced not with a lot of you moving antibiotics and additives and preservatives and things like that and and one good thing about it that I I think has agreed is that they try to attract as many local producers of products is as they can. The united bachus said the -- fewer than there including -- -- artisan chocolates here -- that's great. The identity -- go too intense people I've been to there's little shop remember earlier it's somewhere out east and I was in their one time. You cannot resist if you go and are you getting some chocolate. A lot of wonderful. And autopilot and it's creative vision you get chocolate covered bacon out there it's stuff and just opened up AS spot at prairie fire in Kansas City on the south side -- over the park. Very nice area very nice store and I and I think she's looking from a more -- -- a great thing about their -- that is I understand you can eat as much as you -- you won't gain announced that -- that I think that's exactly right. Understanding that it actually we sweetened let's wave may not get cancer I keep telling myself that anyway thank you bill bill Roy Wichita business you. It was -- coming up. Okay and is this morning news was even dead. At 8 o'clock this morning Democrat drops out of the US senate race in Kansas. Latest news are asking. Sure it's -- and you wouldn't know coming up at the top of the hour news radio. -- -- Wichita business journal update is brought you by -- thirteen -- and electronics. You know welcome -- big box I am looking for an LG 3-D TV. I'm not sharing well on -- video games this week in jail do anything that he needs but now my department and frank how about you know watchers sitting on -- TV's this week haley's I associate video game and send. It -- and fasteners yeah. Your TV we've been helping families find the perfect TV an entertainment furniture for over sixty years we offer free installation and service everything we -- ethnic -- batteries in Wichita not just our branches. And America's most listened to mutual fund program as we take your calls about investing policy anytime 808883. Funds then listen to the mutual -- show Saturdays at 9 AM. The second annual music -- motors car shortly Hartsfield play Saturday September 13 from fortunately. 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